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Re: Red Briar
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Excellent work you two.  Super hot.  I am very much looking forward  to more.  Thank you.
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Re: Red Briar
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What a chapter to introduce him to his intended victim! Loved the erotic action Clint made Bailey go through just to please him. Can't wait to read what depraved actions Clint desires next. Really wondering if Charlotte is going to become involve? Merit awarded!

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Red Briar Chapter 6
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Red Briar

Chapter Six
By: [Bubbles] & Seeker

Her eyes fluttered as she lay in bed quietly.  She’d always been a morning person. She loved how quiet it was in the house before everything got moving.  Today was different, as she open her eyes, she stared at the ceiling trying to wrap her mind around the previous night’s events. She pulled the covers up a little higher still feeling incredibly exposed.

Slowly she slunk from her bed, her normal cutesy PJ’s had been replaced with old sweats and a ratty t-shirt, and her choice of attire for school wasn’t much better. No longer the hipster fashionista she put on a pair of loose fitting jeans and an oversized T as she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.  Normally she’d leave early enough to make the 1.5 mile walk to school with a friend but today she lagged and barely made it to the busstop in time.  Lugging her backpack and gym bag onto the bus she took a seat away from the other kids and sat quietly.

The ride seemed to be over in a flash, as they were suddenly at school.  Bailey was in a fog, and it didn’t get any better as the morning went on. She couldn’t seem to make herself focus, her eyes darting to every clock that she passed, knowing that 3pm was fast approaching and that until that time some weirdo had tons of incriminating images of her.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s morning hadn’t started much better than Bailey’s.  She was accusomted to sleeping in until at least 10 am, but as soon as Bailey left for school the alarm in the house began to go haywire. 

Startling awake, Olivia scrambling toward the nearest keypad in the kitchen. In a feeble attempt to avoid the wretched sounds, she covered one ear with her hand while the other pressed in the code.  As she hit enter she heard two chirps, “thank god,” she sighed turning around, she frustratedly marched back to the master bedroom intent on continuing her beauty rest.  However, before she could reach the stairs, the alarm again filled the house. “what the fuck!” she exclaimed rushing back to the keypad. Again she entered the code, staying stationary for a moment to see if it worked, only feeling satisfied to move after a solid moment of staring at it.  She let out an exasperated sigh and turned away, only to have the alarms again shriek through the house.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed at the keypad as though her frustration alone could solve the problem.

For the next hour, she engaged in battle with technology that was far her supperior and only after being nearly brought to tears did she make the call that Clint had been expecting.

“Good day, ma’am. It seems your alarm is acting up again today.” Clint told Olivia, remotely watching her standing frustrated in the hall, one hand holding her phone and the other trying desperately to punch the deactivation code into the security system to stop the horrendous noise.

“Yes. It’s awful. You have to come and sort it out, it’s driving me crazy.” She yelled over the alarm.

Clint smiled smugly, remotely switching it off, the sudden silence almost deafening after the cacophony of sound. “Sure, ma’am. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Please hurry. I have to get out of here before I go mad...” Olivia didn't stop to consider why her alarm company, that usually had a 2 day wait would be within twenty minutes of their home, but as the alarms shrill pitch drilled into her head she admitidly didn't care.  Clint smiles giving her 30 seconds of respite and silence before he set off the alarms againg.

“On my way.” He said as he put the phone down.

Olivia was standing in the driveway, carkeys in hand, when Clint arrived at a little after noon. He appreciated her sleek form in the short tight designer dress, slim legs accentuated by her heels and her tits pushed up in the bodice creating an enticing cleavage. But he wasn’t here for her, he had a far more appealing girl to enjoy.

“Thank God, you’re here. It just won’t stop.” Her words almost tripped over each other, she was so flustered. “How long do you think it will take?” Looking towards the house, as the alarm went off again.

“To be honest, this might be a hardware problem or a software problem, the diagnostic alone will take a couple of hours.  But I’ll work as fast as I can.” He responded, wearing his best ‘trust-me’ smile. “I’d say 4:30 maybe even 5 at the latest.”

She flings Clint the keys, “Okay. Thanks. The house is open. Bye.” Words tossed over her shoulder as she climbed into her car.

Clint watched her drive away, a wry smile on his face, before sauntering up to the house. With a few swipes on his phone the house was now silent.  Making his way through the front door, he wandered around enjoying being in Bailey’s space, imagining her sitting at the kitchen table or lounging on the couch watching Netflix. As he made his way to the laundry, he went through the washing, finding a pair of tiny silken panties waiting for the wash. His heart began pounding. Bringing the crotch to his nose, he inhaled the tangy smell of her girl scent, closing his eyes and imagining that sweet space between her thighs.




Meanwhile, at school, Bailey could barely keep her eyes open as she moved through the crowded halls between class periods.  “HEY!” Charlotte called out as Bailey zombied past her.  “I called you like four times,” she says scampering behind to catch up.  Her expression changed as she got closer taking in the abysmal sight of Bailey. Unkempt hair in a messy bun, huge bags under her clearly bloodshot eyes, and a near vacant expression on her face. “What the hell? Are you okay?”

Charlotte’s face softened when she looked at Bailey’s dejection.  “I…I…” the last 24 hour had taken a toll on her and she couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Charlotte’s eyes diverted awkwardly as Bailey lunged at her.  Bailey wraped her arms around her girlfriend, nearly collapsing in their embrace.

“Oh my g…“ Charlotte was taken aback by the sudden show of affection in public but embraced her anyway.  A few of the students whispered as Bailey held her tightly. “Bay, what the hell is going on, are you okay?”  Charlotte finally pulled back looking at Bailey who was fighting back a stream of tears. The answer was summarily written all over her face. “Come here,” Charlotte said grabbing Bailey’s arm and pulling her down the hallway toward an empty class room.   They enter and as if forced down to the floor Bailey sunk against the large oak desk and down onto the linolium.  The room was only lit by a few stray beams of sunlight that had managed to sneak through the blinds casting dark shadows across a distraught Bailey.

Clint knew today would be critical, he’d still been unable to fully crack Bailey’s phone, but just on the off chance she sought help, he had managed to crack Charlotte’s.   Her microphone had been on all day and while most of it was mundane high school drama, his ears immediately perked up when he heard Bailey’s voice.

“I don’t know what to do?” She said her hands shaking as she held them up at a confused Charlotte.

“Bailey, ummm,” Charlotte quickly found herself ill equiped to deal with what was looking more and more like a quickly escalating panic attack from Bailey. She sat beside her wrapping her arms around Bailey, pulling her in close.  “You don’t have to tell you parents its ok, I- I’m sorry I even asked, I shouldn’t be pressuring you into it.”

Charlotte felt Bailey’s hands pressing into her, seperating the two as she shook her head.  “N-no,” *sniffle* “its not that, I mean that’s… I guess part of it but-“





Clint had heard enough, and while he didn’t have full access to her phone, when she’d opened the email he sent to her weeks ago about a volleyball tournament, it had installed the hidden messenger app on her phone as well.  He wasn’t sure if he’d ever end up needing it but now seemed like as good a time as any to let her know it was there.



Bailey froze, her eyes looking around wondering if her stalker had somehow managed to put cameras in her school too, as he seemed to be everywhere else.

“Bay?” Charlotte said snapping her attention back to the moment.

Bailey clicked on her phone, the little duck bouncing in the corner, she clicked it away but it just popped back up.


“New ringtone?” Charlotte asked as Bailey’s attention split between her and her phone.

“Uhhh yea, its, ummm.”


In a panic she opened the message just to make the quacking stop.


It was like someone sucked all the air from the room. Bailey’s hands were at her chest trying to catch her breath. She looked over at Charlotte who could only look back affectionatly.  “O…ok.” Bailey says, leaning over placing her head on her friend’s shoulder. “I was…um, just scared to tell them. Ok?” Bailey said asking more than telling, hoping that Charlotte believed that’s what all this was about.

“Shhhh shhhhh,” Charlotte says consolingly, as she ran her fingers through Bailey’s hair. “Tell them when you’re ready, its your decision, no one should force you to make it.

Clint listened closely on the headphones that he’d plugged into his phone to keep track of their conversation as he wandered around Bailey’s house.  He chuckled to himself at the sheer irony, Charlotte was probably right, no one should force her to make these kinds of decisions, but unfortunately, someone was.

Charlotte looked up as the door to the room opened.  A few students and the school’s guidance counselor stood at the entrance to the room quizzically looking in.  Knowing this didn’t look great Charlotte thought quickly on her feet (or from the floor), “she had a panic attack, I couldn’t get her to the nurse’s office,” she said as she continued to try and relax Bailey, who was curled up into a ball next to her.

Ms. Dani Davey a quarky early  30-something with a sweet and nutruting disposition quickly entered the room as her crisis training kicked in, “Thanks, you all need to get to class. I’ve got it from here.” She said to the students who were curiously watching, while a few had even pulled out phones and were recording. Ms. Davey snatched away each of their phones quickly, “I’ll go ahead and delete those,” she said shutting the door in their faces.  Most of the students milled around trying to peek above the frosted windows of the door to see what was happening.  The commotion was every growing as the teens had no compunction about the privacy of the classmate, after all who can turn away from a train wreck.  Before getting to Bailey, Dani lets out a loud sigh as she hears the rumor mill just outside the door beginning to churn.  Abruptly swung the door open and stuck her head out.  “CLASS NOW!”  She roared sending a sea of tweens scattering like roaches.

She reentered the room, calmly closing the door and making her way onto the floor to join the girls.  It took another 20 minutes to fully calm her down and get Bailey off the floor. Charlotte eventually convinced Ms. Davey that it would be safer to let her take Bailey home now, because her dad wouldn’t be able to get there until 5pm and she was her ride home anyway.

Dani had seen the two girls together in the hall and after volleyball games and was fairly certain she understood the nature of the budding relationship and as a private christian prep school she knew this sort or relationship was frowned upon, she'd consistently looked the other way.  Reluctantly, Ms. Davey agreed and escorted the girls to Charlotte’s car, seeing them off. 

Clint spent a good hour meandering around the home, spending his time invading Bailey’s life.  He looked in every drawer, dug around the back of her closet, and even took the time to read a few of her journal entries.  She would appreciate that he went to such great efforts to get to know her.

His mind flashed back to Jenny, his first love, he'd taken the time to know her too. He thought about when he stole borrowed her journal to help him get into her head back as a young eighteen-year-old. Though no good deed goes unpunished, as he found himself seething when he read that she didn’t like him, despite all the attention he’d given her and all the effort he'd gone through to...borrow... her journal. It turned out she was had a crush on one of her teachers, so boring, so clinche, so predictable. That information had become invaluable when he had to keep her quiet after he’d lost control and grabbed her as she left the library one evening.  Her tits soft in his strong hands, hands that quickly wiggled their way down her jeans into her panties. Rubbing her dry slit and almost cumming in his own pants.  She squealed softly be knew it would get much worse if she tried to get loud.   She nearly told her parents, but when she found out that Clint had made copies of her journal, she agreed to keep this little incident between them. He shook his head, getting the embarassing image out of his head. He wouldn’t let Bailey get anything on him. This was always going to be one way.

After he felt satisfied that there were no surprises waiting on him, he made his way back to the van, he took a couple of laps around the block just to get a feel for the neighborhood.  All of the homes and properties were far larger than he grew up in.  He used to despise these suburban hells and the rich assholes who lived in them.  Even when he secured a good job and money, he didn’t see the purpose of blowing all that wealth on material things or a larger house.  He parked about half a block away, but close enough to see anyone coming and going from the house.

The van was your average non-descirpte white service van that was a regular sight in the suburbs so he felt comfortable behind his tinted windows scrolling through the ever expanding library of pictures he had of Bailey as he waited on her arrival. He turned the sound up and linked it to Charlotte’s phone, so he could listen to their conversations as he scrolled.

Bailey didn’t say much on the ride back to her house.  Charlotte continually looked over at her, unsure of what to say to help.  It was nearly 1pm by the time Charlotte got Bailey back home.  As they pulled into the driveway she finally spoke up, “I can stay, you know if you want.” Charlotte said softly as she put the car in park.


Charlotte chuckles, “love that new ringtone, super cute, it’s so you.”


“No, ummm… my stepmom might be home and…ya know,” Bailey said somberly. “I – I’ll call you tonight?” she said forcing herself to smile.
Charlotte returned a smile in kind, “hey I’m really sorry, about all of it, no more pressuring, scouts honor.” She said holding up three fingers.

Bailey nodded, and exited the car, waving goodbye to Charlotte as she pulled away.  She slung her backpack over her shoulder and made her way up to the house. “Olivia?” she called out tentatively as she opened the front door.  Liv had promptly quit her job after she began seriously dating Charlie and it was common place for her to loaf around the house, until just before Charlie got home, leaving just enough time to straighten up, do her hair and make up and present herself as the doting housewife. “Liv, are you here?” she called again, as she set her backpack down at the front door. 

No TV on.

No cackling on her cell phone with her friends.

Empty bedroom.

Even the home gym in the basement was empty.  She was alone.

Normally Bailey would have relished having the house to herself, but for once she almost wished she had someone, anyone, even Olivia, to confide in.
She quickly made her way to her room, she changed into a pair of running short and a tank top.  Athletic attire was always her go to when she felt vulnerable.  She made her way back downstairs and into the kitchen grabbing a bag of potato chips without breaking stride and headed toward the comforts of the couch.

Bailey sunk into the couch pulling the throw blanket from over the back and wrapping herself in it as she began to channel surf.  Daytime TV left a lot to be desired but it served its purpose, distracting her from the sheer panic and anxiety that was gripping her body. 
Her chest felt tight, and she had a pounding headache from clenching her teeth all day.  She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before so the monotone yammering of the TV provided ample background noise to aid in putting her to sleep.  From a block away Clint watched from his phone his free hand pressing against his cock that throbbed in his jeans.
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Re: Red Briar
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Love how Clint can hear her the moment she uses her phone- ingenious! Might be nice to see one of her teachers come onto Bailey, adding to her discomfort at the time!. Can't wait to read what Clint has in story for Bailey  at 3 PM! Merit awarded to both when allowed!

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Re: Red Briar
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Absolutely amazing and loving the setup.  She's at home, alone, for the next couple hours.  Clint's about to have some fun  >:D

Also wondering not so much if Charlotte will get caught in this web, but when.  She will enter it with the best of intentions to help Bailey, too.
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Re: Red Briar
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Yes, I look forward to Charlotte getting caught in this entanglement as well! Another engaging chapter Bubbles.
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Re: Red Briar
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Excellent job Bubbles and Seeker.  I like where this is heading and how this is building up.

Also, bonus points on this douchenozzle driving an Audi.  Nothing screams "I'm an overcompsenating young douchebag in IT" like a black Audi A4.

LMAO so true
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Red Briar Chapter Seven
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Red Briar

Chapter Seven
By: [Bubbles] & Seeker



The doorbell startled her as she pressed herself up from the couch and looked at her cell.  It was only 2:40, he was early. Her heart lept into her throat as she scrambled toward the front door.  She shifted onto her tip toes to see through the peep hole.  She felt relief at first seeing it was only the security company, presumably back to fix something else. 
However, they could not have picked a worst time.

Bailey swung open the door her eyes looking past the man standing there, wondering if her stalker was watching.

“Oh. . . Hello?” She exclaimed.

“Afternoon, Bailey,” Clint replied, looking up to see the most gorgeous vision before him. Dressed in a tight blue tank top baring her shoulders and arms and white running shorts showing her strong legs, he could make out every curve of her youthful body.

“What? Who. . . How’d you know my name.” Puzzlement flashing over her face. Why’d he look so familiar? Maybe she’d seen him before. Not a memorable face, pretty plain and old. Must have been when he fixed the security system before. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was not right.

“I’m fixing the alarm.” He said, heart fluttering in his chest. He’d imagined this scene a hundred times, but in none of them did he feel so nervous. She wasn’t supposed to question him. He was the one in charge. “Your step-mum told me you’d be home.”

“She’s not my stepmother. She’s my Dad’s girlfriend.” Bailey’s confusion abating, but being replaced with anxiety. The man with her pictures would be here in twenty minutes. “How long are you going to be? You have to be gone by three. I’ve got. . .” She didn’t finish her sentence, because panic rose in her throat with the thought of the pictures. She just had to get them back and this guy couldn’t be here.

“Just a few more checks. I told your Dad’s girlfriend I’d fix the alarm, and the diagnostics are almost done.” Clint didn’t like the way Bailey looked at him, as if he were an inconvenience. She should be nicer to people, he thought to himself.  When she was his, he’d teach her how to have some common courtesy.  But for now, “I’ll be quick,” he states, with no intention of actually following through.

“Please hurry.” She looked at her watch 2:48pm. She scurried into the lounge, looking through the windows to see if there was anyone outside. A car drew up on the other side of the street and a man got out. Her pulse quickened as he looked around. She could taste the fear in her throat, metallic and dry. But as he walked up to Mrs. Robinson’s house she concluded that it couldn’t be him.

Clint wandered into the lounge, standing pensively as if thinking what to do next. He loved the panic he saw in her eyes, as they darted from the street to him and back. This was his doing, it was because of him. He was the one that had her on edge and he couldn’t believe that she hadn’t recognized him.  They’d met more than a dozen times, and each time he spoke to her she seemed so kind.  He’d spent the past weeks memorizing every detail of her round face, every freckle, every angle.  And here he was in her home and she didn’t even know he existed.  But she would soon enough.  He would become significant in her world, and she would do what he wanted.

“Aren’t you done yet? You have to go, now. PLEEEEEASSSEEEE!.” Her voice had taken on a whining tone. She hated that she felt like this, that the man with her pictures made her feel so afraid. 2:53pm showed on the clock by the fireplace

“Sorry Bailey. I can’t leave until I’ve done what I came for.” Clint said, his own heart pounding in anticipation. How would she respond when the time came. When he. . .

Bailey ran out of the room in frustration. He couldn’t tell if those were tears in her eyes as he passed but he also didn’t much care.  He let out a soft sigh as he felt the bulge of arousal in his trousers and worried that he may have given himself away too early.

He heard her bedroom door slam shut. More rudeness. He stripped out of his overalls down to jeans and a plain shirt.  The last thing he wanted was for the video to have any noticeable or identifying features that could be traced back to him. He adjusted himself to hide his erection and then rambled down the passage to her room just before 3pm, walking in on her without knocking. The object of his obsession was at the window looking up and down the street frantically, then at the clock, and then across to the computer. No sign of the mystery man.

“GET OUT! You have to leave. NOW!” She yelled at him, angst ruining her usually calm demeanor. This guy was like a rash. Why wouldn’t he just leave? He shouldn’t be in her room. This irritating old guy was going to be a problem.

“I um. . . I. . .” Clint was flustered for a second, not expecting such a vehement response. But then anger welled up inside him. This was how women had treated him all his life.  Berating him, belittling him. He was the one who should be giving instructions. Not her. His voice took on a nasty edge. “You waiting for someone?”

She looked at him in disbelief “Why’re you still here? GET. OUT!” She yelled pointing at the door.

“No, you’re not waiting on someone, you’re waiting on something,” Clint said brusquely, tossing a few photos onto the bed, similar to the ones from the night before.

“Wha. . .” Bailey glanced at them, her words dissolving as the blood drained from her face, as she realized what they were. She turned slowly looking blankly from the pictures to him and back, trying to process everything. With a sense of horror, she saw an image of herself, her hairbrush handle deep inside her mouth, her eyes watering and her chin covered in spit. She quickly collected them up and pulled them to her chest, as if that would make the incriminating evidence disappear.

“How’d you get these?” She whispered, not wanting to hear the answer, but needing to ask. “Wh-wh-what. . . d’you want?”

He could tell she wanted to run, her eyes shifting from him to the door. She’d left her cell phone downstairs and now the man who had been stalking her was between her and the door.

Now that he was at the moment of truth, Clint felt tongue-tied and awkward. It was one thing instructing her behind a screen, but now, she was in real life. He’d never been good at talking to girls in real life. Trish had propositioned him.

“You gotta do what I say.” He blurted. Realizing he sounded like an idiot, he reiterated. “You want the pictures, you do what I want.” He stuck his chin and chest out like a petulant child, trying to be taken seriously by this young girl who was less half his age and half his weight.

“Please leave me alone. I’ve done nothing to you. I just want the pictures back!” Bailey pleaded, her eyes tearing. Not wanting to know what he might want.

“Don’t talk. Listen to me.” He snarled, exasperated by her non-cooperation. He strode over to her, grabbing her shoulders firmly. “I’m in charge. Not you. Understand?”

She nodded reluctantly, fearfully, his large frame towering over her menacingly.  The two stood for a moment in the awkward silence.  Clint trying to muster the courage to assert himself as Bailey fought back the desire to scream or run.  He took a powerful step toward her, instantly causing her to step backward.

Again he moved, cutting off more angles and backing her into a corner. She trembled as Clint closed the distance to just under a foot, she looked up at him, she’d never felt so small in all her life. Clint grew even more emboldened now that he was this close, he could see the fear in her eyes, her body language accentuated what was now clear; she was frozen.

He grabbed her chin and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. She tried to turn her head, but he held her firmly so that his chapped lips smothered her dainty red pout. Wriggling to get away, she broke free from his grasp. Pushing him hard in the chest, her little hands feeling like battering rams against him.

“Stop. What are you doing?” She panted in breathless shock, her back now against the wall, the pictures clutched to her chest and her eyes as wide as saucers. “Are you crazy!?”

“I want you Bailey, we belong together.” He said as if that would mean something to the teen. The many times he’d watched her making him believe that they somehow had a connection. “We can make it work,” he says as if it was a forgone conclusion that she wanted him as well and the only thing between them was the logistics.

She looked back at him bewildered, “I DON’T KNOW YOU!” She screamed. Seeing the distrust and even disgust apparent on her pretty features, he started getting angry.

Why was she pretending like she was oblivious, they’d known each other for months now.  He huffed, not wanting to get angry on such an important day.  “Bailey, we’re going to date, it’ll work out trust me.”

“I’m not fucking dating you!” she says adamantly, “You need to leave or I’ll-“

“You’ll what? Tell your father?”  Clint scoffed,  “How about this? If you don’t cooperate, I’ll send all of those pictures out. You know the ones with you in the shower and you with your girlfriend.” Clint began to reassert himself stepping closer with each word.

“I’ll send them to your father.”
“and his friends”
“and your friends”
“and your church”
“and your school”

She shook her head silently, not able to form words, her mind a blank of fear for the present and any potential future she could think of. She realized there was nowhere to go, as she felt the curtain slide up against her back and the man looming large in front of her. He grabbed her by the back of her neck, his massive paw guiding her out of the corner.  He pulled her back towards the bed, his large hand transitioning to the front of her neck, clamping down hard enough to maintain control but not to injure, not allowing her to wriggle free again.

“You want the pictures. You gotta do what I want.” He growled, his voice hoarse with lust. He bent into another kiss, his hands cupping her head and throat, not giving her any leeway to escape this time. His full lips descended as if in slow motion. She could make out the hairs in his nostrils and the mole on his cheek, smelling his stale breath as he got closer. Panic squeezed her heart, but she couldn’t stop him and then his lips were on hers, rubbing and slobbering, tongue probing against her pursed lips and clenched teeth, more akin to a passionate lick than a kiss.  The sensation was nothing like she’d felt with Charlotte, instead, it felt like a slavering dog was trying to make out with her. Bailey winced and tried to recoil but his grip tightened as his tongue pressed into her mouth.

Happy that she was now acting relatively docile, Clint wanted more. He was not going to be defied, his desires would not be thwarted. Not now that he had his prize. The hand on her neck slid up until he had her jaw in a pincer and he pressed, hard, forcing her jaws apart and his tongue entry to her oral pleasures. He plundered her tongue, her teeth, her lips, his tongue sliding around like it had a life of its own. It was like he wanted to draw the very breath out of her, it was so all-encompassing. She didn’t feel faint, just revolted, but still, she could do nothing except push weakly against his large pudgy frame.

And then his tongue slithered out of her mouth and snaked across her cheek, as he planted small kisses and flicking licks like a reptile along her jaw to her neck. He started talking again after the silent abuse of her mouth.

“I’ve been watching you Bailey Bean. . . I saw you in the mall with your mom and Olivia. . . my favorite moment was when you were shopping for underwear. . . I love your underwear. . . so innocent and pretty. . . just like you. . .”

Her stomach curdled, knowing that he’d been invading her life, somehow without her knowledge for so long.  His words interspersed by kisses down her neck and up to her earlobe, sending peculiar unwanted tingles down her spine and into her brain. She couldn’t stand it, it wasn’t nice, but it wasn’t horrible. It was just confusing and overwhelming, the sensations unknown and untrusted.

“Please don’t.” She mumbled as he nibbled an earlobe, before licking gently behind her ear.

Clint was in heaven, her soft skin like warm velvet on his lips and tongue, everything he had imagined, and more. His passion boiled and he was a man possessed. Nothing would stop him now.  Ignoring her pleas he continued, turning her around and pushing her suddenly so she fell onto her back on the bed, knees bent and feet still on the floor. He quickly leaned over her, his knees straddling hers and pinning them down. A hand beside her head the other pulling at the thin strap of her top, sliding it down her arm before she realized what he was doing. Carrying on so that the top tugged down and she felt coolness as her breast was exposed.

“I saw your tits when I followed you into the change room. Beautiful pink girly nipples. Such firm perky tits.” He moaned, passion consuming him as he felt the sweet mound for the first time, his hand covering it as he groped and mauled her, rolling and pinching her nipple to hardness between thumb and forefinger. The shock of another person playing with her breast and stimulating her tender nipples sent unexpected shivers through Bailey’s inexperienced body, disconcertingly channeling to the secret spot between her legs.

The shock of what he’d said warring with the feelings in her body, but her mind took over. She grabbed his wrist, trying to push his hand away only to find hers quickly pinned to the bed. “No please. . . What? In the change room. . . Who are you?”  But she was no match for his superior weight, despite her training and athleticism, she was just a young girl at the mercy of a fully grown man. She’d just have to endure the molestation. . .

No, she could fight back. Bailey wriggled her hand free and started hitting his forearm, clenched fists battering at him. He responded by grabbing her nipple, with a cruel look in his eyes he twists and tugs at her delicate little bud as if he was trying to rip it from her chest. She couldn’t believe the pain. No one had ever don’t something so hurtful, so callous. This was even worse than a volleyball to the chest, and that hurt. Nothing in her life had prepared her for it, the contrast with the tingly feelings a moment earlier was too much.

“Stooooooooooooop...fucking hell,” she howled, it was the first time she’d sworn, and it was worth it.

He wouldn’t relent, even as tears of pain sprung into her eyes. “I was trying to be nice. You don’t want to see me angry, Bailey! Actually, I think I’ll write an email tonight to your father, with some really saucy pictures of you and Charlotte. Is that what you want?”

The rebellion dissipated with his words and the agony he was causing her. Letting her arms fall by her side, she capitulated, silent tears running down the side of her face into her ears as she looked up at him, hurt and dismayed, shaking her head and mumbling “No, please don’t. . .”

“That’s better.” He crowed, bending down further, taking her reddened little nipple between his lips soothing it with his tongue. “You do what I say and I won’t have to hurt you. Alright?” She just nodded numbly as he tugged the other shoulder strap down revealing her other breast to his voracious gaze. “I’ve dreamed of this moment, ever since I first saw these sweet little titties.”

His mouth opened wider engulfing her little beestings, tongue flicking the nipple as he sucked a mouthful of the firm flesh, nibbling tenderly on the firm nub that he had tortured a moment before. Bailey had never thought that anything could feel like this. Somehow disgust mixed with pleasure, interwoven with fear and trepidation. Her brain felt like it might explode as she lay nearly smother by the man slobbering on her breasts.

Tremors flowing from his tongue over her skin, a weird turmoil of pleasure and pain, feeling good and bad at the same time. Her innocent body and mind flooded with the unknown sensations, her brain revolting at the thought that this brute was making her feel this way and he forced her to let him do things she could not have imagined.

Clint suckled happily, like a baby on the breast. The reality exceeding his wildest dreams. He was so hard he thought his cock would burst out of his jeans, but he had more to do with his little plaything. Kneeling on the bed beside her he trailed kisses down her torso towards the bunched material around her waist while his hand continued groping her tit. 
He continued narrating though she did her best to separate her mind from the experience.  “Such a smooth toned stomach. I’ve watched you playing volleyball in your tight kit. Flaunting your body for everyone to see, teasing the boys. Stretching and bending, as if you didn’t know the effect it was having.  But they’ll never love you like I will Bay.”  She shuddered, her name somehow sounding foreign from his lips.

His other hand hooked inside her pants. Panic flooded Bailey’s senses, overcoming the unwanted feelings of her natural response. “Please don’t. Not there. . .” She tried to push his head away, to get to his hands, but the only response was a jolt of agony through her nipple as he twisted it again. She was too focused on the pain and ceased resisting long enough for Clint. As he released her nipple, she felt his hand slip into her shorts, under her panties, and over her downy mound.
Inexorably, it slid over her clit.  Like a jolt of lightning, her body twitches and then goes rigid as he wormed his way between her soft folds.  His finger finding slight traces of moisture wrung from her young hormone-riddled body and a clear result of his forced stimulation.

Bailey gasped, she hadn’t even gotten this far with Charlotte, and here was this man forcing his way into her. The conflicting feelings caused a rush that Bailey struggled to understand.  She fought for her breath as she tried to focus on the revulsion of this brutish beast’s presence, as opposed to the feeling of being penetrated so thoughtlessly for the first time.   

He couldn’t think of a better place to be, kneeling over this beautiful writhing girl, a hand in her crotch, fingering her pussy while the other kneaded her tit. He looked up at her distraught face, as his finger sent quivers up her belly and made her juices start to flow. He could see her bewilderment as her body responded to his touch, despite her abhorrence of everything that was happening to her.

“You hungry little slut, your pussy doesn’t lie, you love this.” He gloated as he suddenly grabbed her shorts and pulled them off her hips with her panties exposing her secret place to his lascivious scrutiny. He’d ripped them off one leg before she could try and grab them to preserve her modesty, leaving them flapping uselessly around her ankle like a flag of surrender. Grabbing her legs under the knees, he spread them wide, leaning his entire weight on them so she could do nothing except succumb to his wishes. Her vulva flowered beautifully before him, her glistening lips parting to reveal her swollen clit nestled delightfully in a sparse tuft of fine blond hair. As he spread her wide, he saw the crest of her innocence guarding her womanhood. 

He couldn’t wait for a second longer, his mouth attached to her lips, just like he’d before, only this time it was far more intimate than a kiss. Slobbering and licking up and down her slit, tasting her nectar which to him was like the rarest elixir.
Bailey let out a squeal, “EEEAAAAIIIIII-AAAAHHH” neither she nor Clint could tell if it was pleasure and arousal, or shock and fear.  As he tongued her clit, a wash of sensation stirred her core, flooding her body with mysterious emotion. Nothing before could have prepared her for the experience of his tongue in her little hole. She moaned, hands on his head simultaneously trying to push him away as her hips bucked closer each time his tongue hit her clit. Her mind mortified at her wanton display, but her naïve body involuntarily bucking her hips into his face. Clint lapped at her honeypot for a few minutes, occasionally pushing his pointed tongue into her sopping gash, then pulling it out only to replace it with his tongue. 

With relative ease, he drove her arousal higher and higher into untested territory. But the fear and disgust at the entire ordeal prevented her from discovering her first orgasm and she plateaued in a disconcerting haze of pleasure and shame.
Then his need became too strong and tasting her wasn’t enough. He wanted satisfaction and didn’t care about hers anymore.  Clint stood up over her, she gasped trying to catch her breath, feeling a level of shame she was unaware existed before.  He pulled his shirt over his head as he spoke, “You had your turn, now it’s mine.”  Clint’s voice had changed, he was no longer unsure of himself, his commanding tone bolstered by a singular focus, “You’ve got a choice. You can either suck me off nicely. . . Or I’m going to take your virginity away in a far less pleasurable fashion.”

Bailey looked up at him aghast, the flush of arousal on her chest and neck and confounding her young immature brain. She wasn’t dumb, and his flowery language didn’t make the threat of rape any more palatable. But she had absolutely no desire to put a cock in her mouth. This wasn’t a choice, it was hell. “P-p-please let me g-go. I c-c-can’t. I’m t-too young. I’ve n-n-never. . .” She stuttered in horror, as he unzipped himself and dropped his trousers, his manhood tenting his undershorts in a frightening manner.

“I’ll show you. It’ll be just like with your hairbrush last night.” He snickered, pulling his shorts down and revealing what to Bailey seemed like a six-inch purple-veined monster of a cock, the circumcised mushroom head already leaking precum from its slit. He sat beside her on the bed, stroking himself, now feeling entirely in control of the situation, unlike before. “You’ve got ten seconds to get your lips around my cock, before I find another way to please myself.”

She lay paralyzed next to him, not moving towards or away. “I’ll help you,” he said softly. Although his actions didn’t match his words, as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face towards his groin. Bailey had no resistance left at that point and allowed him to mash her face onto the erect organ rising out of the bed of brown curly hair that covered his crotch and legs. A sour smell assaulted her senses as she got close to him, like old sweat and urine. At that point, she tried to push back, but he was too strong and the precum moistened tip smeared across her lips.

“There you go baby,” he said as if talking to a lover.  “Open your mouth. Now.” He growled in his desire for satisfaction. She wasn’t a person to him at that moment, purely the object of his desire, a plaything for his pleasure. And disobedience would not be tolerated. He slapped her hard on the cheek, causing her to cry out in shock and pain, allowing the disgusting head to thrust into her opened mouth. “If I feel any teeth, you lose them. Understood?”

Bailey heard, desperately opening her mouth as wide as it could go, an open maw for his gratification. Clint plunged her head down onto the pole, only halting when it bashed into her tonsils. The panic for Bailey was immediate. Her body began to flail as his cock filled her mouth and quickly found that spot the hairbrush had been the night before.  Clint twisted and contorted his hips to keep up with her.  He only felt the back of her throat momentarily before she got away.  He grunted and redoubled his efforts, wrapping his hand in her golden tresses.

Then pulling up on her hair, he plunged her down again, and again and again.  Each time triggering her novice gag reflex causing her back to arch and a gurgling sound to fill the room. She’d entirely lost control of the situation as Clint continued using her as a jerking aid, not letting her do anything except thrash around in misery as saliva and spit bubbled out over her lips. After a minute, he paused saying. “Either we carry on like this. . . Or you blow me like you did your hairbrush. I want to feel suction and your tongue.”

“Ah whu huck u.” Bailey responded without hesitation, not wanting to repeat the face fucking she had just endured. Anything would be better than that. He smiled and stroked her hair, brushing it back from his face.  “That’s my girl,” he said lovingly, his entire personality shifting from cruel rapist to compassionate lover.  He guided he slowly back to his cock and simply to avoid further rough treatment, she began licking and sucking, bobbing her head on his cock, shame washing over her as she did, but not willing to risk not satisfying him. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see anything.

“Keep your eyes open. And for godsake, try and look like you’re having fun, it's our first time together,” he said with a smile.  Her heart sank, not only did she have to participate in her own oral rape but she had to enjoy it? “Lighten up,” he added, “you look like someone’s died.”

She was pretty intent on saving herself for marriage.  That was always what she’d imagined.  She even quietly judged girls at school who were more promiscuous, holding herself in much higher esteem.  Though at this moment, she felt like the lowest slut, like the blowjob queens everyone at school gossiped about. But that didn’t stop her from trying, keeping her eyes open so she could see his hairy crotch and his shaft as she slid up and down, striving to stop the fear and unhappiness that she was feeling show on her face and fighting back the urge to puke the entire time. Despite her inexperience, or possibly because of it, Clint felt himself getting harder moving rapidly towards his peak. He lay back on her bed, slipping a hand between Bailey’s thick thighs and fingering her wet twat as she sucked.  Her body jolted as he slid between her sweet lips, but his free hand at the back of her head reminded her of her priorities and the consequence of abandoning them even as he fingered her virgin hole.

“When I cum, I want you to swallow it, like a good girl.” Clint groaned as he felt his balls begin to tingle and his loins reach the point of no return. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, stopping her bobbing motion as she comprehended what he was saying, disgust flashing across her face. Clint wasn’t going to abide any challenge when he was so close, pulling his finger from inside her, he clamps onto her head with both hands.   Pushing her head down onto his cock, plunging to the back of her throat and making her gag and flail uncontrollably. “It’s not a request!” He grunted,
“Swallow or I’ll be writing an email to daddy tonight.”

The convulsing of her gullet and horror in her eyes were enough to push him over the edge as he jetted copious amounts of his sticky seed into the back of her mouth, causing her to gulp and cough with the fluid onslaught. Her mouth gaped open as she gagged on his cock and the thick creamy fluid that was being pumped into the back of her throat.  She sputtered but was unable to keep from swallowing the profuse amounts of batter he shot into her stomach.

“Goooooooooood girl, gooooood girrrrrrrrlllllllllllll,” he groaned as his entire body shook with the strongest orgasm he’d ever had. Bailey retched at the vile taste and texture, slimy salty globs covering the inside of her mouth. His downward force increased as he orgasmed for what seemed like an eternity to her, his last few loads invading her sinus cavity as she retched.  The spunk permeated her nostrils with the funky and bitter smell. Clint was lost in the moment not letting her off his cock, holding her head in place, and to her dismay instructing her. “You’re not finished yet. Keep sucking. Clean up the mess you left.”

Defeated by the horrendous ordeal that she hoped would soon be over, she did what he told her. Forcing the foul stuff down her throat as she suckled his deflating organ. A small bit of cum ran from her nose and down her lips as Clint had lost all control and couldn’t stop facefucking her if he wanted to.

Only once the bliss began to subside and his cock returned to its flaccid state did he let her off. His hands gripping his soft organ, holding it up to her lips and with a sneer, commanding “Give it a kiss goodbye.” To her utter humiliation, she did as he said, no resistance left in her body or soul. Just hoping that he would leave and never come back. Since she had done what he wanted.

As he withdrew from her mouth, his mood became suddenly jovial. “That was fun. I love spending time with you, Bay.” He said in a cheery tone as if he hadn’t just forced her to suck him off and facefucked her against her will.  Clint stood up, put his jeans back on, and then leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, saying “As I said, you can have the photos. I always do what I say… But I’ll be in touch, soon.” He tousled her hair with a mischievous chuckle before turning to leave. 

With that he casually walked out of her room, leaving the naked girl lying on the bed, sobbing inconsolably at the abuse she had just suffered. Wondering what he meant by, he would be in touch. She heard him leave the house a couple of minutes later.  She ran to the bathroom hurling herself at the toilet.  Shoving a finger down her throat, forcing the disgusting liquid back up and out of her body. Her arms gripped the bowl as the only thing keeping her upright.  She quivered uncontrollably, not sure what to do next until she heard the smart lock on the door whirl and Olivia’s voice as she got out of her car.

Bailey hurried back to her room closing the door behind her, throwing on new clothes, she wanted to climb into bed but couldn’t make herself do it.  She just stared at the disheveled blankets and pillows her mind replaying the distressing events back to her.  She slowly backed away into her closed, sliding to the back corner amongst her dresses she curled into a ball.  In the box next to her a number of dolls and toys from her youth.  She reached in grabbing the teddy bear she used to carry with her everywhere. She presses her face into it, stifling the heart aching sobs alone.
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Re: Red Briar
« Reply #38 on: June 06, 2021, 12:56:28 PM »
Firstly, wcome back Bubbles! It's wonderful to have you back. And then as your writing partner to see what you have done with this post, adding more incredible hotness makes me even happier you have found your mojo...
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Re: Red Briar
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Well seem the absent of writing this story hasn't affected you any! Damn how blackmail chapter. Love the fact she remained ignorant to what was in her face the whole time. Can't wait to read how this continues from here! merit awarded to both writer!

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Re: Red Briar
« Reply #40 on: June 06, 2021, 08:23:11 PM »
I am so pleased to see this excellent collaboration return! I discovered this story slightly before Halloween and re-read it several times since, attempting to patiently await its return.

I am drawn to virgin and blackmail stories and this is a tour de force in both those aspects so far.  Feels like an instant classic to me.

I liked how it has been months since Clint began his campaign which shows his utter obsession and I think Bailey has developed some more too in that time frame.

I know Bailey is naive but she will soon have to face the fact that she is at Clint's beck and call and all her "first times" are forfeit to him, and some fell this very chapter. First swear word too. Clint even got to flick Bailey Bean's bean. (what would the kids at school think.)

Great vivid descriptions of Bailey's unwanted arousal and confusion because she loathes what Clint is doing to her but feels stimulated at the same time. Her shame is palpable as she performs an act she had considered previously unthinkable. I also loved how her innocent eyes perceived Clint's mighty six incher as a monster.

I truly enjoyed this installment and am champing at the bit for more. Props and merits to both authors as per usual. Thank you. Bravo.  emot_applaus.gif
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Re: Red Briar
« Reply #41 on: June 07, 2021, 09:12:16 AM »
Absolutely amazing.  Welcome Back, Bubbles.  The amount of detail, the way Clint sees this as some kind of romantic encounter, and the way that Bailey reacts is purely sublime.  I'm looking forward to how this plays out.  Clint can't play the broken security system card all the time.  Once or twice, maybe, but any more than that and Olivia and the dad will complain.  He's going to need another plan to get her alone. 

And why do I have a feeling that that plan will be how Charlotte gets roped into this trap?  Charlotte investigates why Bailey is being all distant, she tracks her to some random location like a park or some store parking lot, and Charlotte snaps some pics of Bailey getting in Clint's car.  She sends Bailey the pics, and a short while later thanks to the tracker on her phone, Clint pulls Charlotte into the trap as well.

Once again, Bravo.
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Re: Red Briar
« Reply #42 on: June 17, 2021, 01:36:47 PM »
Absolutely amazing! I’m just now reading it for the first time (after having been away from the forum for a while) and I’m incredibly impressed. The flow and quality of the writing is wonderful, the descriptions are vivid, and the pacing is perfect. Great job with a build up that makes the payoffs truly impactful!
Definitely looking forward to more!
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