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Re: Attacked From Within
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I'm also sorry I'm so late to this. Intrigue, sizzling action, details, dialogue... it has it all. Great work and please continue. Thank you
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Re: Attacked From Within
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Once again sorry for the delay my collaborators wanted it to end and i had different ideas about that- needless to say I won!

Part six

My jaw drops at his insinuation, “You-u-u-u wouldn’t-t-t-t harm them-m-m-m-m!” He’s busy sliding the pants he gave me off my legs, leaving one more naked on a bed with him.

“In a heartbeat Keri!” his right hand sliding between my thighs. “In fact I have their demise already planned out,would you like to see the details?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Squirming trying to get away from his touch and him in general.  “I-i-i-i-’ll-l-l-l-l-l never let-t-t-t-t you harm them-m-m-m-m!”

“Then you lie back down and accept me as a lover would?”  Another flick on the screen, now on the bed, the screen heading “Gym Death”, showing a picture of mom’s home gym and a bloody barbell! That stopped me instantly, giving him the ability to return me fat to the bed, my legs slightly opened. Now Keri, time to claim you when you can really appreciate your lover!”

His hand back between my legs fully touching my pussy, tracing my outer lips before a finger penetrates inside. I’m trembling from his touch and the thoughts of what would happen to mom and Ava if I didn’t let him have his way.  God I felt his finger as it touched the inside of my pussy, it was like he deliberately pressed the tip of his finger against the interior wall, sliding it like a worm along the wall’s surface.

He pulls his hand back and moves closer to my head “Now Keri, it’s your turn to excite your lover!” I almost threw up as his cock came towards my mouth, the feel of it’s fleshy surface as it touched my lips gently, tracing them with its surface “I’m waiting Keri!”


“I’m Waiting Keri!” I know that this is the moment when I would either have a fuck puppet or have a big problem on my hands. But to my amazement she opens her lips and flick her tongue against the tip of my cock. Disgust and far play for equal space in her eyes as she begins to move her tongue further along my thick shaft, coating it with her saliva  before taking it deep into her mouth.

As she closes her lips around my shaft I moan in pleasure. Keri closes her eyes as I gently start to move in and out of her mouth. Five or eight times I stroke before Pulling my cock out of her mouth “Now I want back inside you like earlier!”

Her face blanches as I move back down the bed, moving over her.  I expect resistance but she must have been taking my threats seriously as she widened the space between her legs and allowed me to settle between them. Looking down at her “Keri!, Guide me back to Eden!”

Her hand was shaking like a Cerebral Palsy patient, as she took a hold of my cock and guided it back to her entrance, only letting go when the head of my cock was inside her folds. I took over from there, gently moving deeper into her velvety sleeve, until our pelvic bone met face to face so to speak. Holding myself back, I let her adjust to me being inside her. Keri does her damndest to hide her face from me, even trying to grab  the pillow from behind her head to use as a cover.

Just as her hands lifts the pillow up I pull back and then ram back in, making her gasp and let go of the pillow. I settle into a varying rhythm of strokes to excite her and to demonstrate just how thoughtful of a lover I am! All Keri’s face registers is disgust and shame  and eventually her body betrayed her and rises up to meet my downward thrusts. Stimulated as she was didn’t mean that she was completely mine like I wanted her to be.

Even when I've cummed deeply in her, she passed out from stress and shame instead of heavenly bliss as I came to find out in a week’s time!


With her naturally passed out I took her back to her bedroom, placing her in bed with a dildo laying beside her, still vibrating and covered with a combination of our coupling on it.  From that point I watched every screen she came on, watched as she became jumpy and restless, expecting her to tell Kat everything that happened to her, but nothing until three days later when Kat was in the gym working out!

The house phone started ringing and I watched Kat race to get it “Hello!” a pause then “Keri what do you mean I have to get out of here!” The bug in the phone receiving every word from Keri like she was standing right by her mother. Keri!, I know you’ve not been sleeping very well by really honey. Maybe a night at a friend’s house will make you see whatever it is is all in your mind!”  Kat hangs up and goes back to her workout

I can’t let Keri get away with that, she has to be taught who is the master and what her role is. Grabbing a spray bottle of the knockout concoction I make my way through the passages to the gym, emerging as Kat is looking at herself in the mirror lifting her sport bra up with a finger as she snaps a selfie with her phone!

Stealthy I move towards her spraying long streams of mist in her direction, knowing the inhaling it is just as effective as drinking it. Kat turns as my reflection enters the mirror “Who the hell are you and Howwwwwwwwwww…!” then she crumples to the floor! I \m smiling behind the protective mask I’m wearing as I lift her and take her over to a gym bench positing her so her chest was over the bench and her knees were on the floor. The sight of her ass proved to much for me as my cock hardened instantly.

