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Mennonite (g-to-m)
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This isn't in Extremes, but it could be.  In this case, conservatism vs Transphobia.  So far across the uncanny valley, they can't even see each other.  Also, Fratenal Incest.



I wasn't raised "Worldly."  I don't suppose you understand what Mennonites are like, in terms of "Traditional values," so I'll start with Architecture.  In our home, there was a staircase, right in the front door.  Halls to either side led to the kitchen, the garage, the study, and living room.  We had all of these things, but at the top of the landing, they split, left and right.

On the right were the girl's room, and our parent's bedroom.  They each had a bed, on either side of the dresser, mother had a wardrobe, father a closet next to their washroom.  So, they didn't sleep together, technically.  God only knows how they had so many children, because the lights were off, and they never made any sound.  That we could hear, or they waited until we were away.  

That may be somewhat familiar, to people who've seen old TV shows.  We didn't have a television, we had a radio, however, you remember say the Beavers' parents slept in separate bed, in the 60s?

Well, across the hall, I was in the girls' room, and far across the other side of the house.  Down the stairs to the landing, then back up to the other side, there were the boys' rooms.  It was built that way, by Mennonites, my ancestors.  They spoke German, left over from when they fled there from Austria, because they were too Radical for Lutherans following the Protestant Reformation.

Then I got my hands on some real, big girl panties.  My first pair. Well, you know, the first ones I fell in love with.  I always got underwear for Christmas, and on my birthday.  But this time I insisted on shopping with mom.  "That'll ruin the surprise!"

"Uh!  But I already know what I'm getting, and I hate the same ones I get year after year."

"Why, what's wrong with them?"

"Well, they're ugly, for one thing, and they make me feel sweaty, all my friends have prettier ones like yours."

"I told you to stay out of my private things,"

"I know, mom.  But I still saw them, and my friends call me "plain Jane" because of my clothes."

"And the cotton ones last longer."

"Yeah but, do they have to be white?  I mean at least some with a little color or something, the pee staining wouldn't show, and what about when I get my period?"

"Grace!" She gasped, "you're only 8!"

"I know, mom, but my birthday is in a few days, and Marcie started when she was 8."

"Is that who you heard about it from?" Then it turned into this whole big argument, and I told her she's just racist because she's black, and we kept yelling until I made her slap me, but that's how I remember the conversation.

Then, she took me out with her, shopping to make it up to me, so I stopped crying.  She never hit me very hard, but as soon as she said "Stop being so hysterical," I knew it was coming, and turned my head so she almost missed.

"No, Martha.  Those are too expensive." Satin, with a little bow in top, and frills around the edges.  "And they'd never fit you." I pretended to put them back, but stuck them in my purse when she turned around.  "How 'bout these?" The same ones, but in color, pink, blue, and yellow, but with 2 pairs of each.

"How about these?" They were cotton, but with ribbon around the edges at least.  I read the package, "Nylon," I showed her, "That lasts longer then cotton, right?" She looked at the price, so I looked down, pouted, and wrinkled my chin.  "Sniff."

"All right, well get these too, but those better last you, Gracie." I really wear out underwear.  "Can we go home now?"

"I want to try them on," I went to the changing room, but she took the open pack with her to go pay for them.  "Huh!" The ribbon had stars around it, on the waist, but the ones around the legs folded over.  Kind of neat how the points stuck out, but on the inside they kind of zigzagged in white, like a _M_.

I stuck them in my purse, took my pants off, and kicked the old ones under the bench.  "HUH!" They felt better then I imagined!  Satiny, of course, but the ruffles between my legs, and around my hips.  I pulled my pants back on, but even sitting down, tying up my shoes, I could still feel them.  Under my butt, in pants, on the painted board seat, but still the satin on my bottom, and the frills between my legs.  I had to pull the waist up, and the elastic tighter in my pants so they didn't slip down.

But she was wrong, I did grow into them.  I didn't wear them, all the time, but at least I didn't have to wait until I could fill her underwear. She's a big girl, and after 5 kids, she had the biggest hips.  At least for a white lady.  My dad likes it, not that he said anything.  "Not around the children," but that's where his eyes go, when she turned around.

Mom said not to, ever let boys look at me in my underwear.  Or touch me there, anywhere it covered, but I stopped with the skirts and dresses, as much.  Except on Sundays, pants and even shorts are hotter, but I found I can feel my underwear better in them.

