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Please be kind it´s my first try.

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct nationalities, ethnicities, cultures or religions may be portrayed, no offense is meant to anyone.

WUMPTH, CLICk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The door had closed behind Stephan for summer break. He hated, dreaded and also looked forward to summer break, because even the illusion of freedom and being who he was born to be was taken from him. But this was his life now and there was nothing he could do to change it. The moment the door had closed he heared his fostermom's voice. "Get your lazy bitch ass down here right now little girly!" "Yes Mommy I´m coming!" He answered pitching his voice as high as his 12 year old vocal cords allowed.

Sighing Stephan dropped his backpack on the floor and walked to the stairs that led into the basement and the family room. The moment he got to the family room he saw the woman who insisted he called her Mommy. She was sprawled out on the couch, lazily fucking her hairy cunt with a big dildo. He sighed again the woman was disgusting but she held all the cards in her hands and the key on a silver neclace she never took off. The woman who was now smiling cruely up to him. Whike he couldn`t help it and stared at the dildo going in and out of her cunt. "There you are my little girly baby gurl! Give Mommy a nice kss and then get out of those ugly boy clothes! It´s summer break you don`t have to pretend anymore! Just be what I want you to be!" Stephan nodded and he started to undress. First his tie then his shirt next came his shoes and socks and last his trousers. All the while his eyes were fixed on Mommy's cunt.He was wondering how it would feel to be sliding his little pecker in and out of a cunt. But he knew he would never be allowed to feel it. He was only a fucktoy and whore after all.

The pain in his tiny pecker and little balls got bigger and bigger it was aching to grow but it almost never had the chance to do it. For the last three years now he was living here with Mommy, three years that his pecker had been in the cage she had put on him that very first night. She had put it on him just before he had been raped by his CPS worker.

Stepping out of his trousers he got down on his knees. Placing his hands in the small of his back he leaned over and kissed Mommy's unwashed, sloppy and smelly cunt. Mommy never washed her cunt she always favoured his tongue to soap and water.

"Go on baby gurl do your job and clean up Mommy. My cunt is full of real man cum! I know how much you love to eat cum out of my cunt baby gurl! And once you clean Mommy up nicely we will dress you for tonights uncles baby gurl."

Stephan kept licking and cleaning the cunt of Mommy. He had given up on fighting her a long time ago. He hated to be called baby gurl but when ever he had tried to fight back, it only had been a painful and humiliating experience for him. Like that time when he made a friend at school, and he begged and begged and even fought to get to a sleepover at his place. Well Mommy had let him go in the end, but only after she forced him to swallow some pills. His friends Mom called Mommy to pick him up two hours after she had dropped him of. He had wet himself three times going through his changes of clothes and also wasted an expensive rawleather couch. He spent the next three weeks having to wear diapers till he learned to control his bladder again. And to hide the deep bruises the paddle and cane had left on his ass. Of course his friend had never spoken to him again!

Closing his eyes and squeezing away a few tears he concentrated on cleaning Mommy, not thinking about what lay in store for him in the near future. Instead while he listened to Mommy's moans his mind dropped into his memories.

He had just dropped the garbage bag with his stuff in his room when Mommy had pushed him on the bed. He had screamed out but Mommy had quickly pushed his face into the duvet so that his scream was muffled. Strong hands had grabbed his to big jeans and panties pulling them down his ass. He remembered Mommy's voice clearly in his ear telling him to stop his crying that every girl and gurl had to go through this. To shut the fuck up. He hadn`t! He had been scared and hurt and he was just 9 years old. The hands that had pulled down his pants suddenly started to slap his ass. With a few slaps his ass was burning like it was on fire and Mommy kept hissing in his ear to stop acting like a baby and stop crying then the nice uncle would stop spanking. Finally he had stopped crying and went silent and the hands stopped slapping his red raw ass. His feet were grabbed by the strong hands and his shoulders by Mommy he was turned over on his back and he finally got to see the owner of the hands. Between his spread legs stood a naked Mr. Cram his CPS worker. His thingy, he was still calling it that back then, was sticking out and up. His eyes had went big seeing it and he had blushed. Mommy had laughed and taunted him for it. He looked at her and only now it registered to him that Mommy was naked too! She had used this moment of him being stunned and quickly pulled his arm above his head. Cuffed his hands and tied them to the bedpost. She had pulled a small metal thing from under the bed, now he knew that it was a cockcage the same one he was still wearing today. Quickly she fastened it on his little pecker and padlocked it. Putting the silver chain with the key to it around her neck where it still was today. Mr. Cram had watched smiling. His thingy was bouncing up and down on it´s own, small clear drops of some slimey stuff came out of it`s tip and dropped down on the floor. He kept holding his anckles. Then pressing his legs up towards his head doubling him over so that his bum hole was fully exposed. He felt the cool air tickle him there as his asscheeks parted. Then he had felt for the first time the touch of a cockhead at his asshole. The precum Mr. Cram had been ouzing was the only lube, he had looked up at his face and saw what he now knew as a sadistic glint in the cold grey eyes. Mr Cram had told Mommy to hold his legs while he was going to break this bitch in. Then she could use him and together they could turn a nice ptofit from this little girly boy whore. Mommy took over his anckles and the next moment he had to scream out again as he felt his asshole beeing torn. Mr Cram had shoved his cock balls deep into his little ass. He started to violently fuck his ass non stop. Slapping his asscheeks, he was moaning and shaking within moments. While Stephan felt nothing but agony and a warm wetness running down between his asscheeks puddling below his ass. Mr Cram quckly got a fast pounding pace, slamming in and pulling out his face contorted in pure pleasure. A big smile on his face as he listened to his screams of pain. Now he knew that those screams were the sweetest song he could have sung for Mr. Cram. Suddenly he had felt the cock pulse in his ass. Feeling some luiquid beeing pumped into him at the same time as Mr. Cram's face contorts. His eyes rolling up and he collapsed forward onto him. His thingy was still inside his burning ass while Mr. Cram was breathing hard. Slowly he rolled of Stephan and he pulled his thingy out. He had looked closely at his ass stuck two fingers into it and moved them around before telling Mommy that he was okay. That the blood was just from inside and his boy cunt was not ruptured.

A sudden slap on the head brought Stephan back into the present. Mommy had slapped him hard with a rolled up newspaper as if he had been a bad doggy.
"You lazy bitch stop daydreaming! I feel nice and clean so we better get you dressed now!" Mommy stood up and grabbed him by his long brown hair. And started to pull him towards  the rear of the room where she had prepared his clothes for tonight. "There you go Annie you´ll look so sexy and cute in those clothes. You´ll be my perfect little baby gurl won`t you?" Stephan sighed and just nodded his head submissively. So he would be Annie for at least a couple of days. He hated to be Annie because Annie was supposed to be a painslut and a baby!

To be continued if there is interest.

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Great story, I'd read a few more stories about Stephan and that mother

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Interest!! Interest!! Please continue.  Please!

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good story