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Be a Man (f2M)
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I'm just going to spoil this, but the visceral fears of a hot chick turning out to have a bigger dick, and the Friendzone can be combined by switching some of the genders around.  Which is, after all, what Transphobia is all about...



So anyway, we're hanging out, at my place, playing some Counterstrike, when my best friend found my old pornos.

"Huh!"  He kicked back, put his feet up on the coffee table, and started flipping through.  Scratched his chin, and.  

"Fuck!"  I threw the controller down.


I shrugged.  He turned it sideways.

I looked over his shoulder.

"You like that one, huh?"

"You ever wonder why they cover up his Schwantz?  In the old ones."  Decades old, I got these out of my pop's old stash.

"Yeah, because you don't want to see some guy's dick?"

"Why not?"


"Hahah, yeah but you know.  He's not even hard, right?  You want to see some girl biting a guy's ass, but you can't even see him get it up?"

"Yeah, I guess cause she's biting his ass."

"Haha, yeah but isn't that kind of sexist."

"You're no feminist."

"Yeah, but you can see her licking her puss.  But you never even get to see him get a beej, and how fucked up is that?"

"You getting hard?"

"No, uh.  Huh!"  He put it down.  On his lap.  "Scot?"


He looked at me funny, then he closed his eyes.  

Pursing his lips, like  "Ewh!  I knew you're gay!"  

"Yeah, but.  Huh! I'm sorry, I should have told you before, but.  I just didn't know how to say it."

"You are gay!"  

"Yeah, but.  That's not what I'm talking about.  I'm.  Transexual."

"Ew, you want to get a sex change, like a drag queen?"

"No!  No, just listen a minute.  I'm not, I didn't get an operation, I just.  Huh!  You remember my 'cousin' Pris?"

"You mean that."  Tomboy?  "Oh my god!  I thought she moved away!"

"Hah, yeahbut when I came back.  My parents said I was her cousin, Brad to come stay with them."

"So, you're really Prissy all along?"

"No, I'm Bradley.  I always was Brad, it just took a few years for them to believe me, and.  You know, how we used to fool around.  Back when we're kids?"

"Well yeah, but.  You know, it wasn't like."  I molested her.  "I just let you jerk me off, but there was nothing wrong with that."

"I know!  I remember, I was there?  I did it because I never had one, of my own to play with."

"Oh yeah?"


"Well, since you missed it so much."

"What are youwm.  NWH!  MHRHHH!"

"Shh, sh!"

She never let me touch her pussy back then.

"Come on, let me see your pussy."


"Quit fighting!  Jeeze, I just want to see it."


"Ow, fuck!  You almost broke my hand!"




She fell off the couch, but I got the button open on her pants.

Shit, I haven't even seen it since she was.  8, or 9?  Before she left, moved away, and her "Cousin." came back.  "Liar.  Stay down, you LYING!"


"Fucking bitch.  Huh, yeah."  I touched her.  "Yeah, nice hairy beaver."

Who needs those old ass Penthouses when I got a nice hairy beaver right here?  Trying to be a man, fucking liar.  "I'll show you to lie to me, just to get my dick, well.  You want it so much?"


"Here you go, You, Lying, Bitch!"


"HhuhHhH!"   :]  "Huh, fuck.  Yeah."  Pussy.  "Pussy.  Tight fucking pussy.  Virgin?  Were you a virgin, bitch?"

"Snh!"  She nodded.

"Huh!"  It's bloody.  "Huhuhahah!  Yeah!  Broke your cherry goonH!"

She grabbed my neck, and looked mad.

"KruUH Nh, lhgh!  KHuh!"  Let go of my balls.  "Sth, nmH!  KHUGH!  KHUH!"

"You mother fucker.  I loved you, and you raped me!?"  

"Uh, guh!"  Slapping her arms.  Fuck, right.  Steroids, she's been taking steroids, since she was 9?  How many years is that?  'hH?  igh!'

I can't remember, but.  

I can't breathe.  

How long has she been choking me?

I can't fight.

I'm too weak.

I'm getting weaker.



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Re: Transphobic
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"Snh!  Don't cry, faggot.  Don't cry like a little girl.  Be A Man.  Huh!"  No telling how long he's going to be out, but.  "There's some things I have to get off my chest."

