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Unprofessional (Psyche)
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I'm going to have to continue this here, because of Mind Control.  The victim is also underage.  Now, this isn't a line they're crossing.



"Snh!"   :'(  "He broke up with me."

"I truly am.  So sorry.  If there's anything I can do to help.  At the very least, I can offer free therapy, to try and repair any damage I may have caused."

"Well, I know you're not a sex therapist, and I'm not transgender.  So, if you want to give me a referral."

"Actually, I am.  A sex therapist as well.  What I ment was that I was dealing with his gender issues.  Now that I've lost all my objectivity, and the trust I had built with him, I won't be able to work with him any more, except for his prescriptions."

"I won't tell anyone."

"No, that's not how confidentiality works.  You are free to tell anyone, anything about our sessions.  Especially anything that makes you uncomfortable, or you think may be unethical.  That's why it's called doctor patient Privilege.  I can't share anything that would violate your privacy, but for your safety, you can share anything, with anyone.  Even the police, or the Medical Ethics Board.  That is the only way we can prevent anyone in my position from abusing our patients."

"So, we can discus your sexuality now?"

"If it would help you trust me more?"

"I trust you.  My boyf."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Ex, boyfriend.  He trusted you, that's more than enough for me.  I know you triggered me on accident, but I have to know what I have to avoid, or I'll just stumble into it."

I nodded.  "So, what would you like to know?"

"Are you a lesbian, straight, or bisexual?"


"Do you find me attractive?"

"You're fourteen.  So, no.  If you want me to be honest, you're too young for me to be attracted to you."

"Good, okay.  Are you transgender?"


"Post op?"

"No, hormones, and that's the most I want to discuss about my anatomy, or sexuality."

"Fair enough.  Now, can you help me get rid of my rape fantasies?"

"No.  That's impossible, they're subconscious, and underpin your sexuality.  The best I can do is help you function better with them."


"Hopefully.  There's no guarantees here, which is why I can't promise you won't be triggered again.  So, now I'm going to have to ask you some potentially painful questions, to help me avoid triggering you again."

"Huh!"  She nodded, closed her eyes, and mentally prepared herself.  "Okay, shoot."

"He mentioned that you were molested, first."

"Yes, and I was okay with that.  He, groomed me?"  I nodded, "For a couple years before he got more sexual."

"How old were you?"

"5 when we met, then 7 when he started.  Well, he was always.  Huh!  Do I have to avoid graphic language?"

"No, that was mostly for his benefit."

"And so I didn't get turned on."

"That's no longer an issue, but do you mind if I smoke?"

"it's your office, just open a window or something."  She looked.  "You don't want to get one out?"

"Not yet, that was mostly for future reference.  You don't smoke."

"I'm 14?"

"Well, I started when I was younger, but go on."

"Oh, right.  Where was I?"

"Take your time."

"Well, he was always touchy feely.  You know, tickles, hugs and kisses, liked to pick me up like mom, or dad?"

"Was he a family member?"

"Not really, friend of the family, but he stayed at our house a lot, and he liked me to call him uncle."

I nodded, "Common enough."

"I didn't know, I was 5 years old, so I guess I liked the attention.  The affection, hugs and kisses.  Riding on his shoulders, he really liked to jump, or bounce when he walked, whenever he carried us."

"Not just you?"

"No, my sister too, and some of the other girls around our neighborhood."  I nodded.  "But you know.  Geoff called it Tribado?"  

"Yes, at some point you became aware that he did it to stimulate you."

"Yeah, not until after we stopped, but the way he did that.  That's why I need it hard.  Sorry."

I swallowed.  It's okay, go on."

"Well, then he started kissing me.  Tongue kissing, to check my teeth?"

"Your permanent teeth."

"Yeah, when I lost my last baby tooth, he uh.  He asked me about it.  Them, he was missing this one?"  Right upper bicuspid.  "So, he'd stick his tongue out, the side?  I can't do it, because I have a tooth there, but that's how he got me to.  Well, i guess I always played around with the gaps, with my tongue, we all did."

"It's extremely common, I wouldn't be surprised if every child does, it's a perfectly natural thing to do, but he twisted it."

"Yeah, to stick his tongue in my mouth, but I liked it too.  I played with the gaps in his teeth too.  He had this, Sweet Tooth.  A cavity really, in the top of one of his molars, I liked to play with."

