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Surveillance Cam (Ff2m Ex/Vo Stalk)
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At the risk of spoiling the "Surprise" I'm going to go ahead, and put this in the appropriate section.  Not that it would get that many hits in Consensual, or "Lesbian."  (No lesbians in this story.)  As usual for my stories, the line is blurred to overlap.  Starting with Voyeurism, Stalking, and invasion of Privacy, though the sexual action is eventually Consensual.


Holly (F Solo Fear Stalk)

I thought it was a little boy, at first.  I guess in a manner of speaking, that may be true, but I left my gate unlocked.  That was one mistake, and another was not closing the drapes completely.  I guess, not to blame myself for what happened, but I could have been more protective of my privacy, at least when I was masturbating to internet porn.  

In my office, as I usually do.  I date, no one serious at the time, but I don't have much trouble finding a man to satisfy my physical needs.  It's just everything else.  Not to come off as reverse-sexist, but if there is a Real Man who can also care about what I want, how I feel, and actually listened to me, well I suppose he would be faithful to his wife.  

So, I was single, lived alone, and found myself working off some sexual frustration in my office.  2 Bedroom, no kids, so I could afford a gaming computer, and the best place to set it up was across from the window.  It was a nice day, I had the window open, and with my back turned, couldn't see behind me, but I could Hear, and turn around.

Gave me quite a scare, but all I saw was the drapes closing, and then heard footsteps.  Running, and then the gate, but the mood ruined, I closed the window first.  Well, once I had my underwear back in place, and took an Umbrella out the back door to investigate.  

Wishing I had a more secure weapon, even a cane.  The tubular metal of the shaft would maybe be worth 1 hit before it bent or broke, and then I'd have to replace it, but thankfully the back yard was empty.  The gate back against the side of the house, where it slammed open.  So, I closed it, caught my breath, and went to the hardware store.

I'm from a small town, moved to a suburb of a city after I got out of college, and started working, but I hadn't yet learned to lock up by force of habit before.  I started to, thinking about him just waltzing in, and going through my underwear, or worse waiting for me to get home, or coming in at night while I was asleep to assault me in my bed.

So, for once I locked the doors, and went around the house checking all the windows.  Forgot the air conditioning, since it was a nice day, I thought I'd save some money by opening the windows.  So, by the time I got back, the house was stuffy, and already heating up from the sun on the drapes.  Of the West facing windows, I had gotten the house in the first place for all of the natural light, but now I was forced to think about how easy that makes it to break in.  So, I began checking for broken windows as well.  

Thing is, they're lowest in the back yard, where it slopes up and there's actually a few steps up to the patio.  That's another thing, the patio door, used to be a nice place to sit, sipping coffee, and eating my breakfast watching the sun come up before going in to work, but that's another thing he stole from me.  I felt robbed, my peaceful comfort at home taken by a thief in the night, and now I couldn't relax until I made sure that there were no signs of entry while I slept.  Or while I was at work.

So, after the padlock for the gate, I invested in some lights for the outside, and even some CCTV cameras I could wire into the cable that was all ready hooked up to the house.  I don't really watch TV, and my neighborhood also has DSL.  So, I use that for the internet.  In this day and age, programming isn't interactive enough, and I found myself wanting to comment on the commercials.  

However, the coaxial cable was already there, so it was simple enough to wire into that, once I borrowed a ladder to climb up under the eaves.  That basically made it easier to check.  I could access it via an App, any time I wanted.  The footage is Motion Capture, it turns out that the PEG software just captures the images that change, and fill in the rest, the still frames with time-stamps.  It saves Memory, so if nothing happens for 8 Hours, then it's the same image from let's say 9AM to 5PM, but since I could check it from work, remotely, I could be sure that my stalker hadn't come by to try the windows, or when he did, I saw that too.

Oh, and at first I thought he was a little boy because of the footprints.  Boots, with pointed + shapes in the tread.  I saw them again on some high school kid moping around the sandwich shop where I was eating lunch.  His foot up, and bouncing annoyingly in the corner of my eye, so I looked over, and almost had a panic attack.  Of course it wasn't the same guy, just the same pattern, but larger.  

I could see that, they were larger soles than the footprints in the mud under my window, especially.  My bedroom window, and he'd obviously stood there enough time to beat a path out of the grass.  I lived there for years, so there was no telling how long he'd been peeping there, more than enough to wear out the lawn, and kill the grass with his little feet.  In boots, Doc Martins I identified by the Air Wear tag on the pair worn by the kid I saw at the sandwich shop.

So, of course he came back, and at least I got to see him?  Come around the other side of the house, the corner in the camera overlooking the patio, the side yard without the gate, so he must have climbed over the fence.  To check my bedroom window, and then walk over to the office window.  Only to find the blinds and drapes securely closed, the latches locked, securely as always, so I could sleep.

In the middle of the night, or really early morning.  Before I got up, no doubt hoping to catch me getting up in my night clothes.  Checking the camera, before watching the sun rise from the kitchen, then taking a shower, and getting dressed.  Just like any morning, but knowing he was there, right outside my window, while I slept, it gave me the creeps.  I couldn't put it out of my mind, though it wasn't a particularly beautiful sunrise, I sat there staring at the back yard, terrified that he would appear at any time to smash through the patio door, and come after me.

My baseball bat leaned up against the kitchen table, just in case.  Seriously considering moving somewhere else, where he doesn't know to look for me, and then maybe I can relax?