He's not listening anyway, so stuff his shirt in his mouth, and.  Maybe feel his chest.  "Snh!  Huh, SNHHHH!"  Smell his sweat.  The hair in the middle, and feel his muscles.  His muscular chest, and gently bite.  Don't pinch it, hard enough to wake him up, but.  "HhuhH!"  

He's grown up!  Lick his nipple, and curl the hairs around with my tongue.  Feel it harden, like his dick isn't going to any time soon, but.

 I better tie him up, or something.  He can just pull his shirt back out of his mouth if I don't tie his hands behind his back, so roll him over on his side, and pull his arm back.

"Uh,  "NRH!  Ywh, brgh!  GHN!"  Hold my fist in front of his face, twisting his arm so he can't struggle, and has to look at it.

"Don't make me knock you out again."


"And don't call me bitch.  Fag, faggot I can take, but I'm not a Bitch.  Got it?  I'm not a wuss, a pussy, and I'm.  Not.  A.  Fucking, Girl.  Got it?"

"Mhm!  Ywr."

"Good, now hold still, let me pull out your belt."   Stupid, I was so busy feeling him up, I should have taken care of this first, but I got them tied together, and pulled the end through the buckle to tuck through.  Between his hands, then kept wrapping it around to the end.  Tuck that in.  "There, now you can sit up."

In front of the couch.

"Huh!  I'm sorry I lied to you, about.  Who I was, I was forced to lie about it to everyone, but lying to you was always the worst.  That hurt, it broke my heart to hide my feelings for you, and I knew you wouldn't understand, but I had no way to be with you, other than to be your friend.  That was enough, I.  I didn't need, I don't really need sex.  I don't have a sex-drive, it's a side effect of not having the Schwantz to have sex with, but I love you.  I always loved you, that's why I wanted to see your dick when we were little, and that's why I let you see me pee.  Just so I could watch you pee, like I always wanted to, and then you started growing up.  Beating off, and looking at."  I kicked the magazine.  "These old magazines, I don't guess they had gay porno mags back then, but even if they did, you wouldn't want to see them."

"Now reawy."

"Huh!  So, I guess that's all I have to say.  I love you, and I'm sorry I lied to you, and.  God, damn it, did you have to rape me?  What the fuck, man?  You know that's fucked up, and you are a fucking child molester!?"


"You can lie to me all you want, mother fucker, but you can't lie to yourself.  You molested me, so I know.  For a fucking fact you are a child molester, and I know lots of girls you molested too.  You got any kiddie porn?  God, what an asshole!  I know, I fell in love with a fucking asshole.  Listen to me.  Sound like a fucking lovesick schoolgirl, when I'm 20 fucking years old, I'm a man, god damn it, but you raped me!"

Now, don't start crying again.  Pussy.  "HhuhHhH!"

"Whrdr ywh gwrna dwr?"

"I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!"  The doctors said there's be side effects.  Muscle growth, facial, and body hair, mood swings, rage, homicidal thoughts, violence, fucking rape!  "Huh!  HhuhHhUh  I'm going to go smoke a cigarette.  That's what I'm going to do.  I need to think."

Sit down.  "WhoohhH!  Not like I fucking planned this.  I would've been fine just being your friend, but no.  You had to go and rape me.  I should cut your fucking dick off, but I know now I can't do that.  Huh!  You've grown up a lot, too.  Hard to believe that bald little thumb is.  Well, there's your tape measure, so let's see how big you've gotten, eh?"

Lock it at 6 inches.  "Mh!  Sorry, it's a little cold I know, but not bad.  4 inches, when it's soft, and you're gonna get hard again, eventually.  Right?  You can get it up for me again, just like old times?  

"Krn I grt a drg?"

"Huh?"  Look at the cigarette.  "Yeah, I guess.  Don't scream, all right?"  

"Huh!  Thanks.  I'm sorry.  I'm really sorry I raped you, just let me go.  Nobody has to know about this."

"Ha, I won't tell if you won't.  Right?  It'll be our little secret, of course you won't fucking tell anyone, you got your ass kicked by a little old faggot.  What would they say?"

"I mean about who you are."

"They know who I am.  I'm Brad, everyone in town knows Brad, and you have any fucking idea how many girls I have to turn down, because I went and fell in love with your child molesting ass?  That's why you're not going to tell anyone a god damned thing.  Because I don't want you to go to jail, I want you.  Mother fucker."

"Don't call me that."

