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Coming of Age (b-to-f)
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Lester  (Mt Mole)

"Hhhhhh!"  I got up, pulled up my underwear, and fixed my pants.  Kicked some dirt over it.



"Little boy."  I frowned.  "You know, you don't have to do that?"  I looked back, but he touched my shoulder.  Squeezed it.

"What?"  I shook my head.

"Squat like that."

I shrugged, pushed it off.  "Yeah, I know."

"To piss?"

"Mhm?"  Walked off.  

He followed me.  "Like a bitch."

"Well, I couldn't lift my leg."  With my shorts around my ankles.

"Why'd you do it then?"

"I don't know.  I like to?"

"Piss like a bitch?"


"You got a bitch at home?"

"You mean, like a dog?"  I shook my head, "Cats, but they pee like that.  In the box."

"That why you squat, and piss like a bitch?"

I shrugged, "I guess."  Nodded.  

"You like it when I call you that."

"Not really."


"That means dog."

"Yeah, a female dog."


"Like a girl."

"Uh huh?  So?"

"You don't mind?"

"No?  I'm not a dog, but I like girls."  There's nothing wrong with them.  "Your a bully."

"Your not scared?"

"I know lots of bullies."

"You know why girls squat to piss?"  I shook my head.  "You wanna see?"  I shrugged.  "Come on."  He squeezed my shoulder again, "I'll show you."

So, he took me home.  I guess I was curious, and interested.  I didn't care, no I never seen a girl naked before, so I had no idea.  Untill he showed me the pictures.  Down in the basement, my mouth dropped open.

"What happened to her thing?"

"She don't got one."

Just like a butt, all the way around front.  "Huh!"

"That's why they have to squat to piss."

He showed me, another picture.

"Potty."  Not like a toilet, more like a little china bucket, with a rolled top.  And fat sides, or a teapot without a handle, nor a spout.

"Yeah, this is her learning to potty.  You like it?"  I shrugged, but he didn't move his hand.  Pulled my shoulder, to hug me tighter.  Under his arm.  "How's it feel, to look at her pussy?"

I shrugged, "She's a baby."

"Not no more, she's all grown up.  You feel a little hard, in here?"  I squeezed my legs, but he didn't move his hand.  So, I shook my head.  "You want to?  Feel something big, and hard?"  He pulled it out, and took my hand.  "Here, feel that?  That's what a man feels like.  Big and hard."  He rubbed it.  "Not little and soft, like a bitch."

"Oh."  I didn't know what to say.  

"Here," he moved his hand.  "Let me show you."

"Okay."  I looked, and he was hairy.  

"You like it?"

"Like a dog."

"Yeah, but not like a little bitch."  He likes saying that.  I think he's calling me that, but it's like the bullies, at school.  Well, not really.  Whenever they called me a pussy, or girl, and I admitted it, they just laughed.  He didn't laugh.  "Kiss it."

"Uh," I pushed on his lap, so he put his hand on my head.  I shook it, so he pulled my hair.

"Nh!"  He pulled on it, and bumped my face.  With his knuckles, then I felt it.  Spit boogers on my face, and he grunted, until it stopped.  "Huh!"  He patted my head.  "That's a good little bitch."

"Can I have a picture?"

"You want one?"

"I won't tell, if you give me a picture."

"Okay."  He wiped his hand, and gave me his hanky to wipe off my face.  "Pick one out.  Whichever one you want."

"Okay."  I took the one with the potty.  "Can I go home now?"

"Sure thing."  He let me out.  "Now, remember our deal."

"Okay," I put in my pocket, but it was my deal.  I told right away, showed them the picture, and told them right where he got them.  "Out from under the stove, in the corner of the basement, in a shoe box."  The police man wrote it down.  "He had a bunch of them."


Bully (Discrepancies reflect that one of them is lying.)

"I got to go pee."

He pulled down and squatted.

"Hahaw!  Why d'you piss like that?"

"I'm a girl?"

"I knew it!"  He finally admitted.  

"Hhn!"  He nodded, and it trickled out.  Between his shoes.

"I kinda have to.  Too."

He got up.  Looked at my pants.  "Can I watch?"


"I want to see, how you do it.  Like a real boy?"

"Okay," I unzipped them, "Pinnochio."

"Hihihn!"  She giggled, like a little girl.

"What?" She laughing at it?

"It's so big!"

"Yeah?" I looked down.

"Oh yeah.  I never seen one, so big before."  Her eyes, so big and wide.

"Hn!" I tried to squeeze some out.

"Go on."  He licked his lips.  "Mhn!"  Closed his eyes.

"I thought you wanted to see."

She blinked.  "Mh, yeah."  Shook her head, "Sorry, go ahead."

"I can't."  It was starting to hurt.

"It's hard."

"Nh!"  I squeezed it, but nothing came out.

"Here, let me help you."  

He touched it.  "Fag!"  I slapped his hand.

"No I'm not.  Uh!  Fags are boys, and I told you.  I'm a little girl."

"That's just pretend."

"Okay, then just pretend, I'm a little girl.  You can't piss with it hard like that."  Just saying piss like that just made it swell.  "You jerk off?"  I nodded.  "Then do it.  Then you can pee."

"You want to watch?"

"No, I want to jerk it off."


"Because it's so big, and I'm a girl.  I like big dicks, like that."


"Hihih!" She grabbed it.

"Uh, huh!"  It was too late, so I just closed my eyes, and felt it twitch.  In her tiny little fingers, and she sounds like a girl.  Giggling, just holding it, and feeling it twitch.

"Huh!" but he doesn't look like one.  "Oh."  He just looked down.


"Nothing came out."

"Huh!" It drooped, and I pulled it out.  Straight, before the piss reached the end.  "HhHhH!"  My knees shook, and I never felt a pee like that, ever before, in my whole life.  "Huh, fudge!"

"Fuck."  I blinked.  "You're supposed to say fuck."

"Yeah," my ears burned, "Fuck."


"You like to fuck?"  Like a girl?

"I don't know."  He shrugged, "Maybe we can try it, next time you get it up."

I shooked it, and fixed up my pants.  "You're not really a girl."

He pouted, "I know."

"It's bad.  You know, what we just did."

"I won't tell."  He nodded.  "You're gay."

"Yeah," I didn't think so, before.

"It's okay, I won't tell no one.  I promise."



"Don't worry about it."  I didn't feel, nothing.  Good, I felt good, but the whole time.  I just, thought it would feel like.  Something more?  I was proud of myself, because Maurice would stop beating me up now.

"I'm going to hell."  But he felt guilty.

"Nuh uh.  Not if you repent."

"But, it says in the bible, it's Abomination."

"Yeah, in the old testament?  Jesus came, and said you just have to repent.  So, repent before you die, and it will be all right."


"Uh huh?  What he died for."

"Oh yeah."

"Yeah, so.  Now if we don't sin, and repent, it's like he died for nothing."

"You're a sinner."

"Nu uh."  I grinned, "I repented."


But still, I thought.  Maybe, if I got a boyfriend, it didn't have to be Maurice, he was just there, and let me hang out, and he thinks he's gay, but what do I know?  I mean, I thought I'd feel something, if I had sex, and maybe it's because we didn't have sex, but it just hung in my pants like.  Some dead thing, I didn't feel anything sexy at all.  Proud.  "Yeah."  Maybe a little proud.  "You think I'm pretty?"

