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Re: The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Upd. 9-3, Codes w/ Each Chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 16:  Speed Round (MFF, MF, oral, anal, racism, inter, humil, psych, step-inc, facial, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

“Fuck, I need a drink after that.”  Joe said as he went to the fridge and grabbed a few beers.  The rest of the guys finished cleaning themselves and Steve handed the pack of baby wipes to the girls.

“Here.”  Aly took them from him and pulled a couple out.  She started by helping Teagan clean herself, then worked on her own body.  Teagan looked like she’d been through hell.  Aly wasn’t that much better off, but at least she was in a slightly better condition.

Joe came back the theater and handed his co-conspirators each a beer.  When Sam took his, he left the room to drink it, asking Joe to come with him.

“You untied Blaine?”  Sam spoke in a hushed voice.

“No, just the gag.”  Joe responded.


“Cause watching him make out with his sister was really fucking sexy. And it was this or drive to Alabama.”

“Step-sister, Ok.  Probably have to untie him from the couch before that.  Especially if this show of yours is what I think it is.”

“Yep.  And since it’s about 11:15, we don’t have a lot of time.  One last round of bathroom breaks, then straight partying through to the end.  You wanna a grab a couple more of those Whiteclaws for the girls?  I’ll make sure Blaine doesn’t choke on a beer.”

“Got it.”  Sam went to the fridge and grabbed the last two cans of hard seltzer.  When he returned to the theater, he saw Ray dragging the table back to the middle and Joe was talking to Blaine.

“I should gag you again right now, but I won’t.  Instead, you get to choose.  Do you want a beer and a trip to the bathroom, or be gagged and be stuck here all night?  Which is it?”  Joe asked of Blaine, who hung his head in defeat as he answered.

“Beer and bathroom.”

“That’s a good boy.  Remember, there’s four of us with guns.”  Joe responded condescendingly.  Steve handed Joe a knife, which he used to slice the zip tie holding him to the couch.  The tie around his wrists was still in place.  After closing the knife, Joe handed Blaine an opened beer.  Blaine drank it in near record time.

Everyone ran through their bathroom breaks while Steve passed a bowl around and Ray had a small line of coke ‘as a pick-me-up.’  Sam was mostly on bathroom guard duty until it came to Blaine’s turn, when Joe escorted him.  He stood by the door while Blaine pissed.  Before anyone could say anything, Joe pantomimed three actions. 

Ssshh.  Phone.  Point to under bathroom sink.

Blaine nodded.  He got the message.  They would leave his phone under the sink when they left.

Joe escorted Blaine back to the theater room.  The bowl was passing around the room and the girls each had another small line.  The men were finishing their beers when Joe motioned for Blaine to sit where he’d been for most of the night.  He then went back to the other guys for a huddle.

“How y’all feeling?”

“A little sore and tired, to be honest.”  Steve replied.  “But I can still go again.”

“Same.”  Said Ray.

“Yep.”  Sam concurred.

“It’s about 11:30 and starting to get late.  I don’t want to be driving through suburbia after last call and grab some piggy’s attention.  I’m gonna scrap the original idea of round robin, change it up.  Is that cool?”

The guys looked at each other then back to Joe.

“We still got some time and are gonna have more fun, but I’ve got another idea.  Blaine and the girls will put on a show.  When he’s not working with one of them, we’re using them how we see fit.  Deal?”  Joe asked the crew.

“Okay, but there’s one thing I want to do before we leave?”  Steve answered.

“What’s that?”

“I want to cum on those pretty faces.”  As Steve said that, Sam and Ray nodded.

“That’ll be our going away present.  After this little show we’ll tie them up together and give a little Japanese portrait to them.  Now is there anything else we haven’t done?”

“I haven’t had Aly’s mouth or twat yet.”  Sam said.

“I wouldn’t mind fucking that ass for a few minutes.”  Steve added.

“Ok, I’ll work that in.  Ready?”

“Break!”  The other guys said jokingly.  Joe walked over to the girls and Blaine.  Sam checked to make sure the cameras were still working.  At some point they were plugged in to a power strip, probably while he was on bathroom duty.  Steve and Ray dragged the table back to the corner.  Joe spoke up.

“Alright ladies, it’s time for one last game for the night.  You see, you three are gonna play a little game I call Speed Round, and it goes like this.  The three of you...”  The girls looked at Blaine as Joe motioned to him.

“Yes, the three of you are gonna put on a show for us.  We’re gonna call out a new position or act, and you’ll do it.  It’s like Twister and Improv had a really sexy baby.  We’re directing our own little porno here.  We’ll call out the action, and you’ll do it.  Every so often if you’re not involved in the action on the couch, you’ll be over with us on the casting couch, or we’ll pop over there.  Every couple minutes we’ll call out something new.  We’ll go ‘til I say stop.  Got it?”

The girls nodded.  Joe could tell from their body language that at this point, they just wanted this to be over.

“Good.  When we’re done with this game, that’s it.  We all go home.  We leave you here, tied up, and we disappear.  You won’t hear from us again, as long as Blaine gets us our fucking money.  Clear?”  Joe eyed Blaine.

“Clear.”  Blaine said.

“Good.  Why don’t you be a good boy and come sit between these pretty girls?”  Joe motioned for Blaine to sit down on the couch between Aly and Teagan.  He stood up and walked over, hands still bound.  He waited a moment as Teagan and Aly split, Teagan going to the left end of the couch and Aly to the right.

“Excellent.  This will be broken into three sections; foreplay, oral, and action.  The foreplay round is 1 minute each, oral is 2 minutes, and the action sequences are 5.  Got it?  Good.”  Joe sat down on the empty couch by the door and grabbed a phone, launching the timer app.

“Time starts now.  Teagan, Blaine, kiss.”

Teagan froze for a second, unsure of what to do when Joe spoke up.

“Today, pretty.  Or I’m gonna get mad.”  Teagan leaned in and kissed Blaine, who kissed her back.  He hesitated for a moment, but once he was able to get her attention, their kissing became deeper and deeper.  Joe’s phone buzzed.

“Okay, Blaine and Aly, you’re up.”  Blaine didn’t want to break off the kiss with Teagan, but he had no complaint about going to Aly.  There was much less hesitation here.  The step-siblings started making out right away.  Whatever shame they had disappeared.  Joe’s phone buzzed.

“Girls, kiss.  Blaine watch.”  Aly held on to Blaine for a few seconds longer before breaking off the kiss and leaning in to Teagan.  Aly tenderly grabbed Teagan’s face and kissed her on the lips.  A few more kisses and Teagan reciprocated.  Soon, they were French kissing, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth.  Joe’s phone buzzed.  He ignored it and let the girls keep going.  Another minute and his phone buzzed again.

“Blaine, join in.”  Blaine tried to join in on the two girls kissing, but it was awkward at first as he kept hitting their cheeks.  They turned towards his mouth and tried to make room in their embrace.  Joe’s phone buzzed.

“Blaine, drop down and play with Aly’s tits.  Keep going girls.”  Blaine did as told, backing out of the kiss and angling down to Aly’s C-cup breasts.  He fondled and licked and sucked them as best as he could.  Aly let out a soft moan when he bit he nipple.  The phone buzzed.

“Blaine, switch to Teagan.”  Blaine moved from Aly’s chest to Teagan’s where he sucked on her much smaller breasts.  They were much more sensitive than Aly’s breasts.  Teagan’s breathing became a little eratic as Blaine played with her small titties.  The phone buzzed.

“Going to the oral round.  Blaine, lean back.  Girls, get him hard with your hands and mouths.”  Blaine leaned back on the couch as the girls broke their embrace over top of him.  They each sighed, knowing where this was going.  They’d seen enough videos on PorhHub to know that this is the part of the video where the two girls kiss and lick the flaccid dick to full erection, and somehow make out on the head of the cock.  They both bent down and placed a hand around Blaine’s penis.  They both stroked, having to get into a matching rhythm.  Once in sync, Blaine’s cock began to grow and each girl stuck out her tongue and licked his shaft up and down.  They did this for what felt like an eternity until they met at his cockhead.  They kissed both his dick and each other.  The phone buzzed.

“Aly, suck his cock.  Teagan, finger Aly and start eating her out.”  Teagan shuddered when she heard those words.  As much as she loved Aly, she was not a fan of eating pussy.  Still, she did what she was told.  Aly placed her head over the head of Blaine’s cock and went down on him.  Blaine’s head flopped back on the couch and his eyes rolled into his head.  Within a minute Aly was deep throating him again.  Damn, she could suck a fucking dick. 

While Aly was deep throating Blaine, Teagan moved in front of Aly and pushed her legs open.  Aly spread them open as her friend pushed.  Teagan began by rubbing the outer lips before slipping her fingers into her friend.  She took her time fingering her friend before diving face first into her muff.  Just as she touched Aly’s clit with her tongue, the phone buzzed.

“Teagan, keep going.  Aly, get up.”  It’s hard to tell a facial reaction when that face is buried in a pussy, but ‘DAMMIT’ would be it.  Teagan kept licking at Aly’s clit, trying to both kill time and get her friend off.  In less than a minute, Aly’s breathing picked up.  A little later it became rough and ragged.  The phone buzzed.

“Teagan, keep going.  Blaine, make out with Aly and play with her tits.”  Blaine leaned over and kissed Aly.  She grabbed his head and pulled his mouth further into hers.  Teagan kept licking Aly’s clit while Blaine grabbed Aly’s nipple and pinched hard.  Aly broke off the kiss and grabbed Teagan by the hair.

“FFUUCCKK OOOHHH FUUUCCKKK.”  Aly swore as she came yet again on her best friend’s face.  As she was coming down from her orgasm, Sam sat next to Joe on the couch and whispered something in his ear.  The phone buzzed.

“Blaine, lay back.  Teagan, between his legs and suck his dick.  Aly, come over here.”  Teagan crawled over to between Blaine’s legs and took his 10-inch cock into her mouth, a little bit at a time.  She licked and sucked the head as much as she could, but she was going through the motions compared to earlier in the night.  Aly stood up off the main couch and walked over to Joe and Sam.

“Suck his dick.”  Aly kneeled in front of the chubby guy and grabbed his cock.  It was already erect from watching this display.  She stroked it a couple times before putting it in her mouth.  Aly did an impressive job on sucking Sam’s cock.  The phone buzzed.  Sam gave Joe a signal that implied ‘one more time.’

“Keep going.”  Joe said.  Aly changed up her technique, transitioning into a full deep-throat move on the chubby man.  His dick was nowhere near as big as Blaine’s, so she was able to accomplish this with relative ease.  Teagan kept blowing Blaine on the couch, more in a matter of passing time than trying to get him off.  Sam’s breathing was getting ragged as Aly sucked him off.  The phone buzzed, and Sam pushed her off of his dick.

“Teagan, keep going.  Aly, go kiss her twat.”  Aly got up off of her knees and walked back to the couch, stopping in front of Teagan.  She spread the skinny blonde’s legs apart and put her face in her best friend’s pussy once again.  Teagan sucked in some air as she felt Aly’s tongue on her clit.

