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LISTING OF ALL REGIS STORIES with links in titles
« on: June 06, 2020, 08:05:34 AM »
A listing of all Regis stories posted in the Extreme portion of the site.

WARNING:  These stories are intended for adults, and contain sensitive or unpleasant subject matter, and should be read only with discretion.

Regis kindly advises you to NEVER try any of this at home:

Title,              Description
1st PERSON  Anthology thread of short stories about young girls in extreme peril, told from their point of view                                         
Adele's Asccention to Hell - She's a top saleswoman, but her passion for nude violence takes her beyond beyond
A New Challenge - A young girl goes on an adventure with her new friends     
Anita Gets the Shaft  Ambitious saleswoman has to climb rope to avoid impalement, competes with teens.
Another World, So Close to Home 3 young girls run away from home and enter an exciting world using their own bodies to serve drinks. 
Arnie & Titties Latest Hit A movie Director and Producer collaborate on their next project, starting with an audition for disposable new talent.               
Audition, The - Snuff Producer lures young mothers and daughters to his live streaming studio.
Ball Crusher Annie - Teen mother Annie takes her daughter on a walk through the city at night, and finds more than she was looking for.
Barbara's Barbarous Execution - A vivacious college graduate picks life as a sex toy for wealthy, consumed by her avarice.
Baron von Kiddies Cunt & Cuntlet Party The baron and his wife host entertainments of the most depraved kind       
Beach Camp Raid - Barbarians raid a Roman camp, butcher the soldiers and then demolish the women for sport.
Bed Bound Child Torture - Warning: may contain scenes of children bound to beds & being tortured.         
Blood Sports Arena - Naked girls tossed into the ring, armed, to fight 'last cunt standing' naked brawls.               
Boys Will be Boys - Leather shop owner invites boys to his upstairs secret room to watch clients abusing teen girls.
CATERINA and the YOUNG MOORS medieval torture - A beautiful young nun is horribly tortured to death alongside the foreign girls she tried to shelter from a murderous mob.
Church of the Fallen Angel - A pedophile priest finds a home with a congregation with twisted passion for kiddies.
Clarise Turns 11 - The life of a young girl who lives & works in a strip club.
College Chums - Young Mari Liu learns the responsibilities of a being one of her Mistress's Cunts In Service.
Crunch Booties and the Pee Pee parties A Lami Pi Productions spin-off sees mothers and their young daughters killing in the ring.
D-Ring Casinos - The original Regis story featuring lethal lady Gladiatrix           
Deadly Sex Stimulant - Extremely wealthy lesbian women buy an island for their most extreme entertainment
English Waitress - Come to the English Restaurant where girl meat is served so rare it still jiggles, and the entertainment is just as raw.
Evelyn's Secret Life - Gorgeous business executive hooked on, and then craves increasingly advanced bestiality           
Execution, Russian Style - Drunken peasants pit their little girls in a naked knife fight, justice with incredible execution     
Female Punching Bags - Extreme sexual violence to models to enhance sales of shoes, perfume, makeup
Francie's Killer New Game A young woman takes charge of devising new methods of torture for the benefit of Lami Pi Productions
Gloria's Natural Split Travelling serial killers experiment on an attractive young sales clerk and her bitchy boss                   
Good Luck Club - Bangkok executives own a river barge for sexual excesses beyond imagining, men, women, girls             
Group Hanging - Gang of 6 female criminals are hanged nude, with extensive abusive preparations
Helicopter Bitchwackers These guys know how to take a couple of party girls for a ride
Honeycunt Gang A woman abandons the monotonous life of a housewife to join a gang of female killers
Humpin Sport Two adventurous youths receive the enhanced cocks they'll need to really teacup little girls' holes
Jeanette - Junior High girls become pony girls, humiliation, rape, snuff races
Just A Run Through The Mob runs the hottest cunt-bar on the boulevard
Ike and Ozzie Ask the good old boys about their recipe for a good time: whisky, gallows and a bus load of pre-teens
Insatiable - Women and girls compete in deadly gladiatorial contests for sexual kicks. Feaures the lethal Cunt Cannon
Karina on the Gore Floor - In a pit of extreme nude sexual violence where life is of no value, butchery is everything           
