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D-Venge (m2f/M)
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"Huh!"  I noticed it, because of the Vanity License Plate, but also cause it's not supposed to be there. Double parked, people park back there all the time, but carrying my bookbags up the steps, I got out my keys to unlock the Security Door.  Also, mom and dad's car isn't there, so they're out, but if he's still there when they get back, why they'd probably leave a nasty note on his windshield.  

We live downtown, over a Drugstore, and an Antique Shop, with other apartments, the store owners live across the hall, and the building owner right by the stairs down between the shops, but it's mostly empty this time of day, because everyone's still at work.

"Ah, ahH!"

"Yeah, take it, bitch!"

"What are you doing!?"

He pushed me out of the way, and ran out the door, but my sister curled up on the couch.  Crying, and half naked.  With her clothes ripped off, but at first I thought they were just doing it.  Right out in the living room, instead of taking him in her room so I wouldn't see it when I got home.

Boy, was I wrong!  "Are you okay?"

"No!  Thank god you came home, and stopped him.  It was horrible!"  

"Oh!"  I just held onto her, while she cried, and pulled the quilt down off the back of the couch to cover her up, until she could tell me what happened.

"I missed the bus."  She gulped, and sniffed.  I gave her a tissue, so she could wipe her eyes, and then blow her nose.  "Ihn, and then, he picked me up.  He gave me a ride home, and he.  He flirted with me, he was really handsome, and charming, and he had a great car, but I know I shouldn't have let him come up.  How could I be so stupid?"

"Oh, don't blame yourself.  You couldn't have known."

"He wanted to go in my room, he said, he wanted to see my bedroom, and he winked.  I knew what he ment, what he.  He wanted to do me.  I said no, so he grabbed me, and.  And he, he heihihihn!"

"It's okay, sh.  Shhh, you don't have to say it.  I know.  It's all right, it's over.  He's gone.  Huh!  I'm going to have to let you go now, to call the police."

"No, don't!"

"Why not?"

"I don't want to talk to them, I don't want to tell anyone about it, don't tell anyone, promise.  Promise me you won't tell anyone ever!"

"Huh!  You're upset, but."

"Promise me!"

"Huh.  Okay, I promise, but when you calm down, we're going to have to talk about this."  Maybe I can help her change her mind.

"I need a shower."  She held the quilt over her arms, snuggled tight, and still shivering.  All the way back to the bathroom, but I guess I can understand not telling mom, and dad about it.  She'd get in trouble, and even spanked just for bringing a man home, and letting him up in our apartment, and that's the last thing she needs right now, but it's the cop's jobs to handle things like these, and maybe they can help her get therapy.

I know another girl, that happened to.  My best friend, and she's in therapy for it.  Not the exact same thing, but still.  Even though she didn't say what he did, I saw it, and I knew.  They weren't doing it, he raped her.



The transgender aspects come in later, but like Grief, the first stage is Denial.  Not on our part, but society on the whole is still in Denial.  They don't even want to Bargain, they just want to deny our existence, and make up fantasies about cross-dressing to get in the Lady's Room.  Or treat men the way they treat women, to get their hands on the D.

I can tell you, from experience, that we need a better Motive than that.  That's what this one's about.
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I went right over.  He said that I needed to talk to his sister, he didn't say what about, but I could tell that it was serious.

Dylan, he's gay, but he doesn't want anyone to know.  Too bad, because he's really the sweetest guy i know, and I'd go out with him in a heartbeat, but as soon as I got there, I knew.  I could see it, in the way she curled up on her bed.  A towel over her hair, still wet from The Shower.

"Oh, oh God!"  I sat with her on the day bed, and just cried with her, a while.  Her parents let me in, his mother seemed relieved that I was here to see Harper, and not Dylan, so she let me in her room.  She won't let me in his room, because she doesn't know.  She thinks I'm his girlfriend, but really, we're kinda more like girlfriends.  Than girlfriend, and boyfriend, even though I would totally go out with him.  If he wanted to, but the rumor that we're going out, seriously means that nobody suspects that he's gay.