Sam sat next to Joe, trying to regain his composure.  “Holy shit, another two minutes...”

Teagan began to moan on Blaine’s cock as she felt Aly’s tongue going to town on her.  She unconsciously spread her legs and slid her hips down the couch, giving Aly better access.  Teagan pulled her mouth of Blaine’s cock and let out a whimper, which turned into a moan, then a scream.  “Aahhh FUUCK!”  The phone buzzed.  Joe reset the alarm to 5 minutes while Sam gave him a sign.

“Okay, now comes the action phase.  Teagan, lay down on the couch.  Blaine, mount her and fuck her, make it sexy.  Aly, bend over the edge of the couch and play with Teagan.”  The three of them got in position.  Teagan looked up at Blaine and their eyes met.  He leaned down and kissed her as he worked his 10-inch cock into her.  She wrapped her hands around his torso while he balanced himself on his elbows and knees.  Blaine started thrusting into Teagan with long, slow strokes, slowly getting himself completely inside of her.

Aly was bent over the edge of the couch when she saw the chubby man stand up and walk behind her.  She lowered her head in resignation.  There was no getting around it, and fighting it would only make things worse.  She sat there, bent over as Sam crawled behind her and pushed his dick into her pussy.  After a few strokes, he fucked her doggy style.  He kept up a frantic pace for a couple minutes before slowing down to a slow, hard thrust.  Aly gave no reaction to him, except to stifle a laugh when he started wincing and pulled out and yelled “OW, oww, my knee, my knee.”  The chubby man staggered back over to the couch.

Blaine kept thrusting into Teagan, and they were in the middle of what looked like a serious love making session when the phone buzzed.

“Alright, hate to break up this little party, but time for something different.  Teagan, get on all fours.  Blaine, do her doggy.  Aly, stay where you’re at.”  Blaine and Teagan reluctantly broke off their kissing and he pulled out as much as he could in this position, getting up on his knees.  The slender blonde dancer took a moment to look up at Blaine before extricating herself from his cock and climbing up on all fours.  Once she did, Blaine lined his impressive cock up with her petite twat and began pushing in.  It took a few thrusts, but he was able to get completely inside of her quickly.  Once he had a good rhythm going, Blaine started fucking Teagan as best as he could.  She started moaning as he filled her up with thrust after thrust.

Meanwhile, Steve got up and walked over to the couch behind Aly.  Out of the four rapists, he was the one who scared her the most.  Not only did he have the biggest dick out of them, but he was a mean and hurtful fuck.  He fucked them like he was taking revenge against women.

And he was walking over, with a bottle of lube in his hand.

Aly’s heart skipped a beat as he crawled behind her and squirted the lube on her asshole.  She hated what was happening, what was going to happen, and how she’ll react.  Her body was beaten up and abused by this point, but she’d lost count of how many times she’d cum tonight, and the largest orgasms of her life happened with a dick in her ass.  She hated how her body was betraying her tonight, and couldn’t believe that she was starting to go along with it, even as she heard the tall man say it.

“That’s right you little whore, spread those asscheeks for me.”  Her own hands were spreading her ass apart this time, not him.  Before she could do or say anything, or even pull her arms back, he pushed into her asshole and impaled her on his cock.  A loud yelp escaped her mouth.  Steve plowed into her ass with long, hard strokes.  This was about as primal and as painful as he could make it.  Steve grabbed her hair and pulled back.  Aly screamed again, this time a little lower, closer to a moan.

Teagan was breathing heavily and moaning, occasionally letting an “Oh God” slip out.  She started fuck Blaine back, trying to time it just right.  She found the place where she wanted him to hit.  “Right there, right there, right there, Oh God, do it, fuck me right there.”  Blaine kept up the pace, hitting her G-Spot and sending her into another orgasm.

“OOOHHH GOD, YES, YES, I LOVE IT, YESS OH GOD OH I LOVE YOU OH GOD OH BLAAINEEE!!”  Teagan’s body shuddered and shivered as she collapsed on the couch.  Blaine stopped thrusting, unsure of what he heard.  Aly’s head was pulled back, and tears started flowing from her eyes from the pain.  Teagan regained her composure a little, but looked embarrassed, with a look of ‘Did I just say that?’  The phone buzzed.

“Well, that just fucking happened.  Aly, stay where you are.  Teagan, hand loverboy the lube so he can show you what his dick in your ass feels like.”  Teagan froze, a look of horror on her face.  ‘Oh my God, I did say that out loud.’  Teagan broke down and sobbed. 

“Today, Teagan.”  Joe said, putting some emphasis behind his words, but she was still too shocked to move.  Blaine reached over and grabbed the lube from the couch cushion.  He whispered something to her, which seemed to calm her down a bit. 

Blaine squeezed a considerable amount of lube onto Teagan’s tiny little asshole.  For the first time tonight, he felt guilty about what he was about to do.  He’d dreamed of fucking her ass for years, but now that the opportunity arose, he felt conflicted.  He sat there for a moment, afraid of hurting her any more.

“Hey, negro.  Remember.”  Joe said, as he held his gun in the air. 

That was the motivation Blaine needed.  He massaged Teagan’s tight little anus, smearing the lube all around it and then on his pecker.  He lined it up and started to push in.  “I’m sorry” is all he said as he tried to get his dick into her ass.

Teagan screamed in pain as he entered her further and further.  Tears started to flow, from a combination of the pain in her ass and the embarrassment she felt for yelling out that she loved him just a minute ago.  She reached for anything to grasp onto to pull away from the pain, but there was nothing.  Suddenly, she felt Aly’s hands grab hers.

Aly’s reaction to having a large cock raping her ass was different than Teagan.  It’s not so much that she was liking this woman-hating monster fucking her ass like she took his paycheck and spent it on shoes, but she felt something physical with all of the pain involved.  As much as it hurt her to be fucked like this, like some piece of meat, she was enjoying it.  She was once again on the brink of cumming, and if it wasn’t for her best friend being in so much pain, she would have done so by now.

That’s when she felt two things at once.  The tall man in her ass was pulling on her brown hair with one hand and slapped her ass as hard as he could, just as Teagan squeezed her hands with all of her strength, almost breaking her fingers.  The combination of factors was enough to push Aly over the edge yet again.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooohhhhhh fuuuuuckkk! Aahhhhhh!”  Aly’s breathing grew short and shuddered as she came, her body convulsing around the tall man’s penis in her ass.  She felt him slow his pace after and eventually pull out.  But she didn’t feel him cum this time.  Aly almost collapsed on the couch but the look on Teagan’s face nearly broke her heart.  She pulled herself up as much as she could and kissed Teagan.  Soft and tender kisses, with a genuine feeling of love in them.

Blaine tried his best to fuck Teagan’s ass, but damn she was tight.  Even after every other guy fucking her every which way, she was still too tight for his dick.  She was so tight it hurt him to keep trying.  And if it hurt him, he knew it must be tormenting her.  He continued thrusting into her with slow, short strokes.  Enough to count as fucking her, but not so much that it hurt her.

Teagan was a wreck at this point.  Aly was doing her best to help her calm down and get through the pain, and Blaine was trying not to hurt her any more than he had to.  This felt like it was going on forever.  ‘Did that asshole forget the clock?’, she thought to herself as the pain in her ass was almost too much for her bear.  Eventually, it finally happened.  The phone buzzed.  ‘Thank fucking God.’

“Okay.  Teagan, you’re done getting your ass fucked for the night.  Aly, lay down on the couch on your back.  Blaine, fuck Aly.”  Teagan, just relax for a bit in front of the couch.”  Blaine pulled his dick out of Teagan’s ass as quickly and painlessly as he could.  She collapsed on the couch then rolled into a sitting position, pulling her legs into her chest.  Aly climbed on the couch, kissing Blaine as he mounted her.  Her pussy was still wet from cumming a couple minutes earlier, so he slid in without a problem.  It didn’t take him long to start fucking his step-sister at full force.  She showed tonight that she not only could take a full-bore fucking, but that she liked it.  He was going to enjoy fucking her as long as he could.

Which wasn’t going to be too long.

Blaine’s breathing was getting short and shallow, his pace quickened, and he started talking.

“Oh shit baby, oh god damn, oh fuck.  I’m about to cum baby.”

“Blaine, stop and pull out.  Aly, on your knees next to Teagan.”  Joe said, with more of an edge than before.

‘Dammit’ Blaine thought.  Another few seconds and he was about to cum.  Aly looked disappointed, too. Blaine pulled out of her, ready to bust a nut.  Aly kneeled on the floor next to Teagan.

“Put your faces together.”  Aly had seen enough porn to know where this was going.  She sat next to Teagan and put her face next to her friend.

“Close your eyes, Tea.”  Aly said to Teagan.

“Blaine, paint’em.”  Blaine stood over the kneeling figures of Teagan and Aly and, stroking and aiming as best as could with his hands still bound, stroked his cock in front of their faces until he came.

“AHHHH.”  Blaine coated them with blast after blast after blast of cum, all over their beautiful, tear-streaked faces.  His semen was on their cheeks, on their foreheads, in their eyes, in their hair, everywhere.  Blaine coated them like a glazed donut.

With his legs wobbly, he sat back down on the couch.

“Excellent, monkey.  We’ll get you a banana before we leave.  We’re about to wrap up the night.  Girls, hug each other.  Put your hands behind each other’s backs.  Same with the feet.”  The girls did as ordered and hugged each other.  Teagan was still trying to recover from the latest sodomy when she felt Aly grab her and bring her close.  Their hands were behind each other, as well as their feet.

Ray, the old man, walked over to them carrying zip ties.  He zipped Teagan’s wrists first, then Aly’s. 
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Re: The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Upd. 9-3, Codes w/ Each Chapter)
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Very arousing story with great plot development.  A merit from me.
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Re: The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Upd. 9-3, Codes w/ Each Chapter)
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Thanks AB.

The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 17:  Bound and Gagged, again (facial, bond, racism, inter, humil, psych, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Ray, the old man, walked over to them carrying zip ties.  He zipped Teagan’s wrists first, then Aly’s.  The girls didn’t fight or complain at this point, they merely whimpered as the tight pieces of plastic bit into their wrists.  He then grabbed each of Blaine’s legs and tied a zip tie around them, then a third one connecting them and a fourth connecting his feet to his legs.  After Blaine was tied up, Ray pulled out a roll of clear packing tape and wrapped it several times around Blaine’s head, covering his mouth.

The girls were paying so much attention to Blaine getting tied up, they didn’t notice the chubby man come up to them until he was right next to them.

“Turn your faces this way.”  Sam said to the girls, and what they saw was repellant.  Sam was jerking off right over their faces.

“Open up, bitches.”  Sam said as he furiously whacked off.  Aly and Teagan, still covered in Blaine’s cum, opened their mouths, just in time for Sam to cum, shooting a blast of semen into Teagan’s mouth, another on Aly’s nose, and a third on their cheeks.  After his orgasm, he wiped his dick with Teagan’s hair.

