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Genomorphic Futanaro
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I've been holding onto this idea, waiting for the Transgender/intersextion to open up, but I suppose I can have them moved with the rest of them.  (Or copy/paste, and delete the original.)  In addition to the Hentai term Futanari, I'm going to have to credit the works of John Varley, who had in-and-outpatient sex changes.  Meaning it was over in an hour, and the characters immediately had sex afterwards.  Which is an impossible fantasy, even when I was 8 years old, I couldn't believe it works like that, so this is a more reasonable timeframe.  A day, or 2.  24, to maybe 72 hours at the latest, from female to futanaro, with a lot of Medical terminology which makes it Plausible.

Also, this is Horror.  All the sex is consensual, and nonviolent, but there is some serious body horror going on here.  I'm not going to give it away, but I can't describe what going through the wrong puberty is like, other than woefully inadequate terms like Torture.  One of the reasons I write stories like this, not to mention fantasies of truly becoming the opposite sex, or a combination of gender traits, to the point of functional reproduction, without pain and horror.  Another nightmare for gender disphoric males like myself is Castration Anxiety.  You do realize that reassignment surgery is surgical Castration, right?  Well, the female alternatives involve such pleasant options as having your vagina pulled inside out, so the cervix is on the end, and implanted with an inflatable bladder you can pump up with an erection.

So, this one is a medical fantasy, an alternative that's better than Suicide.  Make no mistake, that's the lifelong choice we have to chose between:  Live with it (What I chose, or couldn't afford) surgical mutilation to look almost, but not quite utterly unlike the way you feel, hormones (The side effects are variable, and complicated.  Would take longer than this story to go into) or kill yourself.  The #1 cause of death, pre or post-op is Suicide, because we don't have a better option.

^There's your Trigger Warnings.



I didn't know how to feel about it, I still don't know, how I feel, having just witnessed it.  It was very sudden, in the end.  In the beginning, she went to the doctors, I went to the therapist with her, and we discussed options.  There are many, so many more than I considered, but for me it was my feelings as a Lesbian.  I love her, the love of my life.  Too much to want anything for her, more than to be happy, and she isn't.  So, it is her decision, her body, and she knows how I feel about it.

By it, I mean her lingham.  She has one now, but my problem is not that it gets in the way of her old yoni.  I loved it, and I will miss it.  Some of the other options includes growing out the clitoris, enough for her to fuck me, and I would have preferred that.  She would still have her yoni, but it is her body, her choice, and her penis.  It's just that, I think that if it had grown slowly, on the outside, it would have been more like my Oppai.  For example, I went through puberty too, and it was much easier to me, waking up in the morning, and feeling, a little more in my hands, then a little more, and a little more until I took the pills to stop. 

She could have took the pills to grow her penis, from her clitoris, slowly enough to get used to it, and just stop when she has enough.  The problem there is this does not give her sperm, and she wants to be a father.  A real father, and I want her babies.  Inside me, I want her to father my children, so there is no other way.

Genophagic Chromosome Replacement.  From that the doctors told us, what they did was take the sperm cells, and reprogram them.  A virus, I never thought about it this way, in sex educations, but that is what they are.  Sperm ar a Virus, they are a genetic code, in a protein sheathe, with a key to fit the receptor in the egg, inject it with DNA, and change the Karyotype.  To make it complete, yes.  That is what this is, to make Ranma complete.  Not a man, the term is Futanaro, he is now the woman I love, plus.  The thing he needs to be a man, a father, and so I can have his children.

They said, most often, she goes to sleep, and wake up in the morning.  A new man, or a Futanaro.  I love her body, and she loves that I love her body.  She has very nice oppai, not very much, but she is a girl, inside and out.   :emot_weird.gif:  Even now, she is a girl, with a penis, and testes.  Outside, but the thing, the problem is this did not happen.  She lost some of her Oppai, they were so full, and perky, no sag, but some of that fat was used to store the things she needed for growth.  She drink the medicine, she say is like a milk shake, chocolate and mint, because she likes this flavor combination, but it would not be good for me to try this.  They do not get larger, they just become different.  Chemically, I do not understand how in great detail, but they tell us the hormones, enzymes, and cellulose she needs to grow them are lipophilic.  Store in fat, then burn up in sleep.

It is experimental.  They have tested it, but this is on the leading edge of gender medicine.  Puberty control is easy, say when to stop, because this is the normal change.  From a girl to a woman, but a girl to a Futanaro, this is still new, and they do not always wake up the new man.  Or in this case, the new half.  She woke up this morning, and.  She check first.  "Maybe tomorrow."  It may be a day late.

