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Unexpected Anger
« on: March 30, 2020, 08:05:28 PM »
Unexpected Anger

“Hey hon, what’s up?” Liza asked after the phone rang with his ringtone.

“Want anything from the store while I’ve got the chance?” Michael asked her. He sounded down. Another dull day at work, no doubt. Or worse, an exciting day.

“No, I went shopping. Just come over,” she replied.

“Yeah. Okay. Sure,” he said.

“Everything okay?”


“You sound kind of down,” she said.

“I said fine,” he snapped.

“Okay, okay,” she said.

“I, yeah, I think I want you naked when I get there.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”


“Naked! Do you hear me?”

“I hear you,” she quickly answered. “It’s, just…”

“Naked, Liza! Naked! Or I’ll give you one of those spankings, the kind you don’t like. Got it?”

“What time are you…”

“Figure it out!” The connection went dead. Liza stood there in her kitchen, face flushed. She didn’t turn around right away.

“Um, your volume is kind of loud, there, Liza,” Michelle said from her seat at the table.

“Yeah, it’s, uh, cranked a bit high. I was talking in the car this morning.”

“So, um, is there anything to worry about?”

“No!” Liza replied quickly. “We, sometimes, get a little kinky. This must be his latest attempt, trying to sound all bad-ass.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yep, yeah, I’m sure.”

“So, when will Michael be over?”

“Not really sure. Knowing him, he could be planning a surprise.”

“I think that was the sound of my cue to distance myself,” Michelle said as she got up and slid her shoes on at the door.

“It’s all good, really,” Liza said. “So, now you know I like spankings. Not the end of the world.”

“No, not at all.”

“Alright, give us a kiss.” The two smooched and Michelle drove off in her yellow truck. Liza stood a moment before closing the door. Her conversation with Michael was disturbing enough without Michelle overhearing every damn word, all because she forgot to turn the volume down. Was he really just trying to sound bad-ass? She wasn’t sure. She doubted his inflection was audible to Michelle, sitting ten feet away and hearing only the distorted sounds. Maybe he was pissed. About what, she had no idea. Her? Something else?

But none of that mattered, as she took off her shirt first, and then continued with the rest. She smiled. He’d like knowing she stripped down in the kitchen for him. With the curtains open, not that anyone could see in during the day. He was just that kind of perv. Just like she was the kind that liked some spankings. Now she stood there, naked. Nothing to do, really. It wasn’t even time to start supper. Just, be naked.

She began by washing the teacups. That took two whole minutes. Then she headed into the living room and sat down. Before long she was lost in the latest Netflix and didn’t even notice Michael’s arrival until he walked in.

“Hey, babe,” she said, parting her legs a little for him. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“So you have. What about supper?”

“It’s not even time, oh fuck, it is time!” she blurted out as she jumped to her feet. He gave her ass a slap as she went by. “I guess I’ve been naughty, huh? Gonna spank me anyway?”

“Probably. Yeah. Not that it will do much.”

“How’s that?” she asked from the kitchen.

“You had all day.”

“Okay, fine. I had all day. Is everything alright? You sound kind of, um…”

“What? How do I sound, Liza? Tell me how I sound!”

“I don’t, I mean, let’s not fight about it! Come on, it’s Friday! I’m naked. I’m your little slave girl, right?”

“Yeah, not so little,” he muttered, turning away. Liza felt her face flush and she set the pot on the stove hard enough to make a noise.

“I’m trying to keep the mood, but wow! That’s just, so…” she didn’t know how to finish.

“Get back to work!” he snapped, pointing his finger. “I don’t have to answer to you!” Liza stood there, torn. If this was badass, it was hitting a little too close to home. It could be powerfully orgasmic in the end, or they could end up in a fight.”

“Well? Get to it!” he said, advancing a step.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, but is this your role playing the bad boy?” she asked quietly and quickly. “I need to know you’re not acting like you’re acting. Please.”

“Sure, yeah,” he said, equally miffed. Liza stood there for a moment more. That was, she guessed, his confirmation. He was just doing a bad boy. Or so he said.

“Then I’ll get to supper, master sir,” she said in an overtly sexy tone. He just glared at her. She quickly opened the fridge, really wishing she were dressed and they weren’t doing this. She didn’t think it was going well. They’d done harsh role plays before, but it worked better when Michael sounded like Lord Evil, not like drunken white trash wife beater.

As she began chopping veggies, she saw that Michael was standing there in the doorway, beer in hand, staring at her. Glaring even. He wasn’t moving. Not even to take a swig from the bottle. His eyes just bored into her form. She tried to act like it was nothing, smiling at him a little from time to time.

