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End of Man 17 Chapters complete (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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When I saw that stories in the gay and trans section had not gotten a story for years I wrote this months back but didn't post it. It's 34k words total. In a post-apocalypse world, Tommy is a sissy who runs into Bud, a strong survivor. Together they survive rape gangs and rescue the innocent. Tommy desperately tries not to drive Bud away with his sissy desires.
Will have: m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+ rape scenes.

Chapter 1

The screams of the fallen cried out behind Tommy as he pumped his feet against the ground as hard as humanly possible. He craned his head behind him to see only two other humans followed him, sweaty and terrified. He didn’t know them.

Good. It would make leaving them behind easier.

Tommy felt no guilt for the thought as he knew how common it had become to trip strangers and leave them for the zombies to devour while they left for safety. He had to look out for himself as the members of the recently fallen community sure hadn’t.

Like all the other so-called safe places Tommy had called home, it had fallen to the usual killers, even more dangerous than the zombies themselves. Drama had killed the community. Relationship drama, political intrigue, and outsized personalities who saw themselves as leaders of the new world. They ended up as food for the old one.

The zombies, arms outstretched, hands reaching for their prey, were hot on their heels. One of the two behind Tommy fell. Cold gray hands ripped the man to shreds. Zombies split off from the main group to shove pieces of human flesh into their hungry maws.

Tommy turned from the sight, trying not to throw up. Tommy would never get used to seeing humans being devoured by the undead.

The last man behind him oriented his path toward Tommy. There was no good reason to do so, as Tommy with his weak body couldn’t be relied on to fight the zombies. No, the man wanted to use Tommy as a distraction just like he thought.

The man must have known Tommy. Tommy had served the same role in every community. The role as bait, luring zombies away while the others grabbed supplies. With human enemies, they offered him up as a pretty morsel to molest.

Abandoned cars littered the street along with the limbs of long burnt corpses. Glass scattered along the street and blood plastered the sides of buildings.

Tommy turned toward a plaza, lonely from disuse. If zombies occupied the plaza, they would already be chasing after them. Zombies tended to group up around the same prey, surrounding them, leaving them no place to escape.

Using the litter of cars and his slight frame to his advantage, Tommy crawled under the cars. He took care to avoid cutting himself on broken glass.

As Tommy predicted, the man followed him but couldn’t crawl under the cars as Tommy had. Instead, he dashed around the cars to enter the plaza, zombies hot on his heels.

The zombies continued their hungry pursuit of his flesh. Unlike the movies, these zombies had the dexterity to go under cars and conquer minor obstacles. Stairs were no answer to the apocalypse.

Tommy continued his tactic of leading the zombies to one car to another, crawling out from the other end to dart to the next vehicle. Eventually, Tommy hoped the zombies would reduce in number and grow confused.

For a time, the planned worked. The zombies bumped into each other or gave up for easier prey, chasing the other man into the plaza. But Tommy’s good fortunes ran thin, as they usually did. Another group of zombies, likely coming from the community they had consumed appeared. Now, he stood between two groups of gray-skinned corpses.

Was this how it ended? In some dead plaza, alone, never having known love or even respect by his fellow man. Oh well, he did his best.

Strangely, the zombies’ attention had redirected to the plaza. Was that a bell he heard?

“Dinner! Tasty human over here!”

A man holding a bell ringing it like a waiter stood in front of the store the man who followed behind Tommy entered. He wore a long machete at his side, the sheath leaving the blade partially exposed. A bag hung on his broad back attached by a single strap; knives strapped along its length giving it the likeness of a predator’s jaw.

The zombies screamed toward the new food source.

The man didn’t even flinch. He stood, continued to ring the bell and when the zombies were in reach, he withdrew his machete and confronted the zombies.

Tommy should have used this chance to run or at least hide, but the sight of the man laying into the zombies had him entranced.

The machete man decapitated the first zombies seemingly in one stroke but was actually several lightning-quick strikes. Rolling forward, he went at the knees of the corpses, chopping and tripping those around him, then rising again to dismember arms and pierce skulls.

What had once been a horde, turned into a shambling mass of corpses, then a scattered group of undead, broken and defeated.

And then the man, after finishing off the remaining zombies with practiced stabs to the skulls, strode away.

Wait, he was leaving! Tommy snapped out of his awe-inspired trance and jogged after him, hopping over bodies. “Hey! Hey, wait!” The man ignored him. So, Tommy increased his pace until he reached the man. “Didn’t you hear me?” Tommy Panted out.

“I did. I ignored you.”

“I wanted to thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Hold on, I…”

“I am not one to hang around for a reward or praise. You need a bit of help and I wanted to kill some zombies. That is all.” The man quickened his pace. Then he stopped to say. “The guy who ran in the store is dead. He tried to push me out into the zombies.”

Tommy got the message as clear as water: Mess with him and die. This only bolstered his resolve. He needed this man who could fight zombies and swiftly dispatch his enemies. “We should stick together. It’s hard being alone.”

“Not for me.”

The man walked fast and Tommy took long strides to keep up. Tommy had little to offer, and the man had no interest in company.

Tommy abandoned any pretense of his worth. “Please, I’ll die out here by myself. The safe place I stayed at went to hell. I have no idea what to do or where to go. Let me stay with you until I find another place to stay. Any place will do. I won’t be picky.” He rambled on like that for some time, words spilling out into each other into a pool of desperation.

Face a mask, Tommy’s potential savior stood like stone, unmoved by his pleas. Until Tommy began to cry.

“Stop that, don’t enjoy making girls cry and I’m not trying to be a jerk, just that I don’t play well with others. They slow me down, complain, all sorts of nonsense. Sorry to hear about your home but those places are death traps. Too much drama.”

Wiping his eyes, Tommy said, “I’m not a girl.”


“Really? I would know.”

The man laughed and his face brightened, no longer looking like the cold warrior. “That you would. It does not change that I’m not looking for company. I can give you some food and you have to be on your way.”

This sparked an idea. Tommy had nothing to lose but his life. “Others have picked this area clean. You won’t find any food here. The community I was with grabbed it all. That’s why you were in that plaza even though it had clearly been emptied of anything useful.”

“Guessing you have a solution to my problem?”

“I can tell you where to find food in this area and like I said, I can be of use. I will do all the boring stuff. Cooking, cleaning, keeping watch.”

“The perfect housewife.”

Bud made lightly the comment, but it cut deep. “Houseboy. I will be your houseboy,” Tommy said.

He signed the grumbled and looked around as if in debate. Then he threw up his hands and shook his head before extending his dark hand. “Don’t make me regret this. My name is Bud.”

He let his small hand clasp Bud’s. “Tommy. Not a nickname.”  
Tommy directed Bud to a street leading to an easy to miss side street. It led to a housing complex. Flanked by sloping mounds and passing a busy road, the housing complex was hidden, all but forgotten in this new world of undead.

Tommy hadn’t physically been here, only noticing it during scouting missions. He kept the potential location for food to himself for future use. His patience paid off.

He half expected to find a mass of undead waiting for them, but the street lay silent and empty. Only trash marred the streets.

Turning to him, Bud said. “Looks like your gamble paid off. Nobody’s home.”

Bud saw straight through him. He knew Tommy rolled the dice on the safety of this location. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. Everything is a bit of a gamble these days.”

Bud slowly open the door, his knife drawn and eyes alert. He scanned the entrance of the small home, darting from room to room, poking his head around corners to search for threats.

Bud’s shoulders relaxed. “If anybody living or dead were here, they would have shown up by now.”

Tommy kept watch at the door and entered once given the OK by Bud. “Nobody tried to come from outside either. I think we are safe.” Tommy paused then corrected himself. “Safer.”

“Well then houseboy, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” He flung a finger to the direction of the kitchen. “I’ll be in the bedroom.”

Bud pounded up the stairs without waiting for an answer. That was fine with Tommy, this was his chance to show his skills.

In the kitchen, Tommy found a fully stocked cabinet, clean dishes, utensils, and plenty of bottled water. He had everything needed to make a hearty meal even without power.

A fully stocked home wasn’t as rare as one would think during the apocalypse. Many had plans on what to do when the world ended, but few could be truly prepared. The chemical attack had taken the world by surprise, no time to get supplies or hide in a bunker or grab a gun. Only instant chaos reigned.

Because of this, many homes were left untouched. Heightening the housewife theme, he strapped on an apron with the words ‘kiss the cook’ written on it and began to make that sandwich.

Slowly opening the door to the master bedroom, Tommy entered silently with his tray of PB & J’s and a glass of water flavored with a sliced lemon piece. Bud slept soundly on the bed; his pack thrown next to the night table but weapon within reach. His chest lay bare and pants removed.

Stepping closer, Tommy resisted the temptation to rummage through Bud’s pack. Placing the tray on the table, he inspected his new companion and savior. Bud was actually a similar age to him with a young but sturdy face. From his chest to his thighs, thick corded muscle featured prominently, flexing as he breathed steadily in his sleep.

Unable to stop himself, Tommy ran a soft hand along the curl of his bicep and hastily withdrew his hand when Bud moaned in his sleep.

Disgusted with himself, Tommy went about his other duty as Bud’s houseboy and cleaned the room.

The wardrobe belonged to a vein woman, with three full shelves of footwear and enough dresses to collapse the holding racks. It took a while, but he found something for him to wear but paused at the outfit from the homeowner’s youth. A striped skirt and a white t-shirt. A uniform from her school days.

Tommy looked to see if Bud still slept and then gave into temptation and stripped. Starting with the smooth knee socks and ending with the tight shirt. Inspecting himself in the mirror, he loved what he saw. Smooth thighs showed under his loose skirt to show off his pale skin. The collar of the shirt highlighted his narrow neck. If only the woman had a cute pair of shoes to complete the outfit.

Then he remembered what he was doing and winced in shame. Fighting his nature proved too difficult and at the first opportunity, he had back-slide.

Tommy was not gay or a crossdresser. He was a sissy.

Too late did he see the shocked dark face of Bud in the mirror. Tommy turned trying to cover himself but only made matters worse because he used a dress to do so. Now he stood, a boy in a schoolgirls uniform, shielding his effeminate figure with sparkling pink dress.

Later, they sat on the bed, a chasm between them, as Tommy struggled to form words.

Bud spoke first, “I don’t have a problem with gay guys, but the ones I know don’t dress up like that. You one of those girls in boy’s bodies?”

“No!” Then more softly, Tommy said, “No. I’m not gay or trans.”

“Then why were you dressed up like that.” Confusion etched over Bud’s face.

Continuing to stare at his bare knees, Tommy answered. “I’m a sissy.” Knowing Bud wouldn’t understand he pushed onwards, shamefaced. “It means I just like being feminine for guys. Straight guys. Real men.”


“Sick, gross, weird. I Know! I’ve been bullied all my life because of it. I had no friends even after the world ended. The community I stay with used me as bait for the rape gangs instead.”

“It’s good the place fell then, with people like that. But you must have had some friends. Other gay guys or trans-whatever.”

He turned to Bud hotly, eyes moist. “They were the worst. I belonged to no group, and they thought I was in denial or a fake. They would drag me in some corner and rape me. Their version of conversion therapy. Before that, when the jocks at school caught me, they would cum all over me and I would let them because it would be the closest, I would get to a real man’s cock.” The silence hung thick after Tommy’s outburst.
He waited for the blows of anger to rain down on him. Straight guys never took the revelation of what he was well. Instead, thick arms wrapped around his thin body and a large hand stroked up and down his flowing shoulder-length hair.

He blinked away tears, shocked. “What are you doing?”

“Hugging you. Isn’t it obvious?”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know what it is like when the people who are supposed to have your back turn on you.”

“So, you don’t hate me?”

Bud released him and Tommy already missed the comfort of his muscled warmth. “I don’t think you are gross if that’s what you mean. It makes me angry can’t explain why.”

“It’s normal for real men like you to feel that way. Gays and fags are easy to understand but sissies like me are pretending to be something they can never be: a pretty girl. It says a lot about your character that you’re controlling yourself.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Bud rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Besides, you make a good sandwich.”

Laughing, he explained, “I put a sprinkle of spice between the spreads.”


“But tasty!” They chuckled awkwardly, and Tommy asked the big question. “Does this mean you won’t leave me?”

“Keep making food like this and I may keep you around. Now let’s get some sleep.” Bud settled back into bed and Tommy prepared to go to another bedroom before Bud called out to him. “What are you doing? Hop in. Just cause you’re a sissy doesn’t mean you a girl. That would mean I would have to sleep on the ground. Plus, it’s safer together, right?”

Without hesitation Tommy slid in beside Bud on the bed, smiling. Bud proved a quick sleeper, but Tommy lay awake, happy at his acceptance as Bud’s companion, even if temporary.
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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 2

In the middle of the night, Tommy woke, letting the smooth bed covers slide off his body. To his relief, Bud still slept soundly, mouth agape. His covers had slipped off him as well laying his bare muscled chest for his view.

Tentatively, Tommy traced his fingers on his dark chest, the stronger boy’s skin rough to his soft touch. He’d always dreamed of sleeping beside a real man like Bud without fear.

The closeness caused Tommy’s sissy cock to stir. He took his explorations a step farther.

Leaning his head down, he peppered light kisses over the corded muscle of Bud’s chest, paying extra attention to pulsing veins. He lingered on Bud’s nipple and gave it a light wet lick of his tongue.

Bud moaned in his sleep. Tommy froze.

Bud’s fingers entwined in Tommy’s hair. He relaxed when the fingers ran through his hair gently, encouraging him to keep going. And so, Tommy spent the next few minutes making sure every part of Bud’s chest was respected, cleaning the day's sweat.

To Tommy’s delight and shock, a tent rose from the covers. Bud’s cock stood as erect as a queen’s guard, ready for action.

Tommy’s little boy clit twitched in pride. His caresses had proved effective.

Trailing his hand down Bud’s ridged abs, stopping to play with the light curls of pubic hair, he reached his goal. Bud’s pulsating cock was hot to his touch. It demanded attention. His attention.

Curling slim fingers around Bud’s cock, he trapped it in his tiny hand, struggling to surround it with his fingers.

He took care not to grip too tightly. As much as Tommy wanted to squeeze the semen out of it; he knew waking Bud would mean conflict. From what he could tell, Bud had a laid back if not enlightened view on his sissy nature. However, in his sad experience real men like Bud took a dim view of anyone messing with what they thought of their maleness.

Being with a sissy was like sleeping with an ugly girl: Only necessary because one could do no better.

Unlike the other horny and crude men Tommy slept with, by force and by consent, Bud wouldn’t be placated by letting him call Tommy names. Bud would demand ultimate justice and in the post-apocalypse world that meant death.

During the first weeks of chaos, Tommy bore witness to frustrated groups taking vengeance on one another. Religious groups attacked each other. Men and women fought gender battles. And every sexual orientation humiliated each other.

The sight of a straight man, naked and bleeding, impaled by a giant dildo was a common sight. He’d seen nuns burning women wearing hijabs. He had cringed from the grim display of groups of women left bound, pussies bleed from endless gang rapes.

But what hit him close to his heart was a sissy like himself, arms tied and legs widened by a metal bar being raped by a gang of housewives with strap-ons. His offense had been seducing their husbands away from them. For sex equaled power for the females in the new world and sissies giving up their ass for nothing but the pleasure of servicing a man threatened their power.

As Tommy relived the horrifying sights, his hand casually stroked the powerful cock. His hand smoothly going up and down the fleshy shaft. The covers darkened with precum. Enough of it flowed from the tip to dwarf a regular man’s entire ejaculate. Proving once again Bud’s superior maleness.

Bud didn’t lay still through the handjob. The handsome boy began to toss in his sleep and his moans grew louder. Thankfully no zombies were near and he need not worry about drawing their attention.

Pale bare thighs rubbed across textured dark skin as Tommy drew closer to Bud’s body, skin to skin. What he wanted was to pleasure himself, to hump his little sissy cock onto Bud but he didn’t dare take any more risk.

Instead, he enjoyed this small comfort and gave pleasure to the man who had saved him. Soon, Bud’s gave a strong pulse. Tommy knew Bud would cum. Both their breaths hastened and soon the sheets were plastered with his cum.

Tommy lay there, head on Bud's chest enjoying the afterglow of his handjob. While he had not cum himself, just serving the boy gave him satisfaction. Bud clearly needed the relief judging from the sheer amount of cum he’d spilled over the sheets.

Then Tommy got to the messy business of covering up his crime. Taking the sheets and replacing them.

Skipping downstairs, he went outside and threw the sheets, the evidence of his crime, over the fence.

He took a moment to inhale the sweet night air and bath his naked smooth body in moonlight. This had been a good day, running into Bud, and an even better night, having the pleasure of Bud’s cock in his hand. Tomorrow night would be just as good.
Bud woke to find his covers had been removed. “Hey! Where are my sheets?”

Tommy had an excuse ready and waiting. “Fighting zombies must be a tough business, big guy. You soaked the sheets in sweat so I tossed them.”