"It's also a way to see if you're ready."

"For sex?"

"It wasn't sex.  You understand that he was abusing you.  It's part of his victimology, they have to have all their permanent teeth, but not be menstruating yet."

"Oh!" ::)  "Huh!"

"He didn't stop there?"

"No, you're right.  That's when he started.  Well, okay, he always felt my legs, and my butt, but that's when he started really fondling me, and working his way.  You know, toward the goal?"

"Between your legs."

"Yeah, and that's when it started feeling sexual to me too.  My first real erotic feelings, and fantasies, and dreams were about him feeling my legs, fondling my butt, and getting my underpants smelly.  That's what he called it.  First he ran a load of laundry, he did chores around the house when he stayed with us.  Off and on, he had trouble working, or holding a job.  Grew up with dad, best friends, but he was struggling, and I'm pretty sure now that he started quitting, or getting evicted so he could move back."

"Also a fairly common pattern."

"But he came over all the time, took us out for rides, watched us when mom and dad moved out, and we could go over to his place any time, if he lived close enough.  Or, I could call him, and he'd pick me up.  That's how I knew he quit his job to move back, because he got his own place when we started dating, so we could be together."

"Also a common pattern.  So, he's a pedophile."

"Yeah, like Teddy?"

"No, actually he was an Emotional Sadist."


"Yes, he preferred young boys, because he knew how to control them best, but he's not a pedophile.  In some ways, he's the opposite.  He may have claimed to have loved his victims, when really he liked to torture them, and make them like it."


"Geoff never told you, because he couldn't admit it to himself.  It was the main stumbling block in his transition."

"That's, really fucked up."

"Right, which is why we have things like doctor patient privilege.  This kind of position can give someone too much power over another's psyche'.  Depending on the specialty, they can manipulate your thoughts, emotions, sexuality, or in his case, Gender.  If I was a sadist, like Teddy, I could groom you to gain your trust, then repeatedly trigger you to enjoy your suffering."

"Well, good thing you aren't."

"At the risk of compromising that trust, I have to tell you.  If I was, it would only be in my interest to tell you that I wasn't."

"Oh."   :emot_weird.gif:

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah."   :emot_weird.gif:

"You need a break?"

"Well, at the risk of compromising your objectivity, I have to warn you that that kind of power is incredibly sexy."

"Well, I have another appointment to prepare for, so if you'd like to continue."

"Oh yeah.  Same schedule?  As Geoff's, since he can't use this slot any more, I guess it's the most convenient for everyone?"

"Of course.  So, I'll see you next week?"

"Sure, can I use your bathroom?"  

"Of course."

I closed my door, and locked it.  I only have 15 minutes to deal with this erection, but I better clear the air first.

I was fine until I smelled how aroused she was.

"Uh!" ::)  She must have heard me open the window, so she waved.

I packed my pipe, and stepped away from the window, but I couldn't get the image of flashing her, and jerking off while she watched from the sidewalk out of my head.

"Huh!"  So, I took care of it.  To be fair to my next patient.


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Re: Unprofessional (Psyche)
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"Can I use your bathroom?"  On second thought, it's probably a better idea to cool off, and turn myself back on when I get home.  So, I just dried myself out, took them off, and pulled my pants back up.

Maud  "Huh!"  She opened the window.  Is that a pipe?

 ::)  She didn't wave back, but it almost occurred to me what the deal with smoking was too late.  The smell must be triggering, so I changed the subject before we got into panties.

"Snh!"  Stuff them back in my purse.

"That's how you can tell they're clean!"  Fresh, and hot from the drier, then putting them on.  Right in front of him, but that's also how he warmed up my bottom, and my bare little cooch.  I was 7!  Then we'd play around, hugs and kisses, tickles until I couldn't breathe.  Especially the sensitive spots on the insides of my thighs, but that's also how he got me started sniffing panties.

"Huh!"  Look around.  "Snh!  Huh!"  Stuff them back before the bus pulls up.

Of course, checking the ones on my floor also got me used to smelling dirty panties.  Unless you could see racing stripes, I got used to smelling stale pee, and throwing them in the laundry baskets, but that inevitably led to pantie sniffing parties.  I have to cross my legs, and just do a little scissoring, on the bus, but at this point I'm not cooling off to get turned on again when I get home.  I'm building up sexual tension for release when I get home, so I can dump out my laundry bag, and pick out all the dirty underwear.

