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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 1:  Party Invite (nosex, setup, mild racism)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This sets up the action to come later in this section.

Author's Third Note:  This takes place right after The Club of Chester County: Sam's Intro.  Also related is George's Story, but that may tie in at a later time.  It's not necessary to read both sections before continuing, but I would recommend at least going through Sam's Intro.

“Yeah, we’ll get...” Sam’s phone and watch buzzed, and a text message appeared on his smart watch from an unsaved number.

(803)555-2187:  Party tonight.  Check your messages.

“Oh, shit.”  Joe looked at his watch in disbelief for a moment.  “Ok, we’re going inside, act calm, don’t say shit to Mari or any of the kids.  If she asks, I’m showing you some ideas for the firepit.”

“What’s going on?”  Sam asked Joe.

“I got a text from a burner number that I set up that forwards messages from The Club.  Talk to Pedro about how to do that.  I just got one saying there might be a party tonight.  We’re gonna check this out.  Just play it cool and be quiet.”

Sam had so many questions for Joe, but this was not the time or the place.  The two men walked into Joe’s house from the backyard, going through the dining room and to the stairs that led to the basement.  Mari watched them over her smartphone as they descended the steps.  Joe and Sam walked past the family room in the basement where one of his kids was playing video games on the large screen television and they made their way to a locked door.  Joe pulled out his keychain and unlocked the door to his office.  He and Sam walked inside.  Joe locked it behind him and turned the lights on.

Joe’s home office was modestly sized but well appointed.  A brown wooden desk sat in the middle of the room, and a bookcase stood along the back wall.  The bookcase was filled with dozens of technology and management books.  A large leather executive chair sat between the pieces of furniture.  Joe sat in the chair.  A stack of 4 laptops sat on his desk but he didn’t reach for any of them.  Instead, he opened the bottom desk drawer and pulled out a different laptop.  He fired it up and went through the connection and logon sequence to get to The Club’s website.  It took a few minutes.  Sam stood off to the side, watching over his shoulder.

“Alright, so what’s going on?”  Sam asked, finally getting the courage to break the silence.

“One sec while I read this.”  Joe navigated to his incoming messages and read them.  He whistled.  Joe quickly read through the rest of them.  They all came in during the last half hour.  He sent a quick message to the end of the chain, ‘Logged in, going to chat now.’


“Don’t get your hopes up too soon, but something might be happening tonight.  About to find out.”

“Tonight?”  Sam was shocked.  Surely, something has to be amiss.  He just joined The Club and hasn’t even made an initial offering yet, or take place in any trades.

Joe logged into the chat room and saw that a couple people were already in there.  Joe typed away.

0860 (Joe):  Sup?
1724:  Where you been?  Need your help tonight
0860 (Joe):  Really?
7984:  Hey Joe.
0860 (Joe):  You too Ray?
7984 (Ray):  B and I were working on something when this opportunity came up.
0860 (Joe):  Really?
1724 (B):  Long story short, you up for a gangbang tonight?
0860 (Joe):  You have my attention.
1724 (B):  I need some help.  Girl’s name is Teagan.  Step sis’s bff.  Been trying to nail that for years, but won’t happen unless I make it happen.  Worked with Ray on a trade involving step sis and his niece when I found out that Teagan is coming over tonight to drink with Aly.
0860 (Joe):  Aly the step sis?
1724 (B):  Yep.
0860 (Joe):  How you wanna roll?
1724 (B):  At first I thought home invasion but that might draw too much attention from the neighbors.  Plus, y’all some old white guys.  Out of character.  I got enough roofies and pills to knock them out
7984 (Ray):  Where’s the fun in that?
0860 (Joe):  I know, right.
1724 (B):  Gets us in the door.  I’m thinking spike a drink or two early on after the rents leave, have some fun that way, then keep going through the night.
0860 (Joe):  How bout this?  Skip the drugs but start drinking early.  Get them drunk and high.  You got weed?
1724 (B):  Yeah, but not much.
0860 (Joe):  Good, you won’t need much.  Get them drunk and high, then you answer the door for us.  We come in, threaten you and them, tie you up at first and start talking about how you owe us money.  You offer to pay but can’t.  We tell you we’ll take it out on those bitches instead.  We make them suck and fuck you throughout the night, but you have to act like you hate it.
1724 (B):  You are one sick fuck.
0860 (Joe):  Thanks.  We’ll set up a camera when we come in, but you have to get one set up ahead of time.  Your parents don’t have some nanny cam or security cam bullshit do they?
1724 (B):  No, we took that shit out years ago.  Security system will be turned off tonight after pizza gets here.  I can do the camera pretty easy.
0860 (Joe):  Can you guarantee that?  I don’t need cops showing up while I’m balls deep in your sister.  Better yet, we’ll pick up pizza.  You text my burner, we order the food, you let us in.  We hide for a bit while you eat, you give us a signal to knock, then the party starts.  Don’t need some delivery driver getting nosy.  Can you sequester them from the entrance?
1724 (B):  We’ll be in the family room downstairs.  It’s a two-story house plus a basement.  Family room only has one door in or out, that’s the door.
0860 (Joe):  Good.  Once we’re in there’s no turning back.
1724 (B):  I got that.  This’ll work, but we’re short.  Who’s gonna believe that I can’t stop two pasty old white guys?
7984 (Ray):  I hate bringing guns. It’ll help even the odds.  But kid got a point.  Two of us versus three of them.  Need at least 1 more, maybe more.
0860 (Joe):  One sec.

Joe turned to Sam, who was both mesmerized and petrified by what he saw take place on screen.  “You in?”

“I’m in.”  Said Sam.  Joe turned back to the screen.

0860 (Joe):  I got another guy, he’s in.  That’s three of us.
7984 (Ray):  Who’s that?
0860 (Joe):  Name is Sam, he just joined this past week.  Still hasn’t busted his cherry on the site yet.  We went out scouting his first offering today.
7984 (Ray):  I don’t know, I don’t like going into combat with a noob.
1724 (B):  We ain’t got much choice.  Sam’s in if he can hang.
7984 (Ray):  Still think we should get one more.  I don’t trust a noob to watch my back.
0860 (Joe):  What’s our time window?
1724 (B):  Teagan’s coming over after 4.  Parents leave at 4:30, won’t be back until Monday afternoon.  They’re flying to a B&B in the country, flight is at 6, touchdown at 6:45.  A quick text after they land and we’ll be set.  They do this a couple times a year for a getaway date.
0860 (Joe):  4?  Doesn’t give you much time.  Anything you need to do before this party?
1724 (B):  Get some more booze, a case of beer.  Maybe some more smoke, but I got enough for a couple j’s.
0860 (Joe): Don’t get any more weed.  Or if you do, don’t tell them.  That’ll be our way in.  We’re the dealers you owe money to.  You screwed up and now we’re here to collect.  Plan work?
1724 (B):  Yeah.
7894 (Ray):  Still would prefer another guy than just us two and a noob.
0860 (Joe):  Only if we find someone online right now.
7894 (Ray):  Just saw Steve online, bringing him in.
2633 (Steve):  Whatup y’all?
7894 (Ray):  Any plans tonight?
2633 (Steve):  Nothing I can’t cancel.  Why?
7894 (Ray):  Gangbang at B’s house.  You in?
2633 (Steve):  Who the bitches?

B posted a pic of two young women, both appearing to be teens standing arm and arm around each other.  The one on the right was a gorgeous blonde with long hair, blue eyes, and delicate features.  Her body was very skinny, but not bony.  She wore a black t-shirt which didn’t show any boobs and a pair of shorts that barely came to the top of her thighs.  She was nearly a half a head taller than the woman on the left.  The woman on the left was shorter, but had more meat on her bones.  She wore a gray t-shirt that showed off a B or small C cup bosom, and a pair of black shorts that buttoned completely up the front with short legs that ended a little above mid-thigh.  Her face was rounder than her friend’s, and her eyes were concealed with sunglasses.  Her brown hair was cut in a chin-length bob.

1724 (B):  The short girl is Aly, my step sis.  The blonde is Teagan, her friend.

“Hot damn.”  Joe and Sam both said, almost in unison.

2633 (Steve):  I’m in.  What’s the plan?
0860 (Joe):  Drug deal gone bad into forced cucking, throw some forced incest in the mix.  Girls should be well and sauced by the time we show up for fun.
2633 (Steve):  And we’re the dealers?
0860 (Joe):  Yep.  You, me, Ray, and Sam.  He’s a noob that just joined the Club this week.
2633 (Steve):  A noob?  Vetted?
0860 (Joe):  Yep.  We were out scouting his first offering today.
2633 (Steve):  Hope he handles himself under pressure.  Supplies?
7984 (Ray):  Figure normal kits with zips, cuffs, masks, tape.  Should have guns, 1 each.
2633 (Steve):  I don’t got a gun.  Not a handgun anyway.

“I got those.”  Sam said to Joe.

“You sure?”

“Yeah.  But we can’t get caught with them.  Who knows who they’re registered to.  You’d be amazed what I find while cleaning up a crackhouse.”

0860 (Joe):  Sam’s got the guns.  Who’s got video?  You know what, everyone brings a camera.  The nicer the better.
2633 (Steve):  Where and when?
1724 (B):  148 Meadowlark Drive in West Chester.  Party starts sometime after 8.

B uploaded a pic of his house.  It was a two-story house with light colored brick.  Looked like a McMansion built in the mid 2000’s during the housing boom.

7984 (Ray):  Where we meeting?

“2610 52nd Street in West Oakville.”  Sam said, giving Joe his address to meet up at.

0860 (Joe):  2610 52nd Street, West Oakville.  5PM.  Use your burners, text (765)555-0860.  That’s me.  B, you get me the pizza order and I’ll get it from near your place.  It’s getting close to 3 now.  Go do what you gotta do, meet you there at 5.  Text that number when you arrive, and wait for us.
7984 (Ray):  Got it.
2633 (Steve):  Later.
1784 (B):  Cya.

Joe wrote down the address and info on a paper notepad and logged out of the message room.  He tore the sheet off while waiting for the laptop to power down.  Joe looked at Sam for a moment.  He was about to find out a lot more about his friend than he ever imagined.  

“You got a kit?”

“Not yet.  What’s in yours?”

“Mine’s personal, but it should have a mask, gloves, duct tape, some type of gags, knife or two, some way to subdue her, another way to bind her like zip ties, handcuffs, rope.  Also rags for cleanup and rubbers.  Scissors are nice, too.  Sanitizer, gum, cologne are needed when leaving so you don’t smell like you just raped a bitch.  Pepper spray and a stun gun are good to have.  Change of clothes.  Plus camera equipment.  You got all that?”  Joe asked Sam, looking like he’s trying to think a few steps ahead.

“Some of that.  Most of that is in my storage unit or office.  Don’t have handcuffs but I have clothesline and zip ties.  Got a balaclava from my old riding days, along with rags and bandanas.  Gloves are easy, so are a couple pocket knives and scissors.  There’s a porno store near my place where I can get handcuffs, and a gun shop will have the stun gun and pepper spray.  Also should pick up a box of blanks while there.  I don’t trust those guys with guns.  I’ve got the 5D kit and other stuff back at the house.  Could use some sanitizer and gum, though.  Let’s hit up an ATM, too.”

“Good call.  Cash purchases, no real names, don’t trace anything back to us.  Just one problem.”

“What’s that?”  Asked Sam.

“Mari.  I need a good story.”

“I got this.  Just follow my lead.”  Sam walked to the office door as Joe put the laptop back in the desk.  Sam waited for Joe to unlock the door and turn off the lights.  Sam was walking through the Family room but stopped at the stairs as Joe was still locking his office.  A tween boy was playing a first-person shooter on the large screen television.  They climbed the steps and saw Mari still on her phone.  She looked at them over her phone.  Before she could say anything, Sam spoke up.

“I’m stealing your husband for the night.  We’re going to Vegas to get married and admit our undying love for each other.”

“What the fuck?”  Mari said out loud.  Joe’s face only looked like he said it.  She breathed a sigh.  “Where are you going?”

“An old college friend of mine is in town for the weekend.  We’re gonna meet up with him, get something to eat, maybe a couple drinks, try to cause some trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“Nothing too bad.  Maybe a little bio-terrorism if we get wings.”  Mari shook her head.  “Mostly,” Sam continued, “I’m trying to keep him out of your hair for the night by driving us around.”

“You gonna be okay honey?”  Joe asked his wife.  Her expression softened a bit.

“Don’t drink too much, don’t stay out too late.  And we’ve got a brunch date with my parents tomorrow, so I don’t want you hungover for that.”

“No problem.  I’ll only have a couple drinks.”  Joe walked over to his wife and kissed her.  “Love you.”

“Love you too.  Don’t do anything stupid and text me when you’re on your way home or if you’re crashing with your boyfriend.  Brunch is at Noon.”

Joe kissed Mari again.  She returned to playing on her phone while he and Sam walked out the back door, around the house, and back to the garage.  He looked around to make sure he wasn’t being noticed by anyone other than Sam, and grabbed a gym bag out from behind a stack of unused exercise equipment.  Joe inspected the bag for its contents, then secured it.  He walked to his truck and put the bag in the back seat.  Sam climbed in the passenger seat while Joe climbed in and started up.  He closed the garage door from the truck.

“Let’s go do some shopping.”  With that, Joe put the truck in gear and drove, looking forward to their date with Teagan and Aly later tonight.
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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 2:  Meetup (nosex, setup, mild racism)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is also character introduction and setup, and will tie in to the rest of the story in the future.

A motivated man can get a lot done in two hours.  Sam and Joe are two such motivated men.  In less than two hours, they stopped at the ATM (money), the porno store (handcuffs and toys), a pharmacy (gum, water, cologne, sanitizer, wet wipes, condoms, clothesline, duct tape, clothes pins, disposable gloves), a gun store (blank 9mm ammo, stun gun, pepper spray), Sam’s office (tool bag, scissors, gym bag), and his storage unit (masks, gloves, camera equipment).  All this and they made their way to West Oakville on a Saturday afternoon.  It was getting close to 5PM when the first text came in to Joe’s burner phone.

Joe looked at the phone when he stopped at a stoplight.  “Where R U? – Steve.”  Joe handed the phone to Sam to type on.  It was an old school dumb phone that used a keyboard to text.  “Can you answer?”

“About 5 minutes out.”  Sam said aloud as he typed and sent the message.  “I forgot how much it sucked to type on these.  You still use an old flip phone for your burner?”

“Yeah, why?  What you got?”

“I’ve got some old Galaxy that I put a SIM in.  Even has data, too.”

“Showoff.  If we get a few minutes, I’ll set up the burner to forward to my iPhone through my Google numbers.  I didn’t have time before we left.”  Joe turned onto 52nd Street, about 5 blocks from Sam’s apartment.  Joe’s flip phone beeped again.  Sam read the message.

“Arrived – Ray.  Okay Ray, Be there soon.”  Sam typed and sent that message.  The truck stopped at the last red light before Sam’s apartment.

“You okay, Sam?”  Joe asked with a hint of concern.

“Yeah, sure, why wouldn’t I be.  I’m only just about to meet up with some strangers, drive across town with loaded stolen guns, so we can rape two girls not even old enough to drink.  There’s a thousand things that can go wrong and land all of us in jail for decades.  I’m a little nervous.”

“Just keep your mind on the task at hand, and you’ll have more fun than you’ve ever had.”  The light turned green.  Joe pulled forward and in less than a minute he was turning his large truck into the parking lot of 2610 52nd Street.  The building was an unremarkable 4 story brick building with a secure door in the center and a parking lot that fit close to a hundred spots.  The paint in the parking lot was faded, as the numbers in the spots were barely legible.  The lot was less than half filled.  Most of the vehicles were late model cars and SUV’s that had seen better days.  There were some people milling about the courtyard.  A couple families of Middle Eastern descent sat around and watched as their kids played with some of the African American kids that also lived in the building.

Joe pulled his truck into one of the parking spaces near the front of the building next to the handicapped parking.  Sam sent a “Parked Truck, meet at door” text to Ray and Steve.  He then climbed out of the truck and grabbed his stuff.  Joe did the same from the passenger side.  As they approached the door, two white guys each exited a different car.  One man with a little bit of salt and pepper hair climbed out of an older Dodge Magnum carrying a book bag.  The other man had a head full of gray hair and a short gray beard.  He exited a Nissan Sentra that couldn’t be more than a couple years old.  He slung a book bag over his shoulder, too.  Sam and Joe waited at the door for the other men to catch up.  Once they were close, Sam entered his code to enter and opened it after it buzzed.  Joe walked in and climbed the steps.  Sam held the door for the other two men. 

“Steve, Ray.  206.  Up the stairs and to the left, third door.”  Sam waited for both men to enter before letting the security door close.  They all made their way up to the door but had to wait for Sam to unlock it.  One by one, they entered the small, lonely studio apartment.  The last one in was Ray.

“I’m Sam.  You’re Ray?” he said to the younger man with the salt and pepper hair.

“No, I’m Steve.”  Steve was the tallest and most physically built man in the room.  Standing a shade under 6 feet tall with a barrel chest and thick arms.  His beard stubble was a day or two old, and his hair was trimmed short and had a slight spike to it, almost like a high & tight cut that hasn’t been trimmed in a couple weeks.  He wore jeans, a black hoodie, and tennis shoes. 

“Good to meet you.”  Sam grabbed his hand and shook it.  Steve tried to overpower Sam, but to his surprise he couldn’t crush his hand.  “Good to meet you too, Sam.”

“And you must be Ray.”  Sam said to the man with white hair and a white beard.  He must be 60 years old if he was a day.  His wire rimmed glasses and black pants didn’t help him look any younger.  He also wore tennis shoes and a black hoodie.

“Make yourselves at home.  We’ve got a few minutes before we hit the road.  Bathroom is over there.”  Sam pointed behind them.  Joe put some of the groceries Sam bought into the fridge, but left most of it out.  Ray looked around the small apartment and found a chair to sit in.  Steve placed his bag on the floor and looked for a snack in the cupboards.

“So, this is your place?”  Steve asked as politely as he could.

“Yeah, bought the building a few years ago.”  Sam said as he pulled a safe out from under his bed.

“You own this shithole?”  Ray couldn’t help himself with the question.

“I’m in between places right now, so I’m staying here.  It’s a pain in the ass to rent.  No one wants to live here.”  Sam opened the safe and withdrew 4 identical looking pistols and 8 empty magazines.  He then pulled a box of 9mm ammo out of the safe.  Steve came closer to the bed.

“What, did someone die here?”  Steve asked as he made his way to the bed.

“A few.  One old lady died of a heart attack.  Then some Asian kid got a B in a med school class and gave himself a shotgun haircut.  Blew his head clean off.  Then after that was the guy found hung dead in the bathtub while jerking off.  All within 3 years of each other.  It gets real difficult to get someone to pay $600 a month to live in the death room.  Hey, could you grab that bag right there?”  Sam pointed to the bag from the gun store.  Steve grabbed it for him and handed it to Sam.  Sam pulled out the box of blanks and handed Steve that and 4 mags.  “Mind loading those?  They’re blanks.”

“Oh sure.”  Steve started loading his magazines with blank rounds while Sam loaded his four magazines with live rounds.  “Mine are live, in case shit goes down.  Everyone will have one clip of each but the blanks will be loaded first.  Carry the live rounds separately.”

“Sam, what the fuck you doing with 4 identical handguns?”  Ray asked after witnessing the scene.

“Over the years I’ve found some weird shit in places I own.  One of them was a gangbanger’s safe house.  He had 6 Glock 19’s spread around the house.  When he moved, he left them behind.  Don’t know who they’re registered to, but at this point I don’t want to know.  Too many questions get asked if I turn them in, too hot to sell or give away, and can’t take the chance of throwing them out and having the garbageman blow the whistle.  So I kept them for a rainy day, and it’s pouring right now.”  Sam made good time loading the mags.  Steve wasn’t too far behind. 

“Back in a moment.”  Ray went to the bathroom.  Steve finished up loading the mags.  Sam loaded each gun with a magazine full of blank rounds and left the live ones off to the side on top of each.  Joe was fiddling around with his phone.

“There we go.  Got the burner forwarding set up now.  Text from B, looks like the parents have left and the girls are already there.  Sam, you need help with anything?”

“Just got to get my shit together.”  Sam pulled some dark pants and a dark jacket out of his closet.  There wasn’t anywhere else to change without anyone else watching.  He shrugged his shoulders and changed where he stood.  Joe slipped out of his polo shirt and changed into a t-shirt and black zip-up hoodie.  After Ray came out of the bathroom, it was Steve’s turn, then Joe’s.  Sam used this time to pack his rape kit.  After 20 minutes, the men were ready. One last bathroom trip for Sam where he let his nerves out with a vomit followed by a good toothbrushing and he was ready, too.

“First time?”  Steve asked.

“For this, yeah.”  Sam grabbed some gum and popped a piece in his mouth.

“Just don’t puke on them and we’ll be fine.  You’ll pop your cherry tonight.  If you’re lucky, you’ll pop one of theirs, too.”  Ray cracked a brief smile. 

“Who knows, hope so.”  Sam was still feeling nervous, but was coming down now.  If everything worked out right, in less than three hours he would be balls deep in some prime teenage pussy.  All of them would be.

“Our cars are safe here, right?”

“Yes Steve.  The residents saw you come in with me.  They fuck with you, they fuck with me, and if they fuck with me, I fuck with them.”  Sam opened the door and waited for everyone to exit, locking the door behind them.  They walked down the hall and outside.  Steve and Joe walked to the driver’s side, Ray and Sam to the passenger’s side.  Sam sat in the front next to Joe who was driving.  Ray was behind Sam and Steve behind Joe.  Joe started his black 2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch.

“Alright guys.  Turn off wi-fi and GPS on all your devices.  That includes cameras, too.  We don’t want our phones pinging their home network and Mommy and Daddy getting some stupid alert that we’re there.  I’m only using GPS to get us to Salvatore’s Pizza shop in Westchester.  From there, we’ll navigate by old school maps and directions.  Just stay calm, keep your mind on the task, and stay loose.  The guns are just to scare them.  B knows we’re coming.  He’s going to text us the food order in a little bit and we’ll pick it up around 6.  We’ll take it to his house, and chill out quietly until after he gets confirmation that his parents are out of the city and on the way to the B&B.  At his signal, we’ll knock on the door, he’ll come up, then we go into action.  Steve, you’ll handle B, maybe rough him up a bit.  I’ll make my way to the bitches telling them to be quiet.  Ray and Sam, you two will come in after us.  Sam will cover the door, Ray will work on tying up the girls.  Steve and I will get B under control.  After that I’ll say some shit about how B fucked up, one of us will go up to his room and make some noise.  Not enough to get the neighbors, but enough for the girls.  That’ll be you Sam.  You’ll come down and we’ll get into a small fight about how he doesn’t have our money.  From there, it’s showtime.  Everyone understand?”

The men all nodded their heads.

“Good.”  With that, Joe pulled out of the parking space and left the run-down area of West Oakville for the affluent suburb of Westchester.  Sam sent a text to B’s number “On our way.”

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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 3:  In the basement and Ordering Pizza (nosex, setup, mild racism, drug use)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is also character introduction and setup, and will tie in to the rest of the story in the future.

A motivated man can get a lot done in a few hours.  There weren’t many men more motivated right now than Blaine Thompson.  After he talked with his step-sister about her plans for the weekend, he jumped into action.  He reached out to a cohort on his favorite website, organized a party, went to the liquor store and picked up some vodka and a case of beer, bought an ounce of weed off of his supplier, and came home just in time to see his parents leave for the airport.  He still had a lot to do, but all of this was for a very important goal.

To fuck Teagan Gentry.

If he plays his cards right tonight, then he will accomplish this goal of his for the last few years.  Blaine has tried to hook up with Teagan ever since she began her journey into womanhood.  He’s admired her from afar, tried to be there for her, tried to get close to her, but Teagan never accepted his advances.  He stopped trying to date her shortly after she graduated high school when she uttered the words that broke his heart ‘I love you like a brother.’  Blaine was downtrodden.  While she saw him as a brother, he viewed her like a trophy or a prize to be claimed.  Even though his desire for a relationship abated, this lust for her never assuaged.  It grew deeper and darker with each passing month, each time she dated another guy that he knew he was better than.  How could she spend all that time with those ‘losers’ when here he was, a good guy who would do anything for her?

Blaine knew that over time the only way he would ever get to have Teagan was without her permission.  By forcing her.  By raping her.

