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Well here is the next one.  The Citizen continues to learn about his new world, new life ... and death.  The first part is below, still doing final editing on the second part.  Should be up in a week or two.

Warning: Water sports, world building

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Sex involving persons under the age of 18:
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Rape or non-consent:
This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I do not promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is WRONG. Those who commit rape are rightly despised everywhere.

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story of sexualized death.  If you do not like such stories, please turn back. This is a fantasy; I do not endorse or advocate killing in the real world, even with the person’s consent.  This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more.  Killing a non-consenting person is murder.  Murder is WRONG.  Those who commit murder are criminals who are rightly despised everywhere.

I hope you will all enjoy this violent erotic fantasy!!
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The Citizen Feels Death: Changed World, Tue 6 thru Fri 9 Aug 2402

By Grendel

It turned out that Molly had not showered.  She had slept there, in the shower stall, covered with my pee and her own … through the night.  And that was … that was … pretty cool.  I grinned at her as the splatter of my pee on her face woke her up choking and coughing.  She drank my piss, acted as my toilet paper, and scrubbed my back as we showered together.  I scrubbed her back too … and other bits. 

After drying off I had Marisol and Sonia hold her legs and pin her as I caned the living fuck out of her cunt while she screamed and sobbed and begged for mercy.  And why not?  I wanted to do it and she exists for the pleasure of others right?  It is not as if this is a world where safe words mean anything.  Besides, she deserved the punishment. 

And then there was the other part.  The bit near the end where she stopped being able to talk and kind of shuddered and moaned.  And she stopped twitching each time the cane came down, just taking it.  And THEN she started lifting her cunt to meet the cane … moaning and writhing … eyes rolled up in her head.

After that I hammer fucked her bruised and bleeding cunt, doing my best to rupture her tight 16 year old vagina.  No luck.  Her sex was ready, willing and eager … hot, tight and sopping wet.  I swear that the damned thing tried to suck my cum out of my dick every time the slut came.  Still I enjoyed the FUCK out of pounding her and didn’t cum until I was good and ready.  When I did I collapsed on top of her gasping. 

By the time I could breathe again Molly had regained the power of speech and was muttering “Thank you Sir” over and over again.  When I stood she quickly planted a kiss on my foot and then looked up into my eyes. 

“Thank you Sir.  Thank you very much.”

I took hold of her hair and pulled her up to her knees … and kissed her and spit in her face before releasing her.  She smiled up at me, rubbing her clit.  I slapped her, not too hard.  She looked back up at me and raised her chin giving me a target.  I nailed her so hard my hand hurt.  She looked back up at me from where she had fallen over, gasping, frantically rubbing herself.

“Back up on the edge.  Nose in the corner.  You know the rules.”  She nodded and crawled off, on her knees and left hand; her right hand was busy.

The door binged.  It was breakfast; and it was carried in by the last of the troika of high school cunts that my personal assistant Sonia had arranged for my … support and entertainment.  Laptoyanqua Monroe.  I kid you not.  Actually a bit taller than me and a year older than Molly she was an Amazon with a body made for sin not war.  As she stood there grinning at me I could have balanced a beer on her ass and another on her tits and both would have stayed upright. 

She wore her striped dress with only one button buttoned so I could see that all of her erogenous zones came generously equipped with piercings.  She also wore a wide yellow dog collar.  It went very well with the big silver cow ring piercing her nose, and resting on her very black upper lip.  The second words she said to me, after “Your breakfast Sir,” were “Sir my mother-mistress has ordered me to tell you that she presents me as a gift to you.  You may have me anyway you want me, legal submissive, actual slave, or meat.  Just let me know which and the appropriate paperwork will get done.”

After some hesitation I chose legal submission.  Laptoyanqua … again, seriously? …. “Your name is ‘Cock-toy’ from now on.  Have your mom change it legally when she does the other paperwork.”  She nodded and smiled.  I didn’t know to ask about a snuff contract at that point.  When I looked later it didn’t surprise me that there was one; it surprised me that Cock-toy’s social credit balance was positive … maybe dedicating oneself to being a perfect sex slave was high status?  ALSO she’d allocated her social cred to me when she redid her will and volunteered for snuff.  Wow.  In any case … right then, grinning, she stripped off the yellow collar, and Sonia produced a green one from somewhere to replace it.  Yeah.  So. 

Collars … the only collar that is *required* by law is the black collar that meat wear.  That is because the collar is smart enough to know when the meat’s time is up and it snuffs her on the tick of the end of her 8,784th hour as meat … if someone has not butchered her before then. 

Slaves most often wear red collars, though it is not necessary as their implants are configured so that their status is obvious to anyone with glasses or implants.  Still, people like such things and I gotta admit that they do look hot.  Thus coverture wives almost always wear gold metallic collars, and wives in a marriage of equals often wear silver torques or other metallic neck bands … not gold though.

Cunts in lifestyle BDSM relationship with a Citizen, yet another way to get around the limits on feme slots, usually wear green collars and those in such a relationship with a Taxpayer may wear blue.  Daughters whose father has reserved them for his personal use often wear white collars, and those reserved by their mothers wear yellow.  These last two have an extra function as youngsters don’t have their implants yet and not all of them wear glasses so the clear visual marking saves confusion and embarrassment.

Breakfast was chicken fried steak with sausage gravy, eggs over easy, hash browns, toast, bacon, a ton of the best tasting grapes I have ever had in my life, OJ, and awesome coffee … and Cock-toy sucks even better than she looks like she would, balls deep without the slightest gag and TIGHT … thus began another day of great food and great sex.
*    *    *

That was a pattern that continued through the week as did the patterns of learning interesting things in the morning, getting poked and prodded and sweated off in the afternoon, and watching Black Badge in the evening.

Quickly enough Molly, Marisol, and finally Sonia acquired their own green collars.  I didn’t collar Professor Fraser but I did enjoy watching her lecture, kneeling, knees wide, back straight, naked, bruises and red welts from my canings marking her gorgeous rack, two fingers rubbing her g-spot, and another two rubbing her clit.  Given her innate self-control and her mastery of her implants she didn’t need her hands to run the presentations … it probably did slow things down a bit though; so worth it!

So … what merits discussion?  Well … they seem to have carried the surveillance society to its ultimate expression.  Everywhere is under constant surveillance.  Well, there are gaps in the remaining rural and wild lands, national parks etc that are only periodically covered by drones … but everywhere in the city is under constant visual, auditory, and electronic surveillance.  Video of public places is available to all, with the exception that the movement and actions of Citizens are redacted.  That data is controlled by the AIs and, except for a release from a judge in accordance with a court proceeding, is available only to sworn law enforcement officers.  Absent a warrant or subpoena Citizens and Taxpayers have privacy in their residences and places of work with the caveat that a Citizen can observe the non-commercial actions of any Taxpayer at will. 

So, though I cannot watch them while with a patient, if I want to watch Doctor Kim in the shower, or Nurse Meg having hot lesbian sex with her eldest daughter … I can.  Um.  Wow.  And even better Sam can help me go straight to the good bits.  Just like the police AIs help to direct law enforcement to any potentially criminal activity.  Not much crime here and now … other than crimes of passion.

