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Wheel of Time Tv Series
« on: May 12, 2019, 04:28:05 PM »
No idea if this has been discussed but Amazon are well on the way to producing the first season of the new wheel of time series. If you don't know the wheel of time it is a  fantasy series written by Robert Jordan which has a fantastic setting, story and character arcs. It is similar to Game of Thrones in that it has complicated story arcs with multiple characters (2782 distinct named characters in total), however unlike game of thrones it has been finished. Robert Jordan died having written book 11 and Brandon Sanderson then finished the series. It is the main reason I won't read the GOT books until they are finished, I have had 1 author take years between books and then die before finishing, I am not prepared to go through that a second time :).

Not only is it a whopping 14 books, each of those books is long, the shortest are 200,000 words, with 7 of the books over 300,000 and 2 touching 400,000.

That is a-lot of story for Amazon to dilute down to a tv series. It also contains magic (real magic, army destroying kinds of spells and powerful weapons) huge battles against armies of various fantastical creatures and some real plot twists and turns that really give true wtf moments. It isn't as bloody as GOT, and isn't as morally ambiguous. There is a clear bad and good side (even if the good side sometimes fuck up and make poor decision) so production wise it will make GOT look small if they do it right, think Helms deep rather then Battle of Winterfell :).

However I am hopeful, Robert Jordans widow who is very protective of her husbands legacy is a producer and the show runner Rafe Judkins, who has written for Agents of Shield amongst other things is a fan of the series promising to do it justice, I accept there will be changes, I accept that parts of the books may be reduced, merged or cut all together. But I am hopeful that given the series is complete at least the flavour will be there from start to finish. 

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Re: Wheel of Time Tv Series
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Sounds promising. Have to check it out when released

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Re: Wheel of Time Tv Series
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Aha. I hadn’t heard about this, however I am a huge fan of the novels and will definitely be casting a critical yet hopeful eye over the proceedings.

I, too, have never read or watched a single novel, or episode, of Game of Thones.  I keep expecting that woman with the bell (from the advertisement, which followed) to follow me everywhere, crying, “SHAME!” ;)

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