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Mark's story
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 :emot_kiss.gif:sex and sex and only sexsex and sex and only sex
“Mark, can you come in here, and look at this computer?”
Shit! “I’ll be a few minutes mom, erm just finishing my homework”. Her white silky panties were wrapped tightly around my cock, I was close to cumming and just needed another couple of minutes.
“Ok, but hurry up please”
Fuck, hopefully she hadn’t discovered the porn site ( I had saved on the laptop. I could feel a burst of adrenalin rushing through my body, adding to the building sexual excitement.
My hand slipped up and down my hard shaft speeding up, the soft satin material of my mom’s panties acting like a lubricant, as I gripped a little harder. My cock fully encased in the panties wrapped around it. Faster I pulled at my cock my balls tightening with each stroke. Then with a grunt, I felt the release as a globule of cum leaked through the satin covering my cock. I kept on stroking as more cum escaped from my erection. Coating both my hard cock and the soft satin panties.
“Will you be long?”
I couldn’t answer, just a grunt, half wishing my orgasm would end, so she wouldn’t come and look for me, but wishing the pleasure as I spunked into her panties to last forever. My cock finally stopped ejaculating my cum into her panties, and my breath slowly returned to normality.
I pulled my jeans back up from around my ankles, and fixed my shirt. Slowly opening my bedroom door, I could see her in the TV room. I ducked into the bathroom, slipping the soaking panties into the clothes hamper.
Its been five years since my dad left us, just after my ninth birthday, so there are only the two of us in our apartment now. “Hey mom what’s wrong?” she had the laptop open on a browser page. It didn’t look like she had found my porn.
“Oh Mark, can you help me, I was going to buy a new pair of jeans and I hear you can shop online for clothes, will you show me how?”
Sitting on the sofa beside her, I slowly guided her through the initial stages of online shopping, she found the site for her favourite shop, and clicked on the link for women’s clothes, then jeans. They had 176 different pairs on sale. I showed her how to filter and finally she was down to a handful of pairs. The whole process took nearly an hour as she made her decision, when she eventually had decided she asked “what size am I?”
How was I to know I answered? She stood up and said “will you see if you can read the label om my jeans, I haven’t bought a pair in years” she stood up, with her back to me, and undid the buckle on her jeans, turning the waist down to show me the label. I could see size 8, but could also see her ass covered in sheer black panties with a pink trim on the waistband. I could feel my cock stirring again, to be this close to her panties, for the first time while she was still wearing them.
“Size 8” I said.
With that she pulled her jeans back up and redid the button. She sat back down selected the size and clicked on “add to basket” an ad came up, people that bought this item also bought…. She saw the offers which included different tops and shoes, and a lace bra and pantie set. “Oh that’s nice” she said, “can I buy that too?” I nodded. She clicked the link, and went through the selection process, selecting a 32D bra. Finally she was finished, entered her card details, then clicked on next day delivery.
By the time she was finished it was nearly time for bed, I went to shower and brush my teeth and as I was coming out of the bathroom, mom was waiting to go in. I heard her going to bed about ten minutes later, then snuck back out to the bathroom, just as I had hoped on top of the clothes hamper was her black sheer panties, with the pink trim. The front was a triangle of pink satin. I ran back to my bedroom with my find in hand. Climbing into bed and pulling my pyjamas off. The panties had a small damp patch around the crotch area, I put them to my nose, and for the first time got the scent of a real woman’s pussy. I began stroking my already stiffening cock, the excitement of knowing the fresh scent and moisture of a real pussy was in my hand had me turned on. I was rubbing my cock fast, I had never looked at mom in a sexual way before, her lingerie had always been just an assistance to my masturbating. But as I jerked I thought about her, she’s about 35, her body is a nice shape, she has great legs, and as I had discovered earlier, her ass looks great in jeans, and out of them. Her breasts are large, it was 32D she selected for her bra size. My cock felt stiffen than I had ever felt, droplets of Precum leaking from the tip lubricating my hand as I jerked off. Then the orgasmic sensation started to build, from my stomach to my toes, I wrapped her panties over the tip of my cock, just in time as I started to pump my cum, the first ribbons landing on the crotch of her panties, where her pussy had been only a short time before.
I woke the following morning her panties still in my hand. “Mark, hurry up, the bus will be here soon, and before you go, will you put all the clothes in the hamper in to the machine”
I got home early that afternoon, it was a short day for freshmen in our high school, and at the door I was greeted by the guy from UPS with mom’s package. She got home a little after six, with a pizza for the two of us. When we were half way through the pizza, I remembered her delivery, she was amazed that next day delivery had actually meant next day. We finished the food and she opened the parcel, pulling the jeans out first.