"A little," he didn't look.

"Look at me."

"Uh huh?"

"Tell me again."  Look me in the eye.

"Yeah.  You are, kinda cute."  I looked back and forth.

"Okay," I believed him.  I didn't feel anything from that, neither.  "Huh!"  So, I guess I better try something else.  Maybe a girl next time, but how do you talk to a girl?  I wish I had a sister or something, maybe I should ask my mom.  Maybe I am gay?  Or a lesbian, I mean.  I'm a girl, I know that, so maybe that's the problem?  It sure doesn't feel like it said I'm supposed to in the romance stories, but I held his hand anyway.

It just felt clammy.



"Oh," he came out, "Hey Lilly."  Closed the door.

"Is that my dress?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"What were you doing in there?"  With my brother.

"Can we go talk?"

"Well," I looked, "Come on."  I unlocked my door.  "How did you get that?"  Dropped my keychain back in my purse.

"I took it from the laundry room."

"Oh," right, "Yeah."  I wore it last week.

"That's not what I'm sorry about."

"What then?"

"Well," he didn't take it off, but twisted the skirt in his hands.  "Huh!  I sent your dad away."


"For what he did."

I sat down.

"He showed me pictures, and.  Huh!  Well."  He looked away, "When you're a little girl."  My hands went cold.

"Thank you."

"Oh, you.  I didn't know, how you might feel.  About that."

"No," relieved?  "Really, thank you.  So much."  I didn't, I couldn't stand it.  Seeing him every day, and knowing what he did with them.  "Huh!"  Remember him, doing it.  When he took them.  "Snh!"

"I'll go.  Take this off.  Can I use your bathroom?"

"Sure."  He just turned the little switch.  In the handle, so my brother couldn't get in.

The music got real loud.  "IiiiiaI!"  He closed the door.  To Maurie's room.

"Nhmhmhm!"  I just covered my face.  I heard the door.  The bathroom close quietly, but the doorknob clicked.  "Uh!"  I got up, and locked it, but that didn't help.

"Uh huh huh!"  I fell down, on the floor.  Against it, but he never came in that way.

He's gone, but locking it didn't help.

He put that lock, in the door for me.  He said, so I could have some privacy.

"Ahhhh huhuhuh!"

Of course, he had a key to it.

He hadn't come in, for years.  Sat down next to me, and told me a story.  Reached out his long arm, to lock the door, then turned back.

"Ahhhhah!  Will be watching over youuu!"

Smiled down at me.

"Smiling next to you."

Tucked me in.

"In Silent Lucidity."



"Huh!"  Well, that worked.  The song switched, to Hand on Heart.  I took it off, just my regular underwear on under it.

I don't guess, it's as romantic.  Not that that helped, me feel it with him.  I sucked him off, not real sure how to ask him.  If he knew about the pictures, or ever saw them.  He had no idea why, he went to jail.  It was just her, in the pictures anyway.  I guess that means he just.  I don't know, then why did he.  Bully me like that?

I feel confused, but that's normal.  For me, that's what I'm used to, but now.  I don't know what it is, but I do feel something.  For Lilly, sad because of what he did, and glad I could help her out.  Get him away from her, I can't imagine seeing him, living with him, but I felt relieved when the police believed me.  I guess the picture helped.  

Okay, it was just a potty picture, right?  Not that bad, they tried to think it was just a daughter moment, parents might want to remember.  The first time she used the potty, I maybe picked the wrong one, but then they tested it, for evidence.  The crime lady came in, when I was talking to them, and cut off the lights.  She had on a coat, like a doctor, all buttoned up, and white, but no stethoscope.  It glowed bright, purple, then she shined her light on the picture.  The fingerprints, turned it over with some tweezers, and there was more on the back.  I didn't think of that, but they were to big to be mine.  I looked at my fingertips, but I couldn't see the fingerprints in the dark.  "How come mine don't glow?"

She turned on the lights.  The overheads, and unplugged the purple one she brought.  "This is a special light."  She got down, squatted as if to pee.  Didn't pull down her pants, but looked me in the eyes.  "It brings out certain fluids, in the dark."  She told me, honestly.

"Oh," then they let me go.

I felt so proud, and happy for what I done, but now.  I felt so much better for her.  Lilly, I'm sorry I made her cry, but she locked the door.  And cried against it.  So, I went back in Maurey's room, and put my pants back on.

"What was that all about?"  He turned off the tape.  {Empire}

I shrugged.  "She just wanted her dress back."

"Well," he rubbed my bottom.  "You looked so pretty in it."


"Yeah, and your butt looks great in those jeans."

"Thanks."  I pulled my shirt on.  "I think I'll go."

"Hey," she stopped me, "Lester?"

"Terry."  I nodded.  She hugged me.  Held my head, and didn't say anything.

"Huh!"  I felt something, then.


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Re: Coming of Age (b-to-f)
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Skipping years between posts, to separate gaps in time.  The last from about age 6.



"What's wrong?"  He started crying?  "You gay or something?"


"Then what's wrong with looking at naked ladies?"

He just closed his eye, and squeezed more tears out, stuck his hands between his legs, and squeezed them

"You're too young for this."  I closed the sex book.  "I'll tell you it when your older."

"Nuh uh!"  He pushed it, "I doed it?"

"Don't lie."

"Yeah, I did.  With a full grown lady, and everything, but she didn't have no hair on it!"  He covered his mouth. "Mh!"  Crossed his legs, and kept crying.

"Then why are you crying, then?  You're supposed to like it, it feels good."  Dad told me, he caught me.  Looking at the underwear catalog, and the ladies in their underwear, and playing with it, so he got out the sex book, and told me.  I only told him because I thought he was jerking off too.

"I'm not supposed to tell."

"What lady?"

"I can't tell, it's a secret, and she can get in trouble, and then I'll never see her again."

"So, you did like it."

"Nh hm?"  He shook his head, "I love her, and she loves me, but when she doed it.  I get scared."

"Why?  What's scary about sex, doing it with a real live full grown woman, did you get to see her boobs, and everything?"  He nodded, looked down, and covered his mouth again.  "Did she hurt you?"

"Mh mh."

"Then why are you crying?  If you love her so much, and you got to see her naked, and she didn't hurt you then why're you crying?"

"I can't tell."

"Why not?"

"She'll get in trouble, and it did hurt a little."

"What did?"

"She.  When she.  Nhm!"  He squeezed his eyes shut, and cried some more. 

"What?  What did she do that was so bad?"

"She just.  Huh, she just told me how cute I am, and tooked me home, and touched me in my pants, and took off my pants, and touched my wiener and my butt, and kissed my butt, and stuck her finger in my butt, and sucked my privates in her mouth, but I didn't like it.  It hurt, a little."

"She sucked your dick, too?"

"All of it."  He nodded, "My whole privates, in her mouth.  I like that."  He giggled, "It tickles."

"Well, it's not gay, if a girl does it, and you don't like it?"

"Uh uh.  It hurt."

"But you got to see her, titties?"

He nodded.  "She showed me her undies, and touched her undies, and took them off, and made me."

"She made you what?"

"She made me put my wiener in her pee pee, but it wasn't like that, in the book.  She don't got no hairs, she shaved them off."

"Did you ejaculate?"

"What's that?"

