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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-11 (Added 3-31-21)
« on: July 12, 2020, 07:03:56 PM »
Chapter 1 (Mf, oral, drugs, nc->cons, reluc)

Bob really hated this pandemic shit, but not for the reasons that most people did.  He didn't mind not going to restaurants or having to stay indoors as much, and he really enjoyed wearing a mask in public.  It was much easier to be a pervert when they can't identify you.  Last year if he was licking his lips and punching the air with his tongue when he saw some sweet piece of ass walk by, he'd get a look of disgust or a slap across the face.  Now, no one knows what he's doing.

No, the reason he really hated this pandemic was that he couldn't enjoy any of the women or girls over at Camp Resurrection, the Christian Getaway Camp that was his neighbor up at the lake and owned by one of the largest Megachurches in the Tri-State area.  It's not the same this year.  Every year since the early 90's, he'd have an ample supply of pussy to choose from.  All of these spoiled, self-righteous, sheltered girls and women who were usually sent by their hyper-religious and hyper-competitive parents to spend a couple weeks, a month, or even the whole summer up here.  They'd get Jesus pounded into their heads all day and a special few would get his dick pounded into them all night.  But not this year.  This year, the camp is mostly closed.  They tried opening up, but the state shut them down after a bunch of churchgoers tested positive.  Oh sure, a few kids were sent up here, but the camp is running at maybe half capacity and only for a few weeks this year.

Bob liked the quiet but missed the company.  As much as he'd like to go visit them or invite some people over, being in his 50's now with some health issues makes that a bad idea.  Instead, he's spending his time up at his cabin relaxing and remembering the good ole days.

One of those times was back in the early 90's, right after the camp opened up.  It was an interesting summer.  The Summer of '95, or the Summer of the Mean Girls.


The camp had been running for a couple years, but they were still figuring things out.  Back then it had some vaguely Indian name like Camp Winnebago or some shit like that.  It was a religious camp, but they didn't slap that shit on the brochures back then.  They'd dog whistle it the best they could to outsiders but screamed it to their parishioners.  Those first couple years they'd have three main types of kids coming.  There were the groups that would come for a couple weeks while Mommy and Daddy went on a real vacation or moved and wanted their little monsters out of the way for a bit.  There were the kids that were sent for half the summer because their parents could afford a little better and wanted a trip overseas but didn't want to take their kids on "missions".  Then there were the kids that came for the whole summer, whose parents could both afford the full time away and wanted to show how pious they were by sending little Tiffany to bible camp all summer.  Or, they didn't want their 'whore of a daughter' talking to her boyfriend.

That last group was Bob's favorite.  Mommy and Daddy would be so shocked that their little girls even knew what a penis was that they'd send them away for the whole summer to keep her from holding hands with her little dipshit boyfriend, but by the end of summer she's coming back either an expert cocksucker or muff diver.  Sometimes both.

The girls would congregate together throughout the day, and in between the bible study, basket weaving, swimming, and learning how to hate gays and anyone else different from them, they'd form cliques and start exploring.  The ones that were told they were whores by their parents would always get together and find a way to explore the area.  They'd form their own little clubs, and would find new and interesting ways to have fun.  It wasn't until many years later he had a name for their type: Mean Girls.

Bob met 1995's crop of Mean Girls less than a week after the session started for the year.  He missed the opening of the camp that year due to work, but made his way to his cabin, showing up Thursday night.  He knew something was wrong when he showed up and everything was a little messy.  Not terribly messy, but just out of place.  Like someone had been there.  And the mini fridge where he kept his beer was empty.  Sure, he brought some more, but he was looking forward to getting really fucked up this weekend, not slightly.  He'd have to make another trip to the store.  Maybe if he was lucky, he'd find out who was coming over.

He was lucky.  Sometime close to midnight, while he was having a drink, the door to his cabin opened.  He waited for her to close the door, then decided to introduce himself.

"Who in the fuck are you?"  Bob clicked on a mag light and shone it at ... her.  There in his cabin stood a gorgeous teenage girl, about 5 and a half feet tall with a cute face, curly brown hair, and a body that screamed 'fuck me'.  The girl screamed at first from surprise, not expecting anyone to be here.  Bob got up from his couch and grabbed the girl.

"Who the fuck are you?"  He asked her.  "What's your name?"

"Angie.  Angie Lewis."  He pulled her away from the door and to the center of the cabin's main room.  She stood in front of his couch.

"Stay there, Angie."  Bob turned on the battery lamp he kept on the table.  With some light, he was able to get a better look at her, and she at him.

Angie wore a light blue t-shirt from the local camp and a pair of matching blue shorts.  The shorts were loose and came down to her mid thighs.  The t-shirt covered an amazing set of tits on a teenager, and her face was even cuter with her hazel eyes and dimples.  Her hair was pulled up and back with a scrunchee, or whatever those big hair ties were called back then.  She was just starting to tan, her arms showing and legs showing a nice bronze sheen.  She looked damn hot.

Bob wasn't a bad looking guy, either.  His full brown hair was cut short and combed back, and his skin was tanned from working in the sun all day.  He was shirtless, which showed off some his muscles.  He had a little gut, but beer does that over time.  He wore his jeans and boots, and that's it.

They looked each other up and down.  Bob liked what he saw, and he had a feeling so did she.

"So, mind telling me why you broke into my place and drank my beer?"  Bob asked Angie, as he walked closer to her.

"I didn't know it was yours, or that anyone lived here."  Angie stammered out an answer, obviously afraid.

"How old are you Angie?"

"16."  Angie replied.  Bob nodded, thinking where this could go.

"You owe me at least a case of beer.  How you gonna pay me back?"

"Look, I can get some money."

"How you gonna pay me back for a case of beer?  Better yet, how you gonna get back here tonight and get me more beer?  You got a car up at that camp?"


"So, what are you gonna do?  Walk the 10 miles to the nearest store, dressed in the camp's clothes, and buy a case of beer while obviously underage, then walk back the ten miles all before sunrise?"  Angie stood there, realizing she was screwed.  Bob went in for the verbal kill.  "How's that camp gonna react if they find out one of their campers was breaking into my place and drinking my beer?  They gonna like that at all?"

Angie shook her head.  "Look, there's gotta be something we can do.  Some kind of deal.  I'll do anything, just don't turn me in."

There it was.  He was hoping for this girl to say the magic words.

"Anything?"  Bob was real close to her now.  Close enough to smell her shampoo.  Close enough to reach out and kiss her if he wanted to.  He put his finger under her chin and lifted her face towards his.  "Anything?"  He repeated.  Their eyes locked.

"Anything."  She said softly.  He leaned in and kissed her.  Lightly at first, then deeper.  They started making out.  He reached for her shirt and pulled it up, then over her head.  They broke their kissing just long enough to take it off.  Doing so exposed her bra, holding back some amazing tits.

Angie was young, but not an idiot.  Just naive, he figured.  Her definition of anything before tonight might be dealing with her teenage boyfriend and letting him feel her tits.  Bob's definition of everything was more.

Bob moved Angie to the couch and sat her down on top of him.  He deftly unclasped her bra while they were making out and slid it off of her body.  He rubbed and played with her tits.  He broke off kissing her and started nibbling on her neck, then down to her tits.  He sucked and licked on her nipples.  He did this for another minute before rolling her off of him and laying her down on the couch.  His hands grabbed at her shorts.  Angie's eyes went wide.

"Wait, stop.  What're you doing?"  She said as she felt Bob lift her ass off of the couch and pull her shorts off, exposing her pink panties.  He pulled the shorts off over her sneakers.

"No, stop it, don't."  Angie pleaded with him, showing a little fear.

"Babe, you think playing with your tits is gonna make up for stealing from me?"  Angie looked at him, not sure what to say.  "Babe, we're gonna do this my way.  I won't hurt you.  Hell, you'll love it and want more.  But this is gonna happen."  Bob slipped his hands under the waistband of her panties and pulled them off.  Angie's bush was a dark brown just like her hair, and trimmed into a bikini cut. "Damn, you're beautiful babe."

Bob slipped Angie's legs open while she was still unsure of what was going to happen.  She wasn't a virgin, but not really experienced, either.  Bob slipped his head down to her pussy and spread her labia with his right hand.  He kissed and licked around her pussy, exciting and enticing her the whole time.  He'd kiss and lick, listening to her breathing deepen into a moan and watching her stomach rise and fall with each breath.

"Ever been eaten out?"

"Nnnn, no."  Angie said between breaths.

"You ain't seen nothing yet."  With that, Bob found her clit with his tongue and went to town on it.  He flicked and sucked and nibbled on it, then started writing on it with his tongue.  That did it.  Angie's legs stiffened, she grabbed his head with her hands and pulled his face into her as much as it would go.  Her breathing became a moan, and her moans became a yell.

"AAAAHHHH, OH GOD OH GOD OOOOHHH GODDDD!"  She screamed as she had the most intense orgasm of her life.  She relaxed her grip on Bob's head, but he stayed down there for another minute.  He undid his jeans and lowered his pants while he kept eating her out.  Another minute and she was rocked with another orgasm from Bob eating her out.

As she lay panting on his couch with her hands still in Bob's hair, he slid up from between her legs and put himself into position.  She was still in a post-orgasmic trance when she felt him mount her and slide his penis between her outer folds.  She was not expecting this.  Bob planted his lips on Angie and kissed her hard as he pushed into her.

Bob could see it in her eyes.  She didn't want to take things this far.  She just met him a few minutes ago.  She didn't even know his name, and not only had he just licked her pussy, but now he was fucking her.  But he wasn't stopping.  He slid his dick into her a couple inches, rested, then pulled out an inch.  He repeated this pattern until all 7 inches were inside her.  After a minute, he was in her and began thrusting with long and slow strokes.

Her attempts at getting him to stop died down, her asking him to stop gave way as the pleasure he generated in her took over.  After a few minutes, she didn't notice or care that she was kissing a man who had her taste on his mouth.  A few minutes later and she was wrapping her legs around him, trying to bring him deeper into her.  She gave over to passion as she came again, this time from from an actual fuck.

Hearing Angie cum brought him to the edge.  He fucked her harder and faster than before.  Bob was about to cum.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck."  Bob reared up, pulled out, and came all over her belly.  He shot several jets of semen all over her, even getting some on her tits.  He collapsed on the couch next to Angie.  As she was coming back to reality, she looked around for something to wipe his cum off of her. 

"Here."  Bob handed her an old t-shirt of his laying over the edge of the couch.  She took the shirt and cleaned herself up as best she could.  After a minute Bob grabbed a cigarette and lit it, taking a deep drag.  Angie tried to cover herself up with the old shirt as she looked for his clothes.  He offered her the smoke.  She took a drag and held it in, then coughed.

"Any time you wanna come over and party, you can.  Just know that we're gonna have some fun.  Cool with that?"  He handed her the cigarette again.  She nodded then took another drag.

"Yeah.  I think I'm getting what you mean.  Can you get something other than beer?"  Angie didn't cough as much after that drag.

"Wine coolers?"  Bob asked her.

"Yeah, we can try that.  You staying up here this weekend?"  Angie asked him, curling up next to him.

"Yeah.  What time you need to be back at the camp?"

"Oh shit, it's late isn't it?"  With that, Angie sprung up from the couch and looked for her clothes.  They didn't go far, but she struggled as she almost put her shorts and underwear on backwards.  After a minute she was dressed.  Bob pulled his jeans up and met her at the cabin door before she left.

"I'll be here most weekends from Thursday night until Sunday night.  If you want to party again, I can get more than just wine coolers."  He grabbed her head with his left hand and gave her another deep kiss.  They made out like that for a couple minutes before they separated, her cheeks flushed again.

"Bye."  Angie said to him as she opened the door.

"Bob.  That's my name.  See ya around."  The realization that she just fucked a complete stranger shown on her face, but he wiped it away with one last kiss.  He watched her disappear into the woods towards the camp, admiring her ass as she went.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1 (Mf, oral, drugs, nc->cons, reluc)
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Great beginning, Like the scenario, nothing like a quasi- religious girl being taken down a few pegs to make a reader hot! Merit from me!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1 (Mf, oral, drugs, nc->cons, reluc)
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2020, 01:07:49 AM »
LtBroccoli, you have all the beginnings here of a very good story. Lots of potential with this one. A merit for your efforts.
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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 (Mf, oral, drug use)

Bob slept good that night, but he was a little worried when he woke up on Friday.  The realization that he just fucked one of the campers hit him as we woke up with a joint.  What if Angie got caught sneaking back into the camp?  What if she tried to save her own skin by saying he raped her?  Would they believe her?  Would they come over and try to threaten him?  Worse yet, would they get all preachy and Jesusy on him?  And why was he so fucking paranoid?

The last question was easy, he bought some cheap weed before leaving for the camp from a buddy who he didn't normally buy from.  Fucking skunk weed was making him paranoid as shit.

First things first.  Bob had some breakfast then went into town for some supplies.  Food, beer, booze, wine coolers, weed.  He got more shit for buying the wine coolers than he did for buying weed in this town.  Bob made some joke about needing juice with breakfast.  He really didn't feel like giving this guy more info than he needed.  No need to tell the local liquor store owner that 'I'm buying wine coolers for this 16-year-old up at the came that I fucked last night after I caught her breaking in to my cabin.'  Something about that felt like too much information.

