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At my figer you may know me


I tell you about a very funny partyplay. You blind a shy young girl by fixing a large handkerchief to her head. Then you say to her, that all boys of the party will show to her one of their fingers and she have to announce loudly which guy would gave his finger to her. Many boys showed her their fingers, she catched the fingers by her hand blinded and says the name of the boy whose finger is in her hand. The boys agreed although all names of the fingerowners were wrong. Finaly a large lad take off his pants and underwear. Now the lad fully naked shows his uge stiff penis to the girl. The girl catched then his penis and instead of anounceing a boy's name she would cry out hysterical and all boys would laugh about her behavior. That play is allways a great fun.

My favorite story about the development of the world.


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