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Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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FOREWORD -- I don't think this needs a disclaimer. Both characters are of age and consenting adults. This is my first Consensual-sex story and I am quite thrilled at the idea of writing it. I have always been fond of Turkish women and the setting is rather familiar to me, since I have myself been a competing weightlifter, albeit not in Turkey. Sex with a Turkish woman is something that really, really turns me on; I LOVE these women! I have learned some Turkish just in case I meet one (so I can astonish her and start a conversation)... So.. Gidelim! Let's get to it!

PHOTO -- To this day, I can't find anything for Ibrahim, since I can't pick the image of an actual weightlifter (they are not models nor actors). I wanted Aygül to look like an "everyday" Turkish girl with slightly heavier shoulders and neck, so it was impossible to find a match among Turkish actresses, who are typically tall and slender with more delicate facial features. So I picked a generic image. You can still get an idea of the Turkish woman's unmatcheable Eurasian eyes!


Ibrahim was the best super-heavyweight weightlifter in his country!
He was 25 years old, 6 feet 3 inches tall (1 m 90) and weighed around 330 lb (150 kilos), but he had so much muscle on his frame that even at that weight, you couldn't say he looked obese. He just looked gigantic and mightily strong, which he was! He was a proud Turk who represented his country at international competitions. He had won Bronze in last year's World Championships, when he snatched 204 kilos and cleaned-and-jerked 248 kilos -- his lifetime best for a total of 452 kilos... He was a force to be reckoned with. He had personally met the President of Turkey.

About a year ago, as he was preparing for these World Championships, he had befriended a cute lifter named Aygül. Aygül stood 5 feet (1 m 52) and lifted in the 58-kilo class; she weighed just shy of 128 lb. She was petite and her body had the typical pear-shape of a Mediterranean woman; she had slightly thicker members than average and had a fair amount of muscle around her hips and thighs, which is normal in olympic weightlifters, a strength sport where lower-body strength is key. Her whole body had a definite allure of athleticism despite its relative thickness.

Aygül was far from looking like an actress; her face and dark hair were very typical among girls from Istanbul.

Dear reader, you need to know that Turkish women are very proud of who they are. You see, in France, about 41% of women think they are beautiful and attractive, and 65% of American women think they look awesome, against only 29% of women in Great Britain, whereas in Turkey, 91% of the women think they are beautiful! (And as far as I'm concerned, they are right!)

Ibrahim was a man who never watched porn, so he had a real sense of appreciation for women in real life. He loved to watch Aygül lift. She had impeccable technique and was always very sharp. He admired her, yet he couldn't keep himself from enjoying the shape of her body, especially her butt, whenever she was in her starting position. Her lifting attire also allowed him to perfectly make out the shape of her average-sized breasts, which were very probably quite firm. Often, he had masturbated in his shower while picturing himself stripping Aygül naked and fucking her long, hard and good right there on the lifting platform. He would usually release a load of jizz really quick while imagining the young woman's loud moaning as he was frantically ramming her doggy-style. At other times, he pictured himself kissing her and gently stroking her hair. He was in love!

Aygül was 22 years old and never had sex. In Turkey, family and society pressure women a lot for no-sex before marriage. A girl can lose her reputation with only one mistake. Aygül still had a few years of competing in front of her and didn't want to marry until her athletic career was over. Yet she was growing curious... Some of her friends were already married; some others had had very discreet affairs, usually with some foreign tourist. She would often ask them, half-jokingly, to describe how it is to have sex!

Yes... she really wanted to know how it feels to have a man's dick moving back and forth inside her, feeling his hands grabbing her hips and hearing his groaning! She had thought of going in another part of Istanbul, where no one knew her and there were lots of tourists, where she could allow herself to be picked up. She was even willing to suck the man's dick and taste his sperm! She tried to imagine the jizz dripping and spilling all over her breasts, but it was all too foreign for her. Ohhhh! She was getting more and more curious with each passing year!

She had never acted out that plan, and besides, her training and competing demanded so much time and energy! She lifted six times a week. She also didn't want to lose her virginity to some stranger. She wanted to do it with a man she loved and trusted.

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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Well can't wait to see how he response to her new plans! Merit for the beginning background!

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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Ibrahim was rather shy with women. He had a tendency to be overly nice and polite with a girl he liked. He never, ever catcalled a woman on the street, which is a very common occurrence in Istanbul. He craved for sex, but he wasn't going to do it with some stranger. He wanted his first time to be very special, with a girl he'd be dating and commited to and wearing the ring to show it (in Turkey, there are three rings for each stage in a relationship -- Commitment, Engagement, Wedding).

