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Man/Trap (SJW)
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This plays into one of the fears, of transphobic men:  The "Trap," men who crossdress, or get sex changes to lure them into homosexual contact.  A complete, and utter fantasy, and it isn't even mine, but TW:  If one of us where to do such a ludicrous thing, she would do so for Social Justice, not because she's "Gay," and wants a piece your straight guy ass.



"Huh!"   ::)  You ever read those stories, where a woman goes out, and announces her bra size to the world?  Looks in the mirror and poses, to flatter her 38DDs, then gets dressed up so hot and sexy to find a man to slut it up with?

Like any guy wakes up in the morning, and checks the mirror to make sure his eyes are still green.  Gets out a ruler, before the morning wood goes away.  "Yup, still 9 inches.  Whew, thank god!"

Who actually thinks like that?  I'm curious, I don't know why I was dreaming about that.  Probably because I passed out reading another  rape stories online, and I guess I just kept writing them in my head again.

"Hyearh!"  Stretch, and open th curtains.   ::)  Cloudy day, overcast, I don't wake up in the morning to begin with.  I stayed up all night, struck out, and satisfied myself with stories of horror, and sexual violence.  They fascinate me, what makes a man so depraved that he likes to see women like that.  Not just hurt, brutalized in the sickest ways imaginable, but as a collection of organs. 

"Huh!"   ::)  I let the measuring tape slip off, and pick up my padded water-bra from the towel bar.   :emot_weird.gif:  Write down [No measurable change] and start getting dressed.  Skip the shower, I had one last night, and "Snh?"  They don't care what I smell like.  Not all men, but the kind I'm interested in.   :emot_weird.gif:  "Obsessed with is more like it," but pulling on my underwear, tuck in,  :o  "Huh!'  And scootch the tight padded hip inserts into place. 

Check the mirror, feeling my chin.   :P  My lip.  I should probably shave, but  :emot_weird.gif:  One of the perks of being a natural blond is it doesn't show for days.  I know I'm ugly, I was a "Pretty boy," but unfortunately that didn't translate to my face as a woman.  So, I have to dress to ensure that men look at my body instead, and put on makeup. 

And music:

Foundation/concealer to smoothe out my pores, blend in my nose, and pencil in eyebrows.   :emot_kiss.gif:  Blood red lips to look like they're puffed with blood, and blush to round out my cheekbones.  Pull the hair tie, and  :emot_weird.gif: shake it out to drape over the corners of my jawline no amount of shading will make dissappear. 

"Huh!"  ::)  I can barely afford my prescriptions, but it sure would be nice to get that nose job, shave my mastoid processes, and sculpt my cheekbones.  Shifting the crotch of my underwear, might as well budjet a Nip, and Tuck while I'm dreaming. 

"To the Bat-Closet!"  Now, what do I want to wear?  "Hm.  No, wore that the other night, that's too loose in the bust."  Hopefully I'll grow into it, but I suppose every disadvantage has some advantages.  "Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:

I don't like any of it, but I got payed, and.  I'm close enough on rent, when what i really want is That Dress.  "Huhn!"  That's why none of my wardrobe will do, I don't have it yet, and, I suppose.  I do know, how I can afford it. 

Turning tricks, I know it makes me a whore, and I accept that, but it's sex on my terms, and when.  "well,"  :emot_weird.gif:  I don't NEED the money, but I really want that dress.

"So!"  The pseudo-wedgies.  Shoes that look like 3" held, when they're actually hollowed out, so I can wiggle into them, and standing up.  They do stretch up my calves up to the hem of.   :-\  This boring old dress, but it's something decent to wear to the shoppe, and then I know I can make the money back tonight.

Rent's not Due due.  "Snk!  Doodoo."   :emot_weird.gif:  As long as I can avoid the super, so climb out the window, Again.   ::)  And take the Fire Escape down.  "Some heroine you make, Fawn.  Can't even fly."

"Uph!"  Heroin is more like it.  The filthy alley, stepping over the litter of meth pipes, syringes, and used condoms.  Kick some aside gently with a Dark Eyes bottle, and my heel, instead of the open toe.


