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Daddys' little Horrors (tg/M Incest)
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:09:12 AM »

This probably isn't technically rape, but a recurring dream I've had for decades.  However, though I'm supposed to say that this is a work of Fiction, some of the sexual action is based on the experiences of a friend.  I can't say how much he made up, or remembered differently, nor how much I just got wrong, I also changed some things to protect the guilty.  I've read fantasies like this, as a little kid from my own father's [Family Touch] magazines.  It's an incredibly common fantasy, however just so you know, while this does happen, or it has at least once, it's not normal, it certainly isn't good, and it's not Straight.  That's why it's here, and labeled Horror.  The only possible motive I can think of is Penis Envy, but not the type described by Freud (Who also described himself as a walking talking Phallic Symbol) because of his own sexual hangups, as a cistraight man.



The boys got out the dirty mags, and played with themselves, but "Don't look at my dick!"  That's gay, but they're little.  Sticking up, so they can play with them, but not big and hairy.  I don't get one to play with, I'm a girl, and the boys won't play with me, because I'm a girl.  I had to follow them, just to see them, but Brian stuck it under his shirt.  So, I knew what they were going to do.  To look at the pictures, and get their dicks out.  I looked at them too, there naked, but big deal, naked ladies.  Like mommy, I get to see her naked all the time.  In the shower, or getting ready for bed, so what?  She's a little hairy, but she shaves her legs, and her armpits. 

I don't, my armpits are bare, like I shave them, but I don't.  I'll get some when I'm older, but not a dick to play with, because I'm a girl.  I saw daddy play with his and the magazines once.  He was in the doghouse, he had a fight with mommy, so he had to go down to the den.  We don't have a dog, so that's the doghouse, or they call it the doghouse when daddy gets in trouble, but I hid.  Down there, where he keeps the dirty mags, and the boys go to get them.  He threw the pillow down, and got one out.  I was so excited, I seen it too, but just peeing.  I knew he did it, they're his nudie mags, and that's what there their for, but sure enough he rubbed it in his PJs first.

He didn't just pull them down, he was up on the sofa, on his arm, and turned the page.  So I could see the front of his PJ pants, then her felt it some more.  It's real big, and hairy.  He shaves his face, but not his legs, or under his arms.  His chest or tummy, then he pulled his fly open, and got it out.  Stuck his fingers in ther to rub his balls, and kept reading.  It's amazing, so big, and hard, he can get his whole hand around it, and still have room to pump it.  Slowly, then he stopped, and turned the page again.  The boys go really quick, but daddy takes his time, his eyes tracing right, and left, like he's reading.  Oh yeah, there's stories too.  The boys just like the pictures, but you can't tell what the cum hungry sluts is feeling. 

Yeah, I'm a cum hungry slut, or I will be.  When I grow up, and get boobs, guys love boobs.  He put down a washcloth, on the side of the couch.  To catch his jizm when he grunted, and cummed.  It was amazing, and I just closed my eyes.  Imagined my face there instead.  I know what it looks like, I seen it lots of times, but really sticking on my face.  Thick, and white, and hot, and spermy.  He put it up, and just threw it on the floor.  Pulled up the blanket, and turned off the light to the end table.  So, I could sneak out, when he started snoring. 

I looked back, a little light came in the door, from the light over the stove, and I saw it.  Snuck back, and took it.  The cum rag, still wet, but folded up, and stuck together, but I took it up stairs to my room any way.  It got old, before I could wipe it on my face, smell it, and taste it, but it was okay.

For now.


I told Anna at school.  It was so naughty, but she's naughty too.  She calls me Brie, because there was already another Anna in 3rd grade, and a Anne, Annie, and even an Aunna.  That's how she says it, like Aunt, but I think Brie is a cheezy name.  You get it?

So, anyways, Anna likes pornos too, and showing her panties.  Big deal, if I wanted to see panties, I'd just look in my underwear drawer.  To boys, but she showed me them too, and she says I'm like a boy, or a tomboy, because I like boy stuff, and to do all the stuff boys get to do, like climb trees, and play with dicks. 

She giggled, "Did you touch it?"

"No, I just watched it, but I think I can tonight.  He's still in the doghouse, so I can sneak down while he's asleep on the sofa."  I nodded.

"Can I cum too?"

"No, then we're sure to get in trouble.  You giggle to much, so you'd just give it away."

"Well, you want to come over to my house tonight instead?"

