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College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

College, for Self-Discovery and Fun

“Rape a campus dyke-fest bitch” The words were printed there, plain as day, and scattered all over the campus in the middle of the night on pieces of confetti tossed out the back of a car. Every student at Lattice-King College saw one. They actually saw hundreds of them, as the scraps of paper had blown into the wet bushes and grass all over. It would take effort to round them all up.

The message was clear enough. The dyke-fest was an obvious reference to the founding, at long last, of an LGBTQ student group chapter at the traditionally conservative school. Its financial troubles and sale last year had finally opened that door, and clearly some were upset about it. Robin was more upset about the message. And about its method of delivery. It was tough enough coming out to her parents, which she did about four days prior to her freshman year starting. She couldn’t go joining clubs and hope that word didn’t get back to them. They only lived forty miles from the school. The sale of the college away from the church had nearly made them put a damper on her attending, but the deadline for accepting at other schools had already passed.

And now, at the moment she could finally meet the world without lying about who she really was, when she could stop pretending she just couldn’t meet the right boy, when she could finally dare, even with a touch of self-consciousness, to check out another girl’s butt without having to turn her eyes painfully sideways, now some pack of hyenas had to go and share their bigotry in public and make her more self-conscious than ever. In the day before the first meeting was scheduled she considered just skipping it altogether. So what if they had a group for it? What use was a group she was scared to join? What use was a group that made her feel, even if by no fault of their own, worse about herself. Maybe coming out was good enough for one year.

But on the day of the meeting, as she wrapped up her first week of classes, she felt filled with renewed hope. The campus backlash, even among the upperclassmen who had attended when it was a church-run college, had been appreciable. It was no Berkeley, but a lot of students were filled with sound and fury over the vile stunt and the group now could meet with the promise of student volunteer escorts who would join any group member, male or female or either, on the trip home after. While Thursday had been full of fear and loathing, Friday was about hope, joy, and a little lust. She could go to the meeting, and maybe even meet someone.

“So you decided to go after all,” her roommate Maddie said. Her tone was so neutral Robin couldn’t figure out if she approved or not.

“Yeah. They’ve got escorts. There’s security.”

“They’ve got escorts for anyone all the time,” Maddie said. “You just call for them.”

“These escorts will be right outside.”


Maddie seemed cold and distant, but Robin wasn’t going to bother. Maybe she was a conservative gay-basher. There were lots of maybes. The girl was cold to everything. In the week they’d shared a room in the dorm, this was the longest conversation they’d had. The roommate experience was certainly not panning out as anything special so far. “I’ll probably be out when you get back,” Maddie said.

“Have fun,” Robin said as she headed out. She wasn’t going to give her roommate a second thought.

The meeting was not quite the spectacle she expected. For all the talk after the confetti incident, few people seemed to care much that an alternate sexuality club was meeting other than the attendees and the student escorts. There was a reporter from the Crimson Scroll, the campus paper. Robin was happy; it seemed like just the right response. A note that something had happened so it didn’t feel like no one cared, but not a media frenzy. She went into the big meeting room in the SUB feeling happy and positive. And even a touch horny.

She wore her off-white and blue diamond grid sweater that emphasized her chest nicely. Guys always liked it, and she suspected the right girls did too. That and some tight jeans really emphasized her hot body. She wasn’t slutty, and her features were soft. Her use of makeup emphasized her softness. She wasn’t that kind of girl. If she ever went to church anymore, she would have looked basically at home there, attracting attention without seeming to want to attract attention. Everything on her looked good without looking lusty. Her reddish-brown hair was softly done down past her shoulders in a conservative but not severe style. She was there to be the good-girl lesbian.

She wasn’t sure what to expect. There were group introductions all around. “I’m Robin Miller,” she said when her turn came. “First year here. I’m really happy this group turned out for me this year. I only came out to my family about week and a half ago. I just didn’t want to start college feeling like I had to fake life. So, now I can enjoy.”

Other students were as mildly dressed as she was, though there were some more butch dykes and some more flamboyant guys too. Only a couple transfer students had any experience in having an LGTQB club, so it wasn’t even a very long meeting. They planned to have club elections next time and start a mailing group and share the URL for the club website. It broke up after about forty-five minutes. Then the refreshments came out, which were fairly simple donuts and soft drinks.