"There you are."

"Mwhn?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "WH!"   :o

I didn't even have to go patrolling?  Drinking Virgin Mary's acting drunk, to stagger off to some dark alley.

He's been following me, but I relax.  "Don't fight, if you don't want to get hurt."

"Snh."  The grimy sleeve, camo, the bum I just tiptoed around.  I didn't want to wake him, thankful for having a place to pay rent, a job so I don't have to hook, just make a little extra for that Dress.

"Fake ass titties."  Squeezing the silicone padding so the real hormone grown flesh bulges out.  His other hand slipping down.

"Hhuh!  You don't have to hurt me, rape me."

"Shut up, whore!"  So that's it?  Their motives, every single one a mystery, man who does this because he hates me, and yet can't resist the attraction.  "Tranny whore."

"Hm."  Nodd.  So, he knows, probably even climbed up the fire escape to watch me.  "You don't have to pay me."  Voice low and sultry.  Deep, falsely to compensate for my tightened vocal cords.

"I said shut up!" 

 :o  Swallow, silently against his glove.  At my throat, but not squeezing, throttling me, crushing the blood to back up, and thud in my ear.  Still gropeing, and crushing my breast. 

 :'(  "Snh!"  Turning my face with his thumb, pressing my jaw, blinking out another jaw.  Another motive.  'what do you want from me?'

Always something bad, pain, fear, humiliation.  He doesn't love me, he hates me, wants to make hate to me, but what feedback will make him hard up against me.  His hips in my buttocks, but no hardness.  Not yet, the breast fondling isn't doing it.  The tears, so try fear. 

"inhm don't hurt me.  Just do whatever you want to me.  I'll do whatever you want, just please don't hurt me.  Don't kill me, i don't want to die."   :emot_weird.gif:  I lied.  I always want to die, when I'm down here.  In the dark, the cold filthy gutter, the arms of a cruel man, I always hope he will be the one.  To finally do what i never could, crush the life out of me.  he's a strangler, i bet.  "AEIIING!"  Nod, "Gh, khH!" 

Yes, choke me.  Strangle me, crush the life out of me. 

 :]  I feel faint, but feint.

"Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Huh?"  He lets go, to hold me up.  "Nmh!?"   :'(  "Snkh?"  Snot suckes back up in my nostril, salty, and runny with tears, but he just puts me back on my heels.

"I don't want to hurt you."

He turns me around.   :o 

"Uhn!"   :-*

"Mhwh!"    :]  "Snh!"

Oh, one of those.  I understand these. 


"Hahl!"  His mouth twists, turns, greasy with my lipstick, and prying against my teeth with his tongue.

"Snh!"  Morning breath, stale alcohol, coffee?  Morning breath, but still now wood?"   :o 

He's wearing a cup, so I guess I'm glad I didn't try that heel shot behind me, between his legs when they bend their knees to pull down my undershorts, or get low enough to get under me, force it up into me.

"Smooch, huh!"   :]  Staring into my eyes, deep brown eyes, and so flushed I can see it through the grime, and filth.

He's a stalker, like me.

"You want to come up?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Only instead of following them home, I go out to their comfort zone.  The other kind of men, the haters.  Alley rapists, humiliators, that hate us for being sexy.

The copycats, this district is becoming known as Rape central, because of all the guys that read about it, and thought that was a good idea.  A sure thing, with all the bars.  Drunk chicks staggering off to fall down, wretching where they won't be seen in their shame, but he doesn't want to shame me.  He wants to love me, following me now.  by the hand, from the ladder.  Back to the first steep set of steps.

Standing over him, he lifts my hand to hold it, kiss the back, gently just above the knuckles.

The romantic stalker, until his little bubble breaks.  I hug him, feel up his strong arms, and kick up my heel.  Feel the end of the step, and pushe on it.  His shoulders.

 :o  "Uh!"   :emot_weird.gif:


I go down.  "Huh!"   :'(  "Snh!"



"Huh!"   :o  "Fuck!"  Right in the nuts!  "Sorry, fuckbag, nhm!"  Pulling up weekly, on the railing he'd tumbled backward over.  "I'm not interested."