“Couldn’t you have replaced them?” Bud said, noticing the tray of breakfast Tommy had prepared for him.

Tommy had. But it got in the way of his ogling of Bud’s body. “You looked so much more comfortable with some cool air on your body.”

“Whatever.” Bud chewed a tuna sandwich Tommy left beside him. Bud let the minor issue pass. “Wow, I don’t even like tuna.”

“It’s the spice,” Tommy said, smiling proudly.

“That’s some spice.”

“Thanks. So, what next?”

“When I find a place like this, I pick it clean and prepare for future visits.”

“Picking it clean is natural, but what do you mean by future visits? I know we can’t carry everything we find with us but that’s normal.”

Finishing his breakfast, Bud focused on the conversation. “What I mean is that sometimes when you find yourself on the run you want a quick restock of supplies and stopping by a place you know has what you need is a way to do it. For that reason, I pack a go-bag of stuff I can’t carry and hide it away. That’s why I was at the plaza.”

“Like a supply depot. Great idea.”


“What are we looking for?”

“Other than the usual food and weapons, look for rope or anything that can be used to tie something or someone up. Soap, all-weather clothes, anything that can make noise—for distractions, lighters, very small pots so when we cook on the go—”

Tommy put his palm up, indicating for Bud to stop. “Hold on, I think I should write this down.”

The house yielded little of the more unusual supplies on Bud’s list but delivered in a big way in replenishing their food stores. They packed and hid away six go-bags in the nooks and carneys of the house. Tommy made sure to list that as well.

Bud shoved a bag into the space between the washing machine and dryer. The black bag and the shadow would hide it. “Write it in some sort of code in case it is taken from you.”

Nodding, Tommy rewrote his notes in code that both would understand.

Later as they were about to leave, he found Bud reading what looked to be the homeowner’s bills. “What use is that?”

Looking up from the bill, Bud said, “It’s a hobby of mine. I like to look around. Get to know what things were like before.”

“You enjoy seeing debt.” Tommy joked.

“I enjoy being a part of what I was excluded from. I visit school and look at unmarked tests or hang around mansions to enjoy their luxury. The old world is gone. I can go anywhere. Do anything. Why not explore?”

Tommy thought about it and found he could understand. Their lives were spent in the rat race, studying, working nine to five, then settling down for mediocre lives. Why live that way during the apocalypse?

He Knew the answer though: for the same reason people struggled during the old world: they had no other choice.

“Is that where we are going, back to school? If so, then kill me now.”

Laughing Bud reassured him. “Hell no. Fuck school, we’re going shopping!”

Tommy thought Bud was joking but as they snuck past stray zombies onward to the local mall, he had to admit Bud was serious. He didn’t want to argue with his new companion but had to raise the point that they should clean out every house they could.

“Eventually that would draw attention to ourselves. The winning streak dries up fast if you tap the well too deep. Get what we need and leave. I mean, how many supply runs have you been on where you have not gotten attacked on the very last house?”

He took a while to take it in. “Not one. We were attacked at all of them.”

“Exactly and the reason is simple.”

“Well, go on, tell me.”

“People never stop until they are forced to. Always count on greed to mess things up.”

Bud was correct, of course. His old community had always pushed too far and the dead world pushed back, hard.

Accepting Bud’s wisdom, Tommy raised no more complaint and followed him to the mall.

As Tommy expected, the mall, a relic of the days when drones didn’t bring everything right to consumers doorsteps, stood lonely, surrounded by cold cement.

Tommy chuckled at the sign reading: 80% off and get the next item for 100% off!

“I did always want to go to one of these places. My dad used to work at a food court when he was my age,” Tommy said.

“Actually, I have visited these places often, part of my job.”

“Malls are still running?”

“Oh yeah. They are thriving in fact. It just looks like this on the outside. The mall owners turned the place into a massive storage point. If for any reason a company does not have what they need to deliver due to some mistake by the computer, they rush here to get it as to not disappoint the customer. It’s big money. Computers mess up item availability more often than you would think.”

“You sound like you know what you’re talking about.”

“Like I said, I do work around here. C’mon, just cause it looks safe does not mean it is. Watch my back.”

And he did. What a strong back it was.

They dashed across the parking lot, stopping next to trash cans to use it as cover. Still no sight of zombies or humans. This was a bad place to be ambushed. Open areas made it easy for zombies to swarm their prey.

If only guns still worked. The lingering effects of the chemical attack corroded any gun exposed to air. Plastic weapons didn’t provide any alternative, giving credence to the theory that the chemical weapon was originally meant to destroy waste.

Without guns, survivors relied on physical strength and martial talent. Given that most people didn’t leave their home, this spelled out their doom.

Virtual reality workplaces and driverless cars expanded made the human population lazy. Advances in medicine kept them looking fuckable but also kept them able to be fucked.

Creeping past the mall doors, they gave their new location a quick once-over. Bud was again correct.

The inside was clean, nearly spotless and looked very little like the malls of old. The floors were of laminated wood and black pillars climbed to the short white ceiling. A soft light hung over the kiosks adorned with a variety of flowers. The scent as fresh as if they had recently been watered.

“Wow.” Tommy gawked.

“I know, right?” Bud looked behind him and touched the chain on the mall doors. “Looks like someone forgot to lock up. Well, not like it matters.”

Tommy went to the flowers and indeed they were wet. Was an automatic watering system still active? “So, we just explore the place?”

“Yep, like I said. We’re going shopping. You have anywhere in mind?”

He did but didn’t dare say it. “We could go see if they got any retro video games!” Tommy said in false excitement.

Again, Bud looked at him, gaze scrutinizing. “You want to go shopping for clothes. That sissy stuff you talked about earlier.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Don’t be. Remember, we can do what we want now.”

What Tommy wanted was to Bud’s cock until he came.

Columns of every type of shop imaginable lined the sides in the mall and this was a single hallway. “I could get lost here.”

“That’s the point. This place as a homey feel going on.”

“Yeah, I could just pop open a beer and sit watching the flex screen.”

“You drink beer?”

“No. Just a saying. I don’t like what it does to people. Worse than the holo drugs.”

“Same here, and nothing is worse than holo drugs, trust me. All the guys at work were on it. Unreliable bastards.”

“Don’t need to worry about them anymore. The withdrawl probably caused them all commit suicide.” This was getting morbid. So, he changed the subject. “Why don’t you stay in a community? Even if it falls, you look ready to handle it. Settling down for a while could relieve some stress.”

Bud had fallen behind to search a store that could easily hide zombies. Ignoring the question, he pointed to the clothing store. “We’re here. Let’s see what they got.”

Letting the matter drop, they entered the clothing store. Tommy went directly to the girls’ section. His first goal was to find some cute running shoes. He no longer wore a schoolgirl uniform but still needed new shoes.

The pink ones were nice but obvious, it screamed: see! This is cute. The next option was more palatable but had a gaudy logo on the side of some rock band that Tommy was sure real girls gushed over but not him. He settled on heeled sneakers. It sported no laces or straps. Memory material would fit it to his feet.

Trying it on, he bounced on his feet. The smart material predicted the force used and adjusted itself accordingly. This innovation would allow him to run properly even with the heels, maybe it would even improve his running speed.

Best part, in the right light the sides were see-through. Along with the form-fitting material running along the curves of his little feet and ankles, it gave his legs a sexy boost.

Now for his clothes. He needed something effeminate without going across the line to completely feminine as to not piss off any men he encountered or make Bud uncomfortable.

Scanning over the shelves he picked up a skirt, some spandex, and some pants.

In the dressing room he shimmied out of his old worn jeans, leaving him in his briefs. He tried on the spandex and found them too unpractical, then the skirt but knew he would be spotted for a sissy at first glance.

The pants were perfect. It hugged his thighs and left the better part of his pale ass exposed, allowing for the heeled shoes to do their work. The material was thick enough, making it suitable for the physical activity.

Then he tugged down the almost unnoticeable zipper at the sides and fell in love with the choice. It exposed the sides of his calf. Cool!

Finally, Tommy completed the outfit with a long shirt that flared out at the sleeves and the waist, giving him the appearance of wearing a skirt. It would steel reveal his thighs when he pulled the zipper down on the sides of his pants.

Tommy unbuttoned the top of the shirt to leave his hairless chest exposed. Now it was perfect.

Exiting the dressing room, he went to show off to Bud, only to find him dismantling the dress mannequins. “What are you doing?”

“They creep me out. I knocked them down, but they still gave me the shivers so I took them apart.”

Tommy couldn’t stifle his giggle. “Big man, afraid of the dolls.”

“Shut up.” Bud gave him the up and down. “Damn, I thought you would come out with a skirt and tied off shirt and too much makeup. This looks good.”

Blushing, he gave Bud a soft thanks. “We should get you dressed too.”

“No need.”

“I’ll help. You wanted to explore so let’s explore. Try something new. I promise I won’t dress you as a sissy.”

“Dress me?”

“Sorry, Bud. I can tell you have many strengths but clothing is not one of them. Let me pick.”

Bud clicked his tongue. “Fine, have it your way.”

Clapping his hands, he led Bud to the men’s section.

Bud sat, amused as he watched Tommy rifle through the suits. “You don’t have to put them back so neatly ya know. Nobody will complain.”

“It’s part of the fun, pretending like we are actually shopping.”

“If you say so.”

“Got it. Put this on.” Then right in front of him, Bud peeled off his clothes, giving him a glimpse of his toned body. Then put on the new clothes Tommy had picked out. Tommy had to remember that to Bud, they were both just dudes and there was no problem in stripping in front of each other.

Bud extended his arms and turned on the spot for Tommy’s view. He wore a faux suit with the waistcoat and shirt being one continue piece. It kissed his muscled body along every inch letting his biceps and abs protrude visibly and his upper chest was left visible to show off his bulging pectorals.

His pants were striped, completing the business look, but hung loosely enough to run in. However, nobody would mistake the strength packed in the legs underneath.

“Cool, I like the way the waistcoat buttons along the side instead of the middle.”

“It makes you look like a superhero.”

“A superhero late for his conference.” Bud smiled and Tommy’s heart melted. “Now I have a place I need to stop by.”

“Sure, I’m done here.”

And then they were off. A superhero followed by his pretty sidekick.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 3

The stores were on the lower floors and fortunately, all signs of zombies remained absent. The walk to the radio store was a pleasant one, and they chatted idly.

Both boys were in pleasant spirits. But they had little positive to say about their life before or after then end.

Tommy, with some guilt, thought that there shared disdain for their pasts would bring them closer together.

Arriving at the store Tommy asked. “Why do we need radios? Those don’t work.”

“Yes, they do. They are just unreliable for quick communication.”

Tommy didn’t want to keep asking questions and make himself look a fool so he took a moment to figure it out. “The relays.”

Bud nodded. He’d gotten it right.

In order to spread information after the news feeds went offline, radio relays were setup, looping news broadcasts to keep survivors aware of major events. Problem being that they needed the right equipment to have up-to-date news.

After prying open the thick plastic on a radio, Bud fiddled with the knobs and dials. To Tommy, it may as well be an alien device sent to confound humans.

Not knowing what else to do, he sat on his heels. Oh, the heels served as a nice cushion for his ass as well. He again approved of his choice of footwear.

Several candy wrappers later, Bud got the radio working. The news was grim.

The static voice of the radioman hit them with blow after blow of bad news:

Most of the population remained alive according to satellite imagery. Most of whom are in hidden, under siege by the zombies. This negates the idea that all the zombies were once human. The source of the undead creatures comes from elsewhere. They have other means of reproducing, possibly animals and other living beings. Some remain active but are under attack by criminals. Male and Female of all ages be advised, the chemical combined with the stress of the recent turmoil has caused many survivors to turn to extreme acts of violence. Sex crimes are rampant. Stay with trusted peoples. Cities are not safe but remember staying at home, barring your doors, and stocking food supplies provides the highest potential for survival.

Bud interjected to comment. “They are right on that. If people just stayed home and shut up, none of this would have happened.”

The static voice didn’t have a pause feature and continued:

Electronics continue to fail, only allowing sporadic use. Chemical agent in atmosphere not enough to conclude it as the main cause of disruption. Reminder: guns will fail and explode on attempted use. Cause of chemical attack still presumed to be radical pacifists. Transmission over. Next broadcast on an acquisition of significant new information.

So, no date on new info. Damn. “Well, I learned nothing.”

“Not true,” Bud said. “We learned what we don’t know and confirmed what we do know. It’s something.”

“Not a lot of something though.”

Bud gave up the point. “This radio is too big to carry with us, pity. Nothing else is of use to us here.”

“We can always come back.”

“I hope so. But someone will find this place eventually and lock down the place for their own.”

“We could stay here.” But then he thought better of it. If others would find this place, two people couldn’t defend it.
And if Tommy was honest, it would only be Bud defending it.

Bud saw that Tommy knew this and said nothing. Then perked his ear. “You hear that?”

Tommy focused. “Is that metal?”

“No…its screaming. Men screaming.”

Tommy shook on his heels. “What do we do? Run?”

“No, we may run into a trap. The chains on the doors, the freshly watered flowers. People are here. Hopefully, some fool forgot to lock the door. If not, it means we were led into this place.”

“It’s coming from upstairs. I don’t hear zombies. I can tell the difference.”

“Good skill. Screams all sound alike to me.”

Grabbing their packs, they headed upstairs. The screams grew louder as they moved closer to the source.

Once there, Tommy himself opened his mouth to scream in fright. Bud clasped his hand over his mouth to muffle him.

The upper floor looked to be a living area complete with a central living space. Five doors were on each side before being sectioned off with a wall. If the entire upper floor held to the design, then there could be at least 100 people living comfortably in the mall.

But the inhabitants were far from comfortable.

Wild eyed men held down naked and battered males. They thrust blood-coated cocks into their anuses.

Only some victims were gagged. The rapists hadn’t bothered to bind or muffle their victims, letting them howl in pain into the air.

One of the men hanging by the side waiting his turn spoke. “If only we had some girls.”

“For the last fucking time, we don’t have girls! So, shut up about it already.” Another man said.

“Well this all feels to gay to me is all.”

Sneering the other man replied. “I promise I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Giving a final howl, the rutting man and the man with the bloodied anus finished. The later falling unconscious.

The cruel rapist said, “I’m going to see how the others are doing. With all the food here they have gotten lazy. If we want real pussy, it’s not going to come to us.”

The complainer got down on his knees behind the unconscious man and released his greasy cock, taking the cum leftover on his ass to smear it over his length. “These guys did. They thought they were so badass with their bug out bag and camo clothes.” A thrust from the man woke his victim, sending him into a bout of wails.

“We only got six asses to split between the twenty of us. If we don’t want to result to buggering each other then we need more ass.”

“We hear ya brother,” said the one who promised to keep the complainer’s secret. “Hold his mouth open for me.”

The complainer fucking into the victim’s ass hard. “Don’t worry about it. Last time he bit; we took a couple of teeth out. He won’t try it again. Will you?”

The wailing man screamed harder as answer. It seemed to satisfy the secret keeper, and he plunged his cock into the man’s mouth. The retches of his victim giving him pleasure.

Tommy looked away from the barbaric double teaming. Bud dragged him away to huddle downstairs and figure out what to do next.
“We have to help them.” Tommy strained to keep his voice low. In the men’s eyes, he saw himself reflected back. Battered. Broken. Used.

Tommy wouldn’t hesitate to leave people behind. They would do the same. This was different. This was personal.

“We will. First, we need a plan. I’ve killed men before, more than I am comfortable with. But twenty men is cutting it close to reckless.”

“I’ll help.”

Bud gave him a skeptical look. Understandable. So, he explained. “I’ll serve as bait and then—”

A hand grasped his throat, and he found himself plastered to the wall; Bud’s face so close his breath could be felt on his pale skin. Tommy stared into angry eyes of oak and tried to stutter out words from the hand around his throat.

“You are with me, understand?” Bud said, voice deep and rolling. “I will not use you as bait.” Bud released him and his stomach fluttered.

Bud didn’t want to use him like that. Not like all the others. So insistent on this was he that he assaulted him. Rubbing his throat Tommy would treat the eventual bruising as a love mark.

Bud collected himself before speaking again. “These guys have not fought someone who was not already defeated or too full of themselves to take proper precautions. The rooms are sectioned off and not all are occupied. We find the map of the floor and use it to take them out one by one.” Bud looking down on Tommy laid out his plan. “This is what you will do. Got those noisemakers?”

Three dirty men surrounded a weeping young man. Their cocks were out, and they released a yellow drizzle onto his bare flesh.

He tried shielding his face but the men in their lack of mercy aimed themselves between the gaps of his hands. They laughed heartily, enjoying their sick game.

That is until the three noticed something off. There used to be six of them sharing the male toy under them. The others hadn’t come back.

They shouldn’t have taken the time to zip up once realizing some was wrong.

A silent beast bore down on them as they turned. One took an axe to the skull. The other a knife in the throat.