She chatted up a few of the lesbian girls afterwards, trying to decide if any were her type. Her type, it sounded weird in her head just to think those words. Her type was female. She’d never given it that much thought beyond that. She’d never dated a girl. Never asked a girl out or been asked out. Never touched a girl. She’d touched a guy, and in a moment of self-loathing her senior year in high school had let herself be deflowered by Jimmy Rayborne. She had spent that night crying in her bedroom and swearing not to live the fake life everyone expected anymore. But at the end of the meet and greet she had to admit that the hottest prospect was not anyone in the group but rather the female student escort who approached her.

“Hi, I’m Kim,” the girl said, introducing herself. “I’m kind of bored here, so I thought I’d just say hi. We’re supposed to wait for you to approach us, but that means just sitting around like a goober, right? I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” Robin said. “I don’t know if I need an escort, though. I live in a dorm.”

“Freshman, right? Am I right?”


“I was a freshman last year, and let me tell you, learn the number for the escorts. This campus isn’t as safe as they like to pretend.”

“Oh, okay,” Robin said. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind the company. Sure, let’s go.” They headed out, and in the cover of darkness so far from home, Robin did feel safer with Kim. She was a bit taller and carried herself with style and confidence. “So, escorting? How did you get into that?”

“Oh, there’s nothing to get into. I’m not law enforcement. I just walk with anyone who asks. Usually girls. I run track and I’m in pretty good shape, so I’m not too worried for myself.”

“That’s pretty cool,” Robin said. Kim looked like an athlete, with a running jacket and sneakers. She had medium blonde hair and long legs and was quite nice looking.

“Technically, it’s mostly just knowing your environment. Having situational awareness. Like did you notice that pair of guys scoping us out back when we passed Schuler Hall?”

“No!” Robin replied, looking back.

“They’re gone now,” Kim said. “Did you see that guy up on the balcony there on the Armory?”

“No, where?”

“He moved too. They were probably nothing. Probably. I’ll point one out to you next time I see something.”

“Jeez, this isn’t as safe a campus as I thought.”

“No, they definitely cover all that up,” Kim said. “They’re starting to get better, but a bunch of gang rapes and resulting lawsuits have a way of doing that. Check out those two over there!”

“Where?” Robin asked.

“You can still see one of them through the hedge I think,” Kim said. “Green hoodie. Maybe not. Sorry.”

“No, it’s fine,” Robin said. She was growing very wary now as Kim pointed out all the real dangers she faced. Yeah, some of the guys wouldn’t do anything. Most even. But there was all that disgusting confetti graffiti and the sentiment behind it.

“Are you going back to an empty room or did they give you a roomie?” Kim asked.

“I have a roommate. She’s kind of standoffish. But she won’t be there. I’m not really worried about the dorm, though.”

“That’s where most of the rapes were,” Kim said. “Hell, half of them the girls invited in. But these boys,” she said with ice in her tone, “They hear ‘Come in for a Coke’ and they think ‘Come in me.’”

It took Robin a moment to process Kim’s salty language, but when she did she made a face of disgust. “Ew. Language!” she said, half smiling.

“Well, you won’t forget it, will you?”

“Not soon enough,” Robin said. “Well, this is my dorm. I guess would you want to come up. Check it for pervs. And I can give you a Coke.”

“Sure, why not?” Kim answered, and the two girls headed up to Robin’s room. Sure enough, the roommate was gone. “Hey, you got one of the good rooms,” Kim said as she closed the door behind them.


“Yeah. Real thick walls. Not like mine was.”

“I haven’t seen any others except on this floor,” Robin said. “I thought this was a fairly normal one.”

“Normal if your parents can afford the higher rates,” Kim said. She turned the lights off overhead.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked.

“There’s so much street lighting outside. This makes the mood better.”

“Mood for what?” Robin asked again, noticing for the first time that Kim was standing fairly close to her. But Kim didn’t answer. Not in words. Suddenly she grabbed Robin around her waist and pulled her closer to her. “Hey, come on,” Robin said, suddenly full of doubts and conflicts. She realized quickly enough that Kim was one of her own, a lesbian, and a hot one too. But this, it seemed fast and abrupt.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like me?” Kim asked, pushing Robin towards her bed.

