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The Club of Chester County – Bubbles Has Entered the Chat

Chapter 1: A Different Kind of Proposal (FF, Fsolo, Drug)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after Teagan and Aly.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in My Holodeck Files.

Author’s Third Note:  This story is based off of a request from [Bubbles] where she asked people to write stories about her.  This is Part 1 of that story.  

It had been a month since the guys had their little party with Teagan and Aly.  The Club was abuzz with talk about their exploits.  Everyone uploaded their footage within a couple days, except for Blaine.  He said he had some computer problems, but eventually uploaded what he had after a couple weeks.  Once all of the video was available, Pedro and another member that Sam didn’t know edited the footage together into a master worthy of an AVN award.  Some sick fuck even composed a score for it with Garage Band.

Several lively discussions popped up in the chat rooms following this adventure.  Joe and Pedro got into a rather heated conversation about the difference between North on the GPS and North on a street route, and how some quick thinking was the only thing that kept them from going to jail for a DUI.  Another chat blew up over an argument about who was the better fuck, Aly or Teagan.  The conversation went on for days before eventually deciding that Aly was probably more fun to fuck, but Teagan more fun to rape.

Joe kept the crew up to speed on how much trouble he was in for not coming home on time.  Looks like Mari was none too pleased about him staying out, and he’s been stuck on errand and babysitting duty while Mari went out and had her fun on the weekends.  It wasn’t all bad, he said.  He got to spend more time checking out some stuff for the Club, including a couple possible trade offers.

Since Joe was grounded, Sam started hanging out more with Steve, even going to the gym with him to help shed some weight.  It turned out that Steve lived somewhat nearby to him in Pinewood, just a few miles from West Oakville.  Steve worked in IT as a security consultant.  He was one of those people who got paid to hack into stuff, but two ex-wives and two sets of child support payments ate into his income.

Ray kept popping up over the next month.  He’d show up for stretches at a time, then disappear for a few days.  It’s like he was sleeping every few days after going on a coke bender.  Sam found out that Ray worked a few different jobs but was mostly helping Steve set up and design security systems in his off-hours of teaching at Chester County Community College.  Someone in a chat room pointed out how Teagan started the night wearing a 4C hoodie, and Ray put two and two together.  He taught some courses on economics and had her as a student the prior semester, but she only showed up long enough to take tests and get notes.  She passed the course with a B-, not bad for never showing up.  Ray spent a lot of time worried that she might recognize him, even though it was a class of over 150 students and he looked and sounded like half of the faculty in the Economics department.  Old and crazy.

Joe updated the crew on what he saw from Teagan and Aly’s digital life.  They didn’t talk about the rapes to anyone except each other, and even then, it was short.  They barely communicated with anyone else aside from Blaine, and even those seemed superficial.  He lost communication with Teagan’s phone after two weeks, and a text on Aly’s phone showed that Teagan broke hers when it fell out of her pocket at the stables and Windstar stepped on it.  A little digging showed that Windstar was her horse.  Aly nuked her phone a week later when she started getting obnoxious texts from some random numbers.  She did a wipe, restore, then moved to a new phone with a new number.  His trojan didn’t work anymore, and neither he nor Steve were able to pwn the new phones.

They suspected that Blaine had something to do with this.  He’d barely logged in to the Club’s site in the last month, and aside from uploading the video, he didn’t respond to any mails or chat requests for almost the entire month.  He didn’t even watch the master cut of the footage.  When he finally responded to an inquiry, it was effusive.  He said he was trying to be there for the girls and that he had a lot to think about.


It was a Saturday in April, shortly after 1PM.  Sam was browsing the Club website, chatting with Steve when he received a chat request from an unknown user, 8525.  He decided to open it and was brought to a chat window with Steve (2633), himself (9501), and this new user.

2633 (Steve):  Hey, who’s this?
8525:  Hey!  Big fan of your work, really liked the way you two broke Teagan so quick.  God, that was so fucking hot.
9501 (Sam):  Hi.  Who are you?
8525:  Call me... Bubbles.
9501 (Sam):  OK.
2633 (Steve):  Sup Bubbles.
8525 (Bubbles):  Hey.  So, I have a question.  You guys free tonight?  I need some help with my girlfriend.

Bubbles posted a link to an Imgur album of a tall brunette with brown eyes, an Italian complexion, and a cute but chubby face.  The body shots show that she’s probably close to 6 feet tall, and somewhere between thick and chubby.  She has a very large bust and an athletic build, like she could kick the shit out of most guys she meets.  The last photo shows this woman standing amongst four other women, all wearing volleyball outfits for Harbor City University.

2633 (Steve):  Not bad.  Kinda cute, looks like a fighter.
9501 (Sam):  I’ve definitely done worse.  Why us?  Why need help.
8525 (Bubbles):  Here’s my Best of video.  You’ll see why in a moment.

Sam clicked on the link.  It took him to a video inside of the Club that was two minutes long.  Club music played as a graphic saying “Best of Bubbles” faded in and out of view.

The first clip showed a skinny young blonde woman in her early twenties, passed out on a bed, stripped completely naked.  Another woman with darker skin, possibly Asian with dyed blonde hair slipped her head between the unconscious girl’s legs and started eating her pussy.  The Asian is gorgeous, with a very tight, petite body with nary an ounce of fat on her.  

The next clip showed a short Indian girl hunched over the back of a couch, with a clubbing dress pushed up over her ass.  The same Asian woman from before, now with green hair, stood behind the Indian girl, fucking her with a strap-on dildo.

The third clip showed a black woman probably in her 30’s, tied to a bed naked and screaming into a gag.  Another woman, presumably the Asian from before, was fist-fucking the black woman with all she had.

The fourth clip showed the Asian woman, this time wearing a mask, crouching over the head of a petite blonde.  The blonde was tied spread eagled to a bed and the Asian woman holding the blonde by the hair, shoving her face into her own twat.

The remaining minute showed these clips again in rapid cuts, showing the Asian woman having her way with them, finishing with her pissing all over the tied-up blonde’s face.

Sam was amazed by what he saw.  Amazed and turned on.

2633 (Steve):  Holy shit, you’re a chick?
8525 (Bubbles):  Well, duh.
2633 (Steve):  That was hot as fuck.  Sam, you still here?
9501 (Sam):  Still here.  Fucking hot.
2633 (Steve):  I want to cum all over that fucking ass.
8525 (Bubbles):  DUDE!  I’m right here.
2633 (Steve):  Fuck, that was supposed to go just to Sam.  But you’ve got a hot fucking ass.
8525 (Bubbles):   ;)
9501 (Sam):  What’s the plan?
8525 (Bubbles):  We’re going out tonight for a date night.  She thinks it’s a fancy dinner dancing at the club.  I’m roofieing her before we leave and taking her to a no-tell motel where we’re gonna fuck her brains out.  Once she starts waking up, you’ll fuck both of us and force me to fuck her.  I’ll play along.  Then, you’ll knock us out again and drop us off back by my place.  Reality, you’ll drug her, give me a placebo, we’ll come back to my place.  This will be her fault and I’ll make sure she doesn’t go to the cops or anything.
2633 (Steve):  Damn.  I like this.  You got the room and car ready?
8525 (Bubbles):  Room yes, car no.  We need a man who looks like he would drive an Uber.  We can’t rent a car, and if we’re planning on drinking we can’t drive.  She thinks this is just some fancy night out.
9501 (Sam):  If you’re up for this, I’m game.  What supplies do you have and what do you need?
8525 (Bubbles): :D I got roofies to knock her out twice, some smelling salts to wake her up, my go-bag with bondage gear, cuffs, and stuff ready to go.  And a couple other toys ;)
9501 (Sam):  Steve, your car good for the Uber performance?
2633 (Steve):  Not really.  I can try to clean it up, but it’s not in the best of shape.
9501 (Sam):  Alright, I’ll rent a car.  I’ll be the Uber Black driver to pick you up.  Call me Dave.  You sure she’s gonna pass out before getting to the motel?”
8525 (Bubbles):   :D Damn skippy.  I’ll mix her a drink or two before we leave, she’ll be out, or at least out of it by the time we get to the hotel.
2633 (Steve):  What time you doing this?
8525 (Bubbles):  We leave for dinner around 6 for a 7 o’clock reservation.  I told her it was a surprise.  >:D
2633 (Steve):  Nice.  Fancy dinner?
8525 (Bubbles):  That’s what she said.
9501 (Sam):  Here’s my idea.  Steve, give me about a half hour or so to get ready.  You’ll take me to rent a car.  You’ll carry my bag with you.  Bubbles, get with Steve before this so he can get your stuff to the motel.  Order some lunch or something, he’ll bring the food and you make the trade.  I’ll drive by to pick you two lovely ladies up while Steve’s at the motel getting stuff ready.  Also, I’ll get some bottles of water, too.  Keep up the look of us drugging you.
2633 (Steve):  Sounds like a plan.
8525 (Bubbles):  (Thumbs up emoji)
9501 (Sam):  Good.  How long will she be out for?
8525 (Bubbles):  About 2 hours completely unconscious and groggy for a half hour, maybe hour.  Kicks in about 15 minutes after ingestion with alcohol.  I need to give her just enough so she goes out, but not so much that she’s out all night.  I’ve done this a few times before ;)
9501 (Sam):  I’ll see about getting a nicer car for this, something with a bigger backseat.
8525 (Bubbles):  Cool beans.  Cya l8r.  DM me ur #’s, I’ll txt bck.
2633 (Steve):  Will do.  Later.
9501 (Sam):  Until tonight.

Sam and Steve chatted for another minute before logging off.  Sam prepped his go-bag with his tools, guns, camera, and spare clothes.  Steve was outside his place about 40 minutes after they logged off.

It took them about 45 minutes to drive to the airport to rent a car.  There were closer places they could have gone, but the airport always had the best deals and the best selection.  Sam decided to go a little fancier and selected a Porsche Cayenne.  He’ll look like an Uber Black driver with the fancy car.  Besides, he’s wanted to test drive this car for a while.  What better excuse than this?

Steve texted Bubbles after dropping off Sam and organized a pickup at her apartment in Greenville, just outside of Harbor City.  He picked her up some lunch as she told Brittany that she ordered some Wendy’s from Grubhub.  This gave her a window to get her gear to Steve.  Brittany was already at Bubbles’s apartment, hanging out before getting ready.  Bubbles gave Steve some last-minute instructions on how to set up the gear and cameras before he left.


Sam dressed sharp for the role of the Uber Black driver.  White shirt, black suit, black tie, shined shoes, combed-back hair and dark glasses.  The only other thing he added was a fake, but good-looking goatee.  He also found an old chauffer’s cap from back in the day.  He hoped with all of these eccentricities that he would stay anonymous enough to help Bubbles with the job tonight.

He took one more look in the mirror.  He was still a fat, middle aged balding man with dark hair and a chubby face, but he wasn’t as fat as he was a month ago.  Going to the gym with Steve is starting to pay off.  Now he’s probably in the mid 200’s instead of the upper 200’s.

He admitted to himself that this was a crazy idea.  At least with the last Club activity, he knew and trusted Joe.  All he had from Bubbles was a short video and a text conversation.  He had no information on the victim aside from a picture and a short description.  He wouldn’t even know where the motel was if Steve didn’t text him the address.  He was walking into this mostly blind.  Everything depended on Bubbles being willing and able to set up her girlfriend to get raped by a couple strangers.

Sam checked the burner app on his phone.  He had a new text on it from Bubbles.

‘Brit’s getting ready now.  I started drinking a little wine, poured her a glass  >:D.’

Sam responded.

‘Leaving for Greenville in a couple minutes, will take about 20 minutes to get there. I’ll text when I’m a block or two away.’

Bubbles replied back with  :D.

Sam left his apartment, hat and coat in his hands.  A couple of his tenants gave him a confused look when they saw him leave dressed like a limo driver, but no one confronted him.

He started up the Porsche Cayenne he rented earlier in the day and made his way to Bubbles’s apartment in Greenville.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in April so he wasn’t too concerned with traffic.  The drive was relaxing and he enjoyed how comfortable the seats felt in this SUV.  But no one drives a Porsche for the comfort.  Sam found an open piece of highway and dropped the hammer.  Even the base level rental version was quick as fuck, slamming him back in his seat.  He could see why people like this vehicle.

His fun was short lived, as he ran out of highway before seeing the exit for Greenville.  A few more minutes of stop and go traffic, a couple small turns, and he was at the light outside of Bubbles’s apartment.

‘At light by building, will be at front door in a minute or two.’

A few seconds later, he received another  :D emoji.

Sam turned into the parking lot and stopped the car in front of the door.  He exited the car, put on his coat and hat, and stood by the back passenger door, waiting for the two women to come down.

He didn’t have to wait long.  Looking into the lobby, he saw two young women emerge.  One was tall, very tall for a woman at over 6 feet.  The other was much shorter, probably barely over 5 feet.  As they walked out of the lobby, Sam got his first look at the beauties.

The tall woman looked just like the pictures he saw earlier, just better.  This had to be Brittany.  She was tall and thick, but with a very athletic build.  Her dark olive skin made the gold sequin dress she wore pop just a little brighter.  Her makeup was well done but subdued.  Her long brown hair had some extra curls teased into it, and her brown eyes were accentuated with just a hint of green eye shadow.  She wore a pair of 3-inch closed toe heels, which easily brought her height above 6 feet.  A pair of pearl earrings, a small gold handbag, and a couple bracelets finished off her accessories.  As she walked, Sam watched her thick, muscular legs slightly flex as she walked in the heels, and did his best to not get lost in the way she swung her ass when she walked.  It was big and thick.  And her breasts, those were a sight to behold.  If they were anything less than a DD he would eat his hat.

The short woman was a sight to behold.  This had to be Bubbles.  She was a young Asian woman with dyed silver hair and a matching silver sequin spaghetti strap dress.  Her short, lean frame showed off a perfect specimen of body proportions.  Her almond shaped eyes were lined with just a hint of silver, and her lips had the slightest pink gloss to them.  The 3-inch heels she wore had the same effect on her legs, making them flex and wiggle her ass with every step.  She wore lightning bolt earrings, a small hoop in her nostril, a delicate looking necklace, and some bracelets.  She too carried a matching handbag.  Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were perfect for her size; big enough to play with, but small enough to not get in the way.