The last man slipped on his own piss trying to back away only for the light of his life to drain away along with his blood pouring out his stomach past the machete buried into it.

“Is it over?” Tommy called out.

“Yeah,” Bud said.

Tommy hurried into the room to cover the naked man in a blanket, whispering words of comfort to him and hustling him away to the room they had secured.

“Only half remains.”

“We got lucky with the first few. They came downstairs to check the entrance, each not knowing the other had gone for the same reason. Their lack of communication is horrible.”

“You heard them before. They have all the food they need. Shelter isn’t an issue. All they care for now is getting some ass.” Tommy held the man in his arms tighter. Just hearing about the men made him shudder.

“This is too bloody to clean up. We will have to lock the door and if they are not completely stupid, they will know something is wrong.”

“Time to use the noisemakers?”

Bud nodded. “Time to use the noisemakers.”

Placing the noisemakers at several key entrances to the apartment sections, they waited. They’d booby-trapped the place like a kid trapped in a house with comical burglars. The point was to freak the bad guys out.

The sound of a flock of geese was their signal and as planned the gang panicked. They ran into the nearest room, afraid the enemy was at the other side of the doors.

Tommy imagined the look on their dying faces as Bud’s axe swung down on them, or as a makeshift spear shot into their guts.

Once the sound stopped Bud hunted the rest down. Tommy followed behind to make sure those that fell were indeed dead. He had the task of double-checking by sliding a knife between the men’s ribs.

He’d killed before, but indirectly, leading men to their deaths instead of finishing them off himself. He hurled up his candy and his hands shook. He felt no guilt but taking life made him feel dirty.

Holding the image of the screaming men, asses bloody, bodies abused, Tommy pressed forward. He had to watch Bud’s back.

Eventually, only two men remained. The leader had fallen early to the traps. There would be no epic standoff between him and Bud. Only the weaker underlings.

“Now hold on. I don’t know why you came in here all murder happy but it doesn’t have to be that way,” the complainer said. His partner did not join in the pleading, instead shaking in place, knowing his fate.

Bud stomped forward, machete over his shoulder, blood ruining his new clothes. At this, the man ran, abandoning his petrified partner. Bud ran right past the still man and pierced the man in the back before doing the same to the other.

In their secure room, all the surviving victims stood together. They couldn’t sit. Their asses had been too heavily abused.

One of the six men had died of his wounds. He was a fighter who refused to give up and so the gangsters kept betting him, providing no medical attention until he expired of his wounds.

One of them, named Andy spoke for the others. “Thank you. Thank you both.” He clutched the blanket over his body trying not to sob.

“No need,” Bud said.

Tommy sensed they wanted to talk to get their minds away from their ordeal. It was what he wanted after his own rapes. He had nobody to talk to back then.

Tommy would offer these men more. “How did this happen?” It didn’t change the subject but it would get them talking.

“This mall was turned into a living space for people who were priced out of the city. We thought it would be a good place to ride out the apocalypse. We are a part of a prepper group at work and this was our plan.”

“But these guys were already here, waiting.”

Andy nodded or maybe he shook, Tommy couldn’t tell. “They worked here. We should have done background checks on the people working here.”

“That was your job!” one of the men yelled out before another pulled him back.

“Yeah…it was. I checked the occupants of the apartments to see which ones would be available. I didn’t occur to me…”

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen a man raped, but that level of violence was extreme. If I didn’t see dick and ass, I wouldn’t even call it sex.”

“They were angry that they had to settle for ass instead of pussy.”

“Yeah, we heard,” Tommy said.

“What are you all going to do now?” Bud said.

Tommy assumed Bud didn’t want them to join them. Bud felt sorry for them but not enough to let people who made such a huge mistake stick around.

Besides, the failed preppers were in no condition to travel.

Andy turned back to the others. None looked in the condition to make any decisions. “We will stay here. Nobody else has found this place in the entire time the gang has stayed here. The showers work too.”

“They do!” Tommy practically jumped for joy.

Andy's lips turned up for the first time. “Sort off. We got to fill the water ourselves. I know you two aren’t sticking around so why not let us clean you up?”

Bud shook his head. “That’s OK, you don’t have to.” Damn it. Did Bud have to be polite about this?

Andy insisted, thankfully. “They need to do something other than cry.”

Bud went off to dump the bodies where they wouldn’t stink up the building. The other men got the bath ready and buckets to clean up the bloody mess on the floors.

Tommy and Andy were left alone.

Breaking the silence Andy said, “You got lucky being with him. He a friend of yours?”

“No, only known him for a day.”

“Guy like that. You gotta hang on to him.”

“I know.”

Suddenly hands clasped his shoulders. “No, you don’t!” Andy's eyes were wild and just as suddenly calmed. “Sorry but I need you to understand.”

“I’m listening,” Tommy said, his eyes bugging out.

“We really were prepared. Guns, supplies, bug out bags, the works. But plans don’t like chaos and when the chaos came, it came hard.”

Tommy remembered the early days of the apocalypse. A never-ending climax of violence.
Running away from one threat would only lead a survivor into the start of another. Madness reigned at every turn, from the living rooms to the woods.

Wherever people tried to find safety, some messed up event was taking place, waiting to entrap more victims.

As if reliving those days Andy went on. “This location was our backup. We had a bunker. The guy who designed it had taken it for himself. We tried to fight our enemies but our guns didn’t work and practicing martial arts on the undead proved foolish.”

Tommy could imagine.

Andy continued. “We spent days running around the city, dodging one hotspot to enter another until we got here. Tired and hungry, the gang fell on us. You guys made taking them out easy, but in that parking lot we were easy pickings.”

Bud had mentioned that vulnerability on their way inside.

“Like I said, I understand.”

“Damn it! What I am trying to say is that the people we thought would thrive in this world failed. Quickly enough people figured out that all their tough talk was only that: talk.

Andy started Tommy right in the eyes. “Imagine what that has done to people’s psyches. The women who told themselves they would never whore out to survive. The ones that would teach any rapist who was boss if they tried to touch them found themselves on their backs begging for dick in exchange for cat food. Or the men thinking they would be the leader of the new world but instead drove their groups to death in days.”

“I was part of a community. Many of them, actually. The clashing personalities always lead to doom.”

Andy struggled to find the right words. “There are alphas and betas. That’s it. Some people think they are alphas and its bullshit. They are only pretending until someone else comes along and wakes them up to reality.”

Tommy began to understand the message Andy struggled to hammer home. “You, the gang, most people will die unless they submit to a stronger power. To men like Bud.”

“Yes, you have to keep him. He’s the real deal I can tell. I warn you because I can tell you are a sissy.”

“Yes, so what?” Tommy blushed.

“Not an attack, just saying your willingness to serve him could be an advantage or a way to get your ass beaten. And there is an even bigger threat.”

“A real girl.” This Tommy already knew.

“He’ll find one soon. Surprised he hasn’t already.” Tommy was as well. “When he does, the first thing she will do is put you out to pasture. Other women, they can accept. Male friends can be tolerated, even embraced. But a sexual partner and male partnership is a killer combination. To sum it up, he would have a bro and a ho.”

“I see.” Tommy should have considered this. Girls had always hated him, not seeing him as the fun best friend to have as he wasn’t gay. How could he fight this future threat?

“Don’t ask me how to do it. I am only giving you the warning.”

Returning from their tasks Bud and the others were ready to bathe. The men wanted to wash off the stench of rape and Bud need to get the blood off his clothes and body.

Heading to the bath Bud left his clothes for the others to clean. Andy gave him a level gaze and Tommy understood the message.

Trailing at his heels Tommy said, “Hey Bud, do you want some help washing up?” He had to show he could do more than clean.

“Sure, hope you don’t mind getting all those hard to reach places.”

If only Bud knew. He would lather up every inch of that rippled body.

Exchanging a nod with Andy, he left for the bath with Bud.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 4

Bud wasted no time taking off his clothes, and Tommy stood in awe of Bud’s body, having no time to prepare his heart. He debated with himself about how to handle this. If he stripped as well and Bud got angry at the sight of his effeminate body, it could ruin their relationship. So, he compromised. “Stay turned around. I’ll do you back.”

“Sure.” He squatted down on the tiled side of the tub.

The bathroom was dedicated to cleansing, and no toilet was featured. The square-shaped tub dominated the room, and the showerhead hung from the center wide enough to rain down on the entire area.

Washcloth in hand, he started on Bud’s back after he took off his own clothes so Bud couldn’t see his soft body. He put pressure on the knots of muscle where he found them, untying them from the day’s strains.

“That feels good. Where did you learn this?”

“Thanks. My mother taught me.”

“Did she teach you that spicy sandwich as well?”

“No, that was my dad. He loved cooking.” Taking the opportunity to discover more about Bud, he kept on topic. “What about your parents?”

“Fuck them. Good for nothings are dead and they deserve it.” Bud’s muscled tightened again against his hands.

“Oh, I…” Tommy had not foreseen such a strong reaction.

“Sorry. I always get like that when I think of them.”

“I’m a friendly ear, but if you don’t want to talk about it, then that’s OK too.”

Sighing, Bud said, “No, might as well clear the air. They abandoned me. I was accused of rape and instead of risking their reputation they condemned me publicly.”

“How could they? And who was the bitch who accused you.”

“Bitches.” Bud corrected “I was a one-man gangbang.”

“How could they fall for such an obvious lie?” Tommy put extra pressure on Bud’s back in anger.

Laughing at his reaction, Bud explained. “They didn’t. The police had a spike in false rape accusations and it was causing them problems. Mostly because the real rapists got away scot-free and escalated to murder. They wanted to come down hard on the bitches, but their rich parents blocked them.”

“But it was too late to stop the social media storm,” Tommy predicted. Lies spread easily with online a spark turned into an inferno at the speed of light. A scary-looking black man like Bud wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Even as the truth came out everyone was too embarrassed to admit they were wrong. The girls said I seduced them and didn’t stand a chance again my black cock.” Tommy could believe that. “The school reviewed my sexual conduct while I was stuck in suspension and my parents labeled me as a sexual deviant. The rape case didn’t stick, so they found new ways to slander me.”

“The school and girls I can understand but your own parents.”

“They make their money by pretending to be upright citizens. They don’t have any real skills other than public speaking, spewing out whatever belief system lain in front of them. Turning on their own son for rape showed they have a zero-tolerance policy towards rape. They made a good buck off me.”

“That’s insane.”

“Yeah well, the world went insane soon after and I left them to rot.”

“You…killed them?”

“No, I ain’t that cold. They called me on the phone when they still worked and pleaded for help, and I just let them go on and on blabbering. Funny thing, they never stopped until the phone died. Too busy demanding I charge through and a building full of zombies to realize I hadn’t said a word since the call started or that I wasn’t listing.”

“Stupidity and narcissism kills just as well as any bullet or zombie bite.”

“Sure does, bro.”

The impact of his words hit Tommy harder than Bud could ever know. Nobody had ever referred to him as a brother or any other male term of friendship. He’d been called a cocksucker, male cum dumpster, sissy boy, but never, bro.

Pleased, he changed positions to rub along Bud’s sides, massaging the ribbed muscles and edging closer to his buttocks.

“Yeah, that’s the spot. Get it in deep right there.”

As Bud directed his hand and moaned at his touch, Tommy grew erect, too small for Bud to notice under the cloth he had coving his privates. But Bud didn’t turn around, so he was safe from being caught perving on him.

“I’m turning around, I want you to work on my chest. Do you mind?”

Of course, he didn’t mind! “No!”

“Oh OK.”

“No, I mean yes.” His excitement was running this chance.

“You’re weird man. I get it. Big day. Killed a lot of people.”

“Yeah, that’s it. The fight got me more rattled than I thought.”

“Good. Don’t want to be rolling with some soulless monster. Can I turn around now?”

“Yeh.” Tommy had wrapped a towel around himself from chest to girlish hips.

Sliding around, they faced each other. Bud tall and raised higher on the tub and him on his knees, head level with the lines of his torso.

“Why are you wrapped up like that.”

“It’s cozy.”

“Sure, get started.”

“With pleasure,” he whispered.

“What was that?”

“Get ready to be blown.” His coverup sounded worse than his original comment.

“Right.” Bud closed his eyes and let Tommy work him over.

Taking a gamble, he waited until Bud was deep into his massage and replaced the cloth with his soaped-up hands. Now Tommy could feel Bud’s wet skin against his pliant fingers.

He pushed fingers around Bud’s hips then lead his hands up to his groin before pulling away to work the ridges of his thighs. Tommy knew he was on the right path when Bud let out a deep sigh.

Continuing, he put both hands around his calf and stroked like a cock. Putting pressure on the center and moved up and down varying in pressure as he inched up and grasping hard closer to Bud’s ankle.

The rise and fall of his chest as Tommy eased away the day's pain and chased out months of stress gave him complete satisfaction. He reminded himself that Bud wanted his chest worked and was happy to comply.

Making sure to avoid Bud’s nipples, he traced along the bulge of his chest not bothering to be gentle with the stony strings of muscle. He played with the strings of muscle until they transformed into fleshy yarn. His work finished, he got to his favorite part apart from his cock. Bud’s abs were straight from a Roman statue. The idealized male. Tommy’s ideal male.

His ministrations had little to do with soothing Bud’s pains and more to do with pleasuring himself. The men he had been with before had toned stomachs, but not at this level. He wrote this in his memory forever for future use. Checking Bud’s face, he made sure that the trance still held. Once Bud committed to something be it sleeping or fighting, he stuck with it. The trance from the massage would last until broken.

Taking advantage of the situation and the fact they were in a bathroom, Tommy began to touch himself while he ran his hands over Bud’s washboard abs. When he came, the evidence would be washed away. His little ejaculate would be too weak to reach Bud’s body.

Stroking his boy clit with his fingers, he continued to kneed at the black alpha’s muscles, thanking the heavens for his meeting with the young man. How had he gained such a body? He’d mentioned working at a place like the mall or a storage site.

Then, rising from the cloud of soap, Bud’s cock stood before his eyes. The largest cock he’d seen outside porn was right in his face. It wasn’t the length or girth of it that stole his breath, but the muscle.

Pumping his cock with his fingers faster, he came while his nose almost touched Bud’s cock. His cum washing away down the drain. Craning his head upward, Bud looked down on him.

Oh, shit.

“Sorry, bro. I didn’t want to make this weird. Shit, it’s been a while since anyone’s touched me.” Not know what to say, he stayed close-lipped. There seemed to be a misunderstanding that he could take advantage of. “I forgot you had to wash yourself too.”

Oh, this beautiful fool. He thought Tommy was washing himself, not stroking his sissy cock off to his body. He was saved, again.

“Next time I’ll wash you,” Bud said. And Tommy’s heart danced. The future looked sunny.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 5

They left Andy and the other men at the mall with the option of returning to stay there whenever they needed.

They walked down the empty streets casually, unafraid of the monsters lurking around the corner. If zombies lurked, they would have attacked long before.

“Where to next?” Bud said.

“I’ve been thinking about it. Let’s go to the park.”

“Haven’t been to a park in a while.”

“That’s why we should go. Most of our lives are spent inside. I have never even seen a farm.”

“Same. Put that on the to-do list. You have a map?”

“Don’t need one. The reconstruction of the city means everything is easy to find once you know how. The parks are always at the center of districts.”

On their way to the park, Bud started to get twitchy, snapping his head at every sound, double-checking the shadows, even searching the cars. It begun to make Tommy antsy too.

He tapped Bud on the shoulder as they hid in an alley after Bud got spooked again. “What’s your problem?”

“Where are they?” Bud hissed out.

“The zombies? Leaving us alone. That’s a good thing, remember?” Tommy put some levity in his tone to ease Bud to no effect.

“No zombies in the mall I can understand and I did kill a bunch when I found you but not a single one has been seen since then.”

“We’ve been careful.”

“We took a pleasant walk down the street. Hardly what anyone would call stealth.”

“Remember the radio news. They said some communities are still active and are under siege. This is not the middle ages. To lay siege to even a small town would take hundreds of thousands of zombies.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

“Bad luck for them. Good for us. Now please, relax. I might start to think my massage failed.” Tommy kneaded Bud’s shoulders from behind.

Humming, Bud said, “Damn that’s good and no, your massage worked wonders. Feels like I can take on another horde. Can’t wait for the next one.”

“Me too.”


“I like helping.” Tommy hastily added.

“Sure. Well, I hope you like learning as well. See that building over there?” Bud pointed to a glossy gray tower intimidating the surrounding buildings.

“How did I not notice that? Though they don’t build skyscrapers like that anymore.”

“It’s like that neighborhood we stayed at. It’s off the beaten path so people ignore it. Now here is the thing, I don’t just go walking down streets aimlessly. I scout first. I find a tall place and get a look around.”

“Zombies don’t like stairs either.”

“They can still get up them but I find it easy to shove them down. One time a put a large plank of wood over the stairs and they couldn’t get up the slope.”

And so, they jogged to the building and found the doors locked. Bud took out a black peice of metal of two fingers length and thickness and placed at the door, magents kept it attached, then twisted. A thud followed by several deep clicks sounded off and the door opened.

