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"Nghk!"  He snickered, and the girl with him giggled at something on her screen.  I didn't hush them, but looked around, and checked the sign-in sheet.

[4:11]  The time, they had about 20 minutes left, but the important thing is other than myself, they had the entire library to themselves.  The other computers had switched back to the timed-out/sign in screens, the other kids from the middle school finished their homework, and the homeless people left early to line up at the doors to the nearby soup kitchen.

I recognised them well enough to remember their names, when they came in.  Also, from Search history, but after nearly 45 minutes of whatever they were looking at today, they were so engrossed in looking back, and forth at each-other's screens, they lost track of anything else.  So, that it was fairly easy to move quietly around the bookshelves to the low Reference island behind them.  

2 shelves, with a peaked rooflike top to set up books that can't be checked out, but can be read anywhere in the library.  I'm a librarian, I wear soft soled shoes to be polite to our patrons.  They don't have to be quiet, they can laugh as loud as they want, without anyone else's reading to disturb.  I just wanted a sneak peak at how they managed to circumvent the filters that's supposed to prevent them from looking at certain pictures.



Interesting, that she had the big drawing of the penis on her screen, and what's those tabs pointing to in the middle of either side?  Craning to look over the peak of the shelves, their right hands are on the mouse pads, but their lefts are underneath the level of the desks.  Their chairs are practically together, and turned toward each other, but I have to come around the end of the shelves to see them holding hands.  In their laps, instead of getting into each other's pants.  


They jumped, and quickly clicked before running off.  Laughing like mad when I pushed a particularly thick volume back to the partition between shelves.  Looking away, as if I hadn't seen what they're looking at, but I hear a door down the hallway, before I turned the seat around, and found the browser [X]ed out.  Before it timed out, and reverted back to login, so I could bring up History before it automatically cleared.

"Huh!"  Last week, it was Gynecomastia.  We can't block Wikipedia, or other Research sites, that's one of the reasons we're here for middle school kids to do Research for their schoolwork.  I don't know what they're teaching for Health Class these days, but they're getting progressively more technical in their keyword searches.

It's just a little disturbing, to look at a penis with needles stuck in it, I just mistook them for label tags in a normal anatomical drawing.  Like you'd expect to see in a Sex Ed report, but this is.  "Oh."  I see, to drain it, in case of Priapism.  Before the pressure of an erection can do permanent harm, but still.  Why would she, of the two of them, be looking up what to do about an erection that won't go away, and is that a problem, for him?

For that matter, last time it was before and after pictures of mastectomies, complete with scars, and placing the nipples back where they belong.  By cutting them off, and sewing them back in the right place.  For a man, before he had feminine breast growth.

That, and they went down the hall to the bathrooms.  I only heard one door open, and slowly close on the hydraulic piston, so it's impossible to slam, but that means they probably went in there to fool around.  Again, so I listened to hear them giggling, and snickering in the men's room.  Closest to the main room for general circulation, eletronic catalogues, and the banks of public Internet terminals, but their hour would have been up, soon.

So, I decided to see what's up with the little girl in the men's room, with her boyfriend.



How many is that today?  Sorry, a lot of inspiration, but I like to strike while the iron is hot.  As if there weren't already too many on the fire.

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Percy (t/B CBT. M/t Pedo)
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"Tihehahuh!"  I slowly relaxed my grip, so his testes finally dropped to hang loose in his fresh waxed scrotum. 

"Huh!"  He gulped, and smiled.  "Nghk!"  Grunting again when I flicked the frenelum, so hard it bounced up, and the glans hit his tummy.  "Huhaheh!"

"Huhaheh!"  I think I'm getting the chuckles right.

"Here," I seized it, and pinched hard enough to make him try to squirm, but with my shoulder in the middle of his chest, I jammed him into the corner too hard to let him wiggle his shoulders, so I could keep pumping it in the skin as fast as I can.  "Nh hHhHn!"

"Hhuhah fugmh!  Ngh ghm!"

"Yeah, yh hm?"

"GgaAhH!"  I let go, and got down, to watch it twitch and jump until another drop wet the urethra, and caught it.  "Ngm!  Gnh!"

"Smp?"  Yummy.  It's not much, but he's making more, and more of it, and soon he's gonna make a full load of wad after wad of semen to ejaculate in pulsing sticky wet spurts splashing in my mouth, I just know it!  "Snh?"

SLAM!  "What are you kids doing in here!?"

"Uh!"  He fell down, and hunched over.  Covering up, and shivering, but squeezing his hands between his legs, so i couldn't pull his pants up before the librarian started beating on the stall door.


