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First Meat
« on: May 25, 2020, 12:29:17 PM »
So, another Thanksgiving, another holiday flying solo. Or so I thought until my colleague John got wind of it. “Come on by my place, Ned. Judy and I have wanted to have you over for a while anyway. This way there will just be more people. You don’t have to bring anything, but if you feel like making the customary gesture, wines and candies are always appreciated.

“Sure. Sounds great,” I’d told him. I wasn’t really all that eager, but whatever. Food is food. Crowds, though. Eh.

“Just remember to bring an appetite and an open mind.”

That was cryptic, but I didn’t think anything of it until the day came and I found my way there. I’d never been to John’s home, but clearly I’d arrived at a celebratory house. There were lots of cars out front. And I’d no sooner parked and stepped out of my car when I was met and greeted by a young woman. She curtsied to me in an old-fashioned way and offered me a tall Champaign flute full of bubbly. She was about sixteen I would guess, a hot blonde trying to keep her hair perfect in the light drizzle, nicely developed tits for her age, which I could easily tell because she was totally naked.

“Um, maybe I have the wrong address,” I sort of stammered.

“I doubt it. Daddy is very precise in giving directions. He did say the red house with the three pines in front and the old stone fountain on the left side of the house, didn’t he?”


“And I doubt you passed any others like that on the way here. Or ever.”

“I don’t think so,”

“Then you’re at John Merridale’s house for Thanksgiving. I’m his daughter, Kelly. One of his daughters. And since you’re surprised at my nudity, you must be Ned Jenkins, from daddy’s work.”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“He said you’d be surprised. He likes inviting single men over and not telling them what to expect. We belong to the Hierarchical Universal Church of Light, and all girls and women are commanded to remain naked and subservient to men and boys whenever possible. Which means always at home. And as all homes are also churches in our faith, even visitors must conform to the rule.”

“So all the women in there will be naked?”

“Oh, yes. Maybe not subservient, if they’re just friends who have accepted our lifestyle. I think there are some very kinky couples in daddy’s circle of friends, and even kinkier single women. But that’s not my place to judge, as I am both female and a minor. But enough of that. We’re getting wet, and for you that is a problem. Please enjoy our hospitality. Mingle, eat, drink, talk. If you want to get some air, feel free to walk anywhere on the property. We have eighty wooded and semi-wooded acres with trails and a clearly marked property line. Make yourself at home, Mr. Jenkins, sir.”

“Thank you, Kelly,” I said. I was going to like this place. She hurried off to grab a Champaign and greet another guest. I went inside and quickly spotted a couple people I knew from work. Indeed, as Kelly had said, there wasn’t a clothed female to be seen. The kids played like it was a normal day. The adult women chatted and mingled. A few teen girls looked self-conscious, but most of them looked happy and comfortable too. Teen girls are so hard to read anyway.

“Ned, good, you made it,” John said, coming over eventually.

“I made it. This is quite the secret you keep here, John.”

“Well I could hardly brag about it at work. One whiff of this lifestyle and even talking about it would be ‘sexual harassment’ here and ‘hostile working environment’ there. Like people can’t even talk about their lives anymore without someone with a stick up their ass complaining.”

“So true, so true,” I said.

“You met Kelly, I assume.”

“Yes, she filled me in.”

“Good, good. Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll like you.”


“She’s sixteen now and a virgin. If she hasn’t had sex yet, girls in our faith are expected to be deflowered before seventeen. Her mother and I haven’t pushed her, oh, here’s Judy now.” I turned and saw Judy coming over. I’d never seen her naked before, obviously, but she was quite the stunner. “We were just talking about Kelly’s deflowering,” he said.

“Oh, yes. I do hope she shows an interest in someone. She’s pushing seventeen, and if she hasn’t had vaginal intercourse when she reaches seventeen she is cast out,” Judy said.

“And this is a meet market for her?” I asked.

“Something like that,” John said. “She still has five months to go. And obviously she has to convince a man to sleep with her. Not that that will be much of a problem we think.”

“So, obviously you have different consent ideas than the law,” I said.

“Ned, dear, do keep up with the law. There are a million exceptions nowadays, and religion is one of them. Of all our daughters, only Amber and Jordan are too young for sex, and they’re four and eight. From Jessie on up, all our girls are, if they choose, open for business,” Judy said proudly.

“So, what is the lower limit for you?” I asked. “Just out of curiosity.”

“According to scripture, whenever she is old enough to ask or show an interest,” John said. “But in practical terms, around twelve or so. Give or take a year, depending on judgement.”

“So, Jessie was it, she’s eleven?”