It took Bob a few hours to do all of his chores, and he returned just in time to hear the camp kids swimming in the lake.  Even with his binoculars, he had a hard time seeing them from his cabin with all of the underbrush around.  He walked around for a bit until he found a good place to set up a tree stand that gave him a mostly unobstructed view of the lake and the nearby camps.  Hell, it might even be useful for deer hunting.  By the time he got that sorted out, the older kids were out of the lake and it was getting near dinner time.

The rest of the night was uneventful.  The campgrounds on the side of him away from the Camp Biblethumper had a couple families come up and settle in.  Bob just relaxed, cooked over a fire, and relaxed until nightfall.

He didn't really expect anything to happen and was just about to polish off another beer when he heard a knock at his door.  He had a feeling who it was, but just to be on the safe side grabbed a snub nosed pistol he kept around and held it out of sight.

Bob opened the door.  It was Angie.  She stood there dressed the same as the night before, with a look of nervous excitement on her face.  'She was so fucking sexy when she was nervous,' Bob thought.  He looked around to see if there was anyone else, as best as he could in the night, and welcomed her in.  As soon as closed the door, he grabbed her with his left arm and pulled her to him, kissing her.  He put the gun down on a nearby table and wrapped his other arm around her.  She kissed him back as she felt his hands on her back and stomach.  He was lifting her shirt off of her.  She didn't fight him or try to stop him this time, and only broke their kiss to get the shirt off over her head.  She started to say something, but his hand sliding into her shorts and rubbing her pussy broke her concentration.  Bob slipped her shorts down over her ass and slid her panties to the side, allowing him access to finger her pussy.

Bob could feel that Angie was confused, and scared, and excited.  She didn't get a word out, and here he was fingering her in the middle of his cabin right after he closed the door.  He moved her to the couch and laid her down, taking off her bra and panties along the way.  Eventually Angie grabbed Bob's shirt and pulled it off, but not before he had her worked up and ready to fuck.  

Bob unfastened his jeans and slid them down as he climbed between Angie's legs, lining his cock up with Angie's wet pussy.  She mewled a little when he pushed slowly into her, but this time there were no protests, no begging him to stop, she just let it happen.  She let this near complete stranger fuck her in his cabin.

Bob increased his pace from a long, slow thrust to faster and harder as Angie's breathing grew rapid and he felt her grab onto his back and pull him into her more and more.  She started raising her hips to match his thrusts, and soon was moaning and breathing faster.  A few moments later, she convulsed and screamed "OH GOD, OH GOD, OOOHHHH GOD!!!" as she came.  Bob kept fucking her through her orgasm before he pulled out and came all over her tight, toned belly.  He collapsed on her.  They kissed again.

Bob stood up and tossed Angie a towel he had lying around.  "You want anything to drink?  Beer, wine cooler?"

"Wine cooler," she said as she wiped his cum off of her stomach and breasts.  Bob returned with a beer for him and Seagram's wine cooler for her.  They drank, smoked, and talked for a little while.

Angie told him about the camp, about school, about life at home and how she hated it.  Her parents were a couple of holier-than-thou hypocrites.  Mommy was a drunk who was fucking one of the youth pastors at the church and Daddy was a workaholic who Angie was convinced was fucking his secretary.  The only member of her family who wasn't a dick was her cousin George, but he was off at college and didn't come home except for breaks.  She'd rather be at home right now than this camp but her parents sent her here for the whole summer because they found out that she had sex with her boyfriend one time.  They're punishing her for being a teenager, and won't let her come home until the weekend before band camp starts.  Angie's on the dance team for the band.  She said it was better than being a cheerleader.

"No having to carry a C in every class, the uniform is cuter, and no one suspects the band girls of anything, but they assume all the cheerleaders are blowing every jock in the school."

"And the dancers aren't blowing anyone?"  

Angie laughed.  "Not this dancer.  Aside from the one time I slept with my boyfriend, I haven't done much else.  Even that was more depressing than fun.  It was probably his first time, too, and he lasted maybe 3 minutes.  We tried again a few days later, and about a minute after he started his mother came barging in the room.  Jim came right then and there."

Bob laughed out loud at that.  "Wait, he starts fucking you, then his mom comes in to yell at him, and THAT'S when he comes?  Holy shit, what a fucking loser."

Angie shook her head and took a sip of her wine cooler, almost finishing it.  "His mom called my parents, and now I'm stuck in Jesus Camp for the summer, where the counselors keep telling us that sex is a sin and you'll go to Hell for doing it.  Meanwhile, they're off fucking in the woods.  Classic Christians, 'Do as I say, not as I do.'"  Angie finished her wine cooler.  "Any chance I can get another one?"

"Maybe."  Bob thought for a second.  "So you've never given a blowjob before?"

"No."  Angie looked at him a little worried.

"Well, now's a perfect time to start.  Come here, babe."  Bob grabbed Angie and pulled her close to him, and kissed her.  He pushed her hand down onto his cock and once she had a grip on it, moved it up and down in a stroking fashion.  Once she had a rhythm, Bob broke off his kiss and gently pusher head down into his lap.

"What do I do?"  She nervously asked.

"Keep stroking and stick your tongue out.  Lick it.  Lick the head, the shaft, the balls if you can.  Then suck on it.  Move your tongue all around and suck."

"You're not going to cum in my mouth, are you?"  She asked as she kept stroking.

"Not unless you want me to, babe.  I'd much rather cum in that nice, tight pussy of yours."

"Nope.  I'm not on the pill, and it's a pain in the ass to get birth control up to Camp Jesus."

"That's okay.  I'll warn you ahead of time.  Besides, since it's your first time, this is a warm-up try.  You do this for a few minutes, then we'll slide into a 69 then I'll fuck you again."

"69, that's..."  Angie trailed off before Bob interrupted.

"That's where you blow me while I eat you out."

Angie nodded.  Bob grabbed her head by her long, curly brown hair and guided his cock into her mouth.  She sucked and licked and kissed his dick, getting braver and more into it as time went by.  At one point she used her teeth and Bob let out a yell that scared her.


"No teeth, teeth bad."

"Oh."  Angie went back to sucking Bob's dick as best she could.  For a complete rookie, she did well.  He was still hard after a few minutes and his dick was still attached.  That was as good a spot as any to move into a 69 position.  Bob leaned down on the couch and slid Angie on top of him.  He got his face into position in her beaver and went to town, licking her clit and fingering her to one orgasm, then another, then a third in rapid succession.  He found her hot spot and was relentless.  Angie did the best she could, but lost focus each time he made her cum.

"Sit up and get on me.  You're gonna fuck me now."  He pushed Angie's pussy off of her face and put her in a position to mount Bob.  She hesitated for a moment before directing Bob's 7-inch cock to a position to enter her pussy.  She let him fill her up before putting her hips in motion and started grinding and humping him.  

Angie looked sexy as hell with her full breasts bouncing in the air as she fucked herself on Bob's cock.  Even though her form and technique had a long way to go, he nonetheless enjoyed Angie fucking him.  Eventually Bob grabbed her hips and fucked her in turn, going until he was ready to cum.

"Oh shit, oh, aww yeah!"  Bob pulled out of Angie's pussy and came on her ass and back.  The pair made out before she climbed off of him and cleaned herself.  Bob grabbed Angie another wine cooler and himself another beer.  They talked for a few more minutes as they drank and smoked before Angie had to get dressed to leave.  Before she left, Angie asked Bob something he wasn't expecting.

"Can I bring a friend next time I come up?"  Angie asked him as she put her bra and panties back on.

"Depends on the friend."  Bob replied as he lit up two cigarettes.  He passed one to Angie and kept one.

"Her name's Jen.  I go to high school with her, she's here at the camp.  We're friends back home and bunk mates here.  We came here a couple nights ago and had some of your beers.  When I came back last night empty handed, she asked what happened.  It was hard, but eventually I told her what we did."

Bob's eyes went wide.

"Don't worry, she's cool.  Jen hates this place more than I do.  Her parents put her here for the whole summer until they get back from their bullshit mission trip.  Her parents, well stepmom and dad, took the rest of the family with them on a mission trip to Costa Rica.  Jen's stuck here while the stepmom's kids and their kids go on this mission.  It's a fucked up story, she can tell it better."

Bob thought for a moment, taking a drag.  "She knows she owes me for that beer?"

"Oh don't worry, she knows.  She knows."  Angie gave him a knowing look.  Bob liked where this was going.

"Okay, as long as she's willing to party.  But let's not try to invite the whole camp up here before the end of summer."  

"Deal"  Angie gave him a kiss then walked to the door.  Bob followed.

"When you heading back?"  She asked, her arms around his neck and a cigarette in her hand.

"Sunday afternoon, after lunch."

"Okay, I'll try to come up tomorrow night after the counselors go to Shag City for the night.  If not, see you next week?"

"Sounds good babe."  Bob kissed her, deep and long this time.  After a minute, they pulled back.

"See you soon."  Angie gave him one more kiss before leaving.  Bob finished his smoke and went to bed, wondering how did he ever get this lucky.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-2 (Added 7-19-20)
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Nice Progression. Like how she's willing to add someone to their dynamic. Unless she's setting him up for a major fall! Merit from me!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-2 (Added 7-19-20)
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I can't wait to hear what happens when she brings her friend! Great story LtBroccoli!!

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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 3
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Chapter 3:  Angie comes back that weekend twice.  Once by herself, once with Jen.  Night 2. (Mff, oral, drug use)

Bob woke up on Saturday, trying to figure out if he was in a dream, dead, or very lucky.  He had just fucked a super-hot 16-year-old in his cabin two nights in a row, and now she was talking about bringing a friend over.  That shit doesn’t happen in real life, does it?

The headache from a mild hangover told him that he wasn’t dead cause the dead don’t feel pain, and if he was dreaming why wasn’t he surrounded by the Swedish Bikini Team as they played naked volleyball with a ball made of chocolate cake?

Convinced this was real life, Bob smoked a bowl to help wake up, then planned out his day.  He needed a shower or bath, some food, and to change his clothes.  After a quick dip in the lake with a bar of soap and a quick breakfast, he went to town for some more supplies, stuff for the cabin, and a box of rubbers.  He hated using them, but didn’t want no little munchkins running around.

He spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the cabin and trying to get the shower in the bathroom working.  The old connections to ground water weren’t working, but he figured out how to set up a rain water system to collect run-off water.  That, along with a propane tank and he was able to make enough hot water for a 5-minute shower.

The parts of the afternoon he wasn’t monkeying around on the shower were spent up in the tree stand watching the campers on the lake.  The weekend families were doing their own thing, but Camp Biblethumper was where the real show was. 

The older girls were swimming in the lake.  These were the teenagers, the ones that were worth looking at.  Most of them wore the same dark blue one-piece suit and looked like they were going through some standard swimming lessons.  It looked like the girls were broken up into teams of 6, each with some counselor that looked about their age telling them what to do.  He could sort of make out the different groups.  There was one for the shorter, smaller girls, another for some really big and fat girls, another for some really awkward looking girls, one for the athletes who took this shit way too seriously, and a group for the popular girls.

It was High School, but at Summer Camp.

It was with the good-looking girls he found Angie.  That suit did nothing to show off her great tits but it sure made her ass look good.  Her hair was down and wet, hanging almost down to her ass.  That’s what happens when curly hair gets wet.

Angie was talking to a few other campers between lessons.  There was a blonde that was a little shorter than her whose body was at the same level as Angie’s, two brunettes that were skinny, and a couple other girls in her group that probably wouldn’t be cool kids in their school but were stuck with them.  One girl looked like she could be a middle linebacker at a D2 college, and the other girl was about as wide as she was tall.  Bob hoped that this friend was the blonde, or one of the skinny girls.  He didn’t want Michelle Singletary down there pegging him, and he didn’t have any flour to roll the fat one around to find the wet spot.

After swimming, the girls went in for dinner and Bob climbed down from his tree stand and did the same.  He told himself that next time he came up, he’d get that stove working.  He didn’t mind eating grilled meat every night, but a change of pace would be nice.

Bob relaxed for the rest of the night in his jeans and shoes, having a couple beers and smoking a couple bowls.

It was close to midnight when he heard rustling outside of his door, followed by a knock.  He did the same as the night before, answered the door while holding the pistol out of range.

It was Angie and a friend.  This friend was a few inches taller than Angie, standing 5’10” easily.  She was almost as tall as Bob.  This friend was skinnier than Angie, and Angie was petite to begin with.  The friend didn’t have much in the chest department, but her legs were long and lean.  Her long brown hair was held back with a hairband, and she wore the same outfit that Angie wore; sneakers, a blue t-shirt, and a pair of blue gym shorts.

Bob pulled Angie in for a kiss and patted her ass, then motioned her and her friend inside.  He closed the door behind them.

“Bob, this is Jen.  Jen, Bob.”  Bob had hidden the pistol and reached out to Jen.  She reached out and shook his hand, weakly.  Angie was running her hand up and down Bob’s back.

“I heard you were drinking my beer, is that right?”  Bob held on to her hand a little longer.

“Yes.”  Jen nodded.  Bob kept a hold of her hand.

“Angie paid me for her share, it’s only fair you pay me for yours.”  Bob pulled Jen closer to him, close enough to smell her.  Her long hair smelled like melons, must be a shampoo she brought from home.  He let go of her hand and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her next to him.  He leaned in and kissed her, catching her off guard for a moment.  Jen then leaned into Bob’s kiss, returning it.