I got the book back out.  "Look," flipped back, "That means you shoot out your sperms, they come from in here, in your balls, and they swim all the way through."  I squinted, "Your seminal vessicles, and they come out your penis, like pee."

"Oh, no.  I didn't."

"But she showed you her breasts?"

"Uh huh?  She tooked her shirt off, and showed me her bra, and turned around, and showed me how to un hook the little hooks, and took it off, and I got to play with them."

"You like that?"

"Uh huh!"

"Were they big?"

"Not real big."  He shrugged, "Big like mommy's, but."  He nodded, "I like them."

"Then what?"

"Then she got out her toys, and played with her toys, and made me play with her toys."


"Uh huh.  It's like a wiener, a big blue wiener, and she made me stick it in her peepee, and shake it in and out."

"She made you fuck her with a dildo?"

"What's that?"

"A big fake plastic penis.  Mom's got one, I found it.  I didn't touch it, but that's what it's for.  For ladies to fuck when they can't get a real dick, and gay guys too." 

"Oh."  He nodded, "Okay.  Eddy?"

"Yeah?  You feel a little better?"

"Yeah, uh.  Thanks.  Um.  Are you?"


"Uh huh?"

"Don't tell dad."

"Okay, I won't."

"I like boobs too.  And ladies, naked ladies, but.  Huh.  Yeah.  I wanna do it, with another boy.  Too.  I want him to fuck me, like a girl."

"But you don't have a pee pee."

"It's called a vagina, and you don't need one if you're gay."

"Then how do you do it?"

"In the mouth, or in the butt."

"Oh."  He nodded.  "That hurts."

"Huh!"  I nodded, "I know."  I like it anyways.  I wish I had a dildo, but a little one.  Not as big as moms, and a cleaner one.  So I can suck on it, and stick it in my butt, but I can't.  I can't even touch it, it's so gross.  Knowing where it's been, inside my mom, and it's to big for me anyways.  I want a clean one, of my very own, but not too big.  I'm too little for that.

"Well, you want to jerk off?"

"Yeah, so let me have a little privacy."

"Are you, e.  Um."

"Ejaculating?"  I nodded.

"Well, can I see it?  I promise, I'm not gay, I just want to see it, cum out."

"Huh!"  I had to do something.  "All right."  I closed my eyes, tuned out his giggles, and tried to think of something sexy.  Too bad there's no real guy with boobs, and dicks I can suck on, and stick up my butt.  "Nh, huh!"


"There, now get out."

"Okay, thanks."


"Ew, you eat it?"

"Yeah, I'm gay?  I like it, because I'm a big gay homo."

"Oh," he pulled the door.  "Okay."

Better wash up, before dad comes home, so I put the sex book up.  But I can get my butt clean in the shower, and my soapy fingers in my butt, it makes them slippery, and he's right.  It hurts, a little, but I like it.  Especially right after I jerk off, I just wish I had a dildo, or really a boy.  Yeah, an other boy, with a real dick, but not too big, and a nice big rack of tits.  I know, that will never happen, but I like to think about it, with my fingers in my butt.



Wayne brought his big brother bye.  A little too big, 12 I think.  "Well," I let them in, "Who's this?"

He looked up, "Eddy, this is miss Jaquin." 

"But you can call me mommy, if you like."  From my chest.  Already starting to warm up, as soon as I saw my little lover, walking up to my door. 

"Uh," he older boy blushed, "You think I can play too?  With you, and your toys."

"What did you tell him?"

"I'm sorry!"  He looked as if he might cry.

"It's okay, I made him.  Tell me, and I won't tell anyone else.  I just wanted to play too."

"With my toys?"

"He said you have a dildo?"

"Where did you hear about those?"  I never called it that.

"I have a book.  At home, my dad showed it to me, but in the back it says that they're called Dildos, for Dilator."

"Yes, of course, but.  What would you want one for?"

"To suck on, and stick in my butt.  I'm gay, but don't tell anybody.  I don't have a boyfriend, or a dildo.  Mom does, but I can't use it, cause it's too big.  It won't even go in my mouth."

"Huh!"  Now I was really turned on.  A shame that he's so old, but I know.  I'm a pedophile, a sick child molester, I like it.  Because it's sick, and I don't like men.  Why I'm single, the law won't allow me to marry any of my little lovers, but he's just a little too old.  The shame is that I didn't meet him sooner, when he was younger, because he's so willing, and talks so dirty about dildos, and sucking them, and sticking them in his butt.  However, his little brother is here, his dear little brother, with his soft little wiener, and smooth bottom, and hairless balls, and tight pale little asshole.

"Hhuh!  You better come back to my bedroom, close the door."  A little too willing, but then little Wayne is here, to make him.  It's so much nicer if I have to make them.


"Yes, Willy?"  My little pet name for him.

"Can I watch?"

"Of course you can.  Get on the bed, Eddy."

"Okay, Jaqui."

"Call me mom."

"Okay, mom."

"Are you a good little boy, or a bad boy, Eddie?"

"I'm a bad boy."

"Good, I like bad boys."

"I know."

"Willy?  Take off your pants.  Don't be shy, see if wee willy winkie wants to come out and play."  He shook his head.

"Willy.  Get it out.  If you want to watch, you have to get it out."

"Huh!  Okay, mommy.  Don't spank me."

"You wanna spank me?"  I looked at his big brother, pull his pants down, and wiggle his bare ass at me.  "I've been really very bad."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mhm?  You need to teach me a lesson."

"What for?"  It's too hard, muscular, and I even felt a couple hairs inside.  "Hhuh!"

"I've been thinking about really very dirty stuff.  And doing dirty stuff, in the shower, and jerking off, and making Wayne watch."


"Yes, mommy?"

"No, Eddy.  Call him Willy.  That's his name, when he comes here to play with me.  Got it?"

"Yes, maam."

"So polite, but call me mom."  He squirmed. 



"You're not my mom, nuh!"  He jumped at the first swat, then relaxed.  "Hhuh!"  Lay down, and turned his head.  On my bed, so I rubbed it in.  "Huh!  I don't think I learned my lesson yet.  Nh!  Huhhh!"

"Your momma spank you like this?"

"Uh uh."

"She doesn't believe in it."

"Corporal punishment?"

"Uh uh, she won't let the teachers spank us neither.  She just sends us to our room."

"I like it, too much."  Eddy nodded.  "Can you hit me again?"

"No, you naughty little butt boy.  You like it too much, and why would I want to touch your filthy little butt, anyway?"


"Your stinky, hairy little asshole, what kind of sick pervert do you think I am?"

"You're a child molester."

"Don't Take That Tone With Me!"

"NGH!  Huh!  Yeah.  Hit me harder."

"No, get up.  Take off your pants, mister.  Take off your clothes, and get in the bathroom, you dirty little boy."


"What's so funny?"

Wee Willy covered his mouth.  "He likes it!"

"Yeah, Mikey.  I'm gonna call you Mikey, get in the tub, and wash your hot dirty little ass.  Now!"

"Yes, mommy."  He blushed, and hung his head, but he was grinning, and stuck out like a flagpole.  It's not too big, maybe a little bigger than my little finger.  My pinky, but he backed up to the faucet, and lathered it up.  His dirty little ass, with his hands between his legs, and I suppose it is a little sexier.  Red hot, and freshly spanked.  "Ngh!  Ihn!  Hihn!"  He put his head down.  His fingertip, pressing the tight pink pucker, then relaxing so it stretched out.  "HihHhHhN!"  Shivered, and shook.

