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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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I would say: bulls eye! Right in time. A bitter Dahlesque >:D
Thank you for sharing it with us
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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Glad you liked it Spunkjunk, hope that continues with this little effort!

192                                                                                                      Driving Desire

I picked her up at the police academy and man she was a sight for these eyes to behold. Not to mention that the t-shirt she was wearing was so tight on her that I  swear that if her nipples popped they would tear that t-shirt off her. Add the fact that her jeans were equally as tight and man you had a cream dream in blue riding behind me on the Harley I creatively borrowed from the motor pool.

Both of us wore motorcycle helmets  which killed us getting a good look at the other but then I didn’t want her eyes, unless you’re talking about those eyes below her neck. She held on tight to me as I rode her towards the “Surprise” picnic I had already laid out for her. I swear that I could feel her hands getting lower., or maybe it was my cock coming up to be friendly with Anita.

As I revved the throttle the bike under us surged ahead the ribbon of asphalt. Right through the entrance to Center City Park, which was pretty well dead for a hot humid Sunday Night. I didn’t care about the heat and humidity. That just made it even easier for me to get Anita out of her clothes, and into a bikini that I planned to supply her when we got to the picnic. Rounding the bend of the internal roadway, I spot the pair I had guarding ‘my spot’ for this, what Anita considered to be a romantic evening together.

Driving past them, I wave to them and they get on their bikes and disappear, back to the police academy. Now I had Anita, all to myself, just as I hoped to have her today. Virgin, smergin, after I was done Anita would be spreading her legs for anyone who wanted some of her!. Like the ‘biker’ I was, I rode right up the grassy knoll beside the blanket spread out on the lawn, covered in two plates, glasses and cutlery. Killing the engine, kicking out the kickstand, I got off, removing my helmet only for Anita to do similar.

She shook out the mass of red curls, and flexed her chest, making her tits stand out. Oh yeah those babies were going to move for me before I got back on the bike. “Damn Anita I don’t know what looks better, you or the picnic I had the guys set up earlier!” Then just too let her know that I knew the difference, “Oh wait that would be you, you little hottie!”

Anita blushed at that, Acting all coy at my words. “Really John, I’m not all that you’re thinking!”

Oh if she only knew what I was thinking. I didn’t keep everything hidden “Say Anita why don’t we go down to the pond for a dip!”

“Oh John, I didn’t bring a suit with me!” At that I lifted the flap on the saddle bag and produced a suit, a smaller size than Anita needed but then it was still too much for my purposes! Handing it over, Anita actually took it and went to a group of three trees growing together, using them to hide my view of her as she changed. When she was so-called covered up, around the trees she came and I swear it was all I could do not to rush her and fuck her, hard against the group of trees.

Down to the pond we went, oh yeah, Anita was so shy about flaunting her barely covered flesh as we ran down to the pond. She frolicked around like a mermaid in the pond. Twice I could feel my trunks being pulled down and I knew it was by an underwater current. Eventually we tired and returned to the picnic spot and ate. Anita eating and drinking more than I did. After putting everything away Anita and I laid there side by side, Anita a little on the sleepy side.

That’s when I got down to business, Rolling onto Anita in a flash and pressing my entire weight on top of her, my knees forcing space between her legs. “Hey what are…” That’s all she got out before my mouth covered her lips and my tongue dipped deep into her mouth. My right hand went to the bikini bottoms, pulling them to the left. My right hand pulled my trunks down to my knees, releasing my hardening cock.

When it touched her pussy lips I surged into her. Fuck I was stopped just a few inches in by something. Christ she was a fucking virgin! Pulling back then surging right back in, pushing even further than ever, the scream that Anita issued from her mouth told me that she was a virgin no more. Now I was fully into her and really got down to pounding the living shit out of Anita.

Fuck the moans of pain that came out of Anita as I fucked her probably did more to make me cum than the actual fucking did. In and out I thrusted then, unleashed all my balls contained into Anita. I stayed inside her ravished pussy until I popped out naturally.  Moving off Anita, I let her bikini bottoms go back into its usual position.

Now unlike Anita, I didn't curl up into a ball, holding my knees to my chest while sobbing like a wounded animal. No, I was up and back into my riding gear and back onto the motorcycle “Hey see you around Anita, remember you have a self defense class bright and early tomorrow morning!” Starting the throaty roar of the motorcycle “Bet that would have come in handy to have before tonight wouldn’t it?!”

I rode away as if what just happened was a consensual thing between us. I’m back at the academy and in bed before Anita apparently moves from the blanket. Morning broke and I rolled over to be greeted by the barrel of four pistols.

“Sergeant Cartier, you under arrest for the rape of Anita McDonnell!” I’m cuffed as I try my damndest to figure out where I heard that name before. No fuck it couldn’t be, he always said that his daughter never showed any intentions of becoming a cop! I was marched out of the room and there he stood with an arm around Anita.

“Rape my daughter will you Cartier, I’ll see you rot in jail for what you did to my daughter and all the other ladies who left this academy under mysterious circumstances!” Commandant McDonnell actually spit in my face as I was led away from the pair.