“Oh, no, we don’t have any girls that age right now. Jessie’s certainly older than that, but Jordan is way younger. And of course Alicia, Megan, and Kelly.”

“Interesting. I might just have to join a church,” I said. Both laughed. Soon enough I ended up mingling, but that’s where things got dicey. I don’t really like to mingle, and the crowd there was huge. John and Judy knew a lot of people. Most of the women were taken. After some time I decided to get some air. And Kelly was correct about there being lots of trails out back.

It was raining a bit more, so I had my jacket on. After a few minutes of hiking around on a path I came across a gazebo out in the woods. One side was closed off and the other mostly open. As I came around to see inside, I realized it was occupied. A young, slim girl was already there, sitting on the wooden bench. She had her legs pulled up to her chest, probably for warmth since she was totally naked.

“Oh, sorry to intrude,” I said.

“It’s okay. Daddy’s guests are encouraged to explore.”

“So you’re one of John’s daughters?” She nodded but said nothing. “I met your sister Kelly,” I said.

“She’s the Champaign tart. She meets everybody.”

“You sound cynical.”

She shrugged. “She’s so empty headed. She doesn’t know why she does anything she does. She wants to just give it away so some man, whoever has the most expensive car probably. She’s not subservient to men like she pretends to be.”

“Ah. I see.”

“Yeah, sure you do.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t.” I sat down beside her, not asking her. “But maybe I know more than you guess. It’s not like men haven’t been dealing with gold-diggers and phonies for thousands of years, you know.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that,” she said.

“I take it you’re not eager to have to serve a man?” I asked. She remained silent. “Or is that a sensitive subject? Would you be in trouble if your parents knew?”

“You don’t know anything,” she said.

“No, probably not,” I replied. But I felt like talking to this girl more. She was sending out vibes. “It’s not the end of the world if you want to assert yourself and not be a grinning piece of arm candy.”

“You don’t know anything!” she repeated, louder and angrier.

“Are you mad because I get to see you naked and you don’t want that?” I asked. Now I was just fishing.

“I don’t know what I want!”

“Oh, well that’s normal. You’re told to do one thing in life but maybe you’d prefer the exact opposite. It’s tough, I get it.”

“You don’t know anything!” she said, yet again. I half expected her to storm off but she stayed put. “I don’t even know how to explain it,” she said. “But you wouldn’t understand! You’re a man. You have it all backwards from us girls.”

“I guess I don’t understand,” I said. “You seem agitated when I talk about wanting something other than willing subservience, but I think you don’t care much for that path either.”

“You don’t get it! I don’t care if I have to do what a man says, and I don’t care if I have sex with a man. But I want him to make me!” she blurted out. Her face turned red. I doubted she had planned to say that. Maybe she’d never thought things out clearly in her own mind.

“So, you’re a bottom,” I said. “A masochist.”


“You like the idea of force. You don’t want to just give in. You want the force used against you. And maybe you like the idea of a little hurting, a little torture along the way.”

She stared at me, slack jawed. She was either stunned or enlightened. “Uh huh. I guess,” she said.

“At a gut level, first impression, which would you find more interesting. A man that gives you a bunch of attention so you’ll be happy to serve? Or a man that makes you serve just because you showed the slightest interest, and doesn’t ask you what you want?”

“That one,” she said quietly.

“Would you be more comfortable serving a man his supper naked? Or serving a man his supper naked except for handcuffs, that you don’t have keys for?”

She drew in a sharp breath. “That part,” she said, almost in a whisper.

“Or a collar that he put on you and you can’t get off yourself. And he didn’t ask you, either.” She drew another sharp breath and nodded. “I thought so. Yeah, I understand you just fine. Your kink is plenty common. I’m surprised you didn’t find it on the internet yet.”

“Daddy doesn’t let us browse much,” she said.

“Well, girls like you aren’t that unusual. A bit on the rare side, but hardly weird. And highly desirable, I might add.”

“Desirable? Me?”

“Sure. Normally if I went up to some random girl your age, or any age, and put a collar and handcuffs on her and didn’t let her go, she’d scream kidnap and I’d be off to jail. But if I did it to you I’ll bet you would just let me. And then I could do anything I wanted to you.” I leaned in as I spoke, and it was clearly having an effect on her.

“Can I show you something if you promise not to tell?” she asked.

“I don’t promise you anything,” I said. She looked disappointed. “But you should show me anyway.”

“Heh, right,” she said.

“I said, you should show me anyway!” I told her. “Get to it.”

