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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 13

They stood outside the singles camp, waiting for the next guard shift. The plan was simple, they would kidnap the guard instead of the girls inside.

When the toned woman holding a spear appeared, Bud dashed up to her from behind, clasping a hand over her mouth, muffling her shout for help. Bud dragged her as she kicked her legs in an attempt to escape.

He threw her on the ground at the same place they had brought Moxy. This had become their rape spot. Bud was on her, slapping her and even punching the sturdy woman to get her to submit. But still, she fought.

“Tommy, get over here and fuck her.”

Knowing what Bud intended, Tommy removed his pants to reveal his hard sissy cock. He got between the woman’s firm legs, slipped inside her. She felt good, tight, but the woman looked at him with disgust. “Get this little thing out of me!”

“Not until he spills inside you,” Bud said.

Tommy did not last long and cumming in her almost as soon as he started. The woman had not even gotten wet.

“Gross,” she said.

Bud lifted her up. “Now you can go.” But she stayed still, not leaving. The plan had worked.

If the woman left and it got out she was raped by a sissy like Tommy, she would be humiliated. Her cozy position as a guard for the singles would be lost and others would take advantage of her weakness to gang-rape her. She needed an out and they would offer her one.

“I’m glad you understand,” Bud said. “If you don’t want everyone to know the sissy fucked you, then you will do as we say.”

“On your next shift, leave the door open,” Tommy said.

“What will you do?” she said.

Bud slapped her, and she held her head down, holding her red cheek. It was not her place to ask questions.

The next night the door was indeed open with nobody guarding it. Bud stood like a grim shadow at the door. Tommy had made sure the lights would not work and found out the times when the girls and boys were changing. Unable to run, they ran around the room in panic, but they had nowhere to go unless they broke through the windows that had been reinforced to protect them from zombies.

Bud grabbed a girl by her stomach and spent a minute thrusting into her as she begged her friends for help. Her coltish legs flailing as she cried. Only the tip was in, but it was big enough to leave her gaping.

Some braver boys tried to fight Bud and were beaten down. He exited the girl and came on the boys faces, blinding them.

Two feisty girls beat at Bud’s broad back, so he turned around and lifted them by their pussies, inserting thick fingers into them. They squirmed on his hands until they spilled their juices onto their fingers.

And so it went on. Bud quickly jamming himself into tight young pussy and finishing in the mouths of the males to punish them for fighting back.

When the guards returned, they found Bud sitting like a king as the girls and boys licked all over his muscled body. Two girls paid particular attention to his shaft, taking long alternating licks up and down the length of it. Another two girls stayed still, sucking his balls without moving their heads. Everyone else settled with the rest of his body, worshiping his nipples, abs, chest, and ass.

This was a sign of ultimate failure for the rest of the guards. In order to not lose their positions, they would have to submit to Bud.
Ryan, Bud, and Sam sat in an unused room at the camp to talk about how to go forward.

“You moved so fast. Taking over the family and singles part of the camp in days,” Ryan said.

“Shock and awe,” Bud said.

“Enter the hunt,” Sam said.

“That doesn’t sound good,” Tommy said.

“It’s not. The hunt is a contest to take the unattached men and women of the camp. They get chased through the woods and if they get caught, they get raped.”

Ryan added. “It’s a bit more complicated than that. The hunts have taken a new form over the months, acting as a violent mating ritual for the members of the camp.”

“Do they flash their asses and shake their boobs to draw potential mates?” Tommy said. He was half joking.

“Sometimes, yes. Mostly they run as hard as they can. It shows that they won’t be easy targets. Also, the more prey the hunter conquers, the more points they get. Conversely, the longer the prey last, the move valuable they are.”

“So, the question is, what path do we take to victory: high-value target or mass round-up?”

“Both!” Sam said. They all turned toward him. “The point is to put Bud in a dominant position. Winning the hunt is not enough to do that. Others have won the hunt. It does not keep them in power. All it would mean is they would wait for the next contest.”

“How do you propose Bud do two things at once?” Ryan said.

“Well…” Sam had seemed to not have thought that far ahead.

“Multi-level marketing.” Now all eyes were on Tommy. “The men and women most under Bud’s thrall will capture men and women also. Bud will focus on getting the high-value target.”

“That’s a very good idea. Problem is, those people were conquered for a reason, they don’t have the strength to rape enough people to bring Bud into leadership.”

“This is a rebellion remember, and you said it’s a courting ritual. The are prey willing to give themselves up to suitable partners. We just need to figure out who is the high-value target.”

“The receptionist. The woman who greeted you two when you first entered the camp. Her name is Jacky.”

“Her?” Bud said, disbelieving. “She’s so…boring.”

“That she is.” Ryan agreed. “She’s also a martial artist. Seen her kick a zombie’s head off.”

“So what? She’s on vacation?”

“I think she uses it as a way to monitor people for Brian. It’s perfect, really. She decides who goes where and remembers who comes in.”