“It’s not that. It’s just, come on already!”

“We’re both good looking. Let’s have some fun,” Kim said more forcefully. “You have the prettiest eyes and I love your ears.”

“My ears?”

“Don’t ever pierce them. They’re perfect.”

“Okay, um, thanks. But hey!” Kim was pushing her down onto her bed now, and Robin was trying to catch her breath, physically and emotionally too. “I didn’t agree to this! Come on, Kim. Don’t be like some guy here!”

“A man? You’re comparing me to a man?” Kim asked, now miffed if not full-on angry. She stood back up to her full height, and now she seemed very tall to Robin, lying under her on her bed.

“I didn’t mean it that…”

“Oh, how did you mean it, Robin? Do you think I’m going to whip out some smelly little protuberance and wave it in your face and slap your nose with it? Huh? What is it you want, anyway?”

“I think I’d like to be alone,” Robin said in increasing worry.

“Oh, alone. Do I ‘scare’ you? Are you trying to ‘defuse’ me now? Why don’t you talk to me like a real human being? I think I deserve that much!”

“You deserve? I hardly know you!” Robin cried. “Please go now.”

“Oh, I’ll go sometime. When I feel like going!” She leaned down and grabbed Robin’s arms to pin them to the bed above her head. “But not now, Robin. Not when we’re both mad. Now you need to calm down!”

“I need to calm down? Let go of me you crazy dyke!” Robin cried.

“Who are you calling crazy, you tease!”

“I’m going to scream!” Robin said. She hoped that would be the final moment to get Kim to leave. It proved otherwise when Kim pounced onto Robin in the bed, holding her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Robin tried to squirm away, but Kim was taller and stronger. Her athletic body easily matched and overcame Robin’s softer good-girl preppy and church body. Using wrestling moves they probably didn’t teach on the track team, Kim got Robin flipped over and held her hands behind her, pushing her face down into her pillow. Robin tried to scream for help, convinced finally that Kim was insane. Or worse.

For the next few minutes both girls got sweaty as they jockeyed for position. Robin was overmatched at every move, but Kim had the task of getting Robin bound and quieted down, all with no preparation. Except, as Robin realized, that wasn’t quite the case. Kim had worn a light track windbreaker but had managed to conceal the fact that she was keeping a small roll of duct tape in one of the pockets. Now Robin found her wrists wrapped in tape, pulled behind her back. Soon her hands were useless to her. Then it got easier. Kim sat on her arms and torso, using her own legs to press Robin’s face into the pillow enough to quiet her, while reaching underneath to unfasten Robin’s jeans. It was that sensation, of strange fingers pulling her clothing off, that set off Robin’s panic. This was really happening. Man or woman, she was being sexually attacked and she didn’t like it at all. She screamed for all she was worth into her pillow, hoping against hope that enough freshman girls enjoying their first dorm weekend were around and sober to hear her distress. As Kim slid her jeans down and she felt the air touch her skin the whole thing took on a new level of mental reality that she didn’t relish or want.

Kim had to stop to yank Robin’s feet back and get her walking boots off, but then her jeans slipped off easily enough. Robin screamed and wailed even louder when she felt Kim sliding her panties off. Her butt was naked now, and Kim’s fingers lingered on Robin’s own pussy, smooth shaved for action, but not this action.

In her next move, Kim whipped Robin back over. She got off a single scream before Kim had her panties in her mouth. Her used panties that she’d worn all day. Just the thought made her want to gag, thought he reality wasn’t quite so gross. Even so, having her own panties in her mouth, and then more duct tape wrapped around her face and head, in her hair, all to keep them in and keep her silent, was too much. But it meant Kim had beaten her. She had no defenses left.

“Shh. Shh. Easy,” Kim whispered closely in her ear. “It’s going to be just fine. We’re both girls. Special girls, right? I’m not going to hurt you. Not unless you make me, so don’t make me, okay? Okay? Nod if you understand me.”

Still crying, Robin nodded her understanding. Kim really could hurt her. She’d just seen how much stronger she was.

