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Pocket Jock
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You won't understand what's going on, because neither does the narrator.  That's why this is written so confusing:  It is.



You know that movie The Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy says "They ignore me?"  I guess that explains why she acted out.  Crazy, and did weird things like throw the pimento loaf so it stuck over the statue's face.  The jock said "Oh," and made a face.  I watch that part, over and over, the part where they say how they got that way.  I can't be sure, but I believe that right then is when he fell in love with her.

I don't act out, but my parents ignore me.  I know, they both work, and they don't have much time to spend with me, and that's all right.  I don't want attention, that's what my friends used to say, "She just wants attention."  Honestly, the whole way down I rolled down the window to feel the wind in my face, and my hair whipping around.  

It was boring, but my life is boring.  Always was, and I don't mind.  Plenty of time to read a good story, or listen to music.  I watch a lot of movies, but if being ignored made her act out, then how come I don't?  Do anything, I just kind of sit here, like a doll.  I'm not pretty.  They make pretty dolls, if anything I was ugly even before I had to get my hair cut.  Now I'm the new kid at school, and I'd seen what happened.  Whenever there was a new kid, at my old school, they called me shy but they also called me "Mophead."

I didn't want the attention, but I expected it.  Something new at school, and in the middle of the year too, so everyone stares at the new kid.  Me, everyone stared at me, and whispered things I couldn't hear in the halls.  Called me "Mophead," and "Mopey."  That doesn't really hurt me much, I guess I am a little bit mopey.

Now I don't have any friends, which means nothing to do with them.  I could go out after school, but where, to do what?  I don't know this town, and I guess it's like any other, except for different people.  I don't know any of them, and they took us out to the museum on the field trip.  Some girl sat next to me on the bus, but didn't talk to me.  She turned around, and talked to her friends, but she had a bra on.

I don't have bras, but oh yeah, that was another thing.  We had health, not gym.  I missed the gym part of the year, which is a shame, because I always liked it.  We got to do fun things, like run with balls, kicking or bouncing them.  Throw, and catch them, or hit them back and forth over the volleyball net.  Right in the middle of school, so it was like recess in a way, only we had to learn the rules for specific sports.

I like sports, I guess boys are lucky in that way, because they get to play them, though I don't care about points, or which player has the most of them.  My father likes football, and has a fantasy team, so I guess that's where I got that from.  And pants, the girl on the bus has a skirt on, and boobs.  

Turned around like that, I could see one.  The way her shirt pulled tight, but in a bra, and I don't, really.  Need a bra, in Health they showed the Tanner stages, and everyone giggled.  Whispering to each other, the teacher kept telling everyone to quiet down, and take it seriously, but I wasn't giggling.

Just like my name, Tanner.  I know, that's a last name, and I don't know why they decided to call me that, but that's how I remember the chart.  That, and I payed attention, I didn't really have any friends to giggle, and whisper with, but at least they weren't whispering about me.  

Like that girl next to me, on the way out to the museum.  Just looking through her shirt, it isn't see-through.  Just pulled tight enough for the bra to show through, but I would guess she's at least a stage three, where as I'm a solid stage 2.  Can't really even call them boobs yet, but the boys in class kept looking at the girls who're farther along.

I just kept my hands in my pockets, that's another thing.  I can wear pants, unlike boys who don't get to wear skirts, I like them because they have pockets.  You can put things in, I don't like purses.  I keep losing them, not that I have anything to put in my pockets.  Just my hands, but I remember something I saw on the news.  About the priests, and a picture for the story.  

Just a girl, really.  You couldn't even tell he was a priest, just from his hand, in her lap.  You could see her knees, and it was dark under her skirt, she wasn't wearing a slip that I could see, but that girl's knee stuck out.  That's another thing I like about pants, even though it's a hot day, and the pant legs are hot, especially outside.

Skirts just feel like nothing?  I mean you can feel them when you walk, or run, but it's still like running around half naked, or in your underwear.  Sometimes, I have to stand up, in the halls, or worse in front of the class, and if I don't feel my skirt, it's like a nightmare.  Standing up in front of everyone, half naked, and they're giggling.  Whispering to each other, while I'm supposed to speak.

Right now, nobody's really paying attention to me.  If anything, the boys turn back to look at the girl, by the aisle, talking to her friends, and her tight top.  Her bra, and her knees wide open under her skirt, I wonder if they can see under it?

Something rolled up the rubber stripes, between the seats, and a boy grabbed it.  He sat back up.   ;D

I wonder, what color underpants she's wearing?  That's another thing from the Tanner chart, she's blond, but her roots are dark.  So, I bet her hair is dark in there like mine.  I have a few, too many to count, not a whole bush, and they're brown like my mop-head, but instead of kinking up into waves, since she cut all the tangles out.  They're curly, so I can flatten them out, and turn them around, like little corkscrews through my pockets.  Just plain white underwear, it's all I have, but it's already hot today, and it isn't even lunchtime.  

Humid too, down here.  I think I'm sweating, because the hairs stick, especially on the side, against my leg, and I wonder if that boy got an erection?  Looking up her skirt, he sure got a big grin from that, and he's got the stuff to play pocket soccer.  They don't even have air condition on these busses.  Not that they did at my old school, but it certainly wasn't this hot and humid.  

I should open the window, but it's up there, so I'd have to get up, and everyone would probably see me.

Oh, there's the museum, anyway.  I think I am crazy, just not the same way.  I don't wear black, and do crazy things.  Act out for attention, I just.  Am?  It's a strange feeling, to just be, and not do anything.  Instead of the Nike ad, Just Do It.  I don't do it, I just sit here, and am.  I think, therefore I am, to be, or not to be?  

 :emot_weird.gif:  Just sit here, like a doll, only not pretty.  I suppose that girl is like Barbie, instead of Molly Ringwald, she's got real breasts.  The pretty one you pick, to take off the shelf to play with, instead of Mophead.

Am I moping?  I can't tell, but I think that boy wants to feel her legs, and slip her skirt up.  Get a better look at her underwear, and even pull them out.  To see if her hairs match her blond, or her brown roots.  I bet they're brown, too, but to me, they're just something to play with. Those were on the Tanner chart, and hairy too.  After stage 2, but they just hung there, and didn't do anything.

They have to look at Barbie here, to play with them.  My Ken Doll doesn't have anything in his pants, or maybe he's just blond?  Like his hair, is the same color, so it just looks like the rest of him, but it's not textured.  What's that like?  It looks uncomfortable, when they have to put their leg up.  I've seen it happen, it happened a lot in health class, when they saw the pictures of the girls on the chart.  Having something hard like that in your pants.   I bet that boy's going to play with his penis, or at least pocket pool.  Like that boy in class that did it right there.  He didn't see me looking, he just stared at the Tanner chart, with his mouth open.  The only other one that wasn't laughing, and whispering, and passing notes, but I saw him.  

I've got nothing to play with in here, except a few hairs, but boys.  They get to have all the fun.  It must be nice to pee without having to pull them down, and squat, or sit on the cold toilet seat.  Just zip open your fly, and pull it out.  Or play with it, if it's hard, but what's that feel like?  Getting hard in health class?  They did show 1 picture, of a hard one from the side, but cut in half.  So you could see everything, with little tags to label this gland, or that vessicle.

"All right, students.  Line up out front.  In an orderly fashion, and stay with the group, we don't want anyone getting lost like last year."

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Re: Field Trip
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"Tanner?"  I nodded.  "Tanner Johnson?"  I raised my hand.  "Say here, or.  Something."  The teacher looked back at the clipboard.  "Ulrich Johnson?"  No relation.

That boy's looking at me?  Wait, he's in my health class.  Isn't he the one that played with himself, right under the desk while the other kids giggled, and whispered?  

It's not just hot, out here.  Well it is, right by the engine, but.


"Heather Johns?"

He's not hard, is he?  Just the way he's leaning back, maybe he's got his knee up to be more comfortable in his pants, but he keeps looking at me.  I wonder if he smokes?  I don't guess he could, even if he had one, out in front of the teacher, leaning up against the school bus, but I don't see any in his pockets.  I see his hand, just hanging down next to him, so he's not playing pocket soccer, but he's not sticking out the front, so if it's hard in there, I can't see it.