Pulling her pants down I don’t waste time, thrusting home into her pussy and fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I’ve no idea how long I lasted, all I knew was when I drained my balls into Kat’s pussy I moved to spray more of the mist into her face and mouth. Knowing I just bought myself more time i returned to my lair and got some fake blood and came back to make it look like Kat had an accident with a barbell.

Moving Kat to the floor, pulling her pants back in place I start applying the blood to her head and shoulder. Grabbing a 50 pound barbell i soak one end and placed it near her body along with what appears are roll marks. Then I empty the rest in a wide puddle under her head and shoulder area, making sure to connect it to the roll marks.

Unbeknownst to me, the front door wasn’t locked. I only knew when I heard “Kat are you here it’s me Ava!”, Moving to the door to the passage “Mrs. Garrett, are you home” I’m through it and back to my passage in time to hear over the monitors “Oh my god Mrs. Garrett!” Her phone out in an instant

“Keri you got to come home, your mom has been seriously hurt!”

                                                                                                                  More To Come

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Really loving this romp! I said I’d get to it. It’s brilliant. The part with Keri was hot and I have to love your metaphors
“A fuck puppet” and my favorite “ hands shaking like cerebral palsy patient” that’s bloody dark but well fitting
Then we get to the big plot of Kat’s “accident” masterfully executed and we have such a dangerous man on our hands
Excellent and can’t wait to see what happens to Ava. Merit awarded.

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Intriguing as always. Fascinated about where you take this. Great work as usual. I don't know how you do it with so many stories in parallel at one time.
"Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people." Karl Jung.
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Re: Attacked From Within
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Sorry for the long delay but i have finally finished writing the seventh part

Part Seven

My phone goes off just as I’m leaving the mall, checking the screen I see it’s Ava! Answering it “Hey Ava…!” then I stop instantly as Ava speaks louder than me “Keri you got to come home, your mom has been seriously hurt!, there’s a pool of blood under her head, blood on the side of her head and a weight covered in blood in the middle of the floor!”

OMG! Instantly my mind goes back to what Graeme showed me on his tablet ‘Gym Death’ Somehow he must have heard me on the phone to mom telling her to get out. Now more than ever we had to get out of that place “Ava is mom breathing if so call an ambulance and I’ll meet you at the hospital!” Ava assures me that she’ll ride along with mom, we both hang up together.

As I rush back to mom’s car and set off in a hurry to get to Northern Hospital, a half hour later Ava comes rushing into the emergency waiting lounge “Keri!” I’m up  and running toward her “How’s mom!”

“She’s conscious! The EMT’s couldn’t find the source of the blood so as a precaution they brought her in to be fully checked out. She’s currently in ward bay four!” Grabbing my hand Ava leads me to mom’s Ward room. There she is looking as if this was just a case of indigestion. I rush over and wrap my arms around her like I would never see her again!

I didn’t even give mom a chance to tell me anything, I broke down to tears and told her and Ava what I found out recently. Not hiding anything I told them of the house within the house, about all the rapes that Graeme has committed over the years, ending with how we had to get out of the house before he actually killed us. A noise startled me into shutting up, looking around there was a janitor with a bucket upturned swearing as he dropped the mop and took off running. No it couldn’t be him! I wanted to run after him but mom took hold of my hand and said I had an overactive imagination and that we would talk about it when we got home.


On the cameras I watch Ava come into the gym, rush over to Kat, getting her phone out and calling Keri. Man it was so laughable how serious Ava took the situation. I turn up the mike’s sensitivity to hear her end of the conversation. Words like seriously hurt and ambulance were spoken then Ava hangs up. Ten minutes sirens blare outside and I watch from my position as Kat is gently lifted onto a gurney, two policemen take pictures with cell phones as the EMTs wheel Kat out to the ambulance, Ava hot on their tail.

Getting up, going over to my disguises, I take out an hospital orderly uniform. Making my way to my car out in the far cave I race to the hospital just awaiting the ambulance. Hanging out in the emergency admittance wing I find a mop and bucket of water so I have my cover well established when first Keri, then a half hour later Ava comes into the emergency room. Kat is wheeled right through to the RTZ (Rapid Treatment Zone).

I watch the two of them go into the restricted area, I manage to get in and worked my way around mopping as I went to find them. Finally by bed 31, I find then in time to hear Keri describing the set up I have and my plans for the three of them. Damn the little bitch!, she’s blowing all I’ve accomplished. I drop the mop, causing the bucket to overturn as I make a hasty break for the exit. Well when the three of them got back home there would be a little surprise waiting for them!