Or, as I thought there would be one more chance for a great morning.  Like a good morning, only so much better, and it has been nothing but great mornings ever since she come in my life.  We will have to learn to have sex, all over again, and it is easier.  As easy as it is with a man, but i don't want Easy sex.  Man sex, it is boring.  That is why i chose lesbian, I tried men, it is easy, it is boring, and them what do we do?  Cuddle the rest of the night?  With women, it is complicated, and I like complicated sex.  I don't get bored in complicated sex, but she already have her legs open.  Her hands between to feel what is not there yet, or was not, and so I move to kiss her.

One last time, and she can kiss me.  She can kiss me forever, if only she could work, with me sitting on her face all the time.  I love her kisses, and I loved kissing her, then I have my rapture.


We turn over, and she sit up.  To sit on my face, we roll over all the time.  In the yin/yang, it is part of the fun of sex, or turn around to use our fingers together, and bounce out oppai together, and kiss our tongues together, but not this morning.  This way and that, sometimes sideways, take turns on top, but this time.

This time gravity.  :emot_weird.gif:  This time, she was not just saggy, and flat in the chest.  I knew that would happen, they told me, and showed me pictures.  They also show me, animations.  Of what was to happen, and how.  It is one thing, to see like body scan.  Inside and out on a screen.  It is another for it to fall straight down, bump my nose, and roll over my cheek.  She grunted, and next I see the other one.  The wrinkles smooth out, like a hymen, but it is not.  It is her scrotum, stretching for her other teste to push out, like an eye coming open, and another lid in there. 

Wrinkled, they stretch smooth, then Pop!


This was funny, I laughed.  It rolled off the other side of my nose, and it was new.  Fresh poreless skin, smooth as a baby boys, and not a hair to be seen.   :emot_laughing.gif:

We both laughed, and she bent over.  So as to not be right over my face, but then there was a little grunt, and all I can think before I close my eyes is of a video I see of how a sausage is made.  The machine, where the man hold the tube, and the forcemeat fill it so it blows up, and they twist the links as fast as they can.  Hand made sausage, the old fashion way, with Kanji on the bottom so we can read what the Germann say.

Again, there is one thing, you see on a computer screen, and you think.  Oh, that is interesting.  Then there is another, different thing to close your eyes, and feel it.  Crap out on your face like a turd, and then slide back up as it gets hard.

I am so sorry.  I screamed.  I just woke up, it was like a nightmare, and she cried.  I cried with her, and it was so sad.  the most important moment in hir life, and i screamed.

I am so sorry I ruined it.


Ranma (2.1  Note there are some vedic terms in this japan from cultural exchange between Shinto, and Buddhism.  This is not Our Japan.)

It is simple.  I could be pregnant, or I could grow something else.  Anything else I want, so they impregnated me with a syringe, and a y to replace 1 X, then I grow what I wanted.  Like a boy, but not a full boy.  Just the parts I want on the outside, and a bone to anchor in my pelvis on the inside.  This was supposed to happen in my sleep.  It did not, so we decide to have sex, one last time, as lesbians. 

I didn't think it would scare her.  She laughed when I birthed my testes, and then I had my rapture.  My last rapture as a girl, giving birth to the new me, my best one as a girl, bar none, but now.  I can not have sex as a man.  Not really, not yet, first I have to wait for it to anchor in my pelvis.  She stop screaming, and we cry together.

Huh!  It hurt my feelings.  I felt like a monster, a freak.  I guess I am a freak, but not of nature, it will take time to get used to.  Now I understand, how she means, she needs time to get used to.  Like the Oppai, but I never get used to them.  In the shower, I like them.  I am sorry, I know she like them full, and round, and heavy, but now I feel them.  Flat, and empty, I still have that option.  I can have them cut and paste, but that is a risk of scars, and I do not want scars, but it will take time to take pills, and cannibalize the skin.  This is what they say, my body will eat the skin, just as my womb grew the skin for the tissue, and just to know, I will never bleed again.  I well never cramp again, now there is a risk of hitting them.

I can't stop giggling!  And playing wag the tail, and pushing them around, and round until the tubes twist up together inside, then spread my legs, and hold it up so they spin back out like a swing!  Ooh!  I have to urinate!  "Hnnn!  Hihihnm!" 

They warn me.  One of the most common injury, day one, is slipping and falling.  You want to wash, right away, I just give birth, and my cervix has not even contracted fully, do not jump up and down, so you slip and fall, then my pelvises may not align right to adhere together, but I see what they mean.  I want nothing more that to jump, and bounce, and swing, so I swing my hips instead.  Iike a swing, and it is the best morning, my whole life.  I love them, even more then my wildest dreams, more than anything, and even my new pancake titties.  My gorilla oppia, I think I may, even keep them.  Like this, loose and empty, I do not know how they look.

