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The Tranny And The Whore
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:01:38 AM »
You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

OneOnOne, Drunk, O, V, A, Trans, Drugs, Drugged, Voyeurism, Non consent.

                *The Tranny And The Whore*
                         --By Krystle G--


     Deban stealthily crept into the drunken whore's room. Naked, the babyfaced 19 year old lad clambered into the bed, spooning in from behind tightly against her, feeling his already rock hard eight and a half inch manhood firmly nudge and rub against her gorgeous tight looking arse over her black thong. Both hands managing to slip through her armpits to reach her small sized yet natural and full breasts, cupping them softly and squeezing them then pinching her hardening nipples under her matching flimsy slip, and she stirred a little letting out baby moans. He nuzzled against her neck as he continued to grind against her, smelling the sweet scent of Gucci Envy- the perfume he gave her.
     She is a prick teaser. A damn good one at that and afterall that is part of the job description he supposed, with fine credentials to support it, the 29 year old's sultry Anglo Latina looks in a slender sized 8 frame, with long and lush, jet black hair, and leggy at 5'9".
     But she did have one weakness; alcohol...


     The two met only recently, at a bar Deban part-timed at. He spied Jazmina, easily the prettiest girl in the whole joint, chatting and laughing away, predominantly with some old and fat guy at a corner table up in the balcony area. Shy as he was, he felt compelled to approach her.
     "I'd just like to say, u look gorgeous!" Deban said boldly, mustering up a nervous and faint smile.

     Jazmina contemplated him briefly, slightly cocking her head to one side.
    "Awwww that's so sweet of u to say! Thanks" She smiled broadly with a wink. "I'm Jazmina. What's your name?" She asked as he turned to move away.

     "Deban" he replied simply.

     "Come and join us!" Jazmina offered enthusiastically...

     ...At closing time, upon invitation, Deban followed the largely boozed up pair, Jazmina and her client Bruce, an obnoxious if wealthy banker in his mid-fifties back to her modest yet nicely decored, two bedroom flat in Streatham. He had by now a fair inkling she was a whore by trade -having been one himself only two years ago on the streets of Soho.   
     He wasn't quite sure what to expect, to b sure he wouldn't have minded a threesome. But as it turned out, it wasn't to b for the guy simply wanted to use her all to himself. Thus having been confined to the spare bedroom next door, it was a long night as he endured hours of listening to their rather noisy fucking. Impressed with Bruce's endurance, apparently fucking Jazmina's in various positions repeatedly by the sounds of it, but Deban was hugely frustrated at not having a slice of the action. Her loud drunken grunts, gasps, groans and moans; music to both their ears no doubt.
     Lucky motherfucker, Deban thought with great jealousy, wanking off slowly for the third time. Hearing Bruce mutter degrading words at her aroused him more and then...

     ..."No, no, hey wait! Baby no!..hey! Stop! I said no! I don't do that!" Drunken Jazmina said slurringly but suddenly more awake as she felt Bruce's fat fingers begin to roughly jab up her arse from behind. By no means is she a virgin up her poop hole, nevertheless she certainly doesn't like, nor tend to do it with anyone willingly. Trying to push him away, yet much weakened by the alcohol and the weed she had consumed, Jazmina now found instead Bruce pinning her down with his weight and trying to force his cock inside her dry and tight arse. She wriggled as Bruce roughly restrained her wrists above her head with one hand as he managed to force the bulbous tip of his manhood into her.

     "Uuurgghhhaaaaahh! Noooo! Arrghhhhh-"

     Mercilessly, Bruce jabbed his fat and veiny eight incher hard and ballsdeep up her arse with an animalistic grunt.

     "Yeeessss! Uuugghhhhh!" He managed to gasp out, pausing inside her briefly, savoring the firm velvety grip of her arse muscles trying to accommodate and eject his bioweapon at the same time. Milking it involuntarily as he began sodomising her with long, slow, deep and hard thrusts, his free hand over her mouth stifling her pained screams. Jazmina's struggles arousing him greatly and egging him on. "Oh yeah! Fucking bitch whore u take it! Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Uuuughh yeah! So tight! Oh u fucking bitch! Yeah! Say no to me huh? Yeah bitch? No cunt says that to me! Take it u bitch! Yeah uggghh! Ughhh! Ahhh ugghhhhh oh yeah!"
     In and out he ploughed her arse, seriously ruining her, steadily picking up the pace as Jazmina gave up and simply lay there, whimpering softly, grunting out painfully now and again when her john would pause deep inside and grind against her ripping her open even more.
     Soon he was pumping away to a fever pitch. "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! U hurting baby? Huh? Yeah? I love hurting u babygirl, yeah uuuugghhhh! Hurt u bad yeah! Uuuuugggghh uuughh oh yeaaahh aaaaaaarghhh ooooohh!" Bruce froze as he buried his cock with one final thrust deep in her arse and emptied his nuts inside Jazmina as he bearhugged her petite body by comparison tightly. Thrusting a few more times inside her, Bruce felt his Viagra enhanced cock start to soften and droop out of her with a 'plop'...