He had been seeing Aygül on and off. They would chat over some coffee, and from time to time go in a small restaurant for some kebabs. They never broke the touch barrier and to Ibrahim, it seemed like he was no more than a friend to her. He couldn't bring himself to "sweet-talk" her and felt it wouldn't be that great an idea to just plain tell her he found her very attractive. Aygül was so beautiful! To him, she was the most beautiful girl in Istanbul! She made him so nervous! But sometimes he said something funny and she laughed.

From time to time, she would look at him without saying anything. Then he would always say something to get the conversation going again, and on such occasions he felt that Aygül looked slightly disappointed.

Once he spoke about her with his father over the phone, just like that, casually as he was telling him what he had been up to -- he just had been out at some kebab café with Aygül.
"Just the two of you?" asked his father.
"Do you like her?" ...
"Yes, very much! Yes yes!" ...
"Ha ha! My son, if you say yes-yes, it means that you like her more than very much, isn't that so?" ...
"Well, dad, you can't hide much from a wise Armenian man!" ...
"C'mon sonny! She likes you! She clearly does! Why else do you think she would go eat with you? Just the two of you!... She is dying for you to make a move! ... Just let go! Be yourself and enjoy life! Do you have any idea what I would give to be 25 years old again?"
"No dad!"
"So... you find her beautiful and you are all so very nervous! Ain't that so?"
"...Y, Yes dad, that's about the size of it"
"Tell me my son, when you step on the platform and you are about to lift a weight you have never lifted before, like that 204-kilo Snatch you did last year, are you shy and nervous?"
"Nervous... maybe, but certainly not shy! And I fear nothing!" he said proudly (After all, he was the third strongest weightlifter in the World!)
"And you're right! And I am so proud of you, my son! When you attempt the lift, you have no fear and you commit 100% no matter what happens! ... Well, why don't you do the same outside the platform, when you are out with her for example?"
"I... I had never thought about it this way, dad!"
"You sure haven't! Here is my son! Bronze medalist at the World... and he's all scared at the idea of properly asking out a girl he likes! But you know, it shows that you are good-natured and really care for her. I am sure that if it works out, you'll make a wonderful husband for her! I hope we'll meet her!" ...

Ibrahim was blessed with a loving and supporting family. Over the last 10 years, he had only been thinking of his lifting and his competitions, his studies and not much else.

His father was right. He shouldn't be too nervous. Then he thought about those silences that felt so awkward to him, when Aygül was just looking at him without speaking. He decided that next time, he would stay silent and just let the silence linger while looking at her!

Three days later, sometime in early March, they both had finished their lifting around the same time and could spare an hour for some warm perfumed coffee (the traditional Turkish coffee). They sat in front of each other at their favorite table, and spoke about World events, most notably about that new Coronavirus that had started to spread at an alarming rate. Then their conversation drifted back to weightlifting, and then... she went silent and started to gaze at him. This time, he let the silence be. He just looked at her in the eyes and smiled a little... Her expression changed dramatically. She began to smile at him and her eyes were sparkling with some kind of new light in them...
"What are you thinking, Ibrahim?"
"I am about to order another coffee and some baklavas... Do you want to share these delights with me?" The way he had said these last words positively astonished him. This wasn't like him at all! He began to panick, but reminded himself to stay calm no matter what, just like he was on the platform! Much to his surprise, Aygül kept smiling at him and looked very nervous all of a sudden. She was fidgeting with her spoon, stirring her coffee for no reason... Then she began to readjust her hair, and she kept smiling at him!
"I am having a very good time with you, Aygül!" he said in a very calm voice, totally unlike his higher pitched tone he took when acting shy and nervous.
"Ibrahim..." Aygül didn't know what to say. All of a sudden, Ibrahim noticed that their hands were inching closer and closer. He let the silence be. He let their hands meet and touch softly. Aygül didn't move back her hand from his. Both kept silent and looked at each other. Aygül's hand on his was like magic! He smiled at her. She kept smiling at him... She seemed both nervous and happy.

"You're a very special girl, Aygül! I am very happy to be with you now..."
Then Aygül started to laugh and act all funny, fidgeting with her spoon and playing with her hair. It seemed like she was also sitting more erect, as if she wanted him to have a better view of her sweater and the shape of her breasts underneath it. He had never seen her acting like this!
"Ibrahim... I have never seen you like this before, I mean here in this café. You're so serious all of a sudden. You look like... You look exactly like you are when you step on that platform to dominate the weight you are about to hoist!" Then she put her hand in front of her mouth... Did she just used the verb to dominate? What a glitch!
"Is there anything wrong with that? I'm just feeling great today, and why wouldn't I feel great when I am with you?" ... Did he really say that!?
"No... Nothing's wrong! It's just that you're... different!... It suits you very well!... It's so... It's so... attractive!" ... She couldn't believe she had just said that!
Ibrahim didn't speak. He started to caress Aygül's hand and kept smiling while looking at her in the eyes, then at her lips, her throat and back at her eyes...

