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Phoebe (Gang 13 Pros)
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One of the nice things about having a Gang Rape section is I don't have to put Gang in the title, but just so you know, the main character is 13, and being groomed for Prostitution.  This is one (of many) ways they go about it.  Also, some Transgender themes, obviously.

UPDATE  She now officially has an Origen/Prequel, but I'll have to write it in parallel.  Just for Psychiatric notes, she's not transgender, she's a Psychopath.



I like men, okay?  

Especially big strong men, like this.  He's hairy, and he's got boobs?  They're not like boobs, they're flat, and wide, and hard looking.

I don't really have boobs, like really big ones, like girls in the other magazines, but.  "Huh!"   :]  I wonder what those feel like. The hairy muscles on his chest, and tummy, and the thick dark hair over his dick.

It's soft, and hanging, but long.   :o  "Shlong."  I have to giggle, but.   :emot_thedrool.gif:  I wonder what it looks like, hard, and sticking up, so I can see his balls better.  I can kind of see them, hanging down under there, but I mean really get a good look at them, and play with them, and suck on his shlong.

"Hm."   :]  I like that word.  "Shlong."  It's not hairy, like the rest of him, but my bra got so hot and sweaty.

Nobody's looking, and so what if they were?  Then they'll see me half naked, and hungry for it.  His long shlong, in my mouth, and getting longer, and harder, and thicker.

I guess it's childish, sucking on my thumb, but I can imagine.  I wish I had a dildo, or even better a vibrator!  Maybe if I had a friend with some, we could play with them, and look at playgirls, just like the girls in the teen magazines.

I'm a teen, but not 18, you get it!?  "Huh!"  I can't wait, but 5 whole years before I can go into the store, and buy toys, and magazines of my own?

My friends say he's gay, they're probably gay, all the porno guys are gay, but what do they know?  They like boys, cute boys, and none of them are gay, so they don't want to fool around looking at playgirl, but I don't care.

It just means I get them all to myself.  "Yeah," him, all to myself.  The rocks look rough, but they can scratch up his butt.  When I go down, and pick up his shlong, and hold it in my mouth so it gets hard, and I can play with his balls.


"Uh?"   ::)

"What are you doing back here?"

"Uh, nothing?  Just changing my top."  With the magazine over it.

 :-\  "Where's your other top?"

"Uh, well it just got sweaty, so."  Pick it up.  "It's dried out now."

"Okay," she turned around.  "I'll keep a lookout for you, while you get dressed."

"Ngh, thanks."  Hook my bra, and turn it around, to pull up the straps.

"I'm Phoebe."

"Oh, Kelly."

"Nice to meet you Kelly, but you know.  There's nothing to be ashamed of, how old are you?"


"Well, fourteen is old enough, I know you're supposed to be 18, but that law is silly.  It's just dangerous to do it out here, where boys might find you, and get the wrong idea."

"Well."   :]  "I don't know, he might get the right idea.  If he was the right man."

"Oh, yes.  Of course, you like men."

"Uh huh!"  

"Not boys."

"Yeah, nice big hairy muscly men, like this?"  I picked up the Playgirl.   :-\  She frowned again.

"What's wrong?"

"Not really my type, but.  Huh!"   ::)  "Would you really want to meet a man, like that?"

"Oh god, would I!?"   ;D  

"Well, when you say meet him, you mean."  She leaned down.  'for sex?'

"Hihn!"   :]  "Yeah."

"Okay."  She nodded.

"What?"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Come on.  I know some men, who would love you!"


"Of course!  You're adorable, you know that.  Fresh faced, and your young exuberance is very attractive."

"Ngh!"   :]

"Are you bisexual?"

 :emot_weird.gif:  "I don't know.  How can you tell?"

"Well, do you have any fantasies about having sex with other girls.  Or together with a man, or transsexuals?"

 :]  "Nm!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Uh!  Well, I thought about girls, with toys, but only because I don't know any.  My friends don't have any toys, and they like the Playgirl, but."

I looked around, and tucked it under my top.  

"Oh, yeah."

"Well, what about a woman, like me?"

"You're bisexual?"

"At least, but.  You understand, the men I'm talking about are big.  Some of them very large.  Here's my car."

"Oh!"  I went around, and she unlocked it.

"Are you a virgin?  It's okay if you are, I just have to know.  Because it takes a little more, preperation, to get ready.  Before you can meat guys like these."

She flipped open the arm rest, and there were pictures inside.

"Ooh!"   :D

Men, lots and lots of men, and there was writing on the back, too.  Names, and numbers where you could call them.

Like a business card, only handwritten in blue pen, and pictures of them on the front.  Sideways, most of them.  Unless he's laying down, with his shoulder up.  On his elbow smiling for the camera like a model, and his shlong sticking out.  Hard, so I can see his balls across his leg.

 :]  Flip it over.  "How about John?"

"Huh!"   ::)  "Could you be more specific?"  Driving.