“I don’t think I can fight a martial artist, even if she is a girl.”

“It’s not like you have to kill her, Bud,” Sam said. “Just rape her.”

“Can we pause for a second here? Jesus, what the fuck is happening to us.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Bud stood over them and waved around the room, “When did we accept this messed up way of rule. I’m supposed to change things and help people, but it seems I just go around fucking stuff up. Am I really going to help this camp by raping everyone? What makes me different from all the others?”

There was a pause. This was an important moment. If the wrong words were said, Bud could abandon this cause.

Ryan spoke first. “Are you familiar with the feudal system?” Bud shook his head. “Horrible system, but it worked for the times. The roman empire collapsed, and the world was in chaos. A violent order replaced the old one. The peasants put up with it because they were protected.”

“They were protected from the lord themselves. I know that much.”

“And if the lords were gone? Look what happened during the French revolution. The common people went on a killing spree and ended up with an emperor and years of war.”

“I don’t see your point.”

“My point is people need lords. Those lords are chosen through violence because the times are violent, same as our times.”

“Bloody cunts instead of severed heads, is that your point?”

“Yes. But,” Ryan said with emphasis, “a bad lord takes, a good lord provides as well as take. Brian is not evil. What he is, is practical. When we came here, everyone had it pretty easy at first. Food was plentiful and the zombies could not navigate the terrain. But when things got tough, well, everyone pretended like they were children incapable of doing anything. They wanted to sit back and let the government take care of it. Problem was, there was no government, and they weren’t paying taxes. So he made one.”

“Then let him rule.”

“It’s gone to his head, the power. He set things up so everything chugs along on autopilot. He is not making plans for the camp being overrun. He does not make sure the rapes stay at a manageable level and spends more and more time indulging in cruel acts of domination. He needs to go and you are the one to do it.”

Bud relaxed, holding his head in his hands after sitting back down. “I understand. It just hurts. My friends, family, the authorities all said I was a rapist. Now, look at me.”

Tommy did not know about Bud’s past, but they could read much from the statement.

“I think we need a break. You rest Bud. I and Tommy, we handle the preparations,” Sam said.

Bud sulked off and Ryan joined him, leaving Tommy with Sam.

“I hope he is OK,” Sam said.

“Why do you want to talk with me alone? If you try to put Buddy into me, I swear I’ll gut you.”

Holding his hands up in peace, Sam said, “Calm down. I just want to discuss a plan to sabotage the away team.”

“You want to use me as bait to distract them while Bud goes off and takes their toys.” Sam's eyes widened. “I’m not stupid. It’s a smart plan. Hopefully, Bud is up for it.”

“He will be. Just needs to sleep it off is all.”

“Well then. Meeting over, we tell Bud the plan once he is rested.”

Once Bud was in a better mood, they told him the plan and Ryan’s talk must have gotten to him for he made no complaint.

The hard part would be attracting the men, or so he thought. The away team, it seemed, were already threatened by Bud’s quick rise in status at they would be keen to find a way to take him down a peg. All Tommy had to do is dangle his sissy ass in front of them and they would pounce.

This was how he ended up on his knees, cowering below several men who stroked their cocks menacingly at him. His clothes had already been ripped off—not his nice ones, of course, only the ones picked out for this purpose—and his body was exposed for the men’s hungry eyes.

None of the men wanted to go first, either because they were afraid of Bud or they did not want to seem eager to get their cocks sucked by a guy, so he gave them a push. “Heh! Who are the real pussies now?”

That did it. They huddled around him like football players getting ready for the next play. Wet cocks poked his face and the smell of unwashed man hit his nose, but he had no room to move his head away from the smell.

“What? You don’t like how we smell?”

“Then clean us up!”

Fingers pinched his nose. He opened his mouth for air. Then the first cock plowed in. He tried shaking it out, but it was useless, as a hand on the back of his head drove him onto it. He easily took it to the base, being much smaller than Bud. All men were much smaller than Bud.

Remembering that he needed to keep them all occupied, he waved his hands as if trying to hit the men so that they could grab his slim wrists and put them on their cocks. They dutifully complied. At first fighting over who got his hands, whoever won filled his fingers, and he gripped them tightly, forming pale fists over their cocks.

Eventually, the hand relaxed from the back of his head and Tommy bobbed on the man in front of him unaided but that did not stop him from fucking into his sissy mouth and making insults.

“Your mouth is wet. It's dripping for me, just for me. I got a daughter that looks like you, do you know that? Fuck, she’s so hot.” The man he sucked said, pouring out his incest fantasies to him.

Somebody murmured that they knew he was into his little girl before asking for their turn, but the men in his hands had not cum yet.

Gripping them harder until he knew it hurt them, he hammered at their cocks roughly. He twisted his hands around the tip and slammed down to the base of their crotches, all while licking the tip of the cock inside their mouth.

“Fuck I’m cumming fag.” Then cum went down his throat.