“Open sesame!” Bud chuckled to himself. “Been looking for a reason to say that forever.” Tommy shook his head and went in first. “What? It’s a classic.”

Bud locked the door behind him and they took in their surroundings and Tommy knew how this skyscraper got cleared for building.

A wall of tiny metallic scales let in a cool breeze. Thick trees stood in place of marble pillars vaunting up to the high ceiling, their branches supporting it like hundreds of striated hands. Removing his shoe, he placed his bare foot on the ground to feel heat radiate from the ground and along his foot.

“This is a state-of-the-art green building. Breathing metal and natural building materials.” Tommu pointed to the thickly glazed windows. “Even got a passive solar system.”

Bud, however, had his attention elsewhere. He looked into and under trashcans then moved behind the reception counter. “This is staged. Come over here.” Once beside Bud, he explained. “The door was locked, but this place has the appearance of being stormed. It’s a mess but there is no blood.”

“OK so nobody died in the attack and the zombies got in before they could close the door.”

“That would mean they fought off the zombies then locked the door without spilling any blood. Zombies don’t bleed the same as we do but they do bleed.”

“So, you are saying there are people here?”

“I’m saying that people are hiding here.”

“Sounds normal. Hiding is smart…but.” He saw Bud’s eyes raise in expectation. He wanted Tommy to figure this out. “Why hide when the door has such a strong lock? Who is the threat?”

“Exactly. Who? Not what.”

“We should leave. There are better places to get a view.”

“It’s the smart thing to do, but you are forgetting something. I am not living in this new world just to survive and be pushed around by every danger. I wanted to go here, so here I am. It’s why we went to the mall and it’s why we are going to the park. There were dangers, but we had fun. I’m not letting the ghost of danger haunt me.”

His brain fought with his heart. Leaving would be the wise thing to do. And yet, he’d ran and hid since the chemical attack and had little to show for it until he met Bud. The risks they’d taken so far led to great rewards. Though different from what Bud was thinking. Tommy’s reward was getting to touch Bud’s body as he slept.

“I guess we have a mystery on our hands,” Tommy said.

Grinning now that Tommy was on board, Bud said, “Yes we do. Glad you’re up for this. Besides, if hostiles are here then they could see as we walked down the street and come after us. Better we know who’s watching.”

A note of sweat fell from his forehead. This had been a test to see his commitment. Bud had more than stubbornness as a reason to stay. The lesson was to not underestimate Bud.

Wanting to prove himself, he came up with a plan to search the tower. “We head to the elevators. It’s not well known, but safety regulations require ladders on the inside and easy to pry open doors from the inside in case people get stuck.”

“If the people here don’t know that, then we can get the jump on them.”


Bud looked back down on him and asked him for the tenth time. “You need another break.”

Giving him the fierce glare of a wet cat, he said, “No.” He did need a break. His nonexistent muscles strained and shirt stuck to his skin. This was his idea, so he would grin and bear it. He told himself than just a couple more minutes and they would be at the destination floor.

Bud climbed back down so that his ass was in Tommy’s face. “Get on.”


“Wrap your legs and arms around me and I’ll carry you up. You are the size of a child. I won’t struggle to carry you.”

In a burst of energy, he locked his slight legs and slim arms around Bud, hugging himself to his broad back. Now that he didn’t have to wait for Tommy to catch up, he surged up the stairs and as Tommy bounced on his back his little dick stroked up and down his lower back.

He let his head rest on Bud as they bounced along. This was another pleasant day already. He need not worry that Bud would feel his erection. His dick was too small for that.

With a single hand, Bud pried the elevator doors open and stepped onto the floor. It was one of those horrible open space offices with the weird three-legged chairs with tiny legs. Tables with board games and half-eaten snacks surrounded a pool table at the center. L-shaped desks circled out from the middle of the room. A splash of colorful inspiration posters completed the youthful tech vibe.

“No place to hide.”

“From the zombies or the co-workers?”

“The difference?” Tommy quipped back. “The map you found at the reception desk said this floor has food.”

“All the floors do. It’s a food research company. Instead of having the food in a warehouse or a basement, they spread it out across all the floors.”

“The workers here are young, I bet. Of the generation that got screwed hard by the rich. I can see them wanting to break down the barrier between labor and office workers.”

“That gives us an idea of who will be in here. I think I can put the pieces of what happened here together from this.”

Bud didn’t share his theory, so instead, they looked around. “Nobody’s home.”

Bud looked out the window. “I can see the park from here. I like what I see. It’s more of a woodland than a park.”

“Can we use the stairs now?” As much as he loved riding Bud, he wanted a calmer trip up the tower.

“If anybody was watching, it would be the lower floors, they would keep an eye on.”

From floor to floor they went, finding no signs of life, but Bud never wavered in his idea that people were here. If they hid, they did so well.

Laying on a comfy couch, Bud said, “let’s take a break. You look ready to collapse.”

“Yep, defeated by stairs.” Tommy to in the only cushioned chair in the office and drifted to sleep.

He woke to a hand clamped over his mouth. Panicking, he clawed at the dark figure in front of him and was easily restrained and dragged behind a desk.

He calmed once he recognized Bud, his finger over his lips signaling him to be silent. Then his finger pointed and Tommy’s eyes followed it to the forms of a man and woman.

The man dragged the woman by the hair to the desk adjacent to them, shoving the gagged and bound woman roughly into the desk, pinning her down till her chest chaffed against the papers of the table.

“Finally, some privacy. If only we had our own floor. Fucking high and mighty bastards think they are better than me,” the man said.

He struggled with his zipper before giving up and pulling his pants down, letting it drop to his ankles. His hand went to the woman’s crotch to stroke furiously at her sex. The man cursed. “Fucking dry as fuck cunt!” Spitting on his hand, he hammered at his cock and shoved it inside her.

She screamed and thrust her body backward, trying to escape forward or buck the animal off her. It caused her skirt to ride up, revealing more of her bare ass to the man. As she writhed in pain, the remainder of her ripped business shirt tore off for the man’s eyes.

Sharp nails dug into soft thick flesh to fuck rapidly into the woman. “Fucking take it, fuck…fuck!”

Bud had removed his hand from Tommy’s mouth and watched the scene, face in shadow. Tommy wanted to help, but the man had muscle on him. He would need Bud’s help, but for some reason, he wasn’t already acting.

Soon Bud whispered to him. “I’m waiting for him to finish. I hate it but he will be most vulnerable when he’s about to cum or after he cums.”

“If others hear him scream, they will think he’s done raping her.”

They watched the rape, grimly. The man continued to complain about the leadership and how pussy was distributed. Much like the complainer from the mall. All rapists share the same frustrations. They hated to share and hated taking orders.

The woman’s hair fell over her face and matted to her sweaty skin. She lay on her cheek facing them, head jerking forward with every cursed pump of the rapist’s hips.

As horrible as the sight was, Tommy still grew hard. He hated women. Gay people teased him, men bullied him, both groups raped him but women, they tortured him.

Girls at school set up his gang rapes, made him suck off their boyfriends, so they didn’t have to. They would hang around holding court in the bathroom while his stayed on his tired knees on the wet floor, neck aching from sucking cock after cock. His eyes would blink with every flash of their camera phones.

Remembering that this woman wasn’t those girls, he waited for a chance to help. The man’s thrusts picked up, the slapping of his hips reverberating off the woman’s supple rear. A shudder flooded from the man’s toes up through his mouth as he roared and humped down onto the woman as his orgasm began.

Until a knife slid across his throat. Bud threw the man to the side like litter. “Are you Alright,” Bud asked, removing the woman’s binds from her wrists and mouth.

She hugged herself to Bud, crying into his chest. Tommy tamped down his jealously and kept a lookout, peering down the hallway the now dead man came from, eyes squinting into the foggy darkness.

Tommy heard the newcomer before seeing him. His worried steps came slowly toward him, and the outline of a short man took form.

Hustling back to Bud who mumbled random words of comfort to the woman who now kissed his chest and gripped his ass, he said, “Someone is coming.” A cruel but genius idea came to mind. “If two of them go missing it will be problems. Your build is like that man’s. Pretend you are him.”

“What do you mean?”

The woman caught on before Bud and shook in his arms. “Please, no.” She whimpered into his chest.

“Hey, where are you, man. You know you can’t keep pulling this shit.” The newcomer hissed.

Understanding dawned on Bud. “Fuck no bro. I am not—”

“If you don’t answer the others are going to come looking and they’ll be pissed. It’s not your turn!” said the newcomer, putting the pressure on the rest of them.

Bud had no way out. Muscles stiffening around the woman, he steeled himself for what he would do. “I’m sorry.”

“No, not again. No more.”

Tommy smiled to himself. In his eyes, this would have layered benefits. Bud would rape the woman, crushing any goodwill she had toward him after rescuing her. They would get rid of the newcomer, fooling him into thinking Bud was his friend. And most importantly, he would see Bud fuck for the first time.

Showing once again that once Bud committed, he went all the way, he shoved the woman around, pushed her head into the desk, unzipped himself, to lay his massive cock on her ass.

Already hard, the woman could feel the length and girth about to enter her. She screamed at the same time Bud crammed his meat into her. He had to make short forceful fucks into her to get inside her small channel.

Tommy crouched below them, his face at the meeting between cock and pussy. He had a close view of the woman’s lower lips being forced outward to accommodate Bud’s girth.

Peering around Bud’s body, he saw the man watching, apparently deciding to watch the live rape porn instead of stopping it. This meant Bud had to continue the violent rouse.

Sweat beaded down Bud’s ass and the woman’s feet struggled to stay grounded, rising from the ground as Bud fucked her forward on the desk.

“Hugh! Grrhgh! Humph!” Bud grunted, each joining of their hips a blow to the woman.

“Ieee! Aaahha! OHHH! Noooo!” The woman responded to his every grunt.

Bud’s hand moved along her back, easing the pressure from her head. Allowing her to crane her face upwards. Tears spilled from her eyes and the upper swell of her breast rose provocatively in the moonlight.

The newcomer had left by now, but he kept silent, enjoying the show. Bud’s muscles were on full display, biceps flexed as he held the woman down and the way his tight butt cheeks moved had him hypnotized.

If Bud asked later why he didn’t tell him to stop, Tommy would make the excuse that he wanted to make sure the man wasn’t still lurking in the dark.

The handjob Tommy gave him before told him Bud had been long without a woman and not too long after he’d started raping the woman. He grunted over her, chest to her smooth back, large thighs pressing up against curved legs. Bud came and her juices and his cum sprayed on Tommy’s face.

He licked it up before Bud saw, savoring the taste. The woman’s wetness gave Bud’s white honey a soothing taste.

Bud had to push the woman’s ass off his cock as it had wedged in too deep too easily removed. She whimpered as his cock withdrew, every massive inch causing her to shudder in pain.

Once out of her, Bud went to a corner by himself, head in his hands.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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This is a fantastic tale.  I have read it over two days and Lordy how I wish it were a full length novel. I could hardly tear myself away.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Thanks, Jevans985. In total it's about 35k words but it's taking me forever to edit.

Chapter 6

For a while, all three of them stuck to their corners. Bud, head in hands. The woman sobbing in a fetal position. And he watches them both, not knowing what to do.

Turned out the woman made the first move, taking little steps toward Bud and kneeling in front of him to place his head against her breast. Bud cried into her bosom.

Now they sat together, Bud still nervous and the woman still in shock. Her clothes ripped, and pussy flashing as she sat.

She started to explain the situation in the tower. “This is an all-female company that studies sustainable food sources. The man you saw is one of our suppliers at a research farm we own. After the chemical attack they came here saying they would protect us. When we turned them down, they got nasty.”

He waited for Bud to speak, and when he remained silent, Tommy asked the questions instead. “The entrance looked staged as if the occupants were trying to through people of the trail.”

“We have a large supply of food here but not all of it is actually eatable. It's experimental. We feed them to animals. When the men went out for food, less came back.”

Andy’s warning rung true. “They failed to protect you. Things broke down when you ladies saw their weakness.”

Nodding, she continued. “Yes, we made more escape attempts until their boss rewarded them by who got the most time with us. The more they work, the more time they got with us. It’s the only way he can force them outside, by withholding and dolling out our bodies for their use. But that was some time ago, now they don’t go outside at all, chewing threw our supplies and fucking the nights away.”

“The guy we killed didn’t have permission to be with you.”

“No.” Turning to Bud, but not looking him in the eye, she said, “You did what you had to. Your cock hurt like hell but I…” She flushed, “felt safe with you.”

Bud looked at her like an angel. Fuck. He had to nip this in the Bud. Not knowing how just yet, he got them back on track. “How do we take these guys down?”

“Set fire to the food,” Bud said simply.

“What kind of plan is that Bud? You will win the battle and lose the war.”

“My bet is that the ladies have another source of food that their laborers would not have access to, am I right?”

“Yes, we do. It’s true the food here is experimental but we know what ones are consumable and the dangerous ones.”

“Hold on,” Tommy interrupted, confused. “Then why haven’t they died from food poisoning or something.”

“One of the girls told them what food is safe. She doesn’t know everything though—the bitch. The others can’t force us to tell and even if they did, they are hidden food stores for the more dangerous products.”

“Good, so we can burn the food and put the pressure on them. First step is to get this body out of here and change floors.”

The woman, Sherry, cleaned up the blood. The slut made sure her skirt stayed hiked up and pussy directed to Bud as she scrubbed the floor of blood, her ass shaking for Tommy’s partner. Every so often she would wink at him and share a knowing smile.

He and buddy threw the body down the elevator shaft and he, Sherry a Bud got stood at the shaft, grabbed the ladder, and climbed up. Because of her rape she had difficulty climbing and Bud gave her a piggyback ride like he did with Tommy. From his position below them he saw her pussy glisten, and wet droplets dripped onto him from above.

On the new floor, they made their preparations. Sherry helpfully directing them to the needed tools. “All we need to do is trigger the emergency power and the safety systems will destroy the food to prevent what the computer will think is a biological threat or contamination.”

“But power does not work. At least not that reliably,” Tommy said. He had just finished making another Molotov cocktail using a rag and a bottle of expensive wine that he gladly finished. The others didn’t drink. Their loss.

“Zombies aren’t here. It won’t be an issue.” At their confusion she went in-depth. “The zombies are walking EMPs and the more of them they are the more electronics are disrupted.” The two boys gaped. “wasn’t that obvious?”

The sad part was, she was right. A horde of zombies came with massive disruption in communications and transport. Everyone thought that was due to the chaos the horde brought on the infrastructure facilities, but this didn’t make sense. Critical infrastructure had become distributed as the government worried about the threat of cyber-attack.

“I feel stupid,” Bud said.

“Well, now we know.” Tommy patted Bud on the back.

With the Molotov cocktail neatly set up on the table and several fire extinguishers rigged to mimic a biological contaminant, they were ready to attack the rapist’s laborers.

“We do it later,” Bud said.

“Why? Everything is ready and we have surprise on our side.” Tommy waved to the assembled tools.

“It’s not enough. We want chaos. A simple attack is not enough for that. We need fear too. Instead of attacking right away, we wait until they notice their man missing. Then I kill another one and then search the building.”

“They can never search the entire building,” Sherry said.

“Exactly.” Bud snapped his finger to her. “The building will become a haunted house of horrors and as they spread themselves thin…”

“We burn the food stores,” Tommy said, having an ah-ha moment.

“Not just any food stores. The ones they separated from the dangerous foods. It will increase paranoia as they begin to suspect this was an inside job. The schemes of a man wanting all the women to himself and knowing there is not enough food for the number of mouths to feed.”

“This is when we attack,” Sherry said. Tommy doubted she would do any attacking. She had a healthy figure with full breasts and hips but was no action babe.

“All there is to do now is sleep and eat and check the enemies every so often until the time is right. Is everyone clear.”

Everyone nodded.

The three of them spent their time in their own little parts of the office floor told much about the three. He spent his time playing pool with himself and tricking the vending machine to give out coke. As of now, Tommy was about to finally beat himself at chess.

Sherry stayed away from Bud, thankfully, not quite yet ready to put the moves on him. She jumped at any sudden noise and they made efforts not to generate any sudden loud noise. Or at least Bud made the effort.

Tommy wanted her scared and away from his man. Sherry stood in a miniature glass greenhouse at the corner of the room, pruning plants lining a vertical pole. The vegetables poking out from cutout holes to create a jungle of thick green vines around the woman.

Bud indulged in his hobby, reading reports by employees, and emptying out purses. He chewed a stick of gum he had found in a draw as he stared into a photo of a woman’s family. If Tommy knew him a little less, he would think the stronger boy was some kinda sicko.

At night they all slept closer together, covered by the same protective blanket, laying on the colorful pillows that they found in the room. Tommy shimmied over to Bud’s side to give him his nightly service.