Oh shit if the others came forward, McDonnell might get his wish to see me rot in jail. Maybe I should have taken the guys up on their offer to join in. But then I suppose that they would turn on me to save their asses!

                                                                                                            The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Further collection of incredible tales and I really enjoyed numbers 190 and 191.
Great stories that grabbed the reader and made them take notice, different situations but the same hot storytelling thatw e have all come to admire and demand from you.
Great work and you are getting close to the incredible feat of two hundred stories so I'm looking forward and over my shoulder with what you have in store for this milestone!!!
Merit demanded and delivered.

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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So glad you like my efforts to come up with a new scenario each posting. Makes it even easier to do just like the one about to be presented...

193                                                                                     Custom Controlled

Kyrie and her younger sister Kara were flying via British Airway from Florida to the tiny North Atlantic island Nation of Atlantia, a seven hundred square island nation that has opened its borders after the Covid scare of 2020. Neither could afford to fly first class but thanks to the pair of guys they met in Miami’s International Airport they had upgraded seating from third class to first class.

As the plane came in for it’s landing, everyone in first class unboarded before the sisters moved from their seats. Neither had a whole lot of luggage, each carrying a knapsack and a belt pack. As they came off the plane they separated going to custom, each with their passports ready to be stamped. Kara, the shorter of the twins, went to the last stall in a line of four, while Kyrie went to the closest stall to the debarking gate.

Kara sailed through, drawing no more attention than most American drew. Unfortunately Kyrie came through where I was stationed. Kyrie was the kind of traveler to our fair island that I loved- blonde, built and nervous as hell. As I watched her come towards me, her eyes darting from me to her bags then further up the line of stalls.  My mind was screaming to me *Any which way you can, get her into a cell and frisk her!*

As she came closer I found it hard to decide who was more anxious, her or me. Then she was in front of me and I went into my practiced routine “Hello Miss and welcome to Atalantia, do you have anything to declare?”
At first she went to speak but shut her mouth faster than normal. Instead she shook her head which sent her hair flowing around her head like a halo. Oh how I could picture me dirtying that head and halo.

“No Miss, I need a verbal indication to my inquiries!” Then I moved around the podium and gently took her by the right arm. “Maybe you would prefer to accompany me to a private room where we can handle this without prying eyes watching us!” Now you had to understand, Atlantia didn’t have a huge budget so a private interview would only be with me in a room about the size of  six by four.

Still nothing but her eyes traversing from her to the floor, So I led her off to the first room I found opened. Motioning her inside I take her knapsack and place it on the small desk inside. She stood there like a bobble head doll and I asked for her passport. Opening I saw her picture and it was all I could do not to kiss it.

It appeared that she was topless in the picture and my mind blacked out at the thought of seeing her before me naked.  “Well Miss Do you have anything to declare?”

Still nothing so I moved to her, gently turning her and directing her with my voice “All right Miss have it your way, turn around and stand by the wall with your hands out at your side, at shoulder height. Still trembling She did as I instructed and I went back to the practiced routine exam. “Now Miss, do I have your permission to search you for contraband?”

Still she was silent, so I proceeded as if she consented. At first I started with her right arm then the outside of her right leg , patting it as my hands traversed them. Then her left arm followed by the outside of her left  leg. I switched to the inside of both legs going from her ankles to just outside of her crotch. She twitched at my touch and I had to admit that my cock was hardening on its own.

By the time I started patting her torso. She was breathing a bit quicker and if I didn’t know any better I would have swore that she was wet between her legs. As I touched her breasts I got my first verbal response from her “Oh yes, touch me!” Fuck now I could feel my hard cock pressing onto the flesh of her right leg. I reached down and did my best to move my cock away from there, but in reality all I wanted to do was to push her up against the wall and push my cock deep into her.

Suddenly her ass pressed into my crotch, grinding gently onto my cock and my beastial instincts took control of me. I dug my cock out of my fly, lifted the blue dress she was wearing to her chest, pulling the top part down to bunch around her waist. Her breasts were so perfectly perky that after I pulled her panties to the left  and sank my cock into her wet pussy I grabbed her breasts and started fucking her hard against the wall.

In and out I thrusted slow and deep into her, neither of us were breathing normally, speaking any recognized language, just animalistic grunts and groans.  I let go of her breasts and pulled her hip back hard onto mine and thrusted so deep that I was cumming into her before I knew it. The two of yes cried out as my cum flowed into her, then as one we sank to the floor.

When I was able to speak once more I tried again “Miss, do you have anything to declare?”

“I’m glad I came!”

Now how the hell was I supposed to decipher that?

                                                                                                             The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Some true greats on here and as Rachel says getting close to the 200 which is remarkable. Loved the biker story in there too and some real ingenious premises which testing the waters could be developed further.
An consistent anthology like this is proof that you are one of the Elites here and another merit on its way xx

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Well thank you both, I do have plans for 200 but this little scenario came to me, to get me one step closer!