Blaine also knew that as much as he wanted to take Teagan, he knew that he could never do it.  The ramifications were too great.  She would know it was him.  She knows him too well and he knows her.  Still, Blaine played out the scenario hundreds of times.  Attack her in her house, on the hiking trail, at one of her dances, at the horse stable, at work, in the parking lot, none of them would work as anything other than fantasy.  The only thing he could come up with to make Teagan his was drugging her, and even that had too many strings attached.  He’d have a hard time getting her alone with him in the first place.  She’s 19, he’s 25.  She’s a freshman at Chester County Community College, he’s working full time in an office.  She’s a band geek, he’s more of an anime bro.  She’s whiter than white bread, he’s a light skinned black guy with a white mom and black dad.  Their main link together is his step-sister Aly.

Aly.  Now there’s another story.  Aly was such a sweetheart.  At least she used to be.  She’s been getting a little bitchier since she’s been out of school.  At least it feels that way.  Aly said she was taking a year off between high school and college to ‘find herself’ but the only thing she’s finding is how to be a bitch.  It was even getting to the point that Blaine was entertaining the idea of offering his step-sister up to The Club as part of a trade, simply because the target looked like Teagan.
Then it happened.  Aly knocked on his door, playing her cuteness up, and asked him if he had any weed.  This was unusual.  Aly never asked him for weed before.  She usually snuck into his room and took enough for a bowl here or there, not enough to notice.  Or so she thought.  Blaine noticed every time, and it pissed him off.  He’s the one paying for it, taking the risk of getting it and being a black guy driving through the burbs with weed in his car.

“Why you want weed?”  Blaine asked Aly as she stood in the door.  He motioned her to enter his room and close the door.  The girl sat on his bed cross-legged.  She wore a loose t-shirt that hung low when she leaned over, and no bra from the quick glance he took.  Her sleeping shorts were loose as well, and from this angle showed just enough of her panties to distract him.  Either she was completely oblivious to how cute she looked, or she was doing this on purpose to get something.  Considering she asked for some weed, oblivious just caught a cab to the airport.

“I just want to relax, that’s all.  Just sit back, smoke up, and chill.”

“From what? You don’t have a job, you don’t go to school, you don’t stream or anything else.”  Blaine asked Aly.

“That’s the problem.  I don’t do anything.  I’m not even in 13th grade.  I’m sitting around all day doing nothing.  We live so far out from the city I can’t get to a job without a car, and I can’t get a job without a car.  Until I show an acceptance letter to school they won’t let me use one of their cars, and you won’t let me drive your car.”

“Hey” Blaine cut her off.  “No one drives Sexy WReXy but me.”

“I’m not asking for that.  I’m just asking for a little weed for tonight.”

“Why tonight?”

Aly leaned in a little closer and spoke a little quieter than before.  “Mom and Dad are going out of town tonight.  They won’t be back until Monday.”

“Wait, that’s tonight?”  Blaine said in a forgetful manner.

“Yeah, that’s tonight.  They’re packing their stuff right now.  Since they’re leaving soon, and this is the first time in a long time that they’re having one of these trips where I’m not being dragged around to some band thing or other event. I...We’ve got the house to ourselves.”

“No parties.  You want to do that, go to Frat Row.”

“No.  Eww.”  Aly flinched back in mild disgust.  “Besides, I don’t like them.  Not a party.  Just Teagan.”

“Teagan?”  Blaine perked up for a brief moment, but tried to play it cool.

“Just Teagan.  Just you, me, and Teagan.  Just the three of us.”  Aly said reassuringly.

“Just the three of us.  No one else.”

“No one else.  Just us.  Maybe smoke a little.”

“And that’s why you’re asking instead of just taking my weed like every other time.”  Blaine said in a half-accusing tone.  Aly opened her mouth, but he cut her off.  “No more taking my shit without asking.  You’ve got to get your own.  And I’m a little low right now.  I’ve got to pick some up later on.  When does Teagan come?”

“About 4.”

Blaine did the math in his head in a fraction of a second and formulated a plan.  It was maybe half a plan and a bad one at that, but he had the makings of a plan.

“Alright.  I’ll see what I can do.  I’ve got enough for a few J’s, but I’ll see if I can get more.  I’ll also get some beer and a bottle.  We’ll get some pizza later on, watch a movie or two, and just chill.” 

Aly shook her head at the last part.

“No, not that kind of chill.  I’m not Netflix and Chilling with my sister.  We’re not in Alabama.”

Aly leaned over further and hugged him.  Blaine could smell her lavender shampoo and saw briefly down her shirt.  He hugged her back, quickly averting his gaze before anything happened down below.

“Thank you, you’re the best.”

“I know I am.  When do they leave?”

Aly thought for a moment.  “4:30, 5.  They’re flight is at 6.”

Blaine did the math in his head.  Not much time.  “Okay.  When Teagan gets here, we’ll hang out for a bit, maybe have a quick toke before then, get some food, then chill out the rest of the night.  Go, I got some shit I gotta do.”

Aly hoped off the bed and went to the door.  “Thanks bro, love ya.”

“You too.”  Blaine said.  Aly opened the door and left.  He took a long, hard look at her ass.  Damn.  It wasn’t as nice as Teagan’s little dancer ass, and Aly is his step-sister, but he’d have to blind and white to think that she didn’t have a nice ass.  It had just the right amount of cushion on it, and her hips flared in just the right way.  Damn, he’d like to fuck that.

What was he thinking? SHIT!

Here he was, Blaine Thompson, with a perfect opportunity to not only fuck Teagan, but maybe Aly too, and possibly get away with it.  He needed a plan.  Now. 

He got up from his chair, closed and locked the door, and nearly leaped to his computer.  A few minutes later and he was on The Club’s website, trying to reach out to anyone that could help.

Blaine had been a member for a few years.  He joined it back in college when he would hang out on a few forums where Incels were known to congregate.  He knew a couple of them in real life, and almost all of them fit the stereotype of neck bearded, obese, poor hygiene, fedora wearing, woman hating monsters who snuggled up with a Waifu pillow every night.  Except this one guy.  He seemed pretty normal.  Wife, kids, office job, the works.  They chatted about stories they liked, movies they liked, favorite pornos, a lot of them involved rape.  Turned out the guy was nearby, and after doing his best to make sure he wasn’t a cop, they met up.  After a while they talked about rapes they either witnessed or took a part in.  Blaine was no stranger to thinking ‘No means Yes, but try harder.’  He tried harder several times in college.  His go-to was the roofied drink.  It was very easy getting a girl black-out drunk at a frat party to go home with him, but when it looked like the night was winding down, he’d make sure she wouldn’t stop him.  Other times, he would coerce some young co-ed, molest them until they stopped fighting, or flat out just have his way with them.  It didn’t take much for him to enter The Club.  He offered up one of his former conquests who lived in an off-campus apartment that he still had the key and codes for.  But since he’s working a real job now, his options for offerings are slim, and he’s almost developed a conscience.  Almost.

His buddy wasn’t online, but Ray was.  He explained the plan, but Ray was older and not in the best of shape for this mission.  But he did know someone who could help.  A half hour later, and Blaine had a crew, a job to do, and women to rape.  All he had to do was sit on the couch, smoke a little weed, and act like he was getting robbed or mugged.  They would tie him up, and if he played along, he’d be inside of Teagan before too long.

Blaine had a plan.  It was Joe’s plan, and it was a good one.  There were still several ways this could go wrong, but right now he had to do everything he could to make it go right.

His first job was the camera in the basement.  That was easy.  His parents..., well, his Mom and Stepdad used to have a security camera in every room of the house for when the kids were younger, but disconnected them years ago.  That’s only mostly true.  They asked Blaine to turn them off, and he did.  He just routed them to a different server in his room that doesn’t belong to anyone else, but is his own home brew setup.  The physical cameras were replaced with speakers so the house could have music in every room.  It’s not until someone checks very closely that each room has one speaker that sometimes sounds a bit weird.  That’s the speaker with a camera and microphone in it.  There has been many a night he’s rubbed one out watching footage of Teagan or one of Aly’s friends taking a shower.  Hell, even Aly once or twice.  Still, Blaine wanted to make sure he did this job right, so he went to the basement and put a small webcam in a suspended tile, and also activated his hacked Xbox One Kinnect camera, and set them all to stream and record to his server in the house.

Next, he had to get some weed and drink.  That wouldn’t be hard, no matter what he told Aly.  The advantage of living in a state with medicinal marijuana was that it was easy to get some if you knew a guy.  Blaine knew more than a few guys.  Even though he didn’t have a condition to get a card, several of his old college buddies did.  One guy, Tubby, had chronic back and knee pain after he was injured in a car wreck and stopped working out.  He ballooned up to 400 pounds faster than one could say “20-piece bucket with cole slaw and mashed potatoes, extra gravy.”  Blaine still hung out with Tubby every couple weeks, but was in a hurry today.  He bought an ounce of some pretty good shit off of him for cost and still had time to get beer, vodka, snacks, and mixers. 

He arrived home shortly before 4:30PM.  Teagan’s car, a little Volkswagen Golf from 2017 was in the driveway.  He parked Sexy WReXy, his blue 2012 Subaru WRX in front of her.  He wasn’t sure if his parents were home or left, so he decided to leave everything in the car for the moment.  It’s never a good look to walk into the house with enough booze and weed to get a small army fucked up right when the parents are leaving for the weekend.  He brought the food and mixers in since he can explain that without the words ‘party’ or ‘getting high.’  He came in through the front door and his parents were in the dining room, gathering their luggage.  Blaine chatted with them for a moment, promising them to look after his sister and Teagan.  He promised he would pay very close attention to them.  After a minute, his Mom’s cell phone rang; it was the cab and it would be there in five minutes.  Blaine saw his parents off and unpacked his car.  He put the beer and mixers in the basement fridge, the vodka in the cabinet next to that, and the weed in his room.  He made sure that no one saw him take the ounce into his room, since that would ruin his alibi later on for why people were showing up.  He hid most of the ounce but brought out enough to get the girls decently baked.  He put that in his normal stash spot, knowing that Aly knew where it was.  While in his room, he locked the door and checked to see if the basement cameras were rolling.  Perfect.  They caught the image of two young women.  Aly was in a pair of shorts and threw a gray hoodie on.  The other woman made Blaine’s heart skip a beat.

There sat Teagan Gentry.  His step-sister’s best friend, the object of his desires, and the cause of many hard-ons over the last 7 years.  He could see and hear her through the cameras hidden in the basement theater room.  Her long blonde hair flowed freely over her shoulder.  Her sharp features and skinny, straight nose looked like they were drawn by an expert.  Her pale blue eyes were clearly visible on the screen.  She wore a green hoodie with ‘CCCC’ written across the chest for Chester County Community College.  It was a little hard to tell, but it looked like she had rolled her sleeves up and showed Aly her new tattoo on her left wrist.  It looked like the infinity symbol.  The only mark on her body that implied that she was a grown woman was this tattoo.  She wore shorts that barely covered her beautiful, tight ass and showed off her perfect dancer’s legs.  She’d already taken off her shoes.

Blaine grabbed his phone and used a burner number app to text Joe.  “The girls are here, parents are gone.”  He had another evil idea before he went downstairs.  This house was big and had different heating zones.  Blaine decided to turn the heat up a little bit in the basement zone, to a nice, balmy 78 degrees.  The rest of the house was kept at 70, but this would turn the theater into a hot box.  The heat, along with the liquor and weed, would help speed things along.

It was close to 5.  “Better head downstairs” Blaine said to himself.  He took about a dimebags worth of weed and some papers and put them in his front right pocket.  His phone was in his front left.  He took a few breaths to calm himself down before he left his room and headed downstairs. 

The basement was a completely furnished In-Law suite with its own kitchen and bathroom.  Years ago Blaine had this whole floor as his, but that was before his grandma got sick and needed care.  Cancer can suck a dick.  At least she didn’t suffer much.  She was sick for maybe 6 months at most.  By that time, had gotten used to his smaller room on the top floor and since he spent most time at his fraternity, he didn’t mind.  Now that he’s working a real job and living at home to pay off his college loans, he still doesn’t mind too much.  He has the garage for Sexy WReXy, enough space for his legal hobbies, and his parents leave him alone.  He did make them pay to convert the old bedroom into a theater room, and he picked out everything.  From the couches to the screen to the extras, they were his choice.

Blaine came down the steps and turned right and right again.  He walked past the door to the theater and went to the kitchenette.  Aly was standing in the door to the small fridge, bent over looking at what was in there.  He didn’t always stare at his step-sisters ass, but it looked great in her shorts.  She was still wearing the same pajama bottoms from earlier.  This was good.  That meant to Blaine that she wasn’t inviting any guys over. 

As tempting as it was to slap that ass, Blaine spoke up.  “Whatchya looking for?”

Aly jumped briefly, almost hitting her head.  “Got any Whiteclaws?”

“Some, but not many.  There’s a case of Yuengling Light right in front of you and a bottle of Vodka next to the fridge.”

“I see that, but are there any Whiteclaws left?”

“I’ve got half a case in the garage that I can put in there, but they won’t be cold for a while.  Either have a mixed drink, a beer, or warm Whiteclaws.  Or wait till they get cold.”  Blaine turned around and walked out the garage.  Sometimes, she can be really annoying.  “Wonder if she’s more or less annoying with a dick in her ass?”  He said very quietly under his breath.  Aly didn’t act like she heard him.

Blaine grabbed two six packs of Whiteclaw Mango Hard Seltzer from the garage and put them in the fridge.  Aly was busy pouring a little vodka into some glasses and adding cranberry juice.  Blaine took his time putting them in the fridge while surreptitiously admiring the view of Aly making the drinks.  He waited for her to walk off before grabbing a beer and twisting it open.

He entered the theater room.  Straight ahead on the wall to his right was a wall mounted 75-inch 4K television and underneath that an entertainment stand containing several devices, including an Xbox One Kinnect.  A couple feet from that sat a short glass table.  Speakers hung on the walls.  Along both side walls sat black leather couches, and the back of the room featured a long row black leather recliners with cupholders.  Aly and Teagan sat on the couch furthest from the door and the table.  Blaine sat in one of the recliners by the table.

“Hey.”  He said to the girls while pulling out the weed and papers from his pocket.  “What’s the plan?”

“Depends, how much smoke you got?”  Teagan said playfully.

“Enough for now, but I’m getting more later.  Why?”

“We were thinking of watching the DC movies if you’ve got enough.  If not, then probably Avengers again.”

“Why?”  Blaine looked up, almost forgetting what he was doing.

“If you’ve got enough weed, it might make them not suck.”  Aly responded.

Blaine sat dumbfounded with his mouth agape for a moment.  “There ain’t enough weed in Chester County to make those movies not suck.  To get them good, we’d need a lot more than weed.”

“We’ll put on Batman Vs. Superman and see how it goes from there.  If it sucks that bad with weed, we’ll put on something else.”  Teagan said before taking a sip of her vodka cranberry.

The girls returned to talking amongst themselves while Blaine rolled some joints.  He brought enough down for 6 tight joints.  It was a little after 5:15 when he got a text from a number he barely recognized.  ‘On our way.’  He knew what was coming.  At least he had a solid clue.

“Hey, what you want to eat?”

“Where you getting from?”  Teagan asked.

“Salvatore’s.  Probably getting a couple pizzas and wings.  Do hot wings, a pepperoni, and a plain work?”

“Can we get mushrooms, too?”  Aly asked.

“Fine, one mushrooms, one pepperoni, one plain, and a dozen hot wings.”

“We really need that much food?”  Teagan asked, wiping her brow.

“If we’re gonna be high enough to make a Zack Snyder movie good, we’re gonna get the munchies.” 

“Okay.  Is it getting hot in here or is just me?”  Teagan asked, and saw Blaine about to answer.  “Don’t answer that.  Not now.”

“Let me check.”  He pulled up the remote thermostat on his app for the rest of the house, showing that it was 70.  “Says 70 here.”

“Damn.  Must be this room.”  Teagan handed her drink to Aly so she could take off her green hoodie.  Jackpot.  Underneath her hoodie Teagan wore a peach tank top which tightly fit her body and helped give shape to her small bust.  Blaine could see the outline of her bra.  A cup, maybe a B on a good day, Teagan’s breasts were not her best feature.  He figured that her muscular legs, her tight ass, or her six-pack abs were the best individual features.  Aside from her amazingly beautiful face.

Once Teagan was down to her tank top and jean shorts, Aly handed her both cups.  Without saying a word, she took off her hoodie and tossed it on top of Teagan’s.  Aly was still wearing the t-shirt from earlier, but looked like she put on a bra.

Blaine focused for a moment when his phone buzzed again.  It was his mom.  ‘Boarding the plane soon, will text again at takeoff and landing.’  He replied with a thumb’s up emoji.  Collecting himself, he grabbed a joint and his chrome Zippo lighter and walked over to the girls.

“Here, start up but don’t go through all of it.  And move over to the big couch, there’s cup holders over there and I don’t feel like walking across the room to pass.  I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Where you going?”  Aly asked, taking the joint and lighter from her older step-brother.

“Take a piss and order dinner.”  Aly took the joint and lit it.  He grabbed his beer and phone, taking them with him, leaving the theater and closing the door behind him.

In the hallway, he sent a text to Joe’s number with the dinner order and told them to get something extra if they want.  A minute later while in the bathroom, he got a reply that just said ‘Ok.’  Blaine did the math in his head, and spoke quietly to himself, pissing away.

“About 5:30 now.  They’ll pick up food around 6, get here about 6:15.  Parents plane takes off when they’re picking up food, lands 6:45.  Quick walk to the cab and ride out to the country, and they’ll be out of touch by 7:15.  Give it until 7:30-8 to be on the safe side.  About 2 and a half, three hours.  Give the girls a few minutes to smoke up most of that joint then top off their drinks when the food gets here.  Smoke and drink till party time.  All I’ve got to do is play along, and it should work out.  I mean, why wouldn’t this work out, it’s not like I only talked to one of them online a couple weeks ago and never met the other three.  But it’s too late to back out now.  If I tried, I’m expelled from The Club, probably set up for shit I’ve done before, and they’ll still rape the girls and I won’t get to do anything but sit like a bitch on the couch.  Just stick to the plan, don’t be too much of a hero.”

He talked himself down, then flushed and washed his hands.  Two more texts.  ‘Order made, be there soon’ from Joe and ‘No phones mode, ttyl when we land’ from Mom.  It’s almost time.

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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 4:  Back and Forth (nosex, setup, racism, drug use)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is also character introduction and setup, and will tie in to the rest of the story in the future.

Back and Forth (Teagan and Aly)

“Okay, see you then.”  Sam hung up the phone.  “Pizza and wings ordered, be ready in 20-30 minutes.”  He said, taking a drink of Diet Coke from McDonald’s.  Joe made excellent time getting from West Oakville to Westchester, but after driving for 20 minutes they decided to get some drive-thru before picking up B’s food.  It was already a long day, and could be a very long night.  There was a lot riding on this plan, so it wouldn’t make sense to risk it because everyone was hungry.  The first place off the Beltway exit to Westchester was McDonald’s.  The men each ordered a simple meal and ate quickly.  Sam was especially hungry, considering he vomited from nerves before he left.  He was the only man in the truck to order more than just a value meal, and he made quick work of that.  Joe was following the GPS to Salvatore’s Pizza Shop in Westchester Heights, the glorified strip mall that called itself a borough.  Sam sent a text to B, ‘Order made, be there soon.’

“Has anyone met B before?”  Steve asked from the backseat.  Joe and Sam shook their heads.  Ray swallowed before talking.

“Not personally, but I was working with him on a trade for Aly, the short girl in the picture.  I saw a couple of his previous videos.  He did a real good job with this one little Italian looking chick.  Not as good as you did with that little spic last winter, but still good.”  Ray sipped his beverage.

“Is there some protocol to asking how we all know each other?  I’ve got to admit it feels a little weird going into something like this and not knowing anything about who’s here.”  Sam asked the other men in the truck.

“It’s not that there’s a rule against it, it’s just common courtesy to not ask too many questions until after.  Never know who’s a cop these days.”  Steve said, munching on some fries.  “At least not until after the fact.  That way, no one’s ratting us out without taking themselves down.”

“Yeah.  We know each other through the work. I mean, it’s not like we can have Rape Picnic Day at Cedar Point.”  Joe said while driving.

“That would be a fun picnic.”  Ray laughed as he said that.

“Yeah.  But if you’re worried, here’s the short version.  I’ve worked with Steve on a previous project.  Ray worked with Steve a while back, too.  B was working with Ray, and Sam and I have known each other for a long time.  I recommended Sam to The Club, and he was vetted by Pedro before the offer was made.”  Joe said this as the GPS directed him to a strip mall surrounded by other strip malls and condos.

“So Sam, you’re really new?”  Asked Steve.


“Is this your first rape, or your first time with The Club?”

Sam thought about the answer for a second.  “Both, sort of.  I’ve pressured a woman here or there for favors.  And there was the occasional passed out drunk girl in my younger days, but nothing like this.”

“What kind of pressure?”

“Power and money, mostly.  I’ve had sex with a couple women that fell behind on their rent and were trying to avoid eviction, but that usually turned out bad.  Either the sex sucked or they would try it again the next month.  Next thing you know, I’m out a lot of money from missing rent payments and some whore is saying I raped her when she gave it up for free.  At least now I’ll have another option of getting rid of trouble tenants.  Some bitch that’s two months behind on the lease will gladly waive their deposit to get out of where they were raped.”

“I think we’re going to be good friends going forward.”  Ray chuckled. 

“You have other apartments than the building you live in?”  Steve asked.  “Cause I’m not a fan of getting shot on the way out of a party.”

“No, he’s got some primo places.”  Joe interjected.  “Ever heard of Maple Gardens Management?”

“Those shitty apartments all over the city?”

“Yes Ray.  Sam is Maple Gardens Management.  And he has a lot of apartments in Collegetown.”  Joe said, pointing to Sam.  For his part, Sam didn’t brag or boast, just nodded.

“Wow.  Out of all the places you could have lived at, you chose the death room in West Oakville?  How bad did things go to end up there?”  Ray asked.

“$20 says a woman is to blame.”  Steve added.

“Pay the man.”  Sam threw in.

“I didn’t agree to that.  It’s always a woman’s fault when a grown man ends up in a studio apartment.  That’s how I ended up in them.”

“Well, the short version is things were a little rocky with my ex.  I moved in with her about 6 months earlier and we were talking about getting a house, but I didn’t want to do that unless we were married, because it’s a real pain in the ass to deal with.  We’d fight here and there, but it really blew up when she found my porn stash.  She flipped her shit, we fought, said some shit that couldn’t be unsaid, and split.  I stuck around for a while since I’d sold my condo, but it was just too weird living there with her and her kids.  Plus, her fucking cunt of a sister kept interfering and went out of her way to stop any chance at us getting back together.  I left, put everything in storage, and now I live in the death room until I get a new place.”

“You really don’t like the sister, do you?”  Steve asked, sipping on his drink.

“We were out scouting her earlier today.  She is damn fine.  I’d do her if she didn’t know me.”  Joe said, coming to a stop light and turning right into an entirely different strip mall than the 4 they already passed.

“I’m not sure if that’s an endorsement or not, I’ve seen the shit you’ve done.  Remember Aubrey?”  Ray said.

“Hey, even the fatties need some loving too.  Pro tip Sam, if you’re ever offered a 3 for 1 trade, be very suspect.  Three 3’s do not equal a 9.  Or a 7.  Hell, barely a 5.”

“Why would you do that?  Or even agree to it?”  Sam asked, confused and astonished.

Joe pulled into the parking lot outside of Salvatore’s Pizza and drove the truck to a parking space.

“Because a deal is a deal is a deal.  I agreed to a trade, and it was too late to renege.  I could have just not done them, but then that would have kept me from pursuing another deal.”  Said Joe, as he parked the truck.


“They changed the rules since to allow for a pass in crazy situations, but the reasons would be used in future negotiations.”

“So, if I agree to a deal and it turns out she moved or she is now a he, or the pics were from before they put on 500 pounds, I don’t have to participate?”  Asked Sam, reaching for the seat buckle.

“Yep.  Used to be that you had to do what you agreed to do.  Now, if there’s some extenuating circumstances, they’ll let it slide.  My little escapade started that, but a while later they made the rule change when some dude was coming in to do some crazy chick, found her in a bath tub ODing and with her wrists slit.  Dude freaked out, got away from the building, and called 911 to do a welfare check on her.  They got there in time to save her life, but that messed with his head.  So now we’ve got the crazy shit rule.  One of those rules that didn’t need to be written down till it happened.”

“Damn.  Alright, I’m getting the food.  Here.”  Sam handed Joe back his phone and went inside to get B’s food.  Joe checked the texts between him and B from earlier, then started typing.