Still, Bud slept only in his tight boxers, giving Tommy easy access to his groin. Bud dreamed of sexy ladies, Tommy was sure, but he would be pleasured by a sissy. His hand on the exposed tip, Tommy rubbed the thick dollop of precum into the head, using a finger to play with the hole it came from.

Wanting to feel the thickness of his bare cock but thinking better of it, Tommy continued to stroke him with his palm through the boxer briefs. Rather than stick to his shaft like usual, he crept his sissy hand to the large sack and cradled the balls in his worshipful hand.

They felt firm and full. Wishing he could feel the wrinkled sack, he debated again with himself whether he should risk pulling down Bud’s underwear. But he ignored the other risk.

Sherry stared right at him from beside Bud, eyes piercing. Her gaze froze him in place. His hand stopped fondling Bud’s cock while he stuttered out excuses.

Saying nothing, she threw the covers over both of them. Seconds later, Bud groaned. A head that could only belong to Sherry bobbed at Bud’s groin. The sound of a mop cleaning a floor came from his crotch, from each bob. Upset that she stole his toy, he went under the covers with her.

Eyes adjusting to the dark, she crooked her neck to him and gave him another one of those winks. Glaring at her, Tommy tried to get her off him. By then, it was too late, and Bud awoke. “What’s going on?”

Sherry removed her floor cleaning mop of a mouth off Bud’s cock, having to do a little pushup because of the cock’s length. She whispered her way up Bud’s body, placing loud kisses up his torso and along his chest before revealing herself to Bud.

“Hey there, big boy. Just taking care of your nightly wood.”

“Why? Aren’t you afraid of me? Don’t you hate me?”

“I’m terrified of you. Your cock hurt more than any man I’ve been with. I woke up having nightmares of you.” From Tommy’s position next to Bud’s crotch, he could see the boy deflate at her words. “But,” she went on, “your violence was special. It represented safety and affection. Like I said before, you did what you had to.”

“I liked it,” Bud confessed to Sherry and himself.

“A naked vulnerable woman, sweaty and ready for use in front of you. Any man would have grown hard, but not any man would have saved me after. Unlike those men, you have something to offer. This is all I have to offer in the new world. My mouth, my ass, my cunt.” The blanket shifted. She had indicated each of her holes with her hand. Bud’s cock twitched back to life.

“You forgive me?”

“Listen Bud. Men like you don’t have to ask for that anymore. Take what you want, when you want, how you want.”

“Just because I can?”

“Especially because you can. If not, others will and for no benefit to anyone. Any other way would leave people confused. Sex and violence is something they can understand.”

“I don’t understand any of this.”

“You don’t have to. Not now. But if you must find a way to gain my forgiveness, then let me do this for you. Close your eyes and don’t open them. Imagine that girl in high school you’ve always wanted to fuck.”

Bud’s cock reached its previous peak, and Sherry rejoined him back under the covers. Took the cock by the base and pointed it at him.

Smiling wickedly, she insistently wagged the thick cock toward him again. Tommy didn’t need to any more encouragement, and he devoured the cock, pushing it into his mouth until he was halfway down its length.

“Oh God, Sherry. You took it so much deeper this time.”

Pride flooded him along with the heat in his mouth. Tommy persisted to get his sissy lips to the toned base of Bud’s shaft. Lips stretched, and eyes watered at his efforts. He angled his head every way he could but struggled with last resilient inches.

Then a soft hand ran through his flowing hair and clinched his head. And shoved! Soon Tommy french-kissed the bottom of Bud’s cock. Thin curls of pubic hair tickled his nose as he inhaled Bud’s male scent.

“Fuck Sherry! Nobody takes me to the base.”

“Tonight’s your lucky night,” Sherry said. If Bud were not a horny male right now, he would have questioned how Sherry spoke with a mouth full of black cock.

From the corner of his eyes, Tommy saw Sherry wink at him again. Now came the hard part, getting up and down the monster cock.

Taking note of Sherry’s actions, he did a pushup to move up Bud’s cock. His little arms strained at the effort but he prevailed, his sucking lips now kissing the knob of the cock. Then, slowly, he forced his head back down with the help of Sherry’s guiding hand.

If Tommy hadn’t spent their nights jerking off Bud, the boy would have cum by now. With the sissy’s help, his resistance had built up. Meaning he could savor this moment.

Getting into a workflow he pumped up and down the cock, sucking hard enough to hollow his cheeks and letting the flood of saliva pour from his sissy lips and down the manly shaft to pool at the base and drip along the balls.

All the while Sherry hummed and purred. Tommy’s own hands busy doing pushups, working out himself, and the cock.

Sherry took up the role of ball massager. She used her other hand, now gone from his head to stroke Bud’s cock through his throat. It eased the cock’s path down his gullet and gave even more pleasure to Bud, who, to his credit, not once forced Tommy’s head down.

Bud’s eyes remained close, and hands at his sides, clenched into powerful fists.

Sherry who had a hand on Bud’s sack felt them tighten. “Cum for me, my hero. Cum for me my raping hero. Fill my hot mouth.” And so, he did, and pulse of cum reverberated in his mouth then into it. All of his cum was swallowed expertly.

Sherry poked her head from under the covered and gestured for him to follow. Bud slept peacefully, having his cock deflated by who he thought was a sexy office lady.

Tommy wanted to ask her why she did this but she shook her head, mouthing, ‘later’. Tired as well, he went off to sleep by Bud’s side.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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So glad to see a continuation.  Really fine.  I cannot write a thing fictional so I can’t imagine the effort you writers invest in editing, etc., but my goodness do you have my thanks for investing it to create something as good as this!

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 7

The awkwardness was heavy in the room as morning light scattered onto the office floor. They ate silently and went off on their own at the first opportunity. Bud went to another floor to search for anything useful and Tommy and Sherry sat in the stairwell.

She casually smoked an E-cigarette like everything was normal. “Something wrong?”

“What the fuck was up with you last night.”

“Me?” she pointed to herself with her free hand. “You’re the sissy cocksucker. I just watched.”

“You did a little more than watch.” Remembering her hands on his head, in his hair, along his neck.

“Yeh, I guess I did, huh,” she said flippantly.

Her demeanor was off-putting. “I just want to know why you said and did all that, OK?”

“You have not been listening then. I keep saying it to Bud, and you should have heard. I do it because I have to. Look, I can see you claimed dibs on him even if he is clearly a strait red-blooded male. I know you egged him on to rape me, even if the guy already left.” Tommy cringed. “Oh yeah, you thought I missed that you shit. Well, I didn’t but I get it. If I were you, I would have thrown me out the window by now. Anything to keep that prime piece of man.”

“How does me sucking Bud’s cock help you?”

“For one, you owe me. For another, it was fun. Got me off real good. It also bought me goodwill with Bud. I’m the girl who forgave him for rape and sucked his cock clean.”

“That was me!”

“You gonna tell him that? Going to tell him a sissy sucked him off instead of a hot number like me? He is a nice guy I can tell but still a man. He won’t kill you but you’ll hurt good after he’s done with you.”

She was spot on, of course. Bud would figure out Tommy was giving him HJ’s at night and his anger would only build.

Accepting the reality of this woman’s laid out, he asked the important question. “Where do we go from here?”

“Oh, I want nothing that you two have not already promised. The death of the laborers. I can take things from there. This just puts some energy in his step is all.”

“So, me and you are good.”

“Yep. Do you want to do it again tonight? It will be awhile before those fools realize or care their man is missing. The wait might be long.”

She knew his answer.

And so, the week dragged on, uneventful. Spirits were high though. Bud got his cock sucked every night. Sherry who could only take him halfway. They patrolled the floors, looking for signs of the men searching them, and made weapons to use against the laborers. Eventually things kicked into gear.

“Everyone, it’s time.” Bud, Tommy, and Sherry stood around the map as Bud explained what he’d found. “There have been signs of search parties on these floors.” He pointed to several floors. “One of these parties made camp while the others went back home.”

“So, one team makes a deep sweep of the floors while the others just make an appearance,” Tommy said, face close to the map.

“They are not this organized. Something must have happened. Could they have figured out who you two are? Maybe they saw you enter the building?” Sherry said.

Bud shook his head. “No, if that were true, they would have been all over us now, even accounting for the time to get organized against us.”

“Then what is going on?”

“It’s not us they saw. It’s someone else?” Tommy said. Sherry and Bud turned their attention from the map and to him. “I can’t be some kind of rebellion from the ladies since that would mean they would stay huddled together to keep them in line. If they found signs of us, they would have attacked earlier like Bud said. So, it’s a new intruder. Someone who took the stairs instead of traveling the elevator shaft.”

“The lower stairwell camera is the only one that works in the building,” Sherry said.

“Sherry that would have been good to know earlier,” Bud said in reproach. She had the shame to blush.

“How does this change the plan, Bud?”

Arms folded, tapping his fingers on his biceps, he took a second to think. “It doesn’t change the plan. In fact, this is what we wanted. They are splitting up, leaving the food and women unguarded. This also tells us a lot about who they are looking for. A high-value target that they feel comfortable going after in great numbers.”

“Hold on,” Tommy said. “It could also mean they are afraid and want to find and stomp out the threat.”

Sherry spoke, “No, Bud’s got it right. If a real threat came to the building, they would flee with the women. The person they are looking for is a girl.”

“OK so we just continue on like normal?”

“Yes,” Bud confirmed.

Bud was the one really getting ready, though. He would be the one doing the fighting while they went to the top floors for the women and food. Tommy was glad of it. He could kill if he had to,, but it made him lose his lunch.

Taking different paths, they split up. Without Bud, they took much longer to get up the floors. He missed the piggyback rides and Bud’s broad shoulders.

Sherry stopped him. “This is the floor.”

“You are sure nobody will be by the elevator.”

“It was out of service even before shit hit the fan. There are multiple elevators in the building as well. This one opens to part of the floor nobody goes to.”

Tommy struggled to open the door with his weak muscles, but eventually it relented. They now stood in a supply room.

“Why does the elevator open up here?”

She looked at him as if he were dumb. “Look at this stuff. Do you want to lug this up all those stairs?”

Point taken. They waited and listened for their opportunity.

Men cursed and women screamed as they vented their anger on easy targets. Men screamed as well. The sound of pain was familiar. The men had run into Bud and came out the loser in the exchange.

A man with a deep commanding voice ordered them back into the fight and Tommy picked up some clear chatter.

“No way that girl could do this.”

“I’m telling you it was this hulk of a man.”

“Tell me the truth. A girl fucked you up and now you are spinning this story of some giant.”

“Fuck you. I’m serious. We need to forget the girl and kill that bastard.”

They continued on like that for a while, the conversation devolving into curses and talk of not enough pussy.

“This is our chance,” Sherry said.

Tommy’s boy heart hammered against his ribs. He’d run into danger before long before meeting Bud. But this was different. The goal was to rescue and destroy. No turning back if things got tough.

“On three. One—”

Sherry opened the door and strolled calmly in. Tommy followed her loudly hissing at her for not following the plan but she kept on walking. Why was she playing this so cool?

He understood too late her plan. The memories of everything she’d said since meeting them surfacing too late for him to change what happened next.

Instead of sneaking past the men, she went right up to them. “Found that girl you have been looking for.” She pointed to Tommy.

Surprised, the man and sole guard of a bundle of women tied up on the floor said. “Shit Sherry, where have you been?”

“Barry dragged me off for some private time.”

“It’s been almost a week.”

Her breasts pressed forward and her hand went to her sharpely hip. The man understood. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week with her?

“At least you came back bearing gifts.”

Tommy glared at Sherry. He knew she wasn’t betraying him. She was using him like so many others had: as bait. While they had at him, she would destroy the food then free the women.

He surrendered to the man knowing he could not resist and let him lead him to another room.

The room had obviously been through some changes. Artwork adorned the pastel walls, and a bed featured in the center. A table with condoms and makeup stood at the corner next to a trash can with used sticky plastic. The garbage overflowed with the condoms, showing how often the men had used the women here.

The bed barely met the standards of clean its pillows and sheets matted with dried semen and yellow crust.

“Oh god,” Tommy cried.

Turning to see the man with his clothes already removed, he backed away, losing his footing, and falling on his back onto the bed. The skinny man was on him, tearing at his clothes.

The buttons came off easily and his pants followed with equal ease. Tommy picked these clothes for that reason. It now worked against him.

Looking at Tommy’s pale chest and pink nipples, the man’s cocks jutted forward. Using a bottle of lube, he’d not seen him grab the skinny man oiled up his cock. “Got some new pussy for once. The guys uys will be so jealous I first dibs on a teeny bopper like you.”

“Stop! You don’t understand!”

Like a whip, the man slapped Tommy across the face. Then he did it again, sending his face to the other side. “Takes two to get them to understand.”

Momentarily stunned, the skinny man pulled down Tommy’s panties. Then shouted. “What the fuck. You’re a dude.”

“I tried to tell you.”

The slaps rained down on him again, turning his vision to a show of stars. Growing tired of his abuse, the man screamed again at his bad luck. Hand balling into a fist, he got ready to punch Tommy’s lights out. Until he heard. “Fire! The food is on fire.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Putting his pants back on, the man rushed out of the room.

Rising himself, Tommy gathered his clothes, not bothering to put them on, and tried to leave the room. Only to be stopped by Sherry. “Hey.”

“You bitch.”

“You know what I’m doing and why I have to do it. And if I told you, you would have refused.”

“Damn right I would.”

“Look, there was no way we would sneak past them and free the women and then escape. Bud’s plans were cooked up by a guy who could Rambo his way in and out of problems. We can’t do that and if I brought it up, he would have shut my plan down too. Then where would we be?”

“Oh, I understand. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“No worse than I have suffered you whiny sissy.”

In Tommy’s mind, Sherry morphed into all the girls from his school days. “Why are you stopping me from leaving?”

“It’s not over yet. Stay here and the other men will come for you. For a boy you look good. They will come back angry from the setbacks against and scared because of the loss of food. When that happens, they need someone to take it out on.”


“You.” Sherry then added. “Think of it as a manly deed, standing up for the women. You’re being raped so the others don’t have to. Bud will be proud of you.”

That got him to pay attention. “Really?”

“Look how he treated me after what happened. Don’t you want him to comfort you after you’ve been fucked senseless by those brutes.”

Tommy’s mind drifted to the thought of Bud’s thick arms hugging him as he cried into his chest. “I’ll do it.”

“Good, cause they’re here.” A group of angry men came up behind her.

“Who the fuck is this!” It was the short man who had watched Bud fuck Sherry.

“It’s a fucking fag,” said the skinny man.

“Sissy.” Sherry corrected.

“Like it matters what he is called. Let’s fuck him,” said another man.

Men poured into the room, gruff and hairy. Anger on their faces. Pushing him down onto the bed, they held down his arms while the others removed their clothes. Soon all lay bare before him.

Some of their cocks were long, some thick, others curved upwards and others aimed right at him. They huddled around him, stroking themselves.

“Is it weird that he’s pretty?”

“His nipples are pink. Fucking pink.”

Tommy shook as the men commented on his sissy body. The man above him had his hard cock over his face as he held Tommy’s hands down. Still able he moves his legs, he kicked out at any man who came near him. Frustrated, they swarmed him, and a landslide of male flesh.

Eventually, a hand at his ankles pulled them spread-eagled to the sides. With his friends holding Tommy’s ankles and hands, the skinny man was able to poke his thin cock at his pink hole. It seemed his reluctance at fucking a male had disappeared.

Already lubed up from earlier, the man slipped in, the cold wet cock squirmed inside him. At first, there was no pain until the man violently began to thrust into him.

“Alright man, fuck the faggot.”

“Harder or he’ll like it.”

“Look at skinny go!”

The skinny man’s cock was thin but long and he jabbed at the roof of his ass insistently, determined to cause as much discomfort as possible. Tommy winced with every jab of his cock and then screamed when the other man joined in.

Hands pulled at his pink nipples, pulling them as if trying to pry them off a doll. Another rough hand squeezed then twisted his nipple until the pink nubs of flesh turned red.

“Fuck, I can’t wait. It’s not gay if he’s not fucking us.” The man holding his arms said before aiming his cock at Tommy’s mouth and shoving it in.

Compared to Bud’s cock it was tiny, but then Tommy was going at his own pace. Now he had to suck the man while men abused his nipples and stabbed the insides of his ass.

Unfortunately, his screams sent pulses through the man’s cock providing him great pleasure. At the same time, his ass tightened around the thin cock inside his boy cunt. The skinny man grunted and spurted slick semen into him.

Another man shoved him away, and he shoved himself into Tommy, without lube. Thicker and longer than the skinny man, Tommy screamed again, body wracking with the first pangs of sobs. By now he thought he would be used to this. He’d been raped many times before in highschool but these were grown men and the boys at school were, well, boys.

With the encouragement of the others, the men holding his legs pulled his legs wider, lewdly leaving him splayed as the man inside him grunted into his ass. Hairy hands used drew his hips onto his cock, slapping skin against skin.