     ....There was no mistaking, obviously Deban just heard Jazmina being anally raped. He felt guilty and ashamed he didn't intervene -as well he indeed could for he was actually trained in combat techniques by an ex awhile back. But by god, the sound of her being violated -and ravished in that way, the mental pictures imagined in his mind caused him instead to wank to as explosive an orgasm as Bruce's for sure. It's gone quiet now.
     By the morning, when he awoke and stumbled into Jazmina's room, he saw Bruce had already gone and she was dozing off in just her knickers. Eying up her exposed breasts briefly, Deban brazenly got onto the bed beside her, planting a soft kiss on her forehead then gently fondled her breasts.
     Jazmina moaned, slowly stirring awake, her emerald green eyes staring initially dazedly and unfocused at him then recognition set in. She groaned loudly, closing her eyes with a vague smile. Deban slowly snaked a hand down, and into her knickers and dove two fingers up her moist and puffed up yet still tight as fuck cunt, making her gasp out softly, and he began to firmly finger her hard and deep. Slowly at first, encouraged by her soft moans.
     Then Jazmina opened her eyes and gently but firmly stopped Deban by pushing his hand away. Thinking she wanted his cock instead, he leaned in closer, but she forced a nervous laugh as she pushed him away.

     "Ahaha, hey oi u stop that! Whatcha doing?!"

     "What do u mean?" Deban enquired, a confused and frustrated frown screwing up his youthful looks.

     "Awww hey we can't do that ok?! We're just friends right, ok?" Jazmina replied with a warm if teasing smile.


     And so it was over the next few months, he spent alotta time over at Jazmina's, and though got in a fair bit of groping and even fingering -usually when she was somewhat drunk, she never allowed him to go all the way.
     She was teasing him...testing him...?...and they both knew it...

     ...He'd had enough. He has to do it to her. He had to have her! The nights in the spare room while she was 'entertaining', hearing her taking it, teasing him when all those times he did get to sleep with her in bed, seeing her in revealing clothes -and naked..
     ...Deban got extra strong weed in and slipped a mild sedative in her drink. One way or another he is going to vent the sexual frustrations she instilled in him. With luck actually she'd probably won't really remember much of it.
     She stirred and groaned louder as a wandering hand shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy and slowly drilled in and out as his thumb massaged her clit. Her eyes fluttered, and she leaned back tiredly, her long oval face against his.
      "Who r....- Wha..cha doi-...uuurghhaahhh"

     "Ssssshh baby yeah, yeah u want it yeah! Cmon take it yeah oh baby! Sweet beautiful baby whore...."

     Deban pulled her thong aside and nudged his engorged member against the tight entrance to her back passage, preparing to stab into her. Really should b at least slightly merciful and used lubrication...he gave a sour hell with it! He firmly forced his thin girthed but rather pointed tool into her as his fingers continued to work on her pussy.
     "Oh god fuck ur as tight as a virgin!" Deban whispered into her ear as he continued to press home his cock, slowly jamming it up as he pulled down on her shoulder. "Yeah ooooh cmon baby yeah that's it take it! Cmon baby!"

     Only very vaguely was Jazmina aware of what was transpiring. Something very hard and somewhat sharp was forcefully burrowing into her, filling her up. It wasn't painful as such- she was quite wasted enough to register pain, but it was achingly more and more uncomfortable...meanwhile she also felt curiously aroused a little...something....someone was rubbing away at her clit...fingers were sliding in and out of her. She grunted in confusion trying to open her eyes fully and she weakly bent an arm backwards to try and push whatever..whoever it was behind her...

      ..Deban continued to push inside, half way in now, gosh she was tight! He then gripped her by the shoulders. "Yeah baby u ready? Huh? Yeah I'm gonna shove it all inside your arse! Then I'm going to pound the shit out of u bitch!" He snarled into her ear "yeah u r gonna take it u prickteasing cunt!" Taking a deep breath, he gave a very brutal thrust, jabbing straight upwards into her his entire length.

     "Uuuaargghhhmmmphhh!" Jazmina yelled out, her eyes snapping open in shock and pain. Damn she certainly felt that! She weakly struggled in panic, feeling like she's in some nightmarish flashback..that time when she was anally violated by..what's his name again?

     Not allowing for her to adjust, fueled by angry lust, Deban gave an urgent succession of deep hard jabs as he bearhugged her. Then pausing, he roughly screwed against her, making her take and feel every inch. His heavy nuts tingled and began tightening, his cock pulsated wildly inside her.
     He knew he ain't gonna last long initially, he was but young and virile however and they've all night. Freely he surrendered to the heavenly sensations, decidedly not holding back but speeding up his long and deep drilling. Sure enough, before long he gasped out loudly as he slammed into her deep briefly, holding onto her tight as he felt his balls start to spurt out its thick, creamy and hot contents up her arse, then carrying on pumping into her at a demented speed as he continued to shoot wad after wad of cum. Feeling her arse involuntarily milk his cock, draining him....
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