194                                                                                        I'll Show That Bitch

I was still in shock that June, the bitch left me for Jill of all people. “Sorry Jim but you don’t satisfy me like Jill does!” Sure I don’t bitch, wonder how Jill will feel about that! Well tonight the night that they both are going to learn that I can satisfy anyone I want to.  With June out of town at her mother’s for the weekend, I had Jill all to myself!

It started a little after ten PM. I followed Jill at a respectable distance from her place to the LGBTQ club and watched her disappear inside before I returned to wait for her return. Thanks to the key I found on June’s keyring I was able to get inside and ready things for Jill’s return.  Ropes tied to the bed posts that were currently laying on the floor and a knife to take the fight out of her in an instant! With the place in total darkness, I took up residence in a high back chair with it’s back to the front door.

The mantle clock started bonging like a grandfather clock as the hands made twelve and I heard the scratch of metal moving along metal. Jill was home and I was wound so tight that I almost sprang from the chair and opened the door to grab her. As it was I waited,  in she came , tossing her bag over the back of the chair and onto me.

Moving the bag I came in contact with a thick lump that felt like the back end of some sort of pistol. How convenient, I’m up in a flash and around the charge, spearing Jill where she stood. Down she went like a sack of potatoes and I had her at my mercy. Lifting her up I carry her into the bedroom and drop her onto the bed.

Stripping her naked, then using the ropes to hold her spread eagle on the bed, tits up, I got myself undressed.

 “Whaaaa!” Movement as if she was trying to get up. Then a scream that i blocked by clasping my right hand over her mouth.

“Scream, try to get away, hell, fart too loud and it alerts anyone and I’ll gut you where you lay!” placing the blade in my left hand against her throat. Oh she still tried to get  loose but eventually simmered down  and fell silent!

Moving on top of her, I couldn’t really make out too many details because of the blinds being closed, but for some reason something nagged me in the back of my brain that I might have experience with this person before.  But I let that go and with a cock that was already throbbing as it rested against the flesh under me, I aligned myself and thrust hard and fast.

The scream that penetrated my ears was delicious as the feeling of my cock penetrating her vaginal lips.  “So apparently this doesn’t satisfy her!” Thrusting in deep, “So tell me how you do it!”

No reply came, just a wounded sob that grew in loudness the more I thrusted in and out of her.  Each passing minute was a fight between her wanting to cry out and her desire to survive. I could feel that I was tensing up and For once I didn’t give a damn. No sooner my cum started than something cold and metallic touched the back of my neck.

I lost all sense of what was going on. I don’t even have an idea when the light came on, when I fell to the floor, frozen as if in a state of full rigor mortis. Voices penetrated my senses but At first I didn’t recognize the voices
“June are you alright?” then “What are you doing here, you’re not supposed to be back until Monday!”

“Jill, he raped me!”

*June, no it couldn’t be that bitch! I had never cummed like I was going to do with that bitch!*

The sound of something beeping then, “Police, please and an ambulance!” I fade in and out of consciousness, one time when I came too I saw a shape and heard “Shhhing” sounds. Another time I’m being hauled up by a pair of hands in my armpits. Something about ‘my rights’  then my head is pushed down as I’m put into the back of a police cruiser.

Headlights from cars and the flashing lights from various strobe lights on cars and an ambulance, helped me to make out details. A stretcher is brought out and my eyes makes contact with the person on the stretcher. No it couldn’t be! She left me for the bitch I raped!

Then from the house came an officer with another female, the officer holding a plastic bag with a taser inside it  “I can’t see you facing any charges Miss Yates but I would contact a lawyer just in case.

*Yates that was Jill’s last name!  Oh no don’t tell me that I ambushed and rape June!* A police officer got into the driver’s seat and seconds later we pulled out on a trip to the county headquarters. Great after all my planning,  I fucked the wrong bitch and will probably spend the next few years in prison for my mistake.

How fucking fair is that!

                                                                                                                 The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Trying a slightly different type of story for me. Hope it's appreciated

195                                                                                           My Confession

To Cardinal Borrasao

From Father Cartier

Cardinal Borrasao it is I Father Graeme Cartier, you faithful servant in the new world. I am not near to a confessional, so this will have to do until I return to you and the church. Please forgive this ignorant one for I do not want to disgrace you or the church!

Bless me Cardinal Borrasao for I have sinned. I have known the flesh of a female  in impure ways. I was with her  in the new world and I gave in to impure impulses. It all began when I arrived in Manna-hatta as per your instructions and was met by a band of warriors and one Gela who acted as interpreter between Lenarda and the tribe. After Leonarda and I  made the Lenape tribe see the light of  our holy father’s words we went on to spread his words through the other tribes.

We were on one such trip when Gela and I got cut off from the rest by a driving rain. We came to a natural cave in a rock wall and entered it to escape the rain. Inside the air was cold and  we failed to have dry wood to make a fire with. The rain intensified  and we were forced to spend the night in the dampish cave.

To keep each other warm we laid at my insistence , with Gela in my arms since I had my cloak to use as a blanket. Gela only had on the wrap dress of deerskin that the Lenape tribe chose as covering.  I told Gela that I did not consider her in a man/woman way, for that is what I believed in my heart of hearts!