"He likes it!"  I shook my head.  Life, picked up my razor, and slapped his hand. 

"Get your finger out of there, you filthy little boy!"

"Faggot.  I'm a gay faggot.  Huh!"  His hands disappeared, but he shook, and his arms moved.  Quickly, playing with himself.

"Stop that!"

"NGH!"  I hit the other side.  "Ihn!" 

"Hold still."  Still slick with lather, and a tiny little bubble popped.  In his pink pucker.  Too old, and obviously too used.  Not a tight virginal pale cherry asshole like his little brother's, but I got down on the bathmat.  "Get up, and bend over.  Hold onto the side of the bathtub, and don't move."  I had to hold him still, he was shivering, and the lather ran down his balls to drip from the tip of his dick.

"Huh!"  I carefully placed the head of the razor in his soapy crack, and turned it to catch a single stranded hair.  The highest one, far above his soapy pucker, but it snapped off, and twisted to stick to the head.  So, I wiped it off, with my thumb, and felt down for the root.  The little stub of a hair, tickle my fingertip.

"Ngh!"  He puckered, and relaxed.  "Ihn!"  Grunted cutely, and humped back against my hand.  "Ah!"

"I said hold still!  I have to get another one."

"Yes mommy."

Or 2, lower down by his taint.  It aint his ass, and it aint his balls, but I scraped them off, and wiped the head with my thumb, then petted down.  Felt the little prickles, and his squirms.  Watch him squeeze a little white soapy fluid out, pucker, and relax.   "Knh!" 

"I said, hold still.  I won't tell you again.  Am I going to have to do this?"

"NhauhH!"  He clenched, and relaxed. 

"Don't clench.  Relax, tensing up makes it hurt."

"NH!  Huh!  I like it.  Neah, Hurt me, NAuhhhHHH!"  I twisted, and wiggled, my pinky deeper, and deeper.  "OohuhuhuhUH!"  he shook.  "Jeeze!"

"You like it."

"Yeah, you do it so good."

"It hurts."

"Ngh!  Huh!  Yeah.  I love it.   Hhihn!  NGHihHhH!"  He whimpered, and squeeled.  He likes it too much, but.  I never had a boy like it so much.  I don't normally like willing victims.  That's not the point, if they're too willing, then what kind of victim is that?  I was really starting to enjoy myself, his willingness, his pained grunts, and moans of pleasure, though.  "Ngh!  NGAUWH!  Huh, hihn!"  His little sigh, clenching, and relaxing as my finger fucked in, his tight pucker.  Then slipped out his loose slippery slut butt.

"Huh!'  Well, maybe not too too willing.

"Nh!"  I rubbed his wet hot cheek, and let go.  He relaxed, then tensed again, anticipating another swat.  "Nguh!'  He fell down.  "Huh!"  I saw him spasm shut.  A little soapy mud, and a soft smudge on my pinky tip.  "Nhhuhuhuh!"  He shivered.

"Hinhenhuh!" His brother giggled.  Hanging soft.

"Huhhhhh!"  he curled up, in the bathtub.  "Huhhhhh!"  Foetal, like a baby.

It's a shame, I can't stand a man, long enough to have one of my own.  A little boy, a sweet little baby boy, to nurse, and feed, potty train, and grow old enough to teach about sex.


"Yes, mommy?"

"Go get your father."  My shirt stick to my wit soapy fingers, but I just had to undo the top buttons, pulled off my shirt, and pulled my pants down.  Bend over the bathtub, Mikey turned over.  Lay back for me to touch his hairy little prick.  Molest the soapy slippery suds and fondle my breasts out of my bra.  Hold one to root for the hanging tip, and suckle them.  Back and forth while I pinched, and pulled his barely pubed little dick.

"Ngh, huh!  Yehn?  Oh, fuck me.  Fuck me willy, fuck me harder!  For fuck sake harder, you hear me?  HARDrh!  Raugh!  Rough!  Huh!"

"I'm trying!"

"Oh, auh, Auh!  AUGH!"

I fell down.

"Huhuh!"  Shuddered, and shivered, and quivered, and smothered the scared little boy in my bosoms.  Clutching his wet hairy head until he struggled to breathe, but my mind blowing climax slowly died down before he passed out.

"HUHHHHHH!"  I let him breathe.  "Uh Khuh huh huh!  I couldn't breathe!"

I know.  "I'm sorry."  I lied.  "I was just, overcome with passion."

"It's okay."  he nodded.  "I forgive you, now you want to get the front too?"  He spread his legs, and his drooping soapy little prick straightened up over his hairy little purse.

"Yeah," at least it makes him look younger.  Feel younger, but my hands shook.

"Here,"  He took the razor.  "Let me."  I finished getting undressed.  While he shaved his balls, and hard cock, and pubes for me.  Like a little boy, for me.

With my luck, I'd get a daughter any way.  Then I'd have to hide what I was doing to her brother from her.  And her father, and it just sounds like too much trouble when there's plenty of little boys out there, to make my own, call me mommy.

I don't mind, even if he is a little old.  He likes it.  Mikey likes it!



"Thanks, miss."  We got dressed, and I rushed him out.  Then, when we were far enough away, I whispered to him.  "We have to tell someone."


"Because she's evil."

"No she's not, she loves me."

"No, she lied.  She just said that so you'd let her hurt you."

"Nu uh!  She didn't mean it, it was a accident."

"Then how come she didn't stop?  You cried, right?"


"That's why.  She does it to make you cry.  On purpose, she hurts you on purpose to make you cry, like a bully."

"No!'  he started crying.

"We have to stop her, before she hurts someone else."

"She wouldn't, she loves me!"

"She wouldn't what, cheat on you?"

"Nh uh?" 

"She just did, right in front of you!  She just fucked me, and ignored you, as soon as I showed up she just stuck you in the corner, and didn't that even make you a little jealous?"

"No, but.  It was funny, but now.  I guess.  Maybe I do.  A little, I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry, but I had to.  To find out, if she's.  Well, you know the kinds of grownups that molest little boys are bad."

"I don't care, I love her!"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean she won't hurt you.  Worse and worse, she got worse, huh?"  She did to me, she tried not to at first, but then she.  "She makes sure you like it, at first, but then she gets worse, and worser.  She could really hurt you, bad.  She hurt me."

"I thought you liked it?"

"I did!  Aren't you even listening?  I just told you, she made sure you like it, first.  To make you love her, so she can hurt you, then she hurts you worse, and worse.  Right?"

"Nh hm?"

"She wouldn't let me breathe."

"She said she's sorry."

"She lied.  You didn't see the look on her face, she had an orgasm on it.  That's why she did it, to get a orgasm."

"Whatsa orgasm?"

"What happened, when you were fucking her, at the end?"

"That means I can stop."  He nodded.

"She makes you do it."


"Even if you don't like it.  She makes you do it anyway."


"To orgasm."

"Huh.  Yes.  She did."

"Well, it's not safe.  Now that she knows you love her, and you'll do anything, she's not gonna stop hurting you.  Worse and worse until you die."

"But I don't want her to get in trouble."