I don't know what it is, about them, but I always had a thing with underwear.  Ever since I got in her drawers, and found the special ones my daddy got her.  The best, not all of them, but I could tell which ones he got special for her.  Not that he showed me but my favorite even had frills in the middle.

They came together like a zipper, I guessed so you can pee in them, but don't they get in the way?  Maybe cause I was so little, I only got to play in them once, then she came up and whooped me when she found me in them.  She even made me take them off first, so I was bare assed.  I never dared again, when she was home, and when I finally got a chance, they're gone.  Just her plain Jane cotton ones, white so she can bleach them until they fall apart, so I put everything back the way I found it.

As soon as we got home, I went in the bathroom.  Mom wrapped them up, then started on dinner, but the mirror was way up there.  Over the sink, I had to climb up, but I wished I had more time with the one in the changing room.  I giggled, she never said I couldn't.  Or look at other girls' but I knew what she would think of that.  I tried to see my bottom, but they puffed out all around me.  They really are too loose, so bent over like that I can't really see them with the medicine cabinet swung out.

So, I had to climb up, on the sink cabinet.  With the door shut, I could hold onto the towel ring, and twist around.  I almost fell, but it felt like I shocked myself.  So, I climbed back down, fixed the towels, and even remembered to flush the toilet before I went back out.  To my room, I heard mom cooking, or looking for the cake pans, so I changed underwear, and his the best ones, while I could.

It was years before I felt that jolt again.  I knew nothing about sex, heard my father say "fuck" once, but mom still scolded him.  And he needed stitches, the first time I saw him cry.  I didn't see Marcie again, except in class, cause her bus went the wrong way, and she lived on the other side of town.  Not that I wanted to obey my mother, I just didn't really think about her.  But she was my first girl.

She had weird underwear, or I saw them, and thought they looked weird.  So, I asked about them, and she shrugged, but she was the first girl I saw wearing them, and she had a big old butt.  For her size, same grade as me, I didn't touch her or anything.  I just thought it was weird, but maybe that's when I started getting interested?  Maybe, was it before I started getting into mom's drawer.  All the way at the top, so I had to get on the chair from her vanity.

She has her own bathroom, right behind mine.  The boys had to use the one downstairs, since they don't have one on their side, but that's the one with the bathtub, anyway.  2 stairs, too.  I didn't even think that was weird, but I'd never seen that, either.  Boy space, I played on the steps some times, but somehow I knew not to go up there.

My eldest brother, Abel got caught carving a penis on a tree.  Where a limb was cut off, and covered over in Pitch.  Mother broke off a switch, and beat him, then father got the plane, and stood there until he scraped it off.  In tears.  Then he beat him with the switch.  That was my sex education:  It doesn't exist.  No stork, no cabbage patch, mother getting pregnant again was a "Gift from God," and then they dusted off the nursery next to the girl's room and the bathroom, again.

Somehow, Abel got his hands on a National Geographic.  Don't ask me where, he went out, and came back with it, probably some worldly kids I never got the chance to meet.  The boys got so exited, and ran upstairs, I could hear them giggling, but mamma came out just as I was listening on the landing.  "There naked!" I heard there muffled laughs, but went downstairs to help mom set the table.  Instead of telling, thought about it, but you know I never wondered if boys were different?

I mean, well you know what I mean, but at the time I had gotten this close to seeing a penis.  Sitting on the landing, while the boys looked at pictures of pygmies up the stairs, and down the hall.  They weren't supposed to see our underwear, but we got to wash their's and all I knew was the pee spots weren't in the right place.  They were all over the place, like someone poked a bunch of holes all over the place.  No wonder there pants were such a mess, and the pocket to keep their balls in was 2 plies to soak through, and I noticed even the cotton was thicker.  Still hadn't even seen a urinal, had no idea they didn't have to sit down on the toilet except for number 2.  I began to wonder though, and if they're naked in the National Geographic, then that means maybe I can see it.  Not if I tell mom, and she takes them away.  They stopped tearing all the underwear pages out of the catalogs, though.  I thought mom did that, so I couldn't have them.

I just had to wait for another chance, to find it.  Or several more, they hid it well, and I didn't get to sneak across very often.  I knew I'd be in big trouble.  Then one night, I woke up thirsty, and got some water.  When i came back out in my nighty, i rubbed my eyes in the light.  Very little, under a door, over the hall rug, clear across the stairs, and the landing.  It's not fair, i always thought the boys got to do all the fun stuff, but this time, i saw something really amazing.