When would people get that he was not gay or a fag? He was a sissy who liked alpha straight men. None of these men was his type, but pretending they were Bud helped.

An orderly line formed and man after man coated his hand in cum and flooded his mouth with jizz. It was not enough humiliation to have his knees scraping against the dirt while sucking and blowing them, no, they had to clean him up with their piss after every round.

Bud’s training came in handy and the hot jets of urine did not bother him. His only thought was of how Bud’s tasted better. What came after he did not expect.

They slapped him, then punched, then kicked him. These men were not just upset at having had to rape a fag, they wanted to break him physically. Tommy curled up in a ball to lessen the blows, but the men would not let up.

Sam found him there, his pale body red and blue, blood coming from his mouth and nose.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 14

It pleased Tommy to see Bud so worried about him. He stayed by his side for days until he recovered. Holding his hand, wiping his forehead, even kissing him on the cheek! Well, more like a peck, but he would take what he could get.

Bud’s worry over him did not lessen his fury, but Ryan managed to hold him off. Too bad. Tommy liked the idea of Bud beating the men down. The attack also hardened Bud’s resolve to take over the camp. He now knew why the takeover was needed and put everything into planning the hunt when he was not by Tommy’s bedside.

When the day of the hunt came Tommy had enough strength to walk and insisted he come for the hunt. He wanted to see Bud fuck Jacky, the receptionist.

The prey had already gotten a two-hour head start while the hunters waited for the signal. Ryan would not be participating in the contest but instead acting as a judge, along with several other important figures. Ryan insisted that even if he was plotting the camp leader’s overthrow, he would not cheat in his role as judge. If he did, it would be found out and ruin their plans.

A horn sounded, and the hunters were off. Ryan had taught Bud enough tracking skills to find Jacky. They bet on the idea that she would be overconfident and let her guard down. Who would challenge a martial artist?

They ran into other hunters who took one good look at Bud and tried their luck elsewhere. Technically hunters could only fuck prey, but if a hunter wanted to attack another, there was no rule stopping them.

Tommy and Sam debated if they should just have Bud beat down every hunter. When they brought the idea to Ryan, he shut it down for an obvious reason, it would not keep the others under his boot for long.

Eventually, they came upon a stream and Jacky, already naked, washing her shapely figure in the water. If Tommy were not a sissy, he would be hard right now. Bud certainly was. His erection practically popped out of his pants. The tip was even visible, leaking precum as he watched Jacky wash her many curves.

Something felt off about this. Bud did not feel the same way, and he barreled down to Jacky. She turned languorously, still washing herself, and when Bud got within a hair’s distance, she tripped him.

She continued to ignore him, leaving the stream and drying off. The drab hair from when they first saw her now shining against the light beaming past the park trees. It gave her body a green glow that contrasted with her glistening wet hair.

Angered, Bud charged like a bull again, ready for any fancy footwork. This time she flipped him. Flat on his back, Bud lay there stunned.

“If you want to take me from Brain. You have to do better than that,” Jacky said. Her foot rested on Bud’s chest, giving him a clear view of her shaved cunt.

Bud huffed, flung her foot to the side, and tried to grapple her, and Jacky responded by humping her thighs around his face and spinning Bud around like one of those action movie chicks.

She had made her first and last mistake. One does not make skin contact with Bud and expect to escape. However skilled Jacky was, Bud outweighed her, had more muscle than her, and probably wrestled more than her even with her training.

Bud moved with her body then took a handful of shapely ass and forced her to stay onto his face where proceeded to munch her cunt. Her legs relaxed around Bud’s head, dooming her.

Bud had her on her back, his face between her thighs viciously attacking her cunt with his mouth. Her little toes dug into the wet earth and small fists bashed at Bud’s head with all their might. Bud ignored all of this, plowing on for the greater good.

Once he’d finally removed himself from between her legs, Jacky was too tired to attack him. She would have rested there if Bud had not revealed his cock to her. Tommy could see her eyes bulge from his position behind the trees. She knew it would break her.

Kicking away, shuffling backward on the ground, she panicked. Bud grabbed her ankle, dragging her back towards him so he could plunge into her moist depths. He pushed and jammed his cock into her until he was halfway inside.

Jacky’s stomach bulged out and her back arched up. Her knees high and elbows raising her up, she had the look of a tortured spider. This apparently gave Bud an idea.

He stood with his cock still deep inside her pussy. It left her hanging off him. It also left her unable to get enough leverage to escape his cock. In this new position, he began his fucking anew.

To her credit, Jacky did not cry once during the entire rape. Rather she flailed wildly on Bud’s cock, her head hitting the ground if she tried too hard, limiting her efforts.

Bud, thankfully, did not drag it out and soon filled her up. He left her there by the stream nursing a cum bloated stomach that made her look pregnant.