There's rumors, you know.  He really acts gay, and talks gay, and likes to talk about stuff like fashion.  He thinks it's sexist, for instance that girls get to wear pants, but boys don't get to wear skirts or dresses.  Out in public, my mom knows, ever since she caught us together, playing dressup.  I gave him a makeover, the full treatment, and you know what?  He does look pretty in makeup, and he doesn't need a wig.  He's got long hair, but not like a metalhead.  All ratted out from headbanging.  He takes care of it, I can tell, and it's beautiful when he brushes it out so the waves come together, and shine with the blonde highlights in the sun.

"Huh!"   ::)  I know, I'm totally in love, and it's hopeless, because he's gay.  That just means we can't have sex, which is great.  Actually, I don't think I'm even ready for sex, after what happened.  I guess something good came out of it, because he saw me crying, and that's how we met.  He was so sweet, and caring, and understanding, I guess I fell in love right away, but he's never even kissed me.

"Snh, I told him not to tell anyone."

"He didn't.  All he said was you needed a friend, but I'm pretty sure I can guess what this is about.  Huh!  it happened to me, too."  I wiped my eyes, but she already had a box of tissues, with a couple left in the bottom.  And a trashcan full of them, but at least I could give her the other one. 

"What happened?"

"Well, huh.  You know, he.  He grabbed me, behind the portables at school.  He called me names, and hit me.'  I felt my hair.  "In the head, so I fell down.  Huh, he.  Pulled up my skirt, and then he pulled down my underpants, and.  Then, he raped me.  He held his hand over my mouth, so I couldn't scream, and he didn't use a rubber.  It was gross, so gross, and I guess I was lucky that I was on my period, because I didn't get pregnant."

"Oh, that's too bad."  She held me, her head on my shirt, and sniffed.  "Huh, I feel a little better.  Knowing I'm not alone, and there's somebody else that understands, what I'm going through."

"Yeah, me too.  And Ryan really helped me too.  He's really sweet, and understanding, and.  I love him."

"Yeah, huh!"  She sat up.  "I want to thank you, for going out with him, too.  I never mentioned it before, but when you two started going out.  He stopped, getting into my underwear."

"Well, uh."  I looked around, "Don't tell him I told you this, but.  If it makes you feel any better."  I leaned over to whisper.  'when he gets into your underpants, he doesn't want to get in your underpants.  he wants to get In your underpants.'

"What does that mean?"  She doesn't understand.

"Huh!"  I have to spell it out for her.  "He's not a pervert."  He was upset, that she called him that.  "He's a crossdresser, and a drag queen."

"Hihihn!  Really?"

"Yeah, we don't have sex.  I didn't really want to have sex, after what happened to me, but I help him keep his secret.  He doesn't even get hard, and it's not just underwear.  it's the whole thing, underwear, dresses, makeup, high heels?  Yeah, he's actually really pretty all dressed up, and he puts on a real good show."

"What kind of show?"  She shook her head.

"Well, he likes to dance, and roll around on the bed.  Lip synching to Like A Virgin.  By Madonna?"

"Ihihihn!  I knew he really liked that song, but really!?"

"For sure.  I hope that cheers you up."

"Yeah, thanks."

I left her, knowing that really cheers me up too.  In fact, "Hey, Ryan?"

"Hey, Lilly."

"You want to come back to my house for dinner?"

"Yeah, let me get my things."

I could really go for a show, but what I didn't tell her is it's really hot, and sexy.  I think it even feels kinda gay, in a sorta hot and sexy way.  I'm not a lesbian, I'm not, but if he was a girl, I wouldn't care.

I'd love him anyway.


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"Rayna" (m2F TG TV...)
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So, I got a ride out to the track.  It's not really a race track, but they got a quarter mile, and the cops are doing this Beat the Heat promotion.  My sister said he said it's a "Twelve second car" and I asked my friends about it.  Leopold, he's named after Leopold Stokowski from Fantasia?  Yeah, but he's not into classical music, he's into Metallica, and cars.  

So, he told me "Twelve seconds is a decent quarter mile time.  In a drag race, what kind of car is it?"

"Uhm," so I gave him a brief description of it.  "A mustang, hatchback.  Two tone, blue on top, and grey on the bottom, but not silver grey.  Matte grey, and dark, but the blue on top is really bright and shiny?"

"Yeah, I think I seen him down on the track.  5.0 GT?"