"Come on out of there little missy.  Unlock the door, you've got no where to run, and you know how much trouble you're in?

"Huh!"  ::)  "Okay, I'll be right out. Just, step back, and stop pounding on the door, so I can open it?"  I shielded his body as much as I could on the way out, but at least he had his pants up, and was working on the buckle.

"Get out of here, what do you think you're doing in the men's room, anyway?"

"Just fooling around a little."

"With that little boy?"

"He's not that little, he's the same age as me, and what's it to you, man?"

"It's my job, to make sure there's no funny business going on, and there's one thing about looking up dirty pictures on the public terminals, but it sounded like you're beating the crap out of him, in there, so you better start explaining yourself, now.  In my office."

He grabbed the phone.  "Are you calling the cops?"

"No, not yet, just shut up a minute, and let me find the number."  His hands were shaking real hard, too.  But he slid the tab down the side of this, retangle plastic thing, then it flipped open for him to run his finger up, and start dialing.

"Then who're you calling, then?"

"The central office.  Honestly, I don't know what to do with you, because I don't have a contingency for a girl sexually assaulting boys in the men's room.  Hello?  Yeah, um.  Sheila?"

"I know what it sounds like, but I wasn't sexually assaulting him."

"One minute."  I shut up, and tried to think of something to say, that'll make sense to a grownup like him.  "Yeah, can you put me through to Legal, and Ethics?"  He nodded, "Yeah, I'll hold."  Shot his cuff, and turned his watch over to look at it.  Old fashioned, or a mix of old, and new technology.  A desktop, but it's like 80s beige, same as the ones out there, and a type writer.  A printer, and a scanner?  I think that's what it is over by the door.  He locked it, the button in the knob is still bushed in from when he slammed the door.  "Sit back down.  Now, since it's after business hours, it might be a little while before the next shift comes in. Which means you have time to explain yourself.  If you weren't abusing him in there, then why was he crying?"

"He wasn't crying.  Huh!  I know he gets kinda loud, and I guess it might could sound like that, through the door, but, it wasn't.  That."

"Then what was it?"

"You know, just.  An orgasm."

"Well, I knew it was sexual from the twisted pictures you two were looking at."

"Oh, no.  It wasn't that."

"You can stop trying to lie to me right now.  For your information, you didn't cover your tracks very well.  You closed the browser, but you didn't clear the history first."

"You save the search history of everyone that uses the internet here?"

"No, of course not.  It clears automatically when you sign off, or it times out when your hour is up.  Whichever comes first, but it also reverts to the sign-in page, if it goes for more than a few minutes without any activity."


"Yeah, so I saw the pictures you're looking at when you ran off to go play slap and tickle with your little boyfriend in there."

"Yeahbut, that was research."

"For school?  Because I wasn't aware of them teaching about priapism, and gynecomastia in middle school these days."

"No?  That's not what it is, at all."

"Then what is it?"

"Personal research."

"I'm sorry you're going to have to do better than that."

"Huh!  Personal research, for me.  To decide, if I want.  SRS, or HRT."

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to spell it out for me.  I'm not a doctor, so I don't know what those stand for."

"Hormone replacement therapy, or.  Sexual reassignment surgery."

"What?"  He shook his head.

"A sex change.  You see, that's why we went into the boy's bathroom.  Because I'm not a girl.  I'm a boy.  We're gay."

I think I broke his brain.  He shook his head, held the phone up to his ear, and closed his mouth.  "Uh huh?"  Shook his head.  "I'm, gonna have to call you back."  He hung up.

This was humiliating enough already.  "Huh!"   ::)  I just waited...

A while...  "Well.  Uh."

"You don't have anything in the book about that either.  I know."

"Well, that still doesn't explain why it sounds like you're hurting him in there."

"Because I was.  He's a masochist, so that's what it takes to get him off."

"What, exactly, are we talking about?"

"CBT. That's short for cock, and balls torture."

"You're a transexual sadist?"

"No, stupid.  I just told you.  I'm transexual, he's a masochist.  I just like to play with them, because i don't have any to play with myself.  He just needs me to play rough."

"So, you like to play with his dick?"

"Yeah?  I just told you that, we're boyfriends.  That's what a boyfriend does, for his boyfriend.  If I had one, he'd do it for me, too."

"Yeah, but you like to look at real dicks, on the internet."

"Yeah, and pictures of surgical techniques, mastectomies, pretty much the whole shebang.  Porno mags, dirty movies, truckers pissing, and fucking, and sucking at the rest stop..."