Jen breathed a sharp breath of surprise when she felt her shirt being lifted.  Bob felt her shirt move, too, and was amazed to see Angie pulling Jen’s shirt up and over her friend’s chest and shoulders.  She took Jen’s shirt off when the two broke their kiss for a moment.  Bob looked at Angie, who had a look of lust in her eyes.  Bob kissed Angie, then back to Jen.  While kissing Jen, he rubbed her ass through her shorts.

Bob leaned back and appreciated the view for a moment.  Jen was tall, skinny, and in great shape.  Her boobs were small, maybe a B-cup at best, but she was toned with the makings of a 6-pack.

Angie pulled off her shirt as Bob unclasped Jen’s bra.  He kissed down Jen’s neck, over her collarbone, and down to her breasts.  He sucked and licked on the new girl’s nipples, eliciting moans from her.  As he was doing this, he felt a pair of hands fumbling around with his zipper.  He looked down to see Angie unzipping his pants and freeing his cock from his jeans.  Angie stroked his cock as Bob slipped a hand into Jen’s shorts and panties.  He started stroking her pussy while sucking on her nipples.

Bob bent down further, grabbing her shorts and panties and pulling them down to her feet.  Jen hesitated for a moment before stepping out of them.  She stood there completely naked, save for her shoes and socks.  She had a nicely trimmed dark muff to match her brown hair, and her skin tone was slightly darker than Angie’s.  Must have some Italian in her or something. ‘Well, she’s about to have a little more Italian in her.’

Bob kept fingering her with one hand and exploring Angie with the other.  He alternated kissing them back and forth as Angie stripped down.  He fingered Jen, finding her clit with his right hand.  Jen’s breathing got shorter and shorter as he brought her to an orgasm.  Jen’s legs shaked, her knees nearly buckled, and she moaned as she came.  She grabbed on to Bob’s shoulders to keep from falling.  He slowed down just long enough to guide her over to the couch, where he laid her down.  She looked up at him, apprehensively.  Bob was now fondling and kissing Angie, playing with her twat.

“How ‘bout you sit over there and watch me fuck your friend, unless you’d rather be a little closer?”  He pointed to a chair nearby, but she shook her head.

“I’d rather be here.”  Bob kissed Angie again, then laid down on the couch on top of Jen, spreading her legs with his.

“Wait, wait.”  Jen said, catching Bob’s attention.  “I’ve never...”  Bob cut her off.

“Had sex?”  Jen nodded slightly.  “You’re about too.  Don’t worry, I’ll try to be gentle.” 

“It might hurt a little, but it’ll feel better before long.”  Angie said, reassuring her friend.  Bob leaned down when Jen spoke again.

“Wait.  Do you... Do you have?”

“Do I have a rubber?  Yeah.  Want me to wear one?”

“Please.  I don’t want to get pregnant my first time.”  Bob thought she looked so cute when she asked that.  He grabbed a condom off of the table and put it on.  He hated these things, but he hated kids more, and he doubted he could sneak her off camp long enough to get an abortion.  So he put a condom on his dick, lined it up with her pussy, and gently pushed in.

Bob looked down and watched her face as he entered her for the first time.  She winced a little as he pushed in a little, then pulled out.  Angie grabbed Jen’s hand and held it as Bob felt something inside Jen.  It was her hymen.  He was surprised she had one, looking like an athlete like her.  He pushed in a little harder.  She strained a little more at the pressure and squeezed Angie’s hand a little tighter.  One last push and POP! Goes the Cherry.  Bob slid his full length into Jen as she moaned a little.  He leaned down and kissed her, then started slowly thrusting into her with long, slow strokes.  Angie alternated between stroking Jen’s hair and rubbing Bob’s back.

Bob kept up the thrusting for longer than normal because fucking with a rubber is like, well, fucking with a piece of rubber on your dick.  After 20 minutes, Jen started getting into it and thrusting back.  Her breathing shallowed and she was grabbing and scratching Bob’s back.  Angie had let go of Jen’s hand by this point and was playing with herself on the floor.  Bob picked up the pace as Jen moaned out.

“Oh yes, oh, oh, OH, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH SWEET GOD YES OH YESSS!!!”  Jen wrapped her legs around Bob and dug her fingernails into his back as she came.  Jen convulsed, then collapsed under Bob. 

He felt like he was getting ready when he felt Angie grab his shoulders.

“My turn.”  Angie said as she guided him up and off of Jen.  She climbed over her friend’s sweat drenched body and stuck her ass up in the air.  Bob liked where this was going and sat up on his knees, entering Angie in a doggystyle position.

Here he was, a man in his mid-twenties, fucking two gorgeous teenagers in his cabin.  He was balls-deep in Angie, who was hunched over her friend, whose cherry he just popped.  All because they were stuck at Bible Camp.

Finally, religion did some good in this world.

Bob kept fucking Angie, and her breathing quickened.  He saw Angie’s bigger tits swing and squish onto Jen’s chest.  Her moans built up, but then stopped.  He wondered why until he saw Jen’s hands in Angie’s hair, and the two girls kissing.

This was almost too much for him.  He reached down to flick Angie’s clit, just to find her hand going to town.  He started thinking about baseball, about how to change the oil on a Camaro, George Bush throwing up, anything to distract him from nutting until Angie came.  This was too fucking hot to not see.

Angie started cumming.  He felt her pussy contract and convulse on his dick as she let out a moan into Jen’s mouth.

That’s it, that did it.

Bob thrust a couple last times, then grabbed onto Angie’s hips and held himself in place as he came.

“OHHH FUCCCCK!!!”  Bob shot rope after rope after rope of cum into his condom.  He pulled out of Angie and collapsed on the couch.  All three lovers cuddled and caressed one another for a couple minutes until Bob got up and went to the cooler to grab a beer for himself and some wine coolers for the girls.  He opened the drinks and handed them some towels to clean themselves up.  He also lit up a few cigarettes, one for each of them.

They chilled on the couch for a half-hour.  Bob asked Jen some questions, finding out a little more about the girl he just deflowered.  Like her name.  Jen Tibault.  She went to school with Angie, and were both on the Dance team.  Jen talked about why she was at Camp Biblethumber all summer.  Her stepmom convinced her dad to take five of the six kids with them to Costa Rica for a ‘Mission Trip.’

“Yeah.  Mission trip.  Two weeks spent building a church, then the rest spent at a resort owned by the church.  They went on this amazing vacation for the whole summer and left me here.”  Jen said bitterly as she drank from her wine cooler.

Her stepmom, a woman she called Cuntface, convinced her dad to take her younger 14-year-old brother, Cuntface’s two daughters of 11 and 7, and their two boys of 3 and 5 with them, but left Jen behind.

“Why?”  Asked Bob.

“Because she’s a lying, hypocritical bitch who hates me.  This isn’t the first time she’s found some excuse to exclude me from the family.  Nothing I ever do is good enough for her, but her kids can do no wrong.  I’m just biding my time until I’m 18 and bam, I’m outta there.  I’ve been looking for ways to hurt her for the last few years, ever since split my parents up.  Most recent was I made sure she caught me blowing her boyfriend.  I tried telling Dad about her cheating, but he’s all like ‘at this point, it’s cheaper to keep her.’  Fucking pansy.”  Jen took another sip.

“Where’s your mom at?  Why not spend the summer with her if they’re going somewhere?”  Bob asked her bluntly.

“She moved across the country, I think.  No one’s talked to her in a couple years.  Last I saw her was when she kicked me out for blowing her boyfriend.”

“Wait, wait, wait.  How many of your mom’s boyfriends’ dicks have you sucked?”  In hindsight, this was the only time in history he ever had to ask that question.

“Four, but I’m not sure if one of them counts since they weren’t dating at the time.”  Jen responded.

“Holy shit, Jen.  How many dicks have you sucked?  You told me about a few more.”  Angie was amazed at what she was hearing from her friend.  Jen thought for a moment.

“I don’t know, like 15, maybe 20.”  Jen responded like she was recounting the number of times she ate at Wendy’s.

“20 dicks and you never fucked until tonight?”  Angie was incredulous.

“I didn’t want to screw until this summer, even picked the right guy for the job.  I was gonna screw Christian, even started dating him.  Instead, I get sent to this gulag and he goes back to Gina.”

“That sucks.  He’s really cute, too.”

“Daaamn.  20 dicks.  How ‘bout we make that 21?  I’ve always wanted to get my dick sucked by two beautiful women while smoking a bowl.”  Bob said this as he grabbed the bowl full of weed and a lighter.  Angie and Jen looked at each other, than back at him.

“Wait, you think we’re beautiful?”  Jen asked, as she crawled closer to Bob’s legs.

“Yeah.  Both of you.  You want a hit of this before starting?”  Bob took a hit off of the pipe, then passed it to Angie.  She hesitated for a moment, but then took a long hit.  She coughed almost immediately before passing to Jen.  Jen, who was already stroking Bob’s cock, let go and took a hit.  She acted a little more experienced with the weed, holding in the smoke and savoring it.  Jen passed the bowl back to Bob while Angie stroked him.

Bob was in heaven for the next several minutes.  He smoked half a bowl while Jen sucked his dick like a prize came out of it.  Jen showed Angie some tips and tricks, and what Angie lacked in technique she made up for in enthusiasm.  He held out as long as he could, but in the end the assault on his dick by these two beauties was too much.

“Oh fuck, where you want me to cum?”  Bob asked.

“In Angie’s mouth.”  Jen said, surprising her friend who currently had her mouth on Bob’s cock.  Jen grabbed Angie by the back of the head and held her in place.

“OHH FUUCK!”  Bob grabbed onto Angie’s head as well and busted a nut in her mouth.  Her eyes went wide as she felt his cum erupt in her mouth.  It took a moment to figure out what just happened.  Jen handed Angie a towel, and she spit into it.  Bob handed Angie her drink, and she used that to wash the taste out of her mouth.

The three of them hung out for a couple more minutes as the girls got dressed.  It was well past midnight by this point, probably close to 2AM and they still had to sneak back into camp.  Bob embraced both of the girls before they left.

“You coming back next week?”  Angie asked Bob as he held her in his arms at the doorway.

“Should be.  If I’m not up here by Friday, I’ll be up the week after for sure.”

“Hope so, I’m really starting to like these little trips.”  Angie said before kissing him again.

“Me too.  And you, come over here.”  Bob grabbed Jen and pulled her close as he kissed her long and deep.  “I’m sure she told you about coming back here.  Same rules and offer applies.  You’re welcome to party as long you’re willing to party.  Deal.”  Jen kissed him back.  Bob took that as a yes.

Bob let go of Jen and she started walking towards the camp.  Angie gave Bob one last kiss then followed.

“Bye.”  The girls said in near unison.


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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-3 (Added 7-29-20)
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2020, 06:47:28 AM »
Another great continuation with only one minor continuity error:

"Here he was, a man in his mid-twenties, fucking two gorgeous teenagers in his cabin." 

From Part one: "being in his 50's now with some health issues makes that a bad idea.

Now I know sex is good for you but it's not known for cutting thirty years off your age!

Still earns you a merit and gives you proof that at least one person is actually reading your story!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-3 (Added 7-29-20)
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2020, 08:31:38 AM »
Another great continuation with only one minor continuity error:

"Here he was, a man in his mid-twenties, fucking two gorgeous teenagers in his cabin." 

From Part one: "being in his 50's now with some health issues makes that a bad idea.

Now I know sex is good for you but it's not known for cutting thirty years off your age!

Still earns you a merit and gives you proof that at least one person is actually reading your story!

Sorry, this story is a flashback.  In 2020, Bob is in his 50's, but in 1995 he was mid-20's.
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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-4 (Added 8-7-20)
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Chapter 4:  A couple weekends later Bob catches Jen and Stacy, joins in on the fun (ff, Mff, oral, drug use)

Bob didn’t get a chance to return to the camp the following weekend.  He was stuck working on a siding project with his uncle that was running behind due to a rainstorm, so they had to work through the weekend.  He was miserable the entire week he was stuck at home, and even tag teaming that Jessica bitch from the bar with his buddy Vinny only raised his mood a little.  The fact that he was stuck down here listening to the same people bitch and moan about their problems that he didn’t give a fuck about instead of being balls deep in some religious twat got under his skin.

He spent the rest of his free time gathering supplies for making the cabin a little nicer.  He got himself a propane fridge and some building supplies to make a queen-sized bed.  He also brought some more food up with him, along with more beer, wine, girly drinks, and booze.  He drove up on Monday, July 3rd, making it to camp around 11PM.  After a long day of working, packing, and driving, Bob was exhausted.  All he wanted to do was get inside, get undressed, and go to bed.  After hiking up the driveway from the parking spot down the hill, all he wanted was maybe a cold beer from the cooler he was lugging, and to sleep.

Bob didn’t notice that his door was slightly ajar.  He was too tired.  He was also too tired to notice the little lamp on his table was on until he was in the room.  Nor did he notice to the two people making out on the couch until he heard the girls scream.

“AAAAHH PLEASE DON’T HURT US!”  A young woman screamed from the couch.

Bob dropped his cooler and jumped back.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?  WHO ARE YOU?”  Bob reached behind for his pistol before realizing he left it in the truck.