"I... I gotta go!" said Aygül.
"Y... Yes! I gotta go too!" answered Ibrahim, almost reverting back to his usual shy and nervous self. But he kept his panick in check: something incredible and wonderful had just happened between them.

"Must you go in a hurry, Aygül? We can walk part of the way together..."
"Oooh! I was just forgetting I had something to do! But yes, let's walk a little together!" she said, still retaining some of her former smile.

They left the small coffee-shop and Aygül waited for Ibrahim to open the door for her. As he did so, Aygül passed in front of him, very, very close to him -- much closer than ever before -- and he touched her shoulder, very gently, with his large and powerful hand. As she was stepping out, he caught her eyes... Aygül's eyes had that same new sparkle in them! And she had some sort of mysterious smile.

Aygül stayed very silent as they walked togheter, which was unusual. Normally, she kept on talking and commenting on the people, the charms of their beautiful Istanbul, etc. Now she seemed to be immersed in deep thoughts...
"Something on your mind, Aygül?"
"... Well... I don't know, Ibrahim... perhaps... yes..."
"You can tell me if you want, but you don't have to... As long as it's not me who did something wrong, then that's all good!"
"No! It was all fine, Ibrahim! I've had a wonderful time!" (Her hand was now on his massive shoulder and she was almost leaning on him, which is very uncommon in a public space between opposite sexes. Ibrahim could smell the delicate rosy perfume coming from the top of her head!)
"You see, Ibrahim, my father..."
"Your father? You never speak much of your father, Aygül... What about him?"
"Well... he... might not..."
"He might not what, Aygül?"
"Well, he..."
Ibrahim delicately put his hand on Aygül's petite shoulder and they stopped walking and faced each other on the sidewalk.
"Come on, Aygül, what is so serious now?" Aygül looked suddenly sad and it seemed she was almost about to cry.
"Why are you so upset, Aygül? We're having a great day, aren't we?"
"Yes, Ibrahim, and... I am very, very happy now... with you!" She touched him very briefly on his massive chest.
Ibrahim suddenly moved in and kissed Aygül on her wonderfully delicate lips and gently stroked her hair, but he went no further. He felt all funny inside! Aygül kissed him back, very briefly, and smiled and her eyes sparkled at him... She was positively beaming, then a shadow grew on her face.
"Oooh! Ibrahim... It's... It's complicated... Let's leave it at that! I don't feel like telling you now!... Good bye, Ibrahim..." Then she kissed him again, very briefly too, and she was gone...
"Güle güle!" Ibrahim told her loud enough for her to hear. (Güle güle! means "good bye", but literally, it's something like "go happy and in peace"!)

And to himself: "Güle güle, my beautiful Aygül!... Ooh! Aygül!... Beautiful, sweet Aygül!... And right now, I am the luckiest man in Istanbul!"


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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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Aygül was going through all kinds of mixed emotions. All in all, she was so happy! At last! At last, something was happening inside her when she was with him! She had been hoping for this for so long! Whenever she watched him lift humongous weights on the platform, he looked so... manly! So sure of himself... But then, when they were together in a café, he had been a completely different man... and she couldn't feel anything exciting about him... until today!

"We held hands! And we kissed!" she happily told herself as she walked home, ignoring the catcalls of some random guy. The touch of Ibrahim on her had sent such powerful waves of happiness -- and erotic lust -- deep inside her! But then, her father!

Her father had very nationalistic views and he openly expressed his contempt for all things he viewed as non-Turkish, especially Greeks and Armenians. And that was the problem --- Ibrahim was from an Armenian family. Her father would never approve of their match! What was she going to do?

"One thing's for sure! No man will undress and make love to me other than Ibrahim! I am his! I... I want to feel his dick!" She had said that to herself almost afraid that somebody might overhear her thoughts! ... "I'm in love! At last I'm in love! Ooooh... Ibrahim!"


The next day, Aygül's life was troubled by another Ibrahim -- On March 12, 2020, government spokesman İbrahim Kalın announced that all primary, secondary and university schools in Turkey will be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of a sudden, she no longer had classes to attend. How long would the weightlifting Club remain open? A couple days later, she and Ibrahim had an extraordinary meeting with the rest of the National Team. The head coach announced that the team was to go to Izmir to train over there. All expenses were paid. They had adequate facilities for everyone to train in proper isolation. They would all remain quarantined as a group until new directions were given, and of course, those who chose to stay home and/or could train at home were free to do so. No lifter was going to be cut from the team due to such an unprecedented event.