"Wait, you've done that?"

"No?  We're 12.  We just watch, but they don't mind if we watch."

"Well, I haven't called it yet, so.  I might be able to forget any of this happened."

"Yeah? For what?  You want me to jerk you off too?"

"I don't know, if I should trust you.  After you told me you like to.  Torture cocks, and balls."

"Huh!"   ::)  What is it with this guy?  He doesn't listen, but I just told him.  Bryon's into all that stuff.  "What if I promise not to hurt you?"

"What if you take your clothes off first?"

I knew it.  He's a child molester. He tried not to look like he was creeping around, and looking at us, but you know.  Bryon told me, he keeps looking at me, when he doesn't think he's watching him.  Looking at me, like that. 

"Huh!"   ::)  "Okay, go on and get it out."  So, I took my shirt off, first.

Byron knocked.

"Uh!"  He jumped.

"Can I cum in, too?"


"Aw, come on.  He's my boyfriend, I just want to watch."

"Yeah, you better let him in,"  I turned the knob, so the button popped out.  "Or he can run to call the cops."

"Okay.  You can watch."

Good.  I feel a little better with him in here then all alone with mister creepy library man.


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Bryon (Mt...B Voyeur Humiliation)
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Bryon is an anagram of Byron, as Percy is an (Intentional) allusion to Percy Bysshe Shelly.  Being transgender, most of us don't want our given names, so we pick one.  It's part of forming our own identity, apart from the one we had forced apon us.  Along with color coded clothing, so everyone knows what we are.  (As if we don't.)  His was inspired by his boyfriend's, not Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstein (Who was on a camping trip, in a menage' troi with the poet, and his lover at the time she came up with the story.)


She was right.  I didn't see what she was talking about, just because he's a librarian doesn't mean he got this job to be around kids.  Even though it's right by the middle school, we come here because the school library isn't as private.  They have school computers, but none of them anywhere we can get away with looking at pictures, without someone walking around the bookshelves.  Or peeking through them, I could imagine that.  It never happened, but I could just imagine the librarian there catching me.

She's old, and a woman.  An old grey wrinkly woman, but i don't even think about her naked.  Much less having sex, because she's old.  I'm not gay, I don't know how gay it is fooling around with Sheila, but.  She likes to play the boy, and it's so sick, and painful.  She really knows how to hurt me.  I don't just like getting hurt.  I mean, when i skin my knee, or stub a toe, even getting spanked for acting up is one thing, but sexy pain.  You have to do it just right, and it took forever for me to learn it, but I taught her easy.  

She learned it real quick, and she's so good at it.  The problem is, i can't do it all myself.  Like tied up, if I tie myself up, I can't abuse myelf, and if i want to abuse myself, I can't tie myself up, so it was like that book.  Catch 22.  I picked it for the book report, because i sure get how he feels about being damned if he does, and damned if he don't.  I'm damned, and I'm going to hell.  I bet I'll love it there.  I bet the devil himself will never run out of new ways to hurt me, and my feelings.  make me feel ashamed, and i wish my family could be there to watch, but they're going to heaven.

Too bad, I can just imagine them, coming down to see me, and watch me get what I deserve, forever.  So anyway, I was looking up how to cut off her boobs again, because i really like the scars, but she found a really good one.  Needles.  Just 2, but then the library man caught us at it, so we ran in the bathroom.  So I could get what I deserve.  It was so exciting, yeah thinking about him catching us is one thing, and i dared her to get it out.  Right there in the library, nobody else would see it, but him, and I bet he'd get a big shock out of it, but she just held my hand in my lap.  So I couldn't unzip my fly, and get it out, but she got the giggles.

So, she found another one to look at, with needles stuck in it, and when i get home, i just know i can steal my Nana's pincushion.  Just looking at his balls, his shaven balls, and feeling the prickles from pulling all the hairs out after school.  I love candles.  I first started, cause I caught daddy watching a movie, and I couldn't see him abusing himself, but I could sneak up, and look over the back of the couch.  It was a very dirty movie, and he was right there, where all he had to do was turn his head, and catch me.  He didn't, and I knew he could beat the tar out of me for looking, and I guess that's the first time i wanted to get spanked, but he didn't.