Blaine took his time coming back to the theater room.  His idea was that if he waited, the girls would smoke most of that joint and get a good buzz going.  He didn’t need to stay completely sober, but didn’t want to get completely fucked up, either.  The girls, well, things might be easier if they’re a little baked and drunk.  He walked into the theater and was met with the pungent smell of weed.  Blaine entered quickly and closed the door.  The room was pretty warm, and the girls sat on the couch furthest from the door.  Blaine approached them and saw that the joint was smoked pretty far down.

“Really?  I’m gone for a few minutes, and you damn near crush the whole thing.”  Teagan looked up at him, her eyes starting to become bloodshot.  It contrasted with the pale blue color they are normally.

“Here.”  Teagan passed the joint to Blaine and he took a hit.  Then another, then one more and passed it to Aly.

“Oww.  Getting short.”  Aly said as she grabbed the joint.  “Where’s your tweezers?”

“They’re up in my room.  I’ll grab’em when the pizza gets here.”

“And a bowl?”  Aly took a hit off the joint.

“Sure Al, a bowl too.”

“Why don’t you like bowls?”  Teagan asked as Aly took another hit then passed the dwindling joint to her.

“Because I prefer joints.  When you buy weed, you smoke it how you want.  I bought this, and I like joints, so we’re smoking joints.  Maybe we’ll switch later on or use that for the roaches, but right now it’s still joint time.”


“Tea, Carmella is a pain in the ass to clean, okay?”

“Carmella?”  Teagan said, after hitting the joint.

“He named his bowl Carmella.”  Aly said.  Teagan took a long hit before passing what was left to Blaine.

“Wait, you named your bowl?”

“He named his car Sexy WReXy.”

“Doesn’t everyone name their favorite bowl?”

Teagan and Aly looked at each other, then Blaine, then back at each other.  They busted out laughing.  Blaine took a hit.  After a moment, they collected themselves.

“Okay, why Carmella?”  Teagan asked, still giggling.

“I made it out of the shift gear of my Evo 9 after I totaled it.  I took that and a few parts that I could salvage.  I sold some of them, but I kept the shifter.  When I got Sexy WReXy, I didn’t need this anymore but realized it would make a great bowl.  Or so I thought.  It works, but it’s a pain in the ass to clean.”

Blaine felt a buzz in his pocket.  He took a hit and passed the joint to Aly, then pulled out his phone and saw the text from Joe. 

Joe:  Picking up food from Salvatore’s.  What streets are near you?
Blaine:  Hummingbird and Cardinal Drives.
Joe:  Thx.  Don’t want to put your address in my GPS.
Blaine:  Makes sense.  You’re about 10-15 minutes away.  Head down Henderson Road to the Birdland housing plan across from the hospital.

The girls looked up, seeing Blaine text away.

“What’s going on?” asked Aly.

“New driver from Salvatore’s.  I think he’s old, asking for directions.  Probably still uses a flip phone.”

“Fossil” Aly said.  Teagan laughed, then Aly laughed too.

Joe:  Looks like we’ll be there soon.  Where should we park?
Blaine:  Back up into my driveway.  Text or call when you get here.  I’ll meet you at the rear basement door and get food.  After that, go upstairs to deck, I’ll meet you there and let you in.  Girls are in the downstairs theater.  They’ll stay here while I’m handling things.
Joe:  Copy that, see you soon.

Blaine breathed a bit and sat back down on the large stadium style chair couch combo.  Teagan made a faint move towards Blaine as if she was trying to pass the roach across the room.  Blaine waved his hand, and Teagan passed it to Aly.  Blaine had a sip of his beer.  He looked at his phone.  6:05PM.  No new texts from his parents saying that their flight was delayed or cancelled.  They should be airborne by now.  Less than 2 hours give or take before party time. 

“You sure you want to watch Justice League?”

“Yeah, might as well.”  Aly replied, giggling a little.

“Okay.”  Blaine set up a quick playlist on the home theater of Batman Vs. Superman, Justice League, and Aquaman.  He shook his head, looking regretful for a moment.  Just then, his phone buzzed.

Joe:  Is there a WRX in the driveway?
Blaine:  Yeah.
Joe:  Backing up now.  Meet you at the back door.


Joe had a text conversation with B, trying to find streets near where he was going.  Once he found Hummingbird Drive, it was easy to find Meadowlark.  Down this street two lights, left on Pyrenees, right on Henderson, look for the hospital into the plan, then a couple lefts and there was Meadowlark.  He ran these directions through his head as Sam came back to the truck with three pizzas and an order of wings.  Ray opened the back door and Sam handed him the food.

“Damn, how much you expecting us to eat?”  Ray asked Sam.

“Nothing, this was just his order.  Hungry little fucker.”

“Check that shit for labels or stickers with the name and number.”  Steve told Ray as Sam closed Ray’s door and climbed in the passenger seat.

“Just this receipt, no labels or anything else on the boxes.”  Ray handed the receipt to Steve who proceeded to tear it into smaller and smaller pieces, until it looked like confetti.

“Left Pyrenees, Right Henderson, Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  Joe muttered this to himself over and over as he pulled out of the parking lot and drove.  It became like a holy mantra to him.

“Left Pyrenees, Right Henderson, Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  Joe repeated until he reached his first marker and made a left on Pyrenees.

“Right Henderson, Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  After another minute or two, they stopped at a red light.  Henderson Road.

“Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  Joe continued.

“Is this how you used to drive before GPS?”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP STEVE, I’M TRYING TO CONCENTRATE!”  Joe screamed at Steve.  Ray and Sam busted out laughing, seeing how this teased Joe.

“We all know the fucking directions now, no need to be a bitch about it.”  Steve replied.

“Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  Sam said, sounding like a medieval monk.

“Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  Ray joined in, followed by Steve.  They continued this chant, slowly pissing Joe off.

“Mother fucker.”  Joe started laughing, then joined in on the chant.

“Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.  Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.  Hospital, Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  At this time, the hospital came into view.  Across from that was a sign with a bird name.  Eagle’s Nest Village.  Joe turned the vehicle into the plan using Cardinal Drive.

“Left, Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  The first left they came to was Hummingbird Drive.  Joe turned left.

“Left, 148 Meadowlark.”  About a quarter mile later, they came to the next left.  Meadowlark drive.  Joe turned left.

“Gimme numbers when you see them.”  Joe asked, keeping the truck driving at a slow pace.

“318 on my side.  312.  306.  My side, Joe.”  Sam yelled out.  They came to a stop sign.  “242, Right side, next block most likely.”  No one said any numbers until after the next stop sign.  Sam picked up the job again.  “166, 160, two more houses.  154, there 148.”  Joe stopped the truck in front of a two-story house.  A blue Subaru WRX sat in the driveway.  Joe texted B.

Joe:  Is there a WRX in the driveway?
Blaine:  Yeah.
Joe:  Backing up now.  Meet you at the back door.

Joe put the truck into reverse and backed his F-150 into the driveway.  He parked it and applied the parking brake.

It was 6:14PM and was still light outside.

“Okay guys, grab your stuff and get out.  No masks until we’re inside.  Steve, grab my stuff for me while I take the food.  Walk around the rear of the house, close to the wall.  I’ll make the food handoff.  Close the doors softly.  When I wave you on, go up the deck stairs and wait up there.  B will let us in, then get us to a safe location in the house until called upon.  Understood?”

The men nodded.  No more words were needed.  Joe exited the car and walked around to Ray’s door to get the food.  Sam got out of the truck and grabbed his bag.  Steve grabbed his and Joe’s.  Ray waited till Steve had the food secured and did the same.  The four men walked to the rear of the house.


Blaine saw the text, then looked at the time.  “Damn, it took that long to set up and play the movie?”  The girls paid him no mind.  Blaine stood up, making sure he had their attention.

“Hey, pizza’s here.  I need y’all to stay here for a minute.”

“Why?”  Aly asked, a little confused.

“Cause we’re fucking hotboxing in the basement and I don’t need some old fuddy duddy calling the cops on us for smoking.  I’ll get the food and the other stuff, then be back in a minute.”

“My drink’s empty, I need a refill.”  Said Teagan.

“Me too.”

“Just a minute.  I’ll get the pizza, then give you the all clear, then I’ll get my bowl.  Okay?  Just wait for me to knock.”  The girls nodded.  Blaine turned and grabbed the door, flipping the lock switch before closing it, just to be on the safe side.  He didn’t expect them to come out, but with two girls drinking and getting high, he’s not taking any chances.  “Yes, they can open it, but I’ll hear that across the basement.”  Blaine said to himself as he walked to the back door.


Joe stood at the door and looked over his shoulder.  The men were all standing close to the back wall and garage door.  They would have to walk past the basement door to get to the steps, and he wanted this to be smooth.  No sense taking extra risks unless absolutely necessary.  He knocked on the door.  Within a moment it opened.  A tall, well-built light skinned black man with short hair, a wide nose, and light brown eyes opened the door.  Joe guessed he was 6’1” or 6’2” and a solid 230 pounds.  He wore a pair of tight jeans, Air Jordans, and a pink t-shirt that had some Asian characters on it that looked like it came from some anime.  “Got a pizza here for...”

“Blaine?  That’s me.  You’re Joe?”  Blaine asked the other man.  He was eying him up one side and down the other.  He was shorter than him, maybe 5’8” at the most.  Joe had a full head of blonde hair, blue eyes, and was clean shaven.  He wore black pants and a zip-up black hoodie.  He guessed that that Joe was probably in his 40’s, give or take a few years.  Joe handed the pizzas over to Blaine.

“How much I owe you?”  Blaine asked, as he grabbed the pizzas and backed up, not completely trusting him. 

“It’s taken care of.  So...”  Joe let the word hang in the air, almost like he was prompting him.

“If you need to use the bathroom, just head up the deck steps.  I’ll be there in a minute.”  Blaine motioned with his head towards the steps.

“Cool.  See you shortly.”  Joe walked towards the steps.  Blaine put the pizzas down on the counter walked to the door, sticking his head out.  Joe was on the steps halfway up the deck.  Blaine turned his head to the right and saw three other men, all older than him.  He gave a quick wave to them, motioning them to follow Joe.  Blaine then closed the door and locked it. 

“Holy shit.” Blaine said to himself.  He walked to the theater and knocked on the door.  “Pizza’s here!  I’m going upstairs, I’ll be back down in a minute.”

“Okay!”  He heard Aly yell from inside.  Blaine walked up the steps and strode quickly to the dining room.  There, he saw 4 white men dressed in black.  “Like some bad fucking movie.”  He opened the sliding glass door.  “Come on in.”  The four men walked in to the house, one by one each carrying a bag.  Joe, the blonde guy.  He was followed by a chubby white man in his mid 40’s with black hair and a bald spot, followed by a white-haired man with a short-trimmed beard and a muscular man that could pass for his late 20’s if not for the salt and pepper in his hair.  Joe was the shortest and acted like the leader of the group.  The chubby man was maybe an inch or two taller, around 5’9”.  The old man was about the same height.  Only the muscular man was close to Blaine’s height, and he might be 5’11”, maybe 6 feet tall on a good day.  “Straight ahead, then up the stairs.  Turn left, last door on the right.”  Blaine followed the men to his room, looking over his shoulder the whole time.  The last thing he needed was to be spotted by one of the girls before they could execute the plan.  It took a moment to get up the stairs as the old man seemed to be having pain in his knees, but they eventually made it up.  Each step felt like an eternity where they would get caught.  They all turned to his room but waited for Blaine to open the door.  He did, and ushered them in.  Once all inside, he closed the door and locked it behind him.

Blaine sized up the men, just as they sized him up.  If things got ugly, he knew he could take the old man, the fat man, and maybe the short man, but the big guy would be a challenge.  The old man probably fights dirty, the fat man would try to out think him, and the short man would try to bullshit him into submission.

“I’m Blaine.  You’re Joe. Ray?”  Blaine pointed to Ray, who nodded.  “Sam?”  He pointed to the chubby guy, and Sam nodded.  “So that makes you Steve?”

“Yep.”  Replied Steve.

Joe spoke up, trying to keep his voice at an even keel.  “This is the last chance to walk out.  It’s not a traditional trade, so there’s no repercussions if we agree to back out.  If anyone’s not feeling this, speak now.”

The room was silent for a solid minute.  No one spoke, and each man looked at other, waiting to see if someone else would speak.  It didn’t take long for Steve and Ray to lock eyes and nod in agreement.  Sam was a bundle of nerves but more excited than he’s been in a long time.  Joe was in from the moment he proposed the idea.  The only one in the room that anyone was uncertain of was Blaine.

Blaine weighed out the cons.  If this didn’t go just right, his step-sister and her best friend will know that he either tried to rape them or did rape them.  Best case scenario, things will be very weird and he’ll have to leave.  Worst case scenario, prison or he gets stabbed in his sleep.  If this goes sideways, he’ll have to play along, knowing he had a role in this.  But dammit, this was his original plan.  He’s wanted to fuck Teagan for years, and he knew it would never happen under normal circumstances.  He was ready to let Aly get raped just so he can fuck someone that looked like Teagan.  Plus, Joe seems to know how to handle shit.  He came up with a good plan on the fly, and rounded up everything.

“I’m in.”  Blaine said, half in disbelief.  “What’s the plan?”

“Your parents are in the air?”  Joe asked him.

“Yeah.  They should be landing around 6:45, 7 if there was a delay.  Figure another hour to get a cab to the B&B, and they’ll be out of contact for the whole weekend.”  Blaine said, checking his phone.  It was 6:18.

“You’re supposed to be drug dealers or something else?”  Blaine asked, trying to figure out how 4 old white guys were violent drug dealers.

“Starts as a deal but goes bad.  We’re not your normal dealer, but someone else.  You come upstairs, Steve handles you down and subdues you.  He’ll rough you up a bit but he’ll pull his punches.  Just go with the flow.  I’m the voice, Ray and I bind the girls.  Sam covers the door, then comes up here, flips over the room looking for cash but can’t find it.  He comes down, tells me he can’t, then I say we have another way to make money.  How much weed we selling you?”  Asked Joe, trying to keep himself from fidgeting.

“I’ve got an ounce underneath the nightstand.”

“Anything else?”


“I’ve got a couple 8-Balls on me.  Like 4 or 5.”  Ray said.

Joe’s eyes went wide.  He had just spent the last hour driving around with a felonious amount of cocaine in his truck.  Joe bounced right back into the flow.

“That’s not what I expected, but we’ll use it.  That should be in total a couple grand.  Blaine, you text us when you’re ready to start.  We’ll make our way to the front door and you come up and meet us and we’ll assume positions.  Ray, if you’re ever in my truck again, tell me if you have enough coke to kill a horse.  Or any coke for that matter.  Sam and Steve, you’ll toss the room, make it look like a robbery.  Just this room, don’t need to push our luck by trashing the sister’s or parents’ room.  Anything that should be left untouched?”

“Don’t fuck with the computers, don’t cut shit open, and there’s a loose panel in the top of the closet.  Don’t go there, that’s where my server lives, and it’s recording everything.  Try not to break anything.”  Blaine said to Joe.

“We’ll try not to.  But your clothes are another matter.  We might be able to get the pants off without destroying them, but the shirt is probably toast.”  Joe said.

“Small price to pay.”

“Two last things.  When we leave, we’re tying everyone up and hiding cell phones.  Is there a place downstairs to put yours?”

“In the microwave or in the bathroom cabinet.”

“Good.  We’ll hide the girl’s phones elsewhere.  The plan is for you to get untied first and take over the situation, but just in case they get free before you.  You’ll be zip tied at the wrists and ankles, and those zipped together.  You should be able to get out of that easily, you look young and strong enough to break them.  The girls will be tied together, hopefully in a very compromising and awkward position.  It’ll be harder for them to get out, but who knows, we might have Harriet Houdini down there.  Just keep them from going to the cops and be the hero after this, who knows what’ll happen.”

“Got that.”

“And the last thing,” Joe looked like he was trying to find a polite way of saying the impolite.  “Are you black?”

“Yeah.  My dad’s black, my mom’s white.  My stepdad, Aly’s dad, is whiter than a mayonnaise sandwich.”

“Something that will help you keep your cover is if we’re racist assholes.”

“You want to call me a nigger?”  Blaine’s voice took on a little sharper of a tone.  He wasn’t expecting this, but it didn’t surprise him, either.

“With your permission.  And a lot worse, too.”  Sam said before Joe could react.

“Including some shit to them.  We’ve got to play this up so they don’t ever suspect you.  Especially if you’re so hard that you cut diamonds with your dick when watching us fuck Teagan.  She might think you like it too much, but...”

Blaine cut off Joe before he could finish the sentence.

“But if I’m just some piece of shit nigger who just loves watching white girls get fucked, then I just can’t control it.  I don’t like it, but you have my permission.”  Blaine looked hurt, but accepted what was happening.  Joe patted Blaine on the shoulder, almost turning it into a side hug.

“I will do everything in my power to make sure that your dick is in all of their holes tonight.”

Blaine looked at Joe with a look of mixed contempt and astonishment.  “Whatever.  We pull this off, I’ll get a tattoo in honor of you.  A little troll looking mother fucker buttfucking a unicorn.”  Blaine went to his desk and pulled out a special cigar box.  In it was a pair of roach clips, tweezers, and Carmella, his bowl made out of...”

“Is that from an Evo 8?”  Steve asked as soon as he saw it.

“9.  Her name’s Carmella.”

“Sweet.  I had an Evo in the land before kids and marriage.  Don’t recommend either.  Divorce isn’t bad.”  Steve let that info slip, but as long as everyone did their job, it would be okay.

“No walking around until I call you down.  Stay quiet.  If you need to use the bathroom, text me.  Even with as loud as the theater is, you can still hear the water run through the pipes.  I can explain 1, maybe 2 random flushes as something faulty, but any more and they’ll suspect something.  They’re smoking better shit now so they should be less paranoid than with skunk, but each person is different.  Text if you need to go, and I’ll text back when someone goes, time it with that.  If anyone leaves the theater, I’ll text right away.  Should be just for them to get food, drinks, and bathroom breaks.  Everything is downstairs, they shouldn’t need to come up.  Any questions?”

“What are they watching?”  Sam asked.  Ray looked at him weirdly?  “What?”

“Why does that matter?”  Ray asked Sam.

“If they’re watching something stoned off their asses, they might act differently and scream more watching a scary movie than a funny movie.”

“They’re watching a Justice League marathon.  Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, and Aquaman.”  Blaine said.

“Ouch.  I’m sorry.”  Steve said with a touch of remorse.  “I know we’re about to rape them, but to do that to them while they’re watching Zack Snyder rape the DC Universe is a crime against humanity.”  Blaine laughed at that joke, breaking the tension.

“Stay here till I text you.”  Blaine walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.  Just as he rounded the corner to the stairs, he saw Aly at the bottom of the steps. 

“You done jerking off yet?  Food’s ready, and it shouldn’t take that long to find your bowl.”

“Fuck.”  Blaine said a little too loud.  Almost got caught by the nosy sister who should be eating, drinking and smoking.  “Had to find Carmella.  Took a moment.”  He climbed down the steps.

“Bullshit.  You took a few minutes to rub one out.  You couldn’t stand it anymore and took a few minutes while we’re eating to...”

“I’m not gonna deny it.”  Blaine said, thinking on his feet.  What was he going to say, the truth?  That he was upstairs planning her gang rape with a bunch of strangers he met online only recently?  Blaine landed at the bottom of the steps.  “What can I say, a guy needs a release every now and then.  Let’s get some dinner.”  He continued past her.  She sat open jawed for a moment then followed him downstairs.  “Too close.”  He said to himself.

“Yeah, too close.”  Aly responded, assuming he was talking about her almost catching him masturbating.  She couldn’t be further from the truth.
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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 5:  The Final Countdown (nosex, setup, drug use)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is also character introduction and setup, and will tie in to the rest of the story in the future.

The Final Countdown (Teagan and Aly)

Time is such a cerebral thing.  It passes at a steady pace, more or less, completely unobserved.  But it’s the observation that makes it feel like time flies or time stands still.

For Aly and Teagan, having a great time smoking, drinking, and making fun of bad movies, time is flying right by.

For Blaine, who’s waiting for a text from his parents telling him they landed, time stands still.

For the rest of the men, waiting for the go-ahead signal to start the night’s festivities, time might as well be frozen.

Teagan and Aly moved to the main couch with Blaine for dinner.  They sparked up the second joint of the night right after.  Blaine could tell they were getting a little tipsier and stoned.  At this pace, they would pass out before 10 if he didn’t have other plans in mind.  The girls were screaming “WHO’S MARTHA?” at the TV and laughing.  Blaine looked like he was relaxed, but was definitely not on the inside.  He was nervous.  It was 6:55 PM and he still hadn’t heard from them.  He wasn’t worried about their safety, but he wanted to be absolutely sure that they were a couple hours away before party time.  If by some chance their flight was delayed or routed back and they came home with a bunch of white guys raping their daughter...

Blaine’s phone buzzed and he checked it.  A text from Joe.

Joe:  Going to need a bathroom break soon, all #1.  Safe to go but no flush?
Blaine:  Soft steps, no talking, no flushing till I say.  I’ll go in a couple minutes if one of them doesn’t get up soon.

A few more minutes passed.  Still nothing.  Usually by this point Mom and Dad would have texted. Damn, is the whole plan going sideways?  Do they go with what they have, abandon everything?  Holy shit, what happens if the girls find out about this plan?  Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Blaine’s phone buzzed.  He nearly jumped out of chair.  The phone scared him so much that the girls turned to see what he was doing.

“What the fuck, bro?  It’s just a shitty movie.”  Aly said, taking another long hit.  He waved off the pass to him and she gave it to Teagan.

“Nah, just lost in thought, that’s all.”  Blaine checked his phone.

Mom:  Landed and in the cab.  Be out of contact soon.  Call the B&B if you need us.  We’re turning our phones off soon.
Blaine: (Thumbs Up Emoji). Have fun.  (Winky face emoji).
Mom:  Luv u, tell Aly no boys.
Blaine:  Will do, luv u.

Blaine chuckled to himself.  Well, they weren’t boys.

“What?  Mom and Dad finally land?”  Asked Aly.

“Yep, they’re on their way to the B&B right now, will be turning their phones off soon.” Said Blaine, finishing his beer.

“In that case, let’s get some more people.  The more the merrier.”  Teagan said.  That would really throw a wrench in the works.  Time to think fast, Blaine.

“Aww, hell no.  First, no boys tonight.  Second, we only got 3 joints left till we get more weed, and I’m not sharing my beer or booze with more barely-out-of-high-school kids.”  Blaine said.

Teagan looked at the table, then back at Blaine.  “Bro, there’s 4 joints.”

“No, there’s 3.”  Blaine reached over and grabbed one of the joints and his lighter.  He lit up and puffed away.  “You two share that one, I got mine for the next few minutes.”  Blaine took another hit.  “Won’t be fair to invite your friends over with only 2 joints after this.”

“The fuck?” 

“Weed math Tea.  Always buy more than you need, and have less than you want.”  Blaine was chllin’ now.

“Alright, no one else until after we get more weed. When’s that?”

“About an hour or two.  Still plenty of time after that to party.”  In more ways than one, Blaine thought to himself.

“Alright.  Al, I need a drink.”  Teagan passed the roach over to Aly, who took a quick hit and put it on the roach plate.  Two down so far.  Aly stood up, grabbing her phone with her.

“Hey hey, leave the phones.”  Blaine said to the girls.  They both gave him a what-the-fuck look.  “I know you two.  You gonna go out there, text Tracy and tell her to come on over.  Meanwhile, we don’t got more weed yet and it’s not my normal guy.  It’s a friend of a friend of a friend, so I don’t know him, and I don’t want him getting scared off when Tracy shows up with half the horn section.  Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors are watching for a party.”  Blaine knew they weren’t and didn’t care, but Aly didn’t know that, and didn’t need to know.  “It’s 7:15 right now, you can live without your phones for an hour at most.”

Aly and Teagan both rolled their eyes.  “Fine.”  They handed their smartphones to Blaine, who put them in the reclining couch’s arm compartment on his side.  It wasn’t a great hiding spot, but he wasn’t going anywhere for the next hour except the bathroom and fridge.  Once they were up and out of the theater, he texted Joe.

Blaine:  Plane touched down, good to go.  Girls doing drink and bathroom break.  Wait for flush.
Joe:  Copy
Blaine:  I’m deleting texts after this one. Next one will be from you at 7:45 saying you’re ten minutes out.  Get ready at 7:45 and send only that text.  Leave gear in my room, Sam will bring it down stairs after tossing room.  7:45 is ten minute warning.  Moving time up, girls trying to invite people.  I’m deleting texts after this.  Do. Not. Reply.

Blaine sent the text, then took Teagan and Aly’s phones and put them in his pocket.  He had an idea.  He’d tell Joe when he saw him in about 40 minutes.  Right after he deleted this text conversation.

