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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-6 (Added 8-26-20)
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Perfect chapter to advance the story and to introduce another angle to consider. Love the use of time technology instead of perverting the timeline. This was further proof that not ever chapter needs a sex scene to hold the reader's attention. Merit awarded

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-7 (Added 9-11-20)
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Thanks CMG.

Chapter 7:  Round Table Meeting. (Mf, ff, oral, rom, drug use, descriptions of violence and rape)

Author's Note:  This chapter is LOOONG, and fleshes out a lot of the remaining story.

The next week was a little different for Bob.  Thanks to his pager and code system, he was able to talk to Angie a couple times.  He didn’t know how to describe what he was feeling, but he was starting to feel something for Angie.  Call it lust, beginnings of love, a feeling of protection, being really horny, but whatever it was, he was feeling something.

Angie told Bob of Natalie’s moves, what she did, and how she was making her and Stacy’s lives miserable.  Jen was left alone for the most part, but only because Stacy refused to implicate her.  Angie even offered to pretend to be Stacy’s girlfriend if it helped keep the heat off of Jen.  Stacy didn’t want to get Angie in even more trouble.  Besides, she had no problem getting herself in trouble.  Somehow, she got caught smoking, and her punishment was stay up at the camp for the weekend while everyone else received a weekend pass.  Jen was accused with her and supposedly swore in front of the little campers, and for some reason Stacy called the one counselor Eric a “stupid mother fucker” and pushed him.  She says she didn’t say anything, but the counselor insisted that she be grounded for the weekend.  Bob told Angie to play along, look at who was punished to stay behind, and who was leaving.  He also told her that he’d be up at the camp Friday night.

The week was pretty quiet.  Paul and Gary returned to work after word came around that Travis would live but wouldn’t press charges.  The cops were more interested in what he was doing at the park than who shot him, and since that boy was nuts, they couldn’t get a solid story or description.  One minute the guy looked like Gary, the next it was Chuck Norris, the next John Travolta. Fucker would never walk again, but he wasn’t going to prison.  Neither were Gary and Paul.  But Vinny did get a citation in the mail for littering on the river.  Harbor City River Patrol didn’t see what was thrown overboard, but they saw something and assumed it was trash.  Paul gave them Vinny’s name since he owned the boat, but he left his ID at home.  The ticket was sent to Vinny’s house.  He made Paul pay the fine.

Every so often Bob looked over his shoulder.  Now that he knew that the Daniels clan was out looking for them, he kept his eyes open a little wider.  The lily-white rich church types almost never came to Veneto, so it was easy to spot them, and since the crew worked construction, they couldn’t be hunted down at work.  Still, Bob would feel better when they stopped tracking him and his boys down, or he took a couple pounds of flesh with him.

Friday came quickly that week, but dragged on forever.  The house job took three times as long as it should have because Chuckie was learning how to drive the earth mover.  A 2-hour job turned into a 6-hour job, and rain in the afternoon brought an early wrap to things.  But on the bright side, he didn’t kill anyone or cause more damage.  A quick beer at an early happy hour, a stop at Vinny’s for a shit, shower, and shave, and he was on his way to the camp.

While he was driving up to the camp, he passed a couple school buses coming the other way.  It was too early for any school trips, so he guessed it was the campers on their way down to First Union Holy Trinity Church.  He doubted anyone got a good look at him or his truck, but just to be on the safe side he took a detour through a local town and stopped at a gas station to fill up.  No one came past or stopped by looking for him.

Bob arrived at his camp by 8PM on Friday night.  That was the earliest he’d arrived after leaving a day of work all summer.  He wasn’t sure what was going on or what to expect, but he wouldn’t have to wait long, just until after the sun came down.

There was a knock at the door.  Bob rose from his couch and opened it.  It was Angie, looking as beautiful as ever.  She rushed to him and hugged him tighter than ever before.  After a moment of hugging, they embraced in a kiss.  A long, passionate kiss.  One that seemed to last forever.

“Come on, get a room.”  Jen yelled from the doorway.  Angie laughed, wiping tears away.

Jen entered the cabin, followed closely by Stacy.  They walked hand in hand, looking happy.  Eric followed, walking past Bob and the girls and going straight to the fridge.  He grabbed a few beers.

“Thanks.  I heard the rules about drinking your beer, I volunteer Angie to pay for them.  Got my smokes?”

“Grab a pack out of the freezer.”  Bob yelled to Eric in the kitchen.  Eric opened the freezer and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthols.  He took that and the three beers with him.

“Did I say you...”

Eric cut off Bob.

“Nope.  You didn’t.  Therefore, I’m taking them anyway.  There’s only 4 counselors here this weekend, and these three girls are the only high school kids in the camp.  All the rest finished their sentence or are on that little trip down to the church.  They’ll be back up here on Sunday evening.  Here’s the schedule.  Girls, try to be back before 2AM.  If that isn’t possible, you HAVE to be in your bunks before sunrise.  No questions on that.  There are still some younger children and a handful of junior high kids at the camp, so we need to at least pretend to be responsible.  We have the van this weekend, though Tyler is taking it right now for a, what do you call it?”

“Beer run?”  Bob said.

“Refreshment refill.  After breakfast we’re taking the younger campers to the movies, shopping, and just screwing around all day.  Not like that.  Doing non-camp stuff throughout the day.  If you girls don’t come, you’ll have to stay near the lake the whole day.  You’ll have to fend for yourselves for lunch, maybe dinner too.  Would that be a problem?”

“I think we can manage.”  Bob said, looking at Angie.

“Stay near the camp.  You can hear that van coming from a mile away.  If you do hear it, come back.  Bob will get a page around 3PM letting him know whether or not the girls will need to get dinner or not.  Assuming they don’t come to the movies.  After that, everyone will gather for a little bit before bedtime.  Sunday will be a little more structured, so no running off throughout the day until after lunch.  It’ll be a lazy day with some swimming and hiking for the older campers while the younger campers do other stuff.  Do I need to repeat myself?”

The girls looked at Eric, who rattled off instructions like some kind of drill instructor.

“Nope.  Back in bed before the sun, hang around the camp tomorrow if we don’t go out, don’t be idiots.”  Stacy responded.

“Good.  Have a good one, see you tomorrow, if I have to hunt you down, your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower.  Night y’all.”  Eric made his way to the door.

“What, you don’t wanna party with us?”  Bob asked Eric before he left.

“That’s very tempting, but I’ve got a thing I’m working on.  Plus, my number one rule as a camp counselor is don’t fuck the campers.”

“That thing you’re working on, is it Leah or Tyler?”  Stacy asked.

“Why not both?”  Eric shrugged and smiled before leaving and closing the door behind him.  

Bob looked confused for a moment, but that only lasted until Angie kissed him again.

“I’ve missed so much.”  Angie said between kisses.

“You too.”  Bob replied, holding her tight.  “So, whatchya wanna do?”

“You got a new bed we haven’t broken in yet.”  

Angie started walking to Bob’s bed, pulling him with her.  He looked over his shoulder briefly to make sure that Jen and Stacy were okay, but the two young women were making out and stripping each other like they hadn’t seen each other in a very long time.  Stacy’s shirt was already on the floor, and Jen laid on the couch, pulling her shorts off.

Angie pulled Bob further to his bed, and his head turned to catch her ass moving in those little blue shorts.  Damn, what an ass.  Bob pulled on her hand, dragging her back to him.  When she came to him, he lifted her off of the ground and held her in the air.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso.  He carried her the last few steps to his bed, where they fell down.

They stripped each other like possessed lovers.  In a flash, she had his pants down around his ankles and he pulled her shirt, shorts, and panties off, leaving only her bra in place.  A brief moment later, and that was gone, too.  He snaked his pants and underwear off.  A momentary pause to slip a rubber on, and he slid into her already wet pussy with ease.

It didn’t take either of them long.  They had so much sexual energy built up that they fucked for a few minutes at best.  He grunted long and loud as he came inside of her, the condom being the only thing keeping his seed from flowing through her womb.

He collapsed on top of her, were they lay for a while, still entwined in each other’s arms.  Eventually he pulled out, removed the used rubber and threw it in the trash, and laid down, Angie cuddling on top of him.

“Oh shit, I’ve missed you.”  Bob said, kissing Angie.

“You too.  Gonna be ready to go again soon?”  Angie asked, sliding her hand down to his cock.  Bob looked over at the couch.

Stacy and Jen were completely naked and in a 69 position, with Stacy on top of Jen.  Both young women were eating each other out, with sounds of slurping and moaning heard from across the small cabin.

Bob’s cock began to grow in Angie’s hand.

“I think I’ll be able to go again soon.”  Bob said with a big grin.  Angie playfully smacked his shoulder with her free hand, then kissed him.

“That gives me an idea.”  Angie said, stroking Bob’s dick.  She moved into a 69 position, climbing on top of Bob.  She lined her pussy up with his mouth and put her mouth on top of his cock.  They went to town on each other, licking and sucking for all they were worth.  Bob ate Angie to orgasm three times in this position before he was ready to cum down her throat.  

“Ahh shit babe, ahh shiiiit!!!”  Bob yelled as he came in Angie’s mouth.  She tried to catch as much as she could, but some dropped out.  She looked for something to spit it out on to, and settled for an old, dirty shirt.  She crawled back up and kissed him.  They lay together for a moment before Bob got up and headed to the fridge.

“Y’all want a beer, wine cooler, or something else?  I got wine, vodka, and orange juice.”

“I’ll go with a cooler.”  Bob grabbed Angie a cooler and himself a beer.  The girls on the couch were wrapping up their love-making session and just cuddling and tenderly making out.  He got them drinks as well.

They all sat around the living room drinking, smoking weed, and talking for the next hour.  The girls, aside from Stacy, each had a couple drinks and multiple tokes on the bowl.  Stacy took her time with her drink and only had a couple hits.

They described what happened at the camp after the 4th of July party.  Natalie a.k.a. Thundercunt ratted out everyone that disappeared to have fun.  Her cries fell mostly on deaf ears since the entire camp went out, but she targeted a couple kids she didn’t like to make an example of them.  She also made up the bullshit story about Vinny and Chuckie beating the shit out of Jacob Daniels to make it look like the heathens in the crowd started everything.  That lasted all of six seconds until Stacy spoke out against Jacob and told everyone what he did and what he said to get his ass kicked.  This pissed off Natalie because now she was losing face with the church.  Natalie knew about Stacy’s past and also heard rumors about Stacy being gay, and tried to get Stacy to admit she made it up.  When Stacy wouldn’t, she threatened to beat ‘her whore dyke ass to death’ unless she told her who she was sneaking off with.  Stacy didn’t crack, even when it meant being outed and embarrassed in front of the entire camp.  Most everyone either stayed neutral or joined up with Thundercunt in the tormenting, except for a handful of counselors, Angie, and Jen.  Angie made it clear how she felt about Natalie when she tried to rip her hair out in a fight right then and there.  The way she reacted, most of the camp thought Angie was Stacy’s girlfriend, and neither said Jen’s name to protect her.

From how Jen described things, she was on the other side of the chow hall when Natalie claimed that Stacy tried to make the moves on her, and that she was an ‘incestuous lesbian whore’.  Angie was closest and lunged for Natalie.  Jen grabbed the first thing she could and was marching over to Natalie to fuck her up.  One of the counselors, Eric, stepped in her way and wouldn’t let her pass.  Jen was ready to hurt someone when he told her “Look at your hand.  It’s a fucking butter knife.  What are you gonna do, slather her with jelly to death?  Come on, come with me.”  Eric took her outside and calmed Jen down a bit.  He also told her that she “needed a fucking plan” if she was going to get back at Natalie for what she did.

The girls told Bob how much things sucked now that Natalie had wrested control of the biggest cliques in the camp.  Most of the kids just want to be left alone, but a few do her bidding.  All of them are big in the church world, so there’s no getting away from them.  Three of Natalie’s followers that relished being evil were Michelle, Melissa, and Chad.

Michelle Bartlett was the daughter of one of the parishioners that loved to brag about how much they donated to the church, and tried to use that to exercise some authority.  It hasn’t worked so far, but the Daniels’s family keeps them close.  She likes being mean and getting her way, and any time she ever gets caught, Daddy’s money is right there to bail her out.

Melissa Crawford was a pain in the ass, holier-than-thou goody-two-shoes who strived to succeed at everything.  She viewed ‘hard work as its own reward’ and bragged about how much time she spent volunteering in those ‘tough parts of town like Heartland or Veneto.’  Bob laughed at that comment.  Bitch didn’t know rough.

Chad Swanson was, as Stacy put it, “Gayer than a unicorn buttfucking a rainbow, he just doesn’t know it yet.”  Everyone else was confused by that, but she explained that she got this feeling from him that he was gay.  Like really, really gay.  Stacy identified at least a dozen different points and tells that led her to think that Chad was gay, from the way he walked, the way he groomed himself, the way he had a slight lisp, and the way he’d get excited around the other guys when swimming.  Oh, and the fact that she saw him making out with one of the other guy campers once, but kept it a secret.  “He’s so deep in the closet he found Narnia.”  

“Ok, but if he’s so gay that rainbows shoot out of his ass when he farts, why is he such a dick?”  Bob asked, passing the bowl around the circle.

“Because the church hates gays, and he’s afraid of his parents disowning him.  They’re assholes, but wealthy assholes that keep up appearances in the church.  He has to play along to divert attention, but lays on the gay hate because he hates himself over what the church tells him.  He just wants to be himself, but as long as he has parents telling him that gays will burn in Hell, he won’t admit that he loves the cock.”  Stacy took a drink.

Bob told the girls about the Daniels’s family following him back to Veneto, where he lived.  Their eyes went wide when he told them that.  “It ain’t a bad neighborhood.  Just stay out of the projects unless you’re looking for something, stay east of 43rd unless you’re looking for trouble, and don’t be a dick.  We don’t want to cause trouble, but we’ll fuck someone up if needed.”

“Would that include these bitches?”

Bob didn’t think too much of Jen’s question at the time.  Years later, he asked himself if he’d have given a different answer, how different things would have gone.

“Yeah, maybe.  Depends on a few things.”

“Like what?”  Jen asked, her tone changing just a bit more serious.

“Like who’s got the weed?  Puff puff pass.”  Bob didn’t catch the change in Jen’s tone.  Not that night.

After another round of smoking, Bob set an alarm for very early in the morning, before the sun rose.  They talked a little while longer, about how the campers were split into groups, how everyone went down to Harbor City for the weekend except them and a few other kids whose parents didn’t want them home.  The session was breaking up, and many of the campers were going home, but a few were coming back up like Natalie.  The girls weren’t sure of the other three they talked about.  They also described how they each were ‘suspended from a free weekend’ for various offenses this past week, which according to the camp guidelines meant they had to stay behind.  Each of them were supposedly caught by the counselors doing something against the rules.  Angie was caught with a cigarette, Jen swore in front of the campers, and Stacy was accused of pushing one of the counselors.  All of them were set up, and none of them knew why they were punished until the one counselor Eric told Angie that he needed her help in making sure that Stacy and Jen were to look miserable and alone until after the bus left.  Once the coast was clear and all of the zealots left, he talked to each of them in private about what happened and why.  That led them to Bob’s cabin.

They joked for a bit before retiring to bed.  Bob and Angie fooled around and screwed again before passing out.  Stacy and Jen cuddled and fondled each other before falling asleep.  At some point in the night Jen and Stacy fell off of the couch and crawled into the bed with Angie and Bob.

The alarm went off shortly after 4AM.  Bob woke the girls up, lit up another bowl to celebrate 4:20, then watched them head on their way back to the camp before sunrise.  After they left, he went back to sleep.


It was a little after 9AM when Bob woke up.  After a quick shower and bite to eat, he sat around the camp, just thinking.  He did a lot of that during his trips to the cabin in the summer.  It wasn’t like he could go hunting at this time of year so close to Camp Biblethumper.

He thought about whether or not he could stay up here all the time, instead of just the weekends.  He didn’t have a home anymore down in Harbor City.  He lived with his grandma until her stroke and she had to go into the home, and they lost the house to pay for her to stay there.   His parents were out of the picture and he had no siblings, none that he spoke to, anyway.  His only family to speak of was his crew.  He lived with Vinny and Chuckie, helping take care of their grandma but he was only there during the week now.  He had no desire to settle down and had no clue about any of that domestic shit.  They worked construction jobs mostly as a cover for other schemes, but they got pretty damn good at it.  Last summer him and the crew made more money from building houses than from slinging drugs.  And those sentences get longer as you get older.  5 years for an 18-year-old is nothing compared to 5 years for a 30-year-old.

Bob felt like the game was passing him by.  It meant nothing to be a little teen thug in the 80’s, and Veneto was still about half white back then.  Now, most of the younger white people left for the ‘nicer’ suburbs.  Funny how that always meant ‘no coloreds.’  He made most of his money selling drugs to kids from the suburbs during the school year.  They’d come down to Veneto to party, or he’d meet them out and about somewhere.  But shit was getting too risky, and because of how stupid the gangs were back in the day, it all became racial.  Italians, Irish, Hungarians, Czeck, Germans, Polish, they all had their own little gangs.  It wasn’t until the Blacks and the Mexicans both came that they realized they needed to work together, and by then it was too late.

The Mexicans took over west of 43rd Street and the blacks ran the projects down by 16th for the most part.  The old white people stayed mostly between 20th and 40th, but those houses were becoming fewer and fewer.  An old family would move out or die, and the house would get bought by some scumbag looking to rent it out cheap since no one wants to buy there between the Blacks and Mexicans.  What was left of the white gangs disappeared.

But Bob’s crew would help keep the peace.  They worked with both the Blacks (16 South) and the Mexicans (43SK, or 43rd Street Krew) to keep a low profile.  They helped keep the violence to a minimum, and served as go-betweens when shit went sideways.  They learned to play fair, and worked with the other gangs to protect their own.  The main rules they enforced was no violence towards kids or old people.  That shit always brought the fucking cops down.  

They didn’t have some cool ass name.  Only the number 2236.  People thought that was their territory, but no.  That’s Vinny’s house.

The crew ain’t the same as it used to be.  10 years ago, there were a couple dozen of them.  Even 5 years ago they were a force.  Now, they’re down to 5.  Everyone else either got old or got cold.

And if Bob doesn’t do something else, that’ll be him.

Aside from his crew, it’s been a long time since he’s had someone to care about.  Now, he’s got a smoking hot girl who’s down to fuck at any time, and her hot ass friends.  What started as getting laid for beer is taking on a different flavor and feel.

Bob was lost in thought when he heard them walking over.  The three girls had walked over from the camp, but they looked different.  For the first time since he met them, they weren’t wearing camp clothes.

Angie wore a pair of cut-off jeans that barely covered her ass and a white t-shirt.  Underneath that he could see that she was wearing a red and white bikini.  Jen was similarly dressed with cut-offs, a white t-shirt, and a black bikini.  Stacy looked different only because she wore a white tank top and Daisy Duke jean shorts, and her black and gold bikini stood out.

Bob liked what he saw, and motioned the girls over.  Angie climbed into his lap and the two made out for a bit.  Jen and Stacy sat in chairs on the other side of the fire pit, and looked at the lake for a bit.  

They talked for a bit before deciding on some lunch at a nearby diner.  It was the first time the girls had left the lake since arriving to camp in June.  They all climbed into Bob’s truck, though it was a bit of a tight fit getting all four of them on the bench seat.  Angie sat next to Bob, then Stacy then Jen by the door.  One thing that made driving a little awkward was that this was a manual, and the gear shift was on the floor, between Angie’s legs.  Not that either minded his hand there, but it made the drive more interesting.

Harry’s was a little roadside diner that Bob has stopped at a few times since getting the cabin.  It was a clean place, trying to go with that retro 50’s look that was popular back in the 90’s.  The food was good, but nothing to write home about.  Harry’s served comfort food for people who had spent the whole week roughing it out in the woods.  Plus, Bob felt it was pretty safe taking the girls there.  No one at Harry’s cared much for the staff at the camp.  “Shitty tippers” the one waitress told him.  “They’ll come in, 6 to 20 at a time, be all condescending and bossy, and we’re lucky if we get $10 from the large parties.  They act like praying for me will pay my mortgage.”

