Author Topic: Flashing my Mother-in-Law  (Read 5976 times)

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Flashing my Mother-in-Law
« on: August 29, 2020, 05:56:32 AM »
My mother in law is in her mid 60's now and I am 41. For years, I have been infatuated with my mother in law. I fantasize about her whenever I see her or if I know I'm going to see her, and I always try to imagine what she looks like naked. The idea of seeing her naked gets me aroused, but I have never been lucky enough to see her in her birthday suit. My in-laws have been staying with us over the last several weeks on a long vacation and occasionally, I see my mother in law walking around the house with a tight white tee shirt and no bra, usually in the morning, after she wakes up. It is approaching winter where I live and my house is cool in the morning, because I turn down the heat before bed. On this particular morning, I walked out of my bedroom just as my mother in law walked out of the bathroom and I got a peek at how hard her nipples were, perfectly outlined underneath the thin, white cotton of her tight tee shirt. As soon as my mother in law saw me, she crossed her arms over her breasts. She knew her nipples were hard and almost visible through her tee shirt. Just seeing her like that made my cock shift under my pajama looks like mature women on the website We said good morning to each other and she walked into the guest bedroom.

I was so aroused and I wished I could just watch her take off her tee so that I could see her soft, saggy breasts up close and personal. As I fantasized about her, an idea popped into my head. I usually sleep in the nude and I only put on pajama bottoms and a tee shirt to walk out of my bedroom. I did not have any underwear on and my pajama pants have a opening in the front with 1 button keeping it closed. My wife had already left for work and my k**s had gone to school. I decided that I had the perfect opportunity to do something very risky. I would stay in my pajama pants this morning and "accidentally" flash my mother in law. I put on my bathrobe and tied in loosely in the front so that the front of my pajama bottoms could be seen. Then I unbuttoned the button keeping the opening in the front of my bottoms closed so that the head of my penis could poke out of the opening. I looked in the mirror in my room and the tip of my cock was clearly visible through the opening. I even found that as I walked around this way, more of my penis would pop out of the opening.

I heard my mother in law come out of her bedroom and I decided to walk out of my bedroom too. She had put on a robe to cover up a bit, but I could see that she still had her white tee on underneath. She told me she was going to make breakfast for her and my father in law. I stood in front of her with my robe partially opened and I saw her eyes move down and pause around my crotch level. Then she looked up suddenly and asked if I wanted anything to eat. My heart was pounding in my chest. I knew she had just seen my cock and it got me very excited. What I liked even more was that she pretended to ignore what she had seen and she continued to talk to me for a brief time before heading down the stairs toward the kitchen. I did see her eyes look down again before she turned toward the stairs. I turned around and walked back into my bedroom and decided to take things to another level. I felt brave.

I heard my father in law come out of the bedroom and I covered up so that he couldn't see anything. I walked over to my bedroom door and said good morning and pretended to go to the bathroom. I listened to my in-laws in the kitchen, and I heard my father in law say he was going to go for a drive to see some friends after breakfast. My mother in law said she was staying behind to do some laundry. This was my opportunity to have some fun. After breakfast, I heard my father in law go out the front door and I heard my mother in law walk toward the stairs. My bedroom door is right at the top of the stairs so I ran from the bathroom to my room before she could see me. I started to strip the bed sheets off my bed so my mother in law could see what I was doing when she got to the top of the stairs. I made sure my robe was fully open and untied so my mother in law could get a better view of my manhood.

She walked into my bedroom and asked if I had any dirty laundry. I told her I had the bedsheets and some stuff in the hamper. I was holding the bedsheets in front of me because I felt nervous about fully exposing myself to her. My heart was pounding in my chest. She told me to bring anything I had to the laundry room. As she walked away, I walked over to the hamper in my closet and put the bedsheets in there. Then I walked into the laundry room where my mother in law was separating the whites and colored clothes. I had the hamper in front of me so she still couldn't see my protruding penis when she saw me walk in. She called me over to where she was and asked me to dump the contents of the hamper onto the pile she was sorting through in front of her. I decided it was time to go forward with my plan. I flipped the hamper over and dumped it out. Then I put it to the side and stood directly in front of her. I saw her eyes look down and widen as she got a good look at my penis head poking out through the opening of my pjs. I pretending like I had no idea my penis was popping out and acted as naturally as I could. She bent over and started separating the clothing from the sheets I just put in front of her. I continued to stand in front of her as she worked and I figured I would start a conversion just to give me an excuse to continue standing in front of her. She would look up occasionally as we talked. Then she asked me if I was going to work. I told her I only had to leave for work that afternoon. I asked her if she needed any help with anything. She told me I could grab the clothing and bedsheets from my k**s rooms. I have 3 k**s so I made 3 trips back and forth to the laundry room with all their hampers and every time I dumped a hamper, my mother in law's eyes would casually look down toward my exposed cock as she bent over to continue sorting the laundry. She acted completely normal and would continue our conversations as I stood there flashing her. She didn't seem to mind it at all.