“Make him scream again. I’m almost ready to cum,” said the man in his mouth. He was answered by the squeezing of both his nipples. Tommy tried to hold back his cries, but it only caused the men to twist and pull harder and when he finally relented and screamed his lungs out onto the cock in his mouth, the man roared. Thick cum poured into his mouth and his body arched up and he choked on the cock and cum.

“Yeah, that’s the way. Move your hips like that.”

Growing soft in his mouth, the man exited to be quickly replaced by another man whose huge balls rested on his forehead. He angled himself to stroke forward instead of downward into Tommy’s mouth and he held the cock in his throat until his body struggled for air.

“Thanks man, love the way he body shakes when he chocks.”

“No problem,” the man in his mouth mumbled, hips steadily drive into his mouth and down his throat.

Curious men rubbed and explored the rest of his body, commenting on his soft body, his pale skin, and the curves of his hips and thighs. Ashamed of their admiration of his sissy body, they got mean.



“Gay whore.”

Name-calling. He’d heard it all before and could handle it. The violence that came with it however was always painful. Man after man took their turn in his sissy hole, cumming inside him, never giving him a chance to rest.

His mouth was sticky with cum and body bruised from the rough hands of the men. The lull in their fucking was only to clean up and have another go at him.

For the second round they turned him over, no longer needing to hold his legs apart as he was too tired to struggle. They had him on his belly, girlish ass facing them, hands at his sides.

“Get in there. Take it. Take it!” the man behind him strained to squeeze inside his still tight boy pussy, even with all the cum lubing him up. “Fuuuuck!” he moaned as he got the thick tip into him.

Quick thrusts forced the rest inside him until the man could pound his bubble boy butt. The slaps of hips meeting ass, causing his behind to reverberate on contact. The men, liking the show, slapped his ass as the man fucked into him.

He screamed and his back arched, highlighting his effeminate little body. A hand tugged his hair, and a cock reentered his mouth, silencing him.

Behind him, the man was replaced and decided to help out with the forced blowjob. The man reached out, grabbed Tommy’s head to shove it onto the cock. The extra force pushed him to the man’s smelly pubic hair.

Wanting this to end, Tommy closed his eyes and pretended he was with Bud. Memories of him sleeping safely by Bud’s side, stroking his manly cock let him believe the warmth filling his body was from Bud’s body not the cum of the strangers making use of him.

“Look, his boy clit is getting hard.”

“Didn’t even see that pecker.”

Tommy ignored their crude comments. These insecure men could only fall back on the same stale insults. All talk and no real action. They were here making use of his body because they had fallen to despair. A girl was loose in their hideout, a strange man hunted them down, and their food had burnt due to their slack watch. Doom came for them. If only they had the sense to notice.

Another spurt of semen filled his mouth at the same time another man came into his ass. He had lost track of who was who and honestly cared very little for what non-alpha cock entered him. He continued to close his eyes and dream of Bud. He even heard him, so deep was he in his sissy dreams.

When the men started to scream, Tommy knew this was no dream. The men around him scattered to confront the roaring teen at the door and were flung to the side like used tissue for their efforts.

Eyes red and machete in hand, he sliced, stabbed, and dismembered the men in the room. Naked and having spent what must have been hours raping Tommy, they stood no chance against Bud.

When the last of the men died, Sherry skipped into the room, ready with a blanket and a towel. Sherry hugged his cum soaked body, and though he rather have Bud’s arms around him, hers were nice too. He let himself close his eyes and rest against her bosom.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 8

Bud checked on him constantly to see if he was recovering well and while he enjoyed the attention of his friend and crush, Bud’s attention was needed elsewhere. Some of the men who had escaped Bud’s ambushes on the lower floors never returned to the higher floor base. He needed to be hunting them down and eliminating the future threat, not cuddling him. That could come later.

Sherry huddled the now free women and put them to work disposing of the bodies. Instead of throwing them down the elevator shaft, they proposed studying the bodies.

“Everyone is technically contaminated by the chemical attack. All of us could turn into zombies when we die. With the equipment here we can study them,” Sherry said.

“Or use their bodies to fertilize the plants,” a random woman said.

“I hope it works out.” Tommy should be angry with Sherry, but he understood her thinking and seeing the battered bodies of the women gave credibility to her choice to use him as rape bait. “What happened to that girl they were looking for?”

“No idea. I think they were mistaken. Seeing things that were not there. Libido can do that to a man.”

“Even with all these women here?”

“More so. Men get bored and get hungry for the next new thing.”

“Now they’re dead.”

“So they are. Where are you two going next? Bud said something about a park?”

“Yeah, he likes to explore. No guards or signs stopping us from going anywhere.”

“Sounds fun. Wish I could go with you.” Tommy stiffened. “But I have responsibilities here.” She winked at him, knowing his worries. “Drop by if you need a place to stay.”

“Sure.” He would not take her up on the offer. Bud would be tempted by all these supple young women ready to reward their hero.

Bud came back from his search of the tower. “No sign of her or the men.” Turning to Sherry, Bud said. “I hope you do well.” Bud wanted to say sorry but resisted. Sherry had not wished to hear more apologies. She was happy with the results.

Exiting the tower, the duo headed onward to the tower, finished with the adventure in the office tower. They left at night and Tommy turned back to see a ghostly light from the floor the women resided. Then a chill cracked through his bones.

Sherry told them a woman had betrayed them, telling the laborers of the location of the food. He remembered the women cringing away from Bud but from a different perspective, the women were not hiding behind Sherry but cringing away from. That, and the freedom she had to walk around the office floor even though the others were tied confirmed his suspicions. The way she talked with them, the oddness of her being dragged away by one of the laborers even though the women should have been heavily guarded. It all slipped into place.

She was the traitor. No, it was more than that. For the man that Bud had killed was the biggest of them all. He must have been the leader having his way with his female accomplice. The complaints he made were frustrations of leadership. It also explained why the man left them alone. He called out for the boss and when he found the leaders fucking, he left. How could he tattle to the boss about the boss?

He could guess what happened. The laborers came or were invited by Sherry, who used her coworkers as bribes to control the men. Finding the world more dangerous than imagined and the men more cowardly than expected, conflict grew. The boss had less and less time with the women, Sherry became his only option and had begun raping his partner in crime.

Then they arrived, or rather Alpha male Bud had. Using her new weapon, she turned on the laborers who had served their purpose and failed to live up to expectations.

As for why she had Tommy raped. It was simple. She needed the men gone to talk with the women alone, to keep them silent.

“Are you just going to stand there? We said our goodbyes and while hanging around hot women sounds great; I don’t like to be tied down.” Bud called from the end of the street.

“Coming!” Tommy yelled back. He left the office behind a woman like that would be prepared for his return.

The ghostly light flickered off, and they went on their way, not looking back again.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Omg omg!!  So wonderful: 35k words?  Wish you’d aim for 350k. 

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 9

Zombie activity along the road forced them to take shelter in a bar. While Bud searched the place, Tommy got drinks ready for them. The bar was well stocked, even accounting for the broken bottles.

He got to work cleaning the glasses and setting the table. Placing a cake he’d found onto the plates, he greeted Bud with his breakfast. “Surprise!”

Bud took a seat. “What if we had to leave?”

“We didn’t though. After another bout of blood and guts, you need to relax.”

“If you say so.”

“I say so. Now eat the cake.” Tommy pointed to the cherry-topped cheesecake. “I know you don’t drink so I found some soda instead. Though beer is probably healthier than the soda.”

“Me not drinking is not about health. It’s about discipline.”

“That, you are. Is that how you wield that machete so well?”

“What, this?” He showed off his blade. “No, I just watched a lot of videos online.” At Tommy’s disbelieving stare, he reassured him. “I’m telling the truth. I spend my time in my room when I wasn’t at school swinging this thing around as if it were a katana. Wish I had one of those but they were too expensive and I’m used to this baby now.” He kissed the flat side of the blade.

“Drinking has its uses. Sometimes discipline needs to falter.”

 Bud looked as if he wanted to object but said nothing, enjoying his cake instead.

Leaving the bar once the zombies had passed they continued down the street more careful than before. This was an entertainment district and the ghosts of food stands lined the streets giving them cover.

Every so often a zombie, its blotched-out eyes searching for food, had to be taken out before it alerted others. Bud took to the task with his usual competence.

Bud slowed his walk. “Don’t look. We are being followed.” Tommy instantly scanned his surroundings. “Idiot, I said don’t look.”

“Everyone looks when you say that!”

Exhaling, Bud said. “I think he has followed us since leaving the office.”

“One of the men that escaped?”


“How do you even know how to tell people are following or not? Don’t tell me it’s from watching stuff online or that you were a boy scout cause I won’t believe you.”

Chuckling, Bud answered. “It’s the zombies. When they orient on us and lose track, I saw something else take their attention. Whatever distracted them was close by, judging from the speed that they moved on to the next target.”

“Clever. Should we use that to lose our stalker?”

“Never liked the idea of feeding people to the zombies. If they get him, then tough luck, but offering him to them is too much like using him as bait.”

Tommy knew Bud used the word ‘bait’ carefully. It’s how Tommy was used by others. “Then what do we do?” he said.

Bud made a show of pointing to the building across the street. He was signaling to the stalker. “We go there, stay for a bit. Then I go so he can see me, but I will double back. When he enters the building, we nab him.”

“You think he’s been taking advantage of the buildings we cleared.”

Bud nodded. “It’s smart. He could just be using us to clear the path for him. I’ve seen it before from people excluded from groups. They take the leftovers and get an advance warning if trouble comes.”

Tommy felt that this man was stealing from their hard work. It increased his motivation to catch the stalker.

Following the plan, they went into the building across the street and a zombie dashed at them. Bud dismissively lopped of its head. They waited a minute and left the building. Hiding in an alley, they saw the figure look around and enter the building.

Bud zipped like lightning back into the building and Tommy struggled to catch up. In the building, he panted and heaved, hands clasping knees as he hunched over.

Raising his head, he saw Bud with a boy pressed against the wall by his throat. The boy’s legs dangled from the floor as he shook against the wall.

“Why are you following us,” Bud said.

“He can’t speak if you choke him out, Bud.”

Releasing the boy, Bud backed off but kept his weapon ready. Now he got a better look at the boy and determined he was the same age as them. He had a railway cap on and a lace-up sweater decorated with sewed on smiley faces.

Rubbing his throat with fingerless gloves, it gave the boy the look of a steampunk orphan. “My name is Sam.”

“Well that’s a nice name,” Tommy said. “Not what we asked. Who are you!”

“Should I put my hand back on his throat?” Bud said, playing the bad cop.

“Don’t OK. I’ll talk. Give me a second.” Sam coughed out.

After several coughs and glances between him and Bud, he took a seat as if this were his home. “I am not following you exactly. I’m following him.” Sam tilted his head to Tommy.

“Why him? What could you possibly want from Tommy?” Bud said.

“I don’t know you,” Tommy said.

“I was heading to the community you came from to request help. I live with the group in the park. Though it’s really just well-managed woodlands.”

“That community wasn’t one to help others. Not even each other.”

“I knew that at the time but we had goods to trade. We were not asking for charity.”

He remembered the overheard arguments between the leaders. Not being high up on the internal political scale, Tommy wasn’t privy to negotiations between outside groups. It did give credence to Sam’s words. But to follow him for so long and not make an appearance made no sense. He couldn’t help Sam, the community was gone. Unless…

“You want Bud’s help.”

Sam nodded. “I’ve heard rumors about him since this thing started.”

Tommy looked to Bud, “Rumors?”

“I got trapped by a horde and I fought my way out. This was during the early days when people had a hard time telling the difference between the living and dead. Everyone was running like headless chickens. Zombies chased me up a building. Then I roped down, went back inside, killed some more. Rinsed and repeat. Guess I had an audience.”

“You did,” Sam said. “The park managers in particular. They had a working radio and put in the news loop feed. When I started following you, I knew you were the real deal. I even talked with Andy. He gave you glowing reviews.”

“Five starts I hope.”

“It was out of ten. Stars are so vague.”

Tommy clapped his hands to get them back on track. “Hey! Chit chat later. What kind of help are you looking for?” He knew Bud would help, but this time Tommy would vet this request carefully. Their dealings with Sherry could have gone very wrong. “Details. No skipping.” He pulled up a chair to face the sitting boy. And so the interrogation began.

A bead of sweat fell from Sam’s brow and his soft face twisted in worry. That told Tommy as much. He would not like what he heard.

“The park has many natural barriers. If you don’t know where you are going you could fall into a whole or injure yourself. When zombies tried to attack, they would get stuck in animal traps or fall of a small cliff. Even better, A camp was in the center of the park with a recreational garden. Food and water were ready and waiting, and the park managers organized everyone efficiently.”


“But people complained. They were bored and growing enough food for all the people was hard work. We needed people to leave the park and get food from the city.”

“You needed food from the community then,” Bud said.

Then before Sam could answer, Tommy said. “Stop. Give us a minute. Bud.” He motioned to another room. Before entering he said to Sam. “Don’t move.” Once he was sure Sam wasn’t eavesdropping, he explained himself to Bud. “Don’t put words in his mouth, Bud.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to know the truth of what happened. You don’t need to know the details but I’ve thought over our recent adventures recently and everything is not always what they seem.” Bud waited for him to explain. “It will take too long to explain everything but my community’s collapse wasn’t from a zombie attack, it was from internal strife. Other factors were in play. It’s the same with the mall, things don’t add up there either, I mean, going to the mall is one of the oldest zombie apocalypse plans but the place was empty except for Andy’s friends and the rape gang.”

“You don’t think Andy was being honest with us? What would he lie about?”

“Well, did the gang capture them, or were they working together for a time? Think about it. As horny as those men were, their first thought would not be to rape men but to capture women. When they failed, they could have turned on Andy’s group. Then there is Sherry, a whole other mystery. Basically, what I’m saying is in the chaos we have no idea what people have done to survive but we do know what they will do.”

“People are capable of anything,” Bud said, voice solemn.

Tommy nodded. “There are three things we need to survive, knowledge of what is going on, the strength to get and keep supplies and shelter, and entertainment.”

“You mean sex, right?”

“Right. There are no video games or VR movies, just chess, checkers, and fucking.”

“So much for all humanity needing is friends and family.”

“We know better. Let me figure out the mystery part of survival you provide the strength. OK?”

“Yeah, OK.”

Leaving the room, they found Sam sitting ramrod straight. He’d obviously moved, but from the smudge of chocolate on his light lips, it was just to eat some candy.

Sitting back down, Tommy resumed his questioning while Bud went outside to secure the exterior of the building. “Where were we? Ah, you needed something from us. And don’t say its food. Me and Bud can’t provide enough of that to feed a park full of people.”

Blushing, Sam said. “The people who left the park were the bravest ones and all of us relied on them. They became the leaders because of this.”

“What happened to the park managers?”

“Some couldn’t leave, too risky to lose them and the ones who did never returned.”

Just as Tommy thought. The away team killed off the leaders and restrained the others, usurping their positions. “Not everyone capable of fighting could have been on board with the slow-moving coup.”

Sam shook his head. “They weren’t but being able to fight and being willing to are two different things. The away team bribed some, humiliated others.”

“Again, details.”

“They cuckolded the men. Raping their wives and daughters, some women left their husbands to hook up with stronger men. It broke them as good as any hammer could. This is the new system in place. The currency that is traded and how leaders are chosen.”

“The man who can put the most women under his sway and be the best provider of food is the leader.”

“Correct, and it’s not just women. Men and boys are fucked and dominated too.”

“Seems like the apocalypse is like prison. It turns everyone gay.”

Sam didn’t appreciate the joke and pouted cutely. “It’s horrible. Everybody struts for the leaders, debasing themselves like animals. Beatings takes place in front of everyone. Fun and games amount to contests of rape.”

Sam was giving information too easily. This is a boy who followed them since Tommy’s meeting with Bud and they knew nothing until now. He was holding something back. Tommy probed deeper. “Why you?”

Sam looked up from his tightly gripped knees. “Me? They needed someone who would not be missed.”

“I’m not going to do the three strikes and you’re out thing. Lie again and we are going. We want nothing from you, need nothing from you. You are a pretty-looking boy in a camp of rapists, you would be missed.”

The beads of sweat on his forehead became a trickle. “Some of the park rangers cooperated with the new system, having no other choice. He doesn’t touch me, but he has the freedom to send me out.”

This was the truth, but why would he hide it? Surely not because of shame, for the park ranger had not molested him. He would come back to it later, let Sam think he got away with it. “Why not just kill the enemies? They don’t lack for people?”

“It’s because they are so many of us that they can’t kill us. We outnumber them. It would turn into a blood bath.”

“Then do that!” Did they want he and Bud to risk their lives because they were absolute cowards?

“It’s the system. Just like the old world before the chemical attack, people don’t just overthrow the system even it hurts them. As long as the system provides, they will put up with the abuse.”

“You are saying it is working for everyone?”

“Of course. It gets people to work and provides incentives for the overachievers. If people fall out of line there is a punishment that does not result in death and with the way the system is set up there is plenty of room for advancement. Not one of the leaders now are the same ones that started the system. Not including the park ranger I stay with.”