"Oh yeah, it's a pretty common name."  Like half of them are Johns, and a lot of them are named Chris, too.  "I don't know, no last name, but him?"

She looked over at the picture, and nodded.

I licked my lips.   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "He looks yummy!"


As luck would have it, I saw her sneaking off behind the building.  Looking around, the telltale flat shape of a magazine under her top.  Never seen that before!  So, I had some idea, but normally they take a little more convincing.

Cute little thing, said she's 14, but looks about 11, or 12.  Bra she doesn't need, not a hint of sag, but just had her hand between her legs.  Outside her pants, didn't even unbutton them so I didn't get to see her underwear.

Which is fine, I like a little mystery, but she's young, horny, raring to go, naive, inexperienced, and really really likes hairy hunks.  Porno girl, practically describes the same fantasies form say Barely Legal.  A bunch of girls get together at a sleepover, with dildos, vibes, and Playgirls?

Which isn't to say that doesn't actually happen, just that most of the times it does, there's lights, photographers, and a director making sure they pose with the vibrator poised for penetration.  So the photographers can take a picture of everything, and you can see their pussies.

She's not ready, yet.  I know, I remember, she feels ready, but I'm going to have to do some prep first.  If she's going to make any money, and she is going to make me a lot of money, I can tell.  

"You have a car-phone?"   ::)

"Sh."  Answering machine, so I left a message.  "Hey, John.  I met a girl, who really wants to meet you.  So, call back, when you get this."

"So, you're a matchmaker."

"In a manner of speaking.  I'm a call girl, but I also manage other call girls."  I hung up.

"You mean, a."  I stop her there.

"Sex, for money.  Yes, that's what we're talking about.  Getting payed to meet men for sex, but you get to pick the men.  Normally, it works the other way around."  This way, I don't get caught, driving around with photos of underage girls.  A woman with photos of older men, posing.  They're models, I'm a modeling agent, honest, officer.  You want to discuss it with me, in the back seat, with those handcuffs?


It's a living.  "What size are you?"

"26 A?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Oh, you mean dress size?"

"Well, here's my studio, so let's start with your measurements."

Parking, I unlocked the door, but again.  Modeling Agent, says it right on the sign, so seeing me with young girls here, isn't exactly an uncommon thing, and I have the benefit of being a woman.  It makes the approach much easier, than say a creepy guy, creeping.

"Go on."  Looking around, "Don't be shy."  I get out the measuring tape.  "It's very attractive, your shyness, but you're going to have to get over it, if."

"So this is a porn studio."

"No, it's a modeling agency.  I don't do childporn."

"I'm not a child, I'm 13 years old.  You know."

"Of course," she lied about her age.  "However, you're also a minor, so I won't be taking any pictures of you."  Unlocking a door.  "Would you be more comfortable in here?"

"Uh!"   :emot_weird.gif: She looked around.  "Who lives here?"

"Nobody.  It's a fantasy room, where my older models can do fantasy shoots, but also we can use it for Johns who want to play out their father daughter fantasy.  Now, take off your clothes, so that I may get your measurements."

Over by the closet, she finds it well stocked, of course.

"Now, when you say transexuals."  She pulled her shirt off again.  "You mean like Chicks with Dicks?"

 ::) "Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "I realize that you've read a lot of porn, and that's colored your.  Sexual ideas, however."

"I'm sorry."   :angel:  "Does that offend you?"

 ::):  "All right, I suppose you're curious, so in answer to your question, yes.  I am transexual."

"I knew it!"  She giggled, "Does that mean you got a sex change, or do you still have your shlong?"

 :emot_weird.gif:  "You prefer the word, shlong?"

She giggled, "Well.  If I'm going to get naked."  She crossed her arms, to cover her bra with her shirt, "It's only fair if I get to see it too."   :]

"Fair enough."  I unbuttoned my blazer, and put down the tape measure, to start undressing.

"Get it out."   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "I want to see it.  i don't care about your boobs, but I want to see your dick."

"Huh!"  I nodded, but this.   :emot_weird.gif:  I'm losing control of this scene, and it's making me unprofessional, but she is so cute, and half naked, and she wants to see it?


I'm flattered.  Not that I really care about this, thing.  Hanging off of me, but it is unfair of me to demand she strip, and.

"Hm."   ^-^

I'm not a top.



She's touching me, and pulling it up to feel underneath.  

"You shave it."  

"Mhm?"  I sat down, on the bed, so I can stop shaking, but she just pulls down my open skirt.  My underwear down my legs, and feels back up my thighs.

"Does it get any bigger when it's hard?"


Pulling it, so it squirts back in the skin, and goosing me to fondle, and roll my testes in her fingers.  i'm a bottom, and there's just something so kinky about this.  Being topped, and molested by a virgin, barely a teenager, if she didn't lie and she's still eleven or twelve.  Like she looks.

"Huh!"   ::)  "Make it hard for me!"