Getting to my car I peel out in a rush, nearly clipping a person wheeling an I.V. pole. Out into the oncoming flow of traffic I speed, just clearing the oncoming lanes before a cop decided to give pursuit. Talk about a high speed chase, the stupid cop, for fifteen miles the fucking idiot chased me before finally losing me when I turned back to the hidden entrance of my cave parking lot. Now All I had to do was think like my three fuck dolls nd figure how long I had to set my trap for them.

Like a madman I raced to the front door, setting the automatic spraying device in place so each should get a good dose of spray in her face, rendering her unconscious. Then to the back door, even though it was less likely they would enter that way, but I wasn’t taking any chances. All the while plotting who would be the first one I fucked when they came too. Ava was an easy target since Keri and Kat would try to prevent the other from being taken first. Kat though would show Keri just how serious I was when I said I would fuck and kill them is she told.

Shit maybe I should fuck Keri with the other two tied to the same bed, wouldn’t that shatter their fucking innocence about my existence!. Yeah that’s order I will fuck then Keri, Ava and then Kat , going back to Keri when the other two were reduced to curled up crying, dripping cum holders!
I get the canister in place then I return to my lair turning all the exterior camera on to high sensitivity and await my fuck dolls! Unbeknownst to me they made a plan of their own with the help of the police!


Kat was released when all tests and an MRI came back negative. As Keri got the car, Ava and Kat talked about Keri’s wild story about a decades old rapist residing in a series of rooms hidden within the exterior house. Kat reluctantly reminds  Ava of her experience in the sauna and her own incident on the weight bench!

Ava shivered as she remembered how they told her she was found, “Maybe a little trip to the library to read up on this Graeme wouldn’t be a bad idea!” Kat agreed so when Keri finally pulled around with the car a new destination was called after Kat and Ava listened to Keri ranting on about the cost of parking!

Ava and Kat convince Keri that they believed her story and were going to the library to learn more about this mysterious Graeme Cartier.  Newspaper archives on microfiche were the only source that the Northern Library had from the years that Keri could remember seeing on Graeme’s iPad. The librarian gave the pat answer that there wasn’t enough funding to transfer them over to digital files!

After two hours, between the three of them they found articles about many victims attributed to Graeme Cartier. One of the last things they found was an article that ended with “Anyone with information about Graeme Cartier should contact officer Stephen Hunter at the Northern Police Department and a contact number from seven years ago.

“I doubt he’s still on the force but we can try!” Kat taking Keri’s phone and calls the number. The person who answered the call said that Detective Hunter was indeed still a member of the Northern police department , in fact he was the chief of detectives. Kat Arranged to meet with him in an hour, giving them a chance to get a bite to eat. Over lunch they discuss how they are going to present what they knew so it didn’t appear that they were crazy.

When the appointed time rolled around the three of them were seated in the police station where a grey haired individual greeted them with a reserved look on his face. As Keri explained what happened to her, the reserved look left his face, replaced by one of incredulous surprise. “All these years and that fucking bastard has been hold up in the very house I wanted council to raze to the ground!”

In turn he listened to each of their stories, opening and closing his fists after snapping two pens and reducing two Styrofoam coffee cups to scrap. The more they said the more heat streamed up from his collar, even his eyes had a reddish hue before they were all done talking. The only words spoken in the office that didn’t come from a female voice was “That fucking bastard, all these years!”

After they were done telling him their stories Kat asked him if it was possible that Keri may have been mistaken. Detective Hunter turned on his computer and brought up the Cartier file “Miss Garrett was this the general appearance of the man you claim held you and raped you?” Showing her one of the last known pictures of Graeme Cartier, awaiting her reply.

“Well he’s fatter around the middle and his forehead is more bald now but that’s him!” Kat looks at the man and tries to picture him as Keri said he was. Hunter picks up his phone “I need an artist in here to do a compost!” Slamming the phone back down, two minutes later a knock at his door and the artist is left to work with Keri while Hunter takes Kat and Ava for a coffee.

When they return the artist is finishing up, holding the tablet up pressing send. Across the room a printer comes to life, slowly spitting out quarter inch by inch a piece of paper with a living colour picture on it. As it drops into the tray, hunter retrieves it and shows it to Kat and Ava

“That the locksmith who re-keyed the door after we found Ava in the sauna!”

“That’s it I knew I saw him before but couldn’t place where!”

"All that is irrelevant now, is there any chance that Cartier is still inside your place of residence?”

That’s when Keri remembered the janitor in the hospital. Telling Hunter what she saw, Hunter once more got on the phone, listening for about three minutes. “Get Samuelson on the radio, I need to talk to him urgently!”  Hanging up about five minutes later the phone rang and Hunter asked questions and listened before smashing the phone back down. If it was Cartier then he once more escaped from under our noses about five hundred yards from your place!”