"Then I won't get a chance."  I think she's sweet on me.  We're friends, best friends, but she keeps showing me her panties, and touches my legs.  You think maybe she's a lesbo? 

"My dad's got movies, and he takes a nap on the couch.  Every day, he works hard, and comes home tired.  So, he always takes a nap on the couch until I get home, and he gets a hardon."  She covered her mouth, and giggled.

"You seen it?"

"In his pants!"  Giggling louder, but nobody's paying attention.  Least of all boys, they're gross, and call girls gross, so they leave us alone on lunch, and we take our trays in the corner.  "And we can sneak down to watch movies tonight."

"Okay."  He's probably going to be in the doghouse a while, it was a pretty big fight, and mommy said the D word.  Divorce, they never get one, but whenever she says it, daddy's in the doghouse a long time, and he has to jerk off in the den.  Instead of fucking mommy.  Then, they make up, and she fucks him again, but not for a long time.

So, the teacher took our trays, and dumped them in the trashcan, and stacked them on the cart, and put it out in the hall for the janitor man.  So, we went back to our desks, and got out our study books, but I stuck my hand down my pants.  Anna giggled, especially when I unzipped my fly, and stuck my thumb out.  She got really red, and covered her mouth, so she could keep laughing, but quiet so we didn't get caught, but all the kids looked at her until I pulled my hand out, and zipped up my pants.

I didn't even get to jerk it.  The girls in the magazines, they like to touch themselves.  Inside, and stick stuff inside there, but I don't.  It's gross, but I figured out how to beat off, so I showed her.  I didn't get a chance to tell her, on lunch, because she interrupted, and told me about her daddy, and her daddy's movies, and we might get a chance to molest him in his sleep because he takes naps, then go watch movies.

I think she wants me to do her.  I don't know, I can't tell, but I think she's a lesbo, and she wants me to do her, because I'm butch, and boys are gross. 

"Hm."  Butch.  Write that down, [Butch]  I like that, it just sounds so, "Butch."


"Uh huh?"

"Pay attention."

I nodded, but I think I got off last night.  I didn't get a chance to tell her, I was just playing around.  In my brothers underwear, so I could stick my thumb in there, and jerk it.  Just like daddy did, last night on the couch.  Sideways so his hip stuck up, like a girl in a centerfold, and his eyes searching back and forth, and his fist pumping in and out, faster and faster...


"Yes, Brie?"

"Can I go to the bathroom?"


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Re: Daddys' little Horrors (tg/M Incest)
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Daddy II

The doctor said there'd be side effects.  Like drowsiness, but I don't know where that fucked up dream came from.  My little girl playing with herself in the chair, and little hands feeling my hardon in my pants.  I turned over, and passed back out, but the dream just went on and on.  Her friend, Brie.  I can't even believe I'm thinking about her like that, for one thing she's not just a little girl.  As young as my Anna, she's also tomboyish.  Grubby, and bossy.  Stomps around in jeans, and practically yells all the time.

Pushes Anna around, but for some reason she likes hanging out with that little bully.  Yeah, that's what it is, she acts like a bully, which is weird, but I'm not the kind of father who tells his daughter who she can and can't be friends with.  She stopped sneaking out, and getting in trouble.  It's just petty vandalism, she wrote Fuck on a neighbor's wall, but she got caught, and I had to get up to go get her from the police station.  So, it's not as if she's a bad influence, if anything, she's keeping my Anna out of trouble, it's just weird.

She's weird, but that doesn't explain why I had such a weird dream about her, playing with herself watching her friend touch me through my pants.  Maybe it's the jeans?  She wears blue jeans like a boy, but it's not like girls don't wear pants all the time.  Maybe it's something about How she wears them, or walks around in them.  Stomps really, so you can always hear her walking, or running around up stairs.  That's probably how i knew she was over, I heard them running around upstairs, and that woke me up.

Bleary eyed, I just rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and tried to shake the image out of my head, but sure enough, that's her.  Her heels, thudding back and forth upstairs, they're playing.  In the hall, yawn, and check the time.  Well, the girls are home, so about time to start dinner, before she gets home with the boys from practice.



I didn't giggle.  I didn't even have to hold it in, because it wasn't funny.  I didn't believe her, so it was kind of a dare, she wouldn't really do that, right?  It wasn't funny, it wasn't just a little naughty, it was hands down the hottest thing I ever seen in my whole entire life.  She touched him, she touched his penis, and even unzipped his pants, but he just turned over, so she couldn't get it out.