"i can't."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Just get an erection on command like that.  And if you want to meet men for sex, you're going to have to get used to this."  She pouted, "Some men are ashamed, of their impotence, or unrealiable ability to get it up.  I don't have that problem, because I'm a woman, and I never really cared for it in the first place."


"My penis?"  I nodded.  "Huh!  I'm taking hormones, which are expensive.  I don't know if I want a sex change, but they are expensive, which is why I'm in this business in the first place."

"Well."  She got up.  Still pouting, "Huh!"   ::)  "I guess I got to see it, anyway."  Turned around.  "You want to take my bra off?"

"Of course."  I picked up the tape measure.

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Re: Phoebe (Gang 13 Pros)
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Candy (Alias)

"Uh!"  It's little, and.  "You shave it?"

I want a big one, a big hairy shlong, that gets hard, but I guess I didn't think about guys that can't get it up.  Or women with dicks, but at least I finally got to see one, and touch it.

Oh, and her balls.   :]  I just wish she was hairy, and a man.  I want to stick it in my mouth, but you know, a whore?  I don't want to be a whore, I want to do porn, but I can't do that until I'm 18, and I guess 5 years of this will make me good at doing it, so I can be good at porn when I turn 18, but she just want to measure me, and I got to touch them, so i got up, and she took off my bra.

"You got any sex toys?"

"Yes, of course."  I held my arms up, and she slipped the tape down from my nipples, and pulled it tight around my ribs.

"Well, I'm gonna need to borrow some, when we're done with this."

"Yes, of course."

She wrote down numbers, but i already told her about my 26 As.  "So, you're taking hormones."  She moved down to pull it tight, around my waist.

"Don't worry about the side effects, I'll probably get an erection soon.  It's just that being a woman, it takes different stimuli to turn me on."

"Like what?"

She unbuttoned my pants, and helped me wiggle them down my hips.

"Turn around."  She closed her eyes, and pulled out the top of my underpants.  "Snh!"   :]

 :o  "Hihihn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  It was just so pervy, the way she smelled my pubes, then went back to pull the tape tight around my butt.  "Turning you on."  She looked up.  "It's like a feedback loop, the more aroused you get, the more aroused I get."

She talks like that.  Says words like aroused, and penis.  "Then you can talk dirty to me."

"All right, you've got a nice ass."

"You like my pussy?  Why don't you pull down my panties, and get a nice whiff of my pussy.  Yeah."

She dropped her pen, and went back to my hips.  Pinched the sides of my underwear, and stretched them out to slip them down to my knees.

"Snh!  Huh!"   :]

"You getting hard, yet?"

She just sat back, on the bed, and spread her knees.

To show me, "Hm, yeah."  I got down on mine, and felt up her legs.  Pulled the skin down, she's got the skin on the end, which I don't really like, but I couldn't figure out how to get the head out when it was soft, and now it just slips down, so I can see it.  "Oh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Huh, you do anal?"

"Yes, of course."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Wait, you mean receptively, or."

"Do you stick your dick in men's asses?"

"Huh!"  She nodded, "Of course.  There are guys, who like that."   ::)  "I always use condoms, and so should you, to avoid diseases."

"MWHOM!  Mhn!"   :]  "Mhmn!"

"Huh!"   :o  "Hh!"   :]  She fingers in my hair, and her cock in my mouth.  Okay, it's bald, and kind of, boy sized, really.  Not the first one I've seen, some of the boys even got hard, when I flashed them, but she said I will get to meet men, for sex.  Once we're done, like that John guy.  "Snh!"   :]  "Swop!"

"Ngh!"   :]  "Suck my balls, too."

I held it up, and figured out if I pulls the skin up.  All the way up over the head, it pulls her balls up too, and I can pop one in my mouth with my finger, and pinch the skin on the other, so it slips and rolls around in my fingers.

"Swop!"   :]  "Ngh!"   :-*   :emot_kiss.gif:  "Snh!"  Suck the other one, and roll it around in my mouth.  "Swop!"

"Huh!"  She already had a rubber out, and dripped the wrapper besides the tape measure on the corner of the bed.  "Hhokay.  Here's how you put this on."  She gave it to me.  "You have to be careful not to pinch it with your nails, but pull the reservoir tip out, so there's a place for the semen."

 :emot_thedrool.gif:  Lick my lips.  We're gonna fuck!  I'm gonna get fucked, by a chick with a dick!  "Hihihn!"  

"Come on"  She helped me up, and turned.  The pen rolled off the bed, and I kicked my panties off to get my legs over it.


Phoebe  (It's not Social Justice, it's Civil Rights, but being a transwoman that has to prostitute to get hormones, there's something she has to get off her chest.  So, if you're easily offended by people wanting rights, don't read it.)  

"Huh!"  The body I always wanted.  I missed this, of course.  Since I could never go through puberty, and sexual discovery as a teenager, I get to experience it vicariously.

I am not a Lesbian.  I'm a woman, and I have sex with young girls, but I was never a lesbian trapped in a boy's body, because nobody was.  I am a prostitute, but there are fringe benefits, even if this is technically work.