Hunter starts pacing then slams himself down into his chair  “If you ladies are willing I want to try to capture Cartier today. Here’s what I have in mind…”


Five hours since I ran from the hospital ward and not a fucking sight or sound of them. What could be taking so damn long. Has medical care became that fucking slow?, did the bitches decide that they weren’t going to return here. The only thing I pretty well ruled out was them going to these inept asshole that calls themselves the Northern Police.

Finally as the clock strikes six I see lights sweep across the side of the house, traversing up the driveway and come to a halt. Tuning the volume up I hear arguing coming through the mike “I’m saying Keri, that there is no interior home inside this one and that final!”

Great Kat doesn’t believe her daughter, still won’t save her from getting reacquainted with my cock though. Now even Ava is hollering at Keri, “I wasn’t raped by a ghost you moron, if that gets around school I’ll see it that the football team visits you after the next gym class!” Turning as if to leave only for Kat to intervene and calm both girls down.

“Now no one is going to be visited by the football team and no one is going to spread anything about the other, now let’s go in and  have dinner and make plans of how to spend the weekend together!”

I watch them progress to the front door, Kat placing the key into the lock. Time slows down so it appears that I’m seeing things frame by frame, the slow turn of the key, a hand coming up to grip the knob, twisting it excruciating slow as if it was covered in an oily substance. Finally a small crack appears between the door and the door jam. A body moving inside, almost parallel to the spray canister.

A small spurt that turns into a wider explosion of droplets, then more as time seems to be speeding up once more. As my eyes return to normal speed I watch as three bodies sink to the carpeted floor. I’m up in a flash, grabbing a mask then rushing to the entrance to collect my fuck dolls. I already have the couch ready to accommodate the three of them naked.

Ava is picked up first and taken to the couch, tying her to the right side of the couch, her leg secured to the front leg, her hand bound behind her. The rope over the back and secured to the back leg of the right side. Next I go collect Keri, bounding herewith handcuffs and placing her in the chair. Getting Kat, I duplicate what I did to Ava only on the left side of the couch. Now it was time to position Keri and administer the reactant agent to return them all to consciousness.

As the three of them begin to stir, I strip off my clothes. As they all become aware that they are unable to move much, all except Keri she can move as much as she wants, they all become aware that I’m standing in front of them, completely naked. If they could comprehend then my first words to the three of them made my plans well known.

“Hello Fuck Dolls, in case you chose to ignore what Keri has been trying to tell you. I’m Graeme Cartier and I’ve had the pleasure of fucking each of you when you couldn’t protest me doing so!” their eyes widen in shock except Keri, she spits at me and tries to kick me. “Now Keri is that anyway to treat the man who's gonna give you a chance to save the lives of your mother and friend?”

Screaming at me, “I’ll never let you hurt them you fucking bastard!”

“Oh  and how will you try to stop me when your curled up in a ball on the floor after I fuck you like a bitch in heat between then there on the couch?”

Moving to her, swinging my left hand towards her, Keri ducks the forward motion but is caught by the backhand return. Her head rocks to the left, and she follows it into the side of her mother, striking her head on Kat’s shoulder, stunning her. Reaching out I turn Keri so she’s on her back and I undo her pants, sliding them down her legs after lifting her enough to unpin them from her ass and the pillow of the couch.

Kat calls out “No please leave Keri alone!” ah how fucking noble as she said the cliché line “Take me. I’ll not fight you, you can fuck me all night long!” A tempting offer and I let her know that  while I positioned Keri, so her legs were wide apart on the edge of the cushion.

“Believe me, mommy I plan on fucking all three of you all night long!”

                                                                                                                  To be continued!
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Re: Attacked From Within
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Mr. Moron spent twelve rewrites trying to finish this story so i'm taking it upon myself to post his twelfth rewrite and making him do another part to maybe finish it! - Tammy

Part Eight

Kat called out, “No please leave Keri alone!” Ah how fucking noble, as she used the cliché line, “Take me! I’ll not fight you, you can fuck me all night long!”  A tempting offer and I let her know that, while I positioned Keri, so her legs were wide apart on the edge of the cushion.

“Believe me mommy, I plan on fucking all three of you all night long!”

And I meant it! First though Keri had to be taught a lesson opening her mouth to them about me and my plan for them. My cock was already hard from the thoughts of what I was going to do to them before letting them go. Moving closer to Keri , gripping her waist I pull her so her ass is teetering on the edge of the couch, standing her legs my cock knows the way to her pussy as if it has been programmed like a heat seeking missile.

Both Kat and Ava tried to get free as I started giving them a running commentary on what I was going to do. Give the devil her due, Kat managed to make her ropes so tight that for a minute or two I thought they might snap under the pressure she was applying. A slap to the back of her head made her stop. Returning my attention to Keri, I see her eyes open, they are filled with fear as she realized what I was about to do to her once more.