Just as soon as Sam was out of the way, Steve stepped up and took his spot, jerking his cock as hard as he could at the faces of the two girls.

“Yeah, you fucking whores, fucking wear this you fucking sluts!”  With that, Steve erupted a load on them, starting with hitting both of their mouths and getting some in their eyes and hair.  This time Steve used Aly’s hair to wipe the last of his cum off of his dick, then spit in her open mouth.

Ray was next, and he aimed right at their eyes, blasting jet after jet first at Teagan, then Aly, then back again until his last spurt dribbled out.  Ray wiped his dick on Aly’s hair.

That left Joe.  The girls could barely keep their eyes open at this point, for fear of having the salty semen get in their eyes with no chance of cleaning it.

“Tongue’s out, now.”  The girls obeyed the leader, out of fear for what else he might do.  Teagan and Aly stuck their tongues out, bumping into each other.  Joe aimed and fired right at their open mouths, alternating back and forth between them.  He deposited quite a load on and in their mouths.

“Swallow.”  Both girls closed their mouths and swallowed as much of the white goo as they could.  They kept their eyes closed, so they didn’t see what happened next, but they could swear they heard pictures being taken.

After cumming on them, Joe wiped his dick all over Teagan’s hair.  He looked at his smartwatch.  It was 12:37AM.  The other guys were all taking pictures of these two beauties covered in cum, and made sure that every camera got a closeup.  They were even able to unlock Teagan’s phone using facial recognition and took several pictures, making sure they didn’t end up in any shared family photo album.  It was kind of a dick move to change her desktop pic from her holding her little Cairn Terrier to one of the pics of her covered in cum, but Joe got a kick out of it.

Then Joe had an idea.  He took his phone and copied all of her contact info he could find.  Number, name, emails, info for her favorite contacts, her social media profiles, and the like.  He then added a dummy friend profile he used for stalking purposes.  It looked like any generic teen girl, so unless she combed through all of her followers, she’d never find it.  This way, he could keep an eye on her.  After that, he sent her a virus from a disposable and anonymous email address to track her actions.  It would look just like any other location app like Weather or Instagram.

He didn’t have the same luck with Aly’s phone, since hers had a thumbprint reader, and this would be too obvious.  Joe made sure he was out of sight of the girls (who couldn’t see anything with all of the cum in their eyes), went over to Blaine and held the phone in front of him.  Blaine hesitated for a moment, before typing in the passcode, 121212.  Joe then pulled the same tricks with Aly and her phone, but he didn’t take any pictures with it.  That would be too obvious.  Instead, he texted Aly the pics from Teagan’s phone, and forwarded them to Blaine.

While Joe was playing tech support on the phones, the rest of the men were cleaning up.  Ray had the last of the 8-ball they cracked open and grabbed one more for the road, leaving 2 behind.  Steve and Sam cleaned themselves up and got dressed, then shut down the cameras and packed them up.  Ray then followed suit.

The three of them had a bowl while they waited for Joe to get ready.  He dressed as calmly and coolly as he could, considering that he probably committed no less than 48 felonies tonight and that they weren’t out of the woods yet.  There was still the matter of tidying things up and making sure the girls didn’t scream bloody murder the moment they left.

“You guys, take a break and load up the ride.  You, gimme your tape.”  Steve and Sam put Carmella, Blaine’s personalized bowl, down and grabbed their bags, carrying them to the back door.  Ray handed Joe his clear packing tape.

Joe looked around for something to gag them with, then found it.  Their panties.  He took Teagan’s panties, balled them up, wiped some of the dried cum off of Aly’s eyes, then shoved them in Aly’s mouth.  He did the same with Teagan, taking Aly’s panties, wiping her eyes as best he could, then putting them in Teagan’s mouth.  He then took the tape and wrapped it around both of the girl’s heads, one at a time.

They looked sad, pathetic, scared, and broken.  Joe was getting turned on again, but he didn’t have time for another round.  He snapped his fingers to make sure that he had theirs and Blaine’s attention.

“So, here’s the deal.  We’re gonna leave soon.  When we do, you’re gonna sit here and count to 100, slowly, before you try to escape or break free.  We’re hiding your phones in the house, so no calling anyone for help to get you out.  You’re resourceful people, you’ll figure this out.  Now, this tape around your heads, it hurts like a bitch if you try to pull it off, but getting it wet with soap and water will make it real easy to work with.  Of course, it’ll also wash away everything we left on you.”

Steve and Sam returned to the room.  Joe tossed the tape over to Ray, who put it back in his bag and put it with the rest by the door.

“Don’t go calling the cops, ‘cause they won’t like how much cocaine you’ve got over there.  There’s enough over there to put all of you away in prison for 5 years.  We’d only get 3 for raping you.  Isn’t that fucked up, that you’d spend more time in jail than we would?  Don’t believe me, you can look it up tomorrow.”

“So remember, two weeks from now, Blaine pays us all he owes, or the video of tonight’s little party gets shared to everyone you know.  By the way, did you know facial recognition works when covered in cum?  Wanna see your new desktop?”  Joe held the phone in front of Teagan, and it unlocked to show her face covered in the cum of 5 different men.

Teagan was trying her best to keep it together, but there was no stopping the tears at this point.  She broke down right then and there.  It might be hard to explain but her body being violated was one thing, but her phone?  That’s just completely fucked up.

Joe locked her phone and handed hers, Aly’s, and Blaine’s to Steve.  “Hide them.”  Steve walked left the theater and walked up the stairway, then back downstairs.  He went to the bathroom where he put the phones under the sink, like previously agreed to.  He then took a piss.  Ray, then Sam followed suit.  Joe was last to go. The scene in the theater was not what he expected to see.

Sam was standing guard over the three captives.  He had pulled out his gun, removed the mag, and slid three rounds out of it.  He took each round, wiped it down with his shirt to remove any fingerprints, then placed one in front of each person.  Everyone, even Blaine, freaked the fuck out when they saw him place a bullet next to them.

“I want you to keep these as a souvenir.  Keep them to remember how horrible tonight was, and how much worse it could have been, and could still be.  We know where you live, an if we feel any heat come on us, having the world see you three fucking on the web will be the least of your worries, is that clear?”  Teagan and Aly nodded as best they could, and Blaine played along one last time and nodded.  “Good.”

Ray and Steve had taken this time to pack up the truck.  Sam and Joe gave one more look around the room to make sure they didn’t forget anything.  Steve came back in and gave a thumbs up sign.

“So, we’re gonna leave soon.  It’s a little after one in the morning, and most of your neighbors are asleep by now.  Remember what I said about the tape, soap and hot water works real good on that.  You can start counting to a hundred when that back-door closes.”  Joe got close one more time to the girls and talked softly.  “Don’t start until we leave.  Got it?”

They nodded.

“Good.  Now, remember.  Blaine, you fucking deadbeat piece of gator bait, if you don’t get me my money in two weeks, everyone in the world will see you fucking your sister and her best friend.  That’s 2 grand in 2 weeks.”

“22.”  Sam said, catching Joe off guard.  He turned to his friend for an explanation.  Sam had a billfold out and pulled out two one-hundred-dollar bills.

“Twenty-two hundred.”  Sam threw the two bills on the floor by the girls.  “You owe us twenty-two hundred dollars now.  Go get these bitches some Plan B in the morning.  The world doesn’t need any more half breeds running around.”  Everyone in the room was taken aback by that comment, even Joe.  Sam walked out of the theater, trying to act like the biggest badass possible.  For the crowd involved, it worked.

Joe turned to the captives one more time.  “Two weeks, two thousand two hundred dollars, or we’ll tell the story of tonight.  Don’t count until that door closes.”

Joe left the theater and headed to the basement door with Sam in tow.  Before opening the door, Joe took several deep breaths to calm himself.

“Buddy, keep me calm during the drive.  Make sure I don’t speed or do anything stupid.  We’ve got a good drive ahead of us, don’t want to do something to get pulled over.”  Joe asked, letting his tough guy character slip.

“Got it.”  Sam patted Joe on the shoulder and they were out the door, closing it behind them.  A moment later, they were in the truck.  Ray and Steve were in the back seats, along with the bags.  Sam climbed in the passenger seat while Joe sat in the driver’s seat.  He started the truck.

“Right, Right on Hummingbird, Right on Cardinal.  Once by the hospital, we can turn GPS back on and plot a course back to Sam’s place.  Anything I need to know before I pull out?”

“Who pulled out?”  Steve asked, getting a chuckle from the crew. 

“You know how you said you wanted to know if I had any coke on me.  Well, I’ve got some coke on me.”  Joe turned around to look at Ray.

“How much?”

“I grabbed one of them.  Left the other two behind.  I’d take them all, but they were part of the deal.”  Ray responded defensively.  Joe turned back to the front and put the truck in drive.  He drove slowly up the driveway and turned right.  Joe muttered the directions to himself and drove below the speed limit.

“Once we turn off this street, masks off, undo the black jackets, try to get casual, not look like we just committed a ton of felonies.”  Joe said from the front street.

“Got it.”  Steve answered from the back.

Joe turned right on Hummingbird.  Steve, Ray, and Sam all peeled off their masks.  Joe waited until the next stop sign to remove his mask.

“Glad to finally get that fucking thing off.”

Sam held both his and Joe’s phone.  He felt one of them vibrate.  He checked his, nothing.  He looked at Joe’s.  There was a text from some unknown number.  Joe noticed his watch buzz but wouldn’t dare remove his hand from the wheel.

“What’s it say?”  Joe asked Sam, who was holding the phone.

“From some unknown number.  ‘Avoid 219.  DUI checkpoint mile south of hospital by beltway ramp, take alt route.’  Shit.  There goes the easy way.”

“Fuck.”  Joe tensed up a bit, trying to think of what to do.

“Gimme the guns and ammo, I’ll hide them in a bag.  Ray, hide your stash in your stuff.”  Steve told the crew, and they handed over their pistols and clips.  Ray put his coke in his bag, and slid it under his seat.

“Three options.”  Joe said, as he made a right hand turn onto Cardinal Drive.  “We get out of this plan and drive through another housing plan, hoping we don’t get stuck in cul-de-sac Hell.  We stop somewhere like the hospital or bar, and wait for this to blow over.  Or we take our chances with the checkpoint.  Turning GPS on this far away might look suspicious if we get caught, and going back the way we came will take us right into Johnny Law.  Suggestions?”

“Keep going north and stop at a local bar.  We have enough time before last call to have one drink.  Plus, I don’t know the names of anything around here to bullshit my way through a checkpoint.”  Ray said from the backseat.

“Agreed.  If we go straight south we might get some questions we don’t want to answer.  Besides, no one knows what we did, what we look like, or what our truck looks like.  The only witnesses are still tied up.  We’ve just got to play it cool.”  Joe explained that this was a good idea as he turned right on 219 leaving the housing plan. 

Right, heading North.  They’ll go to the bar, have a pint, and wait for this all to blow over.