He just layed there.  Must have hit his head.

"Huh!"   ::)  Better go up, and call the police.

I wish I could, wear a cup.  Unfortunately, that would show a bulge where I don't want one.  I suppose, he got the worse out of the encounter.

"Nine One One, what's your Emergency?"

"Attempted rape.  In the alley behind my building.  I think he's unconscious, but he took a pretty bad fall.  So, you should send an ambulance as well."


 :emot_weird.gif:  "Who's this?"


"Oh, hey."  try to remember, "How was your time off?"

"Wonderfully boring.  Police, and Paramedics are on the way."

"Huh!  Glad to hear it."

"You seeing anyone yet?"

"Huh!  No, still looking."  Stick my head out over the railing.  "He's still there, still unconscious."  Pick up my binoculars.   ^-^  "He appears to bleeding now, but.  There's a lot of broken glass down there."

"Well, I'm getting off, in a few hours.  If you want to go out, for a drink?"

"Huh!"  Nod, for no reason.  "All right."

She's been bugging me for a date for weeks.  "I'm going to need a shower."

"Well," she giggled, "I know where you live, so why don't i pick you up?"

I just hung up.  I don't know all of the operators, but.  Well, i don't know her, either.  she knows me, what i do.  I guess the proper term would be Vigilante, when really.  i don't know what i am.  What i get out of it, other than getting some satisfaction out of them

The men, the hateful men, who hate me for pretty.  Just like the boys that used to beat me up, for being a pretty "Boy."

This one made it convenient.  I'll give him that, and I should have brought him up.  here, where i'd never let a man.

He knows about the fire escape, he stalked me, and.  Did he break in? 

"Huh!"  I want to know, but not bad enough to go down, and check on him.

"I'm done."  for tonight.  He's just not my type.  Ask me why i like violent abusive jerks.  they hate me, just for being me, i really should hate them back, and i do get some sadistic pleasure out of beating them up.  Sending them to Rape College, so they come back even angrier, and insecure in their sexuality, but.

Really, i don't understand them any better with each encounter.  "Am i understanding myself?"

I just don't know if there's anything new to learn about this, but I've got my face off.

So, i can take a shower, and do it all again.

I really should be excited, to have a date.


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Re: Man/Trap (SJW)
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Cowley (IT Date)

I stuck my fingers in my mouth.  "SWIT!"  Wiped them off.  "Hey, Fawn?"

She walked up, bent over the open window.

 :-\  "Cowley?"

I nodded, "Get in."

 :emot_weird.gif:  "You're, a man?"

"I know."  Pulling off as soon as she closed the door.  "Huh!"  :o  "My voice didn't change, so when I say my name, they think it's Cally, or.  I don't know,  I'm used to being misgendered."  nodding.

"A trans man."

"Well, no.  Not exactly, I went through transition in Puberty, but naturally."  I nodded.


"Mutation?  I'm Dominican, and in the villiage I am from, the mutation is starting to be reinforced."


"Uh huh?  You've done your research."

 :emot_weird.gif:  "That's about all I do, other than going out, alone."

"Beat up, and arrest rapists."  I know.  "How do you do it?"

"Well, I don't know.  I beat them up?  It's complicated, but it helps to know your type."

"Oh yeah, but what kind of Martial Arts do you use?"

"None, I don't have any formal training."   :emot_weird.gif:  "I mean, I've been fighting all my life, for my life, but really my greatest weapon is being underestimated.  That and the guys seem to attack me, because they Know we can't win."

"That's a huge advantage."

"Yeah, uhm.  I don't want to accuse you of anything, but.  How come I always seem to get you, on the switchboard?"

"Well, huh.  I'm not a police officer, but.  The police basically nominated me to deal with you, personally.  That's why I decided we should get together, and maybe, Work together?"

"Because we're both trans, or.  Well."   :emot_weird.gif:

"Trans is fine, I'll answer to it.  I'm a transman, even if it occurred naturally.  I believe it might be an evolution.  if an isolated one."

