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Doctor Heebie Jeebie's Practice
« on: July 02, 2017, 09:08:54 PM »
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

This was a contest entry on another site. Now that the contest is over, I'm sharing it here. It was a theme contest, based on the tags of Psionics/Physicians/Phobias. Oh, and it won!

Doctor Heebie Jeebie’s Practice

“I’ve found it’s best if you start,” Doctor Tremata said to her. “Otherwise I’m setting the tone, and that should be your prerogative.” Kari lay on the couch, her muscles tense, her brain firing all synapses. She didn’t trust shrinks in general, M.D. or no M.D. Desperation drove her to this one, and her friend Heather’s approval weighed large in her decision. Now she was there, though, in that big sterile office building and that plush overly comforting shrink’s office with the diplomas and books and warmly dim mood lighting.

“I’m having dreams,” she said. She paused, waiting for him to say something. Something stupid, like ‘everybody has dreams’. But he remained silent. “They are, I don’t know, disturbing.” Again she paused, waiting for the interruption. “I keep having them. They’re kind of gross, like I’m under attack by bugs or snakes or something. It’s hard to remember. Worms, that’s what it is mostly. Worms and slimy things like that. I dream I’m drowning in them. I’m in a vat or just an endless field.” She paused as a shiver ran through her body. It seemed cold in the office, and she was underdressed for it on a hot July day.

“Have you had a fear of worms before?” the doctor asked.

“Not really. Spiders, maybe, but not worms.”

“Little boys didn’t drop worms down your shirt when you were a little girl?” he asked. Kari shuddered at the thought, particularly with her loose, thin blouse. Why the hell hadn’t she worn a bra that day? Who doesn’t wear a bra to a psychiatrist’s office?

“No!” she answered. How gross. “And these are big fat worms, anyway. Like an inch wide or so. Or more. And they’re slithering all over me, and making me all slimy.” She paused as a more vivid remembrance of the previous night came flooding back into her memory. “Ugh. It was really nasty. Every night now!”

“You said your whole body is slimy, right? Down to the skin?”

“Did I say it that way?”

“I have it in my notes right here,” he said.  Kari hesitated.

“Okay, well, yes. I guess I’m not wearing any clothes in the dream. These worms are crawling and sliding all over my skin.” She stopped to shudder, remembering it. “And they’re really, um, everywhere.”

“Do you get a sexual response? Are they touching you between your legs, on your vagina? Are they touching your breasts?” he asked.

She cringed and nodded. “Yeah. They, oh shit, they slide along my vagina. They slide along my clitoris.” She could feel her face turning bright red, and now the air conditioning didn’t seem so bad. She couldn’t believe she was opening up like this to this shrink.

“And up inside you, too, don’t they?”

She nodded again. “Yes! They do that too. Christ, it’s revolting having a thick worm slither up my pussy!”

“Tell me, Kari, do you sleep naked, and do you shave your pubic region?”

“Yeah, both. Yeah. Does that matter?”

“Your body feels sensations when you’re asleep. Nudity and a shaved region could enhance your dream sensations. So you were saying the worms go into your various body orifices, right?”

“Yeah, I, um, yeah. Did I say that?”

“It’s right here on my note pad.”

“Yes. They go up everywhere. They slide into my butt. And they go down my throat, and I feel like I’m going to gag but it never quite happens. I guess because they’re not really there.” She paused to take a deep breath, trying not to cry. “They go up my butt, and it really feels like there’s a thick, fat worm crawling up my butt, even if I clench really hard. I don’t do anal sex! How could I even know what that feels like?”

“It’s okay. You’re here in my office. Nothing here threatens you at all. It is important that you continue and include all details.”

“What more details are there?” she cried. “I’m drowning in a pool of slimy worms that crawl down my throat and up my pussy and into my ass, naked! There’s not plot. I’m just floating there, flailing away, trying to scream! Trying to leave. Trying to find a floor to walk on with my bare feet, but all I feel are slick, slimy worms on my legs. And it goes on and on, like, forever. I know dreams can mess with your sense of time, but I remember now, just thrashing and screaming in the near dark. The worms are above my head, over my head, blocking most of the light. They go into my ears! The smaller ones do! And up my nose and back out again! And just one after another after another slides up my pussy! What the hell is happening to me, doc? I mean, what the fuck!”