At least, that was the plan until they saw a sign a minute later that said “219 South” and another one 10 seconds later that said “DUI Checkpoint Ahead.”

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!”  Joe screamed at no one in particular.  “FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!”  Joe looked for any side streets or driveways to turn down, but no luck.  “Shit.”

“Who’s got a birthday soon?  Anyone live around here?”  Sam asked, looking for a thread to pull on.

“My son turned 25 last week.  He had an apartment in Grosse Pointe a while back.”  Ray said.

“Birthday works, but Grosse Pointe is a little far from here.  Come up with a place nearby, guys.”  Sam said, turning on the GPS on Joe’s phone.  “219 runs through Sharpstown, right?”

“In like 20 miles through the woods, why?”  Joe looked tense as he approached the lineup of cars stopped ahead of the checkpoint.  Sam punched in an address in Sharpstown on the phone, and a route came up, showing to go straight.

“I have a place up there.  Condo I rent out, but I live there.  Ray, what’s your son’s name?”

“Derrick.  We went to a birthday party for Derrick, he lives in Haden Falls.  It’s on 219, right before Westchester Heights.  You’re driving up to Sharpstown, I have a condo up there.  It’s a rental between renters but has a hot tub and pool on the grounds.”  Sam put Joe’s phone in his dash holder.

“Wipe your noses guys, especially you Ray.”  The guys each did a quick wipe of their noses before moving up in line. 

Joe was tense, but knew that any crazy moves here would make everything much, much worse.  If he tried to run, the cops would peel out and catch him, like they were doing to someone behind him who tried to avoid the checkpoint at the last second.  He’s been through checkpoints before, but never after spending several hours raping two hotties, smoking weed, drinking, and doing coke.  He just needs to keep cool and not do anything stupid.

“Joe, Joe.”

“WHAT?”  Joe snapped back at Sam.

“License, registration, insurance card.  Where are they?”

“License is in my wallet.  Registration in the glove box, insurance is on my phone.”

“Where’s your wallet?”  Sam asked his friend, who was clearly more than a little nervous.

Joe freaked out.  Where was his wallet.  He hadn’t seen it in hours.  He hadn’t needed it in hours.  Oh shit, is it in his bag? 

“Console.  It’s in the console.”  Joe opened the console and pulled out his wallet with his ID.  He handed it to Sam.

“Here.”  Sam handed over Joe’s license and his registration from the glove box.  Joe held onto it with his left hand.  Sam grabbed Joe’s phone and navigated to the insurance app, then handed it to him.  Joe took a deep breath then logged in.  In a moment, he had his insurance card on his screen.

The car pulled up one more spot.  The car in front of them was directed to pull off to the right while a police officer in a blue uniform waved Joe forward. 

Joe pulled forward.  When the cop directed him to stop, he put the car in park.

“Remember, be polite, be courteous.”  Sam said to Joe.

“But have a plan to kill every man in the room.”  Steve blurted out.  Sam turned back towards him with a death glare.

A tall black man in a police uniform stepped up to Joe’s window.  Joe rolled it down, holding his license and registration in his left hand.  The police officer did a quick scan of the car with his flashlight.  Each of them winced a little as the bright light hit them in the eyes.

“Good evening, gentlemen.  License, registration, proof of insurance.”

“Evening sir.”  Joe handed the cop the license and vehicle registration.  “My insurance card is on my phone.”  Joe grabbed the phone and showed him the screen.

The police officer looked at the ID.  The picture matched, it wasn’t expired, didn’t look fake.  The registration looked in place, new large pickup truck, the names matched.  The insurance card looked in place.  He took another look at the passengers.  4 white guys.  3 in their 40’s, 1 a little older.

“Where you headed to?”  The officer asked Joe.

“Sharpstown.  Buddy has a place up there.”  Joe motioned to Sam in the passenger seat.  The cop leaned in to get a better look at who was there.  When he got close, he picked up a subtle smell of marijuana.  He leaned in a little closer and sniffed again.  Faint, but detectable.

“Where you coming from?”  The cop asked, paying close attention to how Joe talked.

“Haden Falls.  Coming back from a birthday party for my friend’s son.”  Joe pointed behind him to Ray.

The officer didn’t notice any slurring or speech issues.  But he could still smell weed.

“That’s a bit of a drive at this time of night.”  Joe seemed completely responsive, showing no outward signs of inebriation.

“I’ve got a hot tub.”  The passenger spoke up.  The cop looked at him for a brief moment.  No laws against being a drunk passenger.

“He has a hot tub.”  Joe said to the cop.

“Were you guys drinking tonight.”  The cop watched Joe.  If he lied, he’d catch him.

“A little.  I had a couple beers over the last few hours.”

“And them?”  The cop asked, pointing the flashlight to the friends in the truck.

“I gotta hot tub.”  Sam said once again.  Joe rolled his eyes.

“A little bit more.” 

The cop leaned in and sniffed again.

“Anything else tonight?  There’s a little something in the air tonight, and it’s not Phil Collins.”

Joe took a deep breath before answering, calming himself down.

“I, uh, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but someone at the party had a little weed.”  Joe looked nervous, which wasn’t too far from the truth.  It’s easier to lie when the lie contains a kernel of the truth.

“How long ago was this, and how much?”  The officer asked.

“About 11, and a couple hits as a bowl was passed around.”  Joe felt being semi-honest might be the best policy here.  He looked like he wanted to say more.

“Okay.”  The cop stopped him.  “Listen, I don’t have a problem if you had a little.  I care if you had a lot.  I care if you had so much that you’re a danger on the road.  I’m going to ask you a few questions... Joe is it?”  The cop held the license up.


“Good.  What’s your birthday?”


“Good.  Count backwards from 100 to 1 by 7.”

“Starting at 100?”  Asked Joe.

“Yes, starting at 100.”  Replied the officer.

“Okay.  100, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65.”

“That’s good.”  The cop cut him off.  “Try saying the alphabet from H to R”

“From H to R.  H I J K L M N O P Q R.”

“Good.  Can you touch your nose with your index fingers?”

Joe quickly touched his nose with his right, then his left, then both index fingers.

“Excellent.  One last question.  Why Sharpstown?”

“I’m going to get in trouble with my wife either way.  I can either get yelled at for coming home at 2AM smelling like weed and get bitched at until the sun rises, or I can go to my buddy’s place, spend time in the hot tub, go to sleep, shower, put on fresh clothes, and get yelled at less for being somewhat responsible.  At least this way there’s a hot tub involved.”  Joe explained, without skipping a beat.

“I’ve got a hot tub.”  Joe cringed as Sam said that line again.

The cop handed Joe his license and registration. 

“Okay, here you go.  Stay safe, and enjoy the hot tub.  Move along.”  The police officer stepped back and waved them forward.  Anyone standing next to him could faintly hear “fucking white people.”

Back in the truck, Joe kept everything calm until they were past the checkpoint and out of range of the police.  Once he was sure they were clear, he screamed.


“I GOT A HOT TUB.  What the fuck was that, Sam.  Did you go full retard there?”  Steve asked.  Sam laughed.

“I went full drunk retard.  Everyone being sober this late is suspicious.  Having one drunk in the car, then the driver looks more sober in comparison.”

“When has that ever worked?”

“Like 2 fucking minutes ago, Joe.”  Sam grabbed Joe’s phone and punched in his address in West Oakville.  “Let’s go back to my place, hopefully we don’t have any more crazy shit happen.”

“You mean we’re not going to Sharpstown?  But I thought you had a hot tub?”  Ray asked, teasing Sam.

“HE HAS A HOT TUB.”  Steve added.

“I GOT A HOT TUB.”  Sam replied.

“WILL YOU FUCKING RETARDS STOP IT!?”  Joe yelled, trying to pay attention to the GPS.

“HE GOT A HOT TUB.”  Ray added.






’77, 78, 79, 80.’ Blaine counted to himself.  No use trying to count out loud.  His mouth was once again gagged and the girls were too busy crying to hear him.  They were tough, much tougher than him, but as soon as those men left and they heard their vehicle start up and leave, they lost it.  Aly started crying, then Teagan joined in, and those two have been crying on and with each other for the last couple minutes.  Individually, they were each a mess, but combined they were a total wreck.  They had been violated in almost every way possible, but did their damndest to not completely crack.  Sure, they broke down several times, but each time they pulled themselves together.  Hell, they even gave in and enjoyed themselves a bit here and there.

But that was over.  Now, they sat tied to each other on the floor of the theater room, bound, gagged, mouths taped, and covered in cum.  A lot of cum.

The girls were in both a better and worse position to help.  Their bonds were just a simple zip tie around their wrists, and they were bound to each other in a hug.  They were free to move their legs, and with a little teamwork they could easily stand up and make their way to the kitchen or garage.  But they were so distraught that even several minutes after the rapists left, they haven’t stopped crying.

’96, 97, 98, 99, 100.’  Alright, time to break free.  But, how?

Blaine was in an awkward position.  Here he was, zip tied at the wrists and legs, sitting on a couch.  His wrists were bound with one zip tie, while his feet were bound with three.  One surrounded each foot, and another connected those two together.  Those were connected to his wrists with one more tie.  If he could get either of the ones now near his wrists, he’d be set.  He could either stretch the other ones enough to break or he could stand up and shimmy around the house to get something sharp.  As it was, he was stuck in this position on the couch.

Shit, the couch made it worse.  If he were on the floor, he could move around as much as he wanted and not worry about falling.  He’d have to slide onto the floor so he could get around anyway, so at least there was a start. 

Blaine rolled toward the end of the couch, closer to where he was sitting the whole night.  It was safer to slide and fall here than in the middle or the left seat of the couch.  The girls were tied up by the left seat, and he didn’t want to risk breaking the TV.  God, that would be even harder to explain.

Once he was at the edge, Blaine tried to kick and snap the zip ties, but all he managed to do was hurt his wrists and ankles.  ‘Fuck, down I go.’  He rolled and leaned and squirmed into a position where his feet and ass were just above the floor.  He dropped a few more inches and THUD!  Blaine landed on the floor with the grace of a piano.  He laid on his back for a moment, taking account of his surroundings.

From here he could see no sharp objects to cut the ties.  No knives, blades, keys or anything over here on this side of the room.  Everything over here was either dull or soft.  All he found down here was a roach clip that got knocked over.

‘That’s it!’  They smoked a lot of fucking weed earlier, and what does a person need to smoke weed?  Fire.  Where’s that come from?  A lighter.  What does a lighter do?  Melts the shit out of plastic, especially a nice lighter like Blaine’s Zippo.

He rocked himself into an upright position and scanned the room.  He found his lighter next to his bowl on the glass table now pushed in the corner.  All he’d have to do was shimmy on his ass across the room, grab the lighter, and use that to melt the plastic.  Normally, this should take him a few seconds to get across the room.

Five minutes later, Blaine was just making it to girls, and he was already exhausted.  This was a long night, but shimmying on one’s ass and heels across a carpeted floor on a concrete basement slab can wear a mother fucker out.  When he got to the girls, what he saw broke his heart again.

