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Illustrated Stories: Tales of Ravishment

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D.D. froze, she'd been fighting back tears for an hour.  The men in her house had come in right after she'd gotten home from school. Her parents were out of town, they'd taken her cell phone and stripped her. Suddenly she found herself staring at a streaming camera, her tiny hand engulfed by the man standing next to her. He towered over her and she recognized him as one of the criminals that her father sent to jail.  He'd sworn to get his revenge...and today was that day.

He pushed on her shoulders trying to force her to the ground as the camera began to record. She fought back but he quickly landed a strong punch to her gut that put her on her knees and his massive cock right between her eyes. Soon it was in her mouth, his grunts filling the room.

After he'd finished with her mouth he moved onto her pussy, forcing her onto her side. The years of dance working against her as he forced her body into a position that would accept him. He was relentless.  Each time she screamed it wouldnt fit, he'd grunt harder and prove her wrong.

He pulls her on top of him, letting gravity do the work. She slid down his long pole trying to wriggle away but it was no use.  Each time she tried to close her legs his hands would wrap around her neck choking her until she spread wide again.

Sitting up he pushed down on her shoulders ramming her cervix as she screamed in pain. She begged him to stop, he refused to yield.  Demanding she look into the camera and tell her father how much it hurt.

Then he stands taking away all control that she may have had.  He snakes his long arms around her tiny body throwing his hips into her until she squealed in sheer pain.

His strength was unmatched by D.D., the large man spun her around on his cock and sat back down without her ever touching the ground, each position felt more painful than the next.

Now he was ready to break her, pushing her down on all 4's. Positioning himself at her little asshole.  She squirmed trying to escape, he could only laugh as he sank himself into her bowels. Her father watched thousands of miles away unable to rescue his tortured daughter.

Finally D.D. collapsed, the terrible man pulls himself from her moving his cock back to her face grunting as he climaxes painting the sweet girls face with his seed. Her eyes were empty as he got behind the camera focusing on the cum cripping from her chin.

Love this

Thanks, I had this idea to do little mini illustrated stories when I wanna just do quick writing and not worry too much about story.


--- Quote from: [Bubbles] on March 11, 2019, 09:46:46 PM ---Thanks, I had this idea to do little mini illustrated stories when I wanna just do quick writing and not worry too much about story.

--- End quote ---

It's a great idea.  Images can accent the story in a great way.  That first pic shows the contrast of the tall guy with a huge dick and the tiny, tiny girl.  You could write that, but the pic really gives a great visual.

Very hot!
I hope you enjoyed the process of making a mini illustrated story as much as I do.  I love how pictures can advance a story by itself, and the words can fill in the blanks to make things that much hotter!


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