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This isn't Rape, in the sense of consent.  However, I believe in Informed Consent, and things you can't comprehend well enough to know what you're saying "Yes" to.

In a word, Possession.


Shawnaya  (Gf Lesb)

"What's good?"

"Like Shania Twain?"

"Uh!"  White girls.  "Yeah."  Grab my water.  "Cept she spell it like Shawnya, and say it like Shanaya.  I got a sista name Tania, but they call her Tanaya.  What's up wit dat?"

"I hate her!"  Wipe off the sweat.  "You're really good."

"Thanks, but I aint taking Hip-hop as a E-Z A.  Cause I gotta, to perform in this Dance Barn.  Like they got to teach me hip-hop to dance, they can't just watch me dance.  No, they got to get a white lady, tell me how to hip-hop."

"Yeah, it's in your blood."

"No it aint!  I aint Talented, I ain't born widit, I work hard, ever day my while life to dance.  You born with a silver spoon in your blood?  Shit."  Just shake my head, she ain't worth it.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to offend you, I just.  Huh, you think you could teach me?"

"Mhm?"  Look her up and down.  "Sure ain't learning nothing about Hip-hop from that white lady."

"I love hip-hop.  I mean the dance, the music's all right, but I don't really like.  What the words are about.  You get to do so much more.  In Hip-hop, I mean."

"You all right."  I wave.  "You did all right, in the class."  Stop by the fountain, by the girl room, and fill it back up.  "You got moves."

"I like that song you picked."

"Can't front on Missy."

"Missy Elliot?"

"You know Missy?"

"I love her videos.  I didn't know that was one of hers."

"Well, they ain't got a video for it yet."

"She gets the best dancers, they thick.  Not like the skinny girls Beyoncee."

"Stop.  Right there."  Put my hand up.  "Don't say that."

"What, thick?"

"Right, like you know what thick is.  You don't, it aint just fat.  Huh, fat girls is fat, thick is.  You now what?  You wanna learn?"  She nodded, "Well first forget about what you think you know."

"I don't know shit."

"Mhm?  You know that's right."

"I'm not skinny." she pulled up her sweatshirt.  "See?  I got something to work with."

"I'm happy 4 U."  Hold the door.  "Now, I got to take a piss.  Excuse me?"

"Yeah, sorry."  She walked off, so I close it, and hear the door shut on her way out.

"Huh!"  All this.  Stuff to take off, just to sit down, but she right.  She white, but not, skinny white.  She ain't fat, neither.  IDK, I saw some muscle in there, when she pull her shirt up, and she just wanna learn to dance.  That's all, she weren't flirting with me, but.  I complimented.  She compliment me, and just dancing.  Why I like dancing, always do.  

It sexy, I know that.  I always knowed that, cause it ain't in my blood.  I grow up with it, my momma aint' a dancer, she dance.  My aunts, and everybody around me.  How she get a man, but you know it ain't just being a black girl.

I'm gay, all right?  She just want to dance, learn how to dance, and she got something.  Watching Missy Elliot videos, she can learn, I seen it in her moves.  

She thick 2?  Fat, and muscle, and when she pull her shirt up.  "HhH!"  I like thick girls, and I never even seen a white girl like that.  "Hhuh!"  A red head.

I dry it.  I done did dry it off, I stop pissing a minute ago, and I ain't drying it no more.  I been wiping with this same toilet paper longer then I was pissing even.

"Huh!"  So pull out some more, it ain't dirty, I feel dirty, wiping the piss paper in there and now I got dingle berries to pick out, but there it is.


She laugh, so her tummy bounce like this.

"Huhuhuhuh!"  Feel it with my hand, and up under my sports bra.  I can imagine, she pull her pants down too.  Her pink panties, and her tummy turn pink, and flexin like she laughing, but I ain't laughing.


She got hairs, or she shave it?  White girls shave it, I see them in there porn, all the time, so you can see them.  They coochies, and it all pink in there with the fingers to hold it open, and show the pink stuff all up in it.

So close, I can almost taste it, but I bet she don't shave it.  I bet they just as red as her head.  Her green eyes so big, then closing.  




That better.



I just waited.  By the door, it's an old trick.  She didn't look, under the stall to see if I actually went out or just let it swing shut, but I saw her.  Looking, in class, and not just to check out our moves.  Even before we started dancing, or after we're done.  I know what girls she likes, and there's a mirror right there.  The whole wall is a mirror, to watch what you're doing, and see if you're pulling it off like the dancer you're copying.

Not checking out the girl in front of you, so I showed off.  As much as I could, I know I'm white, and I don't have that.  Is Booty racist?  Just cause they say it doesn't mean we can say it, but my buttocks.  Feel warm, just remembering her eyes on them, and moving with the music.  The beat, and remembering all the girls in the videos.  I'm sorry about the thing I said, comparing Missy to Beyoncee.  They're both role models, just different kinds.  Strong outspoken women with a voice, but not from my people.  

It's just so hard, towing the line between respecting their artists, and whitewashing them with the eyes I was born with.

"Hihihn!'  Green eyes, but she's loud.  She's not crying in there, I know what those moans mean, and the thrill of flashing her has me sweating, and warming up, and shivering like it's cold in here.  It is, like a refrigerator, because dancing is a lot of work.

She's gay, and she makes me feel so sexy, I wish I could.  But I won't, interrupt her just because I'm horny.  I'm just so horny, I can barely stand it, but I will.  It's hard, but so worth it.  I can rub my yoga pants, and feel my hot butt, just remembering her eyes on them, and she even made a mistep.  Looked back, at me shaking it, hard enough to throw her off.

She flushed, and I got scared.  Blushing, and running out, but the other girls.  All around me, I let the door slam shut so they're looking at me, and how come sometimes I want to be seen, but now all these eyes on me make me want to run and hide?