Just after the meeting, Ibrahim and Aygül met near the Club's entrance and were about to go to their favorite café, when Aygül saw her father. He looked like he was waiting for her... next to his car!? What was he doing here?

Aygül's father wasn't too pleased of seeing his daughter walking -- almost hand in hand -- with this Armenian, no-real Turkish lifter, no matter how good a lifter he might be!

"Hello father!" said Aygül, trying to hide her unpleasant surprise (Why? Why did he had to come here... on THAT day? Why?)
"Hi my daughter! Aygül, I am driving you home right now! It will be safer! You will only be training here or at home with us until the situation gets better." Her father hadn't even looked at Ibrahim, let alone greet him. Aygül felt very much ashamed of how her own father acted.
"Father, she said. This is Ibrahim Kamjian, Bronze medalist in last year's World Championships!"

Upon hearing this Armenian-sounding family name, Aygül's father went very stiff. Ibrahim moved closer and offered his hand. Realizing how grossly rude it would be not to shake hands with him, he reluctantly shoke Ibrahim's hand and felt a slight jolt of Ibrahim's unbelievable strength. He couldn't keep himself from feeling genuine respect for a man with such a mighty handshake.

"I am Ibrahim Kamjian! Very pleased to meet you, Sir! And forgive me to brag, but I am very proud of having won a medal for Turkey! President Erdoğan congratulated me himself!"


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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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And the age old racism is out of the bag, nice angle to take- a nationalistic Romeo and Juliet theme have to say didn't even contemplate going down that road with the story! Can't wait to read how you solve that one! Merit when able to!

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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And the age old racism is out of the bag, nice angle to take- a nationalistic Romeo and Juliet theme have to say didn't even contemplate going down that road with the story!

Glad you are liking it. Turkey is incredibly diversified with plenty of different ethnic groups. Most Turkish are pretty damn cool and manage all the differences no problem. For example, you may see two sisters, one with a hijab and the other without it, and they get along fine.

There are many ways to solve this. I like the sexual tension building up between Ibrahim and the girl. The challenge here is to move the storyline in a credible way without making it too long -- Turkish women usually don't throw themselves in a man's arms; they are are proud and have an acute sense of their value. Turkish men who want to "just have fun" will usually pick-up female tourists from Russia or Eastern Europe.

I will keep writing the story "as it falls". I am eager to see some sex between these two!
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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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"You met the President?" asked Aygül's father.

"Yes Sir!... last fall, shortly after the World Championships Sir!" -- Ibrahim was used to deal with nationalistic people and did his utmost best to be polite and avoided sensitive topics. He spoke to Aygül's father in the same way he would speak to a superior officer during his compulsory military service. It was all the more natural as Aygül's father was about the same age as his own father.
"Oh... I forgot! By the way, I am Mustafa... Mustafa Yıldırım! he said to Ibrahim. So, you met President Erdoğan... How is he? I mean in person..."
"Dad, said Aygül, I forgot something... I'll be back in two minutes!" ...

With Aygül gone, the two men were left by themselves. They spoke about the President a little, and then Ibrahim took great care in driving the conversation back to the sport of weightlifting... and he hit a bullseye --- Mustafa was exceedingly proud of his daughter and couldn't stop telling Ibrahim what he already knew all too well: that she is a fantastic athlete, fearless and without peers for lifting efficiency, etc. Ibrahim then just had to let the man talk! Easy!

Back inside the Sports Complex, Aygül quickly found Sümeyye and Sibel -- her two best lifter friends; female lifters in the 64-kilo and 76-kilo classes.
"Sümeyye! Sibel! My father is here and I don't want to go back home right now! Can you gather a few of the lifters so we can all go somewhere for a bite to eat?" (Note to reader: Turkey would close all restaurants on Monday March 16th, and this was March 14th)

"Yeah, said Sümeyye, I think we can do that! But I saw you this morning, talking with Ibrahim. You seem so close all of a sudden... (then she started to laugh) Something going on between the two of you?" Sibel started to laugh too.
"Oooh... You two!" said Aygül. She knew there was no point in pretending... "All right, she said, you arrange things for now and then I'll tell you later all you want to know!"
"Done!" said her two friends and went about to find the rest of the team while playfully teasing Aygül
"Oooh! Aygül!... Aygül!.... Hahahahaha! Aygül's in love! Now that's some big news!!!"
Aygül's face blushed red. She knew Sümeyye and Sibel were very reliable friends. They all had been room-mates in competitions abroad. They were absolutely loyal to each other. She didn't have any jealousy to fear from them. Sibel had her own steady boyfriend and was getting engaged later that year, and Sümeyye... Well, Sümeyye was actually a lesbian (and only very few people knew that).