And there are no prisons.  For Citizens criminal penalties include fines of both money and social credits, community service, corporal punishment, and for the worst offenders … forced sex change.  For Taxpayers it is much the same, but instead of sex change there is degradation … either to a slave or to meat.  Slaves are auctioned off with the proceeds split between the government and their victims … meat are sometimes also auctioned but with death required within 366 days of status change.  For the most serious crimes though the meat are turned over to an executioner for an extended period of public humiliation and torture followed by an execution that can entail days of the utmost agony, after which death, even death by torture is a blessing.

The education system in the North American Confederation is semi-segregated by sex.  Boys Schools and Girls Schools start at age four and go to age 10.  These are followed by two four year schools that take the kids to 18.  The Junior Highs and High Schools are all female.  The Academies and Preparatory Schools are mixed gender, with a ratio of about 45 to 1 and 90 to 1 respectively.  I am not sure I believe it but Professor Fraser insists that the quality of the education is the same in both systems.

“Now,” she said flipping her hair, “regardless of the quality of the schooling, who you know and who you blow still matters.”  So Taxpayers are allowed to pay a full tuition burden to get their daughters into an Academy or a Prep School; there is no reason to not soak the rich in areas other than taxes … or alternately, there is no reason not to allow the rich to reap the social benefits of their success.  But one third of the slots at the former schools and one half at the latter are reserved for ‘scholarship students’, girls whose academic or athletic ability has earned them a chance to hobnob with future Citizens and the daughters of the stinking rich. 

As I mentioned before teaching is a high status job.  It is also well paid; teachers earn between 5 and 10 percent more than other professionals with equal experience and education.  Programs to get a teaching degree are highly competitive. 

“Given the amount of surveillance and computing power available the performance of every teacher is monitored continuously and those who do not meet standards are disciplined, fines of money and/or status, corporal punishment,” Doctor Fraser grinned, “or degradation.”

“Wait, what?  Not dismissal?  Degradation?”

She shrugged.  “Certainly; just like any other job.  If the cunt sees the writing on the wall, and she has access to all the same metrics the administration does, she can give her two week notice … in writing, and then she is safe and can move on to another line of work.  But if not, then yes.  A provision for this, along with provision for disposition of her remaining assets or a link to her will, is part of every single employment contract, not just for teachers.  Teachers are actually better protected than most other employed Taxpayers; they can only be degraded for cause, not just because one of her superiors thinks she’d make a dandy sex toy. 

“It’s actually kind of neat because most of the ones who get degraded, and there are only a double handful every year, are made slaves and auctioned off at the national teachers’ conference.

“Note that this only applies to primary and secondary teachers and tenured full professors … anyone else is just a normal employee.”

“So you have an employment contract with my trust … so I could ….”

“Yes Sir.  Of course … with no cost in social credits.  Of course you have enough cred to do everyone in the room thirty or forty times over.  The lowly field technician is in the same spot we are, her cred is barely positive and her supervisor can snuff her whenever she feels like it.  What this kind of contract does mean is that the senior vice presidents and the managing director are just as accountable as the field tech.  Every day when you go to work, your life is on the line … it tends to focus one.  Either that or make one want to be a teacher if one has any talent in that area. 

“Damn.  That is so fucking hot.”  I murmured as I let my gaze wander over the heaving breasts and wet cunts that were, effectively, no actually mine to do with as I pleased.

“For us too Sir.”

Sonia glanced at my crotch and smiled.  “Sex break?”

“Sex break.”

“Yes SIR!!”

*    *    *

Wednesday morning I met Jacob Banks, Master Executioner.  He was accompanied by three young women; “This is Apprentice Killer Shear who acts as my PA” and “you two cunts kneel, noses on that wall, keep your mouths shut, and your cunts wet.”

Hmmm … well … bottom line up front I guess.   It turns out that I am not actually a Citizen.

Citizenship in the NAC has four requirements.  You have to: be male (check), have successfully completed secondary education (check), be more than 18 years of age (double check!), AND you have to have snuffed a cunt (huh … nope). 

Specifically, you have to, in front of witness and preserved on video and audio for the public record, kill a female.  And you have to do it while she is facing you and you can look into her eyes, and while your cock is in her vagina, AND you have to cum in her, before, during, after, it doesn’t matter really … but your cock has to be in her cunt when her heart stops … so during or after is better. 



I actually have to kill a girl … for real … not fantasy.  Hm.  Yeah.  My dick is getting hard … but the rest of me isn’t so sure … my stomach is a bit queasy actually. 

“And if I can’t do that?”

“Mandatory sex change to female; you can either do a full sex change in your current body or have a brain transplant into one of your clone sisters.  You should talk to your Doc but as I understand it the former is slightly safer but the latter has a lot fewer long term side effects.  Um.  Your old sex organs,” he gestured toward my crotch, I managed to NOT cover it with my hands, ”become property of the government.   There is a nationwide list of Taxpayers who have gender dysphoria; it is almost certain that you will be a genetically acceptable donor for one of them.”

“Is there a time limit for me to …?”

“Well, technically, it is your 23rd birthday.  But most guys do it as part of graduation from Prep School, when they are 18.  And as your actual age is … subject to discussion … the current ruling is that this will be based on your body age.  I wouldn’t recommend delaying though; it doesn’t seem to get easier.”

Hmmm.  Really?

Actually the full *strong* recommendation of Master Executioner Banks, Doctor Fraser, and my trust administrators was that I attend Prep School, sort of, entering as a senior and focusing my studies, for one year, on sociology, female psychology, and the history of the last four hundred years.  And then going to the Citizenship ceremony with all of my “classmates”.  This … makes a lot of sense.  It is not as if I am in any real hurry … being effectively immortal and all. 

Banks looks a bit grim as he says, “The acculturation value of public schools cannot be underestimated.  That is why, here in the NAC, we don’t allow any private schools or … what’s it called?  Oh, yeah, … ‘home schooling’, what a load of shit … as if knowledge was the only thing learned at school.”  I nod, having always been of the same opinion it feels good to be vindicated by history … by the future?  “It is especially important here as the NAC is, as it always has been, a nation of immigrants.”

“Me included too, actually.”

Banks raised his eyebrows.  “Yes, actually.”  He smiled, lightening up a bit.  “Would you like to see a Citizenship ceremony?”

“Yes.  Please.”
*    *    *

Given that they still play basketball … which they do … a High School gym still looks a lot like I remember … the floor is synthetic not wood, the bleachers are robotically controlled, and the floor markings are also computer controlled … b-ball, v-ball, badminton, team handball, whatever is needed, but … yeah the look and the feel are quite familiar.

“Each Prep School is matched with between three and seven or so High Schools … we try and keep each school below 4,000 students … many districts prefer lower than 2,000.  We hold the ceremonies at the High Schools, rotating year to year, as the whole school attends this lets more cunts see the ceremony in person.”