"Huh!"  The ones in my purse are very stinky.  Probably still warm, but.  I can't just whip them out, and sniff them, that guy's already staring, and looking away when I notice.


I have to be practically dripping pheromones now, but I can't stop the flashback at this point, so I might as well remember the good parts.  When it was just naughty, of course he'd wait until it was just the two of us, and help me sort through the laundry on the floor.  Snif!  These are clean.  Snif!  Eww, these are gross.  Snif!

I think there's something, I need to look for, in the bottom of my purse real quick.


Close it.  Look around.  Bounce my foot, so it doesn't look like I'm scissoring.

"Huh!"  Then, he showed me how to make stinky panties.  That's when it started getting erotic.  For me, no more tickles so I couldn't breathe.  First you rub your legs, like this...

"HhuhH!"  I need to stop.  I can remember, but don't bend over the seat back and start rubbing your bottom through your pants, or anything.  In fact, I'm getting dangerously close to the rape, and I already flashed back to that, so.  

"Huh!"   ::)  Geoff.   :'(

Couldn't last forever?  I guess I can still see him, at school, but I was afraid to tell him, and it turns out I was right.  He can't do it, we can't have sex, any more, because he knows I can't get off without thinking about rape.

Maybe it's that Emotional Sadism thing Maud was talking about.

Okay, that's a problem.  I really, REALLY need to not keep seeing her, because I really REALLY want to see her.  Naked.

See, the problem is the answers to all those questions just made the mystery worse!  Let's see, bisexual transgender.  Non-op, hormones, which basically means Shemales!  Only ever seen pictures, and movies, but I just ended a relationship with a transboy, so I'm officially trisexual, and now I'm quad, ra?  Curious.  The only 4 genders I know of so far, and Maud happens to be the 1 I haven't had any experience with, have seen the most hot porn with, and sat there talking about Mind Control!?


This is dangerous.  Very very dangerous, which just makes it so much more exciting!  She wants me to trust her, and then she tells me that if she was one of those mind control doctor patient exploiters they have all these rules, and ethics boards to prevent, she would of course tell me she isn't.

So, of course I want to find out, and hope she really is the type to enslave me by sticking her hands in my head, and fondling my brain.

"Oh!"  :emot_weird.gif:  "Good."  This is my stop.

So, I can get off.


[Dear Maud,

I thought of some more questions, so here goes:

1)  Do you have any special pronouns.  I know it's not important 1o1, but I don't know whether to write her, or them.  She, or Xe.  Goef pronounced it "Chi," but spelled it Xe.  I think that's Greek?
I prefer Hir, and s'he.

2)  Is it okay if I fantasize about you?  I can't help it really.  I'm sorry, but ever since you admitted you were non-op hormonal transition, I can't stop thinking about your breasts, and having a penis.
If you have any control over it, I would prefer you didn't think about my vestage.  (That's what I call my penis.)  I suppose I don't mind you thinking about my breasts, however I must insist our relationship remain as professional as possible, or we'll have to stop, and I'll refer you to someone without the conflict of interest.
3)  This is mostly to avoid triggering you, but you don't have any fantasies involving sexual abuse, or violence?
Fantasies, no.  However I do have sexual traumas that I'd rather not remember, as well as nightmares.  they don't arouse me.

4)  You hinted that you may be capable of sexual manipulation, or abusing your position.  This is so I can trust you more.
Anyone is capable of sexual abuse.  Some have more inhibitions, while others require a lot less motivation, but the myth that transwomen are incapable of violence is just that, a myth.  I can only be triggered into violence by self defense, however I have some martial arts training, and I'm continuing the paths of Aikido, as well as Ba Gua Chuan.  Both of them are defensive disciplines, however, and primarily meditation to help me compartmentalize.  ]


Note, the above was typed, and double spaced so Maud could write in the answers.  In Italics.  Basically as a Teacher does with a red pen.  Since Amber is a school girl.
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Re: Unprofessional (Psyche)
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Maud  (Tf Talk/Chastity)

She closed the door.  "How was your week?"

"Huh!  Horrible."

"How so?"

"I'm lonely, depressed.  I thought about killing myself again.  Not seriously, but just huh!"   ::)  "A moment, before I can stop it."

"What kind of.  Thoughts?"

"Impulsive?  One minute I'm walking up from the busses, and the next I'm thinking about the bell tower."