Bob and Angie sat on one side of a booth, Stacy and Jen on the other.  He told them to order whatever they wanted.  Angie ordered a club sandwich, Jen a meat loaf platter, and Bob got himself a plate of pasta.  Stacy only ordered a steak salad, hold the steak.

“I’m a vegetarian when I can be.  I don’t like eating meat, but that’s all that’s served up here.  I can’t even get a side salad at the camp without them throwing bacon bits on it.”  Stacy said, as she poured light dressing on her salad.  Bob just ate his spaghetti and meatballs as the girls talked and enjoyed their first real meal in long time.

After lunch, they did a little grocery shopping and just hung around the town for a while before returning to the camp.  They picked up some pizzas, wings, and salads for dinner.  Bob had no plans on being sober enough to drive around later.  While out and about, he snuck off to a pay phone and gave Vinny a quick call.  Bob asked Vinny if he could get some eyes on the church, preferably Paul and Gary since they didn’t have any run-ins with the Daniels family.  He asked them to also dig up whatever they could on the three bullies the girls told him about.  Vinny told him they’d get on it right away.

Stacy volunteered to ride in the back of the truck on the way back to the camp.  Once she climbed in, she took off her tank top and enjoyed the ride, getting some sun and letting her hair flow in the wind.  The honks from a couple cars seeing a gorgeous 15-year-old in a bikini top were both flattering and distracting, but she sat back and lost herself in the peace of the moment.

Back at the camp, they unpacked everything and just relaxed for a bit.  Stacy and Jen snuck off into the woods for some private time while Bob and Angie took advantage of a private dock and went for a swim, sans clothing.  Well, they started in their swimsuits but that soon gave way to fucking in the water.  Jen and Stacy found them at the lake shortly after and joined for a quick swim.  After, they all lounged around the lake.  Bob dragged some beach chairs that he had down to the water’s edge.  He almost fell asleep when Jen started talking to him.

“Hey.  Remember last night when you talked about fucking them bitches up?”


“Well, how serious is that?”  Jen asked Bob, who turned to her and took off his sunglasses.

“Whatdaya mean?”

Jen fidgeted for a moment, trying to think of how to phrase what she was thinking.

“How do you determine who gets their ass kicked?  And is it just an ass whooping, or worse?  Like, do you charge for this kind of thing or just do it for kicks?  Do you start shit or only act in self-defense?”

Bob leaned up.

“Are we talking about what I think we’re talking about?  Cause if we’re talking about what I think we’re talking about, we need to be real fucking careful.”

Jen thought for a long moment before saying anything.  She stared straight ahead as she talked, almost afraid to look at Bob.

“The Daniels Family, these are bad fucking people.  They are fucking evil, and worse yet abuse their power and authority to get away with the most fucked up evils imaginable.  You see what they did to Stacy, the Hell they put her through for nearly half her life.  She didn’t asked to be raped or be forced to star in child porn, her own fucking family did that to her.  Her cousins and uncles raped and abused her for years, and that cunt Natalie knew something about it.  That whole family lies, and steals, and cheats, all in the name of religion.  I told you about that ‘mission trip’ my so-called family went on.  The whole thing is a front for money laundering.  The Reverend lives in a 12-bedroom mansion in a gated community, yet takes money from the poor to save their souls?  Every charity they run is a scam, and even their outreach programs are more of a money grab than an attempt at helping people.  They’re looking at starting their own television show, so they can ‘reach the masses’, meanwhile they brag about going to Veneto and Heartland like it’s fucking Iraq or Somalia.  These people don’t care about anyone but themselves.  Fuck them.”

Bob looked around for a moment.  Angie and Stacy were likely sleeping while sunbathing.

“Listen.  You just met me, and you met me at my nicest and calmest point in life.  I’m not a nice person, and neither are my friends.  We’ve done some shit, we’ve seen some shit.  You ask me ten years ago about going to war with a bunch of assholes, no problem.  Now, it’s me and 4 guys.  We’re starting to be legitimate.  Life’s catching up to us.  We’re no longer the same hardasses we once were.”

Jen looked at Bob quizzically.

“What are you saying?”

Bob grabbed a beer and took a sip.

“I’m not sure what I’m saying.  I’m not crazy enough to go to war with a whole church at once.  And it can’t be a full-scale war, either.  It’s not like some random gang shootings in Heartland, police pay attention when rich white people start getting capped.  A couple small things here and there, fine, that can be written off as random violence or some shit like that, but we won’t survive a full-scale war.  But on the other hand, they’re bringing the war to me, my crew, and my girls.”

“Your girls?”  Jen asked.

“Yeah, my girls.  I care about y’all.  A lot.  I don’t want to see bad shit happen to you.  But if, and this is a big if, IF we do shit, we can’t just react.  We need a plan.  We need to know who we’re dealing with, how to hurt them, and where to go from there.  Let’s start small and wargame this shit out.”


Bob sat up in his chair.

“One of my old crew kept his nose clean just enough to join the Army, and once there did really well.  He’s now a Captain, like Hawkeye on MASH, but not as funny.  He does code breaking and shit like that.  He sent me some books over the years, like one called the Art of War.  It was some cool shit about how to win a fight before fighting.  He sent me another book on some shit called asymmetric warfare.  Like, if you can’t win a fair fight, don’t fight a fair fight.  Fight them on your terms, not theirs.  Know your enemy better than they know themselves.  Don’t be afraid to do worse shit than them when death is on the line.  Shit like that.  I’d talk with him and he’d say ‘Let’s wargame this’ and we’d talk out the upcoming battle, looking for every possible move.  It’s saved my ass a few times.  So, let’s wargame this shit out.  Who is your primary enemy?”

Jen thought for a moment, like she was trying to justify someone else, but immediately landed on one name.



“She’s making Stacy’s life a living hell, and will do a lot worse to her over the next couple years if she isn’t stopped.  And she won’t stop with Stacy, but will go after the rest of us and anyone else she sees as an obstacle.”

“Good.  Who are her allies?  What are her resources?  What’s her personality?  Who are her enemies?”

Jen thought about that for a moment.

“She doesn’t have friends, only pawns.  Right now her biggest allies are her family and her minions.  Her family is rich, but dirty.  She’s bought into the whole ‘saving face’ shit that her family tries to keep up.  I’ve never seen her hang out with her school friends after school, and her church friends are a fickle bunch.  She holds power over others in the church by her position in her family.  Because she’s the Reverend’s Daughter, she gets away with a lot but at the same time has pissed off a lot of people.  She attracts followers, not friends.”

Bob took all that in.

“What does she value, prize?  What motivates her?  What’s she afraid of?”

“I don’t know.  She can’t stand looking bad, and has to keep up the image of the perfect Christian girl.  She’s so far deep in the image that she genuinely believes part of it.  If she didn’t do everything just perfect for the family, her whole world would probably collapse.  Maybe explains why she’s still a virgin while her cousin was raped and abused for the last 7 years.  The daughter is more important to them than the niece.”

Bob thought about that last part for a bit.

“So, you think she’s afraid of being exposed?”


“What about her minions?  What do you know about them?”

“Just what we said last night.  Rich girl, Goody-Two-Shoes, and Closet boy.”

“Okay.  What would hurt Natalie more, an attack against her or something she cares about?”

Jen didn’t even hesitate with her answer.

“Herself.  I don’t think she cares about anyone, except seeing her minions abandoning her after they get hurt.  They care more about Thundercunt than Thundercunt does about them.”

“Ok.  So, in this little wargame we figured out that we have to attack Natalie directly, but also take out her reinforcements so she’s left alone after the battle.  How do you hurt her?”

Jen thought for a moment.

“Say it out loud, that’s how this works.  All ideas.”  Bob said, taking another sip of beer.

“Beating the shit out of her will bring pity to her and punishment to us.  Killing her is too risky.  Stealing from her won’t make a difference because she’s rich enough to replace anything that gets stolen.  Getting someone else to beat the shit out of her won’t work because she might just leave them alone and double down on Stacy.  Embarrassing her will only go so far before she lunges back for an attack.”

Jen paused for a moment mid thought, and looked frightened at what she was about to say.

“Ok, this next part is really fucked up, but she needs to be humiliated, beaten, broken, and blackmailed.  She needs to be treated so badly that she will not only take back what she said, but she would never do it again.  The best way I can think of doing that is rape the bitch.”

Bob looked a little shocked at what Jen said.

“That’s what you came up with?”

Jen nodded.

“Like I said, it’s pretty fucked up, but it’s the only thing I can think of that will stop her without killing her.  But it can’t just be any old rape.  There has to be evidence of her doing shit that would get her kicked out of her home and her church.  She could talk her way out as the victim of some simple rape, but get video of her being fucked by a black guy or eating some pussy, and she’s through.  She’s done, gone and buried in this church if that got out.  Her own family would disown her if they saw her doing some depraved shit, even if she says she’s the victim.”

“What about the minions?”

“Same shit.  They have to be hurt, humiliated, and blackmailed the same way.  Maybe worse.  They could have walked away from helping her at any time.  Instead, they gleefully signed up and took part.  They need to be made examples of.  They’re one step away from the evil that hurt Stacy for all those years.”

Jen was getting pretty worked up over what she was thinking, let alone saying.  Bob gave her his beer and she finished it in quick order.

“Like you said, it’s pretty fucked up.  How would you do it?  Where?”

Jen tried for another sip, but there was nothing left in the beer.  Bob pulled two more out of his cooler and opened them, giving one to Jen and keeping the other.  She took a long drink.

“Don’t know where, or who, or how, but when would have to be before camp ends and the schoolyear begins.  She might not survive being outed at school.  There’s some crazy fucks out there who might try to kill her.  To protect her, this would have to go down before the end of camp.  Also, these girls are gated community, wealthy suburb kids.  Natalie will be completely protected once camp ends, and the minions will spread around.  Melissa and Chad go to Stacy’s school, but Natalie and Michelle go to mine.  We might be able to get to them early enough to stop them, but there’s no guarantees on that.  As far as where...”

Jen took another sip of beer.

“That depends on who comes back for the next session of camp.  I assume Natalie is coming, but don’t know about the other three.  Their attack will have to take place at about the same time, within a few days of each other.  Destroy all of them at once.  When Natalie calls for reinforcements, they’ll be too busy licking their own wounds.”

Jen paused to take a sip.  Bob spoke up.

“Your plan is half a plan at best, and crazy, but could work.  Need to work out the details, but it’s the kind of crazy shit that’ll make’em think twice about ever coming after you again.  It’s either that or get a real good alibi set up for when four rich white kids disappear and are found in the lake.”

Jen wasn’t sure if Bob was joking or not.  He continued.

“So, assume Natalie stays here.  How do we get her alone and what do you need to rape her?”

Jen’s eyes went wide.


“Us.  Probably all of us here.  I rape her by myself, she doesn’t get humiliated into pussy eating.  If we’re gonna force her to eat pussy, know what we need?  Pussy.  Know what I ain’t got?  A pussy.  At least one of you three need to be there.  Seeing as how Stacy and Natalie are cousins, and Angie’s never done that before, that leaves you.  But if one of you are involved, all of you should be involved.”


“Know the difference between a witness and conspirator?  The witness can walk away and tell the pigs what happened.  A conspirator’s in the shit with you.  The witness doesn’t have to live with what happens to snitches.  The conspirator does, until they don’t live no more.  But what’s the fallout?”

Jen looked at him confused,


“Yeah.  Let’s assume for a moment this plan works, but not completely.  Thundercunt and her crew decide that they want revenge for us raping them.  We’ve scared them, but not enough.  Who is there to go after?”

“I’ve got my family, but they don’t care about me.  They’d sell me just to get rid of me if that were still legal.  Stacy’s an only child and her parents barely pay attention to her.  They care more about how they look in the church.  If they even tried to pay attention, they’d have to acknowledge what their family did to her.  Angie is also an only child, similar shit with her parents.  The only family she likes is her cousin George, who’s the black sheep.  He doesn’t buy in to the religious bullshit so the church can’t touch him.  They might be able to hurt the family standing in the church, but fuck’em if they put that shit above their own kids.”

Jen leaned back in her chair and took a sip.  She then smiled and laughed.

“I’m drinking your beer.  This means I owe you a fuck, huh?”

Bob laughed, sitting back in his own chair.

“Ask Angie about that.  I’ll ask Stacy while we’re at it.”

“Are we in love with them?”  Jen asked.  Bob sat for a moment, not sure how to respond.

“I don’t know.  You’re asking a guy about emotions.”

Jen laughed.

“You gave a lesbian advice on pussy eating.  Can’t give another girl advice on emotions?”

“Pussy eating I know.  I don’t know shit about emotions.  There are like 4 emotions.  Happy, horny, hungry, brick on the foot.  We don’t know how any of that works.  Any boy that cries is a homo or fag or queer, and any boy that’s too happy is also a homo.  Crying gets a beating followed by more crying and more beatings until you stop crying altogether.  My parents are out of the picture, have been since I was a kid.  Granny raised me for the most part since my teens, but that was kinda fucked.”

Bob took a sip before continuing.

“I can read you and Stacy, though.  She cares for you a lot, and you for her.  Would I call it love?  Maybe.  There’s definitely a lot of lust and protection, and the seeds of love.  Don’t fuck it up too bad, you could have something special here.  It’s scary the first time you say it out loud, get all nervous and shit that’ll hang out there forever and that you scare her off.  Meanwhile, she’s just as nervous as you are.  I’m not saying you should tell her, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how she feels.”

Jen sipped her beer.

“Wow.  And you said you don’t know emotions.  Angie’s afraid to say it first because she doesn’t want to come off like some stalker girlfriend, but she’s also afraid of you saying it too soon, but you two have been fucking for more than a month now, but she’s not sure when too soon becomes just right, and doesn’t want to say it until she knows she’ll hear it back.  That’s what she told me.”

“Well damn.  Something to think about, huh?”  Bob raised his beer for a toast.  “To being fucking confused.”

Jen leaned her beer forward and tapped his.  The two drank and relaxed, bullshitting until the girls woke up.


Around 3PM Bob received a weird page.  He handed it to Angie who tried to decipher it.  It wasn’t a phone number, but after a moment she figured it must’ve come from Eric and meant that they wouldn’t be back in time for dinner.  They decided to have the pizza and stuff they bought a few hours earlier inside of the cabin.

Bob’s little microwave didn’t use a lot of electricity, so they could reheat the slices quickly, instead of making a fire outside.  As dinner wound down, Jen laid out the plan that her and Bob talked about while Angie and Stacy were sleeping.  Angie was shocked by the idea.  Stacy was strangely comfortable with it.

“Why should that stuck up bitch get to save herself for her wedding night to some dweeb that she’s probably never even kissed before?  She wants to threaten us, we take away something she cares about, and the only thing she cares about is her image.  $20 says we could rape her little sister and she wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.  But fuck with her image, put that in jeopardy, then Thundercunt is ours.  Besides, we don’t need her permanently silenced, we just need a few years at most to escape.  They’re entering their senior year, I’m going into my junior year.  We need two years at least, but more is better.”

Bob sat there for a second and did the math, pointing around the table.

“16, 16, 15, but going into senior year and junior years?”

Angie spoke up.

“Jen and I both have August birthdays.  Born just before the cut-off.”

“I skipped a year.  Might skip another if I pile on the coursework like I do.  If I’m not trapped up here next summer, I can take enough credits to graduate early.”

“Damn.  I would have been a freshman at 16 if I stayed in school.  Didn’t, but would’ve.”

“You dropped out?”  Angie asked with a hint of surprise.

“Kicked out.  Skipped a lot of school, stopped showing up, then the last day I did go I got into a fight.  Busted the teacher’s nose, spent some time in juvi, when I got out I found out I was no longer a student.  By that time I was making more doing thug shit than the teachers were teaching, and I spent a lot less time doing my thug shit.  At least at first.  Few years back I started working construction, mostly as a way to have a legit paycheck so the cops wouldn’t ask where my money came from.  After a while I started making more building houses than I did slinging weed.”

“But yet you drive that beaten up truck?”  Jen asked in between bites of pizza.

“Nursing homes and medical bills are expensive.  Besides, know how most bangers get caught by the cops?  They get flashy shit like cars and clothes.  Pig sees a guy my age driving a Mercedes, he thinks drug dealer.  I’m white, so he might also think Doogie Howser, but generally it’s drug dealer.  Pig sees a guy my age in an old pickup truck filled with tools, I’m going to the jobsite.  Plus my truck runs and it’s paid for.  It ain’t getting repo’ed any time soon.”

Angie still had a look of apprehension on her face.

“Are we doing this?  Like, we’re talking about kidnapping and raping a bunch of people.  There’s a thousand things that can go wrong, and if we screw this up, we’re going to jail.  All of us.  Not just Bob.”

Everyone sat for a moment around Bob’s round kitchen table, letting her words sink in.  Jen spoke up first.

“That’s why we gotta do this right.  We can’t get cold feet when she’s tied to the bed.  And we all have to take part.  Difference between a witness and a conspirator is the witness can walk away and tell the cops.  No witnesses here.  Everyone is either in or we take our chances on the next couple years that she doesn’t get Stacy killed.  I’m in.”

“Me too.  She’ll find a way to ruin my life, but at least this will give us some leverage.”  Stacy said, not skipping a beat.

“Your call, Babe.  Me and the boys will help, but only if everyone’s in.”  

All eyes turned to Angie.  She sat there for what felt like an eternity.  In reality, it was maybe a minute at most.  Then, in the quietest voice she had, she mustered the words everyone was waiting to hear.

“I’m in.”

“Okay.  I’ll talk to Vinny when I get home.  I called him earlier, asked him to get eyes on the church and find out what he can about Natalie and the minions.  Intel gathering only.  We need all the info we can get on them.  If y’all can get some pics of them, find out where they live and what they do.  A plan is good, the less violent the better.  Snatching white girls off of the street in an unmarked van in a fancy neighborhood will draw a lot of attention, so we need a plan.  We’ll also need equipment, resources, locations, the whole works.  I need to come up with a list of things to get, including ways for you to play along, and ways to get proof and to spread it around in case she doesn’t play along.”

“Wait, you already talked to Vinny?”  Jen asked, surprised.  “We only talked about this on the beach.  Do you have a satellite or something?”

“I called him when we were in town.  I asked him to do some scouting, but I had no idea we’d go in this direction.  Paul and Gary are scouting the place, doing some research, finding out what they can.  Hopefully, it’ll turn up something else.  Otherwise, it’s this mission.”

Bob stopped talking.  He wanted their attention before continuing.

“This is where it goes from an ‘if’ to a ‘when’.  We gotta figure out when this will happen.  That depends on how many are coming back.  If it’s just Natalie, that’ll be easy.  We pick a night on a weekend, tell her that I want to talk about Jesus, then she’ll traipse her ass over here, and we nail her.  If one or more of the minions comes up, that’ll make it hard.  It can’t be this weekend, but has to be before the end of the summer for camp.  How many more weeks are left?”

“Three, counting this one.”  Angie chipped in.  Bob followed up.

“So, either the next to last or last weekend.  We’ll spend this week planning and getting the stuff we need, as well as coming up with a plan for the minions at home.  I’ll get the equipment, y’all see what you can find out.  Any chance you can get info from the office up here?”

Stacy spoke up.

“Don’t see why not.  No one’s here right now, and the counselors will be busy with the kids when they get back.  I saw where they hid the keys to the filing cabinets, all we need is a little time, get what we need, and make copies, which they got that big Xerox over there.  Can also check the bunks, too.  If they’re stuff is gone, good sign they aren’t coming back.”

“Good idea.  When y’all want to do that?”  Bob asked.

“Let’s go now.  We’re done with dinner and have some time before the campers return.  I’ll search the office, Jen checks the bunks, and Angie stands guard, keeping an eye out for the bus.  I can run through the office and make copies, Jen can find out what she can in the bunks and get pics or make copies of pics, and Angie will keep an eye out for the van.  It’s a little before 5PM, so we should have enough time to do our work and cover our tracks before they get back.  Ready.”

Stacy hopped up, excited at the prospect to do something.  Jen stood up, followed by Angie.  Stacy was halfway to the door before she said anything else.