“Will they fit?” she asked.
“Try them on then you’ll know mom”
She laughed at me, she slipped her shoes off, she was still wearing her work dress. She put her feet in the legs of the jeans and pulled them up under her skirt. As she pulled them over her hips, I got a quick flash of her butt in her panties. I could feel an immediate stirring in my shorts. Her panties were quickly covered by her new jeans. “How do they look?”
I laughed, “Your skirt mom” she looked down, only the bottom half of the denim jeans were visible under her skirt. She giggled and hoisted her dress up. What I could see of her jeans looked good as she twirled about, but the skirt kept falling back down.
Mom finally decided to open her skirt fully, and she pulled her whole dress over her head. Other than her jeans she only had a bra on, nothing special just white cotton, but I had a fantastic view of her cleavage, the bra struggling to keep her large breasts intact. “Well what do you think?” admittedly she looked great, the jeans fitted perfectly, her legs and ass covered like a layer of skin, showing off her shape perfectly. As she turned around, she bent forward, nearly sticking her ass in my face. I complimented her and told how great she looked in the jeans, glad that she couldn’t see the real effect she was having on me, and the growing erection she was causing in my shorts.
“Shopping on line is great, isn’t it Mark” “I think I’ll try my new bra on!” she took the lace bra from the parcel on the table, the matching panties falling out of the pack too. She turned her back and unhooked her old bra. She covered her bare breasts with her arm and hand, but I still got a quick look at the side of her boob and the dark pink nipple that topped her large breast. She pulled on her new bra quickly before I could get a second glimpse of her breasts, but when she turned to ask my opinion, I realized that the lace was so fine, it barely covered her flesh, her breasts were all but visible through the fine material, and her nipples were actually pushing their way out through the material.
I sat back on the sofa, covering my waist with a cushion to hide the growing bulge in my shorts. “You should try the panties on too” I don’t know why I said that, maybe it was just school boy hope or bravery, but she somehow agreed.
In the last 24 hours mom had shifted from the holder of a selection of panties that I could use for masturbating to a woman. A woman with a real body, a body that any man would desire. A woman that has become the object of my sexual attraction. Her body as tight as any of the girls in my class in school even the cheerleaders. Her peach shaped ass and large breasts. Her breast that I had glimpsed a few minutes earlier with her partially erect nipple. Was my chance about to come to see my previously very private mom wearing nothing but a lace bra, which was virtually see through and matching panties. Would I even be lucky enough that she may actually swap her panties right in front of me. I might see her naked. The effect this possibility was having on me was straining against my shorts. Would my cotton shorts hold out as my hard on pushed it's way through the cotton. I was half expecting to hear a tearing sound as my cock won that battle. At least the cushion on my lap was camouflaging my erection.
Mom picked up the panties, thought for a moment and pointed towards her room. “I’ll let you know” I'm sure the disappointment was clear on my face as I realised my fantasy was going To have to remain a fantasy. I was not going to see her naked. As she left the room my cock had already started to deflate. Relief in a way as the pressure on my shorts was relieved. My cushion was slowly lowering back towards my lap.
She was only gone a couple of minutes when I heard "Mark, Mark they sent me the wrong ones" by the time she had finished her sentence she was back in the room.
Her breasts encased in the fine white lace bra, her cleavage like a canyon as the support of the bra pull her large breasts together. Her slightly dark nipples topping her soft white breasts poking through the lace. Her slightly tanned body and tan lines outlining her minimal clothing. Lower down, her stomach slightly rounded and her perfect smooth skin. Resting low on her hips, a pair of fine white lace panties, the matching pair. They were tiny, the fine lace barely concealing her flesh tone, a wisp of blonde pubic hair visible above the waistband. The tiny triangle of material pointing like an arrow to the mound between her legs, as the lace disappeared around her back. Her thighs and legs bare, her gentle tan accentuating the whiteness of her panties. “Oh wow” I heard myself mumble.
She was pointing at her panties, “Look, they barely fit, and look there is nothing covering my ass.” She turned looking over her shoulder and turning her ass to me. The lace panties were just a thong, totally different from her usual choice. She slapped her ass, “look, bare, I’ll have to send them back”
“That’s the fashion now mom, that’s what all the girls wear”
“I won’t ask how you know that, but are they not a bit inappropriate?”
