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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #45 on: December 02, 2016, 04:05:18 AM »
My ideal fantasy...hmm.  To be honest, I have as many passionate love fantasies as I do rape fantasies, and every so often, they blend.  Quite well. 8)

A favorite go-to of mine is a public forcing, and my ideal victim is a woman who is strong, intelligent, and capable of fending for herself or others, if need be...and yet, sexually, she's wanting; she knows she fantasizes, maybe even yearns to be dominated, but she's unsure of how to go about achieving that.  And I'm the one who is her solution...whether she knows it or not.  So, in a sense, it's a rape...and yet, it's not.

I like subways, bookstores and movie theaters for settings, and things always start with some "innocent" groping.  Of course, things progress, and play out of her hands and into mine, and then I'm forcing her to experience sensations she knows she has been searching for...but, because she's not in control, she's quite unsure of.  I suppose some coercion and fear plays into it; usually, for the majority, she is unsure of what I'll do or the lengths I'm willing to go to do it.  Anyone who knows me knows the truth, though; I'm in it for the mutual sexual thrill (hey, I'm the softie around here :D).  Eventually, as her (unwanted, yet not unappreciated) pleasure mounts, I take her, sometimes softly and sometimes roughly, but always moving towards my goal of leaving my cum deep in her hot, wet, tight pussy.

It's usually at that point or a little before that she turns.  I've fallen in love with her way before that, but for her, it finally dawns on her that she has found what she's been looking for, and whatever doubts and fears remained fall away, and she becomes a willing participant - in some cases, so much so that when I cum, and fill her up with all I have, she has her hardest orgasm yet.

After that, my victim has become my lover and concubine.  Not only do we explore new ways of me "raping" her...but she might even begin to find new victims for us to share and turn.

Wow...I got way more detailed than I was planning on being.  And I have a major boner now. 8)

Your description is awfully close to one of my top three!

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
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Man, these replies. I'm discovering new fantasies all the time here. XD

My personal one involves a unit of invading military forces that haven't seen a woman who wasn't in uniform in months. They catch me unaware, skinny dipping in the lake by my house. Unable to control their animalistic urges, they seize me out of the water, and drag me to shore kicking and screaming.

Having been pent up, they waste no time with teasing, or foreplay. The man with the highest rank calls dibs on the first fuck, and after relieving his cock from his tightening briefs, he shoves the entire thing inside of me with one hard, painful shove. What follows next is the most brutal fucking a man can give a woman. His sexual deprivation causing this insane fervor of arousal that he has to satiate with my naked body. Then, with cries of pleasure that mirror the sounds of an angry animal, he fills my belly with semen, and doesn't stop thrusting until his shaft goes soft. 

Once he's done, I'm left crying, and shaken on the ground, temporarily forgetting that he was just the first of many. Reality sets in as yet another man pushes himself inside of me, starting my abuse all over again. When all is said and done, all of these men have filled me with their seed, risking a pregnancy that would force me to relive that night over and over.

My favorite part of rape involves the lack of condoms, and having some stranger force not only his dick in me, but also his cum. It pushes it to that point of pure dominance that I just love. I want to be used as means for a male's self gratification. That's just so hot to think about.

 I have myself all hot and bothered now. XD

Wow, this is almost identical to one of my top three fantasies! I may vary who and where but not the savagery or amount of cum left inside me or the risk of pregnancy. My number would be between 3 - 6 men.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
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My favourite go to fantasy involves me and an older man, like much older grey haired wrinkly old guy, getting me alone and then forcing me naked and fucking me first in the pussy, then in the ass and finally he fucks my throat, full on creampies and facials, calling me his young whore, calling me his slut. stuff like that.

Ooohhhh yes!

I think I've shared a bit too much. This always happens when I can't sleep at night. I lose my inhibitions.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #48 on: December 04, 2016, 12:36:33 AM »
I think I've shared a bit too much. This always happens when I can't sleep at night. I lose my inhibitions.

Well, we all know how to get her horny... sleep deprivation!  That could prove useful someday.  Beer makes me share too much.
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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #49 on: December 06, 2016, 09:42:51 PM »
I have a lot of sexual fantasies that I like to live out in either roleplay or erotic sex stories.

My favorite is I am a young virgin at home with my parents who are about to go out of the country for the summer and I'm mad at them for not taking me.  After they go, I find my dad;s classic car in the garage and he left the keys.  I go out for some fun in the car.  After a while, I get lost in a wooded area outside of town.  Soon it starts to rain real hard.  Then all of the sudden the fuel light comes on and my car breaks down.  I get out and start walking only wearing a thin t-shirt and shorts.  After walking a while, I find a house way out in the middle of nowhere.