"She will anyway.  The question is whether she goes to jail, for murder, or if she goes to a hospital, to get the help she needs.  She needs help, she's crazy, and she'll only get even crazier unless she gets some help, and I don't want to lose you."  He just cried, so we walked, and I hugged him.  "I love you too, you're my brother, and I can't stand to see you cry.  How much you hurt inside, and it's getting worse and worser, and I can't bear the thought of her killing you."

Now, I'm crying too.  "Hahaha, fags!"

"Hey, he's my brother!"  I let go.

"So!" he pushed me.

"Leave him alone!" 

"What are you gonna do?" an other one pushed him down.  "Baby!"

"Wuh huh huh!"

"RAHHHH!"  I fought them, but they were bigger, and there was 3 of  them, but at least Wayne got away.  It's okay, they didn't beat me up that bad, but I can take it.  As long as they don't hurt him any more, so I let him get away.  He's been hurt enough all ready.



"Where's your brother?"  I stood in the door, and held it.

"Can I come in?"

"No," I moved back, but he pushed it, and got his shoulder in before I shut it. 


"Keep your voice down!"  I stuck my head out, and looked around the street.

"He's in the hospital."

"Oh?"  I shut the door.

"Yeah, he started bleeding.  Inside, he got this sore in his butt, from you fucking him, and then it ruptured.  He's really sick, but the cops came, to ask him why it happened.  He didn't tell them."

"Why are you following me?"

"Why are you backing up?"  I stopped in the hall.  Put my hands up to feel the walls, and shook my head. 

"We better sit down.  In the living room.  So, you're saying he didn't say anything, about our relationship?"

"He said he fell, and we got beat up on the way home yesterday, but they keep asking him how it happened, and I don't know how long he can lie about you raping him."

"Oh, I didn't rape him."

"Yes, you did."

"No, I did not!  He wanted me, you weren't even there."

He just stood there, looked at me.  "Keep your voice down."  He smirked.  "You want your neighbors to hear you yelling about raping little boys?"

"Huh!  This can't be happening."

"Well, it is.  I just thought I'd warn you, before I go back to the hospital, and tell them how you raped me too."

"You were asking for it."

"Yeah, well.  Let GO!  Of me!  Don't you touch me, you Witch!  Owh!"

"Guh!"  I doubled over.  "Huh!"  Felt my tummy, where he sucker punched me, then fell when my knees gave out.  "WHUL!"  Then kicked me in the ribs!

"Get out.  Pack up your stuff, and get out of town, before the cops show up, or else.  Go to Jail, for Rape.  I looked it up, even if he made you do it, it's statutory rape.  He's 8 years old, and there's no way they're gonna believe you over him, and me.  He watched you, rape me right in front of him, and he's probably telling them right now about how you raped him too.  Until it made him bleed inside, so they're gonna believe him."

He left me, crying on the floor, and slammed the door on the way out.



"Hey."  I looked down.

"Who are you?"  I took another drag, flicked off the ash.


"How old are you, Eddy?"

"I'm 14?"  I frowned.  "No, really.  I know, I'm small, and young looking for my age, but.  Huh!  I just had to meet you."

"Yeah, well you're too young to be here, so run along now."  I waved him off, "Go on."

"Well, can I get your autograph first?"  He pulled out a magazine, from his backpack.

"Where did you get this?"  I recognized it, of course.  Just a trade mag, mostly advertisements for one of the companies I work for, but they send me a copy of everything I appeared in.  On request, I collect them.

"A friend?  I heard you're going to be here, and I just wanted to meet you."

[Thanks for stopping bye,] I signed it, [Linetrap.]  Finished off the P with a flourish to underline it, then the i with a little heart.  Clicked the pen back in, and clipped it back to my top.

"There," I handed it back, "Now run along now, before someone sees you."

"You wanna see me, later?"

"Why would I want to?"  I put it down, and knocked on the door.  For my bodyguard, I should have let him come out with me, you never know when one of my crazed fans might catch up with me, but, he's not really a threat.  He is kind of cute.

"Can I borrow your pen?"

"Everything all right, Bailey?"  He held the door. 

"Just a minute," I pushed it.  "I'll be right in."

He tore off a corner.  "Well, if you change your mind, here's my number."

"Okay."  I stuck it in my bra, "Now, go on.  Get out of here."  Knocked.

I humored him, it doesn't do to disillusion my fans, but he's too young to spend money on porn anyway.  Probably why he had to make do with the freebies.  Previews, to buy one of my videos, or subscribe to my web pages.

"Who was that?"

"Just a friend."

"How old is he?"

"SHE, is eighteen.  She's just on hormone blockers, so she doesn't grow up too much, before she can start hormone therapy."  I lied.


That explains it.  "Huh!"  I braced myself, for all the attention.  It's a job, I have to promote myself, but I'm really very shy.  I know, taking off my clothes for a living, you wouldn't think it, but there's a difference between a Cameraman, maybe a Producer, and a room full of people looking at me.

"Hang on."  I pushed the lid off a trashcan, and he held my hair.  "Khuh!  Huh!  Stp!"

"Feel better?"

"A little."

I probably won't, call him.  I think, hard to tell when they're that young, but I didn't think to ask.  It's rude, for one thing. Are you circumcised?  I wasn't raised to be impolite, how I earned the money to go through Puberty notwithstanding, but I must admit a little curiosity, and it's a welcome distraction.

"Ladies, and gentlemen.  The Sunset Lounge is proud to present, Linetrap!"

"Huh!"  I braced myself, forced a smile, and ran out.  Waving, and popped my hip. 

Looked up at the wall, above the audience.

"Hey everybody!"

"Take it off!"

Squinted at the lights, at least they're too bright to see their eyes, if I don't look.

All their eyes on me. I pouted, "Hihihn!  It's not that kind of show, you know that.  But if you like, I'm going to be putting on a very special show later."  I pointed, and stuck out my hips, "There's brochures in back, now."  I nodded, seriously.  "I'm here for you, to answer questions."  I sat down, crossed my legs, and flattened my skirt out on my lap, while the announcer took down the mic.  Winced when it squeeled, then forced a cute smile.

"How did you get in this business?"

"Well," I giggled, "It's a funny story, actually..."


Eddy  (mT TS Fant Dild Solo)

I went in the office, as soon as mom and dad left.  Took out Wayne for ice cream, for his birthday, and probably burgers too.  From Dairy Queen, ask me why he likes there burgers, but he does, I like the ice cream.  They promised to bring me a double dipped double cone, but I don't have that long.

So, I turned on Netscape, and pulled the table over.

I had to make it, but I tried it on, and it fits.  I strapped it on the corner, but the nice thing about dipping the spring in that rubber stuff for dipping wires in is I can dip it again, and again.

Excite!  [Bailey Jay, Linetrap]  I hit enter, and checked the usual site, to see if there's anything new.

My favorite, goody there is!  Free ones, I can't use dad's credit cards, or he'll know what I spent it on.  What kinds of sites I'm looking at, but I'm careful to clear the history, and if I could.  When I can, I know what one I want.

I like these, anyway.  There short, but she talks a lot.  Like she's talking to me, first, but this one she's just jerking off.

Plop Plop Plop Plop.

"Ngh!"  I clicked the button with my middle finger, and made Winamp fill the screen.

She smiles, right at me, then the camera looks down.  I seen it, and I know what she's doing.  I hear it first, but you can tell, and with the video running, I can get my fingers greasy without getting it all over the mouse.