Aygül came back to the Complex's entrance with almost the entire national team and the head coach himself, as her father was still enthusiastically speaking of her daughter's lifting prowess.
"Dad... The team will be moving to Izmir, so we can all keep training safe from COVID-19. And we're all gathering for some farewell... Some of us will stay here in Istanbul and we won't see them for a while! ... You wanna come with us?"
"That's... That's a wonderful idea, Aygül!"

So they all went to one large restaurant and they cheerfully ate, drank and chatted. Aygül's father was completely immersed in conversation with the head coach -- they had done their military service around the same year... Aygül was sitting right next to Ibrahim, and her two friends were constantly looking at them, laughing and giggling all the time. They sure weren't telling anyone, but they were most certainly having lots and lots of fun with this new story! ... Aygül and Ibrahim! ...

"Ibrahim, said Aygül to his ear... I am going to the bathroom, and then I am getting out by the side door. In two minutes from now, can you say good-bye to everyone and join me on that street? I'll wait for you there!" Then she left for the bathroom.

Ibrahim did not need a second explanation! After two minutes, he rose and quickly said good-bye to everyone. Aygül's father was still talking with the head coach, and drinking plenty of rakı. He didn't notice his daughter leaving nor Ibrahim.

Shortly after, Ibrahim found himself on the sidewalk... Alone with Aygül. At last!

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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"Ok Aygül! ... Now tell us! What happened after you left the restaurant with Ibrahim? You owe us a story, Aygül! ... A story! A story! A story! ..." chanted Sibil and Sümmeyye.

Now the team had moved to Izmir and all team members had the rest of the day free to relax in their rooms and/or walk around the city. The three friends had gathered in Aygül's and Sümmeyye's room.

"I think I don't have much choice!" said Aygül.
"You sure as hell don't!" answered Sümmeyye.

--- Well... OK... We found ourselves on the street and we walked some distance together. We didn't say anything. We wanted to go where we'd be alone, all by ourselves!
"Oooh!... Getting interesting!"
--- We walked quite a bit, until we came at the large park, you know, the one with a pond with ducks and plenty of trees on the other side...
"Hmmmm, hmmm! Go on Aygül! Go on!"
--- I felt all funny as we walked together, hand in hand... I understood he was very nervous too, perhaps even more than me, I'm not sure. We both knew something wonderful was about to happen and we both wanted it. I never had a boyfriend before, you know this, and Ibrahim never had a girlfriend either! And we are both well into our twenties!
     There was nobody in that part of the park. I would never go there by myself, but I felt safe with Ibrahim by my side, I actually had never felt safer in my entire life. I could feel Ibrahim is a man you can trust! I couldn't wait for us to be hidden among the trees!
"Oooooh Aygül! ... Aygül!" both girls laughed ... "Aygül's in love! Aygül's in love!"

--- Ok, Ok! Just let me go on! And don't interrupt me now... I'm telling you all! Yes, all! Because you are my best friends and I can trust you... So, I was all thrilled and all funny as we reached the small forest beyond the pond, and I could tell Ibrahim was growing very nervous. Then we were all alone in the middle of the trees. A couple of kids were playing some distance away, but they were leaving.

We went further into the trees, where it was thickest. I placed my hand on Ibrahim's sturdy shoulder, we stopped walking, then he turned around and he kissed me, and Ooooooh... It was so sweeeet! I could have died when his tongue started playing with mine... I kissed him back, I went all in... I heard him whisper my name as he delicately stroke my hair... "Oooh! My sweet, beautiful Aygül!...You're so beautiful!... I am in Paradise!"

We kept kissing for the longest time. I felt myself tingling from head to toe as he kept kissing me! I felt my breasts becoming more and more sensitive against his large belly, and I felt all excited in anticipation of feeling his touch on my breasts.

We went down on our knees as we kept on kissing -- since I am so much shorter than him, it was much easier for us once we were both on the ground. I felt he was too shy to become bolder, so I myself took his wrist and guided his hand to my right breast. I felt him breathing harder as he started to caress my breast; my nipple instantly started to harden and I could feel my breasts starting to swell from the excitement. Ooooooh! It was so delicious! And I could tell he was really enjoying it! He kept whispering my name... "Oh... Aygül! ... Aygül!" I felt him becoming very much aroused.

This time together... It was so perfect! So idyllic!

Then I felt his hand going under my sweater, and then I felt it again on my breast, but this time there was just the tiny fabric of my bra between his hand and my now-erect nipple. Oooooh! ... I was so eager to feel it skin on skin! This was the first time in my life! So I said "wait, Ibrahim" and I quickly undid my bra attachment, which was upfront between my average breasts -- I had thought about such an occasion and I had chosen this upfront bra on purpose (yeah friends... I had gotten a little naughty!) ... His big, strong hand was now directly on my sensitive skin, near my nipple. His touch was delicate, warm, sweet and somewhat heavy... He took the time to feel the contour, the fleshy curve and most of all my erect nipple.