Right, looking at the Tanner chart, and that blond girl with the stage 3 bra is past him, but she's not twisted around.  With her legs up, and her knees apart so that other boy could drop his pencil, and look up his skirt.  He's not looking at her, he's looking at me.  He didn't even turn around to look at her instead of me.  Even though she's prettier, and wearing a skirt, and a bra, and a Stage 3.

My old friends, and my old school would talk about boys.  Is he cute?  I don't know what a cute boy looks like, he doesn't look like Luke Skywalker, or Indiana Jones, but he's hot.  Is he cute, or hot?  I don't know, but he's making me feel hot.

So, that's what this is.  All because my name is Tanner, I guess I'm getting something out of my name, but that reminded him of the Tanner chart, and looking at the drawings.  Of boobs, and bush, like the ones you see in the boys room.  That one time, we snuck into the boys room, to see the urinals, and giggle at the pictures they draw on the walls to look at.  When they play with themselves, but that was at my old school.  A boy showed up, so we ran out giggling.

"All right, let's head in, but stay with the group.  We don't want anyone getting lost like last year."

I wonder if they wrote that on the clip board, but I didn't look up in time.  Just lined up with everyone else, and followed them in the door.  


I didn't turn back, or anything.  Just ignore it, saying anything will just encourage them, but there's that boy's shirt.  Up ahead, but he stops to hold the door.

"Uh!"  I just ran.  

"Tanner, stay with the group."  We don't want anyone getting lost, like last year.

He just surprised me.  I think he tried to pinch my nipple, but he missed.  My shirt pulled over it, though, and even in the air condition.  Here comes that feeling again.  

It feels good, just like watching him look at the Tanner chart in class.  Just like thinking about that girl, with the priest's hand in her lap, and just like him looking at me out front when they called my name.  Tanner, just like the chart of boobs, and bush.

He let the door go, and didn't run, but walked to the bathroom.  I wonder if he tried to pinch anyone else?  I think he just did a boob check, to see where I am on the chart.  You can't tell through my shirt, it's just a baggy tee shirt, but everyone knows I'm a girl.

Mophead, so I can't go in there.  I bet he didn't have to pee, he just doesn't have a desk here to play with himself in his pants, but just try to act natural.  Lean back on the wall, and "Oh."

With my knee up like this, I can stick my pocket in the leg.  Nobody's looking, they're all lined up at the turnstyles, most of them are turned away, and the teacher is busy talking to them.

They have no idea that the edge of my pocket is In the leg of my underpants now, and sawing back and forth on my hairs.  You know how the hairs stand up on the back of your head, when you think someone's watching?

Or you know it, because you have to stand up at the board, and write something, or solve a math problem, but you hear them giggling, and whispering.  You know they're looking at you, and even worse, in a skirt.  So you feel half naked, but now it's like that in my pants.

I can feel the hairs, sticking up, in my pants, and the edge of my pocket.  The threads even brush the skin between the hairs sometimes, and I didn't even know this feeling could get stronger, but it turns out you don't need balls to play pocket soccer.

"Oh!"  The door to the boy's room slammed, and I put my leg down.  

He looked at me funny.  Shook his head, and just headed for the turnstiles.

Better stay with the group.  Don't want anyone getting lost, like last year.

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Re: Field Trip
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He's got friends.  Of course, hot boy like that, I'm sure he's very popular.  They didn't stay with the group, I saw them go out the exit, and smoking around the corner.

I decided he's hot, not cute.  He makes me feel hot when he looks at me.  Notices me, "You following me?"


I shook my head, looked away.

"I think she likes you."

"That why you're following me?"

"You pinched my boob."  I covered my mouth.


"She doesn't have boobs."  I wanted to run, but I couldn't.  I wanted to tell them too, and I was just frozen.  Stuck between saying something, and too scared to, but not scared enough to run, so I just covered my face with my shirt.

"What the hell!"  He pulled my shirt down, looking around.  "You want to get us in trouble?"

"See, told you she didn't have any."

"Snh!"  I could smell him.

"You like me?"  I nodded.

"See you later."  The other boys went in.


"Don't listen to them."

"Uh!"  I backed up against the wall, but he was so much taller than I expected, and I just closed my eyes.  Shivering, even though it's hot out here, and in my pants.

"Tanner, right?"  I nodded.  "Like a tanner 2?"  He touched me.  My shirt, but he felt around, and my nipple rubbed against it.  His thumb, and his fingers under my chin. 

I nodded, looking down, but he pushed up my chin, and kissed me.

I got both my pockets in my underwear.  He just kept rubbing my nipple, and kissing me.  "Snh."  Sniffing through my nose, and licking my lips.  His tongue pushed in, and he licked my teeth?

"Open your mouth."   :o  He stuck his tongue in there, and started kissing me french style.  I just swished my pockets back and forth, to the hems of my underwear sawed faster, and faster over my nails, and every single hair stood on end.

"Uh!"  I fell.  "HhuhH!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "HuhHHuh!" 

I knew this feeling could get more powerful, but now it's just overwhelming, and my pockets pulled out when I fell down.   :o  He pulled open his pants, and his underwear down, and it popped out right on his hairs.

"Open your mouth."


"Suck it."

I nodded, and started sucking.  I never even saw one, a real one before, and now it was in my mouth. 

"Suck it harder, move your head like this."  I nodded, with his hand on my head.  "Faster, suck it faster."  His fingers brushed my cheek, and I bumped them with my chin, but all I could see was his thumb.  I bumped it with my nose, and kept sucking.  Nodding, and sucking, so it slipped between my lips, and back and forth over my tongue.

"Snh!"  I can smell his hair.  "Snh, Snh! Nsh."  Every time my nose bumped his thumb.

"Uh!"  His knees shook, but he didn't fall down.  "Swallow it."

So, that's what it was.  In the pictures, on the bathroom wall.  They weren't peeing, I wasn't paying attention in Health class.  I remember all the vocabulary words, like Cowpers Gland, and Seminal Vessicle, but I got them all wrong, and an F on that quiz, because I was too busy watching him play pocket pool looking at the Tanner chart.  That wasn't pee coming out of that penis on the bathroom wall.  It feels more like snot, but I never tasted anything like it before.

Now he was going soft, and crawling back on my tongue like a scared earthworm.

"Smp!" He patted me on the head, but I looked.  Now that it was soft, before he pulled up his underpants, I saw it.  I think he's a stage 3?  I don't remember, but he want back in.

"Snh!"  They didn't put out their cigarettes.  Just dropped them, I don't know which one is his, because they rolled down like a dropped pencil on the bus.

I leaned back, on the wall, and put my knee up.  There's a window, right there, so I can see if I got it right.

Try it.  "Huh?"  Don't cough.  "Whew."

Yeah, I look pretty cool.  In fact, if you didn't know, you might think I even look kind of like a boy.  With long hair, for a boy.  "Mop head."  I try to flick it, like I saw boys do before, but I dropped it.

Shrug, but they locked the door when they went back in.  So, I had to go around, back in the front, and through the turnstiles.

Find the group.  Don't want to get lost, like that kid last year.


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Re: Pocket Jock
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"There's your girlfriend."

"At least I got a girlfriend, fags."

"Hey, don't call us fags."

"Yeah, that's insulting."

"Hey."  He looked around.  "Thanks for the blowjob."

I just nodded.  "You don't talk much."  Shake my head.  "Well, you should.  You have a pretty voice."  Here comes this feeling again.  

"Gross."  They just followed the group.  

"Hey, don't tell anyone.  They're, gay."  He shrugged.  "They could get beat up."  I nodded.  "Hey."  He picked up my chin.  "Say something."


"I don't know.  Whatever you want."

"I don't know what to say."

"It doesn't matter.  I just like your pretty voice.  What kind of name is Tanner?"  Shrug.  "I think it's a last name?"  I nodded.  "Iguess it's like a girl named Blake, or Addison.  I knew a girl named Blake, and that was her mother's maiden name, too?"  I shrugged, shook my head.  "She wasn't my girlfriend.  I never had a girlfriend before, but did you like it?  You like sucking my dick?"

"Ngh!"  I squirmed, but my face was very hot now.  

"You like my jizz in your mouth?"  I nodded.  "Yeah, you swallowed every drop."

I tried to swallow my lump in my throat, but it felt dry.

I ran off.  I don't know why I get scared, but I just did, and looked back.