I watch as the graduating class from the Preparatory School file in … eight guys and 712 girls … cunts … all dressed in their finest.  They are not Citizens or Taxpayers yet … but proto-citizens and proto-taxpayers, like I am.  Then the graduating class from the High School comes in.  They sit in sections sorted by their academic ability, outstanding, exceeds expectations, meets expectations, and does not meet expectations ….  Only the first group gets to keep their clothes on … the rest strip.

Banks is officiating, the teachers, and staff, and 20 or 30 police help keep order.  The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the upper tier of seats are quiet and attentive.  After some preparatory remarks he calls all the naked cunts forward to stand in a line in accordance with their academic order of merit.  Then he sorts them, moving some up and some down.

“That is my favorite part.” He says smiling.  “I have all their records and ratings of course, academic, athletic, sexual abilities, psych profiles … and their appearance of course is immediately perceptible.  God.  The smell of their fear and arousal.”  He blew out a big breath.  “So incredibly hot.  The hardest thing about this is to not cum in my pants.”

Once the line is ordered to his satisfaction he walks down it … from highest ranked toward the lowest … and then at about half way … he stops, turns, and sticks out his arm between two girls.

“The power of life and death.  That is what it means to be an Executioner.”  Says Master Banks grinning.  The recorded Master Banks continues “All of you cunts to my left, by my authority as a Master Executioner and a Deputized Official of the great state of Washington I degrade you to the status of slave.  Go take your seats.” 

As they obey, many with tears in their eyes, some sobbing openly, he turns to the first girl to the right of his arm, grabs her by the hair, puts her on her hands and knees and takes her, right there … with everyone watching.  “Tradition,” he murmured, “so awesome though.  The only cunt better than a cunt that is just realizing that she is probably not going to die is a cunt that has realized that she IS going to die.”  The cunt in question came at least twice before Banks shot his load into her, not coincidentally, fertile cunt.

“Wait,” the playback paused, “what about their social cred and … stuff?  What happens to that?”

“Good question.  Official conversion, either judicial or ceremonial, is treated as if the cunt had volunteered; her last will and testament determines where her assets go.”  I nod and the playback starts again.

Then he called the boys forward, two by two, in this case.  “Either two or three, sometimes four, never one, you don’t want a kid up there by themselves with all those eyes on them.  And of course I call the ones that I am surest of first … the ones that I know are going to have no problem snuffing the little cunt.

“Usually they pick from among the cunts I have just degraded but any cunt in the hall is fair game, the other cunts, the ones from the academy, teachers, police, the underclass cunts … any cunt in the gym is fair game … to snuff or enslave afterwards.”

“Enslave afterwards?”

“Yes, becoming a Citizen earns you a feme slot and as part of the ceremony you can take a slave without paying any social credit for it.  What do you call it?  One time good deal?”

I nod.  Both the first two select girls from newly made slaves.  They must have their implants … or perhaps their AI helped but without any communication; I saw that two police women headed up the bleachers and grabbed the girl each guy wanted.  Where they and a colleague efficiently, tied the girl’s elbows together, shoved a butt plug in each teen ass, and did something to their urethras as well. 

“Good old fashioned super glue.  Still the best and quickest way to prevent accidents.”

One boy had selected a slight Asian girl; he led her to the middle of the gym and put her on her back and mounted her without a pause, wrapping his hands around her throat, pressing in hard with his thumbs he immediately began choking her as he pounded her tiny twat.  The other picked a busty blond, one of a set of twins.  He used her tits like a pair of punching bags before knocking her down, kicking her in the cunt and then popping a plastic bag over her head.  The Asian actually came twice, once fairly soon and again HARD right before she passed out.

“One of the effects of the retro virus appears to have been an increase in general kinkiness and specifically in the prevalence of the snuff fetish.  Well over three quarters of all people enjoy watching a sexy little cunt die.”  Looking around the crowd and judging by the number of hands that seemed to be in crotches I would have said it was closer to 90%.  “But that is not at all the same as doing the deed yourself.  All Citizens do it at least once of course.  And for the majority of them that is the one and only time.  Oh, now that is hot!”  He said as the boy pulled out of the blonde and kneed her in the cunt before she could cum.

“There is a sizable minority who ‘can’ do it more than once … and do, taking care of a wife they are tired of or a slave who gets knocked up, but they don’t enjoy it … and when they are rich enough they usually hire it done.”  Banks grinned, touching his chest.  “Then there are a much smaller minority that does enjoy killing a cunt … from time to time.  But for them it is like a big holiday meal … something that is very enjoyable but that you don’t want to, can’t actually, do every day.”  The Asian was out, but still alive and twitching, the other boy had just kneed the blonde in the cunt again and she now started to panic as he raped her, laughing, while she suffocated to death.

“Executioner material?”  I asked.

“Nah, a dilettante.  That cunt is his fifth kill … by the time I was his age I had ninety … seven?  Yeah, 97 pairs of nipples in my souvenir jar.”  JESUS!!

“Is there some kind of limit?”

Banks shrugged as the Asian’s heart stopped.  “Not for snuffs by juveniles, they are rare enough that there is no need.  You do need to steer clear of Citizens’ daughters until you are wearing glasses and you can see if she is marked ‘don’t snuff’.  And, of course once you are identified as a proto-executioner or” he smiled at Miss Shear, “a proto-killer they do try to steer you into killing cunts who are likely to be less socially useful.  For adults the social cred rules provide a limit; so mostly you are doing trash or ‘volunteers’ of one flavor or another … or criminals.  Other than that there is no restriction.  The truth is that all of us who enjoy it could slaughter ourselves sick and the population would still be growing.  It is emigration to the colonies that has allowed us to, finally, start to reduce the burden on old mother earth.”

I nodded, trying to process.  “So, right now, for snuff and degradation I am counted as an adult?” 

He nodded, “Yes; if not a Citizen you will be a Taxpayer and both have the same rights where that is concerned.” 

I nodded and directed my attention back to the ceremony.  “And you can make a living doing that … killing … cunts?”  The blonde’s heart stopped and her murderer came into her twitching, deprived, cunt, roaring his joy. 

“Sure.  There are personal snuffs for pay as I mentioned and the government side of course.  I specialize in performance snuffs mostly.  I am on retainer with four … no five now, local companies … Christmas parties are a big thing as a minimum; but then there are other events like corporate picnics, conferences, and etc., as well as the occasional disciplinary snuff.  I am also the official executioner of our Seattle pro basketball and cricket teams.  And I also teach and help out at two of the local colleges and … well I work with the school district of course.”  He motioned at the play back hovering in the air before us.  “All in all I do quite well.  There is almost always plenty of paying work … and in the rare slack periods there are ALWAYS plenty of trash who need snuffing.”

His assistants decapitated the two corpses and hung them up to drain side by side in a rolling assembly apparently designed for the purpose.  This as the two boys claimed their new slaves a younger sister of the slaughtered blonde twin one of a pair of twins herself and, more surprisingly, a slight Asian girl from the graduating class of the Prep School.  She did not look at all pleased.  He slapped her, stripped her, and collared her right there.  Then he sat, jerking her to her knees, shoved her face into his crotch.  After a slight pause she put her hands behind her back and started sucking him.  This while the recorded Banks shepherded two more boys into the middle of the gym.  These two were friends it seemed and they chose to snuff a pair of twin sisters and killed them both the same way, choking them to death on double ended dildos as they raped their cunts.