"At school?" 

"Mhm?  I guess it's cool that I don't have a rifle, but the first thought was it's a shame they put it in the middle of the roof, so it's not high enough."  Shrug, "I don't know how I'd get up there anyway.  There's this big door, and a lock on it you'd need power tools to get open, but there's no outlet.  It's really like a Safe door.  I think?"

"Well, perhaps it is for your safety." ;D

"Hah, yeah."  She uses humor to diffuse negative feelings.  A useful technique she already knew, but she's been fighting them for years.  "So, I went up there to be alone, but."  Shrug, "I didn't want to be alone, and I was feeling slutty.  I didn't want to just grab the next guy that checked me out, and jump his bone, but.  Huh!  i can't help thinking about it, and the worst part is i don't have the tool for the job any more, and it takes forever with just my hand."

"Because you're insensitive."

"And it takes a long time to loosen up enough."

I hate to ask, but.  "For?"  I have to know.

"My knuckles?  Ever since I gave my.  Dildo?"

"You can speak freely."  I anticipated this kind of interview, so took the precaution of putting on my chasitity.  "Mh."  Crossed my legs, and tamped my pipe.  "Would you mind opening the window?"

The rings are reassuring.  Like a hug, knowing that I won't have to worry about any swelling with them there. 

"Hm, so you've been having violent thoughts as well.  The rifle?"

"I don't have a rifle, and I don't know how I would pull the trigger anyway, but I don't want to hurt anyone.  Huh!  I only thought about it once, but.  The school yard was just so full of kids, and I thought about that guy from Austin.  With the brain tumor?"

"Charles Whitman."

She nodded, crossed her legs.  "Yeah, I just thought about them running, when they heard the shot, then somebody going up there to find the body.  It was only a moment, and then it was over, but i didn't even think about aiming at anybody.  Just how funny it would be, trying to get the barrel in my mouth, and pulling the trigger with my toes."

"Hm."  I didn't find it funny.  "Anything else?"

"Then about the roof, and being scared of getting paralyzed was enough to get rid of it, but I need something.  I can't concentrate with the distraction, I'm horny all the time, I can't satisfy myself, there's so many boys, and I don't have a toy, so i went back to stuffing anything I could fit in there when I get home, just so I can do my homework."

"Sex addiction."

"Uh?"   ::)  "Yeah!  I never thought of it like that, but I guess it's like.  Snh!  What are you smoking?"

"It's just tobacco, if that's what you mean."

"It smells like cherries?"

I nodded, "It's Dutch sweet Cavendish, but it has some cherry flavor."

"Can I try it?"

"You don't smoke.  You're fourteen."

"I know, but it's driving me nuts, and I won't inhale."

"PB.  Hn."  I held it out for her, and nodded.

"Neat pipe.  Is it ivory?"

"God, no.  Meercham."

"Whooh!  Well, it's really cool.  I like the mermaid?"

She blew out, right away, and smacked her lips.  "Mh!"  Returned to her seat.  "So, yeah.  I guess it's like fiending.  I don't do drugs, but I have an aunt.  She's a bit of a lush, and she gets the shakes if she doesn't get her wine with dinner?"

I nodded, held the smoke in my mouth a moment, then set it back on the stand.

"It's kinda like incense, too.  Huh?"

"And sculpture, and a lot of other things.  Like everything, really."  Crumpled up a ball of paper.  "Like this."  Hold it up.  Turned it, "It's just a simple wad of paper, right?"  She nodded, "Well, it's also an origami boulder."  She giggled, and I started pulling it apart with my nails.  "When you open it up, and flatten it out, then you start to see the pattern.  it's chaos, but every fold affects the crease beside it, and is in turn affected by the crease before it."  I held it up.  "Hm, it's also stimming."

"What's that?"

Kshch!  "Mh.  Huh, it's short for Stimulus.  Like triggering, though there are positive triggers, and negative ones.  Like the stimulus that makes you feel better, and the ones that make you feel worse, but the important point is that our minds tend to focus on one thing.  The surface, or the paper, the part we can understand, or believe we do when we make something up.  For example, this could also be a map, of peaks and valleys, and we haven't even gotten to the words printed on it."


The shreds fell into the bin underneath the the sheering rollers, and I nodded.  "Now, the way we can start to manage your sex addiction is by finding other stimulus that helps override those impulses.  As well as the self destructive ones."