Kate and the Belly Dancers - Naked little girls serve guests who come to witness crucified pregnant girls whelp
Killer Life In The City Aspiring businessmen Jeb relates his talent management methods, then his charming young client gives her own account of her experiences learning how to satisfy even the most arduous of a customer's requirements.
Lami Pi Productions - The deepest dive yet into the D-ring, a world of shadowy societies where men, women and especially little girls fight to the death for the entertainment and profit of others.
Life & Death in the D-Ring - A gorgeous young woman is lured into becoming a nude pitfighter, many adventures
Little Girl's Killer Education - A beautiful little orphan starts her new life in a black market orphanage for 'Snuffies'     
Most Secret Society - The ultimate pony girl story of a large Equestricunt syndicate and their extreme competitions
Natural Bitch Splitter - Harry and Bill teach a snooty retailer respect
New York Party Girl - Bright college grad joins others to party nightly with stock brokers, gets sold to pig butchers
Nipples Playboy Adventures  - A young girl weaves her way through the seedy underbelly of the LA snuff industry       
No Limit - Little American girls cage fight naked in Mexico, elevates to extreme violence, knives, gutting and killing
Perilous Crossing - Are you gonna do the dare? You're not chicken are you?
Ravishing New Enterprise - A dance academy owner takes children from recitals to exciting lewd performances               
Reality Movie 2035 - By 2035 reality TV evolves to movies with killing sports, mothers and kids butchered                         
Saga of Cassandra - Wealthy ranchers own a secret ranch where they have their way with naked women and girls
Sarah Stepped Out - A young performer does her routine on the stage of Fuksalot’s Teeny Nipples Showroom, this time providing an additional Grand Finale
Spin the Bottle - Young laborers party in back room of a bar, where often the games prove to be fatal
SUPERGUN - Some women are so hot to be snuffed they'll compete in a deadly contests for the privilege of having their cunt blown to pieces
Suzanne and the Gymnasts - The lives of girls trafficked by the Barbados sex slavers are nasty, brutish and short
Suzzane's Trial By Fire - Heiress dilettantes fall into the merciless clutches of sex-slavers   
Thunderdrome Death Riders  - Innocent college girls forced to participate in deadly motorcycle sports                               
Tittie on the Animal Farm - Large breasted teens are treated as animals, naked and severely abused                               
Ultimate Combat - Teen factory workers drawn into a naked arena fight to the death                                         
Vice Detective - He and his female partner discover a hidden Mafia Club, and become non-surviving entertainers
Young Carli Killer - Carli shows she's got watch it takes to be a cunt-killing pit fighter
War Zone - War is hell, but at least there are ample Kiwi whores to rape to death

Pastiche stories in the Regis style:
Title                Description
The Kill Pit A gladiator fights for her life against a stream of young girls.
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Re: LISTING OF ALL REGIS STORIES with links in titles
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Why? If something new is added, then the thread will be bumped naturally. Until then, there is no reason why this thread as opposed to any other should be at the top of the page.

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Re: LISTING OF ALL REGIS STORIES with links in titles
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On the top banner there's a option to go onto your profile. You can then access an option to modify your profile. On that page, you can add a signature that will show up at the end of every post you make. If you copy and paste the address of this list, you can add a link that will take viewers directly to this link when they click on it.

That way you won't need the mods to pin this anywhere. If readers like your work, they can easily access your stories via your signature. You bumping this thread constantly is like forcing it to be pinned and I'm sorry but I can see no reason why it should always be at the first page of this section. By using a signature, you won't need to have it there. It'll be a more elegant solution to your problem.

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Re: LISTING OF ALL REGIS STORIES with links in titles
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