"Huh!"  I put my feet down.  Off the coffee table, and fixed my underpants when I got up.  They rode up, around my butt, scooting up in the chair like that to touch myself through my underwear, but i didn't close my eyes.  Imagine her touching me like that, i didn't have to.  I could watch her, touch my daddy like that, right in front of me.  I got so horny, I never been so horny before in my life, I didn't even know you could get that horny, but she raced me upstairs.  

In mom, and dad's room, I showed her the secrets.  In the bedside drawers, but if you pull them out, there's a little board under there.  So, I got the tape out from my daddy's side, and she stuck mommy's drawer up on the top.  She giggled, she never giggles, and she even covered her mouth!  Just like I do, when i giggle, and pulled it out.  Mom's vibrator, and i guess that was the second hottest thing I ever did see, just today!  Just now, instead of sticking it in her mouth, or turning it over to read the instructions on the bottom, she just held it out.

In front of her, and pumped it with her fist.

I put the drawer back, and then I had to go around to put mommy's drawer back where it belongs.  It's tricky, because you have to line it up with the track, but you can't see what you're doing.  Kinda like the vibrator, unless I put a mirror down to squat over it, and really watch it enter me.  Split me wide open, like the girl in the second scene, but i can't show her that yet.  

She ran down the hall anyway, and went in my room, so i went and showed her how to use it.  Until later tonight, we can set up the cushions and blankets on the living room floor, in front of the TV, but not now.  Daddys down there, and I can hear him smack the pots and pans together, so he'd catch us.  

I bet he knows, I'm a lesbian.  He knows all about them, because it's his favorite movie.  How do you think I found out about lesbians?  Brie's a Butch though.  She didn't cut her hair, and she's not old enough to get tattoos.  Me neither, not for another 10 years, and that's like forever.  I don't want tattoos, maybe I'll get my tongue pierced, but I always wanted a Butch.  



"How cum you like skirts so much?"  I had to hold it up, to see what she's doing.  She pulled her panties down, but.  Ew, gross.  It's not like the girls in the magazines, I never really looked at the girls, or the pictures without dicks, but I like to read about them.  Cum hungry sluts, and what they think about, that's why I'm friends with Anna.  She's a bad girl, and a slut, but like a real girl.  She likes skirts, and panties, and stuff.

Oh yeah, and [Little Lesbos]  We can't watch it yet, or her daddy'll know we went in his room, and got into there stuff, but she likes the vibrator.  I know how they use them, I read porn too, you know, and it says it right on the bottom with a little arrow.  Off<¯>On.

I giggled.  "You sure are giggly today."

"It is like rocket surgery!"

"Ngh hihihn!"  She nodded, and kept rubbing it up and down her cut.  It looks like a cut, I know what they look like, but she doesn't have all that stuff, the grownups got in there cunts, so it's just a cut.  I always called mine my cut, or pee-pee, when i was potty training, but i remember mom telling me, I can't have a willy, because i'm a girl.  I cried and cried, but this is the next best thing.  Until I find a boy, that lets me play with his, but they still think we're gross.

Okay, girls are gross, and stinky.  She's really stinky, and pink inside, and getting pinker, so it's pink on the outside, when the vibrator slips up, and you can see it, so i just let her skirt back down.

"Huh!  I guess cause it's easy axes?  I don't have to pull them down like pants to take a piss, or get my hands on my pussy."

"Can I try it?"  She turned over, and gave me it.  "No, bent over like that."  I unzipped my pants, and stuck it in there.

"How come you like pants so much?"

"They got pockets."

"Nhm, ow!  You don't just poke it in like that.  Just hold it there, a minute.  Hm, just, huhHhH!"  She shivered.  "Yeah, there.  Right there."  I just held it there, but it vibrated me too.  I couldn't feel the letters, and arrows on the bottom, just my underpants, and the pocket of my fly.  Well, my brother's underpants, but I don't like stupid panties, they're stupid.  I like this, though, and I can bump it.  Once it went in, just like my fist bumps when I jerk my thumb on my pants.  

"Yeah, you like that big hard dick in your pussy."

"Hn, yeah!"  

Like a hammer, and a nail.  Not too hard, that hurts, and it came out of my fly if I pull back too far, but if I'm careful, I can bump it in, deeper, and deeper.

"NnaAhH!  MHN!"  She covered her mouth, but she wasn't laughing.  "Nh mh hn!"