Teagan and Aly were still crying, but it had died down from uncontrollable sobbing to cries of resignation, like they thought they were trapped here.  At this point they were in a cycle of consoling each other.  One would get a little worse, the other would comfort them.  They kept this loop up the whole time he slid around the room.  What he noticed that crushed him was how they both didn’t break down completely at the same time.  It’s weird to describe, but no matter how shitty one of them felt, they would suck it up to help the other.  They didn’t both hit rock bottom at the same time.

And he was the reason.  He’s the reason they were in so much pain.  He’s the reason that two women who loved him were blubbering messes.  ‘Fuck, if I caused this, who else did I crush like this?’

Blaine always separated himself from the rape.  To him, it was always about physical and mental dominance.  He never sat around after to see how it worked out.  All of his early gifts and offerings to The Club were exes he was done with or some girls he barely knew.  It was never his sister or Teagan.  Never before, anyway.

Seeing the pain he caused them, and knowing it was his fault broke something inside of Blaine.  He was sad, he was hurt, he was filled with guilt and remorse, and he wanted to cry, but nothing came out.  Why couldn’t he cry?  Fuck, when was the last time he cried?  Not from breaking a bone, but from emotional pain.  He cried when he broke his foot in his car wreck, and he cried when he totaled his Evo, but he hasn’t cried for another person since before his parents split.

He tried to cry, but no tears came.  His chest shuddered, he wailed behind his gag, his eyes turned red, but no tears.

‘Alright you fucking pussy, get in gear.  These girls need you.  Step 1, get the lighter and break these bonds.  Step 2, check to make sure the phones are secure where they should be.  Step 3, get something sharp to cut them free.  Step 4, be there for them.  Step 5, never tell a soul what you did or what happened.  This shit stays here, and your role in it dies with you.’

Blaine’s inner voice rocked him into motion.  He had no problem finishing his journey to the table.  Once there, he saw his Zippo lighter, Carmella, some empty plates, a lot of weed, and some cocaine.  While he could try to use his personal bowl Carmella to break the zip ties, these were thick enough that they could break his bowl.  His best bet was the lighter.

Blaine leaned over and slid the lighter across the glass table towards him, letting it fall into his hands.  He then slid back away from the table.  No reason he should be close to anything when playing with fire.  He placed the lighter on the ground and gently opened it.  Blaine struck the striker wheel once.  Spark, but no flame.  A second time.  Again, sparks but no flame.  On the third attempt, the lighter lit an orange-yellow flame. 

He held his ankle and wrist bonds over the flame, pulling his feet apart and his wrists up while doing so.  Plastic weakens faster with heat and tensile pressure than just heat alone.  30 seconds, his legs were getting weak and this was an awkward position to stay in.  At 45 seconds, he could feel the heat from the flame warm up his skin even at this distance, but he saw the center band start to weaken.  Just a little bit more...

A little after a minute passed before he felt his wrists freed from the ankle support.  A second later, his feet snapped free.  Blaine fell back on his ass, almost knocking over the lighter.  He grabbed it as best as he could with his hands that were still bound, and closed the lighter, snuffing out the flame.  He put the hot lighter back up on the table to cool off.  Now that he was free to walk, getting out of these bonds should be easy.  Well, as easy as anything else tonight.

Blaine stood up, and when he did he noticed the girls stopped crying for a moment.  They looked at him with a sense of hope and fear.  Hope that this might be over, but fear that he’s moving too fast.  They didn’t notice that it was almost a half hour since the men left.  They cried for so long that they lost track of time.  He wanted to hug them right then and there, but there was a job to do.  He tried to see if he could grab the tape around his mouth, but he had no luck with his wrists still bound.  He held up a finger and yelled “One Minute!” as best as he could through the gag.  He turned and left the theater room, Aly and Teagan wailing behind him.

‘Looks like they didn’t get the message.’

Blaine quickly made his way to the basement kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors from the junk drawer.  After a moment of balancing and effort, he cut the zip tie around his wrists.  Another couple snips and he had the ties off of his ankles and he quickly cut the tape from his face.

“FUCK.  Fuck.”  He rubbed his wrists, noticing the skin was deeply bruised.  Those fuckers.  He wanted a word with them one day.

Hearing the girls cry brought him out of thoughts of revenge or petty retribution and back to the present.

‘Step 1 complete.  Step 2, phones.’  Blaine stepped into the bathroom off of the kitchen and looked under the cabinet.  3 smartphones sat stacked safely under the sink.

‘Step 2 complete.  Step 3, free the girls.  Lock the door first, dipshit.’  His inner monologue hated him tonight, and rightly so.  Blaine checked to make sure that the door the men left from was locked, but also turned the deadbolt, too.  He walked as quick as he could back to the theater.  Once there, he made a bee line for the girls, first cutting Teagan’s wrists then Aly’s.  They hugged each other for a long moment as Blaine tried to get their attention.  Seeing the scissors set Aly off into a panic, so he turned to Teagan.

“I need to cut the tape so you can talk, hold really, really still.”  Blaine carefully snipped a piece of the tape away from Teagan’s cheek and slid the tip of the scissors underneath.  He snipped a little bit, then pulled more up and cut again.  He did this until the tape was completely cut.  He pulled it back a little, but stopped when he saw how much it was sticking to her skin.  Teagan grabbed the piece with her free hand ripped it off, then spit out the panties she had stuffed in her mouth.  She threw her arms around his shoulders and collapsed onto him, crying tears of relief.  He kissed her on the head and hugged her back.

“Hey, still got to get Aly.  Help me keep her calm.”  Teagan sniffled then saw that he was trying to remove her gag and tape as well.  Aly didn’t like sharp things near her face, so she wasn’t having much of it.  Teagan shushed her and pet her hair while Blaine cut off the gag.  Just like Teagan, she ripped it off, ignoring the pain, and spit out Teagan’s underwear from her mouth.  Both girls hung on to Blaine for dear life.

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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 18:  The Day After – The Men (nosex, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience. 

Following their close call at the DUI checkpoint, the rest of the drive home was noneventful.  It wasn’t quiet, since it took halfway to Sam’s apartment before they stopped yelling “I GOT A HOT TUB” at Joe while he was driving.  After they stopped at gas station for a quick bite, coffee, and bathroom trip, they didn’t get back to Sam’s place until 3 in the morning.  The mood in the truck was jovial, like the traveling bus of a sports team following a road win.

The men found out a lot about each other.  Sam talked about his rental company and how he’d rather flip houses than rent them, but sometimes that’s not an option.  He talked about some of the girls he had his eye on at his properties, and how he now had to look for a house because of Joe’s cover story today.

Steve talked about how much he was looking forward to ten years from now.  He had two ex-wives he paid alimony to and two kids he paid child support for.  He couldn’t wait until the youngest was old enough to go to college.  At least then there would be an end in sight.  The kids live with their moms and he gets each of them 1 weekend a month by themselves each and 1 weekend together.  He told his first ex that something came up today and that he couldn’t watch the oldest today.  “Not that she wants to spend the weekend with dad anymore, little bitch is like her mother that way.”  Everyone in the truck got the distinct impression that Steve didn’t like women too much.  Of course, the hatefuckings he gave earlier were a pretty big clue.

Ray was definitely the oldest in the car and had the most health problems, even having a cancer scare a couple years ago.  His kids are all grown, and he left his wife about 30 seconds after their youngest moved out.  They’re still friends, but couldn’t stand each other after 25 years of marriage.  He’s happily single and she remarried a few years later to a mutual friend of theirs.  His youngest boy is 25 and lives with his girlfriend and her girlfriend, and his oldest son adopted a foster kid with his partner.

Joe didn’t go too much into his family, aside from the basics.  3 kids, 2 boys and a girl aged 11, 7, and 5.  The girl was the 7-year-old.  He’d been with Mari on and off since high school, but they got married 12 years ago.  The timing just happened to line up with the first kid.  He works as an IT Manager and she does something in marketing.

They also talked about the night and their favorite parts. 

Sam absolutely loved breaking Teagan in.  “The way she looked up at me, starting so defiantly then slowly giving in, that was hot.”

Steve’s favorite was making Aly cum from fucking her in the ass.  “Holy shit, I’ve never seen that happen in real life.”

Ray’s was watching Aly go completely insane on Blaine’s dick.  “I was so impressed watching her I didn’t even cum. I was like, ‘nope, just watch.’”

“You were so fucking coked out you couldn’t feel your face, let alone your dick.” 

“That too, that too.”  Ray said to Steve.  He turned to Joe in the driver’s seat.  “What was your favorite part, Mr. Director?”

Joe thought for a long moment.  “I gotta say, the whole night was awesome, but the best moment was towards the end when Blaine was fucking Teagan, he made her cum, and she just screamed out ‘I LOVE YOU’, like what the fuck was that?  That happened and I’m thinking ‘This is some Mike Tyson shit right here.’”

“Mike Tyson shit?”  Sam asked.

“Imma fuck you ‘til you love me!”  Steve said in a bad Mike Tyson impression.  Sam looked confused.

“Back after he got out of prison, Mike Tyson had some press conference, and this reporter, a guy by the way, said something he didn’t like and Mike just yelled “Imma fuck you ‘till you love me.”

“Oh shit, I forgot about that.”  Sam said.

“You don’t think the girls knew beforehand?”  Ray asked the group.

“Nah, there’s no way they knew.  They were stoned, drunk, and frightened when we showed up.  This wasn’t some plant situation like Becky.”  Steve said.  Joe cringed at hearing the name.

“Who’s Becky?”

“Oh shit, you’re new.  Becky is the psycho bitch that keeps setting herself and one of her friends up.  Different friend each time, but she keeps doing it.  Sometimes it’ll be a home invasion, other times she’ll drug her friend and let the dude fuck them both.  However, it goes, she’s one cold hearted bitch.”  Steve explained to Sam.

“Don’t ever fucking date her.  If you are dumb enough to try that, never give that bitch your real name.”  Joe said, as he pulled off of the beltway and headed to the West Oakville exit.  The men laughed at Joe’s pain and stupidity as he drove on.

The rest of the night was uneventful.  Ray and Steve drove back to their places while Joe caught some shuteye on the cushions he took off of the chairs in Sam’s place.  He didn’t sleep long, just a couple hours to refresh and recharge before taking a quick shower and changing into a spare set of clothes he had packed away in his bag.  Joe woke Sam up at 6AM when he left so Sam could lock up behind him.

Sam slept until almost Noon that Sunday.  He took his time getting ready, preferring to relax than do any of the tasks he laid out for himself.  It was close to 2PM by the time he opened up his computer and checked his phones.

His work phone had the regular messages from the company telling him about complaints that came in overnight and things that broke.  His personal phone had a few texts on it from Joe letting him know he got home and that Mari didn’t kill him yet, but his kids might if they didn’t shut the hell up during this brunch.  His burner phone app had a few texts on it from numbers he didn’t recognize.  One of them said “Check your mail” and the rest were things like “WOW, GR8 JOB!”, “AMAZING”, and “Welcome aboard, Noob.”