I have to see what she's capable, and I'm getting a line on what she likes.  Not me, she certainly isn't a lesbian either, but there's plenty of hairy muscular men who'll pay for the chance to have sex with her.

"Turn around."   :emot_weird.gif:  

"69?"   :D  Grinning excitedly.

"Yeah, come here."   :]  "Uh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  the rubber squeeked, slipping off, but I just pull the pillow up, to support my head, and take a deep breath of nice young pussy.  "Snh!  Hm!"

"Nym mwum, mmmh!"

She's enthusiastic about philatio.  She loves it, enjoys it, and having only really seen pictures, she's learning, but doesn't just bob her head up and down.  She's playful, giving gentle attention to my testicles, and scrotum, but so short she can't get much more than the head in her mouth.  

Which is fine, i have a job to do here.   ;D  Vm   :P  "Slihp LlLlulowlowoluh!"

"SmupB!  "Huh!"

 ;D  Slip my tongue down, to slick her inner petals open, and feel them at the bottom.  Where they meet.  

"Huh! nh!"  humping my tongue, i just point it.  To a hardened tip, and hold still for her to gently grind her clit against it.  "Huh! uh! Hhhhuh!"  Shaking, not orgasming yet, but getting a nice shudder of pleasure through her body.

"SnhhhhHH!"   :]  "SlupPH!"   :-* :emot_kiss.gif:  "WmlLowlowlowlow!"

Her hips, and tummy, squashing my breasts out in my bra, so they rub against her humping thighs toungfucking her wetter, and wetter hole.

"Siph!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Snh!"

"Awlgh ruhlgugugugagh!  Khaugh!  Hahn!  Huh, can you fuck me now?"

"No, you can fuck me."  Pushing her hip.  "Turn around."   :]

Nice tight, young body, and I didn't feel any hymen in there.  With my tongue, not for lack of trying, but some girls' are deeper than others, and she's tight.  "Put another rubber on."

 :emot_weird.gif:  She frowns, but she knows.  Well, she's probably not aware that the Estrogenes block testosterone, and I probably can't get her pregnant, but as much as I want this, and enjoy it, i have a job to do here, and a big part of it is teaching her the fundamentals.  Safe sex, every single time.  

"Huh!  Always assume that the John has AIDS."


Nod, "Ask any man if he's disease free, and he'll say yes.  Either because it's true, or he just wants to go bareback, so he'll lie."

"Okay."   :-X  She concentrates, and holds the skin tight around the bottom, so the tip squeeks.

"Nh!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"That hurt?"

"It tickles, but I like it."   :]  Pulling her hips, I slip my thumbs in.  Down through her small scattered patch of blond pubes, and her eyes flutter.

"Hm!"   :]

"Hold still."  I slip my fingers undernerath, back and forth to get them wet, and even flip them over.  Sideways to get my pinky all around, then twist it up.  nml.

"Nhm!  Hihmn!"   :]  Turn it, to gently wiggle the tip against her opening, and she leans back.  Looks back to find my knees, so i put them up for her to lean back against.  Hips high, forward, so i can rub the opening deeper, and deeper.  "Ihn!  Hhuh!"  My nail slips through, but edgeless.  So it doesn't scratch, and I can press it back.  Over her rectal sphincter, and run the ball of my pinky tip up the vaginal wall.  Wiggling it deeper until my knuckle spreads it, and pops through.  Curling it now, to hook deeper, and feel along the inside of her pubic bone.  Back and forth.

"SnhH!"  Her sex scent really filling the room now, and even though I'm not directly to her grapphenberg, the sweeps back and forth are deeper, and deeper.  Closer and closer as she takes more and more of my pinky, but then I bottom out.

Early, before I reach it, but my knuckles slip against her moist lips, and I slowly withdraw.

"Huh!  Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  Breathless.  Shaking her head, so her hair brushed over my shins, and her buttocks even clenched on my tummy.  It's hard to breathe like this, but I can suck in high.  Expanding my ribs, and pulling the bra tight around my breasts.  "HhuhHhH!  Snh!  Hm."  Her hair slowly drags up my calfs.  "Hah."

"Get up."  I gently slap her thigh.  "Now, bend over the bed."

"So, you can take me from behind?"

"You're still a little too tight, but."  Sucking my pinky.  "SMP!  Hm!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Huh!  SpmpB!"  

Deep pussy juice.  Fresh from the source, but I can finger out some more.  Rubbing the small of her back, I run the side of my thumb back down her spine, to between the top of her buttocks, and slip my other hand up between her legs.  Flat, brushing the sensitive insides of her thighs, then feeling her pubes with my fingertips.

Her blond pubes, yes she's going to make a lot of money, for herself.  Of course, I take a small amount for expenses, i have to make a living, but rubbers are free.  I can put another one on, and another so she can get more practice, but for now, my 3 fingers are almost to the end.