I just held her skirt.  That's one thing skirts are goof for.  I can pull it, when I fuck her.

"Girls, Dinner!"

I ran to put it back.  Not the tape, that's for later, but her momma might check or need it, when she gets home.

I liked the Pork Cop, but not the succotash.  I ate the mashed potatoes, and gravy too, but her mom didn't make me eat the vegetables.  She made her "Eat your succotash," so she stuck it in her mouth, and swallowed.  Lima beans, gross.  I picked out the corn though, because it's sweet, and I'm not full yet.

Then they got up to do the dishes, and I helped her daddy take the mattress downstairs.  In her room, he closed the door, and I thought I was in trouble for feeling him up earlier.  

"Well, there's no gentle way to put this, so I'll just go ahead and ask.  Are you a lesbian?"

"Uh huh?"  I guessed.  "Anna too, she's my girlfriend."

"Huh!"  He sat down and swallowed.  "I was afraid of that, and it's all right, just."  Shook his head, "It's just.  Well she's 8."

"I know, me too."

"So, I support her decision, to live whatever life she wants to.  God, I always thought I'd have to have this little talk with a boy, but I'm glad.  Really, I'm relieved, I just want to make sure you don't rush her into anything."  If anything, she's the one with hot pants, and couldn't wait to start fucking.

"Okay, I promise."  Crossed my heart, "We're just kissing and holding hands right now, anyway."  I lied, through my teeth, but maybe he didn't really wake up after all.  He just blinked and turned over, so I thought he saw her with her skirt up, but maybe not.  If he things I'm a lesbo, and what kind of lesbo wants to jerk on dicks, and get facials, and suck the cum right out of his big hard dick?

"I'll go first."  He stood it up in the doorway, then put it down the hall.  Then he backed down the stairs, but I picked it up.  It's not that heavy, he thinks I'm weak because I'm little and a girl, but I'm not.  That's my little secret, I'm really a boy, and nobody knows it.  It's the best secret ever, because I got to fuck his daughter, and feel him up, all in the same afternoon, and i get away with it.

Nobody suspects the little girl.  And she's a lesbian too!  I just nailed a lesbian, I bet that's extra points even.  I just wish I had boys I could brag to about it, but wait until I tell my brothers.

No, better not.  They can't keep a secret for shit, and then the whole school will know we're stealing her mom's vibrator, and her daddy's lesbo movie to play lesbos.

Better keep this our little secret.  "Oh," he closed the door when we went back up for the bedding.  "Don't tell her mom.  She wouldn't understand."

"Okay," I promised.

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About Time (Aside)
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If it wasn't obvious due to the lack of internet, and anachronisms like VCRs, this was a while ago.  Also, it's compressed into a few days, instead of the years it took to develop relationships, skipping quite a lot of dialog for storytelling purposes.  The joke is:  "What does a lesbian take on a second date?"  A U-haul, but that's a joke.  They do sometimes move in fast, but not that fast, and as adults. 

That's not what's going on here, I didn't chose the age, Brad (Alias) did.  Or that's when he started acting out his Gender, due to the stress of being a boy, and treated like a girl.  It was a different time, when really the only Role Models were Chicks with Dicks.  Even today, there's 3 houshold names, all of them transwomen, because cistraight men believe that they understand the beauty Pageant.  That it has anything to do with beauty, or Sex, but they can't name 1 transman, because that's a Gain.

"Do we have to pay him more now?'  Better not even think about it, so Transmen are just like the Wage Gap.  Something that doesn't exist in their world, and since they Dominate our world, it's something they can't Allow to exist.  That's why they write laws about crossdressing topeep on women pissing.  Because of course, before a celebrity came out in Vanity fair, a role model, an Olympic Decathlete, and Kardashian (By marriage) men didn't get into the lady's room to look at them Pee, or put cameras in the toilets.  That's a new thing, like transexuality, and it's easier to call us perverts than learn a new pronoun.

That's why it's a "Man trapped in a woman's body."  Because it's a Trap.  That's what they call transwomen, and transgirls, one of the most famous pornstars marked herself a Linetrap, because the myth is we're gay, and crossdress to rape men.  The nightmare, the ultimate nightmare scenario is we're just as bad as men, when they can't conceive of a normal woman.  A cis-straight female raping a man.  That's how sexism hurts men, it's not reverse sexism, it's the same double standard.  If you're having trouble here, then just try to imagine for a minute, what it's like to be treated like a girl.  That's exactly what it's like, every day, waking up to find that you didn't grow a penis overnight is exactly how you would feel waking up to find it missing.  Every day.