Sword fighting in the big boy's room.  I swear, that's what they were doing.  I found I could sneak across the stairs, at night.  They knew they could do almost anything, clear across the house, as long as it wasn't too loud.  If they hit the back wall hard enough, we could feel it over here, but other then that.  And that wasn't fair, if I played too loud with my dolls, mom would come across the hall to yell at me, but they don't even have to stay in bed, they could get up, and play all night.

"Kish!"  They pulled their pants down.  It was weird, and funny, but they was to busy, so they didn't hear.  "Ching!" They was hard, I never even saw one soft before, and say what you will about penis envy, but it felt unfair.  As anything, like I get my own room, big deal, right there with moms, so she never leaves me alone, but they get brothers to play with, and toys, and all I get is stupid dolls.  They don't do anything!  I mean I have to do everything, think of everything, say everything, I have 4 whole brothers now, and nobody to play with?

And now I found out what they was hiding.  Something else I don't get, but there underwear is still ugly, and now I had no idea what the pocket is for.  Great, another game I don't get to play.  "Ow!" Zach bent over, "That was your finger!"

"Still a hit," he wagged it like a tail, and pulled his underpants up.  Abe, the oldest.  He always wins, but his sword was bigger too, of course.  It wasn't a fair fight to begin with, he didn't have to cheat.  He bent his legs, I couldn't see, but he came up under, and his bottom went tight.  "Uhn!" Maybe it was an accident.  Anyway, that's how they played sometimes, when nobody was around, or they didn't know I was watching.

It made me wonder, about Simon, though.  He didn't stick out, maybe he's not as big as Abe, but it was just squishy, and I barely touched it through my underpants.  It didn't stick them out like Abe's when he pulled them up, though.  They played something else the next night.


Hide and Seek.  {gb Exhb NS}

Mom made the boys watch me, and told me to keep them out of trouble.  Now how am I supposed to do that?  They already don't play with me, cause I'm a tattletale.  They said Hide and Seek, but I know that trick.  They don't look for me, unless I'm it, then they run tOo fast to catch them, so I'm always it.  Or, they just don't play with me.

This time, I hid bye the door in case they went out to play with there friends, instead.  Then, I followed them, sneaky so they don't hear me, they laugh, but don't look back when they get to the woods.  They stop, "Pee break," and got them out.

Oh, that's what skirts are for.  Its not a pocket, its a fly, in there underwear.  Huh!  But, they can't run, so I tag Abe.  "Your it!"

"Martha!".  He fixes his pants quick, "What're you doing out?"

"Well," not how I thought he might say it, "You're out of bounds, and you're still it!"

He slapped my arm, "Now your it!"

"Nu uh!".  I laughed, "You didn't count.  Bet you can't win without cheating?"

"I don't cheat?"

"Yeah you do,".  Thank you, Zach!  "She's right, you always cheat." The other boys nodded.

"Yeah, see!?" I laughed, "Cheater!".  He always wins, too.

"I can so win!" He got mad, "Fair and square!"

"Oh yeah?  Prove it!"

So, he counted, and we all hid.  I took Zach with me, he's my littlest brother.  "Thanks," he let go, and wiped his hand.  Mine felt sweaty too, but I didn't wipe it.

I giggled, "Let's ditch him!"

He laughed, so I took his hand again, and took him off.  Way out, where nobody would find me.

"He's probly looking for me." Since I called him a cheater.

"Me to," he can find the other boys, but let them go, or talk them into helping so I'm it, and they can ditch me again.  Or, they can just ditch us, which is fine, as long as he cheats, I win!  Should have bet him something.  Like his favorite bat, he loves it, that would really hurt him.  Why, I bet he'd cry, but next time.  I can catch him in a bet, or a dare, he can't say no, then he's scared.

"Let's climb a tree."

"Okay," now I'm out, I can't go out alone, but I got my brother.  I never get to climb trees like them.

"Uh!".  I jumped, "He'll never find us, uh!  And we can see them coming."

"Here," he got down, and put his fingers together.  Shook them, "Put your foot up here, like a step so you can climb up." I did, "and get up on my back."

"Ah, right!?" I reached it, and put my feet up, but my skirt swung. When I looked down,  ::) he had his mouth open  :o but he saw me, and looked away.