"They're the same ones."  She nodded.  "I mean the suicidal ones, or the."   ::)  "Thoughts about being hurt?  They're all erotic.  Like the tower, it doesn't take a Freudian genius to see the phallic symbol there, but then I think about hanging from it, and I.  Well, that one was what popped into my head when i finally got off."

"Hanging, from the tower."

"Naked, and kicking?  Yeah, so everyone could see."

"All right, these appear to be a bit more severe than I had originally considered.  So, we're going to have to dig down to the root causes, and origin of these feelings."

"Rape."  She nodded.  "They started when Uncle raped me."

"Huh!"  Fortunately, violence against women is the ultimate turnoff for me. 


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Re: Unprofessional (Psyche)
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"Huh!"   ::)  "You have any rubber bands?"  She pulled out a drawer, so I got up and looked.  

"What size?"

"Wow," OCD much?  "These should do."  I picked too, and put them on my wrists.  "You ever seen Hellboy?"

"I read the comics.  I was a comic book nerd.  As a boy.  BPRD mostly."

I snapped one.  "Nhm!"  Then the other.   :emot_weird.gif:  "What you said about stimming, reminded me."

"That feels better?"

"Well, it's like your oragami boulder?  Yeah, it snapped me out of it.  I don't know why I never tried it before, but.  I've got this latex fetish, it's like bondage without bondage."

"You tried it with Geoff, and self restraint."

"And that's another one, self restraint?"  I held my fingers together in a double fist, "But mostly it's like punishing myself.  It hurts, but also it doesn't leave any scars, like cutting."

"You don't cut yourself any more."

"I never could.  I tried, but I'd only get as far as scratches, which is why I started thinking of.  More.  Violent ways to do it?  I don't think I can, really kill myself.  I always chicken out, but I used to think it was to avoid the pain?  Or trying to avoid it hurting.  Thinking some way to do it painlessly, but now that I like pain, I'm thinking about long slow painful ways, to enjoy it."

"Like hanging."


"You haven't been doing any auto-erotic asphyxiation."

"No, uh.  I know better.  I really Really want to, try it so better, I know I better not, or I'll surely die that way.  Huh!  It's funny, because honestly what stops me is the thought of how that would hurt my mom.  I don't want to disappoint her, and if she only knew, the sort of things I'm into."   :emot_weird.gif:  "I can only imagine her frowning, and crying, at the same time?  I don't want that, for her."  I put my arms back.  "Hahn!"  Gripped my fists tight, and just relaxed.  "You know, this helps a lot, too?  Talking to you about it.  All the stuff I couldn't say to Geof without scaring hem, or."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Idafuckingknow.  Snh!"  

That Dutch cherry Cavendish smells fantastic!  

"Hm, smq!  I guess it's not so much the first time, as the last time, I flashed back?  Also the first time the word Slut turned me on.  He called me that, and I just kept walking.  Put my head down, but that way another reason I couldn't tell him this.  Huh!  I just.  Well, there's no other way to put this.  I cheated on Geof."  Snap!  "Nmh!  With Teddy."  Snap!


"So anyways, I got hot.  I guess it's like the spaghetti test.  He went around, calling girls sluts until one stuck.  So, I started thinking about it, what that word really means.  A slut enjoys sex, and that's me!  This was before I couldn't get off without the orgasm triggering a rape image.  Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "You think that caused it?"

"Well, you mean;"  she gave up.

"Oh, let me tell you what happened.  So anyway, I just rubbed one off, real quick, but then I decided I liked it.  Feeling slutty, it was a turnon, so I went back.  It was stupid, and impulsive of me.  I never liked Teddy, he's a sexist bully, and a child molester.  I knew that, I wan't even in denial about it any more, I was even trying to get Goef.  Sorry, no.  It was still Kenny back then.  He was shaving, for that.  Sick seflish swaggering prick, but."

Snap, snap!  "Hm."   :emot_weird.gif:  "I did it.  I went right up to him, took his hand, and dragged him off to the bushes to fuck him.  The really fucked up part is it felt like rape, anyway."

"You didn't rape him."

"Uh!  No?  How can a girl rape a guy."

"Huh!  I'm not going to tell you that."

"But you're saying it happens."

"A lot more frequently than you might think, but yes.  It does, I know plenty of victims who could confirm it, but it's so counter intuitive, and contrary to social norms, they typically can't admit it to themselves."

"Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "HhHhH!"  Hugging my legs didn't help.  

"Relax, try to breathe, and think of something else."  She was there, rubbing my back, and I curled up.  Next to her on the couch.  "Snh!"  She smells like smoke, and sweet scorched cherries.  Her chest is soft, and silky from her blouse.  "HhuhHhH!  SNHRK!"

"Here you are dear."  I wiped my eyes, and blew my nose.  

"Thamks, Snh!  Huh, you're right.  He raped me, I just.  Didn't want to admit it.  I tried to top him, so he raped me."

"Of course, taking control like that threatened his identity.  So, he lashed out violently, rather than be proven wrong, and reasserted his Power."

I nodded.  "I understand that now.  Huh!  That's what I was trying to do.  Show him who's boss, I actually thought I'd show him, what this slut can do.  I think I was trying to rape him, but he was too powerful.  Uh, god!  I feel so weak and stupid."  Snap!  "Ahn!" SNAP!  "Hahn!"  SPAPAP!  "HhihHhuh!"

Clunk.   :emot_weird.gif:  She left.  Locked her desk, and took her pipe with her.


A vibrator, right there on her calander, next to a bottle of lube.

CLACK!  The door locked, and I heard keys.  Her heels clicking away, quieter, and quieter.


"Sweet Jesus!  This thing is powerful!  AHN!"  Even through my jeans and underwear.


It hummed like a Light Saber, and I just rode it on the corner of her desk.

"NGM!  FGHR!  HRHUH!  HUH!"   :o

I didn't even have to unbutton my fly!



It fell, and rattled around on the floor.  

"SnihHIihn!" I'll turn it off, in a minute.  

"HimnhHhH!  Snh!"

I'll just curl up here, on her desk, until it fades.

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Re: Unprofessional (Psyche)
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I got out my keys.  "How you holding up?"  Clickt, clickt.  

He rubbed his wrists, "Thanks."   :emot_weird.gif:

"Have a seat."

"Who the fuck're you?"

"Dr. Santiago."

"Shrink?"  I nodded.  Crossed my legs on a stainless steel stool.  Bolted to the post holding up a stainless steel tabletop, identical to the one he settled on.

"So, have you been treated well?"  He's not going to trust me, but he hates bondage.  Being restrained, and the otherwise empty common area is the best I could do for the Captivity.

"It's just jail."  Shrugs it off.  I settled the cuffs in my lap, and produced a pack from my jacket pocket.  "You can smoke in here?"

"It's technically a felony."  I looked at the guard, watching from the center console.  "He's not running in to stop us."  Toss them to him.

"Thanks."  He tried to take the lighter, but I held it back.

"Let me light it."  he nodded, and I backed off, while he smoked.

"Hhuhhh!  Thanks."  Took another drag, and blew it out his nose.  I sat up on the tabletop, and crossed my legs in the seat.

It's a pod, a square tower, with common areas for the cells, 2 tiers in ferroconcrete walls, ceilings, floor, and a bulletproof glass door to the elevators, and the common control room in the center.

"So, what are you here for?"

"Whom.  You remember Amber.  The slut?"  I nodded.  "She's accepting that identity, it is her sexuality."

"What about her?"   ;D  "She sure ain't a lesbo, I'll tell you that."

 8)  I took off my glasses.  Look at him, and he looked down.  At his cigarette, flicked the ash off on the floor, and took another puff.  

"What about her?"

"She told me about your rape.  I just need to ask you about how you felt about it."

"I didn't have to rape her."

"No, of course not."

"You can't rape the willing."   ;D

"Well,"  I tucked my specs folded into their case, and slipped that in it's pocket.  "You know that isn't true.  Even if you didn't before that afternoon.  Is that when you figured it out?"


"Not the first time you pushed past boundries.  After you got consent.  It's becoming your MO, but this is the part we don't get to study as much.  Because it's relatively brief in your evolution.  You're probably not even aware of it."

"All right, I knew what I was doing.  You happy?  Yeah, I raped her.  So what?"

Insults, backhanded ad hominem like slut, or lesbo.  To get a reaction.  It's a blunt tool, an intellectual pipe wrench compared to impuning his intelligence.  So, he can prove me wrong.  Yes, I can be manipulative, when I have to.  I take no pleasure from it, but it's the language he believes he understands.  He's barely even begun learning.