"MWH!"  She nods, into the pillow.  Bunched around her face, but I keep slipping them up from her clit tip.  Hood, and flatten her labia as the longest runs through to the soaking hungry hole at the top.  Curling up the other four.


"Huh!"  She takes a breath.  "Yeah."  Turns her head, to lay sideways on the pillow.   :]  


 :] ::): ^-^ :-\ :o "UH!"

To the knuckles.  

"FGH!?"   :emot_weird.gif:

Wiggle it, and feel around, see if I can reach her cervix like this, but I'm going to need more fingers.  To streatch her out, which naturally pulls it shallower, but.

"Snh!  Hmn!  Yeah.  Can you fuck me now?"



"Uh nh, mh!"

All I can do is grunt, but I have to think.  This is like an audition, and school, all rolled into one.

I guess I just assumed it would be easy.  Find a guy, get naked, stick it in, fuck, and get payed.  On;y I didn't think about getting paid, but she's a professional, and very very good at this.

I forgot, it takes a while for me to get all my fingers in.  She's up to too, but you know when I asked her if she does anal?

"Nm?"   :o

 :-* :P

"UhnhH!"   :]



Just 2 fingers, and her thumb, gently rubbing my clit, but now that's her tongue, and.

"Ngk!  GgigihehahuhH!"

I've gotten off before, a bunch of times.  This was like all of them, put together, and once.  Inside and out, even my asshole twitching and puckering on her tongue, and my whole body lit up like fireworks.

PWH! Psh pPptpop PopPoP!

"Nghsh!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Siph!  Huhhhn!"   :]

"Here."  She tuned me over, on my side.  Felt me up, and down.  My legs, my tummy, my back, my arm, and of course my boobies too, but everything felt incredible.

Like when I feel my boobs, just getting horny, and how my hands feel on them, thinking about shlong, and pubes, and hairy rippling tummy, and a wide flat firm muscular chest.

"Hhuhgh!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Slp, huh!  Snh!  Huh!"   :]

"Take a break."  She finished taking off her clothes, and dropped the 3rd rubber.  Empty, unused, she didn't even use it, but she didn't have to.  "Want me to turn off the light?"

"Mhn!"  I just curled up, pulled the blanket out, and snuggled into it.  The nice warm bed, and took a little nap.

"Huh!"  That was the best!

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Pro File
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She ain't 18.  She's not even close, but it's illegal for 13yo girls.  This was literally MINUTES after the previous scene, but in this business, you lie.  Not like underage Prostitution is legal in the first place...


[Candace Caine  

Age: 18
4'9", 97 Lbs.
Dimensions:  28(A) 24 26
Hair/Eyes:  Bl/Blu

Interests:  Porn, Big hairy hunks, long shlongs, and balls.
BDSM?  Kind of Dommy, I like to call the shots.  Haven't really tried Bondage or Sadomasochism, but I'm willing to learn...]

It's a start, but my phone's ringing.  "Yes?"

"I got your message."  

"Oh," John.  More of a role than an alias, but if I leave a message for John, he knows what I mean.  "Well, she's taking a nap, but she really is very eager to meet you.  She saw your photos, but she's also very young, and inexperienced."

"Hokay, I do these for two hondred?"

"We'll see how you perform,"  Checking the clock, "In maybe an hour and a half?"

"Hokay, I be there."

Spanish.  I don't know, model, using the name Ribiero, but not like Alphonso.  Different spelling.  Young, very good in bed, doesn't know about me, and my.  Little secret, but good feedback from the customers.  Mostly rich women, into Latino men.

"Muh!"  She sat up, in the light from the door.

Okay, this is My fantasy room, however I can't help but feel a little maternal.

"You sleep well?"

"Hmn!"   :]  Stretching, "Yeah!"  Hair wrecked, but still lovely.  

"Well, we have company coming, so I better get you ready."


"Yes, dear?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "I mean Candy."

She giggled, "It's okay if you call me dear, but.  Do you think you can get me steroids?"

 :o  "Wh, why, sure.  I suppose?"

"Good, I was thinking about what you said, about sleeping with men to get hormones."

"You want steroids?"

"Yeah, I want to get big, and strong and.  Hairy!"   ;D

She is, hairy for her age.  Just very petite, and they're so pale, you can't even see them, but I don't believe she shaves, anything.  

"Now Candy, do you ever feel like a boy?"

"All the time!  Or."   :emot_weird.gif:  "No, not really?  It's weird, but I'm too little, and pretty, and weak, but I always wished.  Huhn!"   :-\  "I don't know, I know it's impossible."

"You wished you're a boy?"

"Ever since my little brother started potty training?"  Nodding.  "I always wished I had a Peter, so i could pee standing up?"

"Oh, well get a shower dear.  In here."

"Okay."  Still sleepy, I just have to go amend her profile real quick.

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Re: Phoebe (Gang 13 Pros)
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Note: this is a few years back, before he changed his name to Cruz.


