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Mayhem (And snuff)
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Co-escalation:  In partner crimes, especially where they compete for the leadership role, there can be a feedback loop.  For instance between a microphone, and a monitor.  A loud sound is picked up by the mic, feeds back into the speaker, which is picked up by the mic...

It's a vicious cycle, sometimes quite literally.  Trigger Warnings in the title.



Can't fool me.  "Her" hands, and feet are too big, and I can see "Her" adam's apple.  Shame really, because the rest of her is pretty convincing.  Not one of those butterfaces.  Pretty enough with her ginger curls, dark eyebrows, green lids, button nose, blood red lips, and banging body.

Gang banging, if I'm gonna have any thing to say about it.  Got to be C cups, just walking out to check her mail in a bath robe, hair done up in curlers, flip flops, long legs, nice swell of rump under the tight knotted belt, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that was a woman's body.

"No way."   ::)

"Yes, way.  I'll prove it.  Hey man."

"Excuse me?"

"We're a little lost, my brother and I.  Out partying late last night, and we got to call our parents."

He/she looked doubtful, swallowed with a lump, and cleared his/her throat.  "Ahem, of course.  Where's the party?"

I got the door.   ;D  "Right here."

Surprisingly simple.  I grabbed their arms.  Isn't that what They prefer to be called these days,  Them?  

"AhHhH!  What the fuck!?  Let go of me!"  They kicked, but he got her robe undone.  

"Woah!"   :o  "Ghn!"  Looks like one of those kicks connected.  "Emhn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  He sank down, on his knees.  Doubled over.  "Jeeze!"   :'(  "Snh!"

I just kept dragging them back.  "Let me Go!"  Turned, and switched my arm over to 2H their left.  Put my hip into their ass, and twisted.  Planing my foot to really lever them over the coffee table, and came down to pin their arm behind them.

"NWRH!  ARH!"  Twisted it, and held the wrist to catch the terry belt.  Like a double strip of towel fabric.  "Let me go!  What are you doing to me!?"  Slapping the side of the sofa.

"Give me a hand here!  Why d'you think I brought you along, fucking faggot!  Grab it's arm!"

"I'm not an It, I'm a woMAN!  AUGH!"

"What's this, then?"  I got my hand between the thighs, and a good grip on their package.  Through the panties, a nut squeezed out the side, and I popped the floppy out too.  To twist them.


"Shut up, Tranny!"  Face first in the cushions, with a handfull of hair.  "Grab the other arm!"

"WMN HM RH!"  Flopping back and forth, trying to shake the arm free from the shoulder, but 2 handed, he was able to twist it back.  

"Tie them together with the other end of the belt."  I let go of his junk, and pulled down the back of the robe.  "Tear the underwear off."  Again, both hands makes it a lot easier, while I hold the body down.  The face muffled in the cushions, and my knees pinning her hips.  Heels beating my back, but managed not to hit my kidneys.

"RAUGH! AAHHWRM!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "RWH!  WREEIII!"

"Huh!"  Grab a tit.  "Feels almost real, turn it's shoulders."


"Fine!"   ::)  "Her shoulders, then."  Shick!"

 :o  "Hmn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  

"Hold still."  I ran the back edge down her chin.  Under her jaw, and twisted it.  

"Ngh!"  Her adam's apple bounced, and she shivered.  Frosen in fear, so I could feel it bounce over her collarbone, ribs, then sink in the top of her tit.  Not the sharp side, but she can feel it.  Pressing in harder, deeper.  "NhHhN!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Nwh!"

"You always wanted to be a woman, huh?"

"Nwh, bldz!"

"There's just a few things in the way."  Slipping the tip off her rib, and running it deep in her panting belly.

"Snh!  Nsvh!  Stwb!  Aw dwh anrvngH!"

"Huhuh!  I know you will.  Help me turn her over.  I'm gonna start on her ass."



Okay, "Faggot," he calls me.  I'm not gay, it isn't gay.  She's a woman, I know that.  Always wanted a woman with a dick, maybe that makes me bi, and maybe it doesn't, but I don't like guys.  Sexually, hell I'm not even a big fan of their personality, but I always wanted a shemale.

Well, Ideally a ladyboy, orientals are so much prettier, but I even like her cockeyed nipples.  This one's more like a model.  Tall, leggy, curvy, amazing what they can do these days, but just watching them flop around when she was fighting.  Or bouncing out when I pulled open her robe, I don't think they're loaded with silicone.  

They sure feel real, just a little cockeyed in the nipples, but I fucked up.  She got a lucky shot to the nuts, while I was distracted.  I couldn't decide to look at her bouncing boobs, or the sexy fucking bulge tucked into her panties, but I got to tear them off.  And get my hands on the tatas before he said to "Help me turn her over."

