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I'll get started,
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Write away...

Want a sticky to pin here, @Lois?  I can write that for you too.


"What kinds of stories go here?"

Transgender Themes

Gender Disphoria: People feeling, acting, and/or thinking contrary to their birth Gender.

Crossdressing: Drag Queens, heterosexual Transvestites.  Also, Breast/genital Binding to minimize unwanted gender characteristics.  

Sex Changes: Surgical, or Hormonal replacement (Of other than your birth Gender)

Genital Mutilation:  Castration, Eunicision or Mastectomy to remove unwanted sexual characteristics.  (May be performed to force emasculation, or defeminization, against a victim's will.)

"What does Intersexion mean?"

It's a pun, portmateau of Intersex, and Section.  See what I did there?  

Intersex Themes:  Congenital Anomalies, where a character is born neither male, nor female.  Or superficially one with characteristics of another.  There's so many conditions that taken together, they're roughly as common as Left Handedness, but every single one is different, and everyone is an Unique case.  go nuts here, but here's one of my favorites:

Guevedoces:  Spanish for "Eggs at 12" a documented trensgender sex, born superficially female, typically raised as girls, then their testes drop around 12 (Give or take about a yar) and they otherwise go through Male puberty.  They're fucntionally male, and can father children, as documented in a dominican villiage where they breed true.  I.E. they have fathered enough children to reinforce the recessive (T Alpha reductase insensitivity) genes, and there are effectively 3 Genders.  Male, Female, and Guevedoces.


{This is just a start, we can all work on this...)
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