I expressed some surprise that they hadn’t used a bitch prod or something like that.  “Can’t” said Banks shaking his head, “you have to be able to look into her eyes.  So if you are choking her with a cock like object it has to be flexible … well unless you are a LOT taller than she is and you’d have to be a fool to depend on that … and most of these kids are paranoid enough about this that they don’t take any chances.  They stick to the simplest and surest method, pretty girl to make sure your cock is hard and cord strangulation because it is easy and the way her cunt twitches as she dies will make sure that you cum.”

That was exactly what the next four young men did it, after the friends picked another set of twins, from the naked but not degraded group.  However, it didn’t end there.

The new Citizens, and they were Citizens now … their diplomas had been printed, just not yet presented, were given the opportunity to kill another cunt and get another feme slot and a slave to go with it. 

Only the ‘dilettante’ took Banks up on the offer; using the same method as before he snuffed the remaining member of the older pair of twins and again took the remaining member of the younger set as slave, giving him two matched sets, a set of 18 year old souvenirs and a set of 15 year old slaves.

However, it didn’t end there either.

To my surprise Banks now offered all of the new Taxpayers, from both schools, who were still clothed (that is the A students from the High School and all the Prep School cunts … well those who hadn’t just been enslaved, the opportunity to kill a cunt and get a feme slot and a slave to go with it.  “Remember,” the recorded Banks said, “there is no penalty for trying and not being able to go through with it … though be sure you have your gurl-cock with you before you come forward.  We do not provide spares!”

Despite that only 14 girls came forward and ten of them were from the High School.  “Now,” continued the Banks sitting in my room, “the Taxpayers, they are only allowed to choose from the naked cunts.”  All 14 succeeded in killing their victim and cumming in her dying cunt and righteously claimed their slaves.  Only one did anything other than a straightforward cord strangle.  That girl tortured her victim brutally with an icepick like device, before driving the spike into the cunt’s ear and scrambling her brains as she came in her pussy.  I grinned and looked up as I realized that the girl doing the killing was Miss Shear. 

“She wasn’t my first, not by quite a bit, it was easy.  Besides I was in love, am in love.”  I watched her claim a naked girl from the non-degraded section.  “The one I snuffed was her fraternal twin.  That night I did the rest of her family, every single one.”  I stared.  She shrugged.  “Their cred was all negative.  Easy.  She came a bunch watching and I did enjoy the look on her face as I made her lick and kiss each of their fuck holes afterwards.”

“So she is still your slave?” 

“No, she is my wife.”


“Yes.  You cannot free a slave, you can only marry her or make her meat.  The same with a wife … you understand I mean feme covert … not the marriage of equals” I nod, “you cannot divorce that kind of wife, you can only enslave her, or make her meat.  My little fuck-hole has given me five daughters so far.  I can hardly wait until they are old enough so that I can kill them and see the look in her eyes as they die.”

Holy Mother of …!  The dynamics of that relationship must be … interesting.  “Are you going to kill them all?”

“Oh, no.  Just the ones that are disappointments.  But I do have high standards.”  She smiled.  Jesus.

Banks was winding down the ceremony.  His people started wheeling out the assemblies on which they had hanged the corpses, six assemblies, holding twenty two headless corpses of teenaged girls, each hanging by her feet, her hands tied to a cord looped through their crotch, the blood of each girl kept separate for later use, each head in a separate plastic bag hanging near the feet of the corpse.  The robotic cleaners had started on the gym floor, silently.  But there was one last surprise … or at least a surprise for me.  Looking at their faces the cunts knew what was coming.  Banks went and faced the girls he had previously degraded.

“All of you slaves, those not explicitly claimed by a Citizen or Taxpayer, by my authority as a Master Executioner and a Deputized Official of the great state of Washington I now degrade you to the status of meat.  Those of you who are entertainment grade will be taken to the Seattle Metro detainment facility and held until the next auction.  The rest of you will be taken to Sampson’s Stockyard for processing, your meat to be held and disposed of at the next auction.  However, in accordance with city ordinances, your families will have an opportunity to buy beforehand and may also reserve any souvenirs that may please them.” 

Jesus!  Nearly two hundred girls … cunts, now just meat.  I looked at them as the officers chivvied them out, some stoic, some crying … some aroused.  I … hmmm … I am aroused too.  I am no longer surprised that real snuff turns me on, but I am still not sure how I feel about actually doing it myself.  A thought occurs to me.

“Does Sampson’s only deal in … cunt meat?”

“Oh no, all kinds, it is a fully reconfigurable robotic plant, and the AIs have all the physical and psych records on the cunts, and take their own measurements too of course, they grade the meat and decide how to kill her based on which way would make her meat taste best … surprise, pain, pleasure, or something special.  No human involvement at all.  The animals are all slaughtered ethically of course but the cunts chosen to die in pain can last a good long time and put on quite a show.  They make full VR recordings of the best of them available for viewing.  You should give them a look.”

I nodded.  Lord.  “It can also be entertaining,” said Miss Shear, quietly, “to buy a ticket and go down to the Detainment Center and use the meat there … dead cunt fucking can be quite the experience.”  She smiled and licked her lips.

I can imagine … and I imagine that it is an experience I shall have … sooner rather than later.
*    *    *
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Amazing as always!   :emot_kiss.gif:

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Lately do not have much time and frame of mind to lay on my bed with laptop to relax to read...finally I managed to read your latest post.
Did it here at Ravishu as it is a better place for me to read stories... ;)

Great build up for sure, full of references to snuff , but actual snuff is only implied or mentioned en passant...I would have really enjoyed if Molly after all that degradation and beating was snuffed while pleading for her life...

I have found the requirement of cocks being inside cunts while during or after snuff pretty hot and definelty talk to my fantasies...unfortunaltely everything - snuff and violent rape - are all sort of consensual...but that is Citizen my 'Dolcett world' no way cunts are 'wet' or enjoy the beating and snuffing...

Being italian I was pleased to notice that the word 'dilettante' has entered the english language so nicely...LOL


( the end I decided to post a feedback here as well...)
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Janny Thank you for commenting.  I always value your opinion.

Samo_doctor, thank you for commenting as well.   I hope the denouement satisfies even more than the build up did.  ;D

It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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“In addition to the Citizen Ceremonies” Banks continued, “executioners also work with the schools to do snuff familiarization.

“This occurs in the last few weeks of Girls’ School and Boys’ School.  In each Girls’ School there are usually two classes of just over 20 cunts each.  We combine them together and spend a week with them during which we … I snuff four of them … almost one in ten.  The class usually takes place in the gym.  The first day I draw a name from the hat.  We all rape her and hurt her, me, the teachers, and the other students … we make sure they each have a gurl-cock if they can’t get one from home.  At the end of the day I snuff her, usually I hang her in a smart-noose; that is sexiest and lasts a long time.  Each one of them gets to touch her as she hangs and she goes out having her clit and anus licked by her classmates.