"I think it said 5.0 on the side.  Oh, and a vanity license plate, Dandy Man."

He laughed, "Dan, the Man.  He just spelled it D-man, to make it fit, but yeah.  That's him."

"He gonna be down at the track?"

"Probably this saturday, the Sheriff's got a new Camaro, Interceptor.  Everyone wants to race them."

"Isn't it kinda a waste of taxes spending money on race cars, and drag racing?"

"No, well 1:  They don't spend any tax dollars on it, they just like to race like us.  The old Corvette even says that on the windows.  No tax money spent on this car.  That's the thing, Dan's Ford.  I'm Mopar, but the cops have this deal with Chevy, and GM."

"So, it's like teams?"  Sports.  I don't really care about sport, but most of my friends do.  Even if it's motorsports, oh yeah and Motörhead.  I forgot them, because he was wearing a Metallica shirt.  

"Yeah, like teams.  You want a ride out there, to watch the races?"

"That's okay, I got stuff to do on saturday, but my.  Cousin, she's into cars, so.  Maybe she'd like to check it out this weekend.  While she's staying with us, this weekend?"

"She cute?"

"I don't know, kinda?  She's my cousin, so I don't look at her like that, but I'll tell her.  You can pick her up in the drugstore, saturday morning?"

"Yeah, all right."

He wanted to borrow my Jordaches.  The ones that fit him, and really apple out his bottom, but they're loose in the thighs, and the crotch.  So, there's room for you know what, but I couldn't believe it when I asked him "What for?"

"Well, I think I found out how to find him."  He only ever wore them in my room, he never went out in drag before, but when he got down to his socks, he stopped, and put in a tape.  "I'm gonna do him."

"You mean," I covered my mouth, and giggled.  "Wait, Isn't this Buffalo Bill's song, from Silence of the Lambs?"

"Yeah," he bent down, so I couldn't see.  "Would you fuck me?"  Stood up, and minced back, with it tucked between his legs so all I could see was his pubes.  "I'd fuck me."

"Yeah."  I've been wanting to say, for ages.  "I'd totally fuck you."  Just waiting for him to ask.

"Yeah?  Stop kidding around."

"No kidding."  I got up, "You know, I love you, right?  We've been friends, for how long?"

"A couple years?"  He sat back, against my dresser, and crossed his legs.  I kept coming though, and felt his chest.

"Well, I always wanted to."  I kissed him, and he closed his eyes.  Took a deep breath through his nose, and let it out in a sigh.  "Kiss you, and make love to you."  I felt down to his lap.  Twirled his pubes with my fingertips, and rubbed his leg with my other hand.  Slipped my nose back through his hair, and whispered in his ear.  'i love you, rayna.'  That's his drag queen name, and I don't care, if he is a drag queen.  'you look so sexy, but you don't have to hide it from me.'  His leg relaxed, crossed like a girl, but he let my pull it off, feel down, and pull his privates out.  

"Oh, Lillian!"  Finally, he kissed me back.  Breathed on my neck, and smelled my hair.  Felt up my dress, and squeezed my bra.  Finally his hands were on me.  His soft gentle skinny fingers, and his lips on my neck.  His tongue slipping out.  "Huh!"  His hot breath, licking the sweat off of my hot neck, my knees went weak, and I sat on his legs.  Spread my legs around his, and just hung on, in case I passed out from the rapture, but he pushed me back.  Before I fainted.

"What?  What's wrong?"  I shook my head.

"Nothing, but the bed's back there."

"Oh!"  I climbed up, and scooted back.  My dress slipped up my legs, but I spread them for him.

"And I'm naked."  He felt up under my legs, around my butt, and pulled at the sides of my panties.  So I could push up, and let him slip them off my hips.  Up my legs, and down around my ankles.

"Snh!"  He went down.  "Huh, snh!  Huh!"

Sniffing between my legs, and breathing hot and heavy on my sex.  Then, he kissed me.

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Best Friend (m2f/f)
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How hard could it be?  Here she is, right in front of me, literally right in front of my nose, and so horny I can smell it.  Hot, and sweaty for me, and I feel so pretty, and sexy, and maybe not as pretty as her.  "Lillian, huhH  Smooch, huhlLh!"