"Huh!  God, I'm so horny today.  Hihihin!"

Her big round boobs, there fake, but I like them anyway.  Not the scars, but they hang down a little more, each time.  They were real perky when she got them.  She took a break, then she came back with a video to show them off.

"Bailey Jay went through puberty!"  She said.  Not really, but "Ihihihn!  You like them?"

"Yeah."  I wiggled it in.  "Ngh!  Huhhhhh!"  Relax, and sink down.  Shaking it up and down, so it wiggles deeper, and deeper, and I'm getting bigger every day.

You can barely even see the scars any more, especially next to her arm.  Shaking, but the other one shook up, and down, but I don't have to look at it.

"Well," she said, "I like them."

"Mh!  Me too."  I settled down, and pulled my balls out.  "Huh, huhHhH!"

Plop Plop Plop Plop!  Now I can see it, her fist first, her knuckle, then it slipped back down so the up side down heart sticks out of the skin.  PLOP!

"Ngh!"  I tried to keep my eyes open, blinked, but I could still hear it.

Her arm, slapping her leg.


"Huh!  Yeah!" 

"Uhn, ihhhn!  I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, nh!"

Finally, it got down, so I could see her balls.  Shaking, bouncing with her long strokes.

"Ghn!"  My balls brushed the corner, then lifted off.  The corner of the table, and I pushed on my knees. 

[Grooby Archive]  Like always, right before it cums out, and runs down her fingers, to lick off the back of her hand.  I wouldn't've gotten to see her pucker anyway, the way she was sitting, just the crack, but I can remember.


That was enough.  To close my eyes, and remember.  Her balls, bouncing way looser than her new boobs.  Not that new, and perky any more.  Starting to droop, so her nipples hang down, closer to the front.  Especially on the same side of her arm, pushing it over, with her jerking.  Swinging them together, like her balls.

"HUH!"  I pushed.  My balls back off the corner, and dragged it back out.  "HhHhUh UH!"  Gave it a couple short strokes, up and down.  I can just imagine her, holding it up.  So I can squat on it, like this.  "Uh, huh!"  On her lap, "Nh, huh, uh, Huh!"  Faster, "Huh uh huhuh UhUhUhUHN NGH!"  I puckered shut, and grabbed the table.  My fingers slipped, but I didn't fall, and hit my head.  Again, the first time I split my eyebrow, and it hurt.  Bled a lot too, but not this time.

I got better.  I'm getting better, and looser, and it still looks so big.  On the screen, big, and long, and there's even a little bend up by the top, from the way she turns her hand over.

"HhuhuhHhH huh uH!" 

I felt it.  A little pearl, milk out of my prostate.  I love it, mixed with my sperm too, but this is the best.  "HUH!"  I hunched.  Squeezing it out of the head, so it slips back in, and kiss my thumb.  "Smh, hhhn!"  Suck it, and rub the greasy drop on my tongue.  Taste it, like cum, but stronger.  Purerer, so pure it's clear, and just imagine it coming out, of her dick.

Or maybe, you know a girl a little closer to my age.  She must be 18, at least to appear in videos like that, and she's been doing it for years, but I'm glad.  I got the chance, to watch her grow up, it's almost like I got to know her, even though she doesn't even know I exist.

I wish, I could go to one of those porn conventions, and meet her.  I'm too young, anyway, but I bet she smokes.

I wish we had a girl like that here, but I have to make do with porn, for now.  "Huh!"  I wiped my hands off on my pants, and pulled them up.  Made sure my lubing fingers were dry, especially first.  So I could delete the evidence.  I remembered what we're supposed to be studying in school, and looked that up.  Left it on, then took off my shoes.  To go take a bath, after I unstrap my dildo from the table, and push it back.  Maybe I can find a girl, to wear it, and pretend it's her real dick.  I don't know, I'll have to find a girl that likes me first, so I can ask her.  A nice girl, that won't hurt me, unlike that nasty cruel witch.

It's not fair, Wayne got a girlfriend before me, he's barely 10, and he still doesn't have any hair on it, and I'm happy for them.  He needs her more than me, anyway.  I just want sex, but he needs to feel what love is really like, instead of crying over that horrible sadistic woman, she doesn't deserve it.  That's what she wants, just what she wants, even if she can't be there to see it.

Them to suffer, there whole lives I bet, it's sick.  I'm sure, there's a nice girl, who's not like that, but I'm just scared she'll be weirded out by all this stuff.

"Hhuhhh!"  I turned off the water, and lay back.

I can wash it out, in a minute.  "Hhuhhh!"

It's just too many things, to ask of, all at once.  I just want a girl, but for her to like me, And be into it enough to screw me, the way I crave?  It might never happen, but even if it does it could take years.  At least 5 more years before I can even buy my own porno tapes, like Chicks with Dicks.  Until then, I think I'm ready for another coat.  It was tight, to start, but I loosened up.  A little more, "Yeah," I bet I'm loose enough for another coat.  Next chance I get, but there they are.

"Huh!"  So, better wash up quick.


"I'm in the bath."

"Your ice cream will be in the freezer when you get out.  Did you eat?"

"Yeah."  I lied.  "I'll be right out."  Pulled the plug.  "Just let me dry off."  I got what I wanted, or at least close enough.  I'll never get with Bailey Jay, never in a million years, but I can at least get loose enough.  Just in case, it still looks pretty big, but.  "Huh!"  Yeah, maybe tonight.  I can add another coat after everyone is asleep.



"Oh," he answered the door, "Where's Wayne?"

"He's not here?"

"I just figured he was out with you again."

"Haven't seen him."  I shrugged.  "Maybe I missed him, coming over here."

"Well, I'll tell him you stopped bye."

"Hey, Eddy?"

"Yeah?"  He turned back, and stopped shutting the door.  "You mind if I come in, and wait here?"

"Not at all.  Sorry, I should have thought of that."

"Who's that?"


"Oh, where's Wayne?"

"I don't know, probably over at my house, looking for me."

"Well, you can wait here."

"Hey, Eddy?"


"You mind if I wait in your room?"

"Eddy, you know the rules."

"Yeah, mom.  We'll leave the door open."

"Okay, but you better behave."

"All right, mom!"

"You just got off Restriction, but if you want, you can go right back on?"

"No mom."  He sighed, started closing the door, "Sorry, mom."  Pushed it back.  In the corner.

"Hey, Eddy?"


"Can we talk?"

"What about?"  He nodded.

"Well," I looked out the door.  His mom, right there on the couch, but watching the TV.  She could look over any time, though, on a commercial, so.  'keep your voice down, because it's.  private.'

"Okay," he sat down on the other end of the bed.  'what's up?'

'well,' I kept an eye on her, or at least the back of her head, but leaned closer.  'i never got a chance to thank you.  for what you did, for wayne.'

He nodded, 'well, he's my brother, so i just wanted to make sure he's safe.'

'well, he told me what you did, and i'm ever so grateful.  why, if you hadn't, we never would have gotten together in the first place.'

'well, did he tell you what, happened?'

'what She did to him, and you?'  I nodded, 'sorry, i know it's private, and confidential, but he had to, for group?'

"Oh!"  He lowered his voice, 'i didn't know you're in the same group.'

I nodded, 'that's because it's private and confidential, but that's where we met.'

'oh,' he thought, 'so that's why he didn't tell me.'