“The second day I choose the cunt to die.  The third day the teachers do it.  The fourth day the girls vote, a secret ballot pares it down to no more than five or six.  After that it is show of hands, no abstentions allowed.  I stand the potential snuff-puppets up in front of the class and have them vote … letting the lowest vote getter go free after each round.  I also have the remaining cunts remove an item of clothing after each round so that when we are down to the last two they are only wearing shoes and socks.  By that time everyone is wet and over stimulated.

“Not everyone does it this way but I let the vote pause there.  But always that night is a lock in.  In my class they spend the night at the school raping the living shit out of the two potential snuff-puppets, others cut it down to one.  I think two … fucking for their lives as it were are just sexy as fuck.  And let me tell you, ten year old girls fuck like rabid weasels … it doesn’t matter if they are plowing some other cunt’s hole or bouncing up and down on a cock … and TIGHT … so fucking awesome.”  He gestured at my crotch, “You’re big enough that you will have to be careful to avoid damage to cunt that young; I, fortunately, do not have that problem.

“Right after breakfast on day five we have the final vote and then I usually have the runner up fuck all three of the snuff-puppet’s holes as the others cheer her on.  We fuck her most of the rest of the day and then about an hour or two before release time I begin to I torture her to death.  I make sure that the last snuff is both bloody and painful … usually live gutting … but not always … one has to judge the audience.”

I nod.  Good lord that is … both horrifying and incredibly arousing … part of me wishes he had brought a vid of that as well … part of me was glad he didn’t.

“In Boys’ School it is a bit different … the boys provide the cunts.  I have each boy bring the same number of girls.  There are usually between six and twelve boys in each class so I have them bring 3, 4, or 5 cunts depending … so I have about 30 to choose from.  In boy’s school we kill five cunts and these are supposed to be girls that the guys have some feeling for … younger sister, older sister, clone sib, neighbor girl … mother, babysitter … occasionally a teacher will volunteer. 

“The pattern is mostly the same.  First a name out of a hat, then I choose, then the teachers, then the boys vote, and then on day five I pick one of the boys … and he gets to pick a cunt to be raped, tortured and snuffed … sometimes that is a tough choice for me … sometimes not … sometimes it is so dicey that I have the girls vote instead and pretend that is what I had always intended.  Anyway the guys enjoy the rapes and I try to make sure that at least one of them is balls deep in each cunt as she dies … if the guys are willing that is.”

Ten year old’s?  I was thinking.  I mean I was getting hard by the summer of my tenth year … but I was pretty sure that was not usual.  He must have seen the doubt on my face.

“Doctor Fraser might not have explained yet … but … well, if I understand it right, back when you were … first alive … seven years old was about the threshold for early onset puberty, and the average was four or five years later … for girls … boys being a bit slower to develop.  But, that was another thing the virus changed and now seven is the *average* start of puberty for boys … girls, as usual, develop a bit faster … so yeah; I have never had a guy in that class who couldn’t get hard … several times a day.

“I’m not sure if every school district does it but for us there is an additional thing for the guys during their time in the Academy.  It is a one on one event, sort of … they pick one of their classmates and the executioner involved makes sure she dies on his cock.  The cunt is usually a ‘scholarship’ student but not always, sometimes it is a rich Taxpayer’s or even a Citizen’s daughter if he has not marked her ‘no snuff’, and um … it is not unusual for a guy to pick one of his sisters to die on his cock.”  He shrugged.  “By the time they get to Prep school we have a pretty good feeling as to whether any of the guys are going to funk out and not be able to snuff a cunt.  It is pretty rare … but it does still happen.”

“The ones we are worried about we give extra attention and counseling, a couple extra up close snuffs, sometimes we arrange for them to meet cunts who have the snuff fetish and actively want to die ….  We do whatever we can to increase their chances of success.”  He grinned.  “Personally I’ve never had one fail to snuff when it came down to it.  I’ve had two close calls, but no fails.  Almost all guys can do it, but as I said before very few like it.

“So … your trust has hired me to do more than just talk to you about life and death   here and now.  Doing just your final year of Prep School you will miss the earlier up close deaths that a usual proto-citizen has experienced.  Rather than take any chances they are paying me to provide you with equivalent experiences.  So ….”

He nodded to Miss Shear and they both turned and grabbed a handful of hair on the head of one of the two cunts who were kneeling, noses against the wall, hands busy in their crotches.  They yanked them away from the wall and put them on their knees facing me. 

“Stopped by the Junior High this morning and picked up these two, sisters … a year apart.  Education is a resource that adds social value to its recipients … there is clearly no reason to waste any more on these two.”  Sam helpfully displayed their social cred in my glasses, seriously negative.  Though the younger one was MUCH closer to zero than her big sis … I wonder why?  “Pretty cunts, eh?”

They were indeed quite pretty … and both were dressed like whores … semi-matching outfits, with bare bellies, the older in peach, and the younger in light blue … both colors translucent.  The top was a boob tube, so tight and form fitting that at first I took it for body paint.  Their hard nipples were easily visible.  The skirt … didn’t really merit the name, the waist band was well below their hip bones and the hem … well if it was below their crotch it was by a millimeter … the kind of clothes that made a cunt look nakeder than naked.  No panties of course … and as they were both still fingering their cunts …. 

I had been thinking about … not really souvenirs but an album of the cunts and as these two are about to … die.  “Master Banks before we continue could I have these two pose for a couple pictures of these two naked?”
*    *    *

I think of it as the “Slut Frog” pose.  Naked, except perhaps for shoes, on her back, knees up, elbows inside knees, hands grasping calves, pushing the knees wide apart, back curved a bit so that both cunt and asshole are pointed at the camera, looking down between her legs, and her mouth in a round O as if she was sucking cock.  The camera angle looking down between her legs so that ass, cunt, tits, and mouth all aligned and visible.  Humiliating as fuck … and sexy as fuck, at least for me.

Sam took the pictures using the optics in my glasses … great job, amazingly high res.

I had all the cunts pose this way Sonia, Dr. Fraser, Meg, my teen sluts … Molly got the extra treat of having FUCK HOLE written on her face for the picture.  Later, sometimes, if the cunt was flexible enough I would have the cunt put her ankles up by her ears … or behind her head, and take the picture looking straight down.

I even had Doc Morgan pose like that … right in front of the nurses’ station when we checked out … right before I hate fucked her, there, on the floor.  I cheated, rubbing her clit as well as fucking her, forcing three big orgasms out of her before I spurted into her cunt.

“Good job Doc, thanks.”  I said kissing her on the cheek and then spitting in her face five times before I stood up.  I had her pose again, spit and tears on her face, cum leaking out of her aroused cunt.  So fucking HOT.
*    *    *

When I was done making memories Banks grinned and asked “So, which one do you want to fuck?”

It was an easy choice, “That one,” I said motioning to the younger sister.  Despite the age difference her tits were bigger, and firmer … and there was more “DO NOT WANT” in her eyes than in her sister’s.

Banks grabbed the older sister by the hair and yanked her to her feet.  Despite being taller than her sibling her head barely came up to Bank’s chin.  He produced something from a pocket.  It looked like a handle.