“BOB, WAIT, STOP!”  Another woman said, standing up holding her arms out.  She knew his name.  Bob focused on her.  She was a taller brunette with curly hair and small tits.  She wore a pair of light blue gym shorts and a bra.

He recognized those tits.

“Jen?”  He stepped a little closer.

“Yeah, it’s me.  Hi.”  She waved a cute little wave to him.  She crossed her arms in front of her, trying to hide her boobs a little. 

Bob interrupted something.  He looked at the couch and saw another woman.  A girl, to be more accurate.  She was naked from the waist up, trying to cover her boobs with her shirt.  She was very cute, also with long, curly brown hair, but it wasn’t anyone he met before.

“Who’s your friend?”  Bob asked, putting a little steel behind his voice.  The girl waved meekly.

“I’m Stacy.”

“Stacy goes to the camp with us.  She’s from a neighboring school.  We were...”  Jen tried to find something to say.

“We were just leaving.”  Stacy said as she stood up, trying to gather up her clothes.

“No, you’re not.  You were making out on my couch, sit down.  Both of you.”  Stacy had a fearful look on her face.  Jen was more annoyed than anything.  The girls sat down on the couch, very close to each other.  Bob sat on the chair across from them.  He pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthol’s and lit one up.  He offered some to the girls.  Jen took one, but Stacy declined.  After lighting the smokes, Bob spoke.

“Fuck, does everyone know about this fucking place?  I don’t mind walking in on two fine ass women making out on my couch, but I don’t need all of Camp Biblethumper coming over here.  Where’s Angie?”

“Angie’s on the rag this week.  She was hoping to see you last week, but you didn’t come.  And the only ones who know about this place are her, me, and now Stacy.  Maybe one or two others might know a little, but they don’t know where this is.”  Jen said, puffing away on the cigarette.

“And it’s gonna fucking stay that way.  No one else finds out about this place.”

“Okay.  This stays with just the three of us.”  As Jen said that, Bob knew it was just a matter of time.

“So, why here tonight?”  Bob said after a drag.

“We just wanted some privacy, away from everyone else at the camp.  They are SOOOOOO judgemental.  It’s like they get off on hurting people.”  Stacy spoke with a conviction Bob wasn’t expecting.  Jen grabbed Stacy’s hand and squeezed it.

“So y’all came up to my crib to get away from them fuckers over there?”


Stacy spoke up.

“Listen, Jen told me about if you caught us here then you might make us fuck you.  Fine, whatever.  If you want to fuck me, then just fuck me and get it over with.” 

Stacy was on the verge of tears.  Bob really wasn’t expecting this.  Jen pulled Stacy closer.  Stacy continued.

“I just wanted to spend some time alone with this beautiful girl.  When she asked me to come up here, I was shocked.  There’s something different about her, about how I feel when I look at her, about how I feel when she looks at me, it’s like my heart skips a beat.  I’ve never felt the way I did when she kissed me earlier, but like everything else in life, it all comes crashing down because some man needs to fuck some girl.  God dammit, why can’t I be happy for just a few minutes?”

Stacy was in a full-blown meltdown.  This was not what Bob wanted to deal with tonight.

“Um, uhm, I’m just gonna sit right here on this chair and have a beer or two.  If y’all want something, Jen knows the rules.  Otherwise, I’m just gonna sit here, and whatever you two do, you two do.  I won’t do anything to you Stace unless you want me to.  Deal?”

“Promise?”  Stacy asked between sobs.

“Promise.  I won’t do shit to you unless you’re up for it.  Besides, I’m too fucking tired to fuck.  I’m not too tired to watch two hot ass ladies dyke out on my couch.”

Jen raised her hands in protest.

“Whoa, whoa, I’m not a dyke.  We’re just...”

“Curious?”  Stacy added.

“Yeah, curious, that’s all.”  Jen said to Bob, though it sounded like she was explaining it more to herself.

“Well, I ain’t ever seen two fine ass women get curious on my couch.  So I’mma drinka beer, smoke a bowl, and watch.” 

Bob pulled out a baggie of weed and his bowl and started packing it.  The girls looked at each other, unsure of what to do next.  Just as he was about to light up, he spoke.

“I won’t say shit about what happens here.  If y’all want any of this or something to drink, Jen knows what to do.”

Bob leaned back in the chair and fired up his bowl.  After a couple puffs, he offered to the girls.  Jen waved him off.

“Maybe later.”

She turned to Stacy, who had dropped her shirt and was covering her breasts with her arm.  They were bigger than Jen’s, at least a solid B or small C-cup.  Her skin was also a couple shades lighter than Jen’s, and her blue eyes contrasted with Jen’s brown eyes.

“You okay?  You don’t mind him being here?” 

Stacy didn’t respond with words.  She gently grabbed Jen’s chin and angled the taller girl’s mouth to hers and leaned in for a kiss.  It was soft and sensual.  She kissed Jen slowly again, and again until Jen returned the favor.  It took about a minute before the girls explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.  Their hands ran through each other’s hair.  Stacy pulled out Jen’s barrette while Jen pulled Stacy’s scrunchee out.  Both young women let their hair cascade down their backs.  Their hands explored each other’s bodies as they pulled closer to each other.

Stacy broke off the kiss and started nibbling on Jen’s ear and neck.  While she did this, she undid Jen’s bra with one hand and let it fall loose.  With two moves, the bra was off of her shoulders and her chest was exposed.  Stacy gently rubbed and played with Jen’s tits while she went back to kissing her.  They kissed for another minute before Stacy broke off the kiss and laid a slow trail down to Jen’s nipples.  Once there, she licked and sucked on them, eliciting soft gasps and moans.  Stacy alternated between the breasts, giving them each ample attention.

Stacy made her way back up to Jen’s mouth, but her hands moved further down Jen’s body.  They rubbed down her tight stomach and stopped just above her waistline.  Stacy leaned over and whispered in Jen’s ear.  Bob couldn’t make out what she said, but Jen responded with “Me neither.”  Jen then lifted her butt off of the couch, allowing Stacy to pull Jen’s shorts and panties down her legs.

Once Jen’s shorts were down to her ankles, Stacy leaned Jen back on the couch and climbed atop her.  She pushed her hair out of the way, seemingly enjoying the view.  After a moment, she kissed Jen again and slid her right hand down Jen’s stomach, past her crotch, and onto her inner thigh.  She slowly made her way up to her friend’s pussy, where she explored the outside of it playfully before working her way to the slit.  Stacy tentatively slipped her middle finger in past Jen’s outer folds.  She played around in there for a moment when she broke off the kiss she planted on Jen.

“Someone likes this so far.”  Stacy said with a mischievous smile.  Jen looked embarrassed for a split second before she gasped as Stacy pushed further into her.  Stacy picked up the rhythm and started finger fucking her with her fore and middle fingers while rubbing circles on her clit with her thumb.  Jen’s breathing quickened and she grabbed Stacy’s hair with her left hand, pulling their mouths together.

With her right hand, Jen slipped her hand into Stacy’s pants and tried to work her fingers into Stacy’s pussy, but she didn’t have a good angle.  Stacy adjusted her position, allowing Jen to push her shorts and panties down just enough over her tight little ass so that Jen could try to make Stacy feel as good as she did right now.  The two young women fingered each other for a couple minutes, losing focus when they were each brought to the verge of an orgasm.

They didn’t dive in straight away to make each other cum.  Instead, they took their time.  They explored and edged each other to the brink, then backed away.  This kept up for several minutes until Stacy kept going, giving Jen an orgasm so intense that her screams nearly woke the neighbors a mile away.  At least, they would have if Stacy didn’t cover Jen’s mouth with hers for a deep, passionate kiss.

As Jen came down from her orgasm, Stacy continued her digital assault on her sex.  She kept going this time, driving Jen to a second orgasm right before Jen pushed her to one of her own.  When Stacy came, she was much quieter about it, letting out a series of moans.

The girls collapsed on top of each other, kissing each other and basking in the afterglow.  Stacy looked at Jen, grabbing a hold of her hand.

“There’s something I want to try, but I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know how it’ll work.”

“What’s that?”  Jen said, playing with Stacy’s hair.

“Just lay back and relax.”  Stacy started kissing her way down Jen’s chest and stomach.  She laid a trail of kisses all the way down, past the nipples and to the belly button.  She scooched down the couch slightly to get a better angle, then kept kissing.  Stacy pushed Jen’s legs apart as she approached Jen’s neatly trimmed pussy, her dark hairs matted with her juices from earlier.  Stacy looked at Jen’s love tunnel with apprehension, excitement, and nervousness.

“Um, if you’ve never done that before, a couple words of advice.”  Bob spoke up.  He was wearing only his jeans by this point, and he was sporting an obvious erection.  Stacy nearly forgot that he was here, watching them.  She looked at him with a startled expression.

“Like I was saying, if you’ve never done this before I got some tips.  Every woman smells different, unique.  Enjoy it.  Take your time and explore, give attention everywhere, but if you want to drive her wild, find her clit with your tongue and write the alphabet on it.”

“Write the alphabet?”  Stacy asked.

“Yeah.  You do that, she’ll be screaming around LMNOP.”  This probably wasn’t the first time in history that a guy mansplained pussy eating to a lesbian, but it was Bob’s first time doing so.

Stacy took her time and kissed all over Jen’s pussy before spreading her labia and licking her entrance.  She licked and sucked all over, covering her face in her lover’s juices.  Stacy savored her time between Jen’s legs, but was curious if this trick worked.  She angled her face higher on Jen’s pussy, rubbing the clit with her nose before settling down on it with her mouth.  Stacy pulled Jen’s lips back as far as they could comfortably go before sticking out her tongue and flicking Jen’s clit.

Jen responded immediately, letting out an “Oh God” and raising her back slightly off of the couch.  She rubbed her tits with her left hand while she found Stacy’s hair with her right.

Stacy started, writing out the alphabet on Jen’s clit.  One could almost hear the song as she sang it to herself.  By the time Stacy reached F, Jen had grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her tightly onto her pussy.  At J, Jen’s legs were wrapping around Stacy’s body and head.  At L, Jen was screaming “OH YES, OH FUCK YES DON’T STOP DON’T STOOPPPPPP!” By the time Stacy finished the letter N, it was over.  Jen squeezed her legs together around Stacy’s head and pulled her in with her hands as she screamed something guttural at the top of her lungs.  Even being in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, that was pretty fucking loud.

Once Jen came down and relaxed her grip, Stacy crawled back up to Jen and kissed her.  Jen was so out of it she either didn’t notice or didn’t care that Stacy was covered in her juices.  The two kissed passionately for a minute before Jen rolled Stacy over on the couch, mounting her.

“My turn.”  Jen kissed Stacy again, then slid down her body.  She spent a good amount of time on Stacy’s breasts, enjoying the larger pliant flesh.  She made her way down Stacy’s abs.  The girl had a discreet 6-pack but covered up more than she needed.  Jen worked her way down to Stacy’s pussy.  Her hair was dark but looked slightly lighter than Jen’s.  Stacy also shaved most of her hair off, only leaving a landing strip.  Her lips were neatly shaven. 

Jen gave Stacy a quick lick before turning to Bob.

“Hey, if you want any action tonight, wrap it up and fuck me while I’m eating her out.”

Looking back on this event 25 years later, Bob could only recall 2 other times in life he ever took his pants off faster.  Once was when he wore breakaway pants at a basketball game.  The other was when he spilled gasoline on them and they caught on fire.  Even the breakaway pants might not have been this fast.

Jen kissed and explored Stacy’s pussy with her tongue, taking in her first pussy.  It wasn’t high on the list of things she wanted to do, but it wasn’t bad.  She could enjoy this if it was the right girl, and Stacy was definitely the right girl right now.  Jen began to lick and suck on Stacy’s clit as Bob put on a condom and climbed up on the couch behind Jen.  Jen went to town licking Stacy’s clit as Bob slipped into Jen’s sopping wet pussy.  Jen moaned into Stacy’s vagina, then went back to work on Stacy.  Jen licked and sucked on Stacy’s clit while Bob fucked her doggystyle.

It didn’t take long until Stacy was squirming on Jen’s face and moaning in orgasm.  Bob held out as long as he possibly could to make this moment last, but once Jen started cumming again, he bust one of the hardest nuts in his life.

All three of them collapsed on the couch, panting.  Jen and Stacy cuddled while Bob got up to get a beer.  He came back with one for each of them.  Neither of them liked the taste, but this didn’t look like this was the first time Stacy ever had a beer.  They sat around and cuddled.  Jen and Bob had a cigarette.  When Bob passed the bowl around, Jen took a couple hits, but Stacy only had a quick puff.  Just enough to say 'There, I did some, now fuck off with this.'

They talked for the next half hour.  Stacy went to the neighboring school and was a year behind Jen.  Stacy was a cheerleader.  She was also in drama, dance, and every other club she could get into.  She kept up a straight A report card nearly every quarter.  Normally Bob didn’t remember the specifics of all of the conversations, but this one stuck with him for how fucked up it was.  The three of them were sitting, curled up under a blanket.  Jen was in the middle, with Bob on the right and Stacy on the left.  They were talking about what just happened when Bob made a comment to Stacy.

“You know Stace, if you ever want to try sex with a dude, I’m game.”