I rear back and drive my crotch fast towards her’s, penetrating her dry slit, Not stopping until my pelvic bone mashed her clit. All they cried out, Keri from the pain, Kat and Ava in sympathy. Tears in all their eyes, swear yours flowing from the lips of Ava and Kat.. I pull back until only the very tip of my cock is still inside her parted lips, getting ready to once more ram through her passage like a bullet train through the Japanese countryside.

Her cries brought guilt to me mind but I chided myself, after all she brought this on herself not me!. I was enjoying using Keri, like this, already making plans to incorporate such sessions weekly into our coupling. Man I was so enjoying fucking Keri that I almost failed to hear the motion detector signal on my smart phone.


I assembled a large team to effect the capture of Graeme Cartier. Fucking bastard been right under our noses for the last fifteen years. No way was that bastard going to escape our clutches this time. Armed with the knowledge that there was a place hidden in the walls, I called in an house inspector with the tech needed to scam every inch of the place. If Cartier so much as farts we’ll find him.

A convoy of sixteen vehicles departed six hours since the Garrets and their friend left. As we come within a block of their address we stop and the team leaders get out to meet with me. I direct each leader as to where I want them, two teams around the back of the property, one on each side, a third team covering the back street behind the property. Two teams to the front, another team to cover the driveway and street. The four man team I was leading were going to go in and try to get Cartier before he realized we were even wise to him!

We all got back into our vehicle and took off for the assigned destination, I gave everyone five minutes to report that they were in position. Me and my team climbed out of the car, leaving it halfway to the front door, only advancing after all the other teams radioed that they were in position. Armed with the knowledge that the front door light was bugged, the first thing I had the best shot on my team do was to shoot the porch light obliterating it with two shots!

With it gone we snuck up to the front door, unaware that Cartier had placed a sensor plate under the slats of the porch. I try to look inside, not much could be seen. Damn old place was built solidly, no sound came from the inside! Looking to each member getting a nod from each, I raise my left arm, gun out, cocked and ready for use! Smith Raises the ram to his left side, a nod from me and he swings it towards the lock, taking it out with one well placed blow!

“Police all inside freeze!” I go in, ducking not knowing what to expect. The team fan out covering the stairs and the door leading into the living room. I poke me head around the frame, there on the couch Mrs. Garret and Their Friend Ava, naked, facing the back of the couch, no sign of her daughter nor that bastard Cartier. Creeping into, getting near the couch, “Mrs. Garrett?”

“That bastard took Keri and bolted to the kitchen with her!”

I nod to two to stay and help free the ladies. Smith, Carson and myself make our way into the kitchen, finding it empty, we’re about to return when Mrs. Garrett rushes into the Kitchen “He may have taken Keri into the gym through there!” Pointing to a short passage on the left. We three raced through it coming out into the gym, along the right wall another panel was still swinging on hidden hinges. Mrs. Garrett enters and sees the panel “That must be the way into the hidden rooms Keri told us about!

We are off through it in a flash, coming into a room with many computer monitors showing various rooms of the house. On one screen in particular a room with dirt passage that Cartier was pulling a naked Keri along. I’m on the radio in a flash “Cartier is on the run with Keri Garrett as a hostage, all teams on the road prepare to give pursuit to any vehicle that comes into view!”  A search of the room finds the door leading to what could only be an underground tunnel, my men and I take off, guns drawn in hot pursuit.


A buzzing from a slightly muffled source penetrates my brain. Even though I was ball deep in Keri I realize what I was hearing- the front sensor, someone was approaching the door. Pulling out of Keri, I grab my pants donning them, then grabbing Keri, I haul her up off the couch as something heavy smashes into the door. I don’t say anything nor do I stick around, Grabbing Keri’s tied wrists I pull her towards the kitchen!

I’m just about to make the entrance to the gym when, “Police all inside freeze!”. Bolting faster, almost dragging Keri behind me I cross the gym to the hidden door, activating it, going through and pulling/dragging Keri with me. Keri does her best to resist my pulling, but she is no match for my raw survival instinct! Pulling her through the panel, I don’t worry about it closing behind me, all I was thinking was getting to the underground parking lot, getting a vehicle and driving out of here, while the cops wondered where I got to with Keri!

Keri was starting to slow me down, but I would rather that than be without her. We were close enough to the garage that I turned and scooped Keri up into my arms. Fifty meters, forty, thirty, twenty then I start to feel the burn in my shins. Ten meters then as if God wanted me to get away I run into the large cavern. A selection of cars and vans await my decision of what to take.

Going over to the little used SUV I open the side door and place Keri onto the back seat, laying her on her back. Her tied arms under her. Belting her in place, I climb in and squeeze my way to the driver seat. The key is already in the ignition, the gas gauge showed there was a full tank of gas. Twisting the keys the engine turns over on the first try, Revving the motor, releasing the brake I surge ahead towards the gaping dark space that leads to the hidden mouth by the roadside.