"Are you covering it up?  Again, not an accusation, and I don't do it for the publicity, but I can't help pattern recognition kicking in, and;"

"Yes.  It's not me, but the police, and they said something about an FBI recommendation, but I'm not privy to the profile."

"Where we going?"

 :emot_weird.gif:  "Oh, I was just driving around, but.  You want to stop for a drink, or something?"

"Ha, yeah.  Coffee, and I haven't had breakfast yet."

I checked the dashboard clock, but being a vigilante, she doesn't keep a regular schedule.

"Well, I know a diner, close bye."

"Swain's?"  She nodded, "That's perfect."  Thoughtful.  "The main thing is.  You're not thinking about, joining me.  In my work, on the streets?"

"I don't."   :emot_weird.gif:  "No."  Not exactly.

"Well," >:(  "I guess it's never too late to start lying to me."

"Huh!"   :]  I turned, into the parking lot, and looked for a space.  "I don't know how to tell you this, but.  No, I've been having.  Fantasies."

"What kinds of fantasies?"

"Rape, fantasies?"

"What kinds of rape fantasies?"

"The kinds of fantasies where.  Okay."  [P] pull the keys.  "Huh!  When I first heard about you, and what you did.  The first time you got arrested, and the case dismissed because of Self defense."   :emot_weird.gif:  "I didn't know what to think, but then it happened, again, and again.  So, they're not covering it up, but.  what the FBI said was that your public image, and local celebrity may have indirectly Caused the epidemic of rapes."

"Huh!"  She nodded, "I know.  At first I wanted them to target me, instead of other women, but I can't stop.  Now, I'm starving, so you want to go in, and buy me breakfast?"

 8)  She got out.  "Whew!"  Way to change the subject!


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Re: Man/Trap (SJW)
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"Huh!"  ::)  "So," he doesn't want to talk about his fantasies.  Locking up, "I must admit that Guevedoces is the most interesting intersex."  Let's talk about something else, about him, because he obviously knows so much about me, which narrows down what kind of Rape fantasies, somewhat. 

"Because we are genetically viable."  he repeated, "And it happens naturally without hormones, or surgery."

"No," arm around him, I leaned down, to lower my voice.  'because you're my opposite sex.'


 ;D  "Besides, I'm not going to satisfy my natural anatomical curiosity without going to bed with you, am I?"

Not my type.  Unfortunately, i like men.  And yes, while technically he is a man, always was, and was only superficially feminine as a child, there's still the leftovers from that stunted growth.  He's short, narrow shouldered, weak voiced, and doesn't look very strong at all.  So, like that Romantic wannabe rapist this morning.   ::)  "Table for 2?"

"What I love about you is you turn the tables.  Not just on the."  Out in public, "Perps, but also in general.  A lot of women like you get so hyperfeminine, they believe the doctors that say you're incapable of violence, or figting back.  They don't say it in so many words, but the personality they describe sounds a lot like a Victim."

"I'm not a victim."

"Exactly, and you use their own thoughts against them."

"Not thoughts, feelings."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Yes, I'll start with a pot of coffee."  Looking over the menue.

"Anger retaliators."  He nodded.  "Can I get a coke?"

"Sure thing, Sug."   >:(

 8)  So, it's kind of like the battle of wits, without the physical fight, I honestly find most satisfying.   :]  "Huh!"   ::)

Still trying to decide.

I don't have, a sex life.  Of course, I have sex, when I need the money, but I don't Need sex, like I do the violence.  It's addictive, I know I have a problem, but they don'e have a Vigilante's Anonymous, and the Veteran's Administration might have a problem with them if they did."


"Sorry,"  :emot_weird.gif: "Thinking out loud again." 

"Oh no.  And you make a good point, like the perps themselves, they see themselves as Social justice Warriors, only they're against Social justice Warriors, they're just fighting For sexism, against Feminism, which the see as unjust?"

"I honestly don't know."  Shrug.  "Thank you.  I'm gonna need more creamers."  She sipped her coke.   :emot_weird.gif:  No, man.  he's a man, he's just so.  Feminine?  It's a turnoff, honestly, but try to think about his genitals.   :]  It's not as fascinating as what makes an impulsive sexist rapist tick, but there's something to look forward to there, and I'm flattered.