I reached out, my hand resting on her butt, just below where she had been pointing. My hand resting on the curve where her ass meets her thigh. Her skin felt soft, the paleness in contrast to her tanned legs. I was waiting for an angry response to my hand, but deep inside I felt my self getting more and more turned on, my cock growing again in my shorts, a full erection. It was the first time in my life I had ever touched a woman in any sort of sexual way, and the response from my body was clear.
“Mark” I was waiting for a severe reaction, “don’t invade my personal space”. She didn’t move, my hand stayed where it had been. But she tugged my cushion from my lap, my bulging erection clearly visible in my shorts. She was about to make the point about personal space, her other hand was just inches from my bulge when she pulled the cushion away. She stopped, staring at my bulge, her eyes widened. “Oh”
The next moment changed my life, and probably hers. She lowered her fingers, so the tips were resting on the bulge in my shorts. I saw her lick her lips. I moved my hand around and under her thigh, her legs parted slightly to give my hand room. I could feel the warmth between her legs. Her fingers traced the outline of my cock, I could feel it straining. Then she grabbed the button of my shorts and released it, releasing the strain on my cock. I felt my cock jump upwards. She closed her fingers around my erection, her touch as soft as anything. She mumbled “5 years”. I could see moisture already leaking from the tip of my cock, she used her finger to spread the Precum around the head, then slid her hand down the length. Almost immediately I felt my legs turn to jelly and my balls tighten. One touch from her, and the sexual build up I had imagined all evening came to the top of my erection as ribbons of cum shot from my cock. She continued stroking as my cum shot through the air, landing on me, the sofa and her hand. As my orgasm raged on, I grabbed her thighs, trying to pull her towards me, but she stood firm. The mixed emotions I was having of the most amazing orgasm I had experienced, the first one I had not produced myself, and the disappointment of it happening so quickly.
My cock finally stopped spewing out cum, neither of us had spoken. My cock was deflating, as she looked at the ribbons of my cream on her hand. She kneeled down between my legs, and gave the smallest kiss to the tip of my cock. She moaned quietly, then stuck her tongue out, and licked the top of my softening cock. She then began licking the remains of my cum from what was left of my erection, cleaning the sticky cream from my cock. As she licked I could feel my cock beginning to harden already. She looked up at me, her eyes showing a passion I had never seen from my mom before. Keeping full eye contact, she closed her mouth over my cock, her soft lips and her wet tongue sending sensations I had only dreamed of through my body. She began sucking, noisily as I was getting another full erection. The vision of my mom looking me straight in the eye as she got me hard, was so erotic. When I was fully erect she let me cock escape from her mouth. Her saliva glistened along my full length. She began kissing my stomach and my chest, playing with my nipples as her tongue explored my torso. As she kissed my neck, I could hear her mumble “5 years, 5 years”. Her mouth reached mine, her kiss was soft and gentle, her mouth opening slightly. I copied her and let my lips part, her kiss was nothing like the normal kisses she gives me. I felt her tongue press between my lips, she probed my mouth, I could taste her breath in my mouth, as her tongue found mine. Her kiss became more passionate as I responded with my tongue. I could hear moans from deep inside her throat.
I reached down, finding her thighs and the gap between them. As my fingers found the soft lace material between her legs, I could feel a dampness, at my first touch she groaned louder. I guessed I was doing something right, by her response. I felt the band of her panties and found a gap to slip my finger inside. I could feel her soft wet skin, heat coming from somewhere inside, and copious amounts of moisture dripping on to my hand. Her kiss was hard as my finger pressed at her body, and suddenly seemed to enter an orifice I didn’t expect. As my finger slipped inside her she moaned loudly, then pulled away from my mouth.
She reached behind her back, and her bra fell loose, she shrugged it from her shoulders and lifted her large fleshy breast to my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked her tit in. my tongue flicking at her nipple. She was grinding down on my hand between her legs. Suddenly I felt her body jolt, she put all her weight down on my hand, as her body began to shake. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming”. She repeated over and over. I kept my finger as deep inside her as I could until she begged me to pull it out.
My finger and hand were dripping with her juices, as I pulled my hand away from between her legs. I wasn’t sure where to put my hand or what to do with all her juices, when she said “Taste me, lick my cum off your finger” I did as she instructed, tasting her juices, sucking them from my hand and finger. She tasted divine. She then closed her mouth over mine again, as if to suck her own juices from my mouth, to taste herself in my mouth.