He waved, shrugged, and went to find the group, but I had to go to the bathroom.

I looked around, but I couldn't even hear anybody.  Took a drink from the water fountain, but it didn't cool me off.  It was cold, but i was still hot all over, an I went in the boy's room.  Since nobody's looking, they don't draw pictures on the walls in the girl's room.  Here neither, it was bright, and clean.  So, maybe they just washed them off, and painted over the ones they cut in the paint.

I pulled down my pants, and my underpants.  Stretched them tight over the bottom of the toilet, so I could get my knees around it.  I have to put the seat up, but they've got the boy seats, with the hole in the middle so it's like an Omega instead of an O shape.

It's cold, like the water from the fountain, and I feel it.  "Hn!"  Listen to it trickle, and shiver from it running down my legs, but most of it runs in the toilet, so I can hear it trickle, and it feels good enough when I'm not hot like this.

I remember, after I swallowed his Jizz.  So that's what it's called, but before he pulled up his underpants.

"Hh!"  Just sit down, it's not hard to imagine it dripping.  Trickling out in the water, and feeling my hairs.

I didn't know I could get off, like a boy.  I don't have anything to play with, and "Snh!"  I smell weird.  Not like his hairs, bumping my nose, I guess it's childish.  Sucking my thumb like a little kid, but I'm not a little kid.  I'm hairy, and I just had sex.  I smoked, and I have a boyfriend now.


They called me his girlfriend anyway.  He didn't deny it, but they're gay, so I bet they get blowjobs all the time.  

You like it?  You like sucking my dick?  You like my cum in your mouth, you swallowed every drop, and I'm hairy.  I don't have to worry about falling down again, but that just ment being right in front of his pants when he unzipped his fly, and pulled it out.  It bounced on his hairs, and "Snh!"

I think I have a little more, or the water worked it's way through.

"Hn.  Hhhhh!"  It's warm, trickling through my fingers, and falling into the water.  "Smp!"

It doesn't taste too bad.  Not like jizz, at all, but I drank pee before.  Well, I didn't swallow it like jizz, but that boy.  He wasn't even on the Tanner chart, me neither.  He just pulled it out, and peed in a cup.

Okay, I drank it, and swallowed it, but it's not that bad.  He dared me to, and I showed him how I pee too.  I had to pull my pants all the way down, and squat, but he watched it.  Said I was weird, I don't have a willie.  How do you pee without a willy?  Then called me gross, wehen I drank it, even after he dared me to, and ran off.

"HhHhH!"  I didn't fall down this time.  "Hahn!  HahHhHhuh!  Huh!  Hih heh huh!"

It was better the first time.  Maybe it's the pockets.  I always like pockets, but I never really Loved pockets, until I started getting hairs to play with.  I wonder if he has any more cigarettes?  I can just see us now, hanging out, leaning back against the wall.  Smoking, looking cool, and his gay friends.

I bet they suck it.  I bet they suck it all the time, and I want to suck it again.  Maybe that's why it was so much better the first time?


No wait, I didn't get to suck it yet.  He was just kissing me, and rubbing my nipple, but I never got both pockets in my undepants before.  Maybe that's it?  "Snh?"  I could smell him, and taste his spit, and the smoke on his mouth, and "Huh!  HuhH!  HhHhuhHhHhH!"

How many times can I do that?

"Oh!" :emot_weird.gif:  I better go back, before they miss me.  Decide I've gotten lost, and come looking at me.  Better dring some more water, so my breath doesn't smell like pee.

If I want him to kiss me again.

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Re: Pocket Jock
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We sat together on the bus back.  I guess it was a bit like Health class, we were too distracted to learn much about Natural History, but he kept touching me.

On my butt, or pinching my nipple, but not hard.  It didn't hurt, it just brushed my shirt together, and he got real good at getting my nipple.  Almost every time, but they just did a head count, and we got back on the bus.

Nobody just sat next to me before.  Because they wanted to sit with me, just because there was a seat open, or to be close to their friends.  He wasn't my friend, he's my boyfriend, and he makes me hot all the time.  I like being hot all the time, and all the great feelings that come with it, but he couldn't do a whole lot on the bus. 

He felt my leg, or my pants in my lap, but that kept me hot the whole time he talked to me.

"You want to hang out with us, after school."  I nodded.  "Just meet us over by the busses, and you can ride home with me."  I walk home, since I live so close to the school.

See where he lives, his room, and suck him again so it goes soft.  I hope he has to pee some time, so he can pee in my mouth, and I can taste it.  I know it's gross, I still like it.  He kept talking, but I think it's like he said back in the stuffed animal room.  The hall of mammals, I think.  It's all stuffed animals, but this was all furry ones.  I guess like a zoo, but they're all dead.

He can't do it over and over like me, he just got bored, and left, but that was the first time I smoked, and.  "Snh!"  He still smells like smoke.  I just like to listen to him talk.

"So really, I failed gym so I could take Health again.  I don't have to fail gym, it's an easy A, but you know I like that Tanner poster."

I nodded, since I saw him, playing pocket hockey looking at it.  He likes my voice too, so I turned, and whispered in his ear.

'i like sucking your dick.'

Felt it in his pant leg.  He looked around, blushing, but I stopped. 

'i like your jizz in my mouth, and swallowing every drop.'  Patted it, and let go.  'i want to drink your pee.'

"Uh!  Really?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "That's weird.  You're weird."   ;D  "But I like it!  You know, you're kinda like a boy.  Anyone ever tell you that?  I like it, I guess that makes you a tomboy, huh?"

I shrugged, nodded.

"So, you can hang out with the boys, just like one of the boys."

I just thought, and felt his hand on my leg, and I can't even really get my hands in my pockets.  Much less my pockets in my underwear, but when he said Boy.  Tomboy, just like one of the boys, and I already had this feeling the whole time, but it got stronger, and stronger, and I braced myself for it getting overwhelming, but it didn't.

"Fag!"   :o 

"Ahuhaha!"   :emot_weird.gif:

"Sorry, I just."   :emot_weird.gif:  "I'm sorry."

"I'm not.  Gay you know.  Just because I hang out with gay guys doesn't make me gay, and you're a girl, so getting a blowjob from you didn't make me a fag."

"Ew!"  Giggles, so he looked over the seat.  "You got a blowjob from Mophead?"

I just scooted down, and tried to disappear again, but it was too late. 



Now they're talking about me, which means pretty soon the whole school would be talking about me, and everyone would know I gave him a blowjob on the field trip, so now I'm not just the new girl, or even mophead.  I'm the girl that gave a boy a blowjob on the field trip, so next year they're going to tell everyone to stay with the group.  We don't want any of you sucking dick like that mophead Tanner last year.


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Re: Pocket Jock
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He took me up to his room, right away, and closed the door.  "Sh, they think you're a boy, so.  I'm not supposed to have girls up in my room, but they didn't get a good look at you, so I don't think they're going to come in here.  Until I tell them I'm done with my homework."

I nodded.  No homework, on account of the Field Trip.  We're supposed to write a report on it, but it's not due until Friday.

He had a bat, and a ball in a clear plastic box, but the back was up on a shelf on his wall.  Like a ninja sword, or that's what it looked like to me, and there was a picture of a little league team. 

"That's me."  He pointed, "Oh, and that's Kirk."  I squinted, but I recognize his face.  Even as a little boy, he's one of the gay boys he hangs out with.

"I don't play little league any more."  He sat back on his bed.  "Of course, I don't really like baseball, but my dad's into it."  I picked something up.  Looked at it, and turned it over.  It's some sort of plastic bowl, but it's a funny shape.

 :-\  ?

He nodded, "That's my cup.  You have to wear a cup, in case you get hit with the ball."  He grabbed his balls.  "Hey," he looked at the door.  "Come here."  Undid his pants, so I bent down, and popped it in my mouth.

I held onto the cup.  I heard of such things.  Tried it, but bent over like that.  My pants just bunched up in the way, so I undid them too, and pulled out my underpants. 

"You like porno?"

"Smp?"  I shrugged.  Shivered a little, it was cold, but my body started waming up.  I rubbed my underpants on it, it felt neat.  Having something hard in my undies to play with.

"Look."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Guhahahah!"  Pointed.  "What did you do that for?"  I shrugged, and just kept rubbing it.  He leaned in to whisper.  'take your pants off.

