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New Wave (Experimental pop)
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I'm basically a child of the 80s, and it's not just what i was listening to when i was 11-13 (I learned the baby-butt dance to ABBA)

Synthesizers were new, Punk was kinda a memory (For those who were on the Scene) and Postpunk was becoming a thing.

So, I thought this was Punk.  We all did, we were in like 4rth Grade.  What did we know about Punk, or Proto-Goth?

Yeah, so.  Uh, yeah, it looked punk, and we hadn't heard of Goth yet.  Incidentally, the most Gothic thing ever uttered is "Uh!  We're Not Goth!"  ~Robert Smith.

It's true, they weren't goth.  Souxie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus, were Art House.  "Avant Guarde," they hung out to get pictures taken by Warhol, and Mapplethorpe.  The Goth culture grew out of that.

This is the first song I identified as "Industrial."  It's Art house, just like Bauhaus.  They're named after a French Fashion magazine.  (Bauhaus is named after a German furniture movement, basically Art Deco, in german.  Art fur der mitleid.)

Just my favorite music video ever.  I dressed up as that little girl for Halloween.  No one recognized the costume.  WTF, we had Devo playing on the top 40. 

So, what are your favorite songs/videos from that era?  (Music Videos arguably revolutionized Pop music, and made it what it is today.  We wouldn't have Britney Spears, or she wouldn't have a career if it weren't for the Bangles, the Gogos, and  Bananarama.  Madonna wouldn't have had a career if it wasn't for those 3, not to mention Tiffany, and they wrote their own songs/played their own instruments.)