"Uh," he looked away.  I got my leg up, like I saw them do.  "Hang on," I heard him on the other side, let me climb up.

"Hurry," my arms got tired, and the bark dug in my leg.  "Uh!"

"Here," he held down his hand.  I let go, but I missed, and my other hand slipped.

"EE!" I fell, up side down, but held on a moment with my legs.  "Zach, ar' Riah!".  I didn't know what else to say.  "EEhn"


I covered my head, and ducked, but banged my arms pretty hard, and tore my sleeve.  "Are you okay?"

"Fine!" I punched him, and grabbed my arm, "It doesn't hurt!" But I cried anyway.

"I guess that's why girls don't climb trees."

"Nu uh!?  Mom says its so boys don't see my nickers!" He looked away, again.  "Ha!  I knew it, you looked!  Oh, I'm sorry.  Its okay, I won't tell mom if you don't." Of course not, he was in as much trouble as me, at least!  He let me get hurt, too.  "I'm not a tattletale.  I promise, Abey just called me that so you don't play with me.  He is, he told on you, for not letting him win."


"Never mind, its okay if you see my underwear.  You like them?" The yellow ones, with the zigzag stars in the ribbons around the legs.  Folded in half, and stitched, so only the tops, and bottoms show on either side.  _M_/\_M_/\_M_...

"Yeah, they look real pretty." He laughed.

We got home first, so I went up on my side to wash the dirt out of the blood.  He came up with me, the boys can come over here, for mom and dad, i'm just supposed to stay out of the boy's side.  I took off my tops,  :emot_weird.gif:  "Zach," I pulled him back, "It's okay.  Look, I seen you with your shirt off, all the boys, mom and dad too."  

"But mom said,"  :emot_weird.gif:

"Don't 'but mom' me, just help me with this." I held up my arm, "I can't see it." He dabbed at it, "Ooch!  It's okay, it hurts, but.  Just try to be careful."

"I'm sorry."   :]

"I told you it's okay.  Hh.  It's gonna hurt, If you fall, you're gonna hit the ground, that's no reason not to climb up.  I didn't shatter, did I?"

"No," he guessed.  Then I heard mom and dad pull up in the truck, so I grabbed the door.  "Stay in here," I closed it, "Flush the toilet in a minute."

I went in my room, and picked a long sleeve top.  Navy blue, "Nnnnnyauh!" I scrubbed the rest of the dirt off, and threw it under the bed with the dirty shirt.  She was on the stairs, but I pulled the shirt on quick.

"Where's your brothers?" I shrugged, didn't turn around.

"They went out.  Nh!"

"What's wrong?" she held my shoulders, behind me.  "I told them not to leave you alone."

The toilet flushed.  Right on time, maybe he heard her?  "Oh, Zach stayed with me.  We're playing!" Not a single toy out of place.

"Then why were you crying?"

I held my arm, and twisted the cloth over the scrapes.  "Nh!" Blinked out tears, and crinkled up my chin real good before she came around.  Squatted in her long dress to hold my shoulders.  "Abel," I sniffed, "He pushed me down the stairs." Okay, it was months ago, but I never got him back for it.

And boy did he get it when they came home.  Mom made dad beat him too when she was done.  I went back in my room when they sent him up to apologize.  "Sit down."

"I'm sorry?"

"You heard me, sit down and listen." I got out my notes, "First of all, you're not sorry.  You're sorry you got whoopped, but your not sorry you hurt me."

"I didn't, you lied!"

"What about the other week, when I bumped into you and you called me pipsqueek?  You pushed me down on the stairs."

"But, that's not like I pushed you Down the stairs."
  • Mark off that excuse, "No, but that wasn't the first time!  You push me around all the time, remember last month when you caught me playing with your baseball, and you pushed me down the stairs?"


"Well, I do, and it hurt a lot.  So, new rule, if you hurt me, I tell mom, and she hurts you worse.  If I want, I can hurt me," I slapped myself as hard as I could, "Nh!  Joseph hit me!  If you lie, and I lie, you lose. Got it?"

"Okay?" He finally looked scared.  Just don't go downstairs, right now, and make her beat him, again.

"Now, you're going to play with me too."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"YES I Can." I stood up, "Because I'm the youngest, and the smallest, if you don't like it, I can talk to mom." He shrank back, "And stop yelling," I grabbed his hand, "Come on, let's go out and play.  Tell mom we're going out to play."