So, I pushed them down, and sat down to unlace my shoes.  He kicked his off.  "You like that cup?"  I touched it.  Nodded.  "Here."  he got up, and kicked off his pants.

"Hihihn!"  Half naked.

"I like your laugh."  Bent over, half naked, I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I just kept rubbing the cup instead.  I looked between his legs, I could see his balls and everything!  "Hn!  Snh!"  I wonder what it feels like, having balls in your cup.  "Here,' he pulled it out.  "You want to try it on?"

I looked at it.  Turned my head, sideways.  "What is it?"  Brown, or tan, it's like a triangle of brown, or tan fabric, with elastic straps around it.

He leaned over, looking at the door again.  'my jock strap.'

"Ooh!"  I jumped up,a and pulled my underpants down as quick as I could.  "Can I!?"

"Wow, you're."   :emot_weird.gif:  "You're really excided!"

"Gimme it!"  I couldn't wait to get my feet in it.

 :o   :emot_weird.gif:  I pulled it up.  "No wait, you.  Here, take it off."  It fit funny, the one strap was too tight, but the other one was too loose?  "You put it on wrong."  He turned it around, and put it over my foot.  "Give me your other foot."

I pulled it up, and turned around.  Looked at the straps in the mirror, and turned the other way.  Felt the rough fabric, and bounced my fur like springs, but it was too loose in front.

"You look.  Weirdly.  Good in it."   :emot_weird.gif:  "Are you."  His breath was hot on my ear, 'a crossdresser?'

"Hhuh!"  He felt me.  Hugged me, and I felt it wet on my bare butt.  Slipping, then in between so he could rub it back, and forth, and he pulled out the front.  His fingers in there, then his hand pressing the fir down liks springs, and rubbing it, and humping me, and pinching my nipple thought my shirt.

'get on the bed.'  I just nodded, and he bent over me.  "Huh!  Mh, yeah.  You like it?"  I just kept nodding.  "You like that dick in your ass, don't you."  Nodding harder, and faster.  humping faster so the jock strap stretched around my legs.  "Huh, phuh!"  he took another breath, then whispered it.


"Hhuh!"  I nodded, but then I felt it.

"Nh, hm!"  Hot and wet.  Sticky, but slippery between uss, and his hair stuck to me.  "HhuhHhH!"  He stopped.  Relaxed, and I felt it go soft.

That's what it is.  He's gay, that's why he likes me.  Because I'm not pretty, I don't have big Tanner 3 boobs like a girl.

Because I look like a boy, and I feel like one too.  He made me feel like a boy, and it's the best feeling ever.

"Huh!"  He was drooping.  "I need to take a leak."

I got up, and took my shirt off first.  "Can you hold it?"

"Hm?"  He pinched it.  Standing in front of the toilet, but I looked around.

"Hold on."  I got in the tub, and looked up.  Opened my mouth.

"You weren't kidding about that?"

I shook my head.

"Okay?"  he srugged, but turned, and it was right in front of me.  "Hhuh!"

"Aqworlgluckuq!"  it ran down my chin, and I just sat back.  Swallowed a little, but the rest ran down my neck, and I jut felt it beat on my chest, then it started to dribble n my tummy.

"Hh!"  I nodded, and pulled the jock strap tight.  I like it, because the straps stretch, and I can get my fingers in there.  "HhHhHhH!"  Feel the fur, and remember his.  Bouncing my nose on his thumb, and his dick squirting jizz on my tongue, but I still have my mouth full of his pee, and just let it dribble out.  Run hot down my chin, and my neck.  Sawing my fingers back, and forth, faster, and faster so the hair catches, and pulls, and my scrotum pinches together, rubbing back and forth, and I feel a little hard inside it.

I think, there's something, a little swelling in there, I feel it.  "NGH!  yeahHhHhHhH!"  I feel it!  "Hahhhhh!"  Just relax.  "Snh!"  Smell the pee, and feel it.

This is what it feels like.  To be a boy.



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"Ken" (mt Bond)
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"We're going out, Teddy."

"Well, we still have a lot of homework."

"Okay, who's your friend?"


I just kept my head down.  Nodded.  "Ken Tanner."  Tried to keep my voice down, but I couldn't come up with a better name.

[John Bobby Brad Ted Jacob Grant]

"Well, we'll bring you back a doggy bag.  You want one too, Kenny?"  I just nodded, squeezing the cup between my legs, and trying not to shake.

"He doesn't talk much."

"Okay?  We'll see you later.  You boys be good."  The door closed, and I waited for the footsteps to go down the hall before I took another breath.

"You like bondage?"  I shrugged.  "Here, look."  He got one of his magazines, and showed me.  "It's harder to jerk off like that, but that's what makes it fun, you want to try it?"

I just nodded, but looked over at the ad for another movie.

[Chicks with Dicks]

[2 full hours of the hottest shemale action!  Trannys on trannys.  Trannys on hot hunks, and trannys on chicks.

Without dicks, that is.   ;)]

"Hm, I think.  I'm a tranny?"  I don't want to be a chick, I just want to get the dick.

"Oh.  Okay, I've got rope, belts, ribbons, elastic."

I nodded.

"Elastic?"  I got up, and held out my hands.  "Since we got the house to ourselves, I don't guess I have to gag you, huh?"

I shook my head.

"Say it."

"Say what?"

"On second thought, since you don't like to talk, I bet it would be hotter to make you talk."


"Tell me to tie you up."

"Tie me up, with elastic."  It stretches, like the straps on the jock strap.  He showed me, how to put it in the pocket for the cup, and I can feel it. 

"There."  He let go, so I could feel the hard bulge in my pants.

"Huh!  I like it."


"I like the cup, and the jock strap.  I liked your dick in my ass, and especially when you called me faggot."

"You think it's like Wonder Woman?"

"Hm?"  I shook my head. 

"The lasso of truth, it makes you tell the truth, here.  I think I have a Justice League where she used it, but I don't know where."

"No."  never mind that.  "Fuck me."


"Fuck me in the ass.  Like a faggot, I want to be your gay faggot."  I got on his bed.  Or bent over it, like when he humped me before, but the best part is the jock strap.

"Hahaha!  You're a bad girl, huh?"

"No, I'm a boy.  Nuh!"  He spanked me?

"Say it."

"Snh!"  I shook my head.  "Uh!  I'm a bad boy!"

"No, say I'm a bad girl."

 ;D  "You're a bad girl, UHN!"

"No, say it."

"I'm, a bad.  Snh!"   :'(  "Ghn.  No.  UHN!"

"Say, it?"

"Huh!  I'm a bad girl.  Snh!" 

"Good."  He rubbed it. 

"Huh!"  I nodded.

"Good girl, you want it?"

I nodded.

"What do you want?"

"Your dick."

"Where do you want it?"

"In the ass."

"Like this?"

The way he did it before.

"No.  IN my ass."

"Really?"  I nodded.

Not like a girl.  Like a gay boy.  Like a fag. 

"NGM!"  I hurt.  "Hhuh!  Uhhhh!"

"Are you okay?"  I nodded.  "You want to continue?  I don't want to hurt you, really.  Tell me if it hurts too much."  I shook my head.  "Okay."

"HhuhHhH!  Snh!"

He started slow.

"You know, Kirk told me there doesn't have to be a girl."

"Uhn!  Ngh!  Mhm?"

"They're gay, so they both like boys."

"AahH!  Huh?  Ngm!"

"So they take turns.  Doing the fucking."



"Ngm!"  He slipped out.  "Hhuh, huh! huh!  Hm, no."  Shake my head.  "Do it some more.  I can take it."

"You're sure?"  I can just nod, panting, but I want it.  "You're turning white."

"I love it.  It hurts, it really hurts, but I love it."  I froze.  "Um, Teddy?  What's that?"

"My fingers?"

"How come they feel cold, and greasy?"

"I'm putting some lotion on it.  Does that feel better?"

"Hhuhuh!"  Once it warmed up a little.

"Hm, can you spank me a little more?"


I just put my arms up.  Or back, they were already up.  Tied together, but I held them back, over my head, and bit the blanked. 

"Hm, hm!  MH!"

"Too hard?"

"No, can you fuck me some more?"

"Yeah.  Huh, this way we don't have to worry about you getting pregnant."