"Nwhr!"   :emot_weird.gif:  

"Nice ass, too."  I grabbed the cheeks, and felt them flex.

"I'm gonna start on her ass."

"Okay."  He pulled up her arms, so she couldn't move, and held the robe with one hand while he got it out with the other.

"Where?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Oh."  He dropped it, so I picked up his knife.  One of us has to keep track of it while the other has his hands free, but I just held the flat on her cheek.

"Hn!"   :o  "Snh!  Hn snh hihn!"  

"That's right, hold still."  I pulled one cheek, while he got the other, and bent over to get a good look at her pucker.  "Snhk!  Hawk!  StpB!"

"Get me wet, too."

"Smpb!"  I'm bisexual, covered that.  Him too, he just doesn't like shemales like I do.  He hates them, I just know she's never take me seriously, or talk to me.  Much less let me fuck her, but we rape girls, all the time.  Makes it a lot easier, and cheaper even.  Then taking them out, buying them dinner, gifts, and all that.  Girl stuff chicks need to pry their legs open.

Or, 4 strong hands, don't have to buy nothing but rubbers.  And razors, don't want to leave pubes for the CSIs to find.  

"Cock!"  Pull her open again.  "Spb!"  Wiggle my fingers deeper in her crack, and dig in 3 of them.  Point the middle finger, and wiggle the tip.  Deeper, and deeper to work the spit, and throat snot around.  

"Nghmah ah uhn nuh!"  Check her panties, and hold the knife in 2 fingers, to tuck them back in with the other 2, but she couldn't take her eyes off it.

"That's good enough."  He brushed my hand out of the way, and held it.  Bent over on his knees, and pulled her arms out to the side.  She turned away, but I wrapped my fist in the robe.  Like a towel with sleeves, and a belt.


"Huh, yeah.  Nice tight ass.  Ngm, fuck.  You heshes really got nice tight assholed, huh!  Yeah!"


He popped out, when she got her knee up, and turned away from me.  Shoulder down too, but he just put his knee up.  Behind her's, and aimed again.

"Nwr!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Pld nwr sdwp!  Aughuhun!  Nauhuhn!  Snh!  Uhn snh!  Uhnsnh! Snuhnsnuhnsvzvzvzvh!"

"Huh! UH!"  He sank in.  One lat time, and just held it.  Shaking up her ass.  "HhuhHhuh!  Fuck.  Yeah!"

"Uhv!  Fugh!  Snh?"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Huh!  Huh!"  He got up, and slipped the rubber off.  "Fuck, yeah!"  Slapped her ass.  "Nice tranny ass!"

"Nhnhnhnhm!"  She just shook with sobs.

"Now, you hold her.  Pull her legs over, and hold them.  It's my turn."

"Huh!"   ::)  "All right."

"Kick me in the NUTS!"

"Uhn!"    :o

"Will ya?"  I still got the knife.  "They hurt?"

"Nwh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Plz!"   :'(  "SNH!"

"Well, if you want to be a woman," pull the skin tight, over the edge.  "You won't need these."


"Holy fuck!" :emot_weird.gif:  "Jesus, you just cut her nuts off!"


"I know."

"Wah auh nauhohow!"  I just dropped her panties, and grabbed her hair.  "NAIIIEEEWHM!"   :o  

Hold them in her mouth.


"Uh!" I had to let go to shake blood, puke, and snot off my hand.  "Sick BITCH!"

"GHN!"  I just kept hitting her, until I think I sprained my wrist, but bye then, she was knocked out.



I tried to warn you.  You think you have nightmares?  Well, welcome to one of mine...
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Re: Co-escalation (Mayhem)
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His bloody hand, slipped on my shoulder.  Shaking me.

"Stop screaming!"

My hands shook, falling from the sides of my face.


"Oh."  That was me.  "Right."  She's knocked out.  He still has the knife.  "Huh!"   :o  "MRHHHHHH!"  He smacked me.

"Get a hold of yourself!"

"Huh!  Huh, huh.  Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  It's like a horror movie right in front of me.

"Keep an eye on her, while I go get some ice."  He left us, together, and I heard him rattling around in the kitchen.

"HhuhUH!"   :emot_weird.gif:

We're not really brothers.  I mean, we have something in common.  Psychopathy, but I "Shouldn't have dropped the knife."

Normal guys don't do this.   :emot_weird.gif:  I mean, yeah I used to light fires, and stuff, whereas he was more into mutilating animals, but he still has the knife!

"Thought there would be more blood."  He shrugged, and held a zip-lock, up between her legs.

"I need a cigarette."   :emot_weird.gif:

"Good idea.  Maybe we can cauterize the vessicles."  He giggled, "To stop the bleeding.  Don't want her to bleed out."

"Why not?"

"Why do you think I wanted a pro-op transwoman?"