"We made up," I nodded to her, "I forgive him."

"Are you sure?" she looked doubtful.

"Uh!" yeah, if I'm ever going to get to go out and play, "I'm almost 8 years old!  I never get to go out and play, and I'm sick of staying home with dolls.  I played every game there is to play with dolls, and," I wish I had my notes, "He can protect me.  Nobody is gonna hurt me, with him there," and he knows now, better than to hurt me, "He's 15."


"Almost 15, and I decided I need him as a friend.  Well, he said, 'you don't want to fight me,' but that means the same thing." She glared, "But he's right, I need a friend, a real one to play with, and I pick him." I held his hand, "He's the biggest, and the  strongest." He stood up, so tall, and proud.  Because that's what it's all about, with him.  Being the biggest and the strongest, always winning.

"All right, but stay safe, and bring her back before dark."

"I will, mom."

"New rule," once we were outside, "I cheat.  You don't have to, because you're the biggest, and the strongest, the fastest, and the smartest." Yeah, right!  "But I have to cheat to win."

"What're you talking about?"

"Or, we can both win.  If we play a game we can both win."

"Like what?"

"Boyfriend, and girlfriend?" He dropped my hand, "You know, like mom and dad play, when you go to bed?  Cum on, it's not like you got a girlfriend, to Cheat on." he tried to walk off, but I followed him.

He knows he can't leave me alone, "Huh!"

"It's not like we can play boy games, so I have to cheat to win."

"Because your a girl,"

"Yeah, so I played this, what do you think I play with the other girls?"

"Idunno," he shrugged, "Girl games, like house, tea time, dressup?"

"Ooh!" I clapped, "You ever seen a girl in her underpants?"

"Well," he looked around, "No."

"Come on, you know someplace private?" If anybody drove by, you could see us from the road.  And I bet mom was watching from the window to make sure.  "Well, show me?  I don't know how to get there!"

Down by the stream, there was a pipe under the road, and some trees around.  "See?" I pulled up my skirt, "No wait," I turned around, and bent over so it flopped down my back.  "Look," I pulled the ribbons tight, and looked up between my legs.  I slipped my fingers in, to pinch the top, and pull them tight.  "Nh, hm!" I even humped a little.  Felt the jolt, but I stopped before I fell over on my face.  "You should feel them, they're really silky!" My favorite pair, I finally found some thin black ribbon to tighten them up.  The thick ones don't feel right, and the wide ones don't fit between my legs without rubbing the sides when I walk around.  "Ngh!  Or, you can spank me, if you want." I wiggled my butt.  "Go on, giver a little swat."

"I don't hit girls," i laughed, "Why, because mom says?" I stood up, "You never do nothing mom says," I took his hand, "Go on, feel them." Rubbed my skirt over them.  "Neah, huh!" Trying to hump his leg, "Mom spanks dad.  And we spank each other, the girls when I get to play with them. Go on, it's fun.  Ah, hahahahaha!  Yeah, you can hit harden't that, right?  Yeah, big strong man like you.

"Really?  Mom spanks dad for real?" I nodded, lying.  I heard, one of the girls at church, giggling and talking about her mom and dad.  Not sure if it was true, either.  "It's a game, and nobody wins, or we both win.  Nh!" he likes it "Yeah, now rub it in, real good.  Ow!" Too hard, I hit him. "Stop!" he grabbed my hair.

"Yeah," Ow, "You deserve it."

"I said Stop!" I tore my hair out, "NoawH!  That's to hard, and it's not a game if we both don't have fun!" I pushed him, "Bully!" Again, back.  "I said stop, and if you don't stop, I." punched him, right between the legs, "Hurt you." He sat down.

"Uh!" Held his balls.

"Then I tell mom about your little swordfights with Simon." bd Bumped my fingers together like balls, "Kching!  You think I don't see you, playing with your pissers at night?  Are you a fag, Joey?" he hates that.  "Is that why you can't get it hard for me, you got a hardon for your brother?"

"No?' he looked away.

"Well, now you're gonna get it out.  Go on, let me see you get it hard for a girl for once."



Yes, Martha is a trans-boy, or will be some day.  However, she's so repressed, she doesn't even get to be a Tomboy.  Her brother got beaten with a switch, twice, and forced to perform symbolic castration for a Graven Image, and she thought boy's underwear had pockets to keep their balls in.  Until she caught them "Sword fighting" peeking through a keyhole.  "It doesn't have to be a snow-man."