“I, um. Okay,” she said. She stood up and bounded off the gazebo only to crouch down in the wet bushes and reach for something under the structure. She pulled out a big wooden box. When she brought it up and opened the lid, I saw a haphazard collection of bondage toys. There was a set of handcuffs. Some rope. A ball gag. Some clothespins. Some needles. A blindfold. “Mom and Dad have a closet full of stuff. I borrowed some and got some stuff myself. Like clothespins.”

“Very enterprising of you. Do you lock yourself up with these?”

“Yeah, sometimes. When I can. I pretend someone else did it. And I can’t get out.”

“That would be the point. And I take it John and Judy don’t know about this?”

She shook her head no. “They have no idea. No one does. I shouldn’t even tell you.”

“But you did, and now I know your secret.”

“Yeah. You aren’t going to tell anyone, are you? Please don’t tell anyone!”

“Probably not. But only because I’m going to do something else.”

“What are you gonna do to me?” she asked, suddenly wary.

“Well, you’ve advertised that you fantasize about being forced to do sexual things, while bound, and without your consent. And you said it to me, a strange man you don’t know. We don’t even know each other’s names. So I guess I’ll take that as an invitation to do things to you.”

She began to tremble. “Like what?” she quietly asked.

“First, I want you to bind yourself like you do when you’re alone. Show me how you display yourself naked to imaginary men.”

“I, I…”

“Do it!”

She was trembling as she pulled the gear out of the box. First she put the ball gag on herself, strapping it in place holding her jaw open. Then she took the handcuffs and the key and walked out to a tree in the rain. She wrapped her hands around the tree trunk, behind her back, and locked the cuffs in place. Then she dropped the key.

I walked over to her slowly, staring at her sharply. “So, this leaves you pretty helpless, doesn’t it?” She nodded yes. “If a strange man found you like this, you couldn’t easily get away in time, could you?” She shook her head. I quickly reached down and took the key, pocketing it. “And if some mean man took the key, you’d be at his total mercy. You couldn’t stop him from doing things with your body. Sexual things. Without even asking. Right?” She nodded. I took a few pictures of her like that.

“And since you told me you want this to happen, you want me to do sexual things to you now, don’t you?” I asked. Now she tried to shake her head no. “Oh hell no, you aren’t saying no to me now. You’ve kept that secret until today, then you tell a stranger. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” She shook her head wildly no. I was taking a risk, but I couldn’t hope to find a better prospect than this girl. She was throwing herself at me. And it sounded like John wouldn’t even mind, as long as he read things the way I did. Not that I was going to share it with him.

Still, there was that nagging sense that raping this girl of maybe fourteen at the very most might get me life in a supermax. But that was when things turned on a head.

“Oh, doesn’t this just warm every mother’s heart?” We both turned and saw Judy there. Naked. Wet from the rain. And smiling. “I knew my special Jessie had some secrets, but I never connected them to our missing sex toys.”

Jessie tried wildly to turn away and speak, though she was too far bound and gagged for either. She was turning bright red as Judy walked over.

“So this is Jessie,” I said. “We were just getting to know each other.”

“It looked like you were hesitating, Ned,” she said. “Bad idea. Jessie led you on, now you take it where it goes. Don’t be shy.”

Jessie screamed something into her gag. “And you, missy,” Judy said to her, “You made your bed, now you lie in it. How the next few minutes or hours play out is really out of your hands. You can try persuasion, or at least persuasive gesturing, but that’s all you’ve got, so you had better get comfortable.”

“You’re sure?” I asked Judy.

She nodded. “If John didn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be here now. However, supper will be served precisely at three, so don’t you dare be late. Either of you. If you need to, you can drag her back out here after dinner if you haven’t finished yet, but I expect both of your butts seated at my table at three, even if Jessie has a face-full of your cum and big bruises on her chest.”

“No problem,” I said.

“Good. Then carry on.” She turned and left. It was barely past one, so I had a lot of time. Jessie looked mortified and humiliated. I circled slowly around the naked girl, touching her lightly, feeling her tits, rubbing her nipples, sliding my fingers into her slit. She just moaned and squirmed, and a few tears of burning shame ran down her cheeks as I explored her body. And a nice body it was. The youngest I’d ever gotten hold of. Her pussy was even a little wet, though her tears on her cheeks were wetter. I rubbed my hands all over her titties, feeling them, squeezing them, playing with her nipple. They weren’t much developed yet, but they were there. And poor Jessie just moaned and shook, unable to stop the humiliating feel-up.

“I’m going to make you a woman today, Jessie,” I told her, and she wailed into the gag in response. “And I’m not even going to take you off this tree to do it.”