"Oh, Rayna!"  I don't know about that, the name Rayna.  It's just like Ryan, or an anagram, but a girl, and I think I need to think of a better name than that, but not right now.  My friend needs me, and I don't know what I'm doing.  Just rubbing my tongue up and down through her sex, but I can't get the image out of my head of his butt.

It's wrong, think about his butt pumping away in my sister, but I can't help it, nor the dirty feeling I'm getting between my legs.  "Huh!"  Turn back to look in the mirror.  At my ass sticking up, and feel how wet she is.  My fingers up and down her sex, and scissor my legs together to collect my balls, and hide them.  I'm hard, so hard I can't even remember ever being so hard before, but it wasn't her.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but it was him.  Remembering his ass, flexing, and shaking, pumping away in my sister.  "Finger me, stick your fingers inside me, god.  Fingerfuckme!"

"Okay."  I can do this.

"Uh, mh!"

"To hard?"  She just shook her head, biting her lip, and squeezing her eyes tight, so I wiggled them in deeper.  2 of them, twisting them back and forth so they loosened her up, and worked in deeper until my pinkie, and pointer were up the sides, and started pulling out.  A little dribbled out too, so I pushed them back in, and felt it wet on her taint.  The crack of her ass, and closed my eyes.  Pulling out to push them back in, and out, she's loosening up, and sniffing quickly, in between thrusts, but now she's loose enough to go faster, and faster.  Her hands pulling up her dress, arching her back.

"Here."  I reached under her back, and worked my hand up between her shoulder blades to feel for her bra strap, but I couldn't pull the ends together to unhook them.  

"Stop, uh!"  Her labia slipped back together, and a little dribble leaked out.  "Huh!"  Turning over on her side, she curled up, and hugged the pillow, but I could unhook her bra, and help her pull her dress over her head.  "Huh!"  She got up.  Bent over, and pulled her bra off too.  So, she was naked except for her sneakers, and short tennis socks, but they hung off the bed.  "Um, you want, huh.  I mean, if you would like, to finger my ass a little too?"

"If you want me to."  I felt her sex, and the little that dribbled down when she was sideways on the bed, but I didn't know she was into anal.  "I thought, you didn't like it."

"Huh!"  She pushed the pillow down, to lay on it.  So her butt was in the air, but you know.  Not like a man's ass.  It's what she wants, though, so I felt up from her wet sex.  "I didn't.  The first time, but then I tried it, and.  Huh!  Just your pinkie?"

"Yeah, alright."  I wiped more up from her wet hole, and swabbed it around to get it wet enough.  Touched her pucker, and felt it relax.  Give a little, and stretch, and then it slipped back out with a sigh.  "Huh!"  She turned her head, to look at me.  "I love you."

"I love you too."  It's true, at first I was a little jealous, of her beauty.  But then I got to know her better, and love her even more, and now, I guess it's time, to take the next step.  To become lovers, just like the rumors about us have been, and I do have my finger in her ass, and kiss her cheek.  

"Hm, you can use a bigger one, nowH  Ihn!  Hm!"  She slipped shut, and tensed, then relaxed.  For my longer finger, still wet from inside her, but I dipped more out, before it got dirty.  "InhMh!"  She relaxed.  "Huh!  You do that so good."

"Yeah?  I'm glad."  Wiggling it a little deeper, and a little deeper, until I could feel her bottom, and rub it.  Curling my finger, and wiggling it up and down, then adding little twists on the way out, then wiggling it back in to make her looser.  And looser, until I could fuck the muscle in and out, and she grunted.  Wincing, and grimacing, but.

"Does it hurt?"

I stopped, so she could answer.  Relax, and nod, take a couple breaths.  "A little, but not too much.  Huh, it mostly feels good.  So good, um.  You think you could fit 2 fingers in, now?"

"I can try."  I went back, to see what I was doing first, and I didn't notice that she had her hands under her.  So she could finger herself in the front, while I fingered her back door, but she moved them.  So I could wet my ring finger first, then pulled out, and curl up my other two fingers.  I had to bend it, kind of pry her anus open to get my other fingertip in there, and crossed them.  So I could turn my wrist up, and screw them in a little at the same time.  