I just squeezed my arms, over my ears.  He won't shut up, I didn't know boys like to talk during sex, but I don't have to listen to him, and it feels so much better with the lotion.  It doesn't even hurt any more, it just feels good, and he's doing it harder now.  Faster too, but I like it harder.  Hard enough that the cup bumps into the matress, and I think I can get off this way.  He had to pull on the strap, around my wrists, and that helped him hit me even harder, and harder.

"AEyeyeyeyeah!"  Bite the blanket.  "MRHRHRH RH WRH!  Hah!"  I slammed shut, but I felt it pucker.  Keep puckering, and pant for as much air as I can get with him slapping behind me.  Not spanking me, he doesn't have to spank me any more, he's just beating off.

"Huh! HhuhH!"  My pucker stopped squeezing, but I just waited for him to finish.  Then he breathed on it.  My back, and kissed it.  Licked it up, and kissed my butt cheeks.

It was great.


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Re: Pocket Jock
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So, how do you grow a penis?]

"Whatcha writing?"

"Hm?"   :emot_weird.gif:  "My councilor.  She has me write, since I don't like to talk."

He came over, to sit next to me.  "Oh, you mean like chicks with dicks?"  Nod.  "i don't think they're really girls, that grew dicks.  I think they're men that get implants."

Oh.   :emot_weird.gif:  [I don't like my voice.]  Why would a man want to do that to himself?

"Because it sounds like a girl."  I nodded, and he rubbed my back.  "You think I'm gay?"  I nodded.  "And you're bisexual."  Shrug.  "I saw you looking at that girl on the bus."

[I can also write what I can't say, but.  I don't know.  Another good thing about writing is I have time to think.]

"Oh, makes sense."

[I guess I can rewrite it for my councilor.  I don't think I wanted to have sex with her, but I could see her bra.  And her knees, I don't want to wear a bra.  Or maybe I do?]   :emot_weird.gif:  [I don't even know any more, I didn't think so, before I tried on the jock strap, but I like that.  How the straps stretch tight around my legs, so maybe I might like the way a bra stretches tight around my back?  I don't know, but now I think it might be the breasts.  I don't want them, they look weird, and I don't think I'd like the way they feel.]

"I love your nipples."  I nodded.  "I like how you're flat chested, like a boy, but you have nipples like a girl."

"Hm!"  [I like it too.  When you touch them, and pinched one, just don't pinch it very hard.  Just rub my shirt together.]  "Hhhhh!"

"Like this?"  Pinching, open and shut, over and over.  Nod.  He can't do it very quick, like pinching my.  Stuff together in my underpants, but the jock strap is so much better.

[I am a crossdresser.]

"You can keep the cup, and the jock strap."


"You like that word."  Nod.  "Jock.  Strap."


[I tried it, but it doesn't feel the same when I do this.]

"Your nipples?"

[I don't like the way they feel in my fingers.  I like the way your fingers feel on it.  Are you getting hard again?]

"Oh, no.  3 times in 1 day is about my limit, and who knows how long it's going to take for them to get back with supper, but I want to try to get you off."

[Without fucking?  Put your hand in my pocket.]  "Okay?"  [Now, slip the pocket in the side.]  


"Now what?"

[Just tickL]  "HhHuhH huh!  Snh!"  Nod.  Just drop the pencil.  "Hhuh!  Tickle the hairs.  With the edge, back and forth."

"This is really weird, but I like it.  Lean back."

"HuhH!"  He pulled my shirt up, and leaned over.

"Put it over my head.  Huh!"  My breath is hot in here.

"Oh!"  I bumped his head with my arm.  He moved it so I could put them back.  Through the back of the cair, it's a little like bondag.  I think, one of those folding ones with a half seat, but I can feel the cold bars of the legs, and hold onto them.

"Huh!"  He breathes on it, then.  "Smq.  B{!"  He's pinching it with his lips, and this feels even better then his fingers.  Sucking it in and out, so it rubs between his lips, and his teeth, and he can do this faster than he can pinch it in my shirt, and.  


I just forgot his fingers in my pocket.  So, I didn't even feel it coming just.

"HhhuhHhuhHuh!"  Feel my breath, hot in my shirt.  "Snh!"  Nod, and the cup snaps back when he pulls his fingers out.  My nipple pops out of my lips, and I just feel the spasms all the way down to my pucker.  My just fucked pucker.


"Hihihn!  Did you just smell my pocket?"

"Yeah."  He tucked it back in.  Patted it, and felt my pants up and down my leg.  I pulled my shirt down, and dried my nipple on it, because the door just closed.

"Boys?  Dinner!"

"Coming mom!"

"Huh!  In a minute."  

I just need a minute, to catch my breath, and think.

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Re: Pocket Jock
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[I think I know what's wrong now.  Oh, and I got a boyfriend.  We met on the field trip, but I don't have to give you his name, right?  I know this is supposed to be confidential, but I don't want someone finding my notes, so I don't want to write it.]

"No," my therapist, looked up from my note.  "I don't need to know his name."

[He helped me realize that what I really want is to be a man.  When I grow up, I don't want to grow into a woman.  I know that's probably impossible, but we had sex, and part of the reason we wants to keep it secret is he doesn't want anyone to know he's gay.]

"Hm.  All right, now I know a lot of students are taking an interest at your age.  However, you have to be very careful here, because your body may not be as able as it is willing."  I nodded.

[Analy, because that's how gays have sex.  That's how I want to have sex, like a man, and since I don't have a penis, I pretty much have to be the one on the bottom.  That's okay, because he is a top, and it hurt a little at first, but I also enjoyed it immensely.  I had 2 orgasms with him that day.  Once from that, but I don't think it was that so much as the jock strap, and the cup.  He was in sports, when he was a boy, but he quit so he gave me them.  I just like to have something in my pants, other then fir.  Oh, and before that, before we even met, I was able to orgasm just from petting my fir with my pocket.  I have been doing that for a while, but that was my first orgasm.  Before the field trip, it was mostly a way to scratch it where it itches.  Even if it's in your britches!  That's an old joke, but that got me thinking about boys, and what they have in there.  What it must be like to have something like those.  A penis, and testes.  Especially a hairy scrotum, when i don't have any of that, but that's the reason why I only want to do anal.

I don't like the idea of having anything inside me.  Up front, I don't even like thinking about having an inside me, up front.  Ever since it started bleeding, it's just disgusting, and I hate having to sit down.  For a long time, i don't even know how many years, as long as I remember I had penis envy over that.  Not sex, just that they get to pee standing up, and don't even have to unbutton their pants.  they can just unzip their fly, and pee, while I have to pull down my pants, and I hate the cold toilet seat.  Especially at school, and in the girls room.  I hate even having to use the girls room, because girls go in there to talk, and I have to listen to them when I'm trying to do my business.  I hate having to wipe, and I hate having to wear a diaper.  You know what I mean, it feels like a diaper, and I guess that was the first thing I felt. 

In my underwear, which got me thinking about having something in my underwear.  Which led to thinking about what boys have in their underwear, but having already seen it.  I guess it's normal for girls to think about boys, and what they have in their underwear, but all of my old friends thought I was weird for even talking about having one.  Not inside me, some of them wanted one inside me, but I just gave up talking about having one outside me, and just there.  In my underwear, now it even feels weird not having one.  I hope any of this makes any sense.]

"Okay.  I'm going to have to do some research, but it sounds like you may be transgender, or transsexual."

"What's the difference?"

"That's one of the things I'm going to have to research, but I have to warn you about staying out of the boy's room.  Again, it's dangerous for you to be in there, because boys can be, impulsive.  Sometimes, but junior high school can be one of those times, because they have these new sexual feeling too, and they don't know how to handle them."

Oh, I thought that was just me.  Nod.

"Also, do you know anything about his sexual history?"  Shake my head.  "Well, you just started sex education in Health."  I mentioned that before, in my last note.  "So, they haven't gotten to the part about sexually transmitted diseases yet?"  Shake my head.  "Did he use a condom?"  Shake my head.  "Well, I will have to get you some, but don't go showing your friends.  Oh, sorry."

"It's okay."

"Forgot you don't have any friends."

"I don't want any.  Oh, I forgot to put that, but I decided I don't really like them."