 ::)   :]

 :emot_weird.gif:  "So, uh."

"Oh, it's okay.  I'm not offended, and.  You look nice, out of uniform."

"I don't wear a uniform."

"No, of course not, but your work clothes.  I understand you dress that way."


"Hm."   :emot_weird.gif:  "You don't mind, or.  Do you prefer slut?  As a kind of."

"No, but that's how they think of me.  Or us, victims, sluts, whores, bitches, or whatever word they have for us.  Their feelings for us, that drive them.  That what I ment about not thinking, but feeling.  That type just feels rage.  Hatred, and the urge to."

"What'll it be."

"Oh, I'll have the ham and egs, with redeye, and hash browns."

"And for you, sir?"   ;)

 >:(  "Huh!"  :emot_weird.gif:  "Pork chop special?  Mashed potatoes, and gravy."

"Meat and potatoes guy."

"Yes, that will be fine."  Didn't throw the menu in her face but thought about it.

"She doesn't mean anything by hitting on you."

"I know, but it just pisses me off."

I know.  "Mhm?"   :emot_weird.gif:

"It's just so sexist.  Pumping guys for tips like that, and I know it's wrong that they have to, but give me a little credit all right?  I mean, I'm here on a date, with a beautiful woman, and it's insulting to you too?"

"Not really, I'm not."  Attracted to you, "Possessive like that, and she should have gotten the message by now."

"I know, on empathy alone!  Right?"   :emot_weird.gif:  He's getting shrill, "If the customer obviously doesn't like it, then a good Server should be able to take a hint, if she wants to make a decent tip."

"Here you go."  She took his glass, and refilled it.  "Sir."

"Can I get another pot of coffee?"    :D  "This one's getting cold."

 :emot_weird.gif:  "How the fuck do you do that?"

"It's a gift."  I looked at my nails.


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Re: Man/Trap (SJW)
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"So, Misogyny?"

"Or sexism." She rolled her eyes again.  "Misogyny is just an intellectual way of saying sexims, but yeah.  Hate motivated rapists are sexists."

"Toward women."

"No, it doesn't work like that.  Any more than Feminism is about women, or only for women.  It's all just sexism, and focusing on just the women is just more sexism."  I pulled up to her building.  "You want to come up?"

I looked at the dash, "Thought I wasn't your type."

"Oh, but I'm starting to think you are."

"Fine."  Park, and take my keys.  "So, what were you saying about sexism?"

"It doesn't work one way, the same stupid feelings we have against women."

"I don't hate women."

"I didn't say you did."   ;D  "I said we, but the idea that women can't fight back is the same idea that all men are congenital rapists."

"Nobody's saying that."

"Of course not, because it's implied.  Women are afraid of men, all men because of the chance that he might be a rapist, but is too good at lying about it.  So, the same thing keeps men from getting laid."

She unlocked the door.  "You got a beer, or something?" I looked around, but.   :emot_weird.gif:

 :emot_weird.gif:  "I don't drink."

"Really, I could go out and get some."

"Liquid courage?"

  >:(  "I,"m not afraid of you.  "Why are you pushing my buttons?"

"Because you don't want to talk about yourself, unless you're Triggered."

"I'm not TRIGGERED!"


"Manipulative Bitch!"

"Mhn nwH!"   :o

"I don't talk about myself because you're too busy mansplaining your misandrist worldview."

"Hn."  She looked down.


"No."  :emot_weird.gif:

"What do you mean, no?  You just said all that sexist bullshit to see if I'd attack you?"

"Well," she sat up.  Against the couch, "One, it worked, and B: because I don't want to have sex with you."

"Then Why the FUCK did you inVite!"


"Uh, I'm sorry.  Oh, FUCK!"

"Uhn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "You taking steroids, or something?"

"That's it!  I've had it with you, is this what you want?"

"Mhn hm!" 

"This satisfy your anatomical curiosity?  Well look at it.  Bitch, you happy!?"

 :'(  "Snh!"