OMG!  "The mirror!"  I not even look in the mirror, because just like every morning I never want to look in the mirror, because she always there to look back, but.

 ;D  "No!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "I lied.  I'm sorry I lied, but I am not Futanaro.  I am a man."   :'( 

But Akane, she is lesbian.  I love her so much, but can she still love me as a man.  With droopy gorilla oppai?

We will take time, to get used to them.  Then we will see, but.  "Huh!"  I must get dressed, and go talk to the doctors first.

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"Hhuh!  Try to hold still."  Tune out the sounds of the office, shut off my ears, my eyes, the smells, everything else.

"Dr Mendel?"

"Sh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  It's not a sixth sense.  Inwardly, we have this sense, of where our arm is, when we wake up.  For instance, it is a natural sense, and depending what order you chose to count, it could be the sixth, but feeling someone else's.  From the outside.  "There."  Through hir pelvis, it's one of the hardest.  Any other sense would overpower it, I have to forget my own body, and the feeling of her skin against my palm, but if I concentrate on just hir pulse.

The beat of hir pulse against my fingertips, and ignore my own beating louder.  Deeper, out of synch, I can isolate it, and feel the vibrations in the bone.  The shape of it, as I have before, and with each examination of the same subject, I am more familiar with hir anatomy, but the changes.

Are too fast, but this, bone doesn't change this fast.  It's the same pelvis, and the curve picks up the reflections of another bone through the tissues, and the fluids they're suspended in.

"Take a deep breath, and hold it."

"Yes, doctor."

"Don't nod."  Feel around again, and take another deep breath again.  Feel my pulse, and filter that out, then isolate her pulse.  The deep vibration in her pelvis, the reflections of the only other bone in there.  "Push, gently.  You remember the kegels I showed you."


"Relax, and push, with your diaphragm."  I have to grip the flesh, hanging out.  Gently move the sensitive glands out of the way, and tug experimentally, without loosing track of the bone.  The smaller bone, inside.  I can't visualize it in 3 dimensions, but I can tell where it's oriented.  The process at the front, or where it should be at the front, and guide it to turn forward, so it can settle.  Gently pulling the excess flesh so it can settle in place.

"Huh!"   :o  

"Good."   :emot_weird.gif:  Blink at the light, and release her skin so I can get a sense of my body again.  Take a seat, and breathe.  Slow my heart, and swallow the vertigo.  The nausea that is unavoidable.  "Hm.  Now, be very careful, to avoid any activity to dislodge it.  For the next sixteen hours, but you can go."

Hir girlfriend wheeled the chair out, they have an appointment with Maud next, to deal with the emotional affects of the transition, but that went well.

"Whew!"  It's just exhausting, but I can get something to drink.  Something nutritious, s/he can pick up the prescription for the milk to begin the fusion between her new parts and old, but barring any accidents.  Like a car accident, s/he should be fine.

If you ask me, the body sense is the third.  After sight, and hearing, before even touch, much less taste, and smell, but may be interchangeable with external touch in the 3rd, or 4th spot.  Normally, in humans, I should say.  Pain is abnormal, but there's your 1st sense.  We feel pain before we can even see.  Before we are born, but normally we should never feel pain.  It's not something we want to sense, it is something to avoid.  Like Vertigo, and Nausea.

This is why I don't have any appointments all morning.  I need a good strong nutritious drink and a nap.  I don't even want to think about who I have to see next until after that.



In a word, Magic.  Xe's a changeling, the first changeling, s/he's the one who developed all of the biological processes that make these possible.  For a continuity note, this is the Atrocity Wars timeline, only after the Atrocity Wars, and before the Eugenics War.  When human supremacists "Cleanse" the Earth of artificially advanced life, like GMOs.  Xe is a GMO, or in local terminology, Gelfi with conscious control over hir own biological processes.  The Genophages are mass produced in hir own testes, her 6th sense is the epigenetic "Taste" of recombination in hir gonads, and Xe grew a brain in hir uterus to visualize the programming of Genophages.  On another world, that isn't even there yet, Xe will retroactively be known as the first Fraethi, their Goddess of life.  

Also, happens to be the Aunt/Sister (Complex family tree due to generations of incest, same grand/father/brother) of Eve 8, AKA Amanda Hunt.  The only being, in all of Human histories the Basiatis considered an equal, but this isn't Hir story...



 :'(  "Snh!"

 ^-^  I walked them out.   >:(  Hand on my sword, through the crowd of protesters.

"Do not listen to them.  Just keep your head down."

"You are Hiroshimaru."

Bow, "Yes."