Out in the basement, Aly was getting herself a Vodka Cranberry that was more Vodka than Cranberry.  She did the same for Teagan’s glass.  Teagan was in the bathroom, and Blaine could hear the water running from flushing and washing her hands.  He paid close attention and listened for the water flowing through the pipes.  It went on longer than normal for the downstairs toilet, so it sounds like Joe did his part.  Blaine shook his head and grabbed a beer bottle from the open fridge.  He twisted it open, then tossed the cap in the trash and took a sip. He walked back to the theater, hanging out in the doorway.  Teagan looked oh so delectable, and Aly was fine, too.  He whispered his thoughts to himself.

“The fact that I’m worrying about a toilet is just nuts.  They’re stoned and a little drunk, about to be more stoned and drunk.  I just need to make sure we get this off without a hitch, and then fun and games.”

Blaine took another sip while surreptitiously eye-fucking Teagan as she bent over to get something she dropped.  God damn, what a nice, tight ass.  Those years of dance really paid off.  He wondered whose ass would feel better, hers or Aly’s when he heard Aly speak up from the Kitchen.

“Bro?  Your standing there all weird.  Afraid of the dark?”

“I ain’t sitting in there watching that shitty ass movie by myself.  You wanted to watch it, not me.”  Blaine said.  He got caught ogling them, but was less stoned than them and could still function.  “Y’all good, or you need a hand?”

“We’re good.”  Aly and Teagan got themselves more pizza to go with their drinks. 

“Munchies must be kicking in.”  Blaine said to himself.  Once he saw that they weren’t going to make a mess, he went back in the theater and waited for them.  He sat down and adjusted his pants.  Partly because he had 3 smartphones in his jeans, but mostly from how he imagined how good Teagan’s pussy would feel on his cock in a little bit.

The girls walked in to the theater just as Justice League finished its opening credits.  Blaine checked his phone. 7:25 PM.  Fuck, time was crawling.  Just another twenty minutes.  Might as well enjoy his beer and joint.


Upstairs, the men waited about as patiently as they could.  They dared not make a sound, so no games or movies on the phones, and no bullshitting amongst each other.  The small attempts at chit-chat were cut down by Joe quickly with a hush.  Ray sat on Blaine’s bed while Joe sat in his computer chair for the most part.  Steve tried to make himself comfortable in Blaine’s floor gaming chair, but he couldn’t sit there for too long so joined Ray on the bed.  Sam was making a mess, emptying out drawers and dropping stuff around as quietly as possible.  Making a mess is easy.  Keeping quiet is easy.  Making a mess while keeping quiet, that’s a challenge.  The most excitement they faced was each cycling through to take a bathroom break and making sure not to make any extra noise.  This kind of paranoia might strike others as crazy, but for a group of would-be rapists trying to not scare off their victims, the paranoia is acceptable.

Joe checked his phone.  7:14PM.  He took a deep breath and exhaled in an attempt to keep calm.

“Any news?”  Ray asked, trying to keep his voice down.  Joe shook his head.  This was running late. 

“Something might be wrong with the parent’s flight.  If they’re still in the city, they’re either coming back mad or going on an impromptu date night.  If they’re coming back we need to bolt soon.  They’ll see the truck in the driveway and either pick a fight with Blaine or call the cops.”  Steve said, not too loudly but still loud enough to get a look from Joe.

“And if they go on a date night, continue as planned.”  Said Ray.

Joe was about tell the men to shut the fuck up when his phone buzzed.  It was Blaine.  Joe responded.

Blaine:  Plane touched down, good to go.  Girls doing drink and bathroom break.  Wait for flush.
Joe:  Copy
Blaine:  I’m deleting texts after this one. Next one will be from you at 7:45 saying you’re ten minutes out.  Get ready at 7:45 and send only that text.  Leave gear in my room, Sam will bring it down stairs after tossing room.  7:45 is ten-minute warning.  Moving time up, girls trying to invite people.  I’m deleting texts after this.  Do. Not. Reply.

“Well?”  Ray asked Joe.

“We’re on, moving up.  Drunk girls being drunk girls, Blaine’s moving the time up on when we start.  Sam, go to the bathroom and wait for the flush downstairs.  You should hear something.  When you do, flush and come back carefully.  We mask up around a quarter till.  Leave the bags here till you come back.  Grab what you need to subdue them and carry it with you.  I’ll put on a body cam to catch the beginning before the fun begins.  Steve, you cover Blaine and get him taken care of.  Once he’s handled, help Ray with binding the girls.  Rags and bandana gags at first, clear packing tape if needed.  We need this to look like a surprise, not a set up gang-bang.”  Joe gave the directions in a low, clear voice.  Sam opened the door and went down the hallway.  Joe kept talking to Steve and Ray.

“I’ll QB events.  Sam’ll go first for activities.  It’s his first time, and this way he’ll be as guilty as the rest of us.  Ray, you get next choice after Sam, then Steve then Me and Blaine.  We’ll play it by ear after that.”

Sam returned from the bathroom.  He’s pretty sure he timed the flush right with what he heard downstairs.

“Miss anything?”  Sam asked, closing the door behind him.

“Not too much.  I’m QB, you get first play, Ray second, then Steve.  When we get in there, we’ll do the ‘Where’s the money?’ game in front of the girls with Blaine, Sam will come up and can schlep stuff down but not in.  You come back, we act it out, then I get an idea and you go out to the car and bring the bags in.  Walk up and down the steps once or twice, your call.  Buy enough time to scare the shit out of them.  Don’t fire your guns.  That will get the neighbors to call the cops and they’ll see we have blanks.  We will have to bail immediately.  Any questions?”

The men shook their heads.

“Good.”  Joe checked his watch.  “We’ve got a few minutes.  Get your stuff.  Ray, gimme your 8-balls.  You’re gonna lose’em.”

“No problem, we’re having more fun.”  Ray reached into his bag and pulled out 4 8-balls of coke.  He sifted through the bag again and found a fifth bag.  Ray handed the 5 8-balls to Joe.

“Forgot about that one.”

“How do you forget an 8-ball?”  Steve asked Ray before Joe could say anything.


Blaine and the girls were back in the theater.  A few minutes had passed since they refreshed their drinks and snacks.  Blaine was enjoying his own joint while the girls continued drinking.  Time was passing SOOOOO slow.  It was 7:35 and he was about to finish up the third joint of the night.  Three more sat on the table, along with two roaches and Carmella.  He figured he would chill for a couple minutes until Joe texted, then light up the last joint and share it with the girls.  Get them good and stoned for when 4 armed men come into the room.  A sober man with a gun can get the jump on a stoned girl any day of the week.

“When, when, when’s the guy getting here?”  Teagan asked, starting to show the affects of mixing weed and booze.

“Soon.  Like, within a half hour?”  Blaine said, trying to play it cool.

“Is he cute?”  Aly asked.

“I don’t know, I never met the guy.”  Blaine replied.  If she was asking about if a guy was cute in front of her, she’s probably closed to fucked up.  Under a normal situation, he might try to encourage her to slow down, or even stop her altogether.

“Yo, grab one of those babies.”  Blaine pointed to the three remaining joints on the table.  Teagan grabbed it and the lighter.  She placed it in her lips and lit it. 

He watched how her cheeks hollowed as she inhaled and held her breath.  He wondered how her cheeks would look around his cock.  Would they hollow like that, too? 

Teagan held the hit for a long while before taking another.  She passed the freshly lit joint to Aly.  It took her a moment to focus, but Aly grabbed the joint with her right hand and slowly inhaled. 

Hot damn, this might be the first time he realized how cute his step-sister could be with something in her mouth.  And good timing, too, cause he’s about a half hour away from watching her suck some dick.  He adjusted his pants when he felt something.  He still had their phones in his pocket and one of them buzzed.  Then the other.  Then both.  Again and again.  Probably some group chat they’re both in with their friends.  He’ll check it out when he goes upstairs.

Blaine finished his joint and put the roach on the plate they collected them on.  3 down, and the 4th was in the air.  At this pace, they’d be stoned, drunk, and passed out by 10, even with as tight as Blaine rolled them.  He maintained some sense of what was going on and didn’t let himself get too blasted.  One mistake and everything could go downhill.  Besides, he’ll sober up soon enough.  And so will the girls.

Blaine felt a buzz from his pocket that felt different.  He pulled it out.  It was his phone.  He had a text from an unknown number that was familiar.

####: C U N 10

That was different.  Wasn’t complete sentences, looked like a young person or an idiot sent it.  Blaine assumed it was Joe keeping up appearances.

Blaine: (Thumbs up emoji)

Ten more minutes.  He took a few sips of his beer.

“Weed guy’s gonna be here in a few minutes. Pass that shit over.”

Aly passed the joint over to Blaine who took a long, slow draw.  The movie still sucked, so he couldn’t be that high.  After another hit, he reached over Aly and handed it to Teagan.  One more cycle and he’d head upstairs.  He was calm, centered.  If Blaine had any remorse about what he was going to do to his step-sister and his crush, it was wiped away by the rush of blood to his cock.


Joe sent the text.  The men wore their masks and gloves.  They had their weapons out.  They checked and rechecked that they had blanks loaded and carried live clips in their pants.  Joe’s camera was clipped on his hoodie and recording.  Ray and Sam had zip ties, tape, rags, and knives.  The bags were packed.  They were ready.


Blaine took a moment after his last hit to go upstairs.  The nerves were finally getting to him, and if hadn’t smoked so much weed, he’d be shaking like a leaf right now.  There was a million ways this could go wrong and only one or two where things went right.  He rose from the couch and went to the door.

“Weed guy’ll be here soon.  You stay down here, be right back.”  Before he opened the door, he took a selfie with Teagan and Aly in the background, passing a joint between each other.  They didn’t notice.

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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 6:  A Deal Gone According to Plan (nosex, setup, racism, drug use)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  We’re very close to the action, thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism starts in this chapter and continues for the rest of this section.

A Deal Gone According to Plan (Teagan and Aly)

While climbing the stairs, he put his phone back in his pocket and pulled out Teagan and Aly’s phones.  He saw a bunch of text messages in a group chat from their friend Tracy and few of their high school friends.  It didn’t take Blaine long to figure out what was going on.  Teagan and Aly texted their friends earlier in the day about having a party at Aly’s house, or going over to Tracy’s house when they got some weed.  Even if Blaine didn’t have other plans, Tracy is too much of a bitch to deal with sober, let alone fucked up.  Aly and Teagan are too wasted to drive, and it’s his weed, not theirs.  He perused the last few messages to see how to respond.  He couldn’t open Teagan’s phone, but he could access Aly’s.

Tracy:  We token 2night?
Beth:  (Random emojis that translate to Where’s the smoke and drink?)
Tracy:  Hello?  U there?
Blaine (From Aly’s Phone):  (Sick emoji, puking emoji, bad pizza emoji)
Tracy:  OMG?!  REALLY. What about T?
Blaine (From Aly’s Phone):  (Puking emoji) right now.
Tracy:  That sucks.  (Hugs emoji) (Take Care emoji)

“That should shut them up for the night.”  Blaine said to himself.  He knew her friends well enough that they’d keep pestering and might even try to stop by if they thought there was a chance at some fun, but no one wants to be around puking teen girls.

Blaine was at the top of the basement steps when he had a moment of doubt.  For a brief instant, he worried about what he was going to do to his step-sister and her best friend.  He didn’t worry about so much about getting caught or how much the other guys would hurt them, but he worried if this was too much.  Those girls were drunk and high, and with a little coaxing he could maybe get Teagan to blow him, maybe even Aly.  But then he realized no, he couldn’t.  Even if he somehow managed to pull this off tonight, they’ll buy into some of that #MeToo claptrap about how since they were drunk they couldn’t consent and this was rape.  If he’s going to be accused of rape, might as well go full bore and be a part of an actual rape, one where he might even convince them that he was the victim.

The moment of doubt subsided, and the realization hit him.  He can live with this.

Blaine opened the door to the first floor and walked to the front door.  No one else was on the first floor yet.  He looked around to see if anyone was hiding in the dining room behind him.  Nothing.  Finally, he looked up the stairs and saw a masked figure hiding behind the wall at the top of the steps.  They made eye contact.  Blaine stood still but didn’t say anything.  The figure, dressed in all black, came down the steps with a pistol in his right hand.  He was short with blue eyes.  Blaine figured it was Joe.

“No names from this point out.”  Joe said to Blaine, who still was taking in the situation.  After Joe came the other three similarly dressed.  The tallest, Steve, was second, followed by a skinnier man and the chubby man was last.  All wore masks and had identical pistols drawn.

“What’re those?”  Steve asked, pointing his gun at Blaine’s left hand.

“Their phones.”  Blaine said, as he handed them over to Steve, who put them in his pouch.

“Smart.”  Joe said.

“Needed.”  Replied Blaine.  “They were trying to start a party, were texting a couple friends to come over.  I took them and told them they’ll get them back after the weed guy comes.  They’re stoned and drunk right now, barely notice they’re gone.”

“Not worth the risk?”  The old one, Ray asked.

“Nope.  One’s a bitch and the other’s a heifer.  Here.”  Blaine handed Steve his new Samsung phone.  “We ready?”  Blaine asked.  Joe nodded.  Ray produced a Target shopping bag with Blaine’s ounce of weed he bought earlier and Ray’s 5 8-balls of cocaine he donated to the cause.  Blaine whistled.  “Damn.  Now, you said something about roughing.”

Before Blaine could finish the sentence, Steve slapped Blaine as hard as he could with his free left hand across the right of Blaine’s face.  When Blaine flinched, Steve hit Blaine over his left eye with the handle of his pistol.  Steve pulled his hits as much as he could, but they still hurt.  Blaine’s vision felt foggy for a moment but cleared quickly.  He could feel a little cut above his left eye. 
“Fuck, that hurt.  Am I bleeding?”

“A little.”  Joe grabbed the bag of drugs and carried it in his left hand, pistol in the right.  “Don’t try any funny shit, hands where we can see them.  Lead the way, boy.”

Blaine walked back to the steps, a couple drops of blood starting to run down his forehead.  He really hoped he didn’t get any on the carpet, that’s a pain in the ass to clean up.  He opened the door and walked down the steps.  Steve went first after Blaine, followed by Joe then Ray then Sam.  Blaine cleared the steps and turned toward the theater room.  He waited at the door for the signal to move forward.  What was the signal?  They never discussed...

“Open it, nigger.”  Steve pushed the gun into Blaine’s back.  Blaine was pretty sure that was the signal.

Blaine opened the door to the theater.  And Hell followed.
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The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Story Codes with each chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 7:  Shock and Awe (nosex, setup, racism, violence, psych)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  We’re very close to the action, thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism gets rough in this chapter and continues for the rest of this section.

Shock and Awe (Teagan and Aly)

‘It all happened so fast, and yet felt like it in slow motion’ was how the story was recounted later.

One minute Teagan and Aly sat on the home theater couch, watching Bruce Wayne talk to Wonder Woman about something involving Cyborg.  The next, Blaine walked in with his hands up and another man holding a gun to his head.  And another man.  And another.  And another.  It all happened so fast they didn’t know what to do.


Blaine opened the door to the theater.  The girls were on the large couch to his left at the rear of the room.  Teagan sat on the left seat facing the TV and Aly was in the middle.  The girls were clearly more than a little stoned and drunk as it took them a moment to realize something was wrong.  Blaine hesitated at the door and his hands were raised.  He took a step into the room before he stumbled.  It was then that a tall man, almost as tall as Blaine, pushed him into the room. The man wore black pants, boots, a black hoodie, and a black ski mask.  And he was carrying a gun!  He had the gun pointed right at Blaine’s head.

Teagan’s eyes grew wide.  What the hell was going on, was this some kind of joke or something?  Those hopes disappeared less than a second later when the next man, also wearing all black and carrying a gun entered the room.  Teagan was putting 2 and 2 together and opened her mouth.

“SCREAM AND YOU BITCHES DIE ALONG WITH THAT NIGGER!”  The second man yelled, pointing a gun right at them.  Right in their faces.

Teagan was terrified.  Aly just noticed something was wrong, it was all happening so fast.  Aly saw the gun, now pointed right at her.

“I SAID DON’T FUCKING SCREAM BITCH!”  The second man, shorter than the first man yelled, moving the pistol back and forth between the two girls.

Blaine turned his head slightly to see the girls on the couch.  This slight pause was enough to cause the tall man behind him (Steve) to push him with his left hand and jam him in the back with his gun.  Blaine stumbled, catching himself before he fell through the glass table.  He made it to the leather couch on the far side from the door and landed on it with the grace of a drunk aunt at a wedding reception.  Blaine rolled over into a sitting position.  Steve had his gun trained on him.

Back on the main couch, the reality that something was wrong started to settle in on the girls.  Teagan started to cry and shake while Aly opened her mouth to scream.  The short man with the gun (Joe) put his pistol right against her forehead.


“Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.”  Aly repeated.  Teagan instinctively tried to hug her to calm her down.  The second man with the gun (Joe) took a step back.

“Gag’em.”  Joe looked at the girls but was talking to someone else.  They didn’t even notice a third man with a gun (Ray) until now.  He was a little taller than the man right in front of them with the gun, but not as tall as the man holding a gun on Blaine.  The third man (Ray) pointed his gun at Teagan and held a large plastic circle in his left.

“Hands out!  Straight towards me!”  Teagan hesitated, then steeled herself, trying to keep from shaking so much.  She put her hands out in front of her.  The third man (Ray) placed the plastic ring over her left wrist, then her right.  It was a zip tie, and in on smooth motion had it mostly tied.  He then put his gun in his hip pocket and used both hands to secure the zip tie.  The third man (Ray) then pulled out a rag, maybe a bandana out of his hoodie pocket and held it in front of her mouth.

“Open up.”  Teagan was sobbing at this point.  She couldn’t stop herself from crying.  The man waited for her to open her jaw just enough before he forced it in.  He reached behind her head and tied it in a double knot.  He pushed her into a straight up seated position before turning his attention to Aly.

Aly was a wreck.  She kept repeating “Please don’t kill me” over and over.  The second man (Joe) had his gun trained on Aly.  The third man (Ray) didn’t even ask for her hands.  He grabbed her arms with both hands and pulled them together.  He held them in place with his right hand while he grabbed another plastic ring from his hoodie.  He slipped the ring over her wrists and tightened it.  Ray then pulled another bandana out of his hoodie and waited for her to open her mouth.  Aly was panicking and not listening to directions very well.  Ray tried to time it just right but after a moment gave up and pinched her nose.  This forced her to open her mouth to breathe.  He used that moment to shove the bandana in her mouth and tied it behind her head.

The girls were secured on the couch.  The whole process probably took less than a minute, but felt like an eternity.

The second man (Joe) and the third man (Ray) stepped back from the couch.  The first man (Steve) still had his gun drawn on Blaine.  The girls sat on the couch, bound, gagged, and petrified.  Blaine sat with his hands up and what looked like a trickle of blood over his left eye. 

“What do you want?”  Blaine asked, putting some fear behind it.

The shorter man, Joe, spoke up.  “I want my money for what you owe me.”  Joe cleared a space on the glass table and emptied out the bag he held in his left hand.  There was a large container of marijuana and five smaller bags of white powder.  The girls saw it and their freakout escalated.  If it wasn’t for the gags, everyone in the neighborhood would hear them scream.

“By my math, you owe quite a bit.  A couple grand at least.  Now, where’s my money?”

“I didn’t order that shit.  I just wanted a quarter ounce.”  Joe nodded to the larger man, who hit him with the grip of his pistol over his eye.  This time, the blood poured freely.  Blaine winced in pain.

“I’ll ask again, where’s my money?”  Joe played it as calm as he could force.

“I told you, I didn’t...”  Steve switched the gun to his left hand and punched Blaine in the stomach.  It looked painful.  Blaine doubled over.  The girls, especially Aly, were crying and mewling behind their gags.  Joe let Blaine writhe for a minute before continuing. 

“One more time, where’s my money?”  Blaine kept his mouth shut.  Partially because it hurt to talk with the punch to the gut and partially to play along.

“Okay tough guy.  You.”  Joe pointed to a fourth man (Sam) standing in the doorway.  “Go find his room and get me something worth 2 grand.  You,” Joe pointed to Ray “Bind him.  You,”  Joe was now giving directions to Steve. “If he tries anything, shoot him.”

Sam left the theater room and climbed the stairs.  The girls didn’t know that he already tossed the room, but he took his time grabbing their bags and bringing them down to the landing by the basement door to the first floor.  He also took a moment to glance in the rooms.  The parents had a nice master suite, filled with old oak furniture.  Aly’s room looked like the typical teen girl’s room with pictures of her and her friends taped to the walls.  There was a guest room with a neatly made bed, and a fourth bedroom that was converted into an office and craft space.  Not bad.

Ray pulled another zip tie from his pockets held it out.  “You know what these are and how they work.  Pretty sure you’ve been arrested a couple times.”  Blaine moved his arms slowly in front of him as Ray slipped the zip tie over his wrists and tied tightened it.  “Open” said Ray as he pulled out a bandana.  Blaine opened his mouth and Ray gagged him with it and tied it behind his head.  “Lift your arms.”  Blaine lifted his arms over his head.  Ray grabbed them and pulled them over to the back of the leather sofa he was sitting on, as far as he could go without injuring Blaine.  He grabbed another zip tie and connected Blaine’s hands to an exposed piece of metal that was part of the frame.  Ray made sure that Blaine was properly secured.

Sam returned to the first floor and checked out the rest of the house.  A den and dining room on the first floor with a kitchen, living room, and laundry room all on the back half of the house.  This was definitely more than what he needed, but he could appreciate a house like this.

Steve kept his pistol drawn on Blaine.  Joe was leering at the young women in front of him.  Ray backed away from Blaine and returned to the side of the room by Teagan.

Sam climbed down the steps back to the basement.  He entered the room and walked up to Joe.

“What the fuck you mean there’s nothing?  There’s got to be something!”  Joe said to Sam.  The girls shook when he yelled.

“He’s got nothing.  All he’s got is a bunch of stupid toys and some anime shit.  We’ll get about a mile away before we get caught with that ricer he drives.”

“FUCK.”  Joe looked like he was ready to lose his shit.  He was waving his gun around, showing he was ready to seriously hurt someone.  Joe walked over to Blaine like he was ready to shoot him, when Sam put his hand on Joe’s shoulder and leaned in for a whisper.  Joe turned to Sam, then looked at the girls.  He looked at them long and hard, and even though he was wearing a ski mask, the look in his eyes spelled danger for them. 

Joe and Sam walked over to Ray and they had a huddle.  Steve was waved over, and joined after he was convinced that no one was going anywhere.  They huddled and spoke in hushed tones.

“Alright guys, it’s party time.  Just keep following my lead.  Sam, pick who you want a blowie from.”

Sam leaned up and looked at the two girls.  Damn, they were both cute.  He’d like to fuck both of them, but if he had to choose...

“If I get second choice, I want to fuck Aly.  She’s cuter in person than the pics I’ve seen.”  Ray said.  Sam looked at the girls.

Teagan wore a pair of jean shorts that barely covered the bottom of her ass and a peach tank top that fit snugly over her A or B-cup bra.  Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.  Sam guessed it probably came to the middle of her back when she let it flow.  Her sharp cheekbones and nose, pale skin, and blue eyes accentuated her beauty.  She wore a light amount of makeup that covered only the tiniest of imperfections.  The only jewelry she had on was a small pair of earring studs.  Teagan sat on the chair, afraid of what the men were talking about.

Aly sat in the middle of the couch, her knees curled up into her chest.  Her round face was streaked with tears.  She wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her loose dark grey t-shirt and gray sweatpant shorts told all of the men that she wasn’t planning on going anywhere tonight.  Her tits were bigger than Teagan’s, a solid B to a low C-cup.  It was hard to tell this earlier.  Aly had a cute little nose and mouth, and her green eyes contrasted with her sandy brown hair which came down to her shoulders.  As she curled her knees into her chest, she didn’t notice that she was flashing most of her panties at these men.  A pair of pink briefs.

“That makes it an easy choice for me.  Gimme Teagan.”  Sam said.

Joe stood and looked at the girls again.  It’s hard to tell when a man wearing a ski mask grins, but he had an evil grin.  He went back to the huddle.

“Ok, on to the next phase.  Get the stuff from the car.  Everyone back to their spots.”  The huddle broke and Sam left the theater.  Steve went back to stand near Blaine while Ray sat next to Aly.  She shuddered away from him and leaned closer to Teagan.  Joe stood in the middle of the room.  The silence was palpable.  The only sounds were coming from Blaine and the girls yelling into their gags.  The men were leering at the girls as they cried in their spots on the couch.