“Calm down. It’s okay.” He got up and went to his desk drawer, out of Kari’s sight. He returned and sat on a smaller chair, near her on the sofa. He opened his hand, and Kari let out a brief squeal of terror seeing the long, wiggly worm in his hand. “It’s alright,” he said, shaking it. “It’s just a novelty toy. It’s just polished latex and rubber.” She stared at the so-called toy. It was about a foot long, an inch and a half wide, and had a little head with antennae, no eyes, but a little mouth. She wanted to crawl back away from it, but she was on the couch. “I want you to lie still. I’m going to place on you, on your chest. Just lie still and let it sit there.”

“Okay!” she said, distressed but willing to try anything. She lay ramrod stiff as the doctor put the novelty worm on her chest, on her skin above her blouse. She almost couldn’t see it below her chin. But it was still moving, jiggling about on her from the doctor’s letting go of it. It seemed to jiggle forever, even after he let go of it.

“Not so bad, right?” he asked.


“Now let’s step it up. I want you to pull your blouse up, or down, or better yet just remove it entirely, and then I want you to place our jiggly friend onto one of your breasts, near the nipple.”

“What? No way! You can’t suggest that to me!”

“I can suggest it, Miss Branner. I can’t legally do it myself. Please, if you would.”

“Oh shit,” she said. She unbuttoned the blouse and slid it off her arms, lying on it but leaving her bare chest exposed to the creepy doctor. She slowly, cringing, picked up the fat latex worm and put it down on her left breast, right by her nipple. She quickly let go, and stared in horrified awe as it continued to wiggle and jiggle on her, making her breast do the same, wiggling and jiggling. It didn’t seem to want to settle, and the sensation made her cringe and tense up, even as she felt the familiar sexual thrill of a stroked nipple course through her.

“When does it stop!” she cried.

“It’s a highly elastic latex,” he said. “That’s why I chose it.”

“Ew! I don’t like this! Can I take it off me, please!”

“Just leave it in place, Kari,” he said. Then he leaned over her again. She thought he was going to touch her other breast, but he just placed another latex worm on it. Now she had two of them on her breasts, wiggling and jiggling and sending out sexy vibes into her body even as she wanted to hurl. She clenched her eyes shut, but a few tears leaked out.

“Please, Doctor Tremata, I really hate this!” she sobbed.

“Keep on going, Kari. You’re pleasing us greatly by your progress.” His voice sounded different, just a bit. He’d obviously gotten up. He was standing by the air conditioner vent. “Just one more minute, Kari. Then everything will be perfect!”

His voice sounded still more wrong. She opened her eyes. And he was there, by the vent, standing up now. Nothing was wrong with his appearance at all. Except maybe it shimmered through her tears. And was brighter. She stared, mindful of the fat latex worms on her breasts, wiggling even harder now as she trembled. And they were both covering her nipples now. They’d moved! But she was trembling. Of course they might move. Her breasts were bouncing with them like crazy now.

“Doctor Tremata?” she begged. Now her voice was small and girlish. Something was happening to her. Something was very, very wrong in that room, with the translucent walls and the high pitched whirl of the AC running, and his eyes boring deep into her soul as he stared, stared, stared into her.

“Five more seconds!” his mechanical voice said. “And then we begin!”

“Begin?” she asked, her voice tinier and higher than ever.

He walked to her, firmly and quickly. Without his bending over, he reached down with his long arms and unfastened her pants. He quickly yanked them down, panties included, knocking her shoes from her feet. He pulled her socks away for good measure. She was then naked, not counting her glasses. She tried to move, but she couldn’t. She was stuck, transfixed under his glare in the purplish light of the smelly office.

“This is part of your therapy, Miss Branner,” his gurgling voice said. “You won’t feel any of what you call pain at all!” He stood over her, his body undulating, the flesh under his skin wobbling around as his insides were coming to life. He opened his mouth, made a retching noise, and a big, fat, juicy, very much live worm shot out and onto her belly. As it started to crawl up her chest, the good doctor did the same motion and sound, and dropped another fat slimy worm onto Kari’s body. She tried to scream. The second one was going for her vagina! She couldn’t stop it.