They had done their part. They hoped the others did theirs.
It turned out they had no need to worry. By the time they got back to camp, it was all over. Those of their own faction had come through in a big way. Once everyone figured out was going on, they submitted easily enough. In a sense, this was a democrat vote. Everyone wanted a change, and they got it. They understood the system, but things had gone too far and had to stop.

Brian looked like he would fight but upon seeing Jacky walk out the woods, legs akimbo, and large dollops of cum falling out of her red cunt, he gave up. The cheers were sporadic but heartfelt.

They now sat in the master lobby of the camp that brain had once occupied. Jacky was standing silently in a corner like a lamp.

“I’m not staying.” Bud declared.

“I know you like to roam. We can handle things here without you. The threat of you coming back will keep everyone in line. But I have a favor to ask of you.”

“If I can do it, I will.”

“Take my daughter with you.”

“You have a daughter?”

“Oh, you don’t know. Did she look that much like a boy?”

Tommy knew, he felt it in his bones and should have figured it out earlier. Before he could say anything, Sam came into the room.

He. She. Still had on her cap but with hair hanging down to her shoulders, the color of fall leaves much like her eyes. She ditched the sweater and wore a tank top, cut in a way to expose her midriff and a bit of sideboob. Even her pants were tightened to hug the curve of her legs.

“Sorry I tricked you guys. But to be fair, I never said I was a boy. Nobody did.”

Bud stopped staring at her long enough to speak. “I can understand why. At a camp like this, you had to make yourself look unattractive. You were still a cute boy though, like Tommy.”

Bud’s compliment tamped down his jealously at the way he looked at her.

“So, can I come with you guys? I’m a great tracker!”

To Tommy’s surprise, Bud looked to him. “We are a team now. Do you want her to come with us?”

She was competition, but also useful. He made the practical choice. “Welcome to the team.”

She giggled and hugged him, then whispered. “We are going to have so much fun.” Tommy shivered.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 15

Zombies had cornered them around a car, hands beseeching like a beggar pawning for cash. Thanks to Bud, he’d avoided encounters with them. He had waited by the sidelines while Bud handled everything. In the chaos of the flight from a horde, they had found themselves on top of separate cars beating off the grey skinned creatures.

Sam called out to Bud, who was trying to beat his way toward them. She’d proven herself useful in the fight against zombies. Fast and nimble with a knife, she more than held her own. She and Bud made a good team.

He had to step it up. Jumping off the car into a clear spot on the ground, he ran, drawing the zombies away to give the others breathing room.

“Idiot! What are you doing?” Bud yelled.

As if he could answer while running for his life.

Turning a corner, he ducked into a house where he was confronted by a former housewife, her body bulging and leaking puss. With strength that surprised him, he shoved the zombie out of the way and ran upstairs.

Houses near the school district had similar designs, and he knew exactly where to hide. Finding the attic ladder he scurried up and removed the ladder. He heard the zombies that had chased him inside trash around the house looking for their prey.

He had not picked this house at random. This was on the list of houses that Bud used to store his go bags. He would have enough food to last him and Bud would figure out where he was soon.

A dark, bleak part of his mind imagined Bud leaving him, running off with the pretty tomboy Sam.

Tommy slapped himself. Bud had stayed by his side unflinchingly all this time. He would not doubt him now.

He settled in, waiting for rescue.

It came sooner than he thought. When he woke, Sam and Bud were in the attic with him. A gas lamp provided light, illuminating the roomy attic. It mixed with the starlight from the single square window covered by a dark blue curtain.

Bud was eating a can of sardines. “About time you woke up Bro.”

“What happened?”

“I knew you would go to a house I had a go-bag in. I killed most of the zombies in the house, but they are all over this neighborhood. We have to chill here for a while.”

“That was really brave of you,” Sam said.

Rising up to join them, Tommy said, “Or stupid.”

“Take the praise sissy.”

“Be nice,” Bud said.

“No, it’s OK. I am.”

“I bet you are glad the world ended, people have better things to worry about than whether you are a sissy or not,” Sam said.

“Not really. Things have not changed much for me. It still feels like highschool some times. The social politics remain the same.”

“My high school is around here. It sucked. I for one am glad it’s over.”

“My school is here too.”

“Me too,” Bud said. “How could we all be from the same school and not realize until now?”

“We had bigger things to deal with, like, ya know, the end of man?” Sam waved her hands in the air. “Besides, school sucked. Nobody would date me because they were afraid I would turn lez on them.”


“Guys did not want to be labeled as the one who turned a girl off men forever.”

“Makes sense.”

“I think I know who you are now. Some girls were talking about how a black guy raped them. That was you,” Sam said.

“False accusation.”

“Oh, I know. Those bitches could not be raped by a horse, they were so damn slutty. Made me eat them out in the bathroom.” Tommy saw Bud’s cock twitch. “I can guess what it was like for you, Tommy. Guys demanding free blowjobs and shit.”

“You got that right,” Tommy said.

“Let’s do something about it,” Bud said.

“How do you mean?