'your mom and dad don't even know.'

'yeah, i know that.  he's just not ready to tell them.'

'we're working on it, but.  there is another thing.'

He laughed, "You sound like Columbo!"

"Hahaha, yeah."  I leaned back in.  'well.  huh!'  I shook my head.  'there's this guy, and he.  looked at me.'

"Oh!"  He blinked.  'sorry.  oh.  so, that's why you're in.  that group, with him.'

'yeah, so.  i was thinking about, how you got rid of Her, and.  I hate to ask, but.'

'you want me to get rid of him too?'

'you think you could?'

'yeah, i can try.'  He got up.  "Let's go Out!"  He raised his voice.  "Mom, we're gonna go out, and look for Wayne."

"All right, stay safe."

"We will."  I followed him out the door.

"Good idea."

"Yeah, now we can talk.  Better."

"Yeah, and.  You want to meet him?"

"Well, first can you tell me what he did?  I mean, I know, you just said he looked at you, but do you think you're in any danger?"

"Oh no."  I waved it off, "He stopped, when I got my period.  I just know, well, I can guess.  He's probably back up to his old tricks again, so.  I bet, he's probably still a danger to other girls, like me only younger?"

"Yeah, we better do something then, but first.  Can you tell me what he did?"

"Oh yeah.  I told the story lots of times, it's part of Therapy, so one more time won't hurt.  He didn't just look at me, of course."

"Did he touch you?"

"No, I mean.  Not really.  You mean like feel me up, but."  I patted his shoulder, "You know, like that.  I mean he liked to look at me."  I lowered my voice.  Whispered, 'naked.'

"Oh, so he made you take your clothes off?"

"Yeah, he tricked me.  He said he worked for a modeling agency, and he could make me a model, when I got older."

"He lied."

"Yeah, well.  Now I'm older, and he lost interest, so.  Yeah."  Obviously.  "So, he said I could learn the Ins and Outs."  I giggled, "He really said that, he says stuff like that, all the time.  Nothing dirty mind you, but like a dirty joke.  In the middle of a sentence, but only if you take it a certain way."

"Oh, yeah."  He nodded.

"Apparently, it's a common ploy.  That's what our therapist said, to seduce younger girls.  They think it helps us get in the mood.  For sex."

"It didn't."  he guessed.

"Well, of course not.  I wasn't ready for sex yet, but that's how he flirted with me."

"When he was pretending to teach you modeling?"

"Yeah.  And he took pictures.  And I want to get those back, before he shows anybody them."

"Porno pictures?"

"Not, really?  He's too smart for that, but in sexy clothes, he bought for me, and he had me make sexy poses, and walk around sexy like, and showed me how.  Like this?"

I did the Model Walk.  "Hahaha!  You're really good at that!"

"Thanks,, but I don't want to be a model any more."

"I bet.  After what he did."

"Well, it's not that.  Huh!  I don't want you to think any less of me, but.  You know, I kinda started to like it?"

"Oh, no.  That's fine, and I bet they do that on purpose, so you'll come back."

"Yeah, that's what my therapist said."

"Makes sense."

"So anyway, that's why he bought me the clothes.  To see me naked, at first he let me change in the dressing room, but then, I got more comfortable, and that's part of the plan, too.  I knew what he was doing, while I was in there.  Especially after a shoot, I could hear him, when I was changing back into my clothes, and.  I saw it, too."

"Him beating off?"

"Oh, no.  He never did that in front of me, but when I started changing in front of him.  He said it was all right, he's a professional, but it would save some time if I didn't have to go and come back, so then I saw it, in his pants.  I found some pictures he took of it too, but he didn't hide them.  He just left them out for me to find so I'd get used to it."

"He got hard."

"Well, of course.  Why do you think they do that, kind of stuff with kids."

"To get turned on, or to get off."  He nodded.

"Yeah, he's paraphilic, but."

"That's what it's called?"

"Clinically?"  I nodded, "But anyway, there's 2 kinds.  Some need it to get turned on, like him, and others need it to get off.  Like that, sadist.  You know.  Her?"



"It's okay."

"I know, but I'm gonna say it anyway, because I know that talking about this stuff is triggering, as well as anyone, who's been there."

"So, what do you want to do?"

"Well, you know what a Trap is."

"Yeah, you mean like Linetrap?"

"Yeah," his brother told me, "So I was thinking, what size are you?"

"Medium?  Junior medium, or 28 inch waist, in adult's?"

"Yeah, so." I  had to think, "I think that's like.  A size 2, in misses."

He laughed, blushing.  "You mean dress sizes."  He looked away, but.  He was still smiling.

"Yeah, uh.  I was thinking."

"Because he likes girls."

"Yeah, and you're really pretty, too."

"You think so?"

"Yeah, maybe not as pretty as Wayney, but.  Huh!  I think, maybe with a little makeup?  And a haircut, but I don't want to expose him to that again.  It's too soon, and he wouldn't be able to handle it."

"Whats wrong with my hair?"

"Well, for one thing it's a boy cut, but for another."  I grinned, "I thought, if I gave you a Lesbian haircut, he wouldn't be able to resist!"

"Hahaha!  Yeah, that sounds great!"

"Yeah, so I bet I have some old skirts, that'd fit you."

"Yeah, and a skirt would cover up.  You know, anything, I might have to hide, under it?"

"Like a woody?"

"Hah!  I doubt it, but it still sticks out."

"I guess."  I didn't even look, because he turned away.  "So, you want to come over to my house?"

"Yeah.  And play dressup?"

"Yeah, but you can change in the bathroom."

"Of course."

"Because I'm going out with Wayne, and I'd never even think about cheating on him."

"Of course not, and me neither.  I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, neither."

"Good, I'm glad.  You know, you're a great guy, right?"

"No, but thanks for saying that."

"No, really, I mean it.  If I wasn't already going out with your brother.  Huh!  Never mind, I'm just saying you're going to make some, body very happy some day."

"Guy, or girl?"

"Which would you prefer?"

"Either, both?  Somewhere in between?"

"So, you are, transexual huh?"

"No, oh no.  I don't want a sex change or anything.  I guess I always wanted, you know.  The best parts of both, ever since I heard that there is such a thing.  In the same person but I know it's not very realistic.  So, huh!  I suppose, none of us ever really get exactly what we want anyway."

"Well, I got lucky."

"Yeah."  He nodded.  "He's a lucky guy too, but, I wouldn't mind a guy, and a girl.  If they could get along without getting jealous.  So, I don't have to cheat on them, I don't want to do that either.  Really, I just want anyone.  I'd be satisfied with either one, as long as they're the right person," he shrugged, "I don't suppose it really matters what's in their pants.  It's what's in their heart, and their mind that counts."

"Yeah.  I'm just lucky Wayne is a boy.  I'm straight, but.  You know, what I love about him is he doesn't try too hard.  To be a man, but like.  I don't know, when a lot of guys say that, 'be a man,' what they really seem to mean is a jerk."

"Yeah, huh!"

"I can't promise you anything, but I bet I know a girl, you might like."

"Yeah, who?"

"I don't know, I have lots of friends though, and some of them are older.  I bet one of them's just got to like you, I just haven't thought to ask them before, but if I can, I'll do what I can to make it up to you."  I really am, ever so greatfull, for everything he's done all ready.