It was cold out and still rainy, so I just lowered my pants down. I saw no reason to get wet for this like Jessie clearly was. She was still shrieking into her gag when I grabbed both of her ankles and lifted them up off the ground. My cock was, needless to say, rock hard for this little nymphet. I pressed the tip against her slit. Her eyes were wide open, teary, and in shock as I slowly pressed myself into her insanely tight gash. She was wet, thank god, but tighter than a vice. She really hadn’t been used down there at all. No matter. I was patient and forceful and slowly I pushed my way in, past her hymen, making her scream extra hard as I tore it in slow motion, and finally had my full length buried in her cunt.

Now she just moaned as I began to fuck the little tease. Her screams were gone, and she had difficulty hiding just how aroused she was by what was happening to her. Between the sex, the bondage, and the lack of consent, she was fast becoming supremely horny in her own right. Her parents had figured her out perfectly, and so had I. I fucked and fucked, trying to last as long as I could. I’m proud to say I lasted a good ten minutes plowing that little virgin girl’s field of joy.

I let her legs go, but she slid down the tree trunk to a seated position. I took her gag off, but she was crying. Her whole body heaved with big sobs. “I don’t know why I’m crying,” she finally managed to sob. “That was so amazing!”

“I’m sure it’s cathartic for you,” I said. She nodded, continuing to cry.

“I don’t want to stop,” she said, looking up at me, pleading. “Can you do that again? And again and again and again?”

“Whoa, sorry girl, but men aren’t built like that. I can do it a lot, but it has to be spread out over time.”

“Oh. Right,” she said, getting herself under control. “That must suck. Well, for me too I guess. Oh my god I can’t believe how I feel right now!”

“There’s more coming, don’t you worry,” I said. “But now we have almost two hours alone. I should be able to fuck you twice more, maybe three times. And then we are expected at the supper table.”

“Okay,” she said, nodding with a smile. “Should you uncuff me now?”

“Not a chance,” I told her. “You’re stay just like that until supper.”

She pouted a little, but it was obviously fake. She was still breathless and shaking from her first sex and her first bondage all at once.

Now that she was warmed up she became far more talkative. Teen girls, after all, have only two speech modes – sullen and chatterbox. She was past sullen. Of course, she still talked about teen crap when I tried to ask her about her life. School. Sports. Activities. It was kind of silly, talking to this girl like a child after deflowering her. But I was marginally curious about what kind of girl she was. And when my cock started hardening up again I gave her another stiff fucking. I lasted longer this time, as Jessie just about lost her mind. Her eyes kept rolling back in their sockets as she panted and cried and shook with orgasms that just ran into each other. Her only relief came with my cum in her belly.

“How was it for you, dear?” I asked her with a smile.

“Iwa, ohm, idupba…” She couldn’t even come close to forming proper words as she sat there quivering, her little naked body turned to jello. I got some nice pictures of her. We stayed quiet for a while as Jessie tried to process what had happened to her that afternoon. She’d woken up that morning as a girl, juggling some unformed fantasies in her mind, and now she was a twice fucked woman. Actually, a raped woman, since she never actually agreed to the first one. But that didn’t seem to bother her any.

In fact, while she’d been sullen the whole time she was sharing her fantasies, now she just grinned at me with a little schoolgirl crush going on in her eyes. It was pretty cute.

My fucking her the second time was so long that I couldn’t recharge for a third. I talked to her a little more, and felt her up a bit, rubbing her clit almost to orgasm and then pulling back before she could finish. After several cycles of that she was ready to burst. “I gotta stroke myself off,” she said as I was getting ready to release her cuffs.

I paused. “No, you absolutely do not need to do that!” I told her sternly and loudly. “In fact, you’re a cute, hot girl who can get sex any time you want it. So you’re not to masturbate ever again. At least not unless a man gives you permission. Do you understand me?”

“But, I, you, you’re not…”

“I’m not what? I gave you an order, and if you disobey it, I will punish you. The end. Do you understand?”

She looked utterly shocked, but she lowered her eyes down. “Yes. I get it. I’ll obey. Master.”

“Good, then we shall go have supper now.” I unlocked her, freeing her arms for the first time in a couple hours. She grinned, looking happy again as she stretched and flexed them. She was quite a site, that adorable thin little girl, soaking wet from the rain, stark naked, and now with some cum starting to leak out of her little smooth slit.

Supper was a nice enough affair. There were several tables around, and somehow I ended up seated at the one Jessie was at, though she was nestled between two other relatives, adult men, looking bored and uncomfortable. I wondered if her place setting hadn’t been moved at the last minute under Judy’s orders. After the enormous meal and accompanying desserts, there was a slow dispersal as some guests left earlier than others. I was wondering how to handle my own departure when John and Judy approached me and nearly dragged me into John’s home office. He and I sat while Judy stood at attention.