"You are acutely introverted."  Nod.  "However, I don't want you to tell anyone I gave you condoms, because then they will likely come to me asking for them, and that can snowball out of proportion."

"Hihihn!"  Snowball.

"Well, if you'll leave me to start my research, you can go back to class."

Good, that means I have a lot of the hour left to play with myself.

"You think you can get me a strapon, too?"

"Certainly not!"

Shrug.  I saw one in the ads for another movie.  [Strapon Sissies] it's got crossdressers in it.  His dad got sent it for buying so many movies, so Teddy can steal them from the mail before he even know they got there.  Too bad you have to be 18 to buy them too, since they're used as sex toys, when really I just want to know what it feels like.  Sticking out, like it does in the pictures.  Also, it looks a lot like a jock strap, and I think the back end of the penis might feel like the cup too, but for now I can just hump the it into the pipe at the back of the toilet.


I like that.


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Re: Pocket Jock
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From here on out, he's just going to write his thoughts, and turn them in for therapy.  So, I'm going to skip the [Brackets] to indicate text.


I got a girlfriend today!  She's going to write one for you too, since i told her about it, and how it works.  I hope you don't mind if I turn them in for her, since she doesn't want anyone to know, but again, it was like Teddy.  Have you heard from him?  I hope he's doing all right in jail.

Never mind, I don't want to skip ahead, so here's how we met:  She sat right next to me, and asked me if I was gay.  This was in the lunch room, so it was loud, and nobody could hear us talking.  I just nodded, since nobody knows I'm a boy here any more.  At least not the students, but she took that to mean I'm a lesbian.  Either way, she said she thought she might be bisexual, so she's fine with me being a boy now, she just didn't know it yet.  I think it's the hair, but she said she liked me because I'm the "Strong silent type," and she likes that.

So, we agreed to meet after school, and I walked her over to my place.  It's close, and you know my parents are never there, so it's more convenient than dealing with her family.  The gay aspect, and having to explain that I'm a boy.  Then the problem with her having a boy over, so it's just a lot quicker to take her over to my house.  We listened to some music, and then she picked out a movie.  Pump Up the Volume, since she likes Christian Slater, but we didn't really watch much of it.  We just made out, and started necking, then she put my hand on her bra.

She's at stage 3, but instead of freaking out, I just took her hand, and let her handle them.  So, instead, I felt her lap, and her leg.  It's really nice with her, because she's more patient than Teddy ever was.  She didn't want to rush into anything, she was happy to just kiss for a long time, then slowly move through the bases, and I really like that.  So any way she tried to touch my nipple, and we had to stop.  That's when I had to come out to her, to explain the Ace bandage, instead of the cup.  She took it well, and that's when she said that being bisexual, it's fine that I'm a boy.  

She started calling me Jeff after that, and I hope I never get over the feeling of someone saying my real name.  Or he, and him to someone else, when they get the chance, but she hasn't yet.  So, she agreed to handle the chest department for me, since I don't like how they feel, and we went back to making out.  She felt my cup, and said it got in the way, so I showed her pocket pool, and she started playing that.  One thing led to another, and I finally worked my way up her skirt to her panties.  

She's a pantie girl, really nice ones.  Not lacy, but ribbons around the legs instead of elastic, and a little bow in front which is kind of neat to play with.  I never had any like those back when I used to wear them, but they fit too tight, and the ribbons don't stretch like elastic gathers do.  So, I couldn't get in the side, but I'm kind of glad that I had to touch her through the seat, since they were dry, and I didn't have to worry about getting my fingers wet.

Then we had to stop when she asked me if I was ever molested before.  I shook my head no, but then I started thinking about it, because she started talking about her boyfriend.  He wasn't a boy, he was a man, and he broke up with her when she started.  You know.  Growing up?  Having to wear diapers, which I thought I understood, but then she told me about what he did, and showed me.  They didn't have sex, right away.  For years, she said, but he molested her before that, and she showed me how.  He used to molest her, I guess that's why she was so patient, but the more we did it, the more weird, and familiar it started feeling.

I didn't know what Gay felt like.  Or straight, or anything, so with Teddy I thought it was all my body, and the gay/straight boy/girl thing.  It was, a lot of it, but then I remember the child porn, and he said it was because they were boys in little league, but now I'm not so sure.  She had to tell me, and show me, what being molested is like for me to realize the difference, and change my mind about that.  So, I think my question for you is: do you think Teddy is really a child molester, and he just lied about being gay?  I haven't gotten a chance to ask Kirk if he molested him in little league yet, but I will as soon as I can.  

So anyway, that was the weird feeling, and I think that's why that part never went away.  Even after I got past the gay thing, and the boy thing, there was always that part that felt weird and disgusting.  I guess that might even be why I broke up with him, and finally turned him in for the child porn when he wouldn't leave me alone.  It seems so obvious now, with the child porn, who else takes pictures of little boys but child molesters?  So, now him pressuring me to shave, and a lot of other things make a lot more sense too.

I'm running out of paper though, and it's almost time for the bell, so just let me wrap up with I miss Soccer.  I know, I have to take the hormones, and I'm really looking forward to finally starting puberty, especially my voice cracking, and getting more body hair.  So, it should make up for having to quit because they are steroids, but I'm still really going to miss practice.  And hanging out with the team, and playing with them, they say it's okay if I still do practice with them for a while, even if I can't compete, and hang around when they go out after games, but I sure am going to miss them.

Not the locker room, though.  I don't think I'll ever get used to being a boy in the girl's rooms, but having to skip gym completely.  I just wish I could still do sports, And go through puberty, but I know I have to stay on the steroids.  I just can't wait for those to kick in, so I guess I'll get over that once I start really feeling the changes.  As always, thanks for everything.



Okay, since I rushed into it with Teddy, I have to ask:  How soon is too soon to get into the rough stuff?  I know, we had sex the first afternoon we met, I didn't know any better, and I feel pretty stupid just thinking she went slow.  Because Teddy rushed me into BDSM so quickly.  I mean bondage on the first date is definitely way too fast, but that doesn't tell me how slow is slow enough.

The problem is she want a Top.  I don't mind topping, in fact I'm rather enjoying it so far, but she wants me to be rougher, and I just don't know.  She says it's because he molested her, she doesn't want to be molested, and she had an Orthotic left over her first boyfriend.  Oh, and that.  I know, I should have waited until I was 18, but just looking down and seeing it.  Feeling it swing around and in front of me, it's not even erotic, it's just.  Indescribable, I have a cock.  I finally have a cock, she doesn't like to wear it, and she never did because she's a bottom, but I wore it to bed last night, and outside of sex, that was the best feeling in my life.

Waking up with a hard on.  Feeling it, I fell asleep with it in my hands, and i woke up like that.  I couldn't stop giggling just from looking down and seeing it under the covers.  I pitched a tent!  I woke up pitching a tent, but other than that, I finally get to be the man in the relationship.  She had 3 orgasms, she thinks, and she says the best part is it's always hard.  That means I can't wear it full time, but I'm comfortable with my cup just walking around with something in my pants.  I don't feel empty any more, I don't feel hollow, and thank goodness I'm late!  I used to dread that, it might mean I got pregnant, but now.  Finally my first sign of the Steroids kicking in, I hope I never bleed out of there ever again.

Secondly:  Oral sex.  I finally got a blowjob, and that was okay, but what really surprised me was cunnilingus.  I never thought, not once that I would ever enjoy having someone's mouth down there, but I orgasmed from it.  I suppose it's like fingering, as long as it's not my tongue, and I don't have to do it, I could just close my eyes, imagine it was my penis in her mouth, instead of her tongue in there, and just feel the pleasure.  Boy howdy, did I ever feel it!  I couldn't orgasm from using the orthotic, so for the time being I'm wearing it for comfort, and using it to satisfy her sexually.  She can satisfy me orally as long as I don't think about it too much, and that's good enough for now.

So, now we get to the rough stuff.  So far, all I did was slapping.  Not spanking, but on top of her buttocks, i found that I can touch her chest, as long as the contact is brief, and she loves it.  Yes, it hurts, but she likes that pain, and considering how I had sex the first time, I can certainly sympathize, only it's not sex.  It just gets her in the mood, and I mean it really gets her in the mood, I'm just not sure about smacking her face.  She also wants me to call her names.  Mostly slut, and whore, things that make fun of her for having sex, but I don't know if I would be comfortable with that.  So, she agreed to wait until I asked you about that, and she asked me about Bondage.