“Thanks, but no.  If I want to fuck you, I’ll fuck you, but it won’t be to try it out.  I’ve done it enough times to know I don’t really like it.  Sure, it can be fun sometimes, but there’s too much pressure, the guy gets all worked up, the camera guy wants to join in, it becomes a disaster.”  Stacy’s matter-of-fact mentioning of a camera guy during sex stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Wait, did you say camera guy?”

“Yeah.  One, sometimes more.  If there’s more than one, one is on a still camera, the other is on video.  But they’re usually satisfied with a blowie after.  Keeps them quiet.”

“Babe, that ain’t right.  You’re making porn?”  Jen asked her friend with serious concern.

“I wouldn’t call it porn exactly.  But every time I get fucked by my uncle or my cousins, or their friends, they insist on filming it.  At least every time over the last five years.”

Bob sat with his jaw on the floor as he did the math in his head.

“Hold up.  They’ve been filming you having sex since you were what, 11?”

“10.  That’s when the filming started.”  Stacy took a sip.  “The fucking started at 8.”

Jen and Bob sat dumbfounded.  Stacy saw their reaction and started to get emotionally distraught.

“Just pretend I didn’t say anything, okay?  I don’t want to be known as the local whore.  It’s wanted to fucking know why I don’t want to fuck you, well it’s cause I never get to choose who I fucked, until tonight.  This was the first time I got to choose, and I chose you Jen.  You’re special to me.”

Jen leaned in and held Stacy as she cried.  Bob, for his part, patted Stacy on the shoulder then gave her and Jen a hug.

“Whoever that sick fuck is, he needs a bullet in his fucking head.”

“That sick fuck is the Reverend Charles Daniels.  Pastor for the church.  And the cousins are all his deacon children and nephews.”  Stacy cried hard for a moment.  “Bob, he’s not worth it.  My life is already pretty shitty without him and the church making it worse.  Once I graduate in two years, I’ll leave this town and this church forever.  Maybe go to New York or Boston.  Maybe San Fran.  Then it can fucking burn to the ground.”

“I can help it burn.  I got redneck friends, we can make shit disappear.”  Stacy laughed as his attempt at a joke.

They spent the next half-hour or so cuddling and talking.  Bob really wanted to fuck this guy up, but Stacy was pretty chill.  She was more worried about freaking out Jen than anything.  Stacy admitted that she’s had a crush on Jen since they got to camp, but never imagined that anything would happen until the last couple days.  Jen admitted that she also liked Stacy, in that way.  “I ain’t no lesbian, but that was great.”

As they got dressed to leave, Bob asked Stacy if any of those guys were here at the camp.

“No, not yet.  They might come up tomorrow for the Fourth of July show.  If they do, they’ll have people all around and won’t get separated from the pack.  Everyone will be doing their best ‘Praise Jesus’ act.  After that, it’s back to the suburbs of Harbor City.”  Stacy finished pulling her shirt over her head.  “Don’t do anything stupid.  They’re not worth it.”

Bob gave both of the girls kisses.  Stacy’s was light, Jen’s was deep.  He watched them walk off, hand in hand.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-4 (Added 8-7-20)
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What tells me the Bob is going to going to get backwoods justice for Stacy. Wonder who had they key to get in with? Merit from me!

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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-5 (Added 8-18-20)
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Thanks CMG.  I've got some ideas on true justice, but it might take a while.
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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-5 (Added 8-18-20)
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Chapter 5:  4th of July (Mf, implied others, mostly story)

After the girls left, Bob smoked a bowl, drank a beer, and passed out in his living room.  An old drinking buddy of his drew a line years ago about the difference between sleeping and passing out.

“If your boots are on, you passed out.  If you took them off, you went to sleep.”

Bob awoke and his boots were still on.  He put them on after the girls left so he could get a couple more things out of his truck.  Or at least, that was the plan until he looked at his truck, looked at the distance, and said ‘screw it.’ 

Today, he was going to unload that truck and maybe even set up his bed.  Right after a good, hearty breakfast of a beer and a bowl.  Not only was it the breakfast of champions in trailer parks the world over, it was also the only stuff he brought with him from the truck last night.  The rest of his food was still in the truck bed.

Just as Bob had cracked open a beer, something strange happened.  There was a knock at the door.  Two knocks.  A third, and the door swung open, creaking on the hinges.  Bob looked at the door, and there stood a man in 20’s with quaffed brown hair, a red polo shirt, jean shorts, tennis shoes, and a very punchable face.

“Fuck you want?”  Bob stood, putting a little extra bass in his voice as he made his way to the door, beer bottle in hand.  The dweeby looking guy shrank down a bit.

“I’m sorry about the door, I was just knocking.  My name is Jacob, I’m from First Union Holy Trinity Church down in Harbor City and...”  Bob cut him off.

“Get. To the point.”

“We’re having a 4th of July celebration at Camp Hiawatha today, and we’re inviting all of our neighbors at the lake to partake.  We’ll have food and refreshments and fireworks after dark.  We would ask that you keep your adult beverages here, there are a lot of kids running around.”

Bob looked at him, not sure if he wanted to whoop his ass or pants him.  Maybe both.

“Really, my favorite part of the bible was Jesus turning water into wine.  Would have been real fun to party with.”

“We’d love to have you over, if you can make the time.”

“What’d you say your name was?”

“Jacob.  Jacob Daniels.”  Jacob extended his hand for a shake.

Bob eyed him up and down again.  He could kick his ass 6 ways from Sunday if he so desired, but now would not be a good time.

He put the beer in his left hand and grabbed Jacob’s hand with his right, crushing it as hard as he could.  Jacob probably didn’t know hard work at all, while Bob was in construction.  Bob shook Jacob’s hand while crushing it.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jacob.  I will try to show up later on.”  Bob held the grip a moment longer than needed, just to see Jacob squirm.  As soon as he let go, Jacob stepped back and grabbed his hand in pain.

“Hope to see you later.”  Jacob said through gritted teeth.  Bob didn’t wait for Jacob to turn, as he closed the door on his face.

“I have got to get a fucking lock for this door.”  Bob sat on the couch and had his breakfast.

The rest of the morning was uneventful.  Bob unloaded the truck, set up his bed, loaded up the fridge, and took a quick shower.  He had just gotten dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt when the door to the cabin open.


Bob recognize the voice right away.  It was Vinny, his best friend for the last ten years.  With him were Chuckie, Paul, and Gary.  His crew.  They greeted each other, sharing pleasantries, calling each other gay and homo, normal guy shit.

Vinny was skinny as a rail and sneaky as a rat.  He dressed like a lot of white kids that listened to gangsta rap back then, and his greasy mustache looked like that a teen would grow to try to look older.  His mullet was the only thing betraying his real age.  No one in high school had one, but a child of the 80’s did.

Chuckie looked like a grown ass man, but acted like a kid.  It didn’t help that he was the youngest of the group at 19, but stood almost 6’4”.  He was Vinny’s step brother, but became part of the crew years ago.

Paul and Gary were nearly inseparable.  They worked together, lived together, even screwed the same bitches together.  They were both about average height, with Paul being an inch taller and still having all of his hair.  Gary was a little more muscular, but always wore a hat to hide his receding hairline.

The men chilled for a minute in Bob’s cabin, smoking a bowl and having a beer before heading to the lake.  They discussed the plan of the day; go to the lake and get a bitch or two.  If not, get fucked up.  Either way, get fucked up.

Vinny parked over by the park entrance where most of the visitors parked.  Bob’s directions were piss-poor at best but he at least got them to the lake.  All their shit was still back at the car, about a mile away.

Bob drove Vinny over to his car, and Vinny followed him back, parking by the cabin.  Before they went back inside, Bob pulled Vinny off to the side.

“Yo dude, I didn’t want to say this in front of the boys, but Camp Biblethumper’s having an open house or some shit today, and I wanted to go.”

Vinny gave Bob a WTF look.  Bob continued.

“No, not like that, I ain’t going all Jesusy on this shit.  I want to get some eyes on some mother fuckers.”

“What’s going on?”  Vinny asked, as Bob leaned in closer, lowering his voice.

“I heard some shit.  Just rumors at this point, but it was too fucked up to ignore, and the way she acted when she told me was just too fucked to be fake.  Know what I’m saying?”

Vinny nodded.

“Who we keeping an eye on?  What we looking for?”

“The Daniels family, the priest and all the ministers.  Wouldn’t be surprised about the extended family being involved in some shit, too.  As for what, I can’t tell you now but just keep some eyes on them.  If one of those little dweebs steps outta line in the wrong place...”

“Got it.  Something’s got you rattled, dude.  You ain’t asked for anything like that since Creepy Kevin.  Dis one dem situations?”  Vinny asked.

“Maybe.  Might even be worse.  But it might also be bullshit, too.  Just keep an eye out.”

Bob and Vinny went back in the cabin, where the rest of the crew were smoking up.

The crew went down to the lake and hung out with some of the other campers.  They mingled, getting food and drinks from the partiers, even hopped on some jetskis and rode for a little bit.  At some point, more people from the church came down and let the rest of the campers know about the ‘party’ at the camp.

‘Good’ Bob said to himself.  ‘At least this wasn’t some ploy to nail him for fucking a couple campers.’  He watched as a few of the lake partiers came and went, most with plates of food but coming back for hard drinks.

The crew made their way over to Camp Hiawatha, and it was everything they expected it to be; pretentious, preachy, and lame as fuck.  It felt straight out of a movie about cults.  There were about a dozen men, all dressed just like Jacob, spread amongst the campers.  The counselors were busy trying to reign in the younger campers, while most of the older ones were stuck working the food lines or information booths.

That’s where Bob found Angie.  She was sitting at a booth with information on the church’s upcoming preschool program, bored out of her skull.  She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there.  With Angie at the booth was a smoking hot blonde girl who looked to be one of the other campers.  They were both wearing the same outfit of blue shirts and gym shorts.  While Angie had her curly brown hair pulled back, the blonde let it fall straight down to mid-back.

Bob and Vinny approached the booth.

“I’mma talk to the blonde.”  Vinny quickened the pace, arriving at the booth a half step before Bob.  As they got closer, Bob could see they both had to wear nametags.  Angie’s said “Amy” while the blonde’s said “Natalie”.  The blonde stood up, putting on that cheerful fakely-sincere smile that comes only from buying your own bullshit.

“Good day, and hello.  So, who is looking on information for pre-schools?”  The blonde said, scanning over the two men.  She stood, holding a pamphlet in her hands.

“That’d be me.  Well, my nephews anyway.  I’m Vince.”  Vinny reached out to shake the blonde’s hand.  She grabbed it weakly.

“Hello, I’m Natalie, and this is Angie.”  Natalie shook Vinny’s hand with the enthusiasm one would have for sticking their hand in raw sewage.  Her smile brightened around the mouth, but not the eyes.

For her part, Angie rolled her eyes at Natalie’s show with Vinny.  Bob stopped paying attention to Vinny try to spit game at a girl hawking sign-ups for a day care, and looked at Angie.  They didn’t say anything aside form a quick “hi” and “hello.”  They did talk with their eyes, using some unspoken language between them.  Bob tilted his head to the side towards the woods, she nodded.

“Nat, I’m taking my break, I’ll be back in a bit.”  Angie stood up, grabbing her purse. 

“Okay, I’ll be here.  Waiting for you to get back.”  Natalie said that with the tone of passive-aggressiveness usually reserved for suburban housewives talking shit on their neighbors.

As Angie walked a couple steps, Bob started walking.

“Excuse me, which way’s the bathroom?”

“Follow me, I’m heading that way.”  Angie motioned him to follow her. Bob turned to Vinny.

“I’ll catch up in a minute.”  Bob let Angie get a few steps ahead, to keep a decent distance between them.  He couldn’t hear what Natalie was specifically saying, but it was along the lines of Jesus, kids, sin, teaching lessons, penance, shit like that.  For his part Vinny tried steering the conversation to Natalie, but she had no desire to talk to him about anything other than the preschool or church stuff.

Bob saw Angie make a turn out of sight towards a group of trees past some buildings, and he followed.  She waved him on to follow her to the trees.  Once there, he could see they were well hidden from any prying eyes.

As soon as he rounded the last tree, Angie grabbed him and kissed him with a deep, passionate kiss.

“I missed you.”  She said, arms wrapped around his neck.

“I missed you, too.”  Bob said, holding her around her waist.

“We don’t have long, I gotta get back in a few minutes and I still need to go to the bathroom.”  Angie slipped off her shoes and shorts, sliding her panties down and off.  She pulled her shirt up over her head, exposing her bra.

“You gonna take those pants off, or am I?”  She asked Bob, shaking him out of his stupor.  Immediately Bob undid his jeans and fished out his cock, already springing to life.  Angie gripped his dick and stroked it until he was fully erect.

Once he was erect, she bent over facing away from him and guided his dick into her pussy.  She was already wet.

“Oh, damn I missed that.  You can cum inside, I can’t get knocked up this week.”  Angie gripped onto the tree in front of her while Bob grabbed her hips and fucked into her for all he was worth.  He reached one hand up and grabbed her tits, playing with them under her bra.

Angie started to moan, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth back to hers, kissing her into silence.  The angle definitely helped them both, as Angie moaned into Bob’s mouth as she came from the quick, rapid fucking from behind.

After she came, it didn’t take Bob much longer until he ejaculated inside of her.  He stayed in this position for a moment, letting all of his shoot out inside of her.  Once he was done, he let go and looked for something to clean themselves with.  Since there were no towels, he settled for his socks.  Bob was many things, but MacGyver was not one of them.  He couldn’t fashion a shower head out of two acorns and some twigs.

