Author Topic: She had wanted a view of what it would be like...  (Read 103 times)

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She had wanted a view of what it would be like...
« on: August 14, 2021, 04:11:35 PM »
I had sat that day, one table over, and heard the ladies talk... I had seen them exchange "lunch plans" on the "TWIT-TALK" social media. Might as well have exchanged advertisements in the newspaper, I thought, shaking my head derisively.

One of them had seemed to be a "professional" type, a realtor or perhaps a doctor or an attorney. She had been making sympathetic noises as the other woman told a tale of boredom with her marriage.
"My husband can't get it up." the other woman proffered, in a stage whisper intended to be shared only between the two. "In the 30 years we have been together, I've never cum with him. Only by fingering myself. Once ever 3 months or so, if he gets  bit of a hardon, it goes right into my butt. And he usually lasts less than 3 minutes. He kisses me on the cheek, that's my 'reward' and he rolls over and goes to sleep."

I kept my head nodded down, intent on the newspaper in front of me, studiously not eavesdropping, willing myself not to get a hardon under my suit. And willing my high cheeks not to go pink, at the shudderingly delicious thought of "helping her out".

The two ladies continued to talk, the one distressed and the other focusing narrowly on her friend's discomfiture, after 20 minutes rising and drifting to the cash register. My mind, preparing to dismiss the thoughts of them, as I noticed that the "housewife's" purse lay under their table. I pulled out my phone, I moved to the table, and in my clumsy efforts, I "spilled" some of the purse, just enough to surreptitiously get a phone-pic of some of her ID. I scooped everything together and rushed to where they were walking to the exit, I tapped her on the shoulder and thrust the purse into her hands, her face going thru alarmed, recognition, a burst of joy and puzzlement as I abruptly turned and walked away... ...away from her trailing "THANK YOU SIR'.


The trail... the HUNT, had been fun. Finding her various social media online. The distant surveillance, the information gathering, monitoring her thoughts/reflections/observations, the planning...


My room was dark. Large. The TV screen filled much of the wall opposite from my bed. She was blindfolded with a covered scuba mask, the ball gag sealed into her stretched-open mouth by duct tape, her elbows taped nearly together, her arms between us as I held her squirming body against mine, her wrists taped together, and pressed between our bodies against my crotch. I was leaning back against a pile of pillows on the bed, we were both naked, one hand over her mouth holding her head back against me, her hair flinging out like the bottom of a skirt as she attempted to toss her head from side to side. My free hand explored from her neck, her breasts, to her stomach, her abdomen, and the top of HER crotch, not yet seeking the button of her clit, but fingertips lightly getting to know the skin surrounding that.

She sat on the bed, held tight against me, my bare knees tight against the sides of her naked butt. As her squirming continued, I noticed that I was getting a raging hardon. (If you took two empty toilet paper rolls, jammed one inside the other by half an inch... there was the size of my penis. That's embarrassing, isn't it? The first part of myself I describe is my penis. I had always felt that a man my size, should have had something larger.) But I could feel her wrists, pinned between us, straining to move away from my stiffening member.

I whispered into her ear, declaring my excitement at having her here, of being able to touch her. Announcing that I was waiting for her to settle down, so I could start the video. We were both naked and my bare knees pressed against the sides of her butt, easily controlling her bucking and squirming from side to side. When at last she stopped struggling, for the most part, I pulled the tape from the front of her scuba mask. In the dark room, she'd be able to see only the TV (assuming she had her eyes open). My hand firmly holding her chin in the direction of the TV, I started the video. It was of a black woman, and a white guy, meeting, going to the bedroom, he playing around with her in preparation for fucking her.

As the woman in the video began to get excited, and as I was gently stroking the bottom of my guest's mound, a couple inches above her clit, I felt her hips thrust abruptly against my hand. Using that as my cue, I gently moved fingertips to her clit, and circled it, then borrowing moisture from her cunt, I dabbed her own lubrication onto her clit, matching her own increasing intensity, as we both seemed to follow the rhythm of the couple in the video.

A forceful bucking of hips, up to meet the pressing and rubbing fingertips I was pleasuring her with, continued for several minutes, ending in a sudden clenching, quivering, shaking moan, her body and arms rigid, her back and head arched back against me, holding her quivering pose of release for long seconds.

I held her in silence, neither of us moving for several long minutes, then I pulled the mask and the gags from her face, as the video ended.

I removed the tape from her arms, I moved from behind her to her side, and laid her back, her head where my butt had been, and I moved over her to plant my knees between hers, my palms smoothing her shoulders back against the bed, her head was rocking slowly from side-to-side, moaning in a whisper, "Nooooooooo." But she didn't physically try to prevent what I was doing to her. Her eyes focused on my face, "It's YOU" she whispered.

I taught her that she can be multi-orgasmic...
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