He was now breathing very, very hard. He no longer called my name. He kept on kissing me. He kissed the side of my neck, burried his head in my hair, which I had quickly undone for him, and he kept caressing my right breast the whole time.

My hand went down on his hip, then I touched his growing erection through his trousers. I felt myself gowing pretty darn wet between my legs as I felt Ibrahim's manhood! I had my hand on a man's penis for the first time... for the very first time! I gave myself a choice -- Option A) I unzip his pants, I tell him to lie down and I suck his dick... Option B) I take off my sweater, I lie down and I let him suck my breasts... and then I suck him! I went with Option B.

As I started to take off my sweater, he told me to stop. "But why? I said. What's wrong?" ... "Nothing's wrong, honey!" (he called me honey!!! Oooooh!) he said... I... I just want to do something with you right now... Please, Aygül, lie down and close your eyes! You can trust me! I'm sure you're going to like very much what I'm about to do with you!" "Ibrahim, I said, you can do whatever you like with me!" (did I really say that!?) Then he gently lied me down on the ground. I closed my eyes. I felt his hands pulling my sweater up; then I felt the chill air on my breasts. I heard him exhalate and say "OOoooh!... Aygül!!!... Ooooh you're so hot!" (did he say hot!?) Then I felt his lips and tongue against my right nipple and his hand cupping my left breast. "Ibrahim! Ibrahim!... Take me! Take me here and now! I want you! I love you Ibrahim!"
"I love you too, Aygül!" he answered...

Then all of a sudden I realized this: I had forgotten to take a couple of condoms with me!!! How stupid of me!

He obviously didn't have one either... After a long time kissing, licking and caressing my breasts, he said "It doesn't matter Aygül! It doesn't matter if we don't go all the way now! I am very, very happy now, Aygül! ... (he started kissing my breasts again -- wow! he really liked them!) Aygül, you're the sweetest, cutest and loveliest girl I've ever met in my life! ... And you're very, very important to me! I will buy you... I will buy us a pair of commitment rings! ... It doesn't matter what happens or doesn't happen right here and now... All that matters is the fact that we found each other and we are together now!"
"Yes, Ibrahim! Together, you and I, for ever!"
"For ever, Aygül!"

Then he went up my face and gave me a very long and passionate kiss to sceal our love pledge. I knew then that I was right -- Ibrahim was the right man, and I decided to prove it to him! I wanted to show him how good a wife I would be for him -- I went down on him. I feverishly undid his pants... He wanted to say something, but then he stayed silent and he rather started to caress my hair as I freed his rock-hard dick, which was now fully erect. And I put it in my mouth and started to suck it! I am very much a novice, but I did my very best to pleasure him! And I was very glad to do this for him! I was very curious too!

He kept caressing my hair and started to groan as my tongue licked the soft and delicate skin of his manhood. I took his shaft in my hand and began to suck faster with longer and fuller strokes... He groaned louder! He was obviously liking this a lot! I kept going, and went faster. The smell and taste of it felt all strange to me; not as disgusting as I would have thought, but this was probably due to the fact I was in a very turned-on state myself. I loved the feeling of his hand on my head as I kept sucking his big, hard cock. Then I felt some light juice surging out of it. It tasted quite rancid! But he was now groaning and grunting quite loud by now. I hoped there wouldn't be any passer-by! But the risk was quite low!

Then, as I kept sucking him fast in long strokes, my hand still holding his large shaft, I felt his dick seizing and then he released a massive load of sperm that spilled all over my face and down on my chest as he screamed loud... "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHRRRRGH! ... Ooooh! Aygül! Oooh! It's so GOOD!" He fell on his knees with a massive thud, sweating and out of breath. And he smiled at me.

Then, as it was getting late, we quickly cleaned ourselves and got dressed again and we left the premises.

Now my true friends, you know! We are commited to one another! He ordered the rings and we are getting them in about a week from now! Yes, Ibrahim is my man! And I am his woman! ---

"You mean his girl! interruped Sümeyye. Because you know... (in a friendly-teasy tone) technically speaking, you're still a virgin!"

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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In Izmir, the athletes each trained by him-/herself or with a fellow lifter, and usually a coach, in a small room fitted with one lifting platform, one squat rack, a few barbells, weight plates and one bench. The men trained in one section and the women in the other section. The team was quarantined, and Ibrahim found this wonderful in many ways!