"Hhuh!"   :]  "Hhuhhh!"  I got some on my hand but.

"Nmh?"   ;)  Some in her eyes, and "Mh?"   ^-^ 

"HhuhH!"  Both eyes, and shook it off.  Milked off the rest on her mouth.  "ShHhH!"

"Mh hn."  She nodded.   :emot_kiss.gif:  "Smooch, shih!  Mh!"

"Huh!"   :]  "Suck it, yeah suck it.  Hhuh!"  Even soft, it just curled in her mouth.

"MhwaH!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Khuh!  Aeinh!"

"I said Suck it!"  Pushing her hair back down.  "Open up and suck it, I'm not down with you, you filthy fucking whore.  Hhuh.  HhuHhHhH!"

"Qworlh gasptP!"   :emot_weird.gif:  I just held it, the foreskin peeled back to wash my spunk off her "Filthy face, huhHhH!  yeah.  Snh!"  Shook that last drop off, and back up.

 :'(  "Nhm, wuhahuhnhm!"  She covered her face and curled up.  Humiliated, "Pathetic.  Worthless piece of shit, I'm gonna go get some beers, and you better have this mess cleaned up, when I get back, Woman!"


I shook my hand off, and flexed my fingers on the way to the door.

"Thinks she knows me.  Well, I know her.  Thinks I'm fucking stupid, like I don't know what she was asking for all night.  What she wanted, like I don't know her fucking type."

Right, the elevator's out. "Hhuh!"  Have to take the stairs.

Subtle.  "No shit, Sherlock."  The same anger retaliators she dresses up, and shakes her ass for every night.  Kept steering the conversation back around to, all night, to redefine what the FBI got wrong.  Because she knows, oh so much better than the FBI, "Fucking conceited bitch."

Well, it's about time a man taught her her a lesson.  "A little humility, is all she needs."

Why do you think she was begging for it all night, like she does every night.  Because she hates men, that's why she doesn't want to accuse us of hating women.

That's why it's "Just sexism" to her.  Because if she admits Misogyny, she might have to admit her misandry.

"Well, I hate women.  You get it?  That's how I know you're talking out of your ass about it not being true."

Yeah, I'll tell her that when I get back, but I don't even like to drink, either.

I just know her Triggers.



Nobody knows the truth.  Not you, not I, least of all them.  Because there is no Absolute Truth.  Just opinionated assholes that want to force it down your throat.  That's what this one is about.

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Re: Man/Trap (SJW)
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"Huh!"  :]  He left.

"Hahn!"  I just lay back.  Against the couch, and felt the puddle soak into my body shaper.  My booty shaper.   :emot_laughing.gif:

"Hihn!  That was amazing!"   :emot_rotf.gif:  "Himnh!  Siph!  Ngh!  Sliph lahl huh!  Him!"

Him, his piss, and jizz all over me, and this erection just won't go away!  "Siph!"  Suck it out of my blouse.  "Him!"

Cowley!   :]  "Hhihn!"  Just lay back.  Soak it all in, the closest market is a couple blocks, but.  

"Huh!"   ::)  "He's stronger than he looks!"

Say what you will, about women wanting to get raped, but.  I lied, I lied through my teeth, and told him everything he didn't want to hear until he got angrier, and angrier, and "I think I'm in love!"

 >:D  "Little dick."  That's why he hesitated, and held back.  When I mentioned anatomical curiosity, he's ashamed of it, and even my initial, lack of attraction.

"Huh!  What a man!"  Seriously, I want to tell him.  It's not about how big and strong you are, how much dick you got in your pants, or how old you were when your balls dropped.

"Hihihn!  It's what's inside that counts!"

I better clean this up, but.  Looking around.  "Hm."

Actually, what would be better?  No telling how long he'll be simmering, pacing and working up the courage to come up and face me, he might not be able to tonight, but just in case.

"Hhuh!"  It just "Feels so good!"  To get these wet clothes off, and leave them piled up in the puddle.  "You better have this cleaned up by the time I get back,"  >:(  "Or what?  What is he going to do to me, rape me?"