“Master must be angry that dinner is late,” she said. “Slave will have to be punished.” No response. He just continued to stare, though he did finally take another swallow of his beer. He was definitely glaring. Glaring at her as she hurried about trying to please him. Jiggling, because she had actually put on twenty pounds gradually over their time together.

“Is that as fast as you can go?” he finally asked, his voice dripping in venom.

“What do you want from me?” she finally cried, slamming the carrots down on the counter. “What’s going on with you?”

“Fine, fine! You want to know, your boyfriend is a dumb idiot, okay? A big fucking stupid moron. Sorry!”

“Oh, Michael, hon, what happened?” she asked.

“I, I lost a bunch of money. In a bet, at work. Basketball.”

“How much?”

“Two grand. In March Madness. My teams tanked.”

Liza stood there, trying to figure out what he was doing. “You’re lying!” she finally said.


“Michael, you’re fucking lying to me,” she said louder. “Lying!” in a scream. “What’s going on? There’s no basketball! All the games were cancelled!”

He stood there, caught in his lie, clutching the bottle harder. And then he hurled it at her. She screamed as it flew past her face, narrowly missing her nose. And then he stepped forward too fast, grabbed her by her hair, and slammed her face down over the edge of the counter.

“Alright, miss cutesy wiseass, how about this?” he shouted. He grabbed her right arm and twisted it backward behind her, painfully. She felt like her shoulder was dislocate. She screamed out in real fear. “Shut up! You want to know what’s wrong? This is what’s wrong!”

She felt him at her backside, his cock. Growing stiff as he got it out of his pants. Poking at her butt. Where he hadn’t been allowed, yet. She’d been wavering for weeks, though.

“Michael, please!” she wept, screaming again as he gave her arm a twist and forced her down harder, her tits squishing the diced carrots and celery already on the counter.

“You want it, bitch? Huh? You want it bad you cheating little slut!” She saw his hand. Saw him dig his fingers into the butter dish and scoop up a handful.

“Oh god, no!” she cried, but she felt it. Slimy butter, gobs of it, slammed into her buttocks, spread around her anus. And then his cock pushing through the gooey mess, parting her anus. Sliding up, so thick, so hurting. His cock up her ass too fast too angry. She screamed out but it didn’t stop him. Or even slow him. He began the fast, short thrusts into her, smearing more butter on her insides and around her thighs. Again and again he pounded away at her ass, hurting her. Her sobs of misery didn’t slow him in the least. If this was role-playing, he’d crossed all the boundaries.

“Oh yeah, come on! Come on!” he shouted, as he sometimes did when he neared climax. Liza just tried to hold on and endure it a little more as she cried and shook under his angry assault. It shouldn’t have mattered right then what had caused this. Why had he gotten so mad? What was happening? What had she done wrong?

But it did, and she stood there in pain and disgust until he roared with conquest and shot his lube into her butthole. It was warm and gross. He yanked his cock out of her fast, and she felt the warm, slick, buttery santorum oozing out her ass and running down her legs.

He pushed himself off her and stepped back. She clutched the counter. He took another swig from the beer bottle. She was still sobbing. He just glared at her. Supper was ruined, stuck to her tits. And in a moment of cruel and oh-so clever innovation, he took another beer bottle, still mostly full, and pressed the neck of it to her anus.

“Wha…! No!” she screamed. Screamed too late. With a shove, he pushed the whole thing up through the buttery goodness and into her butt until her sphincter closed in around the bottom. He stepped back to enjoy the look. Liza cried out and clutched with her left hand. Her right arm hurt too much. She lost her balance and slid down, her tits taking diced carrots and celery with her. Her knees slipped on the buttery floor and she fell to her side. The beer bottle in her ass, upended, emptied its cold fizzy goodness into her bowels, frothing up as it spill out.

“Well doesn’t that just paint a picture!” Michael hissed, standing over her. “Speaking of which.” He got his phone out and took her picture. He took a few. Liza just lay there crying. She didn’t even turn away and hide her face.

“Jeez, look at these pants!” he snapped. “I’m taking a shower. Try to be doing something useful when I get out, Liza. Don’t make me punish you!”

She continued crying on the floor as the shower ran from down the hall.

“Oh my god! Liza!” She looked up to see Michelle at the back door, staring in shock at the scene in front of her. Liza’s heart skipped a beat. She imagined what she looked like, naked on the floor and covered in butter and chopped veggies. And Michelle wouldn’t even see the bottle in her ass.

“Michelle! I, what are you doing here!”

“I came to check on you! After that phone call!”

“I said it was nothing! Just, go! It’s all okay. Everything’s okay, okay?”

“Everything is most definitely not okay, girl! Look at you! Look at what he did to you! Do you see yourself! Do you see what I’m looking at right now!”