“We’ll be back later on, after the campers go to sleep.  See you then.”  Stacy was half out the door already.  Jen gave Bob a quick hug, and Angie stood nervously.

“I’m still not sure.”

Bob grabbed her and held her close.

“Just walk around and listen for any noises.  When you hear something, run over to where the girls are at and tell them that someone is coming.  It’s okay, you got this.  I believe in you.”

That last part picked up Angie’s spirits.  She smiled a bit, the first time since they started talking about Jen’s plan.  He leaned down and kissed her.

“Go, watch their backs.  I’ll see you tonight.”  They kissed again, and she left.  She hesitated at the door like she was going to say something, but kept going.


Bob spent the rest of the evening by himself, coming up with ideas and plans on how to do this, and what he would need.  He was coming up with a pretty weird shopping list.  He knew where he could get everything, and the money wasn’t that big of an issue, he knew he would get some weird looks at the porn store buying 3 sets of strap-on dildos, cuffs, masks, and chains.  He could pick up a couple cameras, and he had a Polaroid lying around but developing the film could be a problem.  He’d have to find a photo nerd that would both be willing to develop this kind of shit and not turn them in to the cops.  That was a pretty small list of photo nerds.

What really made things hard was not knowing where the minions would be.  Their location changed everything.  If they were all up at the camp, he’d have to have the crew come up and take care of things here, but would also need some way to get them here.  If one or two stayed up, that would make things difficult, but not impossible.  Bob realized the best case scenario is that all of the minions stayed down in Harbor City.  That way he and the girls could take care of Natalie here while the crew handled the minions.  He wasn’t sure how to handle Chad, but he could come up with something.

Once it was getting dark, Bob built a fire outside and sat around it, just thinking.  He felt a little guilty thinking about fucking Natalie, but this was to teach the bitch a lesson.  Plus, the girls would be there.  It’s not cheating if the girlfriend is there helping you rape a bitch.

It was close to 11PM when the girls arrived.  They still wore the clothes they had on earlier.  The counselors were being pretty lax with the rules this weekend, but they still had to wait until the coast was clear.  Especially since they brought some stuff with them.  Stacy and Jen walked into the cabin while Angie came down to the fire with Bob.  They kissed and she sat in his lap.

“How’d it go?”  Bob asked, hugging Angie.

“Pretty good.  Think we got what we needed.  Stacy’s got everything inside.  She’s getting real into this.  Jen had a lot of fun snooping around.”

“What ‘bout you, Babe?”

Angie shrugged.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, so the whole thing is quite new.  I’m nervous.  Part of me wants to know how it’ll go down, but then again that raises too many questions.  I’m scared.”

Bob held her closer.

“It’s okay.  This is some crazy shit.  We’ll get through this.  Let’s see what they got.”

They stood up and walked hand-in-hand back to the cabin.  When they arrived, Stacy had already taken a seat at the table and spread out the contents of a folder she collected.  Jen sat next to Stacy, looking over the stuff her lover made.

“What’s this?”  Bob asked.

“Intel, like you asked.  I have the information split for all four of them, and as much as I could find on their families as well.  Plus, a little extra for a rainy day.  Where you wanna start?”

Bob and Angie sat down.  There were 4 opened folders, each of them pretty thick, and filled with copies of paperwork including cancelled checks, receipts, contact info, pictures, medical records, everything they could get their hands on.  There was a fifth unopened folder in the middle.  They started thumbing through the open folders.

“Holy shit, you’ve got everything.  What did you do, copy the entire office?”  Bob asked, completely shocked.

“Pretty much.  Started with Thundercunt, then copied the minions and the a few other people that have been supporting them, some family members, anything I could get my hands on.  Everything is done on paper, so there were no computers to mess with.  Just grab a folder, copy, move on.  I spent most of my time working on the other family members and what they’re up to.  That’s the middle folder.  That’s for a rainy day.”

“Wow.  Just, wow.  This is amazing.  It’ll take a month just to get the basics.  Thank you.”  Bob was flabbergasted as he flipped through the folder of Michelle Bartlett.

Stacy nodded in accomplishment.

“That’s not all.  Jen, wanna fill him in on what you found?”

Stacy motioned to Jen, who was so excited she could barely sit still.

“I went through the bunkhouses for both the older boys and girls.  The boys took a bit since I’ve never been there, so I didn’t know which one was Chad’s.  Turns out, his bunk is empty.  I found the kid he was making out with, they were sending letters back and forth to each other.  The kid is staying up here, some early high school kid named Brandon from Angie and mine’s school.  Same situation, deep in the closet because of fear from his parents.  In these letters Chad tells Brandon that the only reason he’s helping Natalie is that Natalie has dirt on them, and that if he doesn’t go hardcore against Stacy, she’ll out them both too.  And get this, Chad’s family is loaded.  Like, millionaire loaded.  Crazy loaded.  He has three trust funds available to him, his wife, and his child.  The ones to him and his wife are payable upon the birth of a child in wedlock.  Each fund is worth $5 million.”


“No Bob, that’s real.  Stacy has the documents to prove it.  Chad’s dad is some high-priced lawyer that works for some real sleazy people, and the church.  The money is payable as soon as the kid is born and can’t be revoked.  They could get divorced 10 minutes after, they still get the money.  But even with that, he still doesn’t want to get married.”

“That’s nuts.  Hell, I’d let him knock me up for that much.  If he could.”  Bob said.  The girls looked at him funny.

“It gives me an idea.  What else did you find, Jen?”

Jen pulled out a small book.  It was pink, covered in hearts, and had a simple lock on it.

“I found this under Natalie’s bed.  I think it’s her diary.”  Jen tossed it to Bob.  He looked at the lock for a second, then grabbed a paperclip off of the table.  By the time Jen could finish saying “If you know how to pick a lock”, he’d already picked the lock.  He passed the diary to Stacy to read.  She sped read through it while Jen was talking.

“Like I was saying, Natalie’s stuff is still here.  But Michelle and Melissa, their stuff is gone.  Even their trash and their supplies are gone.  There was nothing left.  From what Stacy found, they were only paid up to this weekend.  That sounds like they aren’t coming back.  Same thing with Chad.  They’re staying down at Harbor City.  Which means...”

Bob finished her sentence.

“Which means we only have to deal with Natalie up here.  That’s some good news.  I had no clue how we’d pull off dealing with them, too.  Anything good in there Stace?”

Stacy was reading through Natalie’s journal at breakneck speed.  Suddenly, about halfway through, she stopped.


Stacy’s yell caught everyone by surprise.

“What’d you find?”  Angie asked.

“She was going to try to frame us for attacking her, and have her family try to kidnap and rape us.  Then she was going to pick a new camper or two for her family to ‘play with’ once I was ‘no longer of use.’  Then, she was going to try to get Bob arrested for trying to rape her, and pay for him to have an accident in prison if he didn’t find Jesus soon.  What a sick fuck.  She’s also only using the girls because she can and laughs at how stupid they are to think she cares about them, telling them that she’s the only one that loves them.  She also knows about Chad and Brandon, and how she wants Chad’s money.  Says here she’ll sleep with him once, tell him she was pregnant, then find a real man to have his baby.  She would then disgrace him about being gay and drive him to kill himself, so she could inherit his money, too.”

Stacy closed the journal.

“This bitch is a fucking psychopath.  Assuming this is real and not some crazy joke, which she’s crazy enough to try.”  

Stacy looked around for a pen and paper.

“Quick, we need to copy this.  It’s too late to go to the office.”  Stacy looked frantically for a pen.

“Wait.”  Bob stood up and grabbed a disposable camera out of one of the shopping bags.  He handed it to Stacy, who took pictures of all of the important pages.  She shot through them in a hurry, nearly finishing up the whole roll.  With the last of the pics, Bob took a pic of the girls and one of Angie.  When he went to take more, it ran out of film.

“I’ll get these developed tomorrow.  The drug store has one of those 1-hour photo machines.”


Finding out that someone you were planning on attacking was thinking of doing the same to you tends to put a damper on festivities.  Still, they had a lot to celebrate.  They knew a ton about all of the targets, they had a basic plan, and they knew for certain that they weren’t wrong about how evil Natalie was.  It kind of made the decision a little easier.  It goes from aggravated assault to preemptive self-defense.

Bob set an alarm for early in the AM, before the sun rose.  They drank and smoked until everyone snuck away for some private time.  Jen and Stacy fooled around on the couch before having sex and falling asleep in each other’s arms.  Bob and Angie had sex again before falling asleep.  As they were falling asleep, he thought he heard Angie say something, but he wasn’t sure.  He said “love you too” as he dozed off.  He felt her hug him tighter than ever before.

When the alarm went off at 0-Too-Fucking-Early, he woke up to Angie, still naked from the night before, still hugging him from the night before.  He didn’t want to ruin this moment, but he had to.  He woke the girls up, had a smoke, then said goodbye.  They would try to stop by in the late morning after scheduled church services.  He hugged Jen and Stacy as they left, and made out with Angie.  Before she left, she whispered something in his ear.

“I heard what you said last night.  I love you, too.  I’m kinda new at this, too.”

His eyes went wide for a moment, then relaxed when he saw her smile.  They embraced again before she left back for the camp.

Fuck, this was gonna complicate things.

Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck

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Don't you just love when intel falls into your lap when you need it to. Can't wait to read how Bob and the babes use the intel against their targets. Who knows maybe Travis will be involved and unintentionally do the dirty work for them! merit awarded

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-7 (Added 9-11-20)
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Thanks CMG.  Sometimes Deus Ex Machina takes the form of a girl getting punished in the office seeing where the secretary put the filing cabinet key.  :)

Here's the last section of Chapter 7.  Looks like I messed up and didn't copy all of it when I pasted it.

Fuck, this was gonna complicate things.


Bob woke up a few hours later, and after a quick shower got dressed and drove into town.  The drug store was just opening up when he went to their photo lab.  Back in day cameras used this stuff called film.  It was like a plastic that kept an image of the light that was exposed on it, and that film could be processed to make a picture.  That process was called developing.  Most people couldn’t develop their own photos.  Doing so required special chemicals, special lights, and special gear.  Nowadays, any idiot with a desk printer can print pictures when they want them.  Back in 1995, you’d have to go to a store or a lab.  In the 90’s, One Hour Photo became a thing.  Go to a store, buy a disposable camera, take pictures, go back to the store, give them the camera, and an hour later they would print out the pictures. 

This is what Bob did on this Sunday morning.  He dropped off the camera, got some breakfast, did a little shopping, responded to a page he got from Paul asking if they had a woodchipper and bleach, then picked up the photos.  When he was in the truck he looked through them, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

There, in full view on film, were the diary pages of Natalie Daniels.  Bob had a hard time making things out, but she was even crazier than Stacy said.  And probably the most self-centered bitch this side of the Mississippi River.  There was no way around it.  She was nuts.  And evil.

Bob returned to the camp, just in time to see the girls coming over from the camp.  They had changed into their camp gear.  When he stopped the truck, they came over to greet him.  Stacy carried a folder in her hand.  She gave it to Bob.

“What’s this?”

“Copies of her journal.  Just in case the photos didn’t come out.”

Bob handed her an envelope with the photos.  They came out, more or less.  He thumbed through the folder.

“Damn.  Remind me never to piss you off.”

Stacy tried to chuckle, but it didn’t work.

“This is my first chance at real revenge against this family.  I want to make sure I get it right.”

Bob and the girls hung out for the next hour or so, until he got a page.  He recognized the codes.  It was from Gary, and his mission was wrapping up.  He didn’t leave a dial-back number, which meant that he wasn’t sticking around where he was long enough for a call back.

“Who was that?”  Angie asked, her face showing concern.

“It’s Gary.  He’s wrapping up his mission.  Is this about the time the service wraps up down at the church?”

“Yeah, around this time.  Usually earlier, but they’ll find reasons to drag it out all day sometimes.”  Angie replied.  When she realized what that meant, she got sad.  “You have to leave soon, don’t you?”


Bob wrapped his arms around Angie.

“I’ll be back up this weekend to drop off supplies, probably late Friday night.  Let me know if we have to use Eric as a messenger again.  I’ll get him another pack of smokes for helping.  This’ll be the last week of quiet before all Hell breaks loose.”

They hugged tightly for a moment before letting go and they helped pack up his truck.  He made sure to secure all of the folders in a bag that stayed in the cab.  His clothes could ride in the bed.  He assured the girls that they would go over the info as soon as they got back, and for Angie to page him after 7PM to talk, he should be done with work by then.  He also asked them to not get in too much trouble, but do what they could to keep Natalie from getting any more minions this week.  He was going to meet with Vinny as soon as he got back to Veneto.

It was time to leave.  Jen and Stacy left a moment earlier to give Bob and Angie a quiet moment alone to say their goodbyes.  They promised to talk throughout the week, and exchanged their first spoken ‘I love you’s’ in the daylight.  Bob also slapped Angie’s ass, telling her he was gonna miss that.

After saying goodbye, Bob climbed into his truck and left.  The girls made it back to the camp, where the few remaining counselors were getting the rest of the campers ready for a hike.  The girls decided to stay behind.

While Bob was driving home, he got a couple texts from Gary, Vinny, and Angie.  Gary’s was a code for ‘Let’s talk ASAP’.  Vinny’s page was along the lines of ‘Gary’s got an idea.  I’m scared.’  And Angie’s was 143.  He saved Angie’s page and deleted the rest.

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
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Chapter 8:  The Best Laid Plans (Mfff, oral)

Bob got home Sunday evening.  Even though it was normally a 3-hour drive, halfway down he decided to take the long way home.  He didn’t want to chance having the returning campers and staff see his truck on the road, and he also wanted to make sure he wasn’t followed.  Dealing with the Daniels family was really starting to mess with him.  All this precautionary shit felt paranoid, but is it paranoia when people really are after you?

His journeys took him to an out of the way sex shop in Harrisville.  He said ‘fuck it’ and bought a bunch of stuff that he would need.  Handcuffs, strap-ons, dildos, masks, a couple whips, nipple clamps, gags, and enough lube to coat a slip’n’slide.  Bob was surprised by how little the clerk cared about what he purchased.  The clerk, a pale white kid wearing a nametag that said ‘Jamal’ on it simply said “As long as you aren’t smoking, shooting the place up, or taking a shit on the floor, I don’t care what you do.  Have a nice day.”

Bob returned to Vinny’s place a little after 6PM.  By the time he arrived, his pager was blowing up with ETA requests from the crew.  He wasn’t sure what he was walking into, but when he entered the house and Vinny, Paul, Gary, and Chuck were all sitting around the dining table, he knew something was up.

“Fuck is going on?”  Bob asked, carrying a stack of folders and binders into the dining room.

“Some strange shit happened while you were getting laid.”  Vinny said, clearing a space on the table for Bob to drop his stuff off.  “I had to give the basics after you asked to put eyes on these fuckers.”

Bob placed the folders on the table and took a seat next to Vinny.  It was a long, rectangular table.  On one side, Bob and Vinny sat.  Across from them were Paul and Gary.  Chuck sat at the head, but there was nothing symbolic about where he sat.  He was there just so he could sit a little closer to the action.

“So what y’all know so far?”  Bob asked the crew.  Chuck, the youngest at 19, spoke up.

“You’re fucking Angie, Jen and Stacy are a thing.  There are some sick fucks at the church that owns this camp they were sent to, and they started fucking Stacy when she was a kid, making videos and shit.  Their family wants revenge for us kicking the shit out of one of them, and they have a bunch of assholes in their family that tried tailing yo ass, but got scared off by the ‘Welcome to Veneto’ sign on 328.  With how you asked us to look after them and into three kids in particular, sounds like we’re going to war, but not a normal one.  I ain’t above fucking up some church folks.”

Bob nodded as Chuckie wrapped it up.

“Anyone got anything else before I spill the beans on the rest?”  Bob asked.  Gary piped up from across the table.

“Yeah, they’re all fucking rich.  We followed them out of church as best we could, but that little queer kid and the blonde live in a gated community.  The brunette lives in an even more select community.  Like, I could bullshit my way into Cresthaven, but Fairwoods Estate is nothing to fuck with.  It’s the kind of place where the cops work after shift for extra cash and shoot on sight anyone darker than a latte kind of community.  WAAAYYYY too risky to try shit there.”

“How’d you know he was queer?”  Bob asked, wanting Gary’s assessment.

“I listened to him.  He was talking with some of the parents who wanted to send their kids next summer, and he sounded really, really gay.  Then, this one chick walks over with HUUUGGGEEE tits and a sundress.  Really goddamned hot.  Every guy in the place turns to get a look, except 2.  Chad and this other kid named Brandon.  Then this girl starts talking to them, and he maintains eye contact the whole time, even when she looks away to talk.  She goes in for a hug, and he does some half-hearted bro-hug shit with her.  It was the greatest of eye control, and he’s too young to be that good at avoiding eye contact with a perfect pair of tits.”

“Unless he has no interest?”  Vinny piped up.

“Exactly.  And I’m guessing from the way Chad and Brandon were looking at each other, they got something going on the down low.  Considering they’re in one of those churches that loves to point out how much God hates fags, they have good reason to be sneaky.”

Bob nodded, then opened up the folder Stacy put together on Chad.

“Hole in one.  Jen found Brandon’s journal and it talked about him making out with Chad.  Stacy said that Chad was ‘gayer than a unicorn butt-fucking a rainbow but doesn’t know it yet’ and that lines up with what you saw.  Anything else?”

Paul spoke up in between sips of Coors Light.

“Yeah, these people are weird.  Their church service was all over the place and felt like more of a pyramid scheme than a religion.  They broke into 4 groups.  You had the social believers, those looking for power, those looking for company, and the zealots.  It was easy to see who was who, and these kids belonged to families that were zealots looking for power.  Michelle’s parents dropped a $10,000 check in the offering plate like they were ordering a pizza.  Chad’s parents bragged about how much they’re doing for the church, and Melissa volunteered for almost every club and activity there was.  Then there was Natalie.”

“What about her?”

Paul took another swig.

“Well, it wasn’t so much her but how everyone changed when she was around.  Michelle was almost aloof but went full ass-kisser when Natalie showed up.  Melissa was just happy to do anything to ‘spread the gospel’ and Chad clammed up when Natalie came over.  She did some really bad flirting with him and made him follow her.  Straight up power play on her part.”

“Awesome.”  Bob said.  He looked around the table for an unopened beer but couldn’t find one.  “Whoever gets up next, grab a beer?”

“Make it a round.”  Paul said, shaking his nearly empty bottle. 

“Alright, let me fill in some holes.  While up at the camp this weekend, the girls asked for help.  Jen specifically, but she was speaking for the rest of them.  They did some recon, and we found out most of what you already knew, but got some more.  We got financial records, some medical records, and copies of Natalie’s journal.  She is an evil little cunt.  She was having delusions of grandeur rants about hiring people to hunt us down and have the girls gangraped for fun, and marrying Chad to take his money then break him so bad that he kills himself.

Chuckie got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with a six pack of Coors Light bottles.  He took one, then put the pack in the middle of table.  Everyone grabbed a drink.

“So, now that we know that Natalie is a piece of shit and her family are pieces of shit, what’s the plan?”  Vinny asked, opening his beer and taking a swig.

Bob looked around the room and made eye contact with everyone before continuing.

“We’re gonna break the bitch.  Break her and her minions.”

“How?”  Chuckie asked.

“Rape them.”  Bob said matter of factly.  Chuckie nearly spit out his beer.


“This wasn’t even my idea.  I wargamed out shit with Jen, this is what she came up with.  Natalie is too rich to care about any items, she’s too self-centered to care about anyone else.  All she worries about is her image.  So, we do something to crush her and her image.  Have to do the same to the minions.  Or at least something similar.  Give it to them harder than Natalie and make sure that rumors float around about what happens to people that follow her.  Record the attacks and hold onto the evidence as blackmail.”

Bob looked around the table.  If this were anyone else, he’d worry that he went too far.  But not with his crew.  Vinny nodded, Chuckie sat in disbelief, while Paul and Gary high fived each other.

“We can’t go half-assed on this, and we have to make this embarrassing for them.  A simple rape by some white guys they can recover from.  We have to hurt them and have proof of them doing shit that would get them shunned, disowned, and turned into pariahs.”