I took off my cloak and Gela removed her deerskin. I laid down and she laid down in my arms, pressing her toned tanned flesh against me. Forgive me Cardinal Borrasao for what is to come, for I  have nor would ever do so again, you have my word about that!

As Gela pressed against me, I felt my lower extremity move, at first I did not think anything about it, but the more I could feel  the more strange thoughts came to my mind. I  tossed first her deerskin over us, then my robe. When we were sufficiently  covered I began to feel the warmth of her flesh being so close to mine.

At first, all I did was place my arm over Gela, then before I knew anything else I had Gela on her back with myself on top of her. The girl was scared , speaking words in their language that I couldn’t understand. I don’t know what came over me but I forced her legs apart and vulgarly moved myself so that my appendage became warm.

Gela cried out what I came to understand was NO! But Cardinal Borrasao I could not stop myself. I was so unworthy of any respect from our lord and savior . Eventually I did ‘finish the deed’  and removed myself from Gela. She laid there, a vacant stare in her eyes as I placed the covers over her and myself.

Come the morning the rain had stopped and I took us out to where we last saw the others. When we came to them, Gela spoke to the warriors who accompanied us . Many strange words passed  between the two groups, for Lenarda and his men talked to me about what had happened.

Finally the two groups came to violence and only a handful of men remained. I was taken and tied to a branch of a tree, and returned to the Lenapehoking. Only a plea to their “mother”  afforded me the ability to write this to you Cardinal Borrasao!”


“So Pope Leonius, how much more proof do you need that a member of the Catholic church committed an act of defamation against my people!” Tossing a copy of the original paper onto the wide desk in front of Pope Leonius “Is the church’s position that one of its members wrote lies about the incident?”

The pope picked up the document and sighed “I’m sorry my son but we only have the recorded word of one party to base things on. Let the church investigate the supposed incident more thoroughly and we will issue a concrete finding on the issue presented!” With that the pope picked up a phone from the cradle and spoke words of Italian that  were hard to follow. After putting the receiver back into its cradle.

“Please Delsin Turtleheart, I’m sure that the counsel of the Vatican will take this claim very seriously and get back to you before you fly back to America.”

With a wave of his hands I was dismissed  but before I went through the door a subordinate opened “I leave this matter in your hands Pope Leonius, any which you can, I hope this will be resolved to the satisfaction of my people!” Then I left to await the verdict, not expecting much from the Catholic Church!

                                                                                                    The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Each a nice nip, love the confession the most! Love the reduce of pictures
Still 5 to go !
Seems not a difficult challenge for this one man rape factory of you >:D
Merit well deserved.
your fan
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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Glad you liked then Spunk junk, just getting things out of my head like the following

196                                                                                        Accidentally Making Her Mine

 I was decked out in all black tonight, even with the hint of moonlight coming through the clouds on high, I was basically invisible unless I smiled.  I was replaying our last conversation in my head when the line,*Any which way you can, you better show up tonight Nos!* Oh if only she knew why I didn’t want to meet her under such circumstances. Still here I was outside her abode, waiting like the code made me do.

Then a noise from inside, followed by a sliver of artificial light comes over me like a blade edge of a dagger. I knew I had nothing to worry about since only sunlight could do me damage, and we were many hours away from that dreaded stuff.

“NOS! You made it after all!” The face surrounded by a mane of blonde hair leaned close and imparted to me the sweet scent of orchid and vanilla. Lips so red that I thought they were going to burst when they pressed on me leathery skin. Apparently something on me became affected by her closeness, something that according to legends wasn’t supposed to get affected.

“Well what are you waiting for, come on in!”

There it was my invite into her domicile. Now I just prayed to my ancestors that I could overcome all the legends about ‘us’ and be the gentleman that I have envisioned myself as. She steps aside and I enter, my hand coming in contact with the warm flesh of her arm. Suddenly part of me started to rise like I did earlier Oh my ancestors was she destined to be the one that changed me?

Before I could go further into the home, she spun me around and pressed me up against the wall. Her lips mashed hard onto mine, both of our lips parting and our tongues darted inside the mouth of the others. Mine found nothing that I didn’t expect before, and wondered if she discovered anything different in my mouth.

Our hands were roving all over each other’s body. Me touching things I have never felt before in my existence. I must have touched something that she didn’t want me to touch for her hand came up to shoulder height then a mighty arc of a backswing, the right side of my face stung from the open strike of a palm against it.

I saw red and literally struck back, sending her to the floor and I was on her in a flash. Grabbing the front of her pure white dress, I tore it straight down, revealing her pinkish white flesh under it. My brain inflamed at the sight and without truly understanding why I opened the front of my pants, releasing what is usually a flaccid cock.

Now it was standing straight out  and solid as a pillar in  my former abode in Romania. Even though I haven’t any experience with a female, I did what ancestral memories convinced me was the right thing to do. I enter her, connecting us together like I’ve seen the wolves in the old keep do many times before. As our flesh touched I flexed backwards then forwards. A scream of pain shattered the air around us!


Then tears and semi silence as I rutted her. As a new sensation took over my lower half, I felt a tell tale sensation that I couldn’t ignore, for the bloodlust for the warm red fluid in her neck veins beckoned me.

