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Jar Bandit
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Plot. Somebody picked a bad day to steal from children.

Story Eleven of the Ms. Saba Spanking Series.

POV work of fiction.

Upon learning that I had some vacation time available near the end of last week, I decided to take it and go on a little trip that would keep me away from Fencer High School until next Tuesday. Where did I decide to go, well you would be surprised.

Tacoma, Washington. A mid-sized port city in Washington State. This was a far cry from Arizona, in terms of both distance and weather too. Today was a bright sunny Saturday and decided to pay a visit to one of the local parks. I was on my way to one of the park benches when someone called out to me.

“Ma’am, would you like to buy some lemonade today?”

I look to my right and saw two girls sitting behind a table with a large sign on the front that said Lemonade 50 cents along with a nice drawing of pink lemonade being poured into a cup. I smiled then pulled two quarters out of my pocket and went towards their table. The girls appeared to be sisters and looked no older than ten years old.

“Has your business been proving fruitful today?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m Annabelle and this is my sister Karen.” I glanced at their jar and noticed it was halfway filled with quarters and even some one-dollar bills. Very fruitful indeed.

After submitting my payment, I accepted my cup and headed over to a nearby park bench where I planned to watch some birds in a nearby tree. I was halfway there when I heard a scream.

“Come back here with our jar,” I heard one of the girls shout. I spun around to the sight of them chasing after a woman… a woman who just snatched their jar. Judging by the way the thief was running, they were would have no chance of running her down. I dropped my cup and moved into action. I wouldn’t have a chance of running her down either, but I had a better idea. I made a mad dash to a tree about fifty feet away and positioned myself behind it.
Just as my senses told me she was just about run-pass, I stuck my leg out and heard a shriek as she headed towards the ground. My ambush caused the woman to lose her grip of the jar and it went flying up into the air, I quickly sprung out and caught it in my hands. Miraculously, not a single piece of money escaped. I turned just in time to see Annabelle and Karen approach me, there was another woman with them too, their mother by the looks of it and she looked absolutely furious as her daughters tried to catch their breath.

“Here you go, kids,” I said as I handed the jar to Annabelle. The child regained her composure and gratefully accepted it.

“Thank you for getting their jar back, ma’am.” Now I can call the cops on that bitch laying the ground there.” I frowned slightly at her use of profanity in front of her children before responding.

“Return your daughters to their lemonade stand. I will deal with the thief.” Not wanting to push the issue further, she turned her kids around and walked them back to their stand.
Once they were far enough away, I walked towards the thief who was still reeling in pain on the ground then grabbed her by her blonde hair and yanked her to her feet.

“What is your name, bitch?” I whispered menacingly. When she didn’t answer, I yanked her hair again and repeated the question.

“Patterson, Kimberly Patterson.”

“Well Kimberly, today is your unlucky day. I despise those who steal, especially those who steal from children.”

“What are you going to do, turn me into the police?”

“Now where would the fun be in that?” I replied through gritted teeth then pulled her towards a nearby park bench.

“Let go of me, let go of me. Somebody help,” she shouted. She also tried freeing herself from my grip but it was too strong. Plus, this side of the park was mostly unoccupied and the few people who were present were too caught up in their own affairs.

“It looks like nobody cares,” I replied before sitting down and pulling her across my lap. “You may not be atoning for your attempted crime in a jail cell but you will be atoning for  it by my hand.” I swiftly pulled up her skirt and was rewarded with the sight of her leopard print panties. These were going to be an excellent addition to my collection at home.
“So you fancy yourself a wildcat? Looks I’m going to have fun taming you, Kimberly. Oh yes,” I said tauntingly as I toyed with her waistband and ran my hand along her bottom. Not wanting to waste any more time, I began smacking.

“OW, ow, ow, ow, ow. Stop it, ouch.”

“You should’ve thought about this before stealing from children,” I replied as I kept spanking her. She let out a long cry after I delivered a hit that was much harder than the ones I already landed.

“Who do you think you are, you bastard?” Kimberly asked between her cries of pain.

“I am an enforcer of good order and discipline, especially where I work. One time, a teacher entered my office and began eating my pretzel sticks. She tried to fight me when I confronted her, but I was able to overpower her and make her atone for her wrongdoings the same you are atoning right now. I delivered several more smacks then pulled down her panties. Exposing her reddened white ass in all its glory. Now to make it even redder.
With her panties out of the way, my hits stung Kimberly even more. She ever started kicking her legs up which I didn’t mind because they posed no threat to me and helped even more to add to her public humiliation.
After the forty-second strike, I moved my hand down to toy with her pussy. Kimberly squealed and grunted as I fondled away. If we were in a more private setting, I would’ve had my way her boobs too. As the Alpha of Discipline, I can dominate naughty teens and women however I want.

Once my lust for disciplining and dominating this slut was satisfied, I pushed her back onto the ground and took her panties as my newest trophy before triumphantly walking away.


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Re: Jar Bandit
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In my opinion she should have gave her fifty spanks  since the girls were charging fifty cents for the lemonade! I liked it so you earn another merit from me!