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Re: Stuff of nightmares
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Over the past few years, living a happy and productive life, my dreams have become less vivid, less violent, less stressful. They aren't what you'd call bland or drab, but more a reflection of my own happiness. Still, from time to time, I have violent nightmares about my birth parents, people from my days on the streets, one of my rapes, and more often now, about my adoptive parents suffering some kind of atrocity. Like the bad people who did bad things to me, now stalk my loving parents.

In truth, I had one of those dreams the other night. Mum, Pops, Jo and I were on a road trip. We stopped at some dinky little convenience story. I was trying to get to the cold drinks, the further to back and refrigerator section I went, the larger the store became. The further from the front I was, the further from each side and the back I was. The store was  maze of twisting and turning isles, lined with every kind of tool you can think of.  I can hear mom and dad from opposite sides of the store screaming, Jo is being dragged through the isles and I can't catch up to her.

I start seeing a man beating dad, mom's being raped by a guy that raped me when I was a hooker. Jo is in a fight with three men now, and getting her ass beaten badly, (which should have said this is a dream). Even though I can see these things, I can't find them to help and someone from my past is stalking me, he has an axe in his hand. That's when I wake up, covered in sweat, and screaming my lungs out.

Last time I had this dream, as I said already, was a few days ago, at my folks house. I upset them with my night-terror but didn't tell them anything more than bad dream.

But like I said, this doesn't happen often anymore.
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