Sam went back up to the first floor and grabbed all four the bags the men brought with them.  Two book bags and two gym bags.  Sam grabbed them in one trip and made his way downstairs, bringing them into the theater.  Sam closed the door behind him.  Sam placed the bags on the ground and opened his, pulling out his camera bag.  Ray pulled out a handheld camcorder.  Joe aimed his gun at Blaine while Steve set up a nice-looking Prosumer 4k camera with tripod, and Joe pulled out a smaller camcorder and tripod.

The girls shook with fear.  What the fuck were these sick fucks doing?  Teagan looked at Aly to see where she was at in all of this, but Aly was still panicking.  Blaine looked...different.  He looked pissed, hurt, and flustered all at once.

Joe checked with everyone quietly to make sure they were set up and recording.  Once he got the all-clear, he waited a moment.  A couple minutes passed before Joe spoke to the three bound people in the room. 

“See buddy, we have a problem.  Two problems, actually.  The first is I owe people money for the drugs you ordered.”  Blaine tried to say something, but he was gagged.  “I need two thousand dollars to make this even.  Now, I’ve heard your good for this money, but you don’t have it.  Normally, I’d take it out on you by busting you up or selling one of your little whores there to pimp down in Heartland, the niggers down there just LOVE the white meat.  But that leads to my second problem, and people know I’m here.  People know I’m here, so if you end up with an extra hole in your chest or these girls go missing, it won’t take long to find me.  So, I have to come back later or meet you to get my money.  How long would it take your monkey ass to get two grand?  A week?  Two?”

Blaine nodded.

“Two weeks, you pay me the two grand you owe me for this shit.  I think we got a deal.  Except, one thing boy.”  Joe let that last part hang in the air.  Joe walked over in front of the cameras that were set up to cover the room from all angles.

“We need some insurance, that you’re gonna pay.  Normally, if you didn’t have my money, I’d take these little cunts with me down to Heartland and make them earn me the money you owe me.  But like I said, people know I’m here.  It wouldn’t take long to find me.  So, we’re gonna make some insurance tonight.”  Joe walked over to Aly and stroked her face, eliciting mewls of fear.

“You see ladies, we’re gonna have some fun tonight.  We’re gonna party, and we’re gonna film it all.  If that half-breed don’t pay, these videos will end up on the web, along with your names, addresses, and where you go.  It won’t take long till some sick fuck decides to recreate what happens tonight and leave you lying in a ditch somewhere.  So that’s his incentive.”  Joe leaned in close to both girls.  “Pay us, or watch your rapes get uploaded to the web.”

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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 8:  Let the Games Begin (forced stripping, MF, oral, racism, psych)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Let the Games Begin (Teagan and Aly)

“You see ladies, we’re gonna have some fun tonight.  We’re gonna party, and we’re gonna film it all.  If that half-breed don’t pay, these videos will end up on the web, along with your names, addresses, and where you go.  It won’t take long till some sick fuck decides to recreate what happens tonight and leave you lying in a ditch somewhere.  So that’s his incentive.”  Joe leaned in close to both girls.  “Pay us, or watch your rapes get uploaded to the web.”

Teagan and Aly were crying uncontrollably now.  This was supposed to be a simple Saturday night of hanging out, getting fucked up, and maybe have some friends come over.  Instead, they’re bound and gagged on a couch and about to be raped by Blaine’s new drug dealer.  Teagan said “This can’t be happening” into her gag as Aly shifted gears from “Please don’t kill me” to “Please don’t hurt me.”

Steve had his gun drawn on Blaine once again.  He knew Blaine wouldn’t try anything, but the girls didn’t know that or need to know that.  Ray leered at Aly like a piece of meat.  As soon as she made eye contact with him, she stopped chanting and screamed herself hoarse.  The young woman could see in his eyes what he was going to do to her.  Sam pulled the glass table from the center of the room and pushed it up against the corner next to the empty leather couch by the door.  Joe walked over to Teagan and bent over, so his face was right in front of hers.

“You have two choices.  You play nice with us, and we’ll try to make this fun for you.  You scream for help or fight back, and not only do we fuck you and your friends, but we beat the shit of you and fuck you up in the process.”  Joe pulled out his pocket knife and opened it, flashing the sharp blade in front of Teagan’s face.

“Which is it gonna be?  Good girl or Pain in the ass?  Are you gonna be a good girl for us?”  Teagan reluctantly nodded. 

“That’s good.  Good and smart.  I’m going to remove your gag.  If you scream, it goes back in and we do things the rough way.  Got it?”  Teagan, face streaked with tears and eyes bloodshot from a mix of crying and smoking, nodded.  Joe reached behind her and untied the bandana gag from behind her head.  He slowly pulled the ends forward so that only the fabric in her mouth was holding it in place.  “Remember, no screaming.”  Teagan opened her mouth slightly and Joe pulled it out.  She didn’t scream.  Joe put the bandana in his hoodie pocket and backed up.

“Please, please don’t hurt us.  Please don’t hurt us.  If you need money I can get you money, please don’t hurt us.”  Teagan pleaded with Joe.

“It’s his job to pay us, not yours.  Mommy and Daddy are gonna ask why you need so much money so fast, then you’ll tell them.  This way, we know that you’ll make sure that piece of shit half-breed over there is gonna follow through.”  Joe walked further back and stood next to the Prosumer camera that Steve set up. 

“So, for me and the camera, tell us where is your wallet?”

Teagan hung her head.  Fuck, she wasn’t going to lie on this one.  Besides, she’s too scared to lie effectively.

“It’s on the table.”

Joe motioned for Sam to grab it and hand it to him.  He opened it up and saw her Driver’s License inside, next to a picture of her with her parents, an older boy and a younger girl.  Joe showed the ID and picture to the main camera and then walked around and held it up in front of all the cameras.

“Why don’t you tell us your name and address, cutie.”  Asked Joe, sounding smarmy.

“My name is Teagan Gentry.  I live at 227 Eagles Nest Drive in Westchester.”

“Yep, matches the ID.  Now, who are these people in this picture?”  Teagan sniffled before continuing.

“That’s my family.  My mother, Carolyn and my father Gerald.  My older brother Aaron, and my younger sister Celeste.”

“How old are they?”

“Carolyn and Gerald are in their 50’s.  Aaron is now 22 and Celeste is 13.”

“That’s good Teagan.  Now, where are we?  What’s the address and whose house is this?”  She sniffled once again.

“We’re at 148 Meadowlark Drive.  Aly Thompson’s house.”

“And who is Aly Thompson?”  Teagan sobbed for a moment and swallowed before continuing.

“Aly is...  Aly is my best friend.  She’s right next to me.”  Joe turned the camera to show Aly, who was in the middle of a panic attack.

“Anyone else live here?”  Joe asked Teagan.

“Aly’s step-brother Blaine and their parents, Sarah and Henry Thompson.”  Joe panned the camera over to Blaine, showing him secured on the couch.  He then returned it back to Teagan.

“Where are Sarah and Henry?”  Joe asked.  Teagan cried as she knew that her best chance of rescue was a couple hours away.  If she lied, they would catch her in a lie and probably beat her before raping her.

“They’re out of town for a date night at their favorite bed and breakfast.”  She said, her head downcast.

“And do you know why we’re here?”

“You’re here, you’re here because Blaine.”

“What did Blaine do?”  Joe asked, calmly.  Teagan sniffled, then spoke.

“He didn’t pay for the drugs you brought.”

“And what are me and my friends gonna do?”  Joe asked.  Even with a ski mask on, it was easy to tell he enjoyed this part, the psychological torture of making her tell the camera what was going to happen to her.

“You’re going to..., you’re gonna...”  Teagan broke down into a sob.  Joe let her cry for a moment, watching her resistance crumble without even laying a finger on her.

“What are we going to do to you?”

“You’re gonna rape us.  And if Blaine doesn’t pay you, you’ll release this video.”

“Good girl.  Now, repeat after me.  If you’re seeing this, it’s cause that nigger didn’t pay.”

“If, if you’re seeing this...”  Teagan was sobbing and hating herself right now. 

“Say it.” 

“If you’re seeing this, it’s cause..., it’s cause that...”

“Finish the sentence.”  Joe put more firmness behind this statement.  He wanted to hear this beautiful white suburban girl use a racial slur in front of one of her black friends.  He saw it was tearing her up, but he wanted this.  He wanted to see her spirit broken before she even took off her clothes.

“It’s cause the nigger didn’t pay.”  Teagan dropped her head into her hands and cried. 

Joe let her cry for a moment.  He looked around the room.  Aly was just coming down from the onset of a panic attack, and Ray was already eyefucking her.  Blaine looked crestfallen at this latest development and stopped making it look like he was struggling.  Steve lowered his gun from Blaine and shifted his attention to the girls on the couch.  Sam looked like, well, Sam.  He just stood there.  It wasn’t until he looked closely at his eyes that he saw a look of lust in his eyes that he hasn’t seen since that one day in his apartment.

“Okay Teagan, stand up.”  Joe walked over to the girl who was still in shock at what was going on.  When she didn’t stand up fast enough, Joe raised his voice.  “I said stand up.  You’re doing so well, don’t fuck this up.”

Teagan stood up, using her bound hands to push off of the edge of the couch.  She was standing within a couple feet of Joe.  He pulled out his pocket knife and opened it in one swift motion.  Her eyes were locked on the knife.

“Since you’ve been such a good girl so far, I’m gonna give you a choice.  We can either cut and rip your clothes off, or I can cut the tie around your wrist and you can remove your own clothes.  Which is it?”

“The, the, the hands.”  Teagan stuttered.  She didn’t want this to happen, but she didn’t trust this monster with the knife.

“Good choice.”  Joe grabbed Teagan’s bound hands and put the knife to the plastic tie.  “Remember, you try anything, don’t listen to us, or do something stupid, we’ll fuck you up and still rape you.  Got it?”  Teagan nodded, and Joe cut the plastic.  It fell to the floor.  The young blonde rubbed her wrists to ease the pain they were in.

Joe stepped back to his spot by the camera and made sure that she was completely in frame.

“Okay bitch, strip.”  The abruptness of the command caught Teagan off guard, but what else was he going to ask her to do in that situation, play the kazoo?  Steadying her hands, she grasped the bottom of her peach tank top and pulled up.  Slowly, she exposed her belly.  She paused halfway, not to entice her captors but out of fear.  She froze for a moment.  Joe held the knife in his hand, and seeing that shook her from her momentary catatonia.  She lifted the shirt up higher, until the bottom of her bra was exposed.  Still higher, now covering her face and showing off her bra cups.  Higher still, and the shirt was only covering her head.  With one last pull, her shirt was off.

Teagan wore a simple peach colored bra that looked like it pushed up her small breasts.  The satin finish looked shiny in the theater room’s light.  She instinctively covered her chest with her arms.  She knew this wouldn’t last, but at this point she knew she was just delaying the inevitable.

Joe looked to Sam.  “What next?”

“Lose the shorts.”  Sam said to Teagan and Joe.

“You heard him, drop the shorts.”  Joe commanded Teagan.  With her hands shaking, she grabbed the button that held her jean shorts in place and unbuttoned it.  Once unbuttoned, she paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath before grabbing the zipper and lowering it.  A new wave of sobbing came over her as she moved her hands from the front of the shorts to the sides and pushed them down.  She bent over as she pushed until the shorts were past her knees.  From there, gravity took over and they fell to her ankles.  She lifted her left foot out the pant leg, then the right.

Teagan stood in front of the men wearing only a peach bra and a matching thong cut pair of panties.  She crossed her left arm across her chest and her right hand covered her crotch, in a vain attempt at hiding her womanhood from these monsters.  Her head was still downcast to the floor.

“Hands to the side.”  Joe told Teagan.  She hesitated for a moment.  “HANDS.  To the SIDE.”  That firmness snapped her out of it.  Her hands moved to the side of her body in a flash.  “Head up.”  Teagan once again raised her head.  Her eyes were filled with tears.  She could see the man giving orders (Joe) nodding at what he saw, and the other man who told her to lose the shorts (Sam) adjust his pants.

Teagan stood in front of them, painfully exposed.  Her small breasts looked delectable in her bra.  She obviously took great effort to maintain her skinny figure, as she had a visible 8-pack.  Her long blonde hair fell past her shoulders and to the bottom of her bust.  Her heavy breathing caused her chest to expand and contrast, moving her breasts and causing the space around her collarbone to rise and fall.  Her legs were skinny yet well defined, even when standing still she looked like she was ready to sprint or dance.  She had a tiny birthmark just below the waistband of her thong on her left hip that was only visible to those she trusted most.  And now her rapists, and possibly the whole world. 

“What next?”  Joe asked Sam.

“Bra.  Then turn around, bend over, and drop your panties.”  Sam commanded.

Teagan reached behind her back and reached for her bra clasps.  She fumbled for a moment as the nerves of being put through this were getting to her.  She grabbed the clasp and undid the peach colored bra.  Holding the clasp with her right hand, she moved her left arm in front of her bosom and let go of the clasp.  The tension released, and the back of the bra fell away from her body.  The shoulder straps relieved their tension. Her bra was held in place by her left arm, as she used her right hand to move her left strap off of her shoulder.  Teagan then used her left hand to push the other strap off of her right shoulder.  The only thing covering her breasts now was her left arm.

Teagan took a couple deep breaths and then dropped her left arm, removing her bra completely.  There, exposed to these monsters, was a perfect set of small breasts.  Her areolas were small, about the size of a quarter, and light pink.  The nipples themselves stood slightly out.  She moved to cover herself but caught herself just in time.  Instead, her hands went to her face as she wept.

“What size are those?”  The chubby man (Sam) asked her.  She didn’t respond.

“My friend asked you a question.  How big are your tits?”  This caught Teagan’s attention.  She sniffled before answering.

“32 B.”  That sounded like an exaggeration to the men, but they let it slide.

“Good.  Now turn around, bend over, and remove the panties.”  Sam said to Teagan.  She started turning to her right, but stopped herself when she caught a glimpse of the tall man (Steve) staring at her like a piece of meat and Blaine, tied up and helpless on the couch, watching.  She couldn’t look at Blaine right now, right after the hurtful things she said.  She stopped her motion and turned to her left, past the man in charge (Joe) and the chubby man (Sam).  She saw the chubby man hand his gun to the talking man and then grab the bottom of his black jacket.  Oh God, was he getting undressed?

Just as she was about process that thought, what she saw when she turned around froze her.  Aly, who was still screaming into her gag, was now curled up on a ball in the middle seat of the couch, pressed up against the cupholder section that separated their seats.  Tears flowed down Aly’s face.  A pair of hands were groping her, rubbing her shoulders and legs.  Those hands belonged to the old man (Ray).  At least, he looked older than the other men.  Through his ski mask she could make out a gray beard and mustache.  Ray was sitting in the end seat on the right where Blaine sat earlier.  He was leaning over the cupholder, mindlessly molesting Aly.  Teagan nearly shrieked at the sight, but held it together.  Her best friend was getting molested by this senior citizen, in her own house.  And things were about to go from bad to worse.

Ray now had a hand on her shoulder and a hand on her leg.  He wanted to accelerate this, but Sam got first action.  He’d wait until Sam got his, then he’d unwrap his present himself.  There was no way that Aly was calm enough right now to listen to directions, and Joe knew this too.  He’d wait till he got the go-ahead, then do this himself.  Which is how he wanted to do her in the first place. 

“If only this stupid console wasn’t in the way.”  Ray said, more to himself than anyone else. 

“It looks like it’s a flip down thing.  Should be able to fold it back up.”  Steve said after looking at it from a couple different angles.  Ray took his hands off of Aly for a moment to fiddle around with the console.

Teagan bent over, her head less than two feet from Aly’s.  “We can get through this.  We can get through this Al.”  Teagan said to her friend.  This momentarily broke Aly out of her freakout. 

Teagan’s panty covered ass was on full display for the men behind her. She placed her thumbs inside of the waistband.  She steeled herself with a few more breaths then pushed down.  The top of the panties slid over her tight little ass and she paused right as the waistline was right below her buttcheeks.  One more push, and she’d be naked in front of these strangers, her best friend, and Blaine.  One more moment, and she pushed them down.  She pushed her panties down to her ankles.

“Hold there.”  Joe said, as he made sure that the 4k camera caught the first glimpse of her pussy and asshole.  He stepped forward to make sure his body cam got a good look, too.  Sam had taken his jacket and t-shirt off and was kicking off his shoes.  He left his pants on and fastened, at least for the moment.  Ray and Steve put their putzing around on hold to enjoy the view.  Aly tried to get her breathing under control to come down from her panic attack.  Blaine had a great view of the festivities and was glad no one was looking at him right now, as he felt himself getting hard watching Teagan strip.

Teagan heard Joe come close to her and stop.  Was this it?  Was this the moment they started raping her?  She felt her heartbeat rise, knowing that things were only about to go from bad to worse.

Joe stepped back to his spot by the camera.  Sam was only wearing his black pants, socks, and presumably underwear now, and holding a smartphone.  It looked like the same one he used earlier when scouting Naomi’s place.  Sam’s Canon camera was set up on a tripod by the door, facing the empty couch next to him.  He walked over to the couch, putting himself in frame.  Sam was recording video on his smartphone, as well.

“Okay Teagan, you let go and stand up.”  Teagan let go of her panties and stood up.  She forced herself to keep her hands at her side.  Her ass was tight, small, and pale, just like the rest of her.  There wasn’t a blemish on it.  She stood there motionless, knowing the men were excited seeing her ass, and were about to get more turned on when she turned around.  She also knew that this was it.  No more clothes to take off, no more ways in delaying the inevitable.

“Turn around.”  Teagan stepped out of her panties and turned around, back the way she came.  She heard cries from behind her get louder.  The old man (Ray) must’ve figured out how to fold the cupholders up and was back molesting Aly.

Teagan stopped.  Her hands were moving to cover her crotch on their own as she struggled to keep them at her side.  Fully exposed for everyone to see was her womanhood, shaven clean except for a neatly trimmed landing strip that matched her natural blonde hair.

The chubby guy (Sam) was naked from the waist up.  He was recording her with a smartphone.  The leader (Joe) was still dressed, at least for the moment.  The tall man (Steve) had stepped back from the couch and was looking her up one side and down the other.  She only briefly looked at Blaine, and couldn’t make out what he was thinking.  Teagan looked over her right shoulder.  The old man (Ray) had slid over next to Aly and was running his left hand through her hair and his right hand had disappeared under her shirt.  Teagan turned back to the leader.

“Excellent, Teagan.  You are very beautiful.”  A compliment from a rapist?  That’s a new one.  “Just a few questions before we begin.  Answer as best you can, for you and Aly.  Okay?”  Teagan nodded her head.

“Have you had sex before?”  Teagan nodded.  “Please use your voice.”

“Yes.”  Teagan said, nodding along.

“Any Aly?”


“Ever sucked dick, Teagan?”

“Yes.  Aly too.” 

“Good.  Been fucked in the ass before?”  Teagan was feeling humiliated by these questions.

“No.  Neither has Aly.”  Teagan shook her head.

“Ever been with a girl?”  Teagan shook her head again.

“And Aly?”  Joe asked, and took note of how she paused before responding.

“I don’t think so.” 

“You sure about that?  You wouldn’t be lying to us, would you?”  Steve asked.  Teagan hesitated for a moment before saying anything.

“Aly... Aly told me a while back she was curious and made out with another girl at a party, felt her up, but that was it.”  Teagan looked deflated.  Here she is, naked as a newborn in front of two very close people and four soon-to-be rapists, and she’s telling Aly’s secrets on camera.

“Okay.  Ever been in a threesome?”  Teagan paused, taking a deep breath between sobs.

“Once, with two guys.”

“And Aly?”  The question came from the old man on the couch.  Teagan turned to him, and he was definitely grabbing Aly’s tit.

“No.”  The look of horror on Aly’s face combined with the apparent lust she could see from this man old enough to be her father or grandfather made her stomach turn.

“Good girl.”  Joe said, condescendingly.  “Since you’ve been so good, we’re going to be good to you.  As much as we can.  You’re going to keep following our instructions for the rest of the night.  If you don’t listen, or if you try anything, it will end badly for you, Aly, and Blaine.  Got it?”  Teagan nodded.  “Good.  Don’t try to do anything stupid like bite anyone or scratch anyone.  You do, and we’ll knock your teeth out and fuck you up real bad.  Got it?”  Teagan nodded again.  “Good.  Now, you’re gonna listen to my friend, and do what he says.”  Joe motioned to Sam.  She stared at the chubby man.  He wore black pants, socks, and a balaclava to hide his face.  Everyone else had ski masks which exposed the mouth, but the only thing visible on his head were his eyes.  He was obviously recording with his phone.

“Walk over to me, and stop right here.”  Sam pointed to a spot about a foot or so in front of him.  Dejected, she walked over to him, slowly.  She stopped right in front of him.  She assumed she was about to blow this guy.

“On your knees.”  Sam said. 

She was right.  Teagan cried again as she knelt down on the floor.  It was carpet over basement concrete, not very comfortable to kneel on.  Her eyes were staring down.  She didn’t want to make eye contact, either with this man, his gut, or his dick.

“Look up.”  Teagan slowly did as she was told and looked up.  Past his hairy belly, she could see his masked face and a phone staring back at her.

“Ask me if you can suck my cock.”  There it was.  She had a feeling it was heading this way, but this sick bastard was going to make her ask for it.

“Can I suck your cock?”  Teagan asked.

“I don’t know, can you?”  Sam responded.

“Jesus fuck, man, what are you an English teacher?”  Steve asked from across the room.  He moved closer to Joe’s position, making sure that Blaine had an unobstructed view.

“May I suck your cock?”  Teagan asked again.

“Say please.”  Sam was enjoying this.  He enjoyed it so much Teagan could feel him get hard through his pants.

“Please, sir, may I suck your cock?”  Teagan on the verge of a breakdown, but so far she showed that she was made of stern stuff.

“Go ahead, you may suck my cock.”  Sam told Teagan as tears streamed down her face.  She reached up with shaking hands and grabbed the button on his pants.  He’d foregone a belt today.  She slipped the button out of the hole and pulled the pant flap to the side, exposing the zipper.  She reached out tentatively with her right hand and grabbed the zipper.  She pulled it down.  God, she could feel his cock through his pants.

When the zipper was down, she grabbed the pants by the thighs and pulled down.  As she did, she was greeted with a pair of boxers with a cock sticking straight up.  The front of Sam’s boxers were coated with precum.  Teagan reached out and pulled the boxers down, just trying to get this over with.

Sam’s cock was an average size cock, maybe 6” inches in length but with a little more girth than expected for that size.

“Go ahead, grab it and give it a kiss.”  Sam was egging her on.  Teagan dejectedly reached out with her right hand and grabbed his cock.  It was warm and throbbing to her touch.  Her hand barely wrapped around this dick.  She stroked her arm up and down as she steeled herself for what she needed to do next.

Sam felt this young woman’s hand on his dick and almost nut right there. But he knew better.  These men would never let him live it down.  Plus, he got first choice of holes tonight, and a bitch’s hand wasn’t on the list.

Teagan stroked Sam’s dick for about 30 seconds before working up the nerve to straighten her back, raise her head, and lean in.  She opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue.  The head of Sam’s dick tasted salty and bitter.  She licked the head of his dick a few times, hoping against all hope that this would be enough to get him off.  It didn’t.

“Look up baby, into the camera.”  Sam said to Teagan as she continued teasing his cock with her tongue.  She raised her gaze to see a smartphone right above her.  Her eyes were red with tears.  Sam angled his dick at her mouth.  “Take it all in, baby, and look at me.”  She grabbed the shaft and directed it into her mouth.  She swirled her tongue along the bottom of his cock, paying attention to the part right under the dickhead.  She did this for a minute until she developed a rhythm of her own, moving her head back and forth, suck the chubby man’s cock.  Sam reached out with one hand and grabbed the scrunchie she used to hold her hair in a ponytail, and pulled it out, letting her blonde hair fall completely down her shoulders.

“Oh, fuck baby, suck that dick.”  Sam said, his dick going back and forth into Teagan’s beautiful mouth.  She would go back and forth for about 20 or 30 seconds, then pause and catch her breath.  This was the only thing that kept Sam from cumming down her throat right now.  If she wasn’t stopping, he’d nut right here and now.
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 9:  Aly’s Turn (forced stripping, MF, oral, rape, racism, psych)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Joe was enjoying the show between Sam and Teagan.  Steve, standing next to him, asked him a question in a whisper.

“What’s the batting order?  After these two, who’s next?”

“I’m QB’ing this show, so you can jump in after Ray.  I’ll call the shots, but everyone will have their fun.  Once he’s done with her mouth, it’s yours if you want it.”