Sam saw the way the Brittany’s jaw dropped when she saw a well-dressed chauffer standing beside a Porsche.

“Oh my God, Kim, you didn’t?!  This is amazing.”  The tall girl was giddy with joy, almost jumping up and down.  

“Anything for my honey bear.”  Bubbles said to the taller woman, leaning up to kiss her.  She went in for a light peck, but Brittany’s excitement got the best of her and held on to the kiss a little longer than expected.

Bubbles approached Sam, a step ahead of Brittany.

“You must be Dave, right?”

Sam nodded.  “Yes ma’am.  And you must be...”  Sam extended his hand to shake Bubbles’s hand.

“I’m Kim, and this is Brittany.”  Sam shook Bubble’s hand, then Brittany’s.

“I’m Dave, and I’ll be your driver tonight.  Welcome.”

“Hi.”  Sam shook Brittany’s hand.  It was bigger than his hand, and with her heels she stood almost six inches taller than him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you two.”  After breaking the handshake, he opened the passenger side rear door.  Brittany climbed in, giving Sam a great shot of her ample cleavage.  He made sure she was safely in the car before closing the door and following Bubbles around the rear of the car to the other side.  

Sam got his first good look at Bubbles’s ass, and boy was Steve right.  It was an amazing ass.  It was the kind of ass that men write stories about, a perfect little bubble butt with just enough meat on it to be feminine but not so big that it doesn’t work for the body shape.  It was an ass that can only be earned through hard work and dedication to excellence, not watching TV 12 hours a day.

Sam quickened his pace to get to the door first, but Bubbles stopped him.  They spoke in hushed tones.

“Steve ready?”

“Will be by the time we get there.  And Brit?”

“She finished her drink right before we came down.  Need to drive around for a bit to kick in.  I got this.”

Sam grabbed the door.  “Here you go, ma’am.”  He held the door open for Bubbles as she climbed in, then safely closed the door after she was safely in.  He readjusted himself before he entered through the driver’s door.

Brittany was amazed at the car.  She definitely wasn’t expecting to be driven around in a Porsche anytime soon.  She rubbed the seat, feeling the softness of the leather.  She looked at every nook and crevice, and nearly lost her mind when she found the controls for the heated rear seats.

“Oh my God, Kim!  This is AMAZING!  Thank you.”

The larger woman almost crushed Bubbles in a bear hug, planting her with kisses too.  One of the pecks landed on the mouth and turned into a deep, long passionate kiss.  The kiss went on a little longer than expected, longer than normally acceptable in front of a complete stranger.  Bubbles and Brittany started rubbing their hands up and down each other’s bodies, with Bubbles’s left hand landing on Brittany’s thigh.

Sam waited, enjoying the view.  Once they paused, he spoke up.

“Where to tonight, ladies?”

Brittany looked embarrassed, losing herself in the moment she completely forgot about the driver.  What was his name, Dave?  She stiffened a bit, moving her hair out of her face with her right hand.  Bubbles, meanwhile, had slid into the middle seat, very close to Brittany.  Her right hand stayed on Brittany’s thigh as she spoke.

“We’re heading to Il Tratoria in Pinewood.”  Bubbles said, her hand sliding slightly up Brittany’s thigh.

“Excellent choice.”  Sam wasn’t kidding.  Not only was it an excellent restaurant, but it was in the direction of the no-tell motel a little north of the city.  They would have to take the highway to get there, and it was close to a 30-minute drive.  If Bubbles did her part, Brittany should be passed out long before they arrive.

“Would you two care for a drink, or some mints?”

“Maybe a water.”  Brittany spoke up, her voice raising a bit as Bubbles’s hand crept higher up her dress.

Sam opened the console and handed them two bottles of water.  Brittany grabbed them both, and handed one to Bubbles.  She put hers in the cup holder by the door while Brittany opened hers right away and took a sip.

Sam took a quick peek before turning back around.  Both women’s dresses came down to mid-thigh, but Bubbles’s hand was almost completely to Brittany’s crotch.  The dress rode up slightly, far enough that he could see that Brittany wore a black lacy thong.

Facing forward, Sam entered the address on the car’s GPS system.  He also checked his phone, ostensibly to see a text message.  In reality, he sent a text to Steve and was checking to verify that the spy camera he placed by the rear-view mirror was working and recording.  It was, and between that one and the one hidden in the phone charger for the back seat, he caught everything.

As the GPS began talking, Sam pulled out.  He was listening to some jazz from earlier.  He left it on for the time being.

“Any special occasion for tonight?”  Sam asked, pulling onto the road leading to the highway.  He saw Bubbles nibbling on Brittany’s ear and Brittany jump a bit as Bubbles’s hand was completely obscured in Brittany’s dress.

“My girl here is about to graduate HCU Law School, and I’m taking her out to celebrate.”  Bubbles said, cuddling up to the larger woman.

“Wow, congratulations.”  Sam said, not feigning excitement.  He was going to get to fuck a lawyer later on tonight, after all the times they’ve fucked him.

“Thanks.  I think it’s a little pre...mature to celebrate but my Kimmy insisted on it.”  Brittany took in a lot of breath suddenly, almost like someone was trying to finger her while talking.

“Honey bear, you’ve earned it.  You passed all your courses, aced your finals, crushed the bar, and you’ve got a nice job offer lined up to start Mid-May.  You are amazing, Brit.”  Bubbles kissed Brit and shifted her position, getting her hand in a better position to play with her girlfriend.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where’s the offer from?”  Sam asked, trying to keep his eyes on the road and on the action in the back seat at the same time.

“Pendleton and Braga, I’m joining their firm as a junior lawyer helping to review prenup agreements and divorce settlements.”  Brit’s breathing took on a different tone.  She looked at Brit with a ‘Will you stop?’ look in her eyes.  Bubbles just smiled and used her hands to push Brit’s thighs apart just a little wider.

“That’s a very good firm, I’ve heard many good things about them.  Here’s to the start of a great career.”  Sam wasn’t completely lying.  One of Steve’s ex-wives hired them and took him to the cleaners.  Sam wasn’t sure if he should tell Steve or not.  He might get a little too rough with her.  He already fucked women like they owed him money, so Sam didn’t want to imagine what would happen if he ran into a woman working for his ex’s law firm.

“Hey, we’re taking the highway there, right?”  Brit asked.

“Yes we are.”  Sam replied.

“This is a Porsche.  Any chance that, you know?”

“That I can drive it like it’s meant to be driven?  I’ll do my best.  I might have to take a detour to get some better roads.  What time is dinner?”

“7.”  Bubbles said.

“I’ll get you to the restaurant on time, it might be a little longer of a trip if I’m going to open this up.”  

Sam’s grin was three-fold.  First, he was enjoying the show in the back seat.  Bubbles had Brit’s dress pushed up and her legs splayed wide open enough that he could just make out that Brit was wearing a lacy black thong with little pink ribbons.  Second, he was going to get a chance to test drive the Porsche Cayenne the way it should be driven.  Finally, this extra driving would give him a few extra minutes for Brittany to pass out.


Steve wasn’t bad looking.  Good looking for a man in his 40’s.  He stood about 5’11” and had a muscular chest and arms.  The beer gut he had screamed ‘Dad bod’ but even that was manageable.  His hair was short, cropped like a high&tight cut that went a little too long between cuts.  The stubble on his pale face was quickly approaching short beard territory.  If it wasn’t for the gray hair scattered over his head and face, he could easily pass for late 20’s.  He wore a black zip-up hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes.  He dressed to blend in to the area.

He arrived at the Roadside Motel in Loyalsara Township shortly before 4PM.  As far as random motels where no one asked questions, it was pretty nice.  No dead bodies in the parking lot, no obvious druggies and hookers hanging around, and it was in just good enough condition to not be an eyesore.  It was the standard, two story motel.

The rooms, they weren’t too bad.  At least not bad for a motel.  No roaches, no blood on the floor, no holes in the walls.  The fridge and coffee pot seemed to work.  The shower and toilet worked.  The bed was structurally sound and clean, but that wouldn’t be an issue.  Bubbles told him that she packed some sheets for the bed.  There was a chair that wasn’t infested, so at least there’s that.  The room was clean.  He just dared not shine a UV light in there.

It didn’t take long for Steve to strip the bed, put on new ones starting with the rubber bottom sheet, and set up the gear Bubbles packed.  She must have packed a full bondage set in here.  There were hand cuffs, leg irons, gags, masks, vibrators, dildos both manual and strap-on, a riding crop, clothespins, and a few other toys.  There were even a couple gimp hoods in there.

Steve attached the leg irons to each corner of the bed and another set of chains to the top corners.  Each set can secure someone spread-eagle or meet in the middle for a strong connection.  He also made sure the keys were nearby.  They all used the same key, but it was never a good idea to lose them.

After the bed was set up, Steve spent some time setting up the cameras.  He had his nice Prosumer camera, Sam’s Canon, and Bubbles had a little 4K thing that looked great for point of view shots and closeups.  There was also some smaller cameras and a couple older smart phones, and some tripods.  He wasn’t sure how much to set up, but trusted his instincts and put the bigger cameras on tripods around the room and made sure the phones had a charge.

There was just one problem: not enough power.  There were a couple wall outlets, but he only had one power strip and no extension cords.  Fortunately, he was about 10 minutes from the nearest Harbor Freight.  While he was out, he also grabbed some duct tape, medical tape, gloves, bandages, pizza, wings, soda, water, and beer.

He was just pulling back into the motel’s parking lot when he received a text from Sam.

‘Leaving the apartment, on the clock, should be there within the hour.’

Steve responded back with a simple ‘OK’ and went back in the room to finish the setup and grab a bite.


Back in the Porsche, Sam was having one hell of a time.  He was driving on the highway going well over the speed limit of 70 MPH while Bubbles and Brittany had their fun in the back.  They whooped and hollered the first time he took the Cayenne to 120.  The second time, he heard a few gasps and an “Oh God” come from Brittany.  When he took a moment to look in the backseat, he saw Bubbles bent over in Brittany’s lap, licking her twat and finger fucking her.  Brittany moaned out at least once, maybe twice while he was racing through traffic.
When he brought the car back to a lower, less insane speed of 90, Sam noticed that Brittany looked spent.  Sure, she just came pretty damn hard on the cute Asian’s face, but that wasn’t it.  When she spoke, her words were slurred and she had a hard time keeping her head up.  Sam looked at the clock, it was almost 15 minutes since he picked them up.  The roofies should be kicking in by now.  

Another few minutes, and they would be close to the exit for Pinewood and the restaurant.  He slowed down further, bringing the Porsche back down to the speed limit.  Sam heard Brittany say something like ‘take a nap’ or ‘bake a lamp’, it was hard to make out.

“Okay, you go to sleep now Honeybear, I’m right here next to ya.”  Bubbles checked to see Brittany.  Her head flopped back and she started snoring.  Bubbles waited a moment, then shook the bigger woman.  Nothing.  She was out.

“You got the address for the hotel?”  Bubbles asked Sam.

“Yep.  Right on Loyalsara Road, a mile past the exit heading towards Lockton.  Don’t even need to change the GPS, we’re on the way there, be there in about 15 minutes.”  Sam said, glancing back and forth.

“15 minutes.  Good.  Keep an eye on the road, there’s something I have to take care of.”  Bubbles slid back over to the driver’s side of the car, grabbing her phone from her purse.  She took a few photos of Brittany passed out, dress up around her thighs and panties askew.  She then shimmied around, spreading her legs and getting in a comfortable position.

Sam deserved a medal for not losing control of the car or stopping their drive.  It is very hard for a man to keep an eye on the road while a hot ass Asian woman is jilling off in the seat right behind him.
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Not my place to say on her behalf, but I think Bubbles will love it!
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Well I'm loving this!
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The Club of Chester County – Bubbles Has Entered the Chat

Chapter 2: Arrived (bond, stripping, setup, descriptions of sex and rape)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after Teagan and Aly.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Author’s Third Note:  This story is based off of a request from [Bubbles] where she asked people to write stories about her.  This is Part 1 of that story. 

By the time Sam pulled into the parking lot of the Roadside Motel, Bubbles had ‘taken care of something’ in the back seat and was getting herself somewhat presentable.  Sam didn’t say anything the remainder of the trip until they stopped.

“So, she’s completely out?”  Sam asked Bubbles.

“Completely.  She’s a solid 220 pounds of dead weight.”

“Okay.  I’ll text Steve that we’re here.”  Sam grabbed the phone and texted Steve that they were outside.  He replied that he would be right there.  As he was closing the burner app, Bubbles peered over and saw that he had recorded the action in the backseat.

“You fucker!  You recorded the whole thing, didn’t you?  I can’t believe you fucking did that.”  Bubbles had a tone that Sam couldn’t place.  He stammered for a moment, before she laughed and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Naah, I’m just fucking with you.  I would have done the same thing.  I want to see that shit, you better upload that to the Club.  I love the look on her face when she cums but she knows that she shouldn’t.  She hates PDA or anything sexy out and about, so I get a kick out of making her try shit like this.  Also, wiping her out with a good fucking helps knock her out faster.”

“You done this before?” 

“Yeah, a few times.”  Bubbles said.  “It takes a lot more to knock her out than some of my other exes.  But it also means that I can knock her out for shorter times, or just make her groggy if I want.  First time I’ve done this while taking her somewhere, usually just stay at my place and have fun with her there, maybe invite a friend or two over.  I’ve gotten real good at this.”

“You mean the drugging part?”

“Yeah.  How else am I going to do this?  Look at me, I’m not big.  Sure, I work out and can maybe take a few smaller women, but any guy bigger than a junior high school kid could kick my ass.  But knock’em out, tie’em up, they ain’t going nowhere.  What about you?  What’s your go-to?”

Sam thought for a second before responding.

“You know, I don’t really have one.  Does having good timing and being available count as a method?”


“Yeah.  This is going to sound crazy, but that video you saw was my first, full-blown rape.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“No.  Serious as a heart attack.  Tonight is literally the second time I’ve done this.  Closest I’ve done before this was maybe a drunken date-rape in college or pressuring some woman to fuck me in lieu of rent.”

Bubbles adjusted her position, leaning over the driver’s seat.

“You like a landlord or something then?”