"So we can make her a woman.  Let me see that."

"No!"  I jerked it back.  "Your hands are all bloody."

She just fought so hard, I lost control of the situation.  "You're right, there should be more blood?"

Wide open flaps of skin.  Her scro flapping open like pussy lips.  Just pinch one side, I'm not squeemish about these things.  I'm just not used to.   :emot_weird.gif:
"Stupid, really."  I should have expected it.  Makes sense.  "I just lost it, sorry."


"Hold still.  Fuck, it went out."

"Nhm, snh!  Nauhuhuhn!"

"Get out the rope, she's not gonna hold still for this."

"Caugh, gugh kupB!"  the balls fell out, and rolled between her tits.

"Huh."  Stayed attached to the scratch of skin.  "Didn't expect that either."

"Uhn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Nghfuck!  What are you doing?"

"Free sex change surgery.  Always wanted to try it, so How we gonna tie her up?"

"Just tie her knees and ankles together, behind my back.  That ought to hold her."

He just tucked the hunting knife back in the sheath on my belt.  I hope he wiped it off firs, but I was busy holding her down, and trying to keep the ice-bag between her legs.

"HM Nwrh!"

"She's a fighter.  I never had a fighter like this!  You're still pretty strong for a girl, but quit fighting.  So we can make you a woman.  Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Nwh!"  I have to admit, it makes a sick sort of sense.  I don't know why I lost it.

"I have an Idea,"  It just hit me, "She's got an electric stove, so go turn on one of the burners, and find something to heat up.  Just let us cauterize it, so you don't bleed to death."

"NWHM SNH!  HM HM!"   :o

"Good, just relax.  I'm sorry, but."   ;D  "At these cut rate prices, we can't afford anasthetic."

I turned her head.  "Ooh, that's a nasty bruise.  Here, let me put some ice on it."

"Noh!  Mhn!"  

"It'll go numb in a minute.  I don't want to ruin your pretty face too."

"Here's a skewer.  Nice and hot.  Where'd her balls go?"

 :emot_weird.gif:  "Wh, next to her hip.  No, on the other side."

"I put some water on, think I'll boil them up, like eggs.  You want one?"

"How about you?  Sorry, only 2 of them, and they're 3 of us.  Lady's first?"

"You're sick."

"Really?"  Fake gasp.  "You don't say?  I always thought this was a normal thing to do.  Hahah!"   ;D  Really getting into it now.  "You're sick too.  I hate to tell you this, but you still have some growths to remove.  Hey, MAN?"

"What's up?"

"What do you think, roast dick, or fry it?"

"I don't know.  She's got a sautee in there, so I could pan sear it."

"Well that's 3.  So what do you want, a ball, or the dick?  We're going to have to cut it off first of course, but let me put the ice back down there, so you're nice and numb.  You didn't even feel me cauterizing the other blood vessel, right?"

"No, god!  What the hell is wrong with you?  I'm not a cannibal?"

"So, the dick then?  We can share the balls.  You get it, canniBalls?"

"This is a nightmare!"

"I know, isn't it awesome?"

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Re: Co-escalation (Mayhem)
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The Cook

They sizzled in the pan, but the water dried off immediately, and I just rolled them around to get a little sear.  Checked the knife blade, red hot, so I flipped the pan, and dropped the balls on the cutting board.  

"Choke her out."


"Open up!"  Popped one in his mouth, and watched him chew.  Took a bite out of mine, and sawed through the rubbery flesh to see the tubules.

"Khkuhk!"  Her struggles were getting weaker.

"Kinda rubbery," he swallowed, looked at the front of my apron.  "Want to give me something to wash them down with?"

Hanging like a sideways tent, naturally.  "Got a better idea."  On the way back to the stove.  


"It's a surprise?"  I called back, and got the knife.  Red hot, in curves, still pretty glowy orange, cooling black while I carried it back.  In an oven mitt, "I think she's out."

The handles smoked, woodily?   :emot_weird.gif:  He's the writer, I'm better at illustraing, we're working on a graphic novel together.

A very graphic novel.  Before it cooled off too much, I pulled the meat out, and sawed quickly through to the bone.  It slipped, through the last bit, and a lot of hot blood leaked out to sizzle, even as it seared the wound.

"Let me go fry this up, and I'll be back.  Better put some ice on the stump before she wakes up."

Like he said, couldn't afford anesthetic, but we've got a live one.  I never done that on something with a beating heart before, but I don't have his strength, or wrestling experience.

Skinning it, carefully.  At least it's not stuck to the pelvis, like a dear's.  Unfortunately, it drains out to foam, once you cut it off, but I split it down the middle, and layed them flat side down in the butter.

Wiped the blood off on the apron.  Pink frilly thing, but I tucked the corners in the sides, so I could get it out.