"Hhahuhuhuh!"  She shuddered, and started shaking.  

"Are you?"

"No, not yet, but do you think you could get your penis in now?"

"Oh."  I blinked.  "Of course."

"Up!  Fuck, huh!"


"Uh."  I smeared her juices on, and tried pulling it.  Yeah, they were just in her butthole, but I'm about to stick it in there too, as soon as I can get it up again.

"Oh, come here."  She turned sideways on the bed, and pulled my hip.  Wrapped her arm around my waste to pull me in, and even squeezed my butt cheek.  To suck it hard, I just closed my eyes, and thought about his ass.  It worked before, I just need to forget about my sister's legs sticking out.  Just his ass, pulling down his pants, and bending him over, to fuck him.  


"Smp!  Huh!"  She turned over, the other way, and pulled her other leg up.  "Go slow.  Take it easy."

"It's okay."  I got on the bed behind her, and bent over.  She felt between her kegs, and pulled it down. Slipped it back and forth.  "I don't want to hurt you."

"Now."  She held it right over her pucker, and pushed.  With a little grunt, then let go.  So, I could put a little pressure on her asshole, stretching deeper, and spreading open to engulf the head.  "Nhm!  MahH!  Ah!"

"You okay?"

"Hhihn nhm!  Meah, just.  Huh!  HhuhHhuh!  Yeah.  Go slow."


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Girl/Friends (m2f/f Anal)
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"Huh!"  I never had anything so deep inside me before, and it was wonderful.  He lay down on the bed, behind me, and slowly worked it in and out.  So, I pulled 1 hand out from between my legs, and kept rubbing my sex, but reached back to take his hand.  Off my hip, and run it up my side.  Around my ribs, and pat it on my tit.  I didn't have to tell him.  To go slow, or to squeeze it.  Slip the nipple between his damp fingers, and his dry thumb.  Just put my leg up, and clamp my hands between my thighs.  

While he slowly spanked me with his hip.  Not hard, but swinging out, and back in to pull my asshole out, and push it back in with slow even strokes, but I could finger my clit, and work my nails carefully inside.  So I don't scratch myself, but that's the best part about doing it anal.  I can finger myself while he keeps slowly pumping away inside me.  Feels like forever, but "Faster.  You can go faster."

"Not really."

"Ugh!" I slipped off.  "Huh, huhHhuh!"  Catch my breath, getting up.  "Lay down."  He scooted his hips over, so I could straddle him, and hold it up.  "Ngh!"  Push, so it spreads wide open, and he slips back inside me like a turd, only backwards.  "Huh, hahH!"  Finally, I got him inside me, like I always wanted, and though I want him the right way.  We don't have any rubbers, and I want his babies like nothing else I can think of right now, but we're 14.  Maybe he'll marry me, some day, but at least I can finger myself, and feel him inside me with my knuckles, and the skin in between slipping up and down with my fingers, and start fucking him faster, and faster until my ass shakes, and smashes flat on his lap, until I'm close enough to pull out my fingers, and mash my clit frantically.  Shaking them to touch off the most amazing orgasm I ever felt.

"Huh!  Huh, huh!  Hhuhuhuhuhn!  Snh?"  Curl up on him, and feel his chest, and his shoulder under my cheek, and smell his hair, and kiss his neck.  "Huh!  Smooch!  Thanks."

"Snh!"  He wept. It was so sweet, at first I thought it was tears of joy, but then he curled up sobbing, and really broke down crying.

"Oh!"  I got up, and by then pulled up my underpants.  Thinking about a shower, just a shower.  You know, to get clean?  Instead of try to wash all the sick feelings away, like it never does, and it's kinda gross in my panties, after we just did, I can feel him leaking out too, but he told me what was wrong.  


He's a girl.  He said, it came out all garbled, and babbled crying so hard, but as much pleasure I got out of it, he hated it.  His penis, "Sometimes I just want to cut it all off!"  He wailed, and I tried to understand.  I can't imagine, being a boy in the first place.  I mean, sure it might be nice to be big and strong, peeing must be a lot more convenient, but he's not like that at all.  He's short, and skinny, and when I get him all dolled up, he could even pass for a little girl.

"I had no idea."