“That’s a really nice sweater you’re wearing, Robin. I like it, and I want to see you wear it again in the future. So if I free your hands, you’re going to just take it off, right? And whatever you’ve got on underneath? Otherwise, I’ll just have to cut it off you.” Suddenly Kim was holding a large switchblade in front of Robin’s face. “And then it will be ruined. We don’t want to ruin anything, do we, Robin?”

Robin just shook her head no. Kim smiled and cut the duct tape from her hands. Robin hoped for some kind of intervention. None happened. Kim’s smile began to fade, so Robin pulled the sweater up over her taped head and off, tossing it aside. Her thin blouse came next. Sitting there in nothing but a bra make Robin feel more exposed than ever. But Kim wasn’t patient. Robin fumbled a bit with shaking hands, but she pulled off her 35-C bra and left herself completely naked, sitting gagged next to a fully-clothed Kim. Kim’s smile was half warm and half leering. The combination left Robin shaking in real fear.

“Wow, you are such a pretty girl,” Kim said. She ran her finger along Robin’s left breast, approaching her nipple with some slow awe and reverence but touching it and stroking it all the same. Robin just shivered, even as the touch itself wasn’t bad. She refused to consider it good. Kim leaned over and gave Robin a kiss on her mouth. Which was really just on the duct tape. She pulled back and grinned. “I guess that will have to wait,” she said. “I don’t think I can quite trust you not to scream. No, you’ll have to earn that trust. Maybe later. Besides, a girl with panties in her mouth is sexy. I know that sounds like a man-thing to say, but I like the look. On you.”

Kim stood up and gently pushed Robin down onto her back. “I’m going to show you how nice this can be, Robin. You’re going to like this next part. And I’ll be doing all the work, so you just relax and enjoy it.” She slid Robin around to center her and then laid her own body down on top of Robin’s, putting them in a sixty-nine position. Robin found herself with a face-full of Kim’s clothed crotch in her face and Kim’s legs wrapped around her head, holding her in place. She was just starting to feel how trapped and pinned she was when she felt something warm and wet lapping at her pussy. Kim’s tongue.

Kim’s very, very talented tongue.

For a brief moment, Robin nearly forgot her situation. Nearly. Kim’s tongue danced over her clit and down in her gash and swirling and lapping. Robin’s eyes just about bugged out of her sockets as her attacker wasted no time in going for her pleasure center. It took her a moment to recover and remember that she was forcing her tongue inside. Robin was being attacked, and the tongue was forced up inside her sex. She was being raped. One week at college and she was being raped by someone she had trusted just ten minutes earlier. Tears welled up in her eyes again. For all the contradiction in her physical reaction and her mental state, her mental state won. She was being raped and she wished it could somehow stop. It was her first time with a woman, something that should have been amazing on all levels. Reduced now to gross physical rubbing one out. No love. No affection. No respect. Just a big crazy dyke muff-diving her while she was pinned down.

But the gross physical rubbing one out was certainly a strong effect. Robin kept losing herself in that sensation as Kim’s tongue did her a service like no other. She was quickly wet, and then soaking wet. Kim’s affections began to take on a loud slurping sound as she went in and went deep, and of course flicking Robin’s tough, soft clit around. Robin didn’t want to cum. It seemed wrong. But it was going to happen. She tried to resist, to relax, but it wasn’t happening that way. She was cumming soon enough, and then Kim’s ministrations barely allowed her to stop and catch her breath.

Kim made Robin endure it, suffer it, for quite a while, ten or fifteen or maybe twenty minutes. She didn’t really know. But she became aware that Kim had stopped and gotten off her. She looked up to see Kim undressing. She had her top half uncovered. Her body was toned and sleek. She had smaller breasts than Robin, but she also had sculpted abs and sleek, defined arms. She pulled down her pants, showing that she didn’t have underwear on and that she didn’t shave her pussy much. “I like being naked too, you know,” Kim said. “It’s not fair that you get to hog all the fun. But don’t worry. I’m not done with your pleasuring. I’m really a very good lover, you know. You’ll see that in time. I’m confident of it.” She was pulling at her shoes. “Now I’m not fishing for compliments, but don’t you think my body is smoking hot?”