"Hobby" (MGT BDSM Pros Alias)

I meet her at her house.  Up in the hills, very nice.  Modern furniture, lots of glass, and windows.  Light, and a great view to the west for sunset.  Over the city, but a long drive.  I was dressed, and ready when i call, so I buy a bottle of wine to share.

Her clients are rich, and many are in the Fashion industry.  I do no want to dance in a club my whole life, but these.  It is a hobby, and I make good money.  It is Pornography, I am no actor, nor am I a whore.  Is good money, but no the exposure I want.  It is no good for my career, if I am outed as a pornographic actor, but, it is good money, and she has much of it.

I know it is, whoring.  What I am to do, it is legal, if it is for a film.  Amateur, it is call, but the women.  They wish to be in a pornographic movie, with a porn star, I am no star.  I am no known, for this, but at the villa.

 :emot_weird.gif:  "She is young."

"He is," Phoebe hold her shoulders, out front.  "A boy."

"Jes?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Surely, you are, these is a joke."

Giggles, "He talks funny."

"He doesn't know how to act like a boy yet.  That's why you are here, to show him."

"Five hondred."  This is no movie, this is whoring.


More giggles, "Come on, man."  She take my hand.  "Let's see what you've got."   :]  So pale, her face turn pink, then very very red.  Pulling up my shirt, then feeling up my tummy.  "Ooh, oohuhuh!"  Around it, and playing with my hairs.  Tracing the definition in my abs.  Her head going under my shirt.  "Snh!  Huh, Snh!"  Licking up to my navel, and swirling the hairs around with her tongue.  She say es niño, but.   :emot_weird.gif:  I think of him as niña.  If I am to perform.   :emot_kiss.gif:  :P

"What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing."  behind me, Phoebe feel down my arms, hold my hands, at my sides.  "Hold still, just let him do it."


 :emot_weird.gif:  they keep saying him, he boy, this is, difficult for me.  Confusing, to my mind with the way she look.  She smell, her.  "Hhuh!"  Fingers, unbutton my shorts, and pull the zipper down.


"Jes."  Her fingers, pushing it up, and rubbing me, through the trunks.

"By the pull."

 :o  "Huh!"  Phoebe, pulling my hands together.  Behind me.  The girl, the blonde.  Very pale, but the sun is low.  It will go down soon, but she pull down my shorts.  Her fingers in my trunks, pulling me.  I have to shuffle, with my shorts around my feet, but phoebe hold my hands.  She is strong, I no fight these.  I do these, before for her clients.  Some of her friends, I remember the cocktail party.  Dancing for those women, stripping for all of those women.  Walking around for all of those rich women, to play with my eggs, and suck me, and.   :emot_weird.gif:

I am scared.  I remember, I was scared like these.  It is always a fear.  I can perform, don't think about it.  The fear to perform.

"Ooh, hihihihm!  It's even bigger then in the picture!"   :emot_kiss.gif:  "Snh!  Smooch!"

"Uh!"  Pushing down the skin, it slip out of her lips, wet, and.  

"Smup phB!  Hihn!  HahlLlhihehaun!"  

Phoebe, she no let go, but her breasts on my back.  My hands between her legs, her knees bending around mine, and.   :o  "Vas!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "No?"

'fifteen hundred.' whispers in my ear, 'for both of us.' but she is a man?


"I'm not asking."

"Nghm!"   :o  Twisting my arm.  "Aih!"  Hard.   :'(  "Snh!"  


Caine (Tt/M Rape...)

She told me, on the way up.  Why I did those things, like molesting my brother, and the other boys.  Like the pron, I thought it was the same as Mom.  Looking at the Playgirls because dad is old, and fat, and impotent.  They make pills for it, Viagra and others, but Phoebe doesn't take them.  She doesn't want them, erections, she doesn't have sex like that.

"CBT," she calls it.  She's a woman, with a schlong she hates, so I guess it's like my nipples.  I don't have boobs yet, and I don't want them.  I hate them, and the weird stuff that doesn't belong between my legs.  Except the hairs, I like the hair.  The best part of growing up, so far is having hairs to play with.

"Hm, yeah."  He's so hairy, and hard, and muscular.  I just want to sink my teeth into his hairy abs, and squeeze his butt, and "SnhH!  Huh, SnhH!"  

Smell his hair.   :]  The best smell, if ever there was a better smell that sweaty man hair, I want to find it, but she holds him and he's starting to struggle.

"Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  

"No."   :o  He said "No!"

Good, now it's Rape.  I don't want to be a child molester, I don't even like little boys, I just played with them, because I never had one, of my own to play with.  They're too little, and not hairy.  Phoebe's is a little bigger, but his.  "Hobby."

 :emot_weird.gif:  "Jes?"   :'(  "Snghm!"  Okay, just make the Okay sign, pinched around his ballbag, and pull his dick down.  "No, stop!  it hurts."

"Then hold still, and quit fighting.  Don't make us hurt you."  Cocking my 2 fingers with my thumb.  "Hihihn!"

"AIGN!"  he hunched from the double flick, right into his balls, and it fell soft, to drape over the back of my Okay hand.  