We had been kissing for a few minutes when she pushed me back on the sofa, so I was lying flat. My cock was standing full erect, straight up in the air. Standing up, she pulled her panties down, the white lace thong slipping easily from her body, revealing her complete nakedness. She had a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair just above her dark vagina lips. She straddled me and slowly lowered herself down on to my cock. Taking my erection between her fingers, she guided my hard on towards her womanly opening, and as I slipped inside her, she let out a guttural moan. She began bouncing up and down on my hard cock. Her large breasts bouncing free, she was pinching one of her nipples as she balanced herself with her other hand on my chest. I could the walls of her pussy molding around my cock as she rode my tool. She leaned forward, and I was able to suck her nipple between my lips.
Although I had only cum a short while before, I could feel the buildup starting again. I was gripping her ass as she bounced on my cock, her movements were speeding up, and pussy seemed to be gripping my cock tighter, as if she was aware of my approaching orgasm. She stopped moving her hips up and down, instead she lowered herself so I was as deep inside her as I could be, she began rocking herself backwards and forwards, rubbing her crotch against my body. Her legs were gripping mine tightly as she moved on top of my cock. She began tongue kissing me again, then I felt her hand reach between her legs, and her fingers cupped my balls. I could feel her body begin to shake, her eyes glazing over, she wasn’t responding to my kiss, as if she wasn’t in control of her own mouth. Her grip on my balls tightened, and I could feel one of her fingers searching below my balls. Suddenly her finger tipped against the rim of my ass, and my body started convulsing I could feel cum shooting straight from my cock in my mom’s pussy. It felt like I was cumming forever, all my energy spraying from my cock into mom. She kept cumming too, until she finally collapsed on my chest, both of us in a sticky sweaty pile of human skin.
She lay still on top of me, neither of us spoke, my cock slowly deflating inside her. Finally my soft cock slipped out from between her legs, followed by streams of our joint cum dripping on to my body.
Mom finally said one word “Shower”. She climbed off me and put out her hand to help me off the sofa. I still felt a little weak, so took her hand and followed her to the bathroom. She turned on the hot water and stepped in, then she beckoned for me to join her. In the shower she soaped down my body, slowly exploring every detail, spending several minutes of my cock, which slowly began to respond to her touch.
She handed me the soap, it was my turn, I soaped her body down, starting at her shoulders and working my way down her body. I spent ages soaping and massaging her breasts, playing with her hard nipples, then working my way down her stomach, and around to her peachy ass. I let my hands explore her soft skin as I soaped her. After doing her legs, I came to the parting between her legs. She leaned against the shower wall, and spread her legs. I kneeled down in front of her, getting a full view of her wonderful pussy as I slipped my soapy hand around her most intimate parts. The water was beginning to cool, so she rinsed all the soap off. She grabbed a couple of towels from the hook, and both of us dried off.
She lead me to her bedroom, laying back on the bed she instructed me to climb up beside her. She spread her legs wide, and asked “Do you want to taste me”. I climbed in between her legs, she held her pussy lips open so I could see all the way inside her. Her pussy was pink in side and glistening with her juices. I began by giving her little soft kisses down there then slowly licking her vagina. She guided my movements by holding my head in her two hands and controlling the speed and pressure I was licking her with. Her vocal responses were proof that I was doing exactly what she wanted. Going down on my mom for the first time, going down on a woman for the first time and tasting the wonderful flavor of female sex had me rock solid again. I pushed my finger inside her, and she moaned, then she spread her pussy wider, and told me to try two. I pushed another finger in. her juices were warm and I rubbed them on to my cock until it shined. I moved up and pointed my cock to her pussy opening. As my cock touched against her opening I could feel her insides part, and I slid inside. I quickly started humping her, as fast as I could, trying to race my body to another orgasm.
She whispered “Take your time, we have all night, do it slow and enjoy the feelings”
I did as I was told, taking my time with each movement of my hips. I began to become more aware of my own feelings and the responses her body was making to my cock as I slowly made love to her. We had been making love for several minutes, both of us getting close to orgasm on a number of occasions, then resting to allow our bodies calm down, and again starting to bring ourselves back to the edge of another orgasm. We continued for ages, mom showing me several positions, me on top, spooning, then mom climbed on top, and made love to me facing me and with her back to me. Each position giving another sensation to my penis, and bringing both of us to the edge of orgasm.