I ring the doorbell and a older woman wearing only a sheer lingerie answers the door and lets me in.  She gives me something warm to drink and I ask to use the phone.  She says the phone is out cause of the storm.  She tells me I need to take a hot shower.  As I undress, I think that someone is watching me.  I don't know that the woman is videotaping me.  After the shower we talk and she gives some another warm drink.  I slowly pass out.  I find myself in a basement chained up in a large basement with a video camera aimed at me.

Susan I ding that scenario very hot.  I think the only difference, and maybe you have t gotten that far is that the old woman has a husband.  So they will both use me.

In any setup with both a man and woman abuser I'm not sure why but I like the woman is more sadistic.  I'm not sure why, but that excites me.
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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #50 on: December 07, 2016, 04:28:45 AM »
Have some serious hangups but here's mine in brief.

For some reason, I'm in an alley or behind some houses in a bad part of town. I'm cornered by several men. They know me. They aren't strangers. They rush at me, taunting me. They know my history and they know deep down what a broken thing I am.

They jump me, clawing, slapping, hitting me, stripping me and tossing me to the ground. They take turns breaking me, forcing me to admit and accept that I am what they think I am. I'm in agony as I'm used again and again, spiraling down as I'm hurt. But I'm cumming. They are laughing at me for that. It justifies what they do to me.

Hour after hour they fuck me, or find something in the alley to fuck me with. Bottles, filth, everything they can use is shoved in me or down my throat. I'm a toilet, I'm a trash can, I'm a quivering hole that won't stop cumming.

Finally they are done and they stand around the broken, bleeding, busted up body. I'm alive. Barely. But one last humiliation is left. It's not enough every hole is oozing blood and cum and whatever fluids they could force in me. It's not enough that my holes are gaped and still full of crapped forced in them.

No, they pick me up, too weak to struggle or move, and toss me in the dumpster. I lie there, broken, among the trash, as I hear the heavy engines, and the beep beep beep of finality backing up. I close my eyes as I'm lifted up. I'm going home.

....Sorry if it's dark, and so short. Maybe I'll write a story of it one day. I don't know.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #51 on: December 07, 2016, 08:10:38 AM »
Sorry if this sounds weird but that is fucking hot Ararria

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #52 on: December 07, 2016, 08:32:57 AM »
Trust me Darklord, confuses the shit out of me emotionally exactly for that reason.

Edit: added a poll to my blog in case anyone would like me to flesh that out into a short story or keep on doing what I'm doing
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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #53 on: December 07, 2016, 06:19:20 PM »
Sorry if this sounds weird but that is fucking hot Ararria

Fucking hot as hell! >:D
I think we should form a little fan club. We could call it Ararria's Legion of Pervs. :D
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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #54 on: December 07, 2016, 07:28:29 PM »
I hope you enjoy the extended version. It's much longer than I planned but vastly more detailed.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #55 on: January 07, 2017, 11:56:05 AM »
Post is a month dead but...

Hang her by hand from the ceiling. Let her stay on foot. Slowly undress with little help of scissors. Sit her on bar stool and completely shave her. I want her clean. With ropes stretch her feet wide. Then soft whipping. With red marks on tits and bottom I'll use her anal for first time. As hard as I can. I want to hear her screaming. Some time later she will lay on her back on the table. Head on the corner to easy access to mouth and on the other side legs wide spread. First I'll try her throat. She doesn't bite due the gag. Little flogging on her pussy and inner side of thighs. A pillow under her back. She has to have good view. Some needle play with nipples. I like things clean. I'll use a small toilet brush to clean her vagina. With the brush in her I fuck her ass. After I cum guess what... No. I'm kind. I'll fist her pussy. Several days later I think she will be enough clean to take my sperm in her belly.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #56 on: January 13, 2017, 09:48:23 PM »
One of my go to's is drugging a man (usually my brother) with devil's breath (scopolamine). This is one of the rare fantasies in which I am my actual gender. I quickly undress him, barely able to contain my excitement. I study his cock, burning the design and feel in my mind forever. I may take a picture or two if I have time. I then fondle him, tugging at his balls and wetting a finger to stick into his asshole. (I have no clue how scopolamine really works but in this fantasy, my victim grunts and whimpers in pain). When he's hard, I taste him and gargle his balls in my mouth. If I'm able, I give him a tit job and watch the cum spurt from his cock. Sometimes I smear the cum on his own lips or make him swallow some. I then push him down and command him to hold his legs, while I lube his asshole. My victim is always a straight guy, usually a homophobe, so I know he has a virgin asshole. I then retrieve one of my many dildos and I don't start of small. I lube up the biggest dildo and impale him with it, relishing in his cries and gasps of pain. When I've grown tired of seeing him writhe, I clean him up and go back to my room. But my fantasy is not yet over. Usually the man is too prideful to say anything about the searing pain in his ass or the feeling of boundaries being torn apart, so when I come out of my room I sit with him and joke as we usually do, while he shifts uncomfortably.