"Awe!"   ;D  Twisting my wrist, to hold them up.   :emot_kiss.gif:  "Let me kiss them, and make them feel better."

"Stop, stop these!  No, I no wan the money, done do these to me, please!"

"Now, Hobby, you're not going to back out of our deal."

"I am no homo.  Jou lie to me, you tell me jou a woman?  I do no work with a man, I tell you these."

"I am a woMan!"  

"AIGH!  Ngm!"   :'(  "Snh!"

I don't even know what she did, but she slapped his ass, too.  "Let him go, Candy."

"Cain."  I stood up.  "Call me Cain."

"Okay, Cain."

"NO!"   :emot_weird.gif:  She bent him over the pool lounger, pulling off his shirt.  Over his head, so I could kiss his abs, but now she's twisting it around his arms.  Tying them behind him, and his nice tight ass is right there.

"Bad Boy!"   :emot_laughing.gif:  This is fun!  "I TOLD, YOU!"  I never spanked a grownup man before.

"Nauh uh hun!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Snh!"

"Hold still.  Quit fighting."  Goose down to his balls, "Or I will have to HURT You."

"Aigh!  Naugh, no.  Sahb, snh!  Stahahp!  Please, I do anything just stop!"

"Good."  She stood up.  Let him go, his hands tied behind his back with his 3 button Polo shirt.


Phoebe  (Tt/M Rape Motive)

I hate men.  Of course, it was initially self loathing, but also all the bullies that called me wuss, and pretty boy.  Made fun of me for my long hair, and sewing.  Especially my brother, younger brother, but I starved myself, as long as I could to stop growing.  So, he was bigger, and stronger, and his friends bullied me too, but it was never sexual.

Most of all, I hate their genitals.  Again, because I always hated mine, but once I started hustling.  On the streets, once I ran away, and had to let them rape me for money, I found out that I can't have sex as a man.  However, I can rape them, that's how I found my Niche.  At first the ones who wanted to be Play Raped by a drag queen.  I'm not a top, but I can top, I hate them so much, and now I find this little trans boy.

So tiny, and pale, and pretty, and sick of it.  My first one, when really what I am is an Ephebophile.  Hence my chosen name of Phoebe, some took that to mean I am feeble.  Weak as I am female, but Javier.  She likes him, and he's just another pretty boy to me.  Another homopbobe, because he doesn't even understand the concept.  Neither did I, I thought I was gay, even though I've always been attracted to young girls.  Just on the cusp of puberty, so that I can enjoy what I always missed.

The changes of Adolescence, the right ones, the ones I was denied because of these damned testes, my birth defects came back to haunt me in my teens, but that's all anyone ever knew about back then.  Crossdressing was gay, so I must be a drag queen.  I was so confused, but this little girl wants to be a man?

Odd, how for the first time in my life, I understand someone.  Even though she's my opposite sex, and she will be a girl until I get her those hormones, but I wasn't so lucky.  She wants to do this, sex for money, but she doesn't have to start on the bottom.  In the gutter, she's not a bottom, and she doesn't belong there.  She will be a man, and she is a natural sadist.

Child molester.   :]  "Huh!"  I was throbbing with my pulse, the whole way up, listening to her talk about satisfying her curiosity with her brother.  His friends, little boys, and I can just imagine that.  Her molesting little boys, even as she had him by the balls.  Bent over to scoop water out in my hands.  "Here."  I splashed it on his ass.  Pool water, to wash out his butt crack, and the hairs.  Rub his asshole, and patting her on the head.

 ;D  She licked her lips, and went down.  "Snh!  WolmwnhH!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Yeah, eat that ass."  Like a pro, a top, a natural.  Just like I didn't have show her a damned thing about CBT.  Just hold his hands while she used it to Control him.  As leverage to Dominate him, I just had to hold his hands through it.

I'm getting hard.  So hard in my panties, and I don't even resent it.  In spite of the Estrogen, his hairy ass, but she can do all the work.

"Snh!  Huh!"   ;D  Licking her lips, and feeling it pucker, and clench with her fingers.

"Inhm!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "No, NHM!  Snh!"

I can do this.  I can show her how to rape him.


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Re: Phoebe (Gang 13 Pros)
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"HhuhH!"  SPLASH!   :emot_weird.gif:  "Snh!"   :o

She jumped in, the little girl.  Naked, she swam back, and pulled herself out of the water.


"Don't tense up.  Relax."

"Ihnm!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Siph!"

I do no like these?  "HhuhH!"   :'(  "SnhMN!"  I can breathe.  "HhuhH!"  As he slowly pull out, so i can take a breath, don't tense, don' "NAUGH!  MGHN!  UH!"   :o  It hurts when i tense, but the fear.  "Mh?"  At last, he is out of me.

"Hhuh!  Yeah, pretty boy.  You like it up the ass?"

'no.'  It feel good, and hurt, and is so shaming, I do no like it, but I can do nothing, but cry.