Then in the movie, the man stopped, and it switched away to his face.  He made a face, like it hurt, and she got off of him.  Then I saw it, and daddy did it too.  I looked it his dick, it's really dirty, and sick to look at a man's dick, because it's gay, and dad especially hates the gays for being sick, and sinful, and fucking each other in the buts.  So, that's why he watches a man doing it with a lady, and she was on top, and naked, but then the best part.  It was so wet, and shiny, fresh from her vagina, and then it jumped.  Dad made a face too, and I couldn't stop giggling, but he didn't hear me.  i runned off, but before that, i saw the man shoot his stuff all over his tummy, and daddy did it too.  

It was so dirty, but then mom cooked hamburgers in the pan, and put the lid on with the cheese to make them cheeseburgers, and then she took the lid off.  It sizzled, and spattered all over me, and she burned her arm.  So then, I thought about a candle.  The big white candles in the candleholder she gets out of the curio for special occasions.  Like holidays, and turns off the light to eat dinner by the candle light, but then when they burn long enough, the wax melts, and run down the side of the candle.  It just reminded me of that, and hamburgers for some reason, even though we don't do burgers by the candle light, it's always something special, like turkey and stuffing, or gam with pineapple slices, and cloves, and sweet potatoes with the marshmellows melted on top.  

So, i took one, and I'm not supposed to play with matches neither, so that made it extra bad.  Stealing, and playing with fire, and just like I thought.  It burned, and hurt, and made me cry, but then when i wiped my eyes, and looked, there it was.  All over my tummy, but i wasn't hairy yet.  I forget how old I was, but this was years ago, the first time.  Then my voice started to crack, and I started popping hairs out, but by then i met Sheila, and she told me her big secret.  'i'm a boy.'  She whispered it, but first she took me in the bathroom at school.  The old school, this was back in six grade, but you know how girls say "I'm going to the bathroom," and then there firends come with them?  

She told me, that's so they can talk about things, they don't want to talk about in front of boys, or teachers, or even other girls, because they're into friends, and it's private.  Like when they get their period, or they're thinking about a boy, but she doesn't want to know she likes him, and thinks he's cute.  So, I asked why, because that doesn't make sense, but she says she doesn't know.  She doesn't really understand girls at all either, she just only had girls for friends, when really she was a boy inside all along, but a boy inside a girl body.

So, then we got caught, and he took her in his office to yell at her, and wait for the cops, but she talked him into sex so he wouldn't tell.  I was scared, and ashamed, and feeling really sexy, even though she already waxed me after school, and waited to use the computers, the good ones on the end so nobody can see, since everyone else left, but he snuck around to catch us, and he wanted to have sex too.  So, I guess she's right, but even touch she busted my balls, and I ejaculated 3 whole drops this time, just listening to them made me so excited I finally got brave enough to watch.  I wanted to see it so bad it hurt.  Well, my balls still kinda hurt from her squeezing them out, but I never got hard again so fast.

I would have waited till I got home, and into Nana's sewing table to swipe her pin cushion, but this is even better!  And besides, I can do that any old time, but she's right.  She's my boyfriend, so if she's going to do it with anyone, at least i should be there to watch.  Maybe he'll do me too when he's done.  He's a man, so if he blows his wad, that means we'd have to wait, but we're both in trouble, right?  Maybe he'll get mad, and spank me, right in front of her!  I sure hope so.



Also, he's immature (Even for a 7th grader) because he likes being a dirty little boy.  it's his identity, in fact the Opposite of Percy's.  He doesn't Want to change, he wants to be punished, and humiliated for being a bad little boy forever.  So, he subconsciously tries to remain a boy, forever.  He doesn't realize that he started abusing his privates, and then got into CBT with his boy/girl friend for starting to grow up.  Ironically the same as Percy fantasizes about mastectomies, and Gynecomastia (A man developing breast tissue because of a Disorder) because they started developing.  They're really the perfect couple, considering their aberrant sexual obsticals.  they just don't really have a place to practice.  At least not a safe one, with the Ephebophile in the area.

Also, the he/she dichotomy.  He thinks "she" because he's 12.  She thinks "He" because she's gender disphoric, and more than a little sexist.  I'll get to that, but her hatred of girls is ultimately displaced self-loathing, because of her body.  Bryon doesn't understand this, and neither does Sheila/Percy.  They just started research, and haven't really gotten into the identity/emotional therapy part of it, because there's pictures of genitals, breasts, and surgical scars to look at.  just like He mistook a diagnostic to differentiate Priapism by blood pressure, and pulse (Read by the needles) as trying to drain the erection, because he didn't read the article.  He didn't even read the graphs or notes up in the corners, and neither did you, because there's a big hard cock in the middle of the picture.

I'll leave the rest of the symbolism to your imaginations...
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