I don’t know why but for some reason I look up into the rearview mirror, just as the nose of the SUV enters the dark gap three men armed with guns burst into the cavern. One takes a stance, one hand holding the gun hand and fires a couple of rounds at me, Pressing the pedal to the floor I shoot up the tunnel like a bat out of hell, a minute later bursting through the foliage of a willow bush onto the paved road curb.

As the front tires gain purchase on the paved surface, I wait until the rear wheels have similar purchase before turning the nose to the north. I check the rear view mirror, everything behind me is clear for the immediate 200 meters. Just as I get ready to take the first curve, a flash of red and blue light glints off the mirrors. The cops must have been waiting in ambush  or else the cops in the cavern radioed cars to be on the lookout for me.

Either way I had enough of a lead that it was easy for me to lose then. A quick left at the first intersection, then I take a right, pulling into a driveway that curves around to the back of a house. Parking behind the house I wait until I feel it’s safe to pull back onto the road.  Checking both ways before pulling onto the street and continued on my way, obey the posted speed limits.

Looking into the rearview mirror, Keri’s frightened eyes started at mine. “Now you know Keri that, I’m pretty sure that somehow the cop learned about me from you!” Watching as Keri swallowed, telling me that I was correct “Now how am I going to punish you Keri?” Keri tried to squirm free of the seat belts holding her to the seat. That’s when it came to me as her ass wiggled under her “Of course Keri, I’ll fuck you in the ass, recording your screams to send to mommy and Ava, after all why should you be the only one punished?”

Smiling into the mirror I set course for the motor inn just outside of town, my cock already hardening at the thought of sodomizing Keri!

                                                                                                            Might be ending with the next post!

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Great work Tammy and Graham for posting.
Such a suspenseful story and really has all the buttons pushed
The danger aspect the brutality, and the sense of hopelessness
Love the police take on it too and it’s highly underrated so a merit and a bump today xx

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I was thinking about mental games and phantom of the opera on another thread a couple of weeks ago. "Attacked from within" felt like that feeling of being cornered and vulnerable: secret corridors, not being able to get away even in a secured hospital room, all your phones bugged, waking up not remembering how things happened. Thank you for sharing your story. A merit to you two.  :)
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We live in a world where science fiction has become reality... But there is one realm that has remained invulnerable...  one activity that has been practiced with the same rites through out the ages, and that is the reciprocal conquest of men and women.

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Finally had a talk with my collaborators on this and I'm proud to say a ninth part is ready to post!

Part Nine

For the next half hour I drove the back streets keeping my eyes ahead for any cop cars as I’m making towards the Rockdale Motel, my secure home away from my secret home. Still can’t believe that the cops almost got me back at the house, apparently they didn’t believe the girl about my activities there! Looking towards Keri, I was even more convinced that it came from her mouth especially after what I heard in the hospital!

Even though I knew I wanted to hear it from her mouth, “Well Keri are you ready to save major punishment by confessing?”

Keri just sat there staring straight ahead, silent like a battery less smoke alarm. Fuck her profile was more than enough to start my cock climbing in my underpants. Cops be damned I drove straight to the motel. Driving right to the back garage and parking inside so the van would be invisible from the road and the general public.

Reaching over to Keri, I grasp her chin and twist her head to look at me. “We are going to room 25 on the top floor of the right hand side!” Squeezing her chin in my hands “Make any noise to alert someone or to get their complete attention and I’ll gut you in the parking lot and leave you there to die!” Keri shuddered and just shook her head, “Do I make myself perfectly clear Keri?”

I get out and come around as if I was a gentleman, helping Keri out of the van, pressing the tip of a knife just under her ribcage. “Now start walking like we are a married couple who can’t keep their hands off each other and remember what I said I would do!” Just like a scared obedient lamb, Keri looped her left arm around my waist and lowered her head to my chest  as we walked to the room.

No one passed us on route, nor even looked out the curtained windows as we went up the stairs. Safely inside I remove the knife and motion to Keri to strip and take a seat on the bed. Even trembling as she was her top fell off quickly followed by her jeans. God I was drooling as I watched her bra covered breast and panty covered pussy come into view. . Then they dropped to the floor and I was sporting the hardest hard on I ever got before

“Oh yeah Keri, you so turn me on!”


Mrs. Garrett was still in the living room, now surrounded by one Doug Nelson who had her  in a hug as Ava Riley had a hand on her left knee, when I entered to deliver the latest update of her daughter Keri’s kidnapping by Cartier.

I must have cause some sort of disturbance for Mrs. Garrett looked up at me. “Detective Mathis have you found Keri?”