“Instead of whining about school like we used to. Let’s go to it. Then burn it to the ground.”

“I’m in,” Sam said, raising her hand.

“Me too.” The image of the school in ashes already nestled in his mind.

“Then, let’s go to school.”

But first, they had to wait. A storm had come upon them and bashed against the walls of the attic.

Once he was sure Bud was asleep, he performed his nightly ritual while Sam watched. She rested on her elbows with a smile on her face.

Nothing like Bud’s pubic hair in his nose to end a terrifying day. Everything was going as routine as he licked up and down the meaty shaft until a massive bolt of thunder cracked from the heavens and shook the earth.

Bud, startled, woke to find him slobbering on his meat. “What the fuck!”

“I can explain!”

But Bud would not hear it. He grabbed Tommy’s head and began to slap his face over and over again until he started to sob.

Sam tried to hold him back, but the powerful teen boy could not even feel her attempts to thrwart him.

“You fucking! Sissy! Bitch!” Bud roared.

“Bud Stop!” Sam said, seeing that Tommy was close to breaking, his face already painted red from the slaps.

Thankfully, Bud listened, having tired of his punishment. “Why should I stop? It’s because of people like him that I was accused of rape.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t rape them. They raped me! They invited me to the party and drugged me. When I came too, they were scattered around me, pussies raw from the all-night fucking that I unknowingly gave them. The only reason I was not thrown in jail is because they have a history of spiking the drinks at their parties and other girls came forward to accuse them. Now this,” Bud shook Tommy’s head. “Is doing the same thing.”

“It’s not the same Bud.”

“Oh, please enlighten me?”

“For one,” Sam’s voice got sultry. “Sissies don’t rape anyone. They get raped by real men like you.”

“What?” both he and Bud replied.

“I’m sorry your life did not turn out the way you want Bud, but some men were born to rape and others born to be raped. Like this sissy over here. Its why those girls drugged you in order for you to ravish them. They were not worthy otherwise.”

“They, wanted me to rape them? They were not trying to frame me?”

“Yes and no. They thought they could manage you and failed. I know how girls think. If they conquered you, it would be the same as taking control of the school.”

“Like the park,” Bud mumbled.

“Yes, like the park. This sissy had been pushing your buttons since he met you. Shaking that boy ass, stroking and sucking your cock every night.”

“He’s been doing this every night!”

“Oh yes. It is up to you to do something about it.” Sam curled her fingers around Bud’s larger hand. “But not like this.” She then touched Bud’s cock. “With this.”

“You’re right. Of course, you’re right.” Bud spread his legs and raised his knees and with both hands moved Tommy’s face over to face his cock. “Open your mouth.”

Tommy, too stunned to move, was helped by Sam. She pryied his mouth open for Bud to fuck his cock into. “Look he’s taken it all down. He was made for this.”

Bud didn’t answer, focusing on moving Tommy’s face onto his cock. Tommy’s nose bashed into his crotch. His breathing faltered. Saliva spewed onto the cock, soaking it.

“Fuck that’s nice.” Bud groaned. It was difficult, but Tommy could see his head held back in pleasure. Most guys got mad when he spewed over them.

“Watch this,” Sam said. She then pushed Tommy’s head down and held it there.

She did not let Tommy up, holding him there. Tommy thought she would let him up once he started flailing, then his legs kicked as he lost his breath.

“It looks so…” Bud said.

“Hot!” Sam finished.

They watched him together as he thrashed like a fish out of water. Sam, mercifully, pulled him back up, only to get enough air to push him back down. Then she did it again, and again.

“Please stop.” Tommy whimpered out. Tears bubbling up.

A flash of sympathy came on Bud’s face and like a flash, it left. Taking his head back in his hands, he jammed his cock back in Tommy’s mouth. Thrusting into his poor sopping mouth, churning his throat until his balls and the floor under him was lathered in throat-slime.

Sam acted as a cheerleader, whispering evil in Bud’s ears. “Yes. Fuck it. Fuck this sissy. Break his sissy throat. Rape it. Rape him. Make him suffer…”

Bud had enough. He roared, locking his thick thighs around Tommy’s head. A minute passed. Then another. Then darkness.
“Time to leave,” Bud had said. There was no talk of the events of the previous night.

Instead, they went along with their plan to burn the school down. The problem was, it was occupied. At the gates of the school two men stopped them. “Oh, thank god!” said one. “I thought there was nobody out there left,” the other said. “Please, please come in.”

They gate gaurds ushered them inside. Not caring that they were armed or even asking who they were first. The school was the same as it always was. A half oval with the recreational area at the front. People gawked at them from the windows, pressing their faces up against the glass and whispering to each other.

The students had to be held back in the classrooms that they seemed to be sleeping in, as they were rushed along the halls and to the principal’s office.

They never got a chance to get a word of question in. Now they stood in the austere principles office but the person sitting in the chair was different from the stuffy old man Tommy remembered from his school days.

