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Sample of my pics
Writer's Philosophy
Personal stories - "Memories - bits of my story"

(My Stories)
"Ahnya" - The priviledged college boy, takes advantage of the daughter of a maid

"Alice" - The captured girl - kept in dungeon, raped, abused, impregnated

"Ann" - Wife abducted and sent to "Training Farm" - random bondage pics connected by story

"Ariel" - Crippled girl volunteers for rape by hypnosis

"Blake" - Celebrity Kidnapped

"First Time" - My adopted and trained pet

"For Her" - By request, year-long captivity

"Hayden" - A Celebrity is stalked, then subjegated, then degraded

"Hitchhiker" - Intimidation Rape in a car

"Hypno Orgasm" - Girl held captive in a cabin, at the mercy of website fans, hypno rape

"Jia leaves home" - A Pakistani Muslim Girl

"Kim" - Husband contracts a rape on wife

"Learned from the Teacher II" - Boys teach others to take advantage of a teacher

"Learning from the Teacher" - Teacher, becomes the victim of a plot by younger neighborhood boys

"The Mask" - Isolation mask - techno abduction - falling in love with the victim

"Morgan: Hunted Cheerleader" - Fantasy Gangrape at a hunting preserve

"My Bitch" - The dog runs wild, rover takes over

"Neighboring Doctor" - Fantasy One on One Rape by an acquaintance

"Olivia - Flesh Out" - A young man inherits his uncle's estate, slaves

"Rape a guy's wife" - Home invasion, rape, husband watches

"Rape My Wife" - Guy has his wife raped, thinks she is being sold at auction, then husband takes her home

"Sold to a Sadist" - Semi brutal torture of wife because of husband's debts

"The Soldier and the Princess" - Experiment in group-writing of a story, medieval setting

"The Stone on a Young One's Lips" - Young (witch?) who gets raped, places a blessing/curse upon rapist

"The Student" - Designed as a conversation-starter with vanilla partners

"Teri" - Brutal, simple rape, from the victim's point of view, husband's reaction

"The Training Session" - Guy threatens girl with drowning, then drugs her and has sex

"T'raisa" - Girl raped on her wedding day to satisfy honor debt

RolePlay with Its.Meg
RolePlay with Supergirl
RolePlay with babyfyrefly
RolePlay with babyfyrefly
Roleplay with LezRapist, Tony V, Dee
Roleplay with Dee
Roleplay with LezRapist, Tony V, Cleo, Fiend
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