“Well if I wasn’t so busy today I would have gotten to you a lot sooner, Ned. Wow, so it was little Jessie who turned your eye.”

“Well, I found her out at that gazebo and she talked and I talked,” I said.

“And she showed you where our bondage toys were vanishing too, apparently,” he said. “No matter. She can keep them. And that brings us to you.”

“Judy said I should indulge her,” I said.

“You should indulge yourself,” John said. “Jessie wants to be a sub, that’s what she gets. And speaking of which, you and her and all that, how would you like to take her home tonight and keep her over the long weekend. No questions asked, no limits in place.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course. And I’ve got a lot of guests to schmooze, including two of them that are showing interest in two of my other girls, so let’s not take a lot of time. You and she had the best chemistry. I saw it when she walked into the house feeling like a grown woman. That girl hasn’t smiled at home in two years, but she was today. So, if you want to take her home until Sunday night, she’s yours. And please don’t ask what she thinks. We already know, and it doesn’t even matter.”

“Okay, then. I’d love to have a houseguest.”

“Terrific,” Judy said. “I’ll go find the little minx and bring her in.”

It took a little while, but Jessie showed up looking nervous and small next to Judy. She was freshly showered and cleaned up and sporting the pouty look more common for her age. “Good, Jessie, you finally made it here,” John said.

“I was in the shower,” Jessie said.

“Nonetheless, I think you’ll find that in your adult life you’ll have to be more obedient and respectful to men’s wishes,” John said. “You kept me and our guest waiting. Now, here is what we’ve decided. You and Ned are leaving together tonight. He is taking you to his house as his guest until Sunday night when you’ll be picked up promptly at nine PM. Until then, you’ll be respectful and do as he tells you.”

She looked at me in some alarm. I couldn’t tell if she was happy or not, but she was determined to play cool. “Okay,” she said. “Well, I’m leaving the house. I’ll go pack a bag.”

“Negative, Jess,” John said. “You’re going as you are. Naked, as God intended you.”

“But I’m leaving the house! Those are the rules, I’m leaving the house so I have clothes.”

“Not this time, Jess,” John said. “You’re going straight to Ned’s house, or wherever he wants to take you I guess, but you’re in his hands and he doesn’t have to dress you unless he wants to.”

“Oh, Ned, we forgot to ask you,” Judy piped in. “Of course, if you want her to pack a bag, she can.”

“I think I can make do without,” I replied. “I’m not sure where the law stands these days, so I’ll keep her close to home.”

“Good. It’s more intimate that way,” Judy said. “I know you’ll make her happy. And you, little girl, had better make him happy or there will be hell to pay when you get back.”

“Fine,” she muttered.

“Good, then it’s all settled. Ned, stay as long as you like, but when you’re ready to go Jessie will be ready too.”

“Well,” I said, “Given the wonderful parting gifts, I think maybe I’ll be heading out now.”

“Ah, big surprise there,” John replied. “I’ll be by Sunday at 9 to get her.”

We said our goodbyes and soon I was loading Jessie into, well, into the trunk of my car. She was back to looking stricken half the time now, and stared into the trunk like it was the gaping maw of a man-eating lion. She looked nervously at me. Her parents hadn’t even walked her out.

“Okay, fine,” she finally said, climbing in.

“On your belly,” I said.

“Okaaaay,” she replied warily as I used some emergency rope to hogtie her. I put a finger into her cunt and confirmed her wetness. Her sullenness could be real or fake, but her arousal was all real. With that in mind, I slammed it shut and drove the little girl off to her new phase of life.
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Re: First Meat
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2020, 02:47:41 PM »
I loved this.  Never wanted to belong to a church before but this one could instantly take my tithes and offerings.  I did have to groan in painful assent at the all-too realistic line that men aren’t built that way.  ::)

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Re: First Meat
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Nice story, may they have a long and happy life together.  Though, from the title, and it being set at Thanksgiving, I was about 3/4 expecting it to be vore.

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Re: First Meat
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Nice story, may they have a long and happy life together.  Though, from the title, and it being set at Thanksgiving, I was about 3/4 expecting it to be vore.

Huh, a triple entendre. I hadn't thought about that. I figured "meet" for meeting, and 'meat' for meat market, singles scene, treated like piece-of-meat etc.
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Re: First Meat
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I really liked that story, thank you very much

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Re: First Meat
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I really liked that story, thank you very much

I agree. Definitely merit worthy and given with thanks.
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Re: First Meat
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Well done!  8)
It's what they're FOR! 
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Re: First Meat
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LOVED it!  (Merit most earned!)
Ssshhhhhh...  Hush....  You're in good hands now, angel.