"So, what were you saying about, my evolution?"

"You started with common bullying."  Now, the carrot.  "Then you started becoming creative."  Dangling in front of his eyes.  "Finding subtle ways of digging deeper." following it left, and right.  "Wound down to the heart, without leaving visible scars."

"Well, I never thought about it that way, but."   :emot_weird.gif:  "All right, making little crybabies cry is easy.  Middle school."  Had he made it through summer, he would have been a freshman.  "Somebody has to show them how to man up."  he shrugged, "Some of them need a little tough love to wake them up.  Open their eyes."

"Rape.  In a word, but what Kind of rape.  That's what you haven't decided yet?"

"Different kinds of rape."

"You're woke.  Ha, that's what you kids are calling it these days, right?  The difference between a hipster, and a scenester is one is a Man.  You're still trying to figure out what kind of man you are, which is what makes this the most.  Fascinating time?"


"For you."  Nod, "For me, you're just another common criminal, but you haven't settled into your MO.  You're still trying new things, to see what you like.  Escalating instead of acellerating, because you can't control your impulses the way you used to."

"So, you're a profiler."

"No, a sex therapist."

"So, that mean you give therapy for sex, or sex for therapy?"

"Yes, depending on the trauma."

"For money."  I'm not gonna call you a whore.  You whore.

"Sometimes, I'm primarily motivated by helping people.  We're really two sides of the same coin, you and I.  Whereas you create victims, I help them function after you're done with them."


Shrug.  "I've been called worse.  That's where you betray your impulsiveness.  You can't think of a better argument, so you throw out an insult quick, to fill up the silence."


He tries to take a drag.  Realizes the ember fell out minutes ago, and flicked it off.



"It's about Control.  For you, you're losing control over yourself, so you try to control someone else.  Sexually, when before you enjoyed the seduction.  The grooming, as a child molester."

"She told you about them.  You know, it's not gay.  Right?"

"Of course not.  That was practice.  You weren't born with charm, you had to learn that, but the girls were more difficult to seduce.  They had protective fathers, and older brothers, but they don't watch the boys as closely, and nobody thought anything about an older boy, showing the younger ones how to swing.  Catch, throw, and bat?"  Why he's a Pitcher.

Remarkably simple symbol set, but he essentially thinks in sexual innuendos.  Double entendre, it is his dialect, after so many years of seeing 2 kinds of people:  Victims, and himself.

"So, why are you telling me what I already know?"

"So, you can answer the question:  Which is it, do you want to retaliate in anger, or assert power?"

"I like the power.  You're right, the anger isn't easy to control, but.  Huh!  Can I get another light?"  


Subtle.  "Hand me one."  Light it, never taking my eyes off of his shoulders.  Hand it back.

Sitting back, trying to act relaxed, but shifting eyes.  That last grin told me, he plans to attack.  A woman, in men's jail.  

 :emot_weird.gif:  The lipstick on the filter, he wiped his mouth.

"Hn!"  Blow the smoke out of my mouth.  "Snh?"  

That was close.  

"So, how do I control my anger?"

"I can't answer that,"  I set down my heels, "But at least you're asking the right question."

Turn to the gate, and nod to the guard.

Peripheral vision.  "Idiot."  Easily backstepped, and he over extended.

Turning on my heel, I backstepped again, and side-stepped behind him, before he stumbled to a stop, and started turning around.

I straightened up, and let my hands fall to my sides.  Shook the sleeves out from the wrinkles bunched up under my arms, before he could see my stance.

KH!  The door slammed open.  "All right, back in your cell."  Not completely predictable.  i expected him to throw the cigarette as a distraction, but it was a triggered response.  Anger, retaliation.

I pulled out the cuffs, and set them on the closest table.  Turned the top one over, and straightened out the chain.

He put his hands up.  Submitted.  Didn't force them to put their hands on him.  Restrain him.

"All right, all right."

"You can't smoke in here miss."

 8)  "Thank you." ::)  "I'll keep that in mind."

I have to get out of these pants.  

And I feel the need for a gangbang.

Out of sight, "SNHHHH!"  I cupped my fist, and bowed.  "Whooooh."

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Well, as I live and breathe.  Robert Laramie, right there in my pod with me.

"So, whatchu in for?"  Let's hear this.

"Porn."   :emot_weird.gif:  "They called it childporn, cause we're underage, but we ain't.  Children or nothing."