"I didn't know how to tell you, but I can't.  Do that again, I'm sorry but I never want to do anything like that ever again!"

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Huh!  It's okay, I wanted to.  I didn't know how bad it would feel, so you couldn't have known, either."

So, we just cried together, and agreed to stay friends.  I don't want to lose him as a friend.  The kindest sweetest gentlest friend I ever had, but it's just sex.  Okay, yeah.  The best sex I ever had, and that's a memory to treasure forever, but I'm satisfied with that.  It's not worth risking our friendship, for something as little, and petty as sex.

"Huh!  I knew you'd understand."  She kissed me, her lips still tasting like my sex, and that's okay.  Even better than okay, at least we can kiss.  "Huh!"  He licked his lips.  "And maybe cunnilingus."

"You like that?"

"Yeah, but like a lesbian.  I'm not, a lesbian.  I think I'm bisexual really, but.  I can still go down on you, and finger you, if you want?"

"Oh, oh yeah.  That would be wonderful!"  He just kept his pants on.  My old Jordaches, but they fit him better now anyway, so I gave them to him.  It's the least I could do, for making me so happy.



That^ wasn't a fantasy, but a flashback.  (With some other flashbacks to her sister being raped/the rapist's ass.)  I had to switch PoV at the end, not because it was too painful (It isn't, my first time with another girl is one of my fondest memories) but because that was the point where English broke down.  I can't describe what it's like to have sex, with a penis you don't want.  They don't have words for it, because you're not supposed to have a penis, and resent it.  So, I switched to the confusion of her lover, as something hopefully the reader can understand.
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Track day (tmf)
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"Oh," he leaned over, "I didn't know you're bringing a friend."

"I'll get in back."  He takes the seat out, to get in underweight.  For the class, I had to climb over, and hold onto the roll bar.  "Ngm!"  I squirmed a little.  The stubble poked me, when I sat down, and crossed my legs.  

"I'm Lilli."  She put the seat back, and got in.


"Yeah, he told me."  She looked back, I blushed under the makeup.  "Uhm, you know her cousin, Ryan?"

"Yeah, uh.  You coming out to the track too?"

"Mhm?  So, why the Duster?"

He shrugged, and put it in gear, backed out of the driveway.  "Nhm!"  Still hasn't loosened up the clutch, "It's what my dad had."


"What year is it?"

"73, they got it when I was born, so they had a bigger car."

I told her, talk about his car.  Or ask about it, since it's his favorite subject.  I'm not jealous, she needs a boyfriend, and not a failure of a girl, but last night.  "Huh!"  

God, without the seat, I can really feel the engine, and the hump down the middle.  Since there's noting to sit on, and I can see his eyes.  Glance over, and look down at her.  Her body, he never looked at me like that.  But then, I don't have a body like that, and he's never seen me dressed up, but he didn't even look at me.  He only had eyes for Lillian, but Jesus Christ!  I can't get wet, can I?  That's why she had to.  Well, she used soap at first, and her razor.  We're really more affectionate that we ever had been, but she didn't have to.  I told her that.  You don't have to do that.

Once she rinsed me off, but.  Butt.  "Nghm!"


"Nghm!"  Wound all the way up, on the highway, he took his hand off the shifter, and just set it on his leg.  His knee, I can't even hear what they're saying with the air rushing through the window, and he reached up for the dashboard.  She nodded, but instead of turning on the radio, he pushed the lighter, and she got some cigarettes out of her purse.

"Huh?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "WHAT?"

"YOU WANT ONE?"  She teased me, with a grin.

"I DON'T SMOKE!"  She knows that, but she sat back on her bed.  With the window open to blow it out, and flick the ash off on the sill.  Satisfied, as I was, and I just had to close my eyes, remember the smell.  Tune out the sound of the motor, and the wind buffeting in from the open windows.  It was a calm night, and quiet.  Such a beautiful moment, and I don't know.  I might try it, smoking.  She seems to like it, especially after sex.  She told me, and before bed it helps her sleep, so it was a 2-fer.