Then Tommy knew why Sam wanted them. Bud in particular. “You want him to become the leader of the park! Do you know what you are asking!”

“I do. I also know you can get him to do it. Why someone like that listens to you I don’t know. In my school sissies aren’t treated kindly but as you are not a mass of pulp, he must be cool with it.”

Why did Bud listen to him? They connected to the feeling of being abandoned but Tommy’s parents while weird did love him and he was still able to attend school despite being a bullied sissy. How had he earned Bud’s trust when Bud made clear others had failed him in the past?

Interrupting his musing, Sam asked, “Are two together?” he said with emphasis on ‘together’.

“He’s straight.”

“So are the men at the park. Doesn’t stop them from taking and giving head.”

“Forget about my sex life. I won’t convince Bud to do this because he won’t.”

“You hesitated for a second there. Why?”

“You told me what I need to know. Me and Bud will talk it over.”

Calling for Bud to reenter they got ready to stay the night in the building, before deciding what to do. 

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 10

Too late did they notice the nature of the shop they stayed in. Bands of dildos lined the shelf walls and a plastic human garbed in glossy black latex posed comically at the entrance window. He and Bud stayed in a separate room where they kept the body pillows of anime girls.

Bud used a fake breast to relieve stress while Tommy reviewed what Sam told him to Bud. He did his best to avoid looking at the massive black dildo that reminded him of Bud’s cock. No matter where he looked, his eyes landed on some debauched item.

“So,” Bud started tossing the fake boob in the air and catching it. “He wants me to come into the park and rape everyone.”

“Crazy I know. Since that’s not an option we tell them to escape and we guide them to the mall or even the office.”

“You don’t trust them though.”

“No, but they do have a secure place to live and provide value to the people under them, unlike the rape gangs.”

“And killing the park trouble makers won’t work because everyone is now committed to the system. How feudal of them.”

“Sam never said that the park rangers were killed, only that they never came back from outings. Probably kept alive if the coup failed.”

“Good hostages.”

“That’s what I’m thinking.”

Gripping the fake breast until it distended out of his hand, Bud exhaled. “I’ll do it. I have to take over the camp.” At Tommy’s gaping maw Bud went into detail. “I’m all for exploring and having fun. But I don’t like to leave enemies behind us. If we ignored the office or the mall, those gangs would have got to us someday after having grown into a threat that we could not handle. We nipped the problem in the bud.” Bud chuckled at his bad pun.

Still a bit shocked, Tommy had to know how Bud would pull this off. “And what? We walk in there and start raping people. Have you thought about what will happen to me at that place?” He said, voice rising in pitch and fear. The rape by the men at the office still fresh in his memory.

“I have thought of that. We will only do this if you are completely on board. In order to convince everyone there that I am like them I need you to pretend that you are my bitch boy, or to be more accurate my sissy boy. It’s a change from the houseboy role you have played, but—”

“Yes.” He said before the dream could end.

“What? Look, bro, I don’t want to pressure you into this. Think about—”

“I’ll do it. Now how do we sell it to them.” Tommy said, breath, heart, and boy clit twitching in anticipation.

“This is very brave of you. As for specifics, let’s get Sam in here. Sam! You can come in now.” Bud waited a minute and eventually, the boy came in. “Good of you to join us.”

“I wasn’t spying.” Sam lied. “I was looking for one of the toys.”

His brow raised to show he didn’t buy the lie and started his questions. “These shows of dominance, they can’t only include public rape.”

“True, everyone has gotten good at reading each other. You can put on a violent show, but it’s how people act when nothing is happening that tells the full story. Their eyes, body language, tone of voice, all are signs of how submissive those are in relation to you.”

“So, I need to fool everyone into thinking I’m under Bud’s boot 24/7,” Tommy said.

“It will be difficult to pull off but you being a sissy will help.”

“Still don’t get the sissy stuff but I’m glad it will work to our advantage Tommy,” Bud said. “What kinds of displays other than outright rape do they use? I’m not gay so I can’t fuck Tommy.”

This made Tommy’s heart drop. So much for his dreams. Still, in order to pull this off, Bud would have to show some intimacy towards him and he would take what Tommy could get.

Sam glanced at Tommy’s gloomy face and knew what had him down and gave him an unexpected boost. “Public worship, gross stuff that no normal sexual partner would do. Bukkake, prostituting them out to others in the camp, having them walk around with cum on them, real messed up stuff.”

Sounded like a Tuesday at Tommy’s school. “It will be difficult but if I know you have my back Bud, I can do it.”

“Wow, bro. You keep showing me how strong you are every day.”

Blushing, he said, “Not as strong as you Bud.”

“So, how do we practice?”

“Again, only if you want to Tommy.”

“I do! Cum in my mouth, piss on my face, rub your black cock up my nose. Do it please master!”

Bud dropped his toy boob and Sam had an impish grin on his face. Tommy blushed into his hands.

“That was perfect!” Sam said. “Everybody will buy that you are a whipped sissy bitch.”

“Yeah, that was very convincing. We won’t start practice now. I’m going to use some chains I found in the store to lock it down, then we can get some sleep. Be warned Tommy, you said yes and I will have to stay in character at the park and during the practice sessions.”

“Should we have a safe word?” Sam asked.

Tommy now wished the boy would shut his mouth.

“How about green,” Bud said.

“Not red?” 

“Don’t want it to be too obvious and have him blurt it out too fast. Plus, I need to remember it. Green is my favorite color. It represents life and money!”

“Both are in short supply,” Tommy said, grimly.

Snuggling up against their body pillows, the group slept soundly, knowing that Bud’s locking up of the store kept them safe from the zombies. Black film covered the windows and a bow of chains blocked the entrances and exits. Tommy slept soundly until a hand shoved him awake.

Auburn eyes glowed in the dark at him. “Hey, you awake.”

Burying his face into the face of the anime girl, Tommy said, “No.” His voice muffled into the pillow.

Tommy could feel Sam’s eyes roll and the annoying boy pulled his pillow from him. “C’mon we need to practice.”

“Bud’s sleeping.”

“This is something we can’t do with Bud. He won’t fuck you but eventually, you need to get fucked. I can help.”

Giving up on sleep, he got up on his knees. “You’re going to fuck and dominate me.” His disbelief made clear with an up and down over the slight boy’s figure.

“I have my ways. Now come on. They got a dungeon at this place.”

Interested, he followed Sam to the basement.

It looked like, well, a dungeon. A mechanical pony was in one corner and the walls were decorated with an assortment of whips and handcuffs. The bed in the other corner had shackles attached to the bedpost and ropes hanging from the walls.

“Cool, right!”

“That’s one word for it,” Tommy said, stepping daintily into the room not wanting to mess up his shoes.

“Oh, nice shoes.”

Looking down at his feet he said, “Thanks, they're new.” Then as his face looked down to his shoes, Sam entangled his fingers in Tommy’s hair and dragged him across the room and to the bed while he shouted. “What are you doing?”

Saying nothing, Sam threw him the last few feet onto the bed. He tried to get back up but a small hand pressed into the small of his back, pinning him onto his stomach. “Stop this, Sam. I’m warning you.” Staying silent, Sam’s hands pulled down his pants. Eyes shooting open in fear of what was about to happen, he screamed. “Bud! Help! Bud!”

“This is a dungeon, sissy. He won’t hear a thing. If he wakes up, he will think you went to the bathroom.”

“He’ll notice you gone too.”

“He’ll see the door still locked and my note and go back to sleep to dream of Sherry.”

“How do you know about her?”

“He said her name in his sleep.”

Tommy’s heart sunk. He expected as much, but it still hurt. Bud would never dream of him that way.

“Now, shall we proceed?” The evil boy pressed a thick cold object at his exposed anus. “Saw you looking at this earlier. Thought you would want to give it a humping or two.”

Now knowing what Sam intended, Sam shook his pale ass more. “Nooo!”

With as deep a grunt the Sam could manage, he moaned back. “Yesss!” And shoved the head of the dildo into his butt.

God, it was so big it was about the same size of Bud’s hard cock and with only the head inside his tight anal ring already stretched to capacity. He clawed at the front of the large foamy bed trying to escape but the boy pulled him back, spanking his ass for his defiance.

Sam separated the globes of his juicy ass and angled the black dildo upwards and drilled into down into him. He twisted and pushed, breathing heavily from the exertion of forcing that thick black cock into his tight white hole. Easily avoiding his shapely legs kicking out at him, Sam forced two more inches of thick cock into him.

“IIEEE!” Tommy shrieked. “Please. Please. Please. Please stop it. Stop it! I don’t want it.”

“Take it! If you don’t, you’ll get worse in the camp. Besides, I saw your nasty sissy clit get hard rubbing up against Bud’s hot body. This is what you wanted, right? Thick cock inside of you. If you ever get it from Bud, it will be worse. His cock will be hot!” Sam shoved another inch inside him. “It will pulse with his blood and pent up cum!” Another cruel shove, and another inch.

Tommy turned to see Sam putting both hands on the base of the invading dildo. “I don’t—”

“I won’t settle for half-assed, halfway fucking!” Sam used both hands to push the rest of the cock inside him, using his entire body to lean down on the dildo. The force afforded by Sam’s small body was enough the push the base forward enough to settle against his splayed open ass.

Blood leaked down his thighs and his sobs racked the dungeon walls, echoing for only him and Sam to hear. Bud would still sleep soundly, unable to hear and rescue him.

“Wow, that was something.” Sam wiped the sweat from his face as if he had finished a hard day’s work on the plantation, not just raped a dildo into another boy’s anus. “I was just going to leave it in you and have you walk around like this but looking at you now, it’s not possible.” Thick tears staining the bed, Tommy felt some relief. “This got me so hot, I wan’t to see you fuck it. Never seen a sissy cum. Only saw what happened from afar. Can’t pass a chance like this up.”

Tommy tried to ramble out more pleas, but the electric pain shooting up his ass and around his guts left him nearly mute. With his face into the bed, he couldn’t see Sam. The lack of vision created more fear and his heartbeat irregularly. Cracking sounds and stretching skin came from behind him. Sam was readying for another go at him.

The dildo moved and his ass parted even more. Tommy knew was coming now. A hand pressed on his ass and Sam pulled the cock back out, leaving the muscle inside him gaping at the emptiness left by the retreating black cock. Just as suddenly Sam let out another breath, obviously struggling to get the cock he removed back in.

Sam fucked him like that, hard and slow, going faster wasn’t possible, his butthole was too tight.

“Some lucky guy is going to love this ass,” Sam said. If only he knew. Tommy had tons of men inside him already, mostly bullies from school. “You hate me now, but this is for your own good. I’m helping you.” But another violent insertion of cock proved the lie.

Tommy should have known Sam was up to something. The boy was entirely too accepting of his sissy nature, and his lack of fear of Bud should have flashed a warning alarm as well. Now his abused asshole paid the price.

The electric pain now shot up his spine when Sam resumed, adding flair to his rape. Sam twisted the dildo and tried to poke at different points of his ass.

Soon, the pace quickened and Sam panted, moaning cutely. Tommy’s eyes rolled to the back of his skull and he let out a final scream, cries of pain mixing with Sam’s moans and the churning of his ass juices and blood by the dildo.

Blackness flooded his eyes. Then the pain washed away.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 11

Somehow Sam had carried him from the basement and back under the covers with the body pillow. But he woke to a heavy stream of water falling on his face, then a torrent with a strong odor. Turning and getting the stream in his opening he saw that Bud stood over him, penis limp, releasing piss onto him.

“What are you doing?” Tommy spluttered out as piss got into his mouth.

“Just finishing,” Bud said. He then shook his hefty cock of the last trickles of urine and zipped himself back up.

Tommy remembered Bud’s warning. Today they would train to blend into the camp. Bud would give him no warning when the training would start.

Tommy should have retched or complained but the heavenly vision of Bud, powerful and manly, standing over him with his cock out gave him tingles all over his skin. Letting the hot urine slip from his face, he got up to address Bud. “Thank you, Bud.”

Bud slapped him. The blow knocked him back even though Bud clearly held back. “Toilets don’t talk.”

Nodding, Tommy moved to wipe the urine from his face. But Bud stopped him again. “Unless I say flush, don’t clean yourself, understand?”

Again, Tommy nodded. He braced for another slap, not knowing if Bud wanted him to address him verbally. Fortunately, he was satisfied and went over to Sam who played with a dildo that wiggled like a worm. The boy pointed at him with menace.

Tommy couldn’t tell Bud. Not now. They had to plan for the infiltration of the park.

The real reason he shut his mouth was shame. He was raped by a boy only an inch or two taller than himself and he was five-foot nothing. How could Bud rely on someone who was overpowered by a boy like Sam?

He couldn’t and then their time together would be over. And so, piss fresh on his toilet face, he sat next to Sam while Bud began getting the layout of the park.

“Tell me the power centers, the factions,” Bud demanded, staying in character even with Sam.

Putting down the dildo, Sam said. “There is the away team I mentioned before, all of them have personal rape servants who they have dominated, a constant symbol of their power over the others. Those who have dominated others live at a different part of the camp—all the factions live separately. Then there are the families, they do the everyday work like gardening or working the cultivated parts of the park. The couples stay with their families as well. The last group is the singles or orphans. Nobody has their back and is easy prey for people who want to be leaders.”

Tommy wanted to jump in, but a glare from Bud stopped him. Having dismissed him casually, Bud said. “If the singles are so easy then by now there should only be two factions.”

“The strongest of the singles formed a guard. They mostly watch their sleeping quarters, but during their spare time the singles are vulnerable to assault.”

“I see. What do the singles do for work if the families are already growing food?”

“The nasty stuff. Cleaning up after rapes, mopping up stuff, serving food.”

“Slave work.”

“That’s the trick to the system. Being dominant puts you on top of the ladder but not having a protector or anyone behind you keeps you at the bottom.”

“The families are in the middle because they have both the backing and can say their wives or husbands dominate the rest of the family.”

Sam nodded. “Yes, and yes. But it’s mostly the wives who have the control.” Brow raised in curiosity, Sam went on. “They can cuckold the men and threaten them by letting other men have them. Without the husbands being able to say they are head of the family it leaves them open to rape by the singles looking to move up.”

Bud, seeing Tommy itching to speak, gave his permission. “You can speak but I will punish you later.”

“Thank you. Sam, how can the camp function at all when everyone is ready to rape each other. It sounds like there is plenty of work to do.”

“Sort of. Once patrols, cleaning, and farming are done there is a ton of free time. That’s when the attacks happen. People try to do it during work time but they will be punished if their victim does not complete their duties.”

“This is what keeps the system going,” Bud said. “Tommy, get on your knees.”

Tommy knew if he hesitated Bud would slap him again so he did as asked, resting knees to the cold floor. Bud brought out a large pink pole.

“Woah is that a fleshlight? Never seen one that big.” Sam gawked.

Bud fished out his thick cock and inserted himself in it. Tommy wished he would use his ass instead, but remembered the pain of Sam shoving that black Bud-sized dildo into him.

As if he were not masturbating himself Bud went right on talking. “Who are the people I need to know about?”

“Brian is the leader of the away team and the park ranger I am staying with is called Ryan. He patrols the forest. The singles have no leader and the families make choices as a group.”

“So, the singles and families do have a role in governing.”

“Yeah, but not important stuff like distribution of food or what supplies to get. Unless you count how they should farm. Their power is mostly related to their own duties.”

Bud continued using the fleshlight, growing hard inside it. The pink walls of the toy stretched at the sides to accommodate his girth and Sam had a hard time looking away while Tommy stared hungrily at it.

“How do we introduce ourselves?”

“I will send a signal to Ryan and he will give us the OK. We will set up and event for you to prove your worth and then you’re in on a strong footing. After that, you show Tommy off and, well, I don’t know after that. Maybe Ryan has a bigger plan.”

Bud grunted and his hand gripped the toy harder. “I can work with this. Fuck! Almost there. Tommy.”


“Open your mouth!”

Hoping his dream was coming true, he opened his mouth for Bud, who pulled the fleshlight of his now fully erect cock with some effort and aimed it down to his mouth. Tommy widened his mouth as much as possible and Bud emptied a flood of cum into his mouth.

“Hold it!” Bud growled down at him. Letting the sea of cum stay in his mouth, Tommy waited for his orders. “Now swallow. I want to see your throat work.” And so, he did, gulping down the cum, struggling to get the sticky sea down his channel.

Sam rubbed his crotch, watching the sick display.

Bud got up. “That’s it for today. I’m heading to the roof to check things out.”

After Bud left, Sam got on his knees beside Tommy to open his mouth. “Wow, you really got it all down. Is this a sissy superpower?” Tommy glared at him. “You still mad about last night? C’mon. I saw that monster cock of Bud’s. If you want to ever take him, you need the practice. Call what I am doing for you: forced help. Okay!”

“Fuck you.”

“Noooo, fuck you.” Sam bopped him on the nose.