The subconscious fear is men being treated like women.  By men, by women, by men dressed as woman, but not by girls dressed like boys, because she's just a tomboy.  Isn't that cute?  She likes to play with my box wrenches!  Men can't be victims, so it's a nightmare.  Roll over, and forget it ever happened.  Don't cry about it, faggot.  There's actually no myth here, because transmens don't exist.  Right?  Transphobia is homophobia.  Despite the fact that I'm not welcome in pride.  I don't get a band in their flag that represents diversity, because I have a beard, I don't confirm to the standards required to even have pride, I'm considered gay.  By men who don't know what they're talking about, so they yell it louder until everyone believes them. 

That's basically all of recorded history, and why we're not in it.  Not because transgender is a new thing, but because conservative men run things, and don't want to learn anything new.
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That Night
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I couldn't wait for them to go to bed, so we could turn on the TV.  We did, that's why we got the living room, but it wasn't safe to put the tape in until they started fucking.  Upstairs, so I guess we'd hear if they stopped, and they always pass out right after, but I guess mommy's not going to need her vibrator tonight!

I just hit the Counter thing, so I can run it back.  To 0, so it starts up in the same place when he watches it next, but I run it back.

She turned over, on her side, and stuck her thumb out.  The front of her underwear, and it was funny.  Especially in class, when it was so naughty, and someone could see her do that any time, but I just giggled so they looked at me instead.

She wasn't looking at the TV.  The light shone blue in her eyes, but then I jumped when the VCR snapped.  "Oh!"  I stopped it, but she kept tugging her thumb.

Like a boy, and she's pretty enough, but she's 8.  She's flat chested, and wearing boy underwear, and jerking her thumb so her fist is in there like balls, and it's so weird.  I don't want a boy, I'm a lesbian, but she wants to be a boy so bad, and god.  I knew fucking would be fun, and I've gotten off on mom's vibrator, but I didn't even giggle when she said she nailed me.

No joke.  She nailed me.  Now we can't get the vibe again, with mom and dad fucking right next to it, but I can't lick her pussy either.  So, i crawled on the bed to get it wet.

"Huh!"  She lay back, and let go.  "Yeah, suck my dick."  Wiggled it on my tongue, but I used to suck my thumb.  I looked up, and nodded, but she just turned to watch the movie.  Rubbed my hair.

Maybe she's bisexual?  She really likes dicks, but she has sex with me, so I'm happy.  I have a girlfriend, and she fucks so good, i just have to get her thumb wet enough to fuck me again.  "Snh!"  I can kinda smell her pussy.  Through the underwear.

"Too bad there's no dick in it, but at least the dildos look kinda like dicks."

"Mhm?"  I nodded.  

"Huh!"  She sat up.  "Lay down."  Pulled off my underwear, and got up next to me.  Stuffed her hand in there, and her thumb back out of the front again, but now I can smell my pussy.

"Can you hand me my panties?"

"Sure."  She gave me them, to sniff, and smell it better, but I'm definitely getting wet.  "You're weird."

I had to giggle, "You're one to talk?"

"Then don't talk, just suck me."  She stuck her thumb in my mouth, "Yeah, suck my dick."

She looked up, and smiled.  I glanced over at the girl with a strapon, getting sucked, so maybe that's what she was doing.  Acting out the movie, but they didn't say that.  They never said "Suck my dick, yeah," and besides, the sound was off so maybe she's just making up the words.

It's quiet, mommy and daddy were done, so they probably passed out, but now we have to be quiet.  

"Smp!"  I turned my head, "Huh!  You want to fuck me now?"

"Yeah," she knee waddled around, between my legs, but her thumb stuck out wet, and shiny from sucking it.  So it didn't dry off again, pulling it out, and I don't mind sucking it.  I just wish I could lick her pussy, or at least see it, but there's plenty of girls in this scene, and she wiggled it in.


I had to put the pillow over my face, and hold my breath so I didn't scream, and finally stopped her.  "Huh!  Stop, stop."  So I could get up, and bend over.  So her wrist went between my butt cheeks, and stopped bashing me.  That hurt, but we're figuring it out, and this is the first time we tried it that way.

"Nhm, wigl naAHM!"  I just put my face down in the pillow, but she kept wiggling it.  Up and down inside me, and nailing me.  Hitting her fist, so her knuckles bumped me, but not as hard as her wrist earlier.  It didn't hurt, if I get up on my elbows she doesn't even hit it with her knuckle.  