“You bastard, I thought that you were different!” 

I didn’t acknowledge that she spoke, just kept moving my newly awakened appendage in and out of her warming passage. Finally both sensations became too much to handle and my lower appendage exploded into her warm passage as the sensation in my mouth took control of me. Opening my mouth wide, baring my teeth including the four that elongated. In a flash I brought my jaws together, piercing her neck, penetrating her jugular.

Before I could regain control I had taken more from her than I had from any human before. Moving off her I saw a contrast that I couldn’t explain, her upper half was red from blood that was flowing from the four puncture wounds from both sides of her neck. The bottom half was reddish looking tissue that leaked a white substance. I don’t know why but my mind screamed at me *Get away and forget this night even happened!*

And that is just what I did!


That was five nights ago, and I haven’t had the gall to return to her abode. I had just arisen when the contraption at my side sounded, something they call a smartphone. On the screen was a number that I didn’t recognize, for some reason my mind screamed *NO! DON’T ANSWER IT!*

I ignore my conscious, swiping to activate the number, regretting it instantly after saying a hesitant “Yes”

“Oh you finally decide to answer your phone do you Mister Nos Feratu!”

My mind screamed at me *What have you done Nosferatu, now you have to spend and eternity with this banshee


I smash the phone and look up to the darkened skies “Oh damn where is a Van Helsing when you can truly use one!” I knew now more than ever I needed to find one to put me out of my eternity of misery!

                                                                                                          The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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197                                                                                         Training Night

There she was, up on the stage, pushing her little heart shaped ass into the various web cams that lined the small stage. God that brought back memories of how I spent last night teaching her the proper way to promote herself on camera.  Oh I knew she had a darling ass , hell I considered it her best asset, that was why I took her from the bathroom in the mall  and for lack of a better expression “kidnap her for my own pleasure.

See I was one of the top procurement men in Central City and this little gem would continue my long line of the best candidates presented. Many times I went home with both the honour and the most money. Many had no idea that I also went home with the memory on camera  of me fucking my candidate to show her what she could expect from that’s night little audition.

Looking back to the stage and the memory of last night came back to me in full colour.  It was almost exactly the very same thing, only tonight. I refrained from rushing to her and taking her again. Too bad, I didn’t do that last night!


I was in the Cadillac Mall, scoping possible talent when I spied the sweetest ass In a pair of painted on jeans that I have ever seen. The owner was on her way to one of my most favorite pick up places- the fourth washroom, that just happened to have a side passage to the underground parking lot. As quick and safely as possible I made my way to the washroom, getting there to find the hallway empty, so logically I thought that my ‘prize’ was inside.

The biggest reason I loved this washroom so much was the fact that the security camera had been installed wrong so I knew I had more than a ninety degree angle to capture my ‘prize’  and make my way to the underground. Getting bold, I push open the door and enter the ladies room, only one stall was in use so I made my way to it.  My ‘prize’ was just about to come out, the door opening towards her so I kicked out my left foot and took her right across the chin with a heel kick.

Down like a ton of bricks she went and a fireman’s carry later and I was leaving the washroom, making my way to the underground. I parked my white panel truck close by, as if expecting to get a ‘prize’ today. I unlock the side door and have my ‘prize’ on the floor of the van, then I get into the driver’s seat and back out like normal. A good four blocks later I pull in behind a school and go to secure my ‘prize’.

An hour later I’m pressing the remote button that opens my garage door to drive in to prevent anyone from seeing my ‘prize’.  When the door was down, I made my way to get my ‘prize’ out of the van and into the basement via the door in the kitchen. When my ‘prize’ comes too the crack of a bullwhip and a harsh voiced command makes her receptive to my orders.

“Crack” followed my “Get those fucking clothes off and make it snappy!”

At first she just laid there on the floor, then another crack of the bullwhip just above her nose made her move as fast as possible that her tear filled eyes would allow. Naked she was a prize, round little tits and as I had seen a sweet little heart shaped ass that just begged to be used.

Now I didn’t have to explain much to her since similar abductions were happening all over Central City, so she already knew what was her fate, at least as what the local news reported- kidnap and presumed dead.

“Now I can promise you that you’ll be my newest cash cow and that the more you learn now the more I’ll get in return, so we’ll begin right away!”

She was frightened and crying , trying her best to cover herself up, that it only took a loud command and suddenly she was standing there with her arms down by her side. “Good girl, now walk around and shake that little ass for me!”

At first she hesitated, but when I raised the bullwhip up, she began to move. Man you could tell that she was frightened, but that didn’t stop her shaking her ass at me. My cock hardened at the sight and before I could think I rushed her and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against me.

I got my pants down and since my cock was already hardened, I had no problem aligning my cock to her slit and rammed deep inside her. Her scream was so delicious to my hearing that I didn’t take it easy on her, fucking her in long deep strokes. A quick check and I saw the red lights of the motion controlled camera shining bright, so everything was being captured.