“Something like that.  And I would never recommend paying for rent with sex, from either side.  It’s too much of a hassle, and once she’s ready to pay, she’ll act like the sex is worth more than rent.  No, I can’t pay the bank with your pussy.  And some of these women think their pussies are made of gold.  No.  Not even close.  Last tenant I took sex from instead of rent tried pulling that shit, then tried blaming me for rape when I didn’t want to fuck her again.  She left soon after, but the whole thing pissed me off.”

“Hey, you got any places open?”

“Maybe.  Let’s talk after tonight.”

Sam looked at his phone.  There was a new text from Steve, ‘Be right there.’  He shook his head.

“Steve’s taking his sweet old time.”  Sam said, checking the clock.

Bubbles pointed out of the window to a man coming from the lobby.

“There he is.  What the hell?”

Steve was dressed in jeans and a zip-up hoodie, and he was dragging a luggage cart with him, draped in a white sheet.  He made quick time to the car and stopped right by Brittany’s door.  Sam and Bubbles exited the car, Bubbles carrying Brit’s shoes and handbag.

“Do I need to ask?”  Sam said to Steve.

“Shouldn’t need to.  You’re driving a Porsche to a no-tell motel and we’re moving an unconscious body in broad daylight.  Leaving won’t be as much of a problem, but someone might get the wrong idea when they see us move her into the room.  Hopefully anyone who sees us would think our whore OD’ed and is sleeping it off, but I’d rather not take that chance right now.”

Steve’s plan was solid.  Sam moved to the side of the car to help Steve get Brittany out of the car.  Steve gave Bubbles the room key to get in.  She dropped off everything before coming out to help the guys.  They maneuvered Brittany onto the luggage rack with some effort and leaned her up against one of the sides.  Sam pushed, Steve pulled, and Bubbles held Brittany steady as they moved the 40 feet from the car to the open room door.


If anyone was paying attention, they would have seen a man wearing a hoodie walk up to the back of a Porsche SUV and place a luggage rack covered in a bedsheet right by the rear door.  Then, the driver, dressed like an MIB agent, came over to help the man in the hoodie.  A short Asian woman with silver hair wearing an evening dress climbed out of the car, walked around, and under the bed sheet.  The two men emerged, but the woman stayed under there as the men moved the cart into the closest motel room.  Once inside, the woman climbed out from under the sheet and closed the door.


Inside the room, everyone took a break.  Well, everyone except Brittany.  She was passed out on the luggage cart.  Sam stretched while Bubbles and Steve went to the table with food on it.

“So, what’s the plan?”  Sam asked.

Bubbles grabbed a slice of pizza and bit down, chewing and swallowing before she answered.

“We get her undressed then on the bed.  Then we get ready and have some fun.  No nutting in her while she’s out, what’s the fun in that?  Once she starts waking up, you guys become the sick twisted perverts you are and rape the shit out of us.  But one thing is you have to make me fuck her, and someone has to fuck me while fucking her.  Slap the shit out of us if you need to, but no scars.  And try to DP me tonight in front her, and her in front of me.  I want to see the look on her face with two cocks in her.”

Bubbles took another bite, then kept talking.

“Let’s make sure we record the whole thing, but you’ve got the cameras already set up, so that’s good.  I packed a bunch of old phones I found around that we can use, too.”

“Yeah, I saw a bunch of stuff in there.  Did you knock over a porno store?”  Steve asked, drinking from a beer as he had a slice of pizza.  Sam grabbed a slice, too.

“When you don’t got a dick, you gotta be creative to make a bitch cry.  This one time I picked up this little goth chick, cute little thing but I wanted to hear her scream SOO bad that night.  I took one of her spiked bracelets, rolled it up, and shoved it right up inside her.  She starts freaking out like ‘what the hell?’, then I pulled it out slowly, like beads on a string.  She screamed so fucking loud, I thought she’d wake the dead.  I jumped right on her face and made her eat me out while she cried.  Fuck, I’m getting wet just thinking about that.”

Bubbles walked over to the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

“You fuck with any of these?”

Steve shook his head.  “Nope.”

Bubbles opened and drank from the bottle as she stood up.

“We’ll need to put two bottles to the side.  Mark them.  One will be spiked for Brit on the way home, one for me.  DO NOT MIX THEM UP.  In fact, I’ll do that right now.  We got a wheelchair?  It’ll make getting Brit back up to the apartment that much easier.”

Sam shook his head.  Steve’s eyes lit up.

“Gimme $100, I’ll be right back.”

Sam shrugged and pulled some money out of his wallet.  Steve took the money and ran out of the room.

Bubbles grabbed a sharpie and wrote on the bottles ‘KIM’ and ‘BRIT’.  She then took a little bottle and a hypodermic out of her bag.  She inserted the needle and filled up the needle with the clear liquid.  Bubbles then opened the bottle that said ‘BRIT’ and squirted the clear liquid into the water bottle.  She tightened the cap, shook it up, and placed them both back in the fridge before putting her drug paraphernalia back in her handbag.

In the time it took Bubbles to spike Brit’s water for later tonight, Steve came back, pushing a wheelchair.

“Holy shit!  That was fast.  Where did you get that?”  Sam was amazed.

“Don’t ask.”  Steve rolled the chair through the room, parking it in the bathroom.

“Why does it say ‘Dept. of VA Affairs’ on the back?”

“Good question Bubbles.  Didn’t ask.”  Steve threw the chair in the shower, turned on the water, and let it soak for a bit.  He then washed his hands before returning.

“So, how we doing this?”  Steve asked, as he grabbed his slice of pizza.

“I just went over the plan.”  Bubbles said, between bites.

“I know, but not that part.  Like, do we put on our masks and get ready then strip her and tie her down, or strip her and tie her down, then put on our masks?”

Bubbles thought for a minute, took another bite, then spoke.

“I’m thinking masks first.  Also, let’s be careful with that dress.  It’s real nice and we still have to get her home.  Pushing her into an elevator in a wheelchair is suspicious enough, but doing it butt ass naked or wrapped in a sheet is definitely gonna draw some attention.”

“Alright.  Let’s finish dinner, mask up, then strip her down.”  Sam said, finishing a slice.


They didn’t take long to finish dinner, maybe another ten or fifteen minutes.  The guys each had a couple slices, but Bubbles crushed 4 of them, the last one in under a minute while the men were putting on their masks.

“To be young and have a metabolism again.”  Sam said, straightening out his new ski mask.  He still wore the rest of his suit, sans coat.  That hung in the closet, along with his hat.  Steve had stripped off his hoodie and wore a gray t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers.

“You masking up Bubbles?  For this first part anyway?”  Steve asked as he went around to make sure the cameras were working.

“Nah.  I don’t like them.  She’s unconscious now and when she wakes up, I’ll be just another victim.  I only wear a mask if I have to.  Usually only if I’m working with others in a gang bang or doing some other shit.  Or if I’m targeting other Asians.”

Steve and Sam looked at each other on that last sentence.  Even with their masks on, Bubbles could tell they wanted to ask something that might be a little uncomfortable.

“Go ahead and ask.  I want to hear you ask the question.  I led to it.”

“Okay,” said Sam “Why do you only wear a mask when hunting Asians?”

“Because white people think we all look alike.  Blacks can tell the difference, but don’t like to talk about how some little Asian girl drugged and raped their ass.  Mexicans aren’t sure if we’re one of them or not, and Indians and Middle Easterners think I’m Chinese more than anything else.”

The men paused and thought about that for a second.

“That works?”  Steve asked, still rolling around what she said.

“So far.  I have no tattoos, and one of my names is Kim.  The only thing that stands out about me is my hair, and I dye it so often that no one knows who to look for.  If I have a rough date with black hair, I’ll dye it some crazy color.  If it was a crazy color, I dye it black the next night.  White people focus on the differences, but they’re so afraid of being racists or called racist that they never learned the subtle differences between Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.  All they have to go on is the hair, and with that out of the equation, what’s left?  A short, cute girl named Kim.”

The realization hit Steve like a baseball bat to the face.

“Oh my God.  That’s like every Asian girl I’ve ever met.  They’re all short, cute, and named Kim.  It’s the perfect camouflage.”

“Exactly.  I try not to press my luck too much, but hanging around Collegetown works.  It doesn’t take much to pick up some white girl for the night.  My favorite girls for this are the straight ones.  They won’t think twice about taking a drink from a girl like me.  They’re on the lookout for some guy trying to rape them and slip them a roofie, they don’t even think the little Asian girl is the one hunting them down.  Fuck, sometimes I’ll send a guy over to them with a drink just to get them worried about him, they’ll forget that I’m there slipping them a little something.  Best is the look on their face when they wake up in the morning with a raging headache and I’m in their bed with them.  They want to freak out, but they don’t know which way to go.  I’ll play the race card or the gay card, whichever will get them to freeze first.  Every so often, I’ll just break them down the old-fashioned way.  Depends on the mood.”

The two masked men looked at each other, then Bubbles.

“Definitely need to check out your work when we’re done here.  That just sounds hot as fuck.”  Steve said.

“Remember, don’t call me Bubbles.  If you have to call me anything, I’m Kim.  Sam is Dave the Driver.  And you’re...”

“Also Dave.  Because we’re the Dave’s you know, you know.”

Just as Steve said this, Sam started singing, and Steve joined in.

“Some of us are David’s...But most of us are Dave’s.  They all have their own hands, but they come from different moms.”

Sam and Steve started laughing.  Bubbles looked at them like they each grew a separate head.


“The Dave’s I know, from Kids in the Hall.”  Steve said.  Bubbles still looked like he was speaking Swahili.

“Kids in the Hall.  Sketch comedy from the early 90’s.” 

“I’m not from the early 90’s.”

“They’re funny.  They’re Canadians.”

“Like Letterkenny?”  Bubbles asked.  The guys looked at each other.

“Uh, sure.  Do they dress up in drag?”  Sam asked, not sure who Letterkenny was.  Bubbles looked confused, but shifted gears and started talking.

“Okay, we’ve all got some homework to do.  Let’s get Brit stripped and ready before she wakes up.  Figure we’ve got maybe an hour before she wakes up and we switch around.  Remember, don’t cum in her while she’s out.  Make her feel it and get it on camera.  You guys get her stripped, on the bed, and tied up, then I get first crack.  Use the O-ring gag on her.  Is the door locked and are the curtains completely closed?”

“Yep, ready to go.”  Sam said.

“Recording in 3, 2, 1.” 


“Recording in 3, 2, 1.” 

Steve pressed the record buttons on all of the cameras in the room.  Bubbles for her part stood out of the way, in the back hallway out of view.  Steve and Sam took a look around the room, then at each other.  A simple nod and they walked over to the luggage cart with the sheet draped over it.

Sam, dressed in a white dress shirt, black tie, black pants, leather shoes and ski mask, grabbed the sheet and pulled it off, exposing Brittany, passed out.  She was still dressed in her gold evening dress that ended mid-thigh.  Her shoes were missing. She still had on her bracelets and other jewelry.

Steve, wearing a grey t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and ski mask, maneuvered into position to grab Brittany under her arms.  Sam moved to her legs.

“On 3.  1.  2.  3.”  With a grunt, Steve stood up, lifting Brittany off of the cart.  Sam grabbed her legs.  They had her in the air.  They took a step to the side.  Then another.  One more, and they let her fall on the bed.

Brittany landed on her back.  The men looked at her for a moment. Sam reached down and grabbed her arms and started taking off her bracelets.  Steve looked for a zipper on the side or the bottom, but couldn’t find one.  He felt under her and thought he noticed something.

“Hey, when you get those off, grab her arms and pull up.  I think I found the zipper.”

“Ok.”  Sam put the last bracelet down and grabbed both of Brittany’s wrists.  He pulled back while Steve pushed her forward.

“Got it.”  Steve found the zipper, and pulled it down.  It stopped about halfway down, right at waist level.  As he started undressing her, Steve paused, leaving Brittany folded more or less in half.

“What?”  Sam asked.

“Does it go up or down?”  Steve said, taking a step back.


“The dress.  Does it go up or down?  How did she get this on?  Did she step into it like pants or put it on over her head like a shirt?”

“How do you normally undress a woman?”

“With a knife.  Maybe scissors if they’re lying around.  I don’t usually care what condition her clothes are in, just as long as I’m in her.”

Steve scratched his chin for a moment.

“What do you think?”

Sam looked for a moment, then grabbed Brittany’s tits and hips.

“Well, both her tits and hips are big, but the tits stick out further.  Zipper goes down pretty far, right?”

“Yeah, like down to her ass.”

“Okay.  Let’s peel it off, go down.  Once we get the dress over the shoulders, it should be easy from there.  I hope.”

Steve gave Sam a look, then shook his head.  Sam and Steve worked to slide the shoulder straps down over her shoulders.  They pulled the dress down, exposing Brittany’s bra straps, then her bra.  It was black satin with a little bit of lace, matching her panties.  Steve unclipped the four hooks in the back securing the bra in place.  He slid it off over her shoulders as well, freeing her breasts.  He saw the size tag.

“38 DD.  These are some huge ass titties.”  Steve said, taking a firm squeeze before returning to the task at hand.

They worked her dress straps over her elbows and off of her arms.  Once free, the bra quickly left her body.

Steve and Sam pushed her torso back down on the bed, where she landed with a soft thud.  Sam crouched down and held her left leg in the air, placing the crook of the knee on his shoulder.  He grabbed her right leg and did the same.

“On my signal, I’ll stand.  When I do, pull her dress up over her hips.  Try to get the panties, too.  Ready?”

Steve nodded.  Sam stood, raising Brittany’s ass off of the bed.  Steve grabbed the dress and pulled it down her body, over her ass and past her hips.  He let it stay there for a moment as he grabbed her panties and pulled on them as well.

Once everything was past her ass and hips, Sam lowered her down to the bed.  Still between her legs, he grabbed the dress and pulled it down her long, thick legs.  He did the same with her panties.  Once she was naked, he grabbed one of the cameras and took some close-up shots of Brittany, naked and passed out.  He then handed the camera to Steve so he could gather up Brittany’s clothes and place them in the closet.

When Sam came back, he put the camera back on the tripod then analyzed the scene.

“How we want to do this?  Legs spread wide, but what about the arms?  Spread eagle or cuffed in the middle?”

“I’m liking cuffed in the middle, then those cuffed to the chain going across.  I’ll get the hands, you get the legs.”  Steve said, moving to grab two extra sets of hand cuffs from Bubbles’s bag. 