I think a little peed out, or something did, but it was just a drop.  Thank god the panties are too tight for it to roll out of the skin, but I clenched up.  So my anus stretched back out, but it feels so loose, and sensitive, like it did from her fingers last night.  After the bath, when she shaved it, and wrinsed it, and kilssed it, and wiggled her fingers in where her tongue had been a moment ago.  So deep inside me until a drop milked out.

I told her, she didn't have to do that.  Literally kiss my ass, and she asked if it made me uncomfortable.  I shook my head, it wasn't like I felt, inside her.  Now it's tucked in, and whatever peed out is sticking in the skin.  I just hope i don't get a.  It doesn't, no it didn't slip out from where I tucked it in, so it doesn't show, and now my eggs are really starting to ache up front from where I pushed them up, and held in place by the underwear, but I'm shaking, and biting my lip.  Thankful that they're busy chatting about the Hemi, and what it means.  Hemispherical heads, like a dome so the spark can ignite the fuel, and spread over the piston head evenly.  Force it down, and the lines from Geometery class.

"Nghm huh, ha!"  Shake my head, but it was just like last night, and a little more leaked out around my clit, to wet the hood.  "HhuhHhH!"

Good thing it was loud enough the couldn't hear me, but now I think I get the deal, with boys, and their cars.



Good morning, RavishU!  Nerdy note:  sHe was thinking about the Parabolic vector map, not the hemisherical one, but of course symbolically it resembles Breasts, with a spark plug instead of a nipple.  Subconsciously, of course.
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D-Man (m2f/M)
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"Dandy Man?"  I turned back, put my arm up.

"No, Dan."  Held out my hand, "D-man."  She took it, shook it.  I didn't squeeze, or let go, and she didn't pull it out.  Take it back, just looking up at me.  My eyes when they made the circuit of her body.  Her tight jeans, and top tucked in, the lines of her training bra showing, and her shy smile.  A lot of makup, but expertly applied.  

"Oh, I'm Lucy."  Finally, she let her clammy hand slip out of mine, and wiped it on her hip.  Really tight ass jeans, walking around the front clip, and checking under the hood.  So, I could check out her rear end, pulled tight into an apple bottom.  "Where's the turbo?"

"Down here," I leaned over the side, "Where the intake, and exhaust manifolds come together."  ;)  "See, the exhaust turns the impeller, which pushes the intake, just like a turbojet."  

She nodded, "Well, half a turbojet.  That has 2 stages of turbines connected by a shaft, this is just 2 coaxial turbines, in 1 housing.  Is that a supercharger?"

"Yeah, you really know cars."

"Planes, mostly.  My dad's a pilot, and a airplane mechanic, but it's the same thing with closer tolerances."

"A jet?"

"No, his Cessna's converted for a Mazda rotary engine, from a Cosmo?"  She nodded, "Yeah, but it's got a turbo like this one, the pipes are just different."  Shrugged.  "This from the 80s?"  She stood up.

"Yeah, '84."

"Fox body," walked around, feeling the line up alongside the windshield, across the roof.  Lead me around back, "The lightest Mustangs, for a number of years.  I forget how many."

"It doesn't matter."

"And the lightest block.  The Windsor Block?  Yeah, so the power-to weight ratio."  She looked up "What's this, a 12 second car?"

"Eleven, on a good run.  You want to go for a drive?"

"I don't have my license, just a learner's permit, and besides.  Only 1 seat."  Back around the passenger side, leaning over through the open window to check it out.  "This roll bar aluminum?"  Tapping at it with her nail.

"Uh, huh?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "So, you're what.  14?"  Try to remember when they're doing Driver's Ed.

"Yeah," she stood up, and grinned.  "Not too young, I hope."  Glanced back in the open window, "I don't know how to work the stick, either."

"Oh, uh!  It's easy, that's an automatic.  C-6 transmission with a floor shifter.  It's just like driving an automatic, except on the quarter mile.  Then, it's faster to run through the gears."

"Oh, huh!"  She got around to the driver's side again, "You mind?"  Tried to find the door handle, inside.

"You'd have to climb in the window, if you'd like."

"Yeah, uhn!"  She stuck in her leg first.  "Just like the Dukes of Hazard?"

"Yeah, it's fast enough to chain the doors, if they're not welded in."

"Why?"  I climbed in my side, to help her with the buckles.