Steve just nodded his head.  Joe looked over to Ray on the couch, who was feeling up Aly.  The two men made eye contact, and Joe nodded to Ray.  That’s all he needed.

Ray wasn’t about screwing with this girl’s mind, he wanted to screw her.  As soon as Joe nodded to him, he got to work.  Ray, who was sitting next to Aly and feeling her up under her shirt, stopped and grabbed the bottom of her gray t-shirt and pulled it up, over top of her breasts.  He held the shirt in his left hand and pulled it up, trying to clear Aly’s head.  With his right hand, he pulled the dark blue bra that was covering her right tit down, exposing it.  Ray wasted no time and sucked and bit on that tit like a prize was going to come out.

Aly tried to kick and get him off of her, but she was in an awkward position and when he bit down on her nipple, it hurt.  A lot.  This old man (Ray) was sucking on her nipple while pulling her shirt over her head.  Now, she couldn’t see what was going on.  But then she felt the shirt slide off of her shoulders and release from around her chin, then her nose and finally her head.  Her shirt was now bunched around her bound wrists.

Ray had an idea.  He took the bunched-up shirt and held it in the air.  “Hey, mind giving me a hand for a minute?”  Ray said to Steve.  The tall man walked over to the couch.  Ray handed him Aly’s shirt bunched up at her wrists. 

“Hold this.”  Steve held the shirt with his hands as he sat in the empty seat on the couch.  Ray climbed on top of Aly and started kissing and biting her against her will, across her face, neck, and ears.  She struggled underneath him to no avail.  Ray reached underneath Aly as she tried to shake him off and undid her bra clasp.  In a quick stroke, he had her dark blue bra undone and slid it up her arms.  Steve grabbed it and held her arms down.  He shifted positions and sat on her hands while he raised the cupholder section out of the way.

Aly’s tits splayed flat as she lay on her back.  They were a healthy 34C, and her areolas covered a large area of her breasts, at least the size of a silver dollar.  They were much larger and darker than Teagan’s nipples.  Ray bit and sucked them with gusto as he made his way down her chest and then down her stomach.

Ray sat on her legs to keep her from kicking him.  He reached his hands under ample ass to pull her shorts off, but she fought him off surprisingly well.  Ray thought about his next step for a brief moment.  He looked across the room and saw Teagan give Sam a blowjob with more effort than he’d expect this early on.  Maybe she hoped that getting him off would end this sooner.

Ray grabbed his hoodie and removed it, nearly taking his mask off in the process.  He caught it before it escaped and reapplied it.  He left his white undershirt on, as that covered up a tattoo he had.  No sense in giving these women something to identify him with. 

He reached onto his belt and unclipped a folding knife.  Aly’s eyes caught the knife, and she panicked anew.  She tried thrashing and pushing these men off of her, but it was no use.  The tall one holding her hands was way too strong for her, and she didn’t have a good angle to get this old man off of her.  Ray opened the knife, and held it in his right hand.  He grabbed her sweat shorts with his left hand, right by her belly button.  He pulled up on the shorts, and bunched up the fabric for her left leg with his thumb, creating a space to place the knife.  He pulled up on the knife four times, each time cutting a bigger slash until all that was left was the waistband.  One more tug, and the waistband was sliced in two.  Ray repeated this process on the other other leg.  Cut, cut, cut, slice.  Soon, her shorts were cut to shreds and she was left there wearing only a pair of pink high cut briefs.

“What do you think? Shaved, trimmed, or hairy?”  Ray asked no one in particular.

“I think trimmed.”  Replied Steve.

“Hairy.”  Said Joe.  Aly looked at these men with fear and hatred.  The fact that they were joking about how her pubic hair was maintained...

Ray grabbed panties by the inside of her right leg and pulled up, briefly exposing her pussy.

“Definitely not shaved.  There’s some hair right there.”  Ray pulled up as far as the fabric could go, giving her a severe cameltoe wedgie.  He slipped the knife inside the opening and in a couple swift cuts sliced her panties open.  Without changing his grip on her slashed underwear, he pulled up, getting his knife under the waistband by her right hip and sliced it.  He did the same on the other side, then pulled the panties away.  Aly’s dark brown pubic hair was shown for all to see.

“I win, what’s my prize?”  Joe asked in a jovial manner.

“You get to watch me eat her out and fuck her first.”  Ray said, as he put his knife back in his pants.  He raised his right foot from the floor and placed it between Aly’s calves, then positioned his right knee between her thighs, so that he could force her legs open enough to get his head down in her pussy.  Aly squirmed, trying to break free, but she didn’t have an angle to break free.  Ray moved the bottom of his ski mask up to his brow, exposing his face as he was an inch from her vaginal opening.  Aly couldn’t see his face, but felt his fingers pull her labia apart and the bristles from his beard as he buried his face into her most special place.

Ray savored the moment of first contact with Aly’s pussy.  He deeply inhaled her aroma, moved his face around her beaver, and then eventually stuck his tongue out and licked her entrance.  He slipped his tongue into her, doing his best Gene Simmons impression.  After a minute of that, he licked around until he found her clit.  He flicked her button several times, even eliciting an inhale and suppressed groan from her.

But Ray wasn’t trying to get her off, he just wanted to toy with her.  He wanted to taste her, get her juices on his face, and make her smell her own sex while he raped her.  Getting her off against her will would come later.

While Ray was eating Aly out, he used his left hand to undo his pants and he kicked off his shoes.  In a matter of seconds, he was down to a plain undershirt and a pair of tighty whities.  Another few seconds, and those were down his legs and off over his feet.  He raised his head from her pussy and readjusted his mask.

Once naked from the waist down, Ray slid up from pussy eating position and lay on top of Aly, using his legs to stay between hers.  He propped himself up with his left elbow on the couch by Aly’s head, and grabbed her hair with his left hand.  He pulled her by the hair to see her face.  With his right hand, he grabbed his cock and aimed it for her opening.

Ray loved this part, the look in a bitch’s eyes as she feels him enter her for the first time.  The look of fear, panic, regret, and resignation, all rolled into one.  It was his favorite look in the world.

And he saw that look as he pushed his 6 inches into her in one thrust.
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 10:  Double Teaming (MF, MMF, oral, rape, racism, psych)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Blaine saw it all happen from his seat on the far couch.  No one was paying him any mind, as he was gagged and bound to the couch.

In front of him across the room, he saw Teagan suck up her fear as much as she could until she was forced to give Sam a blowjob.  She had a great technique, too, but no stamina.  She’d go to town on the chubby man for 20-30 seconds at a time, then stop.  Sam was playing with her hair while she did this.  He looked like he was letting her go at her own pace, instead of just facefucking her.  Blaine figured that Sam was going to fuck her soon, otherwise he’d nut all over her by now.

On the couch to his left, Ray had stripped Aly, ate her out, and had just stuck his dick in her pussy.  Aly’s screaming turned to crying.  Blaine could see that Steve was still holding Aly’s hands down, but he figured that wouldn’t be needed for much longer.  Ray was breaking Aly’s spirit at this point.  She’d still fight throughout the night, especially if they pushed her to more and more sick shit, but this is the moment where she went from fighting off a rape to being raped.  He’s been in this position before, he’s seen the look she’s giving Ray now, and the way her fight changes from protection to survival. 

Now, it’s going to be about the old guy enjoying his turn with Aly.  After he bottomed out on his first thrust, he stayed inside of her for a moment, savoring her cries, her tears, and her futile attempts to fight him off.  He then started thrusting, low and slow.  Full, slow strokes, raising his hips up and down, in and out, at a nice, slow rhythm.  Ray was taking his time with her.  He was establishing dominance.

Steve still sat down on Aly’s hands, but he was looking back and forth between the two girls.  Steve was stroking his cock through his pants, anticipating his next move.

“You’re on deck.”  Joe said to Steve.  He stopped stroking himself and took off his clothes, starting with his hoodie and shirt.  Steve definitely spent some time in the gym.  If it wasn’t for the gray hair here and there, he could pass for his late 20’s.  Steve was muscular but thick, not cut like some body builder.  He may have been one in his past, but that six pack of his was more like a party ball or half keg now.

Steve then took off his boots.  He was the only man wearing boots.  Everyone else was in tennis shoes but Steve wore what looked like old military boots.  That might explain the body, too. 

As Steve was removing the last boot, Joe walked over out of range of the cameras and began to undress, too.  Joe was the shortest of the group, around 5’7” tall and relatively skinny.  He stripped completely down while both shows were going on.  Joe looked like he might be a runner.  He wasn’t fat, but wasn’t cut either.  Toned would describe him.  Joe undressed like there was a contest.  He slid off his sneakers, dropped his pants, and removed his zip-up hoodie and shirt.  The only clothes he had on left were his ski mask and boxer briefs, and those were straining to contain his hard-on.  After another moment, he was naked, too, pulling down his underwear and kicking it off.

Joe’s dick stood at full attention.  It was hard to tell from across the room, but it looked a little longer than Sam’s, but not as thick.  A longer, skinnier poke awaited the girls.

Steve shimmied his pants off while still holding Aly’s hands under his thighs.  She wasn’t fighting as much as before.  Ray was still pounding her with long, slow strokes.  Her tears rolled down the side of her face as Ray held her head in place.

“Feel that you fucking cunt?  That’s my dick.  MY DICK.  In you, you fucking cunt.”  Ray spit those words at Aly, as he sped up his pace.  She wanted to crawl away, but there was nowhere to go.

Sam was enjoying the blowjob he was getting from Teagan.  He rocked his hips back and forth faster, holding her hair in his hands.  If he didn’t stop soon, he was going to cum.  He pulled her face away from his dick.

“Stand up.”  She stood, in no small part to his ‘help’ of grabbing her hair and pulling her to her feet.  He then led her to the empty couch next to them.  He pushed her onto it, where she landed with a thud.

“On all fours.”  Teagan rolled over from laying on her right side and climbed up on her hands and knees.  Her perfect pert ass and tight, trimmed pussy were positioned up in the air.  Sam walked behind her and cupped her pussy with his right hand, pushing two fingers into her.  Teagan yelped at the intrusion.  He climbed up on the couch behind her and kneeled.  He spit on his cock and rubbed his saliva over it.  With his left hand, he grabbed Teagan’s hip.  With his right, he lined his cock with her pussy entrance, getting the tip in past her outer folds.  Another push, and he was an inch inside of her.  Again, he pushed and paused.  He pulled back, then pushed a little further.  Again, and again, Sam took Teagan from the doggystyle position.  After a minute, he was fucking her. 

Sam caught Steve’s attention.  “Come on, get some of this,” as he waved Steve over.  Steve looked at Teagan and Sam, then Aly and Ray next to him.

“Go, I got this.”  Joe said to Steve.  The tall man stood up, and made his way to Teagan’s mouth, with a solid 8” of dick ready for her throat.  Joe grabbed Aly’s hands and held them down on the couch.

Teagan hung her head in shame.  Here she was, being raped by some fat, disgusting man, fucked like a dog.  She’d just blown this monster for what felt like an hour, and now he was in her pussy and this big guy was damn near leaping to her, with his dick aiming at her mouth like a heat seeking missile.

Steve grabbed Teagan by her hair and wrapped it around his right fist while holding his dick with his left hand.

“Open wide.”

Holy shit, that looked big.  Teagan opened her mouth as far as she could go, but this wasn’t the best angle for her.  Steve put his dickhead into her mouth, and started thrusting.  This bigger dick was moving in her mouth, while the chubby man was busy fucking her doggystyle.  This dick was too big at this angle for her.  She wasn’t blowing him, he was facefucking her.

On the couch, Ray’s pace had accelerated to a fast and furious fucking.  The sound of his hips echoing off of Aly’s filled the room, along with Sam’s grunts, Steve’s moans, Teagan’s choking, and Aly’s cries.

“Take it you bitch, take it, ah fuck, ah fuck.”  Ray yelled, as his thrusting became more frenetic.  “That’s it, bitch, that’s it, take it, take it awwww fuuuck!”  Ray’s body spasmed and planked out as he came inside of Aly.  He shook a couple times, then fell on top of her.  Her cries were heard across the room.  She tried in vain to push Ray off of her.  Eventually, Ray started to climb off and pull out.  He wiped his cum covered dick off on her hairy twat before getting off the couch.  Ray sat down on the couch where he had just fucked Aly.

As this was going on, Sam started bucking into Teagan wildly.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohh fuck yeah.”  Sam pumped his semen into her, filling her up.  The look on her face as she felt this man cum inside of her was pure disgust.  Almost as much disgust as she felt about being facefucked by this other man.  Sam pulled out and wiped himself off on her before getting off of the couch.  Sam leaned back against the wall, supporting himself that way.

Joe looked around and took an assessment of the situation.  Ray and Sam both came.  Aly had just been fucked, as well as Teagan.  Steve had his cock halfway down Teagan’s throat.  The only two men left to have any fun were him and Blaine.  Joe developed a plan.  He saw that Blaine was still bound, and fully dressed.

Steve was having fun facefucking Teagan.  He held her head steady with both hands as he shoved his eight-inch cock back and forth into her mouth.  She was on the verge of gagging, and a couple times he held her nose shut as he pushed his cock further in her throat.  If he kept this up, he was going to drown her in his cum. 

Teagan’s face was tear streaked, and drool was coming down her chin.  She wanted this assault to end.  She didn’t know how much more she could take from this man before she threw up.

Joe walked over to the two on the couch.  He gave Steve a quick hand signal, like ‘slow down’ and mouthed something to him.  It looked like “I got an idea.”  Steve held his dick her mouth for a few more seconds before pulling out.  She gasped for air.  Joe grabbed her by the hair as Steve let go. 

“Do you like that, Teagan?”  Joe asked her.


“Do you want him to stop?”  Joe twisted her hair a little, eliciting a shriek from her.

“Oww, Yes, Please.”  Teagan was crying.  Steve was curious to see where Joe was taking this.

“You’ve been a very good girl so far, so I want to give you a choice.  If you want, I can let my friend her keep facefucking you while I fuck your cunt.  Or, you can choose Option B.” 

“Option B.”  Teagan said through the pain of nearly having her hair ripped out.

“One more time?”  Joe yanked again.

“OPTION B!  OPTION B!”  Teagan cried out.  Joe loosened his grip.

“Good.  Let’s go see Blaine.”

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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 11:  Option B (MF, MMF, oral, anal, rape, racism, psych)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Option B (Teagan and Aly)

“OPTION B!  OPTION B!”  Teagan cried out.  Joe loosened his grip.

“Good.  Let’s go see Blaine.”  Joe, still holding a handful of Teagan’s hair, made his way over to the couch where Blaine was bound and gagged.  They stopped in front of him.  Sam was catching his breath and Ray looked on with interest.  Steve stroked his cock, mentally calling dibs on Aly.

“So, here’s Option B Cutie.  I think you hurt the nigger’s feelings earlier when you called him a nigger on camera, and you need to make it up to him.”  Teagan cried a little more.  Blaine, for his part, looked pissed as he thrashed on the couch, making sure not to break the zip ties holding him in place.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do.  I’m gonna give you a minute to get his clothes off from the waist down.  It should take me about that long to cut off that stupid pink shirt of his.  Once you get him naked from the waist down, that includes shoes, socks, the whole deal, you’re gonna suck his dick.  The faster you go, the better.  Know why?  Once I’m done getting his shirt off, I’m gonna fuck that tight little pussy of yours, right in front of him.  If you can make him cum before I do, then once I’m done you get to take a break.  But, if I cum before he does, then you have to fuck him until he cums, and we all get to watch.  Got it?”  Ray got off the couch and went to the cameras, making sure they caught this action.

Teagan nodded her head yes.  She hated the way the tall man was using her mouth like that, and didn’t want to go through that again.  She also hated herself for what she said earlier about Blaine.  He was like a brother to her.  He’d always been there for her, looked out for her.  But now, she had this crazy choice, and she didn’t even choose.  She chose ‘Not facefucked to death.’

Joe let go of her blonde hair.  She bolted like a race dog over to Blaine and immediately unbuckled his belt.  Why of all days did he have to wear a belt today?  She fumbled with the buckle, her hands still shaking from everything she was going through.

Joe walked to his stuff and grabbed his pocket knife.  He slowly and methodically walked over to the young pair.

Teagan finally unbuckled Blaine’s belt.  She unbuttoned the top button and reached for the zipper...

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!  OF ALL FUCKING DAYS YOU’RE WEARING A BUTTON FLY?!”  Teagan screamed as she frantically reached for the second, then third button.  Blaine screamed something into his gag.

“Shooos, shoos!”  She looked up at him confused.  He started waving his foot.

His foot. “Shoes?”  She asked Blaine.  He nodded.  She stopped fiddling with his fly and started untying them.  He wore a pair of Air Jordan 1 Low SE’s, colored in pink.  At least they were low tops.  Teagan got the left shoe off and started on the sock just as Joe stood next to them.

“Be careful with them shoes, them niggers will kill for them.”  Joe grabbed Blaine’s shirt with his left hand and bunched it up.  He took his time and began cutting.  Joe wanted to give Teagan a chance to think she won, but he knew otherwise.

Teagan removed the right shoe and sock.  She went back to work on the fly.  Joe sliced Blaine’s shirt completely in half.  He went to work on making cuts so he could get it off over his broad shoulders.

She had the third and fourth buttons undone.  Now just the last one.

Joe sliced the shirt for the last time and pulled it off.

Blaine worked out.  He had a well-developed abdomen with large pecs and trapezoids.  He had a couple tattoos on his chest, mostly Asian characters.  The only thing lacking on his chest was hair.

Teagan unbuttoned the last button on his fly and frantically tried pulling his jeans down. 

“Up.  Sit up!”  She yelled at Blaine as she kept pulling.  He got the message and sat up enough for her to pull his jeans down to his knees.  He stayed up, giving her a chance to pull down his boxer briefs, too.  She grabbed them without hesitation and pulled, unleashing the biggest cock in the room in the process.  Blaine’s cock was 10 inches long if it was an inch, and solidly thick.  This is the kind of dick that was made for movies.

“Jesus H. Christ, I guess it is true what they say about you people.”  Joe laughed to himself as he walked behind Teagan.  As he stood behind the skinny blonde, he handed the knife to Steve, who was coming over to the couch.  Joe looked at Teagan’s perfect little ass.  He wanted to dive in right now, but first he wanted to see her get her mouth around Blaine’s cock.

In her hurry to get him undressed, Teagan barely noticed that Blaine was already excited.  She did notice it when it swung and hit her in the face after freeing it from its confines.  A new type of fear showed on her face, like she bit off more than she could chew.  She’d been with a few guys by this point, but none had a dick this big.  Now, if she didn’t get him to cum from a blowjob, she’d have to fuck herself on that.

Teagan grabbed Blaine’s cock with her right hand as she put herself in a better position to get it in her mouth.  At least she could control this part.  Her hand didn’t even reach the whole way around.  She stroked at his cock.

“Damn.  I’m gonna be a fair sport and give you a one-minute head start, starting...NOW!”  Joe said, starting a countdown on his smartwatch.  Teagan stroked the shaft with her right hand, then brought her left into the action.  She put herself in a better position and started licking the tip of Blaine’s dick, giving extra attention to the underside of his head.

“45 seconds.”  Joe said.  Teagan licked the head a few more times, tasting Blaine’s salty sweat as she prepared to take him into her mouth.  There was no way she could get the whole shaft in there, but she could at least get the head in and maybe a little more.  She opened her mouth and went down on him.

“30 seconds.”  Teagan pumped her head furiously up and down on Blaine’s dick.  If she could get him to cum quickly, this could buy her a bit of a reprieve.

“15 seconds.”  Joe stroked his cock and kneeled behind her.  Teagan sucked on that dick like a prize was going to come out, but Blaine didn’t cum.

“Time’s up, my turn.”  Joe spit on his hand then rubbed it on his cock.  He grabbed Teagan’s hips and after finding the entrance to her pussy, pushed himself in.  “Holy shit, you’re tight.”  She let out a deep huff after Joe pushed into her so fast, but then she went back to work sucking Blaine’s cock.  Blaine seemed to be liking this a lot.  His breathing increased, he raised his hips in time with her efforts.  Joe started fucking her from behind.  He went at a slower pace for a minute, but then quickened.

Steve, meanwhile, sat on the couch next to Aly and grabbed her hands.  He took the knife and cut the gray shirt off, but left her hands bound.  After clearing the shirt from her wrists, he folded the knife and tossed it over by Joe’s stuff.  He grabbed Aly by her arms and pulled her into a sitting position.

“Get over here.”  Steve dragged Aly over onto his lap and held her in place.  She struggled a bit.  Sam grabbed Joe’s knife, came over from the wall and sat next to her.  Holding the knife in front of her face, he got her attention.

“Listen up.  Your friend over there is being a real good girl.  She’s been cut loose, and isn’t trying to hurt herself.  See that?”  Sam pointed over to Teagan, who had Blaine’s cock in her mouth and Joe’s dick in her pussy.  “I’m going to fuck you in the ass soon.  Your ass is amazing, and I want my dick in it so, so bad.” Aly’s eyes went wide like an anime girl. “But how that happens depends on you.  I can take out your gag and you can suck my dick to help lube it up, or I will rip your asshole to shreds dry.  Which is it?  Do you use your mouth, or do I fuck your ass dry?”  Aly stayed still for a moment.  “Alright, dry it is.”  Aly shook her head vigorously.  “You want to say something?”  Aly nodded her head.  “I’m going to take out your gag.  You scream, it goes back in.  Got it?” Aly nodded.  Sam untied the bandana from Aly’s mouth.  He gave her a quick moment to catch her breath.  “So, what is it?”

“I’ll do what you ask, just please don’t hurt me.  Please, don’t hurt me.”  Sam nodded to Steve, who started playing with Aly’s pussy.  Sam grabbed her head and guided it down to his cock.

“Remember, you bite, it’ll be the last time you bite anything.  Got it?”  She nodded.  Sam guided Aly’s mouth to his cock.  She stuck her tongue out to get a quick sample.  She could taste sweat, cum, and the faint odor of another woman, Teagan.  Aly took a few deep breaths, then took Sam’s cock into her mouth.  She worked it up and down for a minute while Steve fingered her pussy with abandon.

Back on the other couch, Joe was fucking Teagan hard and fast.  She was sucking Blaine’s cock as best as she could in an effort to avoid having to fuck him.  She poured everything she had into that blowjob.  Blowing Blaine already hurt her enough, but she didn’t know if she’d be able to fuck him, and not just from a ‘he’s-like-a-brother’ standpoint but ‘that-dick-is-too-big’ point.  She could barely get half of his dick in her mouth at once.  A couple times during this she tried to go deeper, but deep-throating wasn’t a skill she’d developed in her life.

Steve finger blasted Aly to the point that she was wet enough for him to enter.  She’d been sucking on Sam’s dick, trying to get him as wet as humanly possible.  She’d never had anal sex before but had heard from a couple girls that it could hurt like hell if not done right, and this guy didn’t look like he was going to do it right.

“Get up.”  Steve said to Aly as he pulled her off of Sam’s cock.  He held her aloft and lowered her pussy onto his cockhead, impaling her in a cowgirl position.

“Oh shit, you’re so fucking tight.”  Steve said to Aly, who moaned slightly as she was lowered onto the largest dick she’d ever had up to this point in her life.  “Fuck yourself on my cock.  Do it.”  Aly pushed herself up and down on Steve, trying to get a good rhythm going.  After a moment, she got into an up and down groove.  Sam, meanwhile, went to his bag to grab a bottle of lube.

On the floor, Joe was pumping away into Teagan as fast as he could.  Watching her suck dick like that turned him on, and knowing how upset she’d be that she failed in her race helped push him over the edge.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuuucck!”  Joe grabbed on to Teagan’s hips with both hands and held himself in place as he came inside of her, spewing jet after jet of semen into her womb.  Joe wanted to spend more time inside of her, but he knew that she could keep trying to get Blaine off with her mouth unless he made her switch.  Joe pulled out, slapping his dick off of her asscheeks.

“Ok sexy.  Time’s up.  Off your knees and on the boy’s lap.”  Teagan gave a couple more enthusiastic sucks, hoping that would push Blaine over the edge.  It didn’t.  Dejectedly, she pushed up off of Blaine’s lap and stood up.  Her knees were aching.  She rubbed them before climbing onto the couch, over Blaine.  She looked at him and saw something that was hard to describe.  Like a mix of lust and anger.  She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“I’m sorry I have to do this.”  Holy shit, that was classic.  Teagan was getting raped by a gang of strangers because of his drug deal, and somehow, she was apologizing to him for having to fuck him?  Un-fucking-real.