Oh god she was tight and inexperienced. Oh yeah, she was going to get me lots for her. I really hoped that whoever bought her didn’t notice that she was a bit soiled. I continued to fuck her, grunting in her ears every now and then. Her tears flooded down her face like a dam that had burst. I knew I couldn’t keep fucking her much longer, but i did keep it up long enough to fill her with my seed.

After cumming in her. I knew that I had broke any resistance she had. Giving her a bit of time to recover, I had her back at it, shaking her ass towards me. At first I managed to keep control of myself but after a fourth try, I was back, buried balls deep into her, this time her little ass had me tighter than an anaconda strangling it’s food source.

The night wore on with her practicing and getting fucked by me every now and then. Finally I let her sleep after showering and eating. I awoke a little after ten in the morning and took a call “Any which way you can get to the mausoleum by seven tonight!”. I went and snapped some digital pictures and delivered them over the net on a secure line. Man the pre-offers came pouring in, pretty well all asking if she was ‘mint’ to which I bullshitted them all by replying yes.

Well it would be their disappointment not mine when they found out!


I was back in the present as the timer went off and the bidding began. It started at one hundred thousand and soon was in the low millions. Fuck i was just standing there praying to god that the price kept climbing. Finally a secret bid of ten million was called out and many backed out trying to match it. The silent bidder won and in a way so didn’t I.

That was the last I saw of my ‘prize’ in the flesh. Thank god I had the videos to remind me of her while I sat dividing the electronic deposit into my Swiss bank account.

                                                                                                              The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Sounds easy but I think it could be hard to choose between keeping or selling a sweet ass :P
And live as a vampire for me seems to be a benefit, sleeping a day and at night get it on with somebody >:D
Respect for these quality bits!
your fan
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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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Glad you liked then Spunkjunk. Now for me it's easier to get a sweet ass than to pay to keep a sweet ass!

With this one I'm going back to my love of hard boiled Private eye like fiction. Taking this one from the final scene

198                                                                                           Payment Due

The proverbial gun came from out of nowhere, as Clair sat at the baby grand piano. Can’t say I was surprised at this, fuck she’s been lying to me from the very start. Should have realized that when a long leggy blonde came into
your office that the case was going to be nothing but trouble.

“It’s over Greg, you can come out now!” A rustling sound from the curtains draping to the sides of the small stage in the music conservatory and out came my former ‘pal’ Greg Darkson “Mr. Cartier is about to get his final payment!”

As Greg came alongside me, I reached out and pulled him in front of me as I dropped to the floor.  “What the fuck!” Then the magnum in the blonde’s hand fired and Greg wound up taking the slug that was meant for me. First he stood there erect with a hole in the front of his forehead, the back of his head wide open before he fell to the floor in a pool of blood and brains.

Before she could recover from what she did, I was on her like a bear trap.  A quick knee to the wrist holding the gun, made her hand open and the magnum drop. Grasping her wrist I spun her around so that she had to lean against me or go down.

“Nice try doll but I’ve been in front of real shooters  and never got shot!” my free hand got a good grasp on the front of her silk nightgown and pulled the neckline straight down. Seconds passed before a tearing sound rendered the air and the image in the mirrored wall in front of us revealed the blonde, naked underneath the now destroyed nightgown.

“So this was your plan all along was it!” Spinning her around then delivering a solid left to her jaw, dropping her like a sack of potatoes. As I watched her sink to the floor, on her back I was greeted by a pair of tit that just begged to be sucked. A cleft of a red bush between her legs enticed me to get a sort of payment for all the time I wasted on this one.

I worked the nightgown down her arms, it was trapped under her ass and shoulder blades, Didn’t matter to me, I could spread her legs and have a perfect chance to write a deposit slip inside her before making my final deposit into her vault. I got her ready as I noticed blondie’s head start swaying from side to side, a moan escaping her sultry lips.  Awareness came back to her just as I stripped my pants down and aligned.

As I thrusted into her cunt, she opened her mouth and cried out a long loud wail.


I looked her right in the eyes “What this is how you’re going to pay for my time!” Then just to rub it in “Hell I don’t think that ole Greg is going to do any complaining about it!”

A few thrust in and out had Blondie lying there, tears in her eyes and a look that was a combination of regret and shame on her face. I have to admit that I was semi convinced to leave her alone  but she opened her mouth to tell me what she thought of me personally and that gave me more ideas.

“You asshole, I’ll see you stuffed for this!”

Stuffed Asshole! Shaking my head as I grunted in pleasure. Yeah I could stuff her asshole, but not many had ever thought to do that with her before! I pulled out and rolled her over onto her stomach. Great not only would I take her asshole but when she looked up she would be staring into the dead corpse of her lover Greg.

Blondie made an attempt to dissuade me “No please I’ve never had any relations that way before!”

“Good Toots, I’ll be getting myself virgin payment!” Oh yeah it was a virgin hole, it took me a while to get my cock passed her anal barrier. Eventually I managed to get my cock inside, which had Blondie Screaming billy blue murder as I forced my cock in deep. Man it was satisfying to hear her screams and the tight pull on my cock considering if it wasn’t for ole Greg it would be me, missing most of my head.