“She sure does have a lot of cuffs.  Like she was getting ready to kidnap an entire class or something.”  Steve said, retrieving a few items.

Sam was trying to drag Brittany into position in the center of the bed.  She’d landed mostly on the side after the last plop but using her right leg, he was able to get her centered, more or less.  Within a minute, he had the left leg cuffed, then dragged the right one into position for cuffing.

Steve’s job of handcuffing was a little easier, but still required some effort.  Brittany was completely out, so every piece of her was dead weight.  Once he had the hands cuffed, he pulled them over her head and connected them to the chains and cuffs he set up earlier.  After a good shake, he was satisfied that she wasn’t going anywhere.

They worked together on putting the O-ring gag in place.  The metal ring sat under Brittany’s teeth, and required her jaw to be opened pretty wide to put it in.  Sam held her mouth open while Steve put it in as secured it in place.  The ring was big enough for an average sized dick.  Steve looked a little disappointed.

“What’s up?”  Sam asked, giving everything a once over.

“Not sure I’ll fit in there.  Really would like to make the bull dyke blow me.”

“Well, give it a shot later on.  If it doesn’t fit in her mouth, you can always shove it up her ass.”

Steve laughed at Sam’s comment.  The two of them admired their handiwork.  Here was Brittany, completely naked and bound to the bed, with a ring gag in her mouth.  Her tanned skin contrasted nicely with the white sheets on the bed.

“You guys ready in there?”  Bubbles yelled from the bathroom.

“Yeah, just about.  She’s all tied up, not going anywhere.”  Steve replied.  He and Sam turned their heads and saw one hell of a sight.

Out of the bathroom walked Bubbles, an amazingly hot Asian-American woman with dyed silver hair, naked except for a strap-on dildo and harness.  She walked over to the bed. Steve and Sam took a long, hard look at her.  Her darker skin accentuated her very tight stomach and legs, and helped her nipples stand out from her very tight breasts.

Steve whistled.

“Down boys.  I got first.  After that...”  Bubbles thought for a moment before pointing at Sam.  “You did a good job not killing us while driving.  Remember, no cumming in her until she wakes up.  Once she’s awake, I’m fair game for anything.  If you need to, use some of the extra cuffs and stuff on me.  Got it?”

“Anything goes then?”  Steve asked, a slight smirk appearing on his face.  Bubbles let out a sigh.

“I’m gonna regret this tomorrow, but yes, anything goes within Club rules.

Steve’s smirk turned into a Cheshire smile.

“I’mma fuck your ass ‘till you cry.” 

Bubbles walked up to Steve, and grabbed his crotch with her right hand.  She leaned in close, right next to his ear.

“You better.”  She squeezed a little, causing Steve to get hard.  He made some unintelligible sound.  Sam guided Steve to a chair nearby, and both men sat down, looking forward to the show.
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Very entertaining, thank you.
It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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The Club of Chester County – Bubbles Has Entered the Chat

Chapter 3: Ladies Night and Smelling Salts(FF, MF, drugged, bond, rape)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after Teagan and Aly.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Author’s Third Note:  This story is based off of a request from [Bubbles] where she asked people to write stories about her.  This is Part 1 of that story. 

“Anything goes then?”  Steve asked, a slight smirk appearing on his face.  Bubbles let out a sigh.

“I’m gonna regret this tomorrow, but yes, anything goes within Club rules.

Steve’s smirk turned into a Cheshire smile.

“I’mma fuck your ass ‘till you cry.” 

Bubbles walked up to Steve, and grabbed his crotch with her right hand.  She leaned in close, right next to his ear.

“You better.”  She squeezed a little, causing Steve to get hard.  He made some unintelligible sound.  Sam guided Steve to a chair nearby, and both men sat down, looking forward to the show.

Bubbles let go of his crotch and climbed up on the bed, between Brittany’s legs.  She crawled into position, kneeling between Brit’s spread open legs.  She paused for a moment and looked down at her girlfriend, breathing as though she was sleeping, and drooling a little.  Bubbles reached out with her right hand and started playing with Brit’s pussy, rubbing it to produce some much-needed lubrication.  After a minute, her ministrations proved fruitful as Brit’s pussy started to get wet.  Brittany’s breathing was more or less the same as it was, an effect of the drug used earlier.  Bubbles pulled Brittany’s labia open with her right hand while she held the purple dildo in her left hand and guided it into Brit’s pussy.  She let out a sigh as she entered the unconscious woman.

Bubbles sat there for a moment, base deep in Brit, before she started thrusting.  With each thrust, she breathed a little.  She started slowly at first, but sped up the thrusting.  Each time she thrusted, Bubbles’s breathing became more ragged.

Steve and Sam sat back to enjoy the show.  They watched as Bubbles fucked Brittany right in front of them.  Sam had never seen anything like this live before.  He was amazed, aroused, and curious.  How was Bubbles enjoying this so much?  He leaned in to get a better view and saw that the purple dildo she was using to fuck Brittany also went into her.  With each thrust of the dildo into Brittany, it also moved and stimulated Bubbles.  The slow, long strokes picked up in intensity, becoming fast and hard.

Brittany, meanwhile, just lay there, oblivious to the world.

Steve was getting uncomfortable wearing so much clothing, and began stripping, removing his shoes, then t-shirt and jeans.  The socks and underwear came off quickly, as the in-shape Steve returned to his chair, mindlessly stroking his 8-inch cock.

Sam had followed suit, and soon the two masked men were completely naked, Sam taking off his tie, dress shirt, undershirt, shoes, pants, socks, and underwear in that order.  The chubby man sat, cock in hand, waiting for his turn.

The two naked masked men watched Bubbles fuck Brittany harder and faster.  Bubbles’s breathing quickened and grew more ragged with each thrust.  Her breathing turned into a moaning, followed by a scream as she came.


Bubbles’s body shook and writhed as she had a powerful orgasm.  She kneeled there for a moment to catch her breath, still inside of Brit.  Once she regained her composure, she pulled out of her girlfriend’s pussy, and climbed off of the bed.  She walked to the head of the bed, where Brittany’s mouth was held open with a ring gag.  Bubbles stroked Brit’s hair once before grabbing a handful of it and twisting the unconscious woman’s head towards her.  She lined up the purple dildo, still covered in Brit’s juices, and slid it into the hole provided by the gag.  She thrust into her girlfriend’s mouth a few times, making sure to cover her tongue in her own pussy juice.

A moan escaped from Brittany’s mouth.  Bubbles pulled out in a hurry, almost getting her dildo stuck in her gag.

“What time is it?”  Bubbles asked Sam.  He looked at his smartwatch.

“About 7:55PM.  What’s up?”  Sam stood up.

“Shit.  Didn’t think it was that late.”  Bubbles said as she took off her strap-on harness and removed the purple dildo.

“Thought you said she had two hours?”  Steve asked, standing up from his chair.

“About two hours.  Anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours, give or take.  I gave her a dose a little on the light side.  This stuff is accurate, but not accurate accurate.  Go with too much, and she’s out for the night or could choke in her sleep.  Better to go a little light if you want them awake before next week.”

Bubbles walked past the men, putting her purple strap-on inside of her bag.  She rummaged through it, and pulled out another, smaller bag.  She pulled it out and opened it, grabbing a few things that she put on the bed.  A pair of handcuffs, a silicon bar gag, a strap-on harness with a 6-inch flesh colored dildo, a bottle of sex lube, two pairs of nipple clamp chains, and a couple small white pouches.

“What’s the plan, Stan?”  Steve queried.

Bubbles stood up and slapped the handcuffs on her own wrists, making sure they were secure.

“Looks like we’ll have to speed things up a bit.  She’ll be awake soon.  Sam, grab those things and put a couple nearby.  When she starts to wake up, use them to shock her awake.  Steve, help me with this.”  Bubbles grabbed the bit and handed it to him.

“What’re these?”  Sam picked up the white pouches.

“Smelling salts.”  Steve said as he walked behind Bubbles.

“Oh, okay.”  Sam grabbed them and put them on the nightstand near Brittany’s head.

“Start fucking her whenever you’re ready.  Just push on the dot, shake it, and hold it under her nose when she starts waking up.  Might need to use a few of them since we drugged her.  Might keep passing out.”

Steve grabbed the bar gag and moved behind Bubbles.  She continued speaking.

“Use the lube and clamps to your discretion, don’t buttfuck me without the lube.  Take the gag later, but make it look good.  We’re leaving her tied like that all night.  When you force me to fuck her, use that strap-on.  It’s set up so that someone can fuck my pussy while I’m fucking her.  We’ve got the room until the morning, but we still need to clean up and get us home.  Let’s try to wrap up by Midnight.”

Steve grabbed the gag and held it out in front of her face.

“Anything else?”

Bubbles took a couple deep breaths.  Her resolve was wavering a bit.  She had no reason to trust these guys aside from some rules in a club they both belonged to, and here she was, cuffed and about to be gagged with two other known rapists, about to use her and her girlfriend like pieces of meat, like worthless whores.

She could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it.

Bubbles opened her mouth.  Steve placed the bar gag in her mouth, and pulled the straps tight.  She felt him fumble around with the buckle clip for a moment, trying not to get her long silver hair caught in it.  Once he fastened the gag, he made sure it wasn’t going anywhere.

Steve smelled Bubbles’s neck, taking in her perfume.  Smelled like lilacs.  He ran his hands over her nubile body, caressing her breasts and twisting her nipples.  He played with her tits with his left hand while he slid his right down her body to her clean-shaven pussy.  A quick kick to the inside of her right leg spread her legs apart just enough for him to penetrate her with his index and middle fingers.

“Anything else to say?”  Steve whispered into her ear as he pressed his fingers into her.  A moan escaped her mouth as her head tilted back and her eyes closed.  She moaned again.

“That’s what I thought.”  With that, Steve pushed Bubbles over, causing her to fall face first onto the bed, bent over at the waist.  She barely caught herself from falling directly onto Brittany’s leg.  Steve kicked her legs out a little further, forcing her to spread her legs to keep some semblance of balance.

Steve kneeled down behind her and in one motion lined his cock up with the entrance to her quim and pushed in.  No love, no romance, just one long, brutal push.  A grunt escaped Bubbles’s mouth as Steve bottomed out inside of her.  He grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting into her, slowly at first to enjoy how she felt but soon picked up the pace.

Sam was slightly taken aback by the speed of this, but had an idea.  He grabbed one of the phones and started recording video.  He used it to get some point of view shots as he climbed onto the bed between Brit’s legs and then guided himself into her.  As he penetrated her, he shot footage of his dick entering the tied up, unconscious lesbian.  It felt amazing to be inside of her, and Sam had to focus extra hard to keep the phone steady.  After getting video of his dick sliding in and out of her, he panned up to show her massive tits swaying gently back and forth, followed by her head and face.

Brittany’s head started the move, her eyes lightly fluttering open.  She was beginning to come back around.  Her big brown eyes opened just a bit, just enough to maybe catch a glimpse here and there of what was happen, but not enough to be register what was happening to her.

Sam grabbed one of the smelling salts in his right hand and cracked it open.  After a quick shake, it went from white to a reddish-orange.  Out of curiosity, he took a quick sniff.  His head jerked back and he yelled.

“Holy shit!  Fuck.”

“Shit’s strong, isn’t’ it?”  Steve said, as he continued fucking Bubbles.  He removed his right hand from her hip and grabbed a handful of her long, silver hair.  He wrapped his hand in her hair once with his right hand.  He moved his left hand from her hip up to the middle of her lower back and pushed down, forcing her abdomen and hips further into the bed.  Steve pulled back on her hair while pushing down, causing Bubbles to lean back and yell into her gag.

Sam placed the smelling salt under Brittany’s nose with his right hand while he filmed her face with his left, his hips keeping up with a slow fucking motion.

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The Club of Chester County – Bubbles Has Entered the Chat

Chapter 4: Party Time (MF, MMF, FF, MF, drugged, bond, rape, oral, anal, ws, racism, homophobia, humil)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after Teagan and Aly.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Author’s Third Note:  This story is based off of a request from [Bubbles] where she asked people to write stories about her.  This is Part 1 of that story. 

Sam placed the smelling salt under Brittany’s nose with his right hand while he filmed her face with his left, his hips keeping up with a slow fucking motion.


Brittany took a small whiff of the smelling salt, then another, deeper whiff.  On the second whiff she tried to move away from it and her eyes shot open.

The last thing Brittany remembered was sitting in the back seat of the Porsche SUV, her bubbly little Kim going to town on her on their way to celebrate her passing the bar, when for some reason after she came she felt really sleepy.  She must have dozed off and woke up...

‘Oh God.  Oh, No.  OH, NO! NOOOOOOO!!!’

That’s what she tried to say, but couldn’t.  Panic overwhelmed her.  Brittany’s eyes flashed open, her head trying to get away from that awful smell that seemed to follow her, and her mouth.

Loud, unintelligible screams flowed from her mouth.  There was something in it, something different.  She couldn’t bite down, and her mouth was held open far enough that her jaw was sore and couldn’t open any further.  She felt around with her tongue, there was a piece of metal in her mouth.  A metal ring.  A hollow metal ring.

‘Oh no, this can’t be happening.’  Brittany tried to scream, but no discernible words came out.  Instead, only yells.

That smell followed her.  She looked down at her nose.  Whatever was there, someone was holding it under her nose.  ‘It was a hand.  Attached to an arm.  Attached to a, a man.  A fat man, wearing a ski mask?  AND ONLY A SKI MASK, BETWEEN MY LEGS?’

That’s when her brain turned on enough to feel something else, something inside of her.  It didn’t take her long to realize that what she was seeing with the naked man and the feeling of something, someone inside her were one and the same.

Brittany’s eyes flew open in fear as she began to realize what was happening.  ‘I’m being raped by this fat man wearing a ski mask and holding a, what is that?  Is that a phone?  OHMYGOD, OHNOOHONOOHNO, HE’SFILMINGMEISN’THEOHGODNO!’

Once the realization hit her, she tried to move.  That’s when Brit discovered her next predicament.  Her arms where tied.  When she tried to move them, she couldn’t.  They were tied in place above her head.

‘No, not tied, this is hard and metal.  OH MY GOD, I’M STUCK HERE.’

She felt the hard bracelet-like things on her wrists and realized that she wasn’t tied there, but someone, this fat man who was raping and filming her, had handcuffed her, too.  She struggled and pulled, but her arms only moved a couple inches.  She was stuck.