Over on the other couch, Aly was riding Steve’s cock into a good rhythm when she felt something on her back.  On her ass.  It was some kind of liquid.  She looked behind her and saw the chubby man squirt a bottle of some clear slippery liquid on her ass and then on his cock.  It was lube.  He then rubbed the lube over Aly’s puckered little asshole.  The man then stuck a finger in her ass, but only up to the first knuckle.

“Oww, oww.”  The chubby man withdrew his finger and she felt better, but only for a moment.  He lined up his dick with her ass and pushed it in.

“OWWW” Aly cried.

“Holy shit, your ass is tight!”  Sam said, as he got the head of his dick right inside of her asshole.  He stayed there for a moment before continuing.

Teagan rubbed herself a little bit.  She was a little wet, but that cock was the biggest one she’d seen in her young life.  She rubbed a couple circles over her clit, held her pussy lips open with her right hand.  She aimed her hips over top of his cock and let herself slide down.  He filled her up.  After a minute she felt him all the way inside her.  She fucked herself on his dick, slowly rocking herself up and down, up and down.  Her hands were on his shoulders.  As she bounced, her small tits kept bouncing in front of Blaine’s face.  For someone bound and gagged on a couch, being forced to fuck his sister’s best friend while the sister was being ass raped about 10 feet away, he was having the time of his life.


Steve did a quick calculation.  ‘There were 5 guys in this room and 2 girls.  The girls had 3 holes each.  Ass, mouth, and pussy.  For each guy to get his dick in each hole, the girls would have to take at least 15 dicks.  The complication was that one of them was tied up and not supposed to be having too much fun, but so far Joe was just sick enough to make it work.  That left 4 guys with the 2 girls when they weren’t busy.  Figure that the guys were all approaching middle aged except for Ray, they would normally only be able to cum a maximum of 3 times before the night was over.  Double that for the craziness of the event and extra stimulation and whatnot.  The tied-up guy was the youngest, but without knowing how much that would impact his ability to recover made the math hard.  Figure at most 15-20 loads for the night, and they’ve got just around 3 ½ hours left before they have to leave.  Without proper coordination of who cums where, that means that the likelihood of several degrees of sloppy seconds is a certainty while the chance of a 1 on 1 fucking as the night goes on is reduced.  So far only Ray had a 1 on 1, which also means that both girls will be DP’ed no less than 3 times tonight to make sure each guy gets a piece of them.  Maybe 3 to 4 rounds of fun for everyone.  And so far Sam’s had 4 holes, Ray and Joe 1, and yours truly 3.  Even Blaine is on his 2nd.  Plus, the drugs will slow everyone down a little.  I’d like to conserve my pace, but oh fuck.’

He thought this while the cute 18-year-old riding his cock up and down like a piston was getting her ass fucked for the very first time.  Some guys think of baseball to keep from nutting.  Others do advanced rape calculus.

Steve was helping Aly fuck herself on his dick, holding her under her armpits.  As her meaty tits bounced in front of his face, he managed to get the left one in his mouth and began sucking on the nipple and lightly biting it.

Aly let out a noise that was a mix of a moan, groan, and cry.  She felt a pain and pressure that she’d never felt before as the man behind her was slowly pushing his cock into her ass.  She could swear that it didn’t feel that big when it was in her mouth a couple minutes ago.

Sam now had most of his dick inside of Aly’s asshole and was slowly rocking back and forth, fucking her slowly and trying to keep in pace with Steve’s fucking.  It took a lot of effort to get inside of her ass without ripping it to pieces, and he wanted to enjoy this.

On the other couch, Teagan was now fucking herself on Blaine.  She was getting her hips into the spin of things by rocking, rolling, and finding just the right rhythm.  She wanted to get him off quickly, but found herself starting to feel good.  This was the fourth dick in her tonight, but it was the first time she felt like she could enjoy it.  Hell, she’s literally being held at gunpoint and being forced to fuck Aly’s hot AF step-brother, she might as well have some fun with it. 

Teagan fucked herself on Blaine’s cock.  She rubbed his chest and torso.  She licked and bit his ears and neck.  She even kissed him.  He kissed her back, as best as he could with a gag in his mouth.

Blaine wasn’t expecting this when he planned this little escapade, but he was damn sure enjoying it now.  Here he was, getting fucked by Teagan on his couch.  And she was getting into it.  Holy shit, was she getting into it.

Teagan’s bouncing and grinding came faster and faster, as well as her breath.  Faster, and faster until her body spasmed and a loud moan escaped her lips.

“Ahhh ahh fuuu. Ahh.”  Teagan gripped onto Blaine’s shoulders as hard and she could as an orgasm rocked her body.  She rested on him as the waves of guilty pleasure overtook her for a moment.  Her breath was starting to even out.  She almost forgot for a moment where she was or what was going on, until Blaine reminded her by moving his massive cock up and down inside of her.

Over on the main couch, Steve and Sam found a rhythm to fuck Aly to.  Steve held the brunette girl in place and fucked her from a sitting position while Sam thrust into her asshole from a standing position behind her.  Aly’s groans slowly shifted into a moan.  Steve had slipped a hand down to Aly’s cunt and was rubbing her clit.  Sam reached up and grabbed her hair with left hand and slapped her ass with his right.  The sucking on her nipples, rubbing her clit, and the feeling of two cocks inside of her brought her to the brink, but the hair pulling and spanking pushed her over.

Aly came, and came hard.  She screamed a guttural, incoherent yell that caught everyone else off guard.  Her pussy contracted like a vice around Steve’s cock, and Sam felt it in her ass.  Aly’s orgasm pushed Steve and Sam over the edge, with both men shooting their loads into the young woman.  Moments later, as the men tried to catch their breath, Aly’s moans were replaced by tears and sobs.  Not only was she being raped, but her body betrayed her and enjoyed it.

For Teagan, hearing and seeing what her friend was going through shook her back to reality.  To the reality that they were being raped by these monsters and that she still had Blaine’s hard cock inside of her.  She knew her little pause couldn’t last long and if she didn’t get him off fast, they’d probably do far worse to both of them.  Teagan humped away on him, hoping that Blaine was close to cumming.

For Blaine, this was a dream come true and one of the sexiest nights of his life so far.  Teagan had sucked his cock like a pro and fucked herself with it, and he just watched Aly cum harder than she probably has in her life.  Now, Teagan was back to fucking him.  Hot damn.  This was one of those moments in life that will never come again, but cannot last forever.  He was close.  So very close.  He just needed one thing to push him over the edge.

Aly’s tears.  She was crying.  She was forced to have an orgasm against her will.  And this was all his fault.  And the way Teagan’s face sank when she saw Aly.  ‘God, that was so fucking sexy.’ Blaine thought to himself.

Blaine grunted and moaned. He bellowed out as he felt his cum shoot far up inside of Teagan.  Jet after jet of semen blasted into her womb.  He kept shooting, and shooting, for what felt like an hour.  It was less than a minute, but it felt like forever. 

Teagan collapsed on Blaine and put her head on his shoulder for a moment.  He dropped his back on the couch.  They lifted their heads and their eyes met.  They saw something in each other they’d never seen before.  He was still coming down from cumming and looked content.  She had a look that said to Blaine ‘I’m in Hell, but at least you’re here with me.’  God, if she only knew.

Ray was catching all of this on camera and looked at the clock.  It was about half after 9.

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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 12:  Take a Break (racism, psych, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Sam and Steve extracted themselves from Aly.  Steve rolled her back onto the couch, where she curled up and cried.  Teagan had dismounted Blaine’s now softened cock and hugged Aly.  Steve, Sam, and Joe were cleaning themselves with a pack of baby wipes Steve brought along, and Ray was still filming.  Blaine was still bound and gagged on the couch, now completely naked.  Joe looked at the clock.  It was around 9:30PM.  They’d been playing for about an hour, and had maybe 2-3 hours left before they needed to wrap it up.

“Okay, we’re gonna take a little break, have some refreshments.  What’s a party without refreshments, huh?”  Joe said to everyone in the room.  He made eye contact with Sam and Steve.  “Go track down some food and something to drink.  There’s bound to be something in this house.” 

Steve and Sam left the theater and went into the basement, still only wearing their masks.  They walked into the kitchenette area by a furnished workout area.  They found the pizzas they ordered earlier.  Steve went to the fridge and looked at the drinks.  Sam found most of three pizzas.  He grabbed picked up the boxes.

“What do they got in there?”  Sam asked Steve.

“Got a case of Yuengling Light, Whiteclaws, Coke, and a bottle of Smirnoff.”

“Grab some of those Whiteclaws, I heard they were pretty good.  I want to try one.  Six pack, too.”  Steve grabbed a six pack of beer and a few of the mango flavored hard seltzers.  He followed Sam, who stopped just after entering the theater.  Steve stopped behind him.

There in front of them, Ray had slid the table back to the center of the room and was cutting up one of the 8-balls into 8 even lines.  Joe had grabbed Carmella, Blaine’s custom-made smoking bowl, and was packing it with a healthy amount of weed.  The girls were curled up with each other on the couch, Teagan hugging Aly, who still had her hands zip tied together.

“We’re all gonna have a drink, a bite, a smoke, maybe a quick little pick-me-up, then we’re gonna party some more.  You girls ever do this before?”  Joe was pointing the coke on the table.  They both shook their heads.  “First time for everything, am I right?” 

Ray laughed as he split the last two lines in half for each of the girls, making theirs thinner.  Ray grabbed a little straw he had and quickly snorted the first thick line.  After he inhaled, he sniffed hard to clear his nose and passed the straw to Teagan.

“You’re next.  Close one nostril and breathe in.”  Teagan hesitated at first, but reluctantly let go of Aly and crouched by the table next to the old man only wearing a ski mask.  She took a couple breaths to calm herself, then placed the straw in her nose and inhaled.  This was a completely new experience to her and she struggled with her line, almost stopping and coughing halfway.  Eventually, she kept it up and finished the line.  The effects kicked in almost immediately.  She felt wired, like she was on a Red Bull high.  It was one hell of a rush.

“Help your friend.”  Ray said to Teagan, referring to Aly.  She helped Aly to the glass table and was trying to help the bound girl hold the straw.  It was awkward at best.  Teagan looked like she wanted to ask the men something.

Joe took a long hit from Carmella and passed it to Sam, who had put the pizza boxes on the couch.  Joe grabbed his knife from his stuff and approached the girls.

“Do you want me to cut your friend lose?”  Joe asked Teagan.  She nodded.

“You sure she’s not going to try anything?  She does, we take it out on you.  And I get your ass first no matter what.  Got it?”  Once again, Teagan nodded.  Joe reached over and cut the zip-tie holding Aly’s wrists together.  Once Aly’s hands were freed, she immediately rubbed them, trying to restore feeling and circulation to them. 

“Here.”  Teagan handed the straw to Aly, who fumbled with it a little bit before snorting a line.  She did just as her friend did after finishing her first ever line of cocaine.  Both girls sat there dumbfounded.  Ray motioned for Steve to have some, but he was busy cracking open a beer.  Ray indulged himself with a second line in rapid succession.

The next few minutes passed uneventfully.  The men had some pizza and passed the bowl around, each having a hit.  Eventually each of the men had their line, and the girls were each forced to do their second skinny lines.  All of the guys except Sam had a beer, while he tried the Whiteclaw.  While Ray was finishing off the 8-ball, Sam handed the girls each one of the hard seltzers.

“Here.  You hungry?”  They shook their heads.  “Suit yourself.”  Sam looked over the girls, trying to figure out who he wanted to fuck next.  Meanwhile Joe came over and passed Carmella over to the girls.

“Here, have some.”  Aly hesitated for a moment before grabbing the bowl and lighter.  She took a small hit before passing it to Teagan.  Teagan took a much longer hit than normal, hoping to make herself numb to her situation.

Joe called a quick huddle, and the guys met, still keeping an eye on the girls.

“Okay, next round, who wants what?  I got dibs on Teagan’s ass.”

“I want Aly’s ass.”  Ray said excitedly.

“I want Teagan’s pussy.”  Said Steve.

“I have an idea.  I’ll take a powder this round if we get Aly to blow her brother.  I’ll play cameraman to catch this shit.”

“You, my friend, are a sick fuck.  I like it.”  Joe said with a smile and broke the huddle.  Steve dragged the table back to the corner of the room.  Sam grabbed the fancy camera and motioned for Aly to stand up.

“That porch monkey over there, he’s your step-brother, right?”  The words hurt Aly as he said them.  She nodded.  “Good.  Here’s what’s going to happen.  I want you to take a nice, long hit from that bowl and blow it in is his face.  Go on.”

She walked over to Blaine and after taking a long, deep hit of weed, blew it in his face.

“Put the bowl down next to him.”  Aly did as instructed, placing Blaine’s bowl and the lighter next to him.

“Good.  Now get on your knees.”  She froze for a moment, a look of pure disbelief crossing her face.  “Bitch, what did I fucking say?  On your fucking knees.”
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 13:  Next to Incest (MMF, oral, anal, racism, psych, step-inc, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

“Good.  Now get on your knees.”  Sam told Aly.  She froze for a moment, a look of pure disbelief crossing her face.  “Bitch, what did I fucking say?  On your fucking knees.”

Aly collapsed to the ground, kneeling between her step-brother’s legs.

“You were a little busy when my friend explained the rules to Teagan, so let me repeat them.  You’re going to blow Blaine.  You are going to get your brother hard and give him the best blowjob of his life.  Because while you’re doing that, one of my other friends will be fucking you as hard as he can.  If you get Blaine to cum before my friend does, you win.  If you don’t, then you have to fuck yourself on Blaine’s cock until he cums.”  Aly started to cry again.  Sam laughed a little, then continued.  “You’ve got the advantage here.  He’s so coked out he probably can’t feel his dick so you might have all night to get Blaine to cum.”  Sam caught Joe out of the corner of his eye and went to talk to him.  Joe spoke to him barely above a whisper.

“New idea.  Big guy and I are gonna fuck Teagan at the same time while that’s going on.  When we’re done, Aly’s still going on Blaine, break it up and give her a new option.  We’ll have the girls fool around with each other while we figure out the last of night.”

Sam smiled, then went back to Aly with Ray and Blaine.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll give you one minute before my friend beats your pussy...”

“PUSSY AND ASS!”  Ray said, using his outside voice.

“60 seconds starting now.”  Sam looked at his watch.  Aly was a mess, tears flowing down her cheeks.  Ray grabbed a bottle of lube from his bag.

“45 seconds.”  Aly still didn’t move from her crying.  She tried reaching out her hand to Blaine’s dick, but just couldn’t do it.  She placed her head in her hands, still crying, when Blaine made some noises from under his gag.

“30 seconds.  If you don’t start, it’s going to get real bad for your and your friend.”  That shook Aly just enough.  She reached her hands out tentatively to Blaine’s lap and grabbed his cock.  It was the biggest she had ever handled, and she had to use both hands to stroke it.

“15 seconds.”  Aly stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Blaine’s cock.  She stroked, and licked, and stroked some more, until his cock stiffened to the full 10 inches.

“Time is up.”

“OH YEAH!”  Ray yelled out like a mix of the Macho Man and Rick Sanchez.  He kneeled behind Aly and lathered his dick with lube.  Aly placed her mouth over Blaine’s cock.  Ray lined up his cock with Aly’s pussy and pushed in.  She screamed on her step-brother’s dick.  Ray got a couple more thrusts in before Aly got her composure and started giving Blaine head.

Over on the main couch, Joe grabbed Teagan by the waist and lifted the lithe young woman into the air.  He held her there for a moment before dropping her down on Steve’s lap.  Steve grabbed Teagan and fingered her roughly while Joe grabbed the lube.  Teagan sobbed as she was manhandled.  Joe squeezed out the lube on Teagan’s ass and smeared it onto her pussy.

“Good enough for me.”  Steve said as he used the lube to ease his entry into Teagan’s twat.  He was fully inserted into her after a few strokes and was slowly getting a rhythm as Joe stepped in behind Teagan.  Joe smeared more of the lube on his dick and around Teagan’s asshole.  He pushed into her anus with his finger.  She winced. 

“I hope it was worth it, freeing your friend.”  Joe leaned over and whispered in her ear, right as he lined up his cock with her puckered asshole and pushed in.

“AAAHHH! OW OW OW!”  Joe pushed in further as Steve grabbed Teagan’s head with one hand and covered her mouth with the other.  Her eyes went wide as she struggled to breathe and from the pain of being raped in the ass.

After a minute, Joe was inside of Teagan’s ass.

“God, you are so fucking tight.  Much tighter than your pussy.  I could stay here all day.”  Joe said, taunting Teagan as he started pushing in and out of her ass.  Steve resumed fucking her pussy.

Back over at Blaine’s couch, Aly was working on a good rhythm and was getting into sucking his dick.  Ray was pounding away at her pussy like a madman, but he was so coked out he couldn’t feel anything.  That also meant he had no skill at this point, either.  Aly focused as much as she could on Blaine’s cock, licking and sucking as much of it as she could get in her mouth while cupping his balls.

“ASS TIME BITCHES!”  Ray screamed as he pulled out of Aly’s pussy and tried to dive straight into her ass.  He wasn’t very well coordinated and kept stabbing at her asshole with his dick.  Aly cringed each time he tried to get in.  Sam, who was recording everything, squirted some lube over Aly’s ass to help Ray.  Joe made a mental note, no more cocaine for Ray.

Eventually Ray got his dick inside of Aly’s ass.  Ray’s cock was the smallest of the three she’s had today.  It was average length, but skinnier.  Then again, he was also old and coked out, maybe that played a part?

While Ray was fucking her ass, Aly stopped crying and found a reserve of strength she didn’t know she had.  She wasn’t going to fuck Blaine after this old monster fucked her.  She was going to win.

Aly clamped down with her mouth, put herself in a position to get a better angle on Blaine’s cock, and tried something on him that she’s only done a couple times, and not on anything this big.

Aly started deep throating Blaine.

She sucked his dick like a pro.  She slobbered up and down his shaft, sucked the underside of his dickhead, and tried to get the whole thing in her mouth at once.  7 inches.  8 inches.  9 inches.  Aly hovered at the 9-inch mark for a minute, working Blaine into a frenzy.

Blaine has had more than a few blowjobs in his life.  Some willing, some not.  One problem he’s always had was getting a woman to get his whole cock in her mouth.  Sure, he’d gotten a good blowjob now and then, but outside of some freaky bitch, he’s never gotten all of it in at once.

Until now.  And by his step-sister no less.  Holy shit, he had no idea what she could do.  Hell, she probably had no idea what she could do until tonight.

Aly wasn’t stopping.  She kept going, and going, and going.  The coked-out old guy in her ass was more of an annoyance at this point.  She just kept sucking on Blaine, using a technique that would make Jenna Haze proud.

Blaine’s legs tightened up, his toes curled and extended, and he let out a guttural scream as he came in Aly’s mouth.  Aly pulled back a bit as he came but still has his dick in her mouth.  Blaine shot jet after hot jet of cum into her mouth.  She held still for a moment, thinking of her next move.  From where she stood, she only had one option.

Aly swallowed as much as she could.  A couple drops dribbled out, but for the most part, she swallowed all of it.

Blaine was glad he was already sitting down, otherwise he’d fall down following that orgasm.  Ray slowed down when he saw this and, combined with him coming down a little bit, decided that he needed a little break.  He pulled out of her ass and went to the empty couch on the other side of the room.

Joe was loving being inside the dancer’s ass.  He loved the way she felt on his cock, the way she cried and grunted as she was fucked in both holes at once.  He wanted to stay in her all night, but he knew he couldn’t last that long.  The way she felt, she cried, and the way she looked trapped between him and Steve pushed him over the edge.  Joe grabbed onto Teagan’s hips and with one last thrust, planted his seed all the way inside of her ass.

“Ahhh Fuck.”  He held in place, doing everything he could to make sure that Teagan could feel every pulse and throb of his cock in her ass.  He stayed in her for several seconds before pulling his dick out of her ass.  Teagan sighed as she felt him leave her ass.

This was the first time all night that Steve was fucking one of these girls by himself, and he wanted to have his own fun.  He grabbed Teagan by the waist and rolled her over, landing back first on the couch.  He maintained penetration as he rolled over and proceeded to pound her.  He wasn’t screwing her or making love, he was fucking her with all of his hate and anger he had. 

“Fucking bitch, fucking whore, take that you fucking cunt!”  Steve screamed at Teagan while she cried in pain with each thrust.  Fortunately for her, he couldn’t keep that pace up, and within a couple minutes, he was ready to cum.  Steve pulled out of Teagan’s pussy and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head to his cock.  Her eyes went wide with fear.

“Open you whore, or I’ll fucking choke you!”  Teagan opened her mouth as wide as she could go.  Steve stuck his dick in her mouth and began to cum.  She was too afraid to let any of it spill, so she tried to swallow as much as she could.  He held her head in place as he came in her mouth.  After a moment, he pulled out.  Some of it dribbled on her chin and onto her chest.  Steve stepped back and went to clean up.  The guys were all either cleaning up or relaxing, except Sam who was still recording.  Aly got up off of the floor and sat next to Teagan, consoling her this time.

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Re: The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Upd. 9-1, Codes w/ Each Chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 14:  Time for a Show (FF, oral, anal, racism, psych, step-inc, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

Joe looked at his watch.  It was about 10:15PM.  He grabbed two hard seltzers for the girls and gave them each one.  “Here, drink up.  Taking five.  Enough time for a quick bowl.  Anyone need to use the bathroom?”  Joe was asking the girls mainly.  They looked at each other, then at Joe.  Teagan nodded first, then Aly.  “Okay, one at a time.  Teagan, you go with him, door open, no funny stuff.  Aly, drink your drink and start this.”  He passed Carmella, Blaine’s bowl, over to her along with the lighter.  It was fully packed.

Joe directed Teagan to follow Sam to the bathroom.  Sam had put the camera back and had grabbed his gun.  Teagan walked out of the theater room and to the bathroom.  She almost closed the door to the bathroom, but caught herself.  It wasn’t before Sam stopped the door with the barrel of his pistol.

“Uh uh.  You’ve been doing so good, don’t fuck up now.”  Teagan sat on the toilet and pissed as fast as she could.  Once she was done, she wiped and flushed.  Sam escorted her back to the theater where it was Aly’s turn.  They swapped roles, with Teagan taking the bowl and Aly taking a piss.  Once Aly was back, the guys took turns.  The rest sat and drank beers waiting for everyone to get back in the room.  The girls were back on the couch.  Joe made sure that most of the cameras were on them.  Once he was sure, he called the guys over for a huddle.

“Here’s my idea.  You.” Joe pointed to Ray.  “Crack open another 8-ball and cut the girls a couple lines.  You can have one line now, and more when we leave, but that’s it.  These girls are gonna put on a show for us, then we’ll split up.  Three of us will take Teagan, the other will take Aly and make her fuck Blaine.  After that, we’ll take a quick timeout and go five-minute rounds.  Then, those three put on a show of their own with another rounder.  Bind, gag, hide phones, then leave.  If we still got it, give’em a little going away present on their faces.  Any questions?”

“Yeah,” Sam spoke up.  “Rounds?”

“It’s like speed dating, but with your dick in a hole.”

“Ok.  I’ve had Teagan’s mouth and pussy, and Aly’s ass.  I’d like to finish out the cycle.”  Sam said.

“I haven’t had Teagan at all yet.”  Replied Ray.

“Both pussies, both mouths.”  Steve said.

“I guess that puts me behind.  I’ve had Teagan, nothing on Aly yet.”  Joe said, then looked at his watch.  “Ready, break.”  Joe said with a laugh.  The guys broke their huddle.  Steve dragged the table back towards the couch.  Ray grabbed a second 8-ball and started prepping it.  Sam cleaned the empties away from the girls and grabbed Carmella and the lighter.  Once Sam was out of frame, Joe made sure to get the girls’ attention.

“Ready to play a game?”  Joe asked the girls.  “Of course, you aren’t. Not yet.  Here, have a taste first.”  Joe motioned to the table where Ray had just finished cutting a couple skinny lines for the girls.  Teagan went first, snorting her first line then clearing her nose.  She handed the straw to Aly, who hesitated but went along.  Both girls rubbed their noses as they started blinking rapidly and had a hard time relaxing.  Ray had his line, then finished cutting the rest of the 8-ball.

“Ok ladies, ready to play?”  Joe paused, but knew they weren’t going to answer.  “The game is called ‘Who’s a better muff diver?”  He let that hang in the air before continuing, just to make sure the girls heard him.  They did.  Their faces turned to a look of disgust.

“Here’s the rules.  You two will put on a show for us that will end with the two you in my favorite number, 69.  You will then eat each other out.  The winner is the girl that makes the other one cum twice.  Both of you will cum, or it’ll get real bad for the loser.  See, the loser will fuck 3 of us at once.  The winner gets to choose which one of us will join in with you and the nigger over there.”

