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Disclaimer: This is a work of satirical, fantasy, fiction. It is only a work of fiction. It is pure fantasy. I am in no way endorsing real rape, kidnapping or crimes of any kind. I have never done any such thing, and in “real life” they are real crimes with real victims who are harmed. This is produced with the idea that these fantasies are pleasureable for those who enjoy the FANTASY. They are not meant to cause harm or distress. Any depictions of celebrities are satirical only and for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as an endorsement of any physical abuse, rape or other criminal act. Pictures included are thought to be public domain and used for visual reference only (and can be removed if requested). If you are offended by dark sexual fantasy and erotica, rape and abuse, kidnapping or other taboo themes, please do not read. If you are under the age of 18 or in a location where such material is not permitted - do not read.

Background: This is part of an ongoing fantasy world that I write stories in. More of these stories and a blog are available at It is private however and you will need to request access, otherwise it is entirely free. Please remember the above disclaimer applies to all content there in.

Empire of Ziax

This is a consensual story of a Master/Slave variety so putting it here, other parts of this same will involve darker themes....

The Spoils of War - Part 1

The Warrior Whore

Ziax leaned back in his throne and took a long pull from the goblet, enjoying the sweet wine. As he lowered the goblet one of his servant girls quickly moved to fill it. She was a pretty little blond, petite and with lovely firm breasts - the kind of girl that the dark emperor would typically enjoy in a night of brutal, ritualistic sex - but today he had no eyes for the serving girl. Instead the emperor's gaze was fixed on the sparring match before him. As the room was filled with the clang of metal and grunts of pain and exhaustion, Ziax watched intently as the two Jin dai warriors, imperial guardians both fought one another with "yajak" bladed staves that were elegant and deadly. As the steel and wood twirled, flipped and collided the two women danced, flipped, dived and rolled about the sparring floor. The elegance of their combat and their skill was itself a wonder.

But what interested Ziax more was the two women themselves. Tall, well muscled and lean, they still had a deceptive softness to their curves. They wore just a halter top and skirt, typical of the imperial guardians. Their skin glistened with sweat as they fought, accenting the curves of their toned legs. One was a redhead with tight bouncing curls and the other a blonde with long hair held back in a pony tail. Wendy, the blonde, was the leader of his imperial guard. Hali, the redhead, was newly raised. Ziax had enjoyed the pleasure of Wendy's company many times - but the redhead was new. She was small for a guardian, probably not much more than 5'2" but her body was tight and curvy. The halter betrayed firm, well rounded tits. As she moved the curls bounced more, except where they clung to her face with sweat. There was an intensity to her, and her strength in the dala-ki was palpable. Indeed, in a different life she may have been a Mistani, or sorceress, but she was clearly a deadly and powerful warrior.

Rebekah, his empress, must have noticed him as he watched the girl intently. She smiled slightly as she ran her hand along his thigh and rubbed his already hard and throbbing cock. She squeezed it a let out a moan as she felt the power of his sex throbbing in her hand. Leaning over, she whispered as the two women continued to fight, barely avoiding the razor sharp blades as they whirled about.

"You like her I see," she moaned, "I wonder if she fucks as well as she fights."

"I will have to find out I suppose," I smiled back at the empress, "assuming Wendy doesn't cut her in half." As I said that the Hali parried a deadly sweep from the blonde warrior and managed to bring up the tip of her staff to bloody Wendy's cheek. The fighting stopped as Wendy stepped back. Hali, fearing the wrath of her leader, immediately stood and bowed in her direction.

"Stand up girl," Wendy told her, "you fought well and bested me. That is something to be proud of." Wendy then looked at me before speaking further, I gave her a slight nod and a grin. Wendy finished, "As is being a member of the Emperor's personal guard." Hali bowed again, thanking her teacher and leader for the honor, instantly realizing she had passed and was now chosen. She also turned and stepped toward me before dropping to her knees, head down. Her red curls draped her face and made her even more desirable. 

"My Emperor," she said softly but confidently, "my life and soul are yours to command."

"Are you prepared to die for your Emperor girl?" Rebekah asked her.

"Yes Empress, for him and all he commands me to protect," Rebekah nodded slowly, starting to become impressed herself. Many lesser sluts grovel before the empress thinking it will gain favor - but in Rebekah's opinion, it only revealed weak loyalty. She decided to probe this one further as the Emperor watched intently.

"And if he commands you to kill for him girl?" she asked slowly, the chamber now silent.

"Then I will kill all he commands die," she spoke, her head still bowed.

"And if he commands you to kill his Empress?" she asked. The room was now dead silent, the only sound Hali's deep slow breathing. She controlled her fear well, Ziax thought, very well. But the real test would be the answer to Rebekah's question.

"Then my Empress," she paused for a brief moment to prepare herself, "you would die honorably... by my hand."