‘Kick, dammit, kick.’  Brittany’s instinct was to fight off.  If she couldn’t punch, she’d try to kick.  But when she tried to move her legs, she discovered two new problems and two new fears.

First, her body was groggy.  Whatever happened, she wasn’t awake enough yet to command her legs to do any of the training moves that she’d learned in Tae-Kwon-Do those years ago.

Second, once she got her legs to move, she felt something on her ankle that kept her from moving her feet.  They were stuck in place, cuffed just like her hands.  Except her legs were cuffed, spread far apart.

Far enough apart for this man to get between her legs and rape her.

Brittany was trapped.  She was afraid.  But, where was she?

‘OKOKOKOKTHINKTHINKTHINKTHINKWHEREAMI?’  She muttered this through her gag, but only a loud grumble came out.  Brittany raised her head up to look around.  It was a plain looking room with cheap looking furniture.  She saw a TV off to her left with a door that had locks on it and curtains over a window.  To her right was a short hallway and a couple other people.  Wait, is that...

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  NOOOOOOOO”. That yell could be made out through her gag.  What she saw when she looked to her left simultaneously frightened and disgusted her.

Kim.  Her precious Kim, her sweet, bubbly Kimmy, was naked.  But not completely.  She had something in her mouth, and on her wrists.  She was handcuffed and gagged, too.  Her head was pulled back so far she was almost looking up to the ceiling, and there was a man behind her.  A fit, in-shape man, also wearing a ski mask.  Not just behind her, but fucking her.  No, not fucking her.  Raping her, too.  And not being at all gentle about it.

It was then that the situation crystalized for her.

At some point after she fell asleep, her and Kim were kidnapped and moved here, to this hotel room.  They were stripped and bound.  Since she was the bigger and stronger of the two, she was chained to the bed while Kimmy was bent over the edge of the bed and taken against her will.

Brittany panicked.  Their dream date had turned into a nightmare.  Were they going to make it through the night?


Sam kept the camera focused on Brittany’s face the whole time he was fucking her, getting her reaction to realizing that everything had gone horribly, horribly wrong.  He kept fucking her, watching her realize the dangerous situation she was in.

“This is some nice fucking pussy here.  Like it’s barely been used.”  Sam said, as he kept fucking the panicked woman.  He loved the scared shitless look on her face as she realized what was going on, fighting through the grogginess of the drug she ingested earlier as she woke.  Her face went from sleepy to confused to panicked in a few moments, and he caught all of it on video.  Now, he had something else he wanted to record.

Sam spoke between thrusts into Brittany’s pussy.

“You know... what’s better...  than fucking... a lesbian?”

He paused to make sure he had her full, undivided attention.  He did.

“Cumming in one!  OHHHH YEEAAAHHH!!!!”  Sam screamed as he slammed into Brittany’s pussy with one final thrust and came inside of her.  He shuddered a few times, but kept his left hand steady as he filmed the look on Brittany’s face as she felt her rapists’ semen spurt into her.  That’s when the crying started.  Sam stayed in her, making sure that he caught all of her crying on video. 

When the sobs died down a little, Sam pulled his softening penis out of her pussy and wiped it off in the little tuft of trimmed brown hair right above her entrance.

He climbed off of the bed, taking the phone camera with him.  As he sat down in a chair at the foot of the bed, he zoomed in on Steve and Bubbles.

Steve held Bubbles’s hair tight, like her silver locks were the reigns on a horse.  He bent her over the edge of the bed, abs pushed down with his left hand while her head and chest were pulled up by his right hand.  He slammed his cock into her with authority on each stroke, pulling out nearly the whole way before slamming all 8 inches back into her.


Steve raised his left hand off of her back and slapped down as hard as he could on her ass, leaving a large handprint.

Bubbles’s eyes went wide with the pain of the slap, but this helped push her to the edge.  A mixture of moans and screams came from her gagged mouth as Steve kept fucking her as hard as he could.  Her body shook, and Steve could feel her pussy quiver around his cock.

“I KNEW YOU FUCKING LOVED THIS, THIS IS WHY YOU NEED A FUCKING MAN, HUH, FUUUCCCCKKK!!!!”  Steve yelled as he came in Bubbles, shooting one of the largest loads of his life inside of her womb.  He collapsed on top of her, pulling her head into the mattress since her hair was still wrapped around her hand.  He laid on her, breathing heavy to catch his breath. 

No one said anything for a minute.  Sam recorded all he could with the phone, getting a close-up of Bubbles’s face, showing a mix of shame, pain, and pleasure.  The only sounds in the room were Brittany’s sobbing.

“Hey...”  Steve eventually said, still breathing hard and laying on Bubbles.  “You want a piece of this one now?”

“Gimme a moment.  Someone’s gotta get me hard first.”

Sam stood up and walked over to Brittany, stopping by her head.  She turned her head away from him.

“Turn this way, bitch.”  Sam said.  Brittany kept her head facing away from him.

“I said...”  Sam grabbed a handful of Brittany’s brown hair and yanked, eliciting a scream from the woman and forcing her to turn her head towards his naked body.

“Turn this way, you fucking bitch.  Are you gonna listen, or do I have to hurt you?”  Sam let his words hang there, not sure how much she heard.  The fear and adrenaline could only work so far with the remains of the roofies in her system.  A brief moment later, though, and she stopped fighting him.

“You gonna be good, or do I hurt you?  Gonna be good?  Nod your head.”

Brittany nodded.

“Good.  Now, you’re probably wondering about a lot of things.  The least of which is ‘what the hell is this thing in my mouth?’  Well, it’s called a ring gag.  Know what that is?  No.  Let me show you.”

Sam let go of her hair and grabbed his dick, which was starting to come back to life.

“See, a big bull dyke like you, you probably see a piece of meat like this and think ‘dinner’ and wanna bite down.  But no, you can’t.  Not with this little toy in your mouth.  You can try, but it’s gonna hurt like a mother fucker.”

Sam stroked his cock with his right hand while filming her face with the phone in his left.

“I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend, and you’re gonna help me.  You’re gonna get me hard, or I’ll hurt her real fucking bad.  You gonna help me fuck her, or do I start cutting a bitch?  It’s your choice.”

The fear on Brittany’s face was palpable.  She cried some more, causing her mascara to run a little.

“You gonna help?”

Brittany nodded, afraid of what he’d do if she didn’t cooperate.

“Good girl.  I’ve always wanted a blowjob from a dyke.  Just to see what it’s like.”

Sam angled his cock to the ring gag.

“Open up. Oh, wait.” 

Sam laughed at his own joke.  Steve chuckled a bit from the other side of the bed, still laying on Bubbles but now mindlessly molesting her underneath him.

Brittany wanted to pull back as the cock made its way into her mouth via the ring gag.  She wanted to bite down.  She wanted to puke all over him.  But she couldn’t do any of that, out of fear.  His cock was now fully through the gag, and it was hitting her tongue and cheeks.  She hated this part.  She didn’t like dicks, and now she had one in her mouth, and it was sliding over her tongue and getting harder in her mouth.

“Yeah, use your tongue, slobber on it.  Get it hard and wet for your little girlfriend.  The harder and wetter it is, the easier it’ll be on her.”

Brittany’s heart sank on that comment as she paused what she was doing.  That appeared to piss this man off as he started moving back and forth through the gag, eventually getting his dick hard and big enough to momentarily choke her.

Sam loved the look on Brittany’s face as he pushed his dick in so far that she struggled to breath.  The panicked look caused her to cry, which caused her makeup to run completely down her face, giving her a mask of black tears.  This excited him more and he kept this cycle going.  The more she panicked, the more he loved it, and the more he loved it, the more she panicked.

And he was getting all of this in a close-up, too.

Sam was more than ready to fuck Bubbles but had to give up throat-fucking Brittany to do it.  Then he had an idea.

“Hey Buddy, you doing the big girl soon?  I got an idea.”

“Probably in a few minutes, what’re you thinking?”  Steve replied, absently playing with Bubbles’s pussy.

“Bring the little one over here.  I want them to see each other as we fuck’em.”  Sam said while holding his dick in the back of Brittany’s mouth for a few seconds longer than before.  When he pulled back, she coughed and spit up some slobber.  With nowhere to go, it landed on her chin and cheeks, mixing with her black makeup tears.

“Yeah, I like that.”  Steve stood up and grabbed Bubbles by the hair.

“Get up.” 

She stood up, and let Steve walk her around the bed to next to Sam.  Steve let go of Bubbles as Sam pulled his dick out of Brittany’s mouth and ring gag.  Brittany coughed, trying to clear her throat.  Sam grabbed Bubbles’s breasts with his free hand while getting an extreme close-up of her face.  She tried to stand still, but flinched away as he moved his hand down her body to her pussy.

“I just want to say, you are super fucking hot, and that on behalf of all men that would love to fuck you but can’t because you’re on Team Muffdiver, I’m glad that I’m in the right place, at the right time.  Now get on the bed, lay down, and look at your girlfriend.”

Bubbles hesitated for a moment.  Sam used that as an excuse to push her down onto the bed, face first.  She landed with a plop, barely getting her bound hands up in time to protect her face.  Sam reached down around her waist and spun her around so she was now laying on her back.  Before she could get her bearings, Sam shimmied onto the bed and pulled her legs apart.

Sam leaned down and grabbed Bubbles’s hair and used it to turn her head to the left, so she could look Brittany directly in the face.  He held his face next to hers.


Sam asked Steve.  Steve had just climbed onto the bed between Brittany’s tied and spread-open legs.  He lined his cock up with her pussy, kneeling in position.


“Ok, on 3.  1, 2, 3!”

On 3, both men pushed themselves into the women.  Sam slid his cock into Bubbles’s slick pussy while Steve pushed his into Brittany’s.  Sam held Bubbles’s head in place as he began fucking her, slowly at first until he built up a rhythm.  Steve, on the other hand, only took a few thrusts to get himself inside of the bound woman before he started pounding away at her.  Sam put his elbow on her head, forcing it to the side to look right at Brittany.
“Say hi to your girlfriend!”  Sam shouted at Bubbles as he picked up the pace and fucked her harder and faster.

Steve, meanwhile, was fucking Brittany and slapping her tits, turning her dark olive skin a shade of pink.  She cried through her ring gag.

“Fucking dyke fucking whore fucking take that!”  Steve yelled between thrusts and slaps.  When Brittany tried to turn her head away from Steve and Bubbles, he slapped her tit harder.


Brittany reluctantly turned to face Bubbles and damn near broke down.  She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Through the tears in her eyes, she saw her girlfriend in a mix of agony and ... pleasure?  Brittany was confused.  She didn’t know how to rate what she was seeing, but she could almost swear that her little Bubbles was almost enjoying this.

She couldn’t hear Bubbles moan over the masked man’s yelling, and her attention was pulled back to between her legs as he pounded faster and grabbed her tits and squeezed.

“YEAH FUCKING YEAH FUCK YEAH I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING!!!”  Steve yelled as his cock jerked spewed stream after stream of cum deep inside of Brittany.  As he sat there, catching his breath, all he could hear were Brittany’s sobs and Bubbles’s moans.

Sam found the right rhythm to fuck Bubbles, and kept it up until he heard her get close.  He wanted this so bad, to make her cum while fucking her next to her girlfriend who was being raped, he wanted this so, so bad.  The moaning gave way to a grunting, then a cacophony of screams and yells as her back arched and legs stiffened as she came.

The look on Brittany’s face said it all.  Here they were, being raped, and Kim, her little Bubbly Kim, just had a vicious orgasm at their hands.  They forced this on her.  She was heartbroken at the scene.

She didn’t have long to think about it, though.  The chubby man fucking Bubbles pulled out and stroked his dick.  He crawled on up the bed a little until he was right over top of both Bubbles and Brittany.

“Open wide, bitches!”  Sam stroked himself to orgasm, spewing ropes of cum all over both of the good-looking women beneath him.  He sprayed his cum mostly at Brittany’s face and gag, but got some on Bubbles’s cheek and hair, too.  After catching his breath, he wiped his dick on Brittany’s leg before climbing off of the bed.


Bubbles saw that Steve had withdrawn himself from Brittany and was now standing near the foot of the bed.  She felt that she needed to do something to distract Brittany from thinking too much.  She moved her face out of Brittany’s view, caught Steve’s eye, and winked at him.  He wasn’t sure what that meant until he saw Bubbles clumsily try to get off of the bed.

Bubbles got to her feet and made it maybe three steps before Steve grabbed her by her long silver mane.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  Steve grabbed her hair and pulled her back to him.

“Hey, looks like we got a runner.  Know what we do with runners?  We fuck them in the ass and make their girlfriends watch.”  Steve manhandled Bubbles and threw her down on top of Brittany.

“Grab me another pair, will ya?”  Steve said to Sam, who was already rummaging through Bubbles’s bag.  He pulled out another pair of handcuffs and tossed them to Steve.  Steve moved over the bed and hooked Bubbles’s handcuffs to the ones keeping Brittany in place, effectively binding the two together.

Sam grabbed a bottle of lube from one of the bags.  He stood and sat in one of the chairs by the bed.  Steve sat down right after.  They both could use a break.  They needed a few minutes to rest.  Steve reached over to the table and grabbed Sam a beer, passing it to him.  After a few long sips, Sam spoke.

“So what’s the plan?”

“We sit here for a minute, then fuck the little one in the ass for trying to run.  Then make them do some shit.”

“Like what?”

“Not sure, any ideas?”

Sam acted like he was thinking for a minute.

“Oooh, I got it.”  Sam took a big swig of beer than put it down and walked to the bags.  He acted like he was digging through them for something, until he stood up and said “Ah ha.”

Sam held up the strap-on dildo.

“Where the fuck you get that?”  Steve asked, putting on a show for Brittany.

“Remember last time when we fucked those little high school sluts and we said it’d would’ve been cool to make them fuck each other?  Well, last time I swung by the porn store, I picked this up.  Just in case the opportunity ever arose.”

“My mother fucking boy scout, always prepared.  If you were a midget, there’d be a stepladder in that bag.”