“That’s fucked man.  I mean, that Natalie bitch was a stuck-up bitch to the extreme, but isn’t this going too far?”

Bob reached through the pile of paperwork he had and handed Chuckie a copy of Natalie’s journal.  Chuckie started reading it, but got maybe three pages in when he read something that made his jaw drop.

“She wanted to watch some guys fuck her cousin to death?!  What the fuck is wrong with her?”

“Now you see why we’re not going too far.”

“But we got a problem.  How we gonna push them to the breaking point?  How we gonna get them in the first place?  And what about that dude?” 

Chuckie asked, barely recovered from what he read.  He passed the copy of the journal around the table to Vinny.  Vinny spoke next.

“I can think of a few ideas for breaking them.  When you guys were at that church, they seemed pretty white to you, right?”

Paul and Gary nodded in unison.

“Like, crazy white, they could count how many black people they’ve talked to in their whole lives white?”

“Yeah.  They acted like a trip to Heartland was going to Africa.”  Paul said, taking another drink.  Vinny smirked and they all caught on to where he was headed.

“Maybe 16 South wants a little fun?  43SK might want a piece, too.”

“The whole gang?”  Chuckie asked.  “That’s like 50 dudes.  Each.”

“Not the whole gang, just some select members from each.”

“That’s fucked up Vinny, I like it.”  Gary said, drinking his beer.

“Me and the girls are planning on taking care of Natalie up at the camp.  Have to make sure we get some good footage of her muffdiving.  If we can, we’ll invite some more along for the fun.”  Bob said, drinking his beer and lighting up a smoke.

“We still got the gay guy to deal with.  I ain’t fucking no queer just to teach him a lesson.” 

“You ain’t fucking no guy, Chuckie.  You’ll be lucky you get to fuck these bitches.  We’re planning here.”  Vinny tried to shut his step-brother up.

“Chad’s a weird one, but Stacy found some crazy shit.  Check this out.”  Bob took a couple pieces of paper out of Chad’s folder and passed it around.  Paul whistled when he read it.

“You shitting us, right?”

“Nope.  His parents have three trust funds set up for him, his wife, and the first of his children born in wedlock.  5 million dollars each, for a total of 15 million.  And that psycho Natalie wants all of it.”

The men sat around in silence for a moment before Gary yelled.

“I GOT IT!  We make him fuck one of the bitches, after we get our runs with her.  We film him fucking her all different ways and tell them that the only way out of this is for him to knock her up and marry her before the kid comes.  After they get paid, they can go their separate ways.  We follow them for the next month or so to make sure she gets pregnant, then a little shotgun wedding, 9 months later they both get paid, and then he’s off to Cocksucker City.”

They sat around and looked at him, completely dumbfounded.

“What, you got a better plan?” 

Chuckie spoke up first.

“Dude, that is the most fucked idea I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth.  It’s, it’s...”

“Brilliant.”  Vinny cut off Chuckie.  “It’s so goddamned crazy it’s brilliant.  If we don’t get another, better idea for how to deal with him, this’ll be our go-to.  It wraps up two of the minions long term, destroys Natalie’s plans for graduation, and is so fucked that I can’t believe I’m agreeing to it.”
Bob looked around the table.  Vinny was thumbing through Natalie’s journal still, and Paul and Gary were looking at the files for Michelle and Melissa.  Chuckie sat there, thinking for a moment.  If there was one thing he was good at, it was asking questions.

“Ok, how we get them?  Bob, you said that Natalie is up at Camp Jesusfreak.  Paul, Gary, you said that these other three were down here living in gated communities.  Doesn’t sound like we can do a grab&go with the white van, and break-ins are even riskier in RichWhiteyland.  That means we then have to stalk their asses, which will raise a hundred red flags when we start tailing them.”

“Or.”  Bob said to Chuckie.  Bob knew the answer, but he wanted Chuckie to work it out on his own.  It took a couple moments, but Chuckie’s eyes lit up when he got.

“Or, we get them to come to us.” 

Vinny continued the thought for Chuckie.

“And since we’re dealing with a bunch of bible thumpers looking to stay in good company with their churches, we can bait them using their church.”

“Wait, don’t they do that mission shit, where they brag about doing good for down and out neighborhoods like ours?”  Chuckie asked.  Bob nodded.  “Then, why don’t we talk to one of the local churches and have them set up a mission for the white kids to come to?  Then, depending on who shows up and how many, we work from there.” 

“Better if it’s an overnight thing, gives us more time to have fun.”  Gary said, drinking his beer.  Paul tapped his bottle as a salute.

“So, we got a target and a basic battle plan.  Maybe a location or two.  What’s our timeframe?”  Vinny asked Bob.

“This has gotta be quick.  Biggest worry from the girls was that if we didn’t make a move soon, Natalie and the minions would make Stacy’s life a living hell at school, outing her there, too.  Once it floats around that she’s gay, she can kiss her school life over, and there are more than a few assholes there that would look for any excuse to beat the shit out of a queer, maybe even kill her.  So, we’ve got 2-3 weeks at most.  We’re planning on taking care of Natalie next weekend.  Best case is to plan this for the same time frame, preferably before.  Not too far out, though.  If word gets back to Thundercunt before we get her, she’ll double down on her evil.  Plus, it’ll be fun to show her pictures of Michelle and Melissa sucking some black cock and getting fucked in the ass.  Give her a little something to look forward to if she gets out of line.”

Vinny nodded as Bob spoke.

“Two weeks, four targets, at least two attacks, one convoluted plan to convince a gay guy to screw a chick, and we have to find a safe venue for the one attack, an accomplice who will not only get them here but won’t spill the beans, and a backup plan in case things go awry.  Where do we start?”

Vinny looked around the table.  Paul spoke up.

“What about Tyrell down at the black church?  Doesn’t he owe us a favor or two after that little incident with the Mexican girls a couple years back?”

Bob nodded.  He liked that idea.

“Check out to see if he can set something up to draw the kids down.  As far as the rapes themselves, I’ve got two ideas.  If it’s just those three, we make it look like a robbery gone wrong and just do them there.  If more, then we take them to the No-Tell over on 58th.  Trying to cut down on collateral damage.”

“Unless they’re really fucking hot.”  Gary said, causing Paul to laugh.  Bob just shook his head.

“Speaking of hot, what do they look like?  All we’ve got in these folders are grainy copies of photos.”  Chuckie said, thumbing through Michelle’s folder.

Paul and Gary looked at each other, motioning for the other to start.  After a moment it looked like Paul took the brain those two shared and started talking.

“Michelle is about 5’4”, maybe 5’5” with brown hair that’s long and curly.  Pull it straight it probably comes down halfway her back.  Cute face, clear skin, nice tits as far as we could tell.  She wore a light blouse that covered up everything to her wrists and a skirt that came down to right below her knees.  But she had some healthy sized tits.  Even with the bulkier clothing, she’s got a figure.  She’s just not showing it.  Melissa is taller at about 5’9” and blonde hair that was straighter but a little wavy.  Like, it thought about curling but gave up.  She wore a light blouse and long, dark skirt.  Her tits are probably the same size, but they didn’t look as big since she’s taller.  She had some pimpliness going on, but nothing disgusting.  She had a wider ass, but not like black ass, more like child-bearing hips and ass.”

“If you could only fuck one of them, which one?”

“Michelle.”  Said Paul.

“Melissa.”  Said Gary.  If they didn’t agree on this, it told Bob that the girls were about equal in looks.

“Okay.  You guys, get with Tyrell and see what he can do to get them down here.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll stalk from afar and see what we can do.  There has to be someone they pissed off that wants to hurt them.  If we can time it, let’s see if we can all take part in both moves.  If not, me and the girls will go after Thundercunt up at the camp in two weeks, while you guys go after the minions here.”

With that, they wrapped up their meeting and had some dinner.


The rest of the week was pretty quiet.  Paul and Gary talked to Tyrell over at the local Gospel church.  It turns out that he liked the plan, as long as he got to have some fun, too.  He’d worked with First Union a bunch of times, but didn’t like how they did things.  He felt like they exploited their wealth and looked down on the ‘poor folk down in Veneto.’  Tyrell had no problem pitching this plan, but the timing was the issue.  When Paul and Gary told him why they had to move so fast, he was stunned.  Tyrell agreed to help and make this plan a reality on one condition.

He wanted to see Natalie get fucked in the ass.

By Thursday the crew got some good news.  Tyrell was able to get his church and First Union to agree to a two-day mission to help the homeless in the area.  It would be performed by the older children and maybe one pastor.  Depending on who the pastor was, it should be easy to separate them from the kids.  He couldn’t ask specifically for just those three, but he knew them well enough that Michelle would volunteer for anything helpful, Melissa had a crush on Chad, and Chad just wanted to get away from his house.  Tyrell could also guarantee at least two of his boys would join in the fun.

Chuckie and Bob worked on getting cameras and a TV to record everything.  Chuckie knew a guy who had a darkroom and would develop the film for some good weed.  They also purchased a VHS camcorder and a couple Polaroid cameras.

See kids, back in the day of 1995, digital cameras didn’t exist.  The only way to take photos and see them instantly was with this kind of camera called a Polaroid.  The quality sucked but they were fun to play with.  Google it.

Bob returned to the camp Friday night, bringing with him most of the toys he picked up from the porn store.  He felt like he could hide it pretty well out of sight in case he had any unwanted visitors.

He did get one wanted visitor on Friday.  Angie came over late at night, and they spent some quality time together, fucking and sucking for a couple hours before she had to return to the camp.  He missed Angie, almost a little too much.  It was weird what was happening, but he didn’t complain.  Here he was, in his mid-20’s, fucking one of the hottest 16-year-olds he’d laid his eyes on, and she was into him, and he into her.  In more ways than one.  Even their sitting around and bullshitting felt special.

Friday night ended too soon for Bob, as Angie snuck back to the camp.  He had a bowl, had a beer, and went to bed.

Saturday arrived, and Bob spent the morning relaxing by the lake.  He took a look at the pier by his property.  It worked, but was in rough shape.  ‘I should replace this before next summer’, he said to himself as he inspected its condition.  There were some campers to the other side of his property, but he stayed away from them for the most part.

During the afternoon, he climbed into his tree stand and took a good, hard look at the campers during their afternoon swim.  He’d done this many times before, but this time was different.  It was the first time since the final session started that he took a good, hard look at the campers and who was left.

There were more younger campers this time around.  A lot more.  Most of the camp roster was filled with elementary school kids.  The junior high and high school kids were now pushed into one group.  They couldn’t split off into cliques like they did earlier, and there were only 4 high school girls left; Angie, Jen, Stacy, and Natalie.

Bob was ecstatic.  Not only did it look like Natalie was back, but she was alone.  The closest she had to an ally during the afternoon was Brandon, the gay kid that was making out with Chad, and even he wasn’t putting up with too much of her bullshit.

As he watched the swimmers, he felt his pager buzz.  Bob looked at he code.  It was Gary, with a low-level emergency.  Bob, wondering what this could be, climbed down from the tree and threw on some ‘shopping’ clothes.  Shorts, shoes, a t-shirt, and sunglasses.  He made sure that he had a pile of change with him and drove the 15 minutes to Harry’s, the nearby diner.  It was getting close to dinner time anyway, so he might as well get something to eat and call Gary.

He ordered a hot roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes, and an iced tea.  While the food was cooking, he went to the payphone and called Gary at his house.  The phone rang 3 times before Gary picked it up.

“Hello?”  Gary asked.

“Hey, what’s up?”  Bob replied.

“We got a problem.  That thing we talked about next week?  Change in plans.  We can’t start things until Saturday afternoon at the earliest.”  Gary sounded a little exasperated.

“Shit, what happened?”  Bob asked.

“Remember how the plan relied on getting that friend of ours to reach out and coordinate things?  Well, he did, but the other group countered.  Now, it’s a Saturday night into Sunday afternoon thing, and it’s not just who we want but a few others.”

“Fuck.”  Bob knew what Gary was saying, even if he wasn’t saying anything at all.  They’ve been in the game long enough to know not to give specifics over the phone, and not to get too married to a plan.

“Figured you needed to know right away.  I took the liberty of booking the venue for Saturday night, and we can handle things down here.  You’ll have to take care of your party on your own.” 

Bob held the phone for a moment, thinking.  Gary was right.  There was no way that he could be at both the No-Tell Motel raping Michelle and Melissa and with the girls raping Natalie at once, and he needed to spend a little bit of time getting Natalie to want to visit him Friday or Saturday.

He spoke into the payphone.

“You know what you have to do.  Thanks for the heads up.  I’ll see you when I get home.  Later.”

“Later.”  Gary hung up, as did Bob.  When he made his way back to his table, the waitress was bringing his food.

Bob ate dinner in silence, something he’d gotten some practice at over the years.  This monkey wrench changed his plan.  Instead of the group fucking the minions Friday night then driving up to the camp to fuck the shit out of Natalie, he’d have to run this operation with just the girls and Vinny would take point back home.  It wouldn’t be the first time he’s had to split forces like this, but it always made him nervous.

He figured out his play on getting Natalie up to his camp by herself next week.  He’d use that kid that was taking his smokes, Eric, to relay some messages to Natalie.  Bob would try to get Eric to either tell Natalie that he was interested in talking to her about Jesus.  If that didn’t seem to work, he was to tell Natalie that Angie had snuck off to Bob’s cabin.  Once Natalie took the bait, she’d come to the cabin to catch her.  When she did, they’d grab her and bring her in for some fun.

Bob finished dinner and left a good tip on the table.  He wasn’t sure how this change in plans would work, but he’d make it work.


It was late at night when Bob heard a knocking at his cabin door.  He grabbed his gun and answered the door.

Angie stood there, looking as gorgeous as ever.  She leapt into Bob’s arms and they embraced.  Before he could say anything, Stacy and Jen followed.  All three of them were dressed in their familiar camp outfits of sneakers, blue shorts, and white t-shirts.

Bob and Angie finally broke off their kiss.  “Miss me babe?”  It’s all Bob could say before Angie kissed him again.  It wasn’t as long this time, but she ended the kiss by pulling up the bottom of his t-shirt.  He let her pull it up over his head, exposing his chest.  Bob started undressing Angie, pulling off her shirt and unclasping her bra.  As they both stood there naked from the waste up, Bob heard the familiar sound of beer bottles opening.  He turned his head and saw Stacy and Jen, both opening a beer.

“Does that rule about having to fuck you if we drink your beer still apply?”  Stacy asked.  Bob looked at her, dumbfounded.

“No answer?  I assume it still does then.  You know what that means then?”  Jen asked her girlfriend, a sly smile creeping across her face.

“I guess a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.”  They each took a sip of their beers, then began to undress.  Bob looked to Angie, not sure whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass.

“It’s okay B.  We talked about it earlier, and if you’re cool with it, tonight will just be one big party.  No boyfriend/girlfriend, or girlfriend/girlfriend stuff.  Tonight, it’s just the four of us having fun.”  Angie told him, hugging him tight enough to feel his hard-on through his jean shorts.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m cool with that.”  Bob said, feeling Angie’s heat on his body.

“Good, because if this plan goes bad, we’re going to jail for a very long time, and none of us are getting laid again.  If I’m going to risk jail, I’d like to have sex with a man at least once by my own choice.”  Stacy said, as she removed the last of her clothes from her athletic, lithe body.

Angie and Bob walked over to the couch, shedding clothes along the way.  Bob plopped down, his shorts and boxers down around his ankles.  He kicked them off as he looked at the three naked beauties around him. 

Angie was the shortest, with the biggest breasts and curvier hips.  Jen was taller, her slightly darker skin and long, curly hair making her look a little more exotic.  Then there was Stacy, who had the body of an athlete, with a defined six-pack and nary an ounce of fat on her.  Also, with long curly hair.

It must’ve been a 90’s thing, all that long, curly, dark hair.

As Bob sat on the couch, Jen and Angie flanked him while Stacy crawled up onto his lap.  Stacy placed her arms on his shoulders, and held herself up on his lap, his rigid cock pressed between them.

For the first time in a long time, Bob hesitated.  Normally, he couldn’t wait to get balls deep into someone as hot as Stacy, but having his girlfriend next to him made him stop for a moment.  That moment passed quickly, as Angie saw the pause and decided to break it, by kissing Stacy, then Bob.  This shook Bob out of his stupor.  He leaned up and kissed Stacy.  Lightly at first, then with more passion.

As they were making out, Stacy shifted her position, allowing Bob’s cock to spring free.  As he pulled Stacy closer to him, he felt a hand wrap itself around his cock.  It was Jen, who was stroking his throbbing member with her left hand and was playing with Stacy’s pussy with her right.  After a moment, she felt the moistness of her lover, and decided that now was as good of a time as any.

Jen guided Bob’s cock into Stacy twat, and the cheerleader eased herself onto it.  She sat there for a moment, getting used to the feel of his cock in her, before she started fucking him.

Stacy bounced on Bob’s lap in a motion and rhythm that would put an experienced whore to shame.  She rode Bob in an up-and-down-and-twisting motion that hit her in all of the right spots.  After a couple minutes of this vigorous motion, her breathing changed to raspy gasps and moans.

“Ohh, ohhh, ummmm, ohhh” Stacy said as she felt the familiar warmth of lust overtake her.  As she was coming close to an orgasm, she felt some new sensations overtake her.  Bob took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked and licked it.  Angie kissed Stacy, while Jen rubbed her clit and slid a finger in her ass. 

That did it.

Stacy screamed into Angie’s mouth as she came hard.  Her pussy contracted on Bob like a vice grip, and it took all of his willpower to not bust a nut right there.  She collapsed onto Bob’s chest, trying to catch her breath.

Before Stacy could get back to riding Bob, she felt Jen and Angie lift her off of him and place her on the couch.  Just as she was about to protest, Angie kissed her then slid her hand down to Stacy’s pussy.

As Angie started fingering Stacy, Jen took this moment to climb on top of Bob.

“My turn.”  Jen coyly said to Bob as she guided his cock into her pussy, then started fucking him.  Her technique was nowhere near as good as Stacy’s, but what she lacked in experience she made up for with enthusiasm.

Bob looked up at Jen riding his cock, then quickly to left.  Stacy laid on the couch, legs spread wide as Angie lay on top her, kissing and fingerfucking her.

“I wanted to try something for a while.”  Angie said to Stacy before breaking off the kiss and sliding down her body, leaving kisses the whole way.  She paused at Stacy’s breasts, then kept going down her body, past her belly button, and down between Stacy’s legs.  Angie stopped as she knelt down at Stacy’s trimmed muff, and paused for a moment before she gave it a kiss.  Stacy grabbed Angie by the back of the head and pulled her face deep into her pussy.

Bob held onto Jen as she kept fucking him, riding him like a bull.  As he held her in place with one hand, he grabbed her tits with the other and kissed her, deep and hard.  She rode him as deep and as hard as she could.  During this, he grabbed her free and slid it down to her pussy, over her clit.  Jen got the idea.  She started rubbing herself while riding Bob.

“Oh God, oh God, fuck me, eat me, bite my clit, bite it, oh God!!!”  Stacy loudly said, holding Angie’s head in place.  Angie bit down lightly on Stacy’s clit, and Stacy let out a scream as she came again.

“FUUUUUUUCCCK!!!”  Stacy’s breathing was rough and heavy.  She dazedly pulled Angie back up and kissed her, barely registering that her friend’s face was covered in her juices.  “My turn.”  Stacy turned Angie over and slid down, taking her spot between Angie’s legs.

Bob had the best view in the world.  Riding him was the tall, skinny, and beautiful Jen.  The athletic dancer cheerleader Stacy was eating out his super-hot girlfriend on the couch next to him.  And that view got even better as he felt Jen cum on his dick.

Jen breathed heavily and shook as she came, riding his dick for all that it was worth.  She dug her hand into the back of his neck, scratching him up and leaving some marks.

Next to them, Angie’s breathing quickened as Stacy wrote out a novella on Angie’s clit with her tongue.  Angie came quick and fierce, letting out a guttural moan.  Stacy kept going, and within a couple minutes brought Angie to another orgasm.

This was getting to be too much for Bob.  There’s only so much Baseball and Richard Nixon that man can think about before he has to cum.