"Snh!"  Smell the seared flesh, and the scorched butter, with a little smokiness from the hot wood.  Remember her choked off grunts, blush turning into a dark red.  Blood baking up until the veigns popped out on her forehead, and her breasts flopping with her struggles getting weaker, and weaker.


Ksz!  It sputtered, and pilled up in the hot butter.  "Ngh, hn!  Huh!"  Shake out the last drop, and rub the pinprick burns from the hot oil spattering on my exposed head.

"Snh!"  Swirl it around, and untuck the corners of the apron, but the red spots stuck together.  So, I had to peel the bottom down, and flip the slices with a practiced flick of my wrist.  Set it on the cutting board.  Is that oak?  "Snh?"  No, maple.  Drop the lid on to trap the heat, while it cools off.

"Special sauce."  Let's see how she's doing.

 ;D  Kind of proud of myself.  You got to understand, Mikah.  Anything that makes him scream in Horror is an achievement.

"Just letting it rest a minute.  Don't get your hopes up, but it tends to shrivel up, so there's only a couple bites there."


Mikah (Snuff)


"Smooch."  He went back into the kitchen.

Kind of like kidneys, orgen meets, but not at all like deer balls.  The only ones I ever have, but all this waking up, and having to knock her out is getting tedious.

I know, he wants them to suffer, but even way out here where her closet neighbor is maybe a hundred yards, this isn't the kind of victim to never tell, and she would need medical attention.

If she lives, I just have to finish her transition.  Pulling my belt knife, I just sharpened it this morning.  Felt the cold ridge of erectile tissue, and puched the bottom flap of the scrotum down as far as it'll go.  Pinch it, and pull out to gently cape it back with the clip point, until I can tuck it in her asshole.

 :emot_weird.gif:  Or no.  Right next to the rectum, I can feel the top or it roll arounf the tip of my thumbnail, and pry it out.  So I can force the  fingertip of my finger in her pelvis, and pry down the nail, then slip the back edge up the middle of it.


It scraped on the edge, sinking into her until the blunt back of the bowie tip hit the flat back edge.

"NGHZV!"   :o  Frosen, still.  Realizing in an instant if she moves it, just moves the blade-tip inside her.

"GHL!"   :emot_weird.gif:  She swallows in my palm, and startst to struggle.  Despite herself, I just keep my fist, pushing with enough preasure that her struggles, and shaking works the edge in deeper.  

 :]  Close my eyes to feel the warm gush, and.  "SNH!"  Smell the fresh blood washing over it.  

"Hn!"   :emot_weird.gif:  Get bot sides with arterial spurts, like cumshots as.


"UGK!"   :o

 ::)  Raise my chin, and.   :P  :-* :emot_kiss.gif:  "SWOPH!  GlghH!  Klgn Neah, kahH!"  

Wash the gamy mineral tang of her testicals down with the tingling fresh rusty flavor of her cherry.  

"Nuh!  Huh!"  I think I can get my pinky in there.  The artery flat, then bulging for another squirt to soak around it, and run down my hand.  my arm to drip from the knuckle, but the pulse in her throat is still strong.  Fast, beating out of control.

So that this, orgasmic agony, and breathless throttling is the last thing will feel.

Starting to drain from her face.  She's weakening, and even her swollen tongue is fading to pink.

The burst capilaries in her schlera, turning them pink, to set off the emerald in her eyes.


"At least you know how it feels, before you die."
"Just letting them rest a minute.  Don't get your hopes up, they tend to shrivel up.  So, there's a couple of bites left."

"I guess it's your turn."  I pulled my pinky out of her pussy.

He never had a problem with necrofilia when it was Bambi.

He screamed.  

 :]  Oh yeah, he screamed.

"Mheah!  Help me cut her tits off.  We don't want to leave on an empty stomach!"



Normally, I don't write snuff from the victims' PoV, because it begs the question:  "How do you know what that feels like?"  Well, I usually wake up about the time her heart stops, but I also displaced to the psychopaths as a defense mechanism, so I can write it.  That's right, those 2 guys' heads were my Safe Place in this fantasy.

As for how I know how to do that, I have pried out my rectal sphincter to tuck my scrotum into my rectal cavity, with the nail (Beveled back from the quick) against my pubic bone, and urethra.  I have felt, that artery, pulse against the wall of my colon, pinched with my thumb-tip.

In the recurring nitemare, it's not 2 random psychopaths escalating off eachother.  It's Amanda Hunt, raping me to death in my sleep.  Now you understand when i post something like a Debutante being raped for her birthday with a "Quarter horse" vibrator in Extreme, that i don't write anything this gory not because i can't.

Because i've had this nightmare for over a third of a century.  That is my feminine side.  Good night, RavishU.  Sleep tight.

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