“I just want to clean up!” Liza sobbed.

“No, you just need to get out of here! I’ll help you. Get up, we’ll go right now. We’ll go to my place.”

“No, I can’t leave like this! Your truck seats!”

“Never mind the seats, girlfriend! We’ve got to get you to go!”

“Go where?”

Both women nearly screamed at the sound of Michael’s voice. They hadn’t noticed the water turning off. Now he stood there in a towel at the kitchen doorway. Michelle looked up at him in obvious terror.

“You, you monster! How dare you treat her like this?”

“This doesn’t concern you, Michelle. It’s between Liza and me. Buzz off!”

“I will not!” she said, standing and approaching him. “You have to know…” She didn’t finish. He backhanded her. Liza saw it from behind. He must have really connected, too. Her friend stumbled back and fell to the floor, nowhere near the slop Liza was sitting in, but her face was red and she stared up at Michael in growing fear.

“Don’t get up!” he said as she started for her feet. She froze. He grabbed a butcher knife and held it over her. “I was going to give Liza a good-bye fuck, since it’s over between us.”

“Michael, no, please!” Liza sobbed. “Just tell me what’s wrong! What’s wrong, damn it! What did I do wrong?”

“Get those clothes off!” he ordered Michelle. With her eyes focused on the great big knife, her trembling fingers pulled her clothes off until she was, like Liza, butt naked. But clean. “On your back!” he snapped. Michelle lay back, even parting her legs. Her breathing was heavy and ragged. She knew what was happening.

He mounted her, still holding the knife. Liza watched in horror as his hard cock, freed of the towel, slid into her best friend’s pussy. Michelle let out a light groan but otherwise didn’t betray any emotion, even as his thrusts into her got harder and faster. A squeak was the worst she managed. She didn’t cry at all, though Liza cried enough for the both of them. Still spent from her anal rape, he had plenty of stamina, and it took a solid twenty minutes of thrusting and fucking to finish off with a blast of jizz in Michelle’s pussy.

She lay there, breathing hard and slightly shivering while Michael stood back up. He left the room, leaving the two women alone.

“Oh god, he raped you! He raped you! Michelle!”

“It happened,” Michelle said firmly and quietly. “It’s, just, something that happened. We’ll deal with it later. Later.” Her voice was fading.

Liza hadn’t moved from her puddle of shame and revulsion since sliding down into it. Now she weakly crawled across the kitchen floor until she was face to face with her best friend. Michelle was staring up, not making eye contact. Trying not to look at Liza at all. “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” she wept.

“You said things were fine,” Michelle stated slowly, brusquely.

“I’m so sorry!”

“I’ve been raped!”

“I’m so so so sorry, Michelle!” Michelle said nothing more. She took Liza’s hand, though, and gave it a light squeeze. Liza leaned in and gave Michelle a loving kiss.

“Well isn’t this precious!” Michael sneered, coming back in, fully dressed. He scooped up Michelle’s clothing. “I always wondered if you two were back-street dykes.”

“Michael, please, just tell me what happened!” Liza begged. “Please!”

He stood over her, staring down. And spat on her. “We’re so fucking done!” he said. He turned to Michelle. “But I think you and me are just getting started. Get up!”

“What? Michael!” Liza cried. Michelle stood and looked down, her face calm by force of will.

“It’s okay. I’ll go. He won’t try anything serious. I’ll go,” Michelle said. They both turned and Michael grabbed Michelle’s hair to guide her out the back door. Naked. Liza was left on the kitchen floor, disgusting. Covered in everything. Weeping for a lost life. Terrified for Michelle.

She heard cars driving away. It was over. All over. It was madness. She would never know why.
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Re: Unexpected Anger
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 09:27:30 PM »
Once more a merit from me. What a twisted tale you presented, for a second I swore he was going to kill either the girls or himself with that knife! I also thought that he lost her in a poker game at work and was preparing her for what was to come! Great story SoftGameHunter
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Re: Unexpected Anger
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2020, 10:10:13 AM »
Love the dialogue and the beer bottle frothing down her regions seemed to stick with me.
Totally unexpected and in some way Ive seem this first hand so this story gets to me a bit
But well written and quite believable.
Worthy of a merit? Needless to say so xx

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Re: Unexpected Anger
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2020, 10:51:51 PM »
What a story! The dialogue was excellent and kept me intrigued through the whole thing. Michael still never told her why he was so pissed at her. This truly was March madness!
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Re: Unexpected Anger
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2020, 02:32:58 PM »
How did I not see this gem. Loved the way you drew us right into and kept us wandering what drove him over the edge.  Nice twist at the end too.