But I'm not horny any more.  "Hey, uh."  She followed me.  "You weren't, listening to me.  In there, where you?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to, invade your privacy.  Like that."

"So, there aint no reason to deny.  What I was doing."

"Thinking about me?"

"It's embarrassing.  I sorry 2."

"Don't be.  I feel the same way as you.  Imean, about you.  Uh!"  Roll my eyes.  "You know?  Sexy?"

Well away from the building.  Doesn't really look like a barn.  Except the front, it's a school, they just stuck a hay loft on, so it looks like a barn.

"Huh!"  She kissed me, quick.

"There."  She nodded.

I felt my lips, then hers.  Her soft lips, they were warm, and the sun in my hair.  Her dark eyes flashing, looking up at it.

"Huh!"  I didn't know what to say.

"There some truck boxes, over there."  She nodded, up.  I don't know what they call it, when they nod backwards, instead of pointing, so I looked.

"The, shipping containers?"  I shook my head.

"Yeah, them."

"You want to go make out, back behind them?"

"Yeah," she shrugged, played it off.  "If you do."

"Yeah.  I really do."

"Come on."

It's not like.  We really have to hide it.  I know lots of lesbians, I know there's people that don't like this sort of thing going on, but none of them personally.  My aunt is, married.  My aunts now, I guess.  My family doesn't mind.

"Hehn!"  Her lips are so soft!  "Hm!"  She kissed my fingers, then grinned, and licked them.  Giggled, so I giggled too.  

She looked up.  "I love your hair."

"You too.  I mean I love what you do with it."

"Can I touch it?"

"My hair?"  I nodded, and closed my eyes.  Just to feel her fingers comb through it.  

"Um.  Would it be okay.  If it felt your boobs?"

"Yeah."  She closed her eyes again, and kissed me.  Harder this time.  

"Huh!"  She's bustier then me.  "Uh, you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, all right."

"Is it okay to say booty, or is that racist?"

She thought about it.  "I don't know."  She shrugged, "I don't mind, not like I say it."  She laughed, "Booty.  Sounds like something a baby say, to me."

"What do you prefer?"

"Ass?"  She nodded, "That's what it is.  We teenagers, we can say ass, right?"

Well, in a few more months."You like my ass?"  I'll be thirteen, 12 and a half is practically a teen, right?

She grinned, "Yeah."  She finally put her hands on it.  

"Oh!  Hm!"

"Mhm!'  Squeezing it, and kissing me, and I like her sports bra.  I saw it, through the side of her shirt, cause the sleeves torn off, so I could gather it, and feel inside, easily.  It's like a training bra, but better.  "Smooch.  Tits."  She felt my hands.  "Or titties.  Okay?"

"Yeah, I.  Hihihn!  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like your titties."

"Good, cause they like your hands on them."  

"Mh, him!"  Her lips, though.  Her hot soft lips, and her tongue, slipping between mine and licking my teeth.  My knees gave out, but I didn't fall.  To the assfault, anyway.  She held me up, againts the pained wavy steel side of the set storage.

"Hhihn!"  I straightened up.

"I got to go."  I heard it.  The bus.  The city bus, it comes bye here, so I chased her.  To the bus stop, just to watch her climb up.  Look out the window, and raised my hand for a little wave.

She smiled, so pretty, and nodded.  Then it took off, and she was gone.

"Hihn!"  I couldn't wait to see her again.


Shawnaya  (f Solo Race.  It ain't really about that, but it's in there.)

"Uh!"  I can't believe I said that.  "Stupid."

Can I touch you hair?

"Uh!"  She a redhead, and then when she got outside, in the sun.  

I hate my hair, and it.  What is it with white women, and black hair?  It just black hair, not like it red, and shot all through with glitter like gold spun in by.  Not Rumplestilskin.  What her name, the girl in it.  The miller girl, with the gold in her straw color hair.  I forget, but yeah.  Like that.

I wanted to think, she shake it for me.  Before, she done.  We just made out, that it.  I just made out with a girl, and it.  Yeah, I never even imagine, it so fun?  IDK what I expected, some romantic bullshit, probly.  They aint tell you it fun.  All the other stuff too, my heart feel like to bust, and I miss her already, but that was sweet.  The way she run after me, and how beautiful she look, standing by the stop.  Waving, the sun in her hair.  

They can't wear pink.  Most of them, and she didn't today.  Just plain old sweats, really.  A teeshirt, but now I know she was.  She did shake it for me, and she got better, for me.  It ain't even like sexy no more.  I don't even want to think about kissing her pussy, just remember her sigh.  The way she sigh when we make out, and giggle when she say titties.  

Wish I took it off.  Now the spandex all tight, and wet, and sweaty, wonder if the whole bus smell me stinking, and I can't just feel all up in my shirt like she do, her ass.  God damn that ass, shaking it for me, I follow that ass anywhere.

"Huh!"  So, back and forth between romantic, just making out, and hugging, and kissing then this.  Wishing we done more, I just done did it in the bathroom, and that was nasty.  All that piss up in there, and toilet paper napping up in the skin, and now I want to do it again, but not here.  Alone, by myself with all these people not looking at me, but I want to.  So bad.  Maybe in the shower, wash all that piss out anyway.

"Snh?"  I can smell it anyway.  She ain't, touch herself.  I'da smelt it on her fingers, when she touch my lips, like this.  She just waited, by the door, and run when I flush the toilet.  That's when I knew.  Right away, I ain't imagine it.  She was, shaking it for me.

"Huh, booty."  Ass, she got a nice ass, and the prettiest hair I ever seen.  That the first thing, I notice.  About her, and it feel like hair, but to look at it.  It aint like regular hair, it special, and beautiful, and I'm so glad she had it so I can see her, and she seen me looking, and hear me.  Thinking bout her.

Now I feel all sexy again.  There my stop, and I can't wait to get in the shower.  After class, dance class, there always plenty of hot water, cause they know I need it after I dance.  I is, stinking, but.  "Sh!"  A good stink.  "SNHHHH!"  Sexy stink, just the piss, stupid of me to rub it around wiping like that, the toilet paper.  Cheap ass toilet paper all rough, and fall apart in there, I ain't even get all of it, but I won't thinking.  That ain't what I doing, but now I can do it right.  Clean, get all that nasty mess out, and smell something better then that mediciney shit they clean them out with.  I ain't had no where else to go, with she following me, and her eyes.

"God," her big green eyes, and her hair sparkling in the sun.  Love and lust then love, then lust again, spinning round and round like the curls turning, and rolling in the sun, so the gold sparckles, and tingles all up my body so I'm shivering, and burning up, and wet, and I get my hair wet, but I don't care about that right now, just.  Don't.  "Damn!"  I shoulda pulled my hair out first.  "Huh!"  Now it pulling, so I got to stop, it hurt to much, and I got it going so good for a minute there, but I got to get out.

"Shit!"  Save the hot water.  Stick the ties on the faucet, and grab the rat tail to pull it out.  "Huh!"  Scratch the roots, feels better.  "Huhhhh!'  I can relax.  I hate relaxer.  There it is, my momma's relaxer, and flat iron, and all this, shit.  To try and make our hair straight, and manageable.  I hate it, I hate my hair, it hurts me, and how do they do it?  All the women I know, they just deal with it like it ain't nothing, but I don't care no more.  She keep the clippers in the cabnet over the toilet, and that's it.

"Huph!  The last straw."

Fuck it.  To hot for that anyway.



"Hhuhhh!"  Pull it out, so I can get more, and more, and the blades massagging, and I just feel so good I'm like to cry.  "Snh!"  They good tears.  "Huh!"  Good as a orgasm, I never think how much I need this, til I finly get fed up, and do it.  I had to do it, and now my head feel right.

"Huh!"  Think about my body.  I look funny, and it liter, stripe like a tiger from the rows I just pull out, but I ain't feeling it.  Not no more, now I just want to lay down, so just dry off, and take a nap.  I need a nap, now all that piss and tissue washed out, I wonder if that it.  All that paper in there, stuck my my clitty stimulate me, but it ain't that.  I know it aint that, it that girl perry.


That white girl, with eyes like emeralds.  The redhead all shot through with gold, sparkling in the sun, and I shoulda shave my head long ago.


Long ago, and far away.  From here, it feels like.

Momma gonna be pissed when she sees it.  I can hear it now, "Girl, what you do to your hair?"


It's my hair, mom.  Now you don't have to worry about it.



"Uh!"  I looked up.  "You cut your hair?"

"You like it?"  She felt her head, with both hands.  Frowned when I shook mine.  "Well, I don't care."  She chucked it.  I guess.  I asked my aunt, and she said chuck your head.  Like that, so I guess that's what it's called.  "Corn rows?"

"Well, French braids."  I shrugged.  "I had my aunt do it, to keep it from flopping around, when I'm dancing?"  She nodded.  "She was a cheerleader, so I asked her.  What she did, I mean I got the idea from you, but.  It's a good idea."

"You staring."

"What's with the stripes?"

She shrugged, "The sun?  When I had it braided.  Yeah, French braids.  I like that, better.  I just like your hair.  Your curls, but it's yo head."  She nodded, shrugged.

"I didn't know you could tan."

"No, white people tan.  We get darker, but tan would be lighter.  I don't get no lighter."

"Oh, want to skip?"

"Class?"  She grinned, "Momma already payed for it.  It just bother me.  My hair.  Our usual place?"

"To make out?"  Yeah.  "I want to make out again."

"Cummon."  They just pack up the sets, between shows.  So they have the stage for other classes, and I come twice a week, and so does she, but we only have the Hip-hop class together, on Tuesdays.  

"You know my aunt Cherry?"

"I don't know no Sherry."

"Cherise, Martin?  I just thought, maybe cause there's not a lot of people, like you.  It's a small town, so I thought.  Maybe you might know her."

"She black."

"And a lesbian.  She married my Aunt?"

"No, I never met her."

I backed up in the corner.  Closed my eyes, and felt her lips on mine again.  


She took my hand, held my fingers up, then kissed them.  Gently, rubbed them back and forth.

I looked up.  "I like it.  Can I feel it?"

"My head?"  She nodded.

"Hihihm!  You got stubble."

"Well, it been a week.  It'll grow back out, but I want to keep it short now."  She turned her head.  Looked up, but I kept feeling it.

"You aunt, Sherry?"

"Uh huh?"

"I think I seen her, with another redhead.  Downtown?"

"Yeah, that's her."  I nodded, "They have a studio down by the Plaza?"

"Yeah.  I like her hair."

"Yeah, me too."

"Snh!'  She smelled mine.  "Huh!  I love you hair."  Held up the braid on one side, and rubbed it under her nose.  Over her lips, and took a deep breath.  "Snhhh!  Huh!"

"White rain?"

"Excuse me?"

"I washed it, then Aunt Cherry braided it for me.  That's the shampoo, and conditioner?  Yeah, I have to use conditioner, or it frizzes up."

"See, that's why I cut it.  I just got sick of all the work, and pain, and it felt so good to finally do it."

"Yeah?"  I can tell, it's important to her.  "Well, I like the stripes.  And the stubble."


"Yeah, it feels neat."  Weird, but neat.  "Mh!"  I wrapped my wrists around it.  Her head, almost hugging it, and feeling it twist, and turn, her mouth open, and tongue licking my teeth the other way.  "Huh!"

"Can I lick your mouth?  I mean, inside your mouth."

"Okay.  Mh!"

My knees gave out.

"Huh!  Here."  She put her arms up.  Her elbows, so I could hang by the armpits, and put my head back through the waves in the cold steel.  Against my hair, I could feel it.  the cold, on the hot day, between the braids, and her hot soft mouth.  Her wet tongue, slipping against mine, and swirling around to lick between my teeth.  "Shlip!"

"Ngh!"  I had to reach up, between her arms to wipe my mouth.  Feel the slobber, then reach out, and touch her lips.

"Mh!"  She closed her eyes, kissing my fingers, and smiled.  Let her lips come open, her teeth, so I could feel inside.  "Mh!'  She blinked, so I slipped them back out.


"No, I'm sorry, you just surprise me, is all."  She shook her head.  Thinking, "I don't think I liked it, though."

"Well, I wanted to try it."


"Fingering your mouth?  I don't know why."  I shrugged, stood up so she could let her arms down.  "Huh!  I did it, thinking about you, to get my fingers wet.  Mh?"  She shut me up.  With her fingers this time.  "Hm, snh!"  I sucked them, in.  2 of them, and rubbed them with my tongue.


"Smuip?  Ngh!  Does that tickle?"

"No, it just.  Feel funny."  She looked down, touched the waistband of my skirt.  With her dry fingers.  "What was you gettting you fingers wet for?"  She says you, instead of yo.  My aunt Cherry says yo, instead of you.  I guess it's different folks, but I'm learning.

"Ngh!'  And squirming, in shame.

She leaned over, smelled my hair.  Right next to my ear, and pulled the elastic out.  "To finger you pussy?"


"Thinking about me?"

"Yeah.  Oh!'  She touched me.  "Oh, yes!"  Well, my underwear.  I didn't care, it really was her fingers this time, and not mine.  Her damp fingers, back on my lips.  In my mouth, so I could suck them, and taste them, and feel her fingerprints on my taste buds.  "Nh!  Hmn!  Ihn!"

"Hhuh!  Huhh!  HuhHh!"

"Smuip!  Uh, huh!  HUh, yeah!  NGH!"  Her strong fingers, and my dry underpants, rubbing me dry, faster and faster.  My knees shook, so I stuck them out.  Locked them to push my butt back against the wavey steel.

"HMMMM!"  She covered my mouth.  "Hm!"  I relaxed.  Felt like the world just tilted over, or the storage box fell back so I was lying down.  With her on top of me, and her hands on my panties, pushing them inside me so I split open inside to rub quickly to this.  "HhHhuh huh.  Huh!"  She felt down my burning hot neck, my shirt, my flat chest, and held her hand over my beating heart.  I covered her hand, held it, and just let my heart beat against it.  Slower, and slower, but deeper, until even I could barely feel it pound against the bone.

"Huh!'  She kissed me.  Quick, just a quick peck on my lips, and helped me slide down.  Slowly, gently to the ground.  Just sit down, and held me in her arms.  Finally in her arms again, and she just made love to me.  It happened so fast, I almost didn't get a chance to enjoy it, but now.  This feeling, lasted longer.  So much longer it almost felt like forever, and I never wanted it to end.  

"Huh!"  I held her head, on my shoulder, and gently rubbed the stubble with my fingertips.  "Shanaya?"

"Mhm?"  I squirmed a little, pulled the sticky wet crease back out, and felt it stick to the hairs inside.  I blinked.  

"You want me to do you."  I cummed!  "Too?"

"That all right."  She shook her head, in my hands.  "Maybe later."




"Shania, right?"


"Well, Perry's out at Volleyball practice."

"Yeah, I know?  I wanted to talk to you."

"All right, what about?"

"Well, I jus'd."  She shrugged, "Wanna talk to you.  Cause you gay, and I got nobody to talk to about it."

"I talked to Perry about it too."

"Yeah, but she don't know.  It different for us."

"Being black?"

"Yeah, here?  It ain't like in Cincinati, they racist, but they don't care about not sounding like racist."

"I know what you mean.  Who's bothering you?"

"The other girl, mosly.  At the Dance Barns?  Yeah, I the only black one, so they look at me like some kinda.  Exotic."

Dancer.  "Curiosity?"  They treat her like a stripper.  I nodded, I don't want to call you a stripper, but.  Do you have to dance like that?  It makes white girls think about being desperate enough, to strip to pay through medical school.  


"I know what you mean, being different, it's like being gay, or a woman, but when you're all three."

"Yeah, they got 3 chances to judge you."

"What do they say?"

"Well, that it.  What they don't say, they just figure I good at hip hop cause I black, but then they tell me, like I don't know?  Shit, I ain't stupid, and I know hip-hop.  Not cause it in my blood, it just music, but I growed up widit all my life, and I work hard just fo them to write it off as talent.  It ain't right."

"Perry said she made some mistakes, when you started out."

"Yeah, but I can't teach all them it offensive, especially the stuff they do tryna be not offensive, so they get upset, and I makin new friends, it just hard, and.  Thanks.  4 bein here, I just had to say something cause my famly, they don't know."

"You're homosexual?"

"Bi really, but can you even be a bi-lesbian?"

"I don't see why not?  I certainly understand the need to Kvetch so if it ever feels like too much."

"What sat?"

"Kvetching?  Sorry, yiddish."  I waved it off, "Just my wife rubbing off on me."

"Yiddish is?"


"She Jewish?"

"Yes.  Koshur, aside from marrying another woman, though is't not expressly forbidden in the Torah, most of the community aren't as open and accepting as our family, so I can't convert."

She laughed, "Like Sammy Davis."

"Yes, he was Jewish."

"I know that!  I just never knowed any red headded Jews before.  She said they Danish."

"Her father's Danish, but her mother's Ashk'nazi.  That's a specific tribe, that has some redheadded members in it."

"Oh, huh!"  

"Since the Danish side passes down through the father, and the Jewish side the mother, she's both."

"That why she don't do cheeseburger?"

"That's right, technically we shouldn't eat a burger cooked on the same grill as bacon, or dairy, but that's not always something we can help."

"You really serious about this whole Jewish thing."

"Yeah.  I love my wife, and that includes her being Koshur.  Besides, the family theory around the Sater table is The Law is really about Cross Contamination.  They just didn't know about germs back in biblical times.  So, God told them what to do, even if they didn't understand why."

"Well, I ain't spiritual, or nothing, but.  You can believe what you want, but I don't want to offend you."

"That's all right."

"It just weird here.  My daddy say we move out to get away from racist, but all it did was make them different racist."

"Well, racism is everywhere."

"Yeah, the Spanish kids get mad when we call them Mexican, then they call me Nigra."


"That it?"

"Yes, it sounds like Nigra, but Negra is just Spanish for Black."


"And they're not Mexican, they're New Mexican."

"They say dat, or Nueve, but in'at nine?"

"No, Nuevo means New.  Nueve nine."

"My Spanish.  We had Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans back in the old hood, but they aint talk to us.  I usta think Racist is White."

"No, racism is everyone.  Trying to be white, black, Latin, or Asian when really it's all the same thing, in different languages.  Here, in America I mean, culture is defined by Race, and Race defined by Color, when that's a gross simplification."

"And you learn ta talk like that cause you a teacher?"

"Well, I'm not always a teacher, but I don't mean to be condecending."

"What's that?"

"I'm not talking down to you, it's just a very complex subject that people try to simplify.  So, I have to get technical to discuss it."

She giggled, "You just sound whiter and whiter the more you go on about it, but I ain't insulted."

"Good, I ment no offense, but we don't have to try to be insulting.  We have to try not to, and understand when people make mistakes."

"Yeah!"  She nodded, "Thanks alot.  So, when Perry get home from Volleyball?"

"I don't know, any time now.  It doesn't always end, after an hour."

"Yeah, games run long, I understand that."

"And it's hot, so they're not in any hurry to leave the gym, but if you like we can go pick her up."

"Yeah, I like that.  I like your hair."

"Speaking of which.  If you don't mind me asking, but Perry mentioned that you.  Well, she said you seemed to be upset about it, so she was confused, when she talked about."

"I don't know why I did it."

"Shaved it off?"

"It bothered me, is all.  It always bothered me, then I got it wet, and you know how it gets when it wet."

"You had it done up?"

"Fo dance class, in twists?"

"Yeah, I don't wear it like that any more, but I remember."

"Well, it hurt, and I was."  She looked down.  "You know, thinking about.  Her."

"Perry."  I nodded.

"I was so close, and then it got wet, so it piss me off, so I cut it off.  It'll grow back, but I never seen a lady with a hitop fade like that.  I want one, like that.  When it grow back out.  If I can find a barber do a boy cut, then."

"Well.  Huh!"  I nodded.  "You know, it's because I'm a man."

"You is?"  She gave me the side eye.  Like Gary Coleman.  What you talking bout, Willis?  "Thought you is a Lesbian."

"Well, it's like you being bisexual.  They aren't mutually exclusive.  Like you can be a girl, and black.  That just makes you a black girl."

"But how you a man, with titties."

"Huh, I'm transgender.  My Leora is understanding, in that regard."

"So, you gonna get a sex change?"

"No,"  I stopped myself.  "Not yet, maybe.  I don't know, I'm still.  Learning to live with, and accept my body, but marrying a wonderful woman has worked wonders, and getting out of the racists, sexists, and homophobes I grew up with too."

"Where you from?"

"Los Angeles."

"South Central?"

"No, Worse.  Orange County."

"Where that?"

"The Valley.  Like, omagahd!  That valley."

"So you really a valley girl?"

"No, I grew up around valley girls.  Huh!  I was a boy, that got treated like a black girl, by valley girls."

"Uh, that sound terrible!"

"Yeah.  Like, gag me with a spoon!  But I didn't have any Role Models.  Not really, many any way.  Just Cher, and Grace Jones."

"Who's that?"

"You ever seen Conan the Destroyer?"  She shook her head.  "A View to a Kill?"

"Yeah," she squinted.  "Yeah!  Her?"

"Yes, Grace Jones."

"May Day!"  She laughed.  "She a badass!"


{Just playin with the Bechdel test.  Doesn't really say anything about transmen.  It never really was a test to begin with, just Mo kvetching about how there's never any female characters that can talk about anything but fashion, or boys.


The unspoken part of that is the First Rule of the Bechdel Test:  You do Not talk about the Bechdel Test.  You can't, without failing it.}


Perry (tfT Spoiler.)

"Hey." she climbed over to the back seat.  Kissed me.  "Peri?"


"You a man?"

"No?"  I looked up at the mirror.  "You've been talking to uncle Jerry."


"Huh!  Not yet, but."  I shrugged, "Some times.  I feel more like a boy."  I nodded.

"I didn't tell her."

"I figure it out, but.  You ain't butch, at all."

"So?  There's all kinds of guys.  Doesn't mean I want to turn all toxic, and macho."

"So, why din't you tell me.  Is it like you being Jewish?"

He really talked to her.  "Uh!  No?  I'm not Jewish.  Just because my mom is Jewish, doesn't make me Jewish."

"But you don't eat cheeseburger."

"Yeah, at MacDonalds.  Cause it ain't cheese?  It's not like that, I wanted to tell you, I just didn't know.  Huh!  I was just afraid you wouldn't like me."

"I ain't racist.  You know dat."

"No, I mean.  Cause you are a lesbian?"  Jerry laughed, "What?"

"I ain't gay."

"Wh?  Huh?"

"I'm bisexual."  she felt my arms, squeezed them.  

"But, the way you look at, girls.  I thought."

"You never even seen me look at boys, man!  You see any boys around the Dance Barn?  Damn!"

"Oh, huh!  No, I guess you're right."

"I know that?  Butchu know, that's what I like about you?  I just ain't put my finger on it.  Cause you so pretty, and you hair so long, and.  Beautiful, god Damn I love yo hair!"

"Hihihm!  I know!"  My face heated up.

"You thick.  That what it is, you work out.  Huh?"  She really likes my arms!


"I seen you hair first, of course."  She kissed my neck.  "And you moves.  I don't notice it, but.  Huh, you dance like a man?"

"I know.  That's when, I feel the most masculine."

"It so sexy."


"All right, you two can wait till we get home?"


"Yeah.  Jerry?"


"Sorry, the way she say it.  Sounded like Cherry."

"It was.  Cherise, she only calls me uncle Jerry in private.  Or if it's cool.  You know, so.  I don't mind, it's just out in public."

"Oh, yeah."  She looked at me.  "That why you go by Perry."

"Yeah, and Periwinkle?"

"Huha HAH!  Yeah.  You know that's right."


'Naya (...  NS)

"Huh!"  I couldn't wait to get her.  No him.  "Wait, him, or her?"


"For you?  I mean, you just.  One.  Uh!  They even got words fodis?"

"Yes."  Jerry nodded.  "Them."

"Oh, yeah.  Sorry, I just feel so stupid, I don't see it before."

"Well, I hid it.  Huh!  All girl class, I'm still learning how to be a boy, I just found out myself."

Explain something, "So, you on Steroids?"  In her pants.  Her underpants, girl underpants, but.  I thought it was just a big clit.  Not like a dick, not even close, but still.  For a 12 year old?

"No, Testosterone, but I don't have to take it.  Huh."  She shook her head.  "I didn't have a gynecologist, until I was late.  I didn't get my period, which isn't unusual until I turned 12, but then they took me to a doctor to find out why.  I am, a boy inside.  It's not just.  Like Jerry feels like a man, in a woman's body.  I have testicals."

"You what?  You do?  No wait, I."  I looked up at Jerry.

"It's okay, he knows all about it.  He's been like my family therapist, because nobody I know understands what I'm going through better."

"Well, you know.  When I touched you, I didn't feel them?"

"Oh no.  Inside, they tried to drop, but they don't have anywhere to go.  They just get stuck up front, so I have to push them back in.  I don't have a scrotum for them."

"So, you a boy inside, and a girl outside."

"Yes, the doctor says I have a.  T, reductase?"

Jerry say, "I don't remember the whole thing either, but basically his body didn't absorb Testosterone, so he didn't develop, the male parts.  They ran some tests, but the female parts didn't fully form either, so they is a combination of male, and female."

"So that's why you is they.  The boy, and the girl."

"Well, actually they have always been singular and plural, people just don't think about it.  They is also gender neutral."

English teacher.  "Yeah?"

"Yeah.  They."

"Well, we're home so.  You two better get in, and look around before anyone else gets back."

"Yeah."  I burning up inside.  Curious to see more then I felt, through they panties last week.  It ain't.  They a freak, but that ain't bad.  I can see that, and really that been a turnon the whole time.  I just thought it the red hair, but that first time.  I seen them shake her booty.  She never done that, cause it ain't a man thing.  Even in hip-hop, really that the main thing.  Girls shake it, mens don't.  So, when she done it, I thought maybe it was for me, cause she get right in front of me, and I like it, but.


They.  Had to take they top off to see it, but they body.  "Yeah."  I can see it.  They ain't just thick.  They a boy, kinda fat, but the chest.  That ain't titties.  They ain't even got nothing like titties, I thought they just.  You know, white girl, our age.  Even womens, why we say skinny white girls, I believed that it.  She ain't get them yet, but just bending down to push off her tights.

I can see it, why she don't wear a bra.  They aint a girl, at all.

"Huh!"  They cover theyself.

"It's okay."  I move they hands.  "Nothing changed, just you and me, I just got to see you.  All of you.  I love you, and nothing can change that.  Not even this."  

They relax, and.  I don't even have to think about it, he, or she, they them.  It easier, just them, and me.  "Yeah.  Relax."

Boy arms.  "Thick."  Squeeze them.  "Huh, god you thick."

"So, that's like.  Fat, and muscle?"

"Mhm?  Steada skinny."

"Oh!  Huh."

"Fat, or muscle, meaty.  Damn you meaty.  And strong, I can tell.  I always tell you strong.  God, damn this sexy."

"Really?  You're not just saying that?"

"No, i don't even think.  I can go back to boys, or girls.  I tried them, but.  Ah, fuck, man!"  I start laughing!  "It's the craziest thing.  I never even imagine, I ever get exactly what I wanted, or what it is, I wanted, but you perfect!"

"No."  Turning away, the little girl, come back.  She is, the one I thought I knowed, before.  I ever talk to, the girl from class, she still in there, then the strong.  Man, really.  They never even dance like a boy, so sure, and.  Manly.  Seriously, I believe it.  Even before they say it, I seen it, I just had to meet aunt Cherry, and Uncle Jerry to even understand, there is such a thing.

"Really."  I kiss they shoulder.  Feel they soft, flat chest, and down the thick firm ripples of muscle I seen through the fat.

"HhuhH!"  Pull tight, and puff in and out, bouncing in my fingers.  Fuck, man!

"You the sexiest thing I ever seen."

"Okay, it's just hard to believe."  She lay down on the bed.

"Why you crying?"

"Snh!  No, these are tears of joy.  I never thought, anyone would ever find me attractive, if they knew what I was."

"Well, don't worry about that."  I felt they leg.  "Now, let me see what you got."  Pick it up, they thick soft muscular leg.  By the knee, and feel up the inside.  The prickles of hairs.  "You shave?"

They nod.  "I thought I'd try it.  You like it."

"Yeah."  Not between they legs.  I mean never, so hairy I can't even see much of anything.  Or tell if there pink skin under they red hairs.  Of course, they legs red, and they body all over.  They face.  "And this?"

I feel on it.

"You want me to shave it?"

"I want to see it.  All of you, maybe not up here."  I feel, in the front.  "Huh!"  She nodded.  "This you ball?"

"Yeah, it just.  You know, fell down."

"You push it up, here?"



"Here."  They do it.  "Huh, it's.  Well, it's a testicle.  They're tender."


"Let me go shave."


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Here's where it gets weird.  I have to introduce some concepts, so also nerdy, boring, technical, and asexual:


Parry (fiCE.  CybeN  Tity Teen Poss {Edit} Remix.)

"Huh!" I got out the hand mirror, and put it on the back of the toilet.  I drank a lot of gatorade at practice, and especially with my ball still throbbing.

"I'ma get naked."  I looked back.

"Hhuh!"  It slipped out, between my fingers, but too late to stop.  "Shit!"  I jumped for the tub before it ran down my legs.  "Well, piss I guess."

"You piss standing up?"

"It's not easy."  I ran the water, and just splashed water out of the faucet.  "Not yet, the doctors say with the growth I've already done, it may get easier."

"Pissing?"  She came in.  Naked, and I just stopped.  Let my jaw drop, but, she's a dancer.  Sure, she's only 15, but I'd only really seen her in a sports bra, a torn up rag of a teeshirt, and cut off sweatpants.  Okay, today she showed up in a top, and tights, but naked.  She looked down.  "Wut?"

"You look amazing."  Dancer body.  Hip-hop, but watch some music videos.  By Missy Eliot, she hires thick dancers, so not like a model with dancer's muscles, but a 13 year old black girl, with dancer's muscles.

"Thanks, you pretty amazing yoself."  We both laughed, together.  It kind of killed the moment, but in with the jaw dropping reveal of her absufuckinglutely amazing body, it also helped the tension of not knowing what to think about my own body.  Much less worrying about how she'd feel about it.  She loves it, and that's the best feeling I have had in my whole life.  Even better than my first cum, and I'm glad it was her.  Fingers on my panties, pressing them in to dryly rub my folds until it.

"NGHUH!"  My hand shook.

"Yo mamma got any clippas?"

"Yeah, in the medicine cabinet.  My dad's."

"Perfect," She said I'm perfect.

"I wouldn't change a thing about you."

She looked up. 

'If I could, there's not a single thing I would Change about you."

"Oh," she thought, "Huh!  Right?"

"When'd you start talking Cali?"

"Yo uncle Jerry?  Yeh, I know Californian."

"So, it's Shawn Naya."

"Well, my uncle Shawn, and my aunt Mya.  They did din't wanna go Shawnmya, so just Shania."  How she says it.  The coincidence of a white bottle blonde country singer says it the same way?  That don't impress me much.




{It ain't me.}

Shit, we god K up in this mob?

{Don't.  Just don't.}

All right, all right.  I got it?


"Dere."  Nodded, leaned over.

{I don't like you.}

Well, I like you.

{"He didn't like me!"}


{"He never liked me!"}

~R. O'brien


"Tickles?"    I nodded.

Who did you think I is?



Nts Nts Nts (Bloodhound Gang.)  Baby!



{Ooh!  Yeah!  Fuck, yayuh!}

You do the talking.


The Faint - I disappear." (Tony Hawk: American Wasteland OST.)

She look back and forth.

"HhuhH!"  Try to hold it steady.

"Relax," he, chucked his head.  "You do it on you."

"Yeyhuh?" I wiped my forhead.  "Right?"

"Can you hand me the mirror?  On the back of the pot."

"Yeh, here."  I put the seat down.

"Just take it slow.  Ain't no hurry, baby."

"Huh!"  a curl around the side flaked off, and my hand jumped back.

"Yeh, it ain't like a tattoo.  They grow back."

"Yeah, huh?  Right?"  It's like Dilects.  I believe, if black, and white 2 different languages, Cali a dialect.  We both speak it.


"What's at?"

"Like sympatico, or synchronicity.  The better 2 people get to know eachother, the closer we come to understanding each other.  G'wan.  You doin all right."

"Yeah."  Turned it over, and tried to get it on the other side.  "You got a comb, or something?"

"Yeah" she craned her neck, "Should be in the drawer by the sink?"

I checked.

"So, anyways.  What I was sayin is, the more I get to know, the more I get to love.  Not like."  he shook he head in his hand.  "More to love, but you know what I'm saying?"


"Never mind, we're distracting her."

"So you got like, multiple personalities?"

"We both do, we all do.  There's different facets of ourselves, it's not like someone's just a TV star, or a Dj."

"So yeah, like on M tevy."

Right, so the first impressions maybe a glimmer reflecting off one facet, but you have to take a good look to assess the fire in a diamond.  And the flaws, imperfections, there ain't nothing wrong withat."

It's not insulting, she can say it, cause.  "You know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling it."

"Well, you feel me?  How's it look?"

I binked.

"Ngh!  How's it feel?"

It even looks like pussy, but.

"Now, there ain't words for most of these things.  Well, there's the male term, like scrotum, and the female term for Labia, but."

Yeah.  "They sure don't look like lips."

More like.  Ball skin, but folded up. 

"Like a book?"  With a couple paged, but just the edges.  I licked my fingers.  "You mind?"  Leaned over.  "Wh!"  Blew some curls of.

Pink.  I mean red like her head, but she like rust, with gold shot through it on her head.  Hilights, the sun bleaches out, white girl hair.  We don't do that, but down here, it ain't seen the light of day.  "Where the sun don't shine," but there ain't gold in there.  "It's pink."

Really, very pink.

"Yeah, huh!"

"Right?"  Don't know what to say.  "You don't want to shave it?"

"Maybe later, but I can see all right, you?"