“This is called a long wasp.”  A spike about 4 inches long popped out.  “Two settings, possibly lethal, and” the spike shrunk to less than half its previous length, “relatively safe.”  Without warning he stabbed it down into the 13 year old’s fat tit.  She shrieked.  “Secrets a localized neurotoxin so it is quite painful even after withdrawal.”  He yanked it out and stabbed the other tit leading to another shriek.  “We’ll need a gag I think Vicky.  It also produces shocks on demand.”  The cunt jerked and squeaked.  He pulled it out again.  “There is also a nearly frictionless surface and a quick acting coagulant … so no blood.  You want to try?”

“Sure!”  Fuck yeah!  We paused as Miss Shear … Vicky gagged our victim and Master Banks explained the controls to me.

I took hold of her right nipple and pulled it out … and started in.  God!  GOD!  So fucking … WOW!!  By the time I worked my way down below her belly button she was a sobbing mess and couldn’t keep her feet so we wound up on the floor.

Her cunt was not aroused; not a masochist then, which. as I understand it, puts her in the minority these days.  I did a couple of experimental stabs into her mons and then her outer labia.  Then I opened her vulva and found her clit. 

“Don’t wiggle CUNT.”  Banks growled, “If you do it will be worse.”

I set the point against her small soft clit.  “Look at me.”  She obeyed and I shoved!  Her eyes bugged out and she howled into the gag.  I grinned.  Waited and then gave her the juice.  She bucked, screaming. 

Worse hmmm?  I scooted around and took hold of her right foot.  “Come on cunt,” said Vicky, “you sit on the other leg.”  Little sister obeyed and I saw that SHE on the other hand was terribly aroused, her nipples rock hard, her cunt swollen and leaking and as soon as she sat on her sister’s shin she started humping it. 

There was a roaring in my ears as I slowly pushed the small spike deep into the bottom of big sister’s foot, holding it steady, giving her the juice, pulling it out.  I felt her thrash and heard her screams.  Pushing in again, hold, zap, pull out.  Again.  I was cognizant of her sister cumming on her other leg, humping it furiously.  Three times.  Four times.  Fiiiivvveee.  I stopped, panting.  If I did another one I would cum in my pants. 

The two cunts were both looking at me, one sobbing in terror, and one horribly aroused and … terrified too.  I realized that the idea and reality of her sister dying turned her on beyond words … but SHE did not want to die … not even a little bit.  Banks held out his hand and I gave him the wasp.

He paused smiling and let me get myself together … then he switched the wasp to a long spike, leaned forward, and stabbed her in the cunt … twice.  He switched to her mons … going for the g-spot I realized, stabbing deep, and going through her vagina from top to bottom.  The cunt screamed and thrashed and her sister humped her leg frantically … cumming again I think.  After four or five blows he straightened up and jammed the wasp into her back, she froze, unable to breathe, tried to bend over … a kidney shot.  He gave her the juice and then another vicious stab.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “In case you were wondering Cunt … you are meat now.”  I blinked as the glasses showed her Social Cred going from negative to zero.  He pulled the spike out of her kidney and gently stropped it on her cheek.  She was sobbing and shaking.  Obviously begging for her life or trying to through the gag, but the words tumbled out too fast to be understandable, save for intent.

I leaned forward and shoved two fingers up into her cunt and started fucking.  Banks nodded grinning.  I reached with my other hand and started rubbing her clit.  It was if a damn broke.  Her cunt flooded with fluid.  She started rocking her hips and moaning.  Her sister moaned in time with her.  Tears stopped and drool started.  Good lord!  So fast?  Not possible!!

Banks, almost gently, inserted the tip of the spike into her right earhole.  “Please NO!”  Her words came through this time despite the gag.  “Don’t!  I don’t want!  HRNGH!!!”  She came on my fingers, her cunt clamping down, her body humping them helplessly, and Banks rammed the spike home. Her eyes rolled up in her head as her orgasmic writhing turned into death convulsions. 

She bucked and thrashed for what felt like years as Banks twirled the spike, scrambling her brains.  Again I came within millimeters of cumming in my pants.  The whole thing was hot beyond words.  Her cunt clamped down so hard that it felt like it was trying to pinch my fingers off my hand!

There was a small rill of blood from her ear after Banks pulled the spike out but Vicky’s quickly applied glob of superglue solved that problem.

When we could all breathe again Banks smiled at me.  “If you would disrobe please.  On your back on the bed I think would be best.”  I stared down at big sister’s still twitching body, her 13 year old cunt leaking girl cum, her legs obscenely splayed wide, and felt Sam taking more pictures.  I had felt her die on my fingers … and now I was going to fuck her little sister … and then SHE was going to DIE on my cock!  God.  GOD!!

I looked up at Banks, nodded, and began to comply.  All of the cunts in the room, well except Molly who was still edging with her nose in the corner, watched me … avidly.  THAT is going to take some getting used to. 

It must be a bit like being a pretty girl in a room full of guys.  Their interest, their desire, is obvious … and intense.  But, unlike her, I don’t have that niggling worry in the back of my mind that something might occur that *I* do not desire, something against *my* will.  I don’t; do I?

Trying to not be self-conscious I lay back on the bed, my erection still bobbing.  They watched.  And suddenly Vicky turned to the girl and slapped her HARD.  SMACK!!  “What are you waiting for cunt?”  SMACK!!  “You know what to do.”  SMACK!!  “Mount and ride.”  SMACK!! 

The cunt looked at me with terror … and lust, LOTS of lust, in her eyes.  Her cunt was still swollen and red, clit and nipples rock hard.  And as she made to get on the bed Vicky hit her again and held out a capture condom.  The cunt put it on me, with her mouth, god.

Then she knelt, knees on either side of me and took my cock in her small, knowledgeable hand.  She rubbed her clit with its head for a few seconds, shuddering, before inserting it.  Then she suddenly shoved herself down on me, balls deep and froze … head down, shaking, gasping … fucking cumming on my cock!  I felt her cum dribbling down over my tight balls.  I breathed deeply and thought non-erotic thoughts.

It was hard though.  I mean I’ve fantasized fucking 12 year old cunt before … when I was between the ages of 10 and … umariflemumell.  But I’d NEVER thought I would DO it for real … and here I am … balls deep and SHE is cumming!  And it feels GREAT!!  And she is going to die fucking me … die on my cock!  Oh.  My.  GOD!

“Thank you Sir.  Oh.  Fuck.  THANK you Sir!”  Still gasping she started fucking up and down on my cock and it was my turn to gasp.  Her tween cunt was tight, and pulsing, and controlled, expertly controlled … and that solved the mystery of her relatively high … less negative, social cred.  The little whore was an AWESOME fuck!!

So, a short aside here just to mention that I did not just get lucky with the cunts who I had nailed so far in my adventures.  In the NAC … and the rest of the world as far as I know “Sex Ed” is, like PE, a required course, every year and it is not just a what but a how … with practical exercises and ‘hands on’ instruction.  Pleasuring your sexual partner is serious business here … and NOT being a good fuck is unusual, because, among other reasons, it can get you killed.  But, of course there is also natural talent … and this whore was a GREAT fuck!!