The two lovers got dressed, as Bob launched his dirty socks even deeper into the woods.  He lit a cigarette and let her have a few puffs off of it.  They quickly kissed and started walking back to the camp when Vinny came traipsing over.

“Yo, where the fuck you go?”  Vinny rounded the corner and saw Bob and that cute chick from the stand.  “Oh, there you are.”

Angie jumped back, barely stifling a scream.

“It’s cool.  Ang, this is my boy Vinny, he’s cool. Vinny, this is Angie.”  Bob said to Angie, calming her down.  He then gave her the rest of the cigarette while he lit up another one.  She gave Vinny a once over.

“I don’t know, he was hitting on Thundercunt pretty hard back there.”  Bob bust out laughing as Vinny sat there with jaw hung open.

“Thundercunt?”  Bob asked between laughs.

“Yeah.  She came in the first week, talking about how important she is because she’s the reverend’s daughter, then went REAL fucking hard on the Jesus saves bullshit, even threatened to pray for lightning and thunder to strike the non-believers in the camp.  Stacy called her Thundercunt one day, and it stuck.  Now, we sing that AC/DC song every time she’s around.  Bitch thinks we’re devil worshipers because we like metal.”  Angie told the story between drags on the cigarette. 

“Wow.  I don’t know, I didn’t think she was THAT bad.”  Vinny replied in a stupor.

“How many times she offer to save your soul while standing there?  5, 10 times?”

“Yeah, that seemed a little weird.”  Vinny leaned back against a tree, pulling out his own smokes and lighting one.

“If she can’t find a way to get something from you, you don’t mean shit to her.  She treats her own sister like a toy, and the less said about her cousins the better.  She’s got a long, bright future in the church by being a hypocritical cunt.”

“Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?”  Bob interjected, causing Angie to laugh and smile.

“I gotta get going.  You staying up this whole weekend?”  Angie asked Bob as she put out her smoke.

“Maybe.  Might be heading down before Friday, but we’ll see.  I’ll definitely be up next Thursday though.  And the one after that.”

“Good, I wanna try something I heard about when I see you next time.  It’s a surprise.”  With that, Angie hugged Bob and kissed him.  Vinny sat there, confused then amazed.

“Nice meeting you Vinny.  Until later.”  She gave Vinny a quick hug, then left back to the camp.  Bob and Vinny headed off into the woods a little further before circling around to camp.  They were silent for a moment until Vinny was sure he was out of range of the camp.

“Dude.  Dude?  DUDE?  What the fuck was that?”  Vinny asked Bob.


“Are you fucking her?”  Vinny asked Bob.  The way Bob looked around for an answer was all the answer he needed.  “Holy shit dude, you’re fucking her.  Why didn’t you fucking say shit?”

“Dude, this story is so awesome and fucked you wouldn’t believe me.  We’re talking straight out of Penthouse shit.”  Bob said, taking a drag as they walked, circling around the camp.

“The fuck you mean by that?”

“Dude.  Bro.  Vinny.  Here’s the short version.  I came up to the camp a few weeks ago, all my beer was missing.  Turns out some of the older girls from the camp were breaking in and taking it.  I was chilling one night when in walks this fine ass piece you saw back there, Angie.  I convince her that she owes me for the beer.  One thing leads to another.  Then she comes back again.  Then she comes back again and brings another hot ass friend.  Then that hot ass friend brings up another hot ass friend, and those last two dyke out on my couch last night until I join in.  Then I hear some crazy ass shit from the friend of a friend about how she was abused and raped by her cousins and uncles, which are a lot of the dudes here.  Those are the guys I asked to keep an eye on, cause if what she said is even slightly true, they need to fucking die.  And that’s how we end up here.”

Vinny stopped walking right after the ‘last night’ part, but Bob kept going at his slow pace, turning back to him.

“I didn’t tell you any of this shit because it was too fucking unbelievable.  And they’re all like 16.  Ish.”

“So, let me see if I get this straight...  You’ve been living the porno life up at camp for the last few weekends, and never told anyone, not even your closest boys, ‘cause you thought we’d think you were full of shit?”  Vinny asked matter of factly.


“Fucking right on that.  Ain’t no fucking way we’d ever believe you’d pull tail like that without paying them.  That’s too fucked up man.”  Vinny sat down on a tree stump nearby.  Bob did the same.

“So, all that shit really happened?”

Bob recounted the story completely again to Vinny, from finding Angie to talking about Stacy being raped since she was 8 by her relatives, the church’s authority figures.  He then went on to explain that even if he did say anything, that opens up another can of worms with them being so young.

“I mean, it’s not illegal here, but it ain’t necessarily right.  Great for a bang, and I’m providing a vital service to women in need, but if I stop and think about it, it feels a little...”

“Weird?”  Vinny replied.

“Yeah.  Weird.  Like, I’m not going out and dating them or picking them up at school, they’re breaking into my cabin and drinking my shit.  If they don’t want me to narc them out, then ‘Gas, Grass or Ass baby, no one rides for free.’”

“Yeah, speaking of that, you really should get a lock on that door.”  Vinny said, lighting up another smoke.  Bob pulled out another and lit up.

“Besides, good call on not saying shit.  Chuckie would just find a way to fuck it up, completely on accident, and Paul and Gary would probably roofie the bitches and fuck’em at the same time.  Something ain’t right with them.”  Vinny paused for a moment before continuing, taking another drag.

“Me, I don’t know what I’d fucking do.  I’d do the same shit as you, but hearing about that shit makes me want to fuck someone up.  I don’t wanna bring any more heat down unless it’s really worth it.  I just paid off my fines, I don’t wanna go back unless it’s for a very good reason.  Fucking some hot high school ass is almost worth it, but not quite.  Give it another 2 years and they’ll be college ass, and that shit is free and willing.  But when we get back, I’ll see what I can find out on dem Daniels’s.  I don’t think I know anyone in those circles, but who knows.”

“Thanks dude.  That means a lot.”  Bob and Vinny fist bump.  They got up and walked back towards the lake, through a different part of the camp.

“Thundercunt?  That’s fucking good.”  Bob laughed thinking of the nickname.

“Body of a goddess, personality of a wet sponge, and probably fucks like a dead fish.  Once they get that hot, they don’t try unless it means a gift or a ring.”  Vinny said.

“Nah, you just suck at fucking.”  Bob said, as the two of them walked and laughed.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was quiet.  They wandered around the lake, partying with new people.  Some of the older campers and counselors snuck away from the camp for a little enjoyment and privacy.  Bob and Vinny ran into Stacy and Jen, who snuck away from the camp to get some time alone with each other.  The men made sure the girls weren’t disturbed for a few minutes.  Chuckie ran into them later and tried hitting on them, only to fail hard.  No one had seen Paul and Gary for a while, but they’d show up at some point.

After dark, various campers set off a bunch of fireworks, followed by an actually decent fireworks show from Camp Biblethumper.  It wasn’t nearly as big Harbor City’s show, but it was impressive for the lake.  The crew watched the show from Bob’s cabin.  Somehow Angie, Stacy, and Jen escaped their camp again.  This time, all of the teens left and scattered along the lakefront beach.  The counselors and staff kept an eye on the little kids, but for the night the older campers were free.

Bob lay with Angie on the hood of his truck watching the fireworks.  They weren’t sure what was more entertaining – the aerial display or watching Chuckie get shot down by Stacy and Jen again.  That boy never learned until the learning was forced on him.  They cuddled for a bit after, before heading back down to the beach.

Some of the visitors started a bonfire on the beach, and everyone came down for some fun.  It didn’t get too out of control, but a few of the teen campers would wake up with a hangover the next day.  Everyone had a good time.

Except for Jacob Daniels.

Young Mr. Daniels decided to try to be the voice of moral authority at the beach.  This didn’t go over too well as it soon became apparent that he couldn’t hold his liquor, either.  Somehow Paul and Gary convinced Jacob to have a couple drinks with them.  This worked fine until a half-in-the-bag Jacob decided that now was the best time to preach against fornication and minorities.  This didn’t go over too well, as he was soon getting his ass kicked by half a dozen people, including Chuckie and Vinny.

The irony is that it was Vinny who calmed the situation down just before he cold-clocked Jacob again.  As the young minister lay on the beach, Vinny and Chuckie helped him up and took him away from the fire and towards the beach, where they had a couple more drinks.  Since Jacob was a lightweight, a couple more was enough to get him shitfaced.  Closer to midnight, Chuckie and Vinny dragged Jacob back to the camp and dropped him off right past the gate.  Jake mumbled something about his cousins to Chuck and Vinny, but he had a hard time making it out.  The only reason Jacob didn’t sleep under the stars that night was Natalie, who rushed to meet him.  Vinny would later tell Bob that she was about as happy as an old man with hemorrhoids to see them, and went full bitch-mode on them, Jacob, and anyone she saw coming back to the camp.  She was the only older camper who wasn’t out having a good time.  They even offered to escort her down to the bonfire, but she refused.

After a while the party wound down.  Angie, Stacy, and Jen returned back to their camp.  Vinny and Chuckie hooked up with a pair of cougars whose husbands had passed out and had whiskey dick, and Paul and Gary were last seen taking some really drunk young woman into the woods.  There was something wrong with those two.  Bob hooked up with some woman who was visiting some relatives, but he didn’t remember what she looked like, let alone her name.  Something like Tiffany or Tammy.  Whatever.

The next morning was a blur, both of activity and of a hangover.  The crew split early in the morning, probably before the sun had risen.  Vinny and Chuckie left the RV they fucked the cougars in before the husbands woke up, and Paul and Gary decided to leave before the woman they fucked woke up and ‘knew what we looked like.’  That left Bob, who woke up in his cabin on a Thursday morning, alone.  Just the way he wanted to wake up.

He didn’t want to wake up to the knocking on his door, and it opening again.

Bob looked at the door and saw a young man wearing a red polo and jean shorts.  He looked just like Jacob.

Bob grabbed his gun and held it out of sight as he answered the door in his underwear.

“Fuck you want Jacob?”  Bob approached the door, his right hand behind his back.

The young man recoiled a little at hearing Jacob’s name.

“I’m not Jacob, I’m Jason.  Jacob’s my brother.  By any chance, did you see him last night?”

“I saw him get really drunk, start yelling some shit, pick a fight with half a dozen people and get his ass kicked.  Why?  Half the beach saw that last night.”  Bob slid the gun from behind his back to in front of him, but out of Jason’s view.

“Yes, I understand that.  You see, one of our cousins saw you with one of the men that attacked him last night, chased him all the way back to the camp entrance.  She says that you and he visited her booth yesterday, and he was, shall we say, quite persistent on getting to know her.”

“Listen Jackoff...”


“Whatever.  Jacob was in no condition to run last night.  He was dragged off of the beach.  Unconscious.  Passed out drunk.  I’m guessing he doesn’t drink much, because after a couple he was yelling at a bunch of people on the beach, calling them sinners and shit.  Most people didn’t pay him any mind, but a few got upset when he was screaming at their underage daughters, saying they were dressed like whores.”

Bob may have been stretching the truth a little, but it was nice to show this little prick that two can play this game.

“Some parents beating up a mouthy little shit yelling at their girls is well within expectations.  Your brother was being a jerk.  Did he get seriously hurt?”

“He has some bruises.”

“Anything broken?”

Jason thought to himself for a moment.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then it’s what we would call a lesson in humility.  The bruises will heal in a day or two.  He’ll have a raging headache all day, tell him to drink some water.  If he has a black eye, put a steak on it to keep the swelling down, then cook the steak.  Anything else?”

Bob tapped on the wall with the gun, making sure that Jason could hear it.  Jason didn’t recognize that sound, but didn’t like it either.

“Um, no sir, I think we’re good here.  Y’all have a blessed day now.”  Jason backed up a few steps before turning around.  It took him about ten seconds before he broke out into a full sprint away from the cabin.

‘This place is getting weird.’  Bob thought as he closed the door.  From what Vinny and Chuckie told him last night, this doesn’t sound like any of what happened.  And it didn’t take long to figure out that Thundercunt was involved.  Vinny said he saw her last night when he dropped off Jacob at the camp, and she was in full bitch mode last night.  Plus, this little shit said that she saw him hanging out with Vinny yesterday.  He’ll have to keep an eye out on things.  But first things first.

It’s time to go get some supplies, and a god damned lock for this door.
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Re: Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-5 (Added 8-18-20)
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Old preachy gets his comeuppance and of course the religious moron goes straight to the Antichrist across the lake to find out what happened to him- here's a suggestion ask Jesus what happened or his daddy since they are touted to see all! love how he filled his friends in on his actions making it seem like he was justified!

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Bob and the Mean Girls, Chapter 1-6 (Added 8-26-20)
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Chapter 6:  Weirdness (Nosex, story setup, descriptions of violence)

Bob left the cabin early Thursday for supplies.  How is it that out of fourteen camping stores, hardware stores, general stores, and liquor stores, not a single one of them sold a decent lock for a cabin door?  Sure, he found something that would get the job done, but Bob is cheap, and why pay for something nice when he can make something almost as nice?

At least, that was the plan before his pager went off Thursday evening.  It was 1995, people had pagers, cell phones were for rich people and assholes.  Usually the same thing.  He saw the code.  It was Vinny, telling him to call him at his mom’s place.  Twenty minutes and a handful of coins later Vinny was asking Bob to come back down.  Someone needed a beating.