The doctor stood right over her, and suddenly his clothing burst apart, along with his skin, and his entirely worm-constructed body lay down atop hers. Finally Kari managed to scream as the loosely-self-connected worm body atop her attacked her. She felt the thrust of worm cocks sliding into her pussy, each one detaching and sliding up inside her, to be followed by the next and the next and the next. They slid down around her crotch to her butt, sliding between her butt cheeks and up her anus, again and again.

The worms in her mouth were the worst. Finally she felt a long, single tentacle-like insertion into her pussy and into her ass. They just slid up and up and up. They were burrowing into her. They were sliding along her clit, and her nipples, and the anal play turned out to be a huge arousing sensation. Her body suddenly stiffed and quivered as she was hit by the first orgasm, and the strongest of her life, but still drowned out by sheer horror and fear. She almost gagged as a worm tentacle came up her throat and out her mouth. It turned around, the tip right before her eyes. It had a face. The doctor’s face. And it hissed loudly and spat at her. Kari just cried out loud and long and hard.

In an elevator in the same building, two uniformed security guards made their way up to investigate reported screaming from one of the suites. It was some head-shrinker. They buzzed, and then rapped loudly on the door with a nightstick. After several minutes, the door flew open, and a very angry middle-aged psychiatrist-type.

“I am with a patient!” he roared. “I hope the building is on fire or else you’d better explain yourselves!”

“We heard reports of screaming,” one of them said. From her spot on the couch, naked and covered in slime, Kari looked up to see the worm-bodied doctor standing, talking to them. They just looked at him like he was a normal person! Did they see he was a demon? Didn’t they see her naked and raped?

“As you can see,” he said to them, gesturing to the slightly sweaty, somewhat disheveled woman on the couch, “I’m trying to treat a patient. Sometimes patients get emotional. This is a psychiatrist’s office, after all!” They peered in and nodded.

“Try and keep it down, doc,” one said before they turned and left.

Now the worm demon turned back to Kari. She tried to sit up, to curl up, to back away. “Now back to business!” it gurgled at her.

“No! That’s impossible!” she cried as it lunged at her, slamming her back to the couch. The worms and tentacles shot back into her body, ripping at her innards, sexually putting her body into a frenzy, but somehow dulling the pain she should have felt. Its body lost cohesion, and soon Kari was enveloped in a slithering, slobbering cocoon of what she feared the most in the universe.


“Yeah, we have your roommate admitted,” the front desk nurse said.

“Can I see her?” Danielle asked.

“I’ll have to send for the doctor. It may take a bit. Please have a seat.” Danielle was too worried to sit. She paced the waiting room, glad to have finally found Kari after days looking. Luckily the doctor came soon.

“Hello, Danielle. I’m Doctor Tremata,” he said, shaking her hand. “I’m sorry you can’t see Kari right now. She’s under deep sedation. I can’t really talk much about her case, but perhaps you can help me.”

“Of course, doctor.”

“Kari came to me about nightmares she’d been having. Her phobia about worms and spiders and insects had flared up to the point it was interfering with her life.”

“What? No. That can’t be right,” Danielle said. “Kari’s studying entomology. She’s a junior honor roll student at the university. She loves creepy crawly things. We joke about it. I’m the one that doesn’t care much for them.”

“Well now that is interesting,” he said. “I’ll have to note that in our treatment. Meanwhile, you say you’re terrified of worms?”

“Did I say that?” she asked. “I must have. Yeah. They gross me out.”

“Perhaps you’d like to discuss it. I can give you a free session if you like.”

Danielle thought about it. “Yeah. I’d like to work on it. I can’t stand those crawling things. Ew!”

“Come on up to my office, dear. Let’s get started.”
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Re: Doctor Heebie Jeebie's Practice
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 ;D  How incredibly imaginative!  I just discovered this.  Too bad there wasn't much response, and the twisted tales didn't continue. :-\