Steve put his beer down and joined Sam climbing on the bed.  Bubbles tried to shimmy away from them, but Steve slapped her ass something fierce, causing her to stop and cry out through her gag.  He used this moment to grab her around the hips.  Sam took advantage of this to slip the strap-on’s harness around her waist and secure it.  A little work with the leg straps, and it was in place.  Steve let go of her hips and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

“Now you listen up here.  You’re gonna fuck your girlfriend here, and you’re gonna fuck her good.  If you don’t, we’re gonna fuck the both of you up.  Got it?”

Bubbles nodded in Steve’s grasp.

“Good.  Now, we’ll help you get to work.  The rest is on your own.”

Sam spread Brittany’s labia open and grabbed the dildo in the harness.  He guided the tip to the entrance of her cunt, making sure it was inserted in her.  He stood up off of the bed, slapping Bubbles’s ass as he got up.

“Ride that bitch!”

Bubbles jumped, nearly slipping out of Brittany.  It was a tight fit, and Brittany wasn’t getting any excitement out of this.  Bubbles looked at her girlfriend crying beneath her, and did her best to hide her excitement.  She slowly started humping into Brittany, trying to get a rhythm going with this awkward strap-on.  It took her a couple minutes to get a good pace and pattern going.  She wasn’t used to this strap-on.  It’s like trying to dance in someone else’s shoes.  Awkward until they break in.

Steve and Sam sat down, watching Bubbles fuck Brittany.

“So who gets her ass first?”  Steve asked Sam, who sipped his beer.

“You want it, go ahead.”

“No, you go.”

“No, you can go first.”

“No, you go.  I can wait.”

“Rock Paper Scissors?”  Sam asked, putting his beer down.  Steve followed suit.

“On 3.  1, 2, 3, SHOOT!”  Steve and Sam both chose paper on the first go.

“1, 2, 3, SHOOT!”  Steve shot rock, Sam shot paper.

“Paper covers rock.  I get that ass first.  Probably for the best, I can open her up a little for ya.”  Sam said.

“Makes sense.  Let’s enjoy this show first.  AND IT BETTER BE A GOOD ONE!”  Steve said, putting some emphasis on the last part so Bubbles could hear them.
She had picked up a good rhythm, fucking Brittany with the strap-on.  The plastic phallus was located a little higher up on her hips than the last one, but she was still able to go to work on her girlfriend.  Through no willful choice, Brittany’s body reacted to the intrusion by getting wet, wet enough to let Bubbles fuck her faster.

Sam enjoyed the show in front of him so much he was now sporting a hard-on and was ready to fuck Bubbles in the ass.  He stood up, climbed onto the bed behind her, and squirted a generous amount of lube on his dick and on her ass.  He spread the lube around and inside her puckered asshole, eliciting a gasp from her around her bar gag.  Sam stroked himself, ready to violate her ass when he stopped.

“Wait, one sec!”  Sam hopped off of the bed and moved to the bags.  He dug through them for a moment before he found what he was looking for.

A vibrator.

He grabbed it, jumped back up on the bed, and pushed the vibrator into Bubbles’s pussy.  He didn’t wait for her reaction, just timed it with her fucking of Brittany’s twat.  Once in, her turned it on.

Bubbles’s breathing changed and she stopped for a moment.  This gave Sam enough time to get back in position and grab her by the hips.  He lined his lube-covered cock up with her sphincter and pushed.  Bubbles groaned at the intrusion, and Sam kept pushing until he was balls deep in her ass.  He held steady in her tight little ass for a moment before working into a steady pace.  It didn’t take him long to speed things up.

Bubbles’s head was spinning.  Beneath her, Brittany was creeping from crying to moaning, her body giving in to the violation.  Her pussy was filled with a vibrator that was exciting her in just the right way, and her ass was filled with Sam fucking her with the enthusiasm Charlie had when he won the golden ticket. Everything at once was just too much for her.  After a couple more thrusts from Sam and into Brittany, Bubbles collapsed in a shattering orgasm, stiffening and shaking, screaming through her gag.

It didn’t take Sam long to cum as well.  He grabbed onto her hips and buried himself completely in her ass.

“FUU FUCCK FUUUCCCKKK!!!!”  He screamed as he shot another load of semen into her ass.  This time, he collapsed on top of her, pinning Bubbles between Sam and Brittany.  After a minute, he pulled out of her ass and got off of her, much to her relief.

That relief was short lived as Steve tagged himself in, high fiving Sam as he climbed off of the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up.

“That’s my ass now you little fucking whore.”  Steve applied a generous coating of lube to his dick and a little more to her asshole.  He then grabbed her hips and shoved his thicker, longer cock into her in one sharp stroke.

It hurt like hell.  Bubbles’s eyes went wide with pain from the intrusion and Steve grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.  Since her hands were cuffed to the bed, the quick jerk put a lot of pressure on her wrists.

“I’M GONNA MAKE YOU FUCKING CRY ON MY DICK YOU FUCKING WHORE!”  Steve took no prisoners with his assault.  He fucked her like she owed him money.  Long, hard, fast, and brutal.  It was a small miracle that he didn’t rip her apart, but the pounding into her ass, the hair pulling, and the left on vibrator reminded her that she was definitely not dead.  The degrading yelling and loud slaps as his legs slammed into her filled the room, followed by her tears.

Sam grabbed the phone again and decided to get some close-up shots of this.  He got some great shots of Steve’s dick pounding away at Bubbles’s ass.  He grabbed a close-up of Bubbles’s crying, her mascara running down her cheeks creating streaks of black tears.  He zoomed in on Brittany, who was almost shellshocked by the whole event.  Then he filmed his dick entering Brittany’s mouth through her ring gag, forcing her to give him a blowjob while he filmed.

“Suck it.  Suck it real good.”  Sam said, thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth, causing him to get erect once again.

“CRY FOR ME YOU FUCKING SLUT!  CRY!”  Steve yelled at Bubbles, slapping her ass hard enough that she buckled.  Bubbles cried harder, while suppressing a moan.

One thing with Steve’s ferocious fucking, what he puts into effort he loses in stamina.  While it might have felt like forever for her, it was only a few minutes.  His pace started to waver, and he knew he was about to cum. 

Instead of speeding up to cum, Steve slowed for a bit and reached behind Bubbles’s head.  He grabbed the buckle securing her gag in place and unfastened it and let it fall out of her mouth.  Bubbles coughed for a moment.

“STOP, PLEASE STOP!”  She yelled, once her mouth was free.

“FUCK HER MOUTH!”  Steve yelled to Sam.  He didn’t need to be told twice.  Sam pulled his dick out of Brittany’s mouth and climbed up on the bed, kneeling over Brittany’s head with his dick right in front of Bubbles’s mouth.  He grabbed her by the hair and slapped her a couple times.

“Bitch, you bite me and I’ll knock your fucking teeth out.  Got it?”

Bubbles nodded and opened her mouth.  Sam pushed his dick in.  She started to lick and suck on it like a pro, but she wouldn’t let Brit know that.

A dick in her mouth.  A dick in her ass.  A vibrator in her pussy.  Her girlfriend under her crying, and pain mixed with pleasure.  Bubbles could feel another orgasm coming any moment now.  That’s when she felt Steve in her ass grab her hips and push into her for one final thrust as he came.

“OOHHH SHIT!”  Steve yelled, busting a nut in her tight little ass.

That did it.  Bubbles moaned on Sam’s cock as she came.  That pushed him closer to the edge.  If it was earlier in the night, he would have busted right then and there.  Instead, Sam pulled out of Bubbles’ mouth and angled his cock back into Brittany’s through her ring gag.  He wanted to cum there instead.  Which he did.

Sam shot his load into Brittany’s mouth, deep in her mouth.  She had no choice but to swallow it or choke to death.

After cumming, Sam grabbed Bubbles by the hair and looked her right in the eye.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and stay quiet, or do I have to put that gag back in your mouth?”

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good.”  Bubbles said between tears.

“Good.  No funny business, or we take it out on your lover.”  Sam let go of Bubbles and stood up.  She collapsed on top of Brittany.  The only sounds were the sobbing and the vibrator still in her pussy.

“Oh, almost forgot.”  Sam grabbed the vibrator from Bubbles pussy and removed it.  Instead of turning it off, he squeezed it into Brittany, barely getting it to fit with the strap-on dildo already in her twat.  He angled it so the vibrator would be closer to her clit and g-spot.

“Keep that in place.  You can’t remove it until she cums.”  Sam said, putting a little extra bass in his voice.  He patted her ass for good measure, then sat down next to Steve and drank some of his beer.


Sam checked his watch.  10:27 PM.  Damn, they’d been fucking for almost two and a half hours.  No wonder his legs felt like Jello.  He’d cum four times so far tonight.

He sipped his beer and had a slice of cold pizza.  Steve did the same.  They watched the women in front of them as they relaxed.  Brittany tried to suppress her moans and cries, but the vibrator in her cunt was pushing her to the brink of orgasm.  Bubbles lay on top of her, whispering something to her.  Sam didn’t hear all of it, but it sounded something like “Come on, cum so I can pull out.”

“What’ya wanna do next?”  Sam asked Steve.  He took another swig of his beer, thinking long and hard about it.

“I really want to fuck Brittany’s ass for a bit.  Think we can tag team her where she’s at?”

Sam thought about that for a moment.

“It’ll be a tight fit.  I can throatfuck her again but you might not fit in the ring.  I think we can angle something.  Cuff the little one to the chair and table, then we both fuck Brit for a few minutes.  After that, nail the little one.”

“That works.  When you want to go?”  Steve asked.

“In a few.  I want to see the big one cum first.”  Sam said, sipping his beer.

They wouldn’t have to wait long.  It was inevitable with the way the vibrator was working on Brittany that she would be forced to orgasm.  Once it came over her, she had no choice but to let go.  She moaned through her gag, shaking and pulling against her bonds.  It was only after she came down that the crying started again in earnest.

Sam stood up and uncuffed Bubbles from the bed.

“Come on.  Up.”  He grabbed her by the arm and sat her down in the chair he was using.  Steve came over and produced two more sets of handcuffs.  He cuffed one end around the cuffs on her wrists and the other around the arm of the chair.  The other set he used to cuff the chair to the table.

“You’re not going anywhere until I tell you to.”  Steve said, glaring at Bubbles.

Sam climbed on the bed first and pulled the vibrator out of Brittany.  She sighed when it was removed, but that relief was short lived.  She felt something weird being slathered on her pussy and ass.  It was some kind of liquid.


It took only a moment to realize what was going to happen.  The chubby man was sliding into position under her leg and along her flank, lining his cock up with her asshole.  The other man had crawled onto the bed and put his dick against her pussy.  She tried to get away but there was nowhere to go.

Brittany felt the pressure as both men pushed into her.  The chubby man pushed his cock into her ass while the other man shoved his cock into her twat.

The chubby man was squeezing, licking, and biting her tit while he fucked her ass.

Brittany screamed through her gag.  That only seemed to excite them more.

After a moment, both men moved back and forth, fucking the respective holes.  It was a hard few minutes for Brittany, and the pain in her ass was unbearable.  She’d never felt anything like this before.  She was relieved when the chubby man pulled out.

“Hey, ready to switch?”  Sam said.


Brittany screamed some more and cried some more, not sure she could handle it.

Sam shimmied out from underneath Brittany and made room for Steve.  Once there, Steve wasted no time in raping her ass and mauling her tits.  Sam had to wait for Steve to pause so he could start fucking her pussy.

Brittany cried and groaned.  This wasn’t how the night was supposed to go.  It was supposed to be a nice, romantic dinner.  Now, here she is being raped by two men in some random hotel room.

“FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH.  I’M FUCKING THAT DYKE ASS REAL GOOD.”  Steve picked up the pace and tried to fuck her as fast as he could from this awkward position.  He slapped a tit with one hand and once her nipple was in range of his mouth, he bit down on it hard.  Brittany screamed again.

Steve’s frenetic pace was wearing on him, and seemed like he was getting tired and sore.  That pace was also wearing on Sam, as it was throwing his rhythm off, too.

“Hey.  I’ve got. An idea.”  Sam said, getting Steve’s attention.

“What’s that?”  Steve said between grunts.

“Let’s fuck the little chink together.”

“Is she a chink or a gook?”

“I don’t know, they all look alike.  Which hole you want?”

Steve bottomed out in Brittany’s ass with another hard thrust.  Brittany yelled through her gag.

“I want her ass.”  Steve started to pull himself out of Brittany’s abused asshole.  Sam pulled out her pussy and walked to Bubbles, still cuffed to the chair.  She had nowhere to move as he grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs keeping her in the chair.  He released the bindings from the chair and table, and grabbed her roughly under the arm.

“Up, now.”  Bubbles stood.  Steve slid off of the bed and grabbed the chair Bubbles was in.  He slid it over to the head of the bed.

“Let’s fuck her in front of her girl.”  Steve said.  Sam nodded.

Steve sat down and squeezed some more lube on his dick.  Sam pushed Bubbles over to Steve, who rubbed a little of the lube on her ass before grabbing her by the hips.

“I hope this fucking hurts.  Both of you.”  Steve said to Bubbles but loud enough for Brittany to hear.  Steve lined his dick up with her ass crack and searched for her bruised anal opening.  Once he found it, he pushed himself in.

Bubbles cried a little as Steve forced himself into her.  She was so focused on Steve in her ass, she didn’t notice Sam standing in front of her with an evil look on his face and stroking his cock.  He looked at her, then spit in her mouth.  Before she could react, he slapped her twat.  Then again, then again.

Bubbles screamed in pain, not even making any words.  Sam took this time to slam his dick into her pussy in one go.  She wasn’t that wet and he didn’t care.  He knew her well enough by this point that she’d solve that problem herself.

Steve and Sam fucked Bubbles in unison, thrusting into her for all they had left.  Bubbles’s cries turned into soft moans, which grew louder and more obvious as they fucked her.

Steve looked over at the bed and saw Brittany try to look away.  He grabbed her hair with one hand and yanked her head towards him.

“Hey, look at me while I’m fucking your little gook dyke whore.  Watching this?  Watching me fuck her little dyke ass?  Which you like more, me fucking your ass or fucking her ass?”

Brittany was sobbing.  Bubbles was moaning.  Sam was grunting.  Steve was yelling and pulling.

“FUUUCCKK!”  Steve yelled as blasted another load of semen deep inside of Bubbles’s ass.  He held her in place as he finished cumming.  After a moment he grabbed Bubbles’s hands and put them on her twat.