The girl’s faces showed fear and disgust.  Teagan’s more disgust than fear, Aly’s the other way around.  Joe stepped back out of camera view.

“We will give directions as needed, and if you don’t listen remember one thing: we’re the guys with the guns.  Game!”

Aly and Teagan sat next to each other on the couch, with Aly on the left side of the couch.  They looked at each other, tears forming for both of them.  Aly spoke first, grabbing Teagan’s hands.

“I, I, I don’t want to hurt you, or get you hurt, but we don’t have a choice.  If we don’t do this...”

“I know.  I know.  We don’t tell a soul what happens here tonight.”  With that, Teagan leaned in and kissed Aly on the lips.  Softly at first, then again.  And again.  The two girls pecked each other the lips a few times before Teagan kissed Aly’s right cheek and put her lips next to her ear.

“I’ll take the beating, you take Blaine and the win.”  Teagan whispered to Aly, whose eyes went wide at that.  Before she could say anything in response, Teagan’s mouth was back on Aly’s, this time going in for a deep French kiss.

The girls made out with each other for a couple minutes before going any further.  Ray looked like he was going to call for them to hurry up, but Joe waved him off.  Instead, he motioned for Ray to move the table back into the corner.

Aly made the first move during the makeout session and began rubbing Teagan’s breasts.  She cupped and caressed the smaller breasts, gently stroking her nipples while still kissing her.  Teagan mentioned before how sensitive her nipples could be, and tried to exploit that knowledge.  Aly broke the kiss with Teagan and moved her way down her friend’s chest, kissing a step each way down until she landed on Teagan’s nipples.  Aly licked and sucked them, drawing an intake of air from Teagan. 

For her part, Teagan grabbed Aly’s hair and pulled her off of her breasts and planted another kiss on her.  It was deep and primal, like she was letting herself go for a moment.  As she was kissing Aly, she felt Aly’s hands caress her breasts and move all over her body.  Back, legs, stomach, breasts, ass, all of it.  Teagan broke off the kiss and moved her head down to Aly’s breasts.  They were much bigger than hers, and it’s not like she gets a chance to play with them every day.  Teagan took a handful of Aly’s tit meat in her hands played with them, kneading and licking and sucking on them.

That’s when Teagan felt Aly’s fingers on her pussy.  She felt Aly’s right index finger on her labia, and then felt her feel around, looking for her entrance and her clit.  She found both in damn near record time.

Aly held Teagan in her left arm and pushed her down on the couch.  Teagan kept sucking on Aly’s tits the whole way down, until she was on her back.  Aly pulled Teagan off of her tits by her hair and led their mouths together.  With her right hand, Aly was finger fucking Teagan with two fingers and using her thumb on her clit.  Teagan’s breathing became quick and shallow as Aly continued her ministrations on her.  It wouldn’t be long now.

That’s when Aly stopped.  She broke off the kiss and removed her hand.  Both girls had a look of longing on their face, but Aly knew she had to at least put a pause on things.  Damn, she really wanted to continue, but couldn’t right now.  She remembered what the leader said about the scoring on this game.

Aly climbed off of the couch, stood up, then kneeled over top of Teagan, with her pussy facing Teagan’s face.  She leaned over, landing on her hands and knees, and slid herself up until they were in a 69 position.  Teagan’s breathing was still quick, and Aly could smell Teagan’s juices just inches from her face.  Aly spread Teagan’s legs as far as she had to, then started kissing and licking her best friend’s pussy.  She was back to exciting Teagan.  It didn’t take long before Aly found Teagan’s clit and licked it and sucked on it like a prize was going to come out of it.  It didn’t take her more than a couple minutes before Teagan’s legs started shaking, her hands gripped down on Aly’s ass, and she buried her face into Aly’s twat to muffle the scream.

“OHHH FUCK OHHHHHHH MMHHMHMMMMHMHM.”  Teagan’s orgasm was long and powerful, and belied a fact that Aly kept a secret from her friend.  This wasn’t the first time she had sex with a woman.

It also showed another problem, which was illustrated when the leader spoke.

“The score is 1 to nothing, Aly.  Aly has the advantage.”

Aly tried to figure out how to move forward.  She needed to cum, and to cum before she made Teagan cum.  Making Teagan cum again would be easy, and once Aly came she knew that Teagan would put in only as much effort as needed to make it a show for these monsters.  The last couple steps were easy, it was getting the first part that was hard.  She felt Teagan’s perfectly skinny fingers playing around with her labia and finally enter her pussy.  Teagan finger fucked her as best as she could, but it wasn’t enough.  For her part Aly put her head between Teagan’s legs and licked around her pussy and clit, not on it.  This should buy them some time.  Eventually, she felt Teagan’s tongue on her own clitoris.  It felt amazing, and wonderful, and loving.  It’s the perfect way to show another woman how much she loves her.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t doing the job.  Aly loved how she felt, but that’s the problem.  She loved it, she didn’t lust for it.  At least right now.  She was too worried about getting Teagan hurt.

“That’s it!”  Aly screamed, not realizing she was thinking out loud.  “Tea, slap my ass.”  Teagan paused for a moment, not used to hearing Aly talk like this.

“Tea, listen to me and do what I say.  Slap my ass.”  Teagan slapped Aly’s ass weakly with her left hand.

“Harder!”  Teagan tried harder, again with the left. 

“HARDER!”  Teagan moved hand positions and slapped Aly’s ass with her right hand. 

“Again!”  Teagan slapped again.  Aly shuddered a bit.

“Keep slapping.  Now find my clit and suck on it.”  While keeping up the slapping, Teagan wrapped her mouth around Aly’s clit and sucked.  Aly let out a moan.

“Keep going.”  Teagan kept slapping and sucking.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass with your other hand.”  Teagan took her left hand and shoved a finger into her ass, then tried to slide it back and forth.  Her ass was a very tight fit.  Aly moaned again.

“Bite down.”  Teagan was stunned when she heard that last request.

“DO IT!  BITE MY CLIT!”  Teagan bit down on Aly’s clit while slapping and finger fucking her ass.

That did it.  Aly let out a scream and came all over Teagan’s face.  She reared up and planted her twat on Teagan’s face, not letting up until she was done shaking.  Teagan, meanwhile, had stopped spanking Aly for her to get off and was now slapping her ass for her to get off of her face.  Shocked, Aly lifted her hips and went back into position with her mouth on Teagan’s twat.

“We’re all tied up at one.  The next one to make the other cum wins.”  Joe said.  Aly wasn’t paying attention to what the guys were doing to the side, nor did she care.  This was her time now.  Aly licked away at Teagan’s cunt with deft strokes.  She could feel Teagan lick her pussy, but there was little direction or control.  She was doing it just to keep the guys from being worse to her later on.

She looked up and saw her step-brother Blaine.  Aly assumed that he liked what he saw, considering the raging hard-on he had.  A big part of her was reviled at what she saw and what was happening, but at the same time, she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t at least curious to know how he felt.  Aly was finding out a lot about herself today.  Hell, she just got off by telling her best friend to bite her clit and finger fuck her ass.  Was she rationalizing her situation, or sliding down some slippery slope?

Speaking of slippery slopes, Aly went back to licking on Teagan’s clit.  She took light, airy swipes at it with her tongue, even writing out ‘Aly was here, this is my favorite pussy’ on it.  Which might be the most truthful thought to cross her mind throughout the night.

Aly was in a conundrum.  She wanted to enjoy herself, at least a little.  If she went too slow, the guys might do something horrible to both of them.  If she went too fast, she would lose this opportunity.  She knew she had to keep going and bring Teagan to a climax, but Aly wanted to stay here for a long time.  At least here it was warm, safe, and no one was raping her ass.

Teagan’s body had other plans on how long Aly could stretch this out.  Whatever she was doing between her legs, it was working.  Teagan stopped her attempts at licking Aly’s vagina and grasped at Aly’s back and ass.  Her fingernails dug into Aly’s ass as she felt her orgasm approach. 

But Aly slowed down, teasing her friend.  She stopped licking and sucking, alternating her technique every time Teagan was close to cumming.  She’d bring Teagan to the edge, then stand back.  She did this a good three times to her friend.  “If you’re gonna get punished, let me rock your world first.”  Aly said into Teagan’s twat.  No one heard what she said except her.  To the rest of the people, it was just mumbo jumbo.

Aly sucked and licked Teagan’s clit with everything she had, bringing Teagan to the largest orgasm she’s had all night, possibly in her life.  Teagan shook, screamed, and moaned for damn near a minute straight, and was still so excitable that before Teagan completely recovered Aly kept licking, trying to coax another quick orgasm out of her before the guys called an end to the show. 

It worked.

Aly brought Teagan to another climax almost immediately after.  Once Teagan finished shaking, she was an exhausted mess.  Aly dismounted from Teagan and rolled into a position on top of her, where they were facing each other.  Before Teagan could say or do anything, Aly grabbed her friend by the hair and pulled her close for a deep, passionate kiss. 

“Thank you.” Aly whispered in between kisses.

“No, thank you.”  Teagan replied.  Out of all the weed, booze, and coke, these last two orgasms got her the highest.

“Wow.  Bravo, ladies, bravo.”  Joe broke the mood by clapping.  The other guys sat there, each of them sporting an erection.  Joe walked closer to the girls.

“We’re all ready to go and Teagan here came so hard she doesn’t know what month it is.  Aly, make your decision now so it’s a little easier for Teagan to take on three of us.”

Aly hated this choice, but at the same time it wasn’t a hard choice.  Who would she pick out of these four to rape her again while she was forced to fuck her step-brother?  There was the old coked-out guy who already raped her ass, mouth, and pussy.  There was the big, mean guy who already fucked her face and pussy.  The fat guy raped her ass.  Then there was the leader.  Not only hasn’t he been in her yet, but he doesn’t have some crazy large cock that will hurt her as much, and out of the four of them, he’s probably the cutest.

“You.”  Aly said to Joe.

“Good choice.”  Joe helped Aly off of the couch and walked over to Blaine.  Steve grabbed Teagan and pulled her off of the couch and onto the floor.

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Re: The Club of Chester County - Teagan and Aly (Upd. 9-2, Codes w/ Each Chapter)
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The Club of Chester County – Teagan and Aly

Chapter 15:  Triple Team (MMF, MMMF, oral, anal, racism, inter, psych, step-inc, drugs)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  Thank you for your patience.  As a warning, the racism continues for the rest of this section.

“Good choice.”  Joe helped Aly off of the couch and walked over to Blaine.  Steve grabbed Teagan and pulled her off of the couch and onto the floor.

Teagan was shaken back to reality when she was thrown on top of Sam.  She landed on the chubby guy, and he grabbed her around the waist.  He moved her into position and easily slid his penis into her still wet pussy.  Sam pumped into her a few times, enjoying how warm and smooth she felt.  She was almost starting to tolerate his fucking when the old guy grabbed her by the hair.

“Open up.”  Ray said, guiding her mouth onto his cock.  Teagan sucked as best as she could in this position.  This dick wasn’t as big or as bad as the taller guy.

That’s when she felt the lube being squirted onto her ass and spread around.  She could feel the taller guy behind and above her.  She felt him spread her asscheeks with his hand and line up his 8-inch cock with her asshole.

“Just, try to relax.”  Steve said in a mocking tone.  He grabbed her hips and started to push into her tight asshole.  Steve grunted as he tried to push himself in deeper.  Teagan’s eyes went wide and she cried on Ray’s cock.

“Keep sucking, bitch.  Yeah, like that.”  Now Ray was taunting her while thrusting his hips in and out of her mouth.


Over on the far couch, Joe led Aly over to Blaine and directed her to kneel between them.

“Since you won, you get to choose who starts where.  Notice how I said starts, not finishes.  That part is completely up to you, too.  I’m going to set two timers.  One for 1 minute, then one for 10 minutes.  The 1-minute part is for you to get these dicks nice and wet and hard for you.  You get me to cum before 10 minutes and you can ride the Porch Monkey however you want.  If I don’t cum in 10 minutes, you’re spinning around and I’m switching holes.  Got it?”

Aly nodded.  She was handling things a lot better than earlier in the night.

“Good.  Your 1-minute stars now.”  Joe started the timer on his watch.  Aly grabbed both cocks, Blaine’s in her right hand and Joe’s in her left.  She stroked them both for moment, trying to come up with a plan.  Blaine’s cock was huge, and starting off with that in her ass might really hurt.  She could at least work up to that.  She leaned over and put her mouth on Blaine’s cock, slobbering and licking his head.  She didn’t enough time to get him off with her mouth again, so she was going to have to fuck her brother. 

“Step-brother” she muttered onto Blaine’s cock in her mouth, but no one else heard it.

“45 seconds.”  Aly took her head off of Blaine’s cock and placed it on Joe.  This was a more manageable cock.  His was more normal and didn’t look like it came off of the set of a porno movie.  She was easily able to get it in her mouth and suck on it.  She slobbered on it, trying to get it as wet as possible.

“30 seconds.  Ah, fuck, you’re good at this.”  Aly kept going on Joe’s cock while stroking Blaine’s.  The faster she went, the sooner this could be over.

“15 seconds.”  Aly went back to Blaine’s cock and licked it a few more times before bouncing her mouth back over to Joe.

“Time’s up.  Pick a spot.”  Aly kept her mouth on Joe’s dick for a moment, sucking a little harder than before.  When she let go, Joe pulled back quickly.

“I know what you’re trying.  Damn good effort, too.  Get up and make a choice or I’ll make it for you.”

Aly stood up, pushing herself up using Blaine’s thighs.  She looked him in the eyes, but couldn’t read his face.  It was a mix of so many things at once.

She mounted Blaine, lining up her pussy with his cock, grabbing it and getting it inside of her, an inch at a time.

“OH, FUCK!”  Aly hasn’t had a lot of cocks before, but this was definitely the largest.  She did her best to get herself down on his dick and start riding it.  This was the fullest she’s ever felt.  At least for the next 10 minutes.  It took her almost two minutes to get into position and start fucking herself on Blaine.  It wasn’t until after she started a slow rhythm that she felt more lube squirted on her ass and Joe’s breath on her neck.

“I waited to start the clock.  I want the full time in that nice, sweet ass of yours.”  Joe spread the lube around her asshole and on his cock.  He slowly pushed into her ass.  She cringed when he did so, but it didn’t hurt as much as it did before.

The three of them worked themselves into a rhythm, with Aly and Joe doing most of the work, since Blaine was still tied to the couch.  They kept this up for a couple minutes, letting the breathing and grunting fill the air.


Back on the floor, the action was heating up.  Sam was trapped on the floor with his dick deep inside of Teagan’s pussy.  Ray was helping himself to her mouth while Steve was fucking her ass with long strokes.  Tears flowed down Teagan’s cheeks at the pain and humiliation she was feeling.  The taller guy was an asshole who just wanted to hurt women, and right now that woman was her.  She could feel her bowels stretch every time he plunged into her.  The only thing that made him raping her ass bearable was that at his pace he wasn’t going to last long.

The humiliation came from knowing that everything that happened tonight was being recorded.  She was reminded of that every time she looked to her right and saw the cameras.  God, she had to look like the biggest fucking whore right now.  Three men, all old enough to be her father or grandfather, were fucking her at once.  At least Aly wasn’t in this position.  Teagan had to admit to herself that she’s fantasized about this situation before, but never like this.  It was always cute boys from school or some hot guys she saw around.  Never like this. 

Plus, Teagan told herself, she already got to fuck Blaine.  She wouldn’t mind a second-round if forced to do so, but she didn’t want to be greedy.  And the thought eating out her best friend didn’t sit well with her.  Even being forced to do it didn’t sit right with her.

“Oh yeah, you fucking whore.  Take my cock in your ass you slut!”  The taller guy yelled.  He yelled last time before he came.  God, I hope he’s close.  Even with as much as her ass hurt, she just wanted him to get it over with.  Fortunately for Teagan, it seems her prayers were answered.

“OHH SHIT OH FUCK OH SHITTT!”  Steve yelled as he came deep inside of Teagan’s ass.  She felt him fill her up, glad that at least this part was over.  He pulled out of her ass with the gentleness of a kick to the head, yanking out of her ass in one stroke, with only his semen and some of the lube to ease his way out.  Steve collapsed on the floor to catch his breath.

“I’m next in that ass.”  Ray said, pulling out of Teagan’s mouth.  She did her best to catch her breath as the old man moved behind her and, in one fell swoop, shoved his dick up her ass.  There was no working up to it, no gentleness, no taking his time.  He just saw her opening and plunged right in.  To him, she was just another toy.


“You like being fucked in the ass?  Yeah, you like it?  We all saw how you came earlier.”  Joe said in Aly’s ear as he pounded away at her ass.  She didn’t respond, but the heavy breathing betrayed her.  “The way you were telling her to fuck your ass and spank it so you could get off.  Some kinky fucking shit right there.  You know what’s even fucking kinkier?” 

Aly moaned during the fucking.  Joe’s watch alert chimed.

“Watching you take your brother’s big nigger dick up your ass.”  Joe thrust a couple more times, then pulled out of Aly’s ass.  Aly looked down Blaine’s face and kissed him once before dismounting.  She squatted up and spun around so her back was now facing Blaine’s chest.  She grabbed Blaine’s cock and stroked it.

“Wait.”  Joe said, and grabbed the lube and one of the cameras.  He squirted a healthy amount on the head of Blaine’s dick, then made sure he caught the action and Aly’s face on camera.  “Ok, go.”
Aly stroked Blaine’s cock with her right hand while trying to keep balance with her left hand and her legs.  She lined up his 10-inch cock with her asshole and pushed it into her, very slowly.

“Ooowww, owww.”  Aly took a deep breath before continuing.  She came down a little deeper, then had to stop about halfway to catch her breath.  The pain was a little too much to keep going all in one stroke.  Aly stopped, collected herself, then rose slowly.  Then descended a little further.  Then rose slowly, then descended again, further down. She now had 7 inches of his cock in her ass.  Her tears of pain were subsiding and her cries were being replaced with...something else.  8 inches. 

“Holy shit!”  Joe exclaimed.  This got Steve’s attention.  After he cleaned himself off, Steve walked over to Joe and tapped him on the shoulder.

“I’ll take the camera.”  Joe handed Steve the camera while he stroked himself watching Aly fuck her own ass on Blaine’s massive cock.

9 inches.  She was moments away from bottoming out.  Her breathing was becoming ragged and hurried.  She waited a moment, enjoying how full she felt in this moment before she bottomed out on him.

Aly planted down and had all of Blaine’s cock in her ass.  He was now firmly planted in her ass.

Blaine has fucked many bitches in his time, but he’s never, ever, had one get his whole cock in her ass before like this.  Not semi-voluntarily, anyway.  There were a couple bitches that he ass raped, but none ever took him like this.  And it was his kid sister, too.  He had no idea she was this much of a freak.  Fuck, she probably had no idea she was this much of a freak.

Seeing this was very exciting for Joe.  He was ready for her pussy, but one thing first.

Joe reached behind Blaine’s head and untied his gag.  He pulled it out and put it beside him on the couch.  “Don’t fucking scream or say shit, or this will get real bad.”

Blaine had no intention of saying or doing shit, but now that his mouth was free, he knew what he wanted to do, and so did Aly.  She turned her head to Blaine and kissed him.  A deep, passionate kiss.  She gripped his hair with her hand and pulled him in closer to her.

Joe stepped in between the most inviting sight he’s seen in a long time.  Aly’s plump little pussy was spread open, Blaine’s cock deep in her ass, and she was making out with him.  Joe wasted no time and inserted his dick into her twat, bottoming out in one stroke.  It took no time at all to find the right rhythm with Aly and Blaine.  Joe fucked into Aly with abandon.  He grabbed her left hand and guided it to her clit while he bent down to suck and bite on her nipples.


Back on the floor, Ray was fucking Teagan’s ass and Sam her cunt.  The chubby man caught the older man’s attention.

“Ready to switch?”

“Yeah, sure.”  Ray pulled out of Teagan’s ass and stood up.  He didn’t wait for Teagan to get up on her own, instead he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up, removing her from Sam in the process.  She looked worn out and defeated.

“Spin around.”  Teagan did as the old man said and spun around, making sure not to trip over the fat man in the process.  Once she was in position, he pushed her down onto the chubby man, who wasted no time grabbing her and positioning her so he could get his dick in her ass.  He pushed it right in, with no care about how much it hurt her.  Teagan screamed as her ass was violated yet again.

Ray grabbed Teagan’s legs and spread them apart.  He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock, then pushed himself into her pussy with one shove.  These men didn’t care at all about Teagan’s body, except how they could use it.  He thrust away inside of her, using her like a glorified sex toy.  Once again, fortunately for her, he didn’t last long.  The session where he didn’t cum because of being coked-out was catching up with him, and Teagan was probably the hottest woman he’s been inside of in close to 25 years.  After a couple minutes, his pace quickened and he let loose inside of her, dumping his old seed deep into her womb.  He stayed inside her has he convulsed.  After a minute, he eventually withdrew.

Teagan breathed a sigh of relief for just a moment.  Two down, one to go, and it was the fat guy she’d been laying on for who knows how long.  She wondered for a moment if he would go slow and take his time, or try to fuck her like a madman?  Then, she wondered which was worse.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Get on the couch, face down.  Bend over the edge and look at the camera.”  Teagan got up and went to the couch.  Sam got up as soon as she was in position. 

“Spead’em.”  Teagan grabbed her asscheeks and spread them as far as she could.  Sam knelt behind her and shoved his dick into her ass in stroke.  She looked like she was punched in the gut.  Sam then grabbed a fistful of her long, blonde hair and pulled back on it.

“OOOWWW, PLEASE, NO!”  Teagan screamed as Sam pulled on her hair and fucked her ass as hard and as fast as he could.  She kept crying and begging for him to stop, but that only got him harder and hotter.  He covered her mouth with his free hand and kept pounding away, getting closer and closer to orgasm until...

“See your friend over there, fucking that nigger?  THAT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU!  THAT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU!”  Sam screamed in Teagan’s ear right as he came in her ass.  She could feel his dick pulse inside of her ass.  The chubby man collapsed on top of her.

Teagan hated herself for what she endured but was started to feel a little sick and jealous when she saw what was going on across the room.  While she was just hate-fucked by three rapists in her mouth, ass, and pussy, Aly was making out with Blaine with his dick in her ass while the other man fucking her and she was playing with her clit.  God dammit.

Eventually Sam extricated himself from Teagan’s ass and went to clean himself up.  Him and the other guys sat back and enjoyed the show while Teagan watched and wept.


On the other side of the room, Aly was in a much better shape than Teagan.  She had Blaine’s dick in her ass, the leader’s cock in her pussy, and was rubbing her clit like a woman possessed.  Which, she sort of was possessed.  She was lost in the moment of ecstasy with Blaine, with her step-brother, enjoying having his dick in her ass, and realizing that her body was betraying her into another orgasm but at this moment she didn’t care.  Rationality had escaped her, and all that was left was the moment she was in.  She found out a lot about herself tonight.  She discovered she might be more of a lesbian than she thought before, she discovered that pain is so close to pleasure, and she discovered that having a hard dick up her ass brings her closer to an orgasm than she’s ever had from regular sex with a guy.

When the leader bit down on her left nipple, her breathing became panting.  Her controlled motions went haywire, and her body entered into a full-blown shaking fit as she came harder than she had all night.

“AAHAAHHHHH OHHHH GOD OH GOD OH FUCK OH FUCK BLAINE OH FUUUCKK!”  The sensations flooded through her body as she collapsed between the two men.

That wasn’t the only thing that flowed through her. 

Blaine has had a lot of good fucks in his day, but it’s not every day he has a transcendent fuck that somehow crosses the line from physical enjoyment to ‘Did that just fucking happen?’  Hearing his little step-sister scream out his name with his cock buried balls deep in her ass was enough for him to cross the threshold and cum inside of her ass.  He moaned and panted and screamed something unintelligible as he shot his sperm deep inside of her.

Joe lost control, witnessing one of the sexiest and most fucked up sites he’d ever seen.  “Holy shit, holy shit OH FUCK HOLY SHIT!”  Joe busted a nut deep into Aly’s womb, and fell on top of the pair.  After a moment, he regained his composure and exited her, leaving a trail of his jizz on her leg, the couch, and a couple other spots.  Aly held and caressed Blaine for a moment, kissing him tenderly.  She whispered something to him, but all anyone could hear was his muffled reply “You too” before they kissed again.

Aly removed her step-brother from her ass and made her way to the couch next to Teagan and hugged her friend tightly.  It was obvious that Teagan was the worse for wear at this point.
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