Oh, and another aside to mention that ‘whore’ is more of a verb than a noun here and now … and not really pejorative.  Many, most trash and working class cunts, and not a few middle class ones, whore from time to time to get a little extra cash.  ‘Prostitute’ is the noun, and it is reserved for those who make their living whoring.  Here and now porn actresses are prostitutes too; was that true back before?  Anyway, a prostitute is considered to be working class, and that is probably where the little cunt bouncing on my cock right now would have wound up … if she wasn’t dying today.

Courtesans now, they are middle class.  There are college degrees and advanced degrees on how to be a proper courtesan.  There is no ‘courtesan’ certification _required_ in the NAC, it is just word of mouth and advertising and voluntary professional associations.  But that is not so elsewhere; in Japan for example who may call herself a geisha is strictly regulated.

Um, yeah, and ‘whoring’ is pretty much a Taxpayer to Taxpayer thing.  Citizens generally just take what they want when it comes to sex.  Taxpayers too sometimes, rape clubs and such … but that is definitely a minority of the female population. 

And, um so, I got my breath back and, “Sonia, do we have a wasp in our bag of tricks?”

“Yes Sir.”  She stopped staring and jerked into action.

“And a bitch prod too please.”

“Yes Sir!”

“Sir?” said Vicky hesitantly, “May I fuck the meat in the ass as I strangle it.”  The … meat, bouncing on my cock, jerked and gasped.  I reached up and gave it’s tits a hard double handed slap.  It swallowed … and started fucking faster.

“Sure.”  Grinning Vicky stripped immediately, doffing a mid-thigh pleated skirt that was slashed from hem to waistband on the front of each thigh and at the tailbone … and also a shear silk blouse, accompanied by a long bright red tie … something that I would have considered menswear … not here though.

Distracted by Sonia bringing me my toys I did not see where Vicky produced her gurl-cock from … but she roughly inserted it with into herself with a quick, eager professionalism that indicated haste, familiarity, and a certain degree of masochism.  She crawled up on the bed and professionally cuffed the meat’s elbows together, took two handfuls of tit and started working her large dry cock up the her victim’s asshole.  A certain amount of sadism there too.  The executioner looked on with a professional eye.

“Master Banks,” I gasped, GOD what a cunt, “if you want to use any of my cunts you should feel free.”

“Thank you Mister King and, if you should feel the desire, please feel free to make any use of Vicky that might please you.”  His gaze fastened on Cock-toy and he pointed at the floor in front of him.  “On your knees bimbo and fulfil your function.” 

My black Amazon gracefully slid to her knees, producing a capture condom, opening it as she did so, popping it into her mouth, and using her hands to free his cock before putting them behind her, two fingers of her right hand up her butthole, the left grasping her right wrist.  His dick it was not quite hard so she licked and sucked it for a bit before producing the condom out of her cheek, and pushing it onto him with one long, slow motion … after that it was all deep throat … and later face fucking when he grabbed her hair and took control.

Speaking of taking control, once fully in Vicky took her bright red tie, wrapped it around the meat’s throat, cranked down, and started fucking hard.  Meat came, again, about fifteen seconds later.

Vicky varied her grip, controlling the amount of air going to the meat’s lungs and the amount of blood going to her brain.  Once she paused to put a knot in the tie which she placed over the buxom slut’s trachea to do the former more precisely.  Shortly after that meat’s eyes rolled up in her head and her young cunt began to twitch and spasm.  I grabbed her left tit and squeezed and then jammed the wasp again and again into her nipple and I CAME.  As I did I extended the spike to four inches and jammed it straight through her nip and left it there.

Vicky hesitated; “Keep going,” I said.  I had no doubt that my cock would stay hard; it had done it once before when I was ‘sufficiently’ stimulated … the feeling had been memorable enough that I recognized it immediately.  She obeyed and I amused myself by setting the bitch prod to high and beating meat’s right tit,  Then I lowered it to medium and ran it over parts of her body, and Vicky’s body too.  “Fuck faster you worthless twat.”  They both obeyed.

It was an amazing feeling, fucking the big titted cunt, while Vicky … Vicky tortured her with her garrote and cock and I … tortured them both with the bitch prod.  Her TIGHT cunt was pulsing and clenching on my cock

Then Vicky leaned forward “Time to die fuck-hole.”  And she tightened her grip viciously.

The snuff-puppet’s mouth opened and I could see her tongue.  I pushed the prod into her mouth and ran it up to high.  Our eyes locked.  I saw her give in to death … and CUM.  As she did her eyes rolled up in her head.  Sam told me when she passed out.  Interestingly her cunt still twitched when I stabbed her tit or her torso with the wasp.  I lay back enjoying the sensations and the view … particularly of Vicky’s face as she strangled the life out of the young cunt … cumming HARD right when the little fuck’s heart stopped at last.  I can FEEL the little fuck DYING on my cock!!  GOD!!!

The … exaltation on Vicky’s face was a revelation to me.

I slid out from under the corpse and slapped her, “Lose the cock, Cunt.”  As she scrambled to obey I stripped off the condom and flipped the little sister’s corpse over so that it was face up.  Then I grabbed Vicky by the hair and slammed her down on the body, so that her head was by the corpse’s and its tits pressed into her back.  Then I put her legs up over my shoulders and hammer fucked her tight teen cunt.

“You are just holes for cock … just like this dead fucking cunt.”

“Yes Sir!  I am nothing but holes for cock!  Holes for cock!”

I put my hand over her nose and mouth and pressed down, fucking HARD.  Her cunt was short as well as tight and I bottomed out on every stroke.  My cock would be sore after but I didn’t care; it was Vicky’s pain that mattered, not mine and she was crying and trying to scream into my hand … so fucking HOT.  I didn’t let myself cum until she passed out … and then I came HARD. 

Gasping I rolled off her and saw Master Banks nodding in approval. 

He snapped his fingers and his slaves, naked save bright red collars and matching dancers’ high heels, trooped in through the door and carried off the corpses.  Vicky recovered quickly and … and kissed my feet, “Thank you Sir.  Thank you so much!”  Before staggering off supported by yet another slave.

Later Banks sent me photos and video of his slaves hanging the sisters up in the cunt garden to wait for the butchers to come collect them.  Souvenirs sliced off and out, hung up by their feet, beheaded, hands tied and supported by a cord that ran through their mutilated crotches, heads mounted on a thick stick shoved into their wombs, looking out … wide eyed … so fucking obscene. 

Much later I received a Lucite panel slightly more than an inch thick holding a pair of lush lips, a pair of anal sphincters, big sister’s cunt, and little sister’s nipples.  GOD.  The chip embedded in it also had very erotic pictures of the snuff puppets … and Vicky … and video of them recording various sexual milestones of their lives.  Fuck.  So fucking HOT.

*    *    *

That night, I lay awake, spooning Sonia, Marisol and Cock-toy curled up at our feet … Molly is in the shower stall covered in piss.  “How do you do it Sonia?”  A singularly ill phrased and indefinite question … but of course she knew exactly what I meant.

She shrugged, “How does a fish swim Sir?” and turned toward me.  “I … may I touch you please Sir?”