Bob didn’t waste any time heading back to Veneto.  It’s a suburb of Harbor City, upriver of the main harbor by a few miles.  It had its really good parts, and it’s really bad parts.  Bob grew up in the bad parts.  Not bad per se, but more rough than anything else.  There were a couple small projects a few blocks by the river and some really small and beaten up houses, but for the most part, it was okay.  It was Bob and his buddies that seemed to make the place a little rough.

Besides, Bob didn’t like the vibe he was getting up around the camp this week.  Following Jacob Daniels getting his ass kicked in full view of a hundred people, Bob was getting some weird looks when he went shopping.  Most of the weirdness came from people associated to the camp and church.  The townsfolk didn’t pay him any mind, but he just had a bad feeling.  Like, he was being watched for some reason.  And he didn’t want to spend vacation prices for meat.  He could do all of his shopping down home and it would cost half the price of the crap they had up by the lake.  Strange how that worked.

Bob was home late Thursday and he rolled on over to Vinny’s place.  Vinny and Chuck had a run-in with Travis, this real crazy mother fucker.  He suffered from short-guy syndrome, where because he was 5’5”, he was convinced the world was out to get him and he’d cop an attitude with anyone slightly taller than him.  He recently was discharged from the Marines with a Medical waiver.  He bit the wrong someone while deployed in Japan and some other shit happened, and they kicked him out for being nuts.  When the Marines say ‘this boy is batshit insane’, he’s crazy.

The way Vinny told the story, he and Chuck were out and about, looking to kill some time before going to the local bar where they knew they could get Chuck in.  Chuck starts talking to a couple honeys around his age, when Travis shows up and gets all pissy.  He starts screaming, yelling, and eventually pulls a knife on Chuck for talking to these girls.  Travis said one of them was his girlfriend, but she didn’t exactly look the part.

“What the fuck does that mean?”  Bob asked, drinking a beer in Vinny’s kitchen.

“It means...” Vinny looked around to see if anyone was listening. “That he was robbing the fucking cradle.  You know how Chuck fucks everything up?”

“Yeah.  What did he do this time?”

“Well, from a distance they looked older.  By the time he got close enough to talk to them, they weren’t his age.  Well Chuck was being Chuck and figured he could use the practice, so he starts spitting some game at them, and they’re like ‘we’re only 13.’  Of course, I’m sitting back laughing my ass off watching this shit, when Travis comes up and goes all psycho ex-boyfriend and pulls out a fucking Bowie knife.  Like he’s Rambo or some shit.”  Vinny took a sip of beer.

“Shit.  When was this?”

“Right before I paged you.”

“Wait, so he pulled a fucking knife on someone in broad daylight and was screaming that the little junior high girls were his girlfriends?  And this is after he fucking bit a guy?”

“He bit a guy years ago, but yeah.”  Vinny replied and sipped the beer.

“Look, I don’t know if I can say shit about the ages, but he pulled a fucking knife in broad daylight.  Dude needs an ass whooping.”  Bob took a drink.

“Hey, at least those girls at the camp are old enough to have pussy hair.  These girls, I don’t know man.  But he does need his ass whooped.”  

Vinny drank.  Bob followed suit.  They finished their beers and picked up the rest of the crew.  They spent most of the night looking for Travis, but couldn’t find him anywhere.  A little after Midnight they gave up the search for the night and went to Jay’s, the bar owned by Vinny’s great uncle Jay.  They hung out, they drank, they almost forgot their problems until some little dipshit in the corner started making a ruckus.  Bob and Vinny went over, looking for a fight.  Turned out it wasn’t Travis, but just some little douchebag from out of town for the weekend.

Instead of kicking this guy’s ass, they invited him over to drink with them.  They drank, hung out, and eventually made it to douchebag’s boat.

No one was quite sure how they ended up 15 miles down river in Harbor City, or even better how they ended up with half a dozen other people on the boat with them when the river patrol stopped them and forced them to dock.  It was just another holiday weekend.

The rest of the weekend was quiet.  Until Sunday.

No one saw Travis until Sunday, and that was when Paul and Gary found him in the park talking to some girl that was way too young to be dating a 25-year-old ex-Marine.  Paul paged Vinny while Gary sat awkwardly in Travis’s view.  

It took about 10 minutes for Vinny to respond.  By the time Vinny called Paul back at the pay phone, Paul was gone and it just rang and rang.  About a half hour later, Vinny received another page.  This time it was Paul, calling from the docks.

Bob sat in the living room of Vinny’s grandma's house while Vinny called Paul back on the pay phone.  Sirens could be heard in the distance on both sides of the call.  Bob only heard half the conversation, but knew it was pretty fucked from the way Vinny reacted.  It was short but loud.  Vinny hung up and talked to Bob.

“Yo, did Paul and Gary tell you what they were doing today?”  

“No.  You?”  

“Nah dude.  But someone paged me earlier and then now Paul just paged from the docks, telling me he’s borrowing my boat.  Doesn’t ask, just tells.”

Bob looked at him with a confused look.

“Wait.  You got a boat?”

“Grandpa’s old boat.  The Ballbuster Deluxe.  Named it after Grandma right before he got cancer.  I just don’t like to use it, gas is expensive.”

“I’m confused.”

Before Bob could explain why he was confused, there was a knock at the door.  Vinny answered it.  At the door stood a Veneto Police Officer.  He was a 6-foot-tall black man.  His name tag said “HASKINS”.  Vinny looked at him and smiled.

“OMAR! SUP MY MAN?”  Vinny slapped and shook Officer Omar Haskin’s hand.  Omar didn’t look too happy.

“Kind of a messed-up day, I’m here on official business.  You boys don’t happen to know where Travis Matheson is at, do you?”

Vinny looked confused.  He turned to Bob, who shrugged his shoulders.

“No, we don’t.”  Vinny told Omar.

“Word has it you and your boys were looking for him.  Is that true?”

“He pulled a fucking knife on Chuckie in broad daylight.  We looked for him on Friday, but gave up and went drinking.”

Bob interjected from the other side of the living room.

“Didn’t he get kicked out of the Marines for being too crazy?  Like, how is that possible?”

“He bit a guy.”  Vinny replied.

“Well...”  Omar spoke up.  “Someone found him and put two holes in his belly.  Y’all didn’t hear the ambulance?”

Vinny and Bob looked shocked.  Vinny waved Omar in to the living room.  Vinny and Bob sat on the couch, Omar on the comfy chair.

“Holy shit, what happened?”  Vinny asked, looking stunned.

“Not exactly sure, but we got a call from a woman that her daughter was being harassed by some man at the park that fit Travis’s description.  Man kept leaning in getting a little too close.  As we went down to the park, we found Travis lying on the ground, with his big ass knife by his side.  Girl says that right before she left, another short man that sounded a hell of a lot like Gary sat down near them, and just stared at Travis until he lost focus on the girl and she ran.  Girl was just 10.  Travis was molesting her on the swing set.  While they were waiting for the ambulance, they found on his person some rope, rubbers, and Vaseline.  Explains why the fuck he was wearing a thick coat in July.  He was up to some shit, and some random ass guy who sounds a lot like Gary was the last known person around him before he’s found with two new holes in his gut.”

Omar paused to see how Bob and Vinny took this.  To his surprise, they were shocked.

“Listen, I know that Gary and Paul are part of your crew.  Gary could make a really good argument for self-defense, or trying to protect the girl, but this could go real bad for him.  He should lay low, lawyer up.  In fact, all y’all should probably do the same.  Paul and Gary are attached at the hip, so they’re in this shit, probably looking for a place to hide.  Just, tell everyone to lay low.  Dig?”

Bob and Vinny nodded.

“Cool.  The only reason we’re not putting out an APB on those two right now is that the creep he shot is a fucking scumbag.  If Travis pulls through and decides to press charges, then we’ll come knocking again.  But if he doesn’t, then as long as that gun wasn’t used for another crime we have in our database, I don’t know how we’ll ever find the perpetrator.  Dig?”

“We dig.”  Bob said.

“Cool.  How’s grandma doing?  She okay after that fall?”  Omar asked Vinny, showing genuine concern.

“She’s getting around.  Still trying to get her to quit smoking now that she’s on oxygen, and she hates using the wheelchair.  Unless it’s to run my ass over.”  Vinny and Omar laughed.

They spent the next few minutes bullshitting, until Omar left.  Vinny tried to play it as cool as possible.  Bob was left out of the loop for the most part, but still had a feeling something was up.

Once Omar was out of earshot, Vinny went out on the back porch and chain smoked for the next hour.  Bob didn’t say shit during this time, and Vinny didn’t look like he wanted to talk.

Chuck showed up later in the evening, after being out and about all night.  The rumors going around the town was that some “weirdo got capped” in the park.  Chuck was excited cause he just got Chunky Tara’s number, even though they knew it was fake.  He tried getting Vinny to say something, but Vinny was just still on the porch chain smoking.

It wasn’t until later at night when Paul called Vinny from the pier’s pay phone, letting him know the boat was back at the dock and they topped off the gas tank.  Vinny only said one thing during the conversation.

“Aiight.  Hey, you know what my favoite Clapton song is?  Laylow.”

Paul caught the meaning.  He knew Vinny well enough that he didn’t like Layla, his favorite Clapton song was Cocaine.  Second, why say Layla like Lay Low unless he had to.

After the phone call, Vinny pulled Bob and Chuck into the detached garage and put on some music.  Not loud enough to wake the neighbors, but loud enough to cover their voices.  They filled Chuck in on what went down, and where Paul and Gary were all day.

Paul and Gary didn’t show up to work that week, but they didn’t get fired.  Bob talked to the foreman about what happened, and they were able to keep their jobs.  It just meant the rest of them had to work overtime to make up for being two people short.

Bob couldn’t wait to get off of work on Friday.  As soon as they finished putting down the subfloor in the house they were working on, they hit the bar for a quick happy hour, then Bob drove up to the cabin, stopping at Vinny’s just long enough to shit, shower, and shave.  He grabbed some groceries, but once again, didn’t remember to get a lock for his cabin until after he was out of Chester County and on the country roads.

He arrived around midnight, dead tired from the long week.  All he wanted to do was get in his cabin, unload his supplies, and go to sleep.  He carried a case of beer in one hand and his pistol in his right hand.

What he saw when he walked in was a blonde woman sitting on his couch.  She sat in the dark, waiting for Bob to come in before she turned on the light.

Bob stepped back when the lights turned on, clearing from the doorway.  This was how they jumped a guy back in the day.  Sit in a dark room, turn the lights on as a signal to attack and confuse the target, then jump on him in the doorway.  He waited for the attack to come.  Either this wasn’t a setup for a fight, they fell asleep, or were patient.

Bob put the case of beer down and pointed his gun inside the cabin, checking the corners and blind spots before aiming it at the blonde on the couch.  This is when he got his first good look at her.

He recognized her.  It was Natalie, that pretentious bitch from the camp that was working with Angie.  She had long, blonde hair that came past her shoulders, and was straight.  Her blue eyes, short nose, high cheekbones and cute chin made her look like a model.  She wore the same t-shirt and shorts that Angie wore when they first met, but her boobs were bigger than Angie’s.  This girl had to be at least a 36C, maybe even D-cup.  She looked amazing.

Except that smile of hers.  Something was off with her smile.  It was too... fake.  Like the smile a waitress at Hooter’s gives to flirt with some 300-pound fucker for a better tip.  She was still smiling, even as he held a gun on her.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”  Bob asked, still pointing the gun at his intruder.  She barely flinched.  Something wasn’t right.  Bob moved around the cabin, making sure there was no one else there.

“If you’re looking around for anyone, I came here alone.  I wanted to talk with you.”  She had the audacity to pat the seat next to her on the couch.

Bob put his gun back in his pants and put his beer in the fridge.

“This is my cabin.  Who are you and what the fuck do you think you’re doing here?”  Bob knew that this was Natalie, the reverend’s daughter, and that she was called Thundercunt, but she didn’t need to know what that he knew anything about her.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  My name’s Natalie.  Natalie Daniels.  I’m one of the senior campers over at Camp Hiawatha.  Angie and Stacy told me about this place.”  Natalie said, trying to ease Bob’s warnings.

One thing about Bob, he had a keen nose for bullshit.  He could smell that something was wrong from across the room just as easily as if she’d shat on his couch.  Angie hated this girl, and Stacy hated the entire family.  There’s no way in Hell they’d ever spill the beans voluntarily about this place, let alone what they did.  There were many things not right with this, but he couldn’t put his finger on yet.

“Daniels?  Any relation to Jacob or Jason?  Whatever his name is, I think I met him last week.”  Bob put the fresh beers in the fridge and took inventory.  There were still a few left from last time, along with a couple wine coolers.  He didn’t have many visitors since last week, at least none that drank his beer.

“They’re my cousins.  Jacob and Jason are twins.  They’re both ministers in the church.”  She leaned over to watch Bob in the kitchen.  He looked at her, but there was something off about her.

“Y’all broke into my place, but I feel like I should ask you nicely to leave before I get upset, but I’ll be neighborly for a moment.  Just a moment.  Want something to drink?”

“Could you get me a beer, or maybe something fruity to drink?”  