Rebekah stared at her for what seemed an eternity before turning and sitting down in her throne, and saying simply, "she will do." Ziax could sense an odd mix of fear, pride and desire as she waited for the Emperor to announce his approval.

"Welcome girl. And you Wendy, have done well as always," Ziax announced before commanding, "allow her to clean up and then bring her to my chambers."

Emperor Ziax entered the dark, candlelit chamber to find Hali sitting quietly in a chair alongside the throne dais. She was clearly nervous and uncomfortable. As elegant and deadly as she could be in combat, she was nervous sitting here, waiting to meet her Emperor, the Dark Lord and Master she had heard so much about. She had been born a peasant girl, but was identified by the guardians for her potential at a young age. She was taken from her mother and trained in combat. It is what she lived for. But more important, she had been sworn to obey, live, die and kill for the Emperor since she was nine. Now, in his presence, she was as fearful as a paj.

Ziax cross the room to a table where he poured two goblets of wine. Walking toward the dais, he handed one to her before stepping up to sit in the throne. Taking a slow sip he looked down on her. She was now dressed in a soft, flimsy red gown and heels with her hair held up. Her breasts we barely covered and their soft curves were obvious. Her legs were amazing, toned and curvy from years of combat training.

"Drink," he told her and she took a sip on command, her hand was shaking. She knew he was going to fuck him, she could sense the desire and sex emanating from him as he looked her over. The power and intensity of his sex was well known, and he was rumored to have destroyed weak little sluts during his brutal, passionate fucking. She knew her training and strength would serve her well, and she would undoubtedly survive but as a Sindaran - she had never had a cock in her before and she was nervous. Drinking wine would help she figured, so she drank. "You fought well my whore, very well indeed," he grinned, "I bet you handle pain well."

She swallowed hard, a small amount of fear building insider her but she surpressed it,  she bowed her head before speaking, "it is part of our training my lord." He moved quickly and silently, because before she finished his hand was on her chin, lifting it as he looked down at her. The desire in his eyes was intense, and his sex and power overwhelming. Her head spun as she realized she was about to be claimed by the Emperor, the chosen one, the only male Sindaran ever... she was now his whore-guardian to be used for his pleasure, to die on his command.  She let out a small moan at the thought.

"Perfect," he smiled as he heard her moan,"you are certainly a well put together little whore." He grabbed her by the hair without warning and forced her head back hard, staring down at her, gauging her response. The pain was strong, he was strong and powerful, but it was nothing she couldn't handle. She swallowed hard as she dared to speak.

"Thank you my lord," she grinned, "this body is yours to do with as you please. I have perfected it for you. Strengthened it for you. I have honed my mind, body and soul so that I can serve you, suffer for you, sacrifice for you. I am a guardian of the empire, and I am sworn to live, die and kill at your command. Use me my lord, use me as you see fit... it is all I crave."

"A bold little whore aren't you," he twisted his hand, the female warrior straining to arch her neck to meet his demands. He was strong, powerful, almost inhumanly so. It suddenly became clear to her that he barely needed "guardians" to protect him. She swallowed hard, thinking she had angered him, "not a bad trait in a warrior whore girl, just mind your place."

"Yes my lord," she moaned, the intensity of the moment consuming her. Hali began to realize this was what she was made for, trained for, her body craved his sex more than she realized. She could feel her juices dripping down her leg as he hurt her. "Please my lord," she begged, "use me, rape me, fuck me until I am nothing but a mindless slut... I need it my lord, even if you kill me - I need to be used fully, utterly."

"You have no idea what you are asking for whore," he grinned, "I have fucked to the point of utter destruction more sluts than you can imagine. Many who though they could withstand the power of my sex," he yanked her to her feet and dragged her across the room to a large oak table, "but I will give you what you ask for whore - and if you die, there will be others to take your place." Roughly he slammed Hali against the table, forcing her to bend over it. The surface was damp and rough, it smelled of cum, sweat and blood, the odor oddly arousing to her. Suddenly she felt her head slam against the cold surface as he kicked her legs wide. She clawed at the wood, ultimately finding the tables edge as she gripped tight, waiting for what he would do next.

It was an odd sensation for the young warrior sindaran. She had grown up fighting, but she always felt in control, confident, and sure that she would win. Here, she was a little girl again, as helpless as the day they came and took her from her mother for training. Fear welled up inside her, fear like she had never felt before and she let out a quiet, muffled sob as he hiked up the dress, tearing it and baring her ass. Ziax heard the sob and she could sense his amusement. Suddenly Hali was overwhelmed not just with fear, and the pain of his rough handling, but shame at allowing the fear to grip her so.