She gently ran her hand down my shoulder … down my hip.  I could hear her breath quicken, feel her nipple harden under my hand, smell her sex ….  “Society needs me … us to be good, productive Taxpayers … creating value for society, for the species, baring our daughters and raising them up to do the same, and that is what I have been raised to be … so I am that.  Citizens, men, you need me … to be ‘holes for your cock and meat to be beaten’ and that is what I have been raised … more than that … that is what I have been _trained_ to be … and so I am THAT too.

“You remember what Doctor Fraser said about the evidence that cunts who are introduced to sex earlier are sluttier?  And the ‘societal consensus’ around that?  Well my mother is a believer.  She started me on D/s training and oral sex when I was six.  When I turned eight she started fucking me up the ass and had my older sisters do it too.  She took my cherry the day I turned ten … or would have if I had not beaten her to it.  And for my twelfth birthday she and her friends gang raped me for four hours straight … gave me an hour to eat cake and ice-cream … and then hate-fucked me for another four hours.  I came so hard and so long that I don’t really remember much of it … the ice cream was really good … my cunt and ass and tits were sore for weeks after.”

Her breathing was becoming more ragged … the memories were turning her on.

I let my right hand slide up her thigh and find her sopping sex.  She gasped.  “Don’t cum.”  I grinned as I started stroking her, gently.

“That … that is the way I am raising my daughters.  Hell … most cunts in the NAC … in the world … in the species are raised the same way … or close to it.  Heh.  Actually, being with you … even knowing that I could die any day now … that is what I was born for … and it is easier than being gang-raped by ten or twelve cunts.  God.  GOD!!  Fucking cock-holes, no better than I am and the FUCKING CUNTS rape me … knock me up on purpose.  Showed them though!”

“Tell me.”

“These two cunts, same year as me, made my life hell … Junior High and High School both.  I mean, freshmen get raped, you expect it … especially if you have jugs like mine … and they had already come in even then.  I did, but nothing came of it.  And then these two … well they had been teasing and harassing me from the beginning … but some time there they figured out that my family is Reformed Church, no birth control, no abortion, natural birth.  So third year in Jr High they started a rape club … they knew that they’d need more than two to hold me down … and they raped me … they raped freshmen too of course, but they did whenever I was fertile.  They did it constantly for four years … treating me, ME like I was some tower trash fuck-monkey! 

“This when we Pappenheims have been middle or working class for five generations straight!  Only the fact that we also believe in breast feeding kept me down to three pregnancies … five daughters.  THEY be thanked that only the middle twins look like either of those two bitches.

“And THEY be thanked as well that the two cunts lost interest in me after my sophomore year in High School.  It made it a lot easier to keep my ‘Outstanding’ ratings … and neither of them did.”  I could feel her evil grin, the heat of it reflecting off my face and chest.  “And they may have forgot me, but I didn’t forget them.  Brenda, the dumb one, she’s the one I snuffed at the citizenship ceremony.  I brought a cord to strangle her but I didn’t use it.  Instead I wrapped my hands around her throat, rammed my BIG gurl-cock deep into her cunt, ripping her open, and pressed my thumbs down on her trachea, harder and harder as I pounded her twat harder and harder.  God.  GOD.  That was so awesome and the CUNT fucking deserved it!  I didn’t let myself cum until her heart stopped … and then I CAME!!!  GOD … I came so HARD that I thought for a second that MY heart would stop. 

“And Alecia … the smarter one … the leader of the pack.  The look on her face when I claimed her, put my red collar around her slender throat, ran my hands over her tight little body, into her tight little cunt.  I almost came again right there, watching the tears trickle down her cheeks.  I had SO much FUN with her.

“Past tense?”

“Oh yeah.  Her death was my 20th birthday present to myself.  I tortured her for two days straight before I let her die.  Her slits, our daughters, were old enough by then so I had them help.  I cut off her nipples and her cunt before I killed her.  And her daughters were fisting her asshole; both of them were elbow deep in her bowels when I had her suck my left nipple and then pulled her face in tight, smothering her in my breast.  She was a well-trained little cock-hole by then and just kept sucking and sucking as her lungs burned more and more.  I looked into her and her daughters’ eyes as she died, twitching, and I CAME.  I wasn’t even touching myself, though my cunt was a swamp as I enjoyed torturing the fucking hole a LOT, and it came out of nowhere.  My implants showed me when her heart stopped and BANG I came … it was like my whole body was one big hard clit! 

“I came so hard I fell down and she fell on top of my legs, her face in my crotch.  So when I could breathe I rubbed another one out on her face and mouth again looking into her daughters eyes.  I had them chant ‘We are nothing but holes for cock.’  And then for good measure I had them rub their little hairless cunts on her face after I was done.  Both of the sluts came.  That didn’t surprise me, like I said they were old enough, what did surprise me was that they both had their very first orgasms ever right then, cumming on their dead mother’s face!”

“Have you killed anyone else?”

“N … not yet.  But I will when the time is right.  Her cunt daughters are only ten right now … there is lots more fun to be had before I do the first of them.  Oh, that reminds me … one of my sisters is living with me now and she is a hard core lesbian.  I thought, as you are into non-con stuff, that you might enjoy raping her?”

Jesus!  “Yes,” I said, roughly digging three fingers into to her sopping cunt, running my fingernails over her g-spot; she shuddered.  “I think I would enjoy that.”  By this time I was just as hard as she was wet so I rolled on top of her and took her.  Her calves up over my shoulders I pounded down into her tight wet twat.  My right hand dug into her left tit, the one that had been a lethal weapon, like a claw.  As I put my left hand over her mouth and nose I said, “Don’t cum.  If you cum then in the morning I will beat your cunt bloody and have the girls hate-fuck you … using hot sauce as lube.”

She did.  And I did.  And they did.  GOD but I LOVE this place and time!!!

The End?
It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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Well, hope it is not 'the End' for sure...
Very satisfying reading... ;D


( deleted my account at Dolcettish I can only feedback or PM here...) ::)

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Hi Grendel,

This is great stuff.  I'm looking forward to more of it.

Outstanding disclaimer at the top.  Just a small point.  You say killing a non-consenting person is murder.  I believe in most countries, killing a consenting person is also murder.  I think it might be safer to say "Killing another person is murder.  Killing yourself is suicide."

Keep the great ideas flowing!

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  • But... I brought you a gift...

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Janny Thank you!!  I am doing my best.  But there are multiple projects and I write slow ... as you know. 

Rregis, thank you.  I am glad you liked the tale.  That disclaimer is a direct cut and paste from the Kristensboard required disclaimer list.  I only used it here because it was already handy and in the file  ;D

Thank you both for commenting
It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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Some of my absolute favorite themes here! Brilliant. And just plain hot.

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I liked this setting a lot. THere is a good balance between eager willingness and pain brutal force. Hope to see more in it from grendel. Or anything really from grendel.

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Have to agree. This is one of my favourite series you do. While everything you write is hot, this one is also a bit more focused. I sometimes get lost when there's constant changes of points of view, so the more liner focus of this story is nice. The world building is also incredibly hot.