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Dream people are too nice (Psychology)
« on: January 22, 2020, 07:39:13 PM »
So, I often have erotic dreams that build up to a noncon scenario. A dream man is going to rape me and I’m aware enough that it’s a dream to actually want it to happen. But, then the man either stops being interested, turns into a moralistic guy who doesn’t want to do it, or gets distracted by something else entirely. It gets to a point where dream me is practically begging the man to let me be his sex slave and he always is uninterested, distracted, or too moralistic to want to commit such an act. Sometimes he physically is unable to or outside forces stop it.

Any idea why the dream rape is never able to be fulfilled?

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Re: Dream people are too nice (Psychology)
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2020, 12:54:48 AM »
I stood in the well of the classroom, the stage and the screen behind me, the seats like a minature stadium, rising up and away from me, there were about 80 students today, and the room was darkened...

Most were awake, almost as many were following what I was saying. Some of the others were recording me, and would have a tutor explain later, what I had been talking about. And... probably half a dozen of the students present could teach this class better than me, more knowledgeably...

There was relative silence, so I continued, "DREAMS, of course, are NOT 'dots' of remembered reality. When we digitize a photo, there is a mathematical representation of each 'dot', or 'pixel'. When we print that out, the image is made up of ink 'dots'. And if there aren't as many 'dots per inch' for the printer, as there were in the original picture, then each blob of paint sprayed by the printer's nozzle is approximating the group of dots from the original, and including the 'influence' of the surrounding dots of the original."

"That's not our memory. Our memory is at it's base, tiny concepts created from assembled sensory input, like taste, sight, smell, touch, temperature... AND, what we felt about that construct when it was formed. That is, our emotional valuations, our fears, and our expectations as to what other constructs THIS ONE 'connects' to."

"Now, let's make this practical. Guy walks into a bar... (Wait for tiny tittering round of appreciation), says to the bartender, 'I had the most wonderful dream last night. I was the funniest comedian in the world. I remember every detail of the joke. Then I told the punchline, and EVERYBODY HOWLED in appreciation. It was the funniest punchline in the world.'"

"So the guy continues, 'Here's my problem, I CAN'T REMEMBER THE PUNCHLINE. I don't remember the line I told everybody.'"

"So who can explain to him why he can't remember the exact words to the punchline?"

Eddie Hamilton raised his hand, but he's smarter and more knowledgeable than I am about this stuff, so I ignored him. The trio, Eve, Bree, and Shae raised their hands in unison, and gleefully pronounced, "We know!"

I called on Eve, admonishing the other two to stay quiet for a minute. Eve, with her thin short dark hair, her serious demeanor, replied, "Because the 'concepts' of the individual words, were beyond the resolution used to construct the original joke. the simple construct of 'funniest punchline' is all there exists. There never WERE any such words, as part of the construct 'funniest punchline'".

I stood, and I applauded, and I asked loudly, "Did everybody hear her? The dream NEVER INCLUDED the concepts of the individual words. But the dreamer was never aware of this, because the concepts making up the individual words were NOT NEEDED UNTIL AFTER WAKING."

Eve added, "Complicated by the post-dream state of attenuation... 'We are programmed to forget our dreams'..."

I stopped, and stared intently at Eve, forcing everybody who was awake to do likewise... for about 12 seconds. Eve wilted and mumbled "I guess..." (I had gotten to her, I had gotten in her head. I mumbled, "We should talk", then somewhat louder, "Exactly correct, Eve!"

"Now then let's turn our attention to..." The class lasted another 28 minutes. As the lights went on, and students were filing from the room, Eve led the other two girls up the steps onto the small stage where I was standing.

"Professor Worthington, as an exercise, I wanted to dream about an awful experience, but it's something I have not experienced in real life, and I have been unsuccessful in my dreams getting other people to cooperate..."

I stood straight, and I moved to within an inch past appropriate, into 'her space', and I looked down, waiting in silence the couple seconds she took to look up at me, into my face. I said, gently, professorially, "'Awful experience', let's say you wanted to dream about sexual assault. What would stand in the way? Your fear that this might get out of control, and swallow you? Your fear of offending others? Shame? Or... Have you acquired the prerequisite constructs?"

Eve's face was white, I owned her attention. The bully in me reveled in stepping half an inch closer to her.

"Here's my prescription: Use Youtube to find out who the actress in 'Bunny Games' was. Watch her interview telling what she did to prepare for the role. Then watch 'Bunny Games' in a DARK ROOM, with headsets, turned to a bit loud.."

"The next night, determine who the actress was that did 'I spit on your Grave III', and watch HER interview, and how SHE feels about the movie. Then watch the movie, 'I Spit On Your Grave III' with large screen, dark room, and headsets."

"Finally, make up your mind that you will dream of BREE, or SHAE playing the role of the actress in either movie. When you have nearly completed the dream, then you will experience YOURSELF being drawn into the role, taking the place of Bree or Shae."

I abruptly turned away, gathered my briefcase, and walked out the back entrance. I heard Eve shout "Thank you, Professor Worthington" at my back, trailing off as if unsure whether I had heard her.
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Re: Dream people are too nice (Psychology)
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2020, 01:26:44 AM »
This was the most intriguing response ever. Totally unexpected. I’ll definitely try this experiment. I aprtucukar Found it interesting that you used Bree, Shae, and Eve. I’ll get back to you with the results.