“I am sorry for the rushed entrance. We had to get you in here before the students could swarm you.”

“Compared to other welcomes we have had, this is five-star treatment,” Bud said.

“Who do we have to rape,” Tommy said out of nowhere. Everyone paused. “What? That’s where this is going, right?”

“…Yes,” said the principal.

“Oh, what the hell!” Bud threw his hands in the air then crossed them.

Sam took her turn to speak. “Let me guess. Schools have been hardened to the constant threat of terror attacks, making them safe. It helps that governments use it as centers for disaster relief, so they have lots of food stocked up. The students were here when the chemical attack started and mixed with the people who came here for safety after. The school being so safe and with plenty of supplies, a schoolyard atmosphere prevailed. The guards were glad to see us because nobody that leaves comes back. Does anyone even leave anymore?”

“No,” the principle said.

Just like the mall, the office, and the park. If survivors could live without work, they would, leaving them unprepared for threats and a future where they would have to leave. In order to maintain their standard of living a violent order is created to avoid reality.

Sam nodded. “Right. And since you or any teacher or authority figure does not actually have authority, gossip and bullying rules the school.” The principal nodded, now smiling at Sam’s breakdown of events. “This is why Bud has to rape everyone.”

“You skipped some steps there but everything else is correct. I need someone who can put these kids in detention. Honestly, a good spanking would set them straight, but I hate these brats. I want them raped. Show them what happens on the outside without the school coddling them.”

Tommy looked at the name at the desk. “Mrs. Fara. How do you know we are the ones who can do this? We only just arrived here.”

“We have recently opened up communications with a man named Andy. Because of the chemical attack the messages have been sporadic but we got a general picture of your capabilities,” Mrs. Fara said, crossing arms over ample chest.

Tommy noticed the desk was of a style that he could see her dark nylon’d thighs. “What’s in it for us. Also, how did you know we would come here?”

“I can answer both questions with this.” She opened a file she had ready on her desk. They all gathered around to peer at the papers.

Records of them. The list of all the bullying incidents that went ignored, the details of Bud’s false rape accusation, even the discrimination against Sam for being a tomboy. It was all there.

“You are offering us revenge,” Sam said.

“So, what do you say?” Mrs. Fara said. “Partners?”

Their answers were obvious.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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Chapter 16

It was difficult to find a room that nobody used, but they managed. They settled in the art room. If it was being used, it was by someone with serious emotional issues.

Pictures of death and mayhem were stapled all over the walls. Sam insisted they keep them on the walls because it put them in the right mood. As they were plotting the rape of the school population, Tommy supposed Sam had a point.

“This is going to be a bit different from our other battles. We are now the discipline committee, we need excuses to punish them,” Tommy said.

There were the queen bees and head jocks of the school, whose popularity and charisma dominated even the adults. The staff was the other power center of the school, controlling the food and the gates, but the students had the people on their side, using sex and force ruthlessly to keep control.

“I will take the queen bees. They are always up to something. It won’t be hard to find an excuse to fuck them,” Bud said hotly.

“That leaves the jocks. Mrs. Fara said beating them up is not an option unless in self-defense,” Sam said.

“I have a solution for that. I have read through the files Mrs. Fara gave to us and the jocks have one main enemy who should be here soon,” Tommy said.

“Oooh! Suspense.” Sam teased.

Right on time, several soft-faced men came into the room. The leaders of the gay population of the school. At their head was a lean teen with well-groomed features. “Hey, sissy.”

“Gary. Long time.”

“Still sucking dick?”

“Still getting fucked?”

“Down boys,” Sam said, stepping between them.

“Whatever. A teacher gave us your message. Can you really take down the jocks?” The leader, Gary, said.

“With your help, yes,” Tommy said. “Take a seat and I will explain.” After everyone took their place, he laid out the plan. “The jocks act as enforcers for the queen bees in exchange for sex. That used to be the gays’ job. We emasculate them and take it back. That is all.”

“Though so, all roads lead to rape,” Bud said. “How exactly were gay guys enforcers?”

“Simple. Have you seen how we work out?” said the well-groomed teen.

“Point taken. Does not explain how they took your position.”

“The new currency is sex. Most people want pussy. We don’t have that. But if we put the jocks off pussy, then it won’t matter.”

“So what? You’re going to turn them gay?”

Gary smirked. “So, you have had no relations with men since this thing started?”

Bud blushed. “Another point.”

“Before we reach a high score the biggest problem is how do we reach the jocks,” Sam said.

Everyone looked to Tommy. “I can’t do it. Not again.”

“You won’t have to. We will be there waiting for them and you can watch.”

“In that case. I’m in!”

“After that, the queen bees will be open. I don’t have a clue how to deal with those girls. They won’t be lured out by a sissy.”

“They will come for me,” Sam said.

“I can’t see the appeal.”