"Awe."  She help me up.  "There there.  Come on, big boy.  Let's get out of this sun, before I start burning."

She was hot, red hot, before.  The water must cool her off, but she is so pale.  "Snh!  Nuh uh uh uh!"   :'(

It was worse, then the party before.  I did no think, she pay me so much, and the women, give me so much, to touch me, and put it in their mouthes, and I did Leche, but they no do sex.  They no get undress, only show their pechos.  Pull their tops up, or down, to shake them, in my face, it was like.

 :emot_weird.gif:  Rape.  I was rape?  Before, these time, i know, they tell me, but before, there were so many woman, and i.

"Ai ahuhn no!  No!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Here."  In the baño, in the tub.  Very large bath, as much as a bed, only deep, and white tile, filling with water.  Around my feet, and they are there.  Nudet, holding, and kissing me.  She is feeling my hairs, on mi legs, and he.  "HhehHhE?"   :emot_weird.gif:

Betray me, lie to me, and tell me he is woman.  Only a man could do this, make me his whore, he is a pimp, and i feel like the girl.  As a model, you hear of the girls, or the model, when they are young.  Girl, and they agent.  They make them do things, the things he make me do, mi agent.  "Snh!"  

He is so beautiful, and how, these.  No, these are no real, they can no be real, but they are.  He is soft, and cross he legs so i no see but these.  

"Ooh!"  She is down, her hair in my lap, as the warm water.  It is a lot of water, a long time to fill up to the bench where she.  "No,"  :emot_weird.gif:  He is kissing, and feeling me, and her mouth is so warm, and gentle, and she no hurt mi huevos.  Don't fight it, for she to hurt me more.  She is good, at these.  I forget she is man, again.  I forget she just rape mi culo, I forget anything but her pechos, on mi face, and the water welling up between the boards.  between my legs, so warm in me culo, and around me.  Flooding up around me.

"MphF!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"HhuhH!"  It is wet, on my belly.

"AigYAH!"   :o  Beating me testes, even as they are mi leche!

"Bad balls.  Bad bad Dad BAD!"

"NOHHHHH!"   :emot_weird.gif:

I can no stop it, the leche, it already come, but she no stop.  I no fight, but still she hurt me.

I can only cry.



"You got any boy clothes I can wear?"  I'm not going home.  I'm never going back to my family, I am home!

"Hh, he, heE!"   :emot_weird.gif:  He just keeps saying that.

"That's right, mister."  I put my knee up, between his legs in the water.  "Hm, I'm a boy."

"No,"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Him."

She grabbed his face.  "Call me him, one more time, and so help me god, I will make you a woman."

"Noh!"  Her knuckles felt down my leg to get a grip.

"Hhihihn!"   ;D

"Ngh!"   :'(  "Snh!"

"We are Trans.  Get that through your thick skull."  I knocked.  "I am He.  She is she.  Got it?  You never had a problem thinking of her as a girl before she raped you, right?"

"Nnh, nh!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Good."  She let go.  "Nothing's changed, but you want to play dressup?"


"Well," she climbed the stairs out.  Magnificent body, by the way.  Broad hips, nice tight rear, long muscular legs, I just wish she had some hair on them.  She never got her head wet, so she just pulled it out, over her robe, and belted it around her tight waist.

I don't like boobs.  They're okay, I guess.  At least they're not saggy, or bubbles from implants, but they're a little cockeyed.

"Huh!  I'll see what I can find, for him, but no.  I don't have any boy clothes in your size."

"Uh!"   ::)  "That means shopping."  I hate shopping.  "Well, better wash my hair, then."  I dipped it back in the water, and grabbed her shampoo.  "Snh?"   :emot_weird.gif: "Ew."  Smells like flowers.



"Huh!"  I had to look up his dimensions, but picked out a low cut cocktail dress, and called my friends.  Well, some of them, this is definitely an occasion for a gangbang, so I'll let the ladies watch the video.

"Let the water out," I hung it on the hook, "And put this on.  Company's coming."

Taking the razor from the soap dish, I grabbed a can of cream.  "You ever shaved, Cain?"

"Uh uh!"

"Well, he's going to look a little silly in that frock, with that beard.  So, show him how to shave you."

"No, I am done with this."

"Fine, I didn't want to have to have your body disposed of.  It's so expensive, but I guess i's cheaper than the money I owe you."  I got out my purse.  "Here's $1,500.00, as promised.  What do you say to another 5, no 6 grand for the rest of the night?"

"I'm not a whore."

"You are My whore, but you don't have to have sex.  It's a private shoot, all you have to do is model this."  I felt the black lacy garment, "You don't even have to serve drinks, just look pretty.  I know you can do that, pretty boy."  I felt his stubble.  "Now, get cleaned up, you don't have much time."

"Hold still."  Cain sprayed foam into her hand, giggling.  

"Let me."

"Oh no.  I'm not letting you have a razor, just hold still, and try not to smile.  Your dimples get in the way, and I don't want to cut your pretty face."

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