Sam scratched his head at the last few, but had a feeling he knew what happened.  He went through the process to log on to The Club and what he saw confirmed his suspicions.  Some of the videos were uploaded.  It took Sam a few minutes to figure out who was who, but it looked like Ray had already uploaded the raw footage from last night’s party.  He watched some of the video, and realized three things right off the bat.

First, he needed to lose some fucking weight.  Sam was by far the fattest guy in the room.

Second, Ray is probably going to die of a heart attack soon.  By the time he got home, it had to be close to 4AM, and instead of getting some sleep, he stayed up and uploaded close to 5 hours of video, along with filling out all of the info on what happened, who, and where.  That alone would take a couple hours.  The only way he could have stayed awake at that point was if he cracked open that 8-ball he took.

Finally, Sam’s new friends are some sick fucks.  And so is he.

Sam spent the next couple hours uploading his videos from the party.  His favorite was filming his cock going into Teagan’s mouth for the first time.  While working on it, Steve logged on and uploaded his video from that 4k camera he had.  That footage looked pristine.  In the early evening, Joe logged on and sent a message saying that he would upload his video sometime in the next coming days.  The only one missing by the evening was Blaine.

While he was on the site, he also took the time and built a dossier for Naomi, his ex’s bitchy sister.  He wasn’t putting her up for trade yet, but wanted everyone to know that she would be on the trading block soon.
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 19:  The Day After – The Women (nosex, story)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience. 

It took almost a half an hour for the girls to calm down enough for Blaine to leave them alone in the basement.  That entire time, they just held onto him and cried.  Several hours of pain, torment, humiliation, violation, and torture came out at once, and Blaine did everything he could to keep it together for them.  He just sat there and held them as they cried it out.  He held them as they cried out the pain that he caused them.

Once he was able to leave them for a bit, he surveyed situation.  Aside from the theater, most of the house was in great condition.  The downstairs kitchen and bathroom were a little dirty, but the only other room that was a mess was his, and that was part of the plan.  Nothing looked like it was broken, but everything aside from his bed and computer were strewn about, staged to look like someone was searching for something.

‘You deserve a lot worse than this.’  The little voice in the back of his head kept repeating over and over how everything that happened tonight was his fault, and consciously he couldn’t deny it or rationalize it or explain it away.  He set the whole thing up, all so he could fulfill some twisted fantasy of fucking Teagan.

“Get your shit together.”  Blaine said to himself, as he tried to wipe the stress and tiredness off of his face.  Looking around his room, he tried to wrap his mind around it.  Blaine had been involved in at least a dozen rapes in his life.  He liked it, he was good at it, thinking of himself like a connoisseur of rape.  This wasn’t the first time he’d set up girls he one time cared about, either.

Why was this fucking with him so much?

‘Because you’re a fucking dumbass.’  That inner voice was starting to piss him off, but it was right.  Blaine didn’t stop to think about the consequences of his actions when he planned this, he just jumped in guns blazing, thinking with his dick instead of his brain.  Before he knew it, the perverts came up with a basically fool-proof plan.

Except he was the fool.

He didn’t stop to think about how they would react to such a long and drawn out attack.  He didn’t think that they’d find solace in him as a fellow captive instead of getting angry at him for what happened.  He didn’t think that they’d double down on how much they cared for and loved him during the night.

He didn’t fucking think. And now, here he was having to deal with the aftermath of the problem.

‘Okay dumbass, first things first.  Close the door, stop the recordings, shut the computer down, get some clothes for everyone.  Get the girls upstairs for a bath if possible, long shower if not.  The Master Bath has jets which might help them feel physically better.  Then get them to bed and sleep.  You can clean this mess in the morning, but do what you can for them, you dumb son of a bitch.’

The voice was right.  First things first.  Blaine closed the door on the infinitesimal chance the girls came upstairs.  Next, he opened the computer to check the status of the recordings.  Still going.  The last hour plus would be mostly Teagan and Aly crying.  Blaine stopped the recordings, then shut everything down.  No need having this up and running and having prying eyes accidentally seeing what’s on it.  Next, he grabbed some clothes, three pair of gym shorts and a couple t-shirts he used for workouts.  The girls would be swimming in this stuff, but it was better than nothing.  At least with some clothes, they might start to feel a tiny bit closer to normal.  He threw on one pair of shorts, ignoring underwear for now, then went downstairs.  He was halfway downstairs when he had a thought.

‘Go get a couple more shirts, big ones.  Save this stuff for after the bath.  They’re dirty as hell right now, and won’t want to sleep in clothes that smell like cum, you dipshit.’  His inner monologue had a great point.  Two for calling him a dipshit.  He bounced back up the stairs and grabbed two more shirts from his younger and fatter days.  He then went back downstairs and into the theater.

The girls had finally moved from the floor to the couch, but only sat on the edge.  Blaine decided in that moment that this furniture needed to go.

He walked over to the girls and crouched before them, handing them each one of his older, larger t-shirts.

“Are you okay?”  He asked, pausing a little too long.  Teagan gave him a death glare.


“Are you okay to walk upstairs?  Do you want to use the shower and bath in the Master bath or the shower stall down here?  If you can get upstairs you can use the big shower and then soak in the tub for a while.  Then we’ll get to bed and deal with shit in the morning.  Okay?”  Blaine put as much care and tenderness behind his words as possible.  The death glare ratcheted down considerably.

“Yeah.  I, I, I think I can make it.”  Teagan said through quivering lips.  She shook as she tried to put the large black t-shirt on.  Blaine moved to help, but she jerked back reflexively.  He backed off, letting her get dressed.

“What about you, Al?  You got this or you want me to spot you?”

Aly looked at him for a long moment as Teagan put the shirt on and stood.

“Can, can you help?  Just, just make sure I don’t fall down the steps or anything?” 

Blaine grabbed her hand and held it.  “Got it.  Here.”

Teagan looked at the two of them as Aly struggled with the shirt.  Teagan looked like she wanted to say something.

“It’s okay Tea, we’ll be up in a minute.  Go to our parents room and use the shower in their bathroom.  We’ll follow and I’ll start the tub after.”  Blaine reached out with his free hand grabbed her hand.  “It’s okay, we’ll be right up.”  He let go after he felt her squeeze.  She stopped again at the doorway for a moment, looking back in the room.  Aly was just getting the shirt over her head. 

Teagan climbed the stairs from the basement to the first floor slowly at first, then faster.  By the time she was on the first floor, she almost broke into a run.  A few more steps to the stairway heading to the bedrooms and she was in a full-blown sprint.  She was in a panic, running as fast as she could to the Master Suite.  She entered the bedroom, then swung a right at full speed.  She barely slowed down as the carpet of the bedroom gave way to tile and bounded into the shower stall, stopping just in time before slamming into the glass walls.  She fumbled with the controls, trying to frantically turn on the water.

“Come on, COME ON!!!”  She couldn’t explain it, but right now in this moment, she wanted the water more than anything.  She NEEDED the water more than anything.  Something clicked in her mind that screamed that she just wanted to wash it all away.  But she couldn’t remember how this worked.  For the life of her, she couldn’t turn it on.  “This shouldn’t be that hard, THIS SHOULDN’T BE THAT FUCKING HARD!”  She pulled and twisted and yelled and screamed and cried until, finally, the water turned on. 

Finally, she felt the water.  She felt something on her skin and body that wasn’t some kind of gross violation.  She felt the water spray onto her legs and arms and head, she felt the water get in her hair.  She felt.

Teagan collapsed, sitting in the corner of the shower stall and curled her legs into her, wrapping her arms with her legs.  She didn’t notice that she was on the floor and not the bench.  She didn’t notice that she was still wearing that t-shirt.  She didn’t notice that the water was cold.  She didn’t notice that she didn’t notice, then she didn’t care that she didn’t notice.

Back in the basement, Aly took her time getting the shirt on.  She was sore everywhere, and she wasn’t as athletic as Teagan.  When she stood, her legs felt like jelly.  They worked, but she was worried she might fall down the stairs.  She nearly fell when she took a couple steps.  She would have fallen, if Blaine wasn’t there to catch her.

Blaine kept her stable as they climbed the steps.  By the time they made it to the top of the steps, they could hear the water running in the top floor.

“Take me to my shower.  I just want to clean this off of me first before taking a bath.  Please?”  Aly looked at him with sad, begging eyes.

“Sure thing, Al.” He helped her climb the last flight of steps then took a quick turn into the bathroom.  A moment of fear passed through his mind as he realized he didn’t check the bathroom before coming downstairs.  His mind raced through what could possibly be wrong, but attributed everything to paranoia.

When they entered the bathroom, the only thing he noticed out of place was that the toilet seat was up. No biggie, he uses this bathroom too.  He pushed the lid down and helped Aly turn on the shower.  He made sure the water was just right, then helped her out of her shirt.

She stood there, numb to the world.  It wasn’t until he tilted her head up and kissed her on the forehead that she responded to what he said.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.  I’m gonna check on Tea, then back on you, then take a quick shower and get the tub going, okay?”  Aly nodded, then kissed him.  He stroked her hair once, giving her a quick kiss back before leaving.  “I’ll be back real soon.”

Aly climbed into the shower and let the water do its work before she felt strong enough to scrub and clean.  Blaine closed the bathroom door behind him as he went to the Master Bath.

Blaine arrived at the Master Bath and saw Teagan sitting in the corner of the shower stall.  She didn’t notice him enter the bathroom, or even open the shower stall.  He felt the water.  ‘Damn, this is ice cold.’  He adjusted the water temperature to something that wasn’t slightly above freezing, seeing what Teagan would do.

She did nothing.  She sat in the corner, like she did before.

“Tea, get up.”  Nothing, no response.  He stepped in the shower to get her up.  “Come on Tea, get up.” 

When he reached out to grab her, she screamed and flailed her arms.  She hit him a few times with wild swings, nothing that hurt him, but could leave a small bruise or two.  He grabbed her arms and yelled to get her attention.

“TEA, STOP!  IT’s ME.”  She was still hysterical.  He stood up and dragged her to her feet.  “TEAGAN, IT’S BLAINE!”  He shook her while holding on to her wrists.  She came back to reality.  She stopped trying to hit him and hugged him.  He hugged her back, standing in the shower.

“You okay to wash yourself, or you want my help?”

Teagan looked past him for a second, then back at him, trying to keep focus.

“I can do this.”

“Okay.  Take off your shirt first and soap up.  I’ve got to check on Aly, I’ll be right back.  Want me to start up the tub?”

Teagan stopped paying attention and tried to slip the extra-large t-shirt off.  Blaine turned around to give her a modicum of privacy.  When she saw that, she hugged him from the back and gave her the shirt.  He tried to hug her back in this awkward position.

Blaine left the shower, turning on the tub across from the shower stall in the Master Bathroom.  After making sure that was okay, he went to check on Aly in the bathroom down the hall.  It was only when he walked over the carpet in the hallway that he realized his shorts were soaked from standing in the shower with Teagan.

He knocked on the bathroom door first before entering.  “Aly, you okay?”