“Rub your fucking clit.  You better cum before we pull out, or I’ll cut that fucker off.”

Bubbles complied.  She rubbed her clit like she was DJ Diddles spinning some records at the dance club. 

Sam kept fucking her.  He wanted to nut soon, but held out until Bubbles came.  He looked at Brittany who stared at the men raping her girlfriend again, and listened as Bubbles’s breathing picked up in intensity.  He felt the way her hands moved down on her crotch, and listened to her moans become cries as came one more time, this time with his dick in her.  The pulsating was enough to push him over the edge one more time.

“HERE IT COMES!!!”  Sam yelled as he blasted another load of semen into her.  He shook a few times as he came before collapsing on the small Asian woman with two dicks in her.

Sam eventually got off and out of Bubbles, standing on wobbly legs.

“Cuff her up with the other one.”  He said to Steve, still in the chair, just now pulling his dick out of her ass.  Sam walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.  Just before opened it, he saw it said “BRIT” on it.  That would be bad.  He put it back and grabbed another one and drank that down.

Steve, meanwhile, had picked Bubbles up and laid her on top of Brittany.  He cuffed her back to the bed.  Bubbles laid on top of Brittany, exhausted.  Brittany was shocked to her core, fearing that more was yet to come.

Sam chugged the bottle, then grabbed another one.  Steve got a bottle and sat down.  He put the cold bottle of water against his penis and let out a sigh.

“You okay?”  Sam asked.

“Yeah, just a little sore.  Feels like my dick is raw.  What about you?”

“I think I’m done for the night.  Just got one more thing I want to do.”

“Dude, I can’t cum anymore.  My dick is done, my balls are hurting.”

Sam cut him off before he continued.

“No, no, not that.  Drink up.” 

Steve was confused for a moment, until he realized that Sam had already finished one bottle of water, was crushing a second, and about to get a beer next.  Steve finished a bottle of water quickly.

It took a little longer than expected to get the urge, but once he did, Sam grabbed the phone he’d used throughout the night and turned on the video recorder.  He climbed onto the bed and stood over top of the two women.

“Okay bitches, look at me!”  Sam said, holding the phone in one hand and his dick in the other.  Brittany was already facing him, eyes wide.  Bubbles turned her head up to Sam just as he started pissing on them. 

He got a great shot of their faces as let out a long, healthy stream, like he’d just broken the seal on a long night of drinking.  He aimed for Brittany’s face, her open mouth, Bubbles’s face, her hair, he got it EVERYWHERE.

“Take that, take that!  Drink it up you fucking dyke cow.  Drink it!”

Brittany coughed and gagged, trying her hardest to get the taste of piss out of her mouth.  Bubbles tried to turn, but couldn’t.  Just as Sam stopped and the women thought their troubles were over, Steve climbed on the bed and joined in.

Steve blasted a long stream of piss, coating their heads and bodies with his foul-smelling urine.  He took extra special care to aim his piss for Brittany’s mouth and eyes, then finished pissing all over their bodies.

Good thing for rubber sheets.

As he climbed off, the women coughed and cried.  Brittany did her best to spit up as much of the piss as she could before she choked on it or swallowed it.  But she couldn’t.  She had to swallow some of the piss or choke, she didn’t have a choice.

It was the most disgusting, foulest thing she’d ever done in her life.  She was sick to her stomach.  Her stomach, where their piss was now residing.

The only thing keeping her from vomiting right then and there was the conscious decision not to.  If she puked right now, in this position, she could easily choke and die.  Instead, she just cried, and cried.  Maybe the tears could wash some of the piss out of her eyes.

Sam and Steve tapped their beers together, watching the women cry and sob on the bed.  Not a bad night.
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The Club of Chester County – Bubbles Has Entered the Chat

Chapter 5: Clean up and Curry (drugged, bond, racism, homophobia, humil, viol)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after Teagan and Aly.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Author’s Third Note:  This story is based off of a request from [Bubbles] where she asked people to write stories about her.  This is Part 1 of that story. 

Sam looked at his watch.  It was after 11:30PM.  It was time to wrap it up for the night.  He turned his head to Steve.

“That wheelchair clean yet?”

“Should be. 

“Still in the tub.”

“Yeah, why?  What’re you thinking?”

“Think it’s time to wrap it up.  Let’s uncuff them, take’em to the shower, and give’em a choice.  Go move the chair then help me get the chink to the shower.”

Steve finished his beer and he disappeared for a moment to the bathroom, then came back. He grabbed the handcuff key and made his way to the head of the bed and uncuffed Bubbles.  He manhandled her to a standing position.  Just as he was about to move her to the bathroom, Sam put up his hand.

“Wait, hold her right there.  Gimme the key.”
Steve handed Sam the handcuff key.  Sam took it, then reached for his bag to grab his Glock 19 pistol.  He knew it was loaded with blanks, but the women didn’t.  Sam walked over to Brittany, pistol in hand.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.  I’m going to uncuff your legs from the irons and your hands from the bed.  You will still be cuffed and gagged, but free to move.  If you try anything, I will shoot your girlfriend right in her fucking head, then I will shoot you.  Got it?”

Brittany froze, her eyes on the gun.

“I asked you a question.  GOT IT!?”

She frantically nodded her head as best as she could.  Sam couldn’t make out what she was saying through the gag, but it sounded like a mix between a prayer and ‘please don’t kill me’.

Sam uncuffed the chain that was holding her wrist cuffs in place.  He then moved around the bed, uncuffing the leg irons.  Brittany still didn’t move, fearful of the chubby man with the gun.  He walked to a position between the door and the bed, facing the bathroom.

“Get up.”

Brittany slowly got up.  Every part of her ached, every muscle was sore, every fiber of her being felt violated.  She was slow to stand, but seeing the gun point at her made her move a little faster.  She stood at her full height.  Even in this situation, she was easily the tallest person in the room at over six feet tall.

“Move.  Go to the bathroom.  Both of you.”  Brittany walked slowly to the bathroom, with Bubbles and Steve following.  When she got to the bathroom door, she paused.

“Get in the tub.  You first, Brit.”

Brittany cautiously climbed into the tub, then sat down.  She curled up into a ball, trying to shield herself.

“You next, go.”  Sam waved Bubbles over with his free hand, gun still in his right hand pointed at Brittany.  She hesitated for a moment.

“Di Di Mow, Di Di Mow!”  Bubbles wasn’t sure what Sam said, but hurried up into the tub anyway.  Once in, she curled up next to Brittany.  Steve walked in and turned the water on, blasting both of them with the shower.  The water was cold at first, and startled them. 

Sam left the bathroom for a moment.  When he returned, he was holding the two bottles marked ‘Brit’ and ‘Kim’.  He knelt down next to the sitting women in the tub.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.  I’ve got two bottles here, each marked with a name.  You drink your bottle, then take a nap.  When you wake up, you’re back at your home and this whole nightmare is over.  You stay quiet, you don’t tell anyone what happened, you don’t go to the cops, you don’t say shit to anyone.  If you do, well, did you notice all those cameras around?”

The women nodded.

“Well, two things will happen.  First, we send that video to everyone you know.  We can edit it to make you two look like the biggest whores in town.  Pretty sure that fancy law firm will love to know how much of a slut you are.  Then, we come back and pay you two a visit, and you won’t survive that encounter.  Now, Option B...”

Sam pulled the gun up and let them both get a good look at it.  They whimpered.

“Option B is Mr. 9mm here.  So which is it ladies?  Take a nap for a few hours, wake up and pretend this was all one horrible nightmare, or take a nap forever?”

Bubbles pointed to the drinks.

“Good choice.”

Sam waved Steve over and passed him the Glock 19.  He then took the bottles and handed the ‘Kim’ one to Bubbles, opening it for her.  He did the same with the ‘Brit’ bottle.

“You might be wondering why do your bottles have your names on them?  Well Brit, you are one big bitch.  You’re like three times her size, so you need three times the drugs.  I give that much to your little carpet munching chink here, she’ll OD for sure.  So both of you drink up, let the water wash over, and take a little nap.  Before you know it, you’ll be waking up and pretending this was all a bad dream.”

Bubbles drank her water bottle with ease.  Brittany had a bit of trouble since she still had the ring gag in place, but she gladly drank down her drugged drink, if just to get the taste of piss out of her mouth.

Sam stood up and walked to Steve, whispering to him.

“You want to stand guard first or get dressed first?  I can watch while you get ready.”

“Either way is cool.”

Sam asked for the gun.

“Go, get ready.  I’ve got this.”

Steve handed the gun over to Sam and left the bathroom.

It took Brittany a few minutes to finish the water without spilling it.  They both sat under the hot water of the shower, letting it wash over them.  Sam stood guard.  Steve came back in, wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.  The men switched positions.

Sam changed into a pair of sweatpants and a plain sweatshirt that was starting to look a little big on him.  He wasn’t gone for too long, but it was just long enough to see Brittany start to doze off.


Brittany fought against the drugs as best as she could, but it was soon apparent that the chemicals won.  After a few minutes, she was out cold in the shower.  Bubbles looked like she fell asleep too, but once she felt Brittany pass out and plop her head on her shoulder, she knew it was time to act.

Steve checked on Brittany first, making sure she was still alive but unconscious.  He shook her, slapped her lightly, pinched her nipples, and slapped her tits.  Nothing but a couple small whimpers.  He turned off the shower.

“Okay you, up.”  Steve said to Bubbles loudly, then leaned over to whisper in her ear.  “Play along for another minute.”  She looked at him, understanding where he was going with this.

“What’re you doing?  No!”  He grabbed her under the arm and helped her up out of the bathtub.

“Get your ass moving, bitch.”  He handed her a towel and guided her to the doorway to the rest of the hotel room.  Steve checked the tub again, making sure that Brittany was out but alive.  He leaned her down, letting her lay on the bottom.  The water had drained from the tub so she shouldn’t choke.

Steve closed the bathroom door behind him.  Sam sat on a chair, having a beer.  He’d finally removed his mask.  Steve followed suit.  He handed a beer to Steve and another to Bubbles.  She held up her hands, showing the cuffs.  Steve grabbed a key and undid them.

“Fuck, dude.  Fuck.”  She rubbed her raw, sore wrists before taking the beer.  She had a sip or two before putting it down and toweling off.  “What the fuck, dude?”

“What?”  Sam asked, not sure where she was going.

“Did you really have to go with the racist shit towards the end?  Not cool dude.”  Bubbles wrapped the towel around her petite, toned body and sat on the bed, beer in hand.

“You’re right.  We should have cleared it first.  I didn’t think about that until it was too late, and by that point asking for permission while raping your ass would have blown your cover.”  Sam said before taking a sip.

“Next time, cover that ahead of time.  I don’t want to have to kick your ass down the line.”  Bubbles took a swig, then shifted her weight slightly on the bed.

Steve leaned against the wall, drinking.

“Next time?  I like the sounds of that.”  He eyed Bubbles up and down.  She gave him a look he couldn’t place, somewhere around ‘not sure about that.’

“If I ever need someone hate fucked, I know who to call.  Do you always fuck like that?”

“Not always.  During rapes yes, if she’s cool with rough sex yes, but I can be gentle.  I don’t like gentle.  Besides, I only get real rough for those that deserve it.”  Steve said, taking a sip of his beer.

“Wait, that wasn’t rough?”  Bubbles was exasperated at Steve’s statement.

“No.”  Steve said, shaking his head.  Bubbles turned to Sam.

“So you didn’t tell him about her job?”

Sam laughed.

“No fucking way.  I don’t need a murder on my hands.”

“Wait, what job?”  Steve asked.  Bubbles took a deep breath.

“She’s a lawyer.  Well, gonna be one.  She’s got an offer at Pendleton and Braga.”

Steve’s eyes went wide.  For a moment Bubbles didn’t know what Steve would do.  Sam wasn’t sure either, until Steve laughed.

“Holy shit.  Considering those fucks have been raping me for the last few years, I finally get some revenge.  FUCK YOU, BITCH!”  Steve yelled the last part at the closed bathroom door.

Bubbles looked at Sam wearily.  He responded.

“One of his exes used that law firm in their divorce.”

Bubbles nodded, then had some more of her beer.

“What’s up now?  We should probably get everything cleaned up, get Brit dressed, take everything down, pay for the room, and go home.”

“Do we have to fuck with that dress again?  That was hard to get off.”

Steve brought up a valid point.  Bubbles got up and checked her bag.  She had some spare clothes for her, but forgot to pack a spare set for Brit.

“Shit.  Anyone got some extra pants and a shirt that would fit her?”

Steve shook his head.  Sam was about to say no, until he looked at his clothes he wore earlier.

“Give me a moment.  We can try this stuff.  I’ll put on my chauffer clothes, then we’ll put Brit in these.  But I need these back.”

“We can strip her when we get to the apartment.  Steve, you wanna pack everything up?  Sam and I will work on Brit.”

“Sure.”  Steve took a swig and walked past Bubbles, slapping her ass on the way past.


“What can I say, it’s a great ass.”  Steve smiled.  Bubbles just shook her head.  She grabbed a set of clothes from her bag; a pair of basketball shorts, a tank top, and a grey hoodie along with plain white briefs, a sports bra, and old sneakers.  She got dressed right there in the room.  Sam and Steve each stole a few looks as they did their tasks of changing and cleaning up the room.  In a few moments, Sam was dressed back to respectable and Bubbles was comfy. 

Steve had undone the cuffs and chains and was now working on the cameras, stopping them and tearing them down.  He then worked on the bed, cleaning that up as best as possible.  In about fifteen minutes, he had the room mostly back to normal.  Another 10 minutes later and his car was packed up with his and Bubbles’s stuff.

In the bathroom, Sam and Bubbles were busy drying off a sleeping Brittany and undoing her restraints.  Her gag came out with a little effort, and her wrists were badly bruised from the handcuffs.  It looks like she struggled mightily once she woke up.  They worked to get her dressed in the sweatpants and sweatshirt Sam donated for the cause.  They didn’t talk much as they worked.  Not that there was a lot to talk about, aside from directions for moving an unconscious woman into a wheelchair.

It was close to 12:15 AM by the time the room was cleaned and everything was finished.  All three of them helped get Brittany back in the back seat of the Porsche Cayenne.  Bubbles and Steve would meet up sometime in the next couple days to get her stuff back, and Steve would go pay for the room and give the clerk a little extra ‘for the mess.’  Bubbles had the last two slices of pizza and poured a beer into an empty water bottle for having on the road.  They said their goodbyes and agreed to chat on the Club’s site once available.  Steve gave Bubbles an awkward hug before leaving.