I figured my little game had gone as far as it would go so I turned to walk away. "Where are you going?" my mother in law asked, making me stop in my tracks. I turned around and faced her. She caught another glimpse of me as I answered her. "Do you need anything else"? I asked. She asked if I was busy. I answered not really. She then asked if I would mind helping her make all the beds. This brought a little smile to my face. She had never asked me to help with housework. This told me she wanted to keep checking me out. I answered her by telling her yes, I would help her. She had just finished putting a load of laundry on and she walked toward me. I turned and lead the way to my bedroom. I grabbed some fresh sheets and walked to one side of the bed while my mother in law stood on the other side. I fiddled with the sheets and watched her so I could see if she was looking at my exposed cock. I had felt more of my length come out of the opening in the pajama bottoms, but I did nothing to try to cover up. My mother in law wasn't even looking away now. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. I finally tossed one end of the bedsheet to her and we proceeded to make the bed. I caught her looking at me several times. After we finished in my bedroom, she told me to follow her into my son's room. I told her I had to go into the bathroom to hang up my robe because it was making me hot and that I would be right there. She walked out of the bedroom and I went into the bathroom. I took off my robe and hung it up behind my bathroom door and looked at myself in the mirror. Not having a robe on made my cock perfectly visible. I had a white tee shirt on but it wasn't long enough to cover my crotch. I was feeling very brave now and I walked out of the bathroom and into my son's room. My mother in law had grabbed the fresh sheets and she was waiting for me to walk over to the other side of the bed. When I stood in front of her, she smiled as she looked down. I was looking directly at her but didn't say anything. We started making the bed and she kept smiling the whole time. When we finished, she asked if I was still hot. I said I was and she said she was getting hot too. She proceeded to take off her robe and she placed in on a chair next to my son's desk. She faced me and I could see her fully erect nipples perfectly outlined underneath the white fabric. This time, my mother in law made no effort to cross her arms over her chest. She stood there looking at me, working hard to look into my eyes. I couldn't help but look down at her chest. She could tell I was looking. I felt my penis start to swell a bit. I started getting nervous. What if I get hard in front of her, I asked myself. She was smiling again and asked if we should go on to the next bedroom. I said sure and walked behind her. She had tight pajama bottoms on that hugged her curvy hips and round ass. I was really getting turned on now. I knew she liked looking at me and now she was beginning to play along by taking off her robe. I decided to keep the game going. I was going all in. There was no indication that my mother in law was appalled by what I was doing and she was starting to play along. If I happened to get hard, so be it. I would let her see my fully erect cock. My mind was racing. Could this actually lead into something sexual I asked myself. Just that thought of this made my cock double in size. I was open to anything at this point. If this lead to something, it would be the most amazing and exciting sexual experience of my life...A real taboo.

We walked into my other son's room and I went into his closet to grab some bedsheets. My cock was almost fully erect at this point, but I hadn't given my mother in law a chance to see it yet. My heart was beating harder and faster than it had been earlier. When I had the sheets. I turned around to face her and she almost gasped when she saw how hard I was. Seeing the look on her face made me swell up completely. I was completely hard now. I went to the bed and tossed on end of the bedsheet to my mother in law as if me standing in front her her with a hard cock was normal. She just kept staring at my manhood and she said she was feeling very hot. I asked if she was ok. She walked over to my sons desk and pulled out the chair to sit down. I walked over to her to help her sit. My cock was literally near her face now. I asked her if she needed anything. She said yes, but she wouldn't tell me what. I started to feel nervous and my hardon started to fade. Did I cross a line, I asked myself. I'm sorry, I said to her. I hope I didn't do anything to make you feel this way. "Oh no," she responded, "I have really enjoyed the show you have been putting on for me." I felt relieved. We managed to acknowledge what I was doing and she even said she enjoyed it. I got excited again and my cock got hard again.