"Ngh, fuck?"  She stopped.  "HhuhHhH!"  Slipped out, and we just layed down.  Her breath on my hair, shivering, and squeezing her hand between her legs.  "HhhUhH!"

Good, she can orgasm too.  She's just weird, so she does it different, but I'm glad.  I got one, and she got one, and the tape is coming up on the part where it started.

So, I got up, and stopped it.  Right when it got to [0:00:00] and pulled it out.  Hid it to put it back in the morning, but she was already asleep.

Sucking her thumb, but the wrong one.  Her hand still stuck down the front of her boy underwear.  So, I cuddled up with her, and pulled the blanket over us.

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Re: Daddys' little Horrors (tg/M Incest)
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So, we had a fight, and broke up.  Okay, I was mad, she lied to me, and tricked me, and okay it was fun fucking and now I can say I did it, but I'm Not A Lesbian.  She doesn't get it, but the only movie she had didn't have any dicks in it, and she didn't tell me that.  The Vibrator?  I have got to get me one of those, and I'm not a virgin no more, but we just stayed friends.  

We really did, she said she understood that I'm not gay, when I am, but what really made me mad is when I got home, and daddy was out of the doghouse.  Great, they were fucking in the kitchen, which means no more beating off down in the den, and I missed my shot playing lesbos with Anna.  

Oh yeah, and got to feel up her daddy, but that just made me want it more.  Out where I can see it, and jerk it off all over my face, and in my mouth.  So that just left me jerking off with the boys, and they laughed at me jerking my thumb, like they always do, but they know I want to be a boy too, and nobody else lets me, so why the heck not?  

So, I told them I fucked Anna, but all shifty eyes, like I lied.  I figured it out, I knew they wouldn't believe me anyway, but I had to tell someone, so it's like ghost stories.  Only instead of a campfire, we had a Penthouse.  I like them best, not just cause they got stories to read, but also cause they never stick it in.  The dick, they just look at it, or point it at their pussy, all spread open and slutty, but that's how you get a dick.  Cum hungry sluts get their hands on a dick, just like daddy has to eat pussy to get a blowjob, but i didn't.  I just got a blowjob, but I called it "My dick.  She sicked my dick to get it wet, and then I fucked her."

I didn't tell them about the vibrator, or the movie, because she's not supposed to know about.

"You don't even have a dick, dickless."

But Byan got off.  "Ngm!"  Right in front of me, and a little drop came out.  "I cummed, look guys I cummed real cum!"

"Nuh uh, that's pee."  He want soft, "You just peed."

"Nu uh, look.  It's stringy."  He touched it, and pulled it out, and sure enough, it made a tiny string before it came off.  Just like in the picture!  "See?"  Not like pee at all, and it was just like a spark, when you run around in your socks, and touch a doorknob?  Yeah, like that big, but i saw it.  "It's precum.  Remember in the story where he said he was dripping precum?  Like that, only after.  That means I'm gonna start cumming, for real, it just turns white later."

"Oh," he's the oldest, and "Lucky!"  I hit his arm, but I'm jealous because I know that'll never happen for me.  I'm just lucky I could be there, he admitted he did it before, last night, but he couldn't wait to show us.  I'm so proud of him really, and he did it just right.  he didn't spoil the ending by starting with "Hey guys you want to watch me cum?"  No, he just took the magazine, and jerked off like always, so it was a surprise.  That's my brother, he's smart like that, but then they fucked off, and I asked them to "Leave the magazine, I'm not done with it."

I didn't jerk off.  I didn't get the chance, I started to but then Bryan showed off, so I had to start over.  

"NGHM!"  Rub my underwear into my hand hare.  "Ngh HM!"  Stick my thumb up, and rub it.  Just like a dick, and pull the pocket aside to get mys fingers in there, and pull it out.  "Hhuh, yeah!"  Grip it, and pump it, in my fist so it beats, "Nh hm hn!"  Faster, and faster, that's why it's called Beating off, because it beats into the soft spot right in front, like the vibrator did last night, and all i can think about is her bent over when i nailed her, so I open my eyes.




Copywrite etcetera.  Pretty sure it's not the same photo either, that's obviously not one from the 80s, but most of us here remember what Penthouse used to be like.
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Re: Daddys' little Horrors (tg/M Incest)
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Damn, that was outstanding!!