Ziax could sense the girl's emotions, as she was strong in the dala-ki and her emotions particularly intense. He was amused at her shame, for she had no idea the strength that he also sensed in her. Her body had already been abused by him, handled roughly, crushed against the table, and yet by strength of will she had gripped herself, readying her body for the brutal fucking he was about unleash on her. His blood burned hot as his hunger grew, tightening his grip on those lovely red curls he held in his hand. "Do not be embarrassed at your fear girl," he whisper softly to her, leaning over to lick her ear, "it is normal to be afraid. The darkness you are about to embrace... is more powerful than you can imagine. Your mentor Wendy has certainly warned you?" Hali swallowed hard and nodded, unable to speak for fear of screaming. "If you survive," he whispered, "you will be more powerful for it."

Hali could feel Ziax's hand sliding along the inside of her thigh, reaching to rub her swollen, throbbing, hungry clit. His touch was like fire through her body. She was not a prude, she had frequently sought the pleasure of her fellow guardians. Even the Mistress Wendy had brought her to orgasm before, but her masters touch was so much more. The power and energy that coursed through her threatened to overwhelm her as her pussy felt on fire. She let out a primal, hungry, passionate scream as she gripped the table harder as his fingers penetrated her pussy.

Ziax fucked Hali's cunt hard, with his hand and fingers for what seemed like an eternity. Each powerful thrust of his hand driving his fingers deeper, stretching her pussy further. He leaned over her close, licking her ear and neck as he yanked her hair harder, forcing her to arch her back. All of her training was needed to focus on not passing out from the pain, and just to thin, he had yet to enter her with his cock. She screamed and moaned as she came again and again at the hands of her Emperor.

"Cum my Jin'dai whore, cum for your lord and master," he commanded her, and she did. "Cum for me again and again like the desperate little whore you are, feel the fear inside you - let it drive you to cum for me," he continued and each time - she listened. "Only once you are near broken from cumming for me will you be ready for my cock whore," he grunted as he violently fingered her pussy. She let out another primal scream, her body tensing as she orgasmed again for her master.

She had lost track of all time, and indeed her very existence when the onslaught came to and end. She gasped and groaned, trying to catch her breath. Her mind was reeling from the brutal sex, she had managed to maintain her sanity and remain conscious.  She was beginning to wonder what happened next when she felt the wet tip of his cock slowly stroke the soft curves of her ass. She had never experienced a cock before, but she knew, as it was central to her very existence. The power of this man protected her, shaped her, gave her and her sindaran sisters life and thus when she felt the power of his sex against her, there was no mistaking what it was.

"Yes my Emperor," she gasped, "yes.... take me.... fuck please take me." And he did just that. It a single, powerful, deep thrust he buried his throbbing cock into her tight pulsating and aching pussy. In an instant, she felt like she would explode inside, crushed and stretched as slammed into her fully, impaling her against the table. Her eyes rolled back in her head at the power of the man, of his sex. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and drool fell from her lips.  She began to shake as the power flowed through her.

It was clear to her now the danger she was in. The sheer strength of his bond with the dala-ki, the power of his sex, was enough to tear her apart - to rip her mind and soul from her body and to unravel her existence. She closer her eyes hard as she focused on remaining in control as he slammed into her again.  Once again, her mouth open wide, gasping in silence as he fucked her with his full power and might.

The Emperor was unleashing his full power on this whore, and he had to admit, Wendy had chosen well. His cock pulsated deep inside her as he fucked her brutally, ramming deeper and harder with every thrust of his cock. He had destroyed many lesser sluts, with much less power unleashed against them. This one was strong and he was reveling in the ability to fuck her fully. There were not many in his empire that he did not have to hold back while fucking - but this girl would rank among them. He gripped her hair harder, twisting it as he leaned in harder. Hali let out a squeal as she came for him again. Her mind was stretched, her soul twisted, but still she held on as he fucked her deeper and harder, her body on fire as he took it.  The dark power of the cock inside her twisting her, corrupting her, making her hunger for it more.

Emperor Ziax then began to murmur dark words of power and the energies of the dala-ki flowed into her.  Her mind and body twisted and bent against the power and strength of the pure sexual energies. Her body shook and spasmed in mystical orgasm as he slammed into her again and again, his powerful cock throbbing so deep inside her she felt like she could split open.  The connection she felt with him was intense and powerful she could feel his lust and desire for her, his dark hungers that she was feeding and become one with. Finally she let out a loud scream and she came harder than she had yet, her body shaking uncontrollably on his cock as she was wracked with dark, mystical orgasm.

And with that he slammed into her hard, crushing her and let out a primal yell of his own, his hot cum unleashed into her virgin pussy like wildfire. It burned and flowed, penetrating her mind and soul as the dark seed flooded her in a torrent.  Hali gripped her own hair and tits desperately, as if trying to hold her own body together against the power of the dark seed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she shook, spasmed, and had a seizure right there on the emperor's cock.  Madness threatened her, non-existence taunter her, and yet she pervailed, holding tight to her own mind and soul as she collapsed against the table, unconscious.

To be continued...

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Emperor of the Sindaran Empire

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Part 2 of this story is now available in the "Lesbian" section:

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