“Where you want me to cum?”  Bob asked Jen, as she rode him again, her strength and stamina waning.

“On my...on my face... lay me down... cum on my face.”

Bob pulled Jen off of him and laid her down on top of Angie, with her face by Angie’s tits.  He grabbed his dick and a few strokes later he was ready for the money shot of all money shots.

“Here it comes, Ohhhh FUCCCKK!!!”  Bob shot his load, hitting Jen in the face with a couple strong spurts, then turned and blasted some on Angie’s tits, another jet made it onto Angie’s face, then twisted back like a lawn sprinkler and finished off with what was left on Jen.  He wasn’t sure, but he might have gotten a little on Stacy, too.

Bob collapsed on the couch next to Angie, and the two kissed passionately.  Stacy joined Jen, kissing her a couple times before getting up to get some towels.

The four lovers cleaned up, then spent the next hour cuddling, drinking, and sharing a bowl.  Even Stacy, who was as closed to straight edge as any of them, partook her fair share.  As they relaxed, Bob couldn’t help but ask Stacy what was on his mind.

“So, Stac, how was it?”

“What, fucking you?”

“Yeah.”  Bob responded, handing her the bowl and lighter.  Stacy took a hit before responding.

“Not bad.  Pretty good, actually.  But if you’re wondering if it’s enough to turn me straight, no.”

“Okay.”  Bob nodded, as Angie cuddled with him on the couch.  Stacy passed the bowl to Jen, who was laying across Stacy’s lap.

“It’s the first time I chose to have sex with a guy, and I’m glad it was with you, with my friends, and with this special lady here.”  Stacy said, rubbing Jen’s tummy.  Stacy leaned over to kiss Jen, who exhaled weed smoke into her mouth.  The two teen girls made out, with Stacy taking the bowl and lighter and handing it to Bob.

“Thanks.  Glad it was here, with us.”  Bob took the bowl and took a hit before passing it over to Angie.  Stacy and Jen broke their kiss.  Jen played with Stacy’s hair as she spoke.

“You think you’d be up for this again?”

“Maybe.  Probably, but it’s got to be right.  Fucking a guy is like eating Brussels Sprouts.  Most of the time it sucks, but on the rare occasion its done right, it is amazing.”

“See, my dick’s like Brussels Sprouts.”

“Is that how you’re gonna get me to eat my veggies?”  Angie asked.  Bob laughed harder than he should’ve.


They laughed and drank and smoke for the next hour, but it was getting late and they had to return to the camp.  As they got dressed, Bob asked the girls if they could send Eric over tomorrow before he left.  He gave them all a hug and kiss, and gave Angie a longer and deeper kiss than the rest.  He watched as they walked off into the darkness, towards the camp.


The next morning, while Bob was packing his truck, he heard someone approach from the camp.  It was Eric, the counselor that helped him over the past few weeks.

“Sup?”  Eric said as he carefully approached Bob’s place.  The first time he came over Bob pulled a gun on him.  The second, he had the girls with him.  He was delighted to see that Bob wasn’t packing heat in his direction.

“Yo, got this for you.”  Bob pulled out a carton of smokes, Marlboro Menthol, and tossed it to Eric.  Eric caught them.

“Thanks.”  Eric replied, handling the cigarettes.

“I got a favor to ask of you.  Could be a big one.”  Bob said, putting some supplies in the truck bed.

“What is it?”

“I need Natalie up here after dark on Saturday night.  Probably about 10.  And no bed checks for the girls until very early morning.”

Eric stood for a moment, thinking about how to respond.

“How early?”

“Like sunup early.”  Bob put a cooler in the bed.  He turned to Eric, who was turning this all over in his head.

“If I say yes, I don’t want to know what happens.  You won’t have any problems from us if you can get us a couple fifths of vodka.  We’ll have a little party that night, get distracted.  But the two new staffers will be a problem.  They’re more by-the-book types and always insist on everything being followed.  They like to pull surprise inspections every so often.  They’re second or third cousins, trying to do good work to get up higher in the food chain.”

“So they need taken out for the night?”

“Yeah.”  Eric replied.  He didn’t like the way Bob phrased that.

“Who are they?”  Bob asked.

“Two guys, Phil and Justin.  Not as much of dicks as the rest of the Daniels clan, but still dicks.”

“You got access to their food or drinks throughout the night?”

“I can.  They usually brew a pot of coffee when they’re on night shift.”

Bob walked to the driver’s door of his truck and opened it.  He reached into the cab and after a few moments of digging around, pulled out another cigarette box.  He checked it quickly, then handed it to Eric.  The counselor opened it, and saw a bottle of pills.

“What’s this?”  Eric asked.

“Ever hear of Roofies?”

Eric’s eyes went wide as saucers as Bob said that.  Before he could respond, Bob continued.

“They work better as a powder than as a pill, so smash’em up.  Put one or two pills worth in a cup, and they’ll be out all night.  Mark the logs saying you did bed check, then blame the whole thing on accidentally making decaf.”

Eric was shocked at what he heard.  Bob patted him on the shoulder.

“You got this, it’s easy.  Just don’t go crazy with it.  I don’t want them back, they’re yours from here on.  I can get more if I need to.”

Eric resigned himself to accepting the offer.

“Okay.  1-2 pills crushed, per cup.  But what about Natalie?  How am I going to convince her to come up here, by herself?”

Bob thought for a moment, then decided to lay it out for Eric.

“I’ve got two ideas.  First one is you ran into me in the woods, we started talking about the camp, and you tell her that I really took to heart what she said about Jesus.  That might get her to come peacefully.  If that doesn’t work, or if you don’t think that’ll work, go with revenge.  Tell Natalie that you saw Angie sneaking over to my cabin, and if she hurries, she’ll catch her.  That should get her running over.  We’ll be here, ready.”

Eric took it all in.

“Need any mixers?”

“No, we got that.”

“You got this?  Protecting Stacy starts here.”  Bob asked, sounding calm yet firm.

“Yeah.  Get Natalie up here on Saturday night no matter what.  Keep and Phil and Justin out of the loop.  No bed checks Saturday night until sunup for the older kids.  Keep the counselors distracted.  Okay.  But two conditions.  I get the vodka first because I need that to distract the counselors, and no one tells me what happened.  I don’t want to know.”

“Deal.”  Bob and Eric shook.  “See you Saturday afternoon, or you want me to drop the liquor off somewhere?”

“Leave it up by the tree stand.  It’s far enough away that if anyone saw me they’d think I was going for a walk, and no one else goes near it.”

“Cool.  Wait, how...”

“It sticks out like a sore thumb.  Get some camo netting or something to hide it.”


“Later.”  Eric said, slowly walking back away from Bob’s camp.

“Later.”  Bob waved, then finished packing up.  Once done, he headed out on the road, driving home to Veneto.


Back home, Bob and Gary finalized the change in plans.  Both attacks would take place Saturday night.  Paul, Gary, Vinny, and Chuckie got confirmation from Tyrell that several members of the youth ministry, including the Minions, would be on the little mission.  They would arrive Saturday afternoon and would stay until Sunday evening.  Gary would be the man on the inside, acting as one of the assistants to the minister.  Gary and Tyrell would get the Minions separated from the rest of the kids after dinner, maybe having to take one of the youth ministers with them if they didn’t trust the kids going by themselves.  As far as participants, Tyrell got two of his homies from the higher ranks of 16 South, and Paul talked to Pedro over at 43SK.  They would send 2 guys as well.  They had no problem getting the equipment, just have to make sure that anyone on camera covers up faces and tats.

They were in the thick of it now.  Come Saturday, all Hell would break loose.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
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Well if the rape is as detailed as the buildup tp it then it will be one amazing read! Can't wait to read it after awarding one more merit!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
« Reply #21 on: December 16, 2020, 10:25:33 AM »
Enjoying this ... being a greedy fuck I really wish they could have pulled off everyone being at both rapes ... in particular the thought of Natalie pulling a five dick train has great attraction.

Good work, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
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Thanks Grendel.  I'm working on the next segment, which focuses on what happens with Vinny and the crew.  Hopefully it'll be up before the end of the year.

But I do like the idea of everyone getting to Natalie.  One of the stories in the queue is the fallout of all of this, and how it ties together with George.  Reading your suggestion gave me a good way to tie things up.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
« Reply #23 on: February 23, 2021, 02:19:04 PM »
It's been a while since I posted a story, and it'll be a little bit longer.  I just finished Chapter 9 with Vinny and the Crew, which was a bit long at 124 pages formatted for a screenplay and 25,000 words.  I finished the first draft yesterday, I'm doing some edits today.  After that, I'll start the formatting process and hopefully post in the next couple days.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
« Reply #24 on: February 23, 2021, 04:14:50 PM »
It's been a while since I posted a story, and it'll be a little bit longer.  I just finished Chapter 9 with Vinny and the Crew, which was a bit long at 124 pages formatted for a screenplay and 25,000 words.  I finished the first draft yesterday, I'm doing some edits today.  After that, I'll start the formatting process and hopefully post in the next couple days.

True reader are waiting for the story and understand how things block writing. Post when ready and you'll at least find these eyes waiting!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
« Reply #25 on: February 25, 2021, 02:50:41 PM »
Thanks CMG.  Vinny's story is up over in the Gang Rape section.  Vinny and the Crew (M+f, Mf, mf, ff, rape, viol, drugs, bigotry)
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-8 (Added 11-19-20)
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Chapter 10 – Showtime (M/fff, rape, oral, anal, abuse, bigotry)

August 12th, 1995.  A Saturday.  Bob sat in a beach chair in the shade of a tree by his cabin.  It was a hot and muggy day up at the lake.  The temperature was up in the 90’s with a humidity of ‘just kill me now and get it over with.’  He puffed on a joint he rolled earlier, trying to figure out how the fuck he got into this situation.  Here he was, 26 years old, hanging out by a camp waiting for word from his boys about their mission to rape and degrade the three cohorts of the biggest bitch in the tri-state area.  And that included his ex that slept with his uncle for a dime bag. 

All he wanted was a place to chill on the weekends, maybe do some fishing in the summer and hunting in the fall and winter.  Instead, he catches some hot little piece of ass, Angie, breaking into his place and stealing his booze.  That first night of sex happening whether she wanted it or not somehow blossomed into a relationship and he’s in love with some high school girl who can’t even get into an R-rated movie on her own.  Then there’s her friends, who are a little too chill for high school girls.  Stacy’s seen some shit, and Jen’s not just along for the ride but down for whatever. 

Somehow, tonight was Jen’s idea.  Bob and her worked out a plan, figured out how to hurt Natalie where she’ll feel it, and how to take her friends out of the picture.  Well, as much anyone could be called a friend of Natalie.  As far as Bob knew, the crew were setting things up for a long night.

A buzzing sound around his waist brought him back to reality.  It was a page from Vinny.  After deciphering the codes, he could see that they were at the motel and getting things going.  The plan was in motion.

Bob took another hit.  Even after having a bowl to wake up, he was nervous.  He knew his boys could handle this job, but he felt responsible for putting them in harm’s way.  43SK and 16 South knew Bob and his boys, and he had the fullest confidence in them to carry out the mission of raping and breaking these kids. 

Kids.  17 years old, all three of them, and looking at a long, full life ahead of them.  If they were black in Veneto, they’d have already been busted twice and served a year in Juvi.  Instead, they’re rich white kids.  They’ll go on to college, then get work at some fancy office where a relative pulled some strings to get them hired.  Their hard times will be deciding whether to buy the Mercedes or the BMW for little Tiffany’s 16th birthday, not trying to decide whether to pay rent or buy groceries this week.

Still, Bob felt guilty for not being there, but shit happens.  He couldn’t be in two places at once, and the only way he could take care of Natalie was up here by the lake.  There’s no way he could ever get close to her down in Harbor City, and there was no way that they could make the attack work up here after the minions went home.  He could handle this by himself.  Enlisting the girls just means that no one can go to the cops and rat out everyone.  That’s the benefit of having an accomplice instead of a witness.  A witness can say shit cause their hands are clean, an accomplice has to admit to their bad shit, too.

Bob also felt a pang of guilt at what he was going to make the girls do to Natalie.  She won’t be the first girl Bob raped, and probably won’t be the last.  But the girls, well, from tonight on they’ll have this shit hanging over their heads.  How they handle it will be up to each of them.  They can say they’re doing this for a good reason, to protect Stacy from getting killed by a bunch of homophobes, but there’s that old saying that the path to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Protecting loved ones is about as a good intention as any.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Natalie is smoking fucking hot.  She’s really fucking hot, like model hot with the long blonde hair, blue eyes, short nose, high cheekbones and cute chin.  The first time he saw her she wore the same t-shirt and shorts that Angie wore when they first met, but her boobs were bigger than Angie’s.  This girl had to be at least a 36C, maybe even D-cup.  She looked amazing.  But she was a total fucking bitch.  She smiled the fakest smile this side of a cartoon villain, and propelled her sense of self-worth with a holier-than-thou mentality that put everyone else beneath her.

“She’ll be beneath me by the end of the night.”  Bob said, completely lost in thought and not realizing that he was alone.  “Ah, shit.”  Bob finished his joint and went inside to make sure that everything was set up, for the 900th time.


Battle is often described as tedious boredom separated by moments of sheer panic.  Bob was in the boredom stage.  Everything was set up as the sun dropped closer to the horizon.  The masks for the girls were set aside, the toys they’d use were hidden but easy to get to.  The cameras were set up and loaded.  He had two video cameras plugged into wall outlets that ran off of his generator, and the generator was topped off.  Four instant cameras, a Polaroid, and a nice 35mm still camera were loaded and kept out of the way on a bookshelf behind some books that he never read.  The handcuffs and leg irons were set up on the bed, then covered with a sheet.  Bob preferred cuffs to rope for the quickness and strength of good cuffs over the skill needed for ropes.  Also, he has practice getting out of them.  The main set of cuffs for Natalie’s arms are attached to another set of cuffs attached to the middle of the headboard.  He’s always liked this setup, since he only has to bind them once and can flip and spin them to his heart’s delight.  He also had a bottle of lube nearby for her ass and a riding crop he swiped from one of the other campers a while back. 

Another page, this time from Paul.  Gary gave the go-ahead, the plan is moving forward down in Veneto.

Their plan was coming along nicely.  Bob worried about his plan.  Too much of it rested in the hands of kids and people he didn’t know.  It was a simple plan, but it required a lot of things to work right that were out of his control.  It required the girls getting to his cabin without getting caught.  It required Natalie taking the bait.  It required a camp counselor that Bob barely knew to serve Natalie the bait, and to make a judgment call about how to do it.  It required that counselor, Eric, to keep the entire staff occupied and out of his hair, no matter what screams came from his cabin tonight.

There was too much of the plan in the hands of people he didn’t know.  That’s when mistakes get made and people go to jail.

Bob pulled the pistol out from it’s hiding place and stuffed it in his pants.  Just in case.


The following events were told to Bob a while later from a few different sources.  He pieced together what happened, and how things worked out that night back in 1995.

It was after dinner when Eric was finally able to get away from the camp unseen and went for a walk and a smoke.  It had been about 12 hours since his last smoke, and those campers were trying his fucking patience.  He normally didn’t have any problems with the older kids, but for some unknown reason that one fat fuck band geek Clayton insisted on being a super pain in the ass tonight.  Eric caught himself more than once being a few seconds away from telling that little shit off.  But as much as he needed that smoke, Eric had another reason for his little walk.

He wanted to make sure that Bob kept up his end of the bargain.

Over the summer, Eric had done a few favors for Bob, and Bob had always delivered.  What he was asking for tonight, though, was definitely the craziest.  Bob wanted Eric to deliver Natalie to him, and keep the counselors off his back for the night.  Easier said than done.

Eric needed a plan.  What he had were a bottle of pills that Bob said were roofies, an angry 17-year-old girl with a superiority complex the size of the Sears Tower, a bunch of girls looking to sneak out, 6 camp counselors who were down to party and 2 that weren’t.  He also had a stash of beer buried in mud in the lake to keep it cool and a bit of weed he confiscated off of some teens a few weeks back.  He told them he burned it and kept it a secret because they would get in a lot of trouble.  That would be technically true after all of it was smoked.  If he needed to get people drunk and high tonight to keep them occupied, he could do it on his own, but he’d rather have the vodka he was promised.

Eric came to a clearing with a patch of shrubs near a tree with a tree stand in it.  After looking around to make sure he was alone, he went into the shrubs and pulled out two fifths of Smirnoff Vodka.  Excellent.  Bob kept up his end of the deal.  Now it was up to Eric to do his job.

The first part was getting the booze back to the camp without getting caught.  Being that it was a Saturday night and most of the campers were just hanging around their bunkhouses after dinner, that wasn’t hard.  Eric walked around the back side of the camp and stashed the vodka in a safe spot near the younger kid’s bunkhouse.  Even if they found it, they wouldn’t know what it was.  Maybe they’d call it ‘Mommy’s Water’ and that would be that.

The next part was getting the counselors on board with his plan of getting fucked up.  That wouldn’t be hard at all.  Out of the 8 counselors on site, most of them were down to party whenever.  All Eric had to do was tell a couple of the counselors that it was time for an “Executive meeting after lights out, special guest Vlad.”  That’s all it took for most of the counselors.

But there were two that would not be down to party.  Justin and Phil Daniels.  The term straight-edge wouldn’t be popular for another few years, but they were straight-edge before straight-edge was cool.  Justin and Phil were also members of the Daniels family, the ruling family of First Union Holy Church and owners of the camp.  Justin and Phil were on night duty and were actually responsible.  They were the least detestable members of the family, but they were still Daniels through and through.  The family didn’t trust anyone that wasn’t kin, so they made sure that aside from special occasions that there was always a relative on site.  Eric had a plan for them, but he couldn’t act too fast for them.

That left Natalie and the girls.  Eric was still trying to figure out how to get Natalie over to Bob’s cabin without giving up the game.  Bob suggested two ideas.  The first was tell him how he was ready to come to Jesus and that she might be ready to listen to her.  The second idea was that Eric saw Angie sneaking over to Bob’s, and Natalie should hurry to catch her.  Seeing as how it was getting late, and Natalie was in a foul mood from being ignored by the remaining older kids, Eric decided to appeal to her sense of being a bitch.

Eric found Natalie moping around the bathrooms.  He approached and called out to her from a few feet away.  “Hey.”

“What?”  Natalie turned to look at him, then back into the nothingness she was staring into?

“What’s got you so upset?”  He tried to be compassionate, at least for a moment.

“You wouldn’t understand.”  Natalie said dismissively.  Eric could see that this part of the conversation was going nowhere.

“Probably not.  But something you might be interested in, I heard a rumor that one of the older girls was going to try to sneak off tonight into the woods for some reason.”

Natalie turned to Eric and eyed him up one side and down the other.

“Who?  When?”
“Not sure, but I heard it would be after lights out.  Rumor has it that she’s heading out to party or something nearby.  Not sure where since we’re in the middle of nowhere at a lake, but she’s probably headed toward the open campgrounds, in that direction.”

Natalie eyed Eric suspiciously as he talked.

“Why are you telling me?  Why not just catch her yourself?”

“I can’t leave without reason, and tracking down a rumor isn’t good enough reason.  But a good Samaritan tracking down Ang, I mean a girl sneaking off, that’s a different story.”

Natalie’s ears perked up at hearing Angie’s name slip out of Eric’s mouth.

“Did you say Angie?”

“I didn’t say that.  I didn’t say any name.  I’m only telling you about rumors I heard.”

Natalie looked at Eric for a moment.

“What do you think I should do?”

Eric leaned up against a nearby wall, folding his arms.

“That’s completely up to you.  I can’t tell you to wait until she sneaks off and follow her, then report back or bring her back yourself.  I can’t tell you to do that.  But if you do that, there might be a counselor or two waiting to catch her and punish her.  Badly.”

The words punish and badly caught Natalie’s attention.

“How bad?”

“I can’t say.  That would be up to the counselors on shift to decide.”  Eric changed his gaze to the horizon.  “I should get going, it’ll be lights out soon.  I’ve got some things to do.  What about you?”

Natalie nodded.  “Yeah.” 