"Oh good" she said as she watched me grow. "I was hoping to see that again. Like I was saying earlier, you got me very hot and to be honest, very wet."

"Holy Shit!" I said out loud, surprising her. Really???

"Yes, but you know we cant do anything about it. You are married to my daughter and your father in law will be back soon. This has been fun, but this is as far as it can go."

My heart sank and she could see I was disappointed. She apologized to me and I told her it was ok and that she was right. She did tell me that I should feel free to expose myself to her whenever I wanted because she really did like seeing me this way. I said ok, but on one condition. She asked me what the condition was. I told her that I had always fantasized about seeing her naked. She was shocked by my revelation.

"Are you serious? Im an old lady. I would never have imagined that you thought about me like that."

I told her I did. What happened next will be burned into my mind forever. She stood up in front the chair and stood very close to me. She grabbed the bottom of her tight tee and pulled it up, over her head, exposing her white saggy breasts.

"Oh my God" I said.

Then she put her hands on her hips, slipped her fingers inside the wasteband of her pajama bottoms and pulled down her bottoms and panties. Her forehead actually grazed the tip of my hard cock when she bent over. Then she stood up and smiled.

"Is it what you imagined?" She asked.

"No, it's much better I responded." as I stared at my mother in law's completely naked body.

She was a bit overweight, and she was very curvy, but I loved looking at her. The thing I loved most was that she had a full mound of dark pubic hair. I loved seeing her this way.

"I know we cant do anything, but I really need to take care of this." I told her as I looked down at my hardness.

I put my penis in my hand and started stroking myself.

"Shit!" She exclaimed.

She just stood there and watched me masturbate. Eventually, she sat down and pulled the chair closer to me. I was standing in front of my sons bed. She put her legs up on the bed, one leg on either side of me and slid back into the chair. She lowered her hand and plunged it into the mound of hair between her legs. I could hear the sounds of her wetness as she rubbed herself. This made me go over the top. I stroked myself faster as I watched 2 of her fingers disappear inside her pink hole.

"I'm going to cum!" I said out loud after a few minutes of stroking myself hard and fast while I watched my mother in law masturbate in front of me.

She started moaning and grinding her pelvis in the chair as she fingered herself faster. She even opened her legs wider when I told her I was going to climax and she made no attempt to back away from me. I felt my balls tighten and I felt the pressure build up, throughout the length of my shaft. Then, rope after rope of long white cum shot from the tip of my cock all over my mother in law's hand, pubic hair and stomach. She moaned even louder and told me she was about to cum too. I watched her climax and I saw her body convulse in the chair as my orgasm started to subside. She spasmed a few more times in the chair before taking her fingers out of herself. I could see how drenched in her juices they were. I reached down and touched her fingers. This startled her and then she smiled. I rubbed my fingers together to spread her cum around my fingers. Then I tasted her juices. I enjoyed how she cum tasted. When I did this, she sat up in the chair, reached out with her wet fingers and grabbed a small rope of cum hanging from the tip of my cock. I shuddered as I felt her touch on my cock for the first time. Then she began touching the ropes of cum I shot onto her pubes and stomach with her other hand and she spread them around is if I had squirted lotion on her. Finally, she put her cum soaked fingers in her mouth and tasted me.

"MMMMM." She said. "I love how this tastes. This was amazing." she said.

She stood up, walked up to me and hugged me. She pressed her bare breasts into my chest and held me tight. I could feel the tip of my penis press into her pubes. She pressed her crotch into mine and held me for several long moments. Then she released me and leaned in to kiss my lips.

"We will never have sex, but I would be happy to do what we just did anytime we have an opportunity." She said to me as she bent over to pick up her clothes. "I need a shower now." She turned around and walked away slowly, letting me get a long look at her ass.

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Re: Flashing my Mother-in-Law
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Every man should have a mother in law like that
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