“I do. Guys like to hang out with pretty tomboys. Sam was probably too close to the queen bees’ boyfriends, and it pissed them off. Her reappearance will be a threat. Doubly so now that I am here. They know I will want revenge for what they did to me and will try and take Sam to find out what I am up to,” Bud said.

“Then it’s settled. Me and Sam will be the bait while Bud and the gays lay in wait. The first and hopefully last discipline committee is adjourned.” Tommy banged his hand on the table since he did not have a gavel.
They went for Tommy in the shower, as water poured down his soft pale body. After months of running, it had gotten more toned, muscle peeking through formally weak flesh. If one did not know him, he would be mistaken for a girl. A look he cultivated actively.

It is for that reason the straight male jocks at school did not mind having their fun with him. They were not gay, they were fooled. It was all Tommy’s fault.

They surrounded him, already nude, and cocks hard. Their bodies muscled from a life of sports flexing in an attempt to intimidate him. The joke was on them because following right behind them, the gays came out from their hiding spots.

They panicked, of course. Demanding to know what was going on and why the gays were there. Then they fought, but the gays were stronger than them, more experienced in fighting in the nude.

Care was taken to make sure the jocks were not hurt as they each fell to the slippery floor of the gym shower. The rules laid out by the principle stated no permanent injuries. That was fine with Tommy. This form of revenge was far sweeter.

It was difficult putting away his anger toward the gays for their treatment of him and in truth, they were worse than the jocks, but at least the gays gave him some acknowledgment. The jocks were in as much denial as they accused him of being. Their homo-erotic fantasies masked by bullying and false bravado.

Not like Bud, who was angered not at the challenge to his maleness but to the sense of betrayal felt when he found out Tommy had been pleasuring him at night. His anger came from a violation of trust, not pride. Every man had a little hate for sissies, but Bud’s was tampered with compassion.

He refocused on the scene taking place on the shower floor. Gary led the way, and a had briskly inserted himself in a jock’s ass, holding it there, reveling in the feel of straight male ass.

The others on seeing the jocks fall writhed madly below the gays, unintendedly rubbing muscled buttocks up against the hardened cocks of the gays. Spit lubed hands jerked at cocks and entered the jocks just as Gary had.

Tommy wished he had a video of this moment, but he would settle for his front-row seat to the homosexual orgy taking place.

“Get it out you faggot!”

“Shit, it stings it freaking stings man!”

“It’s too big shit, it’s as big as mine god damn it.”

On and on they complained. Even now, instead of crying they just kept on complaining. He didn’t know if this was a sign of strength or a pitiful way for the most popular guys in school to fall from grace.

Gary was going at his victim with the most gusto. He hated the teen, but boy could he fuck like the best porn star out there. As if posing for a picture in a muscle magazine, Gary had one knee resting on the floor and his other foot firmly planted on the side as he jumped into the screaming teen.

Putting on a show for his followers, he released the jock’s firm ass to flex his biceps for them, making sure Tommy watched. This show was for him as well. It did get him excited.

His cock already out and wet, he began to jerk his little boy clit off. This infuriated the jocks more than the gay rape they suffered under.

“Get out of here sissy!”

“I don’t want that in my face.”

“Gross, gross, gross!”

Even now, they would not let go of their hate. Fine, then he would hold onto his. He got right up into the face of the jock Gary fucked and spurted his cum onto the bridge of his nose, enjoying the resulting wails of disgust.

Somehow, Tommy got hard again, and the jocks knew what would happen next. The gays, liking the idea, had their victims face Tommy. They would all get a taste of what was to cum.

One by one, Tommy came on them as the gays cummed in them. And to think, this was only round one.
Unlike Tommy, Sam did not mess around. As soon as the queen bees appeared, resting bitch faces ready to lay into her with taunts and jeers, she attacked them. The rule against violence did not apply to catfights.

There may have been three of them against one short girl, but Sam was a tiger more than a cat and she had their clothes off in a heartbeat.

Even Tommy could appreciate the girls had nice breasts and figures in general. Bud obviously agreed, for he hardened as he hid beside him in the wrestling room. Oh, boy did these girls wrestle.

Sam had a clear advantage in strength, but the queen bees were no slouches either. With skill gained from years bullying others, they countered, getting behind the tomboy to restrain her arms and ripping up her shirt. Then they pulled her pants down, leaving the shorter girl as bare as them.

The nastiness started for real at that point. With their genitals exposed, they all went for the goal. Once Sam had a girl down, she fingered her hole for a whole minute until the girl’s stunned friends pried her off. Now it was two on one.

Resuming their hold on Sam, they played with the nubs on her chest and rubbed her pussy raw as she screamed, then expertly shoved one finger after another into her tight hole, aiming to get their entire hand inside.

Bud had enough, popping from their hiding spot in the storage he came at them.


“Yes, me!” Bud replied.

The fight was over once Bud entered. He wasted no time gloating or telling them his feelings of betrayal for their rape accusation. Instead, he just took his spoils of war.