Kim looked up to see Robin fleeing for the dorm room door. Kim hadn’t taped her hands back up. Her gag was her only restraint. If she could just get out, to the hallway. Someone had to be there. Some RA had to be on duty, if not on her floor than on one of them. She got the door open, only for it to slam shut nearly on her hand. Kim, despite having her pants down around her ankles, had made the leap forward and smashed her palm against the door, ripping it from Robin’s grip. The slamming was loud, but slamming doors were nothing in a dorm building. Now Kim’s expression was of blazing eyes and a deep scowl. She hurled Robin back onto the bed.

“What’s the matter with you?” she almost yelled, but keeping her voice low enough. It was only loud to Robin. “Where the fuck are you going? Is this how you treat me? You want me to tie you up? Huh? Want me to tie you?”

“No!” Robin wailed into her soaked panties, shaking her head. Kim viciously kicked off her pants entirely and then tackled and pinned Robin on the bed, with one hand on her throat and the other pinning both of Robin’s arms.

“That was a vicious betrayal, you spoiled little whore!” Kim cried. “I’m trying to be gentle and make this good for you. Better than for me, even. But no, that’s not good enough for little Robin. You’re too special!” She let go of Robin, but only to grab the duct tape. Now, as Robin tried to resist and pull away in newly found fear, Kim taped first her left and then her right arm to the corners of the bed. Once her arms were restrained, she used plenty of tape to get her legs spread and bound too. Now Kim stood over her, leering down at Robin’s body lashed naked to her dorm bed’s metal frame. Bound and gagged. Robin was totally helpless and at the crazed girl’s mercy. Mercy she doubted was in good supply. And to show how little, Kim whipped out her switchblade from before and pressed it to Robin’s neck. “I’m going to untape your mouth, Robin. And I’m taking your panties out of your mouth. You’re going to stay nice and quiet, right? Because believe me, I can stab you in the neck faster that you can scream three words. And we both know how much screaming in dorm rooms gets ignored. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Robin nodded her head yes. Kim put the knife aside, not too far away on Robin’s desk, and then pulled the tape off. It hurt coming off her hair, but she forced it, and then pulled Robin’s soaked panties from her mouth.

“Please don’t hurt me! Why can’t you just go?” Robin sobbed.


“I didn’t want this! You’re raping me!” she sobbed.

“Men rape! Women make love!” Kim snapped. “Don’t you ever compare me to a man! I thought I made that clear!”

“I, I…”

“You, you. What?”

“I don’t want this!”

“Well I gave you fun. So at the very least you owe me! And then I think you need more fun. So quit bellyaching and get into it, Robin. I don’t like high-maintenance girls.” She climbed on top of Robin’s body again, but this time it was her naked pussy pressed down onto Robin’s mouth. “You know what to do,” she said.

Which was false. Robin knew kind of what to do. Sort of. She stuck her tongue out, gingerly, tasting the juices she’d never tasted, and feeling the hairy sensation of fleshy folds she had never actually felt with her mouth, her lips, her tongue. But Kim pressed her crotch down firmly, and Robin just had to try. She flicked her tongue around. Finding Kim’s clit wasn’t very hard, but working it like Kim had worked hers was.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” Kim panted from above her. She wasn’t lying. Her growing wetness getting on Robin’s lips and face was testament to that. Robin was just overwhelmed, trying not to cry again, fearing Kim’s anger. But the smell. It was right. It felt right. But it was also just so strong. So pungent. So brand-fucking-new! And she had no control over the timing, the intensity, nothing. It was all Kim, and Kim was being insistent, grinding her crotch down ever harder against Robin’s face. And then she began lapping at Robin’s own pussy once more, making her body shiver with joy and violation.

Kim alternated between licking and not licking, but Robin’s every effort to even pause to catch her breath was met by a stronger pressing of flesh to mouth. “Keep at it, Robin. Make me feel you in me. Give that adorable tongue of yours a workout.” Lying buried and helpless in fear, Robin did her best to comply. She was feeling like it was all a big dream, like something would happen to stop it. Right up to when she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her clit. She yelped loudly and pulled her mouth away.

“What are you doing to me?” she cried.