I just told her yes, I have tried it, but she could see in my face that I didn't enjoy it.  She understands that's a long way off, and as usual, she's willing to wait for us to work up to that.  The problem is now I can't stop imagining what she will look like.  Tied up, and all the ways I could tie her up, to look better.  I really like Binding, body bondage, like the jock strap, and ace bandage, but not restraint bondage.  She wants to do the restraint bondage, but like me she's only done the opposite role with her boyfriend.  I guess we have that in common, only the flip side.  She's a bottom, but she used to top her old boyfriend.  I believe I was a top all along, but because of Ted, and my personal issues, i never got a chance to try it.  

I feel strong.  That's what scares me, I want to be a man, but not that guy.  The kind that has to control you, hurt you, and tie you up to feel powerful, but it's so damned intoxicating.  I knew already that guys get addicted to it, but I had to feel it for myself to truly appreciate how tempting it is.  That's why I'm scared to get any rougher, especially the Bondage, because i don't know what I will do once I see her tied up and helpless, but that's what she wants, and I really really don't want to hurt her because I can't control myself.  Also, hitting her harder, and calling her names, like whore.  Again, that's her fantasy, she really likes the idea that someone would find her so attractive they'd pay for the chance to make love to her.  Sleep with her, or even get a chance to see her naked.  

Okay, we did do this one stripper scene but that was fine, because 1: I just had to sit and watch.  I stuck some dollar bills in her underwear, and that was it.  2: the biggest thing is I don't really like her body, because she's a girl.  She doesn't have a flat chest, and her hips are too big.  No muscle, very little body hair, and she smells wrong.  So, it was honestly a turnoff for me, but such a turnoff for her, I pinched her off very easily right after that.  This was before she showed me the orthotic, and I put it on.  Then, well i told you how that feels.  Hang on, I have to go get it, and put it on.  

Okay, now that I slipped on something more comfortable.  I guess i was feeling too girly before.  Just writing about it, because of the chair.  I guess I could stand up, and write, but the desk is to low, but at least i can sit here, and feel like a man with something to hold between my legs.  Oh god, I can feel my pulse!  In my legs, I know it's just a hunk of plastic, but I can feel my pulse in my legs, so now that it's warming up it feels more alive.  I can't wait until I'm 18, and I can pick one out in the shop.  I want one of the big floppy ones.  Stiff enough to use it sexually, for penetrating, and yet soft enough so it's not this plastic harness.  You know what I mean?  hard but not too hard, like a penis.  Oh, and a realistic size, this is an 8", so honestly it looks rediculous, since I'm still boy sized, and this is like, not just man sized, but pornographically large.  

I think that's my problem too.  With it pulsing between my legs, it's almost between my knees, so it makes me feel like too much man.  I'm so aroused I don't know whether to take it off, stick it under my mattress for practice, or finger in around the sides, but either way I'm going to have to stop writing now.


Okay, I had to sleep on it, and jack off this morning, because i lost count, and passed out exhausted last night.  I definitely need to get a smaller orthotic, it just feels too powerful.  I got my first orgasm last night with it under the mattress, and it was the bed hitting the wall that did it, because I had to pull it back between thrusts so it would hit the wall again.  Then I shaved, so it stopped pulling my hairs, and that made it even worse.  There's a suction cup on the bottom, so once I worked up a sweat, it sucked me off.  Literally, I got another orgasm, just from the suction on the skin where I just shaved.

Another thing was just shaving kept me so aroused, I didn't have to stop in the middle for another orgasm, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I humped the side of the tub an aweful lot, and if it wasn't so cold and hard, that probably would have done it, but you know how I feel about my hair.  Shaving it off should have made me less sensitive, not more, so now I'm worried I might not be able to satisfy her if I have to keep stopping because of orgasms.  Then, I found out that if I wiggle my hips between strokes, that breaks the seal, so it doesn't suck me off as easy, so maybe I'll try that the next time we get a chance to make love.  

I love her, so much.  It weird, that I can love her this much, since she's a girl, and I'm really not attracted to her physically.  It's her personality, I don't think I even need her sexually, since I figured out how to use the orthotic by myself.  Now I don't have to use my hands, so I tried it with bondage.  I just tied my hands together, and held the ace bandage behind my head, but that got me off a lot slower, and I finally passed out like that.  Just feeling the orgasm, it wasn't so powerful it knocked me out, but I could barely crawl into bed, and roll over to hold it, then I drifted off peacefully while the orgasm faded.  

The problem is my hands were numb, and hurt so bad that it woke me up in the middle of the night, so I had to take the ace bandage off.  That really hurt, the blood rushing back into my hands, so before I could fall back asleep, I got aroused, and had to hump the mattress again.  So, let's see.  That's one fingering under it at my desk from writing.  Then the first one under the mattress.  Then the last one before bed with the ace bandage, then another one in the middle of the night when my hands stopped hurting, and finally just now when i woke up, and saw it pitching a tent.  That was another one in my lap, feeling under it from the sides with my legs wide open.

Wow, 5.  I definitely need a smaller orthotic.

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Re: Pocket Jock
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Therapist (Anonymous, and Confidential)

"It's so great to finally meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too, so go ahead and have a seat.  How are you to doing, romantically?"

"Well, he fucked the hell out of me last night!"   :emot_laughing.gif:  "What?"

"Huh!  I have to ask you to control your language."

She nodded, "Oh sorry.  I don't want to offend you."

"No offense taken, I understand that he's still having trouble communicating?"  He nodded.  

Cleared his throat.  "My voice cracked this week."

"Good, good.  Now, let me explain the language issue."  Put my hands together, leaning back.  "I'm not a sex therapist.  I'm here for his gender, and also i have to maintain a level of objectivity.  So, I'm not offended by sexually explicit language, but for his sake, I have to avoid things which could distract from his gender therapy.  Such as arousal."

"Oh."  She looked at him, so he nodded.  She blushed, "Is that a problem?"

"I have a libido, yes.  It wouldn't be professional for my sexuality to be involved, so we can talk about your sex lives.  It's important to his development, however we want to avoid getting too graphic, or explicit about it.  For example, if you get aroused, or he gets aroused, we'll have to stop, and I do have other appointments.  So, let me get the important things out of the way."  I picked up his notes.  "Now Geoff.  I see here you had a hyperarousal episode?"

He held up 2 fingers.  "Another after this one?"

"Hm."  He has to clear his throat.  "The one she was talking about, the next time we were able to make love."  He held up 3 fingers.

"And you?"

"Um.  Climaxes?"  I nodded, and she shrugged.  "I lost count.  At some point they all just ran together, and I had to tell him to stop, so I could breathe."   :]

"All right, well I may have to adjust his prescriptions, then."  Looking over that sheet.  "One of the common side effects is an increased libido."

"You mean I have one now?"

"You were sexual before."

"YeAh, Hm!"   ;D  "I did it again!"  I nodded.  "Sorry.  What I was saying is I never just got aroused, out of the blue before.  I always had to turn myself on, but now, it's happening naturally."

"How often?"

He shrugged.  "Not every day, maybe every other day, but I'm a fourteen year old boy.  Isn't that normal?"

"To a degree.  Now, lets discuss your fears about."  I checked my notes for the way he put it, "The hard stuff."

"Oh, we worked that out."  She thought.  "Bondage?'  She shook her head.  "I can just hold my hands, so if I need to let go, I can.  For the cuffs, I just use rubber bands."

"And what about you?"

"The bondage?"  Nod, "Well, after that scare with the ace bandage, I was afraid to try it again."

"And you're fine with her using self restraint."  He nodded.  "You haven't experienced any other side effects, like anger, hostility, violent thoughts, or fear?"  3 more nos, so I checked them off.  "Panic attacks?"

"Those are gone."  She spoke for him, but he agreed.  "other than the normal bullying, and understandable fear of being outed.  It's not paranoid if the threat is real, right?"

"It's not a Delusion.  It's still paranoia, but that doesn't mean it's a paranoid delusion, or delusion of persecution for a persecuted class."

"Oh, okay.  So, it's still narcissism if you really are this awesome, it's just not a Delusion of Grandeur?"   ;D  "That's a joke."

"So, you're not narcissistic at all."