For know matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stave off cumming into Blondie. When I did realize that I was fighting a losing battle, I pulled out and rammed my cock back into her cunt after pulling her up onto her hands and knees. That did hold off my cumming for a few more strokes but then like an Italian volcano, I emptied myself deep into Blondie.

I let Blondie go and she sank to the floor, in full tear mode. Then silence reigned except for me panting breath.  I got up and put my pants back on, then found the gun and took the bullets out, placing them into my pants pockets before dropping it beside Blondie.

A weak voice  “I’ll see you in hell Cartier!”

“No Blondie!, you’ll see me before that!” Walking towards the conservatory glass doors. “You’ll see me at your trial as a prime witness for the prosecution!”

Oh sure she could have me charged with raping her but I think that she’ll have to spend most of her time trying to convince the cops that she killed Greg by accident. Hell I was more than willing to take my chances. I knew how D.A. Murphy despises rich dames thinking they could get away with murder.


One year later

I was called by the D.A. testify against Miss Horner, he just wanted my view of what happened. Horner’s shyster tried his best to introduce the fact that I raped his client but Judge Harlot didn’t want anything  to do with the accusation. After five weeks the jury returned a verdict of guilty against Miss Horner. A ten year sentence at Oxnard Women’s Institute with no hope of an early parole.

 As for me I was still free to go about my business as usual. I was being pickier in who I took on as a client, and to date I hadn’t raped any client in lieu of payment. Every now and then I remember what I did to Blondie and would often beat one off to the memory!

                                                                                                                    The End

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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199                                                                                Two Years Later... Revenge!

It all started two years ago, when Betty Turner went to Dean Chalmers and told him that I sexually assaulted her in my office in the English Department. The little bitch got away with her lie, Chalmers suspending me on the spot and Ravishment University dropped my tenure. The local police charged me with ten counts of sexual assault  and sent me to a juried trial.

One year later a jury of twelve people saw through her lies and I was exonerated of all charges and finally allowed to attempt to resume my career. Too bad the stench of her accusations followed me everywhere I go these days. I once lived in a modest three story house, now I live in a dingy ranch style, one level California ranch style house.

My first neighbours were a respectable class of people, now I live among illegal immigrants hiding from the I.N.S. inspectors. Now I spend my days teaching English to immigrant kids whose parents pay me with what little scraps of food they could afford to give me from their dinner table. Many around me kept saying the same thing, “Señor Cartier, de cualquier manera que pueda, tiene que vengarse de esa chica!”

As for her, I hear that she was accepted into Ravage College, where she’s trying to complete her degree. Me I sit here trying my best to make yet one more day out of my existence. I swear, I never expected to see her standing outside my door, working on a Sunday as a census taker.

I don a ball cap, pulling the brim down so it covered most of my eyes, only about a third of my nose peeks out from under the brim. Lowering my voice a bit I open the door to her, “Yes!, what can I do for you?”

“Hello, I’m Betty Turner here to ask you about this year’s census!” I couldn’t believe that she had the fucking nerve to bat her lashes at me “Could I come in and ask you to help me fill out the census!”

Oh she cold enter but the only thing getting filled out would be her, the stupid bitch! I step back from the door, giving her space to come inside. She comes in like I remember her doing two years ago. I led her into the living room, motioning for her to sit on the couch, me taking up a position at the window. Dropping the blind to attempt to cool off the room. I answer the question to give me the most dramatic effect.

“69 Hellhole Drive, I’m a former English professor at Ravishment University by the name of Graeme Cartier!”

The last two answers makes her look up, in shock which increased as I flicked my ball cap over my head, revealing my full face to her. Oh I could see in her eyes that she recognized me. She jumps up only for me to move faster than her , launching myself at her, spearing her in the midsection like the guys on the fake wrestling shows on tv do.

She was down, holding her stomach, as I grabbed what she called a shirt and tore it apart, sending buttons in all directions. Her jeans were no problem for me to work off her legs, and of course nothing on me took any length of time to take off. When we were both naked I drop down on her and  land on her, forcing her legs apart with my knees.

In a flash I get my new hardened cock into her cunt, my left hand grabbing her chin. “So you little bitch is this the way I fucked you back in my office?” Jamming my cock into her cunt, not caring if I was hurting the bitch. In fact I wanted nothing more than to hate fuck this little bitch. I lost track of how many times I forced my cock into her.

Every time I rocked her bra covered tits up and down, I hoped that her breath was leaving her lungs as well.
I blew my load deep into her and collapsed onto her, eventually rolling off to her right. Without my weight to hold her down, Betty  tried to move away from me, only Miguel, the neighbour next door, blocked Betty from leaving the house.

El señor Cartier está todo bien?”

“Oh yes Miguel, How would you like a present from me!” Motioning to Betty, Miguel’s eyes traverse her bra covered chest.

I continue in his native tongue “Ella es una puta que solo sirve para follar!”

Miguel’s eyes widened in disbelief at my statement but that didn’t stop  his eyes from going back to Betty. I don't give him a chance to say anything, going to the back of the house to take a shower. When I come out Both are gone, on the kitchen table is a plate of enchiladas.