“Playing,” Kim said. Robin had just enough field of view to see that the switchblade wasn’t on the desk. She felt a sharp sliding over her pussy. She felt pain of something pointy on her most vulnerable flesh.

“Oh god, please stop it!” Robin cried. “I’m really trying. Please put the knife away! Okay? Just, not the knife!”

“Hmm,” Kim said. And then Robin felt something cold and metal at her gash. Sliding in. Sharp. Sharp on one side only maybe. Sliding in. Deeper. Pressing harder as her nearly virginal pussy wasn’t close to wide or loose enough. Robin burst out in tears. Kim just pressed her crotch down to her mouth. “Make me cum again. But hard. Make me cum hard and I’ll put the sharpie away.”

Robin began to attack Kim’s love tunnel with new gusto, trying to get the right sensations going. She worked her tongue at it. She wondered if a tongue could cramp, she swirled it so hard and fast. Kim seemed to reply, with new juices flowing, dripping down into Robin’s mouth even. After a few minutes, she felt Kim shuddering again. Her attacker didn’t seem to be as continuously orgasmic as she was. Or, she wasn’t as good at it as Kim was. Somehow the thought made her sad, though it shouldn’t have. But with the knife still partly sticking into her gash, fear made her work Kim’s cunt as intensely as she knew how.

Finally the knife blade went away. Kim was cumming. Robin was cumming. They were a sweaty, hair-disheveled, pair of joined bodies writhing and suffering in their own ways until they seemed to just run out of steam. Kim lay breathing heavy on Robin’s body, her mouth on Robin’s pussy but just lying there. Robin was exhausted and shaking and terrified and on the verge of tears, trying to absorb what had happened to her. And how. And why. She had no answers.

Kim finally got up off her and smiled down at her as she got dressed. “That was very special to me,” she said. “I’m sorry we had some awkward moments there.” Robin was still lashed tightly to the bed. She feared saying anything. Kim could go off on her again if she spoke poorly. “God, you’re so cute just lying there like that.” She reached down and picked Robin’s panties up off the floor. Robin feared they were going back into her mouth, but instead Kim slipped them into her jacket pocket. “You don’t mind if I keep these as a souvenir, do you? We might not see each other again.”

“Yeah,” Robin said. It was as non-committal as she could be. She hoped she wouldn’t see Kim again. That just seemed like it would be natural. But spending the next few years on the same campus made that seem unlikely.

“This is between us, right? I hope you’ll show some discretion,” Kim said.

“Yeah, uh huh.”

“Good. I’m going to be going now.”

“Bye,” Robin said. Was Kim planning to release her?

Apparently not. The larger girl leaned down and kissed her lightly goodnight and then left the room, closing the door, leaving Robin lashed naked to the bed in the dark. As she lay there trying to get her head together, she had a final cry. It had been too much, too fast, and too draining. So she let it all out one more time, then just laid there waiting. It was almost dawn when she awoke as Maddie came stumbling in.

She flipped on the lights and took a long look at Robin, lying naked and taped up as she was. Robin wanted to crawl away rather than endure her roommate’s condescending sneer. Neither spoke, but Maddie pulled the tape off Robin’s right arm, then turned the lights out and fell into her own bed. Slowly Robin worked out the kinks in her joints and got her left arm and then her legs out. It took her a good fifteen minutes of struggling, mostly with her other arm. She finally stood up, looked out the window for a while, and decided not to call the campus police. She pulled the discarded blankets back onto her bed and over herself as she went back to sleep.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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Re: College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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 Nice story very sexy.  Could you write another one about the schools dyke who is obsessed with fucking her sexy teacher. Thanks

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Re: College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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Could you write another one about the school's dyke who is obsessed with fucking her sexy teacher?

If he won't, I can.  The predatory co-ed raping her professor is pretty hot for me too, but I'll let SGH have first crack at it, if he wants.
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Re: College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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I wasn't planning to do a follow-up, but if inspiration strikes me at some point, I can. I've always felt that ideas lobbed out on a public forum are up for grabs, so if Psi wants at it, go for it.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: College, for Self-Discovery and Fun
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If Psi wants at it, go for it.

All write, I'll just have to start fresh, instead of stealing your start.  I'll link here, when I've got something to link to.
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