Child molesters.  They lie.

"Well, you don't want to talk about that, too loud."  This is Jail, not Prison, but I put my arm around him.  

"All right."  Thinks we stupid, probly.  Good liar, I give him that, but we watch the news.  Ain't much else to do in here, we all know his girlfriend turned him in for molesting boys, and taking pictures of it.  Just my luck he come to my pod, and I got him first.

"We can talk in here."  He looked around.  "Where's the empty beds?"

"Haha!  On the floor.  If you lucky, you get a boat, to stick you mattress in but they probly still outta them to."

"Probably?"   >:(  "I ain't correcting your English, man.  That's a question."

"First time in Jail?"

"First time I got this far." he shrugged, "Spent a couple overnights in Holding.  They let me go in the morning, petty stuff like shoplifting, vandalism."

"Cause you white."  Nod.  "If a brother do that we go up at least 3 weeks to talk to the magistrate.  Don't know if you notice the demographics?"

"In here?"  He looked around.  The side of the cell, empty, but they cut the walls out between to make it a 12 man, long ago.  This one on the end, the guards can't see through the door, if we sit in the corner.  "You're right, they don't reflect the population outside.  You're educated."  He nodded, "Now I ain't saying for a black man, but not just anybody can talk about the demographics so eloquently."

Yeah, he's a charmer.   :-X  Got to be, to talk little boys into taking dirty pictures.  A lot of child molesters come through here, but they let me deal with them.  They know, I can deal with him.  

"What you in for?"


"You must be pretty tough, to survive what they do to rapists in jail."

Nigga?  "Yeah, well I raped a cop, so that's different."  What you know about what they do to rapist in jail?   ;D


"Yeah, a sheriff."

"In jail?"

"Nah, at home.  We had a man on the inside, robbed him for his guns, but they got me on DNA."

"Yeah, well it isn't gay.  You know, rape?  It's not sex, it's rape, to it's not homosexual.  Right?"

Can't help telling me what I already know.  "Yeah it is.  If I'm gay."


The boys, they know the drill.  How to watch it, without looking like they watching in.

"Let me show you, what happens to child molesters in jail."


"Just bit the pillow.  It's all right, you can scream.  You can scream all you want."

I'ma take my time with his ass.  Make sure he likes it.

"You feel me?"



"Uh!"   :o

"You feel me?"

"Uh, huh?"  

You can scream, you can scream all you like.  Translation:  He wants me to scream.

"Mhr!"  Just bite the pillow, but.   :emot_weird.gif:  "Inh!"

It's not gay, unless you enjoy it.  I tried it before, just to see what the little faggots saw in it, but.  "Ngh!"


"Yeah.  You feel me."

I didn't enjoy it.

"Snh!"  I like lotion.  I can see the bottle of lotion right there.  Can't say I always used lotion, but if i had it, I used it when I beat off.  He's way bigger then the boys too, but.

"Uh!"   :o

There's the pop.


He just pushed it in.  My asshole, then pulled out.  All the way out, then pushed it in, again, and again.  Deeper and deeper until it wouldn't stretch any more, and I had to.


So, that's what it's for?  The foreskin, I have one too, and I like it, but still.  I don't guess the cavemen had lotion, or KY.  Sure, you can lick it, and spit in it, to get it wet, but they didn't always know about it.  I'm sure, back in the drag her off by the hair rape days, before they even had a word for no.

"NGH!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "No."  This is rape.  I don't want this, but damn it, why's it got to feel so good?

"Just bite on the pillow."


He's got more than that.  He can fuck me deeper then that, but he doesn't.  Just an inch or 2.  Maybe 2 inches in, then 1 inch back, so it stretches, and the skin slips, but.  

"NGHM!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "SNHhHhHhH!   AWMNNNN!"   :emot_weird.gif:

 :o  I can do this!   :emot_weird.gif:  I got a foreskin, I can.  "NGH!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "SnhHhHhH!"  I can learn to do this.  I thought the boys, being gay, they just don't know what they're doing, but this.

This is.  "Spth!"  This is a, "Master."


"Uhn!  Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "Teach me, Master."

I need protection in here anyway, he's obviously got the juice, or cred, or whatever, but.  "NAUHHHH!  Ngeah!"  He can rape you, dry, and make you like it.  "Huh!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Slph!"   :emot_thedrool.gif:  "Yes, Master."


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