Eric walked off waving goodbye as Natalie sat there like the cat that caught the mouse.  Eric went off to the distance and kept an eye on her throughout the rest of the night until lights out to make sure she didn’t get any bright ideas.  To his surprise, she didn’t do anything stupid like confront Angie before or go running to Justin and Phil.

Speaking of Justin and Phil, it was time to get those two under control for the night.  It was time for Lights Out, when all the campers had to be in bed in their bunks.  The counselors would make one last bed check, then head over to the main office.  Everyone but the night shift people would head to bed while the night shift people kept an eye on things.

Eric was in the office, brewing a pot of coffee.  Everyone in the camp knew that staying up all night sucked, and without some java it was damn near impossible.  Eric also knew where the decaf was, and that Justin and Phil would dump a crapton of sugar and cream in each of their cups.  Eric ‘accidentally’ brewed a pot of decaf coffee.  He also made sure that the roofies Bob gave him were crushed and spread into their cups, along with the sugar and creamer.  When they returned to the office from the Lights Out bed check, he handed them the coffee cups.  The two men drank their coffees quick, and asked for seconds as they had a hard time staying awake.  Eric got them another cup each, and just to be on the safe side added a little more of the drug to each cup.  Both men were sound asleep in the office before they finished their second cups.  After checking that both men were out, he grabbed the bed check forms, forged their initials, and went outside.

Now that those parts of the plan were in place, the final two pieces needed to fall into place.  The first was making sure that the other counselors were occupied, and the second was that Natalie took the bait.  The first part was easy.  Eric went to a nearby clearing and saw the remaining counselors already partying.  He joined them for a moment, and after a smoke and drink, went back to the camp for a moment for one last check on Natalie.

That’s when he saw it.  Angie, Stacy, and Jen were sneaking out of their bunk house, badly.  Eric knew them well enough to know that they were doing this to get caught by Natalie.  Apparently, Natalie didn’t know when she was being set up for a trap.  As Angie made her way to the edge of the camp, Jen and Stacy followed then went another direction.  Natalie saw them and followed.  Eric made sure he was out of sight.  Natalie looked around for any help in tracking down Angie, but Natalie knew where Angie was going.  Natalie followed close enough behind to think that she was being sneaky.  She wasn’t sneaky.

Eric went back to the party and spent the rest of the night there, more or less.  They drank, talked, and fooled around until they got low on booze and weed.  At some point one of the girls, Nikki, got really horny and recommended a game of “Whose in my mouth?”  The rules were simple.  One person got blindfolded, and then the others would do something to the blindfolded person.  After a minute, they had to guess who it was and what they were doing.  If they got it right, they got to choose who was next as ‘It.’  If they were wrong, they had to take a drink and keep going until they got it right, came, or passed out.  That kept the 3 guys and 3 girls occupied for most of the night.  The game never ended without devolving into some kind of debaucherous orgy.

Justin and Phil were still passed out after the party and Eric made sure to wake up early in the morning to cover their asses in case they were still out.  A quick bed check saw that everyone except the girls that snuck off were back in their bunks.

When Eric woke up, he had a four-alarm hangover and wished for the sweet release of death.  He checked the office, and Justin and Phil were just starting to wake up.  Looks like he used a little too much of the Rohypnol.  After a little cajoling, Eric was able to get them up and moving.  They naturally freaked out when they found out that they fell asleep so quickly and worried that they’d get in a world of trouble.  Eric pointed to the paperwork that showed them doing their checks.  Everyone was accounted for.  They were relieved.  Eric made it look like he did them a favor.

As he left the office and went to the Men’s shower, he walked past the Women’s shower and heard it running.  When he stopped to keep the world from spinning so fast, he could’ve sworn that he heard screaming and crying coming from different girls.  He ignored it as best he could and went to the Men’s shower for a long, hot shower before the water ran out.


Angie told Bob about the next section shortly after.

Angie Lewis was ready.  About as ready as she’d ever be.  Lights out was over and the last bed check was completed.  She was ready to sneak out.  She dressed in her normal camp clothes of blue shirt and matching shorts.  Her sneakers were tied, and her long, curly brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.  She opened the door from her bunkhouse and was ready to go.

Stacy and Jen were also ready.  The three of them shared a bunkhouse with a fourth girl who left the camp last session.  They were asked if they wanted to bunk with Natalie, but a firm ‘Hell No’ was their response.

Angie crept out the door, but not like she usually did when sneaking out.  This time was different.  She learned early on that if she acted normal when she was out and about no one paid her any mind.  They’d assume she was getting up for a bathroom break or something.  But, if she tried to sneak around, that would draw attention.  She snuck around because she was trying real hard to draw Natalie’s attention.

Looking over at the adjacent bunkhouse showed that she had it.  She could faintly make out Natalie’s head in the window.  Knowing that Natalie didn’t have any roommates for this final session, Angie knew that Natalie was watching.

Angie hammed it up, trying to act like she was sneaking from one of those bad heist movies, or a horror film like Candyman.  She knew Natalie was watching, and she couldn’t pass up the chance to get Angie in trouble.

When Angie got to the edge of the camp, Jen and Stacy followed.  They were similarly dressed, and did the same bad sneaking moves.  They soon met up with Angie at the edge of the camp.  They went 100 feet further into the woods, then split up.  Angie turned towards the lake and Bob’s cabin, making as much noise as she could while trying to act like she was covering her tracks.  Jen and Stacy went the other direction and stopped about 20 feet away.  They waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The funny thing with waiting is that no matter how long the wait actually is, it feels like an eternity.  Waiting for dinner at a restaurant feels like forever but it’s only 10 or 15 minutes.  Waiting for the bank teller feels like forever, but it’s only 5 minutes.

Waiting for Natalie felt like forever, but it was only 3 minutes.  Somehow, after a summer spent living in a camp in the woods, Natalie was even worse at navigating through the woods than she was when she came up to the camp in June.  Not to say that Jen and Stacy had become experienced fur trappers living off the land, but at least they get around with stepping on every dead branch on the forest floor.

Natalie caught up to the spot where the path branched into two.  She looked around, then stood for a moment.  She was confused on where to go.

The girls had a plan for this, no matter what Natalie did.  If she turned back, they’d catch her and drag her to Bob’s.  If she went uphill towards Jen and Stacy, they’d catch her and drag her to Bob’s.  If she went downhill to Bob’s, they’d follow her and keep her there.  They waited on Natalie to make a move.

Branches cracked and creaked downhill, and Natalie sprang on that noise.  She went downhill to Bob’s.  It didn’t take her long to get to the edge of Bob’s property, and only a few seconds more to see Angie in the open doorway, arms wrapped around Bob in a lover’s embrace.

As Natalie stood there in shock, Jen and Stacy moved down the hill.  They practiced sneaking around this summer and were quite good at it.  They had to get good at sneaking around.  Being a pair of lesbians dating at a Christian Bible Camp is not recommended for one’s health or well-being.  They waited, less than 10 feet from a stunned Natalie.  They were ready to pounce, but the next move depended on what Natalie did.

The bitchy blonde moved closer to the cabin.  As she approached, Angie entered and the door closed.  If she were paying attention, she’d notice that the door closed but didn’t latch.  She wasn’t paying attention to that.  Nor to the noise she made as she got close.  Nor to the shapes she made in the window as she put her head up to it to peer in.  Nor to the two women right behind her.


The hands were on Natalie before she could register a scream.  One grabbed her hair, another covered her mouth.  A third was around her left arm, pulling it behind her back.  The fourth jabbed into the fleshy spot between the neck and the jawbone.  Natalie screamed into the hand.  Natalie lost her footing as everything happened so fast and the hands pushed her through the cabin door.

In a flash, Natalie’s world lit up like an explosion of light and pain.  The cabin was well-lit and the surprise attack scared and hurt her.  She tried to move her head, but those fingers in her neck made moving her head excruciating.  She tried to regain her footing, but couldn’t, instead stumbling to the ground.  That’s when she got her first good look at her surroundings.  It was Bob’s cabin, but it was different.  There was a bed in the middle of the main room, and cameras all around.  Video cameras, film cameras.  All of them pointed to the bed.

Natalie’s eyes went wide when she realized she walked into a trap.

“Well, look what we’ve got here.  Got anything to say?”  Bob asked Natalie, now trying to figure a way out of this mess.

“Nothing?  Nothing to say for once?  No threats or insults?”  Natalie couldn’t respond.  She wanted to, but every time she moved, she felt excruciating pain.

Bob turned his view from Natalie and met the gaze of the person holding her arm behind her back.  “Get the bitch on the bed.”

Natalie tried to fight, but was no match for the two people.  They dragged her over to the bed and threw her onto it.  She landed face down.  As she regained her voice, a hand held her head down on the pillow.  Another pair of hands, slender hands, grabbed her right left wrist and put some kind of metal bracelet on them.  She heard a click, then another.  Natalie pulled hard on her left hand, but it stopped.  Panicked anew, she tried to scream but the pillow in her face and the hand holding her head down was cutting off her air.  Another pair of hands grabbed her right hand and clicked them in place.  Her arms were handcuffed above her head.  Before she knew it, a pair of large grabbed her feet and ripped her shoes and socks off.  Then those hands reached up her legs and grabbed hold of her around her knees.  Her view switched from dark to light as she was flipped in the air, the only thing keeping her in place the handcuffs attached to the bed.  Once she regained her senses, she saw Bob, naked from the waist up, looming over her.


“Get the bitch on the bed.”  Bob said, as Stacy and Jen dragged Natalie over to the bed.  The blonde bitch tried to fight, but it was futile.  Stacy had her in some painful hold while Jen covered her mouth and pulled her hair.  In a moment, they had Natalie on the bed, face down.  Jen pushed Natalie’s head down on the pillow while Stacy handcuffed her.  Bob used this moment to take his shirt off.  He pulled her shoes and socks off with ease, then paused.  Bob thought it would be easier to take off her shorts from this angle, but he wanted to see the fear in her eyes, the panic as she fought against the inevitable.  And he wanted the girls to see it, too.

Bob reached up Natalie’s legs and used them to pick her up and flip her over.  She landed on with a thud on her back and looked around.  Her eyes focused on Bob, naked from the waist up, unbuckling his pants.

Natalie screamed.

“Scream all you want, bitch, ain’t no one coming.  Well, I’ll cum, but that’s a different story.”  Bob chuckled at his little joke.  Bob shed his pants, losing the last of his clothes and exposing his manhood to Natalie.

“No, no, no, don’t do this, don’t do this.”  She flailed her legs, trying to kick Bob away.  She almost connected with him a couple times.  Bob just smiled and turned to his side.


Natalie’s gaze followed Bob’s to a surprising site.  Jen, who was wearing a masquerade mask, smiled.  She leaned over and slapped Natalie hard across the cheek.  This stunned the bound blonde for a moment, as another pair of hands, feminine hands, grabbed her shirt and pulled it up, yanking it over her head.  After her shirt cleared her face, she saw the other girl was Angie, wearing a similar mask to Jen.  Natalie tried to get her focus on what was going on, but then felt large, rough hands around her hips.  It was Bob’s hands.  They grabbed on to her shorts and underwear, and in one strong pull, they were over her cute little bum and down her legs.  She looked on in fear. 

She knew what was going to happen.  She was about to be raped.

“Don’t please don’t, please don’t do this, please don’t rape me, please oh please, God help, please!  Please don’t, I swear I’ll never tell anyone, please just let me go.”  Natalie screamed and begged, hoping against hope that this would stop him from hurting her.

Bob laughed.  He then turned to his left.  “Get that?”

“Yep.”  Natalie didn’t see a masked Angie or the video camera pointed at her until just now.  The realization that they were filming her being stripped and humiliated set in.

“Good, now get this.”  Bob spit on hand then rubbed it on his cock.  He slid the head of cock up against Natalie’s outer lips.  Natalie screamed again.

“Please, no, please don’t do this!”

“You a virgin?”  Bob asked.  Just as Natalie was about to answer, he pushed into her, all the way up to her hymen in one shove.  “I guess you are.  Or...”  Bob thrust into her as hard as he could, shredding her maidenhead and causing her immense pain.  “Were.”  Bob laughed as Natalie sobbed and wailed.

Now that Bob was balls deep in the blonde bitch, he started fucking her as best he could, but she was painfully tight.  The only lubrication he felt was the blood from her busted cherry.  He moved from fucking her in a more upright position to a standard missionary, pumping into her pussy hard with every thrust.  This wasn’t about pleasure, this was about power and pain.  The pleasure would come later, but right now was about hurting Natalie for all of the pain she caused.

Angie kept the camera focused on Natalie’s face as her boyfriend raped the blonde.  She’d change positions every few moments, but would always come back to Natalie’s face and the tears.  She did everything she could to focus on the job at hand of filming Natalie’s first rape of the night.

Stacy and Jen, meanwhile, were busy getting ready for the rest of the night.  They stripped off their clothes and were naked, except for the masks.  And the strap-on harnesses.  Neither girl had ever used a strap-on dildo before.  Hell, Jen had never used any kind of dildo, ever.  Stacy, given her past being forced to make kiddie porn by her sadistic extended family, had some toys used against her before.  She helped Jen get the harness on and get the devices ready.  Once they were ‘strapped up’, they did the next part of their jobs and took pictures of Natalie’s rape.

Bob was getting close to cumming.  It wouldn’t be long now.  Angie knew that when he started losing rhythm then sped up that he was close to busting a nut, and he was just about to do that here.  Angie tried to focus on running the camera, but it was hard watching someone you love and someone who has been so kind to you be so vicious and brutal to someone else, no matter how much they deserved it.  Plus, this wasn’t the original plan.  She was supposed to ‘fluff’ him, giving him a quick blowjob before he fucked Natalie, but he was already hard as a rock when she was bound to the bed.

Angie cleared her thoughts as Bob pulled out of Natalie’s pussy and climbed up, kneeling over her face.

“Hey bitch, lookie here!”  Bob stroked his dick over Natalie’s face a few times, then blasted her in the face with his semen.  Rope after rope after rope of cum landed in her hair, on her face, and across her eyes.

Natalie sobbed.

“What, you thought I was gonna cum in you?  Bitch, you ain’t good enough to have my kids.”  He then backhanded Natalie, giving her another reason to cry before he climbed off of her.

“Please, let me go.  Let me go.”

“Oh, we’re not done with you.  Not by a long shot.”  The voice came from Natalie’s left.  It was Jen, and she wore something...weird.  Natalie didn’t know what it was but it looked like a rubber penis.  “Open up.”  Natalie didn’t know what she meant, but Jen took the opportunity of confusion to shove the phallus into the bound blonde’s mouth.  Natalie nearly choked on it.  She didn’t know what to do and instinctively bit down, but all that did was cause Jen to thrust back and forth, moving her head with her.  In her right hand, Jen had the riding crop and began swatting Natalie’s body.  “Open up, or this’ll hurt a lot more.”  Natalie let go with her jaw, and felt this, thing, moving back and forth in her mouth.  She tried to breathe when she could, but didn’t get much relief.

While Natalie was focused on the fake dick in her mouth, she didn’t notice Stacy, her cousin, was between her legs with another fake dick.  Stacy poured some lube on it, then slid it into Natalie’s abused pussy.  Stacy was much gentler than Bob, but this might be worse.  Natalie was now being raped by two lesbians, one of them was her cousin.  But she didn’t expect what happened next.

Stacy, who was maintaining a decent fucking rhythm for a first-time strap-on user, pulled out another toy.  A vibrator.  A small one, but powerful enough when applied to the right place.  Stacy felt around for Natalie’s clit and found it.  After a little bit of digital manipulation, she placed the vibrator on her clit and turned it on the low setting.  She kept up the fucking while the vibrator buzzed on Natalie’s clit.

Natalie reacted to the sensations she felt as the vibrator did it’s job.  She was fairly inexperienced with sex, but knew how to pleasure herself when no one was around.  Masturbation wasn’t evil when she did it.  She felt the tingling in her loins as the pleasure grew.  The difference was how this was happening, and how it was being done to her.  She glanced down, trying to take her eyes off of the plastic dick invading her mouth.  It was Stacy, that dyke cousin of hers.  Not only was Stacy wearing one of those...things like Jen, but she had a vibrator on her clitoris.  The thought disgusted her, but soon her disgust gave way to excitement and pleasure as she felt that unmistakable sensation.

She was about to orgasm.

Natalie closed her eyes and surrendered to the pleasure, moaning around the fake dick in her mouth.  Her moans gave way to a full body shudder, followed by heavy panting and crying. 

As she came down from her climax, Natalie noticed a few things.  First, Angie was still recording the whole thing on the video camera, and almost certainly captured her orgasm on video.  Second, there was another video camera over to the side with a red light on.  Third, Jen grabbed a Polaroid and was taking pictures of the facefucking she gave Natalie.  And Bob was back up, standing, also taking pictures.

“Time to work on that ass, flip the bitch over.”  Stephanie and Jen stopped fucking Natalie, giving the blonde bitch a moment to catch her breath.  That moment didn’t last long, as grabbed her body and flipped her over on the bed.

“Hey, wait, stop!  What are you doing?  Stop!”  Natalie screamed as she landed on her stomach, unsure of what would happen next.  She wondered, but wouldn’t have to wonder long.
Jen spread Natalie’s ass cheeks apart as Stacy squirted some lube onto Natalie’s puckered asshole.  She spread it liberally, rubbing some around and inside of the blonde’s ass.  That last part elicited cries from Natalie.

“Oh, you crying?  Let me give you something to cry about.”  Bob squirted a little of the lube on his cock and stroked it, giving him a little bit of protection against her dry ass.  Bob leaned over Natalie, pushing his cockhead up against her sphincter.

He waited as the other girls got in place.  Angie walked the video camera around to get a shot of Natalie’s face while Jen grabbed the still camera and the Polaroid.  Stacy unhooked the video camera from the tripod and moved to a position to get a close-up of Bob’s cock entering Natalie’s ass.

Bob guided his cock into her ass a little bit at a time, and she wailed like never before.  Angie had a shot of Natalie’s face and could see Bob behind her, fucking her ass.  Natalie’s face was streaked with tears, makeup, semen, and snot.  She was a mess; a glorious, ruined mess.

He forced his cock all the way up her ass, damn near ripping her open in the process.  He worked his way in, then slowly out, then in and out until he picked up a rhythm fucking her ass.

Natalie kept crying and screaming something incomprehensible.  They were pretty far away from the camp, but this bitch knew how to get loud.  Bob looked at Stacy.  “How about shutting her up?”  She put the camera back in position and made sure it captured the whole bed.  As she walked, she took the dildo off of her harness and climbed on the head of the bed, spreading her legs.  Stacy reached down and grabbed Natalie by the hair.

“Time to learn a new lesson, Cunt.”

Natalie gathered the last of her defiance left and spit at Stacy.  “Fuck you, Dyke.”

Stacy slapped Natalie hard across the ear, stunning Natalie.  “I think that’s a good idea.”  Stacy pulled Natalie’s face into her pussy, rubbing it around.  “Start licking, Cunt.”

Natalie tried to squirm away, but Stacy kept her head tight against her twat.  Natalie freaked out, flailing around.

“You don’t like, you don’t breathe.  Start licking.”  Stacy screamed at Natalie.  Before she passed out, Natalie stuck her tongue out and started licking Stacy’s pussy.  Angie and Jen made sure to get a lot of good shots of that.

Bob kept fucking Natalie’s ass, doing his best to not bust a nut.  “Make that bitch taste all y’all.”  After a minute, Stacy let loose of Natalie’s head and climbed over to the far side of the bed. 

This momentary reprieve gave Natalie just enough time to catch her breath before Jen took Stacy’s place.  Jen spread her legs wide and used her left hand to spread her labia apart.  Stacy, still holding Natalie’s head, shoved it into her lover’s pussy as she leaned over and kissed her girlfriend.  Stacy used Natalie’s head like a sex toy on Jen.  After a couple minutes of making Natalie eat out Jen, the masked skinny girl was close.  Stacy kept using Natalie to get Jen off while Bob took pictures while he kept fucking the blonde’s ass. 