So, for the sake of argument, she doesn't know she's transgender, because she's not allowed to comprehend the concept.  She still identifies as a girl.
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Yes, of course it's going slow.  They're Mennonites.  Pennsylvania "Dutch" Puritans.  Right about between Shakers, and Amish for "Traditional Values."



So then, it was agreed that I could go out, so long as Abel was there to keep me out of trouble.  Great plan, nobody really knew Abel that well.  He was too good at hiding who he was, but I got to know him.  Nobody else wanted to play with his penis.  The other boys, probably because he kept hitting their balls.  Because those were the kinds of games he liked to play, and he cheated to win.

He really liked my underwear.  Especially the special ones I sewed ribbons on, to feel something in my underwear.  I even sewed 7s in the front of 1 pair.  One inside, and one out, I just didn't split a fly in between them, but I stole some of Zach's underpants.  So, I made Abe a pair of pretty ones, with blue bows, and everything.  I also took momma's seam ripper to Anastacia.  One of my oldest dolls, supposed to be the daughter of Nicolas Romanov, last Czar of Russia, but I just took the wool out to stuff in the pocket.  

I didn't play penis games with Zach, because he didn't have any hair on it, but I thought that I figured it all out myself.  The birds, and the bees, believe it or not from the Scriptures.  The Ecumenical Councils tried to expurgate any graphic details, but if you read that damned thing, the bible cover to cover enough times, (I didn't count) then you can piece a lot of it together.  I thought you had to pee together, but other than that, it doesn't take a biblical scholar to see a stick, a hole, and figure out the connection between them.  The problem I ran into was when Abe told me that they can't pee with an erection.

 :emot_weird.gif:  So, scratch that, we didn't make it that far, but we did get to putting our underwear together.  The special panties I made just for him, ribbons, and bows right where he wanted them, and they were downright pretty if I do say so myself.  Long before that, I got brambles in my hair from playing in the woods.  With my brother, they tangled in terribly, so badly that momma had to cut them out.  So, I rolled my head in the brambles, it was hot!  I was beaten severely for having my prayer bonnet off in the light of day, but she cut all my hair off, and assured me it will grow back.  I didn't want it to, I hated it.  It was a pain in the neck, and a lot of work to brush, then comb, braid, and coil up to pin in a bun in the back of the prayer bonnet.  

But, I wore a prayer bonnet, so outside our house.  Nobody even knew I had short hair, because I had to wear it throughout the light of day.  I also started kissing my sisters.  Playing boyfriend, and girlfriend, but now I was one of the older girls, so I got to show them how to be kissed.  By a boy, since I was bigger, they had to turn their heads up, and I had to turn my head down to kiss them.  Just like my older sister showed me, how do you think girls learn how to kiss, from boys?  I found out that boys are lousy kissers from Abe.

I played wife, though.  I was on the bottom, and the stuffing pushed out of the pocket from him rubbing himself off on it.  Wetting his panties, I thought he said he couldn't pee with it hard like that but it wasn't pee.  It didn't even come out like pee, and it was sticky.  I had to wash his special underwear, because nobody else knew that he had them.  There would be an awkward conversation, telling momma especially that I made them for him, why he wanted them, and what we did when he put them on.  After he started driving, mostly in the back seat when he could borrow the car.  Get this, I was supposed to cock block for him, make sure he didn't get into any trouble with a girl!

Basically, we were both responsible for keeping each other out of trouble.  Then he left, found a wife, and started building a house for their kids.  Rumspringe, but we didn't live in a Community.  We lived on a farm, and went to the Old Rite church, but our township decided Not to marry other Mennonites, because we were too closely related.  So, given the choice between moving to another church, and converting a wife, he got Baptized, and chose the latter..

I knew her, as extended family.  Amish, so she could sew, and she used to giggle with me, over tea about his pretty panties.  Since I was the only other one who made him them, and they had a whole passel of children.  Got her out of the buggy, and they liked to go for drives in the pickup.  Very happy family, but then another brother came out of the nursery, and moved across the landing.  Zach moved up to the big boy's room, and I stayed in the girl's room across from momma&poppa.  Basically what happens when you have another baby every other year.  So, the number of brothers, and sisters we had living there varied from year to year, but I had 18 siblings, in total.  Before momma went through the change, and retired to being the Grandma.

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