‘Great question, dumbass.’  Geez, did his inner voice have to sound like Red Foreman?

“Al?”  Blaine said again before walking to the shower.  He pulled back the curtain a little to see how she was getting along.  What he saw made him feel a little better.  Aly was sitting down, shampooing her hair.  Her skin was red from scrubbing, and she seemed in a little bit of a better mood.  All things considered.

“Hey, I’m running a bath, you almost ready?”  Blaine asked.  Aly was startled by the voice, but after realizing who it was relaxed again.

“Yeah, just give me a minute.”  She stood up on wobbly legs and washed the shampoo out of her hair.  She turned off the water, then reached for a towel from the towel rack.  She was just going into the tub down the hall, but wanted to wash the soap off more than anything.

Blaine grabbed her hand and helped her out of her bathroom and into the Master Bathroom.  She climbed into the jet tub and breathed a relaxing sigh.

Teagan was finishing up washing down her body and hair as well.  Blaine approached her in the shower.  This time, she didn’t try to hit him.

“Tub’s ready whenever you are.”

“Thanks.”  Teagan said, watching him walk off towards the door.  “Where’re you going?”

“I was going to get a shower.”

“Could you just, stay here?  I’ll be done soon, you can use this one?  Please?”  There was a fear in her voice he wasn’t used to hearing. 

“Okay.  I’ll stay.”  He stood by the shower, waiting for Teagan to finish up.  She didn’t bother with drying off, as she went straight to the tub.  She climbed in without any help from Blaine or Aly.  She sat in the warm water, letting it soothe her aching muscles.

Blaine jumped in the shower, washed up, and was out within four minutes.  Years spent in gym lockers taught him the value of a quick shower.  Of course, he was in a much better position than they were.

When he got out of the shower, he tried to figure out what to do when he saw Aly and Teagan look at him.  He was torn.  Did he want to climb into the jet tub with them, naked?  Normally this would be a no-brainer, but with all they’ve been through tonight...

“Just climb on in.  Sit with us for a while.”  Blaine wasn’t going to make a move on them at this point, and they’d seen a lot more of each other already tonight.  Still, he at least held a towel in front of his junk out of curtesy to them.

Once he climbed in, he sat in the middle of the back wall.  Aly and Teagan both slid over to him, with Aly on his left side and Teagan on his right.  He saw a clock from where they sat.  It was about 4:00AM.  The girls fell asleep on his shoulders, and soon he nodded off.


The thing about sleeping in a tub is one two things eventually happen.  Either a person slips into the water and thinks they’re drowning, or the water gets cold.  Either way, they wake up.  Both happened within a half hour.  Aly slipped underwater for a second and woke up with a scream.  This rocked Teagan awake, who panicked and woke up Blaine.  After a minute of assessing the situation, they also discovered the tub was now cold.

“Let’s get out and go to bed.  The guest room has a queen-sized bed.  Either that or Mom and Dad’s king size.”  Blaine said as he dried off.  Teagan and Aly both thought for a second and looked at each other.

“Guest room,” they said in almost perfect unison.  Blaine nodded.

“I need to get another pair of shorts.  There’s some clothes for you two over by the sinks.”  Blaine pointed to the vanity with dual sinks.  “I’ll be right back.”

Blaine left, grabbed a pair of shorts from his room, went to his and Aly’s bathroom for a piss and blast of mouthwash, and came back.  The bathroom door was closed, and he could hear the toilet flush.  He went down the hall to the guest bedroom and turned on one of the lamps.  When he came back, the bathroom door was opened and both girls were combing out their hair.  He walked them down to the Guest Room, where they crawled under the covers and took similar spots.  Blaine lay in the middle, with Aly on his left and Teagan on his right. 

“Can we keep the light on tonight?”  Aly asked.  Teagan nodded along.

“Sure.”  Blaine agreed.  In a matter of minutes, the three of them were asleep.  A very light, fitful sleep interspersed with moments of panic and awkwardness.


The three people learned a lot about each other that night.  They learned that Blaine snores loud enough to wake the dead if he sleeps on his back.  They learned that Teagan likes to run marathons in her sleep.  They learned that Aly kicks and punches in her dreams.  They learned that comforting two rape victims while sporting morning wood isn’t the best look.

And they learned that they have a lot to go through, a lot to talk about.

They woke up from an exhausted sleep around 10:00AM.  While the clock says they slept for 5 hours, it felt more like 45 minutes to Blaine.  When he woke they were both laying on him with their arms around each other.  Seeing these two beautiful young women sleeping on him was one of the most amazing moments of his life so far.  He kissed each of them on the top of their heads.  He felt warm and alive.

He also felt one of their hands was on his cock, stroking it through his shorts.

As the fog in his mind registered what was going on, his next question became, ‘Whose hand is that? I should stop them before anything bad happens.’

At that moment Aly opened her eyes and mouth in a yawn, just to discover her right hand around her step-brother’s cock.

“AAAH OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODI’MSOOSOSORRYMYGODWHATTHEHELLOHNOOHNO!”  Aly screamed and jumped back, trying to make sense of what just happened.  This in turn woke up Teagan, who saw Aly freaking out, saw what she was looking at, then freaked out herself at seeing Blaine’s fully erect cock. 

“What the fuck, Blaine?  What the fuck’s that about?”  Teagan pointed to his dick.  Blaine yawned.

“It’s called morning wood.  It happens.  He wakes up way before I do.  Haven’t y’all ever seen that before?”

“How in the fuck...” 

Blaine cut Teagan off.

“It wakes up on its own.  It happens.  Co-kella opens long before the band plays.”

“What the fuck is Co-kella?  Did you name your dick after Coachella?  Seriously?”   Teagan shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know.”  Aly’s apologizing drew their attention.

“It’s okay, Al.  You were asleep, shit happens.”  Blaine’s attempt to diffuse the situation just confused Teagan further.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I was sleeping, might have been having a dream, I start moving my hand, next thing I know I’m stroking it.”  Aly looked half in disbelief, half ashamed, half excited, and half-I-failed-fractions-as-a-kid.

“You. Were.”

“Yes, she was.”  Blaine cut of Teagan again.  “Let’s go downstairs and get some coffee and breakfast.  I’ll meet you in the dining room in, like, fifteen minutes.  Okay?”

“Okay.”  Said Aly. 

Teagan nodded her head.  “That better go down on its own.”

“Trust me, it will.  I’ve been dealing with this since puberty.”  Blaine got up and went to the bathroom.  After a quick toothbrush and piss, he went down to start the coffeemaker.  He could hear the girls moving around upstairs.  He checked the fridge to see what was there.  He’ll probably have a boiled egg or two.  There were enough other things if the girls want something.  He then thought about all the things he needed to do and what the weather was like for the errands he’ll have to run.

That was when he remembered that everyone’s phones were still downstairs.  Blaine raced downstairs and looked for the phones.  They were right where he left them, under the bathroom sink.  Right where the guys left them, to be accurate.  He grabbed them and took a quick inventory.  They all still worked, though the batteries were low.  He had a few texts from people on his burner phone app, which he silenced and turned off notifications.  He didn’t want to deal with that shit right now.  He then checked out the lock screens on the other phones.  Looks like Teagan had some texts from her family, and one from work.  Aly had a few from Tracy, and they both had some notifications from a group chat.  The same group chat that Blaine impersonated Aly in last night.

“Fuck.”  He had to come up with something, and fast.

‘How about the truth, you cock sucking weasel dicked fuckface?  At least, the truth from a certain point of view?  You know, the one that doesn’t include setting them up to be raped.’  Blaine knew that his inner voice was at least somewhat right.  The moment they opened their phones and saw what he did, they’d lose their shit on him.  Better to be honest, or at least somewhat honest.  The best lies have a piece of the truth in them.

Blaine came back upstairs, and the coffee was ready.  He poured three cups, and put a little sweetener in his.  He put a lot of cream and sugar in Aly’s, and he was pretty sure Teagan took hers black.  ‘Like her men.’

“Shut up.”  Blaine caught himself talking to his inner asshole as he carried the coffees and phones into the dining room.

“Who you talking to?”  Aly asked as she came down the steps into the dining room.

“Just me.”  Blaine set the coffees down, then placed Teagan’s phone next to her cup, and his down next to his.  He held onto Aly’s for a moment before handing it over.

“Al, I got something to tell you.  Try not to get too mad, but last night before all Hell broke loose, I saw that Tracy and Beth were texting, wanting to come over.  I texted them from your phone not to come and that you and Tea were sick.”

Aly flashed a look of anger for a moment.  Blaine continued.

“I didn’t want to deal with their shit last night.  I was hoping for a nice, quiet night for just the three of us.  Tracy and Beth are nice, but they sure as Hell ain’t quiet.”

Aly tried to hold onto her anger for a moment longer, but couldn’t.  Not at Blaine, anyway.  She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“You’re right.  I don’t like it, but you’re right.  If they came over...”

She couldn’t finish the sentence.  They both knew what she was going to say.

“Yeah.  The same thing would’ve happened to them.”  Blaine said to Aly as Teagan came down the steps, catching the last part.


“Tracy and Beth.  Blaine texted them last night from my phone, telling them that we were sick.  That’s why they didn’t come over last night.”

Teagan took in what Aly said.

“Well, looks like he saved their asses.  Literally.  Those assholes would have done the same to them.  But why?  When?”  Teagan looked straight at Blaine when she asked those last parts.

“Y’all were already drunk and high, and in another 2 hours would have passed out.  Beth gets a little handsy when she drinks, and Tracy’s a little crazy.  And not the fun crazy, but the ‘I want to wear your face like a mask’ crazy.”  I didn’t want to have to spend the night keeping Beth’s hands off of me and Tracy away from the knives.”  That might have been a little more truthful than he would have normally said, but this is one of those times where more truth is good.  Sort of.

Teagan listened to Blaine and then just... sat down.  Her phone lay on its face.  She reached for it, but then retracted from it.  She pushed to Blaine’s seat.

“They fucked with it last night, didn’t they?  Those fucking assholes fucked with my phone, too?  It wasn’t bad enough that they raped us every which way possible and made us fuck each other, but hey ‘let’s fuck with their phones, too.’  Fucking, God Damned...”

Teagan broke down and cried again.  Blaine consoled her as she cried, putting her head on his shoulder, letting her use his shoulder as a Kleenex.  After a moment, he spoke.

“Don’t trust your phones, either of you.”  Aly looked at him in shock.  “They made me unlock your phone.  The leader did something to them last night, and spent a good 15, 20 minutes fucking around with them.  He passed up a bowl. I wouldn’t trust anything that’s on there to be safe for a while.  Email, social media, pictures, consider the phones compromised.”

The girls sat there, stunned to hear this.  Aly spoke first.

“Who, who are they?  Where did you meet them?”