Jen came all over Natalie’s face.  After kissing Stacy, she caught her breath, stood up and walked over to Angie.  She grabbed the video camera from Angie.  The last remaining girl, the only one in the room who hadn’t done anything yet to Natalie, was up.  Angie climbed onto the bed and Stacy once again shoved Natalie’s face in another pussy.  This time, Stacy only needed one hand as Angie grabbed Natalie’s hair and guided her face to her pussy.

Bob grabbed the Polaroid and handed it to Stacy.  She took a few pictures before running out of film.  When she got up to refill the camera, Angie took full control of Natalie’s head.

Stacy returned quickly, and just in time.  Watching Natalie eat out his girlfriend was too much for him, and he was ready to cum.  He pulled out of Natalie’s ass and climbed up the bed as fast as he could.  Angie twisted Natalie’s head around, damn near breaking her neck.  Bob, holding his dick in one hand, grabbed Natalie’s nose and squeezed hard.

“Open.”  Natalie tried to keep her mouth closed, but the pain and lack of oxygen was too much.  She was fearful of what Bob was going to do, but even more of what he would do if she didn’t open her mouth.  She opened, hoping that he would just finish on her face again.

She was wrong.

As soon as Natalie opened her mouth, Bob shoved his dick in her mouth as hard as he could.  His dick, which was just in her ass.  His dick, covered in blood, lube, and a little poo.  It was now in her mouth.

By the time the cacophony of disgustingness hit her, she felt something new.  Bob came in her mouth, blasts of semen shooting in her mouth.  It was vile, invasive, and revolting. 

Angie held Natalie’s head in place and pinched her nose.  Bob smiled.

“Swallow it.”

Natalie panicked as she tried to breathe, but with the dick still in her mouth, and her nose closed, she had no choice but to swallow what was in her mouth.  She retched back as much as she could, clearing her mouth in a matter of seconds.  Relief finally came when Bob pulled out.  She breathed again.

“Show me.  Open.”  Bob said, and Angie held Natalie’s head at an awkward angle.  Natalie opened her mouth, showing it was empty.  Angie took this moment to spit in Natalie’s mouth.

Jen and Stacy got some great footage of the event.

“That too.”  Natalie swallowed Angie’s spit.  Once satisfied, she let go of the blonde’s head.  Natalie tried to cry again, but had run out of tears.  She curled up on the bed as best as she could with her hands cuffed to the middle of the frame.

Bob and the girls left Natalie on the bed alone for a minute while they checked the cameras.  The battery on the hand-held camera was getting low, and the tape was almost finished.  The nice camera ran out right after the ass to mouth moment, and Stacy went a little zealous with the Polaroid. 


They checked the time and saw that it was getting late.  Even with the counselors preoccupied, someone might notice that four of the oldest girls were missing.  The girls got dressed while Bob raped Natalie one last time, cumming on her tits and face.  She didn’t fight or cry this time, she had no energy left.  After that last little event, they cleaned Natalie up a little bit then dressed her and walked her back to camp.  But not before Bob gave her the low-down.

“See these pics?”  Bob told Natalie, holding a stack of Polaroids.  “See these?  They’re going with the girls.  You say shit, or do shit, and everyone will know how much of a whore you are.  And those other pics, and that video, will be sent to everyone you know.  Everyone in your church will see you sucking dick and getting fucked up the ass like a cheap prostitute.  How you think Daddy’s gonna feel when finds out his precious little girl sucks dick like a porn star?  Hell, he might even try you out, share you around the church, pimp you out like some piece of cheap meat to the high donors.  You want that to happen?  Do ya?”

Natalie shook her head.

“Good.  Anyone outside of this room ever finds out about what happened here, then everyone at your church will know how much you just love getting fucked.  Now get the fuck outta here.”

Jen and Stacy dragged Natalie out of the cabin.  Bob and Angie kissed one more time as the girls left.  Stacy tied a little piece of rope she found around Natalie’s neck and led her through the woods like a dog.  Jen and Angie took up the rear.  Once they were close to the camp, they removed the rope and walked Natalie back to the bunk.  It didn’t take long for her to pass out.


The morning came quick.  Too quick for Bob.  He barely got any sleep following Natalie’s rape.  Bob’s committed more than a few felonies in his life by this point, and gang raping an underaged girl wouldn’t even be the worst thing he’s done.  Not by a long shot, pun intended. 

Bob knew that the worst part of getting away with committing a crime wasn’t the act, but the first few hours after.  If something went wrong, or someone saw something, it wouldn’t take long for the cops to show up.  If someone caught the girls coming back to the camp and saw the mess that Natalie was in, there’d be Hell to pay.  There were many moving parts that he didn’t know or control, and if any one of those failed, they were all going to jail.

He also knew that the second worse time after committing a crime was every time after the initial shock.  Comfort and laziness are the enemies of freedom.  All it takes is one person to make some dumb joke in the wrong company and BAM!  Cops now have a reason to look into the situation.  In this case, he had 3 direct accomplices, 1 indirect accomplice, and at least 1 victim.  Anyone of them says shit, and it’s back in jail for him.

Bob slept uneasy that night, his gun in his hand.  He waited for the cops to bust down his door, or the campers to revolt, or some random stranger looking for justice or revenge to show up with a shotgun, but they never came.  Bob passed out around 4AM, then woke up with the Sun a couple hours later.


The morning came quick.  Too quick for Natalie.  As much as she hoped and prayed that last night was a bad dream, a nightmare, the pain and disgust she felt when she woke up told her otherwise.  Every part of her was sore.  Her vagina, her butt, her mouth, her neck, her face, her boobs, her ear, her back, her wrists, all of it hurt.  Even her scalp and hair hurt.  She just wanted to lay there and cry.

That’s when the bucket of cold water came crashing down on her.

Natalie jumped and screamed when she felt the ice-cold water splash down on her, shocking her from her fitful slumber.  She looked around and saw her tormentors.  Jen, Stacy, and Angie.  They stood in the doorway, each holding a bucket of water.  Jen’s was now empty.

“Come on Thundercunt, it’s shower time.  Move it.”  They didn’t give her time to react.  Instead, Jen was already at Natalie’s bed and dragging her out by her hair.  A second later, she was out of bed.  Another minute later, and they had her in the Women’s bathroom and shower stalls. 

Angie ran back to Natalie’s room and grabbed her toiletries.  On the way to the shower, she ran past the one camp counselor, Eric.  He looked like death warmed over, likely with a major hangover.

When Angie arrived, Jen and Stacy were yelling instructions at Natalie.  Scrub this, wash that, clean this, do that.  The once dominant bully was reduced to a shell of her former self this morning. 


As Natalie showered, she thought about her options.  She couldn’t go to the cops around here or back home.  Doing so would bring their attention to other things the family did.  She dared not let any of the men at the church know what happened.  Now that she was “fair game”, they might decide to use her as one of their sexual playthings.  They had no problems fucking their cousins or younger sisters before.  The only thing that saved her up to this point was that she was the Pastor’s Virgin Daughter, a prize to be wed off like some medieval princess.  But now, now that she was defiled by this lowlife, they might use her as just another fucktoy. 

She’d have to play this one smart and slow.  If she moved too far or too fast, her reputation would be ruined.  All she could do now was lay low at camp, steer clear of the girls at school, and wait for the moment to strike.  She would need allies and a plan.

The plan would take time to orchestrate, but the allies would be easy.  She had her minions.  The faggot Chad, clingy Melissa, and starved for attention Michelle.  Natalie would use them to hurt those girls that hurt her.  She would get her revenge on these girls, and Angie’s rapist boyfriend, Bob.  Oh, would she ever get her revenge.  She’ll find out where he lived, where he worked, and she’d destroy his life.

She’d make them pay.  All of them.


Sunday was calm.  Bob waited for the other shoe to drop, but it never came.  Shortly after lunch, before Bob was to return home, Angie snuck over to see him.  They only had a few minutes, but she gave him the short, short version.

As Angie told it, Natalie was broken and demure.  There was one point where she went to the counselors, thinking that no one was watching.  Stacy was nearby though and heard the conversation.  Natalie demanded to know who was on duty the night before and if they did bed checks.  Nikki, the counselor in charge on Sundays, told Natalie it was Justin and Phil, and they were still sleeping after covering the night.  According to the bed check sheet, they did rounds every hour on the hour, and everyone was in their beds.  Natalie was furious, but just as she was about to say something incriminating, Stacy showed up and Natalie shut down.  When she ran into her two cousins, they swore up and down they did the proper bed checks and the paperwork backed them up.

Angie and Bob embraced, shared a smoke, then went their separate ways.  Bob finished cleaning up his cabin, including taking down the cameras and removing all of the sex gear.  He’d take that back down to Veneto.  If by some chance the cops did show up here, they wouldn’t have any evidence, and the address used on file for the taxes was a P.O. Box in Shaker Heights.  None of the paperwork associated with this cabin linked him back to Vinny’s house, where he lived 5 days a week.  If anyone came looking for him, he had friends in the post office to warn him.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-11 (Added 3-31-21)
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Chapter 11 – Epilogue (Descriptions of child abuse)

Bob made his way home Sunday evening, taking more time than normal to get on the road.  He’d sent some pages earlier in the day letting the crew know he took care of things up here, and he received their Mission Accomplished pages as well.  By the time he got home, it was pretty late and time for bed.  A quick unpacking, and it was back to the normality of the work week.  It wasn’t until after work Monday that Bob got the details on what the crew was up to over the weekend.  Apparently, their little mission with the minions was a complete success, but there’s a new wrinkle.  After everyone and their mother raped Michelle, Jonas and Jamie Daniels decided to help themselves to a borderline catatonic Michelle.  She was what they called “fair game”, meaning she was no longer a virgin and open for use of the church seniors.  It was how they denoted who they would fuck, how, and when.  Once someone of interest had their cherry popped, they viewed her as public church property.

The crew decided that later that week, they’d watch the videos and get copies made, even get a nice professional looking one with all the shots edited together.  Being 1995, cameras and video equipment were all analog.  They used film rolls and cassettes.  Since they took photos and videos of everything from idle threats to underage rape, it’s not like they could drop this stuff off at the nearest Kodak or FotoHut.  Fortunately for them, they knew a guy who would develop and duplicate everything, for a nominal fee and copies of what was made.  Dude was called Jordan, even though he was the whitest white boy around.  He was a huge Michael Jordan fan and always wore Chicago Bulls gear, even having a #45 Jordan jersey he wore every god damned day.  He said he’d go back to #23 at the beginning of the next season and that he “couldn’t wait for another 3 peat.”  He was an obnoxious pervert, but he was discreet and good at his job.

They dropped everything off with Jordan on Tuesday and by Friday they had multiple copies of all of the pictures, a couple glossy 8x10’s of some of the most delectable scenes, and a few copies of the videos.  Jordan asked for some time to splice together all of the video onto an edited version, but was a little unsure of the confession on Natalie’s first tape.

“What confession?”  Bob was confused.  He didn’t know anything about this, and sure as fuck didn’t record it.

“Oh, one of those girls, Stacy, just opened up about what she was about to do and named every name at First Union.  She dropped names like bombs on Hiroshima.  Every guy, girl, and dog that fucked her, for how long, and where.  It was some fucked up shit, but she read it like it was a shopping list.  Should I keep it or cut it?”

Bob sat, flabbergasted.  He didn’t know that Stacy did this.  He shouldn’t be surprised, she was always resourceful, but he didn’t expect this.

“Did she mention anyone else?  Where she was?”

“Nope.  No mention of anyone else or any locations other than a date and the names of everyone who raped her since she was 8.  At least those she could remember.  She got into some vague descriptions like “Mustache Guy” and “Old Weather Man” or “Sunday School Kindergarten Teacher and their dog Rex.”

Bob thought for a long moment.  He didn’t say anything before Jordan spoke up.

“Here, I’ll put it in the edited version, and it’ll only be on the copies I give you and Vinny.  I’ll keep an original cut of the film, but it won’t have Stacy’s confession.  It was pretty long, like a few minutes long.  That work?”

Bob nodded his head.  “Yeah, that works.”

“Cool, I’ll get to work on it right away.  Hey, you hear about that rumor?”

“What rumor?”

“That the Bulls are gonna trade for Dennis Rodman.”

Bob laughed.  “Dude, we don’t live in Chicago.  Besides, no way Phil Jackson will put up Jordan, Pippen AND that crazy fucker.  They trade for Rodman, I’ll get you 5 kilos of weed.”

“Deal.”  Jordan and Bob shook on it.  Bob ended up giving Jordan 5 kilos of weed for Christmas that year.


Bob returned to the camp that Friday.  He bugged out of work a little early and made the drive to avoid any traffic.  It was halfway through August and some of the weekend campers would look forward to their last chance of freedom before their kids went to school.  It was also the last weekend of Camp Jesusfreak, too.  He was hoping to see Angie and the girls one last time before they returned to their nice neighborhoods.

He arrived right as the camp was getting ready for dinner.  He figured this would be a good time to go Harry’s and get some supplies from town.  After a quick dinner consisting of a roast beef sandwich and some sweet tea, he grabbed some more propane for his cabin and some other fix-it needs.  He didn’t have any luck getting a lock for his main door, though.  They were sold out.

Bob returned to the cabin and relaxed for a bit.  He was putting together plans for this place.  It was okay as a nice little weekend getaway, but there was a part of him that wanted to get away from the city completely, and to do that he’d have to do some major work up here.  Plus, he could put a boat on his dock and go on the lake any time he wished.

It was getting late and Bob was lost in thought when he heard a knock on his door, followed by it slowly opening.  He turned, hand on his pistol.  It was Angie, and she looked as gorgeous as ever.  She carried something behind her.

“Hey babe.”  Bob hopped up and moved over to her.  They embraced. “Whatchya got there?”

“This is a little something I picked up for you.”  Angie gave Bob a small present. 

“Y’all go into town?”

“Yeah.  Earlier this week the counselors took us on a trip into town to pick up souvenirs for family and such.  It’s not much, but I figured you could use this.”

Bob opened it and started laughing.

“A door lock.” 

“Do you like it?”  Angie asked, uncertain it this worked or not.

“I love it.”  Bob kissed her.  They made their way to the couch.  Then to the bed. 

Angie stayed a little longer tonight.  She wanted to give Jen and Stacy some privacy back at the camp.  A lot of the kids had already left throughout the week, leaving less than half for Saturday and Sunday.  Those that couldn’t get a ride back home on Saturday would have to get the bus on Sunday back to the church.  Bob offered to give her a ride, but she said that wasn’t needed and there’d be a ton of questions on why she was getting a ride back from him.  Her cousin was going to pick her, Jen, and Stacy up tomorrow.  Her parents offered to pick her up Sunday from the church, but driving a couple hours was too much for them.  They were ‘too busy’ to pick up their only child from a camp they sent her to.

As she left for the camp late at night, she gave Bob her home address and her phone number, making sure that he promised to call her.  He gave her a spare pager that his crew used as a backup when Chuckie would invariably lose his.  Angie promised to keep it away from her parents.  That was a conversation she wasn’t looking forward to.


Saturday around lunchtime, there was a string of cars arriving at the Camp.  One of these cars was a green 1985 Pontiac Bonneville.  This car had seen better days.  Hell, it had seen better decades, but it drove, most of the time.  This car stuck out like a sore thumb along the line of Mercedes, BMW’s, Lexus’s, and Audi’s.  Not only was it the only domestic car in the line, it was the only one older than 3 years.  The green car, which was the largest in the line, honked when it came close to three high school aged girls.  The car stopped, and out hopped a man with auburn hair in his early 20’s, wearing cargo shorts and a ‘Harbor City Whalers’ t-shirt.

“GEORGE!”  Angie Lewis ran over to the man and bear hugged him.  He hugged her back.

“Sup cuz?”  George asked Angie, and she hugged him tightly.  “Wow, it’s only been a couple months.  You okay?”

“I’m good now.  Hey, can you give my friends a ride, too?”  Angie looked up at him.  She didn’t need to do the puppy dog eye trick, that was her normal method of asking him for things.

“Depends, where they live?”
“Jen’s a few streets over, and Stacy’s by Hillside Estates.”

George’s ears perked up.  “Okay.  Their parents aren’t coming up?”

“Nah.  Jen’s are out of town still and Stacy, well, it’s a long story.”  That last thing Angie said, and the way Angie said it clicked a gear in George’s mind.

“Is she okay going back there?”

“Yeah, I think so.  She said so, it’s a long story.”

“Well, it’s a long drive.”  George turned to Jen and Stacy and yelled.  “Get your shit and throw it in the trunk.”  George turned back to Angie.  “Guess I need to some you out or something?”

“Yeah, this way.”  Angie led her cousin to the main office, and was joined by Jen and Stacy.  After a few minutes, they were free to leave.


Angie and George were first cousins and only children, but might as well have been brother and sister.  He was a little over four years older at 21.  Angie’s 17th birthday was coming up in a week, and George’s birthday just passed in July.  They were both only children, and they grew up two streets away from each other in the same suburban plan in Ambrose.  George’s dad and Angie’s dad were brothers, and came from a screwed-up childhood.  They were both workaholics and alcoholics, and growing up they confided in each other.  They’ve been there for each other their whole lives.  Angie was the only member of the family that still talked to George, following the fight he had with his dad about the church.  George had a pretty big problem with this new thing called the prosperity gospel that First Union had leaned into, and combined with the rest of his time at Harbor City University, he no longer agreed with his parents or their teachings.  They took it poorly and kicked him out and he was shunned by the church, but he hadn’t stepped foot on church property in several years by this point.  He always made sure in school to work on Sundays and Wednesdays so that he couldn’t go to service.  Ask Angie before the summer and she might give some both sides bullshit argument, but she saw up close and personal how evil the Daniels family was, and the first person she thought of to help her leave was George.  Plus, she had a favor to ask him.

As they drove, Angie asked George if she could borrow some money and if they could stop at a pharmacy.  She made up some excuse about not feeling too good from his driving, but he saw through it.  They stopped after an hour at one of those new Walgreens that was popping up around the area.  Everyone went and bought some food, stretched their legs, and used the bathroom.  George, being the nosy and protective cousin, kept his eye on Angie from a distance.  He didn’t see exactly where she stopped, but knew the lane (sex and pregnancy stuff) and saw that one of the pregnancy tests was missing from the shelf.  He put two and two together when she was the only one that went to the bathroom after buying stuff, not before.  He had a clue on how those worked, following a scare from earlier in the year with his then girlfriend’s roommate.

George noticed a few other things as he drove the girls back down to Harbor City.  First, Jen and Stacy were a thing.  They tried to hide it, but the holding hands and creeping close to each other was pretty obvious.  Second, Angie smoked a little.  Jen did too, but that one didn’t shock George as much.  At least they asked permission first before smoking in his car.  Third, they were pretty honest on what they did, but not completely honest.  He knew they did something they shouldn’t while at camp, but he decided to leave it alone.  About 15 minutes after getting in the car, George tried to make some small talk with the girls.

“You know, we’re still an hour and a half from Ambrose, maybe closer to 2.  If one of you two want to slide over back there, go ahead, just remember to buckle up when one of you gets in the bitch seat.”  George said, immediately regretting calling the middle seat the bitch seat.  Fortunately, they didn’t jump on that comment.

“What, what are you talking about?”  Jen asked, trying to play cool.

“You too, if you want to get closer, I won’t stop you.  I’ve done a lot worse than cuddle on that back seat.”  Again, George found the worst way to say something cute.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Jen tried to deflect.  Stacy leaned up over the passenger seat, trying to look at Angie with at ‘what-the-fuck’ look.

“I didn’t tell him shit.”  Angie said defensively.

“She didn’t need to tell me anything.  It’s obvious that you two like each other, and we’re headed back to Ultra Conservative Whiteyland.  Their favorite pastimes are burning heretics and being bigots.  They get a whiff of you two, and they’ll lose their shit.  Y’all gotta get good at hiding this shit.  So, you can spend an hour and a half pretending that you don’t like each other that way, or spend it cuddling and being close because who knows when you’ll have any privacy again.  Your choice.”

Stacy unbuckled her seat belt and slid over across the massive back seat.  One thing about those 80’s cars, they could fit a lot of people or give two people all the space they needed.  Once she was in position, she buckled up and cuddled up close to her girlfriend.  For the first time in a long time, Stacy felt at happy, protected, and at peace.