With a bottle of Corona and the plate I take a seat on the couch waiting for the police which never came. Funny come to think of it I never heard from Betty Ever again either!

                                                                                                  The End

The next post will be the 200th in this anthology and I have something special in preparation to celebrate the big event! Look for all who have read anytime from this anthology in the not to far future!

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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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The next post will be the 200th in this anthology and I have something special in preparation to celebrate the big event! Look for all who have read anytime from this anthology in the not to far future!

What an anouncement :emot_thedrool.gif: I´m very curious!
Number 198 was a hell off intense. Thank you and well earned merit leading further to your goals ;)
Your fan
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Re: Any Which Way You Can- An Anthology Series
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So some background on this one. This wasn't what I slated for the 200th story in the anthology but the one I planned took on a life of itself (Will see the board soon). kept the idea of the main story but reworked it so it would fit the page count of the stories here. With that here is the 200th story...

200                                                                                          Outburst At A Funeral

The assembled people sat in the wooden pews, the priest standing in front of them in the center of the two rows of pews. “Any which way can you, you must show some compassion to Mister Cartier”


A gasp followed by a pause as all heads turn to see if they could see who yelled, interrupting the priest’s service.

“He was a criminal asshole who raped me and I for one am glad that he is dead!” Standing up, taking a proud stance. All I can say is if someone killed him then I for one would like to shake the person’s hand!” Moving to sit back down, only to stop as Reverend Morrison spoke.

“Dear sister, why do you say such things against the departed?”

“Because Reverend, I remember every detail as if it only happened yesterday!”

The person moved to the center aisle and made her way to the podium and the reverend.  Moving behind the podium, Reverend Morrison, moved away, turning the podium to the newcomer. Motioning her to address the assembled people which she did with relish!

“It was late Monday night, I was working late to ‘Fill my Hole’ donut shop where I was waitressing until the shop closed a little after ten. I was done counting the till when someone started pounding on the door. At first I looked up and waved to the person, pointing to the sign beside the door that read we closed at ten. Still the person persisted to pound a fist onto the glass door.”

Taking a break in speaking then, “I was pissed at the person so I went over and pointed to the sign, still the pounding persisted. Looking through the glass I spotted a red streak on his white t-shirt and a streak of red just under his hairline!” Another pause to let things set into everyone’s mind.

“I unlocked the door in a state of shock, ‘Oh my god, what happened to you?” .At first he said nothing  but just fell onto the floor in the door frame. I jumped back and started to freak out. I don’t know why but I dragged him into the shop, making my way to the back booth, struggling to get him up onto the padded seat.”

“I made sure that he was safe before I ran into the kitchen in the back room and got a wet washcloth. Returning to him, I got down on my knees and started to wipe the red streak when his hand shot out and grabbed me around the throat. I could feel the pressure on my throat and my breathing was disrupted and I was hovering between consciousness and passing out”

Many in the front pews went to jump up only to be motioned to remain sitting. The person started up again. “I vaguely remember lying on the floor, on my stomach, a hand rolled me over onto my back then the zipper on the front of my uniform was pulled down and I remember ‘god damn you weren’t wearing a bra today, slut!”

“His voice sounded familiar to me for some reason, anyway where was I, oh yes, I felt his hands touching my breasts, squeezing them, fingers enclosing around my nipples, stretching them away from the rest of my breast. Just when I thought nothing else could make me feel worse inside, wet lips encased my left nipple, the noise of suckling made me blush.”

“A hand roved down my stomach coming to the polyester pants I had to wear, sliding inside them. Fingers touched my pussy lips, then I felt it on my clitoris and I started to gently moan in pleasure. Then the hand disappeared and I felt my pants being slid down my legs. His head came back close to mine, a whisper “Time for me to raise something in you!”

“Then I felt weight shift and my legs move apart as something worked itself between them. A stabbing sensation and I cry out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” But I felt it over and over again

“Oh yes, maybe I should make a baby cream filled delight!” Before I could say anything I could feel a warmth travel through my loins and I knew that whoever he was came in me!” Pushing away from the podium, tears in her eyes, her bottom making contact with the casket, knocking it off it’s bier.

Most in the pews gasp as the casket crashes onto the floor, breaking apart as if it was made of Balsa wood. The body inside sprawls out of the coffin and shocks all who had a perfect view of it. The body was only a partial torso  that was missing arms and legs. A piece of paper taped to the torso.

The female that caused the casket to fall screams in terror as she reads the writing on the paper

        “Oh no know one is lucky enough to be done with me, especially the one
            carrying my nut cream. See you in nine months bitch!
                                                                          Graeme Cartier

All in attendance started screaming as the female sank to the floor howling in anguish “No I’ve already taken the test, it negative!”

The priest did his best to restore order, starting with collecting the young lady from the floor “Come with me Miss and I’ll see that you are given counseling!”

In his office “So miss, I can suggest that the rectory can help you if you are willing to allow them to do so!” Placing a cup of steaming tea in front of her “All I need is a name to start filling out the proper paperwork with

“Jessica, Jessica Tomlinson!”

                                                                                                      The End