The look on my face must have said it all the all three for Doug gripped her tighter and Ava got up to go to the kitchen before returning with a mug. Steam coming off it as she handed it to Mrs. Garrett

“I’ve all the ways in and out of here covered by cars so it will just be a matter of time before we reunite you two!” Confident in my conviction, for I wanted Keri back just as much if not more than Mrs. Garret did. “We have had a tip to our office that the van was seen out by the north edge of town and we are currently investigating. With luck we’ll find them before too long!”

Just then the hand held talkie blared into life “Seven Mary Five to Detective Mathis, confirmation that the van in question was seen on the traffic camera, heading towards the Rockdale Motel. We have diverted four cruisers to cover all exits from said motel. Will you be attending?”

“Ten four I’m en route, keep motel under surveillance unless identity verified!” Looking to Mrs. Garrett before starting to leave “ Don’t read anything into that, we are just following standard procedure!” Taking my leave and rushing to my car and going directly to the Rockdale Motel


“Keri get on the bed on your stomach with your legs wide apart!” I planned to keep my word to Keri by fucking her in the ass and sending the video of her screaming to her mother and friend. The camcorder in the walls I installed long ago still worked so I was going to have five views of Keri’s ass taking my cock deep into it.

At first Keri  hesitated  but the brandishing of the knife made her move faster than my threat would have. As She laid down on her stomach I gasped out loud as her ass  reached for the ceiling. God what a sight it was and to think in a few seconds I was going to be balls deep into that sight!

Slowly I took my clothes off, my eyes rarely ever leaving the sight of her on the bed. My cock was already standing straighter than the wall it was pointing at. On the bed I could see Keri’s flesh shake, as I moved closer to joining her on the bed. I reached out for her ass cheek, caressing them as if they were a delicate peach. Soon my thumbs worked into the crack between them and gently parted them, there hidden from view was the object that was going to be the focus of my punishment.

A slightly muffled voice, “P-p-p-p-lease I-i-i’l-l-l-l do anything-g-g-g-g-g-g if yo-u-u-u-u-u-u!”

I didn’t let Keri finish, moving into place and thrusting hard and fast into her crack. Oh she wasn’t very experienced anally and at first I had a hell of a time pressing against the tight muscled orifice. It was a good five thrust before I managed to part her sphincter, getting a fourth of my tip through. Her cries of pain was more than I expected and to think my cock wasn’t into her proper yet.

Oh I could tell that Keri was in pain but that didn’t dissuade me from continuing. If anything I thrusted more burying a full inch into her sphincter. Damn I don’t know who was being punished more, her from the pain or me from having my cock strangled by her asshole.  I didn’t stop to let Keri adjust, no I kept pushing in and finally I had my cock completely in her ass.

Keri’s head shot up and if anyone nearby didn’t know that this room was occupied then this was more than enough to prove it. As she screamed I hoped that the various cameras caught my assault on her hidden orifice. No sooner did she stop screaming than I took over taunting her “You told the cops didn’t you Keri?”

Her head rolled from side to side, unintelligent sounds came from her mouth as I gripped her ass cheeks harder, as I began to really fuck her asshole. Oh the screams and the way she shook as I pounded her made me feel that  if Keri was suffering then I could imagine how Kat would bawl!


I pull across from the Rockdale Motel, parking on the shoulder of the road, meeting up with Officer Keller and Morrison. “So Detective Mathis all we can tell you is there is a couple in number Twenty- five that wasn’t there earlier. We haven’t been able to verify that this is in fact Cartier and Garrett but there have been various reports of screaming coming from the unit by people directly underneath number Twenty-five.

“Has anyone tried to get visual proof ?”

Morrison consults with his notes before replying, “All the curtains have been pulled tight by the cleaning staff since it isn’t in use!”

“Okay why don’t we try to get someone close enough to Twenty-five and see for ourselves!” Both Keller and
Morrison agree and call for an officer with a bulletproof vest already on to make the trip, under orders not to shoot just to find out if Twenty-five is inhabited.  Five minutes later after the officer started up we had our answer as screams are heard through the door.


I came like a tiger in Keri’s ass, leaving my cock inside until it was flaccid enough to ‘pop’ out on it’s own. Keri just laid there comatose as I got my breathing back under control.  When ready I went to the laptop in the dresser and checked on the footage I captured from the various cameras.

Oh the screams from Keri was exquisite and I didn’t even bother to edit the footage just deciding to send the various angles to Kat and Ava. Now all I needed was Kat’s email to send it, that was where Keri was needed once more “ This better happen the first time or it’s more ass fucking for you, Keri, Now i want you to come here and send something to your mother!”

Keri eased herself off the bed and walked funny to me at the dresser. Like a robot Keri did as I told her and my punishment to Kat and Ava was away. From outside I caught the sound of a walkie talkie , grabbing Keri around the throat I forced her over to the window, pulling the corner of the curtain aside, I spotted the flashing lights of two cop cars “Damn how did they find me?” Moving the curtain to get a wider area to look out of there was no less than four cops in the parking lot, one in plain clothes, two in uniform and one geared up in bulletproof gear.