"Oh no, probably the opposite.  What's the opposite of a narcissist?"

"There isn't any one.  Psychology isn't really a field of opposites, it's just the way the mind thinks.  In false dichotomies, but in what way do you think of yourself as the opposite of narcissistic?"

"Well, it's like self esteem?"  I nodded, "Well, I really had problems with that, feeling worthless, depressed, suicidal, but he's helping with that."  She took his hand.

"Would you mind keeping your hands out of each other's laps?"

"Yeah, sorry."

"You can hold hands, just between you.  You know he's particularly sensitive in the lap, and legs."

"Oh yeah."   ::)  "Wouldn't want anyone to get aroused or anything."

"All right, so would you be willing to discuss your fantasies.  specifically the ones that involve these self esteem issues."  I looked it up.  "For instance the exotic dancing, prostitutiona and slut shaming."  She didn't react to the potential trigger word, Slut.

 ::)  "That's how he helps with my self esteem.  If I feel worthless in bed, then I don't feel as worthless at school, and it's even started working on my grades.  I feel more confident, in my mind.  Uhm."

"Hm, intellectually?"

"Exactly.  I felt so stupid, but now he actually listens to me.  He's a great listener, when most of the people I know seem to think I'm a ditz.  Especially the boys, they tell me everything, as if i don't know."   ::)  "Even things I should know better, or they don't know anything about, like being a lesbian?"

I nodded, "So, you identify as a lesbian."

"Well, no.  I mean at school, because he's not doing his year as a boy yet, so of course all they ever want to talk about is lesbians, and tell me all about lesbians, when honestly the only people who could possibly now anything less about lesbians that a middle school boy would have to be a gay man.  If even them, because they actually know real lesbians, and listening to them, and telling them all about it."

"Well, there's no official term for that, but it's a fairly common fetish.  For some reason, straight men seem fascinated by sapphism, and repulsed by male sexuality."   ::)

"Oh, are you gay?"

"I'm not willing to discuss my sexuality.  So, lets get back on track."  Checking my notes.  Or his, "There's a lot to cover here alone, then we'll have to cover anything you might have thought of since."  Let's see.  Oh yes, "Now about the impact play."

"You mean the slapping?"  I nodded.  "Well, I don't know how much I'll be able to talk about it without being aroused."

"All right, Geoff.  You mentioned here that you're willing to strike her breasts, while you're still not willing to fondle them?"


"All right, well that could be good, or bad.  Do you feel as if you're punishing them at all."

 >:(  He relaxed, almost immediately, but he didn't even need to nod.  "Huh!"  He looked at her.

"Well?  That's the idea?  It's so much more intense than spanking.  Hhuh!"  She crossed her legs, visibly flushing, and covered herself with her arms.  "I really, can't talk about it."

"I understand, you should discuss it together, when you can be alone.  What about the face.  Goeff?"  He shook his head.  "Would you mind explaining to her why that makes you uncomfortable?"

"Huh!"  he moved away from her, and held her other hand.  Once they were turned to each other.  "Hm!"  He grunted.   >:(  "It pisses me off.  I don't want to hurt you.  I love you, but when I even think about slapping you.  Huh!"   :emot_weird.gif:  "It makes me think about Rape."

"You want to rape me!"

"No.  Ahem!  That's why i can't slap your face, and that's why I can't tie you up."

"Yeah you can.  Any time you want.  I'm not afraid of you raping me."  She nodded, "I want you to."

"Okay, that's enough."


"Just.  Okay, we need to shift gears.  You have been having rape fantasies."

"Yeah, that's all I have.  It's the only way I can get turned on."

"Geoff?"   :emot_weird.gif:  He let go.

"Geoff?  Geoffrey?" 


"Let him go.  He probably needs to write about it, and he can't.  Right now.  Listen.  Sit down, calm down, and take a deep breath.  I don't know if he told you this, in fact I doubt he was able to, but he has major issues with rape."

"Well, yeah?  Everyone does, it's a major issue."

"Well."   :emot_weird.gif:  "True enough, but having experienced it himself, he's terrified of becoming a rapist himself.  Which means, as his doctor, I have to tell you not to engage in rape fantasy with him.  In your mind, it's fine.  Fatasise all you want, but it's a strong enough aversion that it could interfere with him becoming a man.  At all.  As much as he hated being a girl, he would rather quit his hormones, grow breasts, and go back to wearing tresses than even consider the possibility of raping, play rape, or any violence against women.  That's why he can't slap your face.  It makes him feel like a wife beater."

"Oh."  She nodded.  "Okay.  He never told me he raped him, but.  I guess, one he couldn't, and two.  I really should have known."

"Having been raped yourself as a little girl."   ::)  Damn it!  "I'm sorry.  Oh god, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to trigger you."  but I did, and that was such a stupid thing to say to her, right then, and what the hell is wrong with me?  If anyone should know better it's you.

 :emot_weird.gif:  "Hhihihihihih!"


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Re: Pocket Jock
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I don't usually feel the need for a happy ending, but;




"Oh!"  They hugged me.  "That's too bad."

"Yeah, but you're single now, right?"



"I'm sorry.  Yeah, that was insensitive of me."

"Snh, no.  Uh.  You wouldn't really.  Want to go out with me, too?"

"Why not?  We love you, right Lars?"

"Of course!  Like a brother, but.  You know, we're gay, and.  You're a boy now, so we talked about it."  He nodded.

"You talked about.  Me?"

"Not behind your back, but you know, we always wanted to do a threesome again."

"Ever since Teddy left."

"I'm sorry about that."

"Oh no, you're right.  We knew he was molesting us in little league, we just didn't want to admit it."

"Yeah, and he probably belongs behind bars.  With all the rapists."


"Oh, Lars!  Now you're doing it too!"

"It's okay, I'm triggered.  So, it's easier for me to be triggered, but.  Huh!"   ::)  "You know, I fantasized about it.  Too, a lot."


"Well, yeah?  You're the first 2 gay guys I ever knew, and I never got to see you guys do it, just making out, so.  I couldn't help trying to fill in the blanks."

"Like what?"

"Well, who's the top?"

"Well, Kirk is a bottom, but.  He tops me too, so we can both get off."

"How, I mean.  You know, um.  How do you, two.  Do it?"

"Well, we could tell you."

"Or, we can show you?"

"Yeah, I'd love to see that!"

"Well, you don't have to just watch, if you want to join in."

"Yeah, your parents won't be home for how long?"

"I don't know but they always call before they leave."

"Yeah, we know, so.  Are you wearing it?"

"The orthotic."  I nodded.

"Can we see it?"

"Yeah, and can we touch it?"

"Maybe even suck on it?"

"Okay, but only until they call to say they're on their way."

"Who do you want to suck it first?"

"Uh."  I just pointed at Lars.  I never even seen pictures of him naked before.  "Can I see you naked?"

"Yeah."  Kirk already had my pants open, and started sucking on it.

 :o  Lars was bigger than I expected.  At least 5 inches, and rock hard too.   ;D  I inced my finger for him to walk over, so he dragged his pants on one ankle, and I leaned over. 

"Snh!"  Closed my eyes, and touched it.  Pushed it up, and kissed his balls first.  "Snh!"  Let go so it fell, and slapped my cheek.  "SmoPb!"

"Ngh!"  He grinned.  I twirled my finger, and squeezed his buttock.  He turned around, so i could get both hands on it, and looked up side down between his legs.

"Snh!"  It didn't smell crappy at all, so i tasted it real quick, and slipped my tongue in my mouth.  It didn't taste crappy either, so i kissed it.

"NGH!"  It puckered, and he pushed it out, for me to kiss it deeper, and French it. 

"Snh!"  Smell his but sweat, and lick back down to his balls.  "SwopP!"  He squirmed, but I sucked his balls, and dug my nose into his wet pucker. 

"NGH!" he grunted again so it pushed out, and kissed the tip of my nose.  Sphf!

"Snh!"  I smelled his fart.

"Ngh, uh Kirk?"

"SMOP!  Uh huh?"

"Can you fuck me real quick?"

"Yeah," I got up, and started taking off my pants.  "Let me put my stiffy on real quick."

"Yeah, Amber told us you can fuck for hours."

"It never goes soft."  Look at the clock.  "Huh!"  Better get started.


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Continued in:  Unprofessional...