For the drive home, Bubbles sat in the front seat, drinking her beer out of a bottle of water.  Sam drove close to the speed limit on the way back to her place.  Brittany was still passed out in the back seat.  Jazz music was still playing over the stereo.  It was a quiet drive, until Sam spoke.


“So.”  Bubbles replied.

“I got a question.”  Sam looked a little uneasy as he drove.


“You’re a lesbian, right?”


“So why this?  Why let us do what we did?”

Bubbles sat for a moment before responding.

“It’s my kink.  I love women, I love controlling them, I love loving them, I love fucking them and hurting them, but sometimes I just get this urge, this itch that only a dick can satisfy.  Make sense?”

Sam shrugged.

“I guess.”

“It’s not just about sex though, it’s about control.  Look, there’s a lot to go through, but unless you want to psychoanalyze me, let’s just say that I don’t really like sex with men, but my best orgasms come from getting raped by them.  Or raping women.”

Bubbles took another drink.  Sam nodded.

“So not really bi but something else?”

“I don’t like putting labels on it.  Think of it like craving McDonalds.  It’s not good for you, you know it sucks, and it can absolutely ruin your life, but sometimes you just want a Big Mac.  I don’t get that craving often, but when I do it won’t go away till it’s satisfied.”

“And tonight, we’re the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets?”


“Well, if you ever need to scratch that itch, I’m here to help.”  Sam said.  Bubbles snorted a laugh.  “What?  It wasn’t that funny.”

“No, it’s not that.  You got a decent dick game, and you’re not too ugly for an old guy.  I’ll keep you in mind for future shit.  Speaking of that, you said you were a landlord or something?”  Bubbles asked, then took another sip of her beer.

“Yeah.”  Sam checked in the rear-view mirror to make sure that Brittany was still out.  Still out.  “You know Maple Gardens Apartment Management?”

“Those apartment buildings all over Collegetown and every shitty part of the town, the ones that are glorified slums?”

“Yeah.  I own those.  And a few other things, too.”

Bubbles’s jaw dropped wide open.

“Shit.  Did I say slums?”

“Glorified slums, yeah.”

“Some of them are nice, I heard.”  Bubbles tried to backtrack her words.  Sam laughed.

“It’s okay, I know what I own and what I do.  The buildings are to code and broken things get fixed, but there’s no reason to pump a ton of money into rehabbing apartments in Collegetown when the odds are good the next tenant will beat the shit out of them.  They usually turn around every year, and when they do I can charge a little more to the next batch of kids spending Mommy and Daddy’s money.”

“I want to ask something but it might be a little awkward since I insulted your job.”

“Bubbles, I was balls deep in your ass tonight, I think we’re past awkward.  And might I say, best ass I’ve been in this year.” 

Bubbles scrunched her eyebrows a little.

“How many asses have you been in this year?”

“Three, including yours.  Aly’s was great, and the look on Teagan’s face when she had a dick in her ass was to die for, but yours was like the perfect balance.  Not too big, not too small, just the right tightness.  Plus, I’ve always wanted to fuck a hot Asian up the ass.”

Bubbles sat there, a little shocked at what Sam was saying.

“Now that you’ve gone into explicit detail about how great raping my ass was, I don’t feel too bad asking if you can help me find a new apartment.”

Sam nodded.

“Sure.  When you looking to move?”

“Not exactly sure.  Lease runs out in a couple months, and I want to get out of my building as soon as I can.  I can’t stand it.”

“What don’t you like about it?”

Bubbles took another sip of her beer.

“I made a mistake when I signed the lease last year.  I was out of town, living over in Humdinger working some crummy internship when I knew I wanted to move back to Harbor City.  Problem was, I didn’t have time to travel down and check it out in person, I was going off of just what I saw and read online.”

“Uh oh.”

“Uh oh’s right.  So I see that it’s listed as a ‘High Asian Population.’  Great, I sign the lease for a two-bedroom online, do everything online until I move in.  Nothing but Indians, and they fucking smell.  The whole building smells like curry, and less than half of them bathe at all.  I just want to live somewhere that doesn’t fucking reek, and where I don’t have every guy acting all weird because the ‘Chinese looking’ girl is going to get her mail.  I had three guys offer to buy me for marriage, pretty sure I can get more than two goats and a calf.”

Sam busted out laughing.

“So that’s how you ended up in Indialand.”

“Everyone knew about this place but me.  My lease runs out soon, and I’d like to live somewhere that doesn’t smell like spices and the Ganges River.  If you can help me out, that’d be great.”

Sam composed himself.

“Sure.  DM me through the Club website.  I don’t have any cards on me right now.  Not smart to carry too much during these trips.”

“Thanks.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like Indians, I, just, don’t want to live with them in the same building and the same ventilation system.”

“Understood.”  Sam felt his watch vibrate.  He knew he was getting close to their exit and activated the turn signal.  “Was there anything else you were looking for?”

Bubbles thought for a moment.

“Two bedrooms, and it would be nice to have a cat someday but it’s not necessary.  Maybe something close to Collegtown or Shadegrove, close to the shops and bars.”

“Brit coming along?”

“Maybe, maybe not.  We’ve been dating for about six months, but I didn’t get the feeling it was a permanent thing.  Now, she’ll probably freak out anytime I touch her and we’ll end up breaking up in a few weeks.  Then like Jay-Z said ‘On to the next one.’”

Sam drove for a little while longer.  Bubbles finished the last of her beer.

“So what about you?  Aside from Club stuff and being a landlord, what do you do?”

“Me?  I work almost around the clock right now to fill the time.  Don’t watch TV, don’t play games, I spend a lot of time dealing with houses.  If anything, I have fun with my cars.  I hang out with a few friends, and that’s about it.”

“Let’s hang out sometime.  You and me.  You can take me out to dinner, maybe we’ll pick up some little thing who has daddy issues, then we’ll tie her to a bed and fuck her like a whore.”

Sam smiled.

“I’d like that.  Is this just an us thing?”

“For now.  Maybe Steve can join in some time, but he can be pretty rough.  Though, that might be great for the right girl.”

“As long as we don’t tell him that she’s a lawyer up front.”  The pair laughed.

Sam turned into Bubbles’s apartment complex and parked the car near the door.  He opened the trunk and removed the wheelchair, unfolding it and closing the door.  Bubbles got out, slinging a bookbag over her shoulder.  Sam opened the rear door and parked the wheelchair next to it.

“Now for the fun part.”  Sam grabbed Brittany by her legs and pulled her out of the back seat of the SUV.  As he struggled to get her out, Bubbles looked on until he had enough of Brit out of the car to help.  Once her legs were mostly out, Bubbles moved the wheelchair into position to help Sam get her into it.  After a couple minutes of struggling, straining, and a couple pulled muscles, they had Brittany in the wheelchair.

Sam undid the locks and wheeled the unconscious woman to the front door.  Bubbles proceeded them, opening the security door.  Sam locked the car with the key fob.

After a quick trip through the lobby and to the elevator late on a Saturday night, they exited on Bubbles’s floor.  Once the door opened to the hallway, Sam could smell why Bubbles wanted to move.  And hear, too.

“Holy shh, even at this time?”  Sam asked Bubbles, carrying her door keys between her fingers like spikes.

“Even late at night.  I’d say they’re still up, but this is when a lot of them call their relatives back home.  It’s almost 1:30 in the morning here, it’s 11 in the morning there.  And they work crazy hours, too.  Most are in IT or Medicine, or going to school for them.  They send most of their money back home, half of them don’t even have furniture and live 6 to an apartment.  One guy invited me over for tea.  Real nice, sweet guy.  He opens the door, and there are 5 other guys in this one bedroom place, air mattresses spread around, and a TV on the floor with an Xbox.  I see the beds, a bunch of guys, and noped the fuck out.”

They get to the door.  Bubbles opens it and Sam pushes Brittany in.  She follows after them, closing and locking the door.

“See, I know what I said earlier about rape being my kink, but I do it in a safe environment.  That’s one thing the Club offers me.  I have some semblance of control.  Sure, we didn’t set up safe words, but we all abide by the same rules.  If crazy shit happens, we can track each other down.”

Sam nodded in agreement.  She had a good point.

“So, when you’ve got that itch to scratch, you put out a call for some dick, like the Bat Signal.”

Bubbles laughed.  The image of a giant dick shown on the clouds from a spotlight was pretty damn funny.

“Okay, does that make you The Poker?  Am I Harley Quim.?”

Now Sam was laughing, too.

He took a moment to look around and take in the surroundings.  It was furnished with mismatched furniture, lots of pictures taped on the walls, a TV standing on a small shelf.  An IKEA table sat in the middle of the room with a few pieces of junk strewn about.  There was a dining area where a small table sat.  It was furnished like it belonged to a young woman just out of college.

“Bed is to the right, bathroom to the left.  Let’s get her in bed.”

Bubbles put her bag down on a chair and walked behind Sam, who was pushing Brittany.  They made it to the bedroom.

It was messy, like a bomb went off.  Clothes were strewn about, everything looked like chaos.

“You know, last month I had to wreck a guy’s room to make it look like we tossed it in a robbery.  The after was nicer than this.”  Sam said, trying to push the chair into the room.

“And I know where everything in this room is.  It’s my chaotic order.”  Bubbles walked past him, stepping perfectly in pre-determined spots, like she was tap dancing in a mine field, but cheated and located the mines ahead of time.

Bubbles made her way around and over the queen-sized bed and met Sam from the other side.  She grabbed Brittany’s arms while Sam grabbed the rest of her torso and used that to get her out of the chair and flopped onto the bed.  A few more pushes and pulls and Brittany was on the bed.

“Shit.”  Sam said, looking at Brittany sleeping on the bed.


“Should’ve undressed her first, then put her on the bed.”  Sam sighed, then he and Bubbles went to work getting his sweats off of her.  After a minute, she lay naked on Bubbles’s bed.  The two high-fived over a job well done.

Sam pulled the wheelchair out of the bedroom and back to the living room.  After a quick stop in the bathroom, and making sure the seat was down before he washed, he rejoined Bubbles in the living room.  He looked at his watch.  It was almost 2:00AM.

“How much longer until she wakes up?”

“I gave her a little more for this trip.  She’ll be out for another hour.  I’d offer you something to drink or maybe a place to crash, but...”

“But that would be even weirder, having to explain why I was here.”


“You gonna be okay, handling her?”  Sam said, motioning to the bedroom.

“I’ll be fine.  She’ll freak out a dozen or so times tomorrow, but I’ll have her eating out of my hand by Monday.”


“Hit me up, okay?”

“Got it Bubbles.  Good night.”

Bubbles went in for a handshake, but Sam went for a hug.  Then she changed to a hug when he went for a handshake.  Eventually they settled on a hug.

“We didn’t go too far, did we?”  Sam whispered in her ear.

“Just far enough.”  Bubbles gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

Sam broke the hug before he felt himself getting turned on and grabbed the wheelchair.  He left the apartment, with Bubbles locking the door behind him and making sure she had her facts and story straight.  He took the elevator to the ground floor, then left the building through the secured door.  One good thing about those security doors, they’re almost always designed to keep people out, not in.

A moment later Sam had loaded the wheelchair into the Porsche and was on the road.  He received a text from Steve letting him know that the room was paid for and he had made it home.  Sam texted Steve letting his buddy know he was on the road, then again once he was home.


Sam slept like a baby once he was back at his apartment, waking up at 9AM.  He texted Steve to see if he could get a ride to drop off the rental.  After a quick back and forth, Sam showered and dressed, awaiting Steve’s arrival.  Steve helped Sam drop off the Porsche at the rental place, then they hung out to get breakfast.

During breakfast Sam got a text on his burner app from Bubbles.  Looks like Brittany was up and a complete mess.  She was already gaslighting her on how things happened and who they were.  Sam got a kick out of how Bubbles handled the situation.

After breakfast Sam returned home and uploaded his footage to the Club’s website.  Steve did the same from his house.  After a bit of back and forth, Bubbles gave them permission to upload her footage, but to make sure that they specified who it came from.  By the time dinner rolled around, all three of them were the talk of the Club.

Sam was ecstatic.  He had a great night, the situation was under control, and looking through his messages it looked like he had a possible trade offer for Naomi.

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How can you possibly write so quickly?! And what was this about being unsure writing in prose and struggling with dialogue - LtBroccoli you show off!  :D

The flow was excellent and I really like the little moments and details you add - like "a moan escaped her mouth as her head tilted back and her eyes closed". I can really "see" the scene. And I think it felt like "story Bubbles" and Steve tied the plan pretty logically - it reads like you both spent time thinking about potential potholes or questions. A pleasure to click that merit button.
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How can you possibly write so quickly?! And what was this about being unsure writing in prose and struggling with dialogue - LtBroccoli you show off!  :D

The flow was excellent and I really like the little moments and details you add - like "a moan escaped her mouth as her head tilted back and her eyes closed". I can really "see" the scene. And I think it felt like "story Bubbles" and Steve tied the plan pretty logically - it reads like you both spent time thinking about potential potholes or questions. A pleasure to click that merit button.

Thanks Sara.

This was like 40-60 hours of writing and editing.  I started it in early September but didn't finish the last paragraph until right before editing.  Meanwhile Uber and Dentist Chair were 6 hours each, 8 including formatting for the site.  I write in spurts so I'll get a couple thousand words here and there, then sit for a week thinking 'what now?'  Then I stare at a screen for who knows how long trying to answer that.

Steve and Bubbles, this ain't their first rodeo.  First time working together, but not the first time they've done this.  Sam's the rookie here, but he has two veterans to learn from.  Also, another section of this universe is from the point of view of a police detective who works these type of cases.  It's easy to commit a crime, a lot harder to get away with it.  They try to eliminate every problem, but there's always a screw-up.  The question is, will the cop find it?  I'm several chapters behind that and have to work on a couple other stories first.
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OK ... now I am REALLY liking Sam and of course Bubbles makes a FINE villain ... good work again.  Looking forward to more.
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Thank you Grendel.  I've got some more plans for the club members, just as soon as I clear up some stuff on the Bob and the Mean Girls storyline.  Well, a story or two after that.
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