Finally mom, who was on top, climbed off my cock. She lay stomach down on the bed but raised her hips so her ass was in the air. “I think you like looking at my ass young man, so now I want you to fuck me from behind” she watched me as I positioned myself behind her. Her amazing ass at a perfect height as I moved in between her legs. I could see both her pussy with its gaping pinkness and the brown rim of her butt hole. I guided my cock towards her opening, the tip missed her pussy but tipped against her butt hole. She clenched her butt cheeks, “Not now, we can try that another time, I need your cock in my pussy, it’s been 5 years since my pussy has been fucked”. I moved slightly and guided my cock into her pussy. Slowly I fucked her from behind, I could hear my balls slapping against the back of her thighs each time my cock hit home.
“I don’t know if I can last much longer mom, I think I am close to cumming again”. With that I felt her butt push backwards against my body, as if to increase the penetration my cock was giving her.
“I am about to cum too Mark, but I want you to pull out of me at the last minute, stay inside as long as you can, then I want you to cum on my ass”.
With that I felt my cock begin to twitch, one more time my cock filled her pussy, and as I was pulling out, I felt my orgasm rush. I pulled out, a ribbon of cum shot straight out, landing in the middle of the crack of her ass, a ribbon following the line from her anal opening to the vaginal lips of her pussy. Mom replaced my cock by pushing her hand between her legs, and pushing two fingers into her pussy. As a second strand of cum shot from my cock, she began to orgasm again. Her body collapsing on to her hand, her fingers inside her pussy, and my cum streaming on to her peachy ass.
“That was amazing Mark, its been 5 years and tonight has made up for it” we talked and kissed for over an hour, our tongues at home in each other’s mouth, our hands exploring each other’s body.
Eventually I asked, “Mom, when my cock touched your, you know, your butt hole, what did you mean, we can try that another time?”
“Mark, I have only had anal sex once, your dad wanted to try it, but I didn’t enjoy it, it hurt a bit. I really wanted to try it, and find the idea a real turn on but, that night we had no lube, so it hurt”
“I would never hurt you mom, sorry if I hurt you that time”
“No Mark, you didn’t, but if you want, I think I might have some lubricant in the drawer, we might be able to try. To be honest, your love making has been wonderful, and I don’t think I have ever been so turned on” she climbed out of the bed, and searched her drawer, under her lingerie she found a bottle of clear liquid. Once she was back on the bed, she poured some of the liquid onto her hand, and began rubbing in to my cock. My cock was getting hard straight away, and the liquid was making it extra slippy. She then told me to get behind her, and she handed me the bottle. “Mark, let the lube flow into my ass, make sure there is loads and its as sloppy as you can get it. I poured the lube down the crack of her ass. She pulled her butt cheeks apart, her butt hole opening. The lube began to pour in. I rubbed the lube around her ass and pushed the tip of my finger against the rim of her ass hole. She gasped, and seemed to regain her breath, her ass hole opened slightly, and my finger entered her. I poured more lube on to my finger and slid it in a bit further. My lubed finger making her ass hole get slippier and slippier.
“I think I am ready Mark, but please start slow.”
I poured another squirt of lube on to my cock, rubbing it all over, then guiding it to her ass, the tip slowly pressed against her opening. Slowly the head of my cock parted her ass hole. She gasped a bit as the full head finally entered her. Her ass seemed to gape until the head was fully inside her, then her ass sprung closed leaving enough room for my shaft.
The amount of lube meant my cock was able to slide in and out easily. I could lean forward and found her pussy with my hand, she held my hand and guided my finger to her clit. As I rubbed her small hard clit, and slipped my cock in and out of her ass, she was quickly raising towards her orgasm. She was egging me on, and begging me to speed up. I found myself pounding into her ass harder and faster, mom was on a roller coaster of orgasms, as one would end, and my cock filled her, another one would start. By this stage she couldn’t hold herself up, her legs had given way and she was flat on the bed. I was still able to keep fucking her ass, but had to give up fingering her clit.
She was panting loudly, “I’m cumming mom, I’m cumming”. With that I felt my cock throb.
“Cum in my ass Mark, in my ass”, I could barely make out what she was saying as she was so short of breath.
My cum hit the inside of her ass hole, and with one loud grunt she came for the final time that night, her whole body shaking as the last of my cum entered her.
When I pulled my cock out, the sloppy mess of half a bottle of lube and my cum leaked from her ass hole. Her body slowly recovering from her multiple orgasms.
I kissed her as I pulled the covers over her body, and climbed in beside her, in the same bed as my mom, for the first time since I was a little baby. The last thing she said to me that night was, “I will have to buy more clothes online in the future, you were amazing Mark, thank you”