He sat up.  His body, but her.  They, are.  'pink.'

"Mhm?"  He nodded.  I blinked. 

Nothing stuck out, but I slipped my fingertip up the pages to smooth them out.  No hair in there, definite her.  "Leafs?"


"Yeh, right?"

Something stuck out.

"Now that ain't."  I turned my head.  "Or."


"Yeah."  Blinked, and slipped my finger up.  Split it.  "Is this where you piss outta?"


"I see what they mean, is it gonna get bigger?"

"It already grew out."  Shrugged, "No telling when I'll stop."

"Think you'll be able to fuck widit?"

"It's a possibility.  Yeah."

"Can I suck it?"

"Honey child, you don't even have to ask."

Honey child, is that southern?  I don't know, I can ask it.

"Smp!"  I think I can get my tongue in it.  Just the tip in, just the tip.

"Ngh!  HhuhHU!"

"Oh, up!"  I blinked.

"Ngh!'  It hit my chin, twitched under my nose.

She nutted.


"Nhhhn!  HIhnnnn!"  She sounded like a kitten!

She nutted in my lips.  I swear to god, I just sucked him the best I could, but it tiny for a dick, and giant like a clit, and I'ma bout ta fall out, but I ain't till I get ever last drop.


"Sliph fuh!  Huh!"  It's delicious, and it tingle on my tongue.  Under my tongue, so my mouth fill with spit, and I got to swallow that 2.  "Mh, huh!"  Any run down my chin?  "Muh, huh!"  Suck my fingers, but I think my tongue fall asleep, so it just pins and needles on the ceiling in my mouth.

"What is that?"

"It's a kind of magic."



"So, how'd you get here?"

{It ain't cybernetic, you got that.}

Neuro-nano, yes.


Oh, those, so that's what they feel like?

{Yeah.  How'd you get here?}

Time loop.  Same as you?

{Idaknow bout that, but I woke up, back then.  Yeah.}



Ooh, sorry. 

{Nah'm arite.  Just took a little getting used to, being a little girl.}

So, you don't remember.  IT.

{What the hell that?  Damn!}


{What that?}

Neuronano.  Or, the alien, nanoalien.  Like a cloud of nanites.

{It complex.}

Very complicated.

{So, it a alien.}

Yes, and no.  Ultimately, it comes.  Will, have come from.  Terran technology, but not Earth.

{Where then?}

A galaxy, which hasn't even formed yet.  Somehow I came back to a time It has always been.  And dropped you off, for some reason.  I see.  You're biological, genophages, fascinating.

{Yeah, my sperms virilize me, and carry me.  Somehow.}

Sexual possession?


Then how did you get out of being a girl?

{I didn't, I mean.  Birth, I have babies, but they born girl, and grow into mens.}

Oh.  Fascinating.



Molly (Cyb/ionic Hack)

Uh!  Bio.  Okay, chromosomes are technically code, just one I still suck at.  Is there a doctor in the house?




Okay, what am I looking at here?

{Thanks for the Neuronano, by the way.}

Okay, focus.  DNA?

{All right, it just takes a moment to process.  First of all, the red is a genetic marker, linked to the X.  Hm.}


{X)y.  Okay, normally, the X is recessive, but in a female, you have an X(x) Karyotype.}


{One of the Xs has to wall off the other, but this one appears to switch.  On and off, I'd have to watch a pregnancy to really follow the sequencing, but this one appears Dominate the (y) only now it's changing.  Or partially switched over, sorry it will take a while to process, but this is.  Some serious work.  The Enzymes!}

Well.  "Huh!" shake my head.  "I need a shower."  I got up.  "You okay?" 

She hugged the pillows.  'mhm?'  Smiled, and closed her eyes.

Time.  Now I have some homework too, but it's my first Time.  Back, and if they're, here.  No, now, if they are now, then It came back, or was already there.  Therefore, we must be back along the Atrocity Wars timeline, or closer to it.

"Huh!"  I can figure this out, just no way to guestimate how long it will take.

{So, what it is?}

What's good?  Well, it'll be another 800,000 years or so before we can head back again, but here's the Gist:



So, let me get this straight.  BASIS, Bionic Axio-Synaptic Intelligent Substrate was a WORM.  Write Once, Read Many, to copy the Cyberserkers?

{And you, and Dr. Young.  I suppose, yes.}

And Basiatis is the Alien.  It's nano too, but this.

{Assembler Nano.  Yeah, uh.  A whole bunch of different types, actually, but usually in this.  Siliconitrile substrate.}


{Liquid-crystal collodal nano-solution, yeah.  It can change density, solid, liquid, aerosol, and form organs to work with Plasma.  Like nuclear micro-reactors, and antimatter rocket engines.}


{Yeah, so long story short, it became self aware, some asteroid belt around the sun.  They were supposed to mine the asteroid, turn it into a ship, and fly out, to the macro-project around the star.}

A giant ring.

{Expanding, It thinks it might have eventually become a Dyson Sphere, but left the system, and went Interstellar instead.}


{LFI Know, it's alien, and It was young.}

How d'you member all this?

{It's a long trip, back in time.  We had time to talk, I played Music for him.  He feels male to me, for some reason.}

Like God.

{The Devil, the Borg, and V-Ger all rolled into one.  Sorry, that's Star Trek: TNG, and The Movie, respectively.}



Musical Note:  She's not Missy Eliot.  She's Missy Eliot Feat. (Male Voices)  Actually Molinja Kosakova, Ashkenazi Atrocity Wars survivor.  AKA DJ Chrome Molly Bach.  "Billy" is Doctor Yuen Ng, and Knight the only Cyberserker that wasn't melted down for going on a Rampage, in a different timeline.  (Colloquially called the Atrocity Wars) 

I just tried to present it in some sort of Dialog, because it's Space/Time.  So, it's "Complicated...