"Well,"  He rubbed the back of his headr.  "I don't know, if you could ask them.  If any of them, might be interested in.  Wearing a."  He winced.  'strap, on?'

"Hahaha!  I don't know, but I can ask."





"Hey," I knocked.


"Who is it?"


"Oh hey, come in quick."

I giggled.

"Close the door!"

"Sorry!"  I rushed to, "You weren't kidding huh?"

He just stood there, behind the door, and squirmed.

"It's okay, huh!"  I rolled my eyes, "Turn around, let me get a look at you."

He's just shy, or embarrassed.  "Huh!  It's okay, I'm not gonna make fun of you, but if I'm going to help you any, I'm gonna have to get a better look at your face."

"How does he look?"  He covered himself up, so I looked up.  At his face, he was bright pink, and I'm pretty sure he was hiding a hardon, under that skirt.

"Pretty!  No really, you're gorgeous, especially with all that blushing, relax.  Go on, sit down."  I pulled the strap off my shoulder, and set my makeup kit on the desk.  "On the bed, is fine."  I nodded.

"Eddy, this is Sasha.  Sasha, Eddy."  I nodded.

"She says you're the best with makeup, so.  You think you can help me?"

"Yeah, you really are very pretty, but.  What's with the hairdo?"

"I know, I messed it up.  I think they can fix it at the salon, but only if he can pass for a girl."

"Oh no, it looks great, just.  You know, it's just, don't you think, it looks a little."

"Dykey?"  He nodded, "Well, it was kind of short to begin with, so she couldn't add any length, and if we could get a wig, we don't want any sticking out anyway."

"Yeah, all right.  Look up?"  He did.  "Now, hold still."  I tapped the pencil on my tongue, and pulled his eyebrow up with my thumb.  "You think I could trim your eyebrow?"

"If you have to.  Do whatever you think is necessary."

"Yeah, I think it would help, but try to hold real still, and try not to blink."  He held his breath, so I could underline his eye.  Carefully, I let go.  "There,"  I stepped back.  "Turn your head, like this?"  He did.  "Yeah, now look over here."  I held out the pencil.  "Hm!"  I nodded, "Now, look at me, up at me, and hold still."  He took another breath, and held it.  "Try not to blink."  I underlined the other one, and let go.  Looked back and forth.  "Close them?"  I brushed a sharper point in the corner, "There."  And pulled out the sharpener.  "So, you guys are getting into, lesbo play?"

"Oh, we're not going out."

"Yeah, I'm really going out with his little brother."

"So, what's this for?  Wh?"  I blew the shaving off, and scratched the burr with my thumbnail.

"I just like dressing up?  I know, pretty boy is like an insult, but it's not like.  Sexual really, I just like pretty clothes, and she agreed to help me see if I could, be pretty."

"Yeah.  Honestly, you don't even need make-up."  I frowned, rubbed my chin.  "Well, not much, hmm."


"Well?  It's just, really little things, really."

"Like what?"

"Well, your cheekbones.  Maybe not eye shadow, you've really got terrific eyes, but.  Huhn!"

"What?"  He smiled.  I looked away, "Sorry, just.  Let me get some rouge, and see if I can round out those cheekbones a little.  "Now, I'm blushing too, but I have a boyfriend, and.  "So, you're a.  Transvestie, or drag queen?  Uh, shemale?"

"No, I'm a guy.  I don't want to get a sex change or anything, I just.  Like.  Huh!"  He rolled his eyes.  "You know, Shemale isn't really, a nice thing to call them."

"No, sorry.  I just, don't really know, anything about them.  I mean, are you gay, or straight?"

"Well, it's a little complicated."

"Let me explain it, the best I can, while she does the blush."

"I have to put some foundation on first, but yeah.  It's easier if you don't talk."

"So anyway, but correct me if I'm wrong, but, he's just attracted to them.  More specifically, a male-to-female transexual, but because they're so rare, he's accepted the fact that he may never meet her, and fall in love."

"Her?  A transexual, in particular?"

I held the brush back.  "Yeah, you probably never heard of her."

"Try me."

"Bailey Jay Granger?"

"Hihihn?  No.  Now, turn this way, and let me get the other side.  Huh!  The trick is to make it look natural, ideally we don't want people to notice you're wearing any makeup at all.  Just blushing, so they don't pay too much attention to how straight your cheekbones really are."  I blew off a little extra.  "Wh!  Look at me?"

"Uh huh?"

I nodded, got a triangle sponge, "Let me clean up these lines a little."  I carefully wiped a sharper edge, over the middle.  "Turn this way?"

"Whew, huhH?"  He held it, and I matched the other one.

"There," I turned back for the blush.  "You really have great bone structure.  Especially your cheekbones, I can show you how I'm putting a false arch on them, so you can learn to do it yourself, but first let me figure out the best look, for your face."  I looked back and forth.  Glanced up at her eyes.

"Huh!"  I had to look away.

"What?"  I was blushing again.  "They're really, remarkably symmetrical."  I decided to go with a foam applicator, instead of a brush for better control, and to let my face cool off.  Bit my lip.  "Mh, so.  Uh, if you could pick either one, a guy or a girl."

"Well, it really depends on them.  Who they are is more important than, well sexually.  I don't know, but.  Uh!  It doesn't matter, I'd have to fall in love first anyway."

"Oh!"  Jesus!


"You mean a couple?  You said them, like 2 people, a guy and a girl?"

"Well, they'd have to agree to a 3 way relationship, but.  Yeah, if they could do it.  Without getting jealous?"

"That would be the next best thing to a transexual girl."

"So, a bi couple.  Hold still."  I carefully went over my line with the spongey tip, "Close your eyes?"  Bit my lip.  "Mh?"

"Whew!  Huhhh?"

"Well, what if I told you, I might know a guy, who might be interested.  In another guy, like you?"

"Really?  Who?"

"Turn this way?"  He nodded, held his breath, excitedly, but the real blush spread out from under the foundation.  Which helped, I could really see the line, lucky I brought almost the exact same tone as his slightly tanned face, without the flush, so I carefully blended until it disappeared.

"PUH!  HuhhHH!  Whhhhew!"

"Sorry." I turned back to push the tray up, and get the mirror out from underneath.  The nail polish bottles rattled off the back, but they're thick, and heavy.  As long as I don't drop the whole thing, or swing it around by the strap to smack it into walls.  I really just have to worry about the thinner glass of the mirror, but it wasn't cracked any.  "How's it look?"

He smiled, blushed again, and his lips even darkened, from the light tan, only slightly darker than his chin to almost a deep pink.

"You know my boyfriend, Josh?"


"Hahah!  Seriously!?"


"You never told me?"

"It's a secret, but.  Now that I know, you know, another bicurious guy.  Yeah."  I shrugged.  "He might be interested, in a pretty boy like you?"

"Awe!"  He shrugged, and I rustled his hair.  It was almost like a crewcut, with bangs, but he could spike it up in front to look like a boy again.

"Now he looks like a lesbian."

"Yeah, let me get his eyebrows."  I got out the little razor knife, and pulled out the blade.  To flip it over, and clamp it back in the handle.  "Now, you really have to hold still." 

I had to look up, from his lap.  That definitely didn't look like a lesbian, at all.  I didn't even try to hide my flush.



"Who's your friend?"

"Terry."  She offered her hand.

"You new in town?&q