I don’t know what made me do it but I opened the door, Keri in front of me like a human shield. “ listen you fucking cop, clear out of she’s going to kiss the pavement!” moving closer to the wrought iron railing.

From off to my right a shot rang out and Keri fell to the front of the balcony while I fell back into the doorway!


“Hold your fire!”  I called out to everyone. Up on the balcony neither body moved Oh Jesus just what I needed right now!

                                                                                                To Be Concluded!

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Re: Attacked From Within
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And now the conclusion

“Hold your fire!”  I called out to everyone. Up on the balcony neither body moved. Oh Jesus, just what I needed right now! I promised her mother that I would bring Keri back to her, very much alive. Turning to Keller “Give me those binoculars!” Grabbing them I train the lenses on the balcony, but from this place my view is blocked by the balcony itself.

A few more seconds pass before I try to make my way up the stairs to the next level. Of course the binoculars are useless to me as I come up to the level of the balcony walkway.  A body is on the balcony, definitely female, naked as the day she was born. From here I could just make out that the body was breathing voluntarily.  Moving closer I can begin to make out a hole in the wall where the door was, just inside it was legs.

Taking my gun out I press against the way and advance slowly. A few more steps and I relax  and step away from the wall as the spread of blood becomes visible. Moving more quicker I ignore the body inside and make a direct path to the female body. Whispering under my breath “God!, let her be alright!”. I’m over her and getting my first up close view of Keri Garrett in all her glory!

“Damn!” Now I understand why Cartier went gaga over her. The way her breasts rose and settled as she breathed while unconscious made my cock harden, just looking at them. Oh fuck did I have it in me to actually try to check her pulse or should I just call for back up. Thank fucking God that a few of the men came racing up both side of stairs so I didn’t have to make that call.

The pros that they were, most just glanced at Keri’s form as they hopped over her and went to check on Cartier and the rest of the room. Six entered, two to check on Cartier the rest to do a quick search. I called up the courage as Keller came abreast of me. Reaching out for the side of her neck, my fingers finding the pulse point, it was weak by constant. It was then that Carstairs came out with a bra, panties and a bathrobe.

I placed the bra and panties under the spreaded robe and called out for an ambulance, the coroner and a forensic team. Even covered by the robe, the three of us were having a hard time diverting our eyes off Keri. Lucky for us the ambulance was waiting two roads over so we were saved further misplaced thoughts.

Half an hour from the time I went up had passed by until Keri was on the gurney, awake being looked after by the two female EMTS. As she was loaded into the ambulance I was on the phone to a very relieved mother! “She’s being taken to Northern Hospital as a precaution but from what I can see and I’m no doctor but I would say that physically she’s fine, but mentally…!’ I left it there as if her mother couldn’t figure that out for herself.

Northern Hospital

I get there from the scene just behind the ambulance. I watch as they take Keri into the examining room. Give or take a couple of minutes later Mrs. Garrett and Ava Riley came rushing in. I headed them off before they invaded the examining room.

“She’s safe, in with the doctor and nurse!”

“What about him?”

“Dead, shot at the motel as Keri fainted to the balcony floor!” I don’t know for sure who was more pleased, them or
me.  Up close both were just as pretty as Keri is but neither had her magnetism that drew me into her beauty. Still I wouldn’t kick either of them out of my bed if I ever had the chance to bed them!

This was the point that the doctor came out and ushered Mrs. Garrett and Ava into Keri’s room. I gave them time alone, a good half hour before I go in and get the final information I needed from her before I could finally close the case. After another hour I leave the three of them.

Six months Later

I kept an eye on Keri And Ava from a distance. More and more I fell for both of them, but unlike Cartier I wasn’t going to act on it!. After all, I still had the memories of  Keri’s naked form on the balcony to remember, along with the surveillance footage I’ve collected over the past few months. Maybe someday I would get more than just memories or footage to take into old age!

                                                                                                     The End For Now!

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Re: Attacked From Within
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I’ve been gone for a while, but just recently came back to the forum and this is one of the first things I’ve read to sort of catch up on things. I have to say I’ve enjoyed it very much; the premise was exciting and I liked the change of narrative back and forth between the different points of view. Well done! And thank you, everyone involved for the effort!
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Re: Attacked From Within
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Glad you liked it, will pass along your words to my sister and girlfriend, it's their idea that I just put into words!

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Your sister and Tammy almost have as devious mind as yours.......almost!
One of your best works I think as its really story driven, and the whole atmosphere works well with the rape scenes and the desperate situations and I wonder will there be a sequel down the line.
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