Yeah, he could be gone for months after that.  "Huh!"  I ment to save it for him, but.  


"Hahin!"  Just get up on my shoulders.  "Snh!  Nhm mhnNH!"   :o  "Awolh!"

Catch it.  He spurted on my face, and missed my mouth, or covered it up, but.  "Mhn ghn!  Hinh!  Yeah!"

I want to suck it.  Suck it hard, yeah suck it bitch.  "Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  

"Huh!"  Get up, "I better get the toys out.  Snh!  Smaq!  Mlk!"  Cum.   :]  "Hm.  I'm not even close to satisfied."  

Not yet.



"Huh!"  I just needed time to think, but by the time I got down the stairs, I realized.

I was playing her game.  She's a specialist, she has a type, and that's what put me at a disadvantage. 

Forgetting the beers, I went back to what I know.  Slipped my shoes off in the alley, and felt the expanded metal mesh of the back steps.  I guess it's a fire escape for her building, but there's actual doors at the landing next door.  They just built them between them, but I carried my shoes up to her window, and watched her.

"Huh."  Yeah.  I gave her just what she wanted.  She warned me about it, and still played on my Anger so i couldn't think clearly, but this is my game now, and.

 :]  She looks so happy.  Her clothes wadded up behind her so she can beat off in her mouth, my piss soaked into her hair, and.

"What a Man!" 

I shrank back.  She doesn't know I'm here, does she?  :emot_weird.gif:  I should go, but.  no, she just looks so beautiful.  Standing naked over out mess, as if contemplating how to clean it up, or whether to just leave it for the morning.

Muttering to herself.

"You better have this mess cleaned up before I get back."   >:(  Mocking me, and laughing, then muttering to herself some more.

I know, she does that, because she's lonely, but she hasn't seen me.  the real me, just playing into her fantasy, but I'm not delusional.  I wonder what she calls Power-Reassurance instead of listening to the FBI, but she doesn't have to tell me what they got wrong with it.

It's not about Power.  I don't want to possess her, and if I did, or that guy she killed this morning.  I wonder if she suspects?  How else would he get her address, and know to camp out under her window, so she'd sneak out instead of paying rent, unless he talked to her only confidant.

No, I don't want Power over her, that would ruin her.  She's not some fragile flower, to pluck, and keep in a jar until she wilts away.  "Huh!"   :]

She's the most incredible person I ever heard of.  The Trans-Rapist, though nobody else would ever think to call her that, because they don't know her, the way I do.

I don't guess Understanding Rapist really has the same ring to it, but she's gone, to the shower?  I don't know, but I get out my wallet, and slip the card in between the frames of her windows.  Work it back, and forth, to slowly catch, and turn the cam twisted in the latch to lock them.

"Mh!"  Slip it back behind my ID card.  No, I'm not a cop.  Just an Operator, but I have access to their Communications.  I could track the Ambulance, all the way to the hospital, then the Morgue instead of the ER, when the Paramedic determined death, so the Medical Examiner could meet them with a gurney.

He took a bad fall, she said, but stepping into her home.

"NHAUH!  No, stop, Augh!  Nh!  You're hurting me!"  Her bedposts bashing against the wall, but I gripped my junk, and twisted. 

'nhm!'   :emot_weird.gif:  Holding my breath so i don't grunt too loud, but I don't dare peek in the open door to her bedroom. 


Raping herself, with her dildo, because i couldn't satisfy her.  "Snh!"   :'(

She can't hear me, but is she thinking about me?

"Hihn!"  it stopped.  "Hihnihuhnahahan!"

Crying.  "HhuhHhHuh?  Snh?"   :emot_weird.gif:

Dragging herself off to the bathroom.  "Huh!"  Closing the door, her head down, and hair already wet with piss, but now's my chance.

She's going to have to take a dump, at least, after that fucking.


is that the toilet?  No, it has to be the tub.  Wait for the shower, knowing the white noise will mask any sounds I make in here, but eventually she just shuts it off..


Drops.  Into water, and she sighs loud enough to hear it through the door.

"hhuh!"  She's taking a bath, but I missed my chance.

I'll just have to be quiet, then.


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