Another fantasy of mine is being a male named Asa. My entire life is the same, save for the fact that I am male. I'm a seemingly easy going and good guy that my coworkers (all women) trust, so they don't hesitate when I ask them for a ride after work or ask them to help me find something in the storage locker. Then when we're in there alone, I pounce. I grab the woman and berate her for trusting me. I tear off her shirt and fondle her tits, pushing her down so I can squeeze one and suck the other. I then pull off her pants, or if she's wearing a skirt, tear off her panties. I don't even try to find proper lube and simply spit on her pussy and rub it vigorously till it seems kind of ready. For my cock that is, I don't care if she's prepared. I grab some duct tape or use her torn shirt to cover her mouth, then I push her down on a table and began fucking her vigorously. Her muffled screams only serve to make me hornier and soon I come inside of her. At this point she's crying and probably pleading with me to let her go--Or maybe she's threatening me, either way I go on. I brutally pull my cock out and redirect it into her asshole. I'd like to think that she'd seize up at that point and let out a sharp shriek. When I'm done with that hole I release her, and she tries to make it to the door but it's the first time she's been fucked and she can't quite figure out how to walk right. She stumbles and falls and I grab her by her legs and pull her back towards me. She stares back at me with mascara and snot streaming down her face and I once again berate her for trusting me before I shove my fist up her pussy and watch as she writhes in pain. When it's all over, she threatens to tell everyone what I've done and what kind of person I am but I shut her up by asking her why she didn't make more of an effort to escape. Why she didn't hit me or kick me. I call her a slut who wanted me to do it to her and she's at a loss for words and is questioning herself. I help her get cleaned up and we leave the storage room and get back to work.

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #57 on: January 15, 2017, 05:22:03 AM »
One of my preferred fantasies involve a woman who likes to imagine herself as a man and rapes her victims...hope to read more from you...

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #58 on: February 19, 2017, 10:19:23 PM »
1. I love to imagine a hot petite woman getting gangraped by men that are fat or old or ugly, preferably all three.
2. I have a fantasy about a woman who just got her dream career and has a nice boyfriend, that suddenly gets trapped and send to a dirty brothel as a sex slave, then after two or three years she receives from her captor a tape of her boyfriend getting married with another girl.

3. Women getting raped by a donkey or dog.

4.i have a thing for nipple clamps and nipple pulling in general.

5. A lesbian getting raped while forced to watch live on a tv how her girlfriend is getting raped too.

6. Another one i think frequently is some bad men appearing while i am hanging out with a female friend, and forcing me to rape her.

oh dear, writing all this made me horny. :emot_thedrool.gif:

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Re: Share Your Rape Fantasy, In Detail
« Reply #59 on: February 20, 2017, 12:05:27 AM »
I've got quite a few, here are some that are near the top...

- Cheerleader is asked by single dad to babysit his twin 10 yo boys.  But she doesn't have a chance to change after practice so she's still in her provocative uniform when he gets home drunk and sexually frustrated.  He wrestles her to the floor and has his way with her, she tries to keep quiet so the boys won't be traumatized but when the father is finished they realize they have an audience.  He figures it's time his boys became men and invites them to join in... (thinking of writing this one up)

- Young sorceress, having learned a spell that allows her to enter and control others' dreams, invites her best friend to have a joint dream where she can share one of her favorite sexual fetishes.  Her friend agrees without bothering to ask what the fetish is.  She discovers her friend has a major rape fetish as the two of them, in the dream, get ambushed and repeatedly raped by strangers.  I actually have a small collection of pics inspired by this, one I sketched myself and two I commissioned from far superior artists (caution: the characters are 'furry').

- A maid is newly employed at a small chateau.  One eerie night her employer departs, leaving her alone.  A wolf manages to makes it inside and has its beastly way with her.

- Female swimming instructor gangbanged by her under aged male students.  Alternatively... only the youngest boy shows up, she decides to have her way with him.

- Me, forced by one or more anthropomorphic stallions under a variety of different circumstances.  A favorite one is at a hotel... we're in an elevator together when he grabs my shoulders and forces me on my knees, undoes his fly and begins to casually pleasure himself in my mouth.  The doors open once or twice and I hear gasps of other guests as they get a surprise show of my being degraded in public.  He takes me to his room where he continues to use me, even delighting in choking me.