“I met them last night.  First time I ever met them was when they showed up.  I went through an old buddy from school to use their dealer since Tubby was out.  He hooked me up with his connection who said he’d deliver some shit.  Next thing I knew, I get a text saying he’s on his way, and 4 guys with guns come rolling in the front door.  Something was wrong real quick, they’re asking for more than what I ordered, that’s when I find out about the fucking coke.  They saw the extra phones in my hand, the car in the driveway, and asked who else was here.  I told them you two were here downstairs.  I never thought what happened would happen.”

They sat there, taking in his explanation.  While the girls sat pondering what Blaine said, he was working in overdrive to come up with a backstory if needed.  ‘Who was the friend?  When did you talk to them?  How long have you known them?  Where are the texts?’  That last part scared him, because he didn’t have that available.

“So, what do we do now?  We can’t tell anyone, we need a lot of money, and can’t use our phones for any of this.”  Aly was remarkably calm in the moment, and impressed Blaine.

“First things first.  We don’t tell a fucking soul about this.  This stays with us.  We keep the cops out of this.  We’ve got too much coke and weed in this house right now to call the police.  I can get the money this week, that shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ll get the money to these assholes and see what I can find out.  We’ve got to clean this place up before Mom and Dad come back tomorrow.  I have some errands to run, you wanna come with me?”

Teagan nodded yes on his shoulder.  Aly nodded as well.

“As far as the phones, be careful with them over the next month.  We’ll replace them after they have accidents.  I’ll buy you each new phones.  It’s my fault this happened, I need to fix this.  Do this over the next month, one at a time.  Go too soon and if they’re tracking they’ll know something’s up.  Make sense?”

They nodded.  He reached out and grabbed Aly’s hand.  As he pulled her closer, she hugged him.

“We’ll get through this.  We’ll get through this.”


The rest of breakfast was uneventful.  Blaine made some eggs and toast for the girls and had a couple hard boiled eggs for himself.  They ate what they could.  They were hungry, but didn’t feel like eating.  Blaine helped Teagan with changing her phone’s desktop to something a little less rapey.  In this case, he picked a photo of Teagan’s dog.  He resisted the urge to send himself the pics and video on her phone.  ‘Not now.’

The girls got dressed in some sweats and hoodies and went with Blaine as he did some errands.  They stayed in his car while he did some shopping, picked up two doses of Plan B, and picked up some takeout for dinner.  Teagan called off of work and texted her parents that she was going to hang out at Aly’s the rest of the day.  They had some lunch and the girls hung out in Aly’s room while Blaine cleaned up the theater room and his room.

It was evening by the time he finished cleaning and ordering dinner.  Blaine didn’t bother them to ask what they wanted, so he ordered some General Tso’s chicken, fried rice, steamed vegetables, and some egg rolls.  He was getting everything set when the girls came downstairs.  They’d left their hoodies upstairs and looked like they each had a case of bed head.  Teagan spoke up first.

“Listen, Blaine, Aly and I were talking, and I’m gonna stay over again tonight.  I texted my parents, I’ll go home tomorrow after they leave for work.  I just don’t want to see them right now.  But, we need to talk about what happened.  Not just the attack, but what happened with us.  All three of us.  We need to talk, and dinner’s as good of a time as any.”

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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 20:  Awkward Conversations and General Tso’s (vague descriptions of sex, story)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience. 

Blaine, Teagan, and Aly sat around the dining room table.  Blaine had set out some plates and utensils for the dishes, and chopsticks for each person.  There were some forks to the side, as well as some glasses of ice water.  They scooped some rice and chicken on their plates and each took a few bites.  Teagan said that they needed to talk, but no one wanted to break the silence.  That was until Aly lost a fight with a grain of rice and put her chopsticks down.

“Who the fuck thought these were a good idea?  How do you pick up rice with glorified toothpicks?  What, was this some fucking joke the Chinese pulled on white people but no one told them?  Fuck.”  She grabbed a fork and ate her General Tso’s like an American.  Blaine chuckled at her outburst.

“So, what’s going on?”  Blaine asked between bites of fried rice.

Teagan spoke up.  “Some stuff happened last night that we need to talk about.  We can’t completely ignore it or pretend like things didn’t happen.  I’m not talking about the attack itself, but what happened and what we did.” 

Blaine had a confused look on his face.  He wasn’t exactly sure where this was going, but had a couple ideas.

“Is this about...”  Blaine let that pause go on for a moment while Teagan finished a bite of chicken.

“About how I screamed out ‘I love you’ while you were fucking me?  Yeah, that’s part of it.  It’s not the only thing, but it’s part of it.”  Teagan took a sip of water.  Blaine sat stunned, she wasn’t usually this blunt.

“Look, whatever happened...”  Blaine was trying to think of something to say after that, but Teagan cut him off.  He’d never been so happy about being cut off.

“Blaine, shut up for a second.  I need to get this off my chest.  If I don’t say things now, I don’t think I’ll ever say it.”  Teagan put her chopsticks down and took a deep breath.

“Last night was the worst night of my life, I’m going to try to forget most of it but probably never will.  Those men will haunt my nightmares for years, and I’m pissed off at you for how this whole thing happened and how much they hurt us and abused us because of you.  But at the same time, I’m most embarrassed for opening myself up last night and enjoying it as much as I did, and I want to say that I wasn’t thinking when I screamed out those three little words, and I wasn’t.  But it might be the most honest thing I’ve ever said.  I’ve had a crush on you for years but you are Aly’s stepbro, and you’re like a brother to me.  Fuck, you’re closer to me than my own brother, but I never thought anything would happen between us.  Ever.  But then last night happened, and those sick fucks forced us to fuck each other.  Not only did that give me a reason to get into it, but no matter what happened, we had a ‘Get out of jail free’ card.  Whatever happened between us, no matter how sick or amazing, we can excuse it.  But last night while you were screwing me, I realized a dream I’ve had since I was in Junior High.  You were, are, the best sex I’ve ever had with a guy.  Then the way you took care of us last night, dealing with the two of us in a complete panic attack, and you didn’t take advantage of us while we were sleeping or anything.  And it’s absolutely fucking crazy that I’m even thinking about any of this.  But before I go any further, Aly had some things she wanted to say.”

Teagan took a couple breaths as Aly put her fork down and collected her thoughts.

“Like Tea said, last night was horrible.  But at the same time, we discovered things about ourselves and each other.  I found out that I like rough sex, especially butt stuff.  I’m not a lesbo...”

“Neither am I.”  Teagan interjected.

“But last night was not the first time I had sex with a woman.  I made out with a couple girls before, and one night me and Beth got wasted and fooled around.  One thing led to another, and we went all the way.  I never told you because I didn’t want to scare you away or have you get all freaked out.  To be honest Tea, you’re really hot and I kinda like you, but I was never gonna make that move.  But like you said, after I realized that it was going to be a long night and we’re going to get used like cheap whores, I might as well try to make it less horrible.  When they made us have sex with each other, I was thrilled and disgusted at the same time.  I wanted to be with you, but not like this.  Now, they’re making us get each other off into a fucking contest.  But when you said that you’d take the beating for me, I fucking melted.  At that point I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that gave you the best tongue bath of your life.  Then, you bro.”

Aly turned to Blaine.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t have at least one nasty thought about you in the last 8 years.  I’ve seen you get in shape, go from some douchey college kid to a successful man, and I’ve seen the way you occasionally look at me, with those sly looks at my ass when you think I’m not noticing.  I notice.  But I also know that if we ever did shit and Mom and Dad found out, they’d lose their minds.  But last night, last night was, I don’t know how to say it but I meant what I said.  I meant it when I said I love you.  When I whispered that to you, I meant it.  I still do.”  Tears formed in Aly’s eyes.

Blaine sat there, stunned.  Aly reached her hand across the table to Blaine and he grabbed it.  Teagan, sitting beside Aly, grabbed her other hand under the table.  Teagan continued talking while Aly tried to pull herself together.

“That sort of brings us to this next part.  Like I said, I’m not a lesbian.  Not that there’s anything wrong it, but that’s not me.  It’s not Aly, either.  But we were upstairs, talking about things, about you, us, all of us, then, well, then we well, there’s no easy way of saying this so I’ll just spit it out.  We made love upstairs while you were cleaning.”

“Then again after.”  Aly added.

Blaine sat stunned, not sure what to say.  This wouldn’t be the first time that a chick he fucked turned dyke on him, but he didn’t know how to respond.  Fortunately for him, Teagan spoke.

“Reason we’re telling you this is that we want to try something out with you.  Have you ever heard of a throuple?”

“What’s a throuple?”  Blaine asked, completely confused.

“We had to Google that term.  It’s a relationship between three people.  Instead of just a boyfriend and girlfriend, each person is tied to the others.  So, Tea and I would like to know if you’d be our boyfriend?”  Aly squeezed Blaine’s hand a little harder.  He almost pulled away, but kept it there.

Blaine had a look on his face like someone had just pulled a gun on him then gave him a winning lottery ticket.  The girls looked nervous over how long he took to answer.

“So, you’re serious right?  Two beautiful women are asking me to be their boyfriend at the same time, and they’re cool with it?  And they’re also into each other, but only each other?  Okay, I’m in.”

The girls were excited and gave each other a quick kiss.

“I have no clue how this will work, and we have to keep things on the DL while we live here.  Mom and Dad will probably kill us if they catch us fooling around.  I’m not sure who they’d be more pissed at, but the ass whoopings involved would be epic.  We’ll figure out how this will work as we go.”

They finished dinner quickly then retired to the living room to hang out before moving upstairs to the guest room for the night.  They explored each other that night, taking their time and being gentle with one another.  As they slept, the girls still had nightmares, but not as ferocious as before.  In the morning, Blaine went to his bedroom office to work remotely while Aly went with Teagan over to her house.

Blaine wasn’t sure how this happened, but for the first time all day he didn’t hear the voice calling him a liar and an asshole.  Now it was repeating ‘NEVER SAY A FUCKING WORD.’

Thank you for those that made it this far.  This concludes the Teagan and Aly saga, but the Club of Chester County's tale is just beginning.  Keep an eye out for the next section entitled "[Bubbles] has entered the chat", expected to launch in the Gang Rape section soon.
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OK I take back all I said about your villains ... I am starting to really like Sam (I GOTTA HOT TUB!)  and Joe is not bad either ... I really liked the 'rape calculus' line. The cops are still way better though ... would love to see some sex on that side of the wall, even if it is con ... maybe you could make it really kinky in compensation :P 

Well written ... this was really good work.  Thank you for sharing ... I owe you a merit ... s' what I get for reading all four of these in one night.
It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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I cannot believe how myopic I was to completely overlook the incredible TCCC saga. I regret that I missed out on nine months of enjoyment because I absolutely loved Teagan/Aly.
I was so engrossed that I consumed all 20 chapters today. It's an excellent representative of the assault/blackmail/inside job genre that hits all the right notes for me.

I love how you humanize these loutish men. There is so much levity present with guys like Sam and Joe but you balance it out by showing how deleterious  their actions are to Teagan and Aly.

Blaine is sitting pretty right now but if George busts The Club,methinks the throuple is in trouble.

Can't wait to peruse the next thrilling installment. Thank you.

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