"Why do they call you that?"

"I am from Okayama, not Hiroshima.  After American bombed them, and Nagasaki, they started calling children that."


"Yes.  The twisted, from the fallout, but I am not one of those.  Nor Fukushimaru, but the children in my neighborhood called me this, when I was 12."

Some of the protestors follow us.


"Because, I was born a girl, and then I became a boy.  Genevive Ishi Mendel.  She was studying people like me in Dominica where we are called Guevedoces.  Eggs at twelve, in Supeingo, so I go there.  There is a village, where there are 3 genders.  Male, female, and Guevedoces, we breed true with women.  After we change, but in studying it, I was able to become a man, the prototype for Futanari like you."

"I am Futanaro.  I will be a man."

"Uhn nh mh!"

"You do not want this?" 

"Snh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "I am lesbian.  I love her, and.  Uh!  I want her to be happy too."


"I don't want to stop loving her, but I can't!  I can't, it is a nightmare!"  She wailed in mourning.

"We have a little scare, this morning.  I was late."

"Hang on.  Keep walking."

Around the corner.  I stop, turn and bow. 

"Go back to your protest."  My hand on my hip, thumb under the tsuba.

"Nigironin."  They scoffed.  "You are not nigironin."

 :emot_weird.gif:  "He hated that name.  My master.  Show some respect."

"To you?"

They reached for their weapons.  Good.

The first did not even get his Tachi clear.  My Wakisashi, is shorter, lighter, and edge up.  So I can slash with a twist into his.

"AI!"  his tachi fell, so I sidestep.  Bitch!"  Duck back from his weak back hand, and sidestep again.  To keep him, between me and his friend, with the tonfa.  Pressing the button in the pommel to unlock the Kama blade, which drops out by gravity.  Gripping the short end, 2 handed.  Circling around with it held up like a beak.  Tenguka.

Over his shoulder, the two clients are safe.

Nod, and fall back.  Out of reach before the tachika can try to figure out how to hold it in his left hand.  That is a lot of sword, and his friend has the combination weapon, but they try to catch me.  Not the clients.  I tug the Jitte from the back of my belt, and show them.

"I am police."  Turn it to show the character on the other side.  "You have not assaulted me yet, I will let you go with a warning, and your wound, but if you persist, I can charge you with attempted assault.  Now, go back to your protest.  You can do that, there are doctors who can fix up your wrist.  Can you close your hand, make a fist?"

"Ngha!"  His first two.

"I am sorry.  I severed those tendons, but go to the clinic, and they can fix them.  Good as new."

"I don't want your filthy foreign sorcery."

"It is your choice.  You can cling to your traditional ideas of purity, or you can get the use of your fingers back, but I can not make that choice for you.  I can call you an ambulance."  His friend finished tying on some sash he cut off.  "You will live.  You are not bleeding fast enough to die, before you make it to another hospital."

"Let's go back to the protest?"

To his friend.  This is not how I wish to convince them, but it is the closest medical attention.  He wishes to save his face, and his fingers, in his sword hand.  That is a lot of sword, I have to wonder why a Tachi?  You can have anything you want, if you have the steel, and the fabricator to form it, but there are some questions I will never have any answer to.

It is just a strange choice, to me.  I understand the Wakisashi, left handed, because that is my training.  I am not left handed, neither are most, but the back-hand on the draw is faster, and cut across most opening attacks from most right handed weapons.

It is the law here, in Tokyo.  Open carry, no guns, not even police, on your person.  I understand this, compromise between personal protection, and public safety.  A sword, or even naganata does not kill the man watching across the street, but these traditionalist. 

They do not respect the law, of their elders.  I do not understand this.

"Emergency.  Lascerated wrist, and severed tendons.  2.  There is till time to save them."

"We will take care of this."

"Pro bono.  I will pay the costs, I am responsible for the wound."

"Thank you.  Uh, sir?"

Nod to his bow.  "Hiroshimaru."

Ah yes.  Motorcycle leathers, i believe.  A scuff suit, only now I recognize the ceramic studs from them clicking against the pipes of the wheel-chair.  To reduce friction, scuffing on pavement, only without the helmet, I was concentrated on his weapon, until no longer a threat.

"Can I clean your sword, 'Oshi?"

"Hm?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Oh, no."  I shook the blood off, or tried, it was not much, and wiped it on my sash, returning the tip to the saya, and tilting it up.  Back home.  "Thank you."

"Thank you."

Cavalry style, with motorcycle.  That explains the cavalry Katana.  He is clubsy on his feet, no footwork.  That explains it.  How I walked circles around him so easily.  He is unused to fighting on foot.

No need for report.  The wound, and the warning is enough.
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