Her partner, shocked at Bud's appearance, released Sam and was herself restrained. Sam used her legs to part the girl in her grasp. Giving Bud a show as he fucked into the screaming girl under him.

Tommy rather see Bud fuck him, but watching his muscled ass rape it's way into the girl's sopping wet cunt was a form of pleasure in and of itself. It may have been Tommy’s imagination, but he thought Bud was twisting his hips to give him a good show.

It would make sense. After weeks of plotting rape instead of fighting zombies, anyone would try for a sense of levity.

Gagging noises came from the girl under Bud as he began to squeeze large black hands around her throat. Leaning in down on her with his full weight to pin her to the wrestling rooms mats.

Sam, reveling in the cruelty, started to choke the girl in her grasp as well. Their eyes turned red and buldged out. When their faces got red, then a deep blue, they were released.

“Sam come here and choke her for me,” Bud said, now placing the limp girl on his lap while he sat cross-legged.

Throwing the gasping girl in her grasp to the side, Sam got behind the girl, cup-sized breasts up against her back, whispering what Tommy knew to be evil comments in her ear.

With her hands around the girl’s neck, strangling the life out of her, Bud began his thrusts again. Grunting at the tightness the air deprived girl’s pussy provided.

When the girl was unable to even shed tears, Bud must have known he had one. His revenge complete, he came inside her.

Oddly, when he stood up and looked over his defeated enemies, he looked at Tommy, his expression unreadable.

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Re: End of Man (sissy m/f m/f+ mf/m m+/f+)
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I finally got off my ass-and into my chair...? to finish editing these chapters from a year ago! This is the final chapter.

Chapter 17

This had become far too easy. Once the queen bees and jocks fell everyone gladly fell into line. Just like the park camp, people knew the path they were on was not sustainable and now that the troublemakers were put in their place the real work of survival could begin.

Everyone else was happy, except Tommy. Bud had been swamped by a horde of teenage girls hot for his cock and he had obliged them. It seemed many girls had rape fantasies, and he acted out his conquest of other women with them. He was happy here.

Sam, after defeating the queen bees, started hanging out with guys more. They no longer cared if she might go lesbian on them. The end of the world washed away such petty insecurities.

That left him, a sissy, a boy attracked to straight guys but was straight himself, alone. He could not stand it. Seeing everyone happy as the world went to hell made him sick.

This is why he stood; bags packed at the exit of the school. Mrs. Fara knew he was leaving somehow and tried to stop him, making up excuses to slow him down, but he had enough of watching the others prance around in their dreamland.

It was nice while it lasted. He took his first steps out of the school when suddenly, a bag was brought over his head, turning his world black. Then a rope tightened around his neck and he was dragged away.

Later he found himself in what appeared to be a shack, bound to a table. With his limbs securely restrained, he could do nothing to escape. One of the jocks must have come back for revenge. He should have banished them!

Something rested on his soft bottom, frantically rubbing up and down. It was obviously a cock, but only one person he knew had a cock that big.

Growing fully erect, the head of the cock surged into him and it did not stop until it nestled in his guts. He screamed in pain, but his tears were of happiness.

He wanted to speak, but the cock kept beating his ass and a large hand pressed his head back into the table as the black cock behind him raped his guts.

This, however, was not a dream. It hurt, like nothing he ever felt before, but still, he wanted it. Needed it.

Much of what happened was different from his dreams. There were no tender kisses, only slaps to his ass. Instead of gentle caresses, a hand on the back of his neck was used for leverage. Rather than words of expressed love, harsh insults were thrown at him.

This is what Bud had turned into in order to survive, in order to protect Tommy. This he knew. That was why this was happening. To teach him a lesson. Tommy was going to leave without a word just because Bud and Sam acted in their nature.

Sam was there, of course, chocking him, tightening Tommy’s ass for Bud’s cock. This was his trigger and a torrent of cum emptied out into his guts. It did not stop until Tommy felt it would spew from his mouth.

His bondage came undone and Sam helped him from the table, laying him on his back for he could not sit.

Bud and Sam stood, arms crossed, waiting.

“Sorry,” he said.

That was all they needed to hear. This was the mark of true friendship; it was all they needed from him—and his ass, of course.

Bud picked him up and carried him out of the shed. Now this at least was exactly as he dreamed.


This was one of the first stories I wrote around the time I wrote Grim Tales and I learned a lot from it. One is that waiting too long to edit and post stories means that I forget some of what I was trying to do, like what characters were doing what. There was not a lot of zombie action in this zombie story but that wasn't the point. It was several zombie tales condensed into one, going from a mall, office, park, and school.

There is still the End of Woman chapters to edit and post and I'm getting right on it. I'm not good with oneshot stories it seems. I always end up writing a series, probably since fantasy stories is my thing.
End of Woman and End of Man is a setup for another post apocalypse story about what happens after the chaos and the systems that replace the old and how sex becomes essential to survival.

If you read all of this, then thanks. If not, I will try and write snappier chapters.