That did it.  Bob recognized the line of questioning.  It’s like when a bad undercover cop tries to convince someone to buy them drugs.  They phrase it in just such a way to make it seem like it was the dealer’s idea, but in reality, it was all a ploy.  If she really wanted a beer or a drink, she could have helped herself hours ago.  She’s okay with breaking and entering, but draws the line at taking one beer out of a six-pack?  And she would only know about what was in here if she looked in here.

She was trying to set him up.  But he didn’t know what for yet.  Time to play along a bit.

“How old are you?”


“You get water.  Beer is for grown-ups.”  Bob grabbed a beer for himself a bottle of water for her, and poured it into a glass.  He didn’t want her taking anything with her.  He didn’t trust her at all, but he wanted to see what her angle was.

She didn’t argue for the drink.  She could have pushed for it, and if she was convincing enough he might have given her one.  But she didn’t.  She didn’t want the drink, just wanted to see if the man in his mid 20’s would give the underage girl a beer.  The underage girl whose father runs the largest evangelical church near Harbor City.  The underage girl who is despised by her campmates and was the only one of the ‘senior campers’ who didn’t escape to have fun on the Fourth of July.

He sat on the couch, leaving some space between them and handed her the cup of water.  It wasn’t full, just enough in there to say ‘I’m being polite, but get the fuck out as soon as this is over.’

“What do you want?”  Bob eyed her up and down once as she took a sip.  She was smoking hot, but was a stone-cold bitch.

“I can’t just hang out?  Like you hung out with Angie?”

Natalie baited him with that question.  Bob had to step carefully.  From what he knew about Natalie, she was a conniving bitch and was probably looking for dirt on him and Angie so she could hurt his friend.  Not girlfriend.  Maybe Friend With Benefits.

“Look, YOU broke into MY cabin.  By all rights I shoulda shot yo ass by now.  Instead, you’re drinking water on my couch.  When you finish, I will say goodnight and you will march yo ass back to the camp you came from.”

Natalie gave him a smirk.

“Why do you come up here every weekend?”

“Why are you going to camp?”

“I asked you first.”  Natalie sipped her water.  She thought she had the upper hand.  Something Bob heard years ago when he worked a sales job for a short time, ‘answer a question with a question, it takes the power in the conversation.’

“It’s the weekend, and it’s quiet.  Why are you going to camp?”

“I’m learning more about the ministry and how to run and operate the church, and part of that is to see what lessons we can learn and teach the other students.”

“What kind of lessons?”  Natalie’s eyes perked up when he asked about the lessons.  Part of him regrets ever asking that question, but it opened her up.

Natalie spent the next 30 minutes going on and on about the lessons she’s learned about Jesus and love and charity and how to hate gays and why minorities were evil but weren’t but it wasn’t okay to say that anymore, then she tried to save Bob’s soul a few times before he started yawning.  He feigned interest as best as he could, keeping her going for a while.  She sidetracked herself with talk of saving Bob’s immortal soul and leading a clean and virtuous life.  Eventually, he had to shoo her out when he pointed out how late it was.  She tried one last time to get him to accept Jesus Christ into his life, but he told her “When I get there, I’ll come and find you.  Good night.”

Bob watched as she walked away.  She had an amazing ass to go along with the model good looks, but was just too much of a bitch.  Like Vinny said, she’d probably fuck like a dead fish.


Bob put the rest of his supplies in the fridge and went to sleep.  Just to be on the safe side, he jammed his door shut with a tire iron.  His conversation with Natalie gnawed at him.  There was something fundamentally wrong with her and how she acted.  There was a special level of evil about her, like she was capable of so many horrible things and would find a way to justify it each and every time.

She mentioned Angie and Stacy, but not Jen.  Why?  The only thing Bob could figure out was that she confronted Angie or Stacy, maybe both of them, but didn’t want to include Jen or didn’t know about Jen.  Bob threw that first part out the window.  From what he gathered, Natalie would throw her own mother down a flight of stairs for the sympathy of having a crippled mother to take care of.  Natalie probably got to Stacy first and made her crack, but she didn’t give up Jen.  And Natalie saw Angie and Bob head off in the woods in close proximity to each other.  She may have even tracked Angie down on a previous night to the cabin.  She dropped Angie’s name a couple times, so it seemed more like she got it from Stacy.

Stacy was Natalie’s cousin, and Natalie’s father was Stacy’s uncle.  Stacy was raped at a young age by her cousins and uncles.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Natalie’s father raped Stacy.  What are the odds that Natalie knew?

Bob eventually went to sleep, but woke up troubled.  His mind was racing so much that he didn’t want any weed.  Something was fucking with him, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

Saturday came and went.  He went to the town, got some supplies, including some hardware to make a make lock of sorts.  These old cabins didn’t have properly sized doors, so he had to get creative.  At least it was something.

During the afternoon he climbed his tree stand and watched the older campers swim.  Sure, he felt a little pervy, but he was doing this for a good cause.  His friends might be in trouble.  He didn’t like what he saw.

Almost everyone was still broken up into their own cliques, but the popular girl’s clique was different.  Three girls were missing; Angie, Jen, and Stacy.  Jen would circle in every so often, but it looked more like she was trying to keep her distance from Natalie.

Bob found Angie over with the band geeks.  At least, they looked like band geeks.  Fat, pimply, could keep a marching cadence and had some physical skills from carrying instruments all day.

He looked for Stacy everywhere, in every group, but couldn’t find her.  It wasn’t until the very end when he found her by herself, completely ostracized.  No groups wanted to be with her, nor wanted her with them.  Every so often he could see Jen look her way, and he genuinely felt sad for them.

Bob wasn’t an expert on high school religious girls political dynamics, but he had a strong feeling that whatever happened since the Fourth, Natalie had a hand in it.

Saturday night was uneventful.  No visitors, no intruders, nothing.  The closest that Bob came to anyone stopping by was a deer passing by his cabin.  He was worried and missing the girls, especially Angie.

Sunday morning was more of the same.  Quiet.  Loneliness.  Damn, what was going on?  This is what he came up to the cabin for in the first place, but for some reason, it just didn’t feel the same.

As Bob was packing up Sunday afternoon, a young man wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue gym shorts walked over.  He was average height, looked to be in either high school or college.  He was pale, with reddish-brown hair that was just a little too long, like it was a month overdue for a cut.

Bob heard the young man before he saw him, but it gave him time to have his gun ready.  The young man slowed down his walking as Bob reached behind him.

“Woah, woah, woah.  You Bob?”  He raised his hands.

“Who wants to know?”

“I’m Eric.  Angie sent me.  She gave me a note to give to you, asked me to deliver it before you left.”

“How’d you get away from the camp?”

“I’m one of the counselors.  They don’t watch the watchers as close as they do the campers.”

Bob looked at him a little confused.

“I’m on the staff, but I’m not high up on the staff.  I’m not family, so I only get a few freedoms.  Being able to walk around the woods unsupervised is one of them.”

Bob looked around a little further, trying to see if he was being watched.

“Look, I’ll get in more trouble than you will if you can get me a pack of smokes.  I haven’t had a cigarette in a month and I’m ready to do some fucked up things for pack.  If it means delivering messages between you and your girlfriend, so be it.”

That last line caught Bob off guard.

“Listen, can I put my hands down and give you the letter, or are you going to shoot me?  I don’t have all day.”

Bob took his hand off of his gun and showed Eric that he was unarmed.  Eric reached slowly behind him and almost handed him the letter.

“Angie promised me that you’d have a pack of smokes for me.  Said you smoked menthols.”

Bob reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthols.

“I didn’t know I’d have to split this with some messenger.”  Bob took out three smokes and handed the rest to Eric.  It was less than a half a pack.  Bob then handed on of the three smokes he held to Eric.  Eric took it and Bob lit it.  Eric took in his first drag off of a smoke in who knows how long.  Bob than lit one of his and put the other behind his ear.

Eric handed the letter to Bob.

“I’ll need the lighter, too.  Going forward, a pack each week.  Deal?”

“Deal.”  They shook on it.  Eric leaned up against Bob’s truck as Bob opened the letter.  It was short.


Don’t trust TC.  She’s up to no good.  Her family is evil.  We’ll make the bitch pay for what she did.


“What the fuck?  What happened?”  Bob looked at the note a couple times, re-reading it for any extra context, but there was nothing there.  He looked at Eric, who was probably the most relaxed he’d been all summer.

“You didn’t hear this from me, but after Jacob got his ass kicked, the family took that as a black eye.  Doesn’t matter if Jacob deserved it or not, they need to find some way to come out of this on the winning side.  So, Natalie started telling everyone that he got jumped at the beach by some ruffians, and you were one of them.  Problem is, there’s a hundred witnesses that will point to you not being anywhere near him that night and a bunch of others saying that Jacob deserved it for what he was saying.  Her story shifted a few times, but being the reverend’s daughter has a way of making people buy her bullshit.”

Eric paused and took a drag.

“I’m guessing that she pointed them in this direction, since Natalie saw you with one of the guys that dragged Jacob back to the camp.  They were hoping you’d lead the family to them, but they lost the scent of your trail when you got back towards Harbor City.  Supposedly you drove off to an area they were hesitant to go to and couldn’t find you again.

“Wait, they followed me?”

“It gets worse.  Since they couldn’t track you down, they decided to try to make examples out of the girls they thought knew you.  Natalie was a down right bitch to Stacy, but Stacy didn’t break.  She didn’t give up any names.  Not even her girlfriend when Natalie threatened to out her.”

Eric took another drag.

“Natalie then told everyone at the camp that Stacy was a lesbian and made the moves on her, her own cousin.  Jen was ready to stab Natalie then and there, but that bitch kept going.  Sorry, I hate using that word in proper context, but I can’t think of anything else to call her.”

“What word?”  Bob asked Eric as Bob was looking through his bag for a pen and paper.


“They call her Thundercunt.  Bitch is barely in the same universe.”

“Thundercunt?”  Eric said as the realization dawned on him.  “Oh, that’s what TC stands for.  Makes sense now.”

Eric took a drag before continuing.  Bob started writing something.

“Where was I?  Oh yeah, the lunch where Natalie called Stacy an incestuous dyke whore.  Jen’s ready to stab Natalie, when all of a sudden Angie gets up in Natalie’s face and starts screaming at her.  They fight.  Meanwhile, Stacy’s been ostracized from every group, and Angie’s been kicked out of the pretty girls club, although now it’s more of an ass-kissers club.  Jen, well let’s just say I’ve spent the better part of the last week keeping her away from the sharp objects and Natalie’s face.  You know something that bothers me?”  Eric stopped to take another drag.

“What’s that?  They got phones over there, right?”  Bob asked as he kept writing.

“Yeah, they can accept and make calls, but not all the time.  There’s a pay phone they can all use if they have money or slugs.  The shop kids figured out how to make fake quarters, and the phreakers do some crazy shit with the phones.  There’s an office phone, but only for emergencies and next of kin calls.  Doubt that works for you.”


“What really bothers me with Natalie is she doesn’t have a nickname.  Not a nice one anyway.  Every other Natalie here and that I’ve met has a nickname.  Nat, Natty, Lee, Alie, Natty Life, Big N, they all have some term of endearment.  Might get called Sweetie or Honey or Baby, but not this Natalie.  Even her parents only call her Natalie.  It’s like no one loves her enough to be cute with her.  It’s almost sad, until you see her act like, what was that a Thundercunt?”

“Yep.”  Bob finished his smoke and the note.  He handed it to Eric, who was just about done with his cigarette.

“This has to get to Angie ASAP.  Tell her to read it, memorize it, then burn it or destroy it.  Can’t risk it falling into Thundercunt’s hands.”

Eric takes a look at the note.

“What’s this?  Looks like a pager number and a series of codes.”

“Yeah.  She can call out to my pager, and I can call back to the payphone or whatever else she uses.  Can you help her get out?”

Eric scoffed.

“Getting out is easy.  Getting Natalie’s attention away from her, that’s hard.  I’ll figure out some way, but the coast should be clear this weekend.  It’s a session change and Natalie and some of the ass-kissers are going back home to preach.  I’ve got a feeling that some of the campers will be in trouble and not allowed to travel, forcing them to spend the weekend here.  By Friday night all three of them will be suspended.”  Eric winked.

“One last question.  Why you helping?”

“I don’t like what they did to this camp.  I don’t like what they did to the counselors that didn’t buy in completely, and I sure as Hell don’t like the Daniels family or how they act.  When the season started, there were two groups of counselors: those that were Jesus freaks, and those that knew their jobs.  The Jesus freaks pushed out most of us who know how to do their jobs, but they can’t get rid of the last of us.  I’m here until the end of the season and I’m done with this shit.  And I really didn’t like what Natalie did to Stacy.  A person should never be outed against their will.”

Eric folded the note and put it in his pocket.

“One last thing.  Lighter.  I’d use the matches from arts and crafts, but there’s a little pyro in junior high, so they’re counting the matchbooks now.”

“Sure.”  Bob handed Eric the lighter and shook his hand.  “Full pack each week going forward, but it has to be Menthols.  I buy these by the carton.”

“Sounds good.  Have a good one.”  With that, Eric left and Bob finished packing up his truck.

Before too long, Bob was on the road.  He was probably 25 miles out when he received a page.  There was no call back number, only a simple code.

143.  Old school pager code for ‘I Miss You/I Love You’.  Looks like Angie got his note.
Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck