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Attacked From Within
« on: September 25, 2019, 01:59:54 PM »
So the following is pure fiction. Rape, forcible confinement, assault and evading The law are all crimes, punishable by years in a penal institutions. learn this now before the legal profession teaches you the hard way!

The only advantaged Hurricane Dorian gave me when it struck Nova Scotia- my sister got through to my girlfriend and seemed to shred the mental effects of what happen to her in her early twenties. So what will follow is a scenario based on notes and face to face beatings err planning sessions between Tammy and myself. Fear not Tammy reads here everyday and will no what is being posted by all! So with that said...

September 25th 1994

I hear them pounding on the front door, through the microphones installed in the overhead porch light. A ‘Brrck’ and the interior mics pick up the cops rushing in, as they find the body of my audible gasps as they find the body of my slave, draped over the back of the high backed Victorian chair. Both of her lower orifices stuffed with wine bottles and her neck dangling at an angle the neck was never meant to make!

A through search by the cops and the forensic team finds all my sex toys, bondage gear  and history files of victims I’ve created since I turned fifteen! The only thing they failed to find- ME!

Since then I’ve been well hidden, safe from prying eyes, able to carry on with my little exploits, even after they sold the house out from under me. Oh yes every new couple who entered the door fled if fear within weeks, the females claiming to have been raped by unseen spirits. The only thing that prevented me claiming more was the ghost hunter, one Slavic woman called in six years ago. The fucking bastard almost gave my secret up to the bitch if I didn’t lay a trap that caused him to be electrocuted and his notes to burn up before the police arrived!

That was in 2013! Today I watch as a mother and daughter take possessions of the keys to my place!


September 25th, 2019,  7:30 AM

“Well Keri! Here’s our new home!”

“Really mom! The only thing this dump needs is lightning flashing over head and the theme of the Munster’s playing in the background and it would be the perfect place to film a horror show!"

“Keri Ann Garrett!”  Going closer to the porch, you wanted to stay with me and this was the only thing the realtor could find on such short notice. Walking up to the front door “Besides I think it rustic looking, unlike that concrete monstrosity that asshole is living in!”

“Geez mom get over it!” Joining her on the porch “So dad screwed his secretary's daughter, is that any reason why I have to come to the boonies?!”

A scoff then the key is placed in the door and turned!


My system alarm goes off before all my measures start to function once more like they were never off. On the main screen I watch as two ladies enter, then the external mics I upgraded pick up the sound of a truck backing up. So looks like I can renew my little reason for being for awhile longer.

“Great the movers are here”  The wider of the two dressed in a pair of jeans and light blue tank top, seemed really pleased with that. As I zoom in the camera I can see that she isn’t what I would call a woman, she ripped with arms bigger than the spindles in the bed left in the main bedroom. Face wise she wasn’t bad looking but it was her daughter who captured me immediate attention. Facially she was as striking as her mother was, similar build but her’s was more model like than gymrat!

“Oh yes she will do just fine!” Rubbing my crotch”When she’s too used I’ll change and take her mother!”


All the rest of the day was similar men moving heavy furniture in, setting it to please the lady supervising, Never complaining when they are asked to move something a few times. Boxes coming in on trolley platforms, carried to room throughout the house. Every camera has images of people and boxes,the mother with her top off revealing a black bar and showing off a four pack that had the movers swearing as they walked back and forth from truck to house.

By four Pm, The truck was gone, all the big furniture was placed in its proper position. Boxes were piled up in a neat in the corner of rooms awaiting to be carried out. At five, cable, internet  and phone was installed and mother and daughter were eating rotisserie chicken and french fries, drinking semi cold wine coolers. By six the mother  is in the small annex off the kitchen where she had the men placed the gym equipment, the daughter is up in her room trying on clothes.

She tries on an orange t-shirt and a pair of jeans,  looking over her right shoulder at herself in the mirror. I couldn’t resist i had to see the sight in person. Quietly making my way to the room she chose I peek in just as she says “Damn I love how these pants make my ass look!” And I had to admit so didn’t I! “Sweet!”- A little to loud, bolting like a panther before caught i just clear the hallway as she comes to her door “Hello is someone there?”

My Ipad shows her looking both ways in the hallway, then turning around and going back inside her room “Must have been hearing things!” Damn that was close, going into the linen closet, sliding the second shelf to the back, opening a hidden exit to stairs leading to my domain. Safely secure once more in the front of the high resolution monitor i watch as from the outside a guy walks to the front door, pressing the doorbell then waiting to be let in.

A few seconds later the mother answers the door a towel around her neck “Hey Doug!’ Leaning in and kissing the guy on the cheek, “Give me a chance to shower and I’ll be ready to go!”

“Hey sweetheart need someone to wash your back?”

“Doug!, please!”

“Ah come on Kat it wouldn’t be the first time!”


“Doug” looks up to the top of the stairs “Hello Keri, mind if I keep your mom out past her bedtime?”

“Does a corny line like that work often for you?” Sticking her nose up and returning to her room. Half hour later she replies as her mother calls out
“Have fun mom!, I’ll just stay here in this horror house watching TV!” Hearing the door close she leaves her room, dressed in a white bra, panties and sheer cover jacket. Turning on the TV, finding a movie on the Freetv App called “Home Alone-The Horror Edition” into the kitchen she goes to air pop some popcorn and get a drink!

The popcorn made she’s about to go back to the living room when I trigger the doorbell to go off. “Now who could this be? Grabbing an apron her mom leaves hanging in the kitchen, she goes to investigate. Now’s my chance to doctor her drink, dropping some white powder into her chocolate milk and stirring. “Must be kids in the area!” Grabbing the drink, taking a long pull on the glass “Damn don’t know about milk but I do know chocolate milk does this body good!”

Back in the living room she settles on the couch and starts the movie. Fifteen minutes later she fighting to keep her eyes open, Twenty five minutes later I’m sliding the sheer jacket off her shoulders along with her bra straps!

                                                                                                                  To Be Continued

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Well this was a masterclass at starting a story and adding tension.
The premise is superb. Doctoring the doorbell and spiking her drink
This is a true Canadian story! Where will you take and how depraved.
We have hints already at the start. Great work and a merit as soon as the powers allow me to

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Love the story, and the pics.  Another in a long line of good work.  Merit time.

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Thank Jessica and Darklord for your comments, Hope this part keeps your love for the story!

Part Two

As the straps clear her arms I slide her bra off her breasts and marvel at the hidden gems revealed. God Damn!, got to make sure the cameras in her bedroom and the bathroom are working. With her bra on her stomach I start to cup her breast, tasted like strawberries, must be her body wash. Leaning down and kissing each nipple before letting go to work her panties off. Sliding my left hand under the small of her back I press it into the cushion of the couch,grasping the waistband of her panties and gliding it down the curves of her ass cheeks.

My right hand taking the front waistband  lowering it in time with the back I soon have her sweet looking little clef bare. She’s totally shaved, my fingers tracing the smoothness of her skin, my mouth watering and I knew I had to have a look at her opening. Sliding her panties down pass her knees, I leave then and spread her legs apart. Her outer pussy lips were puffy, hiding the interior of her opening like a clam shell hides the clam inside.

God I had to get at least a taste of those lips, like her nipples they tasted like strawberries! God I wanted to lick every bit of strawberry off her skin, but my cock had other ideas! Moving so I could get a better angle of attack, I started penetrating her outer lips with my tongue. A sound behind me catches my attention, on TV the usual blonde was on a bed her fella about to climbing on top of her when the killer drives a machete down through both of them!

Returning my attention to orally taking her pussy, I mimic the machete, with my tongue driving it into her passage, pulling back to find her clit. Flicking the tip of my tongue over it sensitive surface. She’s mews softly, encouraging me to add a finger to my tongue. Soon she is wet from my administrations and of course I was rock hard with desire to take her!

I move up to mount her when a slash of light cuts through the gap in the front curtains on the bay window. Shit her mother must be back from her date!  A stroke of genius came to me, moving her right hand to her pussy inserting her middle finger into it, her left hand to her left breast. Turning to the TV praying a dirty movie would be playing somewhere- in luck a whole channel of dirty movies , putting one on I’m just to the kitchen door when the sound of a key in the lock, then the door opens!


I’m back in my little compound in time to see closing the door in the face of her guy and to see Keri jolt awake. Looking at herself, pulling her panties and bra back in place, deeply red as she sees what’s playing on TV “Mom I swear I was watching a horror movie!” searching for her robe, finding it then rushing up stairs!

Switching my focus from the living room camera to the upper hallway camera, I see her rush onto the bathroom. Switching camera I see her stripping off her robe and bra, unaware that I was looking at her standing there topless, my left hand wrapped tightly around my cock thinking of what I was prevented doing to her by her mother’s arrival! Even with my interruption I couldn’t last long when she stripped off her panties and changed into a white thong.

Switching camera again as she left the bathroom, she’s just in her bedroom about to get into bed when her mother knocked on the door “Keri can we talk?” Another camera switch and I hear!

“Mom I swear I didn’t have any intention to…”

“Oh no young lady I know what you planned and i just want to say please keep that up here!” Moving to her daughter taking her into her arms “What if I sent Doug in to get my wallet instead of coming in myself?”

“Oh please mom he’s ancient!” Realizing what she just said “For me that is mom, besides he wouldn’t be interested in my when he has you!”

“Well that just saved someone a grounding!” Giggling “Just be more discreet Keri that’s all I’m asking!” Letting her daughter go, she turned and left, Keri climbed into bed just clad in the thong. “See you in the morning Keri!”

“Night mom! and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” Ah how fucking touching! Just keep the blanket off you for a few seconds more! Ahhh that it as I spray my cum into the garbage pail beside me. Much like Keri I drift off once I sprawl out in the bed in the corner.


The sound of a throaty ‘mmmmm’ came over the speakers, awaking me from my slumber. Looking to the monitors, I see Keri in the kitchen eating something. Thinking that whatever she was eating must be damn good, I watch her take a drink from her cup when I heard the ‘mmmmm’
Switching cameras, I see her mom in her little gym on a long bench with a barbell weight behind her head being lowered to the floor.

“Mom I’m going to go or I’m going to be late!”

Her mom stops her workout, setting the weight on the rack, going to the door leading to the kitchen, leaving her water bottle behind. In my mind, *Well she prevented me getting to heaven last night so she owes me a good one!* Making my way through the passages to the room she claimed as a gym, I doctor her water bottle while she is talking with Keri.

Hiding behind a rack of weights, I hear the front door open then close. Then she returns “That girl! I swear she finds something wrong with everything, asking me if this place is haunted!” Sitting the weight she was using back on the floor she lays back down on the bench after taking a long pull on her water bottle. “Now where was I?”

She wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorty shorts and just watching her was giving me a hard on!. Just like Keri last night, she was getting sluggish, dropping the weight, her arms dropping to either side of the bench. I give her a few more minutes to make sure she was under before going over and leering at her as she laid there.

The only movement was her chest raising and lowering in time to her breathing. This time I start with the shorts after caressing her muscular thighs, stripping her short and panties down to her ankles. Not wasting time, I split her legs and settle myself between then. Lapping at her pussy I get her ready quickly not wanting another time being interrupted.

When she was wet I sip into my hand, applying it to my cock then I moved up and aligned myself. Gliding into her pussy was like trying to squeeze between a rock and a hard hard tree trunk. It was a good five minutes before I was able to claim that I bottomed out in her incredible tight pussy. Oh fuck! Her date couldn’t have gotten lucky with her last night, I couldn’t believe how strong her pussy walls muscles were, squeezing me like I was a tube of tomato paste! Fifteen strokes into her and I was cumming or else I swear her pussy would have ripped my cock off!

Pulling out, seeing she was leaking a bit, not wanting her to feel like she was raped on her first morning in her new house I went to find a small barbell. With one in hand I go back to my lair and get a condom, placing it onto the barbell, I return to her gym and gently insert it inside her a couple of inches. To add realism, I take her hands and wrap then around the exposed metal of the barbell. Kissing her on the lips I return to my lair, awaiting her to wake up! Can’t wait for that and I set the camera recording her eventual reaction to her dirty deed in her gym!

                                                                                                               To Be Continued

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2019, 12:14:59 PM »
Oh so ingenious with the makeshift masturbation session when mom walked in.  Good stuff.

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Bravo Carhamgrater! Another excellent addition to your story repertoire! Just loved the action in this new chapter.  ;D
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Re: Attacked From Within
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Damn, no that is innovative and the suspense outstanding. Great job from the master of creativity and eroticism. Merit time for sure
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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2019, 09:40:45 PM »
Great start!

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #8 on: October 15, 2019, 01:52:09 AM »
So creative as you do so well. The detail and descriptions are very erotic
Keeping my eyes on this one, as it’s very tasty. The scene with the gym was exceptionally erotic and I enjoy reading in first person. Merit when I can.

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #9 on: October 27, 2019, 03:49:39 AM »
Such an excellent premise! Can’t wait to see where the story goes ????

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #10 on: October 27, 2019, 12:00:55 PM »
Thank you one and all I'll pass along the comments received to my plotters, while you read the next installment!

Part Three

It took almost two hours before she started to stir. A clang made me look up from the news website I was reading.  On the floor the barbell, still covered with the condom was rolling away from the bench. She was standing, wiping between her legs with a hand towel “Thank god Keri isn’t here!” Looking around, spotting her shorts, retrieving them and putting them back on then leaving. I track her movement through the house to the bathroom, watching as she showered, then changed into a black bustier style top and matching black pants

Noonish Keri returned home accompanied by a friend who made me sit up and take notice off, a brunette with long hair, glasses and quirky smile and a pair of tits that had me drooling just staring at her on the camera. “Mom this Ava Riley, we are in the same classes at school and she lies three houses up the street from us!”

“Hello Mrs. Garrett” Shaking hands with her

“Please it’s Kat, Mrs Garrett makes me sound like a sitcom character!”

The three of them are polite as they take seats in the living room, Keri and Kat dominating the conversation about turning a room into a marble sauna. “Apparently there is already a structure in the room off my gym and the only thing needed is marble counters so it can be up and usable in less than two weeks.”

“That’s great mom!, can Ava and me use it when you’re not home?” She gets told of course so I was really excited to think that all three of these babes would be traipsing around here in bathing suits or better yet hopefully naked!. The best part there already was a camera in place so I could view them while pleasuring myself. I tune back into their conversation just in time to hear that Kat planned to go get the marble today, grabbing her purse and leaving.

An hour later the girl leave and I return to my web surfing.


True to her word, Kat had the room up and usable in the last two weeks, by having crews work 24/7. In my opinion they two four man crews dogged the job to ogle the girls in their tight clothing, hoping to catch sight of them in something skimpy or nude! It was exactly two weeks, a day, eight hours and five minutes to the day the room was started when Keri and Ava were up in Keri’s room changing. I watched as the changed from jeans and a t-shirt to swim wear planning on spending some time in the room.

As they were about to descend the stairs, Keri’s phone rang, back in her room she changes into her jeans and t-shirt again “Mom I’ll grab a cab and be right there!” I see Ava beginning to change “Oh no Ava you don’t have to leave. Mom is at her lawyers and she forgot the title of the house so I’ve got to take it to her, you stay and use the sauna like we planned I shouldn’t be that long!” Calling the cab and then going outside to wait for it.

In my hidden room I’m fist pumping, my mind already plotting. Getting up I take the passage to the kitchen, through the gym into the sauna, Going to the small built in mini gym i take the chilled water out except for two bottle which I puncture the plastic well below the cap but way before the curve into the main body, with a small needle, injecting a liquid form of the pills I use to knock out Kat and Keri.

I out of the sauna in the gym, behind the weight rack as I hear the girls at the front door “Keri are you sure your mom won’t mind me being here alone?” Carrying on “I mean she’s only known me for two weeks!”. Muffled words then I hear the door lock going home. With my Ipad on the floor I watch Ava come into the gym, dressed in a red lacy wrap with a greenish bikini under it, go into the sauna without locking the door behind her.  God damn this was going to be a true highlight for me.

Through the lens in the mirror of the sauna I watch Ava strip the bikini off on the Ipad. She got a better body than even my imagination gave her. Round pillow like breast nice flat stomach pierced with a jeweled stud, shapely hips and gorgeous legs. I couldn’t wait for her to take a bottle of water and succumb to me little enhancement. A half hour passed with her masturbating  before she drinks. Thanks to her previous exertions, current fingering  and the heat, she succumbs quickly and I don’t hesitate.

In I go shucking my sweatpants just inside the door, leaving it unlocked like she did! I’m by her side in front of here where she was leaning back against the wall her finger still inside her pussy. Sinking down to my knees, I remove her finger, sniffing deep the scent all over it before taking it into my mouth and licking the entire surface clean with my tongue. Oh fuck she was sweet tasting, like pineapple, I needed more of that taste, burying my mouth onto her pussy.

Oh fuck my legs go a bit rubbery as I eat her out. Thanks to her fingering her and my oral ministrations she ready to take my hard cock and I was more than ready to take her. Swinging her on the marble bench I join hr, lying down on top or her, taking her tit into my mouth one at a time, while still fingering her pussy. She Arched under me enough that I felt my knuckles getting wet. Fuck I knew a female cumming when it happened so I knew she was more than ready to take me. Rising up, aligning my hard cock I thrusted forward entering her tight little slit and shouting to the rafters “Sweet Jesus!” I lost it, in her pussy, thrusting like she was the only woman left on earth and i hadn’t had sex in the last one hundred generation.

It wasn’t a finesse fuck, just a raw power fuck that had her lowly moaning in the back of her throat. Me!, I wasn’t able to vocalize anything intelligent, not even a grunt of pleasure. Soon I couldn’t control myself, flooding her tight pussy with copious amount of hot cum. The heat in the room didn’t help nor did the fact that I just fucked a hot teenager but i was on the floor trying to crawl my way out of the sauna. Grabbing my pants, getting my Ipad from the gym I’m barely at the panel door when I hear the outer door open “Ava We’re home!”

I barely get the panel closed, leaning against it as I swipe the screen bringing the camera feed of the sauna up when it’s dominated by Keri and Kat, their back to me “Keri do you think that Ava was…?”

“MOM!” Kat turns and starts for the door, stopping to shut the heat off

“Keri keep Ava here until I return, lock the door behind me and don’t open it until I call out!”

“Why mom what’s going on?” Kat doesn’t replies just leaves, Keri doing as Kat said. I split screening, tracking Kat all over the house. Fifteen minutes she checks out every room before returning to the sauna.

“Alright Keri you can open the door!”

“Mom!, why did you do that?”

“Let’s just say that Something similar occurred to me a few weeks ago that I can’t explain!” Going on to explain to Keri about her coming to in the gym with a barbell in her hands and her pussy!

“Mom do you think someone has keys to the house?”

I don’t know Keri but i’m having the locks on the front and back door changed just to be on the safe side!”

Finally able to move I make it back to my lair, checking to make sure that the phone jacks were still wired into my panel. They were, i knew who was going to change the locks when they called! On the large monitor I watch Kat and Keri gently carry a recovering Ava up to the bathroom. Switching
cameras in time to hear Ava croak “Damn Kat that is some sauna  you built!”  leaning against the back wall of the shower “I felt like I needed to get laid until I spend my time in your sauna!” Moving under the water with help from Keri “Would you mind if i came back a little more often to use it?”

In my lair I was in planning overdrive on how to get Keri alone  and on my dick! All I knew was I wanted her before the end of the month!

                                                                                                                     To Be Continued

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #11 on: November 08, 2019, 05:27:32 AM »
Sorry I’ve only got to this now. This is so erotic! The descriptions and being invited into the mind of a rapist who really has the prey fed to him. Loving the direction and please don’t let the late comment put you off it.
It’s red hot! Merit earned when I can

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Re: Attacked From Within
« Reply #12 on: November 25, 2019, 10:41:47 AM »
The lateness of your comment didn't deter me at all, just waiting for my sister to approve part four, which I finally got!

Part Four

Ten minutes the I watch waiting for Kat to say which locksmith “Well Keri it’s decided ‘Lenny The Locksmith’ is about to get a call to change our locks!”

“What made you go with him mom?”

“According to the internet yellow pages phone book he’s the only locksmith within a hundred miles of here!”  Well wasn’t the just too bad now if she uses the house phone instead of one of those cell phone things! Lucky for me she does just that, As she dials the phone that I jury rigged onto the phone line flashes, clearing my throat “Lenny The Locksmith, where are you trapped that you need freeing from?”

“No I’m not trapped, I just need my door rekeyed as soon as possible if you aren’t too busy?”

Shaking a handful of papers, pretending to be looking at a schedule “Well your in luck, I got free time from... “ A quick check of my watch, currently it two PM “Three to Four thirty today, is that too soon for you?”

“Oh that would be perfect!” Giving me the address, then thanking me for accepting to come before hanging up. Oh I was going to come alright, hopefully in your daughter’s pussy before the month was out! Making my way to the little used tunnel that runs from the house to a cave about a kilometer from here, where I kept an old Ford Econoline panel van with various tools and signs to fool any tennent in the house. The trip through the tunnel is less than ten minutes so I had plenty of time to apply “LTL Locksmithing” Sign to both sides of the van.

Opening the door and starting the motor , it sounded just as good today as the day I stole it from the parking lot of some upstart place called Walmart, now the blight on the retail scene from what the internet news shows say. I drive around in circles for ten minutes before making my way to my place to rekey the door. At five to three i pull up into the driveway, making my way to the front door, knocking and waiting until it’s open by Keri!

Damn this close she managed to take my breath away, snapping out of it before i give myself away I speak! “Well I can see why you want the locks changed bet more than one boy has tried to pick the lock!” She blushes and turns away to call her mom “Mom the locksmith is here!” Inviting me in then going into the kitchen, her ass swaying in her jeans like wind blown flowers, my eyes boring a hole through the denim!

Kat comes out and introduces herself and I continue my flirting “Mother, no way I would have said slightly older sister!” Kat just shakes her head, telling me what she required and I turned on my professional bullshit persona.

“Well let’s take a look at the existing lock!, Ah a Schale 90K67, best in the market back in it’s days- a solid bolt of two inch thick rust proofed steel moved by a six tumbler sequence. And you said you want the same lock but the tumblers to be re-sequenced and the new keys cut- child’s play for someone of my experience! Thirty five minutes to do both doors and another fifteen to cut four new keys!

“Well then I’ll leave alone to work your magic then!” I get right down to work, only breaking when either of the girl come into my field of vision, lowly whistling as they gave me a profile or a head on look at their covered tits or ass! Fifty minutes later I’m back at the front door with new keys
Getting them to come out I pass each a key, Kat the front door, Keri the backdoor, getting them to try them while I was still here, explaining that just in case they get locked out, I’d be right here to get them in and start again. Both sets of keys worked perfectly. “Now that makes me feel safer!”  Kat expressed as I write up the bill of One hundred and twenty dollars for the work and twelve dollars for four keys. Accepting a cheque from Kat I shake her hand and take my leave, knowing I was never going to cash the cheque at any bank, my plan was to take the price out of their bodies either willing or when drugged!

Getting the van back into the cavern rendering it undrive able in case it found I once more return to my lair, in front of my monitors in time to see the girls having an early dinner “Remember Keri if your going to masturbate do it in your room. Doug and me may want to comeback and work out, and he doesn’t need any extra stimulation to do the workout!”

“Mom I swear I wasn’t doing anything!”

“Yes Kat!, Keri wasn’t doing anything that my cock wasn’t ready to do with her before your untimely entrance!” My hand in my pants, working myself hard thinking over the sight of her naked pussy. Then turning his attention to Keri “Any chance you plan to call your friend Ava over” Blowing a kiss at the monitor!, “If not then my cock can’t wait to make the acquaintance of your pussy and little asshole!”

In my mind it was all plotted out the minute Kat left I was going to slip some powder into everything liquid in the entire house, two syringes of prepared solution ready in case she refuses to get something to drink. Turning my attention back to the monitor hoping to hear when Kat was going to go, instead I heard, “Mom did you find the locksmith kind of cute?”

“He was old enough to be your father!”

“I didn’t say I wanted to date him just that he was kind of cute!” Oh that was like me saying ‘I didn’t want to fuck her just look at her naked’ They go on discussing mother/daughter issues and I get up to prepare the syringes.  Eightish Kat comes down the stairs in a long dress that does look damn good on her but what really takes my eyes is the get up Keri was putting on, white panties and a long jersey.

I watch her naked legs leave her room and go to the kitchen, then into the living room with a bottle of water in her hands. Kat and her walk to the front door, Kat to leave, Keri to retrieve her back pack. Keri returns to the living room, taking a place on the couch then opening the backpack getting out school books, spreading then over the coffee table. “Don’t wait up Keri, I don’t know when I’m going to get home!”

“No problem mom! I’ve got a paper to finish, it’s due tomorrow!” turning on the TV for some background noise “I’ll be in bed by ten thirty at the latest!” As she gets out her laptop, starting to write the minute the screen allows I decide to put off taking her until her paper is done. After all, an education is more important than me getting pussy! I use the time to inject some solution into a couple of bottles.

Returning to my hidden lair, I watch her on the monitor for over an hour when she moves the laptop to the coffee table, placing it on top of the pile of books there, her eyes on the TV, licking her lips at the guy on the screen. Getting up stretching her arms and legs, I catch a small glimpse of her panties, in my mind there is no panties on, the only thing covering her snatch is my lips! She cracks open the bottle of water, taking a healthy mouthful so I leave to be closer when the effects happen.

Little did I know that in the time I left my lair, Keri finished the previous bottle she had, this apparently weakening the solution. From the kitchen, I watch her return to writing her paper, thinking that something seems to be right when the show on the TV changed into another. The drug should have taken effect by know! Getting worried, I watch until the second set of commercials before trying to crawl to the back of the couch. Just as I’m about to reach up with a syringe in my hands the TV screen goes black, acting like a mirror, revealing me as I’m about to bring the syringe down
Keri turns and screams “Who are you and how did you get in here?” Both of her hands grab my wrist, trying to block my attack. She has more leverage than I do and she manages to bend my index finger back the way it was not meant to go, snapping it, making me drop the syringe.

I’m over the back of the couch, trying to subdue Keri with one hand throbbing, she fights me like a she devil until accidentally coming into contact with the syringe, Somehow it gets partially depressed, the more we struggled against each other the more sluggish she became until it came to a point where I was holding her panting form against me.

“Please don’t hurt me!”  She started to sag against me, her legs becoming like concrete, her arms dropping to her side. Only her eyes were able to move, her voice becoming slurred. I would have preferred her to be totally out but i wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Lowering her to the couch, a thought came to me, take her to the lair blindfolded. Taking my t-shift off I fashioned it so her eyes were covered. Cleaning up the effects of our struggle,when finished I lift her up off the couch carrying her through the kitchen to the gym, then through the secret passage to my lair.

Once safely secure there, I place her on my bed, removing the jersey, her panties then finally the blindfold. Looking down at her, her eyes were glazed over, “God I wanted you the moment I saw you move in and if it wasn’t for your mother coming back early I would have already have fucked you!” Moving to close the passage door “But now I have you and I promise if you thought I looked kinda cute, when I'm done fucking you you’ll be in love with me!”

A glint in my eyes, I walk over and climb on the bed with her. “I want you so fucking bad Keri!”

                                                                                                                    To be Continued

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Part Five

My hands on her right breast “So fuckingggggggggg baddddddddddddddd!” gently caressing the flesh under my palm. Instantly my mind returns to the first night I had her on the couch, remembering the taste vividly of her sweet pussy. My cock so hard that I swore my balls were going to explode, If I didn’t empty them content of them into this living goddess.

But first I open her legs and once more orally please her before taking the plunge into her.The first few flicks had me gripping her by the hips and pulling her tighter to my lips. Goddamn she was just as sweet if not sweeter than that first night, And just like that night she was ready to take my cock in her, The biggest difference, even if Kat came home She wouldn’t interrupt our coupling!

The throbbing of my cock told me that it was time. A slight smile on her face made what I was going to do, all the more pleasurable for me. Moving up, aligning myself to her moist passage , rubbing my tip along her pussy lips, a combination of her moisture and my pre- cum dripping down my cock acted as a lubricant. Gently I probe her interior with the first inch of my cock, in and out placing a little more inside with each movement. I could feel her pussy walls grip me and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

Five more times in and out and I was sufficiently inside enough that my next trip in and out I decide to bottom out inside her. I waited until she was comfortable under me before really getting down to fucking her. A glimpse of her face had me worried, her eyelids were flickering as if the drug was wearing off. Of course it really didn’t matter, since she would be too groggy to effectively stop me from fucking her!

As I started with long deep strokes into her she surprised me by wrapping her arms around me, pulling me harder on to her, her legs wraps around my hips, locking me into her. The way her pussy was gripping my cock reminded me so much of her mother’s ability to do so. Not even her friend Ava matched Keri in eroticism. Of all the females I’ve taken over the years Keri Ann Garret was head and shoulders over all of them in my eyes!

I lost all track of time as I fucked my angel.


Ten-thirtyish I returned “Doug I had a lovely evening!” Unlocking the door, cracking it a jar and doing a quick scan of the room “Okay just give me a minute to make sure the only body you’ll see is mine!” Stepping inside and closing the door as “Spoilsport!” follows her. Checking the sauna, gym, kitchen  and the living room, finding nothing nor no one. Going back to the front door, opening it, “Okay coast is clear Doug”

Snapping his fingers, “Damn and I was so looking forward to seeing more of Keri!” Earning him a quick hit from Kat “Just joking who could take a copy when he has the original!” Taking Kat in his arms kissing her on the lips. “You know Kat I’m a one woman man and you’re her for me!”
They hug and kiss before making their way upstairs. Kat does one more check, a bit worried that Keri wasn’t in bed. *Maybe she went to a friend’s place to study and write her paper* Debating whether to call Keri, she let it go when Doug stepped out of the bathroom, only a towel around her waist, her mind going to new thoughts not involving Keri!


I jerk awake in a strange room, on a strange bed, under a strange cover. I couldn’t help but Lifted it up and I saw my naked body. Turning my head I throw my hand over my mouth to keep from waking the man on the right side. Without thinking I’m up and off the bed, bringing the guy from slumber. I swear I recognize him from somewhere! Covering my breast, fear in my voice “W-w-w-here Am I-i-i-i-i?”  Stepping away from the bed

“W-w-w-w-w-h-h-h-h-o-o-o-o are y-o-o-o-u-u-u-u-u?!”

He just looks at me, a smile creeping across his face, speaking  three words to me that starts me shaking. “Your lover Keri!” he moves , bends down to the right side edge, picking up something which he tosses towards me- a pair of jeans “ So you’ll feel more comfortable Keri!”

The jeans lands at my feet, I want to pick them up but I don’t want to expose my breasts to him. He must have read my mind “Really Keri!, You woke up in our bed, naked doesn’t that tell you that I’ve seen all of you in the nude?”  A quick bend and grab of the pants working them on as he continued. “Don’t you think that I might have taken other liberties with you bed falling asleep?!” I stand back up still covering my breasts.

I stare at him, the jeans unbuttoned, the zipper half way up, holding the jeans on my hips. “You mean!”

“Yes Keri!” his smile widening. “Twice in fact! You are so desirable and a perfect lover Keri!” He climbs out from under the covers, naked from the waist up, a pair of track pants from the waist down. He comes around the bed as I take in the room around us. A TV screen showing multiple rooms, one my empty room. One mom and Doug sleeping in her room, there’s her gym, the sauna and the bathroom upstairs

“I’m still at home but where?” Shaking as he reaches me, taking me into his arms. I start to try to pound my fists into his chest only to stop and give in to him when he speaks.

“So you know that I can watch everything in the house but are you willing to trust that I can’t harm anyone at anytime in the room from here!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me!” The smile on his face turning into an evil sneer. “Trust me Keri, I can and have done things to all three of you so I’m not opposed to doing more!”

I stare at him digesting his words then it came to me “Mom?, Ava?”

“Ava’s a damn fine fuck, your mother is a lot better but neither compare to you!” His words make me almost puke in my mouth. I didn’t want to believe him until I put my left hand into the jeans, touching something flaky on my mound. Jesus he did fuck me like he claimed he did! My legs goes rubbery and if it wasn’t for him holding me I would have collapsed to the floor, a crying mess!

As it is he picks me up like I was a feather taking me back to the bed, laying me down on it once more “Keri trust me I don’t want to hurt you!” Going over to the desk with the TV screen, picking up an IPad then returning to me, “Since the first night you and your mother moved in I’ve wanted you badly!”

“Then mom finding me on the couch...?”

“Would have been our first fuck but your mother cock blocked me coming back early, the bitch! The cops took all me physical files but I backed then all up on a USB stick and I’ve transferred then to a cloud storage!” His fingers flying over the surface of the IPad before handing it to me. “So you can see how serious I am about what I’m going to want from you!”

I divert me eyes to the screen, a bold title in bold black centered on the screen “Victims of Graeme Cartier 1990-???? “ Underneath lines of names and ages and dates  that he claims to have sexually abused!

“The cops have no idea about the ones prior to 1994 when I turned fifteen!” Moving to the right side of me sitting down, “Nor have they been made aware of my latest ones!” I swipe down and there at the bottom of the page are Ava’s, mom’s and my name. “And if you don’t want the police to find their bodies then your going to become my compliant  lover or…”

                                                                                                                   More To Follow

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Re: Attacked From Within
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Again sorry for the lateness of commenting what could be your very best story.
The wording, the detail the build up and tension are master class
Again you show us your skill as a storyteller by the multiple POVs
Him hatching his plan step by step is chilling leading up to the taking of Keri

“I lost all track of time as I fucked my angel“
Absolutely brilliant.
I urge all to read this tale of suspense far more than just a rape story has a thriller element to it also
More please and you know what’s coming next