At some point Friday afternoon, Stacy had an idea.  She knew that if this went off the rails, they were all looking at serious jailtime, and the biggest piece of evidence against they would be the video of Natalie’s rape.  She also knew that if this video was seen by anyone in law enforcement, they’d come calling to everyone involved. 

What if she could involve more people?  What if she could involve everyone who ever hurt her, ever raped her, ever beat her, ever abused her?

Stacy decided that she’d record a confession.  She’d confess to what she was going to do, and why she did it.  She wouldn’t mention Jen or Angie or Bob, but she would bury Natalie and anyone even remotely related to the Daniels family.  She would list every man, woman, child, and animal she was forced to fuck, when it happened, where it happened, and how it happened.

She snuck away from camp activities and wrote down her manifesto.  Aside from dinner, she spent the entire night working on this, avoiding everyone to make sure she had privacy.  She wrote through night and well past lights out, using a flashlight under a blanket to help compose her thoughts.  She finished the draft early Saturday and spent the better part of an hour editing it to a quick 5-minute speech.  Following breakfast, she told the counselors she wasn’t feeling good and asked to skip morning activities.  With a nod and a shrug from Eric, she limped away, pretending to have cramps. 

Once out of sight, Stacy made her way to Bob’s cabin.  She was getting good at this sneaking thing.  She thought about telling everyone else about what she was about to do, but didn’t want to implicate them.  The only complication would be if Bob was there.  Fortunately for her, his truck wasn’t there.  Bob left that morning, probably took a trip to town for more beer.

She entered his cabin, front door opening slowly.  She looked around, seeing that everything was already set up.  Perfect, now she wouldn’t have to explain why the camera magically set itself up.  She pulled up a seat in front of one of the video cameras, checked the viewfinder to make sure she would be visible, then pressed the record button.

The camera showed an empty chair for a few seconds before Stacy sat down and picked up a small stack of papers.  She took a deep, calming breath before speaking.

“Hello.  To whomever is watching this, my name is Stacy Daniels.  I’m 15 years old, and I reside at 83 Hillside Terrace in Hillside Estates, just outside of Harbor City.  I’m up here at Camp Hiawatha, a religious camp run by the leaders of First Union Holy Church, located in the suburbs Harbor City.  The actions that you are about to see on this video are mine and mine alone.  No one coerced me.  No one forced me to do what you’re about to see.  You will likely see sexual acts that are illegal.  This is not the first time I’ve been on camera performing illegal sexual acts, and I’m afraid it won’t be the last time.  But this is the first time I’m doing so of my own will.”

Stacy took a deep breath before continuing her speech.

“From the time I was 8 years old, I was sexually abused, raped, beaten, and tortured by those closest to me, my own family.  I was groomed from a young age to be a plaything for the men in my family.  That family is the Daniels family, the leading family at First Union Holy Church.  The man directly responsible for those actions, the first one to rape me, was my uncle, the Reverend Charles Daniels.  The first time he forced me to do anything sexual I was 8 years old.  My father, Matthew Daniels, drove me over to my uncle’s house under the pretense of playing with my cousins at a sleepover.  He dropped me off at the house on a Friday night and picked me up on Saturday morning.  During the night, Charles, whom I still called Uncle Charlie, had stripped me out of my pajamas and molested me.  Throughout the night, he forced me to stroke his penis until he ejaculated on me.  When I tried to tell my parents about this, they refused to listen.  I was brought back to Uncle Charlie’s house an average of once of a month for the next year and a half, each time the behavior escalated.  What started as giving handjobs and light molesting soon escalated to giving and receiving oral sex for not just him, but others in the family, including his other brothers, his sons, nephews, and cousins, and close friends.  This list, which includes well over 30 men and boys, will be read at the end of the video.”

She took another pause before continuing.

“The first time I was raped vaginally was the weekend after my tenth birthday.  After a small birthday party, my parents tricked me and instead of taking me to the weekend getaway to Disneyland they promised, took me instead to Uncle Charlie’s new house.  He and his family had recently moved into a 12-bedroom mansion.  Included in this house was a section not originally on the plans.  Through the study on the first floor, there is a bookcase.  That bookcase hides a door.  The door is activated by pulling on the copy of Atlas Shrugged located on the third shelf, approximately 8 books in from the left.  This secret door leads to a hallway with several rooms.  Most of these rooms are small bedrooms and a bathroom, but the three rooms of import are the studio, the control room, and the dungeon.  The studio is a room that is large enough to be used as a small television recording studio.  The control room is used for operating camera equipment.  The dungeon is used for various torture scenes.  I was brought down to the studio by Jason Daniels, Charlie’s son.  By this point my parents had left.  Jason directed me through the studio to a bed sitting in front of several bright lights and a couple cameras.  He asked me some questions about me, like my name, age, height, and weight.  After asking those, he asked if I knew what was going to happen today.  I said no, this was a surprise.  They then asked if I knew what sex was, and if I had ever had a guy put his penis in me.  The exact word they used was pee-pee.  I said no.  Uncle Charlie entered the room, along with Jason’s twin brother Jacob.  They sat on the bed next to me and around me and began kissing me, molesting me, and undressing me.  Before too long, I was naked.  After stripping them and performing oral sex on them, I was tied up to the bed and Uncle Charlie licked my vagina until I orgasmed.  It was afterward that he climbed between the bed, lined his penis up with my vagina, and began to rape me.  A ten-year-old girl cannot and will never be able to consent to having a grown man fuck her.  After Charlie, Jacob and Jason both took their turns.  Before the session was over, I was raped nearly a dozen times by those three and forced to give blowjobs to the two men operating the equipment.  I later came to discover that the two men were also members of the church, Roger Martz and Larry Allensworth.”

Stacy took another deep breath, nearing the edge of a breakdown.

“At an average of at least once a month since then, until this summer started, I have been sent to the Daniels house and forced to perform sexually on camera.  Those acts have included oral, vaginal, and anal sex with more than 30 men, boys, women, girls, and even animals.  Their depravity knows no bounds.  I have been gang raped on several occasions, forced to perform lesbian acts with family members, beaten and whipped in the dungeon, and forced to partake in similar acts against others.  There were times that they would force me to have sex with other children, and if we didn’t perform the way they wanted, we would be beaten for not following directions.  The most degrading of these instances was being tied up and forced to have sex with their guard dog, a Rottweiler named Roman.  It’s been more than 5 years since the rapes began in earnest.  The only reason I haven’t killed myself yet was because of my fleeting faith and fear of eternal damnation, and a growing sentiment from a line I once heard in a Clint Eastwood movie, ‘Don’t give the prick the satisfaction.’  If it were not for that, and if I thought for a second that anyone would actually investigate these monsters following my death, I would’ve slit my wrists years ago.  Instead, I sit her tonight, about to dole out a small sliver of revenge.  It is my hope that one day justice rains down on the Daniels family for what they’ve done to me and other children.  Tonight, I’ll settle for a little revenge.”

Stacy spent the next three minutes reading the names of everyone she could recall that raped her.  She named every man in a position of power in the church, and some of the women, too.  She named some of the children she was forced to fuck.  She named some of the high-ranking church members and elite of the town.  She even named a couple major donors and a local politician or two.  She listed what they did to her, what they made her do, and where it took place.  She described the process they used to make the videos and the equipment they used.  She described the small bedrooms, and how she was pimped out to powerful men for favors.  She described where the videos were stored.  She listed all of it, with the calm that one reads a school presentation on Wuthering Heights or The Grapes of Wrath.  But the last moment on the video was the most damning.

“Finally, as I wrap this up, here’s a special message for Matthew and Diana Daniels.  Mom and Dad.  I say this from the bottom of my heart.  Fuck you.  You knew what was happening.  You knew what Charles was like.  I told you what they did to me, but you still took me over there.  You violated the most sacred trust, that between a parent and child.  Your one job was to protect your child from evil, and instead you hand delivered me right into it.  As soon as I am legally able, I will separate myself from you and we will never have anything to do with each other again.  I will never step foot in this town, and if I ever return, it will be to watch everything you valued more than me burn to the ground.  I will celebrate the deaths of everyone in this family by dancing on their graves.  Matt, Di, you had one job and you failed.  I hope you each die slow and painful deaths, alone, surrounded by complete strangers, haunted by the thought that the person who should love you the most, your own daughter, is praying for your suffering to continue so that you can live through just a fraction of what you did to me and what you let happen to me through your own inaction.  A real parent would’ve beaten the shit out of the man that their 8-year-old accused of molesting her, or had shot him or went to the cops.  They wouldn’t keep driving her over there.”

Stacy was full on ugly crying by this point, but she said what she needed to say.  She stood up and stopped the recording.  She left Bob’s cabin, making sure to take her notes with her.  After a moment of sneaking back to the camp, she had another idea.  She sent herself a certified letter from the camp.  The post office near her house was a short bike ride away, and she’d send herself the notes with a certified time stamp.  This way, if she ever needed proof of what she said, she’d have this as proof.  Back in the day this was called a poor man’s copyright.


Stacy and Jen were content in the backseat of George’s car, and enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the drive.  As George drove the rest of the way back to Harbor City, he saw them grow uneasy as he approached their neighborhood.  He attributed this to them having be around their families again.  Before getting to Stacy’s house, George took a few side streets, giving Jen and Stacy time to say their goodbyes.  Eventually, he made it to Stacy’s house and he helped her with her stuff.  There was a car in the driveway, but no one answered the doorbell.  She was able to get inside with her keys which, surprisingly, still worked.  He told her that if she ever needed anything, he’d help her out.  Just call Angie and she’d give her his number.  She looked more upset about being home than about being away.

It took maybe 15 more minutes to get to Jen’s empty house, and George did the same with her.  He offered his help if she ever needed it.  After their goodbyes and ‘see ya at band camp on Monday’, Angie hopped back in the car.  George started up his Bonneville, then pulled out, going the wrong way from home.

“Where you going?”  Angie asked.  They lived a few streets over from Jen, within a mile.  It wasn’t likely that George forgot where Angie lived.

“I just wanted to drive for a minute and talk.”  George said, taking a left when a right would put them two blocks from her house.

“Drive?  After three hours on the road?”  She knew he was up to something.

“Ang, who ya fucking?”  George said matter-of-factly.  His brashness caught her a little off-guard.  If he’d kept his mouth shut, he would’ve found out everything about Bob.  Instead, the kept talking.

“Listen, if you need some help getting rubbers or on the pill, I’ll help.  Shit, if you need to borrow some money for an abortion, I’ll see what I can do, but you are way too young to get knocked up and even think about keeping a kid.”

“What makes you think I’m having sex?”

“Virgins don’t buy pregnancy tests and use them right away.”  George kept his eyes on the road.  He didn’t have to see her face to see the ‘you were following me’ look on her face.

“You were following me?”

“I didn’t need to.  Something was up when you went to go to a pharmacy and not a gas station.  That bullshit ‘I’m sick’ move didn’t line up, and while everyone else made a bee line for the bathroom, you turned right into the sex section.  If you weren’t embarrassed you would’ve just given me whatever you needed to get.  You then went straight to the closest register from the sex section, then to the bathroom.  Tampons and pads are in a different part of the lane, and you’ve asked me to pick those up before.  Fuck, you would’ve asked me to pick those up on the way in if you needed them.  So, this was something else.  I took a quick walk down the lane and one of the boxes of pregnancy tests was missing.  Considering how much money I gave you, it was one of the few ones you could afford.  And I saw the receipt and box in your bag.”

“Shit, really?”  Angie looked through her bag of snacks for it.  George laughed.  “You mother fucker.”

“By the way, those tests are more accurate with the first pee in the morning.  How late are you?”

The defiance shrank from her face.  “A couple days.  3 at most.  I’d rather not talk about it, but the first test came back negative.  I’ll feel a lot better when I start cramping.”

“This is another reason to get you on the pill.  That shit will straighten your cycle up like no one’s business.”  George kept driving, doing loops through the suburban sprawl.

“How do you know so much about this?  This isn’t exactly your area of expertise.”  Angie asked.

“I had a scare earlier this year.  One of the girls I was dating was about a week late, and we had a panic.  Turns out she was just late, and we broke up after that.  Good thing too, that bitch was crazy.”

Angie slapped his arm.  “Dude, what did I tell you about that?”

“What, calling a bitch crazy?”

“No, calling her a bitch.”

“She was a bitch, and crazy.  One week she’s like ‘I love you and want to spend all my time with you’, the next she’s stealing all my good CD’s and pissing on my couch.”

“You stole that couch!”

“It’s the principle of the matter!  That bitch stole my Metallica CD’s.  The entire collection.  Why do you think we listened to the radio on a 3-hour drive through the country?”  George made another turn and another and another, taking them on a tour of their housing plan.  “So, you gonna tell me this boy’s name, or do I have to wait to meet him at the baby shower to kick his ass?”

“No, I’m not telling.  It was this...”  Angie’s voice dropped in volume as she tried to come up with something to day.  “It’s not important.  I’ll just keep an eye on what happens.  I’m probably just a couple days late, that’s all.”

George noticed how her tone changed when confronted.  He turned right and headed to Angie’s house. 

“Well, if you need anything, like a trip downtown to a clinic or a push down the stairs, I’m here.”

Angie laughed.  “Fuck you, asshole.”

“I love you too.”

George pulled the car into her driveway.  Her parents would be home, probably too day-drunk to care.  He stopped the car and turned the engine off.  As Angie was about to open the door, George spoke up.

“That test came in a two-pack, right?”


“After you use that, hide that shit good and throw it out.  Wrap it up in something nasty and throw it in the main trash bag under the food scraps, not in the bathroom trash.  Don’t need your parents pretending they care about your virtue again and sending you to Hong Kong or Costa Rica or wherever those church fucks would tell them to send you to get ‘rid of the Devil.’  Like I said, if you ever need anything at all, call.  I’m not too far away and I can be here ASAP.”

Angie hugged her cousin, nearly crying.  They hugged for a long moment before they got out of the car.  George helped her with her bags and up the front door.  It took a few rings of the doorbell for Angie’s mom to stumble over and let her in.  She was surprised that George gave Angie a ride, almost as surprised to find out it was Saturday and not Thursday.

George left, returning to his apartment right off campus in Collegetown.  He had a good deal of studying to do, the entrance exam for the Chester County Police Department was Monday, and he was hoping that he might get in.  Not that he really wanted to be a cop, but what the hell else was he going to do with a Psychology/Film/Philosophy degree?


Angie called George a few days later.  The second test was also negative and she eventually got her period while at band camp.  She asked if George was busy on Saturday and if he could take her to her OB/GYN to get a prescription for birth control.  He wasn’t too busy so he gave her a lift.  They were able to keep her parents quiet and the freakouts to a minimum when Angie told them that this was an acne medication.


As everyone left the camp over the weekend, Bob made his way back down to Veneto on Sunday.  The cops still hadn’t shown up here or at home. As he arrived, he hung out with Vinny, Chuckie, Paul, and Gary.  They caught up after the crazy week.  There wasn’t much news on the First Union Holy Church front, but the little ‘field trip’ between the leaders of 43SK and 16 South seemed to help smooth over relations between the two gangs for the moment.  They even started hanging out a little bit, though it was a little tense.  Officer Omar Haskin showed up one day, asking if anyone had seen anything weird recently.  Paul’s beaten up van was seen one day giving rides to some high-ranking gang members, but that was just a little too unbelievable for him.  Omar chalked it up to some crazy rumor at first, but when he saw Lamar and Manuel talking one day and not trying to kill each other, he started looking into it.  Omar didn’t have much to go on, and was stuck.

Bob worried the most the week after everyone returned to their normal lives.  If the cops were to show up, it would be this week.  Gary said he had things under control as far as Michelle and Melissa were concerned.  Bob wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but he found out later that Chad was still talking to him.  This shocked Bob, but as Gary described it, things made sense.  Chad was freaked out about what happened and felt guilty about not telling Melissa about the trust funds, but felt that they genuinely loved each other.  He was filled with guilt about Michelle, though.

Chad and Melissa were dating and fucking like rabbits, and Michelle was doing everything she could to avoid the church, considering that Jonas and Jamie Daniels raped her two more times that weekend.  Natalie tried to get the three of them to join her cause, but Michelle stopped showing up to church events by herself and Melissa and Chad were basically attached at the hip.  It came as little surprise when a marriage announcement was posted in the paper for the young couple in November.  The crew sent them a wedding present once they were moved in to their new house; a toaster oven, pictures, and video of their first night together, along with a congratulatory note saying ‘You will never hear from us again.’

Natalie had no one to turn to.  All of her friends had left her alone, and she ran the risk of being the church’s next plaything if she ever told them what happened.  One particular day she was feeling bold and was about to tell her favorite teacher what happened.  She opened her school locker the next day to find a Polaroid of her eating pussy with a note that said ‘Fuck around and find out what happens.’

Angie and Bob kept talking to each other over the next few months.  It was awkward, as the relationship struggled with her being in high school and him being 27 at the time, but over time they figured things out.  Eventually, the girls would spend more and more time in Veneto.  Like Bob told them, it wasn’t that bad. 

Things started to get a little complicated when Stacy turned 16.  She immediately applied for a job as a waitress and the guys were able to get her a part time job at their construction company.  She used this employment, along with other evidence, to petition the court to emancipate her from her parents.  It took a few months, but she won.  She also had earned enough credits to graduate early and got an apartment near the crew.  Jen would eventually move in with Stacy and commute to school.  Stacy lived there until she secured a scholarship to Juliard.  She was that freaking good.

As far as Angie, well, her story gets a little too complicated to tell in just an epilogue.  The short version is she left her parents, made some weird decisions to get by, and eventually grew up.  But that’s another story waiting to happen.

Nobody fucked with Bob’s girls.  Nobody.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-11 (Added 3-31-21)
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Inside of the cabin, BOB sits on a couch, sipping a beer and smoking a cigarette.  His hair is a little longer and a little grayer.  He wears an unbuttoned flannel shirt.  A radio in the background plays some rock music.  He takes another swig, but the beer is empty.  He gets up and walks to the fridge.

As he opens the fridge, we see that several things have changed in the cabin.  The bedding is newer and nicer, the kitchen has seen some updates, and the appliances are newer.  When Bob opens the fridge, we see a calendar.  It is May 2003.  All of the days are crossed out up to Friday, May 16th.

Bob grabs a beer from the fridge.  As he walks past, it’s obvious that he’s gotten older and put on some weight.  Not so much to be fat, but enough that his six pack has degenerated to a party ball.  He pauses for a moment before twisting the top off, like he was debating whether to open it or not.  He opens it and takes a sip.

There is a loud KNOCK at the door, the Shave-and-a-haircut knock.  Bob stops drinking.  A moment passes.  Another knock, that same Shave-and-a-haircut.  Bob walks slowly over to the locked door.  A MAN’s voice yells from outside.

MAN (O.S.)
Robert Kuntzmann, I know you’re here.

Bob puts the beer down and reaches into the umbrella holder, pulling out a 12 gauge pump action shotgun.

MAN (O.S.)
Open up Bobby, I recognize that piece of shit truck of yours from anywhere.

Bob moves by the door quietly, trying to peer out the window by the front door.  He sees one man with short auburn hair, wearing a bad dark blue suit.  The man has his right hand on a pistol by his hip and his left hand is holding a wallet of some kind.  It’s a cop.  Not just any cop, but one that he’s dealt with before.

I didn’t come all the way up here just to stand on your porch.

The man turns his head from the door to the window Bob’s looking through.

Do we talk this out or shoot this out?  Either way, I got shit to do.

Bob closes the window and unlocks the door.  He opens it a small amount with his left hand, keeping his right hand on his shotgun.

The man holds the wallet in his left hand open and shows it to Bob.  It’s a police badge.

Detective George Lewis, Chester County Police Department.  I need to ask you a few questions.  Mind if I come in?

George smirks at Bob.

Fuck do you want?

Hello to you too, asshole.  What can you tell me about the Summer of 1995?


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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-11 (Added 3-31-21)
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love the way you wrapped the story up, done with perfect logic. Really nice touch with the pregnancy scare for Angie. Really highlighted the danger she faced from Bob!

Like the intro to the up coming story! Can't wait to read it!

Merit for a part with more coming when possible!