"So they don't fly off, in case you get in a wreck.  As fast as we're going."  She pulled the strap up between her legs, but I had to feel under her thighs to get the other ones.  

She giggled, "Not too fast for me."  Looked me right in the eyes, and smiled.  "You can't go too fast for me."



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Victory (m2f/M)
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Victoria?  Vicky for short, maybe.  I don't know, something to consider, but that's how I felt.  Taking his keys, and putting them in the slot, while he sat on the floor, and leaned back against the roll bar.  Diagonal, to brace the floor against the side, in case he wound up on the door, or the roof.  Intensely aware of the unspoken symbolism.  The key in the slot, and twisting it to fire her up.  Turn her on, and get her hot, so the turbo kicks in.

Just like last night, crossing my fingers so they twisted easily, and I did my research.  On him too, but you know what?  I know I'm not supposed to be capable of violence.  That's what they say about girls like me, we can't fight, we can't rape.  We're victims, the ones that acknowledge us as girls trapped in a boy's body, instead of a mental illness, we can't fight back, but he raped my sister.

So, until I get a chance to find out, if I can rape him back, I'm going to enjoy this small victory lap.  He's so easy.  To find, by his car.  Well, his cars, he changed from his daily driver to his race car, stripped down to a driver's seat, and a roll bar to make it as light as possible.  A Hurst floor shifter, turbo, superchrger, and a stroke-kit for his ego.  "Get the compression up to 11:1.  4" Bore, 4" Stroke."  He said.  Yeah, he's a bore, and it strokes his ego.  Got it.
 Even took the windows out, the back window, but not the windshield.  No clutch, though.

Whrnnnnn!  He shifted for me, Whrnnnnn, whrnnnnn..!

Just a glance down, a turn coming up, doing 80 that fast.  Then shifting down, and braking to take the curve slowly.  It's not banked, just a bunch or taxi-ways around the runway, they made into a race-track.  "You don't have to slow down as much, good line, though."

"Yeah, just follow the tire tracks?"  You can see the line they take the most often.  This isn't a road, it's perfectly legal on private property, even if I really had my learner's permit, and there's an adult in the car, but I never drove before.  I watched people drive, it's pretty easy all things considered, but there's a difference between getting on the highway, then taking an exit, and race-car driving.  Even and amateur modified NHRA drag race-car.  A 12 second car, I'm starting to feel the Power, behind the wheel.  

My foot on the pedals, releasing the brake, and putting down the gas coming out of the second turn.  WAHHHHHHHHHH!

Damn, it's loud.  Louder even than the air blowing in the windows, and out the back, got her up to 90 this time, then caught him quick shifting.  Back down, to tell me when to start braking.  Moving over to the inside of the curve, and take my feet off the pedals.  Coast through the bend, and stomp the gas.  Feel the surge of momentum shift from sideways to straight back, and his helmet going up from the speed.

The raw speed, sitting on the floor, the hard square aluminum bar across his back, while I'm belted in.  His feet braced against the fire extinguisher under the dashboard., and twisting to push the button on the side of the handle on top of the gear shifter.  Holy hell, that's 115, almost 120 MPH!?

 :emot_weird.gif:  "Huh!  It's quite a rush!"  Pull back up to the pit lane.  Where I picked him up, seduced him.  Panting like I just ran around the track full tilt.  My heart beating a mile a minute, and feeling the quick release on the buckle.  Undoing the straps.

"Not bad, for your first time."  I handed him the keys, and climbed out.  That was the most exciting thing I ever done.  The day after I had sex for the first time, almost thinking there's no way I'm going to Top this?

Well, maybe 1 way.  He raped my sister, and soon I would find out if I can rape him back.  He's a big man, a strong man, I can tell he works out.  A good looking man, with a charming smile, a fast car, and an even faster one, but the track inspectors came by to check it out.  Make sure he's ready to race, when after all he came here to Beat the Heat.

"Whew!"   :emot_weird.gif:  They've got a cooler set up on a table, with some Dixie cups.  Gatorade, just like a football game, and a box of ear-plugs.  Good idea, so close to the quarter mile, where they don't have to have street legal exhausts.  I just need to cool off, catch my breath, but it's cold.  "Kah!"

I'm starting to see the appeal to cars, though.

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