Bud came back to report zombies were gathering, and it wasn’t safe to leave yet so they hunkered down for another night. He wanted to pleasure Bud’s cock while he slept again, but Sam stopped him. “Do I have to drag you to the basement again or will you come willingly?” Tommy went willingly to endure another painful night with the black dildo.

“You’re walking funny,” Bud said, then remembered to stay in character. “If you can’t walk like a man, crawl like a sissy.”

Tommy got on his hands and knees like a dog to crawl to Bud, who again spoke with Sam about their plans. This time Bud used his bare hands to stroke himself off. Giving Tommy the visual feast of his strong hands working the length of his powerful cock, his foreskin tight to his bulging erection.

Bud and Sam were not even talking about anything important; this was all a part of his training. His role was to stay by Bud’s side as he nonchalantly jerked himself.

This time as Bud’s cum roared into Tommy’s mouth, he had a new request. “Hold it in your mouth until I tell you to swallow.”

The request, not entirely unexpected, filled him with more joy than humiliation. Then the day wore on. He had to skip breakfast. He watched Sam and Bud enjoy a stash of treats they had found in a box of condoms. Then Bud went to sleep without giving him the order to swallow. Surely Bud had not forgotten?

Worse, Sam bothered him with nightly rapes. The new lesson was to learn not to scream as the offending plastic organ penetrated his boy hole. Not wanting to disappoint Bud, he submitted and put all his remaining sissy strength into holding that cum in his mouth.

“I’m proud of you, sissy. You held it all.” Bud beamed and if Tommy’s mouth wasn’t full, he would have as well. “Swallow.” And so, Tommy did, the taste of cum more refreshing than water after a day without it or food. Patting his face, Bud thanked him.

Sam had a surprise that night. He had hooked the dildo that they both now called Buddy to a machine. It pumped backward and forward with a force Sam could never hope to manipulate. Utterly broken, Tommy got into position in front of the machine, back on the bed and legs held open by the knees to expose his ass, red from nightly rape.

Sam stopped the machine to roll it closer to his anus, adjusting the level to aim it properly to its submissive target. Fiddling with the knobs and dials, Sam nodded. “Are you ready? Wait. It does not matter. Here we go!”

With that, the machine bucked back to life, ramming into him, ignoring all resistance, unsympathetic to all pleas of mercy. Sam laughed as he screamed. The mechanical Buddy would not stop until he reached the end of his boycunt. His guts swelled and unfeeling plastic reached his buttocks, red from the spanks Sam had to deliver to keep him in line.

“Amazing.” Sam’s face observed at the joining of his boycunt and Buddy’s cock. “What took me nights, this guy did in moments. This calls for congratulations. Here’s your reward!” Sam cranked a dial to the right and Buddy began to spin inside him.

Tommy wailed and cried, tears coming like water over his pretty-boy face. Buddy cleaned out his hole with its ruthless machine persistence. Unable to hold his little legs up any longer, they fell, but Sam got around behind him and held them up by the ankles. This new exposed position let Buddy works its horror on him with even more ease, a thing Tommy never thought possible.

Sam said something above him, probably more taunting but his vision awash in misery, and his throat parched from screaming, Tommy could not understand. Something did cut through the searing pain.

“What the fuck is going on here!” Came the bellowing voice of Bud.

Sam let his legs fall and flop loose to the floor. He ran to turn off the machine, but it left Buddy deep inside him.

Standing nervous in front of Bud, Sam lay on the bullshit. “I know you have to work so hard during the day to train Tommy. It’s not easy having to engage in any type of sexual relations with a sissy like this.” Sam waved in Tommy’s direction. “So, I took on the role of trainer during the night.” Bud glared down at Sam, unconvinced. “He never once said the safe word.”

This was true! It never even crossed his mind. He doubted Sam would have stopped, but he tried begging so why not use the safe word? More tears flowed on the dawn of his foolishness. This sight only made Bud’s face darken.

Feeling the snake of dread curling around him, Sam bent to put his face to Tommy’s ass. “Come closer and see the progress he has made.”

Not trusting Sam but wanting to discover what was going on, Bud bent with Sam. Now both males had their faces near his expanded red hole, inspecting him.

“At the camp, you won’t be there to save him all the time and he needs to be prepared for a rape or two.”

“He’s been raped before. He can handle it.”

“Well then, what about you? You don’t want to fuck him, but others need to think that you are. They need to think he can take a cock like yours.” Sam then grabbed at Bud’s crotch for emphasis. Bud was too busy staring at his stretched hole to care.

“He is really taking all of it. The dildo is almost as big as me.”

“Yes, it is.” Sam worked Bud’s cock through his pants. “How about one last lesson? Watch him take the dildo and cum in his mouth. Let me finish the training.”

Bud nodded silently and Sam. Not wanting him to change his mind, Sam turned the machine back on.

It still hurt like hell, but Bud’s interest in events was evident and so was the reason why. He’d often complained about the inability of girls to take the length of his cock in their mouths or pussies. Now he saw Tommy, spread out before him, taking a cock that could have been his own. Tommy hated Sam but thanked the heavens for his abuse, for it brought him this moment.

Bud’s biceps flexed and legs stood apart, cock erect and at attention, looking at his sissy body. He worked the cock furiously with his hand. A glow washed away the pain of the spinning cock fucking into him as his crush masturbated to his violation. Wanting to please him, Tommy moaned and pulled his legs back up, exposing himself for Bud’s pleasure.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Bud grunted out and his strokes increased.

In his dreams, Tommy imagined talking dirty for Bud. Instead, he stayed mute, letting Bud do his work. He would not risk breaking whatever fantasy Bud replaced him with.

Then after the machine reached its crescendo, Bud straddled him, powerful thighs at his sides and fist in his dark tresses. Not needing to be ordered, he opened his mouth, tongue inviting, ready for his meal. Bud delivered, spurting thick wads of man juice down his gullet.

Buddy exited his hole, and the machine powered off. 

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 12

The reaction, of course, should have been predictable. Bud had jerked off in his mouth. Tommy let himself be raped by a dildo named Buddy—no secret of who inspired the name there. And Sam had stood by egging them on.

They had not spoken more than a couple of words to each other in days. So, when the sound of nails hammering against metal bombarded them, it came as a godsend, not a curse.

They sprang into action. Sam grabbed the supplies, along with the sex toys, and Bud put an extra chain on the entrance to hold them off until they escaped. Tommy rushed about opening the door to the roof where Bud had set a plank for them to walk across to the next building.

Tommy checked to see if it was sturdy and finding it safe; he began to walk across before the others pressured him to hurry across.

Like a scared ballerina, he toed his way across, his slim shoes coming in handy again for this task. By the time he got across, the others had made it to the roof. Sam sprinted across, fearless of falling. Bud stayed behind to kill the zombies that had broken through, spraying limbs and guts to the street floor.

Bud’s job done, he walked to the other roof, unconcerned. The desperate flesh-eaters did not give up, piling onto the roof and flinging themselves across to the other building. If they stopped for a moment, they could have used the plank. Zombies were not stupid, only desperately hungry.

They looked down. The front of the building they were on swarmed with zombies as well, but thanks to Bud’s foresight, multiple planks to different roofs remained for them to escape to. They spent the day like video game characters, hopping from roof to roof, occasionally grappling down to confront the zombies to hide in another building.

Sam, adept at hiding, led them through the twists and turns of the alleys until they lost the zombies. Free from becoming zombie food, they headed in the direction of the park whose trees came into view.

Crouching on an elevated boulder, Sam had his hands cupped around his mouth, hooting as his head strafed from one side to the next. This was how he would signal Ryan, the park ranger who would guide them to the camp.

Problem was, Sam had crouched there hooting like a fool for hours. In that time, Bud had to dispatch several zombies who were not fooled by the animal calls and knew it for what it was: Food.

“Can’t we just go in by ourselves? You know the way,” Tommy said.

Pausing his bird call, Sam looked down on him from the boulder. “If I don’t come back with Ryan, questions I can’t answer will be asked. Like, ‘where have you been?’ and ‘what have you been up to?’. And I am not going to tell the truth. Though they may not believe that either.”

“Guess they wouldn’t. You running into a dangerous world to recruit an alpha rapist does seem farfetched.”

Bud morphed out of the darkness. “The last of them are gone. They know we are here though. More will come.”

“Why couldn’t we get the apocalypse with the dumb, slow zombies?”

“Hey, Sam—” Bud cut himself off at Sam’s glare. He’d heard the question enough. Ryan would come when he came.

Shrugging, Bud settled in beside him, back to the rock, machete at his side. The run from the zombies and encounters in the forest helped chase away the awkwardness between them.

“I have never been camping. You?” Bud said.

“I was with the boy scouts.” Tommy said.


“Never learned anything useful. I only joined to find people like me.”

“Sissies, you mean.”

“Yeah,” he said, tired. “Camp is not a place for people like me. It’s for closeted homo’s and handsy teachers.”

“Sorry, I think?”
“Being a sissy is like declaring your ass is open for business,” Sam said. He’d given up on hooting and decided to wait beside them.

Bud waited for an explanation and Tommy gave it to him. “I always knew what I was. Being open about it while others were still discovering who they were meant I got used as an experimental flesh toy. The teachers would always punish me to get me out of events and alone. The other boys would pressure me into stuff. A handjob or lick of a dick, little stuff at first. Until the wrestling and survival stuff started. They would chase me through the woods and wrestle away a flag from me. I was, and still am, weak. Getting the flag away was no hard feat but they pretending to struggle in order to cop a feel.”

“The problem with all this is that you like straight guys but are not gay yourself.”

“Exactly. I could handle it if the guys were worth it, but they were just insecure boys and desperate teachers. It turned me off.”

“Girls don’t like weak men either. Sissy guys are not any different,” Sam said. “Bud, why didn’t you go to camp?”

“I was busy doing something else.”

“And that was…”

“Camping.” At their confusion, Bud explained. “My parents thought it would be a good idea to get some volunteer hours by helping the camp staff.”

“So, you were at camp, helping others do the camping.”

Bud nodded slowly. Sam’s face was incredulous. “Your parents are nuts.”

“They were wannabe politicians and civil rights leaders.”

A loud hoot came from the trees. Sam pounced on his feet and hooted back. A brown-haired man with twigs and smudges of green on his uniform walked toward them. His hands were up as to not spook them. “Hello, friends.”

They were not friends, but Tommy decided to be diplomatic. “Hey. I’m Tommy”

“And this is Bud, I hope.”

Bud extended a hand for the man to shake. “You know my name already?”

Clasping the offered hand, Ryan answered. “I remember your parents made a speech at our camp.”

“Oh? What about?”

“Gender diversity at the camp. Then they came back months later to speak of the lack of religious views expressed at camp. A couple months after that they came back a final time to complain about intolerance. Or maybe it was a sin? Hard to tell with those two.”

“People paid them to say something else and so they did.”

Ryan had a non-threatening face but walked with confidence. He was also very likable. Tommy could see how he became a leader in the camp. Tommy had to remember he kept power through violence against others, making him dangerous.

“We can head into the camp now. I already have a cover story for Sam. As for you two. We will tell them you helped me out of a bind and want to join. They will give you both the run down and you will be in without much fuss. We can talk strategy later.”

Tommy noted that he was ignored but took no offense. Bud was the star, not him. His role was to play the submissive, a role he fitted well.

Leading them through a winding path of thick brush, up and down steep slopes, they soon arrived at the camp. A man who he presumed was a guard jogged to them and conversed with Ryan briefly. The guard gave them a considering gaze, then waved for them to enter the camp.

Males and females of all ages hustled about, engrossed in their duties. Men carried bags of fertilizer and women hauled garden tools. Tommy took notice of the men and women who strutted across the camp, making sure they were seen by all. Hapless humans followed behind them, mostly women but a surprising number of men.

“You two get settled at the reception area. They will sort you out. I have to go make a report,” Ryan said, heading off into the bustle of the camp.

They took a couple steps, and a woman greeted them; her eyes heavy from what he hoped was lack of sleep. “Come with me. I will show your rooms and speak of your duties.” Tommy made sure to discreetly take notes on everything interesting while the woman spoke. “Your names please.” They briskly gave their names. “Bud will be with the clearing teams. If the scouts detect anything in the woods, you go kill it. Because you have this girl under you, you might get to join the away team.”

“I’m a boy.”

“Sorry.” Though Tommy thought she did not believe him. “Can you cook?”

“He can,” Bud answered for him.

“You will be in the kitchens then. Ah! Here we are.”

She gave them a quick bow and hurried off, leaving them in a room with several bunk beds and blue sheets lined the walls. A door at the end of the room that likely led to more bunks creaked open as a girl came through before jumping back and closing the door.

“Cozy,” Tommy said.

“I should have known we would get no privacy. Let’s get ourselves sorted out.”
The bunks had convenient draws under them to put their belongings. The others didn’t bother them but it left them with no privacy and a guard stood outside the door to prevent them from leaving. Unable to plot their next moves, they slept.

A banging on the door woke them and the woman from earlier directed them to their new duties. Bud was led off with a group of sturdy men to go on his first patrol while Tommy went to the cafeteria kitchen.

The campground was larger than at first glance and a paved road had to be transversed to get from the sleeping lobby to the shared areas.

A girl with a bird’s nest of hair and a splash of freckles under her eyes jumped toward him. “Hey, I’m Moxy!”

“Tommy, I’m new.” He said, trying to back up from the girl.

“Oh, I know! Saw you in the bunks. My family is in your room but you all looked tired so we didn’t bother you.”

“Thanks for the consideration. About the work?”

“I’ll show you the ropes. Follow me and you will do no wrong. It’s just like a school cafeteria, but we don’t use money. Everyone gets the same amount of food, with a room for choice. Porridge and soup mostly and a single snack.”

“So, I won’t be cooking anything?”

“Good porridge takes skill, ya know.”

Then people came pouring in for their food, trays demanding their constant attention. So far, the camp felt normal.

People talked casually and with little strife. He continued to keep his eye open, but it was mostly gossip along the lines of who was fucking who. Then the first interesting diversion came.

Moxy whispered to him to make sure the next guy got extra food. A tall, lean man followed by several others like him placed their trays down and left.

“They want you to deliver it to them,” Molly said.

Taking this opportunity to investigate, Tommy gave them a large serving and carried it to their table. Placing the food before each of them, memorizing their features, a man slapped his ass. “Hey girl, you free. If not, I can fix that right here.”

“I’m a boy. Tommy, I came in today with the large black boy.”

He expected the man to cringe back in disgust at finding out he was a boy. Instead, he slowly removed his hand from his ass and shooed him away.

Returning to his post, Tommy saw a man behind Moxy, forcefully groping her young bottom while she served food. She strained to do her duties as the man, who Tommy assumed was a shift supervisor, started to move his hand across her crotch. The people they served noticed but said nothing, averting their eyes and rushing off with their food.

The mood of the food lobby changed as well; more acts of sexual dominance were on display. One woman made it obvious that a man was eating her out under the table, her head arched back and her legs spread wide for him. A more brazen man slammed a woman over the table, her breasts getting covered in soup as she was reamed in front of a man holding her hand gently.

In an attempt to make a friend, Tommy moved closer to the shift supervisor. Finding a new target, he moved his groping fingers to Tommy, slipping right down his pants and inserting himself into his ass. His probing fingers were expert and his boy clit grew hard, too small for the man to notice.

Moxy looked to him in gratitude and guilt. Good, this would put her in his debt.

Tommy arched his ass into his molesting fingers, making sure he got a good feel of his smooth behind. The man was of average looks but his deft fingers made up for it. Soon he came and the man, still not understanding he was a boy, left satisfied.

Later, in his room, he heard a commotion. Bud had returned and had a crowd of admirers around him, giving him pats on his back and asking him questions.

After pushing away the crowd and getting some privacy, Bud told him what happened. “We ran into a large group of zombies threatening the fields. I took them out.”

“You make it sound so boring.”

Bud shrugged. “It was. I do it all the time. If this is all they demand of me, then I won’t have a problem. So, how was your day?”

 “It’s as Sam described. At first, things were normal, but then as people were finishing their meals, the assaults began. The assaults were meant to intimidate others indirectly.”

“The attacks happened after the meals means they had to wait. They were able to attack because everyone finished their duties. The rules are followed strictly.”

“What will we do next?”

“Get Moxy alone and rape her. That way we can take control of our room.”


Bud had changed. But So had Tommy.

A grateful Moxy didn’t ask questions when Tommy invited her to meet him alone in a wooded area of the camp. Now Bud loomed over her, muscling his massive cock into her as she cried.

The girl’s pussy was very accommodating, taking Bud’s cock with surprising ease. It did not ease her pain as Bud grunted over her. He told Tommy he was desperate for pussy and it showed with the way he pulled Moxy’s hips into his.

“Stick with me and that man at the cafeteria will never touch you again.” Bud declared as he filled her pussy with cum.

Tommy then helped her to their rooms and where they told the family how things would go from now on.
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