Author Topic: Fantasy, reality, and rape porn  (Read 4671 times)

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Re: Fantasy, reality, and rape porn
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Sex Industry & porno profit off younger women which are always in fresh supply.
Women stars don’t get rich but the industry guys sure do (whoever own studio, distribution, etc.)  This is parallel with sex work/traffic where men disproportionately profit off the labor of women or girls. The institution of marriage also tends to subjugate women to men’s needs. Patriarchy may be intangible but it is nonetheless very real. 

The fantasy/reality distinction deserves a deep look. Porno, like it or not, is available and abundant.

I’d agree with Kylie about anime as a less destructive erotic alternative. This is also why I gravitate toward reading and writing fiction over the abundance of fap video everywhere.
Bubbles and other raise excellent point about human impacts for actresses or sex workers that is too easily overlooked by so many men.
Rare vintage porn sometimes appears close to realistic but to record performing a crime (Rape or Snuff, murder) is fairly rare (although it happens, stupidity knows no bounds) and clearly deemed illegal. Rape or snuff is almost always obvious fakes.

Are some ravishment videos erotic? Depends.  For sure I’ve come across twisted flicks that might get me off but I typically feel revolted and some guilt after. Vast majority of porn goes too far for my taste.  I unavoidably empathise with the women and don’t comprehend hurting women as arousing. For example, Scat and snuff are incomprehensible turn ons to me but I do tolerate; many different strokes for different folks. Wild kinks make our world richer, even if we don’t like it all personally. The line for what deserves censorship moves around constantly by place and time.

 Any video production that looks too real runs risks of getting in serious trouble. At the risk of sounding Marxist: On a global scale women are objectified & commodified: chewed and spit up but ‘entrepreneurs.’ (a kind euphemism for capitalists exploiting people and things for profit)

Further damage results way down stream: young ladies encounter boys with advanced misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations about sex. I feel casual Hookup culture sounds dreadful, a culture that looks at girls as “fuckable” is born of patriarchal power. “Me too” movement is/was an attempt to call out the powerful who take advantage. Women suffering sexual abuse has been happening for 1000s of years, hardcore. Only recently is some voice given to the abused.
Porno actresses for sure deal with harassment, abuse on set and off, general lack of compassion. The false assumption that money covers the costs or reimburses for what these girls give.  The drama and after effects long outlast the check received I’d suspect.

Porn is focused on penetrations, close ups, never touching,  caress, kissing. Instead young boys see skull-fucking, ass to mouth, and gang-bangs which no woman would be doing without the financial rewards promised. No shortage of young women seeking a payday and porn industry remains alive, profitable and unlikely to disappear any time soon.
It is worth understanding how porn can be toxic to a healthy sex life, but I certainly don't mean to say porn is awful so quit it. Rather porno may have unexpected consequences so be cautious and mindful. 
Check out what Ran Gavrieli has to say about this:
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