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Saturday Detention
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Plot Ruined weekend equals ruined asses
Story Nine of the Ms. Saba Spanking Series
POV Work of fiction.

It was Saturday morning and surprisingly, I was not happy. The reason for my discontent, I got roped into supervising a group of girls serving Saturday detention at Fencer High School in good old Glendale, Arizona after the person who was supposed to be doing that called off at the last minute yesterday evening. Oh well, at least I get to whack some bottoms and take home some trophies afterward.
Upon opening the door to room 307, I walk in and saw six naughty girls sitting at their desks. I skipped the pleasantries and moved to the front of the room after putting my bag on the desk behind me. The girls were already giving me oddball glances, I think it was because of my Hijab. I couldn’t help but sense some underlying prejudice from some of them, no matter I have some discipline to dish out.

“In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Ms. Saba and I am very pissed off this morning. My plan was to spend the next two days relaxing at my house but now down to one because the six of you couldn’t conduct yourselves like proper students. I have a list of all of your names and offenses you have committed. Since I’ve been placed here today, you are going to atone for your wrongs… my way. All of you stand up.”

They all rose from their seats and I walked over to the first one. A Junior girl with a ponytail who had her nipples poking through her blouse.

“What is your name?” I asked. She was just about to speak when I gave her a hard slap to the face. Your name does not matter today,” I shouted. None of your names matter. As of this moment, you will be given a number and will be called by the number. When it is called, you come up to the front to atone for your wrongs. Is that understood?

“Yes,” they replied. Not pleased with their response, I gave them all a hard face slap and told them it was yes, Ms. Saba. They got it right when I asked them again. I pulled a marker out of my pocket and wrote forty-two on Ms. Pointy Tips' forehead and the following numbers on the others. After I wrote forty-six on the forehead of the last girl, I grabbed Ms. Pointy Tips by arm and pulled to the front of the room. I glared at her for a minute before ripping her blouse open causing some buttons to go flying in the process. Her nipples stuck out even more no that there was nothing between after I pushed her blouse to the floor.

“How sluttly of you not to wear a bra, Ms, Pointy Points,” I said then grabbed her Nike Athletic shorts and pulled them straight down to her feet exposing her blue-green star covered panties.

“You are going to be the first to go over the chair of shame for your spanking and the others are going to watch. The rest of you naughty girls take off your shoes and shirts and put your hands behind your heads.” Knowing that I wasn’t playing around, numbers forty-three through forty-seven quickly removed their shirts and tank tops and placed their hands where I wanted them. I was glad they were wearing bras, naughty girls look juicier that way.
I bent number forty-two over the back the second chair, I had it positioned so that her bottom was facing the group. I left her there while I grabbed my disciplinary tools from my bag. Today I brought three of them a three rowed pyramid studded belt, a razor strap, and my trusty cane, the belt was a new tool so I was gonna use it first. I went behind Ms. Pointy Points and prepared to begin.

“I bet your class cutting days are going to be over, after this, I whispered into her ear as I squeezed her ass to make her feel more humiliated and to show the other girls that they were my possessions for the duration then I pulled her panties down and took my first swing.
The belt slammed into her bottom with so thunderous, it caused the other girls to flinch with fear while she screamed and kicked her legs up a little.

“Hold still, forty-two. I’m just getting started,” I said then delivered three more hard hits, she was really crying now.
I noticed this belt was making number forty-two’s ass redder and redder with each hit and much faster than a regular belt. After the seventh hit, I decided to stop. If I struck her a few more times there was a good chance her ass was going to start bleeding and that was a big no-no in my disciplinary book.

I pulled forty-two up and pushed her up against the board and told her to stick her bottom out then sat down in my chair which was next to the chair of shame.

“Number forty-three approach.” This sophomore girl opted to wear her pajamas to detention. With her tank top removed, she was now dressed in a violet bra and her pajama pants. She stops before me with her hands still above her head.

“I heard you’ve been throwing a few too many punches around the school, young lady. I undid the laces on her pants and pulled them down to her feet then I grabbed her by the hips and spun her to give her a once over, I noticed she was wearing a yellow thong then told her to bend over the chair of shame. For this round, I decided to use the razor strap. I rubbed my hand along her bottom for several seconds, causing her to flinch, but I sternly told her to hold still and kept rubbing.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she tearfully asked. I smacked her bottom with the strap then grabbed some of her hair.

“Silence. You don’t get to question, the only thing you only get to do is submit to discipline. I relinquished my hold on her and began swatting.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwww,” she shouted I paid no heed to her cries and kept striking her white bottom which was starting to turn red.

“You can scream all you want, young lady. But this is what happens when you misbehave, you’re sent to me and bent over the chair of shame for a spanking.” I struck forty-three five more times before stopping to observe my handiwork.

“Hmmm your bottom is reddening up real nicely Ms. Number Forty-three. But I think it needs a little more work.”

“Please, no more. I can take it anymore.” I just smiled and gave her a wedgie, I pulled hard enough to have her on her tiptoes.

“Pretty ironic for a girl wearing a thong. By the way, you’re a real slut for wearing this.” I don’t actually believe that Insults during spankings are just a tool of humiliation I like to use pulled the wretched garment down and delivered twenty-three more hits. I pulled her up and began to send her towards the wall but something prompted me to stop. I almost forgot. I threw the strap on the desk and placed my hands up under her bra.

“You didn’t bring any contraband to detention, did you?”

“No,” Forty-three shouted as she struggled in my grasp. She had a very firm pair with very tweaky nipples. I still had four more bottoms to spank so I stripped forty-three’s bra off and shoved her to the board where she assumed the same posture as the first girl. Hands on board and ass stuck out.

“Number forty-four approach,” I ordered after returning to my chair. Unlike the rest of the girls in this room, she was only one of Latino descent.
“So what prompted you to plagiarize, young lady?”

“I was in a rush to finish my project, Ms. Saba.”

“Tisk, Tisk, no excuse.” I yanked her shorts down revealing her dark red lace panties and bent her over the chair of shame. Before swinging with the strap again, I decided to pull them down too. “I bet you won’t be stealing the works of others after this.”
Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. It really started getting to her after hit number ten. No crying though, just yelps of pain.”

“Plagiarizing is a very naughty thing to do, Ms. Number Forty-four and when you do naughty things, you get spanked for them.”

“Ow, ow, ow,” she replied. After a few more hits, I switched over to my favorite instrument, the cane, and smacked her bottom ferociously. I think her offense was more than enough for it. I finished her off with a total of forty swats, gave her a contraband check, and pushed her towards the board.

Three bottoms down, three to go. Suddenly I had an idea come to mind. Instead of calling the next three girls up one by one, I made them come up at the same time. After stripping them of their shorts and pants, I made them bend over the desk where I lowered their panties and spanked them forty times with the cane.
Before they left detention, I stamped their bottoms with my signature and took their panties and thongs as my latest trophies.


AN. This story took quite some time to develop and I decided to speed up the ending because I was starting to get backed up on other writing projects.
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Re: Saturday Detention
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I love how the girls are made to obey proper rules by using underhand tactics against them.
Just a quick note
           “You can scream all you want, young lady. But this is what happens when you misbehave, you’re sent to me and bent over the chair of shame for a spanking.” I struck forty-two five more times before stopping to observe my handiwork.
  shouldn't that be forty-three? wasn't forty-two against the wall by then?

Either way a merit to you for the return of Ms. Saba and her approved method of discipline!

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Re: Saturday Detention
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Error corrected, thanks for pointing it out.