"Why?  Because you don't think I know what your fucked up mom did to you?  I'm your best fucking friend, and still.  Just because I never took a piss around you, since I came back, you think you have any secrets from me?  Stupid.  Fucking Asshole!  Fuck!"

"So, she touched you too?"

"No, dumbshit.  I wasn't her son.  Don't you know anything, about your own mother, even?  God, your denial really goes that fucking deep.  Hard to believe, no.  For your information, I caught you two.  Fucking, I came by to see you, and I saw you together, so I waited until you're done.  Over and over again, I watch your mother fucking you for years before I started bleeding, and they sent me away to the mental hospital to keep me from killing myself."


"Yeah, Really.  That's right, because I was a boy, only they thought I was just a tomboy, I had to try to hang myself, rather than growing the tits, and shit you always worshipped.  You have any idea, what looking down, and instead of a hardon ever moring, you get to see these.  Disgusting growths.  Getting bigger, and bigger, and fucked up boys like you, looking at you.  Like you look at girls.  Little girls, like your sister.  Yeah, I knew about that too.  Huh!  No wonder I feel in love with you, the only other freak in town that could possibly understand me.  If you weren't too busy lying to yourself."

"Where are you going?"

"I need to take a piss.  You want to watch?"


"Then get up.  Yourself.  You know where the toilet is, I'm gonna go take a piss."

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Re: Be a Man (Trans)
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Oh, kay? "It's just a lot to take in, but."

He's got a pussy.  I don't know how gay it is, really, when he's got a pussy, but you know what?  He's a guy, even as a little girl, he was always a guy, and I was just too fucked up to see it.  Either, nobody believed him, but I guess he started bragging about being a boy, well.  When he was really little.  Before the tooth fairy, even.

"Look, man.  I'm sorry."  Sitting down on the toilet.  

"Hh!  Thanks.  It really means a lot to me, just calling me man like that."

"I don't, understand all this, really.  I mean, huh!  I don't fucking know what I mean, but.  You really knew about me and mom, and you never did anything to stop her?"

"How could I?  No seriously, what was I supposed to do?  I thought.  Didn't you like it?"

"She, raped me?"


"Huh!  Wow, man!  I never told anyone that, but.  Fuck!  You know what you're saying about lying to myself?"

"Yeah?  You didn't know, she was raping you?"

"I didn't think about it like that, okay?  Give me a break, she's my mom!  Who ever heard of a mother raping her son?"

"Well, besides me?  Look, I was in that hospital, 3 years before anyone even believed I was a boy, but.  I wasn't locked up alone the whole time.  Sure, I was in the girl ward, but we got to hang out, except for showers, and lights out, there was lots of boys in there because their mothers fucked with them.  The thing is, mothers do it differently.  I mean, the ones that, did that, or at least their sons, any one I talked to had a different story, so looking in through the window, I couldn't tell if it was sex, or rape."

"Well, sometimes she raped me.  I guess, it's always rape, or statutory rape, but most of the time, huh!"  I sat on the edge of the tub.  "I don't fucking know, but it's just like you said.  It was different, not every time, or no two were exactly alike, but she raped me too.  She molested me, I don't know.  Forever, I guess.  Uhm, my hands are really starting to hurt, can you untie me?"

"Yeah, turn around."

"Thanks."  I pulled my pants up, so I didn't have to shuffle around, but just buttoned them up.  "Christ, they fucking hurt."

"I'm sorry about that, huh!  I just had to talk some sense into you."

"Yeah, well.  After I raped you."  I felt my throat.  "Ngh!  Huh!  I guess you had to do something, but.  That's got to be the worst thing I ever done.  I'm not, like that."

"No, you're a child molester."


"Oh, come here."  I just cried on his shoulder, but.  I didn't know what else to do, but I believe him.  He's a man, and he loves me, and.

"Hhuh!  It just all, came back to me.  Like when you die, and your life flashes before your eyes?"

"Yeah, that's why they're called flashbacks."

"How do you handle them?"  He took me raping him, remarkably well.  I have to admit, he's stronger than me.  I don't mean the Steroids, but he didn't break down crying like this, and I just raped him.  My best friend, because I thought he was a girl.

"There there.  You want to go to bed?"

"With you?"

"Yeah.  Huh!  I don't mean for sex.  Neither of us really need sex right now, but just to sleep together?  Literally."

"Yeah, huh!  I'd like that."

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