Ibrahim liked to be alone with his thoughts. He loved lifting and meditating on his training routine, how his body responded, etc. Although he felt euphoric about being in love with Aygül, he was a very disciplined man who could focus on the task at hand, or so he thought. Although the European Championships -- they were supposed to be held in early April -- had been postponed to sometime around November, he couldn't just bail out from heavy lifting all of a sudden. Besides, heavy lifting soothed his mind. It made him calm and confident. And thanks to this confidence, there was now a beautiful girl in his life, a girl he had been dreaming of for a full year!

It was around 11:30 and Ibrahim was nearing the end of his morning session -- he did heavy snatches, followed with a "primer" session on squats. Later in the day, around 7 P.M., most team members would be coming to watch Ibrahim lift, as the coach had planned him to go for a max clean & jerk (he would attempt 249 kilos) and a max squat for reps (he would try to squat 320 kilos x 4 reps... 1 one more rep than his Personal Record -- like many coaches for superheavyweights, he never had Ibrahim squat to a one-rep max... squatting for reps with 300+ kilos worked just as well for optimal leg strength, but with a lesser risk of injury).

Ibrahim had begun with muscle snatches at 70, 100 and then 120 kilos and then proceeded to full snatches at 70, 100, 120, 140, 160, 170, 180 and then 190 kilos; all for singles. He missed the 190-kilo lift, so the coach had him redo it, and he missed again! -- Ibrahim had trouble keeping himself from thinking about the magic moment he had with Aygül the week before. He was miss-timing the lifts because he was constantly thinking of Aygül's kissing and Aygül's bare breasts.

The coach insisted he tried again... And he wasn't too happy, as 190 kilos (419 lbs) was a rather routine lift for Ibrahim. Ibrahim took a longer rest and brought himself together... He was the national champion and he couldn't let the team down! He imagined that he was back on that platform in Thailand as he squatted down to hook-grip the bar... Then he took a deep breath and this time, he did a perfect lift, catching the bar surprisingly high -- with his thighs almost parallel to the floor... almost a power snatch! ... He stood up tall with the massive weight overhead, held it motionless for one second, then released the bar, which fell, crashed against the platform and bounced back up. Just routine!
(Dear reader, this is a WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch! And here is how it looks like...

"Wow! Super-good lift Ibrahim!" Aygül was there and clapped her hands. He had been so immersed in his lift that he hadn't noticed her arrival. Incredible! He now felt some sense of dread, because he knew all too well that the coach was going to call 200 kilos. Sure enough, the coach told him he was good for 200 today. Could he do it? This 200 kilos (441 lbs) in front of Aygül seemed more daunting than that 204 he had done at the World Championships!

"C'mon Ibrahim! he told himself. This is a training lift! Just concentrate and imagine you are back on that platform competing against Georgia's Lasha Talakhadze. Inşallah!"

The coach and Aygül went both silent as Ibrahim positioned himself and hook-gripped the gargantuan weight.

This time he missed completely! He miss-grooved the lift and catched the bar way too far forward, and the 441-lb barbell came crashing down, stirring a small cloud of dust as it smashed and bounced on the platform... Ibrahim was perhaps even more disappointed than the coach -- he hated missing lifts! -- and the coach understood and patted him on the back ... "It happens sometimes... Just do a couple of easy doubles at 160 kilos and leave it at that for today."

Ibrahim did the lighter work, 160 x 2 x 2 sets (some lifters never allow themselves to finish a session on a miss, and Ibrahim was one of them) and then he took a short rest before wrapping up his A.M. session with a few light sets of squats (up to 220 kilos for doubles). He smiled at Aygül and sat on the bench next to her.
"Hello Aygül! How's your lifting today?"
"Well... I'm being a little ... distracted I'd say. Thank God that the next competition is far away!" She felt her body tingling from being so close to him!

They refrained to kiss and hold hands in the presence of the heavyweights' coach, who wasn't blind -- he instantly noticed that they were in love. He smiled and almost laughed out loud. "Well, well, well... Now that explains a lot of things! he thought to himself... No wonder Ibrahim was miss-timing his lifts! Ah! ah! ah! ah! Boys will be boys! ... All right, the next championships are Allah-knows-when... So just give the kid a break!... "
"Ibrahim, the coach said. I'm going in the next room to see how Yusuf is faring with his block snatches. I leave the two of you here (he winked at him)... Just don't overindulge in life's good things OK?"

As soon as the coach was gone, Ibrahim kissed Aygül and caressed her hair -- he loved so much her shiny black hair! Some men prefer blondes, and he never understood them. To him, dark hair was the charm!
"Aygül!... I can't stop thinking of you!"
"Neither do I!"
"It's probably all pretty normal... You're my very first girlfriend, honey!" Aygül just loved it when he called her honey.
"Say it again Ibrahim!"
"Say what?"
"Honey! Call me honey again!"
"Ok. Aygül, you're my honey and I love you!" And he gave her a very passionate kiss...
"... Love you too!" She said as she kissed him back.
"Caught on the act! Heh?" Sümeyye was on the doorstep.

Aygül's face blushed while Ibrahim looked down at his feet as if he were searching for something.
Sümeyye just burst in laughter. She pointed a teasing finger at her friend... "Now... don't be too naughty, Aygül!" and then she was gone...

"Well... I got some squats left to do... Meet me at lunch?"
"Yeah... But can't I stay here and watch you lift? It ain't forbidden!"
"No it's not, and I feel like the luckiest man on Earth when I am near you, but we are also athletes, Aygül! We are in Izmir to train, not on a holiday!"
"Yeah... I know what you mean... It's so hard for me to keep the focus on my lifting when I'm feeling all funny inside... and I can't stop thinking of... Ooooh Ibrahim! I'm so happy!" She kissed him and put her arms around his massive neck.
"I am very, very happy too Aygül! The name Aygül is the most beautiful music to my ear! ... But now is the time to lift!"

Ibrahim did his light squats, a simple ramp-up of doubles (sets of 2) at 70 kilos, 120, 160, 200 and then 220 for three sets of 2. They were all very easy reps that went up in the blink of an eye, since it was so far below Ibrahim's limit strength. The goal was to "prime" the nervous system for the evening's near-limit lifting. It was quickly over.

Aygül had watched Ibrahim going through the session. She couldn't stop looking at his massive frame, wondering how it would be like to feel him all over her, to have his manhood taking possession of her and to hear his loud groaning when he would release his cum inside her. She was so impatient! She had started to take the pill a few days ago, and the doctor had told her to wait at least a week before having unprotected sex.

On a whim, she got up from the bench, and then she closed and locked the door. Everything was now quiet. It was twenty past noon and all hands had gone to lunch. She looked at Ibrahim. He was on the floor doing some stretching. She turned off the light.

"Aygül? What are you doing?"
"Shhh! Don't speak, Ibrahim... Don't say anything!"

He could see Aygül's silhouette against the light coming from the hallway through the door's square window. She came at him and then he felt her short thighs on either side of his large body; she was atop him with her hands on his chest and started to move her pelvis as if they were naked and making love. Ibrahim felt a massive boner as he placed his hands on Aygül's hips. "Ooooh... Aygül! Sweet Aygül!" How he would love to fuck her right now on that platform, exactly like in his fantasy! But he kept his head...
"It's dangerous Aygül. I know the janitor comes to clean the platforms during the noon hour. The idea is great! But the timing is wrong. Besides, there's probably a security cam!"
"Oooooh, Ibrahim! I want you so much! Don't you want me too?"
"Yes... Yes, Aygül, but I don't want you to be kicked out of the team." (Ibrahim knew how damaging being caught would be for Aygül and he also knew that the Weightlifting Federation would much rather replace a female lifter than do anything to a world medalist.)
"Ibrahim, what's life without risks?" She removed her pullover.
"Aygül! Not now!... The janitor may be at the door any minute, and he has keys!"

Aygül felt a little hurt in her woman's pride.
"Ibrahim... Why don't you take me now! The janitor may or may not come... I don't care!"
"Aygül! Are you out of your mind!? I'd love to..."
"Oooh! OK. Fine! We ain't doing it today! Well... You're going to have to wait for a while before you see me offer myself like this again!!"

She quickly put back her pullover on and was angrily heading for the door. "Why does she act so childish?" thought Ibrahim. He rapidly rose to his feet and overtook Aygül...
"Aygül! There's nothing to be angry about! I just..."
"Leave me alone! ..." -- Then Ibrahim suddenly remembered what his father did whenever his mother had some fit of jealousy (which was often); his father would simply start to kiss her and call her beautiful, and they would end up in the bedroom behind closed doors... A wise Armenian man!
The now-upset Aygül was unlocking the door when Ibrahim took her strongly, yet sweetly by the shoulders, turned her around and gave her the best French kiss he was capable of. Aygül quickly lost her anger and stiffness, and before long they were making out. Aygül felt all wet between her legs as Ibrahim held her tight against the door and was -- yet again -- caressing her breasts below her pullover.

Then they heard footsteps coming nearer. They had just enough time to turn the light back on, put themselves back together and grab their things before the janitor showed up, unlocked the door and proceeded to sweep the floor, almost ignoring them. Besides, they were hungry.

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Re: Turkish Delight! The lived-out fantasy of a weightlifter!
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Absolutely loving